iPad Sitemap - Page 3 2015-04-18

SYNMOD Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The game is aimed to teach the principles of synthetic biology. The goal of the game is to create novel antibiotics and kill several multidrug-resistant nasty bugs.

Critter Cave iPad - Platform Game - : Show Off Your iPad App
Critter Cave is a platform jumping game where you help critters escape a sinking cave. Tilt screen to move, and tap to jump!

Adds for iPad - Number Puzzle Game - : Show Off Your iPad App
Adds is a unique puzzle game based on simple addition and numbers.

Vietnamese Bird for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Vietnamese Bird is an addictive arcade game. You are a funny bird try to fly and avoid from hitting the stone pillars.

Zoogly Eyes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Are you bored out of your mind and just need a “pick-me-up” to your day or want to make your friends look funny just because? Than look no further, for your eyes are about to behold the most entertaining iPhone app in the world, introducing to you ZOOGLY EYES!

Three Or More for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Three Or More is here. The new gem matching game that doesn't follow the traditional formula. No need to swipe or swap tiles in this fast paced strategy game.

Five Minute Finance for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Financial Statements app allows users to master basic and advanced topics in Financial Statements, from the P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement to Working Capital, Key Balance Sheet Ratios and more.

FTP Edit Free for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The free version of our popular FTPedit app, recently released, allows you to experience the features of FTPedit without committing any money until you know that it does what you want. Give it a try!

Dodger That for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Basically the storyline behind the game is that an airplane pilot has been toying around with the birds and injures some in the process. The flock of birds then decide to take revenge against such aircraft.

PaintIt Pro for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Canvas drawing for iPad at its finest, with all the tools needed to create any art work imaginable. Has a intuitive side menu for tool selection and other options such as grid spacing and colour changing.

iGet Math: Base 10 for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
iGet Math: Base 10 helps kids age 3-7 understand basic addition and subtraction. It is fun and engaging, but simple enough that it can be used in the classroom or at home. It covers basic addition and subtraction up to 100.

Going Batty for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Simple to play, hard to master, Going Batty will drive you nuts.

My Animals Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
My Animals Game is a Hidden Objects game meant for young children. It is a simple game that is fun to play.

Sort - puzzle game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Sort is 100% free minimalistic puzzle game where random numbered circles must be removed in correct order from lowest to highest number before time runs out.

What D'Ya Know? for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
What D'Ya Know? is not your average free trivia game. It's pop culture mixed with general knowledge mixed with brain-busting trivia, set in an exciting game show with a host who really doesn't think you know that much.

CheckMySymptoms for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
CheckMySymptoms is a health symptoms review and diagnosis app. The user steps through a symptom collection survey resulting in possible diagnoses and treatment options.

Gurgle Numbers for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This Maths game is a fun brightly coloured App that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables.

Hangman Run for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Hangman Run completely reinvents the ordinary Hangman game by combining it with an endless running game.

removee - a flat design puzzle game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In removee your goal is to remove all the dots traveling along the lines. But you can use a line only once. So you have to think a little in advance.

Sync and Swim for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Sync and Swim consists of three different memory games and is suitable for children (and the young at heart!) ages 5 and up.

Photo Organizer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Organize your photos on iphone, ipad and ipod touch

Today's Lineup for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Today’s Lineup is an iOS and Android app for phones and tablets. It makes it a lot easier to set up your baseball lineup and position players. It’s a great, timesaving game management app for little league and youth league managers and coaches.

FortuNot Cookie for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This is an app that gives you unfortunates instead of fortunes. They are short and simple unfortunates that make people laugh. Not to be taken literally but just as a way to laugh and enjoy our humor.

PhotoScope for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
PhotoScope lets you browse your iPhoto and Aperture libraries from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch over WiFi. A helper app running on your computer stream images to the iOS device as required for the level of detail you are viewing.

Famous Athletes PopArt Quiz for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The game offers a wide range of the most well-known athletes of football, tennis, soccer, basketball, boxing, swimming, golf. The player has to guess the name with a given set of letters.

iSOP for ipad - : Show Off Your iPad App
View critical files and documents in different locations, such as email, or Dropbox.

Grumpy Monkey for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Become a MONKEY that throws balloons at people from atop a building. Collect hats that give you Super Duper Powers! You can also throw POOP! What else could you ask for?!?!

explorIN for iPad - India Travel App - : Show Off Your iPad App
Explorin is a product that replaces the bulky travel guides with a handy little app.

localNet for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
localNet lets users blog, share photos and videos, and find new friends right in your local area! Like a party line, users can see other people groups, comment in them, share photos and videos, and more!

Pata Pata-Hakuna matata Africa safari geo slingo maze for friends & familie - : Show Off Your iPad App
A well designed home page with unique African feel,bringing in a totally fresh feel to the game apps.

Goofy Cubes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Goofy Cubes is a 2-D physics game in which the player launches ice cubes into glasses filled with adult beverages, which are placed precariously on unstable structures of rock, snow, and ice.

FTPedit for iPad - FTP Editor - : Show Off Your iPad App
FTPedit is a lightweight iPad application designed for editing files stored on an FTP server.

Just Four Words for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Just Four Words is not only an entertaining word game; it is a great game for developing a stronger grasp on word association skills. Word association is the ability to formulate a connection between two or more words.

Sydney the Scarecrow for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Sydney the Scarecrow is an entertaining tale is filled with colorful scenes and engaging interactions, bringing story-time to life! Felt Board Lady needs your child’s help to tell the story of Sydney the Scarecrow, keeping your little one busy with adventure!

The Color of Love guide - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Color of Love Guide is an iPhone/iPad application that provides people with love tips and advice similar to a horoscope and a song/music based on a Color of Love for the Day.

Floret - Dating Game - : Show Off Your iPad App
Floret, a new app from Fonder Creative Labs, Inc., is positioned to take social discovery to a whole new level. Created specifically to take the stress out of meeting new people, the app uses mobile technology to make the process simpland most importantly, fun!

Antmine for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The first simple, easy to use, social marketplace.

Jake Vs Zombies for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Jake Vs Zombies is a retro game implemented in the style of of

Who's My Date? Christmas for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In Who's my Date?, you match same colored birds to find who's the perfect date for Puffy. You need to figure out which and when to cut garlands so that you match as many couples as you can, while only a single yellow bird gets to the bottom.

Letters of Marque for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Letters of Marque is a 3D privateering game for iOS devices. You and your crew must rid the waters of piracy and restore control of the waters to the people. Do you have what it takes to achieve total sea domination.

Mock Exam for Cambridge YLE for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Mock Exam for Cambridge YLE has over 300 sets of exam questions, covering reading, writing, listening and oral of the Cambridge ESOL Young Learners English Test – YLE.

Sukhu Dukhu Folk Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Folk based game depending on the real life folk story .Sukhu Dukhu is an adventure mobile game. Sukhu Dukhu starts with a simple, 15 year old poor village girl player who is running after the wind to catch the cottons that the wind takes away from her.

Payday Calculator for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Enables you to calculate your paycheck before you get it! Uses current federal tax guidelines to give you an accurate estimate!

POP GUESS - World Singers for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
POP GUESS: World Singers is easy to play, very addictive, and suitable for the whole family. Really the best way to discover the most popular voices that exist!

2WordsJumble for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Free word jumble game with a beautiful interface, and lots of content. The first category of jumbles is

Memory Chips - The Ultimate Brain Teaser Free Edition for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In Memory Chips: The Ultimate Brain Teaser, you can challenge your memory at full extend! With a set of magic chips floating on the board, you'll have a limited time to memorize them. Then, can you discover all the chips in the correct order?

Popart Quiz: Famous Athletes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The iOS and Android game presents the portraits of the most famous sportsmen that received a complete makeover to offer a unique gameplay experience: recognizing the athlete in the pop art drawing.

Wild about Madiba for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Wild about Madiba is a

Don't Touch Ben! for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Don't touch Ben is a game with randomly generated elements, lots of items to be discovered and a Christmas Tree!

SimplePuzzles for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
SimplePuzzles is a fun educational game for toddlers of age 1.5 and up.

Dewdrops Greetings for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Dewdrops is a personalized greeting card maker app that allows users to create stunning greeting cards for all occasions right from their handheld devices.

Seed for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Seed is a global gay, bi and curious dating app.

POP GUESS Movie Stars for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Can you guess all the movie stars? Countless drawings of movie stars from the easiest ones to the most complicated ones are waiting to be discovered. Try to pass all the levels!

Next Letter for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Next Letter is a fast paced and addictive word game that sharpens your mind, improves your reflexes and expands your vocabulary.

3D Little Builders for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The app is for children to play and learn to visualize and manipulate real world objects directly in 3D.

Math Integers for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
iPad application Math Integers offers the quizzes for positive and negative integers (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and Statistics (mean, median, mode, range).

WhoShookMe for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Who shook me is a surveillance app to detect unauthorised users when they touch your ios device. The idea to make this app came up because one of our team mates is a bit picky about his gadgets and wanted an easier way to know if someone picked up his gadgets without having to lock it every time.

3BidSale for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
3BidSale is for everyone around the world. There are many apps that provides listing an item for sale in a few seconds, but none of them provides ways to buy or close the transaction in few minutes.

Meme Jump for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Meme Jump is redefining the way we jump. The all new and original interactive mode lets you connect with your game like never before. An infinite jumper where you jump? Sounds weird, wait until you try it out! It's awesome!

Signed X for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In this selavi visual novel the main character Marty happens to come to school early and finds Matt, a super popular boy from her school, leaving flowers on her desk.

What a Wonderful Word for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In What a Wonderful Word, players must make as many four to nine letter words as possible using the jumbled letters presented in a 3x3 grid.

What Episode for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
What with box sets, streaming video, video on demand and a whole host of other ways to get the TV you want, it's really easy to forget which episode of your favourite show you're watching next.

Practical Personality Test for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Practical Personality Test results are accurate and insightful, even though it takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Tic Tac You for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Tic Tac You uses the phone's camera to take pictures. From there you can choose from the nine altered pictures. You can also use existing photos from your camera roll.

Boardroom Tycoon for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Boardroom Tycoon is a business simulation where you develop and grow your company through making strategic business decisions.

Typolayer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Typolayer offers a quick and fascinating way to add glowing typography on top of photos.

Farlight on iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In Farlight you paint onto a moving canvas that produces a layered animation with glow and spray-paint effects. You can draw freely without having to bother with selecting colors and affects.

Bible Phrase for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Bible Phrase is a team game designed to teach you the Bible in a fun, competitive way. One player must shout out clues to get teammates to guess the Bible-themed word or phrase before time runs out.

FaceCap - Custom Emoticons of Your Face for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Turn your face or the face of your friends in hilarious emojis with FaceCap

Super Quiz for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In Super Quiz, you answer questions correctly to earn coins. You make clusters of correct answers to earn points and clear them from the game board. Each level has an objective and a 3 star score to strive for.

PegTweets for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Pegtweets is the first twitter client that has an unique feature to interact with the Followers. Presently, the sender of the tweet does not have any means to know the option or get feedback of his Followers.

Sketch All FX for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Sketch All FX is an app with which you can draw Multiple Effects on a single Image selected from the Albums or Camera .

Ogre Jump for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In this game you are running and jumping like hell. It's similar to Temple Run, with exciting gameplay.

Sing To Your Baby for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Sing To Your Baby iPad APP creates a multi-dimensional experience for parents, grandparents, baby, siblings and their extended family. The application comes pre-loaded with one free song which includes four tracks, along with a Parent Guide.

Joyful Animals for Kids HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The educational character of the game is manifested due to the fact that it includes tasks after accomplishing which the child will acquire certain skills and knowledge of the animal world: names of animals, their whereabouts, sounds that they produce.

Prime Mover for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Prime Mover - Total Body Fitness is an innovative bodyweight workout app that allows you to challenge yourself whatever fitness level you are.

Commission Cannon for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
iPhone app to help a salesperson maximize the commissions they earn from their commission plan. Organizes, motivates, and helps salespeople get paid what they are owed.

Phototapper for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Phototapper is an ingenious app which enables you to create prototypes for new apps using your own sketches and photographs. It offers in-app drawing and even the ability to link sections of your prototype so you can receive feedback from other users on a working model of your latest development ideas.

SocialPoint for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This is as free social media management tool. It allows full interaction with all social media via one click. You can post, search, like, retweet, etc. It is Hootsuite for individuals.

Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Based on IDW Publishing’s cult comic book series, Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes places gamers in the role of Sirian, a nomadic warrior fighting back endless hordes of demonic creatures as they rampage through the city streets.

Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Built on the success of Ultimate BlackJack 3D for Android, Ultimate BlackJack Reloaded for iOS was designed to please every blackjack player. The game stands out in front of its competitors with superior graphics, sounds, interface and the fun element.

msPad for iPad - A Medical Symbol Keyboard - : Show Off Your iPad App
The msPad app for iPad is a medical shorthand keypad/medical symbol keypad. It contains 20 common symbols used in medical documentation. Press the symbol, the entire word prints onto the document.

Falling Tomatoes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The game consist in catch all the Falling Tomatoes with a basket. The speed of this

Trivia Machine HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Trivia Machine HD features questions ranging from easy to expert in every round, making it the perfect game for trivia players of all levels. Players use their trivia knowledge and strategy to reach the top of the trivia ladder by selecting the level of each question and the category they feel most confident to answer.

Rhyme N Tyme for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Rhyme N Tyme is the Fun, challenging game of guessing and drawing wacky two-word rhymes. You can choose puzzles that are

Logo Quiz Reveal Edition for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Tap a square to reveal part of the logo in the least amount of squares revealed. Earn coins on each level at your own leisure!

Pool Break for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Pool Break allows you to enjoy several different types of pool, billiards, snooker and other board games like carrom and crokinole. The games are rendered in full 3D using OpenGL and are very smooth and responsive.

BrickSpace for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
BrickSpace is the result of my dissatisfaction with traditional asteroid-breaking methods. Instead of replacing one asteroid with two smaller asteroids, I thought it would be more fun if asteroids were destructible objects that break apart as you destroy them.

U No Kiss for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Get ready to dodge those lovely kisses, because U No Kiss is a casual gem collecting game with a difference!

Whatchama: THE game of quotes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Are you as bright, enlightened, wise or funny as some of the most famous people of our history? WHATCHAMA is your opportunity to prove it!

DuoVid for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Play 2 videos at once from either your local video library and/or YouTube, Pause or play each video together or one at a time, Go BACK and change a video whilst the other is saved, Go BACK to the HOME page to clear videos and start again, Share DuoVid app link via email, SMS or Twitter.

Soccer: Is Stat Your Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Soccer: Is Stat Your Game iPad is an amazing soccer coaching app endorsed by professionals. You are able to monitor and track your soccer teams efficiency as a percentage in real time in a game.

CPHIMS Test for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Even if you are not planning to take the CPHIMS Test this app will keep you sharp when it comes to essential Healthcare IT requirements. The questions are updated often to reflect changing technology and government requirements.

GrantMe for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
You can now find Federal and State sources of funding in the form of grants, loans, or venture capitol with GrantMe!

Gravitations for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
A space and gravity themed puzzle game, Gravitations lets teh players create the missions!

I Know My World for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
I Know My World is a beautiful educational iPad app for toddlers to learn new words and letters. Voice flash cards with colorful pictures of food, animals, everyday objects and alphabet lessons are the best and easiest way for kids to expand their vocabulary playfully.

Sparkler Art for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Sparkler Art is a unique and innovative doodling app that lets you have all the fun drawing with sparklers in the night sky, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Saundz English Pronunciation for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Saundz is a new American English Pronunciation software app designed to help ESL students practice and improve their English pronunciation skills.

EZCardGames for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
EZCardGames simulates playing actual card games on the iPad. Play by dragging cards to appropriate locations.

Asset Reg Plus for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Keep a record of your personal assets. Including purchase value, replacement value and keep a picture of your asset as well as your proof of purchase.

Dealership for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Dealership App is a free, fully functional iphone application for marketing your stock cars on iPhone mobile device. Its simple to use and focus to sell your cars we avoid unnecessery features and only keeping functions what can be really useful to promote your car sale

Dota Metrics for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Tracks player statistics for the computer game Dota 2. The app gives information about particular matches, hero averages, hero records, and player history.

Hoopsenglish for iPad: Learn English Through Basketball - : Show Off Your iPad App
Hoopsenglish is the only application that you can learn english through basketball. English is a global language and basketball is a global game so lets mix them together to help connect the world.

Felt Cards for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Felt, a first-of-its-kind iPad app, enables people to write and send personal, handwritten cards in the mail. Instead of hunting for a stamp or envelope, you can now simply pull out your iPad, select from one of many expertly designed cards and handwrite a personal message on the touchscreen.

ABC Learn In Your Face for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
ABC Learn is a simple educational app for kids wanting to learn the alphabet in a fun environment with cartoon faces! Examples of each letter of the alphabet is provided from four different categories.

Ace Driver - The Underground Transporter for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Ace Driver - The Underground Transporter is a cool racing game... you have to Accept an assignment from Shady Boss to continue ...

Maths Attack In Your Face for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Maths Attack In your Face is a maths educational game, set in a world of colourful faces. The aim of the game is to fight your way and defeat Master Bob and his underlings in a multiple choice maths challenge by answering the questions correctly and within the time limit!

Wordometer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Wordometer is a casual game targeted for the massive audience. The main concept was to be distinguished by its simple rules without disregarding a real challenge for the player.

Perdrix TXT - reader for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
E-book reader for .txt files, designed to offer a reading experience close to a real book. Universal iPad / iPhone application iOS 5.0 or greater.

Ultimate Tap Challenge for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The aim of the game is to tap a button as many times as you can in 30 seconds and become the worlds fastest tapper.

Jenny Rabbit Egg Run for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Lead jenny rabbit as she hops around and collects eggs. Avoid the obstacles and dont fall down the holes.

Bright Spark - Maths for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Based on the electric quiz board where the user matches the questions with the correct answers on the other side of the board.

All Blocks Up! For iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Addictive tower building game with animated blocks, each with it's own personality and movement pattern!

Planet Read for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Planet Read will teach children how to read English fluently. This app eliminates guessing at words and actually understanding the connection between the written and spoken language of English.

Speed Notify for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Speed Notify puts the parents in the vehicle reducing the chances of the driver being involved in a collision.

Tree Ninja for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Featuring realistic graphics and animation, Tree Ninja includes a Left/Right movement controller on the lower left, and a Jump controller on the lower right.

DanceMate Gilde for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Learn to dance and glide across the dance floor with simple step by step instructions.

Interior Glass for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The application offers novel interior design ideas and also serves as a platform to showcase live interior design projects!

GameBoards for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
GameBoards is a collection of classic board games for iPad and iPhone. You'll get beautiful 3D designed boards to play on your own or with your family and friends.

Slow Cooker Recipes.. for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Variety of slow cooker or Crock pot recipes from slow cooked meats and dishes to savory soups and stews.

Junior Smart Kids Maths Grade 1-2 for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This app is first in our series of Educational Apps or contents for Young, Junior Kinds of Age 5-7 or Grade 1-2 based on their skills. These activities are a must for a child to know and do before going to higher grades

My First Phonics, Sounds - Learn to Read 3 letter words for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This app is targeted for Parents of Kids age 4-5, which start to learn sounds and making words with short vowels. It covers hundreds of words carefully chosen and spelt out to kid in different voices.

SuperJobSearch for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
SuperJobSearch is the most comprehensive app source of job-finding information currently available. It puts the information about trade schools, community colleges and universities where a candidate can upgrade their skills with a certificate or a diploma to meet market needs.

Chicks in Tanks for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Chicks in Tanks is the story of Piper, Floyd and Beatrice, three baby chicks left behind after a tornado devastates their farm, whisking away their brothers and sisters into the night.

Fumble! for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
n Fumble!, players have to quickly tap and hold tiles that match the ones displayed at the top of the screen. A bomb tile moves around on the board replacing tiles, so you have to be careful not to touch it as you keep your fingers on the matched tiles

Glassic for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Glassic is a pure match 3 without super-duper blasting balls, twisted plot and stuff like that. It is intended for old-school gamers like ourselves, for people who just want to tinkle their brain and enjoy good game.

Galaxy: Eternal Warfare for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App

Maths WorkOut with Tables, Numbers and Operations for Grade Third to fourth - : Show Off Your iPad App
This is next n our series of educational apps and part of our passion to engage and make the young kids learn faster

iPad: World TimeZlider - Conversion at a glance - : Show Off Your iPad App
World TimeZlider - Effortless time conversion allows you to share & schedule through messages,emails and even add events directly to your calendar.

Write it VS Free: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Write It Versus stars a collection of colorful characters to help guide you through the game; all vying to defeat the evil Mr. Sharks and prove that he is not the only Master Storyteller in town.

Little Zoologist for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Little Zoologist is one of the most comprehensive children's animal games on the iPad and iPhone to date, providing children with chances to learn while having fun.

What Doesn't Belong? Christmas Edition for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App

Moshcam for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
From Slash to Blondie, P.J. Harvey to Megadeth, the Moshcam app brings the thrill of a live concert directly to your iOS device as well as in-depth interviews and unique sessions.

Our Christmas Wishes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Christmas Wishes, just released for the iPad, is a simple bedtime story book for kids, about a young boy writing his Christmas wish list to Santa. This is no ordinary storybook, it's a bedtime poetry book, which is just what the little ones need before they drift off to sleep this holiday season.

Udo Voodoo for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Udo Voodoo is a simple yet addictive alternative to Fruit Ninja. Swipe pins to gain mojo before the sacrificial candle runs out. If you out mojo your opponent you win that round.

MY Launch for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This app has been worked on for several months. This app provides you with an app that make make your current iOS better. I didn't like having all these different apps open. So I created one app to have them in one. It a also comes in a small package, which uses less memory. With this app battery time is more effiecent.

Cap Now Pro for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
App takes user’s normal photo and selects the most funny caption and puts it on top. If user doesn’t like right away; refreshes the caption for optimal fun. With one touch button system; app shares photos on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

Massage Techniques for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Become a massage pro. Our app features 130 massage techniques, each with video, text and images. There are also 13 massage routines ranging from 10 minutes to an hour, press play and follow along. Some of the routines include a full body swedish massage, deep tissue massage, massage for lower back pain, leg massage for athletes, face, foot and hand massage and more. You can sort massage techniques by body area, so if your partner has a sore shoulder, you can see all the massage techniques for the shoulder.

Tutu's Escape for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Tutu is a cute Alien who has got lost on Earth. He has built a spaceship and now he is trying to escape into Space. However, bad guys from earth are trying to stop him by chasing him in planes and trying to bomb his ship.

Color Me Dinosaur for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Color Me Dinosaur is a coloring, puzzle, and musical activity app especially appealing for ages 4-7. There are four child hand-drawn dinosaurs that can be painted with 40 colors or patterns.

Crazy Moments for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Video Recorder with Unbelievable features. Crazy Moments has specially created for making great memories, it is a recording app with special effects created to help you deliver your objectives, so, it has no about page (also no ads).

Birds Sounds App ~ BirdVo ~ Bird Voices - : Show Off Your iPad App
BidVo is an App for bird sounds with the most number of bird sounds on the App store. It has beautiful interface and also gesture enabled. It's an app for nature lovers, birds lovers, peace lovers and kids.

Sharks Vs. Subs for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
In Sharks Vs. Subs, you are a shark trying to swim away from the evil submarines and their dangerous torpedoes! You need to avoid getting hit for as long as you can, while also eating their divers and collecting any treasure you can find!

Mix Buddy for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Mix Buddy – A unique iOS App for beginning and intermediate pro audio engineers

Stick Texting - The Emoji Emoticon Killer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Stick Textings are emoticons on steroids! Everyone with a phone texts these days, whether you are 8 or 88. Most people add some form of smiley face or emoticon to their texts or e-mails to provide some extra punch.

Zambezia for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Based on the animated feature film

Cinklet Checkout for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Cinklet Checkout is a powerful seamlessly integrated app with Checkout Point of sale for Mac. It lets you turn your device into a powerful in-store and remote selling tool.

Tiny Pirate Quest for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This Application created for the development of kids memory and reactions. But the player can choose the difficulty, so it will be interesting for parents too.

Tap The Duck! for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Tap the duck is a game about tapping as many cute ducks as you can to rescue them from the evil froggles. Tapping frogs will lose your points and your combo so avoid them if you can!

BasicMaths for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
BasicMaths is a kind of Learn with Fun app. Kids will definitely love this app as app can explain them how to solve mathematical expressions with a great fun.

Fingle for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Fingle is a cooperative two-player iPad game where players unavoidably meet hands. The game centers on the thrills of coming into contact with each other on the surface of a multi-touch device.

Majority Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Majority Game simulates real life US Presidential elections. Using a complex mix of probabilities and voter dynamism, we have been able to develop a game that is interesting to play between Democrats and Republicans.

Snap Clap - : Show Off Your iPad App
Hot Snap Clap application has made a breakthrough in photography: users don’t have to miss on pictures just to click the shutter button on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. All magic is done by clapping hands.

Lost Nimko for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Jungle is now getting overpowered by the evil and dark power infiltrated in the jungle. Now Master Ximo need a might Hero to support and stop this evil.

SecureSign for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
With this iPad App, you can open a PDF document received as an email attachment and quickly attach signatures and text phrases and return to the sender by email.

Card Swapp for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Card Swapp App lets you make reservations to restaurants, share files, exchange business card information, send payment, read the latest news feed related to the business contact, and more.

Dragon Draw for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Dragon Draw is a puzzle fantasy game where you must save the green dragons by drawing a physics environment underneath them in order to save them.

Puzzle Farm for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Puzzle Farm is a collection of animal activity shape puzzles with lots of sound, movement and silly feedback for young children. We focused on a high quality presentation for this app.

Felt Board for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Felt Board app is designed for both creative and imaginative play as well as learning. Children enjoy creating and dressing up characters and combining them with scenery and props for pretend play.

Café International for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Caf International is based on the original board game that was chosen Game Of The Year 1989 in Germany. Customers love the game because they find it highly addictive and challenging.

Cast Vast for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Cast Vast will allow you to broadcast message to all users in close vicinity to you.

Beads for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Beads is an excellent way to get creative with jewelry design. You can choose from a selection of beads to place onto a variety of neclaces. The beads are funky and eclectic and purely original.

Space Junk: The Beginning for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
For decades nations and commercial actors have been sending satellites and space exploration gear into space. And left it there! Now it's time for some space cleanup!

Alpha Calc for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Universal Calculator App for the iPad and iPhone with several very unique features and a beautiful new interface.

Mini Myths 1: Heroic Beginnings for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Greek myths re-imagined in a colourful, audio enhanced comic book for kids.

Obama vs. Romney Quiz - : Show Off Your iPad App
A mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Download on your phone and tablet and take the fun quiz that features over 100 sound bytes from Obama and Romney at their most serious and candid moments.

The Skull for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Skull is an endless runner...er roller. You've died and lost your head. However, you are trapped on the earth in a endless night searching for your missing body.

Ducky Dive for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The simple game play will provide small excitement that perfectly suitable for in-between activities time waster. Help the duck to dive and catch the fish, while keep watching the air and power level.

Smashing Cans for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Take arm against your rivals, the Cans, in this modern spin on a classic carnival game.

ShutterVox for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Shuttervox is a simple app that lets you take pictures with the power of your voice. Instead of hitting a button or part of a screen to capture an image, just say

Cubic Maze for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Cubic Maze is a truly unique and amazing version of the classic maze that is fully 3-dimensional. The matrix of corridor-pathways is made clearly visible on the screen with vivid and natural 3-D graphics.

Petite Frite iPad App - : Show Off Your iPad App
In a charming and colorful world, the fun and endearing characters of petite frite will amuse children as they play with animated puzzles, memory matches, a musical theater and decorate a landscape.

Draw Maze for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Draw Maze combines the creative touch of games like Draw Something with a fast paced and challenging maze game with an old arcade feel.

'dillos for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
'dillos is a fun bus stop mentality puzzler that pits your wits matching colored armadillos ('dillos) to colored squares on a 6x6 board.

Word-Drop for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Word-Drop HD has been a hit since its inception as a web-based flash game and was first brought into the mobile arena on the iPad. Since that point, we have continued to enhance and improve the gameplay and graphics to insure that the more than 35,000 people that enjoying playing it on their iPads continue to get the best possible gameplay experience.

MixZle HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
MixZle is a mixture of physics and sliding puzzle, demanding good spatial and logical thinking as well as quick response.

Minotaur Maze for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App

Character Creations FREE for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Character Creations is a fun app aimed at children. The basis of the app is creating characters by dragging over different body parts that make up a character.

Gravity Hole for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Gravity Hole introduces falling with grace. Your job is to guide our funny red main character Arnold around to keep him floating in the air as long as possible.

Voice Secretary for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Voice Secretary (iPhone/iPod touch) is a business app that allows users to set reminders by speaking into their iPhone. Developed by G-Power, Voice Secretary reminds users of important meetings, events and appointments to help individuals organize their hectic schedules.

ApeBooth for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Have fun aping yourself and your friends - that's assuming you have any left after they survive the Apebooth.

Hagar the Harfowl for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Hagar the Harfowl is a children's story designed specially for the iPad. Instead of pages, the story unfolds in a vertical tapestry of seamlessly illustrated images. Scroll smoothly down as you read and tap to discover 17 hidden animations. If you find them all there's a secret prize!

Bake Converter for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
When cooking or baking many of us use the enormous mountain of recipes available on the Internet. But since these recipes come from all over the world, often we run into measuring units that we are either not familiar with or not comfortable with.

Bejazzled for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Unique mix of match 3 and word gaming - Bejazzled is the exciting new high speed word puzzle game, which gives you hours of fun, exercises the brain muscles and includes a fantastic jazz music sound track.

Dog Chase Game for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Dog Chase is a very active, fast moving game and very challenging too - don't let the cuteness deceive you. Your job in the game is to help guide your dog through a park - sounds easy enough right? Well, this park is a little different - play the game to see what I mean!

Hello Color for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Hello Color is an amusing casual arcade game all about color. To play, you match colored circles with a changing background. During the 3 game modes, you interact with over 16 million colors, which Hello Color uses to generate your own unique color spectrum.

Wonder Witches for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Wonder Witches is a fun and easy to play endless side scroller game. The goal is to fly the witch as far as possible (can you reach the moon?).

Crazy Putt for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Crazy Putt is a simple Miniature Golf game. It has 18 beautiful holes, and an even more

VersaTimer iPad App - : Show Off Your iPad App
VersaTimer is a timer that you can use in both countdown and stopwatch mode, with a nice and clean interface. It can play sounds at preset intervals, or announce the time left/passed using speech.

Hungry Yogi for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Yogi wants to reach Nirvana but can't since he is always hungry. Help Yogi complete his journey by fulfilling his desire for food and wealth so that he can finally meditate in peace and reach Nirvana.

Law Of Attraction Daily Affirmations - : Show Off Your iPad App
Law Of Attraction Daily Affirmations is all-in-one iPad app for all your affirmation needs. With four affirmation sets ready to use in the app you can get started right away.

Get Console - iPad App - : Show Off Your iPad App
Get Console is the first Apple approved Terminal App that supports Serial connectivity (via the Redpark C2-RJ45 Console Cable), in addition to being a Telnet and SSH client.

Witches' Brew HD - iPad Game - : Show Off Your iPad App
Witches’ Brew includes a physics-enabled collision system, a cinematic soundtrack, funny animations, HD graphics, easy tilt control gameplay, two difficulty settings, 50 levels, and OpenFeint support….that’s one witchin’ app!

Cartoon Slot Machine for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Play for real cartoons instead of virtual money! Three in a row wins a cartoon strip to read or an animated cartoon to watch.

Dedaloop for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Has you ever lost in a maze? And if this maze was an every-turn-changing-maze? I bet no. So, welcome to Dedaloop! Every player have six missions, only one mission at time can be seen, when the player reach his current objective can look to the next one.

Hollow Path HD - iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
A really beautiful game that you should play. 17 hollows want to build a color path. Help them to find out that way.

uPong for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
uPong is a fun, vibrant game for all the family!

Take Me Home for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Take Me Home, a unique adventure with 4 different journeys and 96 challenging levels, beautiful graphics and good design that will entertain you for hours!

Big Fat Goalie for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
A game where air-hockey meets arcade gaming that's fun for the whole family.

Bomb Hunter for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
An astonishingly simple and addicting game, Bomb Hunter is a fun option for your leisure time

Tomato Pace for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
If you're a fan of arcade style games, you should give Tomato Pace a try. There is some randomness built into the game so you can't beat it by just memorizing a pattern. At each level, the location and speed of each worm is randomly set.

iZnax for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
iZnax is an alternative blocks puzzle game. The challenge is to clear as many blocks from the grid as you can in the time provided

Compose Card for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
TileDeck is a nifty application that aims to make the pattern creation process spontaneous, expressive and joyful. The end outputs are primarily personalised email cards, wallpapers and tile-able for backgrounds.

OmniBlaster for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Omniblaster has its heritage in arcade classics like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga, but has been updated with modern graphics and game play based around mobile devices.

Monty and the Mugwumps for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Scary Mugwumps have captured all the Little Montys. A combination of thinking and fast reactions are needed to complete later levels.

Animated Knots 3D for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Animated Knots 3D will give you a whole new perspective on knots! Draw (play/pause), flip, zoom, and rotate each knot interactively!

Wack the Birds for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
This is a classic shooting game where the player (the big bad cat flying the small rusty plane) needs to shoot birds to collect bonuses and to advance in the game as far as possible.

Roly-Polies HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Roly-Polies HD is a great puzzle game for the iPad. Slide down the rock ramps, roll across the logs, bounce off the mushrooms, and gather all the jewels.

iBaby Buttons for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
iBaby Buttons has recently been updated to allow parents to customize the app. New buttons can be made using photos from the camera or photo library. Parents can also record their own voices, their child's voice, or other sound effects to play when the image appears.

Star Galaxy for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Night sky is full of little sparkly friends. As the night passes they start to fall and fade away into the horizon. Your goal is to save as many falling stars as possible.

Blue Hat, Green Hat for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The third Sandra Boynton book app, created in collaboration between Boynton Moo Media and award-winning developer Loud Crow Interactive. Blue Hat, Green Hat follows their wonderful top-selling debut, The Going To Bed Book app, and the glorious bestselling Moo, Baa, La La La! app.

DataMan for iPad with 3G - : Show Off Your iPad App
The most powerful and precise weapon against data overage charges just got better! DataMan Pro monitors and manages your data usage in real time, closely tracking your data activities every 10 minutes.

Phantom Probes for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Phantom Probes is a game that will mesmerize you. The game captures fun childhood memories of dropping objects from heights and seeing how they bounce off things.

Bomb The Birds for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Bomb The Birds is an iPad (universal) game app released by Wiremuch.com. Play through sixteen levels of pure blasting madness with Bomb the Birds. In this physics-based casual game, you drop bombs on unsuspecting birds, guiding your payload by rotating tree branches.

Safe Browser for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Safe Browser provides safe, secure and educational Internet access on iPad.

Nav Trainer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Nav Trainer is a great tool for instrument, student pilots and flight instructors. Practice the use of aviation navigational equipment on your mobile device.

Get The Gold for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The aim of the game is to save the treasure chest from falling into the water!

Business Inspiration Classics for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
27+ of the best classic masterpieces on success, business advice, leadership and inspiration, bundled into an unique ebook app with images from original works, elegant and readable typography, bookmarks, quotes, autoscroll feature, page-by-page navigation by swipe, full text search & quote sharing.

Walkabout - : Show Off Your iPad App
Queenie needs your help collecting the Magic Stars scattered throughout her kingdom. But be carefull, one wrong move could leave you trapped with no way out.

Combo 3 Pack - Singing Bowls, Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, Hypnosis - : Show Off Your iPad App
Combo 3 Pack: 7 Tibetan Singing Bowl Audio Tracks, 5 Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies, 5 Hypnosis Tracks, 4 BrainWave Tracks, 3 Ambient Sound Tracks. The app is specifically designed for the ipad 1 and ipad 2.

Thumb Tap - : Show Off Your iPad App
Thumb Tap is a charming FREE arcade game for iPhone and iPad with bright, colourful graphics and addictive gameplay.

Color Blaster Game - : Show Off Your iPad App
Color Blaster Game is a mix of simple everyday physics and fun. Easy to get started, not too difficult to master to you figure out the tricks.

My Picture Dictionary - : Show Off Your iPad App
My Picture Dictionary: About 400 useful words in popular topics such as sports, beach, traffic, farm, animals, school etc.

CheckItOut HD - Webpage Screenshot and Annotation Tool - : Show Off Your iPad App
Use CheckItOut HD to capture the webpage into an image. Make markups DIRECTLY on the webpage to make your point clearer and include both the image and the markups automatically into email ready to be sent along with the url for easy access.

SlideItOut HD - Puzzle and arcade tile sliding game - : Show Off Your iPad App
SlideItOut HD is an addictive puzzle/arcade game combo that spawns from a combination of sliding tile, blocks and match 3 games that has recently topped the charts.

Tiltopolis for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
A modern twist on an old classic, Tiltopolis uses the real physics engine

Rogo for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Rogo is a totally new type of puzzle, invented in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is perfectly suited to the tactile world of iOS. You draw, tap and shake to solve.

Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential Graphic Novel for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Be Confident in Who You Are is based on Book 1 of the award-winning Middle School Confidential series written by teen expert Annie Fox, illustrated by Matt Kindt, and published by Free Spirit Publishing.

Fuzz Blast HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Fuzz Blast HD is a fun, challenging and very addicting physics-based puzzle game! Your task is to get your character through the teleporter and on to the next area.

Fun English for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Fun English will help your children learn English in an enjoyable and kid-friendly format. Each lesson features a few activities, each addressing different elements of the learning process.

ROBOT 99 for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Robots live up in the clouds. Sometimes they might miss a step and accidentally fall down from the sky.

Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The Inside Scoop on Pilates: Beginning Matwork is written by Erin Chase Alexander, a Pilates instructor certified on all Pilates apparatus, with training in both Classical and Contemporary styles of Pilates, and over 10 years experience teaching Pilates in gyms, health clubs, and studios.

Blarts for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Who would have thought that launching darts at balloons could be so addicting and fun! Well, anyone thats tried Blarts can vouch for that! In this simple but challenging physics game, you touch the screen to aim and release to launch!

Marvelous Milan & More for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
City travel guide for Milan and surroundings with over 350 articles and 2200 quality pictures of sights, attractions, churches, monuments, museums, shops, bars, restaurants etc in Milan and other cities.

Just a Ball for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Don’t be fooled by the name – Just A Ball is that and so much more! Just A Ball is physics-based puzzle game where the goal is to get a soccer ball into a box.

Dog Pound for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Help fun loving mutts escape from the pound. Dogs using their powerful jumping skills to scale the fence, enduring the elements gain points by finding furry friends on the other side.

Alien Destroyer for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Kill space monsters and help ET in your mission.

Redneck Jellyfish for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Gus Hickey is a Jellyfish. His job is to build coral reefs. Using his tentacles he can pick up objects like coral seeds and drop them on coral to build new coral.

Lucky_Shark for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Lucky Shark is fun game, adventure, fun game, make your shark eating more fishes to get high score and avoid enemy.

Fin's Lagoon - : Show Off Your iPad App
Fin's Lagoon is a unique game that let's you swim like a real dolphin and do some cool tricks by jumping through the air!

Calculator Pro for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Calculator Pro for iPad Free is designed for everyone looking for simplicity and functionality. The app features two calculators sporting elegant interface that won't leave anyone indifferent.

Dream Home HD - : Show Off Your iPad App
Dream Home HD is designed specially for you to help you integrate the latest interior design trends into your home. Explore the immense variety of dcor solutions from professional designers for your entire home, browse through hundreds of real photos and navigate through the extensive menu of colors, styles and room types.

Eye Illusions HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Who told you your eyes can't play tricks on you? Seeing is NOT believing! Eye Illusions HD is an incredible set of the best eye tricks: color illusions, appearing and disappearing objects, weird lines, color tests, and much more!

Fire Frenzy for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Fire Frenzy is an arcade style game similar to Pang. In Fire Frenzy you control Fireman Alan by either tilting your phone to move and touching the screen to shoot water at the fire balls.

FX Photo Studio HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
FX PHOTO STUDIO HD makes available the most colossal selection of effects on the App Store for you to wrap your imagination around!

Slacker Radio for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Slacker Radio offers a free, fully customizable and personal online radio experience that includes the most varied and compelling range of content offered by any Internet radio service.

Ask Rocco Zamboni for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App

Mixamajig HD for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Mix, Match, Tap, Slide, Shake & Make your very own Silly Creatures with this amazing, goofy, creative activity! Mixamajig takes the magic of mix & match books into the digital age with whimsical and wonderfully drawn characters!

OMG Look Up! - : Show Off Your iPad App
Do you know what the scriptures say about watching for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Here is your chance to test your knowledge, learn and become an Everlasting God Watcher!

Ask Some Drag Queens for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
The House of LeMay is invading your phone! For more than 15 years they have made audiences laugh, and now you can have them right on your phone!

CameraBag for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
A love letter to the analog era, CameraBag for iPad instantly emulates photography's most beloved and iconic cameras, film, and processing techniques.

Stack the Stuff for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
What would you do when you’re bored? Got no idea? Just play Stack The Stuff! The perfect game when you want to kill time! Simply stack the stuff and arrange them so all stars are reached! You’ll find it very entertaining and challenging!

Scared Fluffy for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
Try saving your Fluffy from the Mad Fluffy. You have different objects to help your Fluffy. You have to get the Fluffy to cover the Mad Fluffy not give their fireballs.

Marbles Invasion - : Show Off Your iPad App
The marbles are back, and this time they have invasion on their mind. But the brave folks of the world have come up with a solution: shoot marbles back up at them!

Alphabytes - : Show Off Your iPad App
A bit of education in every byte with 4 entertaining ways to learn about the alphabet, writing, spelling, and memorization. Kids will love learning the alphabet with fully animated interactions for every letter.

My Words for iPad - : Show Off Your iPad App
An Assistive Technology App that helps non-verbal people such as autistic kids, and people who suffer from brain stroke to communicate with everyone around them.

The iPad Troubleshooting Guide
The iPad Troubleshooting Guide can help you with common problems, keep you connected to the Internet, teach you how to do basic troubleshooting of any problem and even offer tips on new ways to use your iPad.

The Best Free Books on the iPad
You don't have to spend a lot of money to feed your reading habit. These 20 novels are both entertaining and absolutely free on Apple's iBooks store.

The Best Free Books on the iPad
You don't have to spend a lot of money to feed your reading habit. These 20 novels are both entertaining and absolutely free on Apple's iBooks store.

How to Switch Between Apps on the iPad
The iPad's Task Bar Controls allow you to quickly control the volume, pause or skip playback, mute the iPad or enable AirPlay to an AirPlay-enabled device.

How to Open the Multitasking Screen on the iPad
Learn how to use the iPad task screen, which lets you easily switch between apps or close recently used apps to free your iPad up for heavy tasks.

iOS 8 Details: iCloud Drive, Family Sharing, Widgets and More...
iOS 8 has a ton of great features like Extensibility, which will allow widgets, and Family Sharing, which lets you download that cool song your brother bought.

iOS History: The Evolving iPad/iPhone OS
A detailed look at the history of iOS, the operating system that powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, including version details of every major iOS release beginning with the original iPhone OS v1.0.

iOS 3.2 Features
The 3.2 update of iOS coincided with the debut of the iPad. A small update in terms of features, the true measure of this update was transition the iPhone's operating system to Apple's newly unveiled tablet.

iOS 4 Features
iOS 4 constituted a series of major updates, including the addition of folders, multitasking and video conferencing via the FaceTime app.

iOS 5 Features
iOS 5 cut the cord with the PC by allowing the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to be activated wirelessly, without the need to plug in to a desktop or laptop PC. Other features included AirPlay mirroring, Twitter integration and iMessage.

iOS 6 Features
Among the many features of iOS 6 is the introduction of Siri to the iPad. Other big features added include Apple's Maps in place of Google Maps, a new App Store and tighter integration with Facebook.

iOS 7 Details and Features
Apple unveiled iOS 7.0 at their annual developer's conference, detailing some of the big changes users can expect in the latest operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iPad Game Guide: Fun Games for Your Tablet
With intuitive touch screen controls and motion-based game play, the iPad is the world's coolest mobile gaming device. And many of the games can be purchases for a dollar or less, with even the most expensive games rarely breaking the ten dollar mark.

How to Customize an iTunes Radio Station
Apple's iTunes Radio allows you to create a custom radio station based on a song, artist or an entire genre. Within that custom station, you can personalize further by telling iTunes Radio which song you do and do not like.

How to Add a New Artist or Band to an iTunes Radio Station
Did you know you can add additional artists or songs to your custom iTunes radio station? You can even add an entire genre or tell your radio station not to play certain bands or songs.

How to Use iTunes Radio on the iPad
Apple released iTunes Radio, a Pandora-like streaming music service, with the iOS 7 update. You can access the services via the Music app on the iPad.

Dungeon Hunter 4 Shows Dark Side of In-App Purchases
Dungeon Hunter 4 displays the worst of the freemium model with annoying advertisements and a model that will hamper your wallet.

How to Challenge a Friend in the Game Center
Did you know you can challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score on the iPad? The Game Center allows challenges to be issued to anyone on your friends list.

How to Log Out of the Game Center
It's easy to sign into the Game Center. But not so easy to log out of it. So how do you accomplish this task that Apple seemingly wants to keep you from doing?

How to Use the Game Center on Your iPad
The Game Center is a great way to connect with friends, keep track of leaderboards and achievements, and even issue challenges to friends.

How to Change Your Game Center Profile Name
Did you know you can change your Game Center profile name? If you chose a bad nickname, you aren't stuck with it!

Divoom Bluetune Solo Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
The Divoom Bluetune Solo has good sound in a small package, but it is the extra features that really make this $50 portable speaker a good buy.

How to Use the iPad's Notification Center
The iPad's Notification Center can be accessed on both the lock screen and normal operation by default. Learn how to access it and how to customize it.

What is the Notification Center on the iPad?
The iPad's Notification Center provides quick access to push notifications from apps, important email messages and the events you have scheduled for the day. But what else can it do for you?

How to Change the iPad Keyboard to QWERTZ or AZERTY
You can easily change your iPad Keyboard Layout to the QWERTZ or AZERTY alternative layouts in the iPad's Keyboard Settings.

How to Split the iPad Keyboard
Did you know that you can split the iPad Keyboard in two? The iPad Keyboard can be split to provide easier typing with the thumbs, with one half of the keyboard going to one side of the screen and the other half going to the other side of the screen.

How to Create an iPad Keyboard Shortcut
Did you know you can create a keyboard shortcut for your iPad? A shortcut allows you to type an abbreviation like

iPad Keyboard Settings Help
The iPad Keyboard Settings will let you do customize your iPad by turning off Auto-Correction, choosing an International Keyboard or even setting up Keyboard Shortcuts.

How to Open iPad Keyboard Settings
Have you ever wanted to turn off Auto-Correct? You can do this and more in the iPad's keyboard settings. But first, you need to know how to get there.

How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPad
Did you know turning off location services (GPS, etc.) can help extend your iPad's battery life? You can also turn off these services for single apps rather than cutting them off completely.