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April Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with April Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with April birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

April Birthdays - Inventors and Scientists with April Birthdays
Who was born on the same day as you. Famous scientists and inventors with April birthdays. Page 3.

April Birthdays - Inventors and Scientists with April Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with April birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 4.

The Thirteen Rules of the Gentlemen Golfers of Edinburgh
In 1774 the first standardized rules of golf were written. Page 2.

History of Golf And Golf Equipment
Golf history - including origins of the game - history of golfing rules - and who invented golf courses - clubs - balls

Biography of Thomas Edison
Biography of inventor Thomas Edison starting with Edison's early life and continuing until his death. Very few other inventors are know as well as Edison is, an American favorite.

Thomas Edison Fame and Wealth
Inventor Thomas Edison and his work with electricity, this was the golden age of electricity when the foundation was set for the supply of electrical power into every home. Page 2.

Thomas Edison - Successes and Failures
Thomas Edison, one of the most popular inventors or all time created several key innovations important to the fledgling motion picture industry. Page 3.

Thomas Edison's Later Years
Biography of inventor Thomas Edison - Edison's final years as an inventor and cultural icon. Page 4.

Early Life of Alexander Graham Bell
Timeline, biography and photos of the early part of Alexander Graham Bell's life, from birth to college and his job teaching the deaf.

Alexander Graham Bell Biographical Timeline: 1870-1879
Timeline and history of Alexander Graham Bell - 1870 to 1879. Page 2.

Alexander Graham Bell 1880 - 1887
Timeline of Alexander Graham Bell from 1880 to 1887. Page 3.

Alexander Graham Bell 1890-1899
Timeline of Alexander Graham Bell from 1890 to 1899. Page 4.

Alexander Graham Bell 1900 to 1922
Timeline of Alexander Graham Bell from 1900 to 1922. Page 5.

Famous Inventions and the History Behind Them - P
Which inventor made what famous invention - patent histories on famous inventions.

Pioneers of the Machine Shop - Making Metal Parts
Pioneers of the machine shop - work of John Stevens and sons

Pioneers of the Machine Shop: Eli Whitney
Eli Whitney best known for the cotton gin also worked with firearms and developed the principle of standardization or interchangeability in manufacture. Page 2.

Machine Shop Pioneers - John Wilkinson - Thomas Blanchard
Machine shop pioneers John Wilkinson and Thomas Blanchard. Page 3.

Samuel Colt Profile, Revolver Inventor, Machine Shop Pioneer
Samuel Colt invents the revolver. Page 4.

Gunmakers and the History of Standardization
What gunmakers did for parts standardization. Page 5.

Eli Whitney and Licensing the Cotton Gin
The history of Eli Whitney and the cotton gin.

The Cotton Gin - Eli Whitney Sells His Patent Rights
Eli Whitney and the cotton gin - Eli Whitney sells his patent rights. Page 2.

Galileo Galilei's Work With the Telescope
Galileo Galilei heard rumors that a Dutch spectacle-maker had invented a device that made distant objects seem near at hand. Page 2.

Galileo Galilei
For Galileo Galilei saying that the Earth went around the Sun changed everything since he was contradicting the teachings of the Church. Page 3.

16th Century - the Technology, Science, and Inventions
During the 16th century major changes in philosophy and science took place - often characterised as the Scientific revolution.

The 50s - the Technology, Science, and Inventions
50s inventions - the science and technology behind the modern age

Biography of Galileo Galilei
The life of Galileo Galilei, scientist, inventor, and astronomer, considered to be the Father of Scientific Reason.

December Calendar of Famous Inventions and Birthdays
Today in history for the December calendar with famous inventions and December birthdays.

December Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with December Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with December birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 3.

How Long Have Humans Been Making Things Out of Glass?
Glass is thought to have been invented around 3000 BC during the bronze age

The History of Glass - Invention of the Mirror
The history of mirrors dates back to ancient times. Page 2.

History of Corrective Eyewear (Spectacles, Glasses, Contacts)
Eye glasses were invented in Italy around 1284. Page 3.

The History of Contact Lenses
Did you know that the concept of contact lenses goes back to 1888. Page 4.

Read This History of Elevators from Top to Bottom
Elisha Graves Otis did not actually invent the first elevator - he invented the brake used in modern elevators, and his brakes made skyscrapers a practical reality.

Biography of Elisha Otis
Biography of Elisha Otis, the inventor of the modern safety elevator, and the founder of the Otis Elevator Company. Page 3.

How Elevators Work
In a typical elevator, the car is raised and lowered by six to eight motor-driven wire ropes that are attached to the top of the car at one end, travel around a pair of sheaves, and are again attached to a counterweight at the other end. Page 2.

African American Inventors at NASA - Robert G Bryant
Chemical engineer Doctor Robert G Bryant works for NASA's Langley Research Center and has patented numerous inventions

NASA's Award Winning Inventor: Robert G. Bryant
List of Issued Patents. Inventors. Page 2.

Parts of a Jet Engine
The different parts of a jet engine and their purpose.

Who Invented WiFi?
When you have WiFi you have the ability to connect to the internet without having to be wired to a connection.

History of Photography and the Camera
The complete history of photography a word derived from the Greek words for light and writing first used by Sir John Herschel in 1839.

Advancement of the Camera
By definition a camera is a lightproof object, with a lens, that captures incoming light and directs the light and resulting image towards film. Page 3.

Learn about Photography
Learn about the art and science of photography. Page 4.

Advancements in Photographic Films & Prints
The first flexible photography films, dating to 1889, were made of cellulose nitrate, which is chemically similar to guncotton. Page 2.

History of Penicillin
Penicillin is one of the first and still one of the most widely used antibiotic agents. We detail the history of this discovery and scientists involved.

History of Antibiotics
An antibiotic is a chemical substance produced by one organism that is destructive to another. Page 2.

Timeline and Inventions of the 60s
Timeline of 60s technology - the 60s have been described by historians as the ten years having the most significant changes in history. Page 2.

Timeline and Inventions of the 70s
Inventions of the 70s - the 70s began the age of the practical computer made possible by the invention of the floppy disk and the microprocessor that occurred. Page 3.

Timeline of 80s Inventions
The inventions of the 80s many of the most popular consumer products still around today were invented in the 80s for example cell phones and home computers. Page 4.

Inventions of the 90s
Timeline of 90s technology - the 90s saw the invention of the internet and genetic engineering. Page 5.

Patent Plaques
You can proudly display your invention achievements with a patent plaque with your names, details, and patent number engraved on it.

History of the Anemometer Wind Vane
Anemometer is also known as a wind vane

Top Books on Car History
The history of cars is one topic that appeals to many different types of readers

Walter Hunt Invented the Safety Pin and a Sewing Machine
The safety pin was the invention of Walter Hunt, who also invented an early rewing machine.

The History of My Little Pony
My Little Pony is the registered trademark belonging to Hasbro Industries for their very popular toy pony.

My Little Pony - Trademark
My Little Pony is the registered trademark belonging to Hasbro Industries for their very popular toy pony. Page 2.

James Gosling and the History of Java
Java is a programming language and enviroment whose original name was Oak and developed as a part of the Green project at Sun started by James Gosling.

History of the Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar
The history of the accoustic guitar and electric guitar the popular string instrument played by plucking or strumming.

History of the Electric Guitar
Adolph Rickenbacker worked with George Beauchamp and Paul Barth who had been working together on the principle of the magnetic pick-up to invent an electric guitar. Page 2.

Levi Strauss - The History of Blue Jeans and Denim
Levi Strauss invented blue jeans - the history of denim.

The History of the Cassette Tape
The Philips Company of the Netherlands invented and released the first compact audio-cassette in 1962.

Top Authorized and Unauthorized Books on Bill Gates
Authorized and unauthorized books on Bill Gates - Microsoft Chairman and the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

History of the Global Positioning System or GPS
GPS or the Global Positioning System was invented by the US Department of Defense.

History of the Teddy Bear
How the teddy bear got his name and the history behind the beloved stuffed toy.

Who Invented Google?
Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented Google a very popular search engine.

The Rockets of NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
A history of NASA and space rockets - over its forty-year existence NASA has been involved in many meteorological and Earth science missions that help us better understand our Earth - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Hills Hoist: Lance Hill's Clothesline Revolution
Australian Lance Hills invented the

Ellen Ochoa: Inventor, Astronaut, Pioneer
Ellen Ochoa is a former astronaut and the first hispanic woman in space, and holds three patents for optical systems.

William Sturgeon, Inventor of the Electromagnet
Learn about British electrical engineer and inventor William Sturgeon, who developed the electromagnet in 1825.

Joseph Marie Jacquard and the Jacquard Loom
The Jacquard Loom, an attachment that utilized punch cards to weave complex designs, was a forerunner of computer programming.

Rudolf Diesel, Inventor of the Diesel Engine
Rudolf Diesel was a French-German engineer who patented the diesel engine in 1898... though building it nearly killed him.

The History of Textile Production: Making Fabric
While methods of textile productions have greatly advanced, the basic process has remained practically the same.

The History of the Armillary Sphere
An armillary sphere is a miniature representation of celestial objects in the sky, depicted as a series of rings centered around a globe.

Who Invented the Jigsaw Puzzle?
John Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker, invented the jigsaw puzzle in 1767, though it wasn't intended as a game.

The History of Jell-O
Jell-O failed to catch on twice before some intensive advertising turned it into an iconic American snack.

Thomas Jennings, Inventor and Abolitionist
Thomas Jennings became the first African-American patent holder when he patented a method for dry-cleaning clothes.

The History of the Hand Grenade
Learn about the history of the hand grenade, including the origins of the weapon’s name, the invention of the Mills bomb, and other variations.

Gustave Eiffel and the Eiffel Tower
Gustave Eiffel is best known for the Eiffel Tower, but the

The cheese slicer, invented by Thor Bjørklund of Norway
Learn about the origins of the cheese slicer, invented by Thor Bjřrklund of Norway.

The Story of the First Lawn Mower
Lawns were maintained by scythe, shears or livestock until the first lawn mower was invented in 1830.

The History of the Artificial Heart
The first artificial heart, the Jarvik-7, was implanted in 1982 by heart surgeon William DeVries into retired dentist Barney Clark.

The History of the Hygrometer
Various inventors, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Robert Hooke, invented versions of the hygrometer, an instrument for measuring humidity.

Rene Laenecc and the Invention of the Stethoscope
René Théophile Hyacinthe Laënnec was a French doctor who invented the stethoscope in 1816 while treating a young female patient.

Who Invented Tennis?
Games using balls and rackets date back thousands of years, but tennis started to take on its current form in the 19th century.

The History of the BASIC Programming Language
BASIC, one of the earliest computer languages, was invented by John George Kemeny and Tom Kurtzas in 1963.

Jan Matzeliger and the History of Shoe Production
Jan Matzeliger was an immigrant shoe-maker from South America who invented a revolutionary new way of assembling shoes.

Norbert Rillieux and the Invention of Sugar Processing
Norbert Rillieux invented a safer, more efficient method of processing sugar.

Ed Lowe, Inventor of Kitty Litter
Ed Lowe invented kitty litter in 1947 after a friend complained that the ash she was using for her cat was making a mess.

The History of Perfume
Perfume dates back as the Ancient Egyptians, and eau de cologne was invented in 18th century France.

Who Invented the Electric Flat Iron?
Henry Seely invented the electric flat iron in 1882, though the use of hot, flat surfaces to flatten out fabrics dates back thousands of years.

Richard Trevithick, Locomotive Pioneer
Richard Trevithick was a locomotive pioneer who feuded with his better-known rival, James Watt.

Who Invented Graham Crackers?
Who invented the Graham cracker? We tell the unusual story of Sylvester Graham, a dedicated (and chaste) thought leader of the 19th century.

Who Invented Breakfast Cereal?
Discover the history and origins of cold breakfast cereal, which has surprising ties to a sanitorium in New York and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Charles Drew, Inventor of the Blood Bank
Charles Drew made blood transfusions possible when he discovered that you could preserve blood by separating and freezing its component parts.

The History of Ice Skates
The first ice skates were made of animal bones, and originated in Ancient Europe.

The History of the Jet Ski
The Jet Ski, invented by Clayton Jacobsen, wasn’t the first personal watercraft. The history of this fun invention goes back longer than you might think.

The History of Hacky Sack
Mike Marshall and John Stalberger invented hacky sack (footbag) in the early 70s as a way for Stalberger to rehab from a knee injury.

The Invention of the Corkscrew
The invention and evolution of the corkscrew—the design principles, the history, the reason it was invented.

William Oughtred - History of the Slide Rule
Around 1622, the circular and rectangular slide rule was invented by Episcopalean minister William Oughtred.

The History of Calculators - William Seward Burroughs
William Seward Burroughs invented the first practical calculator - the history of calculators.

Music History: The Flute
The history of the flute, the oldest in the category of woodwind instruments, from its emergence in pre-historic life to its role in pop music and the movies.

Who Invented the Etch-a-Sketch?
André Cassagnes invented the Etch A Sketch, though the patent erroneously listed Arthur Granjean as the inventor.

The History of Concrete and Cement
Joseph Aspdin invented Portland Cement, which has remained the dominant cement used in concrete production.

James Clerk Maxwell, Master of Electromagnetism
James Clerk Maxwell's work on electromagnetism ranks him among Einstein and Newton as one of history's greatest physicists.

Luigi Galvani and the Theory of Animal Electricity
Luigi Galvani discovered the electrical basis of nerve impulses when he accidentally electrocuted a dead frog.

James Naismith: the Instructor Who Invented Basketball
Learn more about James Naismith, the Canadian-born physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891.

How Cable Changed the Way We Watch Television
The history of cable television, from its birth in the mountains of Pennsylvania in the late 1940s to the digital revolution.

History of Diabetes: How Insulin Was Discovered
History of Diabetes: How Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered insulin.

Louis Braille, Inventor of Braille
Louis Braille, a blind French student, invented the system of reading that bears his name.

Samuel O'Reilly - History of Tattoo Machines
Samuel O'Reilly and the history of inventions related to tattoos

Jethro Tull and the Invention of the Seed Drill
Jethro Tull was an instrumental figure in English agriculture, applying science and technology to farming practices.

The History of the Piggy Bank
We don't know who invented the piggy bank, but its origin actually has very little to do with pigs.

The History of Swimming Pools
A look at the history of swimming pools from ancient landmarks to the first aboveground beauties.

The History of Pepsi Cola
Pharmacist Caleb Bradham's most enduring concoction was Pepsi Cola, a beverage that was first sold as “Brad’s Drink.”

The History of the Computer Mouse
The history of the computer mouse and its inventor, Douglas Engelbart.

Who Invented the Lightbulb? A Timeline of Inventors
Thomas Edison was one of several inventors who helped develop a long-lasting incandescent light bulb.

Edwin Land and Polaroid Photography
Edwin Land invented the first instant camera, the Polaroid Land Camera, in 1948.

The Failed Inventions of Thomas Alva Edison
Despite having 1093 patents for different inventions, not everything Edison created was a hit. Let's check out 5 of his bigger flops.

Richard Arkwright and the Water Frame
Richard Arkwright played a crucial role in the Industrial Revolution when he invented the spinning frame to mechanically spin thread.

Robert Hooke, the Man Who Discovered Cells
Robert Hooke was a 17th century natural philosopher best known for his microscope observations, including the discovery of cells.

The History of Deodorants and Antiperspirants
The first commercial underarm deodorant was called Mum, but we don't actually know who invented it.

George Selden and Henry Ford's Auto Patent War
George Selden held an early automobile patent that made him very rich... until Henry Ford challenged him in court.

Adolphe Sax, Inventor of the Saxophone
The saxophone was invented by a Belgian manufacturer, Adolphe Sax.

Temple Grandin: Animal Scientist and Autism Advocate
Biography of Temple Grandin, an autistic scientist who improved the design of facilities for humane slaughter of livestock.

Sir Sandford Fleming - Father of Standard Time
Standard Time was invented by Canadian Sir Sandford Fleming in 1878.

Leonardo Da Vinci Quotes from the Inventor and Artist
Leonardo Da Vinci was both a talented artist and a talented inventor, hear inspirational quotes from a master.

Anti Date-Rape Straw
An unusual straw has been invented in Israel that can detect date rape drugs.

Can You Patent Clothing?
Denise T. wrote me asking the following,

What Did Ben Invent?
Besides being a publisher and great statesman, did you know that Benjamin Franklin was an inventor? Benjamin Franklin invented improvements to swim fins,

Steam Engines - History, How They Work and More
Steam engines were the first source of mechanical power invented by mankind and led the way for the industrial revolution. Learn how steam engines work, their history, and their future.

Henry Ford Quotes of the Model T Inventor
Quotes of Henry Ford, the inventor of the model T Ford automobile and the first assembly line used for automobile manufacturing. Henry Ford was a businessman who revolutionized the manufacturing industry at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Typewriters - History of Typing and Qwerty Keyboards
Before there were computers, typewriters ruled the office. Learn the history of typewriters and the qwerty keyboard.

George Carruthers Profile: Inventor of the Spectrograph
George Carruthers first major contribution to science was to lead the team that invented the far ultraviolet camera spectrograph used for the Apollo 16 mission to the moon.

The History of the Thermometer
The first thermometers were called thermoscopes, however, in 1724 Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury or modern thermometer.

History of the Thermometer
English physician, Sir Thomas Allbutt invented the first medical thermometer used for taking the temperature of a person in 1867. Page 2.

Who Invented Touch Screen Technology?
The touch screen is one of the easiest to use and most intuitive of all PC interfaces making it the interface of choice for a wide variety of applications.

History of the Microchip and How They Work
A microchip is a set of interconnected electronic components that are etched or imprinted on a onto a tiny chip of a semiconducting material.

Invention Quizzes and Historical Trivia
Test your knowledge on famous inventors and inventions by taking one of these six fun, exciting, and educational quizzes. A great way to study inventors with trivia fun.

The History of Cheerleading
Cheerleading has quite a history behind it - for example who invented pom poms

Definition of Prior Art for Inventors
Prior art is any information that could call into question a patent application's claim of originality.

19th Century Inventions 1867 to 1899
Timeline of 19th century science and inventions. Page 3.

History of Tractors (Inventors and Innovations)
The first engine powered farm tractors used a steam engine and were introduced in 1868.

The Birth of Fiber Optics
Fiber optics and the use of light to transmit data - Alexander Graham Bell photophone to the Corning Glass research team of Maurer - Keck - Schultz and fiber optic wire.

Quiz - African American Inventors Trivia
Quiz start - Which African American inventor published a Farmers' Almanac?

Magnetic Levitation - Background
Magnetic levitation - maglev is a transportation technology in which noncontacting vehicles travel at speeds of 300 miles-per-hour.

Teen Dream Inventors
Geared to the needs of 6th to 12th Grade students who want to learn more about inventing.

F/A-18 Hornet
The newest models F/A 18 Hornets the E and F were rolled out at McDonnell Douglas Sept 17 1995.

Historical Invention And Inventors Index
A listing of historical inventors and inventions which have been archived and indexed for historical and current research.

Business Plan - Example of Completed Business Plan
Sample business plan - example of a start-up plan

Pedro Escuro - Filipino Scientist
Filipino scientist, Pedro Escuro is best known for his isolation of nine rice varieties.

Resources and History of Solar Cars
Solar cars were first built by universities and manufacturers.

Patent Application - The Application Data Sheet
The application data sheet contains bibliographic data about your patent application.

Invention of the Push Pin
In 1900, Mr. Edwin Moore rented a room and devoted each afternoon and evening to making push-pins.

Alexander Graham Bell and the Photophone
Alexander Graham Bell transmitted the first wireless telephone message on his newly-invented photophone in 1880.

John Mauchly, Creator of UNIVAC and ENIAC
John Mauchly co-invented the first general-purpose electronic digital computer (ENIAC) and the first commercial digital electronic computer (UNIVAC).

Biography of Jack Kilby, Inventor of the Microchip
Jack Kilby invented the world's first integrated circuit, or

The History of the Kaleidoscope and David Brewster
The kaleidoscope was invented by Scottish scientist David Brewster in 1816, but he saw little financial benefit from his invention.

The History of MP3
History of MP3 and the inventors behind MP3, which is a standard for audio compression that makes any music file smaller with little loss of sound quality.

The History of TV Dinners and Gerry Thomas
The history of the TV dinner -- who invented the original Swanson TV Dinner?

What is Patent Assignment?
An assignment involves the sale and transfer of ownership of a patent or trademark.

Profile of Texas Instruments
Profile and history of Texas Instruments, the company that brought us the integrated circuit and the transistor radio.

First Handheld Calculator Invented by Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments invented the first handheld calculator in 1967, and released it commercially in 1972. Page 2.

Famous Logos - Texas Instruments
The artist who created the first logo for Texas Instruments was offered either cash or stocks. Guess which one he took. Page 3.

Edwin Howard Armstrong, Inventor of FM Radio
Edwin Howard Armstrong invented a method of receiving high-frequency oscillations - part of every radio and television today.

1924 - Scooter
1924 - Scooter. Inventors.

1931 - Scooter
1931 - Scooter. Inventors.

1989 - Scooter
1989 - Scooter. Inventors.

Photo Razor Scooter
Photo of razor scooter. Inventors.

Pumpkin Costume - Halloween Costume
The ornamental design for a pumpkin halloween costume

Inflatable Headwear - Halloween Costume
Inflatable decorative headwear that can be worn as a halloween costume.

Multiple Person Outfit - Halloween Costumet
A halloween costume that two or more people will wear at the same time

History of the Motorcycle - Gottlieb Daimler
Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885, though earlier inventors introduced steam-powered versions.

Christmas Teeth
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Illuminable Christmas Ornament
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Christmas Stocking
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Christmas - Whimsical Christmas Tree Patents
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Christmas Tree Novelty
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Christmas Tree Ornaments
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Teddy Bear - Christmas Tree Ornament
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Christmas Season Game Board
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Hanging Christmas Tree
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

Cactus Christmas Tree
Delightful Christmas related patent drawings of whimsical designs.

The History of Vacuum Tubes - Electron Tubes
The complex history behind the electron or vacuum tube.

History of the Hula Hoop - Trivia and More
Richard Knerr and Arthur Spud Melin re-invented the round toy called the Hula Hoop.

Credit Cards (History and Invention)
In 1950 Diners Club issued their credit card to pay restaurant bills however credit has been around a long time.

History of Chocolate - Culture of the Cocoa Bean
The history of chocolate and cocoa beans, the tastiest invention ever invented. The Olmec Indians were the first peoples to discover its wonders.

History of Bubble and Chewing Gum
A little chewing gum history from Thomas Adams and tire chicle to the Diemer's first bubble gum.

The UNIVAC Computer - History and Development
The UNIVAC computer was the first commercially available computer invented by John Presper Eckert and John Mauchly.

Who Invented The iPhone?
iPhone, Apple. Inventors.

The History of Money
How did money originate - where did coins come from - who printed the first paper money.

License Your Patented Invention
The independent inventor could consider licensing their patent rights to an existing manufacturer and collect a royalty for licensing that patent.

Inventor of Auto-Tune Pitch-Correcting Software
Dr Andy Hildebrand is the inventor of the voice pitch-correcting software called Auto-Tune.

Turning an Invention Idea Into Money
Introduction to business plans for dummies.

Marketing Strategies for Inventors
Marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers while making profits for the companies that offer those products.

Viagra - The Patenting of an Aphrodisiac
To the inventors of of Viagra life might seem cruel - but they are paid to work for the company and the company owns their inventions.

The History of Tea - Tea Bags and Makers
The history of tea and tea drinking customs and who invented tea bags

Carter G Woodson and the Origins of Black History Month
What we now call Black History Month originated in 1926, founded by Carter G Woodson as Negro History Week.

Lessons on Turning a New Invention Idea Into Money
I know nothing about inventing - what do I do to make money from my new invention ideas?

The History of Radio - Page 2
A comprehensive look at the history behind the invention of radio, including its military usages, broadcasting, and FM radio. Page 2.

All About Wireless Electricity - Wireless Energy
How does wireless electricity work and whats in store for the future. Will today's electric toothbrushes lead to tomorrows wirelessly powered cities?

Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil. Inventors.

Tesla - Dynamo Electric Machine
Tesla - Dynamo Electric Machine. Inventors.

Nikola Tesla Lecturing Circa 1880s
Nikola Tesla lectured at the French Physical Society and The International Society of Electricians

Nikola Tesla In Laboratory
Nikola Tesla In Laboratory. Inventors.

Tesla - Photos and Inventions of Nikola Tesla
Photos, illustrations, and drawings of inventions belonging to Nikola Tesla and of course pictures of the inventor.

The Science of Curing Grey Hair
Learn why your hair turns grey and what scientific innovations may someday soon reverse or prevent grey hair all together.

The History of the Telegraph - Samuel Morse
The history of the telegraph and the science of telegraphy - Samuel Morse and other inventors.

Black Inventors A-Z
Black inventors the biographes - inventions and photos of inventors from George Edward Alcorn to Granvile Woods.

Television History
History of television. black and white, color, and digital TV, cameras, video recording, and broadcast equipment, with inventors Farnsworth, Baird, Zworykin, and more.

The History of Christmas Stuff
The history behind candy canes and christmas trees and lights and other innovations of the Christmas season.

History of the Airplane - Orville and Wilbur Wright
The history of flight and the invention of the airplane including inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright.

History of the Invention of the Plow and Moldboard
The farmers of George Washington's day had no better tools than had the farmers of Julius Caesar's day - in fact - Roman ploughs were superior to those in general use in America eighteen centuries later.

Who Invented Facebook
Facebook is the the creme de la creme of social media - learn the facinating story of who invented facebook.

Off With Their Heads - History of the Guillotine
The invention of the guillotine or how an attempt to do away with the death penalty backfired.

The Guillotine - Is There Life After Decapitation?
When do you die after being decapitated? Page 2.

History of the Internet and Inventor Tim Berners-Lee
From ARPAnet the first internet - timelines and heros that brought us to the internet including Tim Berners-Lee.

The History of Milk Use, Products, and Machinery
Did you know that Marco Polo arrived in Mongolia in 1275 and made written records of how the Mongols used powdered milk.

October Calendar Famous Inventions and October Birthdays
Today in history for the October calendar with famous inventions and October birthdays.

October Birthdays - Inventors
Famous inventors and scientists with October birthdays. Page 4.

The Birth of the Clothing Industry - The Sewing Machine
The history of the textile industry, early attempts at a sewing machine, Elias Howe's sewing machine, and the birth of the clothing industry.

Sewing Machine Wars
Elias Howe defends his sewing machine patent against Isaac Singer - improvements to sewing machines. Page 2.

Charles Goodyear - The History of Rubber
Charles Goodyear and the history of rubber - Daniel Webster argues in defense of Charles Goodyear.

Early History of Rubber & Rubber Products
Christopher Columbus was the first European to discovery rubber. Page 2.

History Of Rubber - Charles Goodyear Realizes A Need For Better Rubber
Charles Goodyear decides to improve the rubber products of the day by inventing a new process for rubber. Page 3.

Jailbird - History of Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear continues to work on his new rubber process from prison. Page 4.

Timeline of Rockets - Satellites and Astronauts
History of rockets timeline when did the first satellite launch and did we really land on the moon.

Timeline of Space Rocket Technology
Learn about the Russian American race to space technology. Page 2.

Biography of Orville Wright - Historical Importance
Orville Wright was one half of the aviation pioneers known as the Wright Brothers, together with his brother Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright invented the first airplane to make the first manned and powered flight possible.

Biography of Wilbur Wright, Aviation Pioneer
Wilbur Wright was one half of the aviation pioneering duo known as the Wright Brothers, together with his brother Orville Wright, Wilbur Wright invented the first airplane to make the first manned and powered flight possible.

The Wright Brothers Solve The Mystery of Manned Flight
When the Wrights Brothers became determined to fly only two problems that had plagued earlier inventors had been partially solved. Page 2.

Wright Brothers First Successful Airplane Flights
On December 17, 1903, the first Wright brothers biplane was ready to navigate the air and made four brief successful flights. Page 3.

Making an Effective Marketing Plan
How well your advertisements and promotions draw customers will ultimately determine how effective your marketing strategy is.

Effective Marketing Plan
Effective Marketing Plan. Inventors. Page 2.

The History of Valentine's Day
Description: Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as Valentine Day

History of Photography and the Camera (Timeline)
Timeline of the history of photography

History of Football
American football is a distinct type of football that developed in the United States in the 19th century from soccer and rugby football.

History of the Bicycle
Bicycle, the modern vehicle name dates from 1869 and whose precursor was the velocipede.

History of the Cell Phone and Martin Cooper
Inventor Martin Cooper celebrates 30th anniversary of first portable cell phone call.

Alfred Nobel and the History of Dynamite
In 1863 Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel invented the Nobel patent detonator used with dynamite and nitroglycerin.

The History of the ENIAC Computer
Twenty thousand vacuum tubes later the ENIAC computer is born and John Mauchly and John Presper Eckert are the proud parents.

History of Electric Vehicles - Early Years
An electric vehicle or EV by definition will use an electric motor for propulsion rather than being powered by a gasoline-powered motor.

History of Baseball - Alexander Cartwright
The evolution of baseball bats changed the sport entirely - modern baseball was invented by Alexander Cartwright.

Microscope History
A history of the microscope starting with use of a simple lens in ancient times to the first compound microscope circa 1590 and including the microscopes of the 19th century.

History of the Electron Microscope
The electron microscope was co-invented by Germans, Max Knott and Ernst Ruska in 1931, Page 2.

Inventions - 15th Century Timeline 1400 - 1499
The inventions and history of the 15th century - the 15th century gave birth to the Renaissance Era and the Age of Discovery.

History of Mathematics
Learn about the history of math and the inventions associated with mathematics.

The History of the Computer Keyboard
The invention of the modern computer keyboard began with the invention of the typewriter

How To Make a Prototype
An outline of the basics of making a prototypes - why make a prototype.

Subject Matter - Definition for Inventions & Patents
What is the definition of subject matter?

Business Plans for Independent Inventors
Describing your business using a business plan.

Invention and History of Vacuum Cleaners
The vacuum cleaner of modern design was invented in 1901 by Hubert Cecil Booth and took the form of a large horse-drawn petrol-driven unit which was parked outside the building to be cleaned and had long hoses fed through the windows.

How Do I Apply for a Patent for My Invention?
A patent application is a legal document that you file with a patent office.

Patent an Idea - How To, Where To, And Why To
To patent an idea is a dream come true for the inspiring inventor.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Marketing Plan
A well-written comprehensive marketing plan is the focal point of all business ventures because it describes how you plan to attract and retain customers - the most crucial aspect of a business.

History of Bar Code
The first patent for bar code was issued to inventors Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver on October 7 1952.

History of the Oven - From Cast Iron to Electric
The first historical record of an oven being built, refers to a stove built in 1490, made entirely of brick and tile. Learn the history of stoves from fireplaces to microwaves.

Timeline and Inventions of the Middle Ages
The inventions and technology of the middle ages

History of Computers - The IBM PC
The year is 1980 and IBM representatives meet in secret with Bill Gates to talk about an operating system for a hush-hush new personal computer, the IBM PC.

History of the Clarinet
Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet in 1690.

The History of Gummi Candy
The history of gummi candy - gummi bears and worms

Microsoft - History of a Computing Giant
Profile and history of the innovations of Microsoft.

Fortran - History of a Programming Language
The first high level programming language fortran was invented by John Backus and IBM.

Television History - Cathode Ray Tube
German Karl Ferdinand Braun invented the cathode ray tube oscilloscope in 1897 - Electronic television is based on the development of the cathode ray tube which is the picture tube found in modern television sets.

Samuel Morse - Painter and Inventor
Samuel Morse struggles between his life as a painter and his desire to invent and explore science. Page 2.

The History behind Great Inventions - T
Famous and infamous inventions. Inventors.

What Hath God Wrought
Samuel Morse lived to see his telegraph span the continent and link the New World with the Old and died in 1872 full of honors. Page 3.

History of the X-Ray
A history of the X-Ray and the invention of x-ray machine

History of the CAT-scan
Robert Ledley was the inventor of CAT-Scans a diagnostic x-Ray system. Page 2.

Understanding Novelty Useful and Nonobvious Patents
Guide to patenting and USPTO patent applications - what does novelty, useful, and nonobvious mean.

Who Invented Lollipops?
Samuel Born was a Russian immigrant who invented a lollipop making machine.

Computer Memory - History, Timeline & More
Robert Dennard was the inventor of a type of computer memory called ram patented in 1968.

History of Beds - Inventors
A timeline of bed history - who invented the waterbed and murphy

How to Write a Patent Claim - Writing Tips
Tips on writing patent claims for inventors.

The History of Neon Signs - Georges Claude & Liquid Fire
The concept behind neon signs was first conceived in 1675 when the French astronomer Jean Picard observed a faint glow in a mercury barometer tube.

Tutorial on Business Plans - What Goes Into a Business Plan?
Are you setting up a small business in connection with your inventing - use a business plan.

The History Behind Musical Instruments
The history behind different musical instruments, how they were invented, and the history of music.

The History of Sonar
Learn about the history of sonar.

History of Inventions - D
The history of inventions and the inventors behind the patents.

The History of Gas Masks
The history of gas masks inclusing war - fire - chemical and gas use.

Conducting a Patent Search - What is Prior Art?
I know nothing about inventing what do I do to make money from my invention ideas - how do I conduct a patent search and what is prior art?

IBM History - Profile of a Computer Manufacturing Giant
The history of the largest computer company in the world, IBM history from incorporation in 1911 until today.

Filing For A Provisional Patent Application
Provisional patent applications - how to apply for this one year low cost patent.

Cautions On Filing For A Provisional Patent
Provisional patent applications are not examined on their merits.[. Page 2.

Death and Money - The History of the Electric Chair
The electric chair replaced hanging in 1888 - however the commercial rivalry between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse promoted the use of the electric chair.

Historical and Famous Inventions - G
Famous inventions and the lives of the inventors behind them.

Green Technology Definition and Examples
What can be considered a ecofriendly green invention. What makes green technology.

What Is The Proper Use of a Trademark Symbol?
What is the proper use of a trademark symbol?

History of the iPod
The history behind the world's favorite portable digital music player - iPod.

History of the iPod Factoids
My Favorite iPod History Factoids. Page 2.

History of Rollerblades and Inventors
Scott and Brennan Olsen invented Rollerblades

Arthur Wynne - History of Crossword Puzzles
Arthur Wynne invented the first crossword puzzle for a newspaper called the New York World,

How Much Money Do I Need For Patenting?
How much money do I need for patenting?

License an Invention - Basics on Patents
It is called licensing your patent rights and it is one way to make money from your ideas

History and Timeline of the Wheelchair
The first dedicated wheelchair was made for Phillip II of Spain, today we are building wheelchairs that can be moved using a direct brain/computer interface.

Historical Inventions - I
Patent histories - famous inventions.

The Role of IBM in the History of Computers
IBM stands for International Business Machines. IBM has been responsible for numerous inventions having to do with computers.

Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak Biographies
Biographies of Apple Computer founders Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak. Page 2.

What Is a Patent and What Does Patent Ownership Mean?
The nature of patents and patent rights - patent information.

The History of Marshmallows (Marsh-Mallow Plant Sap)
Who invented marshmallows and marshmallow peeps and fluff?

The History of Marshmallow Peeps
A year later in 1954 Bob Born had a machine made that would mass-produce marshmallow chicks which he trademarked Peeps. Page 2.

History of Marshmallow Fluff
In the early 1900s, Archibald Query made the first Marshmalow Fluff in his kitchen and sold it door to door. Page 3.

Historical Inventions - R
The path to patent for many famous inventions.

Abraham Darby (1678 - 1717) - Iron Revolution
Abraham Darby invented coke smelting and advanced the mass production of brass and iron goods.

Guide To Patents And Filing USPTO Patent Applications
What is a patent? What kinds of patents are there? What is the USPTO?

What Sticks - History of Adhesives and Glue
Around 1750 the first glue patent was issued in Britain for a fish glue.

Understanding Trademark Names
What is a trademark and how do you use the trademark symbol?

History of the Segway Human Transporter
What was once a mysterious invention created by Dean Kamen that had everyone speculating as to what it was - was revealed and demonstrated as the now familiar Segway Human Transporter.

Segway Human Transporter - The Mystery Known as Ginger
The following article was written in 2000 when the Segway Human Transporter was a mysterious invention known only by its codename Ginger. Page 2.

Segway Human Transporter - Dean Kamen
Biography of the inventor and physicist Dean Kamen. Page 3.

The History of Comic Books and Strips
The history of comic books and comic strips.

New Inventions - Advice Tutorials and Tips
Articles on managing new inventions written by experts in their field - real invention submission means getting educated.

The History of Microphones
The first microphone was a telephone transmitter invented by Emile Berliner for Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

Lesson 8: How Do I Make Money From My Invention?
What do I do to make money from my invention ideas?

17th Century Timeline and Inventions
During the 17th century major changes in philosophy and science took place,often characterised as a scientific revolution.Page 1 of 2 goes from 1600 to 1650.

17th Century History - Inventions of the 17th Century
During the 17th century major changes in philosophy and science took place. Page 2.

What Are Patent Assigments? - Licensing and Marketing
Patent law provides for the transfer or sale of a patent by a written agreement called an assignment that can transfer the entire interest in the patent.

Who Invented the Seismograph?
John Milne was the English seismologist and geologist who invented the first modern seismograph and promoted the building of seismological stations

Lord Kelvin, Inventor of the Kelvin Temperature Scale, 1848
Lord Kelvin invented the Kelvin Scale in 1848, the Kelvin Scale measures the ultimate extremes of hot and cold.

Lord Kelvin on Temperature
Extracts from: Philosophical Magazine October 1848 Cambridge University Press, written by Lord Kelvin. Page 2.

Top New Inventions of 2011
Whats new in inventions for 2011 for practical and affordable inventions that I'd love to own.

Understanding a Provisional Patent Application
What is a provisional patent application - are they good or bad for an inventor?

Advantages of a Provisional Patent
Provisional patents feature a low cost way for one year's grace before filing a non-provisional application. Page 2.

Disadvantages of a Provisional Patent
If you do not take action your provisional patent will expire. Page 3.

Definition of a Nondisclosure Agreement
Definition of a nondisclosure agreement and what it does or does not do.

The History of Nylon Stockings
DuPont demonstrated nylon and nylon stockings to the American public at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

What is a Semiconductor? - Explanation, History & More
Understand what a semiconductor is and how they came about. The semiconductor's role in the history of electronics.

Inventions - J
Famous inventions in history - which inventor patented what invention first.

Money Lessons - Is This Idea Patentable?
When an inventor applies for a patent the examiner looks at the application to determine if the invention qualifies.

Design Patents vs Other Types of Intellectual Property
How does design compare to a utility patent or a copyright? Find out the difference between a design patent and other types of intellectual property.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Innovation for the 21st Century
Hydrogen fuel cells are the answer to the energy needs of the next millenium - invented in 1839 by William Grove - fuel cells will soon be powering every car in the world.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Where Do We Go
There are still issues with hydrogen-fueled engines and power plants - Transport storage and safety problems need to be addressed. Page 2.

The History of Lava Lamps and Craven Walker
Craven Walker invented the fad Lava lamp in post WWII England - Read how this bright 60s invention came to be - Plus science experiments to build your own lava lamp.

The History of Plumbing - Drinking Fountains
The modern drinking fountain was invented and then manufactured in the early 1900s. Page 2.

The History of Toilets
The first first flush toilet was invented in 1775. Page 3.

The History of Bathes and Showers
One of the earliest showers was the English Regency Shower developed around 1810. Page 4.

The History of Hair Styling Products and Tools
The history of hair styling products and tools, learn who invented dyes blowers or the bobby pin.

History of the Compass
The magnetic compass is an old Chinese invention which has become a very modern invention.

Magnets and Lodestones
Natural magnets and are not inventions however the machines that we make with magnets are inventions. Page 2.

How to Find and Choose a Patent Attorney
A patent attorney is someone who helps you with any legal concerns about your invention including your patent application.

Patent Attorney or Patent Agent
What is the difference between a patent attorney and a patent agent. Page 2.

Can I Complain about my Patent Attorney?
What do I do if I have a complaint about my patent attorney? Page 3.

Who Invented the Ice Cream Sundae? - Inventors
Historians argue over the origins of the ice cream sundae.

The Unusual History of Microsoft Windows
In 1983 the Microsoft Corporation formally announced Microsoft Windows software for IBM computers which they almost named Interface Manager software.

Getting the Bugs out of Microsoft Windows with Bill Gates
The first version of microsoft windows was considered buggy crude and slow - a rough start made worse with a potential lawsuit from Apple Computers. Page 2.

Microsoft Windows Year 2000 and Beyond
On May 22 1990 the critically accepted Microsoft Windows 3.0 was released. Page 3.

Timeline of the History of Robots
A timeline of the history of mechanical men or robots.

History of Screws and Screwdrivers
The history of early and modern screws - Phillips Head - Robertson - square drive screws - screwdrivers.

Types of Screws, Screw Drives and Heads
A description of different types of screws and screw drives. Page 2.

The Story of Robots
The story of robots are machines replacing human beings and a few famouse robots.

Invention Funding - How Do Inventors Raise Money?
What can you do to raise money for research or patenting or starting a business.

The History of Kraft Foods
For over two hundred years many companies have merged to create Kraft Foods.

Kraft Foods - The History and Timeline
For over two hundred years many companies have merged to create Kraft Foods. Page 2.

The Kinetoscope
Edison called the invention a Kinetoscope using the Greek words kineto meaning movement and scopos meaning to watch.

The History of the Kinetograph - How the Kinetograph was Invented
How the kinetograph motion picture camera was invented. Page 2.

History of Barbed Wire or the Thorny Fence
The history of barbed wire or the thorny fence in the Wild West - Life in the American West was reshaped by a series of patents for a simple tool - barbed wire - that helped ranchers tame the land.

Intel 4004 - The World's First Single Chip Microprocessor
The Intel 4004 was the first single chip microprocessor

The History of the Brassiere - Mary Phelps Jacob
Who invented the brassiere - included is a fun photo gallery and list of current patents.

Emile Berliner - The History of the Gramophone
In 1887 Emile Berliner invented a system of recording which could be used over and over again - Emile Berliner patented the gramophone.

Automotive Airbag History and Invention
The history of automotive airbags - how they work - who invented airbags.

Agapito Flores - Fluorescent Lamp Controversy
Agapito Flores has been acclaimed by some as being the inventor of the first fluorescent lamp - is this true?

The Colt Revolver - Invention and History
Samuel Colt invented the first revolver, named after its revolving cylinder, receiving a U.S. patent for it in 1836.

History of Tin Cans and Can Openers
British merchant Peter Durand made a impact on food preservation with his 1810 invention of the tin can.

History of the Gatling Gun and Dr. Richard Gatling
In 1861 Doctor Richard Gatling patented the Gatling Gun believing it would bring an end to bloodshed.

The Evolution of Communication Media
The invention of the telegraph created changes for newspapers and newspaper technology.

Nabisco - History and Timeline
In 1898 the New York Biscuit Company and the American Biscuit and Manufacturing Company merged over one hundred bakeries into the National Biscuit Company later called Nabisco.

History of Plasma Television - Plasma Display Monitor
The very first prototype for a plasma display monitor was invented in 1964.

How to File a Utility Patent Application
How to file a patent application for a non-provisional utility patent.

The History of Atari Computers and Game System
History of the entertaining Atari game system and computer.

Nolan Bushnell
Nolan Bushnell invented the video game Pong. Page 2.

How Long Does Trademark Registration Last?
How long does trademark registration last?

History of the Helicopter and Igor Sikorsky
Chronicle of the evolution of rotary wing aircraft - helicopter pioneers and inventors profiled.

Army Helicopters
The history of helicopters used for military purposes. Page 2.

What is in a Market Plan?
Marketing is an essential part of business operations

Marketing Plan - Developing a Marketing Budget
How to develop a marketing budget. Page 2.

Financial Management Plan for Your Business
Sound financial management is one of the best ways for your business to remain profitable and solvent. Page 2.

The Invention of the Typewriter
The accredited father of the typewriter was a Wisconsin newspaperman Christopher Latham Sholes, although it involved collaboration with others. Page 2.

Invention of the Phonograph
Inventors. Page 3.

The Camera
The last half century of the 1800s saw great advances in photography and photoengraving. Page 4.

Motion Pictures
The birth of motion pictures. Inventors. Page 5.

The History of Rubiks Cube - Erno Rubik
Rubiks Cube play the puzzle online and learn about the inventor Erno Rubik - Rubik's Cube.

How Enro Rubik Sold Rubik's Cube
When Rubik first walked into the room I felt like giving him some money,'' he says. ''He looked like a beggar. He was terribly dressed, and he had a cheap Hungarian cigarette hanging out of his mouth. But I knew I had a genius on my hands. I told him we could sell millions. Page 2.

History of Roads - Inventions for Traffic Management
The first historical evidence of constructed roads date from about 4000 BC.

Parking Meters - History of Parking Meters
Carlton Cole Magee invented the first parking meter in 1932 in response to the growing problem of parking congestion. Page 2.

The History of Traffic Lights
The world's first traffic lights were installed near London's House of Commons (intersection of George and Bridge Streets) in 1868. Page 3.

Printing Processes
Reference material - the history of printing. Page 2.

The History of Print and the Printing Processes
Timeline of the history of printing. Page 3.

Timeline of the Newspaper Industry
Timeline depicting the history of newspapers. Page 4.

Astroturf - History
A patent for synthetic grasslike playing surfaces or Astroturf was issued to Wright and Faria of Monsanto Industries.

The Science Behind The MRI - Nuclei of Hydrogen Atoms
Water constitutes about two thirds of the human body weight, and this high water content explains why magnetic resonance imaging has become widely applicable to medicine. Page 2.

The Wild History of Roller Skates, or Dry Land Skating
The invention of roller skates, the wild history, and funny moments.

History of Rollerblades
Scott Olson and Brennan Olson - brothers and hockey players who lived in Minneapolis invented rollerblades. Page 2.

History of Dentistry and Dental Care
Who invented false teeth - toothpaste - toothbrushes - the history of dentistry.

History of the Toothbrush and Toothpaste
The ancient Chinese made toothbrushes with bristles from the necks of cold climate pigs. Page 2.

History of Dental Surgery
Arculanus was the first person to recommend gold-leaf fillings in 1848. Page 3.

History of Dentistry and Dental Care - Orthodontics
Although teeth straightening and extraction to improve alignment of remaining teeth has been practiced since early times orthodontics as a science of its own did not really exits until the 1880s. Page 4.

The Future of Dentistry and Dental Care
What's coming up next in the world of dentistry. Page 5.

Invention History - S
Patent history on famous inventions.

Invention History - S
Patent history on famous inventions. Page 2.

Money Lessons - Patents and Inventions
The part of intellectual property law that covers inventions are patents.

October Birthdays - Scientists and Inventors with October Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with October birthdays. Who was born on the same day as you. Page 2.

October Birthdays
Famous scientists and inventors with October birthdays. Page 3.

The Final Years of Charles Goodyear - Rubber
Charles Goodyear final patents his process for the vulcanization of rubber. Page 5.

The History of Cellophane
A method of making Cellophane film was discovered by Dr Jacques Edwin Brandenberger who came upon the idea for a clear and protective packaging layer in 1900. Cellophane is the registered trademark of Innovia Films Ltd of Cumbria UK

Robert Fulton's Steamboat Clermont
Robert Fulton's steamboat the Clermont became the first successful steam-propelled vessel.

Timeline of Space Shuttle
John Young and Robert Crippen flew Columbia into orbit on the space shuttle's maiden mission. Page 3.

The Microprocessor Chip Timeline and Overview
The definition of a microprocessor chip, how they work, the first microprocessor chip, and a timeline of the microprocessor.

The Communication Revolution
During the nineteenth century a series of technological innovations dramatically reshaped the way people communicated at a global level.

The History and Methods of Alternative Energy Sources
Alternative energy or renewable energy sources - such as wind and solar energy — are constantly replenished and will never run out.

Filipino Scientist and Inventor Gregorio Zara
A biography of Filipino scientist Gregorio Y Zara including descriptions of his inventions and professional accomplishments.

Leap Year Inventor, History and Origins
Julius Caesar was behind the origins of a leap year to allow the established Roman yearly calendar keep pace with the actual rotation of the earth around the sun, since they were not actually in sync. Today a leap year holds to some very strange customs regarding marriage.

History of the Smart Pill (Generic Use of the Phrase)
History of the smart pill - a pill that can deliver or control its delivery of medicine.

The History of the Soda Fountain
The first soda fountain patent was granted to Samuel Fahnestock in 1819.

How Long Does Patent Protection Last?
How long does patent protection last?

From Sausage Poison to Cosmetic Injectable, The Story of Botox
Before Botox began its journey as a cosmetic injectable, it was known as the sausage poison. Learn about the history of botox and how it came to be.

Snowmobiles - Joseph-Armand Bombardier and the History of Snowmobiling
The first snowmobile patent was issued in 1927.

The History of Kool Aid and Edwin Perkins
Edwin Perkins enjoyed chemistry and inventing things he experimented with concoctions in his mothers kitchen and invented Kool Aid

The Definition of a Robot
How science fiction has become science fact with robots and robotics

Patent Pending - Definition for Inventors
Patent pending means that someone has filed for a patent on an invention and is waiting to see if the patent is granted.

What Is A Patent?
A property right for an invention granted by a government to the inventor.

Patent Drawings for a Utility Patent Application
The applicant for a patent will be required by law to furnish patent drawings of the invention whenever the nature of the case requires to understand the invention.

Money Lessons - Invention Assessment
The value of an invention assessment in deciding if patenting your invention is worth the cost.

Air Balloon Experiments
The early history of air transportion - hot air balloons - gliders and early airplanes.