Inventors Sitemap - Page 4 2016-09-26

Military History - Inventions and Military History
Military history and the progress of military inventions - the history of small firearms and other weapons.

Robotics - Professional Robots and Robiotics - Amateur Robots
Professional and amateur robotic sites - robot kits - parts - electronic supplies - build a model for battlebots - robot wars - model competitions.

The History of Chia Pets
Chia Pet is the ChiarRiffic pet to have and don't you want to know who invented them?

Rocket Principles - Motion and Mass in Action
The principles of rockets and Isaac Newton's three laws

Phosphorous - Boron - Silicon - Semiconductor Materials
Introducing phosphorous - boron - silicon and other semiconductor materials

Mass Spectrometer - Willard H Bennett and George Edward Alcorn
Willard H Bennett was the inventor of the radio frequency mass spectrometer.

History of Clocks and Calendars - Ancient Calendars and Stonehenge
Ancient calendars - Stonehenge - Aztec calendars - how ancient peoples kept time and built clocks.

Who Invented Siri aka Biography of a Digital Girl
Siri is a software personal assistant that lets you command and use your iPhone with voice conversation.

V For Vendetta
The familiar Guy Fawkes mask or V for Vendetta mask has become both a symbol of rebellion and a money-maker for Time Warner.

Business Ethics
Should there be a Hippocratic oath for inventors? What are good business ethics?

Database of Black Inventors
A database of black inventors - each black inventor has a date and patent number and research material on each invention. Page 2.

The History of Crayola Crayons
Edward Binney and Harold Smith co-invented Crayola crayons.

Who Invented Twister?
Twister was once accused of being

Famous Inventors - G Biographies
Want to know all about famous inventors - research their biographies and inventions.

Biography of Jeff Bezos - The Inventor of Amazon
Jeff Bezos is the entrepreneurial wizard behind the creation of Amazon the largest online retailer in the world. Bezos started the now giant internet company from the privacy of his garage.

The Puzzling Quotes of Erno Rubik
Puzzling quotes from the inventor of Rubik's Cube: The problems of puzzles are very near the problems of life.

How to Patent an Idea in the United States - Overview
How to patent an idea - bring your invention to life and protect it with a US patent.

The Atomic Bomb aka The Manhattan Project
Albert Einstein and other scientists told Roosevelt of Nazi Germany efforts to build an atomic bomb - the United States Government began the Manhattan Project that produced the first atomic bomb.

Atomic Bomb Detonation at Hiroshima
The atomic bomb detonation also has the hidden lethal surprise of affecting the future generations of those who live through it. Page 2.

History of Toys
Essay on the history of toys. Inventors. Page 2.

Toy Inventions - Directory of Individual Toys
Toy inventions and the history of toys including the Slinky, Hula Hoop, Frisbee, SILLY PUTTY, Etch A Sketch, Video Games, Yo-Yo, and more.

Qualify for a Patent
A simple how to on finding out if your new idea or new invention can be patented - learn how to qualify for a patent

Avoid an Invention Company Scam
If all you have of your new invention is an idea - do not think a submission company is going to do everything for you - many of these invention companies are not the real deal - avoid getting ripped off.

Patent Attorneys and Patent Agents
Patent lawyers and agents a recommended directory and advice on how to select the right patent attorney or agent.

Patent Law - Filing a Patent Application
Information on filing a utilty - design or plant patent appication - find an attorney or agent - drawings - searches - translations - provisional and non-provisional - United States Patent Office and international offices.

Selling and Making Pitches - Homemade to Sophisticated Advertising and Media Campaigns
Learn how to pitch ideas and raise money. How to create your own marketing brochure on a shoestring budget. Make the most of your advertising dollar. Write a great press release.

Copyright Law - Using Copyright Office Forms For Registration And Copyright Protection
Copyright law information and copyright protection - Using the United States Copyright Office for registration and application forms.

Alphabetical List of Famous Inventors - Find Anyone
From A to Z you can research the history and biography and photos of any famous inventor - just select the first letter of the name you choose to look for.

Getting Royalties and Lump Sums - Business Tips For Inventors
Intellectual property business tips and strategy to help you locate manufacturers and woo them with the right marketing materials for potential royalties, licensing, or a lump sum sale.

Trademark Search
Databases and tutorials for doing a trademark search online - use the USPTO's official list of goods and services by international class to find the international trademark classification numbers that apply and must be stated in your application.

Marketing Plans
A well-written, comprehensive marketing plan is the focal point of all business ventures because it describes how you plan to attract and retain customers - the most crucial aspect of a business.

Patent Law
Avoiding patent law problems - public policy issues - infringement litigation - patent law in different countries.

How to Apply for a Patent
Basic patent information - what kind of intellectual property protection do you need and how do you get it - frequently asked questions and tutorials.

Patent Search - Free and Online Databases
How to conduct a patent search - use classifications - free patent databases IBM US European and Canadian - professional search services.

Creating Creativity and Innovation - Brainstorming
Creativity and innovation - problem solving insights on creativity and innovation techniques essays exercises brainstorming and more.

Design with Brilliance
How to design a top-selling innovation with safety ergonomics and economics in mind.

Kid Inventors and Their Amazing Inventions
Websites illustrating inventions made by kids.

Trivia and Quizzes
Trivia answers and quizzes. Inventors.

Famous Inventors - A
Historical information and patent histories on famous inventors.

Famous Invention History - O - Invention History
Find the famous invention history you are looking for - each famous invention is listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - P
Which great inventor made what famous or new invention - famous invention and inventor history.

Famous Invention History - Q - Famous Invention History
Patent history on famous inventions - the inventor who made that famous invention.

Famous Invention History - R - Famous Invention History
The path to patent history for every famous invention.

Famous Invention History - S - Famous Invention
The history of famous inventions patents and inventors.

Famous Invention History - Thin Things That Start With T
The history of famous inventions and not so famous inventions and inventors.

U.S. Patent Act - TITLE 35
U.S. Patent Act - TITLE 35. Inventors.

Famous Invention History - U To V - Famous Invention History
Time lines - patents - biographies - history detailed information and more on famous inventions.

Famous Invention History - W - Famous Invention History
The history of famous inventions - the perfect place to research information on any famous invention or inventor.

Famous Invention History - X To Z - Famous Invention History
The history of any famous or new invention.

Famous Inventors - C
Famous inventors and their lives and inventions.

Famous Inventors - D
Historical information and patent histories on famous inventors.

Famous Inventors - E
Famous inventors who made history

Famous Inventors - F
Famous inventors and their patent histories.

Famous Inventors - G
Want to know all about famous historical inventors.

Famous Inventors - H
Biographies of the most famous inventors in history.

Famous Inventors - I to J
Information on famous inventors - patent histories - biographies - little known facts.

Famous Inventors - K
The lives of famous inventors and the stories behind their inventions.

Famous Inventors - L
Historical patent histories for famous inventors and even infamous inventors.

Famous Inventors - M
Famous inventors from history.

Famous Inventors - N
Detailed information on hundreds of different inventors and their inventions.

Famous Inventors - O
History has produced many great inventors - learn what each invented and patented.

Famous Inventors - P
Historical information and patent histories on famous inventors.

Famous Inventors - Q To R
Historical information and patent histories on famous inventors.

Famous Inventors - S
Biographies of famous inventors.

Making Amendments to a Patent Applications - Appealing Rejection
You may make amendments before or after the first examination of your patent application - If the rejection of your patent application has been made final you may appeal.

Plant Patents - Biotechnology and Biopiracy - Plant Patents
The controversy surrounding biotechnology and biopiracy - USPTO plant patent guidelines and how to file a plant patent application.

Preparing the Specification - Writing Descriptions and Claims
The specification as this word suggests these are the sections of the patent application where you specify what your machine or process is and how it differs from previous patents and technology.

Design Patent - All About Design Patents
Design patents may be granted to anyone who invents a new original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture - Examples - the look of an athletic shoe or a bicycle helmet and the Star Wars characters can all qualify for a design patent.

International Treaties For Patents
The patent cooperation treaty - PCT - European Patent Convention - EPC - foreign applicants for United States - international protection of USA software.

Famous Invention History - M - Famous Invention History
The history behind many famous inventions - Find the history you are looking for each new or famous invention listed in alphabetical order.

Passing The Patent Bar Exam - Home Study And Workbooks For The Patent Bar Exam
Home study courses tips and advice on passing the Patent Bar Exam.

Patent Drawings - How to Make a Patent Drawing
The correct patent drawing requirements.

Patent Application Forms and Patent Software
Official patent application forms from the US Patent Office - PrintEFS software provides you with a convenient way to author and print the US National application.

Patent Infringement
Patent infringement - what it is and how to avoid it and defeat infringers.

Provisional Patent Application - All About Provisional Patent Applications
The Patent Office Official Guide for filing a provisional patent application - advantages and disadvantages of a provisional patent application.

Nonprovisional Utility Patents - All About Utility Patents
Nonprovisional utility patents are the majority of patents.

Famous Inventors - T
Patents - history and information on famous inventors.

Famous Inventors - U To V
Famous inventors - biographies - patent histories

Writing an Abstract for Your Patent Application
The abstract is a short summary of your invention that introduces your invention in a patent application.

Famous Inventors - W
Biographies - patent and famous inventors history

Famous Inventors - X to Z
An alphabetical list of famous inventors with biography and achievements listed.

Famous Invention History - A - Famous Invention History
Find the famous invention history you are looking for - each is listed in alphabetical order.

Copyright Registration
Learn more about registering different types of works

Famous Invention History - C - Famous Invention
Famous inventions that start with the letter C - biography of the inventor and invention history.

Domain Names and Trademark Law
Can a domain name or web url be trademark registered?

Famous Invention History - D - Famous Invention History
Find the famous invention history you are looking for -each famous invention starting with a D is listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - E - Famous Invention History
The history behind many famous inventions including electricity.

Examples of Corporate Logos and Famous Trademarks
Examples of famous corporate logos and trademarks.

Famous Invention History - G
Famous inventions and the history of the inventors behind them - find the history you are looking for - each famous invention is listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - H - Famous Invention
Historical details and patents of famous inventions - find the history you are looking for each famous or new invention listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - I - Famous Invention History
Patent history - famous inventions - find the history you are looking for each invention is listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - J - Famous Invention History
Find the history you are looking for each famous invention or new invention listed in alphabetical order.

Famous Invention History - K - Famous Invention History
Inventions in history find time lines and biographies -which inventor patented what invention first - Find the invention history you are looking for listed in alphabetical order.

Trademark Law
Trademark law governs disputes between business owners over the names logos and other trademarks symbols they use to identify their goods and services in the marketplace.

Famous Invention History - L
Find the invention history you are looking for - each famous or new invention is listed in alphabetical order.

Help With Trademarks
Directory of professional trademark services - illustrations - legal advice - trademark search.

Trademark Search - Professional Trademark Searches
Professional American and international trademark search and trademark literature searching.

Famous Invention History - N - Famous Invention History
The famous inventions that made history and the great new inventions of today find out which inventor is behind each great idea.

All About Your Copyright Office - The US Copyright Office
The answers to frequently asked questions about the US Copyright Office.

Patent Classification System
Patent classification systems worldwide.

Directory of Intellectual Property Experts
Lawyers and agents specializing in patent trademark and or copyright law.

Fair Use - What Is Copyright Fair Use
The distinction between fair use and copyright infringement may be unclear and not easily defined as there is no specific number of words lines or notes that may safely be taken without permission.

First to File Rule
The first to invent rule granted a patent to the first inventor who conceived and reduced the technology or invention to practice - the first to file rule now grants a patent and all rights to the first person who files an application.

How to Conduct a Patent Search - Tutorials
The Patent Classification System - USPTO public record room - USPTO patent search tutorial and techniques - patentability or infringement search.

Invention Assessment Specialists - Product Evaluation
Consumer commercial government and inventor groups with reasonable priced invention assessment and product evaluation packages.

Trademark Application and Trademark Registration - PrinTeas or e-TEAS
Check the status of pending trademark application or registered mark in the TARR system - execute trademark and service mark applications electronically via the PTO Web site for your registration with PrinTeas or e-TEAS.

Invention Management Specialists - From The Good Guys List
Intellectual property commercialization and marketing -new product development firms for licensing patented technology - low fee and shoe-string budget specialists.

Professional Patent Search
Professional specialists in patent trademark and literature searching - international service.

Trademark Symbol - Proper Trademark Symbol Use
Accuracy in dealing with a trademark symbol,

Alternatives to Patents for Successful Inventors
I want to make money before or without having a patent - this is a controversial issue, however, many successful inventors do follow this path.

United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO
United States Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO

April Fool's Day - History of April Fool's and Joke Inventions
Some people didn't believe the change in the date so they continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April first - others played tricks on them and called them April fools.

Source Materials for Teachers Preparing Lesson Plans
Articles and resources for teachers preparing lesson plans.

Before You Buy - Buying Tips and Shopping Comparisons
Important buying tips and resources to aid you in buying products and services related to inventors - as well as inventive new products and shopping comparisons.

Inventing 101 - Patents
The answers to basic questions about patents and patenting.

Christmas Inventions
The history behind candy canes and christmas trees and lights and other innovations of the Christmas season.

Create Marketing Brochures
How to create your own marketing brochure on a shoestring budget.

Trade Shows and Conventions - Invention Conventions
How to find trade shows and invention conventions of interest to inventors.

View some amazing gadgets patented in service of Halloween - ghoul masks, tombstones, costumes.

Inventing 101 - FAQ on Trademarks
The answers to basic questions about trademarks.

Inventor Organizations - Local USA and Canadian Groups
Inventor organizations and support groups for independent inventors for local USA and Canadian groups.

Inventor Forums - Yahoo Groups and Google Groups
Get current news concerning inventors or patent laws - join online discussions and post questions or join mailing lists or groups for community support.

Poppin' the Cork - New Years Eve
Champagne and corkscrews are two inventions no New Year's Eve could do without. Countless gadgets and novelties have been invented to help us celebrate New Years Eve.

Blank Template For Marketing Plans and Sample Marketing Plans
Blank templates for marketing plan and sample marketing plans

St Patrick's Day Charms - The History of St Patrick's Day
The history of St Patrick's Day - Saint Patrick's day shamrock patents and leprechaun trademarks. Countless gadgets and novelties have been invented to help us celebrate Patrick's Day.

Thanksgiving Wacky Patents
Feast on whacky Thanksgiving gadgets. Countless gadgets and novelties have been invented to help us celebrate Thanksgiving.

Top Picks - Product Reviews - History Books and Inventor Products
Product reviews and book reviews on inventor products and inventor history books.

Toy and Game Design - Succeed in the Toy and Game Design Business
Guides for toy and game design including safety guidelines - manufacturers - interviews with successful toy and game designers.

Valentine's Day - History of Valentine's Day Innovations
Whatever the odd mixture of origins, St Valentine's Day is now a day for sweethearts. Most people give their valentine a greeting card named after the notes that St Valentine received in jail.

Famous Americans
Listed by state - famous american inventions and american inventors from the United States.

History of Sound Recoding
Innovations related to sound technology from wax cylinder records and antique phonographs to digital recording and MP3s.

Famous Belgian Inventors - Belgian Inventions
Famous Flemish or Belgian inventors - great inventions from Belgium.

Student Programs and Invention Competitions
Student programs - invention competitions including the B F Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Program - National Collegiate Inventors - Innovators Alliance.

Inventions from France - Listing of Famous French Inventors
The accomplishments of famous French inventors - inventions from France.

The History of Robots
In 1956 George Devil and Joseph Engelberger formed the first robot company in history but writers have been long dreaming about robots.

Italian Inventors
Famous Italian inventors - great inventions that originated from Italy.

Robotics - Professional Robotics and Professional Robots
Professional robotic sites listed with technical and trade related information and robotic research and development sites.

Toy Robots and Robot Art
Includes robotic exhibitions and tradeshow use - toy robots and robot art.

Robotic Kits - Build Your Own Robot
Places to order robotic kits and finished robots or parts and general electronic supplies - How to build a robot.

Robot Wars - Battlebots and Robot Wars
Places to compete in robotic demos and watch robot wars in action - Groups that engage in robot model competitions and building Battlebots

Romanian History - Romanian Inventors
learn all about Romanian history and the achievements of Romanian inventors.

Russia and Russian Inventors - The History of Russian Inventors
Russian inventors - history of famous inventions originating from Russia.

Swiss Inventors - Inventions from Switzerland
Swiss inventors - famous inventions originating from Switzerland.

Fourth of July (Fireworks)
Learn all about the fourth of July and the inventions created to celebrate the occasion, everything you need to know about fireworks.

History of Computer Peripherals
Compact disks the computer mouse memory disk drives printers and other peripherals are discussed.

History of Computer Software
History of computer software and computer languages It was not until after 1981 that software programs were made eligible for patents by the Supreme Court.

History of computer viruses
History of computer viruses. Inventors.

Copyrights - FAQ on Copyrights
The answers to basic questions about copyrights.

Origins of Easter Celebrations - Easter Inventions
The meaning of the many different customs observed during Easter Sunday have been buried with time. In one way or another all the customs are a

Entrepreneur - Tutorials on Becoming an Entrepreneur
To manufacture market advertise and distribute your own invention or intellectual property is an undertaking for an entrepreneur - resources to self-educate in the art of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Best Rated Books and Magazines of Interest to Inventors
Best rated online and snail mail magazines - books on inventors and gadgets - gifts for inventors.

Market Research - How to Conduct Market Research Online
Do your market research using online industry databases - Market research can help you find potential buyers for your product - help find manufacturers and help with marketing plans.

Brain Games
Brain games are puzzles, riddles, trivia quizzes, mathematical and logic brain teasers that both entertain the player and stimulate and improve the health of the brain at the same time.

Father's Day
The history of Father's Day and Father's Day inventions

Glossary of Patent Terms and Definitions
Intellectual property - definitions of patent law terms and a glossary of patent and intellectual property terms.

Grants Small Business Loans Government Programs - Invention Funding
Community of Science funding and grant opportunities for research and development - Defense Department SBIR and STTR programs - Department of Energy - National Institute of Health - SBA procurements loans and grants hot list - small business loans.

Fundamentos - Patentes y Marcas Registradas
Para los inventores de habla hispana, todo sobre patentes y marcas registradas.

History of Intellectual Property - Patent Copyrights Trademarks
The history of patenting - the origins of patents copyrights and trademarks - Read about the history and view historical images of early patent offices and drawings.

Inventor Log Book, Journal, or Notebook
An inventor log book or journal helps you prove that you were first to invent, and can assist you in patent disputes.

Non Disclosure Agreements or Confidentiality Agreements - Use Forms Samples
A Non-Disclosure Agreement - also known as a Confidentiality Agreement - is used when someone with an unpatented idea shows it to another party and wants that party to maintain as confidential any information - Find non disclosure forms and samples.

Patent Office - Trademark - Copyright Offices World Wide
Find any international patent office or copyright offices including WIPO - USPTO - EPO.

Frequently Asked Questions on Invention Submission
Previous answers to commonly asked questions about the process of inventing and patenting.

Venture Capital - Venture Capital Firms and Sources
Venture capital firms and finding a venture capital source - getting business loans - find technology incubators - IPO financing and more.

Worldwide - Local Inventor Groups
National and local inventor groups and organizations for countries other than the United States and includes local inventor funding and business support.

Invention Company Scams - How To Avoid Scams and Being Ripped Off
Invention company promotion firms to avoid - Learn the red flag warnings and the right questions to ask an invention company to avoid scams.

Brain Candy - Weird Science Entertainment
Brain candy is weird science fun for inventors - Brain candy is science entertainment - radio shows - quizzes - puzzles and fun.

Kid Activities
Kid activities and exploration for kid inventors.

Science Experiments for Kids
Fun science experiments for kids to safely learn about inventing and science.

Native American Inventors - First Peoples' Inventions
Native American inventors and the history of their inventions and achievements in science - ancient modern or revived.

Free Clip Art - Free Science Clip Art
Free science clip art to use with a science or invention theme - free clip art can be used without payment.

Science Fair Projects
Easy to use kits books and downloads for building science fair projects.

Workshops Seminars and Classes for Inventors - Workshops
Workshops and courses for adult inventors - attend patent workshops and low cost seminars - courses on new business orientation.

Australian Inventions
From the boomerang to the bionic ear - famous Australian inventions and inventors from Australia.

The History of Chinese Inventions
Ancient Chinese inventions technology and the history of Chinese inventors - Learn about the kite chopsticks umbrellas gunpowder firecrackers steelyard abacus cloisonné £eramics and papermaking.

Filipino Inventors and Filipino Scientists.
A database of Filipino inventors and Filipino scientists with biographies photos history and achievements detailed.

Famous Hispanic Inventors or Latin Inventors
Biographies of famous hispanic inventors from the latin world - Countries of origin include Argentina - Cuba - Spain - United States - Venezuela.

Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers.

New Ideas
Have a new idea or invention you want to promote for free.

Who Invented Electronic Cigarettes?
What looks like, smells like, acts like, but isn't a real cigarette? Electronic cigarettes are the controversial alternative to regular smoking but are they safe? Information about how they work and the inventors of.

The Origin of the Ugly Christmas Sweater
Love it or hate it, the ugly Christmas sweater and accompanying party is becoming an international phenomena. Let's look at the origins of these ugly traditions.

The History of Sweaters
How the knitted sweater was invented. Page 2.

African-American Inventors: Black History Month Survey
What we now call Black History Month was originated in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson as Negro History Week.

Understanding - Intellectual Property
Intellectual property includes patents trademarks and copyrights

Free International Trademark Searches
Do a trademark search online with this listing of free international online trademark searches

Military History - Research Resources on Military History
Military history - research resources for military history.

Free Patent Search Online
A list of online databases for a free patent search covering Canada - United States - Europe - WIPO and the EPO free patent search - Japanese abstracts - and USPTO Depository Library Program.

Inventor Organizations - International Groups
International inventors' associations and organizations.

Understanding the Different Types of Patents
Understanding the different types of patents - nonprovisional and provisional utilty - design and plant.

Inventor Organizations - United States Based National Groups
Champion organizations fighting and lobbying for inventors rights - Inventnet - Intellectual Property Owners - Inventors Assistance Resource Directory - Inventor Organizations US - Cerf - National Congress of Inventor Organizations - The United Inventors Association Of The USA - National Patent Association - More

Robots - Amateur Robotic Clubs
Amateur robotic clubs for local hobby robot fans.

Elevator Pitch - Make an Effective One Minute Pitch Called the Elevator Pitch
The elevator pitch is a any brief explanation or presentation of your product or business model that is directed at anyone who might be able to benefit you.

Technology Transfers
The Innovation Relay Centers IRC in Europe - Technology transfer companies including the University Technology Transfer Directory with over 3000 sites and articles explaining the technology transfer process.

Professional Patent Drawing and Trademark Illustration
Professional trademark illustrations and patent drawings and do-it-yourself patent drawing software.

International Patent Translations
Patent translations from and into nearly every language - corrections to client produced texts - certification of translation for patent attorneys.

Directories of Professional Prototyping Experts
Directories of professional prototyping experts.

Seasonal Holiday Gadgets
Christmas, Easter Valentines Day Halloween and more seasonal gadgets that will make you smile.

Camp Invention Workshops and Contests for Kids
Workshops courses and summer camp inventions for kid inventors - contests kids can submit their inventions to.

Bendix Washing Machine
A Bendix washing machine. Inventors. Page 3.

Historic Washing Machine
Historic Washing Machine. Inventors.

Historical Clothes Wringer
Historical Clothes Wringer. Inventors. Page 2.

Inventors. Page 5.

Washing Machine from the 1950's
Photo of Washing machine from the 1950's. Page 4.

Famous Appliances
Photos and illustrations of antique appliances depicts the history of washing machines and clothes dryers.

The History of the Spork - Trademarks & Patents
A spork is a blend of a spoon and a fork also called the runcible spoon.

Claim - Patent Application Term Definition
A claim is a written statement that is part of the patent application specifically stating what the inventor says the invention is or what it can do

The Intertwined History of the Flashlight & the Battery
When the flashlight was invented the biblical quote of Let There Be Light was on the cover of the 1899 Eveready catalog.

Coca Cola Company - Vanilla Coke
Coca Cola Company produces a Vanilla Coke.

Photos of Coca Cola Company Brands
The Coca Cola Company has created many bold eye-catching brand designs and logos.

Coca Cola Company - Origins of Name and Logo
Red spencerian script - Coca Cola classic lettering designed by Frank Robinson

Coca Cola Company - Coca Cola Zero
Coca Cola Company. Inventors.

Coca Cola Company - Diet Coke Splenda Family
Coca Cola Company creates families of brand products.

Coca Cola Company - C2 Packaging
Coca Cola Company's C2 refers to half the calories and half the carbs.

Coca Cola Company - Diet Coke With Lime
The Coca Cola Company creates families of brand products.

Coca Cola Company - Coca Cola Light Lemon
Coca Cola Company's light lemon Coke is popular in Germany.

Coca Cola Company - Caffeine Free Coca Cola
The Coca Cola Company produces a caffeine free version of Coke.

Coca Cola Company - Cherry Coke
Coca Cola Company's Cheery Coke in a 20oz plastic bottle.

Filling In The Inventor's Name In the Advanced Search Page
Filling In The Inventor's Name In the Advanced Search Page

Patent Searching by the Inventor's Name
How to find a patent by searching by the inventor's name.

Patent Searching - Writing The Inventor's Name In The Right Way
Learn to use an inventor's name in patent searching.

Hit The Search Button
Again hit the search button. Inventors.

Inventor's Name - Results page
You will get a results page with patent numbers and titles listed.

Take A Look At One Of The Patents
Take a look at one of the patents

Click On The Images Button
Click on the images button to view high resolution images, patent drawinngs, or older patents.

Now Practice
Practice searching by the inventor's name.

The History of the Paper Punch - Charles Brooks' Ticket Punch
In 1893 Charles Brooks patented a paper punch called a ticket punch.

The History of the Paper Punch
The history of the humble paper punch aka hole punch and you wondered how would you punch holes in paper without one.

The History of the Paper Punch - Benjamin Smith's Hole Punch
In 1885 Benjamin Smith of Massachusetts invented an improved hole punch.

Famous Inventors from South Carolina
What famous people come from South Carolina?

Famous Inventors from North Carolina
What famous people come from North Carolina?

Paulo Campos - Filipino Scientist
Paulo Campos built the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.

Santorio Santorio and the History of the Thermometer
Italian Santorio Santorio invented a very crude thermometer.

Meet Lyda Newman: Inventor of the Vented Hair Brush
African American inventor Lyda Newman patented an improved hair brush.

The Wright Brothers - Conquest of the Air
On December 17 1903 the first Wright Brothers biplane was ready to navigate the air and made four brief successful flights.

Forrest Bird: Respirator & Pediatric Ventilator Inventor
Forrest Bird invented the fluid control device - respirator and the pediatric ventilator

Love Your Latte? Learn the History of Coffee
A timeline with some interesting trivia and history about coffee - including Melitta Bentz was a housewife - who invented the first coffee filter

Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation
Exoskeletons for human performance augmentation is a new type of body army being developed for soldiers.

David Gregg and the History of the Optical Disk
David Gregg first envisioned the optical disk in 1958 and patented it in 1969 - also called Laser Disk

Extract from Optical Disk Patent
The following is the actual text from David Gregg's patent for the optical disk. Page 2.

Business Plans for Independent Inventors
Advertising and public relations - management and financial management plans.

Who Invented Ear Plugs?
Many ancient peoples created homemade ear plugs from clay or cotton and wax to reduce noise and protect the ears from the environment.

History of the Textile Industry
Great Britain was determined to keep to herself the trade secrets of the textile industry - in 1790 there was not a single successful power spinner in the United States.

Birth of the Telegraph - The Communication Revolution
The history of communication and the birth of the telegraph.

Evolution of the Office - History and Innovations
An office is generally a room or area in which people work and conduct business.

Who Invented Bathtubs, Toilets, Showers, and Fountains?
Ancient and modern plumbing histories from around the world - bathes and showers and toilets and water closets.

History of Sewing Machines - Elias Howe & Isaac Singer
The first functional sewing machine was invented by French tailor Barthelemy Thimonnier who was almost killed by enraged French tailors who burnt down his factory.

Patent Wars - The History of Sewing Machines
The court case was brought by Isaac Merritt Singer, the largest manufacturer of sewing machines. Page 2.

Famous Inventions and Inventor Birthdays in September
The month of September calendar with famous inventions patents and trademarks and September birthdays.

September Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with September Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with September birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

Scientists and Inventors with September Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with September birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 3.

Scientists and Inventors with September Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with September birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 4.

The History of the Yellow Pages
The history of the yellow pages.

History of Post Office Technology
At the turn of the century the Post Office Department relied entirely on antiquated mailhandling operations.

Modern Automation
Today, a new generation of equipment is changing the way mail flows and improving productivity. Page 2.

How Do I Get My Work Into The Library of Congress?
How do I get my work into the Library of Congress - getting a Library of Congress number - using an ISBN?

Thomas Edison - Memorable Quotes
Notable quotes made by the American inventor, Thomas Edison.

The History of the Transistor
The transistor was an influential little invention that changed the course of history in a big way for computers and electronics.

How Nikola Tesla Paved the Way for Modern Technology
Nikola Tesla invented the radio X-rays the vacuum tube amplifier and more - Nikola Tesla received no credit for these and other inventions.

Vladimir Zworykin - Electronic Television System
Russian inventor Vladimir Zworykin invented the cathode-ray tube called the kinescope in 1929 - the kinescope tube was sorely needed for television production.

YouTube Inventors and Founders Profile
YouTube was invented by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim out of a garage in Menlo Park.

WordStar - The First Word Processor
The origins of word processing from a rising WordStar.

History of Windsurfing - Invention of the Sailboard
Windsurfing or boardsailing is a sport that combines sailing and surfing and uses a one person craft called a sailboard - The very first sailboards date back to the late 1950s.

Charles Wheatstone
English physicist and inventor, Charles Wheatstone invented an electric telegraph and several musical instruments.

Charles Wheatstone - Musical Instruments
Charles Wheatstone was the inventor of an improved accordion in 1829. Page 2.

The History of Weather Measuring Instruments
Find out who invented weather instruments like the barometer - anemometer - rain gauge - thermometer and rainmakers.

History of Volleyball - William Morgan
William Morgan based Volleyball on the popular German game called Faustball - the history of Volleyball.

Alessandro Volta - Inventor of the Voltaic Pile
Alessandro Volta invented the voltaic pile - the first battery.

Evangelista Torricelli - The History of the Barometer
Evangelista Torricelli invented the barometer - also known as the Torricelli's tube.

The History of Theme Park Inventions
The history behind circus, theme park, and carnival inventions including roller coasters, carousels, ferris wheels, trampoline and more.

Ferris Wheel at the Chicago World's Fair
Ferris wheel at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893

Modern Ferris Wheel
A modern day ferris wheel. Inventors.

History of the Trampoline
The prototype trampoline apparatus was built by George Nissen, an American circus acrobat and Olympic medallist.

History of Rollercoasters
John Miller was a prolific inventor who was granted over 100 patents and invented many of the safety devices used in today's rollercoasters

The History of the Carousel
The carousel originated in Europe, but reached its greatest fame in America in the 1900s.

Barnum and Bailey Circus
Charles Ringling and John Ringling were the co-inventors of the Ringling Brothers and the Barnum & Bailey Circus

Who Invented Twitter?
To tweet or not to tweet that is the question. Also, what is twitter and who invented this social networking website for micro-blogging.

2008 Top New Inventions of 2008
New inventions of 2008 include smog-earing cement, high altitude flying windmills, bionic contacts, pig-urine plastic.

21st Century - Modern Inventions
A timeline of 21st century modern inventions of 2000 and beyond

Electromagnetism Timeline
Beginning with ancient times when it was observed that amber rubbed with fur attracted bits of dust and hairs.

Table Utensil 1907
Table Utensil 1907. Inventors.

Combination Table Utensil 1949
Combination Table Utensil 1949. Inventors.

History of Vinyl - Waldo Semon Invented PVC
Waldo Semon invented a way to make polyvinyl chloride or PVC useful he invented vinyl.

The History of Spacesuits
The invention of spacesuits evolved from flight suits made for jet pilots.

The History of Spacesuits - History of Spacewalking
The history of spacesuits for spacewalking. Page 2.

The History of Spacesuits - Spacesuits For Skylab
The history of spacesuits - spacesuits for skylab. Page 3.

The History of Software Programming
The exiting history of computer languages including basic - pagemaker - java - fortran - ms-dos - visicalc - windows - computer graphics and more.

History of Crash Test Dummies - Sierra Sam
The history of crash test dummies - the first crash test dummy was the Sierra Sam created in 1949.

The History of Crash Test Dummies and Air Bag Safety
The history of crash test dummies - GMs Hybrid III crash test dummies officially become the industry standard for testing to comply with government frontal impact regulations and air bag safety. Page 2.

Vince Crash Test Dummy
Vince Crash Test Dummy. Inventors. Page 3.

History of Seat Belts - Inventors
A seat belt helps keep you safe but who invented the first one?

The History of Root Beer and Inventor Charles Hires
Charles Hires first sold commercial root beer to the public in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition.

The Robot Dog Aibo by Sony (Product Profile)
Aibo was the robot dog that gave your real pets something to bark at.

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Accumulator
Wilhelm Reich and the fabulous orgone accumulator

Joseph Priestley - Discovery of Oxygen
The first drinkable manmade glass of carbonated water was invented by an English clergyman and chemist Joseph Priestley.

George Pullman (1831-1897) - The Pullman Sleeping Car
The Pullman Sleeping Car was invented by George Pullman in 1857.

Printing and Printing Processes History
Without printed matter how would civilization have evolved, the spoken tradition would only have taken us so far? Learn the history of the printing press, press type, typecasting machines, sterotyping, linotype and more.

The History of Plastic
The history of plastic different types of and timeline of plastics.

Pillsbury Doughboy - Famous Trademarks
The history of Poppin' Fresh, the Pillsbury Doughboy. In 1965, Pillsbury debuted the loveable 14-ounce, 8 3/4-inch character in a Crescent Roll commercial.

Perpetual Motion Machines and Free Energy
Serious discussions of perpetual motion are now occurring on the topics of open systems, aether theories, and vacuum energy - collected designs for perpetual motion machines

Who invented Oled Technology?
OLED or organic light emitting diodes technology opens a brave new world in dispaly and lighting technology. The future promises cutting edge innovations, where you will be able to fold up your computer screen and wear your lighting as a fabric.

Oceanography - The History of Oceanography
Oceanography has been recognized as a formal scientific discipline for 150 years - learn about inventions related to oceanography

History of Oceanography in America
America sets the pace in oceanography with naval ships and seafares. Page 2.

Military Oceanography
Oceanography and the World Wars - the First World War and the widespread appearance of submarines in naval warfare. Page 3.

Modern Naval Oceanography
Naval oceanography embraces five major areas - meteorology, mapping charting, geodesy, and astrometry. Page 4.

John Napier, Mathematician - Biography and Profile
John Napier (1550-1617) was the Scottish mathematician who invented logarithms, the decimal point, and the math tool Napier's Bones.

Wallace Hume Carothers - History of Nylon
Wallace Hume Carothers the chemist and inventor behind Dupont and the birth of synthetic fibers including nylon.

History of Nintendo - Inventor Gunpei Yokoi
Gunpei Yokoi was the creator of the Nintendo Game Boy - Virtual Boy - Famicom - NES - the Metroid series.

The History Behind Musical Instruments
The history behind different musical instruments, how they were invented, and the history of music.

The Invention of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Raymond Damadian discovered the basis for using magnetic resonance for Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI

The History of Miniature Golf
Garnet Carter was the first person to patent a game of miniature golf

Microbiology - The Tools of Microbiology
The first microbiologist and the inventions and tools of microbiology.

The History of Mail and Postal Innovations
The first envelopes used for mail were made of cloth, animal skins, or vegetable parts.

Validation Issues When Uploading Trademark Drawings
How do you know that your trademark drawing uploaded.

Tutorial on Trademark Drawings and Using TEAS
How to prepare a drawing for a trademark application.

Uploading Trademark Drawings
Image files of trademark drawing for TEAS must be in JPG format

Trademark Drawings - Color Drawings
Using color in trademark drawings

Where a specimen is required, you must attach a scanned image or digital photograph showing the mark in use.

How to Use an Invention Assessment to Your Advantage
What is the purpose of a marketability evaluation - an invention assessment - also called an invention evaluation or marketability research is when you look at your idea for a new invention and find out what its market worthiness is?

Invention Assessment - Self Evaluation
You can do a preliminary self evaluation of your invention by yourself. Page 2.

Albert Hofmann and the Invention of LSD
A brief history of LSD and Albert Hofmann - yes the process used to synthesize the drug is considered an invention.

A Pretty Mouth - The History of Lipstick
The history of beautiful lips and the answer to who invented lipstick.

The History of Lighting and Lamps
The word lamp is derived from the Greek word lampas meaning torch.

History of Electrical Lighting and Lamps
Sir Humphrey Davy of England invented the first electric carbon arc lamp in 1801. Page 2.

Who Invented LED or the Light Emitting Diode?
How the tiny light emitting diode came to be, the function, physics, and inventors of the LED.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - Invention and History
A look at the invention of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, developed by George Heilmeier and patented by James Fergason in the early 70s.

Leonardo DaVinci the Artist and Inventor
Leonardo DaVinci, the renaissance man, the artist as inventor.

The History of Restaurants and Famous Restaurant Chains
The history of restaurants, drive-ins, and famous restaurant chains.

What Are The Different Types Of Registered Trademarks?
Learn about the different types of registered trademarks.

What Is a PCT Application? - Inventors
What is a PCT application - The Patent Cooperation Treaty or PCT is an international agreement for filing patent applications, having effect in up to 117 countries.

Profile of Egg Fertilization Expert Ernest Just
Ernest Everett Just an eminent marine biologist who researched egg fertilization and the structure of the cell.

Narciso Monturiol
Narciso Monturiol designed the Ictineo submarine.

Elisha Gray's Telephone Invention Patent Caveat
Elisha Gray also invented a version of the telephone - biographies and patent information.

Elisha Gray's Patent Caveat
Elisha Gray's Patent Caveat. Inventors. Page 2.

Scientist Robert Goddard and the First Rockets
The father of modern rocket propulsion is the American Robert Goddard.

Robert Goddard
Robert Goddard was one of the three most prominent pioneers of rocketry and spaceflight theory. Page 2.

Charles Goodyear - The History of Vulcanized Rubber
Charles Goodyear made improvements in india rubber fabrics used in tires and invented vulcanized rubber.

Products That Are Made Out of Rubber
A variety of products are made rubber, including some made from vulcanized rubber. Explore this list of rubber-based products. Page 2.

The Science Behind Glow in the Dark Products
What makes things glow in the dark?

Invention of the Wind Turbine - Green Power Sources
Wind turbines produce electricity from the energy of the wind power.

The Television System of Paul Nipkow
German engineering student Paul Nipkow proposed and patented the first electromechanical television system in 1884.

Selling Your Invention - Licensing Versus Assignment
Many inventors might be faced with a choice; should they sell their invention outright or should they license it? We discuss which would be better and how to decide.

Future Technology - Inventors
The top inventions that will make future technology a reality. Lets take a critical eye at what is needed to make the world a better place.

Police Technology
Who invented handcuffs and other pieces of police equipment. Page 3.

Police Technology - Forensic Science History
Police technology and forensic science innovations including John Larson's invention of the lie detector.

History of the Lie Detector or Polygraph Machine
John Larson invented the modern lie detector or polygraph machine in 1921. Page 2.

Timeline & History of Police Technology
Timeline of police technolgy and forensic science innovations. Page 4.

Forensic Science Timeline
Take a look at these innovations in forensic science and police technology from the 1960s - 1990s. Page 5.

Biography of Blaise Pascal and the Pascaline
French scientist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal invented the first digital calculator.

The Pascaline
Blaise Pascal is credited with inventing a calculator, advanced for its time, called the Pascaline. Page 2.

Introduction to Pop - The History of Soft Drinks
An introduction to the history of soft drinks including coca cola and pepsi cola - the inventors and history behind pop.

The History of Pizza: Who Invented Pizza?
Considered a peasants meal in Italy for centuries modern pizza is attributed to baker Raffaele Esposito of Naples.

The History of Alcoholic Drinks and Beverages
The history of alcoholic drinks and beverages.

Intellectual Property - Inventing 101 for the Independent Inventor
Basic questions for first time inventors on intellectual property including patents copyrights and trademarks - inventing 101.

USPTO -The Role of the USPTO
What is the role of a patent office like the USPTO? Page 2.

William Padolina
William Padolina has served as the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology for the Philippines.

Roberto del Rosario - Filipino Inventor
Roberto del Rosario is the inventor of the Karaoke Sing Along System.

Original Kodak Manual - Setting the Shutter
Original Kodak Manual - Setting the Shutter

George Eastman And His Invention, The Kodak Camera
George Eastman invented rolled photography film and the Kodak camera. An avid photographer,he was the founder of the Kodak company. The first of seven pages.

George Eastman - Patent Suits and the Naming of Kodak
Kodak vs Polaroid. Inventors.

Photograph of the Kodak Park Plant
Kodak Park plant. Inventors.

Original Kodak Manual - Process of Winding a Fresh Film
process of winding a fresh film. Inventors.

Original Kodak Manual - Indoor Photographs
Original Kodak Manual - Indoor Photographs

Walt Disney - Multiplane Camera
Walt Disney who produced many famous animated films also invented the multiplane camera.

History of Mickey Mouse - Multiplane Camera
Mickey Mouse made his first film debut in Steamboat Willie. Page 2.

Humphry Davy - Inventor of the First Electic Lamp
Humphry Davy an English chemist invented the first electric light.

Supercomputers - Seymour Cray and the Cray Supercomputer
Seymour Cray was the inventor of cray supercomputers.

History of Scuba Diving - Jacques Cousteau
Modern scuba gear consists of one or more gas tanks strapped to the divers back and connected to an air hose and an invention called the demand regulator.

Coca Cola Vintage Advertising
Old advertising from Coca Cola - trays bottles old posters.

Coca Cola Goes 3D
In 1996 Coca Cola started the animated polar bear advertisement.

Vintage Coca Cola Calendar
Model Hilda Clark with a glass of Coke in 1901.

Coca Cola Cost Five Cents
Coca Cola was originally advertised for five cents.

Vintage Coca Cola Tray
Coca Cola serving tray circa 1910

Coke Delivery Truck - 1934
Coke delivery truck from 1934. Inventors.

Santa Claus Drinking A Coca Cola
Coca Cola Santa Claus image from 1939.

Coca Cola Neon Sign 1951
Coca Cola Neon Sign 1951. Inventors.

Christmas Coca Cola Advertisement 1963
Coca Cola Santa Claus image from 1963

1980s Coca Cola Delivery Trucks
Coca Cola delivery truck from 1980s.

The History of Coca Cola - John Pemberton
Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pembert - learn the history of coca cola and other soft drinks.

History of Coca Cola - I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke
I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke was conceived upon a napkin. Page 2.

History of Clocks
Ancient timekeeping - sun and water clocks - mechanical and quartz clocks - time standards - time zones.

Microsoft's First Operating System MS-DOS
In 1980 IBM first approached Bill Gates and Microsoft to discuss an operating system for a secret new home computer.

The History of Chapstick and Carmex - Popular Lip Balms
The history of chapstick - who invented chapstick and is it an addiction - the history of carmex.

History - Timeline of Cathode Ray Tube
A cathode ray tube is a vacuum tube that produces images when its phosphorescent surface is struck by electron beams. Page 2.

The History of Apple Computers
A look back at the development and history and the impact that Apple Computers has had on the history of computing.

Who Can Make a Copyright Claim?
Copyright protection exists automatically from the time the work is created in fixed form.

Canadian Inventor Organizations
Research Canadian funding - innovation information - research money - grants - awards - venture capital - inventor support groups and Canadian government patent and technology offices.

Canadian Inventor Organizations - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba
Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, & Saskatchewan. Page 2.

Canadian Inventor Organizations in Quebec
Ontario and Québec. Inventors. Page 3.

Canadian Inventor Organizations - New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick - Newfoundland - Nova Scotia - Prince Edward Island. Page 4.

Biography of Mark Zuckerberg
Biography of Mark Zuckerberg or the story of how a kid from Dobbs Ferry became the youngest billionaire in the world.

Charles Babbage and the Analytical Engine
The life of Charles Babbage, the inventor of analytical engine -- forerunner of the modern computer.

Wonderbra - The History of the Wonderbra
The history behind the various brands of bras - Wonderbra. Page 2.

Plastic Architecture - Building The Biodome
Exciting new breakthroughs in thermoplastic have opened up what has been nicknamed plastic architecture and has allowed for the building of giant biodomes like the Eden Project.

The History of Beer
We can trace the beginning of beer history far back - beer was the first alcohol beverage known to civilization.

George Grant, Inventor of the Improved Golf Tee
Dentist George Grant was also interested in the physics of golfing.

Types of Airships - Rigid Airship
Types of airship - technical description of a rigid airship

Hot Air Balloons and the Montgolfier Brothers
The first flight of a hot air balloon took place in 1783. Page 2.

Hydrogen Balloon with Flapping Devices
Jean Pierre Blanchard designed a hydrogen balloon with flapping devices to control its flight

The Baldwin Dirigible
During the summer of 1908 the Army tested the Baldwin dirigible.

The Zeppelin
Zeppelin was the name given to the duralumin-internal-framed dirigibles invented by the persistent Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Montgolfier Balloon - Army Balloon
Montgolfier Balloon - Army Balloon

Types of Airships - Nonrigid Airship and Semirigid Airship
Types of airships - technical description of a nonrigid airship and semirigid airship

History of Airships and Flight Balloons
The history of dirigibles - airships - zeppelins - blimps and balloon flight.

History of Hydrogen Balloons - Jacques Charles
Jacques Charles invented the first hydrogen balloon.

History of the Airship - Henri Giffard
Credit for the construction of the first navigable airship goes to French engineer Henri Giffard.

Charles Proteus Steinmetz - Inventor of Alternating Current
Short in stature, but tall in talent, Charles Proteus Steinmetz pioneered the field of electrical engineering and invented an improved alternating current motor.

Wisconsin Famous People - Wisconsin Inventors
What famous people come from Wisconsin?

Mississippi Famous People - Mississippi Inventors
What famous people come from Mississippi?

Alabama Famous People - Alabama Inventors
What famous people come from Alabama?

The History of Engines - How Steam Engines Work
The history of engines and how steam engines work

History of Kitchen Appliances
The history of inventors and inventions that belong in the kitchen from paper towels to dishwashers. The kitchen plays a very important role in all of our lives.

Twentieth Century History
History timeline of the early twentieth century. Page 2.

Timeline of Inventions of the 20th Century
Technology, science, and inventions have progressed at an accelerated rate during the hundred years of the 20th century, more so than any other century.

The Roaring Twenties 1920s
Timeline of roaring twenties with history and technology. Page 3.

Industrial Thirties - Science and Inventions Timeline
20th century timeline of inventions created during the thirties. Page 4.

Science of the 1940s
What happened during the 20th century and the 1940s - the history science and technology that made the 20th century. Page 5.

History of Farm Tractors - Farm Tractor Manufacturers
Four brief histories of the companies that manufactured the first farm tractors and steam engines in America.

History of Farm Tractors
The first farm tractors were deeply rooted in Minnesota history. Find out more about the successful Minneapolis 35-70 and other innovations to come out of Minnesota. Page 2.

History of Farm Tractors
Four brief histories of the companies that manufactured the first farm tractors and steam engines in America. Page 3.

History of Farm Tractors
Four brief histories of the companies that manufactured the first farm tractors and steam engines in America. Page 4.

Scientists and Inventors with December Birthdays - December 1-10
Do you share your December birthday with a famous inventor? Check out who was born in December and what they invented. Page 2.

Scientists and Inventors with December Birthdays - December 21-31
Who shares your December birthday? Check out these famous scientists and inventors born in December and find out what they discovered. Page 4.

Famous Inventions and History - Q
Check out the patent histories for famous inventions starting with the letter Q, from Q-tips to QWERTY.

Famous Inventions - Pacemaker to Popsicle
Curious about the patent histories for famous inventions? Check out these inventions starting with the letter P, from postal-related inventions to PVC. Page 2.

Answers to Trivia Questions about Gadgets
Answers to trivia questions about gadgets. Page 2.

Trivia Questions about Gadgets
How much do you know about different gadgets? Test your knowledge with these trivia questions and answers! Page 3.

Trivia - Answers to Trivia Questions about Gadgets
Archives of past selected trivia answers - who invented what.

Patent Holders List Index
Find out more about African American inventors and their patents for Black History month, from Betty W Harris to Henry Aaron Hill. Page 2.

Patent Holders List Index H
Learn more about African American inventors and their patents for Black History Month, from Andrew F Hilyer to Robert N Hyde. Page 3.

Patenting and Marketing Tips for Inventors
Inventors on all levels will benefit from the patenting and marketing tips provided in this article.

Bob DeMatteis - The Expert's Patent Strategy by Bob DeMatteis
Find out why thinking about marketing before patenting will guarantee that you will make money with your invention. Page 2.

A History of Steamboats
The history of steamboats and steam engines advanced the history of tranportation.

Robert Fulton - The Steamboats of Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton's steamboat the Clermont was undoubtedly the pioneer of practical steamboats. Page 2.

First Voyage of Robert Fulton's Steamboat "Clermont"
The Clermont Robert Fulton's first American steamboat left New York for Albany inaugurating the first commercial steamboat service in the world. Page 3.

Inventions and Inventors of the 18th Century Timeline
The 18th century gave birth to the first Industrial Revolution - the birth of modern manufacturing when steam engines replaced animal labor.

18th Century Scientific Achievements
What were the famous inventions of the 18th Century. Page 2.

History of Automobile Accessories and Parts
The history of different parts of the car for example who invented the fender or windshield wipers or license plates. Page 2.

The History of Cars, Engines, and Roads
The history of the automobile it is estimated that over 100,000 patents and dozens of inventors created the modern automobile.

African American Inventors - Names Beginning with H
Each black inventor has a date - patent number and a description of the invention with extensive research material for Black History month.

History of Famous Inventions from A to Z
Research the history of famous inventions both historical and cutting edge contemporary with thousands of detailed articles, biographies, photos, and timelines. And yes all in an easy to find format A to Z.

The Invention of Radio - Wireless Telegraphy
An outline of the development of radio technology - radio owes its development to two other inventions the telegraph and the telephone.

Famous Things Invented In April
The month of April calendar of famous inventions patents and trademarks. Plus famous March birthdays