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The Best iPad Racing Games - Car Driving Fun on the Go
The best iPad racing games are those whose addictive qualities can turn five minutes on the couch into two hours in the seat of the fastest vehicle on the planet. Luckily, the iPad is uniquely equipped to excel at these type of games.

How to Develop iPad Apps - iOS Development
Have you ever wanted to develop an iPhone or iPad app? There are a number of steps you need to take to get started developing apps, from downloading a development platform to signing up with Apple developer's program.

iOS Development: Certificates and Profiles
A guide for managing certificates and profiles used in the Apple Developer program for pushing apps to iOS devices and for approval on the iTunes App Store. Page 2.

Basic iPad Troubleshooting Tips - Fix Problems Yourself
Did you know there is one single troubleshooting tip that can solve most problems? A problem with your iPad doesn't mean you have to call support. Most of the time, you can fix the problem yourself.

Review: Crackle for iPad - Movie and Television Apps
Who needs Hulu Plus or Netflix when you have Crackle? Not only does Crackle deliver movies and television shows to the iPad, but it's free with not subscription costs. What's not to love?

How to Turn On PhotoStream On Your iPad
The PhotoStream will let you keep your iPad and iPhone in sync by sharing your photos between your different devices automatically.

How to Delete Email on the iPad
For those who like to keep their email inbox clean, it is important to know how to delete email on the iPad. Luckily, Apple made this task a bit more simple than on an iPhone, and there are actually two different methods you can use to delete email from your iPad.

How to Use Apple TV With an iPad
Did you know you can control Apple TV with your iPad? You can even throw your iPad's display to your television set using AirPlay and Apple TV. These tricks make Apple TV among the best accessories to get for your iPad.

iPad FAQ: How Do I Copy an iPhone App to My iPad?
Did you know you can run any app downloaded on your iPhone on your iPad as well? And the new iCloud service makes it easy to get the app onto your iPad.

How to Use AirPlay on the iPad
So, you have Apple TV or some AirPlay-compatible speakers and now you want to use Airplay on your iPad but you don't know how to turn it on. Using AirPlay with the built-in music and video apps is easy, but it can be more difficult to find the controls for third-party apps.

Apple TV Review (3rd Generation)
Apple TV might not be the best stand-alone device on the market for media streaming, but if you own an iPad or iPhone, Apple TV is easily one of the best accessories you can buy for it.

How to Copy a DVD to iPad for Free
If you want to convert a DVD into an iPad-compatible file, you will need a DVD ripper and a way to convert the files into an MP4 file. Luckily, there are some great free options available to do this very thing.

iPad Mini Review: Is the Mini the Best iPad?
The iPad Mini is Apple's response to the 7-inch tablet market, but did they nail it, or is the Mini a dud? This review takes a look at the iPad Mini and examines how it stacks up against both the competition and Apple's other

How to Fix: My iPad App Won't Update
If you have an app that is stuck during the update process or will not download completely, there is no need to panic. A few quick troubleshooting steps should be enough to kickstart the process and convince the iPad to install your app.

How to Fix: My iPad is Disabled
The security features of the iPad will cause it to disable itself after several passcode attempts have been made. Usually, this is just temporary, but if the passcode continues to be entered incorrectly, the iPad can be disabled permanently.

What to Do If Your iPad Won't Charge
If you are having problems charging your iPad when it is connected to your computer, you are not alone. While your iPhone or iPod may not have a problem charging via the USB port on your computer, the iPad requires considerably more power.

How to Fix: AirPlay Icon Missing
The most common reason for a missing AirPlay icon is network connectivity issues, which can usually be solved by following a few easy troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix a Slow iPad
Is your iPad running slow? Does it seem to get bogged down after a few hours? This is not an uncommon problem, and it is usually caused by an errant application or an app that is running in the background and taking up too much memory or processing power. Luckily, this is also relatively easy to fix.

How to Use iPad Voice Dictation
The iPad includes voice dictation, which is a quick and easy way to input large amounts of text for those who feel awkward using the iPad's on-screen keyboard.

How to Upload an iPad Photo to Facebook
You can't upload a photo to Facebook from the official website, but once you download an app from the App Store, these steps will show you how to easily get your photo in front of all of your friends.

Ready to Learn More About the iPad?
A number of different resources to learn more about the iPad and how to get the most out of it.

How to Upload Multiple Photos to Facebook on Your iPad
You aren't stuck with just uploading one photo at a time to Facebook. The iPad lets you choose multiple photos to upload. The trick is not to go into the Facebook app to upload photos.

What is Push Notification?
Push notification is a feature of the iPhone and iPad that was added in iOS 3.0.

How to Adjust the iPad's Brightness
Adjusting the iPad brightness is a great way to save iPad battery power, which will allow you to use your iPad for longer periods of time without plugging it into your computer for a quick charge.

How to Share Music to the iPad From iTunes
If you have a huge music collection, you don't have to load all of it onto your iPad to have access to it. One of the best features of iTunes is called Home Sharing, which will allow you to share music to the iPad, iPhone or other computers in your household that run iTunes.

How to Market Your App - iPad and iPhone Marketing
You've developed your app. Now what? It can be difficult to market an iPhone or iPad app on little-to-no budget, but there are a number of things you can do to get the word out about your app that won't break the bank.

How to Find the iPad's iTunes Store
The iTunes store on the iPad has many of the same features of the PC version, including movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks and podcasts.

A Guided Tour of the iPad: Unboxing the iPad
This guided tour of the iPad will help you learn about what comes with the device, what all the buttons do and how the basic interface works.

Learn the iPad: A Diagram of Its Features
This diagram of the iPad shows the buttons and major features of the exterior, including the home button, which is the basic non-touch navigational tool, and the sleep/wake button, which turns the iPad on and off.

Help With the iPad Interface
The iPad's Interface is designed to give you quick access to your most used applications while providing plenty of space to download as many apps as you want. There is even a spotlight search for quickly finding any app on your iPad.

How to Find the iPad App Store
The iPad's App Store may be the most important app that comes with the iPad. Not only is it a gateway to downloading new apps, but it is also used for updating your existing apps.

How to Find the iPad Web Browser
The iPad comes with the Safari web browser, which is a fully functional browser capable of displaying most web pages, saving bookmarks and sending pages to different tabs.

A Guided Tour: How to Play Music on the iPad
The iPad allows you to play music through the music app, which will also allow you to listen to playback through home sharing and iTunes Match. You can also control the music through hidden controls on the iPad. Page 7.

How to Play Movies and Watch Video on the iPad
The iPad allows you to watch movies and TV shows you have bought from iTunes or transferred from your PC through the Videos application, which can also stream movies from your PC if you have home sharing turned on.

What's Next? More iPad Learning Resources
More iPad learning resources to help educate the reader on how to better navigate the iPad, which apps are best and how they can personalize the iPad.

How to Delete Photos from the PhotoStream - iPad Help
It is relatively easy to delete photos from Apple's PhotoStream, which is lucky because most annoying feature of Apple's PhotoStream is how every photo (even screenshots) appears in the PhotoStream when the feature is turned on.

How to Navigate and Organize Your iPad
A few quick lessons about basic navigation on the iPad can help you start using your iPad like a pro.

How to Delete Photos From Your iPad
There are multiple ways to delete photos from your iPad, including the ability to delete more than one photo at the same time. Purging your photo album can also be a great way to free up a little space on your iPad.

How to Delete Multiple Photos From Your iPad
Did you know you can delete multiple photos from your iPad without going to each individual photo and manually deleting it? This time-saving technique is great if you need to purge a lot of photos from your iPad.

Apple's iPad 4 Specifications and Features
Apple announced the iPad 4 alongside the iPad Mini at the October media event. The new iPad 4 is an incremental upgrade over the previous iPad, with an improved processor and better cameras among other new features.

How to Take an iPad Screenshot
Have you ever wanted to take an iPad screenshot so that you can brag to a friend about what level you made it to in Angry Birds HD? It's actually quite simple to snap an iPad screenshot.

How to Restore an iPad to Factory Default Using iTunes
The process of restoring an iPad to factory default

How to Delay the Auto Sleep Mode on the iPad
Have you ever been annoyed by your iPad going into sleep mode while using it? Find out how you can delay the auto sleep mode in the settings.

FAQ: Can an iPad Replace My Laptop or Desktop PC?
The iPad has come a long way since it was introduced in 2010, but is it ready to replace your laptop? Perhaps. Depending on how you use your PC at home, the iPad could very well be a great replacement.

How to Text on the iPad
Did you know you can use the iPad to text people? There are a number of solutions, including a few easy ways to place free text messages.

How to Turn on Siri on the iPad
The first step in using Siri on the iPad is turning Siri on, which can be done in the iPad's settings.

Siri iPad Tutorial: How to Activate Siri
Siri has a lot of cool uses on the iPad, including being great at taking notes and setting reminders as well as finding out the closest place to get a slice of pizza. Page 2.

How to Set an Alarm on Your iPad Clock
Did you know you can now set up an alarm on your iPad and use it as an alarm clock? The latest update to the iPad introduced the Clock app, which can set an alarm in addition to showing the time in multiple time zones and be used as a stopwatch.

What Questions Can Siri Answer?
Siri is a voice recognition decision engine that has been programmed with various databases that will enable her to answer many of your questions. Page 3.

Funny Questions to Ask Siri
Siri is a great personal assistant, but she can also make you laugh with a number of funny questions you can ask her. Apple took the idea of an Easter Egg to new heights when designing Siri. Page 4.

How to Fix: My iPad Asks for a Password
If your iPad is continuously asking you to log in to your iTunes account even when you are not inside any apps, don't panic. This is a rather common issue that is actually easy to fix.

iPad 4 Product Review - Tablet Computing
Apple threw us a curve ball with an early iPad 4 release, but while it is a small upgrade over the iPad 3, it packs in quite a bit of upgraded processing power to better take advantage of the Retina Display. But is that enough to make the iPad 4 worth it?

How to Upgrade to iOS 7.1
iOS 7.1 fixes some of the issues with the iOS 7 update, including some relief for those who felt the new interface was making them sick. So how do you upgrade to iOS 7? Read on...

What Is Jailbreaking?
Jailbreaking is the process of breaking the iPad, iPhone or iPod

Should You Jailbreak Your iPad?
Jailbreaking your device allows access to a greater range of apps and possibilities, but this is not without some cost. Before jailbreaking your iPad or iPhone, it is important to understand all of the pros and cons.

How to Fix: iPad Won't Rotate
One of the neat features of the iPad is the ability for the screen to rotate as you turn the device, so when this stops working, it can be frustrating. Luckily, this is an easy issue to fix.

How to Erase the Content and Settings on Your iPad
Most people will want to choose Erase All Content and Settings. This protects you by making sure all data is off the iPad, which includes information for your iTunes account.

How to Erase the Data on Your iPad
The entire process to erase the data on your iPad takes a couple of minutes, and during the process, the Apple logo will appear in the middle of the screen.

How to Reset the iPad to Factory Default Settings
It is a good idea to reset the iPad to factory default when selling it or giving it to a family member. This process can also solve persistent issues with the iPad that don't clear up after rebooting the device and are resistant to other troubleshooting steps.

How to Change Siri's Voice to a Man's Voice
Siri has a very distinctive female voice, but it isn't the only voice available for Apple's voice recognition assistant. You can also have Siri with a man's voice. This quick tutorial teaches how to turn Siri into a man.

How to Connect Your iPad to Your TV
Would you rather see your iPad on your HDTV? It's actually rather easy to connect your iPad to your TV, though you may need a special cable to get the job done. And if you have Apple TV, you can even watch your iPad on your TV without the wires!

17 Things Android Can Do That iPad Can't
Android has come a long way in the past few years, with tablets from Google, Amazon and Samsung eating into the iPad's market share. So what are the bonuses of an Android tablet?

The Best Educational Apps for the iPad
The iPad has become a great educational tool, with great apps for the classroom, excellent learning apps for toddlers and apps that provide a sound curriculum for home schooling.

How to Turn Off the iPad's Zoom Feature
The iPad's zoom feature is part of the accessibility functions for the iPad and is designed for those with less-than-perfect eyesight. For those with 20-20 vision, turning the feature on is often done by accident.

How to Fix: My iPad is Zoomed In
If your iPad is zoomed in and stuck in that display mode, you have accidentally turned on an accessibility function. Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix.

Review: Touchfire Keyboard for the iPad
The Touchfire keyboard is billed as the world's thinnest iPad keyboard designed to give the feel of touch typing. But how well does it work?

iPad Usage: Where Did All My Storage Space Go?
Find out which apps are taking up the most space on your iPad, how much storage your music and videos take and even how much space you are using on photos.

The iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro
Samsung's Galaxy Tab Pro makes a big leap forward in technical specifications, but is it enough to unseat the iPad Air? This article takes a detailed look at the Tab Pro and compares it to Apple's flagship tablet.

12 Great iPad Tips Every Owner Should Know
Did you know your iPad comes with a ton of free books? You can also lock it's orientation, skip apostrophes while typing and turn down the brightness to save battery life. The quick tips are just a few among many that can save you a lot of time and energy using your iPad.

Apple Digital AV Adapter Review
The lack of an HDMI port on the original iPad was largely considered one of its biggest missing features. And while the iPad 2 does not have an HDMI port on the device itself, Apple released the Digital AV Adapter alongside the iPad 2, giving all iOS products (iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G) the ability to get on the big screen.

How to Set a Custom iPad Ringtone or Text Tone
Did you know you can set up a custom ringtone or text tone on your iPad? This can be very helpful if you are an active FaceTime user or like to use Messages with your iPad's bigger keyboard.

Setting Custom "New Mail" and "Sent Mail" iPad Sounds
Did you know you can change the sound of new mail appearing on the iPad? You can also change the default sound of sending email. Page 2.

How to Customize "Tweet and "Facebook Post" iPad Sounds
Would you like your iPad tweets to do more than just tweet? How about honk a horn? You can customize tweet and Facebook sounds on your iPad in the sound settings.

How to Customize Calender and Reminder Alert Sounds on the iPad
Did you know you can set new alert sounds for your Calender and Reminder alerts on your iPad?

How to Turn Off Keyboard Clicks on the iPad
Ever get annoyed by those iPad keyboard clicks? Or want to quiet down while watching a movie? It's not too hard to turn them off.

iOS 7 Tutorial: Navigating New Features and Interface
The iOS 7 update constitutes one of the biggest updates to the iPad's operating system since it was first introduced. Here's a tutorial on how to get started using some of the new features and navigating the new interface.

3 iPad Games Like The Room
Did you love The Room? Want to get that feeling of accomplishment at having solved a super-hard puzzle back again? Here are three games that embody both

How to Setup Home Sharing in iTunes
The first step to sharing music between iTunes and the iPad is turning on iTunes Home Sharing. This is actually quite simple, and once you have gone through the steps to turning on Home Sharing, you'll wonder why you didn't always have it turned on.

Sharing Music and Movies on the iPad
Once you have everything set up to share music and movies on the iPad, learn to listen to the entire music collection on your PC the same way. Page 4.

How to Stream Music and Movies to Your iPad From iTunes
You'll be surprised at just how easy it is to set up iPad Home Sharing, and once you have it enabled, you can easily pull up your entire music or movie collection on your iPad.

How to Setup Home Sharing on the iPad
After you setup Home Sharing on iTunes, it is quite easy to get it working with the iPad. And once you have iPad Home Sharing working, you can share music, movies, podcasts and audiobooks. This means you can get access to your entire music and movie collection without taking up valuable space on your iPad.

How to Expand the Storage on Your iPad
The iPad comes with a limited amount of storage, depending on which model you purchase. But don't worry, if you need more, there are several ways to expand that storage.

iPad Training 101: A New User's Guide to the iPad
iPad 101 is for new iPad users who have never owned an iPhone or iPod Touch, simple things like finding good apps, installing them, organizing them or even deleting them might seem like an insurmountable task.

How to Navigate the iPad
Most navigation on the iPad is done with simple touch gestures, such as touching an icon to launch the application or swiping your finger left or right across the screen to move from one screen of icons to the next. These same gestures can do different things based on the application your are in, and usually, they have their roots in common sense. Page 2.

How to Install iPad Apps
Once you've found your app, you'll need to install it on your iPad. This is a two-step process. Page 4.

How to Move iPad Apps
Once you have downloaded an app from the App Store, the iPad may put it on a second screen. You can switch between screens by swiping your finger across the iPad, but you may want to move the app to the first screen so you can get at it quicker. Page 5.

How to Delete iPad Apps
You can delete an iPad app similar to how you would move the icon for an iPad app. Page 6.

How to Create Folders on the iPad
You can also create a folder of icons on the iPad screen. To do this, enter the

What is Spotlight Search?
Spotlight Search is a great tool that can be used to search through contacts, email or find music, movies and apps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

iPad 2 vs iPad Mini 2
The iPad Mini 2's $399 price tag creates competition between the newest Mini and Apple's iPad 2, which is still in production. The iPad 2 may be the cheapest full-sized iPad, but is it worth it?

How to Install Dropbox on Your PC
Dropbox is a great way to transfer and access files from multiple devices. It's also very easy to install and start using on your PC and iPad, and it makes an excellent way to upload photos to your PC.

How to Setup Dropbox on the iPad
Installing Dropbox on the iPad is an easy way to get extra storage space for documents and photos, freeing up more of your iPad's space for apps.

How to Upload a Photo to Dropbox on the iPad
The Dropbox app allows you to upload a photo from the iPad to the web, which allows you to access your photos from your PC or other devices.

Does the iPad Support Near Field Communication (NFC)?
Near Field Communication (NFC) has been a buzz word in the smart device industry for years, but it has yet to really take off.

What is Near Field Communication?
Near Field Communication is all the buzz these days, with several devices now supporting the standard, but what exactly is Near Field Communication and what can it do for you?

iPad Answers: Does the iPad Support Adobe Flash?
For those who love watching videos on the web, Adobe Flash support is an important issue when considering a tablet computer. But Adobe and Apple don't quite see eye-to-eye on Flash.

How to Buy an iPad - A Buyer's Guide
A Buyer's Guide to the iPad explaining how to buy an iPad, which memory model is right for you, whether or not to go with a 3G data network, and which data network to use.

Can I Read Kindle Books on My iPad?
Can an iPad Read Kindle Books? This is an important question for anyone with a large Kindle collection. Fortunately, the iPad can read Kindle books. Find out how...

How to Use the Photon Flash Player on the iPad
The Photon Flash Player allows you to play Flash video and games on the iPad, but it isn't quite so simple as turning it on and off. We'll look at the different modes of the Flash browser to determine when it is best to be in a specific mode for playing back Flash.

Is Split-Screen Multitasking Coming to the iPad?
The latest rumor making the rounds is that split-screen multitasking will finally make its way onto the iPad with the iOS 8 release. Microsoft's Surface and

Review: Photon Flash Player/Browser for iPad
The Photon Flash Player for the iPad is a full-fledged web browser with Flash enabled, which means you can play Flash games and Flash video on your iPad using the Photon browser.

How to Print on an iPad
The iPad's AirPrint functionality makes printing from the iPad a snap. And even if you don't have an AirPrint-enabled printer, there are solutions to print from your iPad.

iPad Guides and Tutorials - Help for Your iPad
Do you want to know how to setup home sharing on your iPad? Or how to set your iPad up to be kid-friendly? These iPad guides will help you to get the most out of your iPad.

How to Find iPad Apps - iPad Basics
With over 40,000 iPad apps and many more compatible iPhone apps, you wouldn't think finding an app would be difficult. But like finding a needle in a haystack, it is that very popularity that can sometimes make it difficult to find the good apps. Page 3.

You Can Now Print in Microsoft Office for the iPad
Microsoft Office made a rather big splash when released on the iPad earlier this year. In fact, Microsoft claims over 100 million downloads since that release.

iPad Troubleshooting - What to Do When Things Go Wrong
Even the best devices have a few kinks, and the coolest iPad app in the world can crash every once in a while. Luckily, there are a few things we can try before sending the device back to Apple or pushing the delete button on the app's icon.

Answered: My iPad Won't Print or Can't Find My Printer
Printing from an iPad should be easy, but what happens if the iPad can't find your printer or if your print job doesn't make it to the printer? These simple steps solve the issue.

What is an iPad? Everything You Wanted to Know About the iPad
The iPad is the best-selling tablet computer produced by Apple. This in-depth look at the iPad will help you learn what it is, what it can do and whether or not it is right for you.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

Will My iPhone Apps Work on My iPad?
Did you know that most iPhone apps will work on the iPad? You can even choose between windowed mode and full screen mode, which is accomplished through something called pixel doubling.

The Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad
The best free productivity apps include great ways to take notes -- whether you want to type them out, record them or write them by hand -- and great ways to enhance your productivity on the iPad, including a free photo editor, a dictionary and even a way to easily transfer files from your PC to your iPad.

The Best Free Productivity Apps for the iPad
The best free productivity apps include great ways to take notes -- whether you want to type them out, record them or write them by hand -- and great ways to enhance your productivity on the iPad, including a free photo editor, a dictionary and even a way to easily transfer files from your PC to your iPad.

Review: Google Office for iPad (Docs, Sheets)
Google's Docs and Sheets office apps are now available on the iPad, which means you can finally work offline. But installing the apps takes away the ability to work within the Google Drive app, which may be a big negative for some.

The Latest iPad Rumors
The buzz surrounding the iPad may not be quite as strong as in years past, but there are still plenty of rumors circulating around the next iPad. The release

3 Workplace Wishes for iOS 8
iOS 7 constituted the biggest changes to iOS since the iPad was released. But with the iPad on the verge of becoming as powerful as a laptop, there are some

Is Quibids a Scam?
The Quibids commercial claims cheaper-than-thought-possible prices on consumer electronics, but is it a scam? Does the old adage

How to Use the iPad Control Panel - Guide & Diagram
The iOS 7 update redesigned the control panel, which makes it easy to access music controls, airdrop options, do not disturb, airplane mode, and wi-fi and bluetooth settings.

Corona SDK: Layer and Move Graphics, Bring to Front
The Corona SDK can make mass manipulation of graphical objects easy by using display groups to create layers of graphics that can be set in a specific order or brought to the front at any time.

Hearthstone Shaman Deck Strategies
The Hearthstone Shaman has the ability to summon totems to their aid, and their unique ability to play Overload cards allows them to use powerful effects and minions earlier in the game.

Hearthstone Rogue Deck Strategies
The Rogue focuses on stealth, weapons and combo cards, which have an increased effect if they aren't the first card played that turn.

Hearthstone Warrior Deck Strategies
The Heartstone Warrior is the melee-driven damage dealer in Hearthstone. Their special ability to add 2 armor to the hero also makes this class good at defense.

Hearthstone Warlock Deck Strategies
The Hearthstone Warlock is adept at cycling cards, which is the process of gaining extra cards as you play the match. This keeps the Warlock's options open and allows them to quickly gain access to key cards.

Hearthstone Priest Deck Strategies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

Hearthstone Paladin Deck Strategies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

Hearthstone Mage Deck Strategies
The Mage has some of the best crowd control in Hearthtone, which can stall and frustrate your opponent's strategy.

Hearthstone Hunter Deck Strategies
The Hunter is one of the best creature-building classes in Hearthstone, and one of the easiest to gain a powerful deck early on.

Hearthstone Druid Deck Strategies
The Druid class in Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft is extremely versatile, with Choose One cards allowing an approach where tactics can match the opposing hero's strategy.

Hearthstone Class Basics and Cards of Note
An explanation of Hearthstone's classes and a look at some of the best cards available for beginners.

Hearthstone Tips: Learn to Destroy Your Enemies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

Three Tips for Faster Typing on the iPad
Now that Microsoft Office is available for the iPad, there is sure to be a lot more typing on the on-screen keyboard. And for most people, that comes with a

Will the iPad Air 2 Be Faster Than a Macbook Air?
Amid suggestions from analysts that Apple should develop a hybrid device capable of running both iOS and Mac OS, effectively making it both an iPad and a

Should We Buy Into the iPad Mini Rumors?
Should We Buy Into the iPad Mini Rumors?

iPad 3 On Sale at Wal-Mart
iPad 3 On Sale at Wal-Mart

12 Great iPad Games of 2012
12 Great iPad Games of 2012

How to Download Your First iPad App
Once you know the steps to downloading apps from the app store and installing them on your iPad, the process is relatively simple. In fact, finding the best apps to download is the real trick.

How to Download iBooks on the iPad - Illustrated Guide
While iBooks doesn't come preloaded on the iPad, you can easily download iBooks from the App Store. Page 2.

Getting to Know the App Profile Page
The app store profile page contains important information about the app, including a description, screenshots and customer reviews.

Finishing the Download
Apps are downloaded to the iPad's home screen. Once they are installed, they can be moved to a different location or put into a folder.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iPad Review
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a new collectable card game from Blizzard, but does it live up to Blizzard's reputation of delivering high-quality, fun and engaging games? We'll examine just how well Hearthstone measures up to the competition.

The Top Augmented Reality Apps for the iPad
Augmented Reality is only in its infancy, but did you know you can get a star map overlaid over the night sky.

The Best External Hard Drives for the iPad
External hard drives can expand the storage capability of your iPad, but not just any external drive will work with the iPad. External drives capable of creating their own Wi-Fi connection are the best overall solution.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad Mini 2?
Apple released the iPad Mini with Retina Display, often called the iPad Mini 2, in October 2013. While a major improvement for the Mini, should you upgrade?

Why Verizon's iPhone 5 Makes a Great iPad Accessory
Why Verizon's iPhone 5 Makes a Great iPad Accessory

Will the iPad Become Divided?
Will the iPad Become Divided?

Kindle Fire vs. iPad: 5 Reasons Why Amazon's Tablet Is No iPad Killer
Kindle Fire vs. iPad: 5 Reasons Why Amazon's Tablet Is No iPad Killer

How to Get a Free Month of Office on the iPad
Excited about Microsoft Office finally coming to the iPad? The long-awaited suite of apps are taking up all the top spots on the App Store, but the $99

How to Print Your Office for iPad Documents
left the ability to print your work out of Office for iPad, which may be a subtle hint that we should all be going paperless, but if you just have to print

Review: Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint for iPad
iPad. Page 2.

Review: Microsoft Office for the iPad - Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Microsoft Office finally arrives on the iPad, but not without a few wrinkles. The best-selling office software makes its mark on the iPad, but is it really worth it? We take a look at the suite of apps in this review.

Microsoft Office vs iWork
Microsoft Office has landed on the iPad, but is it really the best office suite? Apple's iWork does surprisingly well in this battle for the productivity crown.

Microsoft Office for iPad Tips and Tricks
Learn how to overcome the missing charts in Word and PowerPoint, print your Office documents and other tips for Office for iPad.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's Digital AV Adapter
Why You Shouldn't Buy Apple's Digital AV Adapter

The Best Streaming Music Apps for the iPad
The iPad offers a number of great options for streaming music or listening to the radio, including free apps that allow you to create your own personal radio station as well as great solutions for subscription music.

The Best iPad Apps for Students
The iPad has become a key element in aiding students, with many great apps aimed at keeping students organized, helping them take notes and providing study aids.

What is iWork for iPad? A Look at Apple's Office Suite
Apple's iWork suite of office apps became free to anyone who bought an iPhone 5S, or any iOS device since the iPhone 5S was released. But what is iWork? And what can it do for you?

The Best Vocals/Mic/DJ Accessories for the iPad
There are a number of good accessories for hooking a microphone up to your iPad or turning your iPad into a portable DJ station. And if you both sing and play an instrument, there's a cool studio dock that allows you to hook in a microphone, MIDI instrument and even your electric or bass guitar to get the most out of the various recording an signal processing apps available on the App Store.

The Best iPad Apps for Musicians
Beyond GarageBand, there's a whole host of cool iPad apps designed for both musicians and the would-be musician. These apps include everything from virtual tuners to sheet music libraries to a full-fledged music studio, a unique touch-based instrument and a solid drum machine.

iPad vs. Android: Which Tablet Should You Buy?
The first choice in buying a tablet computer is deciding between the iPad and an Android-based tablet like the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

The Best Retro-Style iPad Games
The best retro games combine old school graphics and themes with modern ideas and philosophy, making them a best of both worlds. This list contains some of the top retro games on the iPad, ranging from great side-scrollers to awesome RPGs.

The Best iPad Alternatives
If you want a tablet but would rather not go with the iPad, there are several really great alternatives that can provide a similar experience, including tablets that can run all of your Windows software.

A List of iPad Models / Generations
A roundup of the different iPad generations, including the iPad Mini. The iPads are broken out by generation and model, including model number for identifying specific iPads.

The Best Classic Arcade Games on the iPad
Turn your living room into an 80s arcade with some of the best arcade games available on the iPad. And if you throw in the iCade accessory, you can really get that authentic game play action.

The Best iPad Games of 2011
The best iPad games of 2011 include a sequel to one of the top RPGs on the platform, a game where you take on take on the role of a boy robot, a game where you help out an alligator and a couple of classic games ported to iOS.

The First iPad Apps to Download
The first iPad apps you should download and install on your new tablet include an app featuring free movies, an Internet radio station you can customize to your preferences and an app that makes an interactive magazine out of your social media.

10 Must-Have iPad Games That Won't Kill Your Wallet
Don't you hate it when you pay $4.99 for an iPad game and ends up being a waste? No worries with this list. Cheap must-have games that have all the quality and fun of their more expensive brethren.

Getting Started: The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your iPad
The iPad can be intimidating to the first-time users. Find out the first tasks you should perform with your tablet, including downloading must-have apps and customizing your iPad experience.

The 12 iPad Apps of Christmas
The iPad makes it easy to gift an app, which means gifting an iPad app for Christmas can be a great idea if that special someone really loves their iPad. And iPad games make great digital stocking stuffers!

4th of July iPad Apps - Celebrate Independence Day in the Digital Age
Celebrate the 4th of July in the digital age with these great (and free) iPad apps. With everything from fireworks to grill recipes, the iPad can help you pull off the perfect Independence day barbecue.

The Top Puzzle-Adventure Games for the iPad
The perfect puzzle adventure game is a mix of beautiful graphics, great scenes that perfectly depict the mood of the game and increasingly difficult puzzles that pull you into a story, even if the story lacks dialogue and takes as much imagination as anything. It's a difficult balancing act to pull off.

The Best Christmas Gifts For iPad Owners
Whether its for Christmas or a Birthday, there are plenty of cool accessories that make great gifts for iPad owners, especially those that go nuts for their gadget.

The Best Christmas Gifts For iPad Owners
Whether its for Christmas or a Birthday, there are plenty of cool accessories that make great gifts for iPad owners, especially those that go nuts for their gadget.

The Best Guitar Accessories for the iPad
There are a lot of cool guitar accessories available for the iPad, including an effects package that can be programmed by the iPad and a range of equipment allowing you to plug your guitar into your tablet.

The Best Piano/Keyboards/MIDI iPad Accessories
The iPad ecosystem contains a full range of MIDI-compliant apps and accessories for those who want to turn their iPad into a portable keyboard or full-fledged synthesizer.

How to Copy Microsoft Office Files to the iPad
With Microsoft Office now on the iPad, it's time to transfer some of your work to your tablet. This article demonstrates how to get your PowerPoint, Word and Excel files on OneDrive, where you can use them from your iPad.

How to Create a Chart in Excel for iPad
There's nothing that makes a spreadsheet pop off the page like a chart. These instructions will help you take your raw data and transform it into a beautiful bar or pie chart in no time.

iPad Office: How to Create a Chart in PowerPoint or Word
Microsoft Office's arrival on the iPad didn't include the ability to make charts in either Word or PowerPoint, but luckily, there's a trick that can be used to get much-needed charts into these office apps.

Do You Really Need to Buy New Accessories for the iPad 4?
Do You Really Need to Buy New Accessories for the iPad 4?

How to Set Up iCloud on the iPad
iCloud on the iPad lets you share information, backup your iPad and protect it with the Find My iPad feature. It is easy to set up and use and is one of the key features of iOS.

The iPad Air vs the iPad 4
The iPad 4 is now Apple's entry-level iPad, but is the $100 in savings worth not going with the iPad Air? This comparison looks at why you might (and why you might not) want to go with the iPad 4.

How to Improve the iPad's Camera
The iPad isn't known for its great camera quality, but there is a simple way to greatly improve the quality of your photos. And best of all, it won't break the bank!

Organize Your iPad With One Screen
One really neat way to organize your iPad became a lot easier with the iOS 7 update. The one-screen iPad was possible before the update, but those people with

Google's Chrome Browser Arrives on the iPad
Google's Chrome Browser Arrives on the iPad

Apple Apps: A List of Apple's iPad Apps
Apple provides a number of great apps for free, including a great way to watch movie trailers and an excellent educational resource. And if you have a new device, iLife and iWork are also free.

Create a Photo Book on Your iPad and Pick it Up From Walgreens
Are you ready to design your own Photo Book and have it in your hands later that day? The Moments Photo Book offers customized photo books that can be picked

How to Choose Bing for Search on the iPad
You aren't stuck with Google on the iPad. If you prefer Bing or Yahoo as a search engine, it is actually quite easy to change the iPad's Safari browser to use them by default.

How to Open the iPad's Accessibility Settings
The iPad's accessibility settings can be used to turn on closed captioning, change the default font size, zoom in the iPad and activate physical/motor accessibility features.

The iPad Accessibility Guide
A guide to the iPad's accessibility settings covers the audio, visual and physical/motor settings to provide aid to those who have certain challenges using the iPad. Page 2.

Temple Run 2 Tips and Powerups
Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the addictive game that kickstarted the endless running game genre. These tips will help you survive longer and top your friends' score on the leaderboards.

Apple iPad 3rd Generation Features - What's New With the 2012 iPad?
Apple introduced it's new iPad on March 7th, 2012, and it did not disappoint. New features included better graphics, faster processing, better data speeds and voice recognition.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad 3rd Gen?
The iPad 3 announcement turned out to be the 'new iPad' announcement, with Apple dropping the number from the end of the name. But did they drop anything else? Is it a great upgrade? That depends on how you are using your current iPad.

Temple Run Tips and Powerups
Temple Run is an addictive game that has become quite popular. These tips will help you in your quest to top the leaderboards and get the highest score among your friends. Page 2.

Review: iMainGo XP Speaker-Case for iPad
The iMainGo XP is an external speaker for the iPad that also acts as a case. But is it the right solution for you? That depends on exactly how you want to use the iMainGo XP.

iPad Compatible AirPrint-Enabled Printers (Page 2)
An AirPrint-enabled printer allows the iPad to print by using Apple's AirPrint protocol. HP offers an entire line of AirPrint-enabled printers. Page 2.

iPad Compatible AirPrint-Enabled Printers (Page 3)
An AirPrint-enabled printer allows the iPad to print by using Apple's AirPrint protocol. HP offers an entire line of AirPrint-enabled printers. Page 3.

How to Test Your Internet Speed on the iPad
The iPad is only as fast as its Internet connection. If you are experiencing issues, it can be a good idea to test your Internet speed to make sure your Wi-Fi isn't the cause of your problems.

What is Cydia? More About the Jailbroken App Store for iPad and iPhone
Cydia is one of several third-party app stores for the iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. It is only accessible on jailbroken devices.

Lords of Waterdeep Review: : A Game of Fantasy and Intrigue
Lords of Waterdeep is a game of fantasy and intrigue based on the board game of the same name. A compelling mix of strategy and fun, the game will provide hours of entertainment to fans of the original and new fans alike.

The iPad Mini vs the Galaxy Tab 3
The Samsung Galaxy Tab series of Android tablets is among the best-selling iPad alternatives, but how do they compare to the iPad Mini?

How to Find iPad Apps On Sale
Every day, dozens of apps go on sale or are made free for a day or two. But how to find which apps are on sale? Good news! There are a few ways you can easily find deals on apps.

What is iBeacon? -- Apple's Answer to Near-Field Communications
iBeacon is Apple's answer to near-field communications, allowing stores to pinpoint a person's location with precise accuracy. But how does it work?

Review - Angry Birds Go: An Average Game That Wants Your Money
Angry Birds Go! might sound like a great idea, marrying Angry Birds with Kart racing, but in practice, it is a dud that is aimed more at your wallet than at providing fun.

15 Things the iPad Does Better Than Android
The iPad helped define the tablet industry and is still the world's most popular tablet. But what makes it so much better than Android? Find out 14 things the iPad does better...

iPad Mini 2 Details
The iPad Mini 2 was announced by Apple on October 22nd, delivering a Retina Display and the same A7 chip that powers the iPad Air.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad Air?
The iPad Air represents the biggest change to the iPad's form factor, and its new A7 processor is 2x faster than it predecessor, but is this enough for you to upgrade to the new Air?

iOS 7 Tips and Tricks
The iOS 7 update brought a lot of fun changes to the iPad, including access to the Spotlight Search from any home screen and the ability to combine multiple songs and artists into a customized radio station.

Who is Tim Cook? A Biography of the Man Who Replaced Steve Jobs
Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011 after being hired as a senior vice president of worldwide operations back in 1998.

How to Save Space on Your iPad
There are a number of ways to save storage space on your iPad, including giving your iPad a good cleaning and utilizing the cloud for storage.

Angry Birds GO! Tips
These Angry Birds GO! tips will have you racing through the game and conquering challenges in no time.

What Is the Latest Version of the iPad ?
The most current model of the iPad is the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, though there are distinct difference between the two, including the size.

What is the iPad Air?
The iPad Air was announced by Apple on October 22nd and takes over the place of the 9.7-inch iPad in Apple's iPad lineup.

Lords of Waterdeep Tips and Strategies
Lords of Waterdeep combines completing quests, blocking players and resource-gathering to good measure, and ultimately, the player with the best strategy wins. These tips will help give you a leg up against the competition.

Quick Answer: Should You Buy the iPad 2?
At $100 off the price, the iPad 2 might seem tempting, but it may not be the best deal. There are several other Apple tablets that should be higher on anyone's list.

Dead Space for iPad
Dead Space for the iPad is an all-new story in the Dead Space universe, with a plot that will help connect the original console story with the upcoming sequel.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld
Sentinel 3: Homeworld is the third installment in the popular science fiction tower defense series. Among the best in strategy on the iPad, Sentinel 3: Homeworld adds a commander mech to the action, giving you a bit more control over the flow of the battle.

Review: TowerMadness HD
In TowerMadness HD, you'll be up against the evil aliens that want to steal your sheep. One of the top tower defense games on the app store, the tutorial makes it easy to get started with TowerMadness, but don't think you'll master it so easy.

The iPad Mini 2 Review: Apple's First Five-Star Tablet
The iPad Mini 2 constitutes the biggest leap from one generation to the next since the iPad's inception, but is it good enough to run out and purchase? And should you upgrade from your current tablet?

How to Load and Save Game Settings in the Corona SDK (LUA)
The Corona SDK makes it easy to save and load settings from a database file. This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating the database table, saving the information and retrieving the setting.

The Explode Function Translated to LUA / Corona SDK
The explode function in PHP is very handy and easy to translate to LUA, expanding LUA's ease-of-use capabilities when dealing with delimited text.

Top 5 Candy Crush Saga Tips
Candy Crush Saga is a simple, addictive game reminiscent of the old Marble matching games. For those hoping to wow their friends, these tips will help you get started.

How to Connect a MIDI Controller to the iPad
Once you have the right adapter, it's simple to hook a MIDI controller up to your iPad. And this allows MIDI access to a host of cool apps like Garage Bands.

Endless Nights Role-Playing Game Now Available on the App Store
As an independent app developer, I've learned that small, focused apps tend to provide the best bang for the buck. But I've always tried to balance work

iPad RPGs: Role-Playing Games You Can Play on Your iPad
Are you looking to add a little role-playing into your iPad gaming? The iPad has a great combination of graphics, power and portability, making these iPad RPGs as mobile as your characters will be inside the fantasy worlds they create. Included among the best RPGs on the iPad are massively multiplayer online role-playing games like Pocket Legends, action-strategy RPGs like Dungeon Defenders and more traditional games like Infinity Blade.

iPad Puzzle Games: Casual Puzzles for the iPad
Are you looking for a quick, casual game to play? Or perhaps something to challenge your mind? These iPad puzzle games are great for short bursts of gaming, but they can also be quite challenging. Games like Angry Birds and Bubble Ball have revolutionized the idea of puzzle games, providing endless entertainment to those who don't have hours to spend on hardcore gaming.

iPad Trivia Games
The iPad has been called the ultimate media consumption device with its ability to produce great books, music, movies and more. Trivia games provide a great opportunity to put the iPad to use making all of that information you have at your fingertips work for you.

iPad Racing Games
The iPad's unique controls, which can range from on-screen joysticks to using the iPad itself as a controller, make it almost perfect for racing games. And whether you prefer participating in NASCAR or just want to shoot Gatling guns at fellow racers, there are plenty of great iPad racing games to choose from in the app store.

iPad Action and Arcade Games
Do you love action games? Are you a fan of classic arcade games? The iPad excels at delivering fast-paced action, and many of the classic coin-op games are available for purchase in the app store. So whether prefer Pac Man or Plants vs Zombies, the iPad has you covered.

iPad Strategy Games and Tower Defense Games
iPad strategy games include everything from the highly recognizable Civilization Revolution to the recently released tower defense game based on Army of Darkness.

2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Best iPad Accessory of 2011
The 2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination for Best iPad Accessory includes Bluetooth headphones, wireless keyboards and a host of different cases that both protect and enhance your iPad.

2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Best iPad Game of 2011
The 2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination for Best iPad Game will definitely have some good competition, with casual games like Where's My Water? dominating the best-selling lists, old classics like Grand Theft Auto III making an appearance and massive games like Infinity Blade 2 hitting the app store.

2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Best iPad App of 2011
The 2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination for Best iPad App spans all categories of apps from social networking to news gathering to productivity and utilities, but does not include games, which get their own category.

Review: Pitfall! for iPad
Pitfall Harry makes his return in Pitfall!, an endless runner reboot from Activision. But is it worth it, or should Harry have stayed in the jungle?

Review: Hulu Plus for iPad - Movie Apps
Despite interference from Hollywood, Hulu Plus is one of the best movie and television apps for the iPad. With a bigger focus on television than Netflix, it makes a great addition for any avid TV watcher. And while the movie selection is smaller, it is growing.

Review: Flipboard - iPad News and Reference
Have you ever wanted to experience your social media as an interactive magazine? Flipboard will show your social life in a way you never thought possible, turning Twitter into a custom newspaper and Facebook into an interactive magazine.

Review: Fluent News Reader - iPad News Apps
Fluent News Reader makes a great alternative for those who are tired of wading through Google News to find trusted sources. An excellent companion to your morning coffee, Fluent News Reader can help you start your day informed.

Review: Editions by AOL - iPad News Apps
Editions by AOL is a magazine-style news aggregator for the iPad that gathers news from around the web and arranges it based on the personal interests of the reader. Touted as the app that 'reads you', Editions uses your own reading habits to customize the magazine.

Review: FriendCaster for Facebook - iPad Social Networking
FriendCaster is a Facebook client for iPad that expands the Facebook experience by creating an enhanced wall, a better photo-viewing interface and support for multiple accounts. A must for any frequent Facebook user, FriendCaster is also a no-brainer to download for families with multiple Facebook addicts.

Review: Livestand from Yahoo! - iPad News and Reference
Livestand is one of the latest news readers to hit the iPad. Designed by Yahoo with a mix of content from the Yahoo portal and from around the web, Livestand is tailors the news to you through your own library of subscriptions and your personal mix of news.

Review: Netflix for iPad
The Netflix app for iPad debuted with the launch of the device, one of many surprises to greet early adopters. This review examines the app, the video playback, and what is missing that can be easily done on the website.

Review: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 for iPad
Duels of the Planeswalkers produces an excellent version of Magic: The Gathering for the iPad, with the Wizards of the Coast game looking absolutely beautiful on the new iPad's Retina Display.

Pocket RPG - iPad Games
Pocket RPG is an action RPG released on the iOS platform in July, 2011. The game is action-heavy and features random dungeon levels, which gives the user a fresh adventure each time they take on a new quest.

Profile: Final Fantasy III for iPad
Square Enix brings the classic RPG Final Fantasy III to the iPad with updated graphics but the same great game play that made the Final Fantasy series so popular. This version of the game is based on the Nintendo DS port.

Profile: Silversword - iPad Role-Playing Games
Silversword is a role-playing game that brings back memories of The Bard's Tale, Wizardry and Might and Magic. Players that remember these classic games will be instantly familiar with the style of gameplay offered by Silversword, and those who long for the days of the games will be pleasantly surprised.

Profile: Avadon: The Black Fortress - iPad RPG
Avadon: The Black Fortress is a role-playing game for the iPad that is a throw back to the turn-based RPGs of old, easily reminding most of the The Bard's Tale, Ultima and Might and Magic.

Review: The Bard's Tale - iPad Role-Playing Games
The Bard's Tale is a remake of the 2004 Xbox/PS2 game by the same name. A witty Action RPG, the game is based on the famed role-playing series from the late 80s, but with a big sense of humor added to the action.

Review: Griffin Stompbox for iShred - iPad Accessories
The Griffin Stompbox is a great idea that is held back by requiring the iShred Live software package, but it does fill a need for those who want to substitute their iPad for a guitar multi-effects package.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review - How Does It Stack Up?
The Amazon Kindle Fire has been labeled an iPad killer since before it was even announced, but how does it really stack up to the competition? Is it worth the rather attractive asking price, and will it cure your iPad cravings?

How to Pair or Connect a Bluetooth Device to the iPad
The iPad works with many different Bluetooth devices, including wireless keyboards, speakers and headsets. But before you can use the device, it must be connected or

How to Send an Email or Text in Evernote
It's easy to share a note in email or text message in Evernote, you simply need to know where to look for the share feature. Page 2.

How to Print a Note in Evernote
What good would note-taking be without the ability to print? Or the ability to share your notes? These Evernote Tips will guide you through doing these basic tasks in the popular productivity app.

How to Zoom In and Zoom Out on an iPad
The iPad has several methods allowing you to zoom in and zoom out of the display, including an easy-to-use accessibility option that should work when the zoom gesture fails.

How to Share Photos, Websites and Files on the iPad
The iPad makes sharing your photos, videos and files easy with the share button. The share button allows you to share via text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, AirPlay and even print documents.

Using the iPad Share Menu
The Share Menu changed a lot with iOS 7. Not only does it grant the ability to share via AirDrop, but you can also use AirPlay, Print, Copy and share via social networking, email or text message. Page 2.

How to Reduce Motion on the iPad's Interface
The iOS 7 update brought new effects to the iPad's interface, and some of these effects have made some users dizzy or nauseated. Find out how to reduce motion in the interface to help out with these issues.

How to Turn Off Background App Refresh on the iPad
Background App Refresh can be a great new feature of the iPad and iPhone, but it can also drain the battery, so some might want to turn it off to save battery life.

How to Add a Photo in Pages for iPad
You don't have to just deal with text in Pages for the iPad. You can also add photos to your documents, even resizing the images and applying filters.

How to Turn Off Automatic Downloads on Your iPad
If your iPad is automatically downloading apps from the app store, or downloading music or books from iTunes, you can easily turn off automatic downloads in the iPad settings.

How to Make Text Bigger on the iPad
Did you know it is possible to change the default text size on the iPad? Not every app makes use of the dynamic font, but for those that do, changing the default size can make text bigger or smaller based on your preference.

iPad Help: How to Attach a Photo to an Email
Have you come up blank trying to attach a photo to an email message using the iPad? Don't worry, it's not as hard as you think. You simply need to know the secret.

How to Remove a Credit Card From an iTunes Account
Did you know you can set up an iTunes account without a credit card? While Apple requires a credit card or other form of payment when registering, you can easily remove it. Find out how.

Adding Apps to a Childproofed iPad
The best way to childproof an iPad is to remove the credit card from the iTunes account, but how do you get apps on an iPad without a credit card on the account? Luckily, there are a few good solutions for doing this. Page 2.

How to Attach Multiple Photos to Email on Your iPad
Did you know you can easily attach multiple photos to an email on your iPad? It's actually rather simple once you know the trick. Page 2.

How to Turn On Automatic App Updates on the iPad
It's easy to turn on automatic app updates on the iPad, even if you accidentally left this option turned off while setting up your iPad.

How to Change the iPad Side Switch's Behavior
The iPad's side switch can be used to either mute the volume on the iPad or lock the orientation, which is great if you are holding the iPad at an odd angle.

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on an iPad
The iPad's Bluetooth service can drain battery power even when it is not in use, so one easy way to help your iPad last longer is to turn off the Bluetooth service.

How to Setup Twitter on the iPad
The iOS 5.0 update brought Twitter integration to the iPad, making it much easier to share websites, photos and other goodies on the iPad. It's also very easy to connect Twitter to your iPad, which means you can be sharing in no time.

How to Connect Your iPad to Facebook
The iOS 6.0 update brought with it the ability to connect your iPad to your Facebook account. This has many great benefits, chief among them making it much easier to share photos and videos on your Facebook wall. Page 2.

How to 'Like' an App in the App Store
Do you want to share a great app or fun game with your friends? With Facebook integration, it's easy to 'like' an app in Apple's App Store, which shares that app on your Facebook Timeline.

How to Upload an iPad Photo to Twitter
Once you have your iPad connected to Twitter, it is actually rather easy to upload a photo for your followers to see.

How to Close All Tabs in Safari on the iPad
Leaving too many tabs open in your Safari browser can lead to performance issues on your iPad, luckily, there is a way to close them all at once.

How to Copy Pages, Numbers and Keynote Documents to the iPad
The iWork suite lets you work on your documents while on the go, but first you need to copy or share your files with your iPad before you can begin working on them in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

How to Name a Document in Pages, Numbers or Keynote for iPad
The iWork suite of apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) are solid substitutes for your desktop versions, but they aren't always as easy to use. The first problem you might have is simply naming a document, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

How to Disable the Control Center on the iPad
The new iPad Control Center is much better than the old music controls, but activating them with a swipe from the bottom can interfere with some apps. Luckily, it is easy to disable the new controls while inside of apps.

How to Use Your iPad With the Roland Integra-7
The Integra-7 iPad editor allows you to change sets, switch parts, choose sounds and tones and even load expansion sounds into your sound module. It's also the best way to edit the motional surround feature on the Integra-7.

How to Delay Passcode Lock on the iPad
The passcode lock on the iPad is a great way to secure the device, but it can quickly become annoying if you find yourself constantly tapping in the passcode throughout the day. Luckily, there's a solution to this dilemma.

Giant Boulder Of Death Tips and Shortcuts
Want to get ahead as a giant boulder of death? These tips and shortcuts will have you powered up and rolling down that mountain in no time.

What is Photo Stream? And How Do You Use It?
Photo Stream can be a great way to share photos between your devices once you learn how to use it and utilize the shared photo streams in order to send photos to friends and family.

Siri vs Google Now - Which Personal Assistant Is Best?
With Google Now coming to iOS, iPad and iPhone users can choose between Apple's Siri or Google Now to become their new digital personal assistant. But which one is best?

What is Siri?
Siri made its debut with the iPhone 4S and crept onto the iPad with the iOS 6.0 update. But what exactly can Siri do? We'll go over the basics of Siri and answer a few basic questions on how to get started using it.

iPad Quick Start Guide
Are you new to the iPad? Want to start using your iPad without wading through a huge how-to book? This guide was designed to get new users up and running as quick as possible.

How to Find Your iPad's Model Number
The iPad's model number can help you determine which model of iPad you own. It can be found on the back case of the iPad.

What Are Those Apps in the Updates Tab of the App Store? (iOS 7)
Apple added automatic app updates to iOS 7, so you might be wondering what all those apps are that are listed in your Updates tab in the App Store.

Favorite iPad Accessory
About.com users tell their experience with accessories and let us know their favorite accessory.

Should You Wait for the iPad 3 or Buy an iPad Now?
With the iPad 3 due out in early 2012, when is a good time to buy an iPad 2 and when is the best time to hold off and purchase the iPad 3? It's easy to fall into the trap of waiting for the new technology of what is just around the corner, but sometimes it is best to ignore the cycle and simply make the purchase.

How the iPad Can Save You Money
The iPad is loaded with features that can actually save you money in the long run. This can be especially true for families with small kids, where the iPad can be used as a surrogate gaming system and a great learning aid.

What to Do With a New iPad
The iPad is a wonderful device, but before you can discover all of that wonder and magic, you may need a little help on how to properly use the device. This guide takes you from setting up the iPad for the first time to what apps to download to tips and basic troubleshooting.

4 Things Missing From iOS 6.0
The iOS 6.0 update has taken a lot of flack for the poor implementation of Apple Maps, which replaced Google Maps. But Google's mapping app isn't the only thing missing from the update.

Is the iPad a PC?
If the iPad counted as a PC, Apple would be the fastest growing PC vendor in the world. So what keeps the iPad from being a PC? Does it lack features? Or is it really a PC in disguise?

What is the Microsoft Surface?
Microsoft put an end to speculation when it announced the Microsoft Surface, a Microsoft-branded tablet computer running variants of their Windows operating system.

FAQ: Does the iPad 2 Have a Retina Display?
Apple's Retina Display debuted on the iPhone 4 and denotes a display so clear that the human eye has trouble distinguishing individual pixels.

How Big is the iPad Mini? How Much Does It Weigh?
The iPad Mini is sized to fit in one hand and weighs so little (about the weight of a pad of paper) that you can easily hold it without tiring out.

Answered: Can an iPad Print?
The original iPad could not print, but the iPad gained the ability to print with iOS 4.2. Find out more about printing with your iPad.

Can an iPad Use a Mouse?
Apple helped popularize the mouse with an early release of their Macintosh computers, but their latest revolution in the computing field does not come with one. Can it even use a mouse?

Can an iPad Download Books?
The iPad does not come with an eBook reader by default, but there are several available on the app store, including one by Apple. Find out more...

Answered: Does the iPad Support Multiple Users?
The iPad is a great family device, but it does have one blind spot when it comes to supporting multiple users in the same household.

Does the iPad Support an Ethernet Wired Internet Connection?
Believe it or not, there are still places in the world that don't support Wi-Fi. If you are looking to hook your iPad up via Ethernet, there are solutions, but there is no direct way to hook the iPad in directly to a wired network.

Is the Google Nexus Right For You?
The Google Nexus tops the list of the best Android-based tablets, but is the cheaper price worth going with a non-iPad?

6 Features the iPad Needs to Replace the PC
The iPad becomes more functional and closer to a PC with each release, but it still needs a few features if it is to truly compete with the laptop or desktop.