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Top 13 iPhone Browser Apps
Even iPhone and iPad come with the Safari web browser, you're not stuck only using Safari. Thanks to third-party browser apps, there are a number of good options for your mobile browsing experience--some of which even offer more features than Safari.

Top 13 iPhone Browser Apps
Even iPhone and iPad come with the Safari web browser, you're not stuck only using Safari. Thanks to third-party browser apps, there are a number of good options for your mobile browsing experience--some of which even offer more features than Safari.

The 11 Best Baseball Apps for iPhone
Whatever kind of fan you are, there are great baseball apps that offer the scores, live video, breaking news or tools to manage your fantasy team.

6 World Cup Apps for the iPhone
Want to stay up to date with the latest events in the World Cup? Then you need these iPhone apps so you can have all the details with you wherever go.

Top 8 iPhone Christmas Apps
Get in the holiday spirit with these great Christmas iPhone apps.

The Many Uses of the iPhone Home Button
The iPhone Home button does more than just bring you back to the homescreen. It can also activate Siri and a number of other features.

How to Add Images to iPhone From a Folder
While many people add images to their iPhone or iPod touch using desktop photo management software like iPhoto, that’s not the only way to add images to an iPhone.

How to Download Music to iPad
Syncing music, movies, apps, and other content to the iPad can be as simple as plugging the iPad into your computer. But, if you want to have more control over the downloading music to your iPad, you need to familiarize yourself with the options for syncing music.

How to Sync Movies to iPad
Whether it's movies, TV shows, or an iTunes movie rental, the iPad's big, beautiful screen makes watching video a joy. You need to learn how to use the options for syncing video to the iPad.

How to Download and Sync Apps to an iPod touch
Apps from the App Store don't run on your computer. If you've got an iPod touch, here's how to download and sync apps to your touch.

iTunes Radio Frequently Asked Questions
Apple's iTunes Radio is familiar in some ways -- it's a lot like Pandora or Spotify. But in many other ways, it's a unique Apple service. Get your questions about iTunes Radio answered here.

14 Ways to Find a Stolen or Lost iPhone
Your iPhone getting lost or stolen can feel like you've lost more than just your phone, that you've lost $200-$500, too. But that's not necessarily the case, thanks to these apps that can help you track a missing iPhone.

7 Things To Do When Switching iPhone Carriers
Switching from one carrier to another is often the cheapest way to get a new iPhone. But switching can be complicated. Here's what you need to know.

Top 8 iPhone Shopping Apps
Some of the best iPhone shopping apps can help you save money on the things you buy everyday. Others can help you compare prices, find nearby stores, or figure out if a product is a dud. Shopping apps also include a lot of cool technology -- from picture recognition to barcode scanners, these apps have you covered on your next shopping trip.

Best Social Networking Apps for the iPhone
There are thousands of social networking apps available for the iPhone. These five apps put their competitors to shame and offer features or value that set them apart from other social networking apps.

Top 9 Pregnancy Apps for the iPhone
If you're pregnant, you may find these apps incredibly useful. Track your baby's development or time your contractions with these pregnancy apps.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids
iPhone apps can be tremendous entertainment and educational tools. Here are 10 great suggestions for apps your kids will love.

The 5 Best Cycling Apps for iPhone
If you're heading out for a ride, don't forget your iPhone. With these cycling apps, you can track your rides, improve your performance and more.

Free iPhone & iPod touch Texting Apps
Want to find new ways to stay in touch with your friends--especially from your iPod touch--for free? With these texting apps, it's no problem.

13 iPod and iPhone Gifts Under $30 - Holiday Buying Guide 2014
Sometimes you need a low-cost gift for stockings, office parties, or acquaintances. Try these 13 fairly low-cost iPod and iPhone gifts.

13 iPod and iPhone Gifts Under $30 - Holiday Buying Guide 2014
Sometimes you need a low-cost gift for stockings, office parties, or acquaintances. Try these 13 fairly low-cost iPod and iPhone gifts.

How to Use Control Center on iPhone & iPod touch
Control Center, one of the key new additions to iOS 7, makes doing a lot of common tasks much, much easier. Here's how to use it.

Redownload Apps on iOS Using iCloud
Using iCloud, you can redownload apps via the iOS's built-in App Store app. Here's how to use that feature.

Using iCloud to Redownload from iTunes
Thanks to iCloud, never worry about losing songs, apps, or Books purchased from iTunes again. All your purchases are available for redownload.

Redownload Music or Video on iOS Using iCloud
Music you've purchased at the iTunes Store can also be redownloaded via the iOS iTunes app. Here's how.

Redownload Books on iOS Using iCloud
Redownloading iBooks files using the iOS works very much like redownloading music or apps. To do it, though, you need to use the iBooks app.

How to Change iTunes Import Settings
ITunes lets you rip CDs using file formats like MP3 or AAC. This step-by-step guide explains how to change your settings to get the files you want.

Choose File Type & Quality for iTunes CD Import
When changing the kind of file created by iTunes when it rips CDs, you can choose from MP3, AAC, or a number of other standard file types.

Change iTunes Import Settings
The next step in changing your file import type is to open iTunes' Import Settings options.

Buying iPad eBooks
How to find, download, buy, and sync eBooks to the iPad.

Using Visual Voicemail on iPhone
Visual Voicemail, a feature that lets you see who's left you messages and choose the order you hear them in, is a great feature of the iPhone phone app, but it's not the only one related to messages. Learn about the others here.

How To Upgrade Your iPhone's Operating System
When a new version of the iOS comes out, you need to get its bug fixes and new features right away. Here's how you do it.

Download and Update the New Version of iOS
After you agree to the license, the new version of the iOS will download and install onto your device.

iTunes Checks for Newest iOS Version
When iTunes finds a new version of the iOS for your device, click Next to install it.

Google Chrome for iPhone Review
Here's a brain-teaser for you: when is Google Chrome not really Chrome? The answer is when it's on iOS. Read on to learn more.

iTunes, iPod & iPhone Support
Articles that provides tips and tricks for iPod troubleshooting, iPhone help, and iTunes troubleshooting.

Using iPhone Apps and the App Store
Learn to use the App Store, but also get recommendations on the best iPhone apps in over 40 categories.

iPhone Software - iPhone Programs - iPhone Applications
Information and reviews about iPhone programs and software, which ones to choose, what to use, and how to use it.

How to Copy CD to iPod & iPhone Using iTunes
Buying from iTunes isn't the only way to get music for your iPod or iPhone. You can also copy songs from CDs by ripping them. Here's how.

Click "Import CD" to Copy CD to iTunes
Step three in ripping CDs to iTunes: import and convert the songs.

Wait for All Songs to Import Into iTunes
Wait until all songs have been imported. The process is complete when your computer makes a chime and all songs have a green checkmark next to them.

Check Your iTunes Library & Sync to iPod and iPhone
Now that your songs have been ripped to iTunes, it's time to sync your iPhone or iPod and enjoy your music.

Insert CD Into Computer to Begin Ripping CD w/ iTunes
To begin ripping a CD with iTunes, first make sure you're connected to the Internet, and then insert the CD into your computer.

Watching TV and Movies on Your iPod - iPod Videos
Newer iPods are capable of playing movies, TV shows, and music videos. But what's it like to try to watch a 90-minute movie on a 3-inch screen? Find out about my experiences.

Using Slideshows in the iPhone Photos App
Forget those old carousels of slides. With the iPhone's Photos app, you've got a slideshow in your pocket.

iPhone Tutorials & How-Tos
Step-by-step guides to how to do what you want with your iPhone, from setting it up, transferring phone numbers, syncing your content, and more.

Instructions on Using iPhone, iPod & iTunes
Learn about using the iPhone, iPod, and iTunes--from the most basic set up instructions to advanced troubleshooting and projects--in this collection of tutorials and tips.

iPod, iTunes & iPhone Support
iPods and iPhones are easy to use and powerful, but sometimes things go a little wrong. Whether it's a system freeze or problems downloading songs you've bought, you'll find out here how to solve these problems and get back to the music.

General Maintenance - iPod Maintenance - iPod Care - Caring for iPod
Learn how to care for, clean, and preserve your iPod.

Where to Go for More iPod & iPhone Help
Sometimes you've got a tougher problem than can be solved on this website. In that situation, here are some blogs, messageboards, and stores you can go to for help from even more knowledgeable folks.

Before You Buy iPhone or iPod
Everything you need to know before you buy iPhone or iPod, from detailed spec information about each model, sale information, and thoughts on buying used or refurbished.

iPod, iPhone App, and iPhone Reviews
Thinking about buying an iPod or iPhone? Looking for a good app or just the right accessory? These in-depth iPod and iPhone reviews will help you make a smart choice.

Glossary of iTunes, iPod, and iPhone Terms
Need to know what made the iPod Photo different from the iPod video? Or who invented the iPod? How about explanations of some of the terms people use to discuss the iPhone? This glossary of iPod, iTunes, and iPhone terms has you covered.

Buying or Upgrading an iPad
Discover how you can get the best prices on iPads, how to avoid buying just before a new model launches, and other tips.

iPhone & iPod Manual for iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod Shuffle
Collections of all the iPhne & iPod manuals available to help you understand how to best use your device.

Restarting All iPhone & iPod Models
Step by step instructions on how to restart every iPhone, iPad, and iPod model.

iPod touch Reviews - iTouch Reviews
Find reviews of all iPod touch models, including reviews from actual users, here.

iPhone Help - iPhone Troubleshooting - Fixing Frozen iPhone - iPhone Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for fixing your iPhone when it freezes or when other problems arise.

Best Tour de France iPhone Apps
Cycling fans around the world will be following their favorite riders from Rotterdam to the Paris. If you're a fan, make keeping up with the races easier with these apps.

Syncing Other Email, Notes, and Other Info
Learn how to sync your calendar, contacts, email accounts, and other information from your computer to your iPod touch.

How to Set Up & Sync iPod Touch
Though the iPod touch is very easy to use, it's not quite ready to use out of the box; it requires a little bit of set up.

Set Up as New Or Restore iPod touch from Backup
If you previously had an iPod or iPhone, you can restore its backup when setting up your iPod touch - or you can start from scratch.

Choose iPod touch Sync Settings
You can choose to automatically sync songs, photos, and applications to your iPod touch, or not to do so.

The iPod touch Management Screen
Once you've chosen those settings, you'll be taken to the iPod management screen where you can decide what content to sync to your iPod touch.

Download Apps to the iPod touch
You can sync, remove, and arrange the apps on your iPod touch from within iTunes. These instructions will show you how.

Download Music & Ringtones to iPod Touch
Learn how to control the settings that sync music and ringtones to your iPod touch on this page.

Download Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, & iTunes U onto iPod Touch
iTunes allows you to sync movies, TV shows, podcasts, and iTunes U content to your iPod touch using roughly the same interface for each kind of content. Learn how to use it here.

Download Books to iPod touch
Learn how to sync iBooks files, PDFs, and Audiobooks to your iPod touch.

Sync Photos to iPod Touch
Use your iPod touch like a portable photo album by syncing your pictures from your computer to it and vice versa. Learn about all the options for doing that here.

Why Are There Alternate App Stores (Cydia and Installer.app)?
Apple's App Store is packed full of hundreds of thousands of apps. And yet, with such great diversity and quantity of apps, there are alternative app stores like Cydia and Installer.app/AppTapp. The question is: why?

2013 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners
The 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards at the iPhone/iPod saw over 375 products nominated to be the for top picks in 18+ categories.

iPhone/iPod News App Winner: 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner
The winner of the Best News App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is 5-0 Radio Pro Police Scanner.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Radio App: TuneIn
The winner of the Best Radio App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is TuneIn.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Recipe App: BigOven
The winner of the Best Recipe App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is BigOven.

Best iPhone/iPod Ringtone App Winner: Pimp Your Sound
The winner of the Best Ringtone App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Pimp Your Sound.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPad Running App: Gazelle GPS
The winner of the Best Running App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Gazelle GPS.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Shopping App: SnipSnap
The winner of the Best Shopping App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is SnipSnap.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Texting App: Tango
The winner of the Best Texting App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Tango.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Travel App: TripAdvisor
The winner of the Best Travel App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is TripAdvisor.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Accessory: Kensington Proximo Starter Kit
The winner of the Best iPhone Accessory award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is the Kensington Proximo Starter Kit.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone Case: LifeProof
The winner of the Best iPhone Case award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is LifeProof.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod App: iXpenseit
The winner of the Best App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is iXpenseIt

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best New iPhone/iPod App:
The winner of the Best New App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Rojo Word.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best Business/Productivity App: Clipboard
The winner of the Best Business/Productivity App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Clipboard.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Comics App: Brave Interactive Comic
The winner of the Best Comics App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Brave Interactive Comic.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best Educational iPhone/iPod App: Write it Versus: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
The winner of the Best Educational App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Write it Versus: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Game: Write it Versus: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
The winner of the Best Game award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Write it Versus: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Kids' App: Sock Puppets
The winner of the Best Kids' App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Sock Puppets.

2013 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Music App: Bandsintown Concerts
The winner of the Best Music App award for the 2013 About.com Readers' Choice Awards is Bandsintown Concerts.

Using the iPhone Photos App
While the default state of the iPhone photos app is to have a single photo album--Camera Roll. But you can create addition photo albums on your computer or, in iOS 5, on your device.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Travel App: Boingo Wi-Finder
The 2012 Best Travel App award winner was Boingo Wi-Finder.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Radio App: iHeartRadio
The top-ranked radio app in the Best Radio App category in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards is iHeartRadio.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Music App: MyTunes Pro
The sweetest sounding music app in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards, according to the voters, was MyTunes Pro.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Kids' App: Feed the Monster Game
Feed the Monster, the 2012 Readers' Choice Award winner for Best Kids' App, win in two categories.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Game: Feed the Monster Game
Feed the Monster not only won the Best Game award, but also Best Kids' App.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best Educational iPhone/iPod App: LetterSchool
LetterSchool took the title as the best educational app in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone 4S Case: LifeProof
The Best iPhone 4S Case award was won by LifeProof in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock: Audyssey Audio Dock
The Kicker iK501 won the Best iPhone/iPod Speaker Dock award in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod App: FileHound
FileHound, a remote file and program access app, took home the top honor in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best New iPhone/iPod App: PDF Connoisseur
PDF Connoisseur garnered the Best New App award in the 2012 iPhone/iPod Readers' Choice Awards at About.com.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Recipe App: BigOven
BigOven won the best recipe app award in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards, marking its second straight win.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPad Running App: IMapMyRun
The Readers' Choice Award for best running app in 2012 went to iMapMyRun.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Comics App: Disney Comics
Disney Comics, a store and reader combination, took the top spot in the Best Comics App award for 2012.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Shopping App: ShopKick
The best shopping app award was taken by ShopKick, an app that not only helps users get good deals, but also helps them earn reward points.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Ringtone App: AutoRingtone Pro
The Best Ringtone App winner is AutoRingtone Pro, an app that lets users create spoken ringtones with almost any content in them.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards Winner - Best iPhone/iPod Texting App: textPlus
Text Me! took the top spot as the Best Texting App in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards voting.

2012 iPod/iPhone Readers' Choice Awards Winners
The 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards at the iPhone/iPod saw over 325 products enter the running for top picks in 15+ categories.

Introduction to Limited iTunes Sync
A lot of people, especially those with very large music libraries, only want to sync some of their music to their iPods and iPhones. Here are two techniques that let you do just that.

The Basics of Using Safari, the iPhone Browser
Learn the basics of using Safari, including how to zoom in and out on web pages, opening multiple web pages, and how to open a link in a new page.

Multiple iPods on One Computer Using Playlists
It’s not hard to imagine a home with more than one iPod – you may already live in one, or are thinking about it. But what if you all share just one computer? How do you handle multiple iPods on the same computer? The answer? Easily!

How Do I Connect My iPod To My PC?
As long as you've got an Internet connection, you've got everything you need to set up an iPod--and the process is pretty easy.

Restore iTunes From Backup on an External Hard Drive
If you had the good sense and foresight to backup your iTunes library on an external hard drive, life is good for you if you have a hard drive failure or need to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer. Restoring your iTunes library from backup will let you overcome a data loss or make moving the library much easier. Here's how to do it.

How to Contest iPhone Data Roaming Charges
If you're not careful, iPhone data roaming charges can add up to hundreds or thousands extra on your monthly bill. These instructions will help you contest the charges and, if you're persistent and lucky, maybe not have to pay them.

iTunes Sync: How to Only Sync Certain Songs
Learn how to manage the music synced to your iPhone or iPod by unchecking songs in iTunes. Page 2.

How to Set Up iPhone Email Two Ways
There are two ways to add email accounts to the iPhone: on the phone itself or on your desktop computer. Read on for instructions on how to use both.

Using Up Next in iTunes
With the release of iTunes 11, Apple transformed the way users can shuffle through their music libraries. iTunes DJ was gone, replaced by Up Next. Here's how to use it.

How to Set Up the iPad
Setting up the iPad is pretty simple, but there are a lot of steps to get you from turning the device on to using it. Learn about them here.

Configure Wi-Fi and Location Services on iPad
Your next step in setting up your iPad is to join a Wi-Fi network and to configure Location Services.

Set Up New or From Backup, Then Enter Apple ID
Choose how to set up your iPad and sign in with your Apple ID.

Set Up iCloud and Find My iPad
Set up Internet services like iCloud and Find My iPad to continue setting up your iPad.

Set Up iMessage, FaceTime, and Add a Passcode
Add communication tools and security to your new iPad in this step.

Complete iPad Set Up
At this point, you're done with setting up your iPad and are ready to get started.

Using Playlists to Only Sync Certain Songs in iTunes
The other way to control what songs get synced to your iPhone or iPod is by creating playlists and only syncing those. Here's how to do that.

How to Format an iPod
You usually don’t have to worry about formatting your iPod - it happens automatically when you first set up your iPod. If you use your iPod with a Mac, it is Mac formatted. If you use it with Windows, it gets Windows formatting. But what if you used to have a PC and just bought a Mac, or vice versa, and want to use your iPod with it? Then you have to reformat your iPod. Here's how.

Set Up iCloud Keychain and Siri
A pair of useful, but not crucial, features are options in this iPad set up step.

How to Add Folders to iTunes
You don't have to add songs to iTunes one at a time. Instead, you can put them into folders and add the whole folder, all at once. Here's how to add folders to iTunes.

Add The Folder to iTunes
Step two in adding a folder of songs to iTunes - dragging the folder into the main iTunes window.

Select to Folder to Add to iTunes
A window will pop up asking you to select the folder you want to add. Find the folder you created on your desktop and choose it.

How to Setup iCloud & Use iCloud Backup
Keeping your data in sync across multiple computers and mobile devices can be very difficult. Or at least, it used to be. Thanks to Apple's free iCloud service, it's simple. Learn how to set up and use iCloud here.

Setup iCloud on Mac & Windows
To get the most out of iCloud, you need to set it up on a computer, not just iOS devices. Here's how to do that on both Mac and Windows.

Setup & Use iCloud on iOS
Setting up iCloud on an iOS device is easy, since it's built into the OS. Learn how to sign in and configure iCloud on the iOS here.

Using iCloud Backup
iCloud is great not just for syncing data across devices, but also for creating a web-based backup. Here's what you need to know about backing up to iCloud.

Using iCloud
Once you've got iCloud set up and configured, many different apps can use it. Here's a list of those apps and how they work with iCloud.

How to Use iTunes Sharing
One of the neat features of iTunes is that it allows you to share your music library with other iTunes users on your network and to listen to other shared libraries as well. This guide shows you how to enable iTunes sharing.

Turn on iTunes Sharing
Step two in turning on iTunes sharing: At the top of the preferences window, enable the sharing of your iTunes library.

Dealing with Firewalls and iTunes Sharing
Sometimes, when sharing iTunes libraries, firewalls can prevent or inhibit the sharing. Here's how to deal with firewalls in that instance.

Find and Use Shared iTunes Libraries
With iTunes Sharing enabled, you need to learn how to find shared libraries to enjoy.

Fox News iPhone App Review
The Fox News app wasn’t around when we wrote our review of the best iPhone news apps a few months ago. Now that the news organization has finally released an app, we take a look to see how it stacks up against other heavyweights like AP Mobile, CNN or The New York Times.

Versus Tour de France iPhone App Review
The official Versus Tour de France app may be pricey, but we’ve been loving the live Tour video. The app isn’t without its faults, however, so some may question whether the Versus app is worth the high price tag.

AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner iPhone Recipe App Review
AllRecipes.com puts a fun spin on the traditional iPhone recipe app -- and I mean that literally. Instead of searching by keyword or category, the AllRecipes app uses a virtual spinner to help you find new recipes. It’s a neat idea that is well executed, but the app lacks some features you may want in a recipe app.

Scosche freqOUT iPhone Car Kit Review
Scosche's freqOUT iPhone car kit offers impressive sound, so why isn't it our top pick in the category?

Marvel Unlimited App for iPhone Review
The Marvel Unlimited app introduces the Spotify-style all-you-can-read model for reading comics on the iPhone. It's pretty great, but it's not perfect.

Fantastical iPhone Calendar App Review
Fantastical lets you replace your iPhone's built-in Calendar app with a more powerful alternative. But does it offer everything Calendar does?

Songza Streaming Music App Review
Songza offers a large collection of curated streaming playlists--for free--matched to your mood and the time of day. What it doesn't offer, though, is a streaming infrastructure robust enough to deal with inconsistent bandwidth.

Todoist To Do App Review
Todoist is another entry into the increasingly crowded iPhone to-do list app space, but its advanced features and elegant interface make it a top contender.

Alfred Restaurant App Review
Alfred, an app that aims to find you new restaurants and bars near you based on what you already like, knows a lot of restaurants. But how well it knows you is a major factor in its usefulness.

Barnes & Noble Nook App for iPhone Review
Like the Kindle app, the Nook app for iPhone doesn't offer many perks, but it does provide a solid reading experience. It has one major flaw, though.

Seesmic Facebook and Twitter App Review
Seesmic may not have bragging rights at the official Twitter app for iOS, but its semi-outsider status gives it freedom--and features--that the official can't match.

Orchestra iPhone To Do App Review
Orchestra is a to-do app for the iPhone that excels at sharing tasks among groups and almost certainly will find passionate fans among creative organizations and businesses. But with its lack of some common features--like specific due dates for tasks--can it meet the average individual's needs?

Mercury iPhone Web Browser App Review
Mercury, a web browser app for the iPhone, gives Safari a run for its money in some areas, most notably speed. But a few bug and a general feeling of lagginess hold it back.

Dolphin Browser for iPhone Review
Apple's Safari browser may have finally met its match with Dolphin, a browser that not only does everything that Safari does, but adds a lot more besides.

Ring.tones+ iPhone Ringtone App Review
Ring.tones+ is a new app that includes more than 100 ringtones for your iPhone. You’ll be impressed by the interface, but are the limited sounds enough to earn Ring.tones+ a spot on our list of the best iPhone ringtone apps?

gMusic Google Music App Review
Google Music may be a competitor to iTunes, but that doesn't mean that the two can;t co-exist on your iPhone. And, with the gMusic app, you can have both easily.

Adidas miCoach iPhone Running App Review
Running apps, which use the iPhone’s GPS to track your runs, are popping up all over the iTunes app store. You’ll pay between $5 and $10 for the best running apps, which is why I was eager to test out the Adidas miCoach app. Is this free app a good budget alternative to RunMeter or RunKeeper Pro?

Call Screen Maker iPhone App Review
The most common way that people customize their iPhones usually involves changing the device's wallpaper. Call Screen Maker on the other hand, though, allows a new layer of customization: the call screen.

Textie Messaging iPhone SMS App Review
Textie Messaging is another option for texting from the iPod touch if you don’t like textPlus or TextFree Unlimited. Although it has some downsides compared to other texting apps, Textie Messaging does have a terrific interface that is a lot less cluttered than its competitors.

Awesome Note +ToDo iPhone App Review
Awesome Note +ToDo is one productivity app that will satisfy both your note-taking and to-do list needs. The app is packed with features, but how does it perform in the real world? The interface isn’t the easiest to use, but Awesome Note definitely exceeded my expectations once I learned my way around.

Groupon Mobile iPhone Shopping App Review
The Groupon app uses the power of group purchasing to help individuals obtain excellent deals on everything from cooking classes to laser hair removal. It’s only available in select cities, but the Groupon app is a fun and worthy app to add to your iPhone.

Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper App Review
Consumer Reports is one of the best sources for independent and unbiased testing on a variety of products. That’s why I was so excited to see that the nonprofit organization finally launched an iPhone app, the Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper. Unfortunately, the app isn't a total success

iPhone Safari Settings and Security
This article will help you learn how to change some important Safari settings on the iPhone, as well as how to erase your digital tracks when browsing the web.

Reviews of iPhone Headphones - iPhone Headphones - iPhone Headphone Adapters
Reviews of iPhone-compatible headphones, earphones, and earbuds, as well as adapters to make existing headphones work with the iPhone.

Best iPhone Apps for Summer Fun
These iPhone apps are perfect for your next summer vacation or bbq. Some top choices include Weber's On the Grill app or the Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide app, which helps you make safe sunscreen choices. Whether you love reading on the beach or prefer to mix up cocktails at an outdoor party, there are plenty of summer apps to keep you satisfied.

Watching TV & Movies on the iPod
A review of the experience of buying TV shows from the iTunes Store and watching TV on your iPod.

How to Use Common Filetypes on iPhone
The iPhone included support for viewing many kinds of documents in the iOS. But viewing doesn't always mean creating.

Skipping a Single Song in iTunes
How to set iTunes to always skip a single song in shuffle or up Next modes. Page 2.

How to Skip Songs When Shuffling in iTunes
Keep songs you don't want to hear out of your music mix by always skipping some songs when shuffling in iTunes. Learn how to do that in just a few steps.

How to Skip Multiple Songs in iTunes
How to set iTunes to always skip multiple songs in shuffle or Up Next modes. Page 3.

Instagram iPhone Photography App Review
See how the Instagram app stacks up against other top iPhone photography apps. Instagram combines artistic filters with social networking features so you can create unique pictures and share them with friends.

2Do iPhone To Do App Review
2Do isn't the cheapest iPhone list app, but it is one of the most stylish. This feature-packed productivity app includes a bevy of features that will help you manage your daily tasks. If your to-do list is out of control, the 2Do app is definitely worth a look.

TeuxDeux iPhone To Do App Review
TeuxDeux is an interesting entry into the iPhone to do list app space. Its bare bones interface will appeal to minimalist design lovers and those seriously focused on efficiency, but with fewer features than competing apps and a free web version the provides the same functionality, should TeuxDeux be at the top of your list?

MLB.com At Bat iPhone App Review
Baseball season is underway and what better way to celebrate than with a new iPhone app? The MLB.com At Bat app is one option for baseball fans who want to track every minute of the upcoming season. The free baseball app is a pretty fantastic value, but I'm skeptical about paying $15 for the paid version.

Meebo iPhone IM App Review
Meebo is one of many chat apps in the iTunes store, but it sets the standard. See why this social networking iPhone app is the one to beat when it comes to instant messaging and chatting.

Amazon Mobile iPhone Shopping App Review
Amazon.com is the king of online shopping sites, so how does Amazon Mobile (Free) stack up against other iPhone shopping apps? With a number of neat features, the Amazon Mobile app makes it easy to shop for pretty much anything -- right from your iPhone or iPod touch.

RingtonesX iPhone Ringtone App Review
If you want new ringtones without making them yourself from your existing music, RingtonesX is worth a look. While the app advertises up to 50,000 hits, there is a big asterisk next to that claim.

Mario Batali Cooks iPhone Recipe App Review
Mario Batali Cooks is an excellent iPhone recipe app. With over 60 exclusive Italian recipes and step-by-step videos and photos, the Mario Batali Cooks app definitely deserves a download. There's also plenty of extra information about wine, recipe pairings, and basic kitchen techniques.

Epicurious Recipes App Review
Unlike many iPhone recipe apps, Epicurious offers thousands of recipes without costing you anything. The Epicurious app has plenty of drool-worthy recipes, but they could be displayed in a better way. We also found a small glitch in the shopping list, which leads to a lower rating.

Whole Foods Market Recipes App Review
For a free recipe app, Whole Foods Market Recipes (Free) includes a good amount of content. The app has a solid collection of recipes, and features like a shopping list and the ability to search by ingredients you already have on hand make Whole Foods one of the top iPhone recipe apps.

Jamie Oliver 20 Minute Meals iPhone Recipe Review
Jamie Oliver's 20 Minute Meals is an excellent recipe app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It combines a gorgeous interface with detailed, step-by-step pictures for each recipe. Other benefits include helpful how-to videos and an integrated shopping list.

Slacker Radio iPhone App Review
Slacker Radio is a free radio app that provides access to over 130 preprogrammed radio stations. Slacker is up against some tough competition from the likes of Pandora and Last.fm, but -- with the exception of a few crashes here and there -- it holds its own against the other free radio apps.

Daytrotter iPhone App Review
Hidden amongst the bigger-name free music apps for the iPhone and other iOS device is Daytrotter, a completely free archive of hundreds of mini concerts indie bands both big name and obscure. The price is right, of course, but does Daytrotter have what it takes to make it into our list of the best free music apps?

Shopper iPhone Grocery App Review
Shopper is one of my favorite grocery list apps. It includes a large item database, functional barcode scanner, and many unique features that set it apart from the competition.

FoodScanner iPhone Diet App Review
With the FoodScanner app, you can scan UPC barcodes to quickly and easily add foods to your diet log. The scanner works remarkably well, but is FoodScanner a better deal than other weight loss apps that are available for free? About.com takes an in-depth look.

Air Display iPad & iPhone App Review
Recent productivity studies have shown that adding a second monitor to your computer can increase your productivity. While the promise of increased productivity may be appealing, not everyone wants to spend the money for a second monitor. But if you've already got an iPad or iPhone, and a spare $10, you can have a second monitor using Air Display.

Dragon Dictation iPhone App Review
Dragon Dictation is one of those iPhone apps that will impress you -- not only can it recognize your words, but it will transcribe them with lightening speed. You can use Dragon Dictation to transcribe emails, messages, or even tweets.

CoverScout iTunes Art Importer Review
Now that CoverFlow is used so widely in iPod products, having album cover art is practically a necessity. But Apple's iTunes art importer tool sometimes misses art or gets the wrong cover. You can add cover art manually, but that can be a lot of work. If you want a faster option, consider CoverScout.

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