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How to Download Previously Purchased Apps to Your iPad
Have you lost your favorite app? No worries. It's easy to restore apps and games back to your iPad so long as you are attached to the same Apple account that purchased them initially.

How to Copy and Paste on the iPad
Did you know you can copy and paste text on the iPad? This is a great way to move text around a document or grab something from the web and paste it into an email.

How to Choose Bing for Search on the iPad
You aren't stuck with Google on the iPad. If you prefer Bing or Yahoo as a search engine, it is actually quite easy to change the iPad's Safari browser to use them by default.

How to Bookmark a Website in the iPad's Safari Browser
A bookmark lets you quickly recall any website you have visited on your iPad. And in Safari, you can even pull up your web history to find websites you forgot to bookmark!

Delete Bookmarks and Create Folders in Safari for iPad
It's easy for your bookmarks list to become so long that it is easier to just search for a website via Google. But if you organize your bookmarks into folders, they can remain very efficient.

Add Widgets (PInterest, 1Password, etc.) to Safari Browser on iPad
You can now install widgets like PInterest, Evernote, Instapaper and 1Password onto the Safari browser on your iPad or iPhone, making sharing to you friends even easier.

How to Close All Tabs in Safari on the iPad
Leaving too many tabs open in your Safari browser can lead to performance issues on your iPad, luckily, there is a way to close them all at once.

Review: Side Meier's Starships Fails to Impress
Sid Meier is the king of strategy games, so it's no surprise Sid Meier's Starships evokes memories of Master of Orion. But does it live up to the hype?

iPad Strategy Games and Tower Defense Games
iPad strategy games include everything from the highly recognizable Civilization Revolution to the recently released tower defense game based on Army of Darkness.

iPad Help: 8 Lessons for Beginners
Are you ready to learn how to use the iPad? These lessons will take you from the very basics of what's in the box and what those buttons on it do to how to navigate the iPad to how to get the most out of it.

How to Find Your iPad's Model Number
The iPad's model number can help you determine which model of iPad you own. It can be found on the back case of the iPad.

What is the Home Screen? And What Can You Do From It?
The Home Screen is the home base of operations for your iPad, allowing you to organize and navigate your tablet. It also holds notifications and quick access to the spotlight search feature.

15 Cool Siri Tricks That Are Both Useful and Fun
Did you know Siri will flip a coin if you ask? There are a number of hidden tricks and features she can help out with, most useful, some just fun.

The Top iPad Apps - a Categorized Guide
The iPad has an amazing array of apps, and we'll point out the top apps in different categories to help you get started.

The Best Streaming Music Apps for the iPad
The iPad offers a number of great options for streaming music or listening to the radio, including free apps that allow you to create your own personal radio station as well as great solutions for subscription music.

How to Listen to Pandora Radio on Your iPad
Pandora Radio allows you to create custom radio stations by seeding the station with a song or artist name. This makes it a great way to stream music on your iPad.

iPad Essentials: How to Become the Boss of Your Tablet
The iPad can be a great device, but it can also be very daunting to use for those who haven't discovered all of the little tricks to getting the most out of it.

The Best Features of iOS 8
Apple's iOS 8 update for the iPad and iPhone looks to take a giant step towards the functionality of a PC with features like centralized document sharing and the ability for apps to run snippets of code within other apps.

Download the iPad Manual - All Versions
Manuals for all models of the iPad, including the latest manuals, a manual for the iOS 4.3 update and information regarding Apple TV.

The iPad Guide: How to Get the Most Out of the iPad
The iPad Guide covers everything from how to pick out the right model when buying an iPad to how to get started with the iPad to tricks and tips on how to get the most out of your iPad. Included are some of the best apps for the iPad and some basic troubleshooting steps in case you encounter problems.

Teach Siri to Pronounce Names and Use Nicknames
Is Siri having trouble pronouncing your name? Or would you like her to refer to you by your nickname? It's quite easy to correct Siri when she's wrong and add nicknames to any contact.

What is the iPad's Lost Mode? And How Do You Use It?
The iPad's Lost Mode has a lot of great features for protecting your iPad should it become either lost or stolen, including displaying a custom message on the screen with your contact information.

How to Turn Off Notifications on the iPad Lock Screen
You can apply a passcode to your iPad,but that alone won't keep people out of your notifications. Find out how to keep your notifications from your iPad's lock screen for more security.

How to Turn Off Siri on the iPad Lock Screen
Think putting a passlock on your iPad secures it? It may keep people out, but not out of Siri. Learn how to disable Siri on the iPad's lock screen.

How to Turn Off Tips on the iPad
The iOS 8 update added a Tips app that sends notifications to inform you of neat features of the iPad. But what if you want to turn these notifications off?

How to Close a Background App in iOS 6.x or Earlier
The iPad went through a major overhaul in iOS 7, changing the way we do things like closing apps running in the background and switching between running apps.

Forgot Your iPad Passcode? Here's What to Do...
If you've forgotten your iPad's passcode, you might freak out a little. But don't worry. There's a way to get your iPad back, though you'll have to restore it from a backup.

Endless Depths 2 Released on the App Store
Endless Depths 2 is a turn-based role-playing

What Is an Apple ID? Is it Different from iTunes and iCloud?
Apple has iTunes, iCloud and iOS devices. Do you need a new username and password for each? Or is Apple ID enough?

The Top iPad Apps of 2014
Perhaps the biggest app release of 2014 was Microsoft putting their Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on the iPad, but there were a number of other great apps released in 2014 as well.

iOS 8 Hit By Storage Space Lawsuit
Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara seek class action status in a lawsuit against Apple for the amount of space taken up by iOS 8 compared to the advertised storage space of Apple's iOS devices.

Can the iPad Harm Your Sleep?
A new study suggests the use of eBook readers and tablets such as the iPad could have a negative effect on our sleep. But should we change our habits?

iPad 2 vs iPad Mini 2
The iPad Mini 2's $399 price tag creates competition between the newest Mini and Apple's iPad 2, which is still in production. The iPad 2 may be the cheapest full-sized iPad, but is it worth it?


How to Save Space on Your iPad
There are a number of ways to save storage space on your iPad, including giving your iPad a good cleaning and utilizing the cloud for storage.

The iPad vs the Xbox One
Think the comparison between the Xbox One and the iPad is an easy one? Think again. While the Xbox One kills in gaming, the iPad is actually more responsive and provides many more uses.

Sonoptic Review: Need a Music Teacher? There's an App For That!
Sonoptic gives you the benefits of a music teacher right on your iPad. This music learning app can be a great asset no matter which instrument you play.

The Most Annoying Things About the iPad
The iPad is a magical device, but the spell it casts on you can sometimes be as annoying as it is wonderful. Fortunately, there's a lot more good than bad that comes with the iPad.

10 Ways the iPad Can Help With Christmas
We may not have our own elf helper for the holidays, but we do have an iPad, which can make Christmas go a lot smoother. Not only can it help out with gifts, but it can set the mood with music and movies.

The Best iPad Keyboards and Keyboard Cases
To keyboard or to keyboard case? We'll take a look at some of the best typing solutions for the iPad, including one keyboard that's not a keyboard.

6 Bad Gift Ideas for iPad Owners
There are a lot of great gift ideas for iPad owners. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad ideas too! Just make sure you avoid these and you'll be fine!

What Is Vudu? Is Vudu Worth It?
What is Vudu? If you have never heard of Vudu, or perhaps only heard of them in the last few days, you aren't alone.

The iPad 2 vs the iPad Mini: 5 Reasons Why the Mini Wins

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Tips
Want to maximize your bananas in Despicable Me: Minion Rush? These tips and tricks will help you run farther, go longer and, ultimately, collect more bananas.

What is iOS 8's AirDrop Handoff? How Do I Use It?
iOS 8's Handoff feature will allow seamless continuity between iOS and Mac OS, allowing you to go from one device to another without a break in what you are working on.

iOS 7 Tips and Tricks
The iOS 7 update brought a lot of fun changes to the iPad, including access to the Spotlight Search from any home screen and the ability to combine multiple songs and artists into a customized radio station.

How to Copy Photos From Your iPad to Your PC
You don't have to sync your iPad to get your photos off it. You can manually copy photos from you iPad to your PC, which is actually quicker to do than syncing your iPad through iTunes.

FAQ: Does the iPad 2 Have a Retina Display?
Apple's Retina Display debuted on the iPhone 4 and denotes a display so clear that the human eye has trouble distinguishing individual pixels.

How Big is the iPad Mini? How Much Does It Weigh?
The iPad Mini is sized to fit in one hand and weighs so little (about the weight of a pad of paper) that you can easily hold it without tiring out.

How to Market Your App - iPad and iPhone Marketing
You've developed your app. Now what? It can be difficult to market an iPhone or iPad app on little-to-no budget, but there are a number of things you can do to get the word out about your app that won't break the bank.

How to Renew Renew Apple Developers Certificate/ Provisioning Profile
Are you getting the dreaded 'no provisioning profile' error when testing apps on your iPad? It might be time to renew your Apple Developer's Certificate and set up new provisioning profiles.

How to Parse XML Files in Xcode (Objective-C)
A common task in many iPhone and iPad apps is to parse RSS files or XML files, whether it be for populating an app with data, updating existing data or creating a news reader.

What to Do First With a New iPad
The iPad is a wonderful device, but before you can discover all of that wonder and magic, you may need a little help on how to properly use the device. This guide takes you from setting up the iPad for the first time to what apps to download to tips and basic troubleshooting.

What is Push Notification?
Push notification is a feature of the iPhone and iPad that was added in iOS 3.0.

What Are Freemium Games and Apps?
The freemium model has become very popular among games, including MMORPGs, as well as iPhone and iPad apps sold in the app store. It allows a customer to check out the basics of an app or game for free, with upgrades available for a price.

iPad FAQ: How Do I Copy an iPhone App to My iPad?
Did you know you can run any app downloaded on your iPhone on your iPad as well? And the new iCloud service makes it easy to get the app onto your iPad.

Will My iPhone Apps Work on My iPad?
Did you know that most iPhone apps will work on the iPad? You can even choose between windowed mode and full screen mode, which is accomplished through something called pixel doubling.

Does the iPad Have a SIM Card?
Most (but not all) iPad models that use cellular data have SIM cards, while all Wi-Fi-only models do not contain a SIM card.

FAQ: How Do I Get My iPad Apps Back on My iPad
Do you need to download your apps back onto your iPad after an upgrade or a wipe? It's actually a very simple process to re-install apps on an iPad.

iPad Pros and Cons
If you are thinking about buying an iPad but aren't 100% sure, you should know the iPad isn't perfect for everyone. It does many things well, but it does have its drawbacks.

Review: Netflix for iPad
The Netflix app for iPad debuted with the launch of the device, one of many surprises to greet early adopters. This review examines the app, the video playback, and what is missing that can be easily done on the website.

iPad Upgrade - Data and Apps Backup
It can be an unnerving process to upgrade an iPad when you have a lot of apps and data on it, but if you've performed the right steps, you need not worry about all of your data.

iPad 2 Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have questions about the iPad 2 before you run out and buy one, you have come to the right place.

Should You Upgrade to an iPad Mini 3?
The iPad Mini 3 has arrived, but has it landed with applause or a thud? We'll take a look at the newest Mini and decide if it is worth the upgrade.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

Answered: What Can an iPad Do?
Are you wondering what the iPad can do? Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to learn more about the iPad you already own, knowing exactly what the device is capable of doing can be very important.

The Best iPad Apps for Musicians
Beyond GarageBand, there's a whole host of cool iPad apps designed for both musicians and the would-be musician. These apps include everything from virtual tuners to sheet music libraries to a full-fledged music studio, a unique touch-based instrument and a solid drum machine.

The Seven Top iPad Facebook Client Apps
Are you looking for a better Facebook experience? These iPad Facebook clients combine the best aspects of Facebook with the intuitive interface that can be delivered on the iPad. And best of all, the apps are free or have free (ad supported) versions.

The Best iPad News Apps
The iPad is a great way to start the day, with many different news apps and digital magazines that can be consumed alongside your morning coffee. From headline news to music and movies to an app that turns social media into a virtual magazine, you'll find what you need here.

The Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad
The best social networking apps for the iPad don't just replicate the website, they add much-needed features such as multi-account support, column viewing and even turning social media into a magazine.

iOS 7 Tutorial: Navigating New Features and Interface
The iOS 7 update constitutes one of the biggest updates to the iPad's operating system since it was first introduced. Here's a tutorial on how to get started using some of the new features and navigating the new interface.

The Top Puzzle-Adventure Games for the iPad
The perfect puzzle adventure game is a mix of beautiful graphics, great scenes that perfectly depict the mood of the game and increasingly difficult puzzles that pull you into a story, even if the story lacks dialogue and takes as much imagination as anything. It's a difficult balancing act to pull off.

The 10 Best iPad Utility Apps
Do you want to get more out of your iPad? If you want to extend beyond just games and surfing the web, these great utility apps will help you get there. Whether you want to use your iPad to print documents or even extend your MacBook's desktop to the iPad's display, there's an app for it.

The Top iPad Travel Apps
Whether you are going on a weekend trip for work our a family vacation, these travel apps for the iPad will help you get to where you are going and find cool stuff to do once you get there.

The Best Twitter Apps and Top Clients for iPad
Not every twitter app is for everyone. But whether you are a power Twitter user or just tweet on the weekends, there is a twitter client for you.

The Top iPad Travel Apps
Whether you are going on a weekend trip for work our a family vacation, these travel apps for the iPad will help you get to where you are going and find cool stuff to do once you get there.

What is iWork for iPad? A Look at Apple's Office Suite
Apple's iWork suite of office apps became free to anyone who bought an iPhone 5S, or any iOS device since the iPhone 5S was released. But what is iWork? And what can it do for you?

The First iPad Apps to Download
The first iPad apps you should download and install on your new tablet include an app featuring free movies, an Internet radio station you can customize to your preferences and an app that makes an interactive magazine out of your social media.

The Best iPad Shooters - PS, Third-Person and More
The best iPad shooters includes FPS, third-person and even top-down shooters and range from surviving the zombie apocalypse to suiting up in sci-fi armor and showing Master Chief that Halo isn't the only shooter on the planet.

The iPad 4 vs the iPad Mini
In this comparison between the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, we look at the advantages of both devices in order to help you come to a decision on which tablet might be best for you.

How Much Storage to Get With Your New iPad
One of the hardest decisions to make when deciding on an iPad model is how much Flash memory to get with your new iPad. The amount of iPad memory will determine the number of movies, songs, photos and apps that can be loaded onto the device.

iPad Games: Dungeon Hunter 2 Review
Are you itching to play Diablo on your iPad? Dungeon Hunter 2 delivers the same Action-RPG experience that was so engaging when we first went looking for the Lord of Terror. In the sequel to Dungeon Hunter, you are the son of an immortal King who must survive a war, escape prison and travel across the realm to save Gothicus.

The iPad Air 2 vs the iPhone 6 Plus
The iPhone 6 Plus is a great phablet, but is it really ready to replace the iPad Air 2? We'll take a look at the pros and cons of each device, and whether this should even be a discussion at all.

iPad Gestures: Learn to Navigate the iPad Like a Pro
The iPad's gestures make up the human interface for controlling the iPad and can do everything from zooming into the screen, scrolling down a list and switching between apps.

Showtime Arrives on iPad With a Big Fail

The Surface Pro 3 vs the iPad Air
While the Surface Pro 3 has the specs and the price tag that aligns more with the MacBook Air, it will no doubt draw inevitable comparisons with the iPad Air.

FAQ: How Fast is the iPad? Is it faster than the iPhone 4S?
The iPad Air 2 runs on a 1.5 Ghz Tri-Core A8X system-on-a-chip (SoC) that proves to be a nice performance boost from its predecessor. But just how fast is it?

The Best iPad Widgets
Ready to customize your iPad? Find all the best widgets available from the app store, including third-party keyboards, new ways to share websites and filters for your photos.

How to Install a Photo Filter on the iPad
The iPad's Extensibility feature allows you to install custom photo filters and editing capabilities into the Photos app, which means you can do all of your photo editing in one place.

How to Reorder Widgets on the iPad Notification Center
It's easy to reorder widgets on the iPad's Notification Center, but first you will need to be in edit mode.

What is an iPad Widget? And How Do I Install One?
The iOS 8 update brings widgets to the iPad. But what exactly is a widget and how do you install one on the iPad? The answer is actually simpler than you think.

How to Turn Off Predictive Typing on the iPad
Predictive typing attempts to guess the next word you are going to type, and while it can be helpful, it can also be distracting. Luckily, it's easy to turn off.

How to Cancel an Auto-Correct Selection on the iPad
Auto-correct got you down? The new Predictive Typing keyboard on the iPad and iPhone is great, but can get in the way of canceling auto correct. Find out how to keep what you are typing without the iPad guessing what you are trying to say.

iPad Help: How to Create an Apple ID for Your Child
If you are setting up Family Sharing on your iPad or iPhone, you may need to create a special Apple ID or iTunes Account for your child.

iOS 8 Help
While visually the same, iOS 8 is one of the biggest updates to the iPad and iPhone's operating system since the iPad was released. The update brings widgets, iCloud Drive, AirDrop Handoff, Family Sharing and dozens of other new features to the iPad.These guides will help you figure out the best new features and how to use them on your iPad.

iPad News and Reference Apps
The iPad makes a great replacement for the morning paper, whether you like your news in news reader style like the Fluent News Reader or you like reading as if you had the paper in front of you like USA Today's app. And in addition to many great news apps and digital magazines, the iPad also has numerous reference apps from Wikipedia to IMDB.

iPad Social Networking Apps - Facebook, Twitter and More
If the iPad were a person, social networking fans would friend it. The iPad can be the best friend for anyone who is an avid user of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Not only do social networking apps make your time on these sites easier, but they can also add great features such as multi-account support or even posting status updates to multiple sites.

The Best NFL Apps for the iPad
You don't have to be at home to enjoy an NFL game anymore. Thanks to plenty of options to watch live games, watch a rewind of a game you missed or even watch coaches tape, the iPad is the NFL fan's best friend.

The Best Fantasy Football Apps for the iPad
Fantasy Football has left the PC and landed squarely on the couch, thanks to the iPad. No need to manage your team and check scores with a laptop, iPad apps can now do all of that.

Answered: Can an iPad Print?
The original iPad could not print, but the iPad gained the ability to print with iOS 4.2. Find out more about printing with your iPad.

How to Copy Pages, Numbers and Keynote Documents to the iPad
The iWork suite lets you work on your documents while on the go, but first you need to copy or share your files with your iPad before you can begin working on them in Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

How to Upload an iPad Photo to Twitter
Once you have your iPad connected to Twitter, it is actually rather easy to upload a photo for your followers to see.

How to Prevent FaceTime Calls Going to All Devices
Are you getting FaceTime calls for every member of your family? It's easy to prevent these calls from coming through to your device.

How to Stop iMessage Popping Up on Other Devices
While iMessage is a great feature, seeing your wife's or son's text messages pop up on your iPad can be annoying. Luckily, it is easy to stop this.

How to Disable the Control Center on the iPad
The new iPad Control Center is much better than the old music controls, but activating them with a swipe from the bottom can interfere with some apps. Luckily, it is easy to disable the new controls while inside of apps.

How to Copy Photos to Photo Stream
Apple's Photo Stream is great, but it is missing the ability to easily copy photos from your old collection to your photo stream. Luckily, that is a problem that is easily fixed.

How to Gift an iPad App
Struggling to find that perfect gift? You can easily gift an iPad app to that someone special through the app store on your iPad. And the process is about as simple as buying the app for yourself.

How to 'Like' an App in the App Store
Do you want to share a great app or fun game with your friends? With Facebook integration, it's easy to 'like' an app in Apple's App Store, which shares that app on your Facebook Timeline.

How to Gift an App Using iTunes
Struggling to find that perfect gift? You can gift an app to that special someone using iTunes on your Windows-based PC or Mac.

How to Reduce Motion on the iPad's Interface
The iOS 7 update brought new effects to the iPad's interface, and some of these effects have made some users dizzy or nauseated. Find out how to reduce motion in the interface to help out with these issues.

Review: Hulu Plus for iPad - Movie Apps
Despite interference from Hollywood, Hulu Plus is one of the best movie and television apps for the iPad. With a bigger focus on television than Netflix, it makes a great addition for any avid TV watcher. And while the movie selection is smaller, it is growing.

Review: Fluent News Reader - iPad News Apps
Fluent News Reader makes a great alternative for those who are tired of wading through Google News to find trusted sources. An excellent companion to your morning coffee, Fluent News Reader can help you start your day informed.

Review: Livestand from Yahoo! - iPad News and Reference
Livestand is one of the latest news readers to hit the iPad. Designed by Yahoo with a mix of content from the Yahoo portal and from around the web, Livestand is tailors the news to you through your own library of subscriptions and your personal mix of news.

Pocket RPG - iPad Games
Pocket RPG is an action RPG released on the iOS platform in July, 2011. The game is action-heavy and features random dungeon levels, which gives the user a fresh adventure each time they take on a new quest.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad 4?
The iPad 3 lasted only 7 months before the iPad 4 was released, so is it time to upgrade? And what about the original iPad and iPad 2 owners? Is now the best time to buy?

The 12 iPad Apps of Christmas
The iPad makes it easy to gift an app, which means gifting an iPad app for Christmas can be a great idea if that special someone really loves their iPad. And iPad games make great digital stocking stuffers!

The Best Endless Runner Games for the iPad (iOS)
The endless runner has been one of the hottest types of games since Temple Run caught everyone's fancy, and luckily, there are tons of great runner games on the iPad. The best part is the endless variety between the games, with some mixing in side-scrolling action and others introducing sword slashing fun.

Hearthstone Shaman Deck Strategies
The Hearthstone Shaman has the ability to summon totems to their aid, and their unique ability to play Overload cards allows them to use powerful effects and minions earlier in the game.

Hearthstone Rogue Deck Strategies
The Rogue focuses on stealth, weapons and combo cards, which have an increased effect if they aren't the first card played that turn.

Hearthstone Warrior Deck Strategies
The Heartstone Warrior is the melee-driven damage dealer in Hearthstone. Their special ability to add 2 armor to the hero also makes this class good at defense.

Hearthstone Warlock Deck Strategies
The Hearthstone Warlock is adept at cycling cards, which is the process of gaining extra cards as you play the match. This keeps the Warlock's options open and allows them to quickly gain access to key cards.

Hearthstone Priest Deck Strategies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

Hearthstone Paladin Deck Strategies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

Hearthstone Mage Deck Strategies
The Mage has some of the best crowd control in Hearthtone, which can stall and frustrate your opponent's strategy.

Hearthstone Hunter Deck Strategies
The Hunter is one of the best creature-building classes in Hearthstone, and one of the easiest to gain a powerful deck early on.

Hearthstone Druid Deck Strategies
The Druid class in Heartstone: Heroes of Warcraft is extremely versatile, with Choose One cards allowing an approach where tactics can match the opposing hero's strategy.

Hearthstone Class Basics and Cards of Note
An explanation of Hearthstone's classes and a look at some of the best cards available for beginners.

Hearthstone Tips: Learn to Destroy Your Enemies
Throw some beatdown on your enemies with these Hearthstone tips, including strategies for deck building and cards of note.

iPad Board Games: Dice, Board and Card Games for the iPad
The size and light weight of the iPad make it the perfect device for playing board games, with many great classics available like Risk and Monopoly. The iPad is also ideal for card games like Solitaire and dice games like Yahtzee.

iOS History: The Evolving iPad/iPhone OS
A detailed look at the history of iOS, the operating system that powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, including version details of every major iOS release beginning with the original iPhone OS v1.0.

iOS 3.2 Features
The 3.2 update of iOS coincided with the debut of the iPad. A small update in terms of features, the true measure of this update was transition the iPhone's operating system to Apple's newly unveiled tablet.

iOS 4 Features
iOS 4 constituted a series of major updates, including the addition of folders, multitasking and video conferencing via the FaceTime app.

iOS 5 Features
iOS 5 cut the cord with the PC by allowing the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to be activated wirelessly, without the need to plug in to a desktop or laptop PC. Other features included AirPlay mirroring, Twitter integration and iMessage.

iOS 6 Features
Among the many features of iOS 6 is the introduction of Siri to the iPad. Other big features added include Apple's Maps in place of Google Maps, a new App Store and tighter integration with Facebook.

iOS 7 Details and Features
Apple unveiled iOS 7.0 at their annual developer's conference, detailing some of the big changes users can expect in the latest operating system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iPad Game Guide: Fun Games for Your Tablet
With intuitive touch screen controls and motion-based game play, the iPad is the world's coolest mobile gaming device. And many of the games can be purchases for a dollar or less, with even the most expensive games rarely breaking the ten dollar mark.

How to Log Out of the Game Center
It's easy to sign into the Game Center. But not so easy to log out of it. So how do you accomplish this task that Apple seemingly wants to keep you from doing?

How to Use the Game Center on Your iPad
The Game Center is a great way to connect with friends, keep track of leaderboards and achievements, and even issue challenges to friends.

How to Change Your Game Center Profile Name
Did you know you can change your Game Center profile name? If you chose a bad nickname, you aren't stuck with it!

How to "Lock" an iPad App With Guided Access
The iPad's Guided Access feature is a great way to 'lock' the iPad within an app, which is useful when giving the iPad to a toddler or someone with special needs.

Why Doesn't My iPad Keyboard Click?
Did you know you can turn that 'click' noise the iPad keyboard makes on or off? So if you miss it (or if it just annoys you), your solution is only a few seconds away...

The Top 6 Features of iOS 6.0
Apple's iOS 6.0 update includes over 200 new and updated features, with some that you will notice right away and some that you might not ever know existed. So which new features will pop right out at you when you complete the upgrade?

Can I Read Kindle Books on My iPad?
Can an iPad Read Kindle Books? This is an important question for anyone with a large Kindle collection. Fortunately, the iPad can read Kindle books. Find out how...

The Best iPad Apps for Students
The iPad has become a key element in aiding students, with many great apps aimed at keeping students organized, helping them take notes and providing study aids.

The Best Retro-Style iPad Games
The best retro games combine old school graphics and themes with modern ideas and philosophy, making them a best of both worlds. This list contains some of the top retro games on the iPad, ranging from great side-scrollers to awesome RPGs.

The Best iPad Games of 2011
The best iPad games of 2011 include a sequel to one of the top RPGs on the platform, a game where you take on take on the role of a boy robot, a game where you help out an alligator and a couple of classic games ported to iOS.

10 Must-Have iPad Games That Won't Kill Your Wallet
Don't you hate it when you pay $4.99 for an iPad game and ends up being a waste? No worries with this list. Cheap must-have games that have all the quality and fun of their more expensive brethren.

How to Create a Chart in Excel for iPad
There's nothing that makes a spreadsheet pop off the page like a chart. These instructions will help you take your raw data and transform it into a beautiful bar or pie chart in no time.

iPad Office: How to Create a Chart in PowerPoint or Word
Microsoft Office's arrival on the iPad didn't include the ability to make charts in either Word or PowerPoint, but luckily, there's a trick that can be used to get much-needed charts into these office apps.

How to Set Up iCloud on the iPad
iCloud on the iPad lets you share information, backup your iPad and protect it with the Find My iPad feature. It is easy to set up and use and is one of the key features of iOS.

Apple iPad 3rd Generation Features - What's New With the 2012 iPad?
Apple introduced it's new iPad on March 7th, 2012, and it did not disappoint. New features included better graphics, faster processing, better data speeds and voice recognition.

Review: iMainGo XP Speaker-Case for iPad
The iMainGo XP is an external speaker for the iPad that also acts as a case. But is it the right solution for you? That depends on exactly how you want to use the iMainGo XP.

iPad Trivia Games
The iPad has been called the ultimate media consumption device with its ability to produce great books, music, movies and more. Trivia games provide a great opportunity to put the iPad to use making all of that information you have at your fingertips work for you.

iPad Racing Games
The iPad's unique controls, which can range from on-screen joysticks to using the iPad itself as a controller, make it almost perfect for racing games. And whether you prefer participating in NASCAR or just want to shoot Gatling guns at fellow racers, there are plenty of great iPad racing games to choose from in the app store.

iPad Action and Arcade Games
Do you love action games? Are you a fan of classic arcade games? The iPad excels at delivering fast-paced action, and many of the classic coin-op games are available for purchase in the app store. So whether prefer Pac Man or Plants vs Zombies, the iPad has you covered.

Review: Pitfall! for iPad
Pitfall Harry makes his return in Pitfall!, an endless runner reboot from Activision. But is it worth it, or should Harry have stayed in the jungle?

Review: Flipboard - iPad News and Reference
Have you ever wanted to experience your social media as an interactive magazine? Flipboard will show your social life in a way you never thought possible, turning Twitter into a custom newspaper and Facebook into an interactive magazine.

Review: Editions by AOL - iPad News Apps
Editions by AOL is a magazine-style news aggregator for the iPad that gathers news from around the web and arranges it based on the personal interests of the reader. Touted as the app that 'reads you', Editions uses your own reading habits to customize the magazine.

Profile: Final Fantasy III for iPad
Square Enix brings the classic RPG Final Fantasy III to the iPad with updated graphics but the same great game play that made the Final Fantasy series so popular. This version of the game is based on the Nintendo DS port.

Review: The Bard's Tale - iPad Role-Playing Games
The Bard's Tale is a remake of the 2004 Xbox/PS2 game by the same name. A witty Action RPG, the game is based on the famed role-playing series from the late 80s, but with a big sense of humor added to the action.

Review: Griffin Stompbox for iShred - iPad Accessories
The Griffin Stompbox is a great idea that is held back by requiring the iShred Live software package, but it does fill a need for those who want to substitute their iPad for a guitar multi-effects package.

How to Add a Photo in Pages for iPad
You don't have to just deal with text in Pages for the iPad. You can also add photos to your documents, even resizing the images and applying filters.

How to Name a Document in Pages, Numbers or Keynote for iPad
The iWork suite of apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) are solid substitutes for your desktop versions, but they aren't always as easy to use. The first problem you might have is simply naming a document, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

How to Delay Passcode Lock on the iPad
The passcode lock on the iPad is a great way to secure the device, but it can quickly become annoying if you find yourself constantly tapping in the passcode throughout the day. Luckily, there's a solution to this dilemma.

Can an iPad Download Books?
The iPad does not come with an eBook reader by default, but there are several available on the app store, including one by Apple. Find out more...

The iPad Glossary - Terms and Buzwzords Associated With the Apple iPad
An iPad glossary containing terms and buzzwords often connected with Apple's iPad, including definitions for hardware features and common software terms used in association with the iPad.

Rage HD Review - iPad Action/Arcade Games
One look at Rage HD is enough to know why John Carmack of id Software has become infatuated with the iPad. It's beautiful, perhaps the best-looking game on the iPad.

Jeopardy HD for iPad
Jeopardy is one of the most recognized TV game shows in the world, and the iPad version replicates the game seen on TV all the way down to scribbling your name on the podium. You'll compete from Jeopardy to Double Jeopardy to Final Jeopardy, and once you are finished, you can post your results to Facebook.

HandStand for iPad Review
The HandStand for iPad gives new meaning to the phrase

iPad iOS 4 FAQ - Details and Features About iOS 4
The iPad's operating system has come a long ways since originally released. In the latest upgrades, iOS 4 has added major features, including multitasking, folders, threaded email and the ability to print among others.

Dungeon Hunter 2: Warrior Class Skills
One of the great additions to Dungeon Hunter 2 is the ability to specialize your character. Each of the three classes (Warrior, Rogue and Mage) can choose one of two different paths, which gives Dungeon Hunter 2 a total of six different paths to follow.

Dungeon Hunter 2: Rogue Class Skills
One of the great additions to Dungeon Hunter 2 is the ability to specialize your character. Each of the three classes (Warrior, Rogue and Mage) can choose one of two different paths, which gives Dungeon Hunter 2 a total of six different paths to follow. Page 2.

Dungeon Hunter 2: Mage Class Skills
One of the great additions to Dungeon Hunter 2 is the ability to specialize your character. Each of the three classes (Warrior, Rogue and Mage) can choose one of two different paths, which gives Dungeon Hunter 2 a total of six different paths to follow. Page 3.

iPad Hardware and Competition - What Else Is Out There?
The iPad is such an innovative device, it competes with everything from portable movie players to electronic book readers to other tablet computers. So how does the iPad stack up?

iPad Accessories - Find the Best Accessories for the iPad
Are you looking to find the best iPad accessories? Or maybe you simply don't want a dud? These reviews and profiles should help you navigate the waters of iPad accessories.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 2.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 3.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 4.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 5.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 6.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 7.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies. Page 8.

iPad Accessories - Find the Best Accessories for the iPad
Are you looking to find the best iPad accessories? Or maybe you simply don't want a dud? These reviews and profiles should help you navigate the waters of iPad accessories.

Profile: Yahtzee HD for iPad - Board Games
Yahtzee HD brings the classic board game to the iPad with multiple modes, including Battle Mode, Duplicate Mode and the iPad-exclusive Duplicate Rainbow Mode. You can even challenge your friends on Facebook or play against them on the same iPad with pass-n-play.

Profile: Epic Truck - iPad Racing Games
Epic Truck puts you in the driver's seat of a truck in this iPad racing game where you compete against the clock and avoid obstacles like boulders, moguls and logs.

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor for iPad Information
Are you looking to put more turn-based strategy into your action-rpg? Rimelands: Hammer of Thor has all the feel of an action-rpg with the combat system of a turn-based game, allowing it to exploit the good points of both systems.

iPad Profile: Shanghai Mahjong Information
The most popular iPhone Mahjong game goes universal with its addition that is designed for the iPhone and iPad. For those who love puzzle matching games, Mahjong has long been among the most addicting. And Shanghai Mahjong does a great job of combining the simplicity of the game with some beautifully rendered tiles.

iPad Profile: Big City Adventure: New York City - Puzzle Games - Big Fish Games
The latest in the Big City Adventure series, this time you'll be scavenging around New York City as you play various mini games and earn mementos and postcards. Perfect for casual play, Big City Adventure: New York City is about solving puzzles and finding hidden objects.

iPad Profile: TETRIS - Puzzle Games
Electronic Arts brings Tetris into the touch screen age with new levels and interesting power ups like Smashdown and Wrecking Ball. With multiple levels and an endless marathon mode, the game has plenty of replayability. The iPad version also includes the original music

Profile: Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions - iPad Board Games
Chess by Mastersoft Mobile Solutions is not only a great Chess game on the iPad, it will also teach you to play a better game of Chess by offering hints and a look at the way the CPU thinks.

Profile: Eternal Legacy Info
Eternal Legacy is a huge role-playing game in the Japanese style where you must save Algoad from destruction and restore the bond between humans and nature.

Music Challenge HD for iPad Review
Redwind Software is a leader in trivia apps for the iPhone and iPad, so it is not unexpected that Music Challenge HD is one of the best music trivia games for the iPad. Using the same winning formula of a board filled with mini-games that makes Movie Challenge HD so great, Music Challenge HD lets you choose from categories like 60s Music, Bands, 1 Hit Wonders and Awards & TV in order to play a variety of mini-games.

What is an On-Rails Shooter?
An On-Rails Shooter is a video game with predetermined movement of the player(s), but otherwise acts much like a first-person or third-person shooter.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies.

Movie Challenge Screenshots (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)
Movie Challenge is a movie trivia game for the iPad where gamers compete in a series of mini-game challenges based on movies.

iPad 101: Learning the iPad
iPad 101 is a 4-day email course that will take you from the basics, such as how to navigate the iPad and download apps, to advanced tips, like how to connect the iPad to your TV.

Profile: Archetype HD - iPad Shooters
Archetype HD is a multiplayer first-person shooter for the iPad. The game features three game modes (Team Deathmatch, Free For All and Capture the Flag) and can be accessed through Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge networks.

Profile: Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad
Angry Birds has become a phenomenon for the iOS platform, with millions of people sending those not-so-happy birds flying through the air. In the latest installment, the Angry Birds have been kidnapped and taken to Rio de Janeiro, where they escape and start trying to free heir friends.

iPad Profile: Cut the Rope Information - Puzzle Games
Cut the Rope will invariably be compared with Angry Birds, but while Angry Birds is about directing those birds in their mission, Cut the Rope is about candy. So it is no wonder it is one of the top puzzle games on the iPad.

You Don't Know Jack HD - iPad Trivia Game
You Don't Know Jack combines trivia with a cutting sense of humor that pokes fun at pop culture. With a tagline of

Review: Death Rally for iPad
The vehicular combat genre has a new winner in Death Rally for the iPad. A great game with addicting game play, Death Rally should keep anyone entertained for hours.

Review: Kard Combat - iPad Card Games
Co-created by the designer of Magic: The Gathering, Kard Combat is a card collection game where you duel mages by combining earth, air, water and fire with your own specialized form of magic.

Profile: 100 Rogues Info
Aptly named, 100 Rogues is a Rogue-like role-playing game for the iPad that features a mixture of randomly generated maps, a fixture for Rogue-like games, and hand-crafted maps.

Profile: Across Age Information
If you miss the days of Zelda, Across Age is the RPG for you. With the a graphics style that brings back 16-bit console memories and plenty of riddles to solve, monsters to defeat and locations to discover, Across Age is the consummate console RPG.

BlocksClassic - iPad Arcade Games
BlocksClassic is an iPad take on the classic arcade game Breakout, where you move a paddle to bounce a ball towards some blocks with hopes of breaking them and moving on to the next level.

Profile: Contract Killer - iPad FPS
Contract Killer is a free-to-play game where you are cast in the role of a rogue agent who must take on contracts in order to survive.

Profile: MetalStorm: Online - iPad Action Games - Flight Sim
MetalStorm: Online is a free-to-play game that puts you in the cockpit of a customized aircraft and lets you square off against friends or fight by their side in survival mode.

Profile: N.O.V.A. 2 - iPad FPS Games
N.O.V.A. 2 is Gameloft's sequel to one of the best shooters on the iPad. With the same winning formula, new weapons and a host of multiplayer options, N.O.V.A. 2 delivers the action, from the 12-chapter single-player campaign to Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag on 10 different multiplayer maps.

Profile: Pinball HD - iPad Arcade Games
Pinball HD delivers the excitement of a pinball to your iPad, so you can play in the comfort of your living room. The game comes with three unique pinball tables: Wild West, The Deep, Jungle Style. A fourth table (Slayer) is available as an additional download.

Profile: Stupid Zombies - iPad Action/Arcade Games
Stupid Zombies is an action game that challenges you to take out the zombies invading your post-apocalyptic world by ricocheting bullets above, below or around different obstacles.

Profile: Boggle HD - iPad Board Games
Electronic Arts has brought the fun of tabletop Boggle to the iPad, enhancing it with new game modes like Advanced, where the letters in a chosen word switch places for more strategic play. You can even challenge your friends to a match via email.

Profile: Words With Friends for iPad
Words With Friends is a word board game where you score points by spelling out words. Bonus points are earned for double and triple word scores, with more points being awarded for using rare letters. And as a turn-based game, you can play multiple games at once.

Profile: Scrabble for iPad - Word Games
Scrabble for the iPad is an authentic rendering of the classic word game. One of the most popular board games in the world, Scrabble for the iPad has features ranging from a teacher mode that will help you pick up your game to a party mode that lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as your tile rack.

Profile: Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad - Racing Games
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad was adapted from the console games of the same name and features both quick play and events along with delivering up to 20 different real-world cars for your racing pleasure, including 15 cop editions.

Profile: Real Racing 2 HD for iPad - Racing Games
Real Racing 2 HD takes advantage of the iPad 2 by increasing the visuals and allowing iPad 2 owners the ability to get 1080p graphics on their TV when hooked up to their tablet. The game also features a 16 player multiplayer mode that really gets the engines revving.

Profile: Lane Splitter - iPad Racing Games
In Lane Splitter, you race through traffic on a motorcycle, picking up bonus points for doing wheelies and splitting the lanes.

iPad Profile: Sudoku HD Information - Puzzle Games
udoku has become one of the most popular ways of passing the time and keeping the brain sharp, and CrowdCafe has brought it to the iPad with thousands of different designs, ensuring hundreds of hours of gameplay.

iPad Profile: Bubble Ball Info
A physics-based puzzle game, Bubble Ball allows you to place wood and metal pieces on the screen in order to guide the bubble to the finish line. And while it might sound (and even start out) simple, it quickly becomes quite a challenge.

Profile: Battleheart - iPad Strategy Games
Battleheart is a hybrid RPG/RTS with cute graphics and engaging game play. The campaign mode includes over 30 levels and a survival mode will keep you playing well after the campaign ends.

Profile: iBomber Defense - Tower Defense iPad Games
iBomber Defense is a tower defense game by Chillingo set during World War II. Playing as both the allied forces and axis forces, you'll battle across 22 different levels with 3 difficulty settings.

Profile: Medieval HD - iPad Castle Defense Games
Medieval HD is a castle defense game that combines classic tower defense game play with physics-based combat, which you combine in order to defend your tower against the invading army.

Profile: Tower Defense: Lost Earth - iPad Tower Defense
Tower Defense: Lost Earth is a strategy game that sends you in search of resources no longer available on Earth, and in the course of your mission, you will take over towers and hold back endless waves of enemies on an alien planet.

Profile: Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Info
Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Information is a hybid epic online action-RPG/tower Defense game that allows you to battle by yourself or with up to 3 friends.