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Best iPhone News App
Nominate the best iPhone news apps that kept you most informed in 2012 for a Readers' Choice Award.

Best iPhone Accessory
Nominate the best iPhone Accessory you used in 2013 for a Readers' Choice Award.

DLO HomeDock Deluxe Review
The DLO HomeDock Deluxe, a dock that connects your iPod to your TV/home entertainment system to let you play music, movies, and TV shows on your TV, brings the Apple TV to mind right away. The two devices basically do the same thing: let you play your iPod/iTunes content on your TV.

eMusic.com Download Service Review
A review of the eMusic.com music download service, a competitor to iTunes.

H20 Audio for iPod nano Review
The H20 Audio for iPod nano case and headphone set lets you safely tak your second-generation iPod nano underwater to enjoy your music beneath the waves.

iPod PC Transfer 5.4 Review
There are too many bugs and quirks present in iPod PC Transfer to recommend it. While its core functionality--moving songs and other files from iOS device to PC--works reasonably well, a confusing interface, duplicate files, and middling performance mean you should seek other options.

Xilisoft iPod Rip Review
While the basic functionality of Xilisoft iPod Rip--copying an iPod to iTunes--is good, the program omits too many features that its competitors offer to receive a recommendation.

iCopyExpert Review: Software to Copy iPod to iTunes
ICopyExpert is fairly bare bones. It transfers music from an iPod to a computer, and doesn't do much else. This would be OK, except that it's slow and lacks some of the interface niceties that other programs offer.

Tansee iPod Transfer Review
I'm giving Tansee iPod Transfer no rating, as I couldn't test it. That's becase the iPod Transfer product only works with iPods; to transfer an iPhone or iPod touch, you need a different product. I don't have an iPod that's compatible with the program.

STM Jacket iPad Case Review
I'm fully aware that what I'm about to write about STM's jacket iPad case is ridiculous. That said, the duty of a review is to provide an honest assessment of all aspects of a product and one thing about this case makes me hesitant to recommend it to about 50% of the population: when used with its strap, it looks a lot like a purse.

DODOcase for iPad Review
The DODOcase for iPad is perhaps the most beautiful, well-designed iPad case I've seen. Luckily for those seduced by its style, it's also a solid performer.

Apple iPad Case Review
Apple's iPad Case is a pretty basic affair. With limited protection and only a few features (though the two-position stand is nice), and a relatively high price, look elsewhere for your iPad case. You can do better.

Slappa Damask iPad Case Review
Slappa's Damask iPad case is actually a case designed both for iPads and netbooks, not something designed to specifically work with the iPad. Despite some good features and a good price, its attempts at versatility ultimately undermine it as an iPad case.

How to Restart and Reset All iPhone Models
Instructions on how to reset or restart every iPhone model.

iPod touch Apps - iPhone Apps - App Store Apps
All about App Store programs for the iPod touch and iPhone, from lists to reviews to tips and tricks.

Reader Stories: Do You Have Any iPod Tattoos?
It's no secret that Apple lovers are a passionate bunch. But a small group of them are so passionate that they proclaim their affiliation with tattoos. If you've got iPod tattoos, post some pictures here and let us know why you chose to make your iPod love life long.

Reader Stories: Show Off Your iPod, iPhone, and iPad Gifts
Many of us got iPod, iPhone, or iPad-related gifts this holiday season - and loved them. Show off your favorite i-gifts, and your entire haul, here.

Adding Games - iPod Games - Games on the iPod
Besides playing music, your iPod can play games! Learn how to make your iPod twice the fun.

Adding Programs - iPod Programs - iPod Software - Programs on the iPod
How to add new programs to the iPod to extend the iPod's functionality and fun!

Misc. - iPod Add-Ons
There are many other ways that you can add features and functions to the iPod. Here's a guide to how.

Apple iPod Help - iPod Support - iPhone Help - iPhone Support
This collection of articles, how-tos and step-by-step guides, and troubleshooting tips will help you get more out of your iPod and iPhone. Whether you need to learn how to do something or just fix a frozen iPod, this is where you'll find the answer.

How to Use Apple iPod - Apple iPhone - Apple iPad
You've got a shiny new iPod, iPhone, or iPad, but the question is: where do you start? These articles will help you get started with your new device, from setting it up to using it, and then point you towards more advanced--and more exciting!--things.

Write a Review: User Reviews of Speck Pixelskin HD iPhone 4 Case
Users review the Speck PixelSkin HD case for the iPhone 4 and provide feedback based on their experiences with it.

iPhone Software - iPhone Softwares - Free iPhone Software
Reviews of programs that can be installed on the iPhone and iPhone 3G through the App Store or other means.

iPod Book Reviews - Reviews of iPod Books
Reviews of iPod books - including books on how to use the iPod, get the most out of it, digital culture, and the history and impact of the iPod.


Using the iTunes Store - iTunes Store Basics - iTunes Store 101
Learn how to use the iTunes Store. This includes setting up an account, buying and downloading music and videos, downloading and subscribing to Podcasts, and more.

iPod - TopPicks
An index of TopPicks for the iPod guide site.

Adjusting to the iPod
Bringing an iPod into your life and house can cause some big changes. Get prepared to get used to the iPod in this section.

iPod Blogs
Learn more about the iPod and everything related to it at these blogs.

iPod culture
Buying an iPod means gaining entrance to a whole new culture. Keep track of this culture, through websites, blogs, and more, in this section.

iPod Life - iPod Culture
Owning an iPod puts you in a new world: of digital music, digital culture, that requires adjustments to new ways of doing things. Here, you can keep up on the latest trends and developments in the world of iPod, including blogs, music, art, and more.

iPod Merchandise - iPod T-shirts
Joining the cult of iPod can also mean buying iPod related merchandise, like t-shirts. Find out about new and cool iPod merchandise here.

iPod T-Shirts and Clothing
Show your iPod love, or comment on other's iPod love, with stylish and cheeky T-shirts. Even find some t-shirts that can control your iPod for you!