iPhone / iPod Sitemap - Page 8 2014-04-20

Black Friday iPod Deals
If you're considering joining in our nationwide, post-turkey buy-gasm today, you may want to take advantage of some great deals on iPods and related consumer

Report: Wal-Mart Gives DRM Ultimatum
DRM, I'd say your days are numbered. If the calls to end the restrictions from Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, and others weren't enough, the world's largest retailer has

Great Holiday Clearance Deals at Apple Store
If you're looking to pick up some iPod bargains for the folks on your gift list this year, head on over to the special deals section of the Apple Store online.

TV Show Downloads Coming to Canadian iTunes Store
Canadians are now able to start buying TV shows from their local iTunes Store. Shows available include those from the CBC, CTV, Comedy Central, MTV, and NHL

iEphemera: PlayStation Emulator Coming, Also new iPhones, GPS?
There are a few interesting items in my regular round-up of smaller iPhone news items. Here's what's happening: Goldman Sachs expects two new iPhone models

iPhone to Japan in 2008?
The iPhone will be making its debut in Japan, probably in 2008, according to an article at the Wall Street Journal online (unless you've got a subscription, you

Free at iTunes This Week
The last set of free downloads before Christmas is heavy on the holiday music and includes a Bible reading by Samuel L. Jackson! Music Ding Dong! Merrily

Classic Games Come to iPod
For those of you who love either gaming on your iPod or classic console games in general, Apple has good news for you at the iTunes Store this week. The company

Merry Chrismas
For all of you out there celebrating Christmas this year, have a merry one. Hope you got the presents you asked for and have a great time with family, friends,

iPhone a Success in UK
The iPhone seems to be a success in the UK, according to figure related by Matthew Kay, CEO of O2, Apple's iPhone partner in the country. The stats: 200,000

First Free iTunes of 2008
A little delayed by the New Year's holiday, but your weekly helping of free iTunes downloads can be counted on. Music Buck Buck, by DJ Envy & Red Cafe

The Secret History of the iPhone
All you iPhone lovers will be interested in this one: Wired magazine's latest issue has an in-depth accounting of the history of the iPhone going all the way

Poll: What Do You Want To See at Macworld?
Macworld 2008 is this week and we all know that Steve Jobs' keynote is where the most exciting news from Apple for the first half of 2008 is going to come.

Macworld: New iPhone Software, iTunes Video Rentals, Updated AppleTV
Some predictions were fulfilled, others were nowhere to be seen, but here are the new products, software, and services announced by Apple at the Macworld Expo

Lotus Notes NOT Coming to iPhone - Yet
Just a week or so ago, it looked like momentum was gathering behind the idea that the iPhone was about to become a serious option for corporate America. We had

Community Tech Support: iPhone On-The-Go Playlists
This is the first of a new, irregular series I'm going to be running on the blog. I'll post here when a reader emails me with a question that I feel like I

How Many Unlocked iPhones Are There?
One the biggest sub-rosa issues surrounding the iPhone these days is exactly how many phones have been purchased for unlocking. Unlocking is the process of

Apple Introduces 2GB iPod Shuffle
Apple has doubled the capacity of the iPod Shuffle, and cut the price of the low-end model. The new 2GB iPod Shuffle, introduced this morning, will be available

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Paradise, by Ana Laan (single of the week and latin single of the week) - Download at iTunes Wait Til I Get There, by Eric Durrance (discovery

iPhone SDK: Ships in June, $100 Million Venture Fund
At an event at its headquarters today, Apple detailed its plans for the iPhone SDK, the software that will allow third-party developers to create programs that

iEphemera: Unlimited iPhone Plan, Java Coming to iPhone
Another round-up of smaller, but interesting iPod and iPhone news items: AT&T has added an unlimited calling plan for iPhone users: $119.99 a month, but

Shortages Hit 16GB iPhone?
There are reports of shortages of the recently introduced 16GB iPhone. The shortages are apparently hitting supplies in both The U.S. and Germany. The reports

Apple Releases 5th-Gen. iPod Software 1.3
Apple has released software version 1.3 for 5th-generation iPods. If you have that model, you can download the new software by syncing your iPod and checking

Most. Expense. iPhone. Ever.
Despite having covered a fair few of these jewel-encrusted iPods and iPhones, complete with their absurd price tags, I've kind of gotten bored with them. Yes,

Flash Coming to iPhone
A frequent source of criticism of the iPhone, especially its web browser, is its lack of support for Flash, Adobe's ubiquitous web animation and content tool.

iPhone SDK Blocks Access to iTunes
The iPhone SDK does not allow developers to write code that accesses iTunes on the phone - and thus blocks music playback, according to a report from The

Updated iPhone Coming in June?
Gadget lovers are ever chasing the latest and greatest new devices. When it comes to the iPhone, rumors have it that they'll only need to wait until this June

MySpace to Launch Music Download Store
Social networking titan MySpace will launch a music download store with the participation of three of the four major music labels. The store, which is

Free at iTunes Store This Week
It's a video-heavy week at the iTunes Store for your free downloading enjoyment. Music Run and Hide, by Algebra (single of the week) - Download at iTunes

Design an iPod Skin, Win an iPod
Who wouldn't like to win a free iPod? And to do so, all you need to do is express yourself creatively! Dawn Stacey, About.com's Guide to Contraception,

Nike+ Coming to iPhone
The Nike+ iPod-integrated exercise system is coming to the iPhone. The device, an oler version of which includes a wireless transmitter that integrates with

iEphemera: iPhone Around the World
While the iPhone isn't much of a story in the U.S. right now - people are using a lot of them and loving them, of course, but nothing really exciting is coming

New "iPhone Black" Just Around the Corner?
Speculation has long been that the new version of the iPhone - one with more storage, fast 3G Internet connection, and other new features - would be released

HBO Brings Sopranos, The Wire to iTunes
HBO has brought its original series - including the hits The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Wire, and Deadwood - to iTunes. Episodes from the series are

iPhone: More Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wireless Downloads?
Ahead of next month's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), at which Apple will unveil the final version of the iPhone 2.0 software that allows third-party

UPDATED: AT&T to Offer iPhone Insurance
Or maybe not - no insurance from AT&T, folks. UPDATE: That said, you do have some options for iPhone insurance. Come June 2, any of you with a penchant for

Europe Gets Better iPhone 3G Upgrades Than U.S.
There are lots of great things about living in Europe - culture, cuisine, a strong currency - and, if you're an iPhone devotee, much better upgrade offers.

iEphemera: iTunes Tops 5 Billion; iPod Sales Growth; Piracy
Just five years after its 2003 launch, Apple's iTunes Store sold its 5 millionth song last week. This comes less than a year after the 3 billionth song was

Forums Now Working
After some tech support wrangling, I'm happy to say that the discussion forums on this site are now working. You can access them here. The forum is a great

iPhone 3G to Be Bricked at Point of Sale?
According to an internal AT&T memo, the iPhone 3G may be bricked - in a locked state that requires activation for functionality - when it is sold. If

Lines Already Forming for iPhone 3G
Well, I suppose it's not unexpected, but there are already lines forming, especially outside the NYC Apple Store, of people waiting to get their hands on the

Italy Has Three iPhone 3G Carriers
My fellow Americans - wouldn't this be neat? Folks interested in buying the iPhone 3G in Italy have more choices to make than just whether to pick up the 8GB or

Big Pre-Launch iPhone 3G Roundup
Well, tomorrow’s the big day for the iPhone 3G launch and Apple has unleashed a deluge of exciting new content onto the web in preparation for it. A few other

I've Got An iPhone 3G
I'm now the happy owner of an iPhone 3G. I haven't set it up yet (blogging obligations come first, natch!), but the process of getting it was very smooth. I

Donna Martin Graduates! (And Gets This Nice iPod)
Who can forget the classic Donna Martin Graduates episode of the 1990s-zeitgeist TV show Beverly Hills 90210? If you worry that you're at risk of doing so, or

iPhone 3Gs Subject to Case Cracks?
A number of sites covering the iPod and iPhone are reporting this week that the iPhone 3G is subject to cracks appearing in its case without an event like a

Users Complain About iPhone 3G Reception
Are you having problems with the reception or network connection on your iPhone 3G? You may not be alone. In fact, it may be a widespread problem. My old

iPhone 3G Reception Problems to be Fixed in Software?
The iPhone 3G reception and network connection problems reported on last week may be able to be fixed by a software update, rather than a hardware fix,

Are 3G Connection Issues Network, not iPhone, Problems?
A pair of new reports indicate that the widely reported 3G connection issues affecting the iPhone 3G may not be a problem unique to Apple's new phone, but

Free at iTunes This Week
With the introduction of HD TV show downloads from the iTunes Store, Apple offers a handful of free TV episodes available in the new HD format this week. Enjoy!

iPhone Firmware 2.1 Now Available
Apple has released iPhone firmware 2.1, as promised, today. The free update, which the company announced at its iPod event earlier in the week, adds the

AT&T to Add iPhone to U-verse Bundles
Phone companies love integration these days. They love selling phone, Internet, TV, and other services in a bundle to their customers. Now, it seems, AT&T will

iPhone 3G Battery Life Isn't So Hot
Not exactly a revelation, I know. But still. As I mentioned on Monday, I was on vacation last week. Unlike my normal workdays - which involve sitting in

Unsurprisingly, Apple Keeps iTunes Store Open
The Copyright Royalty Board ruling that could have, according to Apple, shuttered the iTunes Store was handed down yesterday and neither Apple, nor folks who

Report: Apple Sells 10M iPhone Already
Apple may already have met its goal of selling 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008, according to one new report. Volunteers at the website Mac Observer

Apple Ships Replacement Power Adapters
The new iPhone power adapters, being sent to customers as part of a product recall, have begun shipping, according to some reports. The old adapters carried a

Wozniak Says the iPod's Days Are Numbered
Steve Wozniak, Apple's co-founder (but who no longer has a role at the company), thinks the iPod's days are numbered and that it will die out like the

Free iPhone with Every Diploma
This story rings a bell (in that others have tried it, I think), but: Abilene Christian University in Texas is giving incoming freshman their choice of a free

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Go, Go, Go, by The 88 - Download at iTunes My Roots Are Showing, by Crystal Shawanda (discovery download) - Download at iTunes Agua Castradora, by

Free AT&T WiFi Comes to the iPhone
As iPhone owners in the U.S. have been learning in the past day or two thanks to text messages sent by AT&T, they will now have free access to over 17,000 WiFi

Netflix Begins Mac-Compatible Movie Streaming
Netflix-loving Mac users, your prayers and mine have been answered - Netflix is now offering Mac-compatible movie streaming as part of its Watch Instantly

Apple Releases Software 1.0.3 for 4th-Generation iPod nano
Apple has released an update to the that runs the recently released 4th-generation iPod nano, adding features and fixing bugs. The patch, which is available as

I'm Considering Going Caseless
One thing that I tell anyone who asks is - and I always write this as well - if you've got an iPhone, get a case for it. You're going to drop it at some point,

Report: iPhone Hits Wal-Mart After Christmas
The iPhone will be available for purchase at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club beginning after Christmas, according to a report. Wal-mart had previously been rumored to

MMS Comes to iPhone - But Not in U.S.
One of the most sought-after features for the iPhone - and perhaps the devices most glaring and confusing omission - is MMS, multimedia messaging. It always

iPhone Drives Smartphone Growth
Despite a slow economy, the smartphone segment is growing - all thanks to the iPhone, according to a new report from Needham & Co. The market-research

New Apple Headphones Go On Sale
The new Apple in-ear headphones that the company announced at the Sept. 9 Let's Rock iPod event are finally available to be purchased at the Apple Store. The

Does Apple Believe Its Own Marketing?
Apple's involved in a class-action lawsuit right now about the Internet speed for the iPhone 3G claimed in its ads. Normally I don't pay much attention to these

AT&T Selling iPhone Online
For the first time ever, AT&T is selling the iPhone 3G online and allowing users to activate the phone at home. Apple is not yet selling the phone at its

Some Labels Ask for no DRM in iTunes Negotiations
The dirty little secret of iTunes and DRM - digital rights management - is that while Steve Jobs has written letters decrying DRM, the use of it also ties

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Silent Night, by Sarah Brightman (single of the week) - Download at iTunes I Believe, by R. Kelly - Download at iTunes Video Rock & Roll,

iPhones Spotted at Wal-mart
I think it's safe to say that the iPhone is definitely coming to Wal-mart. Wal-mart stores start putting up signs announcing the phone is all the confirmation I

Holiday Free iTunes
The family is all together and ready to celebrate annual traditions, eat good food, and even enjoy some nice new presents, but what are you going to listen to

iPhone 3G At Walmart Starting Today
As has been long rumored, the world's largest retailer, Walmart, began selling the iPhone 3G today. The phone is only sold in stores (not online, despite Apple

Refurbished iPhones Starting at US$99
Those of you looking for post-holiday deals on iPhones should head over to AT&T's online store, where the company is selling refurbished models starting at

New Year's Free iTunes
If you can tear yourself away from your New Year's Eve preparations long enough to download the last scraps of free content from the iTunes Store for 2009,

Tomorrow's the Big Day
The annual Macworld conference and tradeshow has traditionally been Apple's flagship event, the place the company unveils its major new products for the year.

Apple Ditches iTunes DRM, Adds Variable Prices, 3G Downloads
At the Macworld Expo today, Apple announced a number of changes to the iTunes Store, including: The removal of digital rights management from 8 million

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Evacuate, by The Boxer Rebelllion (single of the week) - Download at iTunes J.S. Bach: Violin Concertos, by Julia Fischer & Academy of St. Martin

News Flash: Record Companies, Analysts Like Variable Pricing
File this one in the amazing, shocking revelation department: Record companies and the financial analysts who follow them are happy about Apple's introduction

App Store Tops 1/2 Billion Downloads
I'm not sure how you measure success, but I'd say 500 million downloads in less than a year is a pretty good number. That's where the iPhone and iPod touch App

iPhone May Have Outsold Android 6-1
This smartphone battle is, as the kids say, on. Or maybe it's not, if the initial sales figures project by some market analysts is correct. While the iPhone

AT&T Selling Reburbed iPhones for US$99
Do you want an iPhone, but does the economy have you thinking it might be better to save your cash? What if you could have both? Thanks to a new AT&T

iPod Sales Down 14% in January
Sales of iPods took a dip thanks to the economy in January, coming in down 14% compared to last January, according to a new report from market research firm

Best Buy Discounts iPhones $100
While refurbished iPhones starting at US$99 might not be the deal that's right for everyone, how about a new iPhone for $99? You can get just that through

iPhone Leading in Mobile Web, Mobile App Stores
Two reports this morning further underline the success of the iPhone in driving use of the mobile web and mobile application stores. The iPhone accounts

iPhone Drives Mobile Gaming Growth
Apple reportedly believes that they have a chance to take a big slice of the mobile gaming market thanks to the App Store and the iPhone/iPod touch combination.

Apple Unveils iPhone OS 3.0; Announces 30M iPhones/iPod touches Sold
In a special event today, Apple gave the world a peak at iPhone OS 3.0, the next operating system that will run the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple touts the new

New iPod Shuffle Takes Hits on DRM, Value
Apple released the 3rd-generation iPod Shuffle last week to at least some of the excitement that always attends the launch of a new iPod. With a few days'

Apple Dumps iPhone Bluetooth Headset
The eagle-eyed readers of AppleInsider have broken the news that Apple has, apparently, discontinued its iPhone Bluetooth headset. The US$99 device had been

iPhones Now Sold Without Contract, With Early Upgrades
Changes are afoot in how the iPhone 3G is being sold: As previously rumored, the phone is now on sale without an AT&T contract - and the AT&T subsidy - for

Apple Offers Collections of $0.69 Songs
At Tuesday's debut of variable pricing on the iTunes Store, many people were left looking for the promised US$0.69 songs, those that would be cheaper than the

Trouble Looming for Apple with Teens?
Apple may be facing a problem with teenagers, a key demographic for iPod and iTunes sales: nearly all the teens who want an iPod may already have one. That

Report: Apple Preps New iPhone Model(s)
Apple may be preparing to unleash up to three new iPhone models in the next few months, according to a report from the China Times. The models would include a

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Walking on a Dream, by Empire of the Sun (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Come Save, by Sarah Reeves (discovery download) - Download at

Apple Hits 1 Billion App Store Downloads
This afternoon around 5 p.m. EST, Apple notched its 1 billionth download from the App Store. That figure was reached in a mere nine months, an impressive rate

13-Year-Old Wins Billion App Countdown
A 13-year-old from Weston, CT, is the winner of Apple's Billion App Countdown and, for making the lucky download, will make off with a Time Capsule, 32GB iPod

Apple Talking iPhone with Verizon?
One of the big complaints about the iPhone when it was first announced was its being tied exclusively to AT&T in the U.S. Come 2010, if reports are to be

More on Apple/Verizon: Mini iPhone, Tablet?
Talk of Apple and Verizon getting together on the iPhone is heating up, with a BusinessWeek story reporting that not only is the iPhone on the table, but so too

Amazon Buys Leading iPhone eBook Developer
If the reports are to be believed, Apple's forthcoming media tablet may be targeting Amazon's Kindle and the e-book reader market. If so, Amazon may have just

After iTunes Price Increase, Revenue Up, But Sale Down?
A new report from Billboard magazine claims that record labels have earned US$43,000 dollars more from increased pricing at the iTunes Store than they would

The Week’s New Content - May 4, 2009
New content added to the site this week includes: Evaluating the iPhone vs. iPod touch Readers Respond: How Did You Decide iPhone vs. iPod touch iPod

iEphemera: New iPhone Specs, 3G Network Upgrades, App Rejections
News from the world of iPods and iPhones continues to be a little slow - probably in the lead up to next month's Worldwide Developer's Conference, where we're

SlingPlayer Hits iPhone, but Only on WiFi
SlingPlayer, an iPhone app that connects mobile users to the SlingBox TV-on-your-PC/phone device, is now available at the App Store. Getting to availability

In Praise of AppleCare
Whenever I write articles about what to buy when getting an iPod or iPhone, I always included a note about the AppleCare extended warranty. Many people look at

eMusic Adds Major Catalog Expansion; Increases Prices
Indie music download site eMusic has long been one of my favorite download services (I've been a member for the better part of the last eight years), but in

The Week’s New Content - June 1, 2009
New content added to the site this week includes: How Long Do iPod Batteries Last? Is the iPod Battery Replaceable? Where to Buy iPhone Insurance

UPDATED: Apple Announces iPhone 3GS, iPhone OS 3.0, New Apps
As expected, at its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple today announced the latest additions to the iPhone family, the iPhone 3GS. The new phone comes in two

AT&T Hoses Existing Customers
If there was any villain of the WWDC today, it was, without a doubt, AT&T. I'm prepping a longer blog post on this very topic, but for now, all the proof you

AT&T Rains on the iPhone 3G S Parade
Apple and AT&T used to need each other. Before the launch of the iPhone, before the device had been proven, Apple needed a partner who would agree to its

Will You Buy an iPhone 3G S This Weekend?
The last two launches of the iPhone have seen long lines and waiting times across the country. It seems likely that Friday's launch of the iPhone 3G S will

Steve Jobs Back to Work at Apple
After a six-month absence, which included a reported liver transplant, Apple co-founder and head visionary Steve Jobs is back to work this week, according to

Cameras, Projectors Coming to nano, touch?
With the introduction of a video camera and onboard editing software to the iPhone 3GS, Apple is reportedly now setting its sights on bringing similar features

App Store Turns One
The App Store is one year old as of yesterday and it's quite a year. With over 1 billion apps downloaded, and more than 50,000 apps available, it's another

Where is Apple's Headphone Adapter?
Back in March when Apple announced the third-generation iPod shuffle - which has no buttons and can only be controlled by a remote built into the headphone cord

Apple Releases iTunes 8.2.1
Apple today released iTunes version 8.2.1, a free update to its music and device management software. As usual, the exact changes to the software included in

Welcome Mobile Games Site
A hearty welcome to the new MobileGames.About.com and its guide Damon Brown. I suspect there's going to be a lot of beneficial overlap in what Damon and I

Apple Pulls 900 Apps Over Copyright Issues
Apple has removed over 900 apps from the App Store due to copyright infringement concerns, according to a report at Mobile Crunch. Nine hundred is a big

Is an 8GB iPhone 3GS on Tap?
Currently, the low-end, low-cost iPhone model is an 8GB iPhone 3G, but if a new rumor is to be trusted, that unit will soon be replaced with an 8GB iPhone 3GS.

iEphemera: Blu-Ray in iTunes; Tablet Affecting App Store
Let's start the week with a couple of smaller stories that caught my eye late last week. The next version of iTunes, iTunes 9, is rumored to have support for

Calacanis' Five Point Argument Against Apple
Jason Calacanis is a long-time player in the online content space (he's currently the CEO of the search enigne Mahalo and previously ran one of the largest blog

Labels Plan Competitor to Apple's "Cocktail"
It recently leaked that Apple is planning a new offering code-named Cocktail, which will provide a richer album experience - including art, lyrics, and video

iEphemra: Apple Event in Sept.; Big iPhone Sales in China
Rumor has it that Apple's expected media event, at which it will introduce as-yet-undetermined products and services wil be Sept 7. That has the ring of truth

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Wow - you get the impression that the Fall TV season is starting and the networks would like us to watch some shows, huh? Music The One, by Slaughterhouse

NYT: AT&T "Delaying" MMS, "Postponing" Tethering
The New York Times has an interesting article today about the strain that the iPhone and its heavy use of data is placing on AT&T's wireless network. What's

Notes on Yesterday's Apple Announcements
Among the big news from Apple's announcements yesterday - new iPods, new iTunes, updated iPhone OS - a few smaller, but interesting notes, may have slipped past

MMS Debuts Tomorrow
Tomorrow is the big day. Friday, Sept. 25 is the day that MMS - the multimedia messaging service that allows text messaging of photos, videos, and other rich

iEphemera: MMS goes live, 2 billion apps downloaded, cheap iPhones
Multimedia text messaging - MMS - went live on the iPhone 3G and 3GS on Friday. Despite reported concerns at AT&T, the network seems to be working fine.

iEphemera: Apple Tablet Rumors, iPod Classic Update, EU Volume Limits
iLounge has the latest rumor details on Apple's tablet, including that it runs the iPhone OS, has a 10.7-inch screen, will come in versions with a 3G Internet

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Driving Me Stupid, by Serabee (single of the week) - Download at iTunes I Wonder Why?, by Harmonica Shah (discovery download) - Download at iTunes

iPod Minis: Disaffected Developers, iPhone Marketshare, HD movies
The often-controversial App Store approval process has claimed another victim, this time a high-profile one. Joe Hewitt, the developer behind the successful

iPod Minis: More Carriers = More Sales, touch Camera?, Another Worm
This may not come as a terrific surprise, but Europe is currently proving that iPhone sales rise when more than one carrier is offering the phone. This was

Will AT&T Tax Heavy iPhone-Data Users?
It's widely known that iPhone users, with their unlimited data plans, have been straining the AT&T network for a while.This has led to service problems and PR

2010 Rumors: Tablet, 5MP iPhone Camera
Tonight's the night when, for many, visions of sugarplums dance in their heads. Well, to bide your time between now and opening presents, envision these rumors,

What's Next for the Tablet, iPhone
It's early (in the day and the week) for prognostication, but that's not stopping the Apple-loving Internet. They're looking forward to what we may be seeing

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music July Flame, by Laura Veirs (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Abran Fuego, by The Mills (latin single of the week) - Download at iTunes

WSJ: Tablet for the Whole Family, Will Reinvent Books, News, TV
The Wall St. Journal has an in-depth report on the Apple tablet today which not only treats the tablet in the most definite terms of any major news source so

This Week's New Content - Jan. 18, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: Connect iPod touch / iPhone to WiFi How to Save YouTube Videos to iPhone or iPod touch What Is an iTunes

iPod Minis: iBooks DRM, Magazine Store Problems, iPad Magazines Coming
Looks like ebooks sold through Apple's iBooks app will use the same FairPlay DRM the iTunes Store used to have Speaking of iBooks, sounds like publishers are

Get Involved: The Forum
Want to ask questions and interact with other readers of the site? Check out the forum. In the forum, you'll find lots of questions and answers, people looking

Welcome Tanya Menoni, iPhone Apps Writer
I'm very pleased to announce a new addition to this site: Tanya Menoni, who will be covering iPhone apps. With so many iPhone apps out there, it's been hard to

UPDATE4: Apple Unveils iPad Tablet Computer, iBooks App, Starts at US$499
At its Latest Creation media event in San Francisco today, Apple unveiled its long-awaited, much-rumored tablet device, the iPad. It goes on sale worldwide

The iPad: What Didn't Happen
The weeks and months leading up to today's announcement of the iPad were filled with speculation - some of it reasonable, some of it wild. The last few days

Morning After iPad Notes
With a little time to consider what we learned about the iPad yesterday, here are some smaller things that might have gone unnoticed, but struck me as

Will the iPad Follow the iPhone's Path to Success?
I'm not sure there was any way Apple could have won. Expectations for new Apple product announcements have grown so high in recent years - and expectations for

iPod Minis: iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Next-Gen iPhone
I'm back in 20-degree Rhode Island after a week in sunny Southern California. Let's see what kind of iPhone and iPad news has cropped up in the last few days.

Surprise: Higher iTunes Prices Lead to Lower Sales
Higher prices at iTunes have led to lower overall sales and revenues, a state of affairs that probably surprises no one except record company executives. This

iPod Minis: iPad Price Cuts, AT&T to Continue with iPhone?
Apple is reportedly open to cutting the price of the iPad to boost sales. An interesting signal to be sending before the device is even released, yes? A pair

iPod Minis: iPad Pricing for TV, Books, Newspapers
The iPad (coming in about a month!) seems to be driving a lot of conversation and action around content pricing. To wit: CBS may cut some TV show prices to

iPod Minis: Crackdown on Sex Apps; Pricing for TV
A new policy on overtly sexual apps at the App Store by Apple has led to the removal of over 5,000 apps over the weekend, according to a developer of one

Get Involved: Blog Comments
I'm sure you guys all know this, but you can comment on every blog post on this site. And I'd like it if you did. At the end of each blog post, there's a

iPod Minis: Sex App Crackdown Reactions; Hints at Future iPad Camera?
Apple's crackdown on sexually explicit apps at the App Store continues to generate news. Phil Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple, told the

The Week's New Content - March 1, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: How Can I Get Free iTunes For My iPod? When Will There Be a Verizon iPhone? Where to Buy the Apple iPad

iPod Minis: iPad Sales Date, Netflix to iPhone, iPad Kills iPod?
Will the iPad go on sale on March 26? Some think so. This - plus yesterday's report - seems to mean the recent rumor of iPad delays is off-base. Could we

iPod Minis: Post-iPad Pre-Orders Edition
You all pre-ordered your iPads, right? I plunked down for a 32GB WiFi. What about you? Apple seems to have sold about 120,000 iPads via pre-order over

Report: iBooks to Be Pre-Loaded with 30K Free Titles
More than 30,000 free ebooks will be available for iBooks - Apple's ebook reader app - at the iPad's launch next weekend, according to a  report. Apple has

The Week's New Content - March 22, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: Submit an Entry: How Have You Customized Your iPhone? 5 Collections of iPhone 4th of July

iPod Minis: iPad for Self-Publishers, At Best Buy, Accessories
Apple is set to make it pretty easy for self-publishers to sell their work through the iBooks store. Smashwords, a self-publishing service, reportedly has a

iBooks Debuts at App Store
A solid selection of iPad-specific apps are available for download or purchase at the App Store today. Among them is Apple's iBooks ereader app, which, when the

iPhone OS 4.0 Revealed Today (and more)
Apple will be giving the world its first look at version 4.0 of the iPhone OS in a special media event starting at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a..m Pacific today. It is

The Week's New Content - April 5, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: 10 Tips to Conserve iPad Battery Life How to Fix a Frozen iPad How to Connect iPad to WiFi

Apple Approves Opera Web Browser for App Store
For possibly the first time, Apple has approved an iPhone app that directly competes with the software built in to the iPhone OS. As of today, users can

Gizmodo Confirms, Reveals 4th Gen. iPhone
Remember that rumored 4th generation iPhone mentioned this morning? Gizmodo's got it (John Gruber reports that they bought it) and confirm that it's the real

iPod Minis: New iPhone Discovered in Bar? iPad 3G Ship Dates
Over the weekend, a number of Apple and gadget sites posted photos that purported to show the upcoming 4th generation iPhone. The phone shown in the

Apple Confirms 4G iPhone Belongs to Them
Whether it's definitely the device we'll come to know as the 4th generation iPhone this summer or not, Apple has confirmed that the iPhone prototype unveiled by

iPad 3G Pre-Orders to Ship April 30
Sneaking in right under the late April wire, iPad WiFi + 3G pre-orders will ship to customers on April 30. They will also be available in retail stores at 5

What I Learned About the iPad at My Cousin's Wedding
I spent last weekend on the gulf coast of Alabama (which turns out to look a bit like the Caribbean. Who knew?) at my cousin John's wedding (congratulations

Get Involved: User Reviews
Did you know that you can add your own review to any product I've reviewed on this site? You can, and I'd love to hear from you. If there's anything the recent

Steve Jobs Explains Apple's Anti-Flash Stance
In a post on Apple's website today, Steve Jobs details the reasons behind Apple's refusal to allow Flash onto the iPhone OS: Flash isn't open, as Adobe

iPod Minis: Apple Facing Anti-Trust Investigation, iPhone 4G Rumors
Apple's blocking of Flash from the iPhone OS has spurred a preliminary anti-trust investigation into the company by the Federal Trade Commission, according

UPDATE: iPad 3G Sold Out, Waiting Lists Forming; Int.'l Launch
The iPad 3G is sold out in most Apple stores across the country, according to AppleInsider. Those looking to buy an iPad 3G can sign up for a Notify Me

iPod Minis: Android Sales Surpass iPhone, International iPad Orders
Phones running Android now outsell the iPhone, according to research from NPD Group. In the last 3 months, Android phones accounted for 28% of handsets sold

iPod Minis: Wal-Mart Sells iPhone 3GS for $97, iPad 3G Still Sold Out
Wal-Mart is now selling the 16GB iPhone 3GS for US$97, with a two-year AT&T contract. That model normally costs $199. The move is widely being seen as a

Thoughts on the iPhone 4
With about 24 hours to digest the details of the iPhone 4, a few thoughts occurred to me: 32GB of storage is pretty light, especially when that was the

iPad Launches Worldwide Today
People in countries all over the world are getting a taste of the joys of the iPad, as the device goes on sale today in Australia, Canada, France, Germany,

Apple Sells 2 Millionth iPad
It's taken less than 60 days: Apple announced today that it has sold its 2 millionth iPad. The announcement comes at the end of a weekend in which Apple debuted

New Apple TV To Feature Cloud-Based Storage?
Late last week, Engadget had the scoop on what they claim is the next version of Apple's hobby, the Apple TV. Their sources tell them that the new box will:

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Apple has dramatically redesigned its free content area at iTunes - and seemingly added much more content than we've seen before. It's worth checking out even

iPod Minis: Steve Jobs on Many Topics, More on New iPhone Data Plans
Steve Jobs, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg this week, touched on a number of interesting topics, including that: There

UPDATE3: Apple Announces New iPhone 4 with HD video, 2 Cameras, Video Calling, More
Apple officially unveiled its latest iPhone, the iPhone 4, today at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Despite some glitches in connecting the new model to

Hackers Grab iPad 3G User Data from AT&T
Hackers have exploited a security vulnerability in AT&T's website to harvest the email addresses of around 114,000 iPad 3G users, according to a report at

Apple Releases iOS 4, iTunes 9.2, iBooks 1.1
I may be on vacation for two more days, but when Apple releases this many software updates, the iPad comes out and I get to blogging. The last few days have

UPDATE 2: iPhone 4 Goes On Sale, Waits Are Long, Bugs Appear
UPDATE 2: After spending a few hours with the new iPhone, I'd say it's another winner. I'm not 100% sure it's a must-have upgrade if you're already using an

The Week's New Content - June 21, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: How to Create iPhone Folders How Much iPhone 4 Video Can You Record? Apple iPhone 4 First

iPod Minis: iPhone 4 Edition - Be Sure to Hold It The Right Way
A few items that have caught my eye since the release of the iPhone 4: From the not-very-good-customer-service dept.: Steve Jobs suggests that iPhone 4

iPod Minis: Sales, and Bugs, and Apps
On the sales front, Apple had a weekend. They sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s in just 3 days. If you're looking to add yourself to the 1.7 million crowd,

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Pick Up The Phone, by Dragonette (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Fire With Fire, by Scissor Sisters (discovery download) - Download at

Apple Promises iPhone 4 Reception Fix, Blames Math
Math, apparently, is hard. Or that's Apple's position. Apple issued an open letter to iPhone 4 users today addressing the reports of reception problems with

iPod Minis: New touch, iTunes Account Fraud
September is the traditional time for the introduction of new iPod models. Rumor has it that the new version of the iPod touch, maybe coming in September,

Consumer Reports Declines to Recommend iPhone 4
Consumer Reports, which had previously posted positive tests of the iPhone 4 and downplayed the seriousness of the reception problems the phone is experiencing,

iPod Minis: Consumer Reports Confusion, iPhone Monopoly Lawsuit
Despite first downplaying the serious of the iPhone 4's reception issues, Consumer Reports yesterday declined to recommend the iPhone 4. But today Consumer

Apple Releases iOS 4.0.1, iOS 3.2.1 for iPad
Apple released two software updates to its flagship products today. iOS 4.1 4.0.1 is for the iPhone and iPod touch, and introduces the fix to the formula

UPDATE: Pressure Grows Around iPhone 4 Reception Issues, Press Conference Coming
UPDATE: Apple is apparently taking action. They've scheduled a press conference to discuss the reception issues for 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern on Friday. Rumor

UPDATE: Apple Announces Free Cases, Case Refunds for iPhone 4
At a press conference today, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would provide free cases or refunds on Bumper case purchases in response to the iPhone 4 antenna

What Did Apple Know - And When Did They Know It?
At 1 pm Eastern today, Steve Jobs will hold a press conference to address - and hopefully announce a fix for - the iPhone 4 antenna problems that have been

Apple Releases iTunes 9.2.1, iBooks 1.1.1; iOS 4 for iPad Rumors Scuttled
Late Monday, Apple released iTunes 9.2.1 and iBooks 1.1.1, both free updates. The iTunes update addresses various syncing problems, resolves issues with

Apple Begins Free iPhone Case Program
Apple's program to provide free cases to iPhone 4 owners to deal with the widely reported antenna problems is underway. For users who want to order a free

iPod Minis: Jailbreaking and Piracy, Free iPhone 4 Cases Ship
After last month's iTunes account fraud dust-up, Apple has reportedly tightened App Store security measures. Speaking of security, Citibank says there's

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Marilyn, by Larsen B (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Boyfriend, by Best Coast (discovery download) - Download at iTunes Sucedaneos, by

Scammers Use Phishing/PayPal to Steal from iTunes Users
Scammers are using phishing techniques (those emails you get designed to trick you into giving out your username and password) to drain iTunes users' PayPal

iPod Minis: Jailbreak = Security Hole, Android Tops iPhone in Marketshare
While JailbreakMe.com is super easy and very cool (not to mention the subject of a new tutorial at this site), as John Gruber points out, it's also the

iLounge Reveals Alleged Next-Gen iPods, iPad, iPhone
Citing a reliable source, iLounge has revealed what it claims are the next-generation versions of the iPod touch, iPad nano, iPod shuffle, iPhone, and iPad.

iPods Minis: Snooping Apps, Bad Accessories, iPhone 4 Jailbreak
A presentation at last week's Black Hat security conference revealed that 14% of iPhone apps have the ability to read users' address books and contact data.

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Bang Bang Bang, by The Virginmarys (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Rush Hour, by Brad (discovery download) - Download at iTunes

iPod Minis: iPhone Owners Have More Sex, New Software, Apple TV
Dating site OKCupid says iPhone owners have more sex (the article is also full of great dating-site and photography tips). Resisting cheeky comment, but

iPhone App Market Has "Crashed?" Maybe Not, But It Could
The market for iPhone apps has crashed and developers cannot expect a good return on their work, according to Heiko Hubertz, CEO of Bigpoint, an online gaming

iPod Minis: Turnabout Would Be Fair Play for Gizmodo (but people are nicer than them)
May I be the latest to say hahahaha to this one (and also to say: that's what I get for going into the woods and away from Internet access for the weekend!).

iPods Minis: New iPods Debut Tomorrow, iTunes Details Today
As we all know by now, we're getting some new iPods tomorrow at Apple's 1 pm Eastern event (full coverage here, natch). At minimum, we ought to be seeing a new

UPDATE2: Apple Introduces new Apple TV, New iPods, iTunes 10, iOS 4.1
Apple today introduced new models of the Apple TV, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod Shuffle, and updates to iOS and iTunes at a media event in San Francisco. All

Apple's New iPods and Apple TV Look to Mostly Be Winners
The iPods, software, and Apple TV announced today were generally what was expected (except in a few cases - see the bad section below). Still, most of the

The Hidden Secrets of the New iPods/iTunes
Wednesday's announcements of new iPods, iTunes, and Apple TV have settled in over the last couple of days and now some interesting hidden tidbits are trickling

iPod Minis: Competition for iTunes, Ping and Spam, Apps
I trust we're all well rested after Labor Day? I'd take another day if it was offered, but it's going to be a busy iWeek - Apple just sent me an email saying my

Apple Releases iOS 4.1
The latest version of iOS, the operating system that runs the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, has hit the streets. Version 4.1, previewed by Steve Jobs last week

Apple Ends Free iPhone 4 Case Program on Sept. 30
If you've got an iPhone 4 and haven't yet taken advantage of Apple's free iPhone 4 Case program, your time is running out. Apple has announced that the program

Apple Planning Newspaper Subscriptions for iPad?
Apple's on the cusp of introducing a system by which newspapers will be able to offer subscriptions via iPhone/iPad apps, according to a report in the San Jose

iPod Minis: New iPad Content Options, Lots of iPhone Tidbits
When iOS 4.2 debuts later this fall, it will bring AirPlay functionality to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. And, if reports about the OS are correct, that

Jailbreak Confirms that New Apple TV Runs iOS
The new Apple TV, not even shipped to most people yet, has been jailbroken using the same technique that has been used to jailbreak iOS 4.1 devices. This

What Does Apple Have Against 1080p?
As of late last week, the new Apple TV is sitting on top of my cable box, routed through my receiver, a welcome part of my home theater. While it offers a

Finally! Apple and Verizon Work Together - On iPad
After years of rumors, Apple and Verizon have finally announced that they'll be working together starting later this month. The long-rumored Verizon

Dispatches from the Flash Frontlines: Adobe Losing Battle and War?
While the iOS' inability to run Flash continues to be called out as one of the platform's weaknesses (heck, I did it in an article last week), the momentum

UPDATE: Three Stories From The World of App Development
While the hardware continues to be very important (as Apple's latest quarterly sales figures underscored), I'm increasingly of the belief that apps are just as,

Why Can't Anyone Compete with iPad?
After the iPad was announced, and certainly after its success, it became clear that tablet computers had finally arrived and held great promise in the future of

iPod Minis: Acquisition Rumors, Security Holes, Product Delays
Despite rumors to the contrary, Spotify - a music streaming service that's very popular in Europe, but has yet to launch in the U.S. due to music licensing

iPod Minis: Longer Music Previews, iTunes LP to Apple TV
Prior to the event at which Apple introduced the latest crop of iPods and the new Apple TV, there was a rumor that Apple would be increasing song previews

iPod Minis: Galaxy Tab Reviews, Tablet News Abounds, Glassgate Reappears
Samsung's Galaxy Tab has been touted as the iPad's first true competitor. The reviews are coming in now and they're all over the place. Some folks love it,

Apple Releases iTunes 10.1
Apple has released an update to iTunes, version 10.1, which adds support for iOS 4.2 and AirPlay, as well as bug fixes. It's expected that iOS 4.2 will debut

iPod Minis: More Beatles, White iPhone 4s?, Google Voice on iOS
Some Beatles follow-ups: Apple has an exclusive on the catalog

UPDATE: iOS 4.2 Coming by 10 PT/1 ET; Brings Free Find My iPhone
UPDATE 1:07 PM Eastern: It's out. Make with the downloading. ----- Apple announced this morning that the long-awaited iOS 4.2, which will bring the

There's An App For That? The Alchemist SMS
Not every installment of There's an App For That? is going to highlight apps that strike me as weird or absurd. Sometimes I'll feature apps that are really

iPods Minis: iOS Updates, iPad Newspaper, 2nd Gen. iPad
A few scattered notes prior to tomorrow's US holiday: Apple is promising a

There's an App for That? Organ Tuner
Last week's There's an App for That? focused on a neat app useful to a highly specialized kind of business: a materials-cost modeling tool for scrap metal

Apple's Next Step After Free Find My iPhone
Perhaps the biggest surprise when Apple introduced iOS 4.2 last week was that the company made its Find My iPhone service free to iPhone 4, 4th-gen. iPod touch,

iPod Minis: iPad vs. RIM, Kindle; Next-Gen. iOS & iPad; Content
While Research in Motion, the company behind the BlackBerry, hasn't yet debuted the PlayBook, its iPad competitor, a few interesting points about its

There's an App for That? iTinkle
Women may not be familiar with the idea of a shy bladder, but the men out there know what I'm talking about. Lots of us have stepped up to a urinal in a men's

Apple Offers Up to $100 Savings on Refurb. iPads
Looking for an especially good deal on an iPad this holiday season? Apple's got some at its online store right now--if you don't mind buying a refurbished

iPods Minis: iOS Games, More Apple TV Streaming Options, 90-Second Preview at iTunes
Mobile gaming on phones is seriously damaging traditional mobile gaming on devices like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, according to a new report. Mobile

There's An App for That? Sleep Machine
Last week's installment of There's An App for That? focused on iTinkle, an app that claims to play just the right sounds to help men relax and have a successful

The Week's New Content - Dec. 13, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: Senuti, iPod Transfer Software Review Beginner's Guides to iPod, iPhone, and iPad 6 Last-Minute

Pre-Christmas Deals on Apps, iPhone, iPad
With less than a week to go until Christmas, some great deals are starting to pop up for us last-minute shoppers: Sam's Club is rumored to be offering

There's An App For That? Square
While most people know that the iPhone is a great business tool, most may think that means it's good for maintaining contacts, sending email, or maybe editing a

iPod Minis: iPad 2 Rumors, New Apple TV Success, App News
iPad news: New rumors have it that the second-generation iPad, expected to debut in the first half of 2011, will have a smaller overall size, but the

The Week's New Content - Dec. 20, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: Weight Loss Tips Using the iPhone and iPod TextFree Unlimited App Review WebOut Browser iPhone

The Week's New Content - Dec. 27, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: 2nd Generation Apple TV Review Top 4 iOS Browsers for the iPhone Textie Messaging iPhone App

iPhone/iPod Predictions for 2011
Last year, I started this tradition of ringing in the new year by forecasting what I expected 2010 to hold for the iPhone and iPod. Overall, I think my

iPod Minis: Verizon iPhone, Cheap iPhone 3GS, 3000 Hours of Free TV
Is the Verizon iPhone going to debut late this month or early next? Seems likely, since Apple is barring Apple Store employees from taking vacation in the

Why I Can't Cancel My Cable
For the past year--maybe a little less, maybe it started when I got my iPad and began to understand the new possibilities it represented--I've been longing to

Poll: Will You Cancel Cable & Get TV Online?
Last week, I wrote about my desire to cancel my cable service and replace it exclusively with web-based TV. It turns out that, at least for now, I can't do that

There's An App For That? NoseDial
You have to appreciate a well-titled app (even if the thing it does may be a little silly). I mean, there's no question about what NoseDial (Purchase at iTunes)

Nominations Are Open for The 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
UPDATE: March 15. The winners have been announced. Find out who won here. ----- Got an opinion on what the best iPhone/iPad app, or iPhone or iPad

There's An App For That? Wooo! Button
I don't watch it much anymore, but when I was growing up I loved Pro Wrestling (mostly WCCW, but also NWA/AWA/WWF, for you fans; God bless Saturday morning TV

There's An App For That? Annoy-a-Teen
I have no need for Annoy-a-Teen (Purchase at iTunes), nor do I expect to ever use it, but the idea's kind of funny. Perhaps you've heard about those

iPod Minis: AT&T and Verizon Duke It Out, White iPhone 4 Sighting?
With iPhone 4 pre-orders for current Verizon customers starting a week from today, and general availability in two weeks, the battle for the souls--well, money,

Results of Two Polls: Canceling Cable & Verizon iPhone
There have been two polls running on the site recently: the first about canceling cable and getting your entertainment online, the second about switching to

There's An App For That? Hold On!
When my dad and his siblings were kids, their parents liked to play a game with them called Dead Trees. The rules were that all the kids had to lie on the floor

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Barton Hollow, by The Civil Wars (single of the week) - Download at iTunes The World (Is Going Up In Flames), by Charles Bradley (discovery download)

iPod Minis: Verizon iPhone Reviews, In-App Purchasing Changes
The Verizon iPhone doesn't go on sale until next Friday (though pre-orders have already sold out; if you want one, buy online on the 9th or in-person on the

iPod Minis: Verizon iPhone on Sale, Apple TV Games?, iPad 3 Rumors
The Verizon iPhone is on sale today at Verizon and Apple stores. Of course, if this is very, very important news to you, you're probably waiting in line

Vote Now: Readers Choice Awards Finalists
UPDATE: March 15. The winners have been announced. Find out who won here. ----- UPDATE: March 8, 11:59pm: The Voting is Closed. We have internal checks in

The Week's New Content - Feb. 21, 2010
New articles added to the site this week include: All About the iPod touch Camera Articles Wikipedia iPhone App Review Kensington Power and

UPDATE: Apple Unveils iPad 2: Lighter, Thinner, Faster, With Cameras
Apple today unveiled its second-generation iPad, the iPad 2. Among the features of the iPad 2 are: Dual-core Apple A5 processor, touted as up to twice

Readers' Choice Awards: The Home Stretch
UPDATE: March 15. The winners have been announced. Find out who won here. ----- UPDATE: March 8, 11:59pm: The Voting is Closed. We have internal checks in

Apple Releases iOS 4.3, Apple TV OS 4.2
Apple delivered a pair of software updates today: iOS 4.3 and Apple TV 4.2. Both updates are free. The iOS update, previewed during last week's introduction

Free at iTunes This Week
Music 'Til the End of Time, by Timothy Bloom (single of the week) - Download at iTunes Holy Holy, by Wye Oak (indie spotlight) - Download at iTunes

iPod Minis: iPad 2 Reviews, On-Sale Times, Canceling Cable Redux
We all know that we'll be able to buy the iPad 2 in person starting at 5 p.m. tomorrow, yes? But did you know that you can begin ordering it online at 1 am

The Week's New Content - March 7, 2011 + a Note
Daylight savings time hits us at 2 a.m. on Sunday. In the past, the iOS has been plagued by bugs related to date/time changeovers and how they affect alarms.

Poll: How Many iTunes/iOS Computers In Your Home?
I've been thinking a lot about how we use our home electronics recently thanks to some interesting conversations with my editor (hi Bob!). His idea, and one

iPod Minis: Long Weekend Edition
Man, you take an extra 1.5 days off for a long weekend to celebrate a birthday (not mine) and all kinds of interesting stuff happens that you miss out on.

iPhone Not Coming Until The Fall?
Could it be that the iPhone 5 won't go on sale until late September this year, for the first time breaking Apple's pattern of releasing a new model in the

The Week's New Content - April 4, 2011
New articles added to the site this week include: How to Use iTunes On An External Hard Drive How to Backup iTunes to an External HD How to

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 & 4.2.7
Apple today released a pair of software updates for the iPhone: iOS 4.3.2 for AT&T devices and iOS 4.2.7 for Verizon devices. Both updates are free and

Never a Dull Moment in Apple's Legal Department
If you're a lawyer concerned about job security, hitching on with the Apple legal department seems like a good way to ensure that you'll stay employed and busy.

iPod Minis: Everything Happens When You Go On Vacation
Geez, you go on vacation for a couple of days and tons of news breaks out (as if a tornado hitting the airport that I was flying in and out of and rampant

The Week's New Content - April 25, 2011
New articles added to the site this week include: Free Audio Books for iPod & iPhone AOL Radio iPhone App Review 8tracks Radio iPhone App

Poll: How Many iTunes Purchases Do You Have?
There was a time when the only thing you could buy from the iTunes Store was music. Even then, though, people were creating tremendously large libraries of

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.3 and 4.2.8
Apple's latest update to the iOS - 4.3.3 for AT&T devices and 4.2.8 for those on Verizon - is out and it addresses the location-tracking concerns that blew

iPod Minis: New Hires, New Services, Anti-Suicide Pledges
Apple has reportedly hired key figure in the development of the THX sound system Tomlinson Holman. Here's hoping this leads to an overall improvement of

iPod Minis: 7th gen. nano, Lawsuits & Legislative Scrutiny, Google Cloud Music Player
The 7th gen. iPod nano (probably debuting this fall, if the normal iPod update cycle holds) may include a camera, screensaver, microphone, and other

The Week's New Content - May 9, 2011
New articles added to the site this week include: Using iPhone DFU Mode The iPhone DFU Mode is a mode you can put your iPhone, or other iOS device,

iPod Minis: Developers Under Attack, Cloud-Based iTunes Nears
A patent holding company called Lodsys has initiated patent infringement complaints against a number of iOS app developers related to in-app purchasing.

iPod Minis: Apple Defends Developers, Explosion at Foxconn Kills 2
A week or so after Lodsys, a patent holding company, began notifying app developers that they should pay up lest they face patent infringement suits, Apple

Free at iTunes Store This Week
Music Outside, by Lowline - Download at iTunes (single of the week) Y Que, by Herencia de Timbiqui - Download at iTunes (latin single of the week) Party

UPDATE2: Apple Unveils iCloud, iOS 5 with Wireless Setup, New Messaging Tool
UPDATE2: Apple Unveils iCloud, iOS 5 with Wireless Setup, New Messaging Tool

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Headlong Into the Abyss, by We Are Augustines - Download at iTunes (single of the week) Morning Thought, by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Download at

iPod Minis: Lodsys Developments, App Subscription Changes, FaceTime Over 3g?
iPod Minis: Lodsys Developments, App Subscription Changes, FaceTime Over 3g?

iPod Minis: Back to School Promo, Unlocked iPhone 4
iPod Minis: Back to School Promo, Unlocked iPhone 4

iPod Minis: Spotify Launches, iPod touch to Add 3G?
iPod Minis: Spotify Launches, iPod touch to Add 3G?

iPod Minis: More Lodsys Suits, Patent Problems, Apple HDTV Rumors
iPod Minis: More Lodsys Suits, Patent Problems, Apple HDTV Rumors

Poll: Will You Rent Music with Spotify?
Poll: Will You Rent Music with Spotify?

Apple Adds TV to iCloud & Updates Apple TV
Apple Adds TV to iCloud & Updates Apple TV

iPod Minis: Another Missing iPhone, Sprint iPhone, AT&T/T-Mobile Trouble
iPod Minis: Another Missing iPhone, Sprint iPhone, AT&T/T-Mobile Trouble

App Focus: Evernote
App Focus: Evernote

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO
Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Notes and Reactions on Steve Jobs' Resignation
Notes and Reactions on Steve Jobs' Resignation

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Free at iTunes This Week
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App Focus: Flash Browsers
App Focus: Flash Browsers

iPod Minis: What Happened to Lost iPhone 5? More Sprint News
iPod Minis: What Happened to Lost iPhone 5? More Sprint News

App Focus: ESPN Fantasy Football 2011
App Focus: ESPN Fantasy Football 2011

iPod Minis: Lost iPhone Story Gets Weird & Lots of Post-Labor Day News
iPod Minis: Lost iPhone Story Gets Weird & Lots of Post-Labor Day News

UPDATE: Apple Unveils iPhone 4S, Updated iPods, Siri Voice Recognition, More
UPDATE: Apple Unveils iPhone 4S, Updated iPods, Siri Voice Recognition, More

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Single of the Week Dreamer, by Elizaveta - Download at iTunes Discovery Download Bedroom Eyes, by Dum Dum Girls - Download at iTunes

iPod Minis: iPhone 5 Carriers, Confusion & Dates
iPod Minis: iPhone 5 Carriers, Confusion & Dates

App Focus: Dolphin Browser
App Focus: Dolphin Browser

iPhone 4S: The Morning After
iPhone 4S: The Morning After

Free at iTunes This Week
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Free at iTunes This Week
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App Focus: Song Exporter Pro
App Focus: Song Exporter Pro

iPhone 4S Sells 1M Units in Just 24 Hours
iPhone 4S Sells 1M Units in Just 24 Hours

iPod Minis: Big Profits, A Few Bugs, and a Memorial Service
iPod Minis: Big Profits, A Few Bugs, and a Memorial Service

App Focus: RedLaser
App Focus: RedLaser

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Single of the Week Here and Heaven, by Yo Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, & Aoife O'Donovan - Download at iTunes

Free at iTunes This Week
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iPod Minis: The End of Flash, Siri on Other iPhones
iPod Minis: The End of Flash, Siri on Other iPhones

The Week's New Content - Nov. 7, 2011
The Week's New Content - Nov. 7, 2011

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Music Single of the Week Woo, by Anthony Hamilton - Download at iTunes Indie Spotlight Neutron Wireless Crystal, by Swimming - Download at

Kicking Off the iPhone/iPod Holiday Shopping Season
Kicking Off the iPhone/iPod Holiday Shopping Season

UPDATE: iPod Minis: Carriers Spy on Android, BlackBerry Users
UPDATE: iPod Minis: Carriers Spy on Android, BlackBerry Users

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Music Single of the Week When the Bells Start Ringing, by My Morning Jacket - Download at iTunes Free Song The Heart of Christmas, by Matthew

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iPod Minis: Pre-Christmas Edition
iPod Minis: Pre-Christmas Edition

App Focus: Nook
App Focus: Nook

UPDATE: Free at iTunes This Week
UPDATE: Ah, there are the free songs! Single of the Week Little Talks, by Of Monsters and Men - Download at iTunes Music Video Rebel Love Song,

iPhone/iPod Predictions for 2012
iPhone/iPod Predictions for 2012

App Focus: Flipboard
App Focus: Flipboard

iPod Minis: Piracy Crackdown, Apple iBooks Event, A Good Reminder
iPod Minis: Piracy Crackdown, Apple iBooks Event, A Good Reminder

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Single of the Week Born to Die, by Lana Del Ray - Download at iTunes Free Song Pennies on the Floor, by The Little Willies - Download

App Focus: Display Block
App Focus: Display Block

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Free at iTunes This Week
Music Single of the Week I Belong in Your Arms, by Chairlift - Download at iTunes Indie Spotlight Drifting In and Out, by Porcelain Raft -

App Focus: iCandy Shelves & Skins
App Focus: iCandy Shelves & Skins

Free at iTunes This Week
Music Single of the Week Free, by Graffiti6 - Download at iTunes Indie Spotlight Friends of Friends, by Hospitality - Download at iTunes

App Focus: Call Screen Maker
App Focus: Call Screen Maker

Free at iTunes - Feb. 8, 2012
Music Single of the Week Sweet Sour, by Band of Skulls - Download at iTunes Free Song Free, by Ben Kweller - Download at iTunes Indie

iPod Minis: Patent Wars, Big Profits, Workers' Rights
iPod Minis: Patent Wars, Big Profits, Workers' Rights

App Focus: Melodies for Google Music
App Focus: Melodies for Google Music

iPod Minis: Address Books, Patents, and Money
iPod Minis: Address Books, Patents, and Money

App Focus: Ringtone DJ
App Focus: Ringtone DJ

App Focus: Clear
App Focus: Clear

Free at iTunes - March 5, 2012
Music Single of the Week Cold Summer, by CJ Hilton - Download at iTunes Indie Spotlight Can't Go Home, by Good Old War - Download at iTunes

iPod Minis: New iPad, Tons of New Apps/Software/Services
iPod Minis: New iPad, Tons of New Apps/Software/Services

iPod Minis: Foxconn, Lawsuits, Apple TV, iCloud Movies
iPod Minis: Foxconn, Lawsuits, Apple TV, iCloud Movies

iPod Minis: Daisey Lied, But Problems Remain
iPod Minis: Daisey Lied, But Problems Remain