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Bug Books for Gardeners - Bug Books on Pests, Beneficials, and Controls for Gardeners
Every garden is going to have insects, for better or worse. Some are pests that feed on our crops and ornamentals, while beneficial insects help keep things in order. These bug books are written with the gardener in mind.

Books for Young Entomologists
Great resources in print for kids who want to learn more about insects and other arthropods.

Tools for Collecting and Studying Insects
Even an amateur entomologist needs a few tools to investigate insects up close. Learn what equipment you need, how to use it, and even how to make your own insect collecting tools.

Growth and Metamorphosis - How Insects Grow and Change
Invertebrates develop in much different ways than we do. All arthropods molt during their growth phase, and most insects appear in three of four different forms over their lifetime. These articles cover growth and metamorphosis of insects and other arthropods.

Insect Mating and Reproduction - Learn How Insects Mate and Reproduce
It's a big world out there, and insects live at the bottom of the food chain. How do they survive with so many predators trying to eat them? Insects are highly successful at mating and reproducing, using their sheer numbers to continue their species.

Insect Bodies - Structures and Functions of the Insect Body
Insect bodies are more complex than one might think. Like us, insects require body systems to function: respiratory, nervous, circulatory, and digestive. These articles detail the different organs and structures that make the insect a functional, living thing.

Entomological terms that begin with the letter S.

Stoneflies - Stoneflies, Order Plecoptera
The stoneflies of order Plecoptera are aquatic and undergo incomplete metamorphosis. The nymphs live under rocks in well flowing streams.

Biological Water Quality Monitoring - Water Quality Monitoring through Macroinvertebrate Sampling
The health of our waterways is vital to life itself. Macroinvertebrate sampling is one method of assessing the quality of water in a stream, river, lake, or pond. Learn more about which aquatic insects and other organisms are bioindicators of good water quality, and which warn us of pollution.

Cool and Unusual Insects and Other Arthropods
The world is full of unusual and interesting insects, from super-sized beetles to bird-eating mantids. Here's the place to explore the most unique members of the insect world.

Entomology Glossary
Entomology is a field full of uncommon but important terms. These resources will help you define insect-related terms.

Insect Defenses - How Insects Defend Themselves
Insects reside at the bottom of the food chain. With so many animals out to eat them, insects use some clever tricks to avoid predators and stay alive.

Mayflies - Mayflies, Order Ephemeroptera
Mayflies belong to their own order, the Ephemeroptera. They are aquatic insects as nymphs, and terrestrial insects as adults. Mayflies are important bioindicators of good water quality.

Careers for Insect Lovers - Jobs for People Who Love Insects
Thinking about a career working with insects or spiders? Learn about interesting and unusual ways of turning your entomology interest into a job.

Insect Evolution
There is an entire system of insect classification based on their evolutionary history. Since insects impact the entire food chain, the fossil record of insects tells us much about other life on Earth as well. Even today, insects continue to evolve. This topic offers articles on evolution throughout history, and how insects are changing today.

Insects 101
Insects are the largest and most diverse group in the animal kingdom. Begin your study of this amazing group here by learning the basics of entomology. These articles cover insect anatomy, behavior, growth, and defenses.

Terms that begin with the letter P.

Caddisflies - Caddisflies, Order Trichoptera
Caddisflies are nocturnal as adults, and aquatic when immature. The caddisfly adults have silky hairs on their wings and body, which is a key to identifying a Trichoptera member.

Profiles of Flying Insects
The flying insects are the subclass Pterygota. This group includes butterflies, ants, beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and many other insects. These articles will help you understand the 25 flying insect orders and the species that belong in each group.

For Insect Enthusiasts
Are you really into insects? Find out where you can go to see the world's most fascinating insects. This topic covers insect festivals, insect-related travel, ways to volunteer on insect research projects, and insect trivia.

Learn to Identify an Insect
Once you know a little about insect characteristics and orders, you can start to identify insects you encounter. Articles on these pages will offer keys, picture guides, and information about how to find the name of an unidentified insect.

Learning About Insects
There's nothing better than hands-on experience to learn something new, and the field of entomology is no exception. These articles offer descriptions of good tools and field guides to use for closer study of live insects.

The Field of Entomology
Entomology, the study of insects, began informally as agricultural societies formed and emerged into a scientific field in the 1500's. Here, you will find articles on the field of entomology, including its history, current issues, and information on pursuing an entomology career.

Photography of Insects
Insect photography is a challenging hobby and a great way to learn more about insect behavior. Enjoy these online galleries of photos, and find tips and ideas for how to take your own.

Bed Bug Stories - Share Your Bed Bug Stories
Bed bug infestations have skyrocketed in the past few years, so more and more people are dealing with the maddening problem of getting rid of bed bugs. Have you had a bed bug infestation in your home? Have you had any vacation encounters with bed bugs in hotels? Share your bed bug stories! Page 2.

Nominate Your Best Bug Horror Film - Readers' Picks for Best Bug Horror Films
What's your favorite insect horror film?

Brown Recluse Spider Stories - Share Your Brown Recluse Spider Stories
Brown recluse spiders live in a limited area of the U.S. Even where they are abundant, people are rarely bitten by them. Most brown recluse bites heal without medical intervention. Necrotic wounds are often misdiagnosed as recluse bites. But without catching a spider in the act and having that spider identified by an expert, you can't prove a person was bitten by one. Everyone seems to have a brown recluse story. Do you have a story to tell about a brown recluse bite? Share it here. Page 2.

Favorite Bugs - Which Were Your Favorite Bugs When You Were a Child?
My first insect pet was a June beetle I had when I was six. June beetles and ladybugs were my favorite bugs when I was a child. Did you have any insect pets as a kid? Which were your favorite bugs when you were a child? Page 2.

Pillbugs - 10 Cool Facts About Pillbugs
A pillbug goes by many names -– roly poly, wood louse, armadillo bug, potato bug – but whatever you call it, it's a fascinating creature.

Does Nail Polish Kill Chiggers?
I've heard that if you get chigger bites, you should put clear nail polish on them to kill the chiggers. Is that you?

What Are Gallnippers?
Gallnippers inflict a painful bite, and can spoil your fun outdoors. Learn what gallnippers are, where they live, and what you can do to prevent bites.

Do Bees Die After They Sting You?
You've probably heard that bees die after they sting you, but that isn't always true. Learn which bees can only sting once, and why bees die after stinging.

Do Flies Really Vomit and Poop When They Land on You?
You've heard this before, haven't you - flies vomit and poop on you when they land on you. Do you want to know if it's true?

How Do Monarchs Know When to Migrate?
Monarchs east of the Rocky Mountains migrate to Mexico each fall. Did you ever wonder how the monarchs know when it's time to migrate?

Do We Really Have Bugs Living in Our Eyebrows?
Has anyone ever told you there are bugs living in your eyebrows and eyelashes? Did you believe it? Here's the truth about face mites.

What Good Are Ticks?
Ticks drink our blood, and often transmit disease when they do. Did you ever wonder why we need ticks, or what purpose they serve? What good are ticks?

Batesian Mimicry – What Is Batesian Mimicry – Examples of Batesian Mimicry
Naturalist Henry Bates, a peer of Charles Darwin, first discussed how insects use mimicry to defend themselves. One form of mimicry is now named for him – Batesian mimicry.

Which Caterpillar is Eating My Landscape Trees - Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Gypsy Moth, or Fall Webworm?
Caterpillars that defoliate trees in your home landscape can be reason for concern, and sometimes require control measures. Three well-known caterpillars – eastern tent caterpillars, gypsy moths, and fall webworm – are often misidentified by homeowners trying to solve defoliation problems.

Mosquito Bites – 10 Ways to Guarantee You'll Get Mosquito Bites
We all know a human mosquito magnet – the one person in the group who seems to get all the mosquito bites. Want to know how they do it? Here are 10 ways to guarantee you'll get the most mosquito bites at your next outdoor party.

What Good Are Wasps? – Why Do We Need Wasps?
They build nests in our lawns and on our houses, they sneak into our soda cans, and worst of all they sting! Exactly what good are wasps? Do we really need them?

Camel Spiders – What Are Camel Spiders?
Camel spiders inhabit deserts and other arid environments, including areas of the Middle East where U.S. soldiers are stationed. What are camel spiders, exactly, and can they do harm to people?

Insect and Spider Folklore, Proverbs, and Legends
Do you really swallow spiders when you sleep? Can you tell the temperature by counting a cricket's chirps? This is where you'll find the truth about all those legends, proverbs, and stories you've been told about insects and spiders.

Insects & Society
Insects and people cross paths in many ways. Beneficial insects keep pests in check, and pollinate our crops. We harvest products from insects, and in some cultures, eat them. Insects also spread disease, and may bite or sting. Today, insects even solve crimes.

Spiders (Class Arachnida)
Looking for an arthropod of the eight-legged variety? Try checking out these articles and links on spiders.

Brown Recluse Bite? Grab a Stun Gun and Zap Away the Pain
While Googling some information on brown recluse bites, my eyes were immediately drawn to two words that seemed out of place - stun gun. As in, uses a stun gun

Are Bug Bombs Safe?
Bug bombs, or total room defoggers, are widely available products marketed for do-it-yourself extermination of problem insects, like cockroaches and bedbugs. A

Wild About Ants - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
Wild About Ants covers ants and other hymenoptera of the desert southwest.

Insects of Kerala - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
Do you have a bug blog? Do you blog about insects, spiders, or other arthropods? Let us know about it!

Obsession with Butterflies - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
Information on butterflies and butterfly gardening

Bug Dreams - Insect Photography - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
Bug Dreams isn't exclusively about insects, but offers enough insect photography to make it worth listing here.

Urban Gardening to Maintain Biological Diversity - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
Theories about using urban gardening to help maintain biological diversity.

Native Pollinators - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
News and information about bumblebees, solitary bees and honey bees.

Israeli Insects, Spiders, and Other Arthropods - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
A blog about the local invertebrate fauna of Israel, written in Hebrew.

Lepcurious - Florida Butterflies - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
A blog about Florida butterflies, moths and the host and nectar plants that support them.

Missouri Bugs - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
An introduction to the bugs that call Missouri home.

Insects, Spiders, and Other Invertebrates - : Tell Us About Your Bug Blog
All kinds of stuff about both present and fossil invertebrates: from eurypterids of hundreds of millions of years ago to butterflies today, from the Arctic to the tropics to the Antarctic.

Beekeeper Fights to Keep Her Bees in Palm Bay, FL
Michelle Provencal, a resident of Palm Bay, FL, is trying to make a difference. Even with a 1/4 acre lot, she knew she could do something to help provide

Friday Fact - Centipede "Poison Claws"
Did you know... Centipedes hunt and subdue their prey with venom, but they don't have fangs like spiders, or even a sting like a scorpion to administer the

Where the Heck Did All These Stink Bugs Come From?!
I spend the weekend answering bug questions for people at a NJ festival. What did people ask me more than any other question? Where the heck did all these stink

Friday Fact - Booklice and Barklice
Did you know... Although their names suggest a resemblance or similarity to lice, booklice and bark lice (Order Psocoptera) are really nothing like true

Researchers May Have Found the Cure for Dying Honey Bees
Researchers in Spain believe they have isolated the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious ailment that's been wiping out honey bee colonies since

Bug of the Week - June 22, 2011
Bug of the Week - June 22, 2011

Friday Fact - Warble Flies
Did you know... Warble flies (Genus Cuterebra) are quite large as flies go, but rarely seen. Also known as rodent or rabbit bot flies, they deposit their

Lesson Plans and Activities
Find lesson plans for teaching about insects, science fair project ideas, and other activities here.

Teaching About Insects
If you're a teacher, this is the topic for you. You can find lesson plans, activities, and information on keeping live insects in the classroom.

The Case Against Butterfly Bush
I often do presentations on butterfly gardening and backyard habitats. Without fail, I make someone in the audience upset when I launch into my customary rant

Bug of the Week - December 12, 2012
Bug of the Week - December 12, 2012

Bug of the Week - February 12, 2014
Bug of the Week - February 12, 2014

Bug of the Week - May 1, 2013
Bug of the Week - May 1, 2013

Friday Fact - Wedge-Shaped Beetles
Did you know... Wedge-shaped beetles (family Ripiphoridae) aren't your average parasites. Their young feed on the larvae of solitary bees, but the mama

The Aster Paradox - Flowers That Repel Pollinators
The relationship between bees and flowers is well understood. Bees visit flowers to gather pollen and nectar for food, and in doing so, they pollinate the

Friday Fact - Mary Ball, Entomology Pioneer
Friday Fact - Mary Ball, Entomology Pioneer

Study Shows CCD-Afflicted Bees Have Higher Pathogen Loads
Honeybees colonies afflicted with CCD, or Colony Collapse Disorder, have significantly higher pathogen loads than healthy hives, according to a new study by

Do You Know What to Do When Killer Bees Swarm?
A Florida man was outside washing his pet dog last week when he was swarmed by killer bees. Although the man survived the ordeal, his rottweiler died after

Friday Fact - Polyembryony
Did you know... Some insects produce multiple embryos from a single egg. This phenomenon, known as polyembryony, occurs most often in parasitic wasps.

Volunteer Opportunities - Volunteer Opportunities for Insect and Spider Enthusiasts
Many scientists rely on help from

The Longest Repeat Migration in the Insect World
The Longest Repeat Migration in the Insect World

Bug of the Week - February 5, 2014
Bug of the Week - February 5, 2014

Researchers Find Key Honey Bee Worker Gene
What makes a worker bee different from a queen? For one thing, worker honey bees have special pollen-gathering structures on their legs, while queen bees do

Synchronous Fireflies' Show Predicted to Peak Between June 6-13
The National Park Service expects this year's synchronous firefly mating season to peak between June 6-13. Each year, firefly enthusiasts converge on the

Friday Fact - Bioluminescent Bugs
Friday Fact - Bioluminescent Bugs

The Buzz - January 2014
The Buzz - January 2014

Bug of the Week - January 29, 2014
Bug of the Week - January 29, 2014

Profiles of Wingless Insects
The wingless insects are the subclass Apterygota. There are four orders in this group: silverfish, bristletails, proturans, and springtails. This page provides descriptions of the wingless insect groups and species.

Springtails (Order Collembola)
The order Collembola includes an estimated 2,000 species worldwide. The springtails propel themselves into the air by flicking their furcula, an appendage kept tucked beneath the abdomen until they need to make a quick escape from danger. These articles describe the characteristics and behaviors of the order Collembola, and profiles of the springtail families.

Friday Fact - Buzz Pollination
Friday Fact - Buzz Pollination

Grasshoppers, Crickets, and Katydids
Insects in this order, Orthoptera, are familiar friends of summer. The grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids serenade us on warm days, and impress us with their jumping abilities.

Bug of the Week - January 22, 2014
Bug of the Week - January 22, 2014

Friday Fact - Spittlebugs
Friday Fact - Spittlebugs

Bug of the Week - January 15, 2014
Bug of the Week - January 15, 2014

Centipedes and Millipedes - Articles About Centipedes and Millipedes
Centipedes and millipedes are often included in field guides to insects and spiders. These many-legged creatures do share common arthropod traits with their insect cousins, but are classified in their own classes taxonomically.

Isopods - Pillbugs, Sowbugs, and Other Isopods
Isopods may be the closest relatives to insects, though they aren't insects at all. Isopods are terrestrial crustaceans.

Non-Insect Arthropods
Some arthropods, though not insects at all, are commonly grouped with true insects. We'll explore spiders, ticks, scorpions and other insect cousins in this topic.

Ticks & Mites
Ticks and mites, with eight legs and two body parts, are arachnids. From deer ticks to dust mites, members of the order Acari are not the most loved invertebrates on the planet, but they are interesting to study.

Harvestmen - Articles About Harvestmen or Daddy Longlegs
Daddy longlegs, or harvestmen, are often misidentified as spiders. They actually belong to an order all their own, the Opiliones.

Friday Fact - Symphylan Sperm
Friday Fact - Symphylan Sperm

Friday Fact - Japanese Beetles and Geraniums
Friday Fact - Japanese Beetles and Geraniums

Bug of the Week - January 8, 2014
Bug of the Week - January 8, 2014

Citizen Science Project - Help Digitize Insect Collections
Have a few minutes to kill? If you have an internet connection, you can help digitize terrestrial arthropod-specimen records for the Calbug Project. The Calbug

Before You Mulch, Read This
'Tis the season for landscapers and homeowners to cover the world with mulch. I've seen trees with a full two feet of mulch mounded on their trunks. But I'll

Friday Fact - Fire Bugs
Did you know... Beetles in the genus Melanophila are known as fire bugs or fire beetles, thanks to their unusual behavior. Their young develop only in

Friday Fact - Meconium
Friday Fact - Meconium

1 in 10 Odonates May Be Headed Toward Extinction
An international team of conservation biologists just published the results of their worldwide survey of dragonfly and damselfly populations, and the news isn't

Bug of the Week
Bug of the Week

The Buzz - December 2013
The Buzz - December 2013

Friday Fact - Dancing Spiders
Did you know... Male jumping spiders perform elaborate courtship dances to woo their mates, and they do so at their own peril. He gradually approaches the

Bug of the Week - December 11, 2013
Bug of the Week - December 11, 2013

Itchy, Watery Eyes? Blame It on the Cockroach
Photo courtesy Lianne McLeod, Guide to Exotic Pets Ever go to one of those bug exhibits at your local museum or science center? If you have,

What Do Bug Guts Look Like?
As a child, I squished many a bug, I'm ashamed to admit. My mother still tells one gruesome tale about my ill-timed stomp on a gypsy moth caterpillar on Easter

10 Fascinating Facts About Spiders
From jumping spiders to tarantulas, spiders all share certain traits. These 10 facts about spiders will teach you what all spiders have in common.

Why You Shouldn't Plant Butterfly Bush – Substitutes for Butterfly Bush
Planting a butterfly garden? Don't plant butterfly bush! Learn why butterfly bush is bad, and what you can plant instead of butterfly bush.

Identify an Insect: What Does the Abdomen Look Like?
The abdomen is the third region of the insect body. Like all arthropods, insects have segmented bodies. The number of abdominal segments can vary between insect orders. The abdomen may also have appendages that are clues to the identity of the mystery insect. Page 8.

Monarch Migration - Monarch Migration, the Longest Migration in the Insect World
Monarch butterflies are the wings down champions of migrating insects, completing the longest two-way migration. The North American Monarch populations fly south each fall, and return north in the spring.

Insect Mating - How Insects Attract a Mate
Lone insects must find a mate of the same species and opposite sex in order to reproduce. Most insects employ one or more of three signal types to attract a mate: auditory, visual, or chemical.

Fireflies - Habits and Traits of Fireflies, Family Lampyridae - Lightning Bugs
Fireflies flash their Morse code signals across lawns and fields on warm summer nights. They're easy to recognize from afar, but do you know what they look like up close?

Scarab Beetles - Habits and Traits of Scarab Beetles, Family Scarabaeidae
Scarab beetles include the biggest insects in the world, in terms of sheer mass. Scarabs were revered in ancient Egypt as symbols of resurrection. More than just powerhouses, scarab beetles serve important roles in the habitats where they live. The family Scarabaeidae includes dung beetles, June beetles, rhinoceros beetles, chafers, and flower scarabs.

Careers for People Who Love Insects – Museum Exhibit Designer – Interview with Paul Nelson, Museum Exhibit Designer
If you love insects and are skilled at building things, you might want to try a career building and designing museum exhibits. Learn the pros and cons of being a museum exhibit designer from Paul Nelson, owner of Outhouse Exhibit Services.

Careers for People Who Love Insects – Museum Exhibit Designer – Interview with Paul Nelson, Museum Exhibit Designer
If you love insects and are skilled at building things, you might want to try a career building and designing museum exhibits. Learn the pros and cons of being a museum exhibit designer from Paul Nelson, owner of Outhouse Exhibit Services. Page 2.

Bombardier Beetles - Defenses of the Bombardier Beetles
Bombardier beetles top the list of strange but effective insect defenses. Potential predators learn a hard lesson when they mess with the bombardier beetle.

Facts About Mosquitoes - 10 Cool Facts About Mosquitoes
Here are 10 things you didn't know about mosquitoes.

Crime Scene Insects - How Crime Scene Insects Reveal the Time of Death of a Corpse
The forensic entomology is most often used to calculate the postmortem interval, or time of death, of a corpse in a suspicious death. Using known physiological information about the insect species found on a cadaver, a forensic entomologist can calculate the time when flesh-eating insects first invaded the body.

How to Tell the Difference Between an Ant and a Termite
People often confuse ants and termites. Both insects live in social colonies, and may take up residence in or near your home. Take a closer look - there are some distinct differences.

Facts About Stick Insects - 10 Cool Facts About Stick Insects
Stick insects live on every continent except Antarctica, though most of the world's stick insects inhabit the tropics. You may know stick insects for their camouflage, but there's a lot more to Phasmids than that. Here are 10 cool facts about stick insects you might not know.

Avoid Chigger Bites – 10 Tips to Avoid Chigger Bites
Ever had chigger bites? If you have, you'll never forget them. Chigger bites are probably the itchiest bug bites you'll ever experience. These 10 tips will help you avoid chigger bites.

Insect Fossils – Most Abundant Types of Insect Fossils
How do scientists learn about ancient insects without fossilized bones to study? They examine the abundant evidence found in the different types of insect fossils.

Timeline of Fossil Insects - Timeline of Fossil Insects by Order
Which insects appeared on Earth first, and which evolved last? This article outlines when each insect order, extant or extinct, first appeared in the fossil record.

Bee or Wasp? - How to Tell the Difference Between a Bee and a Wasp
Bees and wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera, and are similar in many ways. However, there are some important differences. This article outlines the major distinctions between bees and wasps.

Centipede or Millipede? - How to Tell the Difference Between a Centipede and a Millipede
Centipedes and millipedes tend to get grouped together, but they're quite different creatures. Though both are arthropods, that's where the similarities end. Here's how to tell which is which.

Dragonfly or Damselfly? - How to Tell the Difference Between Dragonflies and Damselflies
Though both dragonflies and damselflies belong to the order Odonata, there are features that separate the two groups into suborders. Knowing whether a mystery odonate is a dragonfly or damselfly will help you identify it. This article outlines the differences between dragonflies and damselflies.

Grasshopper or Cricket - How to Tell the Difference Between a Grasshopper and a Cricket
Grasshoppers, crickets, locusts, and katydids all belong to the same order - Orthoptera. Within this group, the grasshoppers and locusts are separated from the crickets and katydids by certain characteristics. These are the major differences between the two suborders of Orthoptera.

Fire Ants – How to Identify Fire Ants – How to Know If You've Got Fire Ants
Wondering if you've got a fire ant problem? Learn how to identify fire ants before you reach for a pesticide unnecessarily.

Ants – 10 Fascinating Facts About Ants
The complex, cooperative societies of ants enable them to survive and thrive in conditions that would challenge the individual. Here are 10 fascinating facts about ants that just might convince you they're superior to us.

Avoid Bee Stings – 10 Tips to Avoid Bee Stings
Being stung by a bee or wasp is never fun, and for people with bee venom allergies, it can be life-threatening. In most cases, bee stings are entirely avoidable - just don't attract them or put the bees on the defensive. Here's 10 tips to help you avoid bee stings.

The Bumblebee Queen - The Life Cycle of a Bumblebee Queen
The bumblebee queen lives just one year, from fall to fall. During that time, she survives the winter cold on her own, incubates and cares for offspring, and insures that her genetic line continues by making new queens to replace her.

Education Guides on Twitter - Find Twitter ID's for Education Guides on Twitter
education channel, twitter, followers, twitter ID, guides twitter id's

Hunting for Caterpillars - Interview with Volunteers from Earthwatch Institute's Hunting for Caterpillars Expedition
The Earthwatch Institute offers opportunities to volunteer on hundreds of scientific expeditions around the world, including entomology research. Two recent volunteers in entomology found out what it's like to collect and raise caterpillars around the swamps of Louisiana.

Earthwatch Expedition - More About the Earthwatch Expedition
Volunteers are helping Dr. Lee Dyer, of Tulane University, figure out how Hurricane Katrina impacted caterpillar populations around New Orleans. Page 2.

Hunting for Caterpillars - Interview with Peggy Rush, Volunteer on Earthwatch Institute's Hunting for Caterpillars Expedition
Peggy Rush, a kindergarten teacher from NJ, spent part of her summer collecting caterpillars in the cloud forests of Ecuador. As a volunteer with the Earthwatch Institute, Peggy learned what it's like to work as a field entomologist.

Earthwatch Expedition - More About the Climate Change and Caterpillars in Ecuador Earthwatch Expedition
Interested in doing what Peggy did - collecting caterpillars in the cloud forests of Ecuador? Here's more about the Earthwatch expedition. Page 2.

Wasps, Yellowjackets, and Hornets – Differences and Similarities Among Wasps, Yellowjackets, and Hornets
The social wasps of the family Vespidae include paper wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets, all of which will defend their homes vigorously should you disturb them. Worse yet, they have a tendency to build their homes in the places we like to spend our time, so there's a good chance you'll encounter them.

Honey Bees – 10 Facts About Honey Bees
No other insect has served the needs of man like the honey bee. Here are 10 facts about honey bees you might not know.

10 Tips to Avoid Ticks
Finding an engorged tick on your body is never fun. Ticks do carry diseases, and your first line of defense is avoiding their bites. Follow these 10 tips to avoid ticks, and more importantly, tick bites, when you head outdoors.

Insects in Firewood - How to Manage Insects in Firewood - Invasive Insects in Firewood
Firewood can harbor insects, from boring beetles to carpenter ants. Invasive insects transported in firewood can infest new areas, leading to the loss of thousands of trees. You can minimize insect problems by collecting and storing your firewood properly.

Control Japanese Beetles – How to Control Japanese Beetles
To effectively control Japanese beetles, you must control both the larval grubs and the adult beetles. This article explains the life cycle of Japanese beetles, and provides practical advice on controlling both the beetles and the grubs.

How to Control Mosquitoes in Your Yard and Home
Nothing takes the fun out of an evening barbecue outdoors like a bunch of bloodthirsty mosquitoes. In addition to inflicting a painful bite, mosquitoes can transmit diseases. You can keep your local mosquito population under control by limiting their habitat on your property, and avoid their annoying bites by using the right barriers and repellants. This article also teaches you what oft-touted mosquito controls do NOT work.

How to Avoid Exposure to Mosquitoes and Reduce Your Chances of Being Bitten
You can limit your exposure to mosquitoes and mosquito bites by using effective barriers and repellents. Page 2.

Common Mosquito Control Myths - Things That Don't Work to Control Mosquitoes
Some mosquito control suggestions have become so popular, most people believe they work. But research shows these things do not have a meaningful impact on mosquito populations, and are really a waste of your time and money. Page 3.

Bed Bugs at Hotels - How to Avoid Bed Bugs at Hotels - How to Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel
How do bed bugs get in your home? They travel home with family members who stay in bed bug infested hotels, usually. Learn how to avoid bed bugs at hotels by planning wisely, inspecting thoroughly, and taking control measures when you return home.

Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home - How to Pack to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home
Do your homework before you travel. Research your hotel or resort, and pack appropriately to thwart bed bugs. Page 2.

Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs - How to Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs
Before you settle into your hotel room, take a few minutes to look for any signs of bed bugs. Learn what to look for, where to look, and what to do if you find bed bugs in your hotel room. Page 3.

Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home - How to Unpack to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home
Even if you think your trip was free of bed bugs, it's worth taking a few extra steps while unpacking to kill any potential pests. Page 4.

Tarantulas – 10 Cool Facts About Tarantulas
Hollywood directors like to use tarantulas in horror flicks, because these huge, furry spiders look intimidating. But tarantulas have been given a bad rap. These 10 cool facts about tarantulas should make you think differently about these docile and fascinating spiders.

The Lost Ladybug Project – Volunteer to Help Scientists on the Lost Ladybug Project
The Lost Ladybug Project needs volunteers of all ages to help document ladybug populations in North America. Here's what you need to know to participate.

Firefly Watch - Volunteer to Help Scientists With Firefly Watch
Scientists believe fireflies are in decline, and they want to know why. By volunteering to observe fireflies in your area on summer evenings, you can help researchers find out how fireflies are doing, and how to help them.

The Great Sunflower Project - Volunteer to Help Scientists on the Great Sunflower Project
Through the Great Sunflower Project, citizen scientists are helping researchers assess bee populations in urban, suburban, and rural environments. If you can plant some sunflowers and spend just 30 minutes per month observing bees, you can help, too.

Monarch Watch – Volunteer to Help Scientists Through Monarch Watch
Scientists first started tagging monarch butterflies in 1937. Today, hundreds of volunteers help researchers continue the study of monarch migration through Monarch Watch.

Facts About Ladybugs – 10 Cool Facts About Ladybugs
Is there a more adorable arthropod than the ladybug? From kindergartners to gardeners, everybody loves them. Here are 10 cool facts about ladybugs.

Facts About Butterflies – 10 Cool Facts About Butterflies
Everyone is familiar with butterflies, but how much do you really know about these insects? Here are 10 cool facts about butterflies.

Painted Lady Butterflies – Facts About Painted Lady Butterflies
Are you raising painted lady butterflies in your elementary school classroom? Do these familiar butterflies visit your yard? Here are 7 fascinating facts about painted ladies.

Butterfly Garden – Host Plants for the Butterfly Garden – Caterpillar Host Plants for the Butterfly Garden
Include caterpillar host plants in your butterfly garden, and you'll attract a lot more butterflies as they visit your plants to lay eggs. Here's a list of butterflies likely to visit your garden, and the host plants you'll need to support their caterpillars.

Caring for Pet Millipedes – A Guide to Caring for Pet Millipedes
So you're thinking about getting a pet millipede? Pet millipedes are a good choice for people who want to keep live arthropods, and make great classroom pets. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about caring for pet millipedes.

Bug of the Week - December 18, 2013
Bug of the Week - December 18, 2013

Friday Fact - Treehoppers Raised by Ants
Did you know... Some treehopper mothers rely on ants to raise their young. Treehopper nymphs in the genus Pubila produce honeydew, a sugary excretion that

Bug of the Week - November 20, 2013
Bug of the Week - November 20, 2013

Friday Fact - Stoneflies as Water Quality Measures
Friday Fact - Stoneflies as Water Quality Measures

NJ Woman Dies From Tick-Borne Virus
NJ Woman Dies From Tick-Borne Virus

Bug of the Week - December 4, 2013
Bug of the Week - December 4, 2013

FREE Jewel Beetle Field Guide
FREE Jewel Beetle Field Guide

Bee-Friendly Gifts for That Special Someone
It's Cyber Monday, when millions of holiday shoppers take to the internet to order gifts for family and friends. But what to get for that special someone who

Friday Fact - Drumming Butterflies
Friday Fact - Drumming Butterflies

Friday Fact - Cooloola Monsters
Friday Fact - Cooloola Monsters

The Buzz - November 2013
The Buzz - November 2013

Bug of the Week - November 27, 2013
Bug of the Week - November 27, 2013

Old Butterflies Offer New Clues About Climate Change
Butterflies collected over a century ago are helping researchers understand the impact of climate change today. Heather Kharouba, then a doctoral candidate

Friday Fact - Hilltopping
Friday Fact - Hilltopping

Free Lesson Plan: Field Guide to Schoolyard Insects
The University of Kentucky's Entomology Department offers a free downloadable lesson plan, Field Guide to Schoolyard Insects. Students get up close and

Do Reality TV Shows Abuse Insects?
BBC News reports two stars from the recent season of the reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here will return to Australia to face charges of animal

15 Ways to Keep Bugs Outside
Yesterday, it was 70 degrees in my area, but forecasters predict temperatures will drop 30 degrees over the next day or so. It's hard to adjust from wearing

Friday Fact - Mites and Burying Beetles
Did you know... When burying beetles reach adulthood and strike out on their own, they take one thing with them - mites. A mated pair of burying beetles will

Friday Fact - Sea Spiders
Friday Fact - Sea Spiders

The Battle Against Bad Bugs
U.S. Border agents scored a point against invasive pests last month, when they intercepted exotic seed bugs in a shipment from Thailand. The insects hitched a

A Guide to the Twenty-Nine Insect Orders
With an estimated one million insects in the world, trying to identify an unfamiliar find can be overwhelming. However, if you get acquainted with the

Are Honey Bees Disappearing?
Honey bees have been in the news a lot recently. Farmers and beekeepers are alarmed by recent news headlines about Colony Collapse Disorder, and you should

Black Swallowtails Tucked in for the Winter
Less than a month ago, I spotted a lone Black Swallowtail caterpillar munching away on the forgotten celery in my garden. Despite several short cold spells,

Use the Insect Index to Find Information Fast
Looking for information on a certain insect species? Check out the new Insect Index, an up-to-date directory of all the insect profiles I've published. As I

Does the Queen Bee Really Rule the Hive?
Honey bees may be the most studied insects on Earth, but there is still much to learn. Solving the mystery of how honey bees make collective decisions for the

The Fuzzy Caterpillar That Ate My Town
Gypsy moths invaded my town last year. Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Tussock moth caterpillars are voracious feeders, capable of defoliating large

Free Downloadable Curriculum on Pollinators
When you think of pollinators, you probably think first of honey bees. But did you know that over 100,000 invertebrates pollinate our flowering plants? Wild

Looking for a fun way to teach students insect identification? How about a game of BUG-GO! Played similar to Bingo, BUG-GO is a free game created by Patricia

Free Educational Materials for Educators
Photo: Rob Van Petten, Getty Images The Entomological Foundation offers free educational materials to educators to help in implementing entomology into

A (Not So) Surprise Guest on My Window
Lady beetle on a warm winter day. Photo: Flickr user dmcdevit, CC Share-AlikeOnce in a while, we get one of those unseasonably warm winter days here in N.J.

It's Cold Outside - Adapt or Die
From Science Daily: Many insects living in northern climates don't die at the first signs of cold weather. Rather, new research suggests that they use a

Smell-wars Between Butterflies And Ants
New research from the University of Copenhagen highlights co-evolution in action. Large blue butterflies (Genus Maculinea) trick unsuspecting ants into caring

True or False: It's Illegal to Kill a Praying Mantis
Praying mantis eating aphids. Photo Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Common knowledge, right? It's illegal to kill a praying mantis. Turns out that's an urban

Nearly 150 Years, and Still Going Strong
Horse drawn spraying equipment. Photo: archives of the USDA APHIS Pest Survey Detection and Exclusion Laboratory Gypsy moths continue to rule the headlines in

Technology in the Field: Tracking the Asian Longhorned Beetle
A forester checks for beetles using an acoustic beetle detector. Photo: US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory While the evening news

Free Newsletters from the Vermont Entomological Society
Check out the website of the Vermont Entomological Society. This group came together in 1993, and sponsors bug-related field trips, workshops, and research in

Eat Ice Cream and Save the Honey Bees!
Photo: HDIP, Inc. Imagine a world without Rocky Road, Banana Split, or Cherry Vanilla ice cream - not a pretty picture, right? The folks at Hagen Dazs

Is Stephen Colbert an Entomophagist?
Photo: Getty Images for Meet the Press/Alex Wong. On his show The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert recently chatted with David Gracer, an advocate of eating

Wanted: Alien Stink Bugs
Brown marmorated stink bug nymph, with characteristic antennae markings. Photo: Gary Bernon, USDA APHIS, Rutgers University wants stink bugs.

Insects Likely to Consume More Plants as Temperatures Rise
Approximately one third of this legume leaf was consumed by insects during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum. Photo: Ellen Curano Just when you

Insects - 1 Million, Dinosaurs - 0
Illustration: Alain Beneteau/ Look around. See any dinosaurs? Nope, not a single dinosaur to be found. Insects, on the other hand, are

Line Leader, Paper Person, Bug Monitor?
Photo: Compassionate Eye Foundation/Chris Ryan/OJO Images Ltd/Getty Images Remember those classroom jobs from elementary school - line leader, paper

Want to Raise Smart Butterflies? - Teach the Caterpillars
Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Anyone who spends time observing caterpillars knows their habits. They eat, they poop, they eat some more, and they molt.

LoJack For Beehives?
Bees in California keep a watchful compound eye out for thieves. Photo: Matt Cardy/Stringer/Getty Images Since the fall of 2006, honeybee hive boxes have

The Sound of a Million Butterfly Wings
Left image 2004, right image 2008.Image courtesy NASA Earth Observatory, by Robert Simmon and Daniel Slayback. That's a sound I hope to hear some day, when I

First Butterfly of the Year
And me without my camera. I debated bringing it along on a hike today, but decided to travel light for once. That pretty much guaranteed I would see something

More Bad Luck for California Honeybees
Photo: Stockbyte/Getty Images First Colony Collapse Disorder. Then honeybee heists by sneaky bee bandits. There's an expression that bad things come in

Is This the Lyme Disease "Magic Bullet"?

Ah, the Sweet Smell of Skunk Cabbage
Skunk cabbage in bloom. Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey March brings many good things: college basketball tournaments, St. Patty's parades, and best of

Remember the Coneheads?
A slightly musical conehead. Photo: Tyler Christensen. Does anyone remember the slightly musical coneheads? I know what you're thinking. Yes! Dan Aykroyd

Don't Swat That Fly! It Could Be a Spy
I checked my calendar when I read this news item - Military Creates Cyborg Insect Spies. It must be April Fools' Day, I thought. But no, the headline is true.

Through the Eyes of an Insect
Photo: This image shows how the world looks through the eyes of a fly. I know what you are thinking - How do they know that? You can't

Prehistoric Bugs in 3D
Left: arachnid. Right: Insect hymenopteran Falciformicidae. Image: M. Lak, P. Tafforeau, D. Nraudeau (ESRF Grenoble and UMR CNRS 6118 Rennes). Exciting

Celebrate Be Kind to Spiders Week
The first week in April is Be Kind to Spiders Week. I'll bet you didn't know that. Spiders, despite their tendency toward creepiness, are beneficial critters

Walkingsticks Prove Darwin Correct
Walkingsticks in a warm embrace. Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey. Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection is widely accepted by scientists and high

These Bugs Tell Time
Image courtesy Mike Libby, Insect Lab. Here's an image that made me do a double take. And a triple take, actually. You aren't looking at some crazy Photoshop

Flight of the Bumblebee May Take Longer
Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Air pollution prevents insect pollinators from finding their favorite flowers, according to researchers from the

American Idol Helps Fight Malaria
Miley Cyrus sings at the Idol Gives Back charity event.Photo: Getty Images/Frank Micelotta/American Idol I never imagined I'd be blogging about American Idol

One Sheet of Paper and a Lot of Patience
Image courtesy of Robert J. Lang, What's an engineer and physicist do in his free time? Fold paper, in the case of Robert J. Lang. For

Got Termites?
Eastern subterranean termites.Photo: Susan Ellis, Some primal termite knocked on wood And tasted it, and found it good! And that is why your

5 Things You Can Do for Insects on Earth Day
What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day this year? Planting a tree? Cleaning up a park or beach? People tend to think big on Earth Day, but I like to focus on

Fighting Malaria on the "River of Life"
On March 29, 2008, medical teams led by Expedition Organizers Helge Bendl and Andy Leemann launched a two-month trip through six African countries. Their

Malaria - a Disease Without Borders
Today marks the first-ever World Malaria Day, as I've mentioned in several previous blog posts this month. Putting a stop to this mosquito-spread disease,

It's Raining Tiny Caterpillars
First instar gypsy moth caterpillar.Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Last Friday, I sat in my backyard enjoying the sunshine, and subconsciously flicked a

10 Tips to Avoid Ticks
Photo: Flickr user ninjapoodles Years ago, I spent some time bicycling around parts of the country, pitching my tent wherever I could find a park or

Fending Off Fleas
Photo: Getty Images/Martin Ruegner Any pet owner will tell you that fleas are no fun. A few adult fleas on the family dog will soon become hundreds of

Cattle-Eating Maggots Threaten Yemen's Economy
A screw worm maggot shows its tusklike mandibles. Photo: John Kucharski, USDA Officials in Yemen are asking the international community for help in combating

Biologist Pays Tribute to Neil Young
This trapdoor spider discovered by ECU biologist Jason Bond was named after the musician Neil Young. Photo courtesy East Carolina University News Services

Mortgage Mess Leads to Unexpected Outcome - Mosquitoes
A health department worker adds mosquito-eating fish to a stagnant swimming pool.Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan The mortgage loan mess makes headlines

This Week in Bug News
Photo courtesy US Customs and Border Protection Agency A bee swarm took up residence in a shopping cart in the parking lot of a busy shopping center in

Honeybees Are Disappearing - Is the Answer Right Under Our Noses?
Since the mysterious disappearance of honeybees began two years ago, scientists have scrambled to find the cause. Termed Colony Collapse Disorder, the

Are All Bugs Bad?
Bugs get a bad rap. We use the word bug in quite a few different ways, most with real negative connotations. We refer to any little microbe that makes us ill as

8,995 New Insects Discovered in 2006
David Grimaldi and Michael Engel, in their 2005 book Insects and Their Evolution, estimated that 75% of the insect species on Earth had yet to be described.

Out With the Old, In With the New
When my brother was small, he was one of those quiet, shy little boys who always hid behind our mother. He had a tendency toward politeness and never wanted to

The Buzz on Bees
Honeybees may be the most researched insect on the planet. Concerns about vanishing honeybees, and the impact this has on our food crops, continue to drive

New Yorker Hospitalized with Mite Infestation
A bird's nest in a bathroom vent proved to be the final straw in a NY woman's fight with her landlord. Her exposure to the wild birds earned her a trip to the

Free Seeds to Help the Honeybees
As vanishing honeybees continue to threaten our food supply, companies and organizations are helping by getting citizens involved. How can you help save the

What's This Bug?
Forum user DougNew is trying to figure out what's biting him while he sleeps. He posted this image in the forum, and asked if this might be the culprit. Here's

Bee Census Finds 2,000 More Species
John S. Ascher, a research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History, just completed the first global count of bee species in over 100 years. He and

Denver Officials Threaten to Jail Backyard Beekeeper
The city of Denver picked a weird time to enforce a ban on backyard beekeeping. As has been widely reported, honey bees are in serious decline. Many states and

Another West Nile Virus Epidemic Expected
When West Nile Virus first appeared in the U.S. nine years ago, it made headlines nearly every day. Today, the panic seems to have subsided, but that doesn't June?
Why do these summer trees look like a winter landscape? Click the picture to find the answer.Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey

Find Buggy Events in the Forum
Looking for a fun insect-themed activity to do while the kids are out of school? Check out the Bug Events, Festivals, and Shows folder in the forum. Anytime I

Eat Bugs in Hell's Kitchen
If you happen to be in the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen today, you might get a chance to try the newest thing in green eating - entomophagy. Bug eating

Blueberries by the Numbers
Today marks the beginning of National Blueberries Month, designated to remind us that July is the peak of blueberry season. But would there even be a National

This Week's Mystery Bug
In a post titled Playground Terrors, member jgherity asked for help identifying mysterious wasps. Each summer, the wasps invade the playground at the

Love is in the Air (Not That He'd Know It)
Scientists at the University of California-Davis report they may have found a way to disrupt mating between Japanese beetles. They recently succeeded in

Pine Oil Works Like DEET
For over 50 years, we've been slathering the synthetic chemical DEET on our skin to repel mosquitoes and ticks. Soon, we may have an effective, naturally

Celebrate E.B. White's Birthday
Where's Pa going with that ax? Of all the stories I read as a child, Charlotte's Web remains my favorite. I still have my worn out paperback copy, which I

Playing with Fire(flies)
One summer evening, when I was twelve years old, a friend and I played a game of badminton well past sunset. As we batted the shuttlecock back and forth across

The Care and Feeding of Caterpillars
Caterpillars may be the perfect pets for kids. By the time your child has lost interest in caring for it, a caterpillar will pupate and no longer need

Stephen Colbert Demands Justice
When Stephen Colbert, popular host of Comedy Central's Colbert Report, heard that a spider had been named for Neil Young, he knew he had to act. It seemed only

World's Scariest Insects?
Nicole Kidman recently revealed her greatest fear - butterflies. It seems Kidman experienced a serious Lepidopteran trauma in her childhood. On school days, she

One More Reason Why You Shouldn't Kill Bugs
As a bug lover, I'm always trying to convince other people to stop killing every six-legged critter that comes within ten feet. It's not just about my personal

Is Milkweed Getting Less Milky?
Among bug vs. insect stories, the monarch-milkweed relationship is probably the best known. Ask nearly any young schoolkid what monarchs eat, and you'll get a

An Insect Ghost?
This oddly pale stick insect made its way across my patio a few weeks ago, and quickly caught my eye. Unfortunately for him, predators looking for a quick

Are You Afraid of Spiders?
Spiders seem to elicit an emotional response like no other bug. My parents still torment me about the time a spider dropped from the ceiling of our station

Debugging Beijing - Chinese Officials Wage War on Insects
With the opening of the Beijing Olympics just one week away, Chinese officials continue their assault on the city's six-legged wildlife. Bugs clearly aren't

Going to Beijing? - Here's Where to Eat Insects
Beijing dining is, well, different. If you've ever considered snacking on a bug, this is the place to do it. The Chinese know how to cook insects. In a country

Cricket Lore - The Chinese Love Affair with Crickets
For over two millenia, the Chinese have been in love with crickets. Visit a Beijing market, and you'll find prize specimens fetching prices that make the

Wordless Wednesday - Fighting Crickets in Beijing
Preparing for a cricket fight in Beijing. Cricket fighting goes back over 2,000 years in Chinese culture.

Bug Encounters on the Road - Bed Bugs
I just returned home from a road trip to the Smoky Mountains, where I go each summer to do some hiking and visit friends. When you write about bugs for a

Bug Encounters on the Road - Bugs on the Bumper
As I made my way into the mountains of North Carolina, I was struck by the numbers of butterflies that flitted across the roadway. Then I realized the

Asian Longhorned Beetle Discovered in Massachusetts
The City of Worcester, Massachusetts is now under order of quarantine, after an invasive pest from Asia was discovered in the area. The Asian longhorned beetle

Bug Encounters on the Road - On the Trail of Insects
One of my favorite things about hiking is you never know what you will find along the trail. Now that I'd made it to North Carolina, I was ready to lace up the

All in the Family for Invasive Fire Ants
People who live in the southern U.S. will tell you stories about fire ants. Fire ants will hurt you, and they'll tell their friends to hurt you, too. Since the

Chicago's Party Comes to an Abrupt End - ALB Returns
Ten years ago, Chicagoans watched as their beloved shade trees were cut down and chipped. Along with New York City, Chicago came under siege from an invader

(More) DIY Exterminators in the News
Last month, I listed some compelling reasons why you shouldn't kill bugs. One particularly good reason to lay off the do-it-yourself extermination attempts -

Cockroaches Predict Next Prez
Hold the polls and cancel the conventions. This election is all but over, based on the results at the 15th Roach Derby held at Rutgers University yesterday.

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?
Mosquitoes top the list of annoying insects, and it's no wonder we dislike them so much. All you want to do is enjoy a warm summer evening outdoors, and you

New Insects Turn Up in the Weirdest Places
They really do have it all on eBay. An aphid specialist from the UK recently purchased a fossilized insect preserved in amber from the online auction site. He

Wordless Wednesday - Ultimate Recycling
This walkingstick, or stick insect, is eating the exoskeleton it just finished molting. Why? That old skin is full of protein, which gets recycled back into

NRDC Sues EPA Over Bee-Killing Pesticide
The US Environmental Protection Agency doesn't have much to say about their 2003 approval of a pesticide believed by some to kill honeybees. The EPA didn't

Cousin Itt?
What the heck is this thing? The favorite cousin of Gomez Addams? No, this blond mop top is actually an insect, and a dangerous one at that. The puss

Featured User Photo: Bee on Clover
This beautiful photo of a bumblebee foraging on a clover blossom was captured by Jon, an active member of the insects forum. Jon, who goes by the screenname

Clay Pots Prove to Be Ancient Beehives
Archaeologists excavating a site in ancient Israel unearthed the earliest known beehives in the Near East. The clay hives were discovered at the Tel Rehov site

Stink Bugs Are the Pits in Pittsburgh
Brown marmorated stink bugs are invading Pittsburgh homes.Photo: Gary Bernon, USDA APHIS, Homes in western Pennsylvania are covered in

Entomologists Found Guilty of Bug Smuggling
Two Czech nationals have been convicted of illegally collecting insects from Singhalila National Park in India, according to the Times of India. The

Giant Spider Takes Over Liverpool
What would you do if a giant spider walked the streets in your town? Take pictures, of course. This image comes courtesy of Flickr user Frankie Roberto, who

Ants from Mars?
When evolutionary biologist Christian Rabeling discovered this new species of ant, he thought it might as well have come from Mars. He named the find Martialis

Here's Looking at You
This spicebush swallowtail caterpillar appears to be looking back at you. Its large eyespots probably help deter predators, and definitely give it a

Italy Joins Others in Ban on Bee Killing Pesticides
The Italian government has banned a number of pesticides suspected of causing honeybee deaths. The Minister of Work, Health, and Social Policies issued an order

Have We Met Before? Wasps Good at Remembering Faces
I am terrible at remembering faces. I could meet you today and spend the entire day with you, and I wouldn't recognize you tomorrow if we bumped into each other

Featured User Photo: Smiling Dragonfly
Tony, one of our forum members, snapped this smiling dragonfly's picture in East Houston, Texas. Tony says he's been photographing insects forever. His

Is the Smiling Dragonfly Real?

Denver Official Pushing to Legalize Backyard Beekeeping
For years, hobbyist beekeepers in Denver, Colorado have set up their backyard hives in defiance of a ban on such activities in residential areas. The law was

Were Convicted Czechs Tricked into Admitting Guilt?
The two Czech nationals recently convicted of bug smuggling in India claim they were duped, and maintain their innocence in an interview recently published on

Can You Identify This Caterpillar?
Ria, a forum member who teaches preschool in the Philippines, posted photos of some caterpillars she is raising. She found them in her schoolyard. We haven't

Wheel Bugs in Love
Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey These odd-looking insects seem made for each other. I found the pair taking a roll in the milkweed back in late

Did Termites Cause the Levee Breaks in New Orleans?
The Formosan subterranean termite, an insect from Asia, may have contributed to the levee breaks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.Photo: Scott Bauer,

How to Keep Democrats Out of the House
Box elder bugs aggregate in sunny places as temperatures begin to cool in fall.Photo: Flickr user iowa_spirit_walker Folks in Nebraska and Kansas are

It's a Butterfillar!
Photo: Forum member Ria (yapatoots79) Ten days ago, I wrote about the caterpillars that Ria, a preschool teacher in the Philippines, was raising in her

Gentlemen, Protect Your Jewels from Black Widows
Photo: Chuck Evans(mcevan)., Wikimedia Commons While doing some research about black widow spiders for a new article, I came across the following nugget

Cobwebs - Haunting or Healing?
Photo: Flickr user Trinity As Halloween gets closer, fake cobwebs appear overnight on porches and shrubs around my town. We associate cobwebs with all

Convicted Bug Smuggler Flees India to Avoid Possible Jail Time
Emil Kucera, a Czech national convicted of illegally collecting insects in an Indian national park, fled India and returned to the Czech Republic. Kucera faced

The Lost Ladybug Project Needs Your Help
The introduction of the 7-spotted ladybug from Europe may have caused the decline of our native 9-spotted ladybug. Photo: bhringer friedrich, Wikimedia

How Come Hornworms Always Seem to Find My Tomatoes?
How do hornworms find my tomato plants, no matter where I plant them?Photo: Flickr user naturegirl 78 As any gardener knows, a bug that eats plants has

Invasive Pest Spawns Arts Festival
Hemlock woolly adelgid looks like fuzzy white cotton on the underside of hemlock branches.Photo: Debbie Hadley, WILD Jersey Some folks in Kentucky

Fruit Flies Swarm to McCain-Palin Ticket
In the latest poll, the McCain-Palin ticket leads by a wide margin among fruit flies. The dramatic shift in the Diptera demographic came in response to a recent

What's This Bug? member NancyL. keeps finding these insects on her deck. Can you identify this mystery bug? About member NancyL. recently posted this image in

Really? A Blow Torch?
Here we go again - more adventures in DIY pest control. A fellow in Georgia decided it was time to get rid of those unsightly cobwebs clinging to his house. So

Another House Bites the Dust
Yet another homeowner has blown his house to bits trying to get rid of insect pests. A man in Millville, NJ, set off an arsenal of bug bombs in his home.

Joe McCain Would Love to Be an Ant
Image: Gov Gab, US Government Blog Joe McCain, brother of the ex-presidential candidate, hates traffic. So much so, in fact, that he called a 911

Schoolkids to Study Bugs in Space
When the space shuttle Endeavor launches from Florida later today, it will be carrying more than astronauts. A payload of spiders and butterflies are heading to

College Students Doing Their Part to Save Hemlocks
Students from Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina headed into the woods with a mission - to save 1,000 hemlock trees from the deadly hemlock woolly

Budget Cuts Sting Entomologists
In this rough economy, everyone is cutting back on spending. Unfortunately, university entomology programs often take a big financial hit when times are lean.

"Airport Malaria" a Real Risk
Well, here's a scary little tidbit to ponder. People living in North America and Europe should be concerned about contracting malaria, according to a new report

Denver Beekeepers No Longer Criminals
The Denver City Council passed a honey of an ordinance last week, allowing hobbyist beekeepers to do just that - keep their bees. The new rule allows residents

Earthwatch Volunteers on the Hunt for Caterpillars
Daily headlines about climate change call our attention to polar bears, migrating songbirds, and coral reefs. Nobody seems worried about caterpillars. Could

But Did the Roaches Survive?
Deborah Dean of Dekalb County, Georgia was looking forward to Thanksgiving. Her holiday preparations were coming along. The turkey and trimmings were in the

What I Really Ate this Thanksgiving
I've been a vegetarian for nearly 15 years, so it's been a long time since I said pass the turkey on Thanksgiving. The truth, though, is that every bite of my

What's This Bug?
A reader recently sent me this photo of a mysterious insect found in his daughter's bathroom. This odd-looking insect appeared in a bathtub.Photo:

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?
I don't care much for cold weather, but there is one nice thing about being outdoors in winter - no mosquitoes! Once temperatures drop, those pesky bloodsuckers

China Executes Ant-Breeding Conman
Chinese officials executed Wang Zhendong, a conman who bilked investors out of over $400 million. Over 10,000 people gave Wang money to start an ant-breeding

Bugs in Live Christmas Trees? Bah Humbug!
If you're considering buying a live or fresh cut Christmas tree this holiday season, you've probably done your homework. You've researched which kind stays the

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite
Good night, sleep tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite. As I child, I happily repeated this merry rhyme, thinking bed bugs were as real as the bogey man. Bed

Termites Inflict Lethal Head Butts on Nest Invaders
The Panamanian termite, Termes panamensis, fights off nest invaders with a lethal blow to the head. Researchers found the tenacious termite soldiers possess the

Bug Smugglers Nabbed in Peru
According to the Calgary Herald, three bug smugglers were recently caught trying to sneak 8,000 dead insects out of Peru. The suspects hid the bugs in plastic

Wisconsin Town Headed for Disaster
People in Wisconsin are on high alert for a devastating insect pest, the emerald ash borer. Some areas of the state have already lost their ash trees to the

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Dead Honey Bees
A few weeks ago, a friend forwarded an email to me that really made me mad. The email, which quickly went viral and arrived in inboxes all over the world,

Ethanol's Dirty Little Secret
Ethanol, a biofuel touted by some as a clean, renewable energy source, has a dirty little secret according to scientists at Michigan State University. The

The Eensy, Weensy Spider Gets the Girls
Conventional wisdom says the bigger, stronger guy wins the girl, while the 98-pound weakling gets a face full of sand. Not quite true for spiders, says Michael

Wordless Wednesday - Pine Beetle Damage Visible from Space
Around the turn of the twenty-first century, a combination of factors, including fire suppression and climate change, allowed mountain pine beetles to destroy

Nevada Schoolkids to Pick Official State Insect
Some fourth graders in Nevada noticed their state was missing something - an official state insect. Nevada is one of only nine states that lack a bug mascot.

Mosquitoes No Match for U.S. Marines in Uniform
Since 1991, U.S. military uniforms have been treated with the insecticide permethrin to protect troops from disease-carrying mosquitoes. Still, with so many

Locusts Play Hide and Seek with Predators
Locusts have long puzzled scientists. Why would an insect live a seemingly solitary existence one day, and then quite suddenly join with millions of locust

Family's Pet Tarantula Kidnapped
A family in Bristol, England is pleading for the safe return of their family pet. Their Chilean rose tarantula, 'Arry, was abducted by burglars who also made

The Poop on Poop
Last year, we had a major population of gypsy moth caterpillars in my town. At the peak of their leaf munching, I could stand in my backyard and hear the

California's Border War Against Bugs
The American southwest has a certain appeal to a native of New Jersey. Those wide open roads, sans tolls or traffic, impart a real sense of freedom when you're

What's Hiding in Your Grapes?
I've noticed a somewhat startling trend as I scan the breaking insect news headlines every day. Black widow spiders seem to be turning up in bunches of grapes

Bug of the Week - January 7, 2009
This week, I'm launching a new feature on About Insects. On Wednesdays, I'll post a photo of a mystery bug - the bug of the week. Along with the photo, I'll

Beware of Mattresses
I'm in the market for a new mattress. I can't stand rolling into the crevasse of a dent in my bed anymore. Hoping to find a good deal, I Googled around the term