International Adoption Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

International Adoption Agencies
From how to find an agency to agency reviews learn the facts about selecting an international adoption agency.

Considerations to think about before international adoption
If you're considering adopting internationally, learn what you need to know to determine whether it is right for your family.

Special Needs Adoption
From health concerns to post adoption support learn what you need to know about a special needs international adoption.

International Adoption Country Information
Helpful information on international adoption, country by country.


International Adoption Tips and Advice from
Credible advice on adopting internationally, from medical considerations, financing, attachment, and more.

What to Know Before You Adopt Internationally
Before you begin an international adoption, consider factors such as blending cultures and races, special needs, the cost, and friends and family.

Medical Considerations in Children Who are Adopted Internationally
Children who are adopted often have unique medical issues that need addressing. Learn about some of the basics that you should cover with your child's pediatrician.

Attachment in International Adoption
Healthy attachment in adoption is rarely immediate and always takes work. From a lack of attachment to an insecure attachment, learn what you need to know.

International Adoption Travel
Learn about how to prepare for international travel when adopting.

Adoption Blogging
Adoption blogs from adoptive parents, birth parents and adult adoptees are great resources for adoption information.

International Adoption Post-Referral Wait
Whether your wait between your international adoption referral and travel is short or long learn how to make the most of it.

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Tips on Financing an International Adoption
International adoption can be a costly process, but you can finance it using many different methods, including fundraising, loans and grants.