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How Do I Know If My Idea Is Patentable?
A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted to an inventor in exchange for detailed public disclosure of an invention. Find out if your idea is patentable.

Augustus Jackson: Ice Cream Recipes
Augustus Jackson was a candy confectioner who created several ice cream recipes and invented an improved method of manufacturing ice cream around 1832.

Candy - The History and Origins of Candy
Food history - the origins of candy and desserts.

Fe Del Mundo - Filipino Doctor
Doctor Fe Del Mundo is credited with studies that led to the invention of an improved incubator and a jaundice-relieving device.

Eduardo San Juan - Filipino Inventor
Eduardo San Juan worked on the team that invented the Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy. The Moon Buggy was first used during the Apollo 12 landing to explore the moon.

Meet the Inventor of Internet-Based Email
Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson, who worked for Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN) invented internet based email in late 1971.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

History of Clothing - From an Inventors Perspective
When did people first start wearing clothes? Anthropologists estimate between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. Learn more about the history of clothes.

The History of Black Inventors
Famous black inventors - African American patent holders - Black History month information - African American women in technology.

The History of HTML Invented by Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web and HTML or hypertext markup language. Learn more about the history of HTML.

History of the Fax Machine - Alexander Bain
We owe the development of the fax machine to Alexander Bain, who was granted a patent for his creation back in 1843.

History of the Band-Aid by the Inventor Earle Dickson
Band-Aid is the trademark name for the 1920 invention of Earle Dickson, who made the first Band-Aids to protect his wife's fingers while she cooked.

Inventor John Standard Biography and Works
An improved refrigerator design was patented by African-American inventor John Standard, who also invented a space-saving oil stove.

The History and Origin of Aerosol Spray Cans
The concept of an aerosol can originated as early as 1790 when self-pressurized carbonated beverages were introduced in France.

African American Patent Holders - Photo Gallery
Photo gallery - illustrations and texts from patents held by African Americans.

Photo Gallery
Photo galleries of famous inventors and inventions.















Wright Brothers - Photo Gallery
Photos and illustrations make a visual timeline depicting the lives of the Wright Brothers and their airplanes.











Biography of Steve Wozniak - Apple Computer Co-Founder
What is the story behind the co-founder of Apple Computers Steve Wozniak, who also is a noted philanthropist.

The History of Telephone Books
As long as there have been telephones, there have been telephone books. Page 4.

History of the Telephone: Service Lines and Switchboards
The history of the telephone covering Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray - telephones from early models to today's digital cell phones and pagers.

History of Public Telephone Service - Inventions
History of the Telephone - Service Lines and Switchboards, Bell Telephone, Exchanges, Rotary Dialing and Pay Phones. Page 2.

The History of Cordless & Other Modern Phones
The seventies brought us cordless phones, before cell phones became widespread untethered house phones were the latest thing. Page 3.

History of the Telephone
History of the Telephone. Inventors. Page 5.

Computers and Internet - Timelines
History and timelines of computers - the Internet - and computer software and viruses.

Famous Computer Geeks
There is a special breed of inventor, one who brings joy to the world in so many ways, silicon warriors is another name for them but I prefer the term computer geek.

The Invention of the Floppy Disk Drive
In 1971, IBM introduced the first memory disk as it was called then or the floppy disk as it is known today. The first floppy was an 8-inch flexible plastic disk.

The Floppy
History of the floppy disk operating system. Page 2.

Learn More About George Washington Carver
As an agricultural chemist, Carver discovered 300 uses for peanuts and hundreds more uses for soybeans, pecans and sweet potatoes.

Edmund Cartwright Invented the Power Loom
Edmund Cartwright was a cleric who invented the power loom, a steam power-operated version of a regular loom, an invention that combined threads to make cloth.

Daguerreotype Photography
A professional scene painter for the opera with an interest in lighting effects, Louis Daguerre began experimenting with the effects of light upon translucent paintings.

American Daguerreotype Photography
American photographers quickly capitalized on this new invention, which was capable of capturing a truthful likeness. Page 2.

The Daguerreotype Process
The daguerreotype is a direct-positive process creating a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper plated with a thin coat of silver without the use of a negative. Page 3.

Innovations Using Magnetic Field
Learn about the history of the discovery of electromagnetism by scientists Hans Christian Oersted and Andre Marie Ampere.

The Inventors of the Thermometer
What can be considered the first modern thermometer, the mercury thermometer with a standardized Fahrenheit scale, was invented by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714.

Famous Invention History - F - Famous Invention History
Find the history you are looking for each famous invention starting with the letter F is listed in alphabetical order.

A Timeline of the Life of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin - timeline of life. Page 2.

Benjamin Franklin: An American Inventor
Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, the iron furnace stove, bifocal glasses and the odometer. Learn more about Benjamin Franklin.

Henry Ford Biography
Henry Ford invented the assembly line for automobile manufacturing, founded the Ford Motor Company and created the famous Model T Ford.

James Naismith Biography and the History of Basketball
Biography of Canadian James Naismith who invented basketball in 1891. Naismith was a physical education teacher at the YMCA.

The History of Ice Hockey
The modern game of ice hockey was first played in Montreal in 1875 according to rules devised by James Creighton, a McGill University student.

John Lee Love and the Pencil Sharpener
John Lee Love's pencil sharpener was patented in 1897. John Lee Love's first invention was the plasterer hawk.

Timeline - History of Microscopes
Learn more about the history of microscopes with this detailed timeline that covers the history of microscopes.

The History and Fact About the Mousetrap
James Henry Atkinson was the British inventor who in 1897 invented the prototype mousetrap called the

Nuclear Fission Vs. Fusion
There are two types of atomic explosions that can be facilitated by U-235 - fission and fusion. Learn the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

The History and Use of Metal Detectors
Alexander Graham Bell invented the first crude metal detector and the first portable metal detector was invented by Gerhard Fischar.

The History of the Piano - Bartolomeo Cristofori
The piano first known as the pianoforte was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. This

Post-It Note - Art Fry and Spencer Silver
Arthur Fry, a 3M chemist, invented the Post-it Note and Spencer Silver invented the sticky

Scotch Tape and Inventor Richard Drew
Scotch Tape was invented by banjo-playing 3M engineer Richard Drew Scotch tape was the world's first transparent adhesive tape.

The History of Postage Stamps
A schoolmaster from England, Rowland Hill invented the adhesive postage stamp in 1837, an act for which he was knighted.

The History of Sunscreen
Early civilizations used various plant products to help protect the skin from the sun. But the invention of commercial sunscreen came in 1936.

History of the Major Inventions of the Industrial Revolution
The history of the major inventions of the Industrial Revolution - American - British and European - the Industrial Revolution defined was the widespread replacement of manual labor by new inventions or machinery.

Samuel Slater and the Textile Revolution
Samuel Slater has been called both the Father of American Industry and the Founder of the American Industrial Revolution.

The History of WD-40
WD-40 was invented by the three founders of the Rocket Chemical Company. Learn more about the invention of WD-40 and what WD-40 stands for.

Where Did the Umbrella Come From?
The umbrella was invented more than 4,000 years ago. There is evidence of umbrellas in the ancient art and artifacts of Egypt Assyria Greece and China.

The First Washing Machine Wasn't a Machine at All
The earliest washing machine, the scrub board, was invented in 1797. The first electric powered washing machine came along in 1908.

Early History of Types of Clothes Dryers
Clothes dryers were first invented in England and France in the early 1800s. Page 2.

View Jack Johnson's Patent Drawings For a Wrench
The world's first African-American heavyweight champion Jack Johnson patented improvements to the wrench. View the drawings for this patent.

Patent Drawing For A Wrench - Jack Johnson
Patent for a Jack Johnson wrench

History of Inventions
Additional databases history and specialized information on different types of inventions.

Famous Inventions - Alphabetical List of Famous Inventions
Research the history about any famous invention - select the first letter of the choice you are looking for.

Writing Instrument History - Pencils and Markers
Learn about the history of pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, highlighters and gel pens. See who invented and patented these writing instruments.

Agriculture and Farm Innovations and Inventors
Farm machinery and technology revolutionized farming in the past two centuries. Learn about agricultural innovators and inventions fueling it.

The History of Invention and Technology Timelines
Invention and technology timelines tell the history of famous 16th 17th 18th 19th and 20th century events.




















Farm Machinery and Technology Changes from 1776-1990
How did farm machinery and technology change in the past two centuries? See a timeline of American agriculture from manual labor to mechanization.

Business Plans
If you have decided to establish a business you will need a business plan to raise money and help your new business flourish.

Sample Business Plan - Example
What does a business plan look like? See a full sample business plan to see all of the elements and how you should develop your own for your company.

Famous Invention - From A to Z Find Any Famous Invention
The world is made of famous inventions - from airships to zeppelins easily research their history and find any famous invention with A-to-Z charts, timelines, and history essays.

Corporate Profiles
A look at the innovations coming from the research and development of different corporations.

Famous Inventors
A complete resource for you to research any famous historical or current inventor. Includes biographies, A to Z charts, photo galleries, timelines, sections on nationalities.

The History of Computers
Prior to the advent of microprocessors and supercomputers, a number of notable scientists helped lay the groundwork.

Who Invented Peanut Butter? - History of Peanut Butter
Peanut butter has been around since ancient times, but the kind that comes in a jar was an all-American creation.

Biography of Steve Jobs
What is the story behind Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers who helped invent one of the first ready-made personal home computers.

The Television Remote Control: A Brief History
Zenith Radio Corporation created the very first television remote control. Learn more about when and why the television remote controller entered the American home.

Robert Adler - Television Remote Control
Robert Adler was associate director of research at Zenith in the 1950s when the company’s president challenged his engineers to develop a device to

The History of Laser Surgery for Eyes - Excimer Laser
Steven Trokel patented the Excimer laser for vision correction. Page 2.

Learn More About the History of Lasers
Information on laser history including the Ruby and Maser Laser, Gordon Gould, Arthur Schawlow and Theodore Maiman.

Inventing 101 - For Beginners
The very first and basic steps an inventor has to take written by the experts - the relationship between patents and the market value of inventions - the need for counsel - the need for prior art searches and being skeptical of invention promoters.

Inventor Organizations - International National and Local
Inventor organizations and invention clubs - local support groups are a fantastic way for a new inventor to learn more about the process of inventing.

Quotes From Famous Inventors
Inspirational quotes from famous inventors about their lives, inventions, society and more. If you need to achieve something in your life (like inventing the next big thing) you will find these quotes extremely inspirational.

Firearms - The History of Guns, Rifles & Machine Guns
The history of small firearms - Samuel Colt invented the revolver - Thompson submachine or Tommy gun was invented by General John Thompson.

The History of Firearms - A Timeline
The history of small firearms - timeline. Page 2.

Invention and History of Rockets
Research material for the study of rockets. Page 2.

History of Rockets and Space Travel Innovations
The evolution of the rocket has made it an indispensable tool in the exploration of space. Learn more about the history of rockets and rocket scientists.

Three Basic Ways Tidal Power Plants Work
How tidal power plants work - history of tidal mills and ocean energy and how they work. Three ways of using the tidal power of the ocean.

How to Become a Board Game Designer and Sell a Million Games
Tim Walsh is the inventor of the highly successful board games Tribond and Blurt! We interviewed Tim Walsh to give you a glimpse into his world.

The Life of Beauty Mogul Madame Walker
Madame CJ Walker was a St Louis washerwoman turned entrepreneur who in 1905 invented a method to soften and smooth African-American women's hair.

The Wright Brothers: Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes of the Wright Brothers inventors of the airplane that achieved manned flight.

The Wright Brothers - First Flight of an Airplane
Orville and Wilbur Wright -- aka the Wright Brothers -- invented and flew the first airplane. Learn more about the Wright Brothers' flights.

First Airplane Crash in History
In 1908, passenger flight took a turn for the worse when the first fatal air crash occurred on September 17. Page 2.

The Phone-Card-Phone: The First Disposable Cellphone

Interesting Inventions & Inventors of the Nineteenth Century
A lot of things we use everyday have their origins in the 19th century. Here’s a list of some interesting inventions that came about in the 1800s.

History of the Jet Engine - Who Invented the Jet Engine?
Although they worked separately, Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle are both recognized as being the co-inventors of the jet engine.

Intellectual Property - Patents Trademarks and Copyrights
Basic and advanced information on all intellectual property - patents and patent searches - trademarks - copyrights - tradesecrets.

Hiring Professional Help - Intellectual Property Services - Good Guys List
Marketing licensing and new product development firms - patent trademark and intellectual property commercialization - some low fee and shoe-string budget specialists.

Trademarks - All About Trademarks
Trademarks protect words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that distinguish goods and services.

Trade Secrets
Trade secrets are information that companies keep secret to give them an advantage over their competitors.

Tips on Writing a Patent Application Abstract
The abstract is part of a written patent application. Think of it as a condensed version of your patent that convinces others to read more about it.

The History of the Name Automobile for Motor Vehicles
The New York Times was the first to use the name

The Invention of Ecstasy and MDMA
MDMA was patented in 1913 by the German chemical company Merck. It was intended to be sold as a diet pill but was never marketed as such.

The Invention and History of the Antidepressant Prozac
Prozac was first introduced to the U.S. market in January 1988 by the Eli Lilly Company. Ray Fuller led the team of scientists who invented it.

Monopoly -- Invented by Charles Darrow?
Parker Brothers introduced Monopoly in 1936 after purchasing the rights from Charles Darrow, but there have been other versions over the years.

Andrew Beard Invents the Jenny Coupler
Inventor Andrew Jackson Beard went from slavery to success with patents for plows, rotary engines, and the Jenny automatic railroad car coupler.

Drive-INventor: The History of Drive-In Theaters
The idea for the first drive-in theater was patented in May 1933 and the first theater opened a month later with an investment of $30,000.

The First Historical Hobby and Home Computers
Home computers exploded onto the scene in the 1970s. Find out how Apple, Commodore and the TRS-80 came to be.

The Invention of Ethernet by Robert Metcalfe
Ethernet was invented over a period of several years beginning in May 1973 when Robert Metcalfe wrote a memo to his bosses stating the possibilities of its potential.

The History of Laszlo Biro and Ballpoint Pens
Laszlo Biro invented the first ballpoint pen in 1938, but others tried to steal his invention before BIC took the scene in the 1950s.

The Invention of the Intel 1103
In 1970, the newly formed Intel publicly released the 1103, the first DRAM or dynamic random access memory chip, in 1970.

The Father of Cool -- Willis Carrier and the Invention of Air Conditioning
Willis Carrier' is recognized as the “father of air conditioning.

The History of Mechanical Clocks
Large mechanical clocks began to appear in the early to mid-14th century. Eventually, pendulum and quartz clocks were introduced.

The History of Clocks -- The First Clocks
Great civilizations initiated primitive forms of clock making 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, followed by sun clocks, water clocks and obelisks.

Howard Aiken, Grace Hopper and the Mark I Computer
Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper designed the first of the MARK series of computers in 1944. It was 55 feet long and eight feet high.

.The Atanasoff-Berry Computer - The First All Electronic Computer
Professor John Atanasoff and graduate student Clifford Berry built the world's first electronic-digital computer between 1939 and 1942.

Konrad Zuse -- An Inventor of the Modern Computer
Konrad Zuse has been called the

Dan Bricklin, Bob Frankston, and the First Spreadsheet
VisiCalc, invented by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, was released to the public in 1979. It ran on an Apple II computer.

Benjamin Bloom's Critical Thinking Skills
Benjamin Bloom made significant contributions to education and talent development. His contributions have been memorialized in a series of books.

Jack Johnson (1878-1946)
Jack Johnson is most famous as the world's first African American heavyweight champion, but he also patented a wrench in 1922.

The History of Electricity and George Westinghouse
Westinghouse saw the potential for electricity early on and formed the Westinghouse Electric Company in 1884 to promote its many uses.

James West and the Invention of the Microphone
James Edward West patented the electret microphone in 1964. The technology is used in 90 percent all microphones built today.

The History of the Water Wheel
Water wheels have been around since 4000 B.C. but they've undergone a lot of improvements and changes since then and have been replaced by turbines.

The History of the Fountain Pen
Fountain pens have gone through many changes and improvements over the years, but Lewis Waterman and William Purvis are credited with the most significant.

The History of Edwin Ruud's Water Heater
A few imperfect water heater designs existed before Edwin Ruud perfected and patented the first electric automatic model in 1890.

The History of the Kitchen Blender
Who invented the blender? This smoothie-making kitchen gadget was invented in 1922 and further refined into the Waring blender you may recognize.

Henry Brown Patents Safer Document Storage
Black inventor Henry Brown patented a storage box for organizing and preserving papers in 1886. Learn more about his design to keep documents safe.

Charles Brooks - Street Sweeper Truck Inventor
Charles Brooks was a black inventor from Newark who patented improvements to the street sweeper truck and the ticket punch. Learn about his ideas.

Famous Women Inventors
Famous women inventors - women inventing in traditionally male fields - Why women are a minority of patent holders and how that is rapidly changing.

The Younger Years of Grace Murray Hopper
Computer programming pioneer Grace Murray Hopper had an early love of mathematics but also enjoyed play and sports. Learn about her young life.

History of Food and Food Products
The history of food and food related inventions

Bingo - History of the Game
How did bingo get started? Learn about the history of this entertaining game of chance that is popular in churches, casinos, and nursing homes.

Famous Germans - Biographies of German Inventors
Famous German scientists and and German inventors

Karl Benz Invents First Practical Automobile
German mechanical engineer Karl Benz invented the Patent Motorwagen, the world's first practical automobile powered by an internal-combustion engine

The Life and Inventions of Miriam Benjamin
Miriam E. Benjamin was the second black woman to receive a patent in the U.S. Her gong and signal chair inspired the flight attendant call button.

Thirteen Rules of Basketball - James Naismith
James Naismith wrote the original thirteen rules of basketball. See how these rules have survived and changed from the game he invented in 1891

The History of Video Recorders, Video Tape and Television
Video tapes and video recording have improved dramatically since their first days in the 1950s, leading to advancements like digital photography.

The History of Home Inventions - Furniture and Appliances
From furniture to radiators, numerous home inventions have occurred over the years. Here is a look at the history of home inventions.

What Was the First Truck Ever Made?
Trucks have been around since 1896, but tow trucks, forklift trucks and semi trailers got a somewhat later start.

Thomas Stewart Invented a Mop
Thomas Stewart patented a new type of mop on June 11, 1893. Stewart had invented a clamping mop that could wring the water out of itself by the use of a lever.

Learn More About the History of the Modem
Digital modems developed from the need to transmit data for North American air defense during the 1950s. Modems were used to communicate data over the public switched telephone network

The History of Hardware Tools and the Circular Saw
Tools dating back 2.6 million years have been found in Kenya, but most of those we know today have their origins in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Learn More About the History of Mobile Homes
The first examples of mobile homes can be traced back to the roaming bands of gypsies, who traveled with their horse-drawn mobile homes as far back as the 1500s.

The First Electric Pop-Up Toaster
Toasters have come a long way since the first was invented in Scotland in 1893. Sliced bread followed not long after, but the concept of a

Ruth J. Miro Invented Personalized Paper Rings
Ruth J. Miro is a successful entrepreneur, founder of RJ ​Miro, and the inventor of personalized paper rings.

The History of Matches - From Phosphorous to the Diamond Match Company
Since the appearance of the first matches, humankind finally mastered the ability to control fire. Here is a timeline highlighting the history of matches.

Learn More About Marie Curie and Radioactive Elements
Dr. Marie Curie is known to the world as the scientist who discovered radioactive metals i.e. radium and polonium.

Today in History
Today in History - featuring the famous dates in science and invention history - Today in History - covers politics birthdays inventions science and more.

Learn More About the History of the United States Postal Service
In 1775, the Post Office Department was born -- the predecessor of the United States Postal Service and the second oldest agency in the United States.

Cluny MacPherson Invented the Gas Mask
Cluny MacPherson began researching methods of protection against poison gas and invented the MacPherson respirator or gas mask in 1915.

Learn More About the History of the Loudspeaker
The first form of loudspeaker came to be when telephone systems were developed in the late 1800s. But it was in 1912 that loudspeakers really became practical.

The History of Locks
The oldest known lock was found by archeologists in ruins near Nineveh. The lock was estimated to be 4,000 years old. Learn more about the history of locks.

The Incandescent Light Bulb - a Timeline
A look at the history of the incandescent light bulb, an electric light with a wire filament heated to a high temperature, by passing an electric current through it.

Learn About the History of Life Savers Candy
In 1912, chocolate manufacturer Clarence Crane invented Life Savers as a “summer candy” that could withstand heat better than chocolate.

John Thomas White and the Lemon Squeezer
African-American inventor John Thomas White of New York​ received a patent for an improved lemon squeezer in 1896.

When Was Birth Control Invented?
The birth control pill was first introduced to the public in the 1960s thanks to the efforts of a determined women's rights activist.

Lloyd Augustus Hall - Chemist and Inventor
An industrial food chemist, Lloyd Augustus Hall revolutionized the meatpacking industry with his development of curing salts for the processing and reserving of meats.

History of Binoculars and the Telescope
Galileo developed one of the earliest telescopes, but he wasn't the first and many have improved on his device over the centuries.

Margaret Knight - Queen of Paper Bags
Margaret Knight was an employee in a paper bag factory when she invented a new machine part that would automatically fold and glue paper bags.

Stephanie Kwolek: Modern-Day Alchemist
Stephanie Kwolek's research with high-performance chemical compounds for the DuPont Company led to the development of a synthetic material called Kevlar.

Roy Plunkett and the Invention of Teflon
Polytetrafluoroethylene, the basis of Teflon, was discovered by accident in 1938 and patented seven years later. Today it has a wide range of uses.

Jukebox History
Learn more about the history of jukeboxes. Traditional jukeboxes (or

Marjorie Joyner and the Wave Machine
Majorie Joyner invented a permanent wave machine. This device, patented in 1928, curled or

Inventor Joseph Bramah Patented a New Safety Lock
Joseph Bramah patented the Bramah safety lock on August 21, 1784. He was a prolific inventor, and obtained 18 patents for his designs between 1778 and 1812.

Biography of Inventor Jacob Perkins
Jacob Perkins was the originator of using steel, instead of copper plates, for engraving banknotes. He had many inventions, from the bathometer to the pleometer.

A Timeline of Textile Machinery Inventions
Several inventions in textile machinery occurred in a relatively short time period during the Industrial Revolution.

Charles Kettering Invented the Electrical Ignition System
Charles Kettering was the inventor of the first electrical starter motor ignition system. The self-starting ignition was first installed in a Cadillac in 1911.

The History of Baby Carriages
Learn about the history of the baby carriage, from William Kent's ornate designs to William H. Richardson's reversible one and the aluminum stroller.

Archimedes - Mathematician and Inventor
Archimedes was one of the greatest mathematicians. He also is credited with several inventions, from the screw pump to the catapult and odometer.

History of Antiseptics - Ignaz Semmelweis
New mothers were dying, what was the cause? Learn the tragic tale of Ignaz Semmelweis and the battle for handwashing and antiseptic medical practices.

The History of Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
Charles Gabriel Pravaz and Alexander Wood were the first to develop a syringe with a needle fine enough to pierce the skin in 1853.

Virgie Ammons Patents a Fireplace Damper Actuating Tool
Losing heat up the chimney is a waste of energy. Virgie Ammons invented a fireplace damper actuating tool to prevent it fluttering and keep it closed.

The History of Cable Cars and Electric Streetcars
San Franciscan Andrew Smith Hallidie patented the first cable car in January 1861. Most large American cities had one or more cable car lines by 1890.

Charles Martin Hall - The History of Aluminum
Aluminum was once a rare and precious metal. Learn how Charles Martin Hall and Karl Joseph Bayer discovered processes to produce it inexpensively.

Henry Bessemer - The Steel Man
Sir Henry Bessemer, an Englishman, invented the first process for mass-producing steel inexpensively and patented the idea in 1855.

Gerd Binnig, Heinrich Rohrer and the Scanning Tunneling Microscope
The scanning tunneling microscope invented by Binnig and Rohrer led to the development of several other scanning devices that use STM technology.

How Do Springs Work?
Robert Hooke developed the concept that would result in spring coils back in the 17th century. He was first credited with discovering living cells.

History of Early Jet Engines
From Sir Isaac Newton and Henri Giffard to Hans Von Ohain and Frank Whittle, learn more about the history of early jet engines.

Robert Fulton and the Invention of the Steamboat by Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton was an American engineer and inventor who is widely known for developing a commercially successful steamboat called Clermont.

History of the Altimeter
Learn about the inventors who developed the altimeter to measure the height of land surface above sea level and the altitude of airplanes in flight.

Sarah Goode: Entrepreneur and Inventor
Sarah Goode was the first African-American women to receive a U.S. patent. Goode, a Chicago furniture store owner, invented a folding cabinet bed.

John Kay and His Impact on Weaving
In 1733, John Kay invented the flying shuttle, an improvement to looms that enabled weavers to weave faster. It was a contribution to the Industrial Revolution.

Learn More About Inventer Thomas Elkins
Thomas Elkins patented an improved refrigerator and an improved chamber commode. He also invented a combined dining, ironing table, and quilting frame.

Willis Johnson and the Egg Beater Invention
Willis Johnson of Cincinnati, Ohio, patented and improved the mechanical egg beater. In fact, what Johnson had really invented was an early mixing machine.

Lloyd Ray - Improving Dust Pans
African-American inventor Lloyd Ray invented a device with a metal collection plate attached to a short wooden handle in which trash could be swept into.

The Dynamics of Airplane Flight
How does an airplane fly? How do pilots control the flight of an airplane? Here are the principles of flight dynamics and the equipment involved.

Thomas Adams - The History of Chewing Gum
How Thomas Adams invented manufacturing chewing gum from chicle, inspired by General Antonio de Santa Anna and a little girl at the corner drugstore.

The History of 911 Emergency Calls
Who designed and installed the first 911 emergency call system in the United States? See how Alabama Telephone Company beat AT&T to the finish line.

The History of 7UP - Charles Leiper Grigg
Lemon-lime flavored soda 7UP was invented in St. Louis by Charles Leiper Grigg, who touted its mood-enhancing properties during the Depression.

Learn About the History of Hyperbaric Chambers
Hyperbaric chambers are used for a mode of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A patient breathes 100 percent oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure.

William Gilbert Discovers Electricity and Magnetism
English physician William Gilbert is known as the father of electricity and magnetism, with his scientific treatise published in 1600. Learn more.

British Inventions - Famous British Inventors
British inventions and famous inventors from the United Kingdom - England Wales Scotland and Ireland.

Learn How a Jet Engine Works
Jet engines move the airplane forward with a great force that is produced by a tremendous thrust and causes the plane to fly very fast. Learn more about how a jet engine works.

Black Inventor Walter Sammons Patents Safer Hot Combs
Have you ever burned yourself with a hot comb or curling iron? Black American inventor Walter H. Sammons patented safer models a century ago.

Canadian Inventors - Biographies and Articles on Canadian Inventors
Biographies of famous Canadian inventors and inventions - also Canadian inventors help.

The History of Trivial Pursuit
Who invented Trivial Pursuit? If your answer was two Canadians, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, you're right, roll again! Facts about the board game.

Christopher Cockerell and the History of the Hovercraft
A hovercraft is a vehicle supported on a cushion of air supplied by a powered fan mounted on the craft. The hovercraft was invented by Christopher Cockerell.

The History of Horseshoes Beginning in Ancient Times
A horseshoe is a fabricated product designed to protect a horse's hoof from wear. Learn about the history of the horseshoe, beginning in ancient times.

Herman Hollerith Invented Computer Punch Cards
Herman Hollerith designed a machine to tabulate census data more efficiently than by traditional hand methods. It became the computer punch card.

Learn About the History of Gyroscopes
A gyroscope is a spinning wheel or disc with an axis of rotation that is able to assume any orientation by itself. Learn about the history of the gyroscope.

History of the Tom Thumb Steam Engine and Peter Cooper
The first American-buiilt steam locomotive in the United States, the Tom Thumb, was cobbled together by inventor and businessman Peter Cooper.

Inventors of the Spark Plug
Who invented the spark plug? Several notable inventors had a hand in developing igniters for the internal combustion engine. Learn more about them.

The Inventors or Muckers Who Worked for Thomas Edison
By 1876, Thomas Edison had gathered many of the men who would work with him for the rest of their lives. They were known as Thomas Edison's

Thomas Edison - Uniting Sight and Sound
By the spring of 1895, Thomas Edison was offering kinetoscopes with phonographs inside their cabinets. It was the very beginning of motion pictures.

History of Flight - Gliders Get Engines
The history of aviation has extended over more than two thousand years, from kites to supersonic, and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets.

History of Flight - Gliders Get Engines
The history of aviation has extended over more than two thousand years, from kites to supersonic, and hypersonic flight by powered, heavier-than-air jets.

Digital Camera - A History
The history of the digital camera dates back to the early 1950s. Digital camera technology evolved from the same technology that recorded television images.

John Deere - Invented a Better Plow
John Deere was an Illinois blacksmith and manufacturer. Early in his career, Deere and an associate designed a series of farm plows.

Cracker Jack - a German Invention
Together with his brother Louis, Frederick Rueckheim experimented and came up Cracker Jack, a delightful popcorn candy which the brothers decided to mass market.

Learn About How Computer Printers Came to Be
In 1938, Chester Carlson invented a dry printing process called electrophotography commonly called a Xerox, the foundation technology for laser printers to come.

Computer Peripherals: From CDs to Keyboards
There are many computer peripherals -- devices that work with a computer -- including the mouse and keyboard, CD and floppy disk and computer memory.

The Development of Color Television
A German patent in 1904 contained the earliest recorded proposal for a color television system. In 1925, a patent was filed for an all-electronic color TV.

Albert J. Parkhouse - Inventor of the First Coat Hanger
Today's wire coat hanger was inspired by a clothes hook patented in 1869, by O. A. North of New Britain, Connecticut. Albert J. Parkhouse created the coat hanger.

James Ritty Invents the First Cash Register
In 1883, James Ritty and John Birch received a patent for inventing the cash register. Ritty invented what was nicknamed the

Chester Greenwood and Earmuffs
Chester Greenwood, a grammar school dropout, invented earmuffs at the age of 15. He accumulated more than 100 patents in his lifetime.

Meredith Gourdine and Electrogasdynamics Systems
Dr. Meredith Gourdine pioneered the research of electrogasdynamics. Electrogasdynamics is a way to disperse fog and smoke.

Self-Cleaning House Inventor Frances Gabe
The ultimate convenience invention must certainly be inventor Frances Gabe’s self-cleaning house, which makes the concept of housework obsolete.

History of American Agriculture - Farm Machinery and Technology
The history of American agriculture (1776-1990) covers the period from the first English settlers to the present day.

Ronald Demon Invents the Smart Shoe
Ronald Demon patented smart shoe technology to use chips and sensors to adjust cushioning and communicate data wirelessly to computer applications.

Agriculture and Farm Machinery Over the Years
Farming and farm machinery have continued to evolve. Today's farm machinery allows farmers to cultivate many more acres of land than the machines of yesterday.

Frederick McKinley Jones patented more than 60 inventions
Frederick McKinley Jones was one of the most prolific African-American inventors ever. He is best known for inventing an automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks.

The History of Pogo Stick
The history of the pogo stick is as hard to pin down as the gizmo itself. Here are the leaders, from George Hansburg to the extreme pogo inventors.

The Life and Achievements of Albert Einstein
Learn about Abert Einstein, who is probably familiar to most people for his mathematical equation about the nature of energy, E = MC2.

Computer Games - History of Computer Games
Early arcade machines - the history of home consoles -computer games - and the history of the video game.

The Edison Cylinder Phonograph Over the Years
The phonograph was developed as a result of Thomas Edison's work on the telegraph and the telephone. Edison took his new invention to Scientific American.

History of Sony PlayStation
How did Sony score a home run with its first video game console, the PlayStation? See the history of the development and launch of this game-changer.

Otto von Guericke Discovers the Vacuum
Otto von Guericke was the inventor of the nothing we call a vacuum. His pump and static electricity generator led to more experiments and discoveries.

The History of the Odometer
Learn about the history of the odometer, used to measure how far vehicles have traveled. See its development from Rome to China and the Americas.

Nathaniel Alexander - Folding Chair
Nathaniel Alexander patented a folding chair with a book rest to be used by churches and choirs in 1911, allowing congregations to use various spaces.

Green Technology - Eco-Friendly Green Inventions
Eco-friendly green inventions - renewable green technologies, recycling, biogas, alternative transportation and other sustainable technologies.

Lester Allan Pelton - Hydroelectric Power
Lester Allan Pelton helped power the California Gold Rush with his invention of the Pelton water wheel turbine, turning water into electricity.

Katharine Burr Blodgett Invents Non-Reflective Glass
Katharine Burr Blodgett invented non-reflective glass with many uses in optics. Learn how this scientist set many firsts in her life and career.

Joseph Winters - Fire Escape Ladder
Black American inventor Joseph Winters improved wagon-mounted and building-mounted fire escape ladders. He was active in the Underground Railroad.

Joseph H. Dickinson and his Musical Inventions
Black American inventor Joseph H. Dickinson made improvements to player pianos, organs, and phonographs in his long career making musical instruments.

Biography: Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave from Maryland who became known as the

How a Jet Engine Works
A jet engine operates based on the principle of Sir Isaac Newton's third law of physics.

History of the Apple Macintosh - Who Invented the Macintosh?
Steve Jobs figured that software was the way to win the consumer over, an approach that made home desktop publishing possible.

Biography: Albert Einstein
A young Einstein's fascination with a magnetic compass convinced him that there had to be

Biography: Sir Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton thought a few simple laws governed the universe and that mathematics was the way to explain and prove those laws.

Learn More About Georg Ohm and Ohm's Law
Georg Ohm is best known for his

Nicolaus Otto and the Foundation of the Modern Engine
One of the most important landmarks in engine design comes from Nicolaus Otto who invented an effective gas motor engine. When he completed his engine, he built it into a motorcycle.

The Paperclip Over the Years
The fastening of papers has been historical referenced to as early as the 13th century but it was Johan Vaaler who invented the paperclip in 1899.

Otto Bayer and the History of Polyurethane
Otto Bayer and his co-workers discovered and patented the chemistry of polyurethanes. Polyurethane is an organic polymer best known in the form of flexible foams.

Sir Howard Grubb and Simon Lake and the Invention of the Periscope
The Navy attributes the invention of the periscope (1902) to Simon Lake and the perfection of the periscope to Sir Howard Grubb.

The History of Soaps and Detergents
The invention of which soap was an accident and what forest led to the creation of Pine Sol?

The Early History of Flight
For many centuries, humans have tried to fly just like the birds and even constructed wings made of feathers.

Learn About the History of Polyester
British chemists John Rex Whinfield and James Tennant Dickson patented

John Ericsson - Designer of the USS Monitor
Swedish designer John Ericsson helped win the Civil War with his ironclad USS Monitor design with a rotating gun turret. Learn about his inventions.

The History of the Frisbee - Who Invented the Frisbee?
The name Frisbee may have been derived from a company that made pies.

A Brief History of Writing
The history of writing instruments is, in some ways, the history of civilization itself.

The History of Steam Engines
The contributions of three inventors led to the modern day steam engine that helped power the industrial revolution.

The History of the Refrigerator and Freezers
Before the invention of the modern refrigerator, people put food in holes packed with snow and ice to preserve freshness.

Introduction to Electricity and Electronics
There's a difference between manmade electricity and nature-generated electricity.

The History of Aspirin - Who Invented Aspirin?
Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was the first to recognize the soothing properties of willow bark.

History of the Automobile: The Assembly Line
By the early 1900s, the market was growing for automobiles and the need for industrial production was pressing.

The Early History of the Internet
On a cold war kind of day in 1969, work began on ARPAnet, the grandfather to the Internet.

The History of Cellular Phones - Who Invented the Cell Phone?
Some blame the FCC for the gap between the initial concept of cellular service and its availability to the public.

The History of the Vitamins
While people felt properties of food were important to health, it wasn't until the 20th century that these factors were identified and synthesized.

Johannes Kepler - Mathematician and Inventor
Johannes Kepler was one of the fathers of using the scientific method for astronomy. In addition to his theories, he invented optics and eyeglasses.

Frequently Asked Patent and Trademark Questions
Many people have questions when it comes to the Patent and Trademark Office in the U.S. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions - and the answers.

John Fitch Invented the Steamboat
The era of the steamboat began in America in 1787 when John Fitch made the first successful trial of a steamboat on the Delaware River.

The Inventing Life of Thomas Jefferson
When he wasn't busy drafting the Declaration of Independence, founding the University of Virginia, or serving as President, Thomas Jefferson liked to invent things

The Inventor of the Heart-Lung Machine: John Heysham Gibbon
The death of a young patient in 1931 first stirred Dr. John Gibbon's imagination about developing an artificial device for bypassing the heart and lungs.

Harriet Tubman - Leading Slaves into Freedom
Harriet Tubman, born in 1820, was a runaway slave from Maryland who became known as the

Freon - A Collaborative Effort Among Three Companies
A collaborative effort began between three American corporations to search for a less dangerous method of refrigeration.This, Freon was born.

Freeze Drying and How it Works
The process of freeze drying food was known to the ancient Peruvian Incas of the Andes. Freeze-drying is the sublimation/removal of water content from frozen food.

The Invention of Fire Sprinkler Systems
Inventors first began experimenting with automatic sprinklers around 1860. The first automatic sprinkler system was patented by Philip W. Pratt of Abington, MA, in 1872.

Fabrics - The History of Fabrics and Different Fibers
Fabric is woven into humanity and has touched so many lives — beginning in ancient times when primitive peoples used flax fibers.

The Green Lawns of John Albert Burr
If you mow the lawn, you should appreciate black American inventor John Albert Burr. His improved rotary lawn mower was less likely to clog.

The Escalator - Inventors Jesse Reno and Charles Seeberger Escalator
in 1892, Jesse Reno patented his moving stairs or inclined elevator as he called it. The escalator as we know it was later re-designed by Charles Seeberger in 1897

James Spangler - The Inventor of Hoover Vacuum Cleaners
A man named James Spangler -- not Hoover -- invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner. Find out how and when William Hoover got involved.

History of the Electroscope - Jean Antoine Nollet
Jean Antoine Nollet invented one of the first electrometers, the electroscope, which detected the presence of electric charge by using electrostatic attraction and repulsion.

Inventors - Building Materials & Supplies
Inventors help - material resources and supplies for professional and aspiring inventors including prototypes and sample forms and contracts and log books.

Sample Forms Agreements and Templates for Inventors
Business plan templates for the inventors self assessment and the invention assessment market - commercialization confidential disclosure agreements - selected collection of books about the business of inventing - non-disclosure agreement samples.

A Description of the Silicon Molecule
Understanding crystalline silicon's molecular nature gives a basic understanding of how it works in all devices, including PV material.

Spark Plugs and Inventor Edmond Berger
Some historians have reported that Edmond Berger invented an early spark plug on February 2, 1839. But Berger did not patent his invention.

Henry T. Sampson's Patents Power Rockets and Satellites
Aerospace engineer Henry T. Sampson knows his rocket science. This black American's inventions power satellites and space exploration missions.

Who Invented Kleenex Tissue?
Kleenex tissue was invented as a means to remove cold cream. Learn the history of this everyday tissue product, how it is made, and how the brand name became generic.

How Kleenex Is Made
Learn how Kleenex (facial tissue) is made, from recycled wood pulp, the different stages and machines used during the manufacturing process. Page 2.

The History of Fluorescent Lights and Lamps
See the history of fluorescent lights and mercury vapor arc lamps and inventors Peter Cooper Hewitt, Edmund Germer, George Inman, and Richard Thayer.

Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus Improves Photo Developing
Learn about the inventions of Cuban-American inventor Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus. He improved photographic developing and embossing in the late 1800's.

What is Virtual Reality? - Who Invented Virtual Reality?
While virtual reality's surge in popularity is relatively new, the technology has been a work-in-progress for nearly half a century.

Who Created British Inventions A-Z
Did you know a Brit invented that? Learn about British inventors and inventions from Alcorn to Watts, the anemometer to Viagra the World Wide Web.

The History of Dr Pepper - Charles Alderton
The history of Dr Pepper dates back to the late 1880s. In 1885, a young pharmacist called Charles Alderton invented the soft drink

Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel - Dutch Inventor
Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel was a Dutch inventor whose many inventions were the first navigable submarine, a scarlet dye, and a thermostat for a self-regulating oven.

Inventor of the Dishwasher - Josephine Cochran
Josephine Cochran had expected the public to welcome her new dishwasher inventions, which she unveiled at the 1893 World's Fair.

Cloning - Gene Copying
Cloning has its beginnings in 1885, when Hans Adolf Edward Dreisch successfully

John Christian - Inventor
John Christian was working as an Air Force engineer when he invented and patented new lubricants, used in high-flying aircraft and NASA space missions.

The History of the Zipper - Who Invented the Zipper?
On its way up, the zipper has passed through the hands of several dedicated inventors and it was the magazine and fashion industry that led to its popularity.

Who Came Up With the Alphabet?
The alphabet had long been a work-in-progress that went as far back as ancient Egypt.

Stanley Woodard - African American Inventor
Since coming to work at NASA Langley in 1987 Stanley Woodard has earned many NASA awards including three Outstanding Performance Awards and a Patent Award. Page 2.

Historical Inventions and Famous inventors - X Y Z
Famous patent histories on famous inventions.

Who Invented the YoYo? - Its History
Even a small toy like the yoyo has an interesting history behind it - read how D F Duncan joined forces with newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst to create the US yoyo fad.

African American Inventors at NASA - Stanley Woodard
Doctor Stanley E Woodard is an award-winning aerospace engineer at NASA Langley Research Center.

Pinball Machine with Skulls
Pinball Machine with Skulls. Inventors. Page 5.

Mary Anderson, Inventor of the Windshield Wiper
Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper before Henry Ford made a single car, but she saw little financial gain from her invention.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Patent
Ferdinand von Zeppelin's patent for a navigable balloon.

First Ascent of the Ferdinand von Zeppelin's LZ-1
The first ascent of the Ferdinand von Zeppelin's LZ-1 – July 2, 1900

The Graf Zeppelin
The Graf Zeppelin flying over the U.S. Capitol.

Parts of a Rigid Airship or Zeppelin
Parts of a Rigid Airship or Zeppelin

Text From Patent 621195
Text From Patent 621195. Inventors.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Patent
Ferdinand von Zeppelin's patent for a navigable balloon.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Patent
Ferdinand von Zeppelin's patent for a navigable balloon.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin's Patent
Ferdinand von Zeppelin's patent for a navigable balloon.

Ferdinand von Zeppelin - Portrait and Biography
Ferdinand von Zeppelin was the German military officer who developed the rigid dirigible a lighter-than-air vehicle - the zeppelin.

Zeppelin Raider
The remains of a raider one of the zeppelins brought down on English soil 1918.

January Calendar of Famous Inventions
The month of January calendar of famous inventions patents and trademarks. Plus famous January birthdays

January Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with January Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with January birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

Scientists and Inventors with January Birthdays
Do you share your January birthday with a famous inventor? Take a look at this list of inventors with January birthdays and find out what they invented. Page 3.

January Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with January Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with January birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 4.

July Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with July Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with July birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

July Birthdays - Inventors and Scientists
Famous inventors and scientists with July birthdays. Page 3.

July Birthdays - Inventors and Scientists
Famous inventors and scientists with July birthdays. Page 4.

July - Famous Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries
Events in science and invention history and July birthdays.

Famous Inventions in February
The month of February calendar of famous inventions patents and trademarks. Plus famous February birthdays

Scientists and Inventors With February Birthdays
Find out what famous inventor or scientist has the same birthday as you with this list of famous inventors with February birthdays. Page 4.

February Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with February Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with February birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

Scientists and Inventors With February Birthdays List
Famous scientists and inventors with February birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 3.

Who Invented Pantyhose?
In 1959, Glen Raven Mills of North Carolina introduced pantyhose invented by Allen Gant.

Timeline of Rockets - Leaving Earth Behind
Timeline of rockets from 3000 BC to the present

Timeline of Rockets - British Science
Timeline of rockets - the writings of early science fiction writers foretells the future of rockets. Page 2.

History of Rockets Timeline
The Germans are active in the space race during the 1930s. Page 4.

Rocket History and Timeline: 1946 to 1955
Learn about the timeline of rockets from 1946 to 1955, during which the US outer space research program was started. Page 5.

History and Design of Submarines
The evolution of submarine design from the submarine beginning as a compressed air or human powered warship to today's nuclear powered subs.

The Invention of the Submarine - Page 2
Learn the history of submarines, including early inventors William Bourne, Cornelius Van Drebbel, and Giovanni Borelli. Page 2.

Turtle Submarine - Inventor David Bushnell
David Bushnell designed and built a submarine torpedo boat in 1776. Page 3.

Robert Fulton Nautilus Submarine
Robert Fulton successfully built and operated a submarine in 1801. Page 4.

Horace Lawson Hunley - Submarines
Submarine inventor Horace Lawson Hunley. Page 5.

History and Timeline of Soft Drinks
A timeline of soft drink history including coca cola and pepsi cola, the inventors and history behind pop

History of Rockets Timeline
Golightly was granted the first patent in England for a rocket-airplane. Page 3.

The Ultimate Self Portrait, Who Invented the Selfie?
Several people have laid claim to being the inventor of the selfie. Let's take a look at the history of the selfie, the impact of the selfie on society, selfie addiction, and can anyone really claim to be the inventor.

Filling In Your Electronic Trademark Application
Using TEAS the Trademark Electronic Application System to electronically file your trademark over the Internet.

Identification of the Goods and/or Services
Identification of the Goods and/or Services - yes you have a great logo but you have to what's it for correctly. Page 2.

Menlo Park, Thomas Edison's Invention Factory
Thomas Edison's

The History of Medicine and Major Medical Inventions
The history of medicine and major medical inventions

Timeline - Life and Inventions of Samuel Morse
Timeline of the life of Samuel Morse the inventor of the telegraph.

Timeline Life and Inventions of Samuel Morse - 1828 to 1837
During his voyage home to New York on the Sully - Samuel Morse first conceives the idea of the electromagnetic telegraph during his conversations with another passenger. Page 2.

Timeline: The Life and Inventions of Samuel Morse - 1838 - 1846
In Paris, Samuel Morse meets Louis Daguerre, the creator of the daguerreotype - Samuel Mrse becomes one of the first Americans to make daguerreotypes. Page 3.

Timeline Life and Inventions of Samuel Morse - 1847 - 1872
In 1872 Samuel Morse dies in New York City at eighty-one years of age. Page 4.

What is Nanotechnology?
Nanotechnology is the science and engineering of the very small. nanotechnology is geared to become one of the most important science of the future,

Who Are The Best Inventors in History?
Look up biographies and timelines with detailed information on hundreds of different inventors and their inventions.

The Steam Engines of Thomas Newcomen
Thomas Newcomen and the invention of the steam engine

Thomas Newcomen - The Invention of Steam Engines and Thomas Newcomen Role
Thomas Newcomen - invention of the steam engine. Page 2.

Money Lessons - Understanding Intellectual Property
What type of intellectual property do you need - a patent trademark or copyright?

The History of Pinball and Pinball Machines
The history of pinball - the first pinball machines appeared in the 1930s.

The History of Mr. Potato Head
Mr Potato Head was invented by George Lerner, and Hasbro began selling the toy in 1952.

Help For Hard Times - Page 4
George Washington Carver educates farmers by listing good crops to plant.

Help For Hard Times - Page 7
George Washinton Carver suggested farmers sell shingles and other products made from wood.

Alexander Ashbourne
Alexander Ashbourne invented a biscuit cutter. Page 24.

Alexander Ashbourne - Black Inventor
Alexander Ashbourne invented a biscuit cutter. Page 23.

Charles Allen - African American Inventor
Charles Allen invented a self-leveling table. Page 10.

Charles Allen - Black Inventor
Charles Allen invented a self-leveling table. Page 9.

George Alcorn
George Alcorn. Inventors. Page 5.