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The Art of Paying it Forward, Naples Style
An article about how a century-old Naples tradition of paying-it-forward in coffee shops has spread around the world.

Panforte: An Ancient Christmas Sweet from Siena
On the history of Panforte, a Christmastime sweet from the Tuscan town of Siena, with two recipes.

An Autumn Recipe: Persimmons in Liquor (Cachi al liquore)
About persimmons in Italy, with an explanation of the different kinds and a simple recipe.

Incredible Baked Macaroni and Cheese with Mortadella Recipe
Easy Italian recipe for Baked Pasta with Mortadella (Maccheroni alla mortadella al forno).

A Jam, Fresh Fruit, or Nutella Crostata (Italian Tart)
How to make a jam, fresh fruit, or Nutella crostata (a classic Italian tart).

Italian-Style Pot Roast: Beef Braised in Red Wine
How to make Brasato al Barolo, an elegant braised beef in red wine pot roast from Italy's Piedmont region.

All About Chestnuts in Italian Cuisine
About chestnuts in Italy, with information on how to select them and roast them, plus other Italian chestnut recipes.

Chestnut Pasta in Butter-and-Sage Sauce
A traditional Italian recipe for chestnut-flour pasta.

Trippa - Tripe in Traditional Italian Cuisine
On the use of tripe in traditional Italian cuisine, with recipes.

About Cannelloni and Manicotti
All about cannelloni (also known as manicotti) pasta, with recipes.

Italian Carnevale Food Traditions
All about traditional Carnival-time foods in Italy, both savory and sweet, with recipes.

Spaghetti and Squid in Squid-Ink Sauce
A recipe for spaghetti with squid in a black squid-ink sauce.

Pasta Sauce, Gravy or Ragu'?
Should pasta sauce be called

Tuscan-Style Ragu' (Meat Sauce)
How to make a meaty, savory Tuscan-style ragu' pasta sauce.

Authentic Italian Food Recipes and Articles
Hundreds of authentic Italian recipes, for pastas, pasta sauces, cookies, cakes, main dishes, and more, as well as tips, tricks, and advice on traditional Italian ingredients, cooking techniques, and wines.

25+ Pasta Dishes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less
A list of 25 different pasta dishes you can make in only 10 to 30 minutes -- with recipes!

25+ Pasta Dishes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less
A list of 25 different pasta dishes you can make in only 10 to 30 minutes -- with recipes!

25+ Pasta Dishes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less
A list of 25 different pasta dishes you can make in only 10 to 30 minutes -- with recipes!

Pasta with Pesto and Fresh Tomatoes
A super quick and easy summer pasta dish of trofie with pesto and fresh tomatoes.

Cheesy Baked Macaroni, Italian-Style
How to make Italian-style mac 'n' cheese, with melty Fontina cheese and a crisp, golden-brown bread crumb topping.

Thai-Style Stir-Fried Macaroni (Pad Macaroni)
How to make Thai-style stir-fried macaroni (Pad Macaroni), an unusual Thai-Italian fusion dish.

Penne Pasta with Asparagus, Pancetta and Cherry Tomatoes
How to make penne pasta with asparagus, pancetta, and cherry tomatoes in less than 20 minutes!

Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: A Few Ideas
A few suggestions for crema pasticcera.

Step-By-Step: How to Make Pastry Cream (with photos)
Step-by-step instructions for making crema pasticcera, or pastry cream, one of the basic ingredients in many Italian and French pastries and cakes.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Add The Sugar
Lightly whisk the yolks, and then add the sugar. While you are doing this, set all but 1/2 cup of the milk to warm over a slow burner with the vanilla bean, if you're using it.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Whisk A Little More
The egg and sugar mixture should pale slightly.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Add the Flour
Elisabetta simply added the flour with a teapoon, but she has been making crema pasticcera for many, many years. If you're new to the Art, use a strainer to add the flour, whisking gently, and making sure that no lumps form.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Whisk in The Milk
Since Elisabetta was making a small volume, she simply whisked all the milk in without heating it. If you are instead heating some of the milk with the vanilla bean, whisk in what you didn't heat first, keeping a wary eye for lumps. Next, fish out and discard the vanilla bean (or add the extract), and slowly whisk the heated milk into the egg-and-milk mixture.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Gently Heat It
Set the pot to heat over a low flame, stirring gently, until it barely reaches a slow boil.

How To Make Crema Pasticcera, or Pastry Cream: Ready!
Count to 120 while stirring constantly and it's done.

How to Make Italian Pastry Cream (Crema pasticcera)
How to make a simple crema pasticcera, or pastry cream.

And get ready to slice it!
After you remove your pizza from the oven, slice it

Making the Pizza Dough to Bake in a Wood Fire Oven
To use a wood-fired pizza oven you must have two things: A hot oven and pizza dough (toppings aren't essential, as there are also focaccia and other flat breads). We'll begin with the dough. Page 2.

Preparing the hot oven
Once the oven is hot, sweep the fire to one side and...

Topping your pizza
There are all sorts of toppings for pizza, so the choice is up to you. Remember, however, not to overdo it.

When it's done...
When the pizza is done... Italian Food.

How to Make Pizza in a Wood-Fired Oven
How to bake pizza in a wood-fired oven, step-by-step, illustrated instructions, with a recipe.

Backtracking: Firing the oven
While you are making the dough, you also have to heat your oven.

Shaping the pizzas
Shaping pizza disks is easy, but requires care. Don't roll them out!

Slip the pizza onto the peel
Slip the pizza onto the peel. Italian Food.

And put it into the oven
Transfer the pizza from the peel to the hot oven floor, and things happen very fast.

Step-by-Step: How to Make Spicy Italian Mostarda
Step-by-step, illustrated directions for making mostarda, a spicy Italian fruit preserve served with boiled meats.

Making Mostarda: Fill to Cover, and Seal
Fill the jars to cover, and seal them

Making Mostarda: Weigh The Fruit
The first step in making Mostarda is the preparation of the fruit: Peel it, core it if need be, slice it if need be, and weigh it.

Making Mostarda: Add the Sugar
When you have prepared your druit, weigh it, and then put it in a bowl, sprinkling it with half its weight in sugar.

Making Mostarda: Let it Rest
Making mostarda is a measured activity: Much of the process is steeping the fruit in the syrup.

Making Mostarda: Concentrate the Syrup
After the fruit has steeped, concentrate the syrup, and return the fruit to it to steep again.

Making Mostarda: Wait Another 24 Hours
It takes several days to concentrate the sugars properly.

Making Mostarda: Using Mustard Oil
Commercially prepared mostarda gets its kick from mustard oil, which is transparent and colorless. It's also an irritant, and requires care.

Making Mostarda: Using Powdered Mustard Seed
It's much easier to find powdered mustard, which is also easier to work with. Here's how.

Making Mostarda: Put the Fruit in the Jars
The last step to making mostarda is to put the fruit in the jars.

Central Italian Cuisine, By Region
Learn about the cuisines of the four regions of Central Italy: Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche and Lazio.

La Cucina Toscana
Tuscan cooking appears to be simple. But it's more accurate to say people seek out the best and then don't alter the flavors.

La Cucina Marchigiana
The cuisine of the Marches was once known for its frugality, though things have improved, and now cooks artfully interweave land and sea in their recipes.

La Cucina Laziale
The cooking of Lazio and Rome is simple (as opposed to elaborate), based on the finest ingredients, and... well, mouthwatering.

La Cucina Umbra
Umbria's cooking is one of the most local of all Italian cuisines, in the sense that the Umbrians have stayed true to tradition, feeling little need for ingredients or procedures introduced from elsewhere.

La Cucina Molisana
Molise is in large part mountainous, and has a cuisine that draws heavily on farming traditions, with seasonal vegetables and pork.

La Cucina Calabrese
Calabrian cooking is rich and quite varied, nicely balancing fish, meats and vegetables. Because of the climate Calabresi are adept at preserving foods too.

La Cucina della Basilicata
Despite its long coastline, the traditional cuisine of Basilicata focusses inland, with vegetables and meats playing a predominant role. People have been seeking out Basilicata's sausages since Roman times.

An Overview of Southern Italian Cuisine, By Region
An overview of the cuisines of the 6 regions of Southern Italy: Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise and Puglia.

La Cucina Campana
The cooking of Campania ranges from the simplest peasant food -- pizza -- though the extraordinarily rich, for example eggplant parmesan. There's something for everyone!

La Cucina Abruzzese
The Abruzzo is one of the wilder regions of Italy, with craggy mountains inland and beautiful coastlines. It was isolated in the past, but has become a mecca for hikers, skiers, and vacationers, who come to enjoy both the foods and the land.

La Cucina Pugliese
Puglia's cooking is classic Mediterranean, with an abundance of olive oil and fish, coupled with bread and wine. Delightful.

How to Make Pasta alla Puttanesca
How to make classic Italian puttanesca pasta sauce -- with an explanation of the origins of the name.

La Cucina Piemontese
Piemonte's cuisine is one of the richest and most varied of Italy, with a delightful fusion of courtly dishes and earthy peasant cuisine. It's a delight to explore.

La Cucina Lombarda
Traditional Lombard cooking features little pasta, lots of polenta and risotto, a great many slowly cooked dishes, and glorious cheeses. Lots to enjoy!

La Cucina Veneta
The Veneto's cuisine is dominated by rice, polenta, beans, and baccalà; the supporting cast changes from place to place within the region, and there is a great deal to discover and enjoy.

La Cucina del Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Alto Adige sits astride a linguistic and cultural divide, with the northern half of the region being predominantly German, and the southern predominantly Italian. Consequently there are two cuisines to enjoy!

La Cucina Ligure
Ligurian Cuisine is the result of harsh topography and the sea: Many vegetables, mountain herbs, little meat, and a great deal of fish. Healthy, in short.

La Cucina del Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friuli Venezia Giulia is quite distinct from much of the rest of Italy: It was an Austro-Hungarian province for many eyars, and as a result has many Mitteleuropean elements in the cuisine, including sauerkraut and strudel. But is is refined, and there's much to enjoy.

La Cucina dell'Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna is the source of many Italian foods, including Parmigiano Reggiano, prosciutto, and mortadella (i.e. Bologna). And there's more: tagliatelle, tortellini, risotti, tasty roasts, Lambrusco wine...

An Overview of Northern Italian Cuisine, By Region
An overview of the cuisines of the 8 regions of Northern Italy, with links to recipes.

La Cucina Valdostana
The Valle D'Aosta was long isolated from the rest of Italy, and has a very distinctive cuisine.

Debunking the Top 10 Myths About Pasta
Clearing up the top 10 myths about pasta and how to cook it.

How to Cook Pasta - For Perfect Results Every Time
Cooking pasta is easy, but there are rules to pasta cooking that will lead to perfectly cooked pasta every time.

Lasagne alla Bolognese: A Classic, Hearty Meat-Sauce Lasagna
A recipe for a classic, hearty Northern Italian-style lasagna (Lasagne alla Bolognese).

An incredibly quick-and-easy springtime pasta recipe.
An easy springtime vegetable pasta with asparagus, peas, sun-dried tomatoes.

How to Make 'Sun-Dried' the Oven!
How to make 'sun-dried' tomatoes at home in your oven, with suggestions for ways to use them.

How to Make Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
How to make sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil at home (pomodori secchi sott'olio).

Friselle, or Pugliese Rusk Bread
All about friselle, twice-baked Apulian breads, and how to eat them.

Bright and Crunchy Fennel, Grapefruit and Arugula Salad
A recipe for a refreshing winter salad made with fennel, arugula, avocado and pink grapefruit.

Fried Squash/Zucchini Blossoms (Fiori di zucca fritti)
A recipe for Italian-style fried zucchini blossoms in a light, crisp batter.

Italian-Style Pickled Eggplant Recipe (Melanzane sott'aceto)
A traditional recipe for quick-and-easy, Italian-style pickled eggplant.

Top Tomato Tricks, Tips & Techniques
Some tips and tricks on tomato storage, preparation, and cooking with tomatoes.

Ricotta and Espresso Tart with Baci Chocolates
How to make a rich and decadent ricotta-chocolate tart with Baci candies.

How to Make Candied Chestnuts
An easy recipe for Italian-style candied chestnuts.

The Two Kinds of Dried Pasta
About the different kinds of dried pasta, how to select and buyit, and which to use with which sauces. Page 2.

A Pasta Primer
About the different kinds of pasta, and how it is cooked and served in Italy.

How to Cook Dried Pasta
Cooking pasta is easy -- you merely have to boil water -- but does require care lest the pasta come out over or undercooked. Also, don't forget the salt. Page 3.

How to Make Your Own Vinegar From Wine
Wine vinegar is easy to make, and this DIY recipe yields a homemade wine vinegar that's much tastier and cheaper than mass-produced store-bought vinegars.

Pan Bagnat - A Nicoise-style Sandwich
An article describing the background and recipe for Pan Bagnat, a typical sandwich from Nice made with tuna, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and olive oil.

Where's the best olive oil from? The answer is surprising.
All about extra-virgin olive oil fraud and how to select, buy, store and use true extra-virgin olive oil.

Classic, No-Cook Tiramisu'
How to make tiramisu' -- the classic Italian dessert -- with the story of its origins.

Olive Oil: Health Benefits and How Much to Consume
Olive oil lowers cholesterol, protects against cancer and may even ward off age-related dementia. But how much should you consume per day?

Sparkling Red Lambrusco: An Underrated Summer Wine
Lambrusco is the perfect wine for a picnic, cookout, or light meal.

Espresso + ice + cocktail shaker = magic!
All about caffè shakerato, a popular Italian iced coffee drink for hot summer days.

22 No-Cook Summer Dishes and Desserts
Simple Italian meals and desserts that don't require any cooking, for hot summer days.

22 No-Cook Summer Dishes and Desserts
Simple Italian meals and desserts that don't require any cooking, for hot summer days.

"Lo Sfincione" - The Original Sicilian Pizza
A recipe for traditional sfincione, or Sicilian-style pizza.

All About Fennel (Finocchio)
All about fennel (finocchio in Italian) and how to select and prepare it, with recipes.

How to Make Cappelletti -- "Little Hats" of Filled Pasta
About the differences between tortellini and cappelletti filled pastas -- and how to make and serve them.

Simple Walnut Sauce for Gnocchi and Pasta
How to make a simple, no-cook walnut sauce for pasta or serving on crostini as an antipasto.

Easy, No-Fail Gnocchi Recipe
A surprising shortcut ingredient makes the potato gnocchi incredibly quick and easy to make.

Farro: A Hearty, Ancient Italian Grain
What is farro? An article explaining the history of this ancient grain, as well as how to buy and prepare it, with suggested recipes.

About Potato Gnocchi and a Basic Recipe
Gnocchi, Potato and Otherwise: Gnocchi are little dumplings, and though gocchi di patata -- potato gnocchi -- are the best known, there are many other tasty varieties of gnocchi.

Variations on Basic Potato Gnocchi
Potato Gnocchi lend themselves to many variations; for example you can make them with spinach or tomatoes. Here are some common Italian variations on the theme. Page 2.

All Sorts of Gnocchi Recipes
The word gnocco refers to a shape more than a specific ingredient -- what one would call a small dumpling in English. As such, there are many recipes for gnocchi, some that call for potatoes, and others that do not. Here's a sampling:. Page 3.

Gnocchi made with semolina flour instead of a potato base.
A Roman recipe for gnocchi, made from semolina instead of potatoes. This recipe is rich with butter, Parmigiano, egg yolks, and milk.

Sweet Crespelle -- Italian-Style Crepes
How to make simple crepelle -- Italian-style sweet crêpes.

Italian Easter food traditions, with links to recipes.
An article about Italian Easter food traditions, with links to recipes.

How to Make Panettone - Italian Christmas Cake from Milan
How to make panettone -- a traditional Italian Christmas cake from Milan.

Fried Eggplant in Tomato Sauce (Melanzane fritte al pomodoro)
How to make versatile Italian fried eggplants in tomato sauce, which can be used as a pasta sauce, spread, side dish, dip, or crostini topping.

Grilled eggplant rollatini (involtini)
A quick and easy recipe for grilled eggplant rolls filled with spaghetti in a simple tomato sauce.

Homemade Nutella (Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread)
An easy recipe for homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread (Nutella).

Tagliatelle with Baby Artichokes (Tagliatelle ai carciofi)
A recipe for fresh pasta with baby artichokes and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Lemon Italian Ice Recipe
Lemon Ice: Aggie, who has kindly shared several recipes, says:

Spiedini: Italian Kebab (Grigliata) Recipe
The classic Italian grigliata is a platter of mixed grilled meats. However, there are other options, including spiedini, or Italian kebabs. You can make them just as you like, and with spiedini you don't have to worry about something popular being snapped up before th platter makes full circle.

A Guide to Italian Salami, Charcuterie and Cold Cuts
A guide to some of the most common Italian salamis, cold cuts and charcuterie.

More Cold Cuts, What You'll Need, and Italian Recipes
More cold cuts, and what you'll need to make cold cuts at home. Page 2.

A Creamy Tomato Sauce for Pasta or Gnocchi (Salsa rosa)
A delicate cream sauce with a pleasing blush from tomatoes: a quick and easy accompaniment for pasta or potato gnocchi.

Italian Christmas Cakes and Cookies
Almost every town in Italy has a Christmas cake, cookie, or pie. Here's a list of some of the best known, with links to recipes.

How to Dry Orange or Lemon Peel at Home
How to make your own dried citrus peels at home.

Milanese Veal Cutlet Recipe (Cotoletta alla milanese)
How to make Milanese-style breaded veal cutlets -- a close relative of Vienna's Wiener Schnitzel.

Chilled Veal in Tuna-Caper Sauce Recipe (Vitello tonnato)
Vitello tonnato, chilled veal in a tuna sauce, is a classic Italian summer dish and is the traditional centerpiece of a Milanese Ferragosto dinner.

How to Make Garlic Bread
How to make crisp, buttery garlic bread in just 15 minutes!

Florentine Rice-Pudding Tarts (Budini di riso)
How to make Florentine rice-pudding tarts: little creamy puddings, scented with lemon, vanilla and orange, baked in crisp, crumbly shortcrust pastry shells.

Tacchino Tonnato (Turkey with Tuna-Caper Sauce)
An Italian-style recipe for sliced turkey breast in tuna-caper sauce (tacchino tonnato).

Tagliatelle with Fried Zucchini and Ricotta Salata
A quick and easy Sicilian-style recipe for fresh tagliatelle with fried zucchini, fresh mint and ricotta salata.

Winning Pasta with Garlic, Lemon, Capers and Tuna
A quick and easy recipe for pasta with oil-packed tuna, garlic, white wine, capers and lemon.

Recipe for traditional Italian Octopus and Potato Salad (Insalata di polpo e patate)
A quick and easy recipe for a traditional Italian summertime seafood salad made with octopus and potatoes.

How to Make Colorful, Flavored Fresh Pasta
How to make colored and flavored pastas by hand. Page 3.

How to Make Fresh Pasta at Home
How to make fresh, handmade pasta at home: it's easy and fun!

How to make handmade, fresh pasta in different colors and flavors
How to make colored and flavored fresh pastas at home. Page 2.

How to Cook Octopus so That It Stays Tender
How to cook octopus for tender results -- with a quick method and a slow-braise method.

Pasta all'Amatriciana Recipe (Pasta with Tomato and Guanciale)
How to make pasta all'amatriciana, a classic dish from Rome and the town of Amatrice, in Italy's Lazio region.

How to make your own Italian-style walnut liqueur (nocino)
Step-by-step instructions for making nocino, a traditional Italian liqueur made with green walnuts.

Bavette: Thin Flattened Strands
Bavette are thin, flattened strands of pasta, rather like tagliatelle or fettuccine, but without eggs. Page 36.

Bucatini: Thick Hollow Strands
Bucatini are thick hollow strands, and work nicely with this Sausage-And-Eggplant Sauce. Page 37.

Cannelloni, also known as Manicotti
Cannelloni, also known as Manicotti, and a Bell Pepper-And-Ricotta Filling for Them. Page 35.

Capellini: Fine Strands of Pasta
Capellini: Fine Strands of Pasta, and a Parsley Cream Sauce for Them. Page 34.

Casarecce: Simple, partially rolled (around the long axis) pappardelle, which will work well with chunky sauces, e.g eggplant and swordfish sauce. Page 39.

Ditaloni: Neapolitan "Thimbles"
Ditaloni: Neapolitan

Farfalle: Butterflies or bow ties
Farfalle: Butterflies or bow ties, and a bell-pepper-and-arugola sauce for them. Page 30.

Farfalline: Mini-Bowties
Farfalline: Mini-Bowties for Soup, and a Creamy Tomato Robiola Soup for Them. Page 29.

Five Colored Shells
Five Colored Shells: Several Colors of Shells, and a Chunky Sauce Made with Tomatoes, Eggplant, and Olives. Page 33.

Fusilli: Corkscrews
Fusilli: Corkscrews, and a Zucchini Sauce for Them. Page 27.

Fusilli Bucati: Corkscrews with Holes Running Down the Middles of the Strands
Fusilli Bucati: Corkscrews with holes running down the middles of the strands, and an interesting artichoke sauce to go with them. Page 26.

Fusilli Stretti: Tight Corkscrews
Fusilli Stretti: Tight Corkscrews, and a Leek and Clam Sauce for Them. Page 28.

Spirali agli Spinaci, Spinach-Flavored Corkscrews
Spirali agli Spinaci, or Spinach-Flavored Corkscrews: Quite tasty with a simple sauce. Page 25.

Gomiti Rigati: Lined Elbow Macaroni
Elbow macaroni, and a tasty springtime sauce made with fresh peas for them. Page 24.

Lasagne are square or rectangular sheets of pasta, which are cooked, interlayered with other ingredients and baked. There are many many variations. Page 22.

Lumaconi: Snail Shells
Lumaconi are large shells (lumaca means snail) that are quite nice when filled with a stuffing, in this case made from ricotta and ham. Page 32.

Midolline: Bits of pasta that look like melon seeds
Midolline: Bits of pasta that look like mellon seeds, and a radicchio-based soup to go with them. Page 38.

Orecchiette: "Little Ears" from Puglia
Orecchiette are little ears, and the name aptly describes this pasta shape from Puglia. With them, a zesty tomato and olive sauce. Page 21.

Orsetti: Teddy Bear Shaped Pasta (For Kids)
Orsetti: Teddy Bear Shaped Pasta (For Kids) and a Chicken-and-Zucchini Sauce for Them. Page 20.

Pappardelle: Broad, Flat Noodles
Papprdelle are broad wavy-edged strips of pasta that work very well with rich sauces. Usually meat sauces, though here we have a tomatoey fish sauce for them. Page 19.

Grattugiata, or Malfattini
Grattugiata, or Malfattini: Bits of grated pasta that add delightful body to clear soups, and a tasty Minestra Primavera for them. Page 23.

Penne Lisce: Smooth-Sided Penne
Penne are one of the mainstays of the Italian pasta scene, and here they are with a mock carbonara sauce. Page 16.

Penne Rigate: Ridged Penne
Penne Rigare are one of the mainstays of the Italian pasta scene, and work very well with all maner of chunky sauces, including this romantic smoked salmon sauce. They're also excellent baked, and can be used in the place of lasagna. Page 15.

Penne al Fungo Porcino, Porcini Mushroom-Flavored Penne
Penne flavored with Porcini Musrooms. Very nice. Page 17.

Hot Pepper Penne
Hot peppers are perhaps the most common flavoring for pasta, and here mesh with a zesty caper and anchovy sauce. Page 18.

Pipe Rigate
Pipe are large elbow macaroni, and work well with hearty sauces. Page 9.

Sedani Rigati
Sedani Rigati are another Neapolitan pasta shape, and here's a tasty if unusual chicken and prune sauce for them. Page 13.

Sedanini Rigati
Sedani are somewhat thinner than rigatoni or penne, and work very well with rich sauces. They also are nice in baked pasta dishes. And here they're fit for a romantic occasion. Page 14.

Spaghetti are probably the best known pasta shape, and also the most popular. They work well with all kinds of sauces, especially more liquid sauces. Page 12.

Spaghettini are finer than spaghetti and cook a bit faster. They work very well with liquid sauces, or with sauces that are liquid, and chunky. Page 11.

Stelline: Tiny Stars
Stelline are tiny pasta stars, and though they are most commonly fed to children in Italy, they are quite nice in soups too. Page 10.

Pipette Rigate
Pipette rigate are small pipe rigate. In other words, they're similar to ridged penne, but have an elbow twist. Page 8.

Reginette are wavy-edged stips of pasta samed after Princess Mafalda of Savoy, and they do quite well with rich sauces, for example this pheasant breast sauce, which can also be made with Guinea hen. Page 7.

Riccioli Amalfitani
The word ricciolo means curl, and is quite appropriate in this case; Riccioli are a shape that will work quite well with chunky sauces, for example this eggplant sauce. Page 6.

Rigatoni originated in Rome, but have become one of the most popular Italian pasta shapes. They work very well with chunky sauces, for example Salsa alla Burrina, with sausages and tomatoes. Page 5.

Tagliatelle are the classic pasta of Emilia Romagna, and traditionalists serve them with a rich meat sauce. They will be just as tasty with this (quicker) chicken and tomato sauce. Page 4.

Tagliatelline, or Fettuccine
Tagliatelline, and their cousins fettuccine, are fine strands of pasta all'uovo. They go especially well with creamy or liquid sauces. Page 3.

Tagliolini all'Uovo
Tagliolini, also known as taglierini or tajarin, are the finest and quickest cooking egg noodels. They work best with fairly liquid, creamy sauces. Page 2.

Tortiglioni are a little larger and thicker walled than rigatoni, and work very well with chunky sauces. They're also an excellent bet if you want to make a baked pasta dish.

A Pasta Shapes Gallery, with Recipes with Suggested Sauces
There are a great many kinds of pasta in Italy. Here's a list of the most popular kinds, with suggested recipes for each shape, possible substitutions, and alternate names for them.

A Pasta Shapes Gallery, with Recipes with Suggested Sauces
There are a great many kinds of pasta in Italy. Here's a list of the most popular kinds, with suggested recipes for each shape, possible substitutions, and alternate names for them.

A Pasta Shapes Gallery, with Recipes with Suggested Sauces
There are a great many kinds of pasta in Italy. Here's a list of the most popular kinds, with suggested recipes for each shape, possible substitutions, and alternate names for them.

A Pasta Shapes Gallery, with Recipes with Suggested Sauces
There are a great many kinds of pasta in Italy. Here's a list of the most popular kinds, with suggested recipes for each shape, possible substitutions, and alternate names for them.

Pecorino Romano: A Classic Italian Sheep's-Milk Cheese
Pecorino Roamno is an anciant cheese, enjoyed by the Romans and still very popular even now.

Pecorino Romano: Recipes with Pecorino Romano
Pecorino Romano is an important ingredient in many Italian reicpes. Page 2.

How to Make Bruschetta
How to make authentic Italian tomato-and-basil bruschetta, with suggestions for variations.

Risotto Making Basics and Techniques
Making a good risotto is rather like riding a bicycle: It takes a little bit of practice to begin with, and a certain amount of concentration thereafter. But making risotto is easy, and quite satisfying

Veal Cutlets with Prosciutto and Sage (Saltimbocca alla romana)
How to make the classic Roman dish, Saltimbocca, or veal cutlets with prosciutto and sage.

Sicilian-Style Tomato-and-Almond Pesto (Pesto alla trapanese)
How to make Sicilian-style tomato-and-almond pesto (pesto alla trapanese).

How to Grill Florentine-Style Steak (Bistecca alla Fiorentina)
How to select and prepare a classic Florentine-style steak (Bistecca alla fiorentina).

Tagliatelle with fresh chanterelle mushrooms
A recipe for fresh chanterelle mushrooms in a light cream sauce with fresh tagliatelle pasta.

Penne all'Arrabbiata (Spicy Penne) Recipe
How to make the classic Roman pasta all'arrabbiata (pasta in a spicy tomato sauce).

A Food Lover's Travel Guide to Florence, Italy
A food lover's travel guide to Florence Italy: where to eat, best aperitivo spots, food- and drink-related activities, and where to stay.

Spicy Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive Oil (Aglio, olio e peperoncino)
How to make classic spaghetti all'aglio, olio and peperoncino (garlic, olive oil, and chile pepper).

Classic Sicilian Arancini (Arancine di riso al ragu' e piselli)
Arancini or arancine? Whatever you call them, these stuffed and fried Sicilian rice balls are delicious.

How To Make Homemade Soppressata
How to make homemade Italian-style soppressata salami.

How to Make Cannoli, The Classic Sicilian Delicacy
How to make cannoli -- the classic Sicilian fried-dough-and-ricotta pastry -- at home.

Quick, Fresh Neapolitan-Style Marinara Sauce
A quick and easy recipe for Neapolitan-style marinara tomato sauce made with fresh plum tomatoes.

How to Make Your Own Giardiniera - Italian Pickled Vegetables
How to make your own giardiniera, Italian-style mixed pickled vegetables, at home.

Creamy Four-Cheese Sauce for Pasta
A quick and simple Italian recipe for pasta in four-cheese sauce.

Classic Basil Pesto (Pesto alla genovese)
About the history of pesto, a recipe and tips for serving and storage.

Isole e Olena's Paolo De Marchi
Paolo De Marchi, a truly great vintner

Speck - Smoked Prosciutto from Northern Italy
An article all about speck, a smoked prosciutto from northern Italy's Sudtirol region, with recipes.

Meat-Filled Cannelloni (Manicotti) in Bechamel Sauce
An easy recipe for authentic Italian meat-filled manicotti (cannelloni) in a white bechamel sauce.

Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni (Manicotti)
Recipe for baked cannelloni pasta filled with spinach and ricotta.

Campanian Soups, Pasta and More
Campania and Naples boast some of the best artisinal dry pasta (spaghetti, maccheroni and so on) in Italy, in part because the climate is ideally suited to the slower drying that is the hallmark of really good pasta. Little wonder then that the region should have many signature pasta sauces. But there's more, extraordinary lasagna, and the region is also known for its many rich, and varied soups.

Italian Wedding Soup (Minestra Maritata)
A quick and easy version of the classic Italian Wedding Soup, with an explanation of the name -- and why you'll never find it at an Italian wedding!

Classic Italian Toppings: Ideas for Homemade Pizza
Suggestions for some classic Italian pizza toppings for your homemade pizza.

Bacio Brownies
Recipe for Bacio Brownies from Viola Buitoni of the Perugina chocolate family.

Italian Wine Labels: What do DOC, DOCG, IGT and VdT mean?
How to decode the abbreviations on Italian wine labels and understand the different quality designations.

Orecchiette: Puglia's Pasta Specialty
An article about orecchiette, a pasta shape typical of the southern Italian region of Puglia, with instructions for making them and recipe suggestions.

How to Use a Stovetop Espresso Pot (Moka)
A simple How To on using an espresso pot.

Many Minestroni
If one were to have to pick a universal Italian soup it would likely be minestrone, Italy's hearty vegetable soup. There's nothing else quite so universal, and also nothing that has been quite so extensively adapted to regional tastes. It's also a dish that can be in large part prepared ahead, which makes it ideal for a family meal, when everybody gets home from work, or if you are having company but don't need to wow them with the presentation.

Caponata alla Siciliana (Sicilian Caponata) Recipe
A quick and easy recipe for a classic Sicilian eggplant caponata.

A Recipe for Porcini Mushroom Risotto
A quick and easy recipe for porcini mushroom risotto.

Piemontese Sweets & Desserts
Piemonte is famed for the hazelnut stands that grow on the mountains above the vineyards, and also for the chocolate makers of Torino, Alba and many other cities. With hazelnuts and chocolate to start of with, it's easy to understand why Piemontese desserts are to die for...

The Veneto: Antipasti, Starters & Sauces
Tasty tidbits with which to begin the meal, and also zesty sauces.

The Veneto: Fish Recipes
As one might expect of a region whose capital is built in the middle of a lagoon, the Veneto boasts great many fish recipes. But they're not all coastal; inland there are rich traditions based on stockfish and baccalà, salt cod.

The Veneto: Pasta, Soups, Risotto, Polenta...
The Veneto, like much of the north, puts less of an emphasis on pasta recipes (though there are some, especially stuffed pasta recipes). Rather, veneti concentrate on soups, and also on glorious risotti from the short-grained rices grown in the region.

The Veneto: Sweets and Desserts
It's hard (for me) to think of the Veneto without thinking of pandoro, Verona's gloriously buttery Christmas cake, but there are many other delights, including sbrisolona, which picks up a terrific zing from a sprinkling of grappa...

Meat Recipes from Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna is known known for its cold cuts -- Culatello di Zibello, Prosciutto di Parma, and Salame di Felino are the tip of an iceberg -- but there are many tasty recipes for dealing with the rest of the pig too, and then there's beef, chicken, veal, turkey... Endless delight!

Vegetables and Side Dishes from Emilia Romagna
Artusi once remarked that Romagnoli are about as enthusiastic about cooked vegetables as they are about having smoke blown in their eyes. Perhaps, but the region is extraordinarily fertile, and yields all sorts of rich and wonderful produce.

Soups, Pasta, Risotti & More From Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna owes much of its reputation as the gastronimic capital of Italy to its extraordinary pasta dishes: Freshly made tagliatelle, to be served with all sorts of sauce, especially Bolognese sauce, rich stuffed pastas including cappelletti & tortellini (which were inspired by a vision of Venus's navel) in broth or with sauce, baked pastas, rich soups, both meat and fish based... Endless variety!

Lombard Vegetables and Sides
Like much of the rest of northern Italy, Lombardia is more known for leafy vegetables, cabbages, and legumes than for the tomatoes and eggplant that many associate with Italian cooking -- but require more sun to ripen.

Ligurian Fish
Considering its long coast line, it should come as no surprise that fish plays an important role in the Ligurian diet. Much is prepared according to universal techniques, for example grilling, but there are specifically Ligurian recipes too.

Sweets and Desserts of the Val D'Aosta
Because of its isolation and poverty, sweets were a wonderful treat in the Valle D'Aosta - something for special occasions, and when they arose the cooks cut no corners.

Campanian Starters, Breads, Pizza and Street Foods
In discussing antipasti, Carolà Francesconi says that they really aren't part of the Campanian tradition, but that people have discovered them and begun to enjoy them. And Campania does have a long tradition of street foods, foremost of which is of course pizza.

Fish-Based Sardinian Recipes
Sardinia enjoys a wide variety of fish, and is famed for bottarga.

Sardinian Sweets and Dessert Recipes
Sardinia's sweets and desserts are rich, varied, and in many cases quite old.

Sardinian Vegetable Dishes
Sardinia's topography is extremely varied, and the island supports a considerable variety of crops. Much to enjoy!

Meats from Lazio and Rome
Meats from Lazio and Rome. Italian Food.

Sicilian Soups, Pasta and More
Sicily has a rich and varied tradition of first course dishes, with all sorts of soups and pasta recipes ranging from refreshingly frugal to extraordinarily opulent. Something for every occasion!

Sicilian Street Foods
Sicilian cooking is one of the richest and most varied of Italy, and street foods play a very important role.

Sicilian Sweets and Desserts
Sicilian sweets and desserts are simply extraordinary: Cannoli, Cassata, Marzipan... It doesn't get much better!

Tuscan Meats
Tuscany's best known meat dish is certainly the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a glorious portherhouse steak. But there are many other tasty Tuscan meat recipes as well.

Tuscan Soups, Pasta, Rice...
The range of Tuscan soup, pasta and rice recipes is extraordinary: from frugal pappa al pomodoro in the summer months to sumptuous lasagna to keep winter at bay. And more...

Sweets & Desserts from Rome and Lazio
Sweets & Desserts from Rome and Lazio

Antipasti, Starters & Street Foods
Think of antipasti marchigiani, and I think of olive all'ascolana, gloriously large breaded fried olives with a zesty meat filling. But there are other things as well!

Fish recipes from Le Marche
Though Le Marche is a coastal region, the way inland is difficult and therefore fish was traditionally enjoyed primarily along the coast.

Pasta, Soups and More from the Marche
Marchigiani enjoy many soups and pasta dishes. And come the holidays, almost everyone makes vincisgrassi, Le Marche's lasagna

Piemontese Antipasti, Sauces & More
Piemonte boasts an extraordinarily rich tradition of antipasti, both raw and cooked, and meat, fish, egg and cheese based. At a traditional meal they just keep coming, and though what follows is just as good, you may find yourself wishing you could just continue with more of this and a dab of that... Piemonte also has many excellent sauces, which you will find here.

Lombard Antipasti, Sauces, Mostarda...
Lombardia boasts a rich variety of cheeses and cold cuts, and is also known for some of the most sensual kinds of Mostarda, fruit in a zesty syrup that gains zing from mustard oil.

Lombard Sweets and Desserts
The one cake all Italians associate with Lombardia is Panettone, because it appears throughout the land come Christmas. But there are many others, and just as good!

Antipasti and Sauces from Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Alto Adige is actually two distinct areas, a southern ethnically Italian region, and a northerly ethnically German region. Therefore the region boasts recipes of both German and Italian tradition.

Meats from Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Alto Adige is mountainous, with a tremendous amount of forest, and it therefore comes as no surprise that the region boasts many recipes for game, in addition to barnyard animals that do not require much space to raise.

Antipasti, Cold Cuts and More More from the Val D'Aosta
Today we would consider many of these recipes to be antipasti. In the past, when the Val D'Aosta was much more isolated than it is now, and the cooking was more frugal, some of these dishes would have served as an entire meal.

Vegetables and Sides of the Val D'Aosta
Vegetables and Sides of the Val D'Aosta

Soups, Pasta and More from the Val D'Aosta
The Valle D'Aosta boasts a frugal mountain cuisine, and while these dishes are now considered first course dishes, in the past in many cases they would have been the entire meal. Frugal, tasty, and satisfying.

Meats of the Val D'Aosta
The Valle D'Aosta is mountainous, with pastures grazed by cattle and sheep, and therefore there are some meat dishes, which were primarily reserved for special occasions. And there is also game, again for special occasions. This in the past; now these dishes are more common, and there are also some newfangled dishes that were introduced primarily for the tourists, but are enjoyed by all.

Campanian Sweets and Desserts
Campania boasts one of the richest of all Italian traditions for sweets, and this is saying something: Pastiera at Easter, Struffoli for Christmas, Zeppole for San Giuseppe, sfogliatelle and babà at any time, and the list goes on....

Apulian Soups, Pasta and More
Puglia, like much of the south, was historically poor, and cooks unfortunate enough to have access to meats or fresh fish naturally turned to pasta and vegetables, developing a great many tasty frugal recipes that are now beloved by all.

Campanian Recipes
Campania is on the one hand famed for pizza, which originated in Naples, and tomatoes (the plum variety comes from Mount Vesuvius), and on the other for extraordinarily rich aristocratic dishes, for example eggplant Parmesan. In short, there's something for everyone!

Apulian Cooking and Recipes
Apulia, known as Puglia in Italian, is the heel of the boot. Fish plays a tremendously important role in the diet; the region is also known for wheat farming and its olive groves, which are among the most important in Italy.

Calabrian Cooking
Calabria, the toe of the boot, is a wild and rugged land; along the sea fishing villages cling to the rocks, and enjoy the freshest of fish, while inland are wild and craggy mountains that make farming difficult. Conditions are such that people learned early on how to preserve foods, and the region is especially known for its use of red pepper.

The Cooking of Basilicata
Basilicata is the instep of the boot, and was, until recently, one of the poorest and most isolated parts of the Peninsual. The foods reflect this, with simple meats and vegetables inland, and the freshest of fish on the coast. And fine wines, too.

Recipes, wines, and more from the Valle D'Aosta
Italian cooking is intensely regional, and the Valle D'Aosta more regional than much of the rest of the country. Here you'll find recipes from the Valle D'Aosta, everything from carbonade (a hearty stew) to pain perdu, a French toast.

Recipes, wines, and more from the Veneto
The Veneto, as you might expect, draws its name from Venice. And there are many fish dishes. But the region has much more, including Verona's hearty stews and boiled meats, Vicenza's baccalà, and Treviso's many kinds of radicchio.

Recipes, wines, and more from Friuli Venezia Giulia
Friuli Venezia Giulia, the far northeastern corner of Italy, has many recipes one simply doesn't find elsewhere in Italy. Things with sauerkraut, for example. Or savory strudels. Unusual and tasty!

Ligurian recipes, wines, and more
Liguria is so rugged that people used to go from one town to the next by boat, rather than overland, and the cooking reflects this, with an abundance of fish and herbs. Pasta too, including ravioli and pesto sauce.

Piemontese recipes, wines, and more
Italian cooking is intensely regional. Here you will find recipes from Piemonte, from glorious risotti and pasta dishes through heady stews and delightful desserts.

Recipes, wines, and more from Lombardia
Italian cooking is extremely regional. Here you'll find recipes from Lombardia, ranging from the fish of the lakes to the game of the high Alps. And wines too!

The Cooking of Lazio and Rome
Lazio is extraordinarily fertile, and since the ingredients are so good, as a general rule the cooks keep things as simple as possible lest the sauces mask the taste of the indredients. One could do much worse.

Cooking, wines and more from Le Marche
Le Marche, the Marches in English, is a land of coastal fishing towns and rugged pastureland inland; the cooking reflects this, with fascinating combinations of land and sea.

The Cooking of Molise
Molise it italy's second-smallest region, and is in large part mountainous. Inland, pork is the meat of choice, accompanied by greens and vegetables, and on the brief coastline, there's fish in abundance, together with risotti and soups.

Recipes, wines, and more from Trentino Alto Adige
Trentino Alto Adige is extremely diverse, with Italians, Ladins, and Germans occupying the various Alpine valleys, and this makes for a great deal of variation in the cuisine as well.

Tuscan cooking, wines, and more
Tuscany has everything from high mountains through rolling hills and sandy beaches, and therefore the list of ingredients the Tuscan cook has at his or her disposal is stunningly long. And then there are the wines...

Sicilian Fish Recipes
Sicily is a fish-lover's paradise, with everything from sardines to tuna to octopus... One might never want to leave!

Tuscan Sweets & Desserts
All sorts of tasty things, from Ricciarelli though Crostata and Torta della Nonna...

Piemontese Fish Recipes
Piemonte is land locked, so one wouldn't expect much in the way of fish. However, traders did bring dried and slated fish overland from Liguria, and there are many lakes and waterways.

Piemontese Meat Recipes
Piemonte boasts some of the finest Italian breeds, including cattle of the Razza Piemontese, and it should come as no surprise that Piemontesi are second to none in preparing meats. Of all kinds, and Piemontese slowly cooked stews are especially good.

Piemontese Soups, Pasta, Risotti...
Piemonte boasts an extraordinary variety of first course dishes. There are rich cheeses for cheese soups and fondues, rice paddies that yield renowned short-grained rice for risotto, rich egg pastas, and hearty, deft stuffed pastas. Who could ask for more?

Italian Regional Cuisines & Specialties: Central
There really is no such thing as italian cooking -- it's all regional. Here are recipes from the middle.

Chick Peas, Lentils, and More
Though beans are the most common Italian legumes, they're certainly not along: chick peas are also extremely popular, winter wouldn't be quite the same without lentils, and there are also other legumes one finds here and there.

Neat stuff from the Web!
Working on the web means surfing quite a bit, and I often come across things that are interesting but non-food. So I pick what strikes me most for the Elsewhere on the Web section of the newsletter, and here they are collected. Lots of neat stuff!

Fish Based Italian Antipasti
Fish plays a very important part in the Italian diet, and there are lots of tasty fish dishes with which to begin the meal!

Tasty snacks and party food!
Italy has a great tradition of street food, snacks and such that one buys in a friggitoria (where they fry foods). Wonderful stuff in mid-morning, and if you make them at home (which isn't that hard) they're excellent finger foods for parties too!

Italian Holiday Menus
Christmas, Easter, Passover, San Valentino, San Giuseppe, Carnevale (Mardigras), Ferragosto... There are many holiday traditions in Italy, and most are associated with either a meal or a special recipe or one sort or another, ranging from cannoli (for Carnevale) to vitello Tonnato (for Ferragosto).

Rabbit - based Italian Dishes
If you go out into the country in the evening, you'll see people picking grasses and such in the fields -- they're gathering food for the rabbits in their rabbit hutch. The meat is tasty, lean, and healthful.

Italian Travel
When About first contacted me to do a site, I was asked to write about Tuscany. And so I did, with detours to other parts of Italy. So here you'll find many itineraries and much other advice, most of which is still quite current.

Northern Italian Travel
North italian travel and enogastronomic destinations!

Pork-based Italian Dishes: Loins, Roasts....
Lots of pork recipes, from roast suckling pig to arista, to salami and braciole.

Italian Regionale Menus
Italian cooking is extremely varied, and many regions (and even towns) have specialties that are either intimately associated with them or simply unknown beyond their borders. Much to Discover!

Sleeping and Dining in Italy
Places to sleep or eat in the Land of the Gods!

South Italian Travel
Interesting things I've found for South italy

String Beans, Fresh Peas, Etc.
String beans and peas may be quite different, but they're both true vegetables that act as side dishes, unlike their relatives in the legume family, which often take on a primary role in a course (think of tuna and beans in summer, for example), and were once staple foods of the poor.

Italian vegetable-based antipasti
There's tremendous variety to Italian vegetable-based and vegetarian antipasti; some are excellent at the beginning of a meal or as party finger foods, while others will also work well as the centerpiece of a light meal.

Zucchini Blossoms
Zucchini blossoms, the golden flowers on the end of baby zucchini (or the larger blossoms on stalks from male plants) are one of the nicest things about spring: They're wonderful fried, and superb stuffed. In short, they're a good reason to plant a vegetable patch.

Shellfish Sauces for Pasta - Italian Shell Fish Sauces
Italy enjoys a tremendous wealth of shellfish, and shellfish are uniquely suited to pasta sauce, everything from simple clam sauces to extraordinarily elegant lobster sauces. And shellfish sauces are healthy and refreshing, and perfect in the summer months.

Thick Meat Sauces with Ground Meats or Tomato or Both
All meat-based pasta sauces are not the same: on the one hand there are sauces such as sugo alla bolongese, made with ground beef, Neapolitan ragù, with a thick tomato sauce, or spaghetti with meatballs, and on the other there are sauces made with other meats, or even cold cuts, or with little if any tomato. Here we concentrate on the heartier sughi.

Lamb, kid, and goat recipes
Italians have long raised goats and sheep, both for their milk, which was a staple food of the Romans and still plays a vital role today, especially in the form of cheeses, and for their meat, which is a fixture on the table during spring, and especially for Easter.

Meatballs & Meatloaves
Though you can find pasta with meatballs in Italy, especially in the south, they're more common as a second course dish in many parts of the country, and often follow a festive meal -- a tasty way of using up the leftovers, in short.

Asparagus, Spears of Spring
Italians have been enjoying asparagus at least since the times of the Romans, who said to do things

Baccalà and other Salted or Dried Fish
Baccalà is salted cod, while stockfish is dried cod, and both were once very common in Italy because they allowed those far from the coast to enjoy fish on the days the Church required it -- and at other times too because they were both tasty and inexpensive. Lots of tasty recipes!

Beef & Veal Roasts
There's nothing quite like roasting over an open hearth, the meat on a spit that slowly turns in the glow of the coals. Alas, this requires a hearth, and most of us therefore make do with an oven. However, there is also an Italian stovetop technique for roasting that gives excellent results.

Beef & Veal Stews
Though one might associate Italy with pasta, there is a very long tradition of stewing beef and veal, born of the hearths and wood fired stoves people used until WWII, which provide even heat that's perfect for slow cooking. Coda alla Vaccinara, Peposo, Brasto al Barolo, and much more!

Vegetables: Bell Peppers
Bell peppers are wonderful stuffed, and divine in caponata and peperonata.

Tasty ways to jazz up boiled beef, and many classic recipes
Boiled beef used to be of the most common meats in Italy: The cuts used are inexpensive, so almost everyone could afford them, and boiled beef is a byproduct of making broth, which was a staple winter food. Boiled beef is bland, however, so there are many tasty Italian recipes for jazzing it up. There are also tasty specialties, for example vitello tonnato.

Cardoons are close cousins of artichokes, though what one eats is the stem, which is pale greenish white and resembles celery on steroids. Tasty, however, and one of the classic north Italian winter vegetables.

Italian recipes for whole chicken, guinea hen and capon
You might be surprised to know that chicken used to be more expensive than beef in Italy. It no longer is, but if you seek out free range birds you'll understand why it was; they're extraordinarily flavorful and versatile too. Here you will find recipes for birds that are cooked whole, and (generally) carved at table.

Cured Meats: Salami's just the beginning
In the days before refrigeration curing meats, especially beef and pork, guaranteed a supply of meat throughout the warmer months when spoilage was an ever-present danger. Cured meats are also wonderfully tasty, and an excellent way to begin a meal or enjoy a sandwich. Recipes, tips and more.

Vegetables: Eggplant
It's hard to imagine south Italian cooking without eggplant -- on pasta, grilled, stewd, roasted, stuffed and more.

Finocchio, Bulb Fennel
Bulb fennel resembles onions in appearance, though they're a delicate green and their flavor is completely different -- a slight anise-laced sweetness. They're extremely versatile, and one of the tastiest winter vegetables going.

Fresh Fish: Whole Fish
Italy is water-bound, with thousands of miles of beaches, bays, and inlets. Almost everything that swims, from swordfish to sardines, finds its way to the table. Here you will find Italian recipes for fresh whole fish.

Italian recipes for furred game
In addition to the

Potato Recipes
Potatoes took a long time to catch on -- though they were introduced in the 1500s nobody began studying them seriously as a food crop until the 1800s. However, they have made up for lost time, and are now a fixture of the Italian table.

Radicchio Rosso in its many guises
Red Radicchio is akin to salad greens, at least in the shape of its leaves, but deserves special mention both because of its richness of flavor, and because it is prepared in many ways that salads usually are not. On the grill, for example.

Vegetables: Tomatoes
Tomatoes, stuffed, in salads, with mozzarella, and more!

Tripe, Trotters, Liver...
Though not everyone likes tripe, Italians tend to be great fans of it, and I discovered why when my mother-in-law made it for me. It's very tasty, and also quite delicate. Trotters require a similar openness, and can be just as satisfying, especially in winter. And then there are other organs, such as liver...

Ingredients: History, Uses & More
Lots of information on ingredients, selecting them and using them.

An Italian-English Food Glossary
Italian cooking, like any other, has all sorts of terms, and while some are straight-forward, others offer unexpected twists. For example, did you know that the word

Baked Pasta - Pasta al Forno - Italian Baked Pasta Recipes
Baked pastas are incredibly varied, from light lasagna al pesto to towering masterpieces such as Neapolitan Carnival Lasagna, with ricotta and meatballs, to cheesy comfort food. Something for every occasion!

In the past beans supplied protein to much of the Italian population, which was too poor to buy meat. That has changed, thankfully, but the lowly bean continues to be enormously popular, because it's refreshing in summer and warming in the winter. Who could ask for more?

Shopping tips and information
It's much easier to shop if you're informed before you go. Here you'll find tips, information, pointers, and more.

Crustacean Recipes
There are all sorts of crustaceans crawling about on Italian sea (and lake) bottoms: shrimp, sparnocchie, cicale, scampi... and even lobsters!

Gnocchi Recipes, Potato and Otherwise - Italian Gnocchi Recipes
Most gnocchi are potato based, but they can be made with all sorts of other flours. In addition to being good as a first course, some of the latter kinds also do nicely as side dishes. And there are sweet gnocchi for dessert!

Illustrated Recipes and Techniques
A steadily expanding collection of illustrated recipes and techniques, everything from traditional lasagna to boning a chicken.

Italian menus, both simple and elaborate
The standard Italian meal (in Italy) differs from what one encounters as Italian elsewhere; it generally begins with a primo, a bowl of pasta, soup, or risotto, followed by a secondo, generally fish or meat, though it can be egg based, with one or more side dishes, including a salad, and then fresh fruit, cheese, or perhaps a dessert. To drink? Water, wine, and an espresso to finish up.

Octopus, Calamari, Seppie, Etc.
It's easy to think of fish as something with scales that swims. And though this is accurate, it leaves out all sorts of tasty mollusks that are tremendously versatile, not to mention economical.

Miscellaneous Italian First Course Dishes
There are many Italian first course dishes that can't be pigeonholed into the standard pasta/soup categories, for example Tuscany's crespelle or pappa al pomodoro, Liguria's testaroli, or the host of strudel-like dishes of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Product reviews and suggestions from your Guide.
Product reviews and suggestions from your Guide.

Italian Regional Cuisines
Discover the variability of Italian Cuisine!

Sauces and Condiments
The word

Meatless Stuffed Pasta Recipes - Italian Meatless Stuffed Pasta
Stuffed pasta goes way back, and is incredibly varied, from simple triangles stuffed with ricotta to towering masterpieces such as lobster-filled ravioli with a radicchio sauce. Lots of variety, and here we concentrate on Vegetarian stuffed pasta.

Sundry Vegetables and Other Things
Almost anything that grows in the garden can be used in the kitchen. Herbs, cardoons, spincah pie and more.

Sweet Egg Dishes
Though much of what happens to eggs comes out savory, they are also an excellent base for sweet dishes of one sort or another, from flans through fruity frittatas.

Tips & Tricks: Advice & Assistance
Cooking is full of tips, tricks, and secrets that make things much easier. Discover some of them here!

Italian product picks
Top picks of Italian cooking items and more, to help you with your buying decisions, along with information and price comparison options.

Vegetable Pies, Tortes, Patties, Casseroles & More
Savory vegetable pies are much more common in Italy than one might expect. And quite varied too, from the buttery creamy tarts of Piemonte to the rich Tiellas made in Puglia. Lots of variety!

Italian Broths and Clear Soup Recipes
Though wedding soup is perhaps the clear soup I get the most requests for it's certainly not alone: there's everything from stracciatella, the Roman equivalent of egg drop soup, to tortellini in broth, without which festive winter meals wouldn't be quite the same in northern Italy.

Wines & Wine Considerations
Wine's a fascinating subject! Everything from corks to glasses to bottle age.

Lots of things, from cannolo cake to chocolate hazelnut torte.

Stewed and baked fruit recipes
Fruit is, of course, wonderful as is, and is a delightful ingredient in cakes or pies. However, it also adapts beautifully to being cooked on its own, say stewed in spiced wine, and is a perfect way to finish a meal.

Creamy and Cheesy Pasta Sauces - Cream Sauces and Cheese Sauces for Pasta
Cheese seems like such a simple thing, as does cream. But they can be combined in an extraordinary number of ways to produce exciting results.

Creamy, Cheesy, and Wine Risotti
Risotto is extremely versatile, and though many risotti contain meats or vegetables, some of the most refined (and tasty) are made with cheese or just wine.

Fish-based risotti
Fish works very well in risotto. Especially shellfish, which becomes astonishingly delicate when paired with rice.

Gelati, sherbets, and more
Italy has a long tradition of ice creams and frozen ices -- Maria de'Medici introduced them to the French -- and there's nothing quite so refreshing as a tasty ice cream in summer.

Summery Green Pasta Sauces with Basil, Zucchini, Peas and other summer vegetables: Classics and very good.
Pasta with tomatoes may be a standby, but there are also many green sauces. Like everything else in Italy they vary with the season, and here we have collected summer pasta sauces, with vegetables and herbs including zucchini, peas and basil. Much variety to taste and explore!

Minestrone and other Vegetable Soups
There are two major categories of Italian hearty soups, or zuppe: those based on green vegetables -- minestroni, in short, and those based on legumes. Here we have the former.

Lemony pasta sauces, and more!
In addition to the standard red and green vegetable sauces, there is a broad group of sauces that don't fit into a handy category, many of which contain lemons, and are quite refreshing in the summer months.

Lighter Mostly Tomatoless Meat Sauces for Pasta
All meat-based pasta sauces are not the same: on the one hand there are hearty sauces such as sugo alla Bolongese or Neapolitan ragù and on the other there are sauces made with other meats, or even cold cuts, and that contain little if any tomato. The best known is probably Carbonara Sauce, but there are many more.

Pasta Basics
Basic information on pasta, and links to many pages of recipes

Mushroom sauces for pasta
Italians have many mushrooms, and many mushroom sauces for pasta. This is no surprise; mushrooms go very well with pasta, their rich earthy flavors nicely complementing the other ingredients in the sauce, especially tomatoes and cream.

Pies and tarts
Here you'll find all sorts of things, from a simple jam crostata to an extraordinarily elaborate fresh fruit crostata, with torta della nonna (and del nonno) too.

Preserves, frittate, and other sweet treats
Italy has all sorts of sweets fall outside the standard categories of pies, puddings and such. Jams, for example, or sweet frittate. So here they are.

Puddings, Sherberts and Spoon Desserts
Puddings are a mainstay of Italian meals, and Tiramisu is just the tip of the iceburg.

Italian Pork Recipes: Ribs, Chops, Sausages, Spiedini...
Pork is extremely popular in Italy: Chops, ribs, sausages, spiedini... All sorts of treats!

Vintage Presentations and Wine Suggestions
In addition to writing about food, I write about wine, and go to many vintage presentations. Here you will find my notes and pairing suggestions.

Winter Green Vegetable Sauces with Artichokes, Broccoli, Spinach, and other winter vegetables: Classics and very good.
Pasta with tomatoes may be a standby, but there are also many green sauces. Like everything else in Italy they vary with the season, and here we have collected winter green pasta sauces, with vegetables including artichokes, broccoli, spinach and more. Much variety to taste and explore!

Italian Meat Recipes
Like everything else, Italian meat recipes are quite varied, and you'll find something fit for every occasion, from a cutlet or involtino through grilled chicken, to an elegant roast.

Beef & Veal Involtini
Involtini, which are also known as braciole in some parts of Italy, are veal or beef scallops wrapped up around a filling of some sort. They can be strewed, pan-sauteed, or grilled.

Antipasti, Starters, Salads...
Everything from bruschetta to arancini di riso, foods to snack on or begin the meal.

Italian Recipes for Breads and Pizza
Italian breads, pizzas, focacce and more.

Central Italian Wines
Central Italy boasts some of the world's finest wines, from Tuscany's Bolgheri and Chianti to the Marche's Verdicchio.

Italian Cheese Dishes
Cheese has played a vital role in the Italian diet since before ancient times, because cheesemaking was the only way to preserve highly nutritious milk before the advent of refrigeration. Because of this, Italy has a tremendous number of tasty cheeses and cheese-based dishes.

Italian Egg Recipes
The Egg: Amazingly versatile, though it looks so simple!

Ingredients, Techniques, Tips, and Menus
Cooking is about ingredients, on the one hand, and technique on the other: Selecting the proper top quality ingredients is vital, as are knowing the techniques necessary to transform them into a tasty dish. Here you'll find all sorts of advice, tips, cookbook suggestions, menus and more.

Cakes, Pies, Pastries, Biscotti and More
Italy has incredibly rich pastry traditons, from rich Sicilian cannoli and Cassata to the seductive orange-laced ricciarelli from Siena, and on to the elegant chocolatey wonders of the areas long under Austria. Something for everyone and every occasion!

Italy: Living Here, Travel, People, and More
Italian culture, travel ideas, and much more

Northern Italian Wines
North Italy boasts some of the world's finest wines, from Piemonte's Nebbiolo and Barbera to Friuli's whites.

Italian pasta and pasta sauce recipes
Pasta comes in an amazing variety of shapes and forms, which can be sauced in an equally varied number of ways, from refreshing pesto to hearty meat or Alfredo. And then there are the stuffed and baked varieties, gnocchi, and sauces that will work well in other parts of the meal...

Polenta Recipes
Polenta translates as corn meal mush, but it's much more. It's the staple food of the north, where it still outshines pasta, and can be served in innumerable ways, as a first course, baked, with stews, or even as a bread substitute.

Rice, and Risotto Recipes
Italians have been growing rice for a very long time, and have developed many ways to prepare it. The best known is certainly risotto, which is a delicious and delicate alternative to pasta. It's also much easier to prepare than people think, and is extraordinarily versatile. In short, risotto is perfect in any occasion.