Infectious Diseases Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Hantavirus: A Reason to Keep Mice Out of Your House
Hantavirus is a rare disease transferred from rodents and their droppings. Although rare, it is still a good idea to practice these clean habits.

Echinococcus: The Link Between Tapeworms and Dog Poop
Dogs, all cute and cuddly, can sometimes carry parasites that can make us sick. One that's a risk is Echinococcus, but it's preventable.

How to Avoid Mosquitoes
Zika and yellow fever are in the news. It would be nice to not get these diseases. So how to stop those nasty mosquitoes from biting.?

6 Ways to Prevent HIV (Including a New Injectable)
There are known strategies for preventing HIV, including a potential shot similar to PEP and PrEP that will change how HIV is treated and prevented.

What Is the Lujo Virus? Is It Related to Ebola?
Lujo is a viral hemorrhagic fever that has been seen in South Africa. Few cases existed and we know little about the virus, but we have some ideas.

Polio Is Back
Polio was supposed to be long gone. It isn't. There are some good reasons why it has been hard to stop.

Zika, Public Health Emergency of International Concern
The WHO just declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. What does this mean? There have only been 3 other emergencies like Zika declared.

Overview of Lassa Fever
Lassa has been spreading in Nigeria. Learn about this disease and the risks associated with it.

Heroin Use and Infections
Heroin rates have risen in the US. Learn about the infections, from hepatitis to tetanus and anthrax, which occur after injection drug use.

Overview of Anthrax
Learn about anthrax, a disease that's found naturally, but the worry remains that one day it will be used as a weapon.

Why Do Doctors Choose to Vaccinate?
As doctors we always hope vaccines aren't needed, but they save lives and they're useful at the worst times.

The Problem with Mumps
Learn about Mumps. It is now likely to affect a higher percentage of adults, who have more complications.

What Is German Measles?
Rubella, also called German Measles, is often confused with Measles - also called Rubeola. Learn about the differences between the two.

Disease Eradication
Infectious Diseases have taken their toll recently. Learn about the many we can work to eradicate forever.

Overview of Schistosomiasis
Learn about Schistosomiasis, a disease that may have helped spread HIV and Hepatitis C.

Overview of Tetanus
Learn about Tetanus. A rusty nail is all it takes to create an infection, and vaccination has kept it in check.

An Overview of Enterovirus and the Different Strains
Learn about enteroviruses, which can be responsible for anything from illnesses like the common cold to deadly polio and encephalitis outbreaks.

Are there any other viruses like Ebola out there?
Ebola has grabbed the headlines. There are actually other Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. They just happen to be rare - Lassa, Marburg, Yellow Fever, Hantavirus, even Dengue.

Yellow Fever Outbreaks: Can Vaccines Stop Them?
With increasing outbreaks of yellow fever, the world's vaccine stores can run low. Learn about the effectiveness of the vaccine and who should get it.

Preserving Foods With Salt (Misconceptions)
Preserving food with salt is an ancient practice that dates before written records. Beef jerky, pickles, and salmon are all foods preserved using salt.

Definition and Explanation of Bacteria
Understanding the definition of bacteria and its role in biology and disease.

How come doctors and nurses don't get sick more often?
Health care professionals take many steps to avoid infections spreading between patients or to themselves in hospitals.

Profile of Tuberculosis (TB) - Symptoms & Treatment
Tuberculosis, or TB, also known as consumption, is a worldwide epidemic that is on the rise in the U.S. Find out about its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention.

Profile of the Anisakis Raw Fish Parasite
Scared of sushi? The Anisakis worm is a parasite that can cause nasty infections in humans who enjoy eating raw fish.

Cholera - Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
Find out about symptoms, treatment, and prevention of cholera, caused by the bacteria, Vibrio cholera. Learn about the epidemiology of this common epidemic and tips for travelers on preventing infection.

Profile of Cold Sores Caused by Herpes Virus
Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1). Find out about symptoms, prevention, and treatment of cold sores and oral herpes infections

Can a cat scratch infect me?
Cats can be cute - but they bring home more than mice. Scratches and bites can cause infections, from cat-scratch disease to MRSA bacteria to rabies.

Ebola is a viral hemorrhagic fever that has spread in West Africa as well as Central and Eastern Africa. It is spread through direct contact with a person (or their body fluids) who is ill with Ebola. Before a patient has symptoms from Ebola, they cannot transmit the infection.

Milk Pasteurization - Infectious Diseases
Pasteurization of milk is an important process that limits the spread of milk-borne infectious diseases. Learn more about the different processes used for pasteurization. Find out the truth about pasteurized vs. raw milk.

What is it like to have Chikungunya
Chikungunya has spread in the Caribbean, Central, ​and South America and has now been found in Florida and Texas. The disease can cause joints to be painful for months.

Diarrhea - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Diarrheal diseases are a significant cause of sickness and death throughout the world. Read more about the different kinds of diarrhea and the kinds of microbes that cause these infections. Get tips on treatment and prevention of diarrhea.

Overview of Salmonella Disease
Find out which kinds of diseases are caused by Salmonella bacteria and how to avoid getting them.

Paragonimus: The Parasite in Raw Crab
Raw or improperly cooked crab may contain a parasite called Paragonimus that can cause illness in humans. Find out how to stay safe.

Infectious Diseases Associated With Eating Sushi
What are the infectious disease risks associated with eating sushi? Read about parasites and other microbial infections associated with raw fish.

What is Latent Tuberculosis TB?
Latent tuberculosis or TB is an infection that is not symptomatic or contagious. What causes latent tuberculosis? How do you know if you have it? What precautions should you take if you have it?

Choosing the Right Antibiotic for Bacterial Infections
With so many different kinds of antibiotics available, how does your health care provider know which to prescribe? Find out what your doctor needs to know.

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, More than just Ebola
Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) is another cause of hemorrhagic viral fevers seen in small outbreaks around the world. It's not just Ebola.

Tips to Prevent Infections
What's the best way to prevent you and your loved ones from getting sick from infectious microbes? Learn some important tips for staying healthy.

Flu B
Flu B may not cause pandemics, but it can sure make you sick.

Everything You Need to Know About Zika
Zika virus is the new kid on the block in much of the world. It's joining Dengue and Chikungunya and spreading rapidly. Here's what you need to know.

Will Zika Spread Everywhere?
Zika has been spreading from Brazil to Puerto Rico. Find out more about the virus and whether its spread will continue.

Profile of Mononucleosis (Mono), or "Kissing Disease"
Mono or Mononucleosis is sometimes called the Kissing Disease because it is common among young adults and teenagers and spread through saliva. Find out more about symptoms of Mono and how to treat the disease.

Microcephaly and Zika Travel Warnings if Pregnant
Why is the CDC recommending postponing travel in much Latin America and parts of the Caribbean? What does Zika mean for pregnant women and what is microcephaly?

Is There a Zika Virus Vaccine?
There may be a vaccine on the horizon for Zika, but it still has to undergo testing and approvals. Here is what we know so far about the Zika Vaccine.

Difference Between Strep Throat and Other Sore Throats
How do you know if you have strep or just a sore throat from a cold? Find out how to distinguish if it is strep throat and why it's important to know.

Measles - Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Prevention
Measles, also known as Rubeola, is a leading cause of death of young children worldwide, despite the availability of an inexpensive and effective MMR vaccine. Find out about symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention of measles.

Is Ebola Mutating
Ebola is mutating. The question is, does it matter?

Is there treatment for Ebola?
Next steps to understanding Ebola. There's only untested treatments for Ebola. The new names in treatment are ZMapp, Tekmira, Favipiravir, and Biocryst.

Human Infections Carried by Cats
Cats are awfully cute, but sometimes they spread human infections - anything from ringworm to latent tuberculosis (TB). Luckily, this is rare.

What is this bug - CRE?
There are more and more Superbugs - bacteria like MRSA and VRE that can resist a wide range of antibiotics that used to stop them. Now another Superbug, CRE, is making headlines.

Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) for Diarrheal Disease
Dehydration is a main cause of concern when it comes to diarrheal disease in small children. Here's an easy and cheap recipe for oral rehydration therapy.

Tips to Avoid Hospital Infections
We can prevent infections in the hospital. With a few simple tips to cut back on nosocomial infections like C Diff (Clostridium difficile) and antibiotic resistant infections like MRSA.

Zoonotic Diseases - Definition
Read this glossary definition and description of zoonotic disease to know what diseases it encompasses and how such diseases are spread.

Athlete's Foot - What is Athlete's Foot
Athlete's foot, also known as ringworm of the foot, is a fungal infection that causes itchy, scaly skin between the toes. Learn about its symptoms, treatment, diagnosis, and tips for preventing athlete's foot.

What is Pneumonia?
Pneumonia is a disease that affects those most vulnerable, the old and the young.

The Ways Hepatitis C Spreads
How do you become infected with Hepatitis C? There may be more ways than you think.

Overview of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Skin Disease
There's a skin infection that some refugees had had in Syria. It's a lot less scary than it seems.

Strep Throat Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
Strep throat is an infection that is prevalent in the winter and spring months. Find out about its symptoms, treatment, prevention, and complications.

When Shouldn't You Take Antibiotics?
Sometimes antibiotics do more harm than good. Learn more about when antibiotics won't help and when (and how) they may actually make things worse.

Definition of the Study of Microbiology
Wondering what exactly microbiology means? Learn the glossary definition of microbiology and the disciplines and specialties within the field.

The Reality Surrounding the Ebola Vaccine
The Ebola vaccine is a game changer. Learn all about the development, studies, and trials surrounding the Ebola vaccine.

What Does Immunocompromised Mean?
What is the definition of immunocompromised? Read about the conditions and causes that can make people immunocompromised.

Fungi and Types of Infections They Cause
Glossary definition of fungi. Fungi in the form of mushroom can be a healthy food, but there are also infections that are caused by fungi. Learn more.

History of the West Nile Virus
An infection that was a surprise in 1999 has become a part of the summer throughout the US. A mosquito bite makes West Nile an unwanted visitor.

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Ringworm
Ringworm is a highly contagious fungal skin infection that actually isn't caused by a worm. Learn more about causes, symptoms, treatment & prevention.

Thrush Infection Overview
Profile of Thrush caused by Candida fungi. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

6 Things to Know About Warts
First things first, what is a wart, exactly? Learn how you get warts and more about the different types, including genital.

Food Poisoning Facts and Treatment
You nibbled on the leftovers left on the counter and now you're feeling sick. What to know about foodborne infections and how to prevent getting sick.

What Is the History of Scarlet Fever?
Scarlet Fever was a common disease of childhood. The bacteria that causes strep throat causes the disease, but good hygiene and antibiotics have halted it.

What is Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease?
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease is a common childhood infection associated with outbreaks in child care settings, caused by Coxsackie virus or Enterovirus 71.

Nosocomial Infection Glossary Definition
Glossary definition of nosocomial infection, including information about how infections spreads and how to avoid spreading infection.

Leptospirosis is a disease that strikes athletes of adventure sports and those living crowded flooded areas. It is found around the world.

Drug-Resistant Shigella Overview
Shigella joins the growing list of infections we can longer treat with our standard antibiotics.

How does Rift Valley Fever spring up?
Rift Valley Fever tends to suddenly pop up, often with rain. It seems like it may have arrived again in East Africa. How does it do this?

Contact Lens Infections from Costume Contacts
A pair of ghoulish white eyes may seem perfect for a Halloween costume, but contact lenses can lead to a serious eye infection if not used correctly.

The MMR Vaccine: Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
The MMR vaccine is a combination vaccine made up of three live, attenuated viruses, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Find out more about the MMR vaccine.

Giardia - Chronic Fatigue and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Giardia is a disease that can be found in wells, lakes, puppies, and daycares. It can also cause chronic fatigue and irritable bowel, so it is important to avoid.

What Is a Phage and How Could It Be Used For Therapy?
There might be a crazy new way to treat bacterial infections. Using Phages for treatments is a new possibility​.

Blood Infections
Blood Transfusions can be scary. Find out more about the infections we prevent in blood transfusions.

Cellulitis - An Infection of the Skin
Cellulitis is a very common infection of the skin. It can start suddenly with a blotch of red or a patch of hot skin.

What Is a Z-Pak and What Is It Used For?
Z-Pac is a commonly prescribed drug - too commonly, in fact. It is often overprescribed for infections not caused by bacteria that it treats.

Milk-Borne Infectious Diseases From Microbes
It's a staple in most households, but do you know the infectious disease risks associated with milk and other dairy products? What is pasteurization?

Antibiotics: An Overview of Antibiotics for Treatment of Bacterial Infections
What are antibiotics? Where do they come from? How do they work?

Chandipura Virus
Sudden outbreaks of brain swelling infections in children is pretty scary. Such outbreaks have occurred in India without a cause always being found. Chandipura is one of the viruses thought to cause some of these outbreaks.

Jock Itch Fungal Infection of the Groin
Jock Itch, or ringworm of the groin, is a fungal infection that affects the groin and inner thighs. Find out more about its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

An Overview of Rat Bite Fever
More and more kids have rats as pets. These clever animals may be putting kids at risk for a rare, but deadly, infection.

Understanding Pertussis aka Whooping Cough
Pertussis is a disease that puts babies at risk. Find out more about how you can stop it.

What is the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine?
You don't like needles? No problem, there's a needle-less flu vaccine. Learn more about how the nasal spray vaccine works.

Overview of MRSA Superbugs Caused by Staph Aureus
Infections from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (the MRSA superbug) have been increasing over the past decade. Find out more.

Chagas - The Kissing Bug Disease
Chagas, the Kissing Bug Disease. It's a disease that affects millions throughout Latin America - but also increasingly in the US.

Your heart can get an infection too. Most who get this type of infection have been at risk for a long time. Some don't know.

How to Prevent Food-Borne Infectious Diseases
Good hygienic cooking and food preparation practices in your kitchen are essential for limiting the possible spread of foodborne infectious diseases.

Bourbon Virus
There's always something new in infectious diseases. This time, it's a new virus in Kansas - and another reason to avoid ticks this summer.

Plasmodium Vivax
There's another kind of malaria - Plasmodium Vivax. It's not as dangerous as some kinds, but it can keep coming back.

Can mold make me sick?
What can mold do? Most mold causes no problems, but sometimes Aspergillus does

Babesia is a disease spread by the same tick as Lyme Disease. For most it's a mild disease, for some, ​it's much more serious.

Japanese Encephalitis - Are You at Risk?
Japanese Encephalitis is becoming a more common risk in parts of India, as cases have risen 5 fold.

Asthma attacks can be contagious, in a way. 4 in 5 in school age kids can be due to viruses. The most common virus to blame is Rhinovirus.

What is a Campylobacteriosis Infection?
Campylobacter jejuni causes a foodborne diarrheal disease after eating contaminated milk or poultry. Find out symptoms, and how to limit the disease risk.

Melioidosis and Burkholderia Pseudomallei
There was concern that a deadly bacteria had escaped from a lab in Louisiana. It turns out all is fine, but what is this bacteria that was so worrisome?

Leprosy, also known as Hansen's disease, has caused disfigurement and stigma throughout history. It's close

Mumps Virus Information, Symptoms, and Treatment
Mumps is a viral disease characterized by “chipmunk cheeks”. It is preventable with the MMR vaccination. Find out more about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Mumps

Many infections are never diagnosed. We never know which virus or bacteria caused the illness - especially with colds and coughs.

Bloody Diarrhea (Hemorrhagic Colitis) Caused by E. Coli
E. coli O157:H7 is a common cause of foodborne outbreaks, causing hemorrhagic colitis, characterized by bloody diarrhea.

There's another disease spread by the tick that spreads Lyme Disease.

Astronaut Infections
There's not much out there in Outer Space. Can astronauts still get sick?

What is STARI?
STARI is an illness that looks a bit like Lyme disease - with a similar rash caused by a tick bite. The illness though remains a mystery. It isn't caused by Lyme disease.

What you should know about Bird Flu.
There isn't just one type of flu. There are a bunch and some can be more worrisome - like Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and even Flu in dogs.

Why You Need an Influenza Vaccine This Year
There's more to influenza vaccines than we think - multiple vaccines, multiple strains, multiple brands. Find out more.

4 Things to Know About Elizabethkingia anophelis
There's a new bug that's been making seniors in Wisconsin sick. What do we know about Elizabethkingia anophelis?

HTLV Retrovirus Infection Overview
HTLV may be a potentially serious infection you have but don't know. It's very rare but not in some places around the globe.

How You Can Avoid Needing Antibiotics
Using too many antibiotics is a problem. How to avoid needing antibiotics - and when you might need them when you didn't think you would.

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling
Getting sick while traveling is a huge inconvenience, especially since you lack the comforts of home. Get tips on how to stay healthy when traveling.

Risks to Baby from Infections During Pregnancy
Find out which infectious diseases in pregnant women can lead to long-term birth defects, and whether or not you should be tested for them.

Strep Throat Description, Symptoms, Treatment
What is strep throat? What are its symptoms? How is it diagnosed and treated? Why do I need to take all of the antibiotics if I'm already feeling better? Find out answers to these questions and more.

Infectious Diseases in Daycares and Preschools
Find out the truth about daycare-associated infections and causes. There are also health-related benefits for kids who attend daycare and preschool.

What Is the Microbiome?
We carry probably 10 times more bacteria than human cells in our bodies. We are just beginning to understand the effects of these microorganisms and probiotics.

Can Antibiotic Resistance Cause an Antibiotics Shortage?
Because of drug resistance, infections that were once treatable now persist in the face of standard treatments. How will this affect the world?

Is the Plague Back?
The news says: a case of the Plague in the US. This should come as no surprise. The plague never went away. It still infects rodents and occasionally a person. We've tamed the bacteria - through pest control and antibiotics, but cases crop up whether in Africa or the US.

10 Vaccines You Might Need Before You Travel
These are the vaccines you may want to talk to your doctor about before you head off on any far away vacations.

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Yellow Fever
While Zika and Ebola grab headlines, another virus, thought to be controlled, has been making a mighty big come back: yellow fever.

E. Coli - Frequently Asked Questions
What is E. coli? Are all strains of E. coli dangerous? What are its symptoms? Where do you get it? How do you prevent disease?

The Spread of Breakbone Fever
Dengue Fever has spread and reached the US. Mosquitoes that could carry dengue are found as north as Chicago and New York.

What Do Condoms Protect You From?
Condoms are known for preventing HIV and pregnancies. Learn what else they can protect against, where they might fall short, and about correct usage.

Warm temperatures and trips to the beach can bring a rare, but dangerous, Vibrio vulnificus infection
It's a disease that often makes news headlines. Vibrio Vulnificus. It is described as causing Flesh-Eating Infections after a walk on the beach. Fortunately, it is quite rare.

How do healthcare workers protect themselves from Ebola?
Healthcare workers have to follow strict protocols for using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to avoid accidental exposures.

A recent outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease has shown how overlooked the important, ever-present, yet potentially deadly Legionella bacteria can be

CMV in Pregnant Women and Transmission to Baby
Cytomegalovirus, or CMV, is the largest of all viruses and infects most people some time in their life. Most infections are harmless, but transmission of the virus from pregnant women to their fetuses can cause permanent disabilities.

Clostridium Difficile - Symptoms and Treatment
Clostridium difficile bacterial disease is on the rise, causing more and more cases of hospital-borne infection. Find out the symptoms of Clostridium difficile colitis.

Evolution and History of Personal Hygiene
Did you know that people did not always wash their hands before eating or after going to the bathroom? How was the importance of clean water discovered? What kind of impact did invention of the flush toilet make on society? Find out how personal hygiene evolved from the mid-19th century to the daily practices we use today.

Active Tuberculosis or TB - Infectious Diseases
Active Tuberculosis or TB is a deadly disease that is on the rise in the U.S. Find out what causes active TB, what its symptoms are, and what treatment options are available

Pink Eye is often the most common reason children are sent home from Day Care. Find out more about the causes and treatment of Conjunctivitis.

Common Infections Among Kids Under 12
Get quick summaries of common infectious diseases in kids (ages 0 to 12 years) and how to diagnose, treat, and prevent them.

Meningococcal Disease Guide
It strikes college students and infants suddenly - but rarely. It's a disease of kissing and close contact. What is the meningococcal disease?

Infections and Microcephaly
Zika is worrying a lot of folks. It's thought to cause microcephaly in babies born to mothers who were infected. Are there any other infections that do this?

Sleeping Infections away
Maybe going to bed early tonight would do you some good. Find out why.

Can People With HIV Donate Organs for Transplant?
HIV care has advanced and advanced. Now it's often other diseases that HIV patients worry about. Organ transplantation in HIV patients has opened the door for new and better treatment.

Profile of the Stomach Flu Caused by Norovirus
Commonly associated with cruise ships, Norovirus, also known as Norwalk or Norwalk-like virus, is a major cause of diarrheal disease, commonly referred to as the stomach flu. Find out more about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of norovirus.

Hepatitis C Genetics
Hepatitis C is not just one simple virus. Instead, there are many strains. Which strain you have can determine what meds you get and how well you do.

What Is Whooping Cough or Pertussis?
Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Whooping Cough, also known as Pertussis, caused by the bacteria Bordatella pertussis.

Ear Infections (Otitis Media) Diagnosis and Treatment
Ear infections, or otitis media, are a common childhood infection, afflicting most infants and small children. Find out what are ear infections, and their symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention.

What is Osteomyelitis?
Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone. It can come on slowly or without warning. Learn more about what causes it and how to treat it.

What Is an Outbreak? Epidemiology 101
What exactly is an outbreak, and why is it important to investigate it? What do epidemiologists do when investigating an outbreak?

Community-Acquired-MRSA - What is CA-MRSA
CA-MRSA, or community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, has been a growing concern among athletes, students, and military recruits. Find out some important facts about the MRSA superbug and how you can avoid CA-MRSA infections.

Infectious Diseases Spread Through Kissing and Saliva
Mononucleosis, or nono, is known as the “kissing disease,” but did you know that there are several infectious diseases that can be spread through kissing and saliva?

Definition of Gram Stain - Meaning of Results
Glossary definition of gram stain. A gram stain is a common test using a microscope to help identify types of bacteria.

TB Susceptibility
Tuberculosis is one of the most common infections worldwide. Some people are more prone than others to developing TB. Find out who is at more risk.

Tattoo Infection
A tattoo. You've debated, you've decided. Now one thing you should know about infections and tattoos.

Emerging Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Superbugs are bacteria that are resistant to multiple kinds of antibiotics, making treatment a challenge. Find out which strains of bacteria are becoming superbugs and are becoming public health issues.

Sore Throats - Home Remedies & When to Call the Doctor
Sore throats are usually caused by infectious microbes. Find out how sore throats occur and which microbes are commonly implicated in infections that cause sore throats

Shingles: How to prevent a painful rite of passage
Did you have chickenpox? Then you're at risk for developing shingles. 1 in 3 older adults will. There's a vaccine to prevent herpes zoster (shingles).

What causes Salmonella to spread?
Apparently Bearded Dragons, Dog Food, hedgehogs, and almond butter have this in common...they've been spreading Salmonella in the US.

Hair Loss Infection
Sometimes an infection is the reason for balding and hair loss. Find out more.

What is Healthcare-Acquired-MRSA?
Hospital-acquired or healthcare-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or HA-MRSA, comprises a large proportion of MRSA infections in the US. Find out more about symptoms of MRSA associated with hospital settings, treatment options, and tips for prevention

Do you bite your nails? Ever get an infection around your nail? Paronychia is an infection that can often be treated easily if caught early.

Parainfluenza is not the flu. It's another common respiratory virus that we've all had and were sick from - even though we often didn't know it.

Shigella or Shigellosis and Food-borne Infections
Shigella is an infectious food-borne illness. It can cause severe diarrhea or Shigellosis. Find out the symptoms of Shigella infections and how to treat and prevent disease.

Is There a Vaccine for Typhoid Fever?
Find out symptoms and treatment of Typhoid Fever. Learn how Salmonella Typhi causes Typhoid Fever and how to avoid getting it.

Trich is an infection women often don't realize they have. It's also an infection women are prone to having. It can be a silent infection with health consequences.

8 Things You Need to Know About Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea. It's a disease that's been around for a long time, but there's a lot most of us don't know about it.

It Itches. Is it Scabies?
Scabies itches. Find out more about the disease, what it looks like in pictures, and how to treat it.

What is INH (Isoniazid)?
There's a drug you can take to not get TB, if you've been exposed. Isoniazid (or INH) is taken as prophylaxis for Tuberculosis.

Every year we need a new flu vaccine. Every year there are different strains of the flu circulating around the globe. How does this happen?

Fecal Transplant
There are heart transplants, lung transplants, kidney transplants, but Stool Transplants? Yes, stool transplants. They treat infections like C Diff (Clostridium difficile).

Malaria Prophylaxis
There are myths about preventing malaria. This is a disease that deserves respect. It takes over half a million lives a year worldwide

Nail Salon Infections
Nail Salons should be a place to relax and return with your nails looking nice, not bring home fungus under your nails. To avoid bringing home any infections, here are 7 tips.

What if the antibiotics don't work?
James Gathany 2014. Infectious Diseases.

It's common
Urinary tract infections are common. Millions will have one each year. Here's what you need to know.

It's common
Urinary tract infections are common. Millions will have one each year. Here's what you need to know.

What should you worry about?
Infectious Diseases.

How did I get this?
Janice Haney Carr 2006 CDC. Infectious Diseases.

Who gets these infections?
Infectious Diseases.

What other problems are there?
Infectious Diseases.

What is Rift Valley Fever?
Rift Valley Fever can cause outbreaks in livestock - and people.

What does Ebola actually do?
Ebola has captured headlines. What does it actually do to those it infects?

Powassan virus (POW) is a rare virus, but it's now spreading, slowly, through the tick that spreads Lyme disease.

How to Keep Your Child's Daycare Center Germ-Free
Learn some key tips for keeping your child's daycare center free of nasty germs and infections.

What Is Invasive Candidiasis?
Profile of Invasive Candidiasis that causes a systemic fungal infection. Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

5 Common Misconceptions About Antibiotics
Antibiotics were deemed

Infectious Arthritis
Infectious Arthritis is sometimes associated with Bull's Eyes and Lyme Disease. There's more to it.

How Do You Catch Herpes?
Herpes is more common than you'd think. What you can do to avoid to avoid catching herpes.

The movie Contagion showed the havoc a virus could spread. This virus was based on a real virus - which does not spread as easily as in the movie, but is as deadly.

A virus in the Middle East has been worrying some doctors. This time it's from Camels. Yes, Camels.

Naegleria fowleri
What to know about making sure your water is clean for splashing and neti pots, even diving and slip and slides.

How Infectious Diseases Cause Cancer
Infectious diseases are responsible for up to 30% of all cancers worldwide. Find out how microbes cause cancer.

Prevention of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria or "Superbugs"
The emergence of superbugs is a huge public health issue, but can potentially be solved with proper use of antibiotics. Find out how we can help fix the super bug problem

Fungal White Spots on Your Skin
There's a fungal infection that can cause spots. It can come on when you sweat. You may see your skin have white or dark spots. They're caused by Tinea Versicolor, an infection by the fungus, Malassezia furfur.

Strep Throat, Testing and Diagnosis
Strep throat is diagnosed by clinical symptoms, throat cultures, and rapid antigen detection tests. Find out how each of these diagnostic measures are conducted.

What Is Diabetic Foot?
A simple foot infection can turn into something nasty when Diabetes plays a role. Foot care is always important in Diabetes.

Chikungunya is a viral infection causing joint pain and fevers spread by mosquitoes. A bite by a mosquito in Florida or Texas could possibly spread the disease.

How Did Drug-Resistant TB Come to Be?
Tuberculosis was once a disease with no treatment. When full treatment and monitoring isn't available for all, TB that resists treatment spreads. We all risk no treatment when there isn't treatment for all.

Extremely Drug Resistant TB
Tuberculosis may seem like a thing of the past, but XDR TB developed. We don't have the drugs to treat XDR TB like other forms of TB.

What is Blastomycosis?
Blastomycosis is a fungus that's found in the soil of some wooded areas. It's rare, but in some places it's hard to avoid.

What Is Elizabethkingia?
There's a new bacteria causing problems in Wisconsin. It turns out it's not so new, thanks to the work of a microbiologist in the 1950s.

We are made up of more bacterial cells - in our microbiome - than human cells. Thing is, there are more viruses than bacteria. These bacteria and viruses are just a lot smaller than our human cells.

What is the herd?
The herd is us - when diseases spread person to person. On the news are the words: MMR, Measles, Mumps, Chickenpox, Rubella, HPV. We are the herd for all of these diseases.

Typhus is a disease that is called Typhoid-like, but it's nothing of the sort. It used to cause havoc whenever there was already havoc.

Listeriosis Infection and Listeria - Learn about Listeriosis Infections
What is Listeria, and how do I avoid getting it? Who should avoid eating soft cheeses and deli meats? Is my baby or fetus at risk?

Swine Flu: Death by Influenza
The number of cases of swine flu are steadily increasing worldwide, with 11 countries reporting 257 cases of swine flu (mostly mild), as of today. According to

What's So Bad About Measles?
Measles is real. It can be a serious infection in some. It spreads anonymously before any rashes in the air before anyone knows they're infected.

R0: Determining the Spread of Disease
Some diseases spread like wildfire; some don't. Find out how epidemiologists know one from the other.

What Should You Know About Elizabethkingia Infections?
So how do you catch Elizabethkingia and where is it found? Learn more about this bacteria found in Wisconsin.

7 Things you didn't know about HPV
Take charge of your health. HPV is an infection most of us get. It's about much more than just Pap smears. Find out more.

Food Poisoning: Staphylococcus Aureus
Explosive vomiting and tummy troubles after the school picnic? Sounds like Staphylococcus aureus food poisoning. Find out what foods are commonly contaminated with Staph and whether or not you should be worried.

Foodborne and Infant Botulism; Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention of Botulism
Botulism, caused by ingestion of Clostridium botulinum or its toxin, can be deadly for its victims. Find out more about symptoms, treatment, and prevention of this disease.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Toxoplasmosis From Kitty Litter
Toxoplasmosis, caused by Toxoplasma gondii, can cause a nasty congenital infection in fetuses. The infection is transmitted from cat or kitten feces to pregnant women to their unborn babies. Find out about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Toxoplasmosis.

Influenza C
The Influenza we tend to forget - Influenza C. It's been less of a problem than Influenza A and B, as well as Bird Flu and Swine Flu, but it's still a problem for kids.

3 things you probably didn't know about Cavities
Cavities aren't just about sugar, brushing, and fluoride. Bacteria create cavities too.

Is your Food Antibiotic-free?
Meat these days is not just organic, free range, and heritage. It's antibiotic-free, too.

What's so bad about bats?
Bats sometimes get a bad rap. They help our ecosystem, but they also are tied to some of the deadliest diseases out there - Ebola, Marburg, Rabies, Nipah, Hendra, SARS, MERS, and histoplasmosis.

Parasites Creepier than Halloween
There are ghoulish, creepie-crawlies and then there are real ones. Medicine has its own: Loa Loa eye worms, Cutaneous Larva Migrans under our skin, and Myiasis larvae.

Worms. They're a lot more common than we think.

TB treatment
Tuberculosis is a disease we know how to treat and cure. There are medications - Isoniazid, Rifampin, Pyrazinamide, Ethambutol - used in combination to treat it.

Rabbits can be dangerous? Only rarely. There's a disease called Tularemia, or Rabbit Fever.

What Infections can spread by Hunting?
Hunting can lead to spread of diseases from animals that are hunted. Here are some tips to avoid these dangers.

What sort of algae causes fish poisoning?
Some types of fish carry a toxin that causes an unusual form of seafood poisoning.

Ross River
Ross Virus has been increasing in Australia. Joint pain, muscle aches, and fatigue lasting sometimes a year or more are hallmarks of the infection.

Can Ebola lead to Measles?
One disease can lead to another. One outbreak can disrupt prevention of another. As Ebola recedes in West Africa, we are entering measles transmission season with lower vaccination rates than before the Ebola outbreak.

Historic droughts create dust. Dust can spread Cocciodioidomycosis.
Coccidioidomycosis is a fungal infection that can cause pneumonia and in rare cases more serious illness. The disease can be spread by dust and drought, even earthquakes.

There's a test for latent Tuberculosis (TB). It's called a PPD or TST test. Each year thousands of school kids are tested. Find out what it means.

What Is a Pathogen?
Glossary definition of pathogen. Infectious Diseases.

What Are Protozoa - Definition & Disease Examples
Glossary definition of protozoa. Infectious Diseases.

Stress-Induced Infectious Diseases
Can stress really increase your likelihood of getting sick? How does stress impact your immune system? Which infections are you more prone to getting when stressed? What can you do about it?


Microbiology Cultures for Infectious Disease Diagnosis
Infectious diseases often require diagnosis using a culture of a sample from the infected site. What is a culture, and how is it used to diagnose an infection?

Virulence (Pathogenicity) Definition
Glossary definition of virulence

Are Colds Caused by Cold? - Winter Viruses
If seasonal illnesses are caused by viruses and other microbes, how does one explain the phenomena of the cold being associated with getting sick more frequently? It turns out there may be some truth to this old wives' tale after all.

What Is a Superbug? Glossary Definition
Glossary definition of Superbug. Infectious Diseases.