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Resolve Google Contacts or Yahoo Address Book Conflicts on iPhone
Resolve any conflicts or duplicate contacts when syncing Yahoo Address Book and iPhone with these instructions.

Sync Yahoo Address Book to iPhone
Sync your Yahoo Address Book contacts to your iPhone's Contacts app by following these instructions.

How to Sync Google Contacts to iPhone
Give your iPhone the ability to sync your Google Contacts to your iPhone address book by following these steps.

How to Sync iPhone with Yahoo and Google Contacts
If you use the iPhone for a lot of communication, you'll want a fully stocked address book. Get it by syncing Google and Yahoo contacts.

How to Connect iPad to Wi-Fi in 5 Easy Steps
Need to get your iPad online using Wi-Fi? Follow these 5 simple steps to connecting to high-speed wireless networks.

8 Time-Saving iPhone Secrets You Need to Know
Think you're an iPhone pro? If you want to be considered one, you need to know these 8 time-saving tricks.

Delete Email In a Snap from iPhone Mail
Swipe in the right part of the iPhone Mail app and you can delete emails, mark them as read or unread, and more--often without tapping anything.

Reveal Recently Closed iPhone Safari Tabs
When Safari windows are closed, they're not necessarily gone. Get them back with this simple, hidden feature.

Write Faster with Custom iPhone Keyboards
Want to write faster on your iPhone? Forget typing. Try keyboard-replacement apps that let you make words by drawing lines to connect words.

Get New Contacts Into iPhone Address Book Quickly
You can add new people to your iPhone address book, or update existing information, with just a couple of taps in Mail.

Respond to a Call With a Text Message on iPhone
When you respond to calls with texts on your iPhone, you can communicate with callers even when you can't have a conversation.

Get Snippets of Info in iPhone Notification Center
Forget opening a full app to get one small piece of information. With Notification Center Widgets, all you need is one swipe.

Easy Access to Wireless Features in iPhone Control Center
Forget digging through your iPhone's settings to turn on and off common wireless features. Use the one-swipe, one-tap Control Center.

Security and Privacy Settings on the Apple Watch
Want to control your data and personal information on the Apple Watch? Then you better read this article.

Protecting Private Info on iPhone in iOS 7 and 8
In iOS 7 and 8, Apple introduced new features with new security and privacy settings. Learn about these crucial tools here.

How to Protect Private Info Stored on Your iPhone
Keep the prying eyes of third-party apps from accessing the personal data on your iPhone by learning and using these privacy settings.

5 Ways to Delete Apps from iPod touch, pg. 2
Two more techniques for removing apps from the iPod touch and important info about deleting built-in apps. Page 2.

5 Ways to Delete Apps from iPod touch
Deleting apps from the iPod touch is just about as easy as installing them. And just like installing them, there are multiple ways to do it.

7 Apple Watch Features That Should Be in the Next iPhone
The Apple Watch is packed with breakthrough features that Apple must include in the next iPhone. Here are our top seven picks.

The Next iPhone Should Have Raise to Wake Like Apple Watch
The Apple Watch turns on when you raise your wrist. The next iPhone should wake up when you pick it up, too.

The iPhone 6S Needs a Power Reserve Mode Like Apple Watch
The iPhone 6S should include a power reserve mode to extend its battery life, just like the Apple Watch does.

The Apple Watch's Force Touch Needs to Come to iPhone 6S
Apple needs to bring Force Touch from the Apple Watch to the next iPhone to enable more sophisticated, cooler interfaces.

The New iPhone Should Mirror Settings Like Apple Watch
The way the Apple Watch mirrors the iPhone's settings should be applied to all Apple products, starting with the new iPhone.

The iPhone 6S Needs More Haptic Feedback Options
Haptic feedback--nonverbal, touch-based communication--drives some of the best features of the Apple Watch.

The Next iPhone Should Steal Cover to Mute from Apple Watch
Apple needs to bring the elegant Cover to Mute feature from the Apple Watch to the next-generation iPhone.

How to Avoid Notification Overload on Apple Watch
The Apple Watch displaying iPhone notifications may mean not checking your iPhone as often or overwhelming distraction. Take control.

Apple Watch Notification Settings for Built-In Apps
To control notifications from the built-in Apple Watch apps, you can mirror your iPhone to pick custom settings.

Choose Apple Watch Notification Indicator and Privacy Settings
Begin managing your Apple Watch notifications by choosing the settings that let you know when you have them and how they're shown.

Apple Watch Notification Settings for Third-Party Apps
Controlling notifications for your third-party Apple Watch apps is really simple: there are just two choices.

How to Set up Apple TV
Apple is famous for its user interface and creating products that are a snap to set up and use. This is certainly true for the Apple TV. Hookng up the Apple TV is a snap. In my first set up, it took less than 10 minutes from opening the box to playing music from my iTunes library through my TV's speakers.

How to Set Up Apple Watch and Pair with iPhone
Got a new Apple Watch? To set it up, you'll need an iPhone and to follow the instructions in this step-by-step tutorial.

Pair Apple Watch and iPhone Using the iPhone Camera
You've never paired devices this way before. Connect the iPhone and Apple Watch using the iPhone's camera and an animated cloud.

Set Wrist Preference for Apple Watch and Accept Terms
The Apple Watch changes how it displays data, and how it expects to work, based on what wrist you wear it on.

Enter Apple ID and Enable Location Services for Apple Watch
Just like other Apple products, you'll need to log in to your Apple ID on your Apple Watch. You can also inherit useful settings from the iPhone.

Enable Siri and Choose Diagnostics Settings on Apple Watch
Imagine this: making a phone call by talking to your watch. With the Apple Watch and Siri, you can do it.

Unlock Apple Watch and Install Apps From iPhone
Protecting your Apple Watch with a passcode is the last step before you begin installing apps on the Watch.

Wait for Apps to Install and Start Using Apple Watch
It can take some time, but with your Apple Watch apps installed, it's time to start using your watch.

Comparing iPad Models & Prices (Updated April 2015)
Buying an iPad can be confusing. There around 20 iPad Air and iPad mini models. Get a clear picture of the options and prices with this chart.

Comparing Apple iPad mini Models & Prices
Want to understand what makes each iPad mini model different? Look no further than this model, feature, and price comparison chart. Page 2.

Best iPhone Photo Apps
From capturing fun moments with friends and family to making art, these photo apps will help you transform your iPhone into a mobile darkroom.

What You Need to Know to Sync iPhone to iPad
If you've got both an iPhone and iPad, you need to make sure they have the same data, but can you sync them directly to each other?

Load Up Your Apple Watch With These Apps
Just got an Apple Watch? The built-in apps are fine, but get these apps and you'll discover what the Watch can really do.

Load Up Your Apple Watch With These Apps
Just got an Apple Watch? The built-in apps are fine, but get these apps and you'll discover what the Watch can really do.

How to Connect USB Devices to iPad
Think that just because the iPad doesn't have a USB port that means that you can't use USB devices? Think again.

How to Change Billing Address & Credit Card in iTunes
If you want to be able to keep using iTunes and the App Store, you have to make sure your personal info is correct and up to date.

How to Change Apple ID Email Address and Password
Change the email address you use with your Apple ID, or your Apple ID password, by following these steps.

How to Back Up iPad Using iTunes, iCloud and More
Backing up your data is always a good idea. But since it doesn't have a DVD drive or USB port, how do you back up an iPad?

All About the Second Generation Apple TV
Get to know the features, history, and functionality of the second-generation Apple TV, Apple's set-top box for streaming web entertainment.

How to Add Emoji to iPhone
Spice up your text messages by enabling the hundreds of free emoji icons built into your iPhone or iPod touch. Learn how here.

Monthly Voice and Data Plans for iPhone
Compare the monthly calling and data plans from the major phone companies that offer the iPhone to get the best deal.

How to Get Help for Purchase Problems at iTunes
What do you do when you've got a problem with an iTunes Store purchase? Find out how to get help here.

To Get iTunes Help, Select Recent Purchases
If you want to get help at iTunes for your purchases, you need to go from your account page to your list of recent purchases.

Locate the iTunes Purchase You Need Help With
In your iTunes purchase history, find the purchase you're having a problem with to request support for it.

Select the iTunes Purchase You Need Help With
Once you've selected the order that needs support at iTunes, you need to specify which specific purchase has the problem.

Explain the Problem and Submit to iTunes Support
The final step of reporting a problem with an iTunes purchase is to explain the problem and submit the support request.

Getting Help for iTunes Purchases on iPhone
If you only buy from iTunes right on your iPhone, you can still get support for problem purchases. Here's how.

iPhone 5 Review
Some people were disappointed that the iPhone 5 didn't offer any truly revolutionary features. But they shouldn't have been. The iPhone 5 is a major upgrade and an amazingly good phone.

How To Text Multiple People Using the iPhone
Forget picking up the phone. The fastest way to communicate with multiple people is to send a group text. Learn how to use your iPhone to do it.

How to Make Emails Take Up Less Space on your iPhone
Crunched for memory on your iPhone? Start by making your email take up less room. Here are 3 ways to do it.

How to Save Shortcuts to Your iPhone Home Screen
What's a faster way than a bookmark to visit your favorite website? Try a shortcut added to your iPhone home screen. Learn how to make them.

How to Use the Apple Maps App
Want to learn how to use the built-in Maps app that comes with iOS 6 and higher? Find out how to get turn-by-turn directions, 3D maps, and more.

Getting Turn-By-Turn Navigation Using Apple Maps
Learn how to use the marquee features of Apple Maps, Turn-By-Turn Navigation, here.

Using Apple Maps Options
Use the options in Apple Maps to get better information about how to best get where you're going.

What To Do When You Forget Your Apple ID Password
Forgetting your Apple ID password can be big trouble: you can't buy at iTunes, or use FaceTime or iCloud. Don't be helpless. Reset your password!

A Guide to All Apple TV Models
With four different Apple TV generations, but only two basic designs, it's hard to know which Apple TV is which--unless you've got this guide.

Buying Apple TV
Ready to bring the Internet to your TV with an Apple TV? There's a lot more to it than just buying the set-top box and plugging in it. Find out what here.

How to Restore iPod to Factory Settings
Whether it's because you're selling your iPod or trying to repair it, sometimes an iPod needs to be restored to its factory settings. Here's how.

Install iPod OS & Continue Restoring to Factory Settings
Restoring an iPod to factory settings involves a number of steps, including downloading and installing the latest version of the iPod's OS.

iPod Factory Restore Complete
Once the factory restore is complete, you can do a number of things with your iPod, including sell it or resync content.

Using Private Browsing on iPhone
What you do online is nobody's business. You can't be totally private, but using Private Browsing on your iPhone covers your footprints.

Everything You Need to Know About Apple Pay
Thanks to Apple Pay, your iPhone can replace virtually every credit card in your wallet or purse. Find out all about Apple's wireless payments system.

Introduction to Restoring iPhone From Backup
Losing your iPhone's data may seem like a catastrophe, but it's not. To get your data back, you just need to restore your iPhone from backup.

Entering iTunes Account Information During Data Restore
Now you'll be prompted to enter your iTunes account information. This is the same account that you set up either when you started buying things from the iTunes Store or when you activated your iPhone originally. No need to set up a new account. Page 2.

Choose Which Backup to Restore iPhone From
Select the backup you want to restore and begin the iPhone data restoration process.

Choose Whether to Share Diagnostic Info
Continue restoring your iPhone data by selecting various settings.

Restore iPhone From Backup: Sync Music & Check Settings
Confirm your settings and resync any additional content to your iPhone that you need.

Prepare for iTunes Backup By Adding All Files to One Folder
Make future iTunes library backups easier by setting your library to always store new files in the same location.

Consolidate & Organize iTunes Library To Backup to External HD
When backing up iTunes, you need to consolidate and organize your library to make sure that all of your files are stored in one location.

Drag iTunes to External Hard Drive to Complete Backup
With your music all in one place, you'll just need to find your iTunes folder and drag it to an external hard drive to make a backup.

Burn a CD or Sync Your Playlist Using iTunes
In iTunes, playlists are also used as the first step in burning a CD or syncing playlists to your iPod or iPhone.

How to Create a Playlist in iTunes
Playlists can help you make custom mixes, burn CDs, or sync multiple iPods to one computer. Learn how to make and use playlists in iTunes.

Name and Add Songs to the Playlist
Once you've started creating the playlist, the next step is to give the playlist a name and add songs.

Order the Songs in Your New iTunes Playlist
After adding songs to your playlist, decide what order they go in. You can do this by dragging and dropping the songs.

How to Delete iTunes Playlists
Did you know that there are three ways to delete playlists in iTunes? Here are instructions on doing all three.

How To Undelete Voicemails on the iPhone
Deleted a voicemail that you need back? There are some circumstances in which you can recover deleted voicemails.

47 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? These apps give you your favorite--and soon-to-be favorite--shows on your iPhone.

47 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? These apps give you your favorite--and soon-to-be favorite--shows on your iPhone.

47 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? These apps give you your favorite--and soon-to-be favorite--shows on your iPhone.

47 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? These apps give you your favorite--and soon-to-be favorite--shows on your iPhone.

47 Great Apps For Watching TV on the iPhone
Want to watch TV anywhere you've got an Internet connection? These apps give you your favorite--and soon-to-be favorite--shows on your iPhone.

Free at iTunes Store
Each week, Apple makes music, movies, TV shows, apps, and ebooks available for free at the iTunes Store. These articles help you find that free content.

Free at iTunes Store - 2014 Archive
A collection of the Free at iTunes Store posts from 2014.

Free at iTunes Store - 2013 Archive
A collection of the Free at iTunes Store posts from 2013.

Free at iTunes Store - 2015 Archive
Every week, Apple offers dozens of free downloads--songs, books, apps, TV shows--at iTunes. Grab your freebies here.

Free at iTunes Store - 2012 Archive
A collection of the Free at iTunes Store posts from 2012.

How to Change iPhone Wallpaper
One great way to make your iPhone or iPod touch all yours is to change the wallpaper, lock screen, or both. Here's how.

Just Got an iPhone? Start Here.
Tips, tricks, and quick-start guides for new iPhone users who want to get started using their new phones right away.

What is Digital Rights Management?
A definition of digital rights management, or DRM, as it applies to iTunes and iPods.

Using iPod in Disk Mode
A step-by-step guide to using your iPod as a hard drive to store, transfer, and back up your data.

Enable iPod for Disk Mode
Once you've connected your iPod to your computer, go to the iPod management screen to enable disk use.

Drag Files to Your iPod in Disk Mode
With the iPod's window open, you can see the data on your device and drag new files to it for storage.

Your Files Are Loaded onto the iPod
Step five in enabling iPod disk use: When the move is complete, the files you dragged and dropped will be stored on your iPod.

Open the iPod Icon on Your Desktop
After your iPod is enabled for disk use, it shows up on your desktop like any removable drive. You can open it, browse files and drag new files to it.

Checking Your Space on Your iPod Disk
If you're using your iPod as a disk, you need to know how much storage space is being used. Find out how here.

Weight Loss Tips Using the iPhone and iPod
Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 30, your iPhone can help. From eating better to exercising to reducing stress, try these tips to shed pounds.

8 Ways to Fix an iPhone That Can't Connect to Wi-Fi
The reasons that your iPhone can't connect to Wi-Fi could be simple, or really complex. Whatever they are, this article gets you back online fast.

Add PDFs to iPhone Using iBooks
Put a library of ebooks and business documents in your pocket by adding PDFs to your iPhone. Learn how to use iBooks to sync PDFs here.

Add PDFs to iPhone Using Apps
If you want to add PDFs to your iPhone but don't like the iBooks app, this article will help you find PDF-compatible apps and use them to sync PDFs.

Using Apple AirPlay with AirPort Express
Apple's AirPort Express is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to connect your household speakers to your iTunes library via AirPlay.

Using AirPlay with Apple TV
The Apple TV is a terrific AirPlay device. Besides just streaming audio, you can stream video and photos to your TV with it.

How to Use Speakers with AirPlay
Some high-end stereo receivers and speakers are also out of the box compatible with AirPlay, while others can be upgraded to add that functionality.

How to Use Apple AirPlay
AirPlay is Apple's technology for streaming media to and from iOS devices, computers, and the Apple TV. Learn all about it here.

How to Use AirPlay with Apps
Apps created by Apple and third parties can take advantage of AirPlay. Learn what categories of apps can do this, and what you need to make it work.

All About the iTunes WiFi Music Store
A review of and instructions on how to use the iTunes WiFi Music Store from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Remove Apple Pay From iOS Device Using iCloud, Step 2
Once you've logged into iCloud, removing an Apple Pay card from a device is a matter of three simple clicks.

How to Remove a Payment Card from Apple Pay Using iCloud
If your iPhone is stolen, you may worry about the data on it, especially if you use Apple Pay. But don't worry: use iCloud to remove your credit card

4 Ideas For What to Do With Your Old iPhone After Upgrade
After you've upgraded your iPhone to a new model, what should you do with the old one? Here are 4 ideas.

The Best Super Bowl Apps for the iPhone
Whether you back a team or love the ads, these Super Bowl XLIX apps make you feel like you're right in the thick of the action in Arizona.

Apple TV Review
The Apple TV is capable within the narrow goals Apple has established for it. In fact, it does what Apple promises very well. But is that enough?

iTunes Store Review
A review of the major source for purchasing songs, albums, videos, and more for your iPod - the iTunes Store.

Rdio for iPhone Review
Among the trio of major streaming music apps, Rdio stands taller than Spotify or MOG when it comes to user experience and music discovery, but is it a better app overall?

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos, Shipping Box
Find out what it was like to get the original iPad on its first day of release, starting with this photo of its shipping box.

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos: Open Shipping Box
Opening the first generation iPad's shipping box for the first time revealed this exciting surprise waiting for users. Page 2.

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos: iPad Box
A photo of the original iPad's box, just prior to opening it for the first time. Page 3.

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos: Open iPad Box
When owners of the original iPad opened the iPad's box for the first time, this is what they found waiting for them. Page 4.

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos: iPad and Accessories
A photo of the iPad, accessories, and documentation that came with the first generation iPad. Page 5.

iPad (1st Gen.) Unboxing Photos
What was it like to open the original iPad for the first time? Find out in this series of iPad unboxing photos.

Wait for Handbrake to Convert File
Step six of using Handbrake to convert DVDs to iPod-compatible files: once processing has begun, wait for it to complete.

Scan DVD Using Handbrake
Once you've inserted the DVD, Handbrake will scan the DVD's contents. This is the third step in the process.

Select Handbrake Conversion Options
Step four in using Handbrake to convert DVD video to an iPod file: Navigate through your computer to the DVD and select the file you want to convert.

Sync Handbrake-Created Video to Your iPod or iPhone
Now you've got an iPod-compatible video file that you can add to iTunes and sync to your iPod or iPhone for later viewing

Using Handbrake DVD to iPod Converter
Add video to your iPod using a program to move video from your DVDs to your iPod. Handbrake is a program that does this.

Select File Destination and Convert to iPod Format
Once you've selected the DVD file to convert, you need to select where to save it. When that's done, begin the conversion process.

Download Handbrake DVD to iPod Video Converter
The first step is using Handbrake to convert DVDs to iPod files: download and install Handbrake.

Edit Video Info in iTunes
The file that Vixy generates won't have an easy to read name, so you'll need to edit the file.

Add Video to iPod with Vixy
Vixy lets you convert FLV/Flash video files, such as those used at YouTube, to iPod video formats. This guide tells you how to use Vixy.

Go to Vixy.net to Add Video to iPod
To begin the process of converting YouTube video to an iPod format using Vixy, you need to go to the Vixy website at www.vixy.net.

Find YouTube Video to Convert iPod Format
Step three in using Vixy to convert YouTube videos to an iPod compatible format: find the YouTube video you want to convert and copy its full address.

Select iPod Video Conversion Format
Step four in using Vixy to convert YouTube video to iPod format: Select the video conversion format for Vixy to use.

Convert File to iPod Using Vixy
Step 5 in using Vixy to create iPod files from YouTube videos: Vixy will now go to YouTube and collect the file it's going to convert.

Download the iPod Video from Vixy
After Vixy has converted the YouTube video into an iPod format, you'll need to download the video from Vixy.

Sync Vixy-Created Video to iPod
After you've used Vixy to create an iPod file from a YouTube video, you'll need to add the video to your iPod by syncing with your iTunes library.

How Long Do iPod Batteries Last?
It's not a simple question. How long an iPod's battery lasts depends on a lot of factors, including how the iPod is used and charged.

How to Update the iPhone Operating System
To get the latest version of the iOS on your iPhone, follow the instructions in this step-by-step to updating your phone.

Check for an iPhone Firmware Update in iTunes
After your iPhone has been synced, click the Check for Update button to see if there's anything available to download.

Download Available iPhone OS Update
If there is an update available for your iPhone's operating system, you'll see information about it here.

How to Create Smart Playlists in iTunes
Smart Playlists are playlists that can be automatically created based on rules you set up. Here's how to use them in iTunes.

Open the Smart Playlist Window in iTunes
Step two to creating Smart Playlists in iTunes: In the pop-up window, review and select the options you want to use to create the playlist.

Naming and Syncing the Smart Playlist
Step seven to creating Smart Playlists in iTunes: name the playlists and then sync your iPod in order to add that new playlist to it.

Eject Disc from iTunes and Use Your Burned CD
When the burn is complete, iTunes will make a noise alerting you that your CD is ready.

Add Songs to Playlist Before Burning CD in iTunes
Step 2 in burning a CD in iTunes: add songs to the playlist and give it a name.

Insert & Burn CD using iTunes
The third step of burning a CD in iTunes is to insert a blank CD.

Settings for CD Burning in iTunes
Even after a blank CD is inserted and you've clicked burn, iTunes will ask you to choose the settings you want to use to burn your CD.

Use iTunes to Burn CDs
A step-by-step illustrated guide to using iTunes to burn custom CDs.

Create iTunes Account in iTunes
After iTunes has been installed, you'll probably want to create an account at the iTunes for music and video purchases.

Sync iPod or iPhone Using iTunes
Installing iTunes step nine: Once you’re ready, you can connect your iPod and perform your first sync.

Begin Installing iTunes on Windows
Step two to installing iTunes on Windows: double-click the iTunes installer that you've downloaded.

How to Install iTunes on Windows
A quick guide to downloading and installing iTunes on Windows, as the first step to using it and your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Choose Installation Options for iTunes on Windows
As part of the iTunes installation process, you'll need to choose installation options.

Import CDs to Add Music to iTunes
Once iTunes has been installed, you can begin importing CDs into your iTunes library.

Choose Gift This Option at the iTunes Store
Next to the price of the item you want to give, there's a small button where you can choose the

Sign Into iTunes Account to Give Music & Movies at iTunes Store
In order to pay for your iTunes gift, you'll need to sign in to--or create--an iTunes account for yourself.

Confirm Gift Details at iTunes Store
When you've selected an item to gift in iTunes, you need to fill out information about the recipient.

Review and Place Music or Movie Order at iTunes Store
The final step in giving a gift in iTunes is to confirm the order and place it.

Giving Music and Movies at iTunes Store
While we all like to shop at iTunes for ourselves, iTunes can also be a great source of gifts. Learn how to give gifts through iTunes here.

How to Create an Apple ID
An Apple ID is one of the most important things an iPhone or iPad user can have. You use it for practically everything, not just purchases.

Using Your Apple ID
Once your Apple ID has been created, there's lot of great content you can download and enjoy.

Enter Account Information For Your New Apple ID
If you're creating a brand new Apple ID, begin the process by signing up for an account.

Enable iTunes Features That Use Apple ID
Once you've created an Apple ID, there are a few other features you may want to enable.

Choose iTunes Account Type While Making an Apple ID
The second step in creating an Apple ID is choosing your account type.

Enter Billing Information For Your Apple ID
In order for Apple to bill your for your purchases at the iTunes Store, you need to enter billing information into your iTunes account information.

How to Set Up a New iPod
Got a new iPod? Check out this tutorial on how to use iTunes to set it up and sync your music, podcasts, movies, and other content to it.

Manage Photos On Your iPod In iTunes
If your iPod can show photos, use this page to learn how to manage the photos that get synced from iTunes.

Create an iTunes Account to Use with iPod
There are a number of useful things your iPod can do that require an iTunes account. Create one.

Name iPod & Choose Basic Settings During Setup
After you connect your iPod to you computer and start setting it up, name your iPod and choose some basic settings.

The Main iPod Management Screen
The main iPod management screen in iTunes allows you to control many of the iPod's settings.

Manage Music On Your iPod With iTunes
The tabs at the top of the iPod screen in iTunes allow you to manage what content gets synced to the device, including music.

Manage Podcasts & Audiobooks in iTunes
Podcasts and audiobooks are managed in their own tab. To sync podcasts to your iPod, be sure you check

Manage Movies & Apps For Your iPod
If your iPod can play movies or run apps, you'll be able to manage that content in iTunes, too.

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card
Almost all of us have given or gotten iTunes Gift Cards as presents. If you've got your first one, read on to learn about how to redeem it.

Enter iTunes Gift Card Code to Redeem It
Enter your gift code card and then click the redeem button to add the gift card money to your iTunes Store account.

With Redemption Confirmed, Use Gift Card
ITunes will confirm that you’ve redeemed the card and added the dollar value of the card to your account.

Confirm iTunes Library Location in CopyTrans
To use CopyTrans to move your iPod music to a new PC, you'll need point CopyTrans to the location of your iTunes library on the new PC.

Almost Done with CopyTrans
Despite CopyTrans' transfer seeming to be complete at this point, there's actually one more step.

CopyTrans Imports Content Into iTunes
After CopyTrans has copied the iPod library, it will import it into iTunes automatically. That's when you're done.

Chose Destination for the iPod Files
The next step in using CopyTrans to move the contents of your iPod to your new PC is to choose where the iPod files will go on your computer.

Wait for CopyTrans to Finish Transfer
Using CopyTrans to transfer music from your iPod to a new PC takes different amounts of time depending on how many songs you need to transfer.

Run CopyTrans, Then Plug In iPod
To start using CopyTrans, you need to begin by connecting your iPod to your computer.

View Songs and Choose Which to Copy From iPod
Once you've connected your iPod to a PC running CopyTrans, select from a list of the songs on your iPod that are available to be copied.

Select All Songs in CopyTrans
If you want to use CopyTrans to copy all of the music and other data on your iPod to a new PC, just select

Using CopyTrans
CopyTrans lets you copy or backup your iPod, and transfer iPod libraries. This step-by-step guide shows you how to backup iPods with CopyTrans.

iPhone 4S Product Review
Many people were disappointed by the iPhone 4S, for many reasons. But when you set aside expectations, is it a good phone?

How to Turn Off a Video iPod
The Video iPod doesn't exactly have an on/off button. So how do you turn it off?

When an iTunes Movie Rental Expires
When the 24-hour viewing window for a movie rented from iTunes ends, you'll get a notification of the expiration.

Once You've Finished Watching a Rented Movie
After you finish watching the movie you rented through iTunes, the program will provide periodic warnings about the movie's rental period.

Using the iTunes Movie Rental Service
Want to know how to rent movies from the iTunes Store? Look no further than this step-by-step tutorial.

Select the Movie You Want to Rent from iTunes
The first step in renting a movie at iTunes is--no surprise--finding the movie you want to rent.

Movie Rentals Menu Appears in iTunes
When you start downloading a rented movie, look for a new menu item to appear in the left column in iTunes.

iTunes Movies: Watch Movie or Wait For Full Download
One of the nice things about renting a movie from iTunes is that you can either start watching it before the download is even complete.

Using The Rentals Menu in iTunes
Click on the Rentals menu in iTunes to learn a lot of information about the movie you just rented.

Begin Watching Your Rented Movie in iTunes
Every rented movie in iTunes has a 24-hour viewing limit after you start watching.

Using the Onscreen Movie Rental Controls
The movie player built into iTunes provides all sorts of controls for watching rented movies.

Accept Terms of Service to Rent Movies at iTunes
The first time you try to rent a movie at iTunes, you'll need to accept updated terms of use from Apple.

iPhone Icons Large? What's Happening & How to Fix It
The icons on my iPhone are enlarged. I don't know why and can't figure out how to fix them. Help!

How to Sync Podcasts & iTunes U to iPhone
Podcasts have the same syncing options as the Movie and TV show screens. You can choose to sync none or all of your podcasts.

Resyncing iPhone to Update Content
After you've changed all your sync settings, resync the iPhone to commit all the changes you've made.

How to Sync iBooks to Your iPhone
Manage how iBooks files, PDFs, and audiobooks are synced to your iPhone. Syncing options for Audiobooks work the same way as for standard books.

How to Sync iPhone to Computer
The data management tools that iTunes offers to iPhone users are pretty powerful. Learn how to manage even the most minute sync settings.

Info Tab: Sync Contacts, Email, Calendar to iPhone
The 2nd step in syncing iPhone shows you how to manage which calendars, contacts, and email accounts are updated each time to sync.

How to Sync Movies from Computer to iPhone
The Movies tab in iTunes lets you choose what movies and videos are automatically synced to your iPhone for watching on the go.

Sync Apps from Computer to iPhone
On the Apps page, you choose what apps you sync to your iPhone and how you arrange those apps on your iPhone's screen.

How to Sync an iPhone to a Computer
One of the main things that most users sync to the iPhone is music. Learn how to control what music is synced from iTunes to the iPhone.

Cash for iPhones Review
Planning to sell your used iPhone or iPod to Cash For iPhones? You need to be aware of one very important thing.

How to Sync Photos to iPhone and Computer
The iPhone can sync its photos with your iPhoto library. Choose what photo libraries, if any, to sync with iPhone in the Photos tab.

Sync TV Shows from Computer to iPhone
Sync entire seasons of TV, or individual episodes, to your iPhone from the TV Shows tab.

Syncing Ringtones to iPhone and Computer
The Tones tab is where you manage what ringtones are synced from iTunes to your iPhone. You can sync either All tones or Selected Tones.

iPhone Copy and Paste Options
Once you've activated the iPhone's copy and paste menu, you have to select the text you want to copy. Learn the options here.

How to Copy and Paste Text on iPhone
The copy and paste feature on the iPhone is hidden, but once you find it, you'll be much more productive on your phone.

Pasting Copied Text Into a New Document on iPhone
When you've got your text copied and know where you want to paste it, follow these instructions to complete copy/paste on the iPhone.

How to Add Contact Photos to the iPhone Address Book
Make it easier to match a name and a face, or make your calls more appealing, by adding photos to contacts in the iPhone's address book.

How to Make Free iPhone Conference Calls
It's easy to talk to more than one person at a time on your iPhone. Learn how to in these 5 easy steps.

iPhone Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and Call Waiting
Learn how to use some of the iPhone phone app;s advanced features, like call forwarding and call waiting here.

How to Downgrade From iTunes 12 to iTunes 11
Hate the changes Apple introduced in iTunes 12? You're in luck. With these instructions, you can return to iTunes 11.

Shazam iPhone App Review
A review of Shazam, an iPhone app that can identify music just by

How to Cancel an iTunes Allowance
Want to cancel an iTunes Allowance. Get all the details on how to do it here.

Creating Playlists with iTunes Genius
Genius Playlists use iTunes Genius to create intelligent playlists of songs that sound great together. Learn how to create them with these simple steps.

Review Your Genius Playlist
Once you've chosen the song to use as the basis of your Genius Playlist, iTunes takes over.

Revise or Save Genius Playlist
After your genius playlist is created, you'll be able to revise and save it.

Band of the Day Music App Review
If you're looking to discover new music that you love, but feel overwhelmed by the huge number of places to look, Band of the Day--which introduces you to new music every day--is a great app.

11 Awesome New Features of iOS 5
IOS 5 is bringing some pretty amazing new features to the iPhone. Check out these 9 great features new additions that you're going to love on iOS 5.

Griffin iTrip Auto iPod FM Transmitter Review
Griffin's iTrip Auto is a very good FM transmitter, but why isn't it the top-rated product in its category?

14 Ways to Find a Stolen or Lost iPhone
Your iPhone getting lost or stolen can feel like you've lost more than just your phone, that you've lost $200-$500, too. But that's not necessarily the case, thanks to these apps that can help you track a missing iPhone.

Reading, Writing, and Sending iPhone Email
Having email accounts set up on your iPhone is just the first step. With that done, you'll also want to learn the ins and outs of sending messages, too.

Voice Control on iPhone and iPod
Siri may be the iPhone's most famous voice-activated feature, but it's not the only one. If you don't like Siri, try its predecessor, Voice Control.

All About Using iPhone Voice Control with Phone
Want to use Voice Control to listen to make voice and FaceTime calls? Use these tips.

All About Using iPhone Voice Control with Music
These tips can help you use Voice Control to listen to music, change songs, and control the Music app on your phone.

Tips for iPhone Voice Control
Become a Voice Control expert by using these tips and tricks on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Moving, Deleting, Marking Messages in the iPhone Email App
There are lots of intricacies of managing and deleting emails on the iPhone. Here's what you need to know.

How to Download iPhone Apps from the App Store
The iPhone is no fun without apps. Learn how to buy and download apps from the App Store and how to sync them to your iOS device for use.

Find iPhone Apps at the App Store
The second step in using the App Store to get new programs from your iPhone is to browse the store and find the apps you want.

Download or Buy an iPhone App at the App Store
When you're ready to buy (if it's paid) or download (if it's free) the program, click the Get App/Buy App button.

Sync the iPhone App to Your iOS Device
The last step in adding programs from the App Store to your iPhone or iPod touch is to sync the programs to the device.

Redownload Apps from the App Store with iCloud
If you accidentally delete an app, you can redownload it from the App Store--for free-using iCloud.

Eight Exciting Features of iOS 6
The latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad--iOS 6--adds hundreds of new features. These features are the most exciting.

Belkin TuneBase FM iPod FM Transmitter Review
The Belkin TuneBase FM transmitter expands on the standard iPod FM transmitter feature-set by being built to work with the iPhone in GPS mode, not just playing music to your car stereo. Despite some solid features, unless GPS use is your primary need, its sibling, Belkin’s TuneCast Auto, is probably a better choice.

8 Great Features of iOS 4.2
The release of iOS 4.2 in November 2010 brought a number of great new features to iOS devices. From streaming music and video throughout the house with AirPlay to free Find My iPhone services to changes to the interface, iOS 4.2 offers a number of big changes.

Use Multiple iPods on One Computer: Management Screen
There are a number of techniques to manage multiple ipods on one computer. This article shows how to do it using the iPod management screen.

15 Great Radio Apps for the iPhone
Streaming and downloading are great, but what about radio? If you love radio--for music, talk, or sports--you'll love these radio apps for iPhone.

iPod File Format Compatibility Guide
A guide to what audio, video, and image file types are prevalent online and which ones work with iPod and iTunes.

Setting Up an iTunes Store Allowance
An iTunes Allowance is a great gift: every month it adds a set amount of money to the recipient's account. Here's how to set one up.

Choose to Send iTunes Gifts to Create an Allowance
The second step in setting up an iTunes Allowance involves logging into your iTunes account and going to the allowance page.

Enter iTunes Allowance Recipient and Amount
The third step to set up an iTunes Allowance involves selecting a recipient and the amount of the allowance.


Details About the iPod Classic
The final model in the original iPod line--the iPod Classic--is the most jam-packed iPod of this series.

Details About the Third Generation iPod
How was the 3rd generation iPod better than its predecessors? This information about the iPod explains it.

Details About the Fifth Generation iPod
The 5th generation iPod is commonly known as the iPod Video. I bet you can guess why that is.

Details About the Hewlett-Packard iPod
Has Apple ever licensed the iPod? It sure has. Find out when and to who with this article on a footnote to iPod history.

Details About the Fourth Generation iPod
The 4th generation iPod, aka the iPod Photo, was the first iPod with a color screen and the first to be able to display photos.

Details About the Second Generation iPod
Learn how the 2nd generation iPod differed from the original with this explanation of its feature and capabilities.

Details About the Original (1st Generation) iPod
The definition of what a 1st generation iPod is, what features and specs it had, and how to identify it.

The History of iPod
The iPod wasn't the first MP3 player, but it was the one that helped revolutionize technology. Learn the history of each iPod model here.

How to Set Up Apple Pay
The Apple Pay wireless payment system is secure and super easy to use. Before you can start buying with it, follow these 5 steps to set it up.

Adding & Verifying a Credit Card in Apple Pay
Use your iPhone's camera to enter your credit card number into Apple Pay super quickly.

Setting Your Default Apple Pay Card & Notifications
Choose your default Apple Pay card, your notification settings, and learn how to remove a card from Apple Pay.

Add Card Details for Apple Pay
The second step of setting up Apple Pay involves entering your credit card information into the Passbook app.

Verify & Activate Credit Card for Apple Pay
The final step of setting up Apple Pay is a security confirmation that ensures that the card you're adding belongs to you.

Additional Notes On Managing Multiple iTunes Libraries
If you've got multiple iTunes libraries on your computer, here are a few other things you should know.

How to Manage Multiple iPods/iPhones & Multiple iTunes Library
When you've got multiple iTunes libraries, you can use them to manage multiple iPhones and iPods, too.

Choose the iTunes Library You Want To Use
If you've got multiple iTunes libraries on your computer, you'll need to select which one you want to use when launching the program.

How to Create a New iTunes Library on Your Computer
When using multiple iTunes libraries on one computer, learn how to create a new library to keep your content separate from anyone else sharing the computer.

Using Multiple iTunes Libraries on One Computer
Bet you didn't know that iTunes allows you to use more than one music library on the same computer. Learn how to do it here.

Rate Songs and Improve Stations in iTunes Radio
Customize your iTunes Radio station by rating songs or saving them to buy later.

Using iTunes Radio in iTunes
ITunes Radio is built into iTunes 11.1 and higher. Here's how to use it to enjoy new music based on the music you already like.

Create a New Station in iTunes Radio
Creating a new iTunes Radio station is as simple as clicking a button and entering an artist or song.

Using iTunes Radio: Add Songs or Artists to Station
Once you've started an iTunes Radio station, you can expand and customize it with new artists and songs.

Managing iTunes Radio Settings in iTunes
Control whether you hear explicit content or how ads track you using iTunes Radio's settings.

Creating a Wish List with iTunes Radio
Use your iTunes Wishlist to save and buy music you discover via iTunes Radio.

How to Set Up and Use iPhone Tethering
Tethering, the ability to share your iPhone's cellular data connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices, is super useful. Learn how to get it here.

How to Set Up and Use iPhone Tethering Step 2
There are two options for the kind of tethering plan you can use: Enterprise and standard.

Determine Start Date For Adding Tethering to iPhone Plan
Enabling tethering on your iPhone data plan includes options such as when the feature will go into effect.

Configure Your iPhone to Use Tethering
Once you've added tethering to your data plan, you'll need to configure your iPhone to use the new feature.

How to Know iPhone Tethering Is On & How to Turn It Off
You'll know a device is tethered to your iPhone by the blue bar at the top of screen. You can turn off tethering in the Settings app.

Confirm Tethering Addition to Your iPhone Data Plan
When you've selected a tethering plan and a start date, you'll need to confirm the change to your iPhone data plan.

How to Tether Your iPhone and Computer
Simple instructions for tethering an iPhone to a computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Comparing iPhone 4 Camera vs. 4th Gen. iPod touch Camera
The iPhone 4 and 4th gen. iPod touch both sport two cameras, one on the back, one user-facing. Despite these similarities, the cameras are very different.

iPhone 3G Review
Looking at the iPhone 3G, perhaps you wouldn’t think it’s too different from its predecessor. But looks can be deceiving. And in the case of the iPhone 3G, they’re very deceiving indeed: the iPhone 3G is a big jump past the first-generation iPhone.

iPhone 3G Reviewed, Page 2
iPhone/iPod. Page 2.

15 Great Radio Apps for the iPhone
Streaming and downloading are great, but what about radio? If you love radio--for music, talk, or sports--you'll love these radio apps for iPhone.

iPhone 5C Specs and Features
Learn all about the features and options of the new lost-cost iPhone, the iPhone 5C, including its multi-colored casing.

9 Netflix Related iPod touch and iPhone Apps
Nine apps that let you interact with Netflix--but not actually watch it--from your iOS device.

Watching Movies & Video on the iPhone
Find out what it's like to watch movies and TV on the iPhone.

Siri for iPhone Definition
A definition of Siri, a voice-activated assistant app built into the iOS that allows users to interact with the iPhone 4S by voice.

TuneIn Radio iPhone App Review
TuneIn Radio takes the iPhone radio app and upgrades it with a play/pause live radio function. See if the feature's pros/cons put it above the competition.

Opera iPhone Browser App Review
The Opera Mini Browser is the first real alternative to the iPhone's Safari browser. Even though it doesn't support Flash and has some weird zooming issues, the Opera Mini Browser is fast. This new app finally gives users a choice when it comes to mobile web browsing on their iPhones.

SkyFire iPhone Flash Browser App Review
The SkyFire Web Browser bills itself as the first iPhone browser that can play Flash videos. The app is so popular that it “sold out” within hours of its launch because the developer's servers couldn't keep up. I gave it a whirl to see if all the buzz is warranted.

Weight Watchers Mobile iPhone App Review
Weight Watchers is one of the most popular weight loss plans, with its easy-to-use system of tracking points instead of counting calories. The Weight Watchers Mobile app is designed to make it easier to keep track of your points, but how does the weight loss app fare in real life?

Genius Scan App for the iPhone Review
The Genius Scan app is one solution for managing small documents on the go, including receipts, business cards, or memos. Instead of carrying these papers with you, Genius Scan converts them into a picture so you can email them to yourself.

Yahoo Weather App for iPhone Review
Yahoo Weather is a simple, beautifully designed weather app for the average person. But does it provide enough information for everyday use?

Coupon Sherpa iPhone Shopping App Review
Many big retailers offer coupons or discounts that can help you save money in these tough economic times. Finding these coupons, however, can be time consuming. Coupon Sherpa aims to take the hassle out the process by compiling Internet coupons into one convenient location.

Ringtone Maker by Mobile17 iPhone App Review
A review of the free Ringtone Maker by Mobile17 iPhone app, which allows you to create ringtones up to 40 seconds long.

Nike+ GPS iPhone Running App Review
The Nike+ GPS app faces a lot of competition from excellent running apps like Runmeter GPS or RunKeeper Pro. Nike+ costs significantly less than these apps, so I put it to the test to see how Nike+ stacks up against the leading running apps.

C25K iPhone Running App Review
The C25K app is a great choice for new runners, as it combines an easy-to-follow beginner’s plan with GPS tracking capabilities. Although there are a few downsides to the GPS tracking, C25K is an easy-to-use app that will have you running a 5K in nine weeks.

Photon iPhone Flash Browser App Review
Of all the iPhone browser that claim to support Flash, Photo--though not without its problems--offers the best Flash support and widest range of compatibility.

Beats Music App Review
Beats Music is the latest in a long list of streaming music services—but it might also be the best.

14 Delicious Recipe Apps For Your iPhone
If you love to cook—or just need new menu ideas—you'll be in heaven with these iPhone apps. There's literally no way to try all of their recipes.

14 Delicious Recipe Apps For Your iPhone
If you love to cook—or just need new menu ideas—you'll be in heaven with these iPhone apps. There's literally no way to try all of their recipes.

10 Amazing Comics Apps for iPhone and iPad
The best comic apps make you forget that you're reading on your iPhone or iPad. There are numerous comic apps available, but these are the 10 best.

13 Great iPhone News Apps
Stay up to date with breaking news and get a deep understanding of current events with these iPhone news apps.

Don't Leave Home Without These Great iPhone Travel Apps
Travel to new places can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be. Check out these apps for cheap gas, good eats, and staying awake on long drives.

Best Super Bowl Apps for the iPhone
Find the best iPhone apps for Super Bowl XLVIII. These iPhone Super Bowl apps will keep you in the loop as the big game approaches. Top picks include the official NFL Super Bowl app, the best Super Bowl commercials app, and one of the best football games in the iTunes store.

Best iPhone Recipe Apps for Vegans and Vegetarians
While practically all recipe apps offer some recipes for vegetarians and vegans, these apps are dedicated to those following meat-free diets.

17 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone
Some of the best music apps are free. If you're looking for new music for your iPhone, look no further than these great free music apps.

17 Best Free Music Apps for iPhone
Some of the best music apps are free. If you're looking for new music for your iPhone, look no further than these great free music apps.

iPhone Email Configuration, Detail
This shows additional detail about the first iPhone's email account configuration screen. Page 5.

iPhone SMS/Text Messaging: Conversation View
A screenshot of the original iPhone's text messaging interface. Page 13.

iPhone SMS/Text Messaging: Writing
Like most mobile phones these days, the iPhone text/SMS messaging. This is the basic SMS message composition screen. Page 12.

iPhone Web Browser Bookmarks: Deletion
Want to get rid of bookmarks? This screenshot shows how to delete them in Safari. Page 9.

iPhone Web Browser Bookmarks Menu
This screenshot shows the bookmarks menu in the iPhone's Safari web browser . Page 8.

iPhone Web Browser Settings
This screenshot shows the iPhone's web browser settings. Page 11.

iPhone Web Browser: Multiple Sites
You could keep more than one website open at a time on the original iPhone and move between them like this. Page 10.

iPhone Web Browser Zoom-In Feature
Being able to pinch and zoom on the original iPhone was such a huge change. Page 7.

iPhone Web Browser
The original iPhone's Safari web browser in action. Page 6.

iPhone Email Configuration
This shows the iPhone's email account configuration screen. Page 4.

iPhone Email Message Deletion
This screenshot shows how you deleted email or the original iPhone. Page 3.

iPhone Email Detailed Inbox View
The default view of an email inbox in the Mail app, showing the messages stored on the iPhone for that account. Page 2.

iPhone Email Account Inbox View
The original iPhone Mail app separated email inboxes, as shown here.

iPhone Email, Web Browser, and SMS Messaging
Some of the coolest features of the original iPhone had to do with communication. This screenshot gallery shows those apps.

iTunes and iTunes Store, a How-To Guide
Need to know how to use iTunes Match? Got questions about burning playlists in iTunes? How about Parental Content controls? Learn all about these topics, and many more, in this collection of iTunes articles.

iPhone Video, YouTube & Photos Interface
A gallery of screenshots illustrating the original iPhone's video and photo features.

iPhone Widgets: Calculator
You could split the tip precisely using the Calculator app on the original iPhone. Page 14.

iPhone Widgets: Turn-by-Turn Directions
The turn-by-turn directions interface in the original Google Maps app on the first iPhone. Page 8.

iPhone Widgets: Note Pad
The iPhone's Notes app made it easy to jot down ideas and never lose track of them. Page 15.

iPhone Widgets: Stopwatch
The iPhone's Clock app also packed in a stopwatch feature. Page 12.

iPhone Widgets: Timer
Lastly, the Clock app offered a timer function, too. Page 13.

iPhone Widgets: World Clock
You could see what time it was in pretty much any city in this Clock app. Page 9.

iPhone Widgets: Alarm Clock Display
You're getting up when? The original Clock app that shipped with the iPhone. Page 11.

iPhone Widgets: Setting Alarm Clock
The original iPhone wasn't just a phone, it was also an alarm clock, thanks to this app. Page 10.

iPhone Widgets: Add Stocks
How to add stocks in the original iPhone's Stocks app. Page 3.

iPhone Widgets: Google Earth Directions
You could also get real-life photos in the Google Maps app for the first iPhone. Page 7.

iPhone Widgets: Google Maps Directions
It was kind of revolutionary at the time: The original Google Maps app on the 1st iPhone. Page 6.

iPhone Widgets: Add or Edit Stocks
Step 1 of adding or editing stocks in the original iPhone's Stocks app. Page 2.

iPhone Widgets: Stocks
The interface of the Stocks app that came with the original iPhone.

iPhone Widgets: Weather, Add Location
The basic process of adding a location whose weather you want to track on the original iPhone Weather app. Page 5.

iPhone Widgets: Weather
The basic interface of the original iPhone's Weather app. Page 4.

iPhone Gallery: Other Apps
This gallery of screenshots depicts the other apps that original iPhone included, such as a clock, stopwatch, note pad, and Google maps.

iPhone Phone Address Book: Editing Entries
This is what an individual's contact screen looked like in editing mode on the original iPhone. Page 4.

iPhone Phone Favorites
The iPhone made it very easy to call your closest contacts with this favorites screen. Page 5.

iPhone Phone Missed Calls
It was also easy to keep track of calls you'd missed on the original iPhone, as shown here. Page 6.

iPhone Phone Settings
The original iPhone gave users a handful of preferences for the Phone app, as shown here. Page 8.

iPhone Phone Voicemail
One of the original iPhone's major innovations was Visual Voicemail, a feature depicted in this screenshot. Page 7.

iPhone Phone Address Book: Individual Entry
An individual screen of contact details on the original iPhone. Page 3.

iPhone Phone Address Book
Navigating through your address book on the original iPhone was a snap with this handy list. Page 2.

iPhone Phone Keypad
The basic dialing interface for the original iPhone's Phone app.

iPhone Calendar Adding Event, Step 2
Step 2 of adding an event to the iPhone's calendar: add detail. Page 5.

iPhone Calendar Adding Event: Setting Day and Time
Step 3 of adding an event to the iPhone's calendar: select date and time. Page 6.

iPhone Calendar Adding Event: Setting Repeat
Step 4 of adding an event to the iPhone's calendar: Decide if you want the event to repeat or not. Page 7.

iPhone Calendar Adding an Event
Step 1 of adding an event to the iPhone's calendar. Page 4.

iPhone Calendar Day View
The day view of events in the Calendar app that comes pre-loaded on the iPhone. Page 3.

iPhone Calendar List View
The list view of events in the iPhone Calendar app. Page 2.

iPhone Calendar Month View
The default month view in the iPhone's calendar app.

iPhone iPod CoverFlow
One way to browse the music on your iPhone is via CoverFlow. Page 3.

iPhone iPod Additional Features
The iPod app on the iPhone includes other features like audiobook and video playback. Page 4.

iPhone iPod Listed by Artist
This is the basic view of the iPhone's iPod when viewing the music by artist.

iPhone iPod Listed by Song
Screenshot of the iPhone's iPod when the music is being viewed by song. Page 2.

iPhone iPod Settings
Control the settings of your iPhone's iPod app on this screen. Page 5.

iPhone Interface Gallery: Music Player App
A collection of screenshots depicting the original iPod app that shipped with the first iPhone.

How to Turn Off an iPod Shuffle
If you just got an iPod Shuffle and haven’t had an iPod before, you may be looking for a very common button found on most consumer electronics: the on/off switch. Well, stop your search because the iPod Shuffle doesn’t have an on/off button.

iPhone 5 Questions and Answers
Get the answers to some of the most common questions about the iPhone 5, including its features, its cost, upgrade options, and much more.

16 Remote Control iPhone Apps for Your TV & Stereo
The iPhone is a great media device; with some apps, you can turn it into a remote control for stereos, TVs, and more.

What Is FaceTime for the iPhone or iPad?
FaceTime is Apple's video-calling technology, which began on the iPhone and has been expanded to support other Apple devices.

iPhone Email Tip: Mark as Read or Unread
Keep track of your emails and manage your inbox by learning how to mark emails on your iPhone as read, unread, or flagged.

How to Put Your Apps on Your iPad
Syncing apps, movies, music, and books to the iPad is a snap: just plug the iPad into your computer and syncing will happen automatically.

Top Programs to Transfer iPod to Computer
Deciding between the dozens of programs that transfer iPods to computers can be maddening. After all, they all appear to do similar things and make similar claims. How do you decide which one offers the best combination of features, speed, and price? Read on to learn which iPod-to-computer transfer programs get top marks and which you should avoid.

Top Programs to Transfer iPod to Computer
Deciding between the dozens of programs that transfer iPods to computers can be maddening. After all, they all appear to do similar things and make similar claims. How do you decide which one offers the best combination of features, speed, and price? Read on to learn which iPod-to-computer transfer programs get top marks and which you should avoid.