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Tips for Turning Your Internship Into a Full Time Job
Top 10 things interns can do to make their internship a success. Internship opportunities provide valuable work experience, excellent references, and may even lead to a full-time job offer. Internship opportunities offer interns the chance to gain the valuable work experience employers are looking for in their full-time employees and in their new hires. Following these tips will increase the liklihood that your internship will be a career builder and will turn into a full-time job offer.

Top Internship Interviewing Tips
You've sent out your resume and cover letter and the employer has contacted you to schedule an interview. Here are some internship interview tips.

Internships with the New York Times
The New York Times offers summer and academic year internships to undergraduate and graduate students during fall, spring, and summer semester.

Creating Work-Life Balance for College Students
College can be a very challenging and stressful time for students and learning about creating work life balance is essential for overall success.

Questions to Ask an Employer During an Interview
Preparing a list of questions to ask during an internship interview can be just as important as answering the interviewer's questions correctly.

Job Search Success Guide for Recent Grads
If you don't have a job right out of college, there are many things that you can do to make yourself successful.

Sample Resume for an Art Internship
When applying for an art internship, your resume is a pivotal part of your application. Include your experience, portfolio and coursework

Temporary Summer Housing Options and Ideas for Interns
A number of college campuses offer temporary housing to students doing internships over summer break. These housing facilities are usually less expensive and easier to find than looking for individual facilities on your own.

About Internships in Fashion (Tips & Common Tasks)
A fashion internship is the perfect way to get a break in the fashion industry. The majority of fashion internships are located in New York City and Los Angeles.

IES Internships Offers 3 New Summer Programs
You can learn more about the 3 New Full time Summer Internship Programs that IES has to offer in Berlin, New York and Shanghai.

MathWorks located in Massachusetts is seeking college interns interested in pursuing a career in computer science.

How to Get an Internship at Seaworld
A SeaWorld internship opportunity is a fun environment to learn about animals and business.

The Benefits of Interning Abroad for Students
Internships abroad provide tremendous value to students as they become culturally immersed in another culture and develop a global perspective in today's challenging economy.

Establishing Confidence When Interviewing for an Internship
Learning effective interviewing skills takes practice but it is well worth the effort in the end, including how to be confident in an interview.

Internships at The United Nations
Have you considered United Nations undergraduate internships for opportunities for students seeking experience in government.

Do Paid Internships Lead to More Full Time Jobs?
Do internships lead to jobs? Based on a survey, evidence suggests that employers hire more paid and unpaid interns for full-time jobs.

Internships at Statoil and Other Oil Opportunities
Statoil, a multinational oil and gas company, offers internships in engineering, geoscience, land, HSE, finance, and procuremen. Get a statoil internship.

Splunk, located in San Francisco, is seeking interns interested in software engineering who are currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field.

Personality Assessments - The MBTI
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is an assessment tool that is very useful for individuals to understand if they are looking to improve their personal and professional relationships.

How to Get Started in the Fashion Industry
Preparing for a future career in fashion takes artistic talent, education and experience in order to get hired in this highly competitive field.

How to Become a Successful Fashion Designer
Here's a rundown on what skills you will need in order to figure out how to become a successful fashion designer

Finding Internship Opportunities at KPMG
KPMG offers a wide range of internship opportunities both domestic and abroad.

What Does It Mean to Be an Interior Designer?
Interior design uses art and science to create a more beautiful and comfortable environment and interior designers focus on how to make a space more visually appealing and functional for its occupants.

Getting Started in a Career in Interior Design
A career in interior design requires artistic talent and a talent for business to be successful.

Design Vidal Internships - Internship in Interior Design
Design Vidal Interior Design offers opportunities for students interested in interior design, interior design business practices and strategy, and interior design marketing and ecommerce.

Madison Square Garden Internships
Madison Square Garden's Student Associate Program offers a variety of paid internship opportunities in sports and entertainment.

Can't Find an Internship - No Internships Available
How to find an internship when you live in an area that has few opportunities available to college students.But what if you can't find internships?

The Student Conservation Association
The Student Conservation Associations provides many opportunities for students interested in learning more and gaining hands-on experience in environmental careers.

Internships with Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments internships offers a chance for college students to gain the relevant experience required to get hired in the field.

Pharmaceutical Internships at Merck
Merck offers a variety of internship experiences for students majoring in biology and chemistry.

Nordstrom's Retail Management Internship Program
Nordstrom's, named one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For® by Fortune Magazine, provides a very successful Retail Management Internship Program in many cities across the country.

NBC Universal Internship Opportunities
NBC Universal offers a wide range of internship experience for students interested in the fields of business. Some call this the jimmy fallon internship.

Internship Pick of the Week:, one of the top 10 largest Enterprise Software Companies, offers internships as a Business Development Sales Apprentice.

Internships at PMK-BNC Marketing
PMK-BNC offers a wide variety of internships for students interested in public relations and marketing.

Charles Schwab
Gain experience in retirement planning, technology, stocks, asset management, finance, and auditing by doing an internship at Charles Schwab.

Houlihan Lokey
Houlihan Lokey offers summer financial analyst internships for individuals looking to get a future job in investment banking.

Internships for High School Students
Wondering how to get an internship in high school? This experience will help you explore career options and that can help you get accepted into college.

Five Easy Steps to Improve a Cover Letter
A great cover letter can be what it takes to land an interview when looking for an internship or job.

UBS's Full-Time and Summer Associate Program Internship
UBS prepares students for a successful career by offer a diverse internship and co-op program complete with pay, mentoring, and many unique benefits.

Paid Internship Opportunities at J.P.Morgan
A J.P.Morgan internship offers a large wide variety of valuable paid experiences for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD level.

The Difference Between an Internship & a Co-Op
There are many benefits to doing a co-op experience during college including gaining relevant experience working for an organization as well as some of the tax benefits that may result as well.

Johnson & Wales Internship Program
Johnson and Wales internships create opportunities for approximately 4,100 students​.

The Hewlett-Packard Internship Program
hp internships and co-op programs for students interested in electrical, mechanical, and industrial engineering.

Internship Opportunities at EBay
eBay careers internship provides opportunities in IT, business development, marketing, finance, law, human resources, operations, and procurement.

Internship Opportunities at Nvidia
Nvidia offers internship opportunities in information technology, technical marketing, architecture, software and hardware. Learn about nvidia careers.

Internships at Legg Mason
Legg Mason internship can offer college students opportunities in marketing and a variety of other business disciplines.

McKinsey and Company is a consulting firm that provides many internship opportunities to help college students gain hands-on experience in the industry.

Evercore Partners Investment Banking Internship Program
Evercore Partners, ranked #1 for Best Banking and Finance internships by, offers college students unique internships experiences in investment banking.

Genentech is a leading biotechnology company that offers internships for students in the pharmaceutical field. Learn about genentech internships.

Internship Opportunities at Nike
Nike internships offer opportunities for students interested in various areas of design and market research.

Summer Internships at Deloitte
Deloitte has consistently been ranked in the top 10 internships for consulting, banking, and financial services.

Internship Opportunities at Plante Moran
Wealth management internships at Plante Moran gain experience working in teams on a wide range of projects in consulting from institutional investing to high net worth individuals and families

Reducing Poverty Around the World
The World Bank internship is for students seeking opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills required for working in this elite organization.

Internship Expectations - Common Questions
Internships afford opportunities for those seeking to gain the skills required when seeking a full-time job in today's competitive job market.

Why Should I Do an Internship? Importance of Interning
Internships provide an opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and experience in a particular career field as well as a chance to gain exposure to the field to help in the overall career decision-making process.

Internships Offered at Walmart for Students
Walmart offers an array of different internships for students interested in retail, business, transportation, pharmacy, corporate, and leadership programs.

How to Find an Internship at Yahoo!
Yahoo! provides many types of internships and fun learning experiences for students. Learn more about yahoo internships.

IBM Research Internships - IBM Internships in the Research Lab
IBM offers a number of excellent internships for students interested in research and engineering. ibm research internship is just one of the options.

How to Find an Internship at Intel Corp.
Intel internships offer challenging opportunities for students majoring in engineering, science, and businees in the United States and abroad.

Internships at Broadcom
High tech, engineering, and business internships are available for students interested in a challenge working for Broadcom.

How to Apply for an Internship or Job at Youtube
YouTube, the most innovative video-sharing website available, provides challenging, rewarding, and fun internships and jobs for creative and technologically savvy individuals.

What Do I Do if I Find Myself in a Bad Internship?
Before deciding to leave a bad internship you might try working it out with your supervisor to see if it's possible to make necessary changes that can make it work out.

Internships at Ann Taylor For College Students
Ann Taylor, a high end retailer of women's fashions, offers a variety of internships to college students in marketing, PR, corporate training, business management, and communications.

Handling Conflicts With Your College Roommate
The key to roommate conflict resolution is to nip it in the bud prior to it becoming a major problem.

Tips for De-Escalating Conflict in a Work Environment
Maintaining healthy relationships requires good communications and advanced skills in conflict management.

Internships With General Electric (GE)
When in the process of preparation for internship with General Electric Corporation, you'll be afforded many opportunities in the United States or abroad.

Benefits of Unpaid Internships
Even though there is currently a lot of controversy around the issue of unpaid internships, they can provide an enormous benefit to some students.

Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For an Internship
Applying for internships can be quite competitive so it's important to be careful not to make these 6 deadly mistakes.

Nordstrom's Corporate Internship Program
Nordstrom's has a robust internship program and receives over 900 applicants per year.

Internships at Apple
Apple, Inc., provides a wide variety of internship opportunities for students interested in computer science, sales, and marketing.

Ending Your Internship on a High Note
The way you end an internship is often the most important part of the internship itself.

Microsoft offers many exceptional internship opportunities for students with an interest in technology.

Sony Video Game Internship - Mobile Video Game Internship
Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) seeks talented college to apply for its mobile video game internship.

How to Create a College Admissions Resume
A college admissions resume can include any coursework, internships, jobs, volunteer experiences, extracurricular, musical talents, sports accomplishments that you have participated in during high school.

How to Write a Sample Marketing Internship Resume
Sample marketing internship resume for a student pursuing a marketing role. This covers what to include, how to write the resume and what to remove.

Sample Education Internship Cover Letter
If you are looking for a primary school internship, your cover letter is an essential part of your application.

Sample Cover Letter for Merrill Lynch Internship
A sample internship cover letter for students interested in working for Merrill Lynch, one of the largest finance and wealth management companies

Sample Art Internship Cover Letter
Writing a cover letter for an art internship can be challenging because the field is so competitive. Here is an overview of what to include.

Sample Cover Letter for Internship in Government
What should a cover letter for a government internship position look like? A cover letter outlines your experience, interest and strengths for the job

Internships with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers has a wide variety of internship opportunities available for current college students seeking to do an internship for credit.

Bank of America's Student Leaders Program
Bank of America's Student Leadership Program provides opportunities for high school students to become involved in working to build better communities in the U.S. and UK.

The Southern Poverty Law Center Internships
The Southern Poverty Law Center offers internship opportunities for second-year​ law students seeking an opportunity to make a difference in promoting human rights for all.

Sample Internship Cover Letter - Public Relations
Cover letters for a PR internship are an opportunity to demonstrate writing skills, industry knowledge and passion for the company

Careers Available in the Video Gaming Industry
The video game industry offers careers in programming, design, development, and testing.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Resume
Five easy steps to improve a resume includes valuable information on what employers look for when seeking qualified candidates.

A Good Sample Theater Resume
A good theater resume requires a listing of all previous productions worked on and experience in the field.

MBA Operations Internships at Amazon Corporation Ltd.
Information on master's level internships at this global e-commerce company, including qualifications, how to apply, and how to improve your resume.

Qualcomm Internship Program Overview - Careers
A Qualcomm internship with a leading developer of advanced wireless technologies, provides opportunities for college students.

Internships in VMware - Internships in Cloud Computing
VMware offers internships for students and new graduates interested in new advances in technology and cloud computing.

Internships at Intel
Intel is ranked highly by Businessweek as

Adobe Offers a wide=range of opportunities for students to learn the in's and out's of working for a leader in desktop computing applications.

LeBron James Internships
The LeBron James website has internship openings in the spring, summer, and fall semesters for full-time students.

Citigroup Internships - Eligibility & Application Info
A Citigroup internship is one of the most dynamic banking internships available, and provides students with excellent compensation and benefits.

Finding Internships on offers thousands of opportunities for those seeking nonprofit internships, volunteer experiences, or jobs both national and abroad.

Finding Internships on offers students, employers, and educators an abundance of internship listings and resources both here and abroad.

Finding Internships on Internship Series Online
The Internship Series Online ine offers an abundance of information on thousands of internships listed by category.

What is Internship Credit - How to Get Internship Credit
Internship credit provides students with academic credit to be included on their college transcript. Usually a faculty sponsor will work alongside a site supervisor to evaluage the student's overall progress over the course of the internship.

Warner Music Group Music Internships
Warner Music Group offers internships for students interested in the field of music & entertainment. Learn about a warner music internship.

Sample Internship Education Resume
A sample internship resume for education majors; outlining coursework, accomplishments, volunteer experience and part-time jobs are important

Internships in the Television Industry
Students interested in gaining experience in the television industry, the Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos Shows are looking for bright and motivated students to intern at their Stamford, Connecticut studios.

Sample Government Internship Resume
A sample internship resume for government jobs that include experiences related to the field.

Gap Year - Taking a Year Off After College
A gap year affords new graduates time to further explore their interests and gain some knowledge and experience along the way.

Sony Pictures Spectrum Internship Program
Sony Pictures internship opportunities for fall, spring, and summer, offer television, movies, and film experience.

Production Resource Group
Production Resource Group (PRG) offers a wide-range of internship opportunities in entertainment and event technology.

Live Nation Internships - Internships in Entertainment
Live Nation provides exciting internship opportunities in entertainment for college students across the country.

Marvel Entertainment still has internship opportunities in entertainment available in New York City and Manhattan Beach, California.

How Do I Find an Internship During Winter Break?
Find out more about the Top 5 Strategies for finding a winter break internship that might be right for you.

Writing an Effective Cover Letter
Writing an effective cover letter will convey to the employer your interests and goals while also letting them know that you've done your homework on the company and you have what it takes to be a successful intern.

Best Internships for 2015
Each year rates the Best Internships of the Year and the Best Organizations to intern for based on a survey completed by college students across the country.

Ft. Ticonderoga Fellowships
Ft. Ticonderoga on beautiful Lake George in New York State offers graduate fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students.

Finding Internships Through Instagram
Instagram is a great tool to use when branding yourself and can be a wonderful resource for finding internships as well.

American Civil Liberties Union Internship Opportunity
Internships with The American Civil Liberties Union's Immigration Rights Project provides current college students a chance to work on assigned projects alongside professionals in the field.

How to Be the Perfect Intern - Internship Success
The best intern focuses on developing new knowledge and skills by taking advantage of all that an internship has to offer.

Internships with The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
CIA internships offer undergrad and graduate students an opportunity to learn more and participate in the workings of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Information on Colleges - The Princeton Review
The Princeton Review provides a great deal of information on many topis pertaining to planning for college and future careers.

How to Find a Government Internship
A federal, state, and local government internships offers opportunities for students to get a behind the scenes look at how our government is run.

How to Get a Paid Summer Internship
Finding a paid summer internship can be challenging but by understanding the process and following a few strategies and techniques, students can increase their chances of finding a paid opportunity over the summer.

Ways to Afford an Unpaid Internship
If you can't afford to do an unpaid internship perhaps several of these strategies and techniques will help you to find funding for internships.

How to Afford an Unpaid Internship - Affording an Unpaid Internship
If you can't afford to do an unpaid internship perhaps several of these strategies and techniques will help you to find funding. Page 2.

Sample Government Internship Cover Letter
A sample internship cover letter for students interested in the field of government.

Finding the Right Internship - Gaining Experience through Internships
Finding the right internship takes time and planning in order to land the perfect opportunity.

How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace
Here are some tips for how to handle conflict in the workplace to help resolve issues quickly in order to get back to the task at hand.

Workplace Etiquette: What Do Employers Expect?
It's best to find out company policies and procedures in regards to technology and electronic devices prior to starting an internship or a job.

Ending Your Summer Internship on a Positive Note
In order to achieve the goals students set out to accomplish by completing a summer internship or job, these important tips illustrate some important ways that this can be accomplished.

The Defense Intelligence Agency Summer Internship Program
The Defense Intelligence Agency Summer Internship Program offers paid internships in a wide range of career fields.

Department of Education Internship Opportunities
The ED provides a wide variety of government and educational policy internships throughout the year in most of the offices within the department.

Salary Negotiations for Your First Job
How to negotiate the salary in your first job after college can be stressful and a little unnerving. Start your internship salary negotiation today.

List of the Top Skills Employers Want
A list of the top skills employers look for when hiring new candidates for any job. Make sure you have the right qualifications for a position.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Your Internship Starts
If you've already landed preparation for an internship there are important things you can do to make the experience more successful.

Finding the Right Internship
Now that spring break is here and summer is on the way, it's time to apply for internships if you haven't done so already.

Internship FAQ's & Myths
There are many internship faqs and myths surrounding the topic and this will help students answer the most basic questions involved in the process.

Are Interns Eligible to Receive Healthcare Benefits?
With the passing of the ACA, some employers are legally bound to offer healthcare benefits to their interns.

Exploring Careers Through Job Shadowing
Doing an externship or job shadowing experience is an excellent way to explore career options.

The Rise of Virtual Internships - What is a Virtual Internship?
Virtual internships offer a wide range of possibilities for those looking to get real world experience in a number of different fields.

Internship Success - How to Turn Around a Bad Internship
Even if you find your internship is not what you expected, there may be ways that you can benefit from the experience without quitting early.

Fun Ways to Document Your Summer Internship
As you continue to enjoy your summer experience, be sure to preserve the memories by documenting each day in a fun and interesting way.

Handling Conflict in the Workplace as an Intern
Conflict is a normal part of everyday life and learning how to handle it successfully will make your work life much easier.

How Do You Know if an Internship is Legit?
There are a number of warning signs to look for when deciding if an internship is legit.

Internships: Getting an Offer You're Not Sure You Want
What if you find yourself in a situation where you've received an internship offer but you would prefer to see if you receive any other offers?

Top 12 Soft Skills Employers Seek
Before applying for any internship or job, it's important for applicants to identify their soft skills to be able to communicate them to employers.

Self-Assessments Can Provide Valuable Information
Self-assessments can provide invaluable information when looking to make a career change. Learning how you operate in the world, based on your personality, interests, skills, and values can help you make a more informed decision when confronting a career transition.

Want Not to Wear on an Interview
Knowing the appropriate clothing to wear on an interview can make the difference of getting hired or not.

The Impact of Unpaid Internships on Interns & the Economy
With recent lawsuits surrounding unpaid internships, are unpaid internships becoming obsolete? As you will see, it's not an easy answer.

Keeping Your Resume Short and to the Point
Keeping a resume short and to the point will increase the chance of getting an interview.

Business and Economics Internship Resume Sample
A sample internship resume for individuals interested in applying for internships and jobs in business and economics, including what to include.

Sample Social Work Internship Resume
A sample resume for students interested in finding an internship in social work.

Tips for Writing a Great Internship/Job Resume
For many college students writing a resume is something they procrastinate about because they don't know exactly where to start.

How to Write a First Resume and What to Include
Writing a resume for the first time can be overwhelming until you understand the types of information that can be included.

How To Do a Successful Skype Interview
Skype interviewing is on the rise. These tips will help you excel during your next Skype interview.

Sample Thank You Note to Rejection (Internship or Job)
Sending a thank you note after being rejected for an internship or job can be an important networking and career advancement tool as you progress

Writing a Thank You Note After a Letter of Rejection
Thank you notes are important even after receiving a rejection notice from an employer after the interview.

Opportunities for Working With Children
Students interested in internships working with children have many choices including teaching, summer camps, recreational programs, and museums.

How to Make Your Next Job Fair a Success - Strategies
Job fair success requires planning and developing a strategy that makes best use of your time. Here is more about meet and greet jobs.

Honeywell's Innovative Scholarship Program
Through Honeywell's Innovator Scholarship Internship Program, the company offers paid scholarships for honeywell interns.

Internship Cover Letter Guide - Paragraphs and Examples
Internship request letters focus on both the skills and accomplishments of applicants.

Overseas Internships and Study Abroad
Studying abroad as well as doing internships abroad offer students and new graduates many interesting and rewarding opportunities. Identifying the type of experience as well as the locations of interest is the logical first step.

internships abroad - overseas internships
Internships abroad offer students and new graduates many interesting and rewarding opportunities. Page 2.

Choosing a Major
It's important to recognize that a college major will prepare you for a variety of career options in addition to identifying your values, interests.

Tips for Turning an Internship Into a Full Time Job
Important tips for becoming a successful intern which could eventually lead to a full-time job offer.

How to Turn an Internship into a Full Time Job - Tips for Turning an Internship Into a Full Time Job
In addition to providing new skills and accomplishments to include on a resume, many employers view internships as a way to find potential new full time employees for the company. Page 2.

Top 10 Personal Values That Employers Are Looking For
Good work values offer an employer someone who has a strong work ethic, is dependable, reliable, honest, and possesses a positive attitude.

Top Ten Work Values Employers Look For (# 6-10)
Personal Work Values - Personal work values are a top priority for employers when hiring new employees since it is the foundation from which an employee operates. Good work values offers the employer someone who has a strong work ethic, is dependable, reliable, honest, and possesses a positive attitude. Page 2.

Facing Challenges- Internship Is Not What You Expected?
Whenever we enter a new situation or experience, we usually have positive expectations in mind. But we may find ourselves faced with some challenges.

The True Value and Importance of an Internship
The value of an internship includes learning the valuable skills it take to be successful on the job. Internships also help assess different work environments that help identify jobs you want to do as well as those you don't.

Why Students Should Consider Internships
Internships provide a link between academic learning and professional employment. The offer a way to learn valuable knowledge and skills as well as making important professional connections.

Public Relations Internships - Career Planning
Public Relations is about creating an awareness of a product or person and promoting it to consumers.

Internships at Google
Google offers worldwide opportunities for students interested in technical fields as well as those with a more liberal arts background.

Finding a Summer Internship - Summer Internships
The process of finding a summer internship usually begins by checking out the numerous opportunities available and deciding which ones meet your qualifications and expectations.

The Virginian-Pilot Summer Internship Program
The Virginian-Pilot Summer Internship Program offers students a paid opportunity to get experience working at a real magazine for the summer.

Summer Target Internships
Target offers students an amazing paid summer internship program where they will gain leadership skills that can be used throughout their career.

Asking for Letters of Recommendation
Letters of recommendation are usually the last step in the hiring or acceptance process. Employers and graduate school programs operate on the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior OR past success is a very good predictor of future success.

Basic Template for Writing an Internship Resume
An internship resume template can be used when developing a resume from scratch. The resume template includes basic headings and key components typically found in a resume used for internships.

Interning with the NBA - NBA Intern
Brandon Mefford describes his internship with the NBA and how it led to his current position with Phoenix Suns. Learn about phoenix suns careers.

Internship Myths
Let's de-buff some of the myths that come along when seeking for the right internship.

Internship Opportunities for Students of Color
Many internship and co-op opportunities exist across the country for students of color. These African American internships and others are valuable.

When is it time to call it quits on your internship?
If you decided to quit your internship, you may want to read this first.

Internship Reflection, Assessment and Self-Evaluation
Reflecting back on an internship is one of the key components of gaining the most value out of the overall experience.

Top Paid Internships
Students should check out the list of some of the top paid internships around today.

Sample Internship Resume/CV Hints & Tips by Profession
When writing a resume it's important to focus the contents on the position or organization that you are applying to. For example, if you are applying to an art museum you will want to include any and all information that shows that you have the skills and previous experience required to do the job. There are a number of ways in which to do this but mainly you will want to include a Relevant Experience (Art Experience, Museum & Gallery Experience) section towards the top of your resume.

Recognizing the Value of Internships
Many organizations are recognizing the true value of having highly educated and professional students fill their temporary hiring needs.

Top Internship Sites on the Web
Several of these sites are excellent choices for most types of internships while others focus more on specific career fields or areas of interest.

Elliott Davis: Internship Experience for Accounting Majors
Elliott Davis was voted #2 Best Internship by Student interested in gaining experience in accounting should check into Elliott Davis's Internship Program.

Internship - Finding an Internship
There are many things interns can do to make the most of their internship experience. Finding an internship in a career field of interest offers many rewards including the opportunity it offers as a career builder which ultimately could lead to turning the internship into a full-time job.

Internship Application Process - Documents & More
The internship process may require a formal application, resume, cover letter, transcripts, reference letters, and a formal essay.

Hulu offers a summer internship in PR that gives undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to gain experience in marketing, journalism, communications, business, or a related field.

Summer Jobs - Be Proactive in Your Search
Whatever your interests are, you can find jobs available no matter where you live or reside for the summer.

BP Internship & Co-Op Opportunities
BP provides excellent internship and co-op programs for students majoring in engineering, science, and business. Find bp internships.

How to Find an Internship - Strategies
Networking, attending career fairs, looking for internship listings online are all ways to begin conducting your internship search.

Crowe Horwath
Crowe Horwath provides excellent hands-on experience for students interested in pursuing a career in accounting and hires many of its interns into full-time jobs.

What is an Internship? Definition and Benefits
Many students wonder

Internship Opportunities with KPMG
KPMG provides internship opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about tax accounting and legal advising.

Internship of the Week: Evercore Partners
Analyst and Associate positions at Evercore offer opportunities to get hands-on experience working directly with senior executives in the company.

How to Make the Most of Your Internship
There are many ways to benefit from an internship and the more detailed you can be with your skills and accomplishments, the stronger your resume and cover letter will be.

Robert W. Baird & Co. provides internship opportunities across the country for students looking for experience in the fields of finance and accounting.

Internship Tips for 1st Year College Students
A 1st year summer internships may find it difficult to find but with a little strategizing it may not be as hard as it looks.

Gaining Experience through Postgraduate Internships
For seniors who have not yet landed a full-time job, postgraduate internship may be the answer.

The Frustration of Finding Your First Job After College
Many new graduates are still looking for their first job after graduation. Although a competitive job market can bring certain frustrations, there are things you can do to get yourself noticed.

6 Things to Consider Before Leaving Your Summer Internship
If you feel it's time to quit your internship, please consider these 6 things before you hand in your resignation.

Top Interview Questions to Prepare For
Being prepared for an interview will ensure that you do a much better job when you find yourself face-to-face with any interviewer.

Job Search Tips for International Students
As international students navigate the US job search process, there are certain things that they will want to be aware of.

How To Know If You Need a Cover Letter
If you are responding to an internship listing online or if an employer asks you to please send in a resume, do you need to include a cover letter as well?

Top Skills for Fashion Interns
The skills needed for a fashion internship include a passion for fashion and clothes, a strong work ethic, competitiveness and an eye for detail.

Using LinkedIn to Find Internships
LinkedIn is not only a great social networking site for finding jobs, it's also a great place to connect and look for internships as well.

Glassdoor - Learn More About Companies Before You Apply
Glassdoor is a great resource for students and employers; in addition to jobs and internships, it provides applicants with an insider's view of what it's actually like working for a companies.

The Strong Interest Inventory
The Strong Interest Inventory is a career assessment based on the Holland Code that helps people determine some of the best career options for them based on their two or three letter theme.

The Importance of Researching Employers
To begin any internship or job search it is important to do your research before you get started.

Important Tips When Working with a Recruiter
Here are 12 tips to help college students currently working with recruiters to land an internship or their first job.

Interview Question: Tell Me a Little Bit About Yourself
Answering the question, Internships.

The Benefits of Hiring an Intern - Free Labor
Interns have a lot to offer companies especially if the organization knows how to get the best out of its interns by providing adequate training.

How to Build a Professional Portfolio
Having a professional portfolio is a great way to show employers specific examples of your work and can oftentimes provide the impetous to hire on the spot.

Sample Internship Interview Questions
Just like any interview, preparing for an internship interview can be as simple as knowing the type of questions that the interviewer plans to ask.

Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals - Finding an Internship by Creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Developing S.M.A.R.T. goals can help you find an internship for the summer.

Mistakes to Avoid While Interning for a Company
Internships are pre-professional experiences that can lead to future full-time employment if these mistakes are avoided.

Pricewaterhousecoopers Internship Program
Pricewaterhousecoopers offers coaching and training and real hands-on experience to its interns. Learn more about a pwc internship.

Internships in the Fashion Industry
The PVH Corp. offers many opportunities for students interested in the fashion industry. Although it may be too late to get an internship this summer, check them out for future opportunities.

Internships at KPCB
KPCB offers internships in their venture capital firm located in the Silicon Valley. There are 3 different Fellowships that students can choose from.

About Internship Opportunities at Deloitte
Deloitte has been voted one of the best places to intern by Vault, Bloomberg Business, Catalyst, and FORTUNE. Learn more about deloitte internships.

Nickelodeon Animation Studios offers many interesting internships for anyone interested in children's programming.

MassLive Internship Deadline Coming Up
MassLive offers a paid eight week internship program for students interested in editorial, sales and marketing. Deadline to apply for the 2015 program is Saturday, February 21.

Cisco Systems, Inc. Internship Opportunities
Cisco Systems, Inc., offers a wide-range of internship opportunities ranging from engineering to sales in locations all over the world.

Bain & Company provides an opportunity for college students to learn more about the field of business and more specifically, about management consulting.

Finding a Summer Job ➢
By exploring your interests by completing a summer job, you will be able to gain the knowledge and experience you seek when preparing for a new career.

Don't Let Getting Fired Overwhelm You
Getting fired from a job can be shocking but oftentimes it's the best thing that could have happened.

Interviewing Strategies for the Shy Person
Tips on using effective nonverbal behavior techniques for successful interviewing for they shy person.

7 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Looking for an Internship - Tips for Making Your Internship Search More Successful
Here's a list of seven common mistakes students can avoid when looking for an internship.

The Ford Foundation Internship Program was founded 30 years ago to provide students with an opportunity in creating social change around the world.

How To Define a Good Internship?
A good internship takes many forms and it is the students' responsibility to identify their internship goals before they can evaluate where they want to intern.

Internship Pick of the Week: Verizon
Verizon internships gives students an opportunity to become involved in social issues while helping to address community needs all over the world.

Internships in Major League Baseball
Major League Baseball offers a variety of internships for students interested in sports and business.

Are You Finding Your Internship a Waste of Time?
There may be times when it's best to leave your internship, but be sure that you try to rectify the situations before you get up and quit.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Students Offer Tips for Finding Summer Internships
There really are many excellent internships available for college students but it may take some persistence and creative techniques to uncover all of the opportunities available.

Undergraduate Internship Opportunity in Public Health
Public health internships offer opportunities to focus on illness prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sample Legal Internship Cover Letter
A sample internship cover letter for those interested in interning in the legal field; a cover letter gives law students a chance to stand out

Sample Post-Internship Thank You Letter
Post-interview internship thank you letters are a good way to communicate your appreciation and expand your professional networking contacts.

What Are the Different Types of Internships?
Internships may be paid or unpaid, for credit or not-for-credit, and are available in a wide variety of fields from both the profit and non profit sectors of the job market.

What Is a Paid Internship - Definition
Paid internships offer students a way to gain relevant knowledge and skills required to succeed in a specific career field while making some money through an hourly wage, salary, or stipend over the course of the internship.

How to Get Started in a Journalism Career
Careers in journalism include a wide variety of jobs working in large metropolitan and national newspapers, broadcast stations, and magazines, as well as smaller local publications where many entry-level positions exist.

How to Create Business Cards for Student Interns
Business cards offer students an opportunity to market themselves and show an element of professionalism to prospective employers.

How Important Is a One Page Resume?
There are many questions about the proper length of a resume. Many say that resumes must be one page. Is a 2 page resume really a bad thing?

What Should a Finance Intern Resume Look Like?
Writing a resume for a finance internship can be challenging without work experience. This sample resume includes courses, internships and skills

Finding an Internship on is the umbrella organization that houses,,, etc.

Finance Internships With Bank of America
Bank of America offers a variety of different internships in various locations for students/career changers seeking to learn more about banking and the financial industry.

Internships with the Orlando Magic in NBA
Orlando Magic offers internships in a variety of areas and gives students an opportunity to learn the valuable skills required to get hired in the field.

Sample Art Internship Cover Letter
A sample cover letter for an internship in the arts.

Sample Finance Internship Cover Letter
A sample finance cover letter to be used when applying for internship positions; cover letters set job candidates apart from the competition

Financial Internship Alternatives
Financial internships are available in many small, medium, and large organizations and within Finance Departments of most companies across the United States.

How to Land a Job in the Entertainment Field
Careers in the entertainment field include a wide variety of jobs in television, film, theater, and radio.

Resume Writing Tips and Samples
How to write a resume that gets results. Resume tips that provide simple techniques on how to write an effective resume. Writing an effective resume requires following a simple resume format.

Top 10 Tips for College Students
College students can begin preparing for the future career long before their senior year in college.

Top Internship Picks of the Week in Entertainment - Entertainment Internships
Opportunities for those interested in gaining experience in entertainment including internships in TV, film, acting, theater and radio.

The Walt Disney World College Program
The Disney College Program offers college students an opportunity to gain a wide range of skills and meet a diverse group of people that ultimately can create a life changing experience.

Different Types of Internships Options
The type of internship should be based on the student's needs and criteria and can include any one or combination of the following: summer internships, fallinternships, spring internships, internships for credit, co op's, service learning, paid internships, non profit internships, or externships.

Sample Cover Letters
Cover letters are an opportunity to market a candidate's skills and accomplishments in relation to the requirements of the job.

How to Find a Summer Internship
Winter break is an exellent time to begin looking for summer internships. Reviewing internship listings as well as uncovering potential employers will provide an opportunity to begin applying for summer internships early in the process.

Internships: What Work Values Employers Seek
Employers look for employees who are dedicated, enthusiastic, motivated, loyal, dependable, adaptable, professional, and possess a willingness to grow and learn, a strong work ethic, self confidence, and a sense of good business ethics. An employee's work values can be even more important than an employee's skills when it comes to what employers value most.

How to Choose an Internship - Choose an Internship
There are as many internship opportunities as there are careers so the key to how to choose an internship requires students to do a thorough self-assessment to more fully understand the type of internship they want.

8 Qualities of a Good Mentor
A good mentoring relationship provides new employees and interns with valuable knowledge and expertise about the field.

Retail Management Internship Cover Letter Sample
When writing an internship cover letter you want to include why you are writing, what you have to offer the company, and how you will follow up on your application.

What Is the Value of Doing an Internship?
There are many different types of internships and the guidelines to follow often depend on if you are doing an internship for credit.

Making the Best of a Bad Internship Experience
This is a story about how one intern turned a bad internship into an experience that launched his career.

Students with Disabilities - The Workforce Recruitment Program
The Workforce Recruitment Program helps college students and recent college graduates with disabilities connect with employers free of charge to students, colleges, and employers.

Characteristics of Generation Y - The Millennial Generation
Generation Y possesses an intuitive sense in understanding technology due to the environment in which they’ve grown up in and they bring a much more creative and innovative approach to solving problems than any previous generation before them.

What to Include in a Professional Portfolio
A professional portfolio provides employers with a complete picture of a candidate applying for a job. Professional portfolios include your experiences, accomplishments, skills, education, interests, and professional goals and objectives.

Internships Abroad - Doing an Internship Abroad
Planning to do an internship abroad may pose some unique challenges but the benefits will far outweigh any of the difficulties encountered in the process.

Networking Tips
Networking is one of the most talked about strategies in finding a job which can also be used for finding internships. It is said that up to 85% of jobs are never advertised and we can assume that there are many internships that are also never advertised as well. Networking helps us to uncover those hidden possibilities.

Complete an Internship to Make Yourself More Marketable
It may be more difficult to secure a full-time job immediately after college. Internships for new graduates can be an excellent way to gain new skills.

Internships at Bloomberg L.P.
Bloomberg L.P. seeks candidates with an interest and knowledge in finance, technology, and business.

Volunteer Opportunities - Opportunities for Volunteering
Local, national, and international organizations offer thousands of volunteer opportunities to people of all ages.

What Is a Mentor and How Do I Get One?
Usually, a mentor is your senior, not necessarily by age but by position or experience in a specific field, who takes a genuine interest in your professional growth.

Internship Phone Interview Prep and Tips
Internship phone interviews are often requested by employers to help them evaluate potential candidates prior to an inperson interview.

Graduate Internships in Finance - Finance Internships for Graduate Students
Graduate students can find a number of financial internships specifically geared for the MBA student. Page 2.

United States Secret Service Internships
Student internships with the United States Secret Service permit students to gain a better understanding about career options within the Secret Service.

How to Turn Your Internship into a Full-Time Job!
Want to turn your internship into a full-time job? Follow these 6 basic tips to achieve your goal.

What Is Multimedia? - Creative Career Options
Multimedia offers a wide variety of ways of presenting content through computers and/or electronic devices.

How to Write an Internship Cover Letter
Follow these tips for writing and formatting an internship cover letter.

Developing Internship Goals
Internship goals help to clarify the type of internship and organization a student might look for. Follow this advice to find what you're looking for.

verywell. Internships.

Effective Cover Letter Tips & Samples
Cover letters can compliment your resume by providing the employer with some additional information about you; including, your personal strengths, motivations, and goals. Although cover letters are professional documents, they can provide the employer with an increased sense of your individual and unique personality.

Helpful Internship Tips - Internship Tips - Tips for Interns
Internships offer a way to gain relevant work experience and are a requirement of many organizations today who are looking to hire qualified, experienced employees.

Tips for Writing a Great Resume - How to Write a Resume
Writing a a great resume takes planning. The first step in writing a great resume includes doing a thorough self assessment. You may engage the help of a career counselor who can administer valid and reliable career assessments or you can decide to take some time to write down your skills, interests, values, personality traits that should all be included when writing an effective resume. A carefully thought out resume will increase the liklihood of getting an interview which will bring you one step closer to getting the job. It's extremely important to target your resume on the qualifications that the employer has listed on a recent job description or advertisement.

Finding an Internship - How to Find an Internship
There are many resources available for finding fall, spring, and summer internships.

The Value of Doing an Internship
Internships are a way to gain valuable experience in a career field, make important professional connections through networking, add relevant experience to a resume, and may create job offers if there are current job openings available.

Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Internships
Internships for those interested in the advertising, marketing, and sales side of business.

Internships in Government, Law, & Politics
Internships designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain work experience in local, state, and federal government, law, and politics. There are many government internships that require security checks and a lengthy application process and may also have deadlines as early as November for internships for the following summer.

Internship Picks of the Week in Government
The United States government provides internship opportunities for college students in a large variety of federal, state, and local government departments and agencies across the country.

Government Application Process
Applying for a government internship or job requires special strategies and application documents in order to make yourself a competitive candidate for the thousands of jobs available.

New York City Government Internships
Student internships are available in New York State for students interested in learning more about how the state government operates.

White House Internships
The White House offers various internships for college students who are interested in learning more about the federal government, law, and political science.

Internship Success Guide - How to Make Your Internship A Success
The Internship Success Guide offers valuable tips and suggestions on ways to find a successful internship in today's market.

Tough Interview Questions - Answering Tough Interviewing Questions
One of the toughest and most dreaded questions in an interview is,

Entertainment Internships
For those interested in gaining experience in entertainment including jobs in TV, film, acting, theater and radio.

Amway Internships - Learn More About Internships with Amway
Manager of College Talent and Candidatamway internshipse Experience answers questions about Learn more about internships with Amway.

Internships in Engineering - Engineering Internships
Internship opportunities for students with an engineering education or background.

Technology internships have increased exponentially over the years with the rise of the internet.

New Department of Labor Guidelines on Internships
The Department of Labor internship recently released New Guidelines for companies hiring interns based on the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Top 5 Reasons Your Next Internship Should be Overseas
Interning abroad can be a great experience for students. Here are 5 reasons to intern abroad during your next semester.

What Is LinkedIn? - How to Use LinkedIn for Networking
LinkedIn is a professional networking site that helps individuals connect with other professionals in their industry, find job postings and learn

Internship Housing - Temporary Housing
Students interested in doing an internship in a new city can often find temporary housing that offers inexpensive options rather than paying the high rent of an apartment.

Letters of Recommendation - Reference Letters
What kind of letters of recommendation do employers want? What are employers looking for when they ask for a letter of recommendation? You can influence the type of letter of recommendations you get by selecting your references carefully and by supplying your references with relevant information about you and what you have accomplished.

Work References
References often provide what employers are looking to find out about a potential intern or job candidate. Employers look to find information on how someone previously performed on the job, what kind of student they were, as well as personal and professional qualities and attributes.

Sample Internship Cover Letters - Sample Cover Letters for Internships
sample internship cover letters, sample cover letters for internships,

Scanning, Posting, or Emailing Resume
Resume format is different for resumes that are posted online or emailed to employers as well as preparing resumes that are to be scanned by employers. Follow these tips when applying for jobs where you post your resume online or are sending it to employers via email or if you think your resume will be scanned.

Writing a Professional Thank You Note
Writing a thank you note after an interview is not only a courteous gesture on your part, it also helps to set you apart from other candidates. Thank you notes can also provide an opportunity to highlight something interesting about the internship/company or to provide additional information about your interests, skills, or accomplishments. Don't forget to send that all important thank you note.

Live at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Your Summer Internship!
The Fashion Institute of Technology is a safe housing option for students interning in NYC during the summer.

The fashion industry offers a wide range of career options for individuals with an artistic flair and an interest in creating, promoting, and selling fashion. Careers in fashion are highly competitive and take a good deal of determination and artistic talent in order to become successful.

There are both traditional and alternative ways that new graduates can begin a teaching career in the United States.

4 Reasons to Consider The Dream Careers Solution
Dreams Careers offers students internship placements all over the world. This paid program takes care of placing students with top companies, travel, housing and much more.

Business Cards for College Students
There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing and using a business card as a college students. These helpful tips will help you understand what to include and how to properly use them.

10 Do’s and Don’ts For Your Entertainment Industry Resume
If you want to break into Hollywood these helpful tips will help you build your resume for this specific industry.

Sample Internship Resumes - Sample Resumes for Internships
Offering sample internship resumes for those seeking internships in the arts, finance, marketing, education, social work, etc.

Benefits of an Internship
Internships are a great opportunity for students to gain insight into what it's like to work in a specific company or industry.

The D.C. Scholars Program - The White House Internship Program
The D.C. Scholars Program offers internships to high school students currently enrolled in a public or charter school in the DC area.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your University’s Career Fair
University career fairs are a great opportunity for students to connect with potential employers. Follow these tips on how to handle career fairs before, during and after they're over.

How To Find a Summer Internship
Summer internships can be very competitive. Here are some tips that will help you land the internship of your dreams.

Landing an Internship With Zero Connections!
Landing an internship with zero connections can be tough. Students can follow these tips for landing an internship when they have no personal connections to anyone at a specific industry/company.

How to Manage an Internship and Everything Else You Have Going On
Helpful tips for students who want to manage an internship with all other extra curricular activites.

Internships in Finance - Finance internships
Are you a college student looking for an internship in the financial industry? Here's a sampling of financial services companies with great internship programs.

Non-Profit Internships & Volunteer Positions
Non-profit internships and volunteer positions available both nationally and internationally for people with a focus on making a difference who want to change their communities and the world.

Banking Internships - Internships in Banking - Finance Internships
Banking internships offer opportunities for those looking to gain experience prior to entering a career in banking.

Finance Internships - Internships in Finance
Finance internships that work with mutual and hedge funds are offered through the various investment companies that sell these products.

Finance Internships - Internships in Finance
Finance internships include many opportunities with public accounting firms.

Internships in Fine Arts, Art History, Music, Performing Arts, & Theater)
Internships for those interested in the arts, including: fine arts, art history, music, performing arts, and theater.

Numerous funded internships opportunities exist through a variety of foundations across the country.

How to Find an Internship at The Seattle Aquarium
The Seattle Aquarium offers opportunities for college and high school students interested in marine biology.

How to Network at Your Internship!
Lauren Berger, career and internship expert gives some tips for networking at your internship.

What Advice Do You Have for Students Writing Cover Letters?
Students often have trouble writing cover letter when applying for internships or jobs. I wanted to share some helpful tips for those struggling.

How to Organize Your Internship Applications
Lauren Berger, Career and Internship expert talks about how to organize your internship search.