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The iPhone Phone App Features and Options
When you place a call using the iPhone phone app, you've got more options than just talking. From FaceTime to conference calls, here's the lowdown.

How Do You Download Songs onto an iPod nano?
Downloading songs onto an iPod nano, a process called syncing, is the main way to transfer music from your iTunes library to your iPod nano. Here's how to do it.

Get More From Your iPhone and iPod With Expert Advice
The iPhone is more than a phone. It's a computer, camera, and game machine that also makes phone calls. We have app reviews, how-tos, and more!

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An index of categories in the

Buying or Upgrading an iPhone
Find out how to get the best prices on iPhones, how to avoid buying one just weeks before a new model comes out, and how to upgrade here.

Tips on Choosing iPhone Models & iPhone vs. Android - Holiday Buying Guide 2011
Learn what iPhone model is best for the recipients on your gift list this holiday season--and whether you should consider Android phones--here.

Choosing and Dealing with Different iPhone Carriers
Get the lowdown on the companies that offer the iPhone and how what they provide their users differs. Also learn costs and how to switch.

Buying an iPhone
If you want to buy an iPhone, but aren't sure which model is best for your needs? The check out these articles.

iPod & iPhone Holiday Buying Guide
A collection of the iPod and iPhone holiday buying guides from throughout the years. Check out these articles to see what iOS gifts are, and were, hot.

How to Insure Your iPhone
When you consider that your iPhone will be dropped now and then, and replacing it costs hundreds, insurance suddenly seems appealing.

Using iPhone
Everything you need to know about how to use your iPhone--from what to do to get started to how to become an expert--can be found in this collection of articles.

iPhone and iPod touch Glossary
Are there some terms you've heard people use a lot about your iPhone or iPod touch that you've never quite understood? Learn their meanings here.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus Tips, Reviews, and How-Tos
Learn all about the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, from how they're different to which is better, and how to use them and all their features.

iPhone 4S Articles, FAQs, and Tips
Learn all about the iPhone 4S with these tips, tricks, how-tos, and reviews.

iPhone 5 Tips, Tricks, Reviews, and How-Tos
Learn all about the iPhone 5 and how to use it here.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Tips, Tricks, Reviews, and How-Tos
Learn all about the iPhone 5S and 5C, how they're different, which to buy, and how to use the model you've got.

Using Each iPhone Model
Each new iPhone model brings with it exciting new features. Learn how to use each of these model-specific features here.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Tips, Reviews, and How-Tos
Learn all about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, how they're different, which you should buy, and all the ways to use the model you've got.

Do Apple's AirPods Only Work on the iPhone?
Think that the AirPods are just another proprietary Apple technology designed to lock users into the world of Apple? Think again.

Definitions of iPhone Software Terms
There are lots of specific, technical terms related to the iPhone that you might know the meaning of. Find those definitions here.

Apple AirPlay & AirPlay Mirroring Explained
Learn all about AirPlay, an Apple technology that lets users broadcast audio and video to other devices for better media experiences.

I Just Got an iPad ... What's Next?
Owner of a brand new iPad? Not sure what to do next? These articles will help you go from beginner to expert fast.

iPhone Help
Got a problem with your iPhone that you just can't figure out? Don't take a trip to the Apple Store until you've read these articles.

iPod touch: How-Tos, Troubleshooting, Apps, Reviews, and More
A collection of how-tos, torubleshooting tips, app and product reviews, and other articles related to the iPod touch.

How Is the iPhone 7 Different From the iPhone 6S?
The iPhone 7 doesn't look that different from the 6S, but when you peak under the hood, there are major changes. Here are the top nine.

iTunes Season Pass: What It Is, How To Buy One
Stay up to date with all your favorite TV shows without buying each episode one at a time with an iTunes Season Pass.

All About the Apple TV
Learn all about the Apple TV--both the original and second generation models--here, including how to set up and update them, and stream content to them via AirPlay.

How to Restart Every iPod touch Model
Is your iPod touch having problems or freezing up? Whatever model you've got, the solution to your problems is here.

Stuck iPad? Here's How to Restart It
Restarting an iPad is often the best way to solve any number of problems or issues that can plague Apple's tablet.

How to Quit Apps on the iPhone
Learn how to quit misbehaving iPhone apps. Get rid of apps that are locked up or using unwanted data in just a few steps.

First-Generation iPhone Review
A review of the original iPhone, the smartphone that invented an industry and revolutionized a company.

All About the iPod touch Camera
All the technical details about the iPod touch camera and how to use it.

How to Rearrange Apps and Folders on the iPhone
Want to customize the look of your iPhone or just keep your homescreen neat? Rearrange the icons, or move them to other screens, using these tips.

How to Restore iPhone to Factory Settings
If you're selling your iPhone or sending it for repair, you should restore it to factory settings. This step-by-step tutorial shows you how.

The Christmas List App Review
The Christmas List is an iPhone app that helps you keep track of what you've bought and spent for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Why is Facetime Not Working When I Make Calls?
The FaceTime icon doesn't always show up when you place a call from your iPhone. Here are some reasons why and how to fix them.

5 Useful iTunes Store Features You May Not Know
The iTunes Store is so huge and full of great content, it's virtually impossible to know everything—for instance, these 5 useful features.

How To Edit Song Info and ID3 Tags in iTunes
Music you get from iTunes or CDs usually includes information like artist, song name, and album. Learn how to change that information.

4th Generation Apple TV Hardware & Software Features
With the 4th gen. Apple TV, Apple completely overhauled its set-top box. From voice control to universal search to games, it's all here.

Grocery Gadget iPhone Grocery App Review
Grocery Gadget has a host of features that make it easy to manage multiple grocery and shopping lists. It looks nice and is relatively easy to use, but can it beat it out similar apps that are available for less?

How Many Apps Are in Apple's App Store (June 2016)
Want to know how many apps are in the App Store? What do those numbers tell us? Get the answers to those questions here.

iPhone 5C Review
A review of Apple's

How To Get a Refund From iTunes
Think you can't get a refund for the things you buy at iTunes just because they're digital? Think again. With these steps you may be able to.

Describe Problem and Request iTunes Refund
Describe why you want a refund to Apple and submit your request. You'll get a decision from Apple in a few days.

Report a Problem Purchase from iTunes
Identify which particular purchase in your invoice is the one that you want a refund on.

Find the iTunes Purchase to Refund
In order to request a refund from iTunes, you need to log into your account and select the correct invoice.

Using the Built-In iOS Apps
The iPhone and iPod touch come loaded with a suite of useful and powerful built-in apps. Learn how to use those apps in this collection of articles.

What To Do Before Selling Your iPhone
Selling your old iPhone is a great way to make some extra money. But how do you make sure all your data is gone? Follow these steps.

Apple TV 4 Rumors
Rumors have it that the next-generation Apple TV, the 4th model, will offer major changes. Find out what new features await in this article.

How to Hide iBooks Purchases in Family Sharing
Prevent other family members from downloading your iBooks purchases using Family Sharing. Hide those purchases today.

How to Unhide Purchases for Family Sharing
Changed your mind about hiding purchases from other Family Sharing users? Here's what you need to know to unhide purchases.

Hiding iTunes and App Store Purchases in Family Sharing
You may not want all of your iTunes and App Store purchases to be available to your whole family via Family Sharing. Here's how to hide purchases.

Hiding iTunes Store Purchases from Family Sharing
Hide music, movies, and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store from other Family Sharing users with these simple steps.

How to Make Folders & Group Apps on iPhone & iPod touch
Folders are a great way to keep your iPhone's home screen organized. Here's what you need to know to group apps into folders.

Top iPhone Apps for Celebrating New Year's Eve
These New Year's Eve iPhone apps will help you plan your party, compose a toast, or pick the best champagne for your festivities. I even found an app that will replicate the most popular New Year's Eve noisemakers.

iPhone Music App Features & Tutorials
Learn how to use all the features and hidden options in the iPhone Music app.

Why You Should Never Buy iPhone Insurance: 6 Reasons
Buying insurance might seem like a smart, cheap way to protect your iPhone, but it's a bad idea. Find out why and what your options are.

Ripping and Burning in iTunes Explained
You've heard the terms ripping and burning used when it comes to iTunes, but what exactly do they mean? Find out here.

How to Manage Contacts in the iPhone Address Book
The iPhone address book lets you store information about the people you talk to the most. But do you know how to use its less-obvious features?

How to Add Contact Photos to the iPhone Address Book
Make it easier to match a name and a face, or make your calls more appealing, by adding photos to contacts in the iPhone's address book.

How to Create and Use Playlists on iPhone
Listen to only the music you want, in the order you want, by making iPhone playlists. Go to the next level with Genius and Smart playlists.

Why Can't I Turn Off iTunes Genius?
If syncing to iTunes Genius is too slow for you, you may want to turn off Genius off. But in some cases, you won't see an option to turn it off. We'll show you how.

How to Block Calls and Texts on iPhone
Only hear from the people you want to talk to by using the iPhone's feature for blocking calls, texts, and FaceTime. We will show you how.

A Guide to iPod touch Models
Detailed specs on each generation of the iPod touch, so you can easily find out which model you have.

iPod Touch & Accessory Reviews
Make a smart buying decision: read these reviews of the iPod touch and its accessories before heading to the store.

Buying or Upgrading an iPod touch
Learn how your can get the best price on an iPod touch, stop yourself from buying just weeks before new models come out, and find out how to upgrade.

iPod touch Help
If you've got a problem with your iPod touch that you can't solve, don't go to the Apple Store before you've read these articles. You may be able to solve it yourself.

How to Set Up Apple AirPort Express
Here's how to set up Apple's Airport Express, a base station that lets you share devices like speakers or printers with other computers, wirelessly.

Set Up and Launch Apple Airport Express Utility
The second step in setting up the Airport Express is to install and/or launch the Airport Utility software.

Choose Airport Express Connection Type
Choose whether you're connecting the AirPort Express to an existing network or replacing an old model, then select the network to join.

Fixing Apple AirPort Express Problems
The AirPort Express base station lets you to stream music to speakers in your house or print wirelessly. But what happens when something goes wrong?

The History of the iPod touch and Its Many Models
The release of the iPod touch signaled the eventual demise of the traditional iPod. Find out why in this model-by-model history of the touch.

There Is No Such Thing as an iTouch
You've probably heard many people talk about an Apple product called the iTouch. The truth is, though, the

History of the iPod touch: 6th Generation
After three years without a change, the 6th generation model brought the iPod touch roaring back with a full set of iPhone 6 features.

History of the iPod touch: 1st Generation
The hardware and software features and specs of the 1st gen. iPod touch, the first iOS device that wasn't an iPhone.

History of the iPod touch: 2nd Generation
Learn about how to identify the 2nd generation iPod touch through its features, specs, and history.

History of the iPod touch: 3rd Generation
Find out why the 3rd generation iPod touch was a disappointment to any users when it came out in this installment of the history of the touch.

History of the iPod touch: 4th Generation
Discover the features and specs of the 4th generation touch in this history of the iPod touch and its models.

History of the iPod touch: 5th Generation
The 5th generation iPod touch was a major improvement beyond its predecessors. Find out why in this discussion of its specs and features.

iTunes Match Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the most common questions about iTunes Match, a web-based service that lets you share music across all of your Apple devices.

Top iPhone Disneyland Travel Apps
Give yourself a head start over the masses of people who visit Disneyland each year by downloading one of these useful iPhone travel apps.

5 Great Recipe Apps to Help You Lose Weight
Need to stick to your diet? These apps are packed with recipes that taste great but don't pack on the calories and fat.

6 iPhone Business Apps to Make You More Productive
The iPhone is a fantastic business tool, especially with apps. Check out this list of suggestions for some productivity-boosting business apps.

What to Buy When You Buy an Apple TV
If you have an iOS device and use iTunes a lot, you may consider buying an Apple TV. When you do, though, what accessories should you buy with it?

How to Turn Off iTunes Genius and Genius Sidebar
If you want to turn off iTunes Genius, either because you don't want the feature or want to clear space the sidebar takes up, here's how.

4th Generation iPod Shuffle Review
The 4th generation iPod Shuffle is a major improvement on its flawed predecessor. But does it offer enough to make it better than what's offered by the competition?

iPhone Tethering and Personal Hotspot Explained
Discover the details, requirements, and costs of iPhone tethering, a technique that turns an iPhone into a personal hotspot.

Using the iPod Nano FM Radio Tuner
The 5th, 6th, and 7th generation iPods don't just play MP3s, they also let you tune in FM radio. Even better, you can record live radio to listen to radio.

Comparing E-Readers: iPad vs Kindle vs Nook
Sure, you can get a Kindle or a NOOK for a lot less than an iPad, but should you? Make sure you understand the differences before buying.

Understanding iPhone Models & History
A dictionary of the tech speak and jargon related to the iPhone so you can first understand it, and then start using it like a pro. Read on to help understand the differences.

iPhone 4 Specs, Features and History
The iPhone 4 added great features like FaceTime and the Retina Display screen, but it was also the source of controversy and frustration.

Grocery IQ iPhone Grocery App Review
Grocery IQ is a full-featured grocery app that is easy to use and free. That’s why it tops our list of the best iPhone grocery list apps.

Best Supermarket & Grocery Apps
Use these apps to not only make sure you remember to buy all the food you need, but also to save at the register.

TextPlus Free Texting App for iPod Touch - Review
TextPlus is one of the many texting apps available for the iPod touch. I put TextPlus to the test to see how it compares to other free texting apps.

MSNBC iPhone App Review
The MSNBC app is a great way to stay on top of breaking news, both in text and video form. But there's one major drawback that may irritate you.

TextFree Unlimited iPhone SMS App Review
TextFree Unlimited is a great option for iPhone and iPod touch users looking for texting app options besides the built-in Messages app.

7 Ways to Fix Problems with the iPhone Remote App
If the Remote app that lets your iPhone control iTunes and Apple TV isn't working, try these troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Is Buying a Prepaid iPhone Right For You?
With their low monthly costs, prepaid iPhones seem like a great way to save money on your phone. But what do you lose by making that choice?

IHeartRadio iPhone Radio App Review
iHeartRadio is one option for listening to radio stations directly on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or other OS device. Read our review to see how it compares.

iPod nano (7th Generation) Review
The 6th gen. iPod nano was controversial due to the things it removed. The 7th gen. nano makes a lot of changes--but will it make users happy?

What We Know About the iPhone 7 Right Now
The release of the iPhone 7 is months away, but that doesn't mean it's a complete mystery. Here's what we know about the iPhone 7 so far.

Choose Setup Options for iPod nano
In this step, you name your nano and choose some basic syncing settings.

TV Episodes, Podcasts, and iTunes U Sync Settings on iPod nano
The settings for syncing TV shows, podcasts, and iTunes U content are all about the same. Learn about them here.

Set Up Instructions for iPod Nano
Setting up a new iPod hasn't changed too drastically in the last few years. However, there are few wrinkles you should be aware of.

Register Your iPod Nano During Set Up
The first step in setting up your nano requires that you agree to Apple’s terms of use and either log in with or create an Apple ID.

Additional iPod nano Options and Settings
Some additional options for managing content on the iPod nano are detailed in this step of the nano set up article.

Music Sync Settings for iPod nano
In this step, you'll choose the settings that govern how music is synced to your iPod nano.

Movie Sync Settings for iPod nano
If you want to sync video to your iPod nano (and your model supports it), choose your sync settings here.

Settings to Sync Photos to iPod nano
Some nano models allow you to sync photos for mobile viewing. If you have one of those, here's what you need to know.

Finishing Setting Up iPod nano
The last step in setting up the iPod nano is to apply the settings, sync the content, and start using the nano.

Is the iPhone a Good Holiday Gift?
An iPhone may seem like a terrific gift, but since it can end up costing the recipient over $1,400, think hard before buying.

Coverage & Reviews of the Best iPhone Apps
Without apps, the iPhone is a really cool device, but with apps, it's both indispensable and revolutionary. Learn about the best apps here.

How to Use Game Center on the iPhone and iOS
One of the best things about the iPhone is its games, and one of the best things about those games is Game Center. Learn all about it here.

iPhone 5S Review
A review of Apple's flagship iPhone model for 2013/2014, the iPhone 5S.

iPad vs Netbook: Which Should You Buy For Your Teen?
Lots of students use technology to get their homework done. Some use laptops, but with iPads and netbooks being popular, what's the best choice?

iPad vs Netbook: The Bottom Line
iPad vs. netbook, the bottom line: is either actually the right choice? Parents may want to consider a laptop for their teens. Page 2.

iPod Classic Review
The iPod Classic—Apple's last traditional iPod—offers huge storage and classic iPod features, but how does it stack up in the modern world?

iPod Classic Review, Page 2
iPhone/iPod. Page 2.

Rhapsody iPhone Music App Review
Rhapsody is a unique subscription service that provides access to more than 11 million songs in a variety of genres.

8tracks Radio iPhone Radio App Review
The 8tracks Radio app is unique in the world of iPhone music apps. It features user-submitted online music mixes to help you find and discover new music, but how do

Ringtone Designer Pro iPhone Ringtone App Review
Ringtone Designer Pro is a nifty app that allows you to create unlimited ringtones for your iPhone. This app has several cool features that make it worth downloading, including the ability to create your own audio recordings.

5th Generation Apple iPod Nano Review
The 5th generation iPod nano looks nearly identical to its 4th generation predecessor, until you flip it over and see the camera and the pinhole mic.

Why Are Some Files "Purchased" and Others "Protected"?
Eagle-eyed observers will notice that some bought from iTunes are

Can You Run iPhone Apps on Android and Windows?
Got an Android or Windows computer but want to run an iPhone-only app? Are you out of luck or are there tools that can help you?

iPhone 5C Hardware Diagram
Curious about what all of the iPhone 5C's ports and buttons do? They're all explained in this diagram.

Tips & Tricks for the iPhone and iPod touch
Learn all about every model of the iPhone and iPod touch, from the original to the latest models, with this collection of how-tos, reviews, and tips/tricks.

iPhone 7 Hardware & Software Specs
The iPhone 7 introduces some pretty radical changes to the iPhone line up. Some you'll love, others will be controversial. Discover them all here.

The Only Way to Get Flash to Work on the iPhone
Adobe Flash is a key technology on many websites and online games for delivering video, audio, and animation. But can it run on the iPhone?

How to Add Album Art in iTunes
When you buy songs at iTunes, they come with album artwork. But what about songs ripped from CD? How do you get artwork for them?

Review Missing iTunes Album Art
Once iTunes has completed the process of getting album art, it will display a list of the albums for which it couldn't find any art.

Adding CD Cover Album Art from the Web to iTunes
If the iTunes Album Art finder tool doesn't find and add all of your album covers, there are other ways to get the covers that you need.

Syncing CD Album Covers to iPod
Learn how to download your album art to older iPods. You won't need this tip for newer models.

iPhone / iPod / iPad Holiday Buying Guide 2010
This collection of articles will help you make smart buying decisions this holiday season, whether you're buying gifts for others or for your home. From hardware like the iPod touch or iPad to accessories like cases and FM transmitters to apps, you'll find information about all the kinds of products you could want this holiday season.

iPhone & iPod Holiday Buying Guide 2011
Is the iPhone a good Christmas present? Can you give apps? What's the best iPod for each person on your list? Learn the answers to these questions and many more in the 2011 Holiday Buying Guide.

How to Use Your Gifts - Holiday Buying Guide 2011
Got an iPhone, iPad, or iPads a gift this year? Read on for helpful tutorials and tips on both getting started and getting the most out of your new toy.

iPhone & iPod Holiday Buying Guide 2012
Is the iPhone a good present? Can you gift apps? How do you decide what device is best for each person you're buying for? Discover the answers to these questions and many more in the 2012 Holiday Buying Guide.

iPhone & iPod Holiday Buying Guide 2013
How do you choose which device is best for each person you're shopping for? Can you give apps? Should you give an iPhone? These questions and many more are answered in the 2013 Holiday Buying Guide.

7 Tips to Avoid iPhone & iPod Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is a serious danger for iPod and iPhone users who listen to their music too loud. Follow these tips to prevent damaging your ears.

How to Use the iPhone as a Flashlight
There's no reason you have to stumble around in a dark room again--if you've got your iPhone on you. Just turn on its flashlight.

Anti Sleep Pilot Drowsy Driving App Review
Anti Sleep Pilot has a laudable goal: to keep drivers awake and alert to prevent accidents. But a number of bugs will keep it out of most cars.

Is It Considered Illegal to Unlock Your iPhone?
Is it illegal to unlock the iPhone? Thanks to a law signed into effect by President Obama in 2014, the answer is simple--yes.

Apple CarPlay: Everything You Need to Know
Thanks to CarPlay, your iPhone isn't just a passenger anymore. Now it's more your co-pilot. Everything you need to know about CarPlay is here.

How to Download and Subscribe to Podcasts
What is a podcast? Dive into the huge, hilarious, fascinating world of podcasts by learning how to find and subscribe to them in iTunes and on iPhone.

How to Download and Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes
The iTunes Store houses probably the largest collection of podcasts in the world. Learn how to use iTunes to download and subscribe to podcasts. Page 2.

How to Downloading and Subscribe to Podcasts on iPhone
Every iPhone comes with a Podcasts app built in. You can use it to find, download, and subscribe to podcasts directly on your phone. Page 3.

Podcast Apps for iPhone and Listening Suggestions
Need suggestions for podcasts to listen to or podcast apps to use with them? These lists will point you in the right direction. Page 4.

12 Awesome, Little Known iPhone Features
Think you know the coolest features of your iPhone? These little-known features and capabilities will make your phone more useful and you cooler.

iPod Accessory Reviews
Make a smart buying decision when it comes to iPod accessories. Read these reviews first.

iPod and iPod Accessory Reviews
Thinking about buying an iPod or accessory for one? Read these reviews of iPod docks, headphones, bluetooth earpieces, stereo and car adapters, and more before you buy.

App Store Missing From iPhone? How to Get It Back
Sometimes, it's possible for apps like Safari, Camera, or App Store to disappear from your iPhone. They may seem deleted, but they're probably not.

How to Reset iPhone
Finding that your iPhone has locked up or frozen can be frustrating. When that happens, follow these steps to reset your iPhone.

AirPlay Icon Missing? Do This To Get It Back.
AirPlay makes it simple to stream music and video to devices over Wi-Fi. But what do you do when the Airplay icon is missing?

What is iPhone Airplane Mode?
Airplane Mode, a feature of the iOS that allows you to use the iPhone safely on a plane, explained along with how-to instructions.

How to Create an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card
Many people want to get an iTunes account without putting a credit card on file with Apple. With all the free content at iTunes, it should be easy, but can it be done?

Basic iTunes Tutorials
The basics of what you need to know about setting up iTunes, adding your CDs to it, and more.

iPhone Apps and Folders
Customizing and organizing your iPhone (or iPod touch or iPad) often involves rearranging apps or creating folders of similar apps. Learn how to do that here.

iPhone App Reviews
Apps are one of the best things about the iPhone, but with over 1 million to choose from, it can be hard to find the really great apps. Unless you read these reviews.

Top 6 iPhone eBook Apps
There are dozens of ebook apps to choose from if you want to read on the go. This list reviews and ranks the top contenders.

Top 9 iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps
Out and about and need to eat? Your iPhone can be your best friend--as long as you've got some of these restaurant guide apps, that is.

How to Buy eBooks at the iBooks Store
Buying ebooks through the iBooks store is similar to other purchases at Apple's iTunes Store. One key difference is how you access the store.

Review Choices at the iBookstore
Once you enter the iBooks Store, the browsing and searching experience is very similar to using the iTunes Store.

Book Detail Page in the iBookstore
In the iBooks Store, when you tap a book title to get more details (synopsis, reviews, etc.) a window pops up and the background grays out a bit.

Read Your Newly Purchased eBook
Once you've entered your iTunes account password, the eBook will download to your iPad.

Explore Walt Disney World with These 9 iPhone Apps
Disney World can be magical, but not if you miss events, wait in long lines, or can't find a bathroom. These Disney World apps for iPhone can help.

Where To Sell Your Used iPhone or iPod
Thinking of upgrading to a new iPod or iPhone? These iPhone buyers will buy your used iPhones or iPods for cold, hard cash.

8 Championship-Caliber Fantasy Football Apps for iPhone
When you play fantasy football, you can't be away from your team for even a few hours. Stay on top of your league with these iPhone apps.

10 Great iPhone To Do Apps
Being organized is crucial in our busy modern world. These 10 apps can be with you wherever you go and help you stay organized wherever you are.

Comparing Features: iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPod touch
There are many similarities between the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, which makes choosing one tough. This chart makes it easy to compare them all.

How to Update iTunes to the Latest Version
Each time Apple releases an iTunes update, new features and bug fixes are added--and you'll want the latest and greatest. Here's how to get it.

Download and Install the iTunes Update
Keep an eye on the window showing the progress of the installation of the iTunes update. When it's done, the new version of iTunes will be installed.

Beginning Your iTunes Update (For Macs and PCs)
Each time Apple releases an iTunes update, new features and bug fixes are added--and you'll want the latest and greatest. Here's how to get it.

Before You Buy an iPod or iPhone Car Kit
Bringing music with you is easy with an iPhone car kit. You've got choices: Wireless, CarPlay, built-in, or cassette. But which is best?

Can You Use YouTube on iOS 6?
When iOS 6 was released, something was missing: the YouTube app was gone. But does that mean you can't use YouTube on iOS? Not quite.

Best iPhone Ringtone Apps
Wondering how to make custom ringtones for your iPhone? These ringtone apps can help you create unique ringtones from your purchased music.

Dropbox iPhone App Review
Dropbox is a practically indispensable tool for backing up and syncing files on the computer, but how important is it on your iPhone?

Wunderlist Task Manager iPhone To Do App Review
There are dozens of apps to help you keep track of your to-do list on your iPhone. Should Wanderlust become your go-to tool?

VEVO iPhone App Review
Vevo delivers thousands of great music videos to your iPhone for free. Sounds great, right? But does poor performance spoil the party?

RedLaser iPhone Shopping App Review
Shopping for the best price, even in retail stores, is easy with RedLaser. Just scan a barcode and find out where you can save.

Get Music for Your iPhone and iPod
Is iTunes the best MP3 download store? How good is Spotify? How do you rip CDs in iTunes? Learn the answers to these questions and others related to getting music for iPhone and iPod.

Top 6 Music Related Apps for the iPhone
If your iPod playlist is sounding a bit stale, a good music app can be just the boost you need. There are plenty of free options, but spending a bit more makes sense when you get more features like pause/rewind and recording functionality.

TweetDeck iPhone App Review
For Twitter users, TweetDeck provides a smart interface and good features at an unbeatable price: free. But what's lacking?

Shop Nearby by TheFind iPhone Shopping App Review
Shop Nearby helps you locate the products you're looking for at stores near you, but its search results don't always make shopping easier.

Free at iTunes Store This Week (Updated 8/30/16)
Updated: Aug. 30, 2016. Check out the latest crop of free music, TV, app, and book downloads at the iTunes Store. Stock your iPhone full of great content.

Free at iTunes Store: Recent Weeks
Check out the last three weeks of free downloads at the iTunes Store in this collection of links to songs, apps, books, and TV episodes. Page 2.

1,500 Ringtones Unlimited iPhone Ringtone App Review
If you want a big selection of pre-made ringtones to choose from, this is your app. But if you want to create your own custom tones, look elsewhere.

Caller ID Ringtones App Review
With Caller ID Ringtones, your phone can announce who's calling every time your phone rings. But there are some drawbacks.

Top 11 iPhone 4 Cases
You need to protect your iPhone 4, but with so many cases on the market it can be hard to make the right choice. Let us help you.

Restarting and Resetting iPhones
Got an iPhone that isn't responding to your commands or is displaying a more serious problem? The first, often best, step is to restart it.

iPhone Battery Tips
Keep your iPhone running as long as possible with these tips on dealing with problems with the iPhone's battery.

Solving iPhone Call & SMS Problems
Solve problems with the iPhone's phone and SMS apps by reading these articles.

iPhone Security and Theft
When you've spent hundreds of dollars on your iPhone, you don't want anything bad to happen to it. Prevent that by reading these articles about iPhone security and theft.

iPhone Questions & Answers
Want the answers to questions about the iPhone that are both esoteric and crucial to day-to-day use? You'll find those questions and more here.

How to Update Your iPhone Carrier Settings
What do those carrier setting update pop ups that show up on the iPhone from time to time mean? Learn all about them and why they're important.

Using Features of Each iOS Version
Each new version of the iOS introduces exciting new features. Learn how to use these great features in this collection of articles.

All About iOS 8
Want to become an iOS 8 expert? This collection of articles has everything you need to become a pro in no time.

Set Up & Use Family Sharing for iPhone
Share iTunes Store and App Store purchases throughout your household with Family Sharing. Learn how to set it up and use it here.



Everything You Need to Know About Handoff
Handoff lets you start writing an email on your Mac at home, finish it on your iPhone. It can do much more, too. Learn all about it.

How to Search Your iPhone Using Spotlight
Looking for something on your iPhone but not sure where to find it? Try the iOS's built-in search tool, Spotlight.

Is iTunes' Shuffle Mode Truly Random?
Is the shuffle in iTunes really random? That is one of the great mysteries of the iPod and iTunes world.

Anatomy of the iPhone 5S Hardware
Curious about what all the ports and buttons on the iPhone 5S are for? This diagram explains them all.

iPhone iPod App Settings: SoundCheck, EQ & Volume Limit
SoundCheck, EQ, and Volume Limit are just some of the settings that control the Music app and make your listening experience better.

iPod Shuffle: Everything You Need to Know
Everything you need to know about the iPod Shuffle is here, including its history, accessories, reviews, and how to use it.

Set Up and Use Touch ID, the iPhone Fingerprint Scanner
Apple's Touch ID fingerprint scanner adds new security and convenience options. Learn how to set up and use Touch ID here.

Scan Your Fingerprint with Touch ID
Getting a good scan of your fingerprint is key for using Touch ID.

Configure Touch ID for Use
Learn how to configure Touch ID for use on your iOS device, and add additional fingerprints.

Apple iBooks App Review - Pros and Cons
Given how many other ebook apps available for the iPhone, how does iBooks stack up? Read this review for more information.

iPhone DFU Mode: What It Is and When To Use It
If you need to use your iPhone's DFU Mode, you may be in trouble--but you'll be glad it's an option.

Simple Directions for How to Restore iPod Touch
This page contains instructions on how to restore an iPod touch to its factory settings or using a backup of its data.

Can You Use FaceTime on Windows?
FaceTime, Apple's video-calling technology, is great for iPhone and Mac owners, but what if you use Windows? Are you shut out of FaceTime?

Accessories for iPods and iPhones

Can You Upgrade iPhone Memory?
With the huge amount of data we store on our iPhones, it's easy to run out of space. But if that happens, can you expand your iPhone's memory?

How to Stop and Turn Off Family Sharing
Tired of sharing all of your iTunes and App Store purchases with your family? Find out how to turn off Family Sharing.

iPod Help
Does your iPod nano, iPod Shuffle, or iPod Classic have a problem you don't know how to fix? Don't give up, or pay for tech support, before you read these articles.

Buying Music From the iTunes Store
A step-by-step guide to finding and buying songs and albums at the iTunes Store, one of the biggest selections of music, movies, and more.

Review the iTunes Store Search Results
Once you've searched for music to buy at the iTunes Store, review the results of your search before moving on.

iTunes Store Album Detail Page
The individual album pages in the iTunes Store give you many options.

Pre-Orders & Complete My Album at the iTunes Store
The iTunes Store offers the ability to pre-order albums or get the full album for a single song you bought. Find out how to use those features here.

Restarting & Resetting iPods
Got a frozen iPod or an iPod that's behaving strangely? A simple restart or reset of the iPod will solve a lot of problems.

How to Reset and Restart iPod From Original to Classic
Has your iPod stopped responding to clicks or scrolls around its click wheel​? It might be broken, but try restarting it before you repair it.

iPod Battery Tips & Help
Information about the lifespan, maintenance, and replacement of iPod batteries.

Is iPhone & iPod Battery Replacement Worth It?
Is your iPhone or iPod battery dying? You can extend your device's life by replacing the battery--but should you do that in every case?

How to Take An iPhone Screenshot
Want to take a screenshot of your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions.

First Generation iPad Hardware Specs
A description of, and the hardware and software specs on, the first generation iPad, Apple's original tablet computer.

How to Use AirDrop on iPhone
Sharing files between iOS devices is easier than ever thanks to a feature of iOS 7 and up: AirDrop. Learn how to use it here.

Sharing a File with AirDrop, Step 1
Choose the file you want to share via AirDrop, as well as the recipient.

Choose to Accept or Decline the AirDrop Transfer
The person you're sharing files with via AirDrop must accept or decline the transfer.

The AirDrop Transfer Is Successful
Based on whether the other person accepts or declines the AirDrop transfer, you'll see different messages.

How to Enable AirDrop
In order to use AirDrop, you need to turn it on and choose who can share files with you.

Can You Get Microsoft IE for iPhone?
Some people's favorite web browser is still Microsoft Internet Explorer. What if those people are iPhone users, though? Can they get IE for iPhone?

Who Really Invented the iPod?
Think Steve Jobs invented the iPod? Think again. The answer is far more complex and reaches as far back as 1970s England.

Sound Check, Album Art, Gapless CDs & More
A collection of articles about less well known, but still useful, iTunes features like Sound Check, gapless playback and CDs, and album art.

How to Use Sound Check in iTunes
Don't let songs recorded at vastly different volumes spoil enjoying your iTunes library. With Sound Check, every song can have the same volume.

Places Where You Can Buy an iPad
Apple Stores aren't only place to buy iPads. Find out where else you can buy one and whether other stores offer better deals.

How to Check iPhone Upgrade Eligibility
If you want to get the latest iPhone, but only want to pay the subsidized (i.e., not full) price, find out here if you're eligible for the lowest-cost upgrade.

iPhone 5 Hardware Features and Diagram
From this diagram of the iPhone 5's anatomy, you can discover what each button, switch, sensor, and port on the new iPhone is used for.

Where To Get a Cheap iPod touch
If you want an iPod touch or other iPod, you probably also want to pay as little as possible to get it. Here are tips on how to get a cheap one.

4 Ways to Use Multiple iPods or iPhones on One Computer
Many households--or even individuals--face the challenge of trying to manage multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with just a single computer.

How to FaceTime on Your iPhone
Video chatting via FaceTime is one of the coolest things about the iPhone. Here's what you need to know to use FaceTime.

Top Differences Between 5th and 6th Gen iPod Nano
It's clear the 6th gen. iPod nano is very different from the 5th. Learn just how different by learning about the models' key 5 differences.

Is It Possible to Get an iPhone Virus?
Viruses and malicious software should concern any computer user. But how much do iPhone users need to worry about them?

iPod Touch Product Review and Recommendation
Get the scoop on the strengths and weaknesses of the current iPod touch here. The device has come a long way since the first generation.

How to Sync iTunes Movie Rentals to iPhone or iPod
Apple has made the process of moving rented movies to your iPod or iPhone very easy. Here's how you do it.

Click the Video Tab: Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals
The second step to moving movies rented from iTunes to an iPod or iPhone is to select the Video tab in the management screen

Move Movie to iPod or iPhone: Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals
Movie the rented movie to the iPhone or iPod and syncing it is the third step in moving iTunes Movie Rentals to portable devices.

Click Apply to Resync: Syncing iTunes Movie Rentals
Click the “Apply” button in the bottom right to sync the movie to your device. Depending on the size of the movie, this may take a while.

Watch Your Rented iTunes Movie
Once that’s done, disconnect device as you normally would and your movie will be on your iPod or iPhone, ready to watch. Just make sure you have enough battery life!

A Note About Movies Rented from iTunes
One thing to know about iTunes Movie Rentals is that when you move the movie to your iPod or iPhone, it will be deleted from your computer’s hard drive and you won’t be able to get watch it there without renting the movie again.

The Pros and Cons of Buying an iPod
When people think of buying an MP3 player, they usually think of the iPod. But just because it's the most popular, does that mean you should buy one?

How to Change Your iPhone Personal Hotspot Password
Every iPhone Personal Hotspot has a default password. Change that password to something easier to remember and type with this tip.

How to Set Up & Use iTunes Home Sharing
Want to let multiple computers in 1 house share and copy music between their iTunes libraries? Enable Home Sharing.

How to Set Up & Use iTunes Home Sharing
Learn how to use iTunes Home Sharing to share music, movies, TV shows, and more between iTunes libraries on multiple computers. Page 2.

How to Add Downloaded MP3s to iTunes - Tutorial
A super simple three-step guide to adding MP3s downloaded from the web to your iTunes library and iPhone or iPod.

iPhone Browser How-Tos, Tutorials, & Help
How-to articles related to using the iPhone's web browser. This includes how to zoom in and out, use the keyboard, set bookmarks, use multiple sessions, and more.

How to Turn Off Every iPad Model
Instructions on how to turn off every iPad model, from the original to the Pro to the Air to the mini.

How To Record an iPhone Voicemail Greeting
Step-by-step instructions on how to record your own personalized iPhone voicemail outgoing message.

6 iPhone Golf Apps for PGA Tour Season
These popular apps let golf fanatics follow all the action right from their iPhone, and some may help you improve your golf game.

How to Connect iPod Touch or iPhone to Wi-Fi
Connecting your iPhone or iPod touch to a Wi-Fi network is super simple, and important if you don't want to waste money on data. Learn how here.

How to Authorize Computers in iTunes
Playing songs from iTunes requires that authorizing computers. If you want to play those files on other computers, you have to follow these steps.

How to Stop Your iPhone Screen From Rotating
Want to change how you're holding your iPhone without the screen rotating? You need to learn how to use the iOS screen rotation lock.

The Senors That Make the iPhone So Cool
The iPhone gains some of its coolest features from the sensors built into it. Find out what they are and what they do here.

How Many iPhones Have Been Sold? (Updated August 2016)
Apple's iPhone has been a huge sales hit since its introduction in 2007. But just how much of a success? How many iPhones has Apple sold all time?

How to Charge an iPod Shuffle
The iPod Shuffle doesn't have a screen like other iPod models, so how do you know if its battery is charging? Find out here.

Multiple iPods on One Computer: User Accounts
One way to effectively manage multiple accounts in one family is to create individual user accounts on the computer for each family member.

What Do I Do If My iPod or iPhone Freezes Up?
No matter what model iPod, iPhone, or iPad you have, learn how to fix a frozen device with these instructions.

iPhone 4 Hardware Diagram and Description
This image shows the iPhone 4 from the front and left side. Each button, port, and feature visible in these views is explained here.

How to Set Up iTunes Genius
A step-by-step guide to enabling the iTunes Genius feature so you can discover new music and have great playlists automatically created for you.

iTunes Genius Gathers Info During Set Up
Once you've enabled iTunes Genius, then it needs to run to gather the information necessary for it to work.

You're Done Setting Up iTunes Genius
Once iTunes Genius has completed its set up and information gathering, you're ready to create great new playlists and find new music.

How to Know if Your iPhone Is Under Warranty
Need to know whether your iPhone or iPod is still under warranty? Apple's simple online tool tells you everything you need to know.

How to Turn Off Your iPhone
Completely shut down your iPhone with these two easy steps. It's good to do this at least once every week to keep your phone in good condition.

Pandora Radio iPhone App Review
Pandora Radio is one of the best free music apps for the iPhone. It has an excellent selection and helps you discover new music with its recommendations.

Classic Video Games for iPod Touch and iPhone
Pac-Man, Frogger, Asteroids, Space Invaders and more are all great games whose replayability hasn't diminished even decades later.

Classic Video Games for iPod Touch and iPhone
Pac-Man, Frogger, Asteroids, Space Invaders and more are all great games whose replayability hasn't diminished even decades later.

List of iPad 2 Hardware Features
A diagram of the buttons and ports on the iPad 2 and what they are used for. You'll find descriptions for every possible action.

How to Install iTunes on a Mac
A quick guide to downloading and installing iTunes on a Macintosh, as the first step to using it and your iPod.

Myxer iPhone Ringtone App Review
Myxer Ringtones is one ringtone app worth downloading. You can create custom ringtones from your own music and choose from a catalog of existing ones.

Keep Your Current Number When Switching Phone Companies
It's great to get a new phone at a good price from a new phone company, but you don't want to lose your phone number in the process.

How to Play an iPod on a Computer
Don't be limited by the music on the computer in front of you. By changing a few settings, play your iPod's music through any computer speaker.

TextNow iPhone, iTouch SMS App Review
TextNow is another free texting app that works with a variety of Apple products, including the iPhone and iPod touch.

Can You Install Apps on the Apple TV?
The Apple TV comes packed with great channels for getting Internet content to your TV. But what if there's an app you'd like to add? Can you?

How to Use iTunes On An External Hard Drive
Running out of space on your hard drive for your iTunes library? Fix it by moving your library to a huge, new external hard drive.

Solve Annoying iPhone App Crashes In 4 Easy Steps
There's not much more annoying than an app that crashes all the time. If you're facing this irritation, solve it right now.

I'm Missing Calls Because My iPhone Isn't Ringing. Help!
Missing calls because your iPhone doesn't ring can be really annoying. Many things can cause that problem, but luckily, fixing them is pretty easy.

How to Use the iPhone Music App
Playing music with the iPhone's Music app is as simple as tapping the song you want to hear. But once that song is playing, there's a large set of options you need to know.

How the Apple TV Works
Exactly what the Apple TV is may not be completely clear. If you have questions, and want to learn if the Apple TV is for you, look no further.

Three Ways to Keep Your iPhone Apps Up to Date
Whether it's to get new features or to squash bugs, keeping your apps up to date is important. With these tips, you never have to tap Update again.

How to Unlock the iPhone on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile
Unlocking your iPhone gives you the most choice about what phone company to use. But you must meet very specific requirements before you can unlock.

How to Save $1000 Using iPhone and iOS
Sure, an iPhone will cost you hundreds of dollars up front. But does that mean getting one only costs you money? Not necessarily. With these tips, you can use your iPhone to save around $1,000 a year.

Wi-Fi Grayed Out on iPhone? Here's How To Fix It
Did your Wi-Fi option gray out after upgrading your iPhone to iOS 7? Fix that problem with these simple steps.

iOS History and Details About Each Version
The iOS is the operating systems that runs the iPhone and iPod touch. Find out when each version was released, and what new features each version included, in this article.

iOS History, page 2
The iOS is the operating systems that runs the iPhone and iPod touch. Find out when each version was released, and what new features each version included, in this article. Page 2.

iOS History, page 3
Learn more about the early history of the iOS, the operating system for the iPhone and iPod, from 2007-2010. Page 3.

What Is the Best iPhone For You: 6S vs 6 vs 5S
With four great iPhone models to choose from, figuring out which is right for you can be confusing. We can help you pick the right iPhone for you.

How to Pick the Best iPhone For You: The Bottom Line
Wrapping up the discussion of the pros and cons of the iPhone 6S series, 6 series, and 5S with a side-by-side comparison chart to make buying easy. Page 2.

Why an Apple Car Is A Great—and—Horrible Idea
Apple's rumored electric, self-driving car could be another in a string of runaway hits for the company. Here's why.

Why An Apple Car Is a Terrible Idea
Apple is rumored to be making a self-driving smart car. The company may have a magic touch, but here are the reasons this could be a terrible idea.

How to Attach Files to iPhone Emails
Attaching files to iPhone emails is as easy as tapping a few buttons, but some of those buttons are hidden. Learn how to attach files here.

Song Exporter Pro iPhone App Review
Song Exporter Pro lets you move songs from iPhone to computer directly from an app on your device. Sounds pretty great, right?

Instructions for Using JailbreakMe to JailBreak iPhone
Jailbreaking used to be a complicated task that required strong technical skills. But a website called JailbreakMe.com makes it as easy as two taps.

Visit JailbreakMe.com
To begin the jailbreaking process with JailbreakMe, simply go to its website from the device you want to jailbreak.

Software Cydia and Other Jailbreak Software
After you've tapped the Free/Install button, JailbreakMe.com will download Cydia to your device and your jailbreak will be complete.

Using Cydia and JailbreakMe
With the jailbreak complete, you can now start using the Cydia app store on your device.

Pimp Your Screen iPhone Wallpaper App Review
When it comes to customizing your iPhone, there's only so much you can do to truly change its looks. But there are a few tricks you can play on your eyes to make a big impact.

How to Browse Content at the iTunes Store
Most people find for songs, movies, and TV shows by searching the iTunes Store. But it's not the only way.

Browsing Genres and Categories at the iTunes Store
Step two in browsing the itunes store: Decide what kind of content you want to browse: music, movies, TV shows, etc.

Select Album or Season While Browsing the iTunes Store
Once you've selected a subgenre, you'll see a listing of the bands and TV shows in that subgenre. Select the one you're interested in.

Preview and Buy Content at the iTunes Store
Once you've selected an album or TV show season, you can do all the standard iTunes Store things: listen to or watch previews, buy content, or add it to a shopping cart.

Top 6 Online Music Stores
With major competitors like AmazonMP3 and Spotify, iTunes is no longer the default choice for getting music. How do these titans stack up?

Review of the iTunes Movie Rental Feature
I’d say that this is the best offering of its kind to date and may point the way to how we’ll get our movies in the future.

Complete Your Smart Playlist
Choose a few more settings - such as the strictness of the match and the size of the playlist -

Sync Smart Playlist to the iPhone
To add the smart playlist you've created to your iPhone, just dock the iPhone to your computer.

Select the Smart Playlist for Syncing
To ensure that you only sync the new smart playlist to your iPhone, choose that setting in the iPhone management screen.

Optimize iPhone Storage with Smart Playlists
Smart Playlists can create playlists based on criteria like star rating and play count. Use them to optimize iPhone storage with these tips.

Create a New Smart Playlist for iPhone
The first step in using a smart playlist to optimize iPhone storage is to create a smart playlist.

Setting Up Your Smart Playlist for iPhone Via Ratings
The next step in optimizing the iPhone's storage via smart playlists is to choose sort by rating.

Name the New Smart Playlist
One of the final steps in making the best use of your iPhone's storage capacity is to name the smart playlist.

You're Done
From now on, the only music that will get synced to your iPhone is your smart playlist, which will now automatically update.

Where to Buy an iPhone Besides the Apple Store
You're ready to buy an iPhone, but you've got many more options for where to buy it than just the Apple Store.

How to Manage & Turn Off In-App Purchases on iPhone
In-app purchases are fun, but they can also be expensive. Save money by turning off in-app purchases or get money back by requesting a refund.

Smartphones Compared: iPhone vs Galaxy, Nexus & More
With so many options, choosing the best smartphone can be confusing. Get clarity using this chart to compare the iPhone 6 to its major competitors.

Chromecast vs. Apple TV: Which Is the Best Streaming Device?
Apple TV and Chromecast both promise to bring web-based entertainment to your living room TV, but they do it in such different ways, which is best?

Which Aftermarket CarPlay Stereo Is Right For You?
Want to bring CarPlay to your vehicle, but overwhelmed by the choices? This chart will help you decide which CarPlay head unit is best for you.

Comparing Every Model of the Apple TV
Which Apple TV model is best for you? This chart compares every Apple TV model--features and benefits, costs and more--in an easy-to-read way.

Need Manuals for the iPod Touch? Download Them Here
The iPod touch doesn't come with a manual, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Figure out which you need, then find the download link here.

iPhone or Android: Which Is the Best Smartphone?
When buying a smartphone, deciding between iPhone and Android isn't easy. They may seem similar, but they're different in some key areas.

iPhone or Android: Which Is the Best Smartphone?
When buying a smartphone, deciding between iPhone and Android isn't easy. They may seem similar, but they're different in some key areas.

All About the Original iPad
Learn about the features, anatomy, price, and other relevant details of the original iPad here.

What Does Every 1st Gen. iPad Port & Button Do?
Learn about the functionality of every port, button, and sensor on the 1st Gen. iPad using this simple, detailed diagram.

What Does Every 4th Gen. iPod touch Port & Button Do?
Find out what every port, button, and sensor on the 4th generation iPod touch does using this simple, detailed diagram.

How to Show Your iPhone Battery Life as a Percentage
Get a more precise idea of how much battery life your iPhone or iPod touch has left by viewing the battery as a percentage. Here's how.

Repair Options for Cracked iPhone Screens
If you repair your cracked iPhone at the cheapest shop, you may lose more than you save. Here's what you need to know when repairing your screen.

Do This If You See a Red iPhone Battery Icon
When your iPhone displays a red battery icon on the lockscreen, what's going on? Do you need to worry?

Switch to the Verizon iPhone or Stay with AT&T?
Are you an AT&T customer thinking about switching to Verizon? While Verizon has some things in its favor, there are reasons to stick with AT&T.

How to Use AirPlay, AirPrint, and Email in Safari
Learn how to use AirPlay for streaming audio and video, emailing links, and AirPrint, to print pages, in Safari.

Browsing Lydia on the iPhone
You can browse the apps and hacks available at Cydia from its main screen.

Browsing the List of Apps in Cydia
Cydia uses categories similar to those in the App Store. Browse by section (aka category), or search for apps, to find good options.

Reviewing the Page for a Cydia App
Just like in the App Store, every app in Cydia has its own page with info about the developer, price, compatibility, and more.

Creating a User Account in Cydia
You need to create an account to use Cydia, but can't use your Apple ID. Instead, try signing in with Facebook or Google.

Link iPhone to Your Cydia Account
After you've set up your Cydia account, you'll need to link the device you're running it on with your account.

Choose Your Cydia Payment Option
Cydia accepts payments through Amazon and PayPal. Learn more about buying apps from Cydia here.

How to Use Cydia on Your Jailbroken iPhone
If you want to use Cydia, you'll have to jailbreak your iPhone. Once you've done that, check out this Cydia tutorial.

14 Must-Dos Before Giving Kids an iPod Touch or iPhone
Lots of kids want an iPhone or iPod touch. If you're a parent with concerns about giving one to your child, these 14 steps may make you feel better.

14 Must-Dos Before Giving Kids an iPod Touch or iPhone
Lots of kids want an iPhone or iPod touch. If you're a parent with concerns about giving one to your child, these 14 steps may make you feel better.

Is the iPhone the Same Thing as Android?
If you're considering buying a smartphone you've probably heard a lot about the iPhone and Android. But are they the same? Is the iPhone Android?

Compare Every iPhone Model Ever Made
The original iPhone was a huge leap over other phones, and each generation since has made big strides. Chart the evolution of the iPhone here.

Review of Senuti, a Program to Transfer Music to Macs
Senuti is iTunes spelled backwards because it does just that: takes music from an iPod and puts it in iTunes. But how effective is it?

All About the Apple Watch
Learn all about the Apple Watch here. From using it for notifications to collecting health data to controlling your digital life, it's all here.

Can You Use Amazon Prime with Apple TV?
Apple TV users can stream movies and TV shows from leading online video sites like iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu. But what about Amazon Prime?

iPod nano: Everything You Need to Know
Everything you need to know about the 7th generation iPod nano, from its specs to its features to reviews and more.

Apple Watch (First Generation) Specs and Hardware
The Apple Watch is a major expansion to Apple's product line and could change the way we communicate. Find out why and learn all about its specs.

Can You Delete the Apps That Come With the iPhone?
Sick of seeing stock apps you never use on your iPhone? A lot of people want to get rid of iPhone built-in apps like Compass, Tips, and Reminders, but is it possible?

How to Shuffle Music on the iPhone
In a a random mood and want to be surprised by songs from your music library? Shuffle your music by using the iOS Music app's Shuffle feature.

Using iBooks and the iBookstore
Have an iPhone or iPod touch? Apple's great ebook app is iBooks; here's what you need to know to use it, change backgrounds, and more.

Reading iBooks on iPhone and Change Settings
Reading in iBooks is as simple as flipping a page--but there's a lot more to it than that. iBooks offers a number of interesting features.

What Formats Does iBooks Support?
The iBookstore is the major place to get material for iBooks, but it's not the only place. Find out what file formats work with iBooks.

Using iBooks Collections and the iBookstore
What's worse than a disorganized ebook library? The Collections feature of iBooks helps you organize your digital library.

Using iBooks and the iBookstore: Settings
Learn how to control some of the lower-level iBooks settings--such as justification and syncing options--here.

Syncing Music to the iPod Shuffle
Sync only certain music to your iPod by checking the boxes on the left or all music by particular artists by checking the boxes on the right.

How to Set up the iPod Shuffle
In most ways, setting up an iPod Shuffle is like setting up any other model. Here's what you need to do to set up a Shuffle for the first time.

Create or Sign In to iTunes Account for Your Shuffle
In order to set up the Shuffle, you'll need to sign in with your existing iTunes account, or create a new one.

Syncing Podcasts, iTunes U, and Audiobooks to iPod Shuffle
Besides music, you can also add podcasts, iTunes U educational content, and audiobooks to your Shuffle. Here's how.

Register Your iPod Shuffle During Set up
You'll now need to register your Shuffle with Apple to continue the set up process.

Give Your Shuffle a Name During Set Up
Give your Shuffle a name or use the default, and choose a few other settings to contine the setup process

iPod Shuffle Content Management Screen
At this point, you'll be presented with the standard iPod management screen. This is where you add content to your Shuffle.

Want to Know What Every iPhone 4S Port and Button Does?
Find out what each button, switch, sensor, and port on the iPhone 4S does in this diagram of the iPhone 4S's anatomy.

How to Save Deleted Photos on the iPhone
If you've ever deleted a photo you need from your iPhone, you know it's upsetting. But there's good news: in many cases, you can save the photo.

About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012 for iPhone/iPod
Nominate and vote on the best iPhone and iPod apps and accessories that you used, or debuted, in 2011.

About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2013 for iPhone/iPod
Nominate and vote on the best iPhone and iPod apps and accessories that you used, or debuted, in 2012.