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Secrets to Managing a Successful Blog
In this article, we outline ten simple rules for managing a successful blog. Knowing your audience is a start.

Why Develop a Global Marketing Strategy?
This article examines why it's important to create a global marketing strategy for your business and what the benefits are to crafting one.

Can Global Travel Make You a Better Leader?
In The Weekly Roundup, you will discover new insights, stretch your imagination and grow your business beyond borders. Enjoy!

How a Small Business Owner Can Roll Out a Global Campaign on a Shoestring
Here I ask Kevin Freedman, Chairman and Founder of Freedman International, how a small business owner can roll out a global campaign on a shoestring.

Making the Case for a Global Brand
In this article, I spell out what a global brand is and five reasons to develop one.

How a Small Business Owner Can Roll Out a Global Campaign on a Shoestring
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How a Lousy Photo Can Become a Lost Opportunity
Why do so many people online post unattractive pictures of themselves when they are trying to sell a product or service? It has to stop. Here's why.

How Trusted Travelers Can Move Fast Through Airports
Eight smart traveler enrollment programs through the TSA, CBP, and their agents that serve to protect and expedite your international travel.

TPOs Boost Export Promotion and Development
This article defines what export promotion and development means and how it affects a government’s export strategy.

Steps to Becoming a Licensed Customs Broker
Find out the six things you'll need to know to become a licensed customs broker, along with a sneak peek at the customs broker examination.

How to Avoid Bribes in International Business
Here we examine bribery in international business, learn about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and discover how to avoid or handle bribery disputes.

Spot Versus Forward Foreign Exchange
In this article, I talk about the difference between a spot versus a forward foreign exchange and how to hedge against currency fluctuations.

Entering a Foreign Market Through Licensing
Here I take a look at what licensing is and what are the benefits to licensing. Licensing is a great way to penetrate a new foreign market.

What is Parallel Importing?
In this article, I define what parallel importing is, provide an example of parallel importing and touch on the lawfulness of parallel importations.

5 Important Rules to Exporting
A lot of people say there are no hard and fast rules to exporting but there are. Here are a few of my favorites that I learned by trial and error.

Service Exports: A Dynamic Export Option
In this article we discuss exporting a service and how it differs from exporting a product.

Scripting Your Communication to the Manufacturer
This article guides you on how to script a communication to find a manufacturer for an import or export product.

What Is an Inspection Certificate?
Country governments as well as importers and exporters oftentimes require inspection certificates. This article outlines how inspection certificates protect importers and exporters against fraud, mistakes and poor quality performance. Companies who conduct inspection certifications is also covered.

How to Develop An Export Marketing Plan
Market research is a powerful tool for exploring and taking control of your global territory. It also enables you to develop an export marketing plan. Take it look at how it's done.

Insurance Coverage for Export Shipments
Insurance coverage for export shipments is as vital to your product delivery plans as safe vehicles and good sturdy cartons. In this article, we look at four points to consider when securing air or marine export insurance.

Business Globalization Through the Years (Part 1 of 3)
Discover four significant business developments that are taking place in the global economy of the 21st century.

Trade Agreements are Not Just about Lower Tariffs
Here I've outlined a few points on Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) advantages and also provide a cheat sheet that talks about overall U.S. benefits.

Direct Exporting Advantages and Disadvantages
What is direct exporting and what are the advantages and disadvantages to this method of foreign market entry.

6 Ways to Save Money Importing
Here are six ways to save money importing.

Websites to Help Build an Import/Export Business
Looking to import or export but don’t have the foggiest idea on how to get started? Here are a few places to visit to help you move forward.

How to Prepare a Proforma Invoice
In this article, I talk about what a proforma invoice is, why you should use one, and how to prepare it.

How To Get An Import Permit Internationally
Some products require a license or permit from various government agencies in order to be imported. Here's how to get started.

How to Prepare Your Product for Import/Export
This article shows you how to prepare your product for sale in a new market.

5 Ways to Build Harmony With Japanese Customers
Here are insights into developing a market in Japan -- a few of them spent solely on pioneering and cultivating customer relationships.

Find a Supplier for the Product You Want To Import
This article helps you with the process of finding a supplier for the product you want to import.

How Global Strategic Alliances Work
This article discusses what a global strategic alliance is, how it works, and what it can and cannot do for you.

When Good Intentions Go Wrong in the Global Marketplace
Here are highlights from David Ricks's book, “Blunders in International Business.”

Global Marketing Campaigns: How to Get It Right
Here's an example of a firm who didn't get it right on a global marketing campaign and two firms that did.

Best Practices For Setting Up a Winning Overseas Distributor Agreement
International trade expert and attorney Doris Nagel shares best practices for setting up a winning overseas distributor agreement.

Ocean Bill of Lading and Airway Bill
This article covers the two types of bills of lading for an import-export shipment, the ocean bill of lading and the airway bill.

Export Shipping Documentation: Export Sale
This article outlines the basic international shipping documents required to complete an export sale.

How to Bring a Product to Market and Price It Fairly
This article details what it takes to bring a product to market and price it fairly.

An Interview with [a] Self-Described Customs Groupie
Find out why Mike Laden, a self-described customs groupie, is so fired up about C-TPAT. The customs authorities dictate exactly what you need to do.

Identifying Risk in the International Trade Arena
Here I touch on some global risk areas that you should pay close attention to. These are by no means all the risks but it's a good starting point.

The Art of Negotiating Deals Abroad
In this article, I talk about global deals, barriers to achieving them and how best to negotiate a deal abroad.

A Guide for Doing Business in Japan
Here are some pearls of wisdom about the Japanese that might help you place American food products in their hands.

The Year Ahead: Forecasting the Global Outlook for 2016
Wish to understand the challenges that lie ahead in today's increasingly complex world? The 2016 Global Forecast is a good starting point.

5 Ways to Impact the Bottom Line on Your Import/Export Activities
How do you gain strategic cost advantage and increase profits in your import/export endeavors in the most efficient way possible? Here are five ways.

The 7 Signs of Import/Export Business Deterioration
This article offers seven signs that serve as early detectors of import/export business deterioration.

A 10-Point Checklist to Expedite Clearance of Goods on Imports
In this article, I have prepared a 10-point checklist to use as a guide for expediting the clearance of your goods on an import transaction.

China’s New Import Regulations
Here’s what China's new import regulations mean for the Chinese and for exporters worldwide.

Globalization is Good and Can be Noble
The quotes curated here reference globalization, individuality, perseverance and freedom – all necessary qualities for importing and exporting.

What's Needed for Completing a Commercial Import Invoice
This article tells you how to prepare a commercial import invoice to ensure an easy importation of your goods and customs clearance.

How to Find Overseas Customers
You cannot run a successful import/export business unless you have customers. Where do you find them? It's easier than you think.

Funny Mistranslations From Around the World
This article provides examples of funny mistranslations that could have been avoided had the companies slowed down with their communication process.

Eight Tips for New Importers
Once you have crafted a plan on what type of product you want to import, the following tips will serve as a guide in the import process.

From Chaos to Creativity: How to Foster Creativity at Your Business
Here, I talk about six ways to tap into a bountiful source of creativity that might be right in front of you and how to make creativity a way of life.

Shake Off Complacency and Create a Sense of Urgency
In this article I define complacency and provide three examples of how complacency works. Creating a sense of urgency brings new life to a company.

Stunned: UK Votes to Remove Itself from EU
The news has rattled the world and roiled global financial markets: the UK has left the EU. What it means for companies that do business there.

Exporting Essentials: 10 Steps to Export Success
Ready to export? Where do you start? This article offers a 10-step action plan for export success. Get the basics in place first.

Expand Your Business Without Abandoning Your Roots
Why you shouldn’t go after every hot thing that comes across your global business desk. Yes, growth is important, but focus matters too.

Creating a Brand Awareness Among Global Customers
In this article, I cover a couple of pointers on how to turn global customers into true believers on your brand.

Is China Protecting the Best Interests of American Companies?
How does a U.S. business protect its rights when merely trying to shop online?

Work Your Website: 7 Tips For Converting Visitors into Global Buyers
Here are seven tips for grabbing, keeping and churning out global customers one at a time on your website.

The Importance of Scaling a Business for Global Growth
What are the latest trends in the small business sector? What does scaling a business mean? UPS’s marketing director Jeremy Melis fills us in.

Japanese Economy and Distribution System
This article shows you how to put Japan's distribution system to work for your business. Plot your global marketing strategy accordingly!

Fundamental Steps to Negotiating Successfully Globally
In this article, I discuss five fundamental steps to negotiating successfully on a global basis.

Understanding Country of Origin Certificates
This article discusses the meaning of a country of origin certificate and why it's important on import/export shipments.

Choosing Your Form of Organization (Part 1 of 2)
Which legal structure is best for you? This article examines five forms of corporate organization in which you can set up your import/export firm.

Are you ISO-Certified?
This article describes the features and benefits to obtaining ISO certification: 9000, 9001 and 14000.

Using Google to Go Global
Here's how to use Google AdWords to help customers the world over find you.

Home Office Import/Export Business – Part II of III
This is the second installment of a three-part series on drawbacks to working at your home office import/export business.

How to Avoid 3 Simple Mistakes When Launching a Website
When launching a website, here are three common mistakes that I see over and over again that you want to avoid like the plague.

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)
If you are an importer or exporter of chemical substances, then you should read this article.

How to Avoid Product Recalls Due to Mislabeling
Anyone who imports always has to deal with labeling concerns. Here's what to look out for.

How to Attract Foreign Buyers to Your Website
What you need to do to attract foreign buyers to your website.

eCommerce and Online Shopping Sites Worth Tracking in India
Many online retailers are looking at India as a possible destination for global expansion. Here’s why.

Is Cross-Border e-Commerce Underdeveloped in Europe?
Is cross-border e-commerce an underdeveloped market in Europe? Let's take a look.

Big Shipping Giants Snatch Up Global E-Commerce Service Providers
Let’s take a look at who the key e-commerce players are and how they are positioning their companies for the upcoming holiday season to be a jolly one.

An Ecommerce Platform that Lets You Focus Purely on Selling
Here we discuss why Rob Wray started Whitebox, what it does and how business owners can get started using Whitebox.

The Ins and Outs to Contract Manufacturing
This article examines what contract manufacturing is and what it can do for your import/export business.

Questions to Pre-Screen Overseas Distributors
Think you've found the perfect overseas distributor? Here I've created a checklist of all the questions you should ask to pre-screen distributors.

Global Mobile Marketing: Conducting World Business on the Go
Here we offer compelling facts on global mobile, tips on what works in global mobile and a case study to move you to action.

Global Mobile Trends to Watch
How are consumers and businesses alike looking to buy products and services in 2016 and beyond? That’s easy. Here are three global mobile trends.

Setting Up an Overseas Distributorship Agreement
This article outlines steps to take before setting up an international sales or distributorship agreement, which will protect you going forward.

International Franchising - Global Strategic Initiative
In this article, I look at what is international franchising, its benefits, how to get started in franchising and where to look for additional help.

How to Determine If a Foreign Company is Legit
How do you determine if a foreign company is legitimate? Here are seven ways to find out.

What We Can Learn from Domino’s Pizza on International Expansion
Here’s a little history on Domino's Pizza along with some tips on mastering digital transformation, entering new overseas markets and taking chances.

Why You Should Scale Your Global Business
Here's the drift on a presentation I gave for an American Express event on June 25, 2015 in Chicago on

How to Find and Market to International Customers
In this article you will learn how to find international customers and how to market to them as you grow your business globally.

How to Overcome Stumbling Blocks to Going Global
What’s stopping small business owners and entrepreneurs from going global? Is it really that hard? It boils down to a few basic, simple reasons.

How to Create Blue-sky Thinking
While you may not be the size of P&G, this article shows you how to get your creative juices flowing again and not in the most conventional manner.

Valuable Leadership Lessons From Intel Chief Andy S. Grove
This article highlights some of Andy Grove's shrewd observations in business and his keen insights into how people can work more effectively together.

Incoterms: International Shipping Terms / Terms of Sale
A look at the most commonly used foreign trade terms provided by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Incoterms rules.

3 Focus Areas to Strengthen Your Global Trade Business
Let's take a look at three key areas--cost savings, expanding your customer base and innovative ideas--to help grow your business at a faster rate.

Ways to Make Global Sourcing a Success
This article provides tips on how to make the most of global sourcing; which offers lower costs, faster go-to market time and a broader resource pool.

How to Find Importing Wholesalers For Your Product Line Overseas
This article provides a short list on how to find a good overseas wholesaler and how to pre-qualify them to insure that they are a reputable firm.

Determining Whether a Product Requires an Export License
Learn how to determine whether a product requires an export license and, if so, which export license you need and whether any restrictions apply.

The Gold Key Service: How to Find Customers The World Over
Are you stuck on how to find and meet with pre-screened potential cross-border business associates? Whether you are seeking a single customer, agent, a distributor or a joint-venture partner -- it's all covered here with details about the Gold Key Service (GKS).

A Guide to Working With an International Distributor
This article examines what an international distributor does and what you need to know before appointing one.

Health Inspection and Certification
This article examines health inspection and certification issues as it relates to importing and exporting agricultural products.

A Guide to Working With a Sales Agent
This article examines what an international sales agent does and what you need to know before appointing one.

Learning to Innovate in International Trade
In this article, I talk about what companies do wrong on innovation, what companies do right, and how to ensure your ideas are worth pursing.

8 Big Import Compliance Challenges
What are the most critical issues affecting importers today? Here are my top eight.

The Dos and Don’ts of Import Compliance by Jim Trubits
A webinar that covers the dos and don'ts of import compliance. Here's an outline to help you take notes.

One of the Best Kept Secrets: Export/Import Procedures and Documentation
If you take the time to go through the book “Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

Expand Your Global Reach with Streaming Video
Four apps that allow you to stream video and chat with viewers around the world.

24 Resources for Importing Agricultural Products
Here are 24 resources to help you with those items and other import related activities.

No Excuses: 5 Trends to Track to Grow Your Global Business
Here are some examples of ways to jump in and leverage new opportunities that are right around the corner.

14 Incentives for Importing/Exporting
Find out 14 incentives (benefits) for importing/exporting!

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know Before Starting an Import/Export Business (II of III)
Once you select a product, how do you know it will sell? Will you make money selling it? How should you price the product? These are the questions addressed in this article, which is part II of a III-part series.

Guide to Hiring a Good Customs Broker
Here is a look at what a customs broker is, what they do and how to find one.

Twelve Tactics for Creating Powerful Global Leadership Connections
In this article, I talk about why interactions matter with people and how you can become a much better leader to fully engage those you lead.

How to Access U.S. Import and Export Trade Statistics
This article examines seven key offerings from the U.S. Census Bureau on Foreign Trade which is the official source for U.S. import and export statistics.

Borderless Business: Why the World Is Your Market
Discover why there is no turning back to the outmoded way of strictly operating a small local business. Make the world your market.

Export Potential in Indonesia
In this article, we take a look at Indonesia and why you should consider this vibrant market for exports and sourcing products.

Rewriting the Rules of Borderless Business
On borderless business, you never know what might be the next rule or big thing that might save or help you grow your business. Here’s one example.

Common Pitfalls with Importing and Exporting
In this article, I highlight areas where international traders experience the most turbulence ranging from bribes to bad record keeping.

How to Become an Import or Export Middleman
What is a middleman (or middlewoman), what do they do and how do they work? Here you will find out.

7 Factors to Consider on Your First Import
If you are thinking about importing a product, now’s your chance--but start small. Here’s a rundown of factors to consider on your first import.

Strategies for Approaching a Foreign Company For Importing
Let's say the manufacturer you are interested in makes more than 12 different styles of shoelaces. Which one should you import? Easy.

3 Must Have Apps for Global Travelers
Let's take a look at three must have apps for global travelers.

How to Choose a Product to Export
This article helps you decide on a product to export.

How to Select a Product to Import
This article helps you learn how to select a product for import.

What Is the Export-Import Bank of the United States?
Find out how the Export-Import Bank of the United States can finance the export of U.S. goods and services.

Naming Your Import/Export Business
This article helps you choose a name for your import/export business. To begin the naming process, you must decide exactly what your business will do.

Let’s Appreciate and Applaud Those Who Export!
This article celebrates the people who, day in and day out, pursue exporting on purpose.

How to Develop Best Export Pricing Strategies
Here's an interview I conducted with veteran exporter Leif Holmvall which focuses on how to develop the best export pricing strategy.

An Export Sale: How it Works
Here are six major components to an export sale. These may not be all that you need to pay attention to, but they are a good starting point.

How Technology Helps Businesses Go Global
The use of technology helps business owners and executives go global. Here's how.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Advantages and Disadvantages to Indirect Exporting
This article highlights methods of indirect exporting, including the distinction between an export management and export trading company.

Carton Markings For Export Shipments
This article offers several considerations that govern your carton shipment markings for exports. Read about the identification​ that is needed.

Brexit Implications for SMEs
Who are the biggest winners and losers with Brexit? CEO and co-founder David Nilssen shares his perspective.

How to Create a Winning Global Social Media Strategy
Here’s a primer on how to create a winning global social media strategy that takes the world by storm.

Places to Look for Import/Export Help
In addition to the Import and Export site, here are ten other places to turn for help with importing and exporting.

How To Prepare Packaged Goods For Overseas Delivery
Many American companies lose more business in the movement of products overseas than in any other phase of the export process.

Benefits to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Karen Kerrigan talks about Trans-Pacific Partnership, how it will benefit small business owners, and when the agreement will go into effect.

California’s New ‘Made in USA’ Legislation
I address a reader’s question: California’s recent enactment of the law loosens the claim on “Made in USA” label requirements. What does that mean?

Shipping Global Cargo in the Internet Age
Cargo shipments are coming into the Internet age and promise to reshape the transportation industry. Let’s take a look.

Role of International Trade in Small Business Success
The third edition of The Weekly Roundup where you can discover new insights, stretch your imagination and grow your business beyond borders.

The Weekly Roundup: How Going Global can be a Game Changer
Nuggets of info on importing and exporting that you would never find on your own. May you discover new insights, stretch your imagination and grow your business.

Building a Global Company in Good Times and Bad
Here are examples of companies that were all started during tough times, insights on the importance of global trade and tips on going global.

Are you ITAR Compliant? Here's How to Go About It
The information in this article will help answer some of your questions as to whether you need to become ITAR compliant and how to go about it.

Books and Online Resources for Cultivating Cultural Awareness
A handful of books and online resources to help you cultivate cultural awareness.

7 Places You Need to Contact for International Expansion
Even if you are short on time or have limited funds, these places will help you get primed for taking your business global.

12 Apps that Add Efficiency in Global Business
Just about everyone on the planet uses an app for making his life easier. Here are 12 that can add efficiency and even enhance your global business.

3 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Money-Making Machine
Here are four ways to turn your website into a global e-commerce money-making machine. Start with adapting your site to accommodate other languages.

The Top Four Global Business Intelligence Companies
Tracking the flow of imports and exports is not easy. Here are four companies that can help in the field of global business intelligence.

Brazil’s Opportunity for Overseas Growth
In this article we examine what makes Brazil a robust market offering excellent growth opportunities on exports.

What Happens to SME Trade if Britain Leaves the European Union (EU)?
Should Britain remain in the European Union? This article covers that question and how the outcome of the vote might impact small and big businesses.

How to Compete More Effectively in Foreign Markets
I had the privilege of interviewing Sophie Lechner on how the G2 Experience will enable leaders to compete more effectively in foreign markets.

Packing For International Shipping
Whether importing or exporting, you must ship your product from one country to another in an undamaged condition. This article outlines ten factors to consider when packing for international shipping.

How to Develop an Import/Export Business Plan
This article defines what an import/export business plan is and how to develop one that allows you to measure results.

Escrow: Money Held By a Third Party in International Trade
Ready to export your goods? Don’t want the hassle of a letter of credit but want your cash upfront? Perhaps an escrow service is the answer.

How to Bring Your Business Into the Digital Age
In the digital age, customers from around the world should find you. Let's take a look at how it's done.

verywell. Import & Export.

How to Identify International Opportunities
In this article, you will learn how to identify international opportunities by utilizing online resources and other methods.

Game Changers Share Their Secrets to Growing a Global Business
Game changers share their best-kept secrets to growing a business globally in uncertain times. Here are a few.

International Cargo: Break Bulk and Container Loading
Here are a variety of common options and techniques for loading your international shipment. We focus on break bulk versus container loading.

14 Quotes on Globalization, Importing and Exporting
Do you want to understand globalization, importing and exporting? Here are 14 quotes from key​ influencers that will make you think.

How to Prepare a Commercial Export Invoice
This article outlines what is a commercial export invoice, why it is important, and how to prepare one.

The EU-Canada Trade Deal: CETA
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is a newly minted EU-Canada treaty. Here’s what you need to know to understand its benefits.

America’s New Favorite Route: The Enlarged Panama Canal
Have you heard the news: bigger ships can now cross the Panama? Here’s what you need to know and how it can benefit your exporting business.

Export Market Research
This area outlines a range of efficient methods for researching export markets.

An Interview With Maureen Longoria at The Paxton Companies
I interviewed Maureen Longoria, former director, global business development for The Paxton Cos. to discuss Paxton and other tips on global shipping.

How to become a global brand expert
UK-based global brand expert Kubi Springer shares her insights and tips on how to create a great, enduring global brand.

Exhibiting at Trade Shows: A Powerful, Hands-On Approach
Here's how to maximize your next trade show experience so that you connect with even more cross-border customers.

Go Beyond Expectations and Astonish Your Customers
Here's how to exceed the expectations of global customers who are thousands of miles away. It starts with astonishing them so they keep coming back.

What Is Countertrade: The Pros and Cons
In this article I focus on the most common form of countertrade, bartering, what it is, and what the pros and cons are.

Eleven Questions a Logistics Specialist Will Ask
Eleven questions to address before moving goods from one country to another.

What Is a Country of Origin Certificate?
This article covers what a Country of Origin certificate is and why it is important.

Deliver on Your Promises in the Global Marketplace
Delivering on your promises overseas is doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. Here are three examples.

International Travel Alerts: Travel Alerts By Country
This section offers practical tips and advisories to protect international business travelers from potential harm.

How to Set Up a Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ)
In this article, I define what is a foreign-trade zone (FTZ), what are the benefits and how to set one up.

Global Legal News and Resources You Can Put to Good Use
Recent legal briefings from a few of the top law firms in the world. All the information provided is no charge for your reading.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Import Payment Method
One of the most important things to negotiate before closing on an import sale is how payment will be made. Here are factors to consider.

JETRO: How JETRO Aids Exports to Japan
Learn how JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization, can help you maximize your global export potential to Japan.

Cross-Cultural Education
This section provides general information and guidelines about the importance of understanding cross-cultural experiences and its impact on conducting business worldwide.

Global Sourcing
This section helps you source reputable overseas suppliers.

Import Market Research
This area outlines a range of efficient methods for researching import markets.

International E-Commerce
How to use the Internet to sell customers worldwide.

Setting Up The Business
This site covers the essential details of sound legal and fiscal operation: naming your business, protecting your company name and other intellectual property, opening a bank account, special tax situations to which you will be subject, and accounting choices you will face in the course of running an import/export business. Not all of these issues will come into play immediately, but you should familiarize yourself right from the start with the framework in which you will be operating.

Social Media and Social Networking
How to use social media and social networking to make import/export business connections.

Home Office Import/Export Business
Before you decide on a home office as your place of business, consider these drawbacks.

Home Office Import/Export Business (Part III of III)
There are drawbacks to working from home, such as hiring workers and getting friends to take your work seriously. Here are a few more to consider.

Pricing Your Product For Import and Export Markets
This article discusses how to price your product competitively for import and export markets and what criteria you should use for determining markup.

Import and Export Packing List: What It Is
This section describes what a packing list is and what it includes as it accompanies the commercial invoice on an international shipment.

How to Become a Certified Global Business Professional
This article examines how to become a certified global business professional and what are the benefits.

How to do business with one of the world's largest economies: China.

Everything You Should Know About Foreign Trade Regulations But Were Afraid to Ask
This article offers a short course in foreign trade regulations and how it can impact your import/export business.

Five Ways to Satisfy Your Overseas Customer
This article highlights five steps to ensure that your overseas customers are happy ones.

Is Cuba a Lucrative Opportunity or Just Another Tough Market to Crack?
Let’s take a look at what you are up against on Internet use, or lack thereof, and some other thorny issues taking place in Cuba.

Market Research: Dreaded Chore, a Powerful Tool
How to conduct import/export market research.

Ways to Improve Your International Social Media Communications Strategy
In this article, I talk about some of the ways in which I engage in discussions online and how you too can express yourself in new forms the world over.

8 Tips to Maintaining Success during Volatile Times
I am not an economist or futurist, but in this article I offer some ideas on what you should focus on to be successful.

6 Online Payment Processing Methods
Here are payment processing methods worth a look because they can make getting paid online simple.

An Interview with PayPal’s Top Global Trade Exec Melissa O’Malley
An interview with Melissa O’Malley, PayPal’s director of global merchant and cross-border trade initiatives.

How to Build a Globally Integrated Business Model
In this article, I take a look at the book “Managing Global Innovation” and discuss how to build and leverage a global innovation network.

6 Signs You Need a Global Ecommerce Solution
Can’t seem to keep up with the new set of complexities that come with running a growing e-commerce enterprise? Here’s why.

How U.S. Companies Should Pay Overseas Suppliers
Seven frequently asked questions related to how U.S. companies should pay overseas suppliers are addressed here.

8 Common Mistakes of Importing Cosmetics to the USA
Here I address common mistakes that importers make when importing cosmetics.

How to Get Paid by International Customers
In this article you will learn how to get paid by international customers, whether you should negotiate in multiple currencies and what are the best ways to send and receive a payment.

West Coast Ports: No Longer the Gateway to America
This article examines what the impact of the West Coast port crisis has or will have on the companies that rely on international trade to make a living.

The New Wrinkle Affecting your Shipping Costs
Find out how the new dimensional weight calculation changes the shipping game for everyone.


How To Start An Import/Export Business (Part 1 of 2)
Find out what is required to start a profitable import/export business.

How To Start An Import/Export Business
How to develop sales and distribution for an import/export business. Page 2.

International Business Schools: Your Key to the World
Here's a look in alphabetical order at eighteen (18) top-notch international business schools from around the world that can serve as a key to your world at any age.