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CMS and Data Breach Notifications - Sadly Lacking
CMS and Data Breach Notifications - Sadly Lacking

The Beginning of the End?
The Beginning of the End?

Everyone Must Have An Account...
Everyone Must Have An Account...

Lindsey Stone, Facebook, and Freedom of Speech
Lindsey Stone, Facebook, and Freedom of Speech

"Moocherhunter" to the Rescue
Moocherhunter to the Rescue

Privacy Continues to Be a Battleground in DC
Privacy Continues to Be a Battleground in DC

Simplify Our Digital Identity
Simplify Our Digital Identity

2012 - The Year in Review - Facebook and Privacy
2012 - The Year in Review - Facebook and Privacy

2012 - The Year in Review - Technology and Privacy
2012 - The Year in Review - Technology and Privacy

Giving Away Our Privacy
Giving Away Our Privacy

California Continues to Lead Privacy Charge
California Continues to Lead Privacy Charge

Kroll Rolls Out 2013 Predictions
Kroll Rolls Out 2013 Predictions

Do You Really Need It?
Do You Really Need It?

Equifax, The Work Number, and Your Paycheck
Equifax, The Work Number, and Your Paycheck

Leahy to Focus on Online Privacy
Leahy to Focus on Online Privacy

7 Identity Theft Tips from Javelin
7 Identity Theft Tips from Javelin

Child Identity Theft - A Double Whammy
Child Identity Theft - A Double Whammy

The Identity Theft "Personal Touch"
The Identity Theft Personal Touch

Two Sides of the Same Coin
Two Sides of the Same Coin

Wider Impact of Illegal Immigration
Wider Impact of Illegal Immigration

GPS, Your Privacy, and the Obama Administration
Privacy and your GPS information are still being hotly debated in the legal system today. While common sense tells us that police should have a warrant before

Cell Phone Privacy? Nah, You Don't Need That.
You might think that your cell phone conversations are private, but this is not the way the Federal government is arguing in court. Last year, a US Justice

Will Google Glass Make People Be Nicer in Public?
The latest greatest technology, Google Glass, is meeting a full range of reactions in the public, from eager anticipation to pre-emptive rules and laws being

The Closest Thing to "IRS Monitoring"
Even when you are an expert on privacy and identity theft, you can still learn something new. And of course when I find something as handy as IRS Form 8821 I

Confusion in New York Over So-Called "Gun Grab"
When I read about the New York gun confiscation I was mildly interested at first. As a veteran I'm not sure it's possible to not care about how the

Responsibility? That's for Companies, not Facebook.
I have to give it to the FTC, they have a lot of ground to cover, and they really do a remarkable job, given the task before them. But the recent sting

Perspectives on Privacy
One of the best things about my job is that I'm paid to give you my opinion about recent news, and occasionally dig in to something deeper to help you as a

Who Has Your Information?
Mac McMillan sent me a post explaining the concept of Minimal Necessary - a term used to help guide companies in deciding what information they should be

Mobile Banking - Protect Your Mobile Banking Apps
Cell phones, especially smartphones, have become an indispensable part of our lives. We can access anything from Facebook to our bank account at the touch of

Teen Life Ruined by Anonymous Tipster
I've been talking about our digital identities for a while now, but this is one of the most extreme cases I've seen where a digital identity is snagged by a

Looking for Terrorist on American Soil
As a veteran, I have a lot of pride in the America ideal - freedom, equality, social justice, all the things we hear around the 4th of July. But there's been a

Over the River and Through the Woods
I have always loved the fall - I look so forward to it that sometimes I think I can smell it coming a couple of weeks early. One of the best things about fall

Whatever You Do, Don't Call It a Scandal...
It's odd that the NSA Privacy Scandal is never called The NSA Privacy Scandal. Apparently, if you are in charge of national security, spying on Americans

Digital Identity Theft - Same Story, Different Story
One of the nice things about our social digital identity is that we have a great deal of control when it comes to what information we share. And most everything

Getting Used to Big Brother
The idea of privacy has drastically changed in just the past few months. Americans are accustomed to being free to do pretty much whatever they want, whenever

Redefining Privacy
Now more than ever we find ourselves (as a culture) redefining our idea of what privacy is, what it isn't, and who has access to our private selves. One one

Identity Theft "Baseline"
Glossary: Identity Baseline. Identity Theft.

Look at the Email Address
The email address of a phishing email won't match who the sender is supposed to be. Page 2.

Beware the Urgent Ploy
Phishers use any means necessary to get you to respond, and that includes marking email messages Urgent. Page 3.

The Protection Claim
Another trick that phishers use is to play on your sense of vulnerability by requesting account confirmation to prevent crimes from happening. Confirming your account means providing all of the identifying information that a criminal needs to gain control of the count. Just don't do it. Call the creditor or bank instead. Page 6.

Can You Spell Criminal?
Phishing emails often contain misspellings and punctuation errors. Be on the lookout for these errors because they are sure indicators that an amateur is trying to steal your identity. Page 7.

Product Review: TrustedID. Identity Theft.

ITAC Sentinel
Product Review: ITAC Sentinel. Identity Theft.

Product Review: IDWatchdog. Identity Theft.

Dealing With Identity Theft
Recovering from identity theft is often a long, frustrating process. This section deals with what to do when it happens to you.

How to Recover Your Identity After Identity Theft
It's scary when identity theft happens. Your first instinct is to panic. But you shouldn't. Instead, begin immediately to put your identity back together following these steps.

5 Way to Respond to a Data Breach
More than 167 data breaches were disclosed during the first quarter of 2008. Learn how to respond if your data is compromised by a company or agency.

Identity Theft Basics
Understanding the basics of identity theft, how it happens, and how to protect yourself

Knowing Which Mail to Shred
Postal mail is one of the most used methods of identity theft. Learn what mail puts you at risk, and then reduce the risk by shredding it.

How to Protect your Identity: 8 Methods of Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft is a common crime that affects everyone. Learn how to protect yourself from mortgage scams, mail fraud, credit fraud, and other identity crimes.

Preventing Identity Theft
It is impossible to prevent identity theft. However, you can take some precautions to make yourself less likely to be a victim. Protecting yourself and family from identity theft may mean taking an extra minute or two at a restaurant or asking a couple of questions when you're buying something at a store, but avoiding the problem from the start has always proven easier than trying to recover once something has gone wrong.

Definition of Credit Freeze
A credit freeze, or credit report freeze, locks down a consumer's credit report so no new credit accounts can be activated without the proper authorization from the consumer.

Definition of Email Spoofing
Email spoofing is a technique that hackers use to send fraudulent emails and is often used as a tool to collect information need for identity theft activities.

Definition of Fraud Alert
A fraud alert is used to alert potential lenders that your identity may have been compromised by identity theft.

Definition of Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act
The Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act can help consumers recoup the costs associated with having their identity stolen. Currently, this act is still pending approval of the President.

Definition of Nigerian Letter Scam
The Nigerian Letter Scam is one that's been around for a while. The advent of the Internet has changed the way the Nigerian Letter Scam is delivered, but it's still the same scam.

Definition of Synthetic Identity Fraud
Synthetic identity fraud occurs when an identity thief alters your personal information for the purpose of using it to gain access to information or money based on your credit history.

Definition of Gray Market Goods
Gray market goods are items that are purchased by identity thieves, usually using fraudulent credit accounts, and then resold for a profit.

Identity Theft Restoration Programs
Glossary: Identity Theft Restoration Program

Identity Theft Resolution Service
Glossary: Identity Theft Resolution Service

Identity Theft Monitoring Service
Glossary: Identity Theft Monitoring Service

Identity Theft Reimbursement Programs
Glossary: Identity Theft Reimbursement Program

Identity Theft Performance Guarantee
Glossary: Identity Theft Performance Guarantee

Identity Theft - Consumer Reporting Agency
Glossary: Consumer Reporting Agency

Identity Theft - Data Breach Notification Laws
Glossary: Data Breach Notification Laws

Definition of Web Page Spoofing
Web page spoofing is just one type of deception that hackers use to trick people into providing personal information that can be used for the purposes of identity theft.

Recognize Identity Theft Scams - Spotting a Phishing Email
It's estimated that 75-100 million phishing emails are sent out each day. These emails are designed to capture your personal and financial information so that criminals can steal your identity. Learn how spot a phishing emails so that you can protect yourself from this threat.

Definition of Social Engineering
The practice of deceiving someone, either in person, over the phone, or using a computer, with the express intent of breaching some level of security either personal or professional.

Identity Theft Legal Help
Glossary: Identity Theft Legal Help

Reader Stories: Been There, Done That
Knowledge is power. If you've been a victim of identity theft, share your insights with us.

Definition of Spoofing
Spoofing is a broad-ranging term that essentially means to pretend to be something or someone that you're not. It is, however, much more complicated.

Definition of Vishing
Vishing uses social engineering and phishing techniques to steal people's identities using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone lines.

Identity Theft Issues for 2011
Protecting yourself from identity theft will be harder and harder as technology moves forward. Some issues will need to be addressed to protect us in 2011.

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