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Setting Up Your Bike
In an indoor cycling class, get the right fit between your bike and your body to prevent injuries, improve comfort, and maximize performance.

Indoor Cycling Can Help Heal Chronic Medical Conditions
Here's how to improve five chronic medical conditions, as well as the way you feel and function, with indoor cycling.

Reduce your blood pressure.
Moderate intensity cycling can lower your blood pressure for hours.

Decrease the pain of osteoarthritis of the knee.
How to pedal your way to knees that feel and function better.

Improve blood sugar levels if you have type 2 diabetes.
How you can cycle toward better blood sugar control.

Relieve the pain of fibromyalgia.
Indoor cycling can help you get fit and decrease your neck and shoulder pain if you have fibromyalgia.

Improve your quality of life with multiple sclerosis.
How to pedal your way to better balance and energy, less fear and depression, if you have MS.

Joining the Spinning® Nation
Learn about Spinning Nation, which offers a great opportunity to pour your sweat and muscle power into a worthy cause.

What’s the Difference Between Aerobic and Anaerobic?
Learn the distinctions between these two training terms and maximize your indoor cycling workouts.

Worried About Getting Bulky Thighs?
The inside story on whether indoor cycling workouts build bulky thighs.

Now Hear This!
The truth about what you need to know and do to protect your hearing in an indoor cycling class.

9 Rules for Indoor Cycling Etiquette
Do's and don'ts for how to behave in an indoor cycling class.

Posture Pointers for Indoor Cycling
Improve your posture to improve your performance in an indoor cycling class.

The Best Ways to Clean Your Indoor Cycling Clothes
To keep your indoor cycling clothes in good shape, heed these tips for washing them wisely.

Cycling Your Way to a Better Body Image
Here's an inside look at the best ways to use indoor cycling to boost a greater sense of body pride.

Battle of the Indoor Cycling Giants: SoulCycle vs. Flywheel
Wondering what the difference is between SoulCycle and Flywheel? Here's a head-to-head comparison of these top indoor cycling franchises.

The Summertime Indoor Cycling Solo Ride
The summer-themed music will distract you from how hard you're working and make you feel like you're really just playing.

Mental Training for Indoor Cycling
Besides enhancing your enjoyment, training your mind during your ride can improve your physical training and performance, too.

The Stronger-By-Tomorrow Ride
Get stronger by tomorrow with this intense ride that builds muscle strength, power, and stamina as well as aerobic fitness.

Can Caffeine Perk Up Your Ride?
Find out how having a dose of caffeine before a cycling workout can enhance your endurance, muscle strength, and overall performance.

A Solo Ride to Put You in the Mood for Love
Get in the mood for love with this fun-filled, high-intensity solo ride.

Riding Solo: A Beat-Based Ride
During this ride, you'll adjust your pace to the beat of the music. It's that simple . . . and that much fun!

A Spirited Solo Ride to Kick Off the New Year
Start the new year with this high-energy solo ride!

Avoid Exercise Plateaus With Indoor Cycling Synergy Workouts
While indoor cycling is a great workout, only cycling can lead to exercise plateaus. Try these 7 complementary exercise forms to vary your workout.

5 Reasons You Should Change Clothes After Cycling Class
Take good care of your skin after indoor cycling and it will take care of you. Learn how and discover why it's so bad to have a sweat hangover after class.

4 Ways to Mistake-Proof Your Movements in Indoor Cycling
Check out this fix-it guide to four subtle movement mistakes people make in indoor cycling classes and get more out of your workout.

Power Up Your Indoor Cycling Workout
Focusing on your power output during indoor cycling can help you gain strength, stamina, speed, and other skills that will make you a better rider.

How You Can Pedal Away ADD Symptoms
Research suggests that moderate exercise, particularly indoor cycling, can help relieve symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADD) in kids & adults.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

7 Ways to Maximize Your Ride Without Giving 100%
It doesn't have to be a choice of go-hard-or-go-home. There are many ways to reap optimal benefits from indoor cycling without going full throttle.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Sweet Relief for Your Sore Muscles
Here’s how to use a smoothly textured foam roller to soothe commonly sore muscles before or after an indoor cycling workout.

Five Ways to Fuel Up for Indoor Cycling
Getting into indoor cycling? Here are our tips for what to eat and when to maximize your energy for those bike rides.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Superfoods for Cycling
Eat these seven powerhouse foods to fuel up for an indoor cycling session, gain sustainable energy, and/or help you recover afterward.

A Solo Ride With Flexibility
This upbeat ride lets you customize the approach to suit your preferences while guaranteeing an awesome workout! It's a versatile ride you can do three different ways.

A Solo Ride That Will Ramp Up Your Power
For those days when you crave speed and a challenging workout, this power-focused interval ride is just the ticket. This 45-minute workout will leave you stronger.

Dealing With Awkward Moments in Indoor Cycling
Do not let awkward or uncomfortable moments deter you from enjoying your indoor cycling workout. Here are five common issues and how to manage them.

What is a Torqboard For Indoor Cycling?
The Torqboard system lets you see in

Are You Flirting With Burnout?
Find out the signs of indoor cycling burnout and what to do about them.

5 Ways to Troubleshoot Your Ride
Here's the inside story on how to fix your positioning, posture, and technique so you can ride harder and more comfortably.

5 Ways Indoor Cycling Can Tone Your Trouble Spots
While you can't selectively lose body fat in areas where you hold too much of it, you can tone and shape some trouble spots.

A Solo Ride Set to Movie Music
With this challenging solo ride, you'll push yourself physically while enjoying uptempo songs from movies.

Understanding Training Terms
Reading this list and mastering the indoor cycling vocabulary can help you rev up your workouts and get more out of them.

Riding Solo: A Loop Di Loo Ride
With this strength- and aerobic-building interval ride, you'll build power, pace, and stamina. Includes song suggestions to keep you moving.

It’s Time to Thank Your Body for the Ride
It's time to express gratitude to your body for all that it does for you during indoor cycling. Here's how.

Is Your Indoor Cycling Class Too Hard or Too Easy?
An inside look at the sweet spot where a ride is appropriately challenging without being over the top.

Is Your Stationary Bike Lying to You?
Some indoor cycles have computers that provide feedback about calories burned, power output, and distance. Find out whether you should believe it.

4 Drills Every Indoor Cyclist Should Do
These simple pedaling exercises will help you boost your power, efficiency, comfort, and performance, ride after ride.

How to Cycle Your Way to Better Work Productivity
An indoor cycling workout can help you feel sharper and more focused and perform better at work.

How Indoor Cycling Can Make You a Better Outdoor Rider
Calling all outdoor riders: Bring your training inside to enhance your technique and performance.

How Indoor Cycling Can Heat Up Your Sex Life
Ride the bike the right way and you can enhance your sexual satisfaction. Learn more about this pleasant side effect.

6 Ways to Avoid Bad Form on the Bike
Avoid these body-positioning mistakes and you'll get more out of your indoor cycling session and prevent injuries.

Solo Ride: The Trick-Your-Body-Fit Workout
This high-energy solo ride will trick your body into getting fit faster or help you bust through a fitness plateau.

Dealing With an In-Your-Face Cycling Instructor
The best ways to deal with an in-your-face cycling instructor without getting stressed.

5 Essential Lower Body Stretches for Cyclists
Your legs, hips, and glutes do the bulk of the work in indoor cycling. Here's how to stretch them and tend to them after the ride.

Cycling Away from Depression Without Going Anywhere
More than a temporary mood-booster, indoor cycling can actually relieve depression – in some cases, better than antidepressants.

Cycle for Survival: Riding for a Worthy Cause
Through Cycle for Survival, you can get a kick-ass workout while riding hard for a great cause.

Are You Sabotaging Your Workouts?
What you do off the bike can have a powerful effect on the outcome of your workouts—for better or worse.

Cycling Away from Chronic Pain
Pain is often a deterrent to exercising, but movement may be just what you need to feel better.

A Quickie Cycling Workout to Suit Any Hectic Schedule
This personal version of a HIIT-style ride lets you get your sweat on in a time-efficient way .

Are There Beginner Indoor Cycling Classes?
Believe it or not, you can take the DIY approach to making any indoor cycling class into a beginner class. Here's how . . .

Spice up your ride with turmeric
A simple, savory spice with a long history can help you feel better as you cycle.

Milk: It does a cycling workout good!
The wholesome beverage can help you rehydrate after cycling, better than other drinks can.

To beet or not to beet—that is the question
Believe it or not, beetroot juice (which comes from beets) can boost your cycling endurance.

Energy Shots Can Crank Up Your Power Output
Move over coffee! Energy shots can increase your power output during your ride.

Apples, oranges, and plums—oh my!
Here's how having a pre-cycling snack or meal that’s low to moderate on the glycemic index can improve your performance.

A High-Intensity Ride to Nowhere
After this solo ride, you'll feel strong, empowered, and high as a kite.

6 Fast Fixes for Exercise Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
It's time to repair common mistakes that could compromise your gains from indoor cycling. Here's how . .

Where Should You Go for Indoor Cycling?
A close look at the pros and cons of doing indoor cycling at a health club versus a boutique studio.

Stretch Your Sides
Treat your torso to this decompressing stretch after the ride and you'll be ready to stand tall again.

Stretch the Outside of Your Thighs
How to ease the surprising soreness that can occur in the outer sides of your thighs.

5 More Feel-Good Stretches For A Post-Cycling Workout
It is very important to stretch properly after an intense cycling workout. This article provides a list of several feel-good stretches for a cool-down.

Stretch Your Lower Back
Kick the tension out of your lower back with this easy stretch.

Stretch Your Neck Muscles
Here's how to help your neck decompress and improve your postural alignment after the ride.

Stretch Your Forearms
This is a great way to relieve tension in your forearms and hands after cycling.

To Cycle or Not to Cycle When You're Under the Weather
The 411 on when it's okay to exercise with a cold or another infection and when it's not

8 Tips to Lose Weight with Indoor Cycling
You can cycle yourself slim with these smart diet and exercise strategies. Here's how.

Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday
This upbeat solo ride is guaranteed to get your muscles cranking, your heart pumping hard, and your mind dancing.

The Sweat Report
Here's the truth about why indoor cycling is such a sweat-fest, plus advice to help you stay cool and comfortable.

The Sneaky Cycling Hangover You Should Know About
What you need to know to steer clear of feeling faint or woozy after the ride.

Kinetic Cycling: A Celebration on Wheels
A boutique cycling studio in L.A. that specializes in celebratory and challenging rides

9 Tips to Jump-Start Your Indoor Cycling Resolutions
Inspiring ways to turn your New Year's resolutions into your new reality

The Essential Role of Recovery
It's counter-intuitive but true: Including recovery intervals can boost your strength, conditioning, and performance for the long haul.

Is It Safe to Do Indoor Cycling During Pregnancy?
Indoor cycling is a great way to exercise during pregnancy since it's free of balance challenges and joint impact. Still, precautions are in order.

Is Indoor Cycling Safe If You Have Arthritis?
If you have arthritis, indoor cycling is an excellent exercise choice because it's free of joint impact and balance challenges. But there are precautions to keep in mind.

The Antidote for Winter Weight Gain
Find out the best strategies for knocking out winter weight gain for good.

Indoor Cycling By the Numbers
While you’re pushing the pedals, here are the key numbers you should know about so you can optimize your performance and results.

The 10 Commandments of Good Indoor Cycling Behavior
You have the right to work hard and enjoy yourself, not to offend or annoy others in subtle ways. Here's the scoop.

Is it better to compete with yourself or other riders?
Find out the best way to compete in your cycling class.

On a bike with a computer, is it better to focus on RPMs or watts?
Here's the best way to tell how hard you're really working.

If you’re low on energy, should you skip indoor cycling or dog it in class?
The lowdown on when to push yourself and when not to.

Answers to 5 Common Indoor Cycling Dilemmas
This insider’s guide helps you take the guesswork out of common indoor cycling choices.

Is it better to cycle in cross-trainers or clip-on cycling shoes?
Here's how to choose the best shoes to fit your needs.

Surprising Secrets About Indoor Cycling
Want to be in the know? Read these insider secrets about what you can expect to experience in an indoor cycling class.

5 Surprising Side Effects of Indoor Cycling
Find out the best ways to deal with the mystifying and annoying symptoms that can linger after your ride.

Stretch Your Quads
Stretch the muscles in your thighs after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Chest
Stretch the muscles in your chest after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Shoulders
Stretch the muscles in your shoulders after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Triceps
Stretch the muscles in your upper body after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Neck
Stretch the muscles in your neck after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Hamstrings
Stretch the muscles in your thighs after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Stretch Your Glutes
Stretch your glutes after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness.

Stretch Your Hip Flexors
Stretch your hip flexors after your ride and you can help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness and restore range of motion.

Spring-Clean Your Workouts
Learn some fun ways to tweak your current workouts or supplement them with new ones and reap greater fitness benefits.

Solo Ride: The Kick-Your-Own Butt Workout
This high-intensity solo ride is guaranteed to push you with a series of challenging loops, strength-building patterns, and speed segments.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Smart Snacks to Have After Indoor Cycling
After a killer indoor cycling workout, have a well-chosen snack to repair your muscle tissue, restore your energy, and curb your appetite.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Riding Solo: The Need for Speed
Here's a fast solo ride that will get your heart and leg muscles pumping and send your spirits soaring!

Riding Solo: A Strength-Building Pyramid Ride
This challenging ride keeps things interesting by varying the pace, your body position, and resistance levels within the strength-building zone.

Riding Solo: On Fire
Riding solo is fun and challenging with this interval workout that's guaranteed to fire you up.

Riding Solo: Triple Threat
Here's a fun and challenging all-inclusive workout that will build endurance, strength, power, and speed.

Riding Solo: A Steady Ride to Stamina
A fun-filled ride that will boost your stamina and leave you feeling great.

7 Hazards of Rushing Your Indoor Cycling Workout
Improve your workout and feel better afterward by taking time for these essential moves.

6 Great Gift Ideas for Indoor Cyclists
Check out this guide to six fabulous gifts that will be much appreciated by indoor cyclists

6 Ways to Practice Mindfulness During Your Rides
How staying calm in your mind and present in your body during an indoor cycling workout can help you reap greater rewards.

Play That Inspiring Music
How to make your own playlist to help you get in the groove and riding hard

The Inside Scoop on Cycling Cadence
The best ways to manipulate your pace or cadence to maximize your ride.

The Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling
The many ways indoor cycling can bring major benefits to your body and mind.

3 Reasons It’s a Mistake to Multitask on the Bike
Here's why you shouldn't do upper body exercises or text on the bike with tips for completing these tasks safely and effectively outside of class.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip the Cool-down
Rush out of cycling class after riding hard and you may regret it later. Find out why . . .

So You Think You Can Teach Indoor Cycling?
If you've ever contemplated becoming an indoor cycling instructor, here's what you need to know about the skills involved and how to get certified.

4 Feel-Good Tools to Hasten Recovery After Your Ride
These surprising strategies and effective tools can help you ease muscle soreness after indoor cycling.

Resolutions Redux!
If you've resolved to make indoor cycling a habit so you can get fitter than ever, think about what you’ll do differently this year.

You look like Gumby while riding standing.
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your indoor cycling workouts. Find out what they are and how to correct them.

You're scrunching your shoulders.
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your indoor cycling workouts. Find out what they are and how to correct them.

You're holding your breath on heavy climbs.
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your indoor cycling workouts. Find out what they are and how to correct them.

You're only pushing on the pedals.
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your indoor cycling workouts. Find out what they are and how to correct them.

You're dancing on the bike.
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of your indoor cycling workouts. Find out what they are and how to correct them.

Indoor Cycling: 5 Slips You Don't Realize You're Making
Even subtle mistakes can prevent you from getting the most out of indoor cycling workouts. Find out what mistakes you are making and how to correct them.

It can put you in a great mood.
Indoor cycling can boost your mood in a major way.

It can knock out your anxiety.
Yes, you can cycle away your anxiety, without even going outside.

It can help you make your career more brilliant than ever.
Cycle your way to better brainpower and enhance your career in the process.

It can crank up your self-confidence and your self-esteem.
Indoor cycling can make you feel empowered and confident and boost your can-do spirit.

It can enhance your body image.
Let indoor cycling help you feel better about your body and more comfortable in your skin.

It can relieve your stress and help you feel resilient.
You can kick stress to the curb with indoor cycling.

Riding Solo: For the Fun of It
It's time to push your

10 Rules to Ride By
Heed these 10 rules to reduce your risk of injury and get the awesome workout you came for.

A cool-down isn't optional.
It's important to dial down your ride, instead of stopping suddenly, before you get off the bike.

You need to replace heavy downstrokes with fluid pedal strokes.
Smooth out your pedal strokes for a more efficient, energizing ride.

Low resistance doesn't ever mean NO resistance!
Riding without resistance is an absolute no-no!

Breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest.
Breathing fully and smoothly can help you power up your ride.

Warm up before riding hard.
Start slowly so your muscles have a chance to warm up before you ride hard.

Compete with yourself, not other people.
Trying to best yourself, not other people—that's where the competition should be in a cycling class.

There's a difference between pain and suffering.
There's a difference between pain and suffering with indoor cycling. Heed the former; push through the latter.

Yes, your hand position really does matter.
Pay attention to your hand positions to be sure you're engaging the right muscles.

Resistance plus cadence equals fitness results.
The right synergy between your resistance on the bike and your cadence can bring the results you want.

Picture Perfect
How to enhance your cycling skills and performance by putting your mind to work.

Protect Your Knees With Indoor Cycling
Here's a knee-protection plan to help you get your sweat on and crank up your fitness level safely.

Is Indoor Cycling or Treadmill Running Better?
What you need to know about how the benefits of indoor cycling and treadmill running compare.

How should I modify the ride if I have bad knees?
If you have an injury, your instructor can give you pointers to protect your joints or other balky body parts.

How can I get to the next resistance if I’m already pushing hard?
Yes, you can achieve a new personal best in resistance if you strategize with your instructor.

Could you check my form or technique?
Subtle postural snags could prevent you from getting the most out of the workout. Here's how your instructor can help.

How fast should we be going?
There's a method to your instructor's ride design—if you don't know what the pace or resistance should be, here's why you should ask.

Is my bike set up correctly for me?
Having the right fit between your bike and your body can mean the difference between a safe, high-performance ride and the alternative.

Indoor Cycling Bike Abuse
Do you treat your indoor bike like a rental car? Find out why that's a mistake that can come back to haunt you and others.

7 Indoor Cycling Victories to Celebrate
Hit your mental pause button to appreciate your accomplishments to date and you'll have incentive to keep on riding!

How to Keep Your Mind Engaged in the Ride
Bringing your mind into the equation can help you bring your best effort to the ride and get more out of it.

Hours of Cycling Power
Your muscle strength, speed, ratings of perceived exertion, and other elements can vary by time of day. An inside look at what to expect . . .

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

5 Ways to Get in the Indoor Cycling Habit
Discover the scientifically proven ways to turn your indoor cycling workouts into a consistent habit that sticks.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

It can improve different types of memory function.
Pushing the pedals can power up your short-term and long-term memory.

It can elevate your reasoning skills.
You can cycle your way to better reasoning and concentration-related skills.

It can enhance your ability to process a variety of information.
Cycling can improve your ability to process information and respond to sensory stimulation.

4 Ways Indoor Cycling Can Make You Smarter
The surprising ways you can ramp up your brainpower with indoor cycling.

No More Bouncing in the Saddle!
Putting an end to bouncing in the saddle will help you ride more comfortably, efficiently, and safely.

Motivating Mantras
Having a few inspiring words in mind can help you energize yourself, persevere when you're tired, and optimize your performance.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

5 Things You Didn't Know You Didn’t Know About Indoor Cycling
It’s time to correct common misconceptions about these high-energy, fun-filled workouts.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

4 Hot Tips for Indoor Cycling Newbies
Everyone is new to indoor cycling at some point. These tips will take the guesswork out of the picture, so you can ride comfortably from the start.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

A Watts-Based Class
It's all about your power output in these cycling classes.

An RPM-Based Class
How to use cadence or pace as the basis of your cycling workout.

The Cycling Class Style Guide
The lowdown on how different cycling classes use different performance measures as their basis.

A Heart-Rate Training Class
With heart-rate training, the goal is to get your heartbeat into the right target zone.

A Beat-Based Class
Synchronizing your pedaling to the beat of the music helps you vary your pace and intensity.

Better Body Composition
Indoor cycling can help you slim down and shape up, improving your health along with your appearance.

Enhanced Energy and Well-Being
Regular indoor cycling sessions can kick-start your energy and your overall well-being.

Improved Brain Power
Believe it or not, you can boost your brain power and work performance with indoor cycling.

Enhanced Heart and Lung Health
Ride your heart out with indoor cycling and your ticker and lungs will benefit significantly.

More Sexual Pleasure and a Hotter Sex Life
Want to get in the mood for love? Climb onto the saddle for an indoor cycling session first.

Shapelier, Well-Defined Legs
You can pedal your way to stronger, shapelier, well-toned legs.

Can Indoor Cycling Improve Parkinson's Disease?
The surprising story about how indoor cycling can improve tremors, movement problems, and cognitive function with Parkinson's disease.

Busting Through an Indoor Cycling Plateau
Doing the same old, same old cycling intensity, class after class, can lead to a fitness plateau. Here's how to bust through it.

Does Video + Music = A Better Ride?
How combining video and music can help you get more out of your rides

Breaking Bad Cycling Habits
How to break bad indoor-cycling habits that can compromise your workout results.

Changes Indoor Cycling Instructors Want You to Make
The inside story on what instructors would like to see riders do differently to get more out of the indoor cycling experience.

Can You Lose Weight With Indoor Cycling?
How to Drop Pounds and Body Fat With Indoor Cycling

5 Essential Exercises That Cut to the Core
To become a stronger, faster, better cyclist, you'll want to build up your core strength. Here's how . . .

Breathing Lessons for Indoor Cycling
Learn the right (and wrong) ways to breathe during indoor cycling and maximize your performance.

Cycling With Intention
Having a pulse on why you're there can help you get more out of an indoor-cycling class.

The Best Ways to Ride Toward Your Get-Fit Resolutions
The best ways to ride toward your fitness resolutions with indoor cycling

Cringe-Inducing Moments in Indoor Cycling
The cycle studio is prime territory for humiliating occurrences. Here's advice on how to handle them gracefully.

Common Sense Rules for Indoor Cycling
Are you breaking common sense rules for indoor cycling classes? Find out why that's a mistake.

You can eat whatever you want after indoor cycling.
Here's why you'll want to hold onto the reins of dietary restraint even after a hardcore ride.

People with bad knees can’t do it.
Surprise: Even people with knee problems can participate in indoor cycling--to great benefit!

Myth: You’ll burn more body fat if you ride on an empty stomach.
Forget the idea that riding on an empty stomach will help you burn body fat. Here's why it's erroneous.

It’s only for the young and super fit.
Here's why anyone can do indoor cycling, regardless of age and fitness level.

Your bum will never get used to it.
Here's the truth about why this isn't the case; over time, your bottom will eventually sit more comfortably.

Myth: Indoor cycling is just aerobics on a bike without real benefits.
Find out the surprising ways indoor cycling can translate into practical perks.

Perfect your pedal strokes.
Developing smoother, more efficient pedal strokes can help you become a more proficient rider.

Become a speed demon.
Training yourself to pedal faster can help you build your fast twitch muscles so you can sprint and do breakaways and other key moves.

Strengthen your cycling performance with weight training.
Building stronger legs with weight training can boost your cycling performance.

Boost your stamina.
There's more than one way to become a better indoor cyclist. Building endurance is just one of them.

Increase your core strength and stability.
Power comes partly from the core so strengthen yours to become a better cyclist.

Sharpen your mental fitness.
Training your mind can help train your body to cycle better.

Are You Cheating in Cycle Class?
Here are the best ways to ensure that you're making an honest effort to work hard in indoor cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

4 Great Stretches for Your Back After Indoor Cycling
After your indoor cycling workout, relax and relieve tense, tight muscles with these four soothing stretches.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Indoor Cycling
Indoor Cycling.

Schedule your cycling workout for the morning.
Great news for morning types: Doing the same cycling workout in the a.m. can feel easier than doing it in the p.m.

Snack on raisins.
Snack on raisins to refuel yourself and make an endurance ride feel easier.

Make it a visual experience.
Watching a video during indoor cycling makes can make the effort feel easier.

Listen to music you like.
Yes, it's true: Riding to music really makes the experience more pleasant and easier.

Have a well-timed cup of coffee.
Rev up your performance and your feel-good, ride-well attitude with caffeine.

Look at happy pictures before you ride.
Priming your mind with pictures of happy faces will make your ride feel easier and more comfortable.

7 Ways to Make Indoor Cycling Feel Easier
Harness the power of positive self-talk and other key strategies, and your ride will be a joy.

It’s a mistake to leave without cooling down and stretching.
Why you should spend a few minutes dialing down your cycling workout before getting off the bike.

Always modify the moves to suit your own needs.
It's your ride. Make it work for you and your body's needs.

No cyclist is too advanced for a recovery interval.
Active recovery intervals provide a chance to recharge your energy and enthusiasm. That's something everyone can benefit from.

Getting breathless now and then is a good thing.
Riding so hard that you occasionally get winded helps you get stronger and fitter.

Struggling to turn the pedals means there’s too much resistance on the bike.
Pushing excessive resistance can lead to injury and fatigue for no good reason.

Keep breathing continuously and smoothly!
Keeping a steady flow of air into and out of your body can help you feel and perform better on the bike.

A Refreshing Guide to 12 Months of Indoor Cycling
Use this month-to-month plan and you’ll find yourself getting stronger and more powerful, both on and off the bike.

A Call to Order: Which Comes First?
Ever wondered whether to do indoor cycling or a strength-training routine first on the days when you double up? Here's your answer.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

The Perks of Riding Intervals
It's not just about keeping the workout interesting. Here's the real story on how intervals can boost your fitness and fun.

Why Do I Get Sore After Indoor Cycling?
Your body may be trying to tell you something about your form or technique. Here's how to read and heed the message.

The Best Ways to Get an Upper Body Workout With Indoor Cycling
If you feel like you've been giving your arms and abs short shrift with your indoor cycling workouts, here's the solution.

Gadget Alert: Should You Wear a Weighted Vest While Cycling?
Here's what you must know before you gear up with a weighted vest for cycling.

The Muscular Balancing Act
The inside scoop on how to avoid muscle imbalances that can hinder your performance or injure you.

The Best Ways to Warm Up for Indoor Cycling
A brief warm-up before an indoor cycling workout can help you ride more comfortably and perform better.

What’s the Difference?
If you've ever been mystified by the terminology used in an indoor cycling class, here's your chance to be in the know.

The Purpose Behind Different Indoor Cycling Moves
Here's your chance to find out what you'll really get out of doing climbs, jumps, sprints, and other fancy indoor cycling moves.

It can boost your planning and problem-solving abilities.
A relatively brief indoor cycling session can fire up your brain's management center.

Taking the Dread out of Jumps
Can't stand doing jumps? Here's the 411 that will boost your comfort quotient with these moves.

Stronger Hips, Better Cycling
Strengthen the muscles in your hips, glutes, and pelvis, and you can boost your pace and comfort during the ride and sidestep post-workout soreness.

The Right Ways to Ride in a Standing Position
Five times when it's smart to ride in a standing position with tips on how to execute these moves properly.

Surprising Body Benefits from Indoor Cycling
Surprising but true: Indoor cycling can boost your muscle strength, balance, and bone mass.

The Pros and Cons of Pedaling in Reverse
It may sound appealing but is it safe and effective? Find out here . . .

The Benefits of HIIT Indoor Cycling Workouts
HIIT and Tabata-style cycling workouts are super-intense, with pros and cons. Here's how to tell if they're right for you.

Strokes of Brilliance
The secrets to refining your pedal strokes so you can ride more efficiently and powerfully.

To pump up your pedaling and gain lasting energy, grab a handful of almonds. Page 3.

Boost your cycling performance with a banana, a nutrient-packed superfood that will keep you feeling full for longer. Page 5.

Greek yogurt
For sustainable energy and a high dose of nutrients, fuel up with Greek yogurt—a stellar, portable superfood! Page 2.

Power up your ride with this sweet superfood. Page 6.

Fuel up for an indoor cycling session with a bowl of oatmeal—a tasty, filling, energy-producing superfood!

Tart cherry juice
Tart cherry juice can reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and hasten your recovery after an intense cycling session. Page 7.

Tuna or salmon
To reduce fatigue, fuel up with tuna or a salmon, superfoods from the sea. Page 4.

The Ride Guide
Even though you're on a bike to nowhere, you can choose from a variety of indoor cycling workouts. Here's how to find the best ones for you.

5 Stealth Tactics for Cranking Up Your Cycling Workouts
Adjust the features on the bike and your effort, and you can make indoor-cycling sessions more challenging and get fitter faster.

6 Upper Body Stretches for Cyclists
The muscles in your arms, chest, back, and shoulders helped support you in your ride so stretch them, too!

The Hazards of Riding Too Slowly
The truth about why cranking up your resistance and dropping your pedaling pace excessively is bad for your body and your cycling performance.

Supercharge Your Cycling With These Mental Tricks
Putting your mind to good use can enhance your workout results.

The Feel-Good Perks of Indoor Cycling
The awe-inspiring, mood-boosting, anxiety-reducing power of indoor cycling