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Christmas Tree Watering Systems
Find out what's new for watering a Christmas tree. These systems make it easier than ever.

Faux Finishes
Start here in your search for websites with faux finish techniques. Get instructions, photos, projects, tips, tools, and materials, and learn more about dozens of faux painting styles.

Faux Project Sites
Browse these websites that offer lots of faux techniques and project ideas. You'll find everything from simple sponge projects to spattering, aging, metallic looks, faux marble, and more.

Faux Spattering Techniques
These links will teach you how to create a spattering look for walls and furniture.

Faux Stamping Techniques
Find projects for wall decor using stamps.

Faux Stone, Stucco, and Tile
Learn how to create faux stone, stucco, or tile with these free tutorials and online faux finishing guides.

Striping Techniques for Walls
Learn how to create striped wall treatments with paint.

Faux Wall Words
See the writing on the wall with these paint projects to apply words to walls.

Linen Care and Display
Get care tips for sheets, towels, blankets. Also, some links about displaying quilts, caring for antique linens, and more.

Metallic Leafing Tips and Techniques
Find sources and information for using gold, silver, and metal leaf in home decorating.

Furniture for Outdoor Living Spaces
When the weather warms up, it's time to move outdoors. Find information here about furniture styles and manufacturers who offer furniture pieces to make your outdoor living space beautiful and comfortable.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets
Do you want to update the look of your kitchen by painting the cabinets? Use these sites with information, tips, and project how-tos.

How to Paint Over Paneling
Learn how to paint over wall paneling with these project ideas and tips.

Rag Rolling Faux Painting Technique
Are you confused about faux paint techniques? Find out how to do rag rolling, what you need, how long it takes, and what it will look like. Then practice to do it yourself!

Christmas Tree Stands
Setting up a Christmas tree just might be easier with one of the new generation of stands. Read and compare before you buy.

Kitchen Appliance Manufacturers
Looking for new kitchen appliances? Get helpful consumer information with links to manufacturer websites, product comparisons, and advice on kitchen appliance features and benefits.

Bathroom Fixture Basics
Browse the sites here to learn about selecting fixtures for your bathroom remodeling or redecorating project.

Bathroom Sinks
Bathroom sinks come in many styles, sizes, and materials. The information here will present companies that manufacture bathroom sinks and help you decide which type and style is best for your bathroom.

Bathroom Tubs and Showers
Whether you're looking for a quick shower or a relaxing, soaking bath, the style of fixtures you select will play an important role in setting the tone for your bathroom. Find information here to help you select the best bathtub and shower for your new bathroom.

Cabinet Basics
There are many options available in kitchen and bath cabinets including style, size, finish, and storage accessories. Find basic information about what to look for and how to select the cabinets that will help to transform your bathroom or kitchen.

Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Manufacturers
Follow these links to kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers' websites, with information on styles, colors, woods, finishes, installation tips, and options.

Caring for Bath Linens
Get good advice on caring for your fine bath linens to help them look great and last longer.

Kitchen Appliance Selection Basics
In the market for kitchen appliances? Read helpful consumer information, see product comparisons, and get advice about purchasing appliances.

Christmas Tree Sources on the Web
Looking for Christmas trees, garlands, swags, or holiday wreaths? Shop in the comfort of your own home.

Granite Countertops
Granite has recently become the material of choice for homeowners remodeling their kitchens. Granite is both durable and beautiful, but it requires regular maintenance and comes in a limited number of colors. Read here about using granite in kitchens, why so many people are choosing it, and how it might have a place in your new kitchen.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths
Order artificial Christmas wreaths from the sites here. You'll be amazed how many styles, sizes, and themed wreaths are available. And they'll last from year to year.

Fresh Christmas Wreaths
There's really nothing more wonderful than the fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree or Christmas wreath in your home through the holiday season. Find wreaths from fir, balsam, and holly at these sites.

Kitchen Countertops- Laminates
Laminated kitchen countertops have been used in homes for many years. They are inexpensive, clean easily and are easy to install. Though they've been surpassed by more trendy products, this classic remains the product of choice for the budget-minded homeowner. Learn the characteristics and installation options of laminated products and decide if they're your choice.

Sources for Bath Linens
You don't have to settle for plain white towels if you don't want to. Use these retail and online sources to find just the look you long for.

Kitchen Countertops- Tile
Tile is heatproof, scratch resistant, long lasting, and relatively inexpensive. Even the average, handy homeowner can install it, saving a lot of labor. See the sources here for information about ceramic tile, its uses, the pros and cons, and sources for buying them for your home.

Wedding Floral Tips
Learn more about wedding flowers on these sites. Get advice on choosing a florist, bouquet photos, and sources for silk bouquets.

Bed Headboard Projects and Sources
Looking for headboard options? Browse these links to online source to purchase a headboard.

Cabinet Hardware Sources on the Net
Looking for the finishing touch of cabinet hardware for kitchen, bath, or furniture? Here are some wonderful sources. Browse online to find just the right handle or knob.

Countertops for Period Homes
If you own a classic period home or just want to give your home that look, you'll find the resources here helpful. They'll guide you to companies that create countertops for vintage homes.

Engineered Stone Countertops
Combining the functionality and durability of solid stone and the flexibility and practicality of manmade materials, engineered stone countertops might be a good solution for your counter needs. Read about engineered countertops and find manufacturers of products.

Glass Countertops
Yes, Glass! Amazing but true. Glass has the toughness of a construction-grade material, but can be incredibly dramatic with textures, designs and backlighting.

Headboard Projects
Want something unique for a bed's headboard? Browse these ideas and projects that you can make yourself.

Installing Kitchen Cabinets
You'll find lots of help for online help for kitchen cabinet installations.

Kitchen Cabinets for Period Homes
Find sources for cabinets that are a good fit for period style homes.

Kitchen Countertops - Concrete
Get lots of information about selecting, designing, decorating, and installing concrete countertops in your home.

Kitchen Countertops - Natural Stone
If you love the look of marble or granite, you'll want to browse these sites for information about natural stone countertops for kitchens.

Kitchen Countertops - Soapstone
Learn about soapstone countertops and sinks.

Kitchen Countertops - Stainless Steel
Get information about using stainless steel kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Countertops - Butcher Block and Wood
Find links to sources for butcher block and wood countertops for kitchens.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers
Many companies manufacture stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets for the kitchen. Find information about some of the companies, the options they offer, and where to purchase their products.

Solid Surface Countertops
Solid surface countertops are durable, easy to clean, come in many colors, and are water resistant. But they're also vulnerable to scratches, easily discolored by heat, and quite expensive. Read here for details you should know, see installations, and find if solid surface countertops are for you.

Sources for Bed Linens, Pillows, Sheets, and Comforters
Are you shopping for bed linens? Use these informational sites to get buying tip for pillows, bedding, sheets, linens, comforters, and more. Also some great shopping resources.

How to Choose a Mattress and Beds
Learn about choosing the perfect bed -- how they are made and which one may be right for you, including info on construction and mechanisms of sofa beds, mattress options, and bed sizes.

Care for Bed Linens
With proper care, bed linens can last for years and give good service. Read how to take care of bed linens from these sources.

Care for Table Linens
Beautiful table linens can last generations if they're cared for properly. Get tips and help on caring for linens so they'll look beautiful for years.

Caring for Tableware, China, and Crystal
Find several good links regarding caring for tableware, including china, crystal, and flatware, as well as tips on storage, cleaning, and maintaining the good looks of all your tabletop items.

Tabletop Replacement Services
If you have a broken piece of china, or find you're missing a fork from your set of sterling, these online Tabletop Replacement Services can help. They will help you locate discontinued or hard-to-find tableware pieces, repair items, and find pattern matches for china, crystal, and flatware.

Bunk Beds and Loft Beds
Find online sources for kids bunk beds and loft style beds for teens, many with storage areas underneath. These beds are great for any room that's just too small for a regular bed.

Luxury Bed Linens
You'll never know what you've been missing until you sleep one night on luxurious bed linens. Try these sources for luxurious bedding including high thread count sheets.

Picture Frames
Family photos and portraits, works of art, and mementos look beautiful when properly framed. The companies here offer a range of prices, quality, and decorative elements for any interior.

Platform Beds
For a contemporary, simple look in your bedroom, you might want to see about a platform bed. Check out sites where you can buy platform beds.

Products for Cleaning and Polishing Silver
Proper cleaning and polishing of silver pieces requires the use of the finest cleaning products. The sources here will give information about silver cleaning products.

Silver Repair, Replating, and Restoration
When you need to have silver pieces repaired, these sites will guide you to professional silver restoration companies.

Silver Storage Tips and Products
Use these sources to find products to keep silver pieces from tarnishing.

Projects to Make Your Own Table Linens
Links to projects and sources for table runners, placemats, napkins, and tablecloths.

Tabletop Manufacturers
If you can't find a china or crystal pattern you can fall in love with, you might want to visit the sites of tableware manufacturers. You can view their online collections and see both their traditional and newest patterns of china, crystal, and flatware.

Sources for China and Crystal
These online sources will help you find pottery, fine china, crystal, glassware, and casual dinnerware for your table.

Winterizing Beds
Live in a cold climate? Find tips and products to help warm up your bed for the winter.

Leather Furniture Cleaning and Care
Tips on cleaning and caring for your expensive leather upholstered furniture. Helpful information on cleaning, stain removal suggestions for leather upholstery.

Contemporary Furniture Sources
Look here to find contemporary furniture sources, both online and offline. See hot styles, current product lines, unusual furniture, accessories, and gifts with a modern, contemporary flair.

Eclectic Furniture Sources
Online sites with a variety of eclectic furniture styles, accessories, and furnishings. Find painted furnishings, unusual lamps, romantic cottage designs, custom made and non-traditional furnishings.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - C
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - F - G
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - H - I
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - J - K
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - L - M
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - N - O - P
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - Q - R
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - S
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - T- U - V
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - W - X - Y - Z
Visit the websites of these furniture manufacturing companies.

Silver Polishing How-To's and Tips
At these sites, learn more about polishing silver and find sources for products to polish and store silver.

Caring for Silver Flatware and Holloware
The archives of some of the world's premier silver collections offer information on silver care.

Sources for Table Linens
A beautifully set table can be irresistible and breathtaking. Links on this page will help you find tablecloths, napkins, and placemats of all types and sizes for everyday use or special occasions.

Traditional Furniture Sources
If you're looking for traditional furniture, find many of the current furniture manufacturers' websites to see their current lines, seasonal styles, and more.

Coat Trees, Racks, and Stands
Looking for a unique coat tree for your entry or bedroom? Here are some online sources with unusual choices for many styles of decor.

Folding Screens and Room Dividers
Folding screens are a great way to finish off a corner, screen a storage area, or add a bit of privacy. Explore screen projects and ideas, and get sources to buy decorative room dividers.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - A
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - B
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Furniture Manufacturing Companies - D - E
Visit the websites of furniture manufacturing companies.

Hardwood Manufacturers
These links will take you to the websites of manufacturers of hardwood and softwood flooring.

Basic Information on Laminate Floors
Read up on features, benefits, cleaning and care, and more for laminate flooring.

Floating Glued Laminate Flooring
This list will direct you to the websites of manufactures of floating glued laminated flooring.

Floating Glueless Laminate Flooring
Find manufacturer websites with product information for floating glueless laminated floors.

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips
Get how-tos, tutorials, and basic technique tips for the do-it-yourselfer in these laminate flooring installation links.

Laminate Flooring Manufacturers
These sites will give you information and sources for specific brands of laminate flooring.

Outdoor Furniture Projects, Sources, Ideas
Looking for ideas in garden furniture? Check out this page of links to projects, ideas, and sources for outdoor furniture, arbors, and seating. Then make some lemonade and enjoy your yard!

Radiator Cover Sites on the Net
Find out where to purchase custom made Radiator Covers on the net.

Wallpaper Removal and Repair
Do you need to know how to remove wallpaper? Find some great tips from the net, including how to repair worn paper and the best ways to remove wallpaper.

Wallpaper Hanging Instructions and Tips
Do you need help with your wallpaper project? Take a look at these great online tutorials for wallcoverings and border papers. See how-tos, tips, and instructions. If you don't know where to start, how to paper a corner, or how to get wallpaper in a tight spot, these are the links for you!

Wallpaper Schools and Associations
Find links to the Wallcovering Association, National Guild of Professional Paper Hangers, and American School of Paperhanging Arts.

Wool Carpeting
Wool carpeting is regarded as

Articles on Wall Treatments
You'll find articles about wall treatment ideas, including paint tips, stencil ideas, and unusual and inexpensive projects.

Ceiling Fan Manufacturers
These links will take you to the websites of various ceiling fan manufacturers for tips, product information, and retail outlets.

Wallpaper Estimating
Online wallpaper estimators, measuring tips, and how to figure out quantities of wallpaper or borders.

Faux Techniques and Projects Library
Start here in your search for websites with faux finish techniques. Get instructions, photos, projects, tips, tools, and materials, and learn everything you need to know for dozens of faux painting styles.

Furniture Manufacturers A - Z
Are you shopping for furniture? See useful information on construction, materials, features, and what to look for. View manufacturers' collections, leather furniture, rustic styles, formal rooms, and upholstered sofas. Get tips on cleaning and caring for all types of furniture.

Guides to Buying Paint
Get advice and information about interior paints, before you buy.

Paint Color
Here's where to look for color inspiration and information. Learn about the color wheel, how to combine colors, selecting colors, and how they affect moods.

Painting How Tos and Tutorials
When you have a paint project looming, start with these good how-to classes online. Learn about tools, preparation, painting tips, what order to paint, clean up and storage.

Interior Painting- Tips for Interior Painting
Find tips on this page for painting interior surfaces, from ceramic tile to tile, walls and floors and ballusters.

Painting With Stencils
If you're not a great artist, you can use stencils to create interesting, whimsical, and beautiful designs on furniture, your walls, or ceiling. Use our resources to find materials, patterns, and painting techniques for stencil painting.

Paint Manufacturer Websites
These Paint Manufacturer websites are packed with great information, tips, and projects for your home. See decorating ideas, troubleshoot paint problems, and find faux painting techniques. A good place to look for lots of paint inspiration!

Paint Projects for Kids Rooms
Find projects and ideas for painting furniture and walls for a lucky child's room.

TV Cabinet Options
Would you like to hide your TV? Take a look at these ideas, projects, furniture pieces, and high tech equipment -- all designed to disguise a television screen.

Vintage Wallcoverings
Find information and sources for vintage wallpapers.

Wallpaper Basics
Are you new to wallpaper? Learn more about it with these links to pages with tips on choosing paper, types of papers available, common printing methods, etc.

Wallpaper Cleaning Tips
Get advice on cleaning and repairing stained or damaged wallpaper.

Wallpaper Decorating Ideas
A great source for home decor ideas on decorating with wallpaper, including information and projects on using wallpaper, border paper, choosing colors, tips on hanging, photo murals, antiquing, fabric panels, starched fabric wallpaper, and more. Take a look!

Wallpaper Manufacturers
See the latest wallpaper collections on these manufacturer websites. Many also have tips, instructions, projects, decorating advice, and online shopping. So, sit back, relax, and look at wallpaper without lifting those heavy books!

Antique Sources and Links
You'll find lots of info on antiques and collecting. Get tips on starting a collection, cleaning antiques, and shopping. Learn how to value a piece and get some online shopping sources. Take a peek!

Antique Valuations
Are you eager to research an antique or find out more about its value? These sources can assist.

Auction Links and Information
Your guide to online auctions, auction houses, and individual auction sites. Learn about auctions and the terminology used. Find out where to buy home decor items at auction on the net.

Beds and Mattresses
If you're looking for a new mattress set, you'll find good information at these manufacturer websites.

Celebrity Furniture Collections
See furniture collections designed or inspired by celebrities, designers, writers, supermodels, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furniture
When you're ready to buy a piece of furniture, all the options on the market may seem a bit daunting. Click here to find answers to some frequently asked questions about furniture construction, style, quality, and use.

Furniture Construction Information
Learn about the construction of furniture, including materials, features, and what to look for when purchasing. Lots of good information for consumers and home decorators. Free!

Furniture Refinishing
There's lots of help on the net for your furniture refinishing project. Get tips, techniques, and step-by-step info here.

Styles of Furniture for Home Interiors
Whether you like contemporary or traditional, formal or rustic, these net sources have info on furniture styles for home decor.

Leather Furniture
Here are some of the many online sources for leather furniture.

Shutters are a traditional and popular alternative to shades and blinds. See these online sources for shutters.

Furniture Slipcovers
If the frame of a piece of upholstered furniture is good but the fabric just doesn't fit into your new decor, you may consider making a slipcover rather than upholstering. You'll find information and advice on choosing and using slipcovers on furniture, online tutorials on making your own and, sources to purchase ready-made and semi-custom slipcovers.

Upholstered Furniture Cleaning and Care
If you use your furniture at all, you'll want to know how to best clean and care for it. Find helpful information and advice on cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, removing stains, and rotating cushions.

Draperies and Curtains
Learn about draperies and curtains, including window covering terminology, tips on window covering styles, and some suggestions for problem windows.

Window Treatment Hardware
Learn about drapery rods, finials, and window hardware and find resources for suppliers.

Wood Furniture Cleaning and Care
Caring for and preserving your fine wood furniture is not as difficult as it may seem. You'll find information here on wood furniture repair techniques, and suggestions on how to deal with cracks, scratches, butn marks paint marks, and wax.

Accessories: Baskets and Containers
Simple or elaborate baskets can add texture and dimension to your decor. Find online sources for baskets and containers used in home decorating, as well as projects to decorate using them.

Candles and Candleholders
Whether traditional or decorative, lit or unlit, candles add a wonderful mood to your room. Placed on a dining room table or the bath, they bring a glow and warmth to any space. Find resources here for decorative, artistic, scented, and traditional candle tapers.

Decorating With Clocks
Clocks are meant to be functional but they can add an interesting look, shape, and pattern to your shelves or desk. Find sources here for buying and decorating with clocks.

Mirrors and Frames
Whether for showcasing artwork or reflecting light, mirrors and frames are an important element in home decor. Use these sources to find creative ways to use mirrors, frames, and photographs in your home decorating.

Online Sources for Accessories for Your Home
You'll find online shopping sources for unusual accessory pieces for the home. Start here for some great sources for clocks, boxes, trays, mirrors, shelves, jars, wreaths, lamps, rugs, candles, and much more!

Architectural Salvage as a Decorative Element
Anyone who treasures old building parts, including windows, doors, mantels, columns, and shelving, will love finding these net sources. Use them to find resources for adding these interesting and historic pieces to your home decor.

Choosing and Using Color
You'll find facts about choosing and using color, including color-wrapping, bold backdrops, and using color in furniture. Tips on coordinating a color scheme are included.

Window Covering Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Sources
Use these links to window covering manufacturer websites where you'll fine information on many types of window products, measuring tips, style info, installation instructions, and lists of dealers.

How to Hold It Up
Looking for products to help hold, secure, or tack up home decorating items? Try these!

Picture Lights
Sources for specialty light fixtures that attach to artwork.

Pillows as Accents in Home Decor
Decorative pillows bring color, pattern, shape, and texture to home decor. Find ideas here for using decorative pillows in almost every room of your home and sources for designs, make-it-yourself projects, and uses of pillows throughout your home.

Plate Display Racks, Wires, and Stands
Plates are a wonderful way to decorate a room. Use these links to find display tips and sources for plate hanging wires and stands.

Silver in Your Home
At this site, you'll find links on learning to polish silver flatware and serving pieces properly, sources for polishing and storing silver, and lists of replaters who can repair silver flatware and holloware.

Valances and Cornice Boards
See links to do-it-yourself projects for making valances and cornice boards for your home, and find easy window treatments and step-by-step instructions and photos.

Window Blinds
Here's good info on choosing window blinds. Learn how to clean blinds, and see the latest manufacturer's collections of colors and styles, many with online ordering.

Window Covering Solutions for Your Home
Do you have a problem window and don't know how to cover it? Perhaps a bay window, sliding glass door, or large expanse of glass? Start here to see some clever solutions from all over the net...

Decorating a Boy's Room
You'll find lots of decorating links with ideas for a boy's room, including projects, display ideas, paint, themes, and creative ideas for special spaces. Who said a boy's room has to be boring?

Childproofing and Home Safety
Visit these links to childproofing and home safety tips, including lead paint warnings, product safety, window cord hazards, and holiday tips.

Childrens Rugs
Browse colorful choices in area rugs for kids rooms with these fun sources.

Color Resources and Associations
Who picks the shade of blue that turns up on everything from wastebaskets to toasters? Find out more about color associations and how color trends are researched and forecast.

Color Ideas for Home Decor
Are you planning a room redo but don't know where to start? These links to information on using color in decorating will help you focus your ideas. See photos, links, trends, and information for the first time decorator.

Color Quizzes
Take these entertaining online quizzes about using color in decorating.

Design Basics: Color Wheel
Learn how to use a color wheel and get information about color combinations and theory.

Family Rooms and Great Rooms
Family Rooms should be the warmest, most inviting room of the house. See these online photos of family rooms that will get you inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions About Color
Learn the difference between warm and cool, primary and secondary, monochromatic and analogous.

Decorating a Girl's Room
Decorate a girl's room with these paint ideas, themes, and creative projects. Get inspired!

Basic Information on Children's Rooms
Decorate a a terrific kids room with these planning and organizing tips.

Storage and Shelving for Children's Rooms
Get closet organizing products and tips especially for kids rooms.

Great Kids' Room Product Sources
Rooms for children have a character all their own, and should reflect the likes and dislikes of the occupant. Check out these sites with products, furnishings, and decorating ideas for the room for that special little one.

Decorating Children's Rooms
This is a one-stop index to lots of ideas for children's bedrooms with paint projects, furnishings, luxury furnishings, and ideas for decorating on a budget.

Furniture for Children's Rooms
Use these online sources for furniture for children's rooms, beds and bedding, storage solutions, toy chests, cabinets, and more.

Paint Projects for Kids Rooms
Find projects and ideas for painting furniture for a childs room.

All About Bedding
Even the most comfortable and perfect bed is not complete without good bed linens. This site will educate you on terminology used in bedding, guide you to sources for standard and luxurious bed linens, and give information on fabrics and materials used in bed linens.

Ideas for Decorating Bedrooms
See photos of beautiful bedrooms and get ideas for decorating bedrooms with furniture, floorplans, accessories, and lighting.

Bedroom Photos Decorating Inspirations
Links to photographs of some of our favorite bedrooms on the net. Get design ideas, color inspiration, or just browse for style and furniture tips. Fun!

Bedroom Projects
Bedroom projects you can do yourself to enhance your decor. Learn how to make a duvet cover, dust ruffle, pillow sham, and headboard.

Home Sewing Projects for the Bedroom
Instructions for lots of home sewing projects for the bedroom including tablecloths, duvet covers, runners, pillows, shams, bedskirts, and more.

Learn about choosing a chandelier, how to size it to your room, and tips on installing a chandelier.

China and Crystal
A beautifully set table creates a special feeling at meal time. With either whimsical or elegant china and glassware, your table will welcome your family and friends to a time together. With the resources here, you'll learn how to set a table, choose the correct pieces for your needs, care for your china pieces and crystal, and locate loads of patterns you might not see in your local stores.

Dining Room Furniture
Read about dining room furniture, including dining chairs, dining tables, buffets, hutches, and servers.

Dining Table Bases
Online sources for Dining Table bases including urns, columns, pedestals, and more.

Guest Rooms
Great guest rooms are in the details. Learn about creating a wonderful place for guests to stay in your home.

Kitchen Accessories
Browse this free information about drawer divider systems, recycling containers, and lots of other items for kitchens.

Kitchen Counters
The kitchen countertops will be like the stage for all the productions in your new kitchen. Everything you work on will rest on the counters and there are many products, styles, and colors to choose from. Read here for information about counter products, how to decide what's best for you, and manufacturers.

Napkin Folding Instructions
Find several good links regarding caring for tableware, including china, crystal, and flatware, as well as tips on storage, cleaning, and maintaining the good looks of all your tabletop items.

Silverware and Flatware
Whether you're setting a casual table for a family picnic or a formal table for a special occasion, you'll need the right silverware and flatware. The links here will help you choose the correct pieces, place them properly on the table, and offer ways to care for your pieces properly.

Table Etiquette
Use the resources here for information on the proper way to be at the dining table under formal or informal situations. Knowing the right fork to use for the lobster or the correct spoon for clear soup will help you feel comfortable in even the most formal and challenging of settings.

Table Linens
To create a truly memorable dining table, table linens are a must. The resources here will guide you to sites where you can purchase linens, advise on using different fabrics on the table, and information on the proper way to care for table linens.

Bathroom Fixtures
Bath fixtures perform the functions for which a bathroom is built. Find advise on selecting fixtures, articles on quality and design, and information on companies that manufacture bath fixtures for use in your home.

Bathroom Hardward
The bath hardware you use will be like jewelry for your bath. Read here about faucets, showerheads, towel racks, and medicine cabinets, shower enclosures, and cabinet knobs for use in your bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting
These sources will help you learn about options for lighting a bathroom, whether you're building or remodeling a bathroom.

Linens for the Bath
Cozy, plush towels and a thick robe are a joy to find when you get out of the shower. Read here for sources and information about linen products for the bath.

Sources for Products for Bathrooms
Find great products for Bathrooms online! Select shower curtains, storage containers, organizing tools and more, from a variety of major onine retailers.

Bathroom Cabinets
Remodeling a bathroom will undoubtedly include cabinets for storage and architectural detail. Read here for information on selecting cabinets, storage options, and cabinet manufacturers.

Bathroom Decorating and Makeovers
You'll find ideas here for transforming your bathroom into a practical, beautiful space. Articles and online sources will give you inspiration and guidance.

Bathroom Tile
Tile for bathrooms comes in all shapes and sizes, all patterns and textures. Read here for information about using tile in the bathroom, planning for the purchase, and using it to achieve the look you want.

Bathroom Planning and Design
Bathroom remodeling or decorating offers many options for design, style, fixtures, and use of space. Read here to learn what you should think about as you plan, learn where you can get information and products, and find inspiration for your new bathroom.

Kids' Bathrooms
If you're planning to decorate a kid's bathroom, you'll find have inspiration, sources, and ideas on these sites!

Kitchen Appliances
Appliances will do the real work in your kitchen. Read here about manufacturers of appliances, features you should look for, and how to decide what you'll need in your new kitchen.

Kitchen Faucets
See what's new in kitchen faucets at these online sites with product information.

Kitchen Flooring
Learn more about kitchen flooring options and find sites where you can compare features and costs.

Kitchen Planning
Before you even start to look for appliances or cabinets, you need to think about your project, set a budget, and decide on a style. The information here will guide you to some of the questions you should ask yourself and help you find the answers.

Kitchen Sinks
Looking for a kitchen sink? Visit these sites learn about sinks, to see what's on the market, and to learn the newest trends in sinks.

Small Space Bathroom Tips
Find helpful ideas to make small bathrooms look just a bit bigger.

Furniture for Babies
Use these sources on the net for furniture and cribs for baby nurseries and children's rooms. Many sites also offer advice, checklists, organizing tips, clothing suggestions, and other helpful information.

Decorating Baby Rooms
Here's the fun part! A variety of creative decorating ideas for baby nurseries and childrens rooms, including budget ideas as well as luxurious choices. Any mom or grandmom will have fun looking through this page.

Baby Room Theme Ideas
Are you looking for a theme for your baby nursery? These net links have photos, tips, and ideas to get you started!

Basic Information on Baby Rooms
All of the basic information you'll need about planning and decorating baby nurseries and childrens rooms, including checklists and tips, and sources for product comparisons of baby products.

Dorm Decor Ideas
Decorating a dorm room with these helpful tips, ideas, and how-tos especially for college students.

Dorm Furniture
Heading back to college? Find sources for bedding, lamps, storage solutions, furnishings, rugs, and more.

Ergonomics for Home Offices
Learn what ergonomics is and how to select office chairs designed for maximum ergonomic benefit.

Home Theater Articles on Room Design and Equipment
Browse these online magazine articles on home theater room design and find out more about home theatre equipment and systems.

Home Theater Furnishings
Find sources, articles, and advice on furnishing a home theatre.

Home Theater Movie Posters
Decorate a home theater with movie posters from some of these net sources.

Home Theater Seating
Use these links to find sources for home theater seating.

Home Theater Products Buying Guides and Advice
Use these links to find buying advice and guidance before you go shopping for home theater products.

Closets and Storage in Baby Rooms
Links to information on closets and shelving in baby nurseries and childrens rooms. How to organize storage with lots of practical ideas.

Home Office Photos
If you don't know what you want for home office decor, these photos may help. See before and after pictures of a bedroom converted to an office, creating workspace from stock cabinets and shelves, and much more.

Home Office Space Planning
If you're planning a new home office, these links on space planning and furniture arrangements will help you design a wonderful, workable space.

Basics of Planning a Home Office
What do you need to know before you plan a home office? Find out the basic considerations, needs, solutions, and equipment. Also get design ideas, furniture arranging help, and more!

Vintage Bathroom Fixtures
If you're the owner of an historic home and want to preserve the authenticity of the look in all elements, you'll find the information here helpful. These sites offer resources for vintage bath fixtures that will enhance your vintage home.

Baby Safety
Essential information for new parents regarding babyproofing, childproofing, and home safety issues in baby nurseries and childrens rooms. Don't miss reading these important guidelines and tips.

Color Washing Techniques
Find out how to color wash your walls with these instructional sites. Tips, decorating ideas, lists of materials, and how-tos are all here.

Dorm Room Accessories
Find decorative and functional items for your dorm room at these online sources.

Faux Cloud Techniques
Faux clouds and blue sky are a popular look for kitchens, great rooms, and children's rooms. Find some great projects from all over the net to paint your own blue sky with clouds.

Other Faux Finishes
Start here in your search for websites with faux finish techniques. Get instructions, photos, projects, tips, tools, and materials, and learn more about dozens of faux painting styles.

Metallic Paint Finishes
Check out these sites for information and instructions on doing faux metallic finishes.

Sources for Faux Painting Supplies
Start here to find online sources for faux painting supplies and materials.

Faux Stamping Materials and Techniques
Find sources for stamping materials and learn techniques to have a successful painting project.

Faux Stone, Stucco, and Tile
Learn how to create faux stone, stucco, or tile with these free tutorials and online faux finishing guides.

Striping Techniques for Walls
Learn how to create striped wall treatments with paint.

Faux Wall Words
See the writing on the wall with these paint projects to apply words to walls.

Futon Sources
Futons add extra seating and sleeping space to a dorm or first apartment. See these net sources for futons online.

Metallic Leafing Tips and Techniques
Find sources and information for using gold, silver, and metal leaf in home decorating.

Rag Rolling Faux Painting Technique
Are you confused about faux paint techniques? Find out how to do rag rolling, what you need, how long it takes, and what it will look like. Then practice to do it yourself!

Rustic Furniture and Accessories to Make Yourself
Part of the appeal of a rustic decor is the rough, unfinished look of it. Find instructions and ideas here for rustic style do-it-yourself furniture and accessories. See how to make country style pillows and lamps, faux paint walls and chairs, make a twig trellis, and more.

Rustic Casual and Cabin Furniture, Furnishings, and Lighting
Cabin furniture, furnishings, and lighting sources for rustic, log, and twig furniture. Great online shopping sources, and links to decorating resources on the net.

Sponging Faux Painting Technique
If you'd like some online instructions on sponge painting, then this is the place to start. Find links to helpful tutorials, photos, and how-tos, along with tips and tricks on sponging.

Acid Free Supplies for Storage in Your Home
Use these online sources to find acid-free papers and supplies for storing items in your home.

Acid Free Supplies for Storage in Your Home
Use these online sources to find acid-free papers and supplies for storing items in your home.

Caring for Household Linens
Whether you are just setting up your home and have just the number of towels and sets of bedding you need, or are a linen collector with drawers of treasured piece, you'll find our tips for caring for house hold linens helpful.

Leather Furniture Cleaning and Care
Tips on cleaning and caring for your expensive leather upholstered furniture. Helpful information on cleaning, stain removal suggestions for leather upholstery.

Washing Windows
Washing windows can be a thankless job. Or it can help bring light and sparkle into your home. Read here for tips, techniques, and tools to help make washing windows easier.

Cleaning Like a Pro
Would you like to know more about cleaning so you can get the job done faster? Find out how the pros clean and learn their strategies for efficiency, schedules, maintenance and more.

Home Staging
There are lots of ways you can get your home ready to sell. Read about how to

Make Your Own Curtains and Valances
Lots of easy home sewing projects and instructions here. Find out how to make curtains, shades, and valances from net sites providing tips, materials lists, and sewing guides.

Moving Supply Sources Online
Use these sources to have boxes, bubble wrap, tape, stretch wrap, strapping and more sent directly to your home.

Household Moving and Packing
Moving soon? Here are links to helpful information on household moving, organizing, and packing. Get tips, instructions, checklists, helpful tools and estimators, scheduling ideas, and lots more. All free facts and sites to help plan a smooth move.

Basics of Sewing for the Home
Find out more about sewing, how tos, using a computer for creating designs, fabrics, supplies, and more. Then link to projects for the home.

Sewing Projects for the Home
Online instructions for making tableskirts, bolsters, pillows, shower curtains, and many other home sewing projects. See how easy it is to make many of these for a custom look.

Sewing Slipcovers
Would you like to make your own slipcover for a dining chair, ottoman, recliner, or other furniture? Find out how with these tutorials.

Sewing Tablecloths
Tutorials and tips on sewing several styles of tablecloths.

Silver Polishing How-To's and Tips
At these sites, learn more about polishing silver and find sources for products to polish and store silver.

Products for Cleaning and Polishing Silver
Proper cleaning and polishing of silver pieces requires the use of the finest cleaning products. The sources here will give information about silver cleaning products.

Wallpaper Cleaning Tips
Get advice on cleaning and repairing stained or damaged wallpaper.

Christmas Planning
Do you need a little help for the holidays? Use these idea and planning resources to stay organized!

Christmas Tree Sources and Care Tips
Find sources for mail order Christmas trees and information on choosing and watering a fresh Christmas tree.

Ideas for Christmas Craft Projects
Find Christmas craft projects and ideas from all over the internet.

Ideas for Christmas Centerpiece Projects
Find ideas, instructions, and photos of beautiful and fun holiday centerpieces. Create something special for your Christmas table.

Christmas Gift Projects
Nothing seems as special as a personally made gift. Find ideas here to make a special gift for the holidays and choose from lots of fun Christmas gift projects from all over the Net.

Christmas Lights
Are you looking for holiday lights or a pre-lit Christmas tree? Try the many seasonal products available from these sources.

LED Lights for Christmas
Learn about new LED holiday lights that are energy efficient and burn over 100,000 hours.

Christmas Ornament Net Sources
Find everything for holiday decorating on the web with these online sources for ornaments, lights, and decorations!

Christmas Storage Tips
When the holidays are over, look to this site for information on how to store ornaments, lights, and holiday decorations.

Christmas Traditions Around the World
Visit these sites to learn about holiday traditions around the world.

Christmas Wreaths
Wreaths provide beautiful decorations for Christmas doors, tables, and windows. Find resources for natural and artificial wreaths and find projects for making beautiful Christmas wreaths.

Mirrors- Using Mirrors as a Decorative Element in Home Inteiors
Using mirror in home interiors is a way to reflect light, visually enlarge the space, and fill a space that needs interest. Read about using mirrors in home decorating.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Do you need a Thanksgiving centerpiece? This page has links to lots of ideas for floral arrangements and decorations.

Wedding Flowers
Wedding Flowers are so special. If you plan to do your own flowers for the ceremony or reception, or have family members to help, then you'll be interested in these helpful tutorials and links on making bouquets, centerpieces and more.

Advice to Students of Interior Design
Some good basic information on choosing an educational program, professional certifications, an more. Must read links for anyone planning a design career.

Ceiling Fans
Get information on ceiling fans for your home. These sites include product selections, installation tips, fan comparisons, accessories, light fixtures, and remote controls. Learn more here before you buy.

Design Schools
Educational opportunities for students, including listings of schools, accredited programs listed by state, and links to other education information for interior design students.

Non-Professional Distance Learning
Browse information on distance learning alternatives for those desiring only a basic overview of design.

Halloween Costumes
If you're stumped for Halloween costume ideas these sites can help. You'll find sources for costumes for kids, babies, toddlers, and adults. Also accessories, masks, props, and more.

Fun Craft Projects for Halloween
Crafts are especilly fun when you're planning a special occasion. Make something spooky and fun for Halloween!

Great Home Decorating Ideas for Halloween
Plenty of fun links to crafts, tips, and decorating ideas especially for Halloween!

Props for the Perfect Halloween Party
If you're really into Halloween, you'll want to use these sources to find props for your big celebration.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving
These sites offer ideas, patterns, tips, and inspiration on carving unusual and beautiful designs in Halloween pumpkins, many with free patterns and stencils.

The History and Traditions of Halloween
Halloween is the second most popular holiday in the United States for parties, decorating, and celebrating. Find out the history of the holiday from these sources and learn some of the traditions associated with Halloween

Older Home Bathroom Fixtures and Hardware
Find sources for reproduction bathroom fixtures, sinks, cabinets, and hardware.

Old House Building Materials and Parts
Older homes need pieces and parts that will fit into the look of a vintage house. Use these online sources to find fretwork, brackets, moldings, and more.

Online Courses in Decorating
Find an online course in decorating on these websites.

Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces
Moving your living outdoors in good weather can really expand your space. Read here for ideas for outdoor decorating and find products and resources to use outdoors.

Thanksgiving Menu Ideas
These links have some great menu, planning, and cooking ideas for turkey day!

Thanksgiving Decorating Projects
At this site, you'll find wreath how-tos, centerpiece projects, tablesetting ideas, and more. Fun things to get you in the mood for fall...

Thanksgiving Table Settings
A beautiful Thanksgiving table is a must. You'll find ideas and tips on Thanksgiving table settings at this site.

Winterizing Beds
Live in a cold climate? Find tips and products to help warm up your bed for the winter.

Art Sources Online
Fabulous sources for posters and prints online. Whether you like traditional or contemporary art, originals or prints, start here to find something wonderful for your home.

Buying Bed Pillows
Finding the perfect bed pillow is key to a good night's sleep. Get tips on buying and caring for pillow with these links.

Buying Bed Sheets
Confused about thread count, sheet sizes, and mattress depth? Get the scoop from these informational pages about buying sheets.

Buying Mattress Pads
Information, tips, and sources on purchasing a mattress pad for your bed.

Using Fabrics in Decorating
Soft chenille, luxurious silks and velvets, crisp linen or cotton, and interesting synthetic fabrics add color and wonderful feel to any room they adorn. Learn about types of fabrics, find tips on choosing the right kind of fabric for your project, and get instructions on calculating the amount of fabric you'll need for your job.

Fabric Quiz
Test your knowlege of fabrics, fibers, and uses in these fun and educational quizzes from About.

Get tips on adding specific chemicals to a fire to obtain colorful flames.

Fireplace Mantels
Decorating tips and ideas for beautiful fireplaces, mantels, fireplace screens, and even artificial fireplaces.

Learn about Fireplaces
At this site, you'll find sources, dealers, and specifications about fireplaces.

Fireplace Screens
Make your own fireplace screen and find projects to create fireplace screens.

Tips for Shopping at Flea Markets
Love to shop flea markets or are you intimidated by the thought? Learn the tips and techniques to make you a flea market savvy shopper.

Home Fireplaces
Nothing gives off the warmth and ambiance like a glowing, crackling fireplace. Read about having a fireplace in your home and companies that supply components for home fireplaces.

Occasional Furniture and Accent Pieces
Where can you find the occasional furnishings such as coat trees, radiator covers, and table bases? Start with these links and sources.

Older Home Hardware Sources
Where to find reproduction entry door sets, cabinet pulls, hinges, nails, and more.

Older Home Tile and Stone Sources
Find resources for hand crafted tile, stone mantels, plaster ornamentation, and more.

Top Picks Buying Guide
You'll find our recommendations and choices for quality products that you'll use in your home.

Find product reviews, manufacturer websites, and information in these links on vacuums.

How To Arrange Flowers
Have you admired the work of floral designers and wondered how to they do it? See online tutorials and get tips about floral design with these great sources.

Before You Buy Guide for Decorating
It's hard to slow down when you're eager to get started on a decorating project. But the tips here will help you find products of quality, make a smarter purchase, and be happier with your finished product. Read these tips for things to look for before you buy.

Care of Flowers
Find out how to make your fresh, silk, and dried arrangements last longer. Tips on fresh floral bouquets, care and cleaning of silk flowers, and ways to store and maintain cut flowers. Also a the meanings of flowers and list of official state flowers.

Centerpieces Ideas using Minimal Flowers
Here are some quick and easy project for making a centerpiece or tabletop decoration using minimal flowers. See how fruit, vegetables, leaves and other objects can quickly be turned into a beautiful arrangement with these projects and links.

Designer Fabric
Browse these sites for selections and information on designer fabrics. Most are only available through interior designers.

Dried Flower Arrangements, Tips, and Ideas
These links show projects and tips on working with dried flowers to make arrangements.

Fabric Wall Projects for Starched and Shirred Walls
These projects offer tips and instructions on decorating your walls with fabric. Some use starch to attach the cloth while other gather fabric on rods to cover walls or ceilings.

Find an Interior Design Professional
Use these online referral sources to help you find an Interior Design Professional in your area.

Decorating with Flowers
Flowers can bring a room to life! Have you ever noticed that fresh flowers and plants are part of nearly every decorating magazine layout? Find out more about using flowers in decorating here...

Hiring a Professional Interior Designer
How to find and hire a professional interior designer for your project. Includes tips on using designer referral services, working with decorators, fee structures, contracts, and more.

Luxury Bathroom Fixtures
If you're in the mood for a luxurious, state of the art bathroom, why not pamper yourself with these upscale bath fixtures and fittings?

Luxury Furniture Brands
When purchasing furniture, you have to think if it's just for right now or if you'll want to hand it down through the generations. If you want only the best new furniture for your home, these sources may have just what you're looking for.

Luxury Kitchen Appliances
You'll spend a lot on a kitchen remodel. If you're going

Deluxe Kitchen Countertops
Browse through these sources if kitchen countertop materials to find a luxurious choice for your home.

Luxury Contemporary Furniture Sources
If you love modern or contemporary furniture styles, visit these site to see what's new from these manufacturers of high end furniture.

Online Ordering for Flowers
Several terrific sources to order Flowers and plants online. See gifts, vases, cut flowers, plants, candles, gift baskets, flower arrangements, preserved flowers, bouquets, holiday centerpieces, and much more.

Entertaining with Flowers
Get inspiration for using flowers in entertaining by creating a mood or theme, making a focal point with a centerpiece, party planning, and using fruit for a centerpiece.

Ceiling Fans
Get information on ceiling fans for your home. These sites include product selections, installation tips, fan comparisons, accessories, light fixtures, and remote controls. Learn more here before you buy.

Learn about choosing a chandelier, how to size it to your room, and tips on installing a chandelier.

Contemporary Light Fixtures
Shop online for contemporary lamps or light fixtures from Crate and Barrel and other net sources. Find modern clean-line fixtures, track lights, lamps, and desk lighting.

Lamps and Lighting
Proper light fixtures can add a special touch to any area of your home. Read here about selecting lamps, finding the right light fixtures for your space, and companies that offer interesting and creative light fixtures.

Basic Information About Lighting
Learn about the various layers of lighting possiblities, the purpose of each, and tips for proper placement. Read here for lots of information on how lamps, mid-range lighting, picture lighting, uplighting, task lighting, ambient lighting, candles and accent lighting will transform your rooms.

Light Bulbs
Find online sources for specialized and energy efficient light bulbs and information on how to use them.

Lighting Projects
Interested in making some of your own light fixtures or in redoing some tired lamps into something more stylish? Try these fun projects!

Information About Lighting Specific Rooms
Read here for information on the proper placement of light fixtures and how it will enhance the beauty and efficiency of your bathroom, kitchen, and home office. See examples of lighting diagrams and plans.

Luxurious Bed Linens
Snuggle down into a bed fitted with the highest quality of bed linens. Try these sources for luxurious bedding including high thread count sheets.

Deluxe Quality Beds
If you're ready for the sleep experience of your life, review the sources here for deluxe quality beds. Then find their retail outlets and try them out for yourself.

Luxury Kids' Furniture and Furnishings
You don't have to spoil your child with the best products on the market. But if you love quality and original design, use these sources to find luxurious furnishings for a child's room.

Articles on Deluxe Decor for Your Home
If you're looking for luxury products, these articles take a look at some of the finer things in life and will point you in the right direction.

Decorative Molding Sources
Follow these links to online sources for decorative moldings, crown mouldings, wainscotting, and chair rails for the home.

Decorative Molding Tips and Installation Projects
Get tips on installing decorative moldings in your home from these articles and online sources.

Add some interest to plain walls with a wainscot. Use these links to find projects, ideas, and how-tos for several styles of wainscotting.

Alternative Flooring
For non-traditional flooring alternatives, you'll find information here.

Carpeting for Your Home
Start your carpet search with these purchasing tips for carpeting. Read about carpet fibers, scams, and more.

Ceiling Decorating Ideas
Don't think there is anything to do with a plain ceiling? Think again! These links will show you projects, ideas, and photos that will spark your creative juices...

Cleaning and Caring for Your Floors
Get information here on how to care for your carpeting and floors, including cleaning, spot removal, stain solutions and a database of common household stains with treatment suggestions, vacuuming and cleaning tips.

Vinyl Flooring
Read here for information on vinyl floors for the home. Get tips on buying, installation instructions, and more.

Concrete Flooring: Projects, Faux Finishing, and Tips
If you have concrete floors in a basement, porch, or other area of your home, you'll be interested in these links. See how to paint and finish concrete so it looks great!

Fabric For Your Walls
Installing fabric on walls, whether glued or upholstered, gives a wonderful dimension to surfaces and helps to hide blemished walls. Read here for information about wall fabrics and ideas for using them in your home.

Cork Flooring
Visit these websites with information and sources for beautiful, earth-friendly, cork flooring.

Flooring Basics - Information and Tips
Find out more BEFORE you buy. Learn how to choose and compare many types of flooring, including carpeting, rugs, laminate, hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile. Also tips for care and cleaning.

Bamboo Flooring
Yes, Bamboo! Get information here about using this unusual grass for durable and attractive flooring in your home.

Sisal, Coir and Seagrass Floor Covering
Learn about sisal floorcoverings and get resources for natural fiber rugs on the net.

Hardwood Flooring
Find information and links on hardwood flooring. Find out how hard is hardwood, get flooring FAQs, see how to install pine floors, and refinish, clean, wax, and protect wood floors.

Interior Painting for Your Home
The proper application of paint on walls, floors, or furniture can change the look of a room at very little cost. Using the right paint, selecting the proper product, and using professional-style techniques will give you the results worthy of your home. Get all the information you'll need on interior paint types, products, materials and application. Also, color selection and tips from the pros, faux painting techniques, and paint estimator tools. Plus detailed how-tos on painting interior rooms!

Laminate Flooring
See laminate flooring styles and colors, find manufacturers, get information, and learn more about glued and glueless installation techniques.

The crowning glory of a great lamp is the shade. Read here for information and links on proper shade selection and fun lampshade projects for your decorating.

Area Rug Information and Tips
Read about area rugs for your home, with tips on size, fibers, and types, as well as caring for floor coverings.

Stone and Tile Flooring
If you want a stone or tile floor for your home, you'll find information here, with links to companies that provide products, care materials, and installation tips.

Light Fixtures - Vintage Style, Antiques, and Reproductions
There are many places on the net where you can browse and purchase Vintage Style lighting. See this list of links to some great sources for reproduction, restored and antique light fixtures, lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces.

Using Artwork as a Decorative Element
Paintings, sculptures, collages, and glassware provide texture, color, and warmth to an interior space. Find resources here for artwork for your home.

Designer Interviews
Interviews with interior designers

Interviews With Interior Designers and Decorators
In these interviews, the designers give insight into their theory of design, color choice, details, and inspiration. Get great ideas to use in your own home from these professionals.

Designer Showhouses
You'll get lots of good ideas visiting a designer showhouse. Find showhouse listings and information about openings in your area of the U.S. Current listings are added in March and April of each year.

Furniture Distressing Tips & Techniques
Learn about distressing furniture to create an aged appearance with paint, sandpaper, and wax using these tips and techniques.

Decorator Fabrics at Retail
There are lots of sources for the homeowner to buy decorator quality fabrics at retail. Visit the sites here and find resources for beautiful fabrics to use in your home decorating projects.

Nothing adds warmth or comfort to a home as much as a fireplace does. Whether it burns logs or gas, a fireplace gives off a wonderful glow. Browse these links to learn about decorating a fireplace and mantle.

Arranging Furniture and Floorplans
All about floor plans and arranging furniture. Learn how to measure your room and draw a floorplan. Then arrange furniture and plan your space with helpful hints and tips.

Using Flowers in Decorating
What looks more beautiful in a home than fresh or good artificial flowers? I can't think of anything! Whether they're traditional or artistic, flowers bring a certain look to any space. Learn how to make your own floral arrangements for your home, get flower care tips, watch pros at work, and find out how to use flowers in decorating and entertaining at these sites.

Outdoor Furniture
Many people love the comfortable and casual look of wicker or rattan furniture, whether it's outside or in. Find sources here for outdoor furniture, including wicker, bamboo, teak and rattan furniture and furnishings to use in your home.

Magazines on Interior Decorating
There are so many magazines on the market about interior decorating. Whether you're thinking about subscribing or wondering what to pick up at the newsstand, you'll find these sources helpful and focused.

Online Home Tours
Take some fascinating virtual tours of homes and rooms online. Get decorating ideas, inspiration, and see some of the newest design trends.

Sources for Reproduction Furniture
If you love the look of antiques but don't have the checkbook, you might check out reproduction pieces. The companies here offer fine quality copies of traditional antiques. Some of the pieces are even made with old wood, for a really antique look without the price tag.

Reupholstering Furniture
Don't throw away that comfortable, but tattered, old arm chair. Reupholster it! Get instructions, ideas, and photo tips on reupholstering and recovering furniture at these sites.

Trends in Furniture and Design
Start here to find out what's new in furniture and design, with reports from all over the net on the latest styles for home decorating.

Decorating Shows on TV
Home decor has hit the airwaves in a big way. Look over these TV decorating show sites for projects and schedules.

TV Reality Design Shows
Will they laugh or cry? Jump for joy or throw a fit? High drama is why we love to watch reality TV design shows.

Upholstered Furniture Information
Upholstered furniture adds shape, size, character, and color to a room. Get information here about different types of upholstered furniture, as well as tips and advice on choosing quality pieces for your home.

African Style Products and Sources
Looking for ethnic decorating items? These sources offer African themed products, furnishings, and decorative accessories.

Asian Decorating Style
Explore several sites with more information on the Asian styles of decorating.

British India Decorating Style Links
The British India styles use elegant dark wood furniture, exotic accessories, and has the period look of an old movie. Use these links for sources and info on this decorating style.

Contemporary Style
Contemporary interiors use straight lines, sculptural elements, art, and bold color. If you love clean, spare, and unique design, this may be the style for you. Find out more here

Principles and Elements of Design
An invaluable overview of the principles and elements of design for interior decorating. Read design articles, find out how to add personality to a room, use the rule of threes, arrange collections, be your own designer, and plan a room online.

English Country
English Country styles can be formal, traditional, and stuffy or as fresh as a country cottage done in garden florals.

Fabrics In Decorating
Colors, patterns and prints on fabrics are often the starting point of a great room. Use these links to view fabric collections online and see designer rooms full of gorgeous fabric.

French Country Style
French Country style is one of the most popular looks in decorating today. Get some sources for furniture and accessories and learn more about the elements of this style.

Italian Style
Italian styles are casual, relaxed, and warm. They include looks that range from Tuscan, Italian villa, country, and more. Use these sources to browse Italian style.

Mediterranean and Spanish Style
Websites that discuss and show photos of the popular and colorful Mediterranean and Spanish style interiors.

Mexican and Hispanic Style Decorating
Find sources and ideas for creating a Mexican style room using rustic woods, wrought iron pieces, and tile accents.

Online Design Advice
Help is on the net! Find out where you can go to ask questions about decorating or get design advice for small fees, or some are even free!

Romantic Decorating
Get tips on creating romantic spaces in your own home and see photos of rooms decorated in a romantic style.

Themes for Room Decor
Browse ideas and projects for themed rooms from kids castle rooms to dad's fishing theme home office. You'll find lots of inspiration here!

Southwest Style
Southwest Style is popular all over the U.S. and maybe particularly in Arizona and New Mexico. Find websites that showcase this style.

Swedish Style
Take a look at the cool sophistication of Swedish style.

Victorian Style
Use these links to find Victorian furnishings and accessories.

Art Deco Style- Decorating in the Art Deco Style
Art Deco Style is sleek and smooth, simple and elegant at the same time. Read about the decorating elements that are typical and unique to the Art Deco decorating style.

Cottage Style
Cottage Styles are popular for their vintage good looks and casual, romantic feel. Using painted pieces, pale floral fabrics, and pretty accessories, the cottage look can take many forms. Use these links to learn more.

Decorative Arts Painting
Learn about using faux, fresco, and mural painting in your home as a decorative art with these links and sources.

Decorative Arts Design Links
If you're interested in learning more about decorative arts design and designers, see these Decorative Arts Design Links.

Decorative Arts Exhibitions
Links to Decorative Art exhibitions are featured on this page.

Decorative Arts Fabergé
Explore info and images of fabulous Fabergé objets d'art on this page of Decorative Arts links.

Guy Decor
Here are several articles, photo pages, and info on the topic of decorating for a man. Find out what appeals to men, and how masculine decor differs from feminine.

Decorative and Collectible Jewelry
Are you looking for information about collecting antique jewelry? You'll find great resources here.

Decorative Arts Metalwork
Learn more about decorative metalwork with these sources and information.

Moroccan Style
Exotic influences form a style of decorating unique to Morocco. Read how to bring the Moroccan style into today's modern home.

Decorative Arts Museums
Visit a myriad of virtual museums and their collections that feature some notable examples of the decorative arts.

Decorative Arts Objets d'Art
A collection of links about some of the most beautiful art objects in the decorative arts.

Period Style Guides
Periods of civilizations have given rise to styles of decorating that thrive to this day. Read about period styles and elements that distinguish them from others.

Quick Tips - Solving Design Challenges
When you're faced with a decorating challenge, check out these Quick Tips from About. You'll find solutions to many decorating problems and tips for solving your questions.

Retro Style
Retro Style decorating brings to mind avocado and turquoise kitchen appliances. Do you love it? If so, read more about how to decorate your home in the Retro style.

Decorating in the Rustic Style
Learn here about rustic decorating in an article from About. Find furnishings, casual and cabin furniture sources, make it yourself projects, twig furniture and more. Learn how to bring the casual, comfortable look of Rustic Style into your home.

Traditional Styel
Traditional Style decorating incorporates elements from many different styles, but in a classic, comfortable way.