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Veal Stew with Bell Peppers Recipe - Spezzatino con i Peperoni - Veal Stew with Bell Peppers Recipe
There are infinite variations on veal stew. This particular veal stew with bell peppers is from the Abruzzo.

Veal Rump Roast with Greens - Sottofiletto alle Verdure - Rump Roast With Greens Recipe
Sottofiletto is a rump cut, perhaps best translated as rump roast, and though one rarely encounters mustard in Italian cooking it does go nicely here. The recipe is Piemontese,

Roman Style Beef Stew Recipe - Stufatino di Manzo alla Romana - Roman Style Beef Stew Recipe
Stufatino di Manzo alla Romana is a classic Roman beef stew. As is often the case with stews, it provides the wherewithal for an entire meal: use some of the sauce, with grated Parmigiano or pecorino romano, to season pasta, and serve the beef stew with a second vegetable as a second course.

Italian Boiled Potato Recipe - Patate Lesse - Italian Boiled Potato Recipe
Boiled potatoes are among the simplest things imaginable, and also among the most satisfying; in the past they were also one of the things the poor could afford, and I recall more than one elderly person's eyes lighting up at the memory of gathering around a bowl of them, sprinkling them with a little salt because they had nothing else, and digging in. They are of course infinitely better with olive oil and minced parsley, or butter, or the drippings of a roast.

Italian Mashed Potato Recipe - Puré di Patate - Simple Mashed Potatoes
The concept of mashed potatoes may be simple, but mashed potatoes are a universe with all sorts of permutations and variations -- at least in the English speaking world. Italians instead tend to be simple with their mashed potatoes, making them with potatoes, butter, milk, and a dash of spices and seasonings, and then using them to accompany stews or roasts. Which is the perfect use for mashed potatoes, one of the finest supporting actors on the food stage.

Creamy Risotto with Fontina - Risotto Mantecato alla Fontina
Mantecato means creamy, and this risotto certainly will be; it's a feast-day dish from the Val D'Aosta, specifically the valley floor and the sections closest to Piemonte. If you're really into cheese, you can also grate some Parmigiano over it, but I would find it superfluous.

White Truffle Risotto Recipe - Risotto al Tartufo Bianco - White Truffle Risotto Recipe
A perfect risotto for a very special occasion.

Risotto al Salto
Risotto al salto is a classic way of reworking leftover Risotto alla Milanese. Tasty, too, and perfect leftover cuisine.

Risotto with Chicken - Risotto Con il Pollo
This is a classic recipe from Emilia Romagna; Alessandro Molinari Pradelli says it's from Modena, in Emilia, and the inclusion of a dash of balsamic vinegar supports his assertion. However, Pellegrino Artusi gives a very similar recipe without balsamic vinegar, and says his derived from a trip to Romagna. So you can make the Modenese version, with balsamic vinegar, or a more generic Emilia Romagnan version without. Either will be good.

Miller's Risotto - Risotto alla Pilota
The pilota is the person who works the pila, or rice mill, in the countryside around Verona, and since the job is physically demanding, the risotto is substantial.

Salmoriglio Sauce - Salsa al Salmorilgio
This is a south Italian sauce for grilled meats; the word salmoriglio derives from the Sicilian salmurigghiu, which means a light brine, and there is, indeed, some salt in it, though the primary ingredient is lemon juice. You use the sauce to flavor any sort of grilled meat or fish, from chops (lamb, pork, or steak) through elegant fish, including salmon or swordfish. In short, it's versatile.

Pearà - Veronese Pepper Sauce for Boiled Meats
Pearà, Veronese Pepper Sauce for Boiled Meats: You may be wondering,

Garlic Sauce Recipe - Agliata
Garlic Sauce, or Agliata: Agliata is a garlic sauce that dates to the middle ages, and is simplicity in itself.

Bagna Cauda Recipe - Piemontese Garlic Dipping Sauce Recipe
Bagna Cauda (literally

Fagiuoli all'Uccelletto - Tuscan Tomatoey Beans
Fagiuoli all'uccelletto, beans with a light tomato sauce, are one of the most classic Tuscan dishes, and are a common accompaniment to braised dishes or stews in the winter months. Served with Italian link sausages they also make a perfect winter main course. In short, they're comfort food.

Baked Beans Recipe - Fagioli Stufati - Italian Baked Beans
Baked Beans aren't limited to Boston! This is a classic Tuscan recipe.

More on Borlotti - About Cranberry Beans
Winding down, while back I mentioned borlotti, the speckled beans (light brown when cooked) that are one of Tuscany's signature vegetables, and which I saw for sale in Vermont under a sign that said 'French Horticultural Beans.' Osiris writes...

Marinated Hare Prepared Following the Method of the Hunters of Cardoso - Lepre Marinata all'uso dei cacciatori del Cardoso
Cardoso is a town in the overlooking Versilia, the Tuscan coastal plain north of Pisa. The recipe calls for hare, but will also work well with other furred game that requires marinating to draw out the gaminess, for example wild boar, or venison.

Stuffed Boned Rabbit Recipe - Coniglio Disossato Ripieno - Stuffed Boned Rabbit Recipe
Stuffed rabbit is a classic for Sunday dinner. This particular recipe is a little more complex than some, and comes from Versilia, the Tuscan coastal plain north of the mouth of the Arno River.

Penne Pasta with Onion Sauce Recipe - Penne alla Cipolla - Penne with Onion Sauce
People generally associate pasta with tomatoes, but they're not absolutely necessary, as this penne with onion sauce recipe from Emilia Romagna shows.

Pici with Garlic Sauce - Pici all'Aglione
Pici with Garlic Sauce, or Pici all'Aglione: I recently got a request for pici all'aglione, pici with a garlicky pasta sauce (aglio means garlic, and gives an idea of just how garlicky this is) from the Montepulciano/Montalcino area south of Siena. Pici are hand-made, somewhat irregular strands of flour-and-water pasta (as opposed to egg pasta) that are about an eighth of an inch thick. If you can't find them, use either bucatini or other thick-stranded pasta.

Linguine with Lemon and Ginger -- Linguine al Limone e Zenzero
An intriguing, very refreshing pasta sauce made with lemon and ginger root.

Drunken Fruit Recipe - Conserva Antica - Drunken Fruit Recipe
Drunken fruit can be quite spectacular; I recall a restaurant in Rome that kept a big jar of it on the counter, adding more fruit or alcohol when the level dropped.

Caramelized Figs with Mascarpone Cheese Recipe - Fichi Caramellati al Mascarpone - Caramelized Figs with Mascarpone Cheese Recipe
Late summer is the season for rich, ripe honey-sweet figs, and though you may be tempted to eat them directly off the tree, Caramelized figs with Mascarpone Cheese is a pleasant, quick way to serve them up when friends come calling.

Roast Grouper Recipe - Cernia al Burro
Groupers can be rather large fish -- they range up to well over 20 pounds, and if you find one that large you will likely want to slice it into fish steaks and grill them. Quite tasty. However, if you have a smaller grouper, weighing 2 1/2 - 3 pounds (1.2 - 1.5 k) this baked grouper recipe is quite tasty, and you may find yourself making it often. It will also work well with other whole white-fleshed fish.

Sardine Balls in Sauce Recipe - Polpette di Sarde al Sugo
Sardine Balls in Sauce, or Polpette di Sarde al Sugo: Polpette are generally meatballs. However, the word polpetta doesn't imply any particular ingredient -- it's more of a shape, a ball assembled from ground ingredients held together by a binder of some sort, be it egg or potato, and if one wants, one can start with fish. Sicilians do...

Sole Miller's Style Recipe - Sogliola alla Mugnaia
Sole Miller's Style, or Sogliola alla Mugnaia: The French call the Mugniaia technique Meunière, and it's one of the finest ways to prepare sole or other smaller fish, including flounder and trout.

Grilled or Fried Eel Recipe - Capitone Arrosto o Fritto
Eel is an oily fish, consequently ideally suited to the grill. This grilled eel recipe is an indispensable part of the Neapolitan Christmas Eve dinner. Grilled eel for the Seven Fishes! Fried eel is also good.

Baked Royal Dorade
This recipe for baked Royal Dorade (or bass) was kindly given me by Prince Philippe Poniatowski, who makes superb Vouvray at Le Clos Baudoin.

Baked Eel with Butter and Sage Recipe - Anguilla con Burro e Salvia - Baked Eel With Butter and Sage
Eel is one of the most classic Christmas fish in Italy, and many feel that a Christmas Eve dinner without eel isn't quite right. Not that you must wait for Christmas to enjoy this baked eel recipe, which is quite easy and very tasty.

Sea Bass with Cherry Tomatoes and Capers Recipe - Branzino con Pomodorini e Capperi - Baked Fish with Cherry Tomatoes
Branzino, or sea bass, is a glorious fish: richly flavored, and not too oily, and it's no wonder that grilled branzino is a perennial favorite. Sea bass also roasts well, however, and here it is with cherry tomatoes and capers.

Prune Jam - Confettura di Prugne
Prunes fill the markets in Italy at the end of the summer, and since one can only eat so many, turning them into jam makes perfect sense. This is chunky, and will be nice on toast or over a crostata.

Italian Caramelized Fig Recipe - Fichi Caramellati
Fresh figs are one of the nicest things about late summer. If you caramelize figs, you can carry this bounty into the fall, when they are perfect with cheese, or even with boiled meats. A jar of caramelized figs is also a perfect gift.

Blueberry-Blackberry Jam Recipe - Confettura di Mirtilli e More - Blueberry-Blackberry Jam Recipe
Blueberry-Blackberry jam is an inspired combination, and en excellent excuse to go berry picking in August, when blackberries and blueberries are at their richest.

Apricot and Red Plum Jam Recipe - Confettura di Albicocche e Prugne Rosse - Apricot and Red Plum Jam Recipe
Apricot and Red Plum Jam: Summer in a jar!

Apple Marmalade Recipe - Mele in Marmellata - Apple Marmalade Recipe
Apple marmalade is one of the easiest marmalades to make, because the pectin content of the apples insures that it will gel.

Cassata alla Siciliana
This is one of the most classic Sicilian cakes, and though some people link it to the island's Arab period because of the candied fruit that goes into the ricotta cream, among other things, it's actually much older: The word Cassata derives from the Latin Caseus, which means cheese. In other words, Cassata is one of the world's first cheesecakes. It comes as no surprise that there are a great many variations throughout Sicily; this particular recipe is from Trapani.

A Neapolitan Layer Cake -- Dolce alla Napoletana
A Neapolitan Layer Cake, or Dolce alla Napoletana: According to Artusi this is extremely refined, and he is, of course, right.

An Italian Layer Cake Recipe - Torta Claudia - Italian Layer Cake
Torta Claudia is a classic Italian layer cake: A cream-filled Italian layer cake that you can vary to suit your tastes.

Pan di Spagna and Torta Genovese Recipes For Layer Cakes
Pan di Spagna is quite similar to Genoise, which Italians call pasta Genovese. It's a simple cake whose major function is to serve as a base for layer cakes, roll cakes and so on. Recipes for Torta Genovese, genoise, and Pan di Spagna.

Cassadetti & Cassata alla Siciliana
Kit Cat wrote,

Polenta e Osei Recipe - Bergamo's Signature Cake
Polenta e Osei, a specialty of Bergamo, is a pastrychef's slight of hand, a mound-shaped cake that looks like freshly turned out polenta, being pecked at by a flock of sweet marzipan osei, or birds. A great delight!

Polenta with Stewed Rabbit Recipe - Polenta col sugo di Coniglio - Polenta with Stewed Rabbit Recipe
Though this stewed rabbit recipe calls for polenta, it will work equally well with pappardelle or other strip-style pastas, for example broad tagliatelle.

Castagnole - Carnival Fritters - Castagnola Recipe
The word castagna means chestnut, and these fritters do vaguely resemble a chestnut in size and shape. Since they're fairly firm, they can be made in advance if need be.

Cotto di Fichi & Cartellate
Niki writes:

Rice Fritter Recipe - Frittelle di Riso
Frittelle di Riso, or rice fritters, are a winter tradition in much of Italy, and (In Florence) especially popular on San Giuseppe, Saint Joseph's (March 19). This is Elisabetta's recipe, which is easy to do and very good.

Caggionetti: And here's another cookie request that came in before the holidays; my apologies for getting to it now:

Cartellate: These are classic Christmastime pastries from Altamura, a town in northeastern Puglia. Tradition dictates that they be dipped in vincotto, concentrated grape must, when done, but you can also dip them in honey.

Sfinge de San Giuseppe Recipe
Sfinge de San Giuseppe: Not too long ago there was an exchange of sfingi recipes following a request I replied to in Cosa Bolle in Pentola, the newsletter. The recipes posted don't come close to exhausting the supply of sfingi out there, however. Here's another, kindly posted by CEILW1 (that's her screen name), to the Forum.

Almond Paste Recipe - Pasta di Mandorle - Pasta Reale
Almond paste, also known as pasta reale (royal paste), is a common ingredient in many Italian cakes and pastries, and is also shaped into delightful sculptures by pastry chefs, especially in Sicily.

Tuscan Orange and Fennel Country Salad Recipe
A tasty, refreshing salad for the winter months.

Beef Fillet with Figs Recipe - Filetto ai Fichi - Beef Fillet with Figs Recipe
As I have said before, mustard is relatively rare in Italian cooking. However, here it does a fine job of balancing the sweetness of the figs that accompany the fillet. Beef fillet with figs is a voluptuous dish that will do nicely in a romantic situation (though you'll want to halve the ingredients).

Carpaccio Recipe - Carpaccio - Carpaccio Recipe
On the forum there was a request for Carpaccio; Don posted this reply and kindly allowed me to pass it on: Carpaccio, named after a painter in 15th century, is a celebrated dish at Harry's Bar at Venice. The dish was devised for a customer whose doctor advised him only to eat raw meat. There are many variations of the dish, including the one in which beef fillet is coated with peppercorns and sliced paper thin, but here is my favourite.

Veal Piccata with Parsley Recipe - Piccata di Vitello al Prezzemolo
Veal piccata is a Milanese specialty that calls for thinly sliced veal, but can also be made with chicken or turkey breast. Quick, tasty, and zesty.

An Italian Tuna Sandwich Recipe - Sandwich Con Tonno, Capperi e Olive
You might not think of a tuna sandwich as being particularly Italian. However, most Italians, especially those with more demanding jobs, eat out at least once a day and a full meal simply won't work if one has to then head back to the office and be productive. This tuna sandwich is the sort of thing you might find in a trendy downtown eatery.

Pig Skin Rollups - Cotechinata
People don't often eat pork skins any more, but back in the days when famine was always lurking nothing was allowed to go to waste. And as is often the case with so-called lesser meats, the ingenuity people used in preparing them led to very tasty dishes. Cotechinata are pigskin rollups, a specialty from Basilicata: true peasant food of a sort that one doesn't encounter often nowadays.

Roman Style Tripe Recipe - Trippa alla Romana - Roman Tripe Recipe

Black Cuttlefish Venetian Style Recipe - Seppie Nere Alla Veneziana
This Venetian cuttlefish dish requires fresh cuttlefish, because you will need the contents of one or two ink sacks. It makes an excellent one-course meal if served with either fresh polenta, which is the traditional Venetian accompaniment, or a plain white risotto. It's an elegant dish, and will certainly cause a stir.

Roman-Style Lamb Recipe - Abbacchio alla Romana
Roman-Style Lamb, or Abbacchio alla Romana: This is one of the quintessential spring dishes in the Capital of Italy, and well worth getting excited over. Don't let the presence of anchovies throw you; they serve primarily as salt and will blend into the flavors of the dish quite well, balancing the richness of the lamb.

Lamb with Eggs and Cheese Recipe - Agnello Cac' e Ove - Lamb with Eggs and Cheese Recipe
Lamb with Eggs and Cheese: This recipe is from the Abruzzo region. Lamb is the signature meat of the Abruzzo; the custom of adding eggs and cheese to what would in any case be a hearty dish derives from the belief that lamb

Roast Kid or Lamb Recipe - Capretto o Agnello al Forno
The trick to spit-roasting kid or lamb is to take your time: You'll obtain extraordinarily tender roast kid or roast lamb.

Risotto with Squid and Tomato - Risotto ai Calamari con Pomodori
Though one can cook this risotto in one pot, I prefer to cook the squid separately to begin with because I have had them come out chewy when doing it all at once.

Yellow Risotto with Monkfish - Risotto Giallo alla Pescatrice
Monkfish is also known as the poor man's lobster, which gives an idea of how tasty it is. And here it is combined with saffron to make the perfect first course for a festive meal, say Christmas Eve.

Rice with Clams - Riso con le Vongole
A simple rice with clam recipe from Genova, in Liguria.

How to Make a Piadina alla Romagnola
La Piadina, Romagna's flatbread, is extremely popular. Little wonder; it's tasty to bite into, wonderful when spread with cheese, an excellent foil for cold cuts, and (when folded) perfect for containing all sorts of things, for example grilled sausages and onions. In other words, it's an excellent cookout bread. And it's easy to make!

Mildred's Pizza Rustica - A Rich Easter Treat
Aiana kindly writes: Are you ready? It's a tradition. It goes by many names but it's definitely an Easter Tradition. It's called Pizza Rustica,Pizza gain, Meat pie. It's contents differs from Family to Family . While it has spilled over into other Regions, It originated in Naples. This is my mother Mildred's Recipe.

Pizza with Brie and Artichokes - Pizza Con Brie e Carciofi - Pizza with Brie and Artichokes
Pizza really can be topped with just about anything, and though the vast majority of toppings do contain tomato, there's nothing that requires it. The flavors meld very well, and this will be quite nice in the winter months.

Pane di Pasqua -- Easter Bread
Pane di Pasqua, or Easter Bread: There are many variations on the theme of Easter Bread. This one is, according to Luisa, who posted it to a recipe collection on, either Neapolitan of from the Neapolitan hinterland. The quantities are somewhat more aproximate than one finds in professionally written recipes; I'd figure a quarter pound in all of pancetta and ham (100 g in all), about a quarter pound (100 g) of olives, and a quarter cup of capers.

Friselle Pugliesi - Apulian Bread Rings - Frise Pugliesi
Friselle are ring-shaped Puglian rolls (for want of a better size indicator). They're half baked, removed from the oven and divided into two halves, which are returned to the oven and allowed to bake until done, then dried completely. The result is something that one could crack a tooth on. So what do you do with them?

Crescia, Easter & Christmas Bread from the Marche - An Italian Bread Recipe
Crescia, Easter & Christmas Bread from the Marche: Moving in another direction, there have been a number of interesting recipes posted on the forum of late. In particular, one person asked for an Easter bread recipe, and Peg Polevari replied:

Taralli Recipe - South Italian Taralli
Taralli are snack food, a type of bread common throughout the southern half of the Peninsula: they're doughnut shaped, about 3 inches across, and are moderately crunchy; they can be either somewhat sweet or slightly salty, and some people sprinkle their surfaces with anise seed, pepper, or whatever.

Pasta with Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, and Raisins Recipe
Pasta with Cauliflower, Pine Nuts, and Raisins: Many thanks to Bea for sharing her Mom's recipe, which has a decidedly southern feel.

Spaghetti with Peas Recipe - Spaghetti coi Piselli - Pasta with Peas Recipe
Spaghetti with Peas is a simple, quick summery recipe; it really doesn't require grated cheese though some people like to add a little. It will also work with a variety of pasta shapes other than spaghetti -- in particular, it will be nice with penne.

Orecchiette with Broccoli - Orecchiette coi Broccoletti
Broccoli and salted ricotta go very well together in this Puglian pasta saucethat goes especially well with orecchiette.

Neapolitan Boned Stuffed Chicken Recipe - Pollo Disossato Farcito
This classic Neapolitan recipe is suitable for a grand occasion. It will serve 12, and the consensus among Neapolitans is that it really won't work a chicken sufficient for only six people. So this is for a family get together, or a dinner party. Christmas Day, for example.

Chicken Cacciatore - Pollo alla Cacciatora
Chicken Cacciatore, or Pollo alla Cacciatora: This is one of those recipes that almost everyone has made, and almost everyone's version differs: For some it's plain chicken stewed in tomatoes with a little wine, some add olives, others shrimp, and others entirely different ingredients.

Chicken Stuffed with Apples Recipe - Pollo Ripieno di Mela - Stuffed Chicken
Chicken stuffed with Apples, or Pollo Ripieno di Mela: here we have a tasty recipe for chicken stuffed with apples that will take about 1 1/2 hours to prepare. It will also be nice with guinea hen.

Chicken Under a Brick Recipe - Pollo al Mattone
Pollo al Mattone, Chicken under a Brick, is an ancient recipe: It's featured in Etruscan frescos. And well it might be, because it's simple to do and quite tasty.

Italian Fried Chicken Recipe - Pollo Fritto - Italian Hanukkah Chicken Recipe
This fried chicken is an Italian Jewish, and Mira Sacerdoti says that because of its being fried, it's quite popular at Hanukkah.

Sicilian Minced Meat Loaf With Eggs - Purpittuni di Capuliatu
There are all sorts of meatloaves. This Sicilian version contains hard-boiled eggs, and is delightful. Sicilian meatloaf with hard-boiled eggs.

Sicilian Meatballs - Baduzzi
Like all parts of Italy, Sicily has a variety of meatball recipes. Here we have Baduzzi a Broru, Meatballs in Broth, Badduzzi all'Auruducci, Sweet and Sour Meatballs, and Badduzzi Arrustuti 'Nte Pampini, Meatballs Grilled with Lemon Leaves.

Roast Beef with Pomegranate Sauce Recipe - Roast Beef alla Melagrana
Roast beef takes very well to all kinds of sauces, and the rich ruby hue of Pomegranate sauce will be quite festive.

Sausage and Potato Frittata Recipe - Frittata con Salsiccia e Patate
There's no getting around it, sausages and eggs (and potatoes) go very well together. But they are not breakfast food in Italy. Rather, this sausage and potato frittata is the sort of thing one might serve as an antipasto in a buffet, with other kinds of frittata and other foods, or at a light lunch. It will also be a tasty picnic food.

Chicken Liver Crostini Recipe - Crostini di Fegatini di Pollo - Chicken Liver Crostini Recipe
No festive Tuscan meal would be complete without chicken liver crostini, thin slices of toasted bread spread with a tasty chicken liver pate that even makes converts out of liver haters.

Spleen Crostini Recipe - Crostini di Milza - Spleen Crostini Recipe
Though spleen isn't easy to come by any more, it is very nice in this pate to spread over crostini.

Mushroom Sauce for Pasta - Salsa per Pasta con Funghi Crudi Coltivati - Mushroom Sauce for Pasta
This is a simple mushroom sauce recipe from the Apuans, the peaks overlooking the coastal plains of northern Tuscany; it calls for champignons, but you could likely use other fresh mushrooms if you prefer.

How to Cure Olives in Brine - Olive in Acqua - How to Cure Olives in Brine
Fresh from the tree, olives are tremendously bitter, to the point that the people who originally went to the trouble of learning how to treat them must have been extraordinarily hungry. To draw out the bitterness you'll have to cure them, either in brine or in a solution of lye, or a combination of the two.

Creamed Spinach Dip Recipe - Purea Di Spinaci - Pureed Spinach Dip
Spinach might seem like an unlikely base for a dip, or even less likely as a party food, but this creamy spinach dip will be quite nice either during a party or as an antipasto. Use several different kinds of bread to give your guests variety to choose from.

A Rustic Almond Torte - Torta Rustica di Mandorle
A Rustic Almond Torte, or Torta Rustica di Mandorle: Almonds appear more often than any other flavoring agent in the dessert recipes of old Italian cookbooks, and they play a huge roll in this tart, which one might also call an almond crostata. The recipe is from Versilia, on the Tuscan coast.

Torta della Nonna
Torta della Nonna is a Tuscan cheese cake, and, according to Leonardo Romanelli, is one of the few consistent highlights in the

Tuscan Wine Grape Pie Recipe - Schiacciata con l'Uva - Wine Grape Pie
Schiacciata con l'Uva, an astonishingly rich, sinfully juicy wine grape pie whose country roots are clearly revealed by the dough and the crunchiness of the grape seeds.

Pasta Frolla - Shortbread
Pasta frolla is quite similar to shortbread, and is used primarily to make pies, cookies and crostate, though it does also get used in some savory dishes.

Enrico Banducci's Minestrone
Enrico Banducci was the late, great leader of the San Francisco club scene whose Hungry I introduced many performers to West Coast audiences, including Bill Cosby, Tom Lehrer, and Barbara Streisand. But he was also an excellent cook, and I am much indebted to his friend Ernie Beyl for sending me his Minestrone Recipe.

Salamureci - A Sicilian Chilled Tomato Soup Recipe - Salamureci
Salamureci is from Trapani, in Sicily, and is an unusual, at least by continental Italian standards: A chilled tomato soup (for want of a better term). It's peasant food of the finest sort, a dish that beautifully combines rusticity and frugality, and will be delightfully refreshing on a hot day.

Milanese Minestrone Recipe - Minestrone alla Milanese - Milanese Minestrone Recipe
There are a great many Italian recipes for minestrone. This Milanese minestrone recipe is a summer recipe, with fresh tomatoes, fresh peas, and fresh cranberry beans. Just the thing in summer!

Cassoeula: Kathleen asked for a recipe for Cassoeula a while back. It's a classic Milanese winter dish, a thick, hearty pork, sausage, and cabbage soup that is, according to Antonio Piccinardi, common throughout the areas once inhabited by the Celts. In other words, one can find similar things in France and Spain. He says there's considerable variation from cook to cook...

Artusi's Minestrone Recipe - Minestrone
Minestrone, a thick, hearty vegetable soup, is one of Italy's signature dishes. Minestrone never comes out the same way twice, and it's always good.

Ribollita & Minestra di Pane Recipes - Tuscan Ribollita Recipe - Ribollita
Minestra di pane is one of the best uses for sliced Tuscan bread (crusty, firm of crumb, and without salt) I have ever come across. Tuscans make this hearty winter soup with cavolo nero, black leaf kale, a long-leafed variety of winter cabbage whose leaves are a very dark purplish green. When it's reheated the next day, Minestra di Pane becomes Ribollita, and is even better!

Sicilian Macaroni Timballo Recipe - Timballo di Maccheroni alla Siciliana - Sicilian Macaroni Timballo Recipe
This Sicilian Macaroni Timballo is a lighter, meatless version of a Sicilian classic -- baked pasta with eggplant. A superb timballo or timpano for a festive meal.

Neapolitan Lasagna with Ricotta Recipe - Lasagne alla Ricotta - Neapolitan Lasagna with Ricotta Recipe
Lasagne alla Ricotta, lasagna made with ricotta, is a classic Neapolitan Carnival recipe.

Lasagne Bolognese Recipe - Lasagne alla Bolognese - Lasagne Bolognese Recipe
If you order lasagna in a restaurant in Tuscany you will be served lasagna alla bolognese, made with meat sauce and bechamel sauce. Making lasagna completely from scratch is time consuming because you have to make the meat sauce. However, if you have about two cups of frozen sugo alla bolognese on hand, it only takes about an hour.

Grilled Bell Pepper Recipe - Peperoni alla Griglia
It is extremely easy to grill bell peppers, and few dishes are as satisfying in summer as grilled peppers seasoned with garlic, parsley and olive oil. They are an excellent antipasto or side dish, and improve if made a day ahead.

Fig Ice Cream Recipe - Gelato di Fichi - Fig Ice Cream Recipe
Fig ice cream, gelato di fichi, is a classic late summer delight.

Watermelon Sherbet Recipe - Sorbetto di Anguria - Watermelon Sherbet Recipe
Watermelon Sherbet, or Sorbetto di Anguria: It's hard to imagine anything more refreshing than chilled watermelon, but this watermelon sherbet is.

Yogurt Ice Cream Recipe - Gelato di Yogurt - Yogurt Ice Cream
Yogurt Ice Cream, or Gelato di Yogurt: Yogurt adds a pleasing liveliness to ice cream, and makes it very refreshing too. The recipe calls for fruit, which can be whatever you choose that's fresh and ripe. You can also make plain yogurt ice cream, which is perfect on a hot day.

Lemon Sherbet Recipe - Gelato al Limone - Lemon Gelato Recipe
Lemon Sherbet: What could be more refreshing in summer? Gelato al limone is also excellent for perking up the appetite between courses in a formal meal.

Almond Ice Cream Recipe - Gelato alla Crema di Mandorla - Almond Gelato Recipe
Almond Ice Cream: Simple to make and quite tasty. A tasty almond gelato.

Lemon Granita Recipe - Granita al Limone - Italian Lemon Ice
A granita is a Sicilian delight, shaved ice flavored to taste with the flavoring of choice, and my personal favorite is lemon. Making lemon granita is very easy, and lemon granita is also extraordinarily refreshing.

Sun Dried Tomato Recipe - Pimmaduori Siccati - How to Sun Dry Tomatoes
Sun dried tomatoes are a standard South Italian antipasto and ingredient, and are also easy to make. This particular sun-dried tomato recipe is Calabrian; before you begin check the weather forecast because you'll need several days of hot dry weather with intense sunlight.

Canned Cherry Tomato Recipe - Pomodorini in Salsa
Cherry tomatoes are quite nice in a salad. But they're also nice canned, and when canned are a perfect ingredient to add to sauces, or even top a pizza.

Spaghetti with Tuna Sauce Recipe - Spaghetti al Tonno
There are many many varieties of tuna sauce for pasta. This one is quick and tomatoey.

Spaghetti And A Fish and Tomato Sauce
A quick, easy to throw together summer sauce.

Reef Spaghetti - Spaghetti allo Scoglio
Reef spaghetti, or spaghetti allo scoglio, is the classic seafood pasta made with all sorts of crustaceans and shellfish. It's very popular, especially in festive occasions. Exactly what goes into it depends upon what's available at the fishmonger's, but here's a suggestion.

Linguini with Anchovy Sauce Recipe - Linguine alle Acciughe
Linguini with Anchovies is a traditional Neapolitan Christmas Eve dish, but it's quite good enough to enjoy at any time. Don't over-sauté the anchovies, lest they loose their freshness and flavor.

Spaghetti with Cuttlefish Calabrian Style Recipe - Spaghetti con le Seppie alla Calabrese
You'll need small tender cuttlefish for this pasta sauce from Calabria. The recipe will serve four as a first course, or two as a main course (with a tossed salad).

Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe - Pasta Con Pomodori Secchi - Pasta with Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe
Sun dried tomatoes are a southern thing in Italy, to the point that a deli owner I bought them from in Florence years ago told me he didn't know what to do with them. This pasta with sun dried tomatoes recipe is Calabrian.

Pennette with Eggplant Recipe - Pennette alle Melanzane - Penne Pasta with Eggplant
Pennette with Eggplant, or Pennette alle Melanzane: Eggplant is one of the finest vegetables to accompany pasta with. This meatless pasta recipe is from Lazio, via Diana, whose family hales from the region.

Puttanesca Sauce Recipe - Sugo alla Puttanesca - Pasta Puttanesca
There are a number of stories about the origins of puttanesca sauce, the raciest being that a Puttana, or Lady of the Evening, could cook it in the time it took her to take care of a client, and enjoy it while recovering from her exertions. Whatever, it is good.

Anchovy, Caper and Olive Pasta Salad Recipe - Insalata di Pasta Con Capperi, Acciughe e Olive
Pasta salads area remarkable universe. This pasta salad with capers, anchovies and olives (in addition to tomato) is quite refreshing.

Sausage and Cauliflower Casserole - Gratin di Salsiccia e Cavolfiore - Sausage and Cauliflower Casserole
Cauliflower is one of the princes of the winter vegetable market, and it combines beautifully with sausages to yield a tasty sausage and cauliflower casserole.

Sardinian Roast Piglet Recipe - Porceddu - Sardinian Roast Piglet Recipe
Porceddu is, quite simply, a Sardinian roast sucking piglet, but the roasting technique is masterful enough that it is one of the finest ways to cook pork one could imagine. It does require experience with fire building, and also quite a bit of wood, as the coals must burn for several hours. But the results are well worth the effort.

How to Roast a Whole Piglet - Maialino Arrosto
The best known Italian roast pig is porchetta: A boned whole pig very well seasoned and spit roasted for hours. It's classic festival food, and a standby at markets and fairs. But unless you're feeding a huge gathering, and have quite a bit of experience managing a fire pit, roasting it's not practical. A piglet is, on the other hand, if you're feeding a large group -- say 20-30 people.

Tuscan Pork Stew Recipe - Spezzatino di Maiale - Tuscan Pork Stew Recipe
Pork Stew, or Spezzatino di Maiale: This is a classic Italian recipe, in that it doesn't say how much pork to use, since the author assumes you will know. For four people figure about a pound and a half (650 g) of boned lean pork, cubed.

Roast Suckling Pig Recipe - Maialino allo Spiedo - Roast Suckling Pig Recipe
Roast Suckling Pig, or Maialino allo Spiedo: Every region of Italy has a recipe for roast suckling pig. This particular variation is done in front of the coals; it's Tuscan, and is perfect for a festive occasion. The recipe is hazy on the cooking time, because it will depend upon the fire, the fireplace, and the pig.

Fried Sausage Recipe - Sasizza Fritta
Frying up a sausage is one of those activities that one would think automatic -- simply put the links in the pan and light the burner. With a little more care, however, they'll be much more tasty and less likely to split. And they'll be lighter on the digestion too.

Pork Loin Cooked in Milk - Arista al Latte - Pork Loin Simmered in Milk
Arista is the Tuscan name for pork roast, and is also applied to the cut of meat used to make pork roast, the loin with ribs attached. Here, the pork loin is simmered in milk.

Sicilian-Style Broccoli Recipe - Broccoletti alla Siciliana - Sicilian-Style Broccoli Recipe
This very traditional Sicilian broccoli dish can be either a side dish or a pasta sauce. In the past, when the poor could grow their broccoli, but had to buy the pasta, the greens predominated over the pasta when the recipe was used as a sauce. It's also a nice accompaniment to a roast or stew.

Cauliflower Fritter Recipe - Polpette di Cavolfiore - Italian Cauliflower Fritters
Italians often make meatballs, which are a perfect way to rework leftover boiled or roasted meat. In other words, they're frugal. However, in the past a large segment of the population would have found even meatballs beyond their means, and here cauliflower provides an option they would have been able to afford. The recipe is Sicilian, from Trapani.

Fried Cauliflower - Cavolfiore Fritto
This is about as easy a winter vegetable as one could want, and will be a tasty addition to a platter of mixed fried vegetables. Fried cauliflower is also nice with a roast or stew.

Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and Sausages - Tagliatelle con Funghi e Salsiccia in Bianco - Tagliatelle with Mushrooms and Sausages
Mushrooms and sausages are a pleasant combination; in this case you'll want mild Italian rather than hot sausages. If you don't like sausages or are out of them the sauce will also work well with pancetta, and with prosciutto, though the latter should be a combination of fat and lean, not just lean. You can also, if you want, add some chopped tomatoes (canned or sun-ripened fresh), but I find that the tomato covers the mushroom flavor.

Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce Recipe - Spaghetti e Pollo - Spaghetti with Chicken Sauce Recipe
For some reason chicken isn't that common an accompaniment to pasta in Italy -- one generally encounters it as a second course, after the pasta, though Artusi presents a similar recipe from Romagna that calls for rice rather than pasta. This recipe for spaghetti with chicken sauce calls for a half a chicken, weighing about 1 1/2 pounds, but you could also use an equivalent weight of chicken legs, which will all be the same size.

Farsumagru Recipe - Classic Sicilian Meat Sauce Recipe
Farsumagru: This is perhaps the most celebrated Sicilian meat dish; it draws its name -- farsumagru translates roughly as nonlenten -- because it contains an amazing wealth of ingredients, including meats.

Rich Tajarin Recipe - Tajarin Ricchi
Every region of Italy has a type of pasta, and Tajarin are what one finds in the Langhe of Piemonte. The pasta are quite similar to tagliatelle but cut very finely -- the strands should be 1/12th of an inch, about 2 mm, wide. Cutting them this thin is a demonstration of skill on the part of the cook, and in the past one can be certain that every woman who frequented a kitchen (i.e. all but the wealthy) learned the art as a girl. Here's a

Favorite Italian Easter Recipes
Natale con i tuoi, la Pasqua con chi vuoi --

How to Make Piadina Romagnola - Italian Food
La Piadina, Romagna's flatbread, is extremely popular. Little wonder; it's tasty to bite into, wonderful when spread with cheese, and it's easy to make!

La Piadina Romagnola: Done!
The Piadina, ready to come off the griddle. Page 10.

La Piadina Romagnola: What you'll Need
What you'll need to make a piadina alla romagnola. Page 2.

La Piadina Romagnola: Let's Get Started!
Making a piadina romagnola: start with the dough. Page 3.

La Piadina Romagnola: Make a Dough Ball
Shape the dough into a ball. Italian Food. Page 4.

La Piadina Romagnola: Make Little Dough Balls
Making a piadina: Make Little Dough Balls. Page 5.

La Piadina Romagnola: Roll out the Piadine
Nest, roll out the piadine. Italian Food. Page 6.

La Piadina Romagnola: Keep on Rolling
Keep rolling until you have used all the balls. Page 7.

La Piadina Romagnola: Time To Start Cooking!
Time to cook the piadine. Italian Food. Page 8.

La Piadina Romagnola: Beware Bubbles
You don't want your piadine to puff up. Page 9.

The 2011 Bardolino Chiaretto and Bardolino Chiaretto Spumante
There are two kinds of Bardolino: Bardolino, a light, zesty red quaffing wine, and Bardolino Chiaretto, a rosé made from the same grapes, which is an ideal summer wine. Bardolino Chiaretto can be either still or bubbly, and here we have the 2011 Bardolino Chiaretto that most impressed me at this year's vintage presentation.

The 2011 Bardolino Chiaretto and Bardolino Chiaretto Spumante
There are two kinds of Bardolino: Bardolino, a light, zesty red quaffing wine, and Bardolino Chiaretto, a rosé made from the same grapes, which is an ideal summer wine. Bardolino Chiaretto can be either still or bubbly, and here we have the 2011 Bardolino Chiaretto that most impressed me at this year's vintage presentation.

Wines from the 2011 Bolgheri Presentation: Bolgheri Superiore
In just 30 years Bolgheri has gone from unknown to one of the world's most important appellations for Cabernet. Here are the 2008 Bolgheri Superiore wines that impressed me the most at the 2011 vintage presentation.

Wines from the 2011 Bolgheri Presentation: Bolgheri Superiore
In just 30 years Bolgheri has gone from unknown to one of the world's most important appellations for Cabernet. Here are the 2008 Bolgheri Superiore wines that impressed me the most at the 2011 vintage presentation.

Carmignano: What impressed me at the 2011 Vintage Presentation
The Carmignano appellation has just presented the new releases of Carmignano, a red wine that is similar to Chianti in that it is primarily Sangiovese, the classic Tuscan red varietal, and different because the Appellation requires 10-20% Cabernet. It offers a Pleasant Change of Pace!

Italian Peasant Foods, Cucina Povera
The Italian equivalent of peasant foods would be cucina povera. Frugal recipes that were once belt tigthening, but that cooks are now revisiting in a slightly richer modern key. Fine eating!

Italian Peasant Foods, Cucina Povera
The Italian equivalent of peasant foods would be cucina povera. Frugal recipes that were once belt tigthening, but that cooks are now revisiting in a slightly richer modern key. Fine eating!

Start with Ricotta...
Really good fresh ricotta is wonderful with good bread, a pinch of salt (or honey), and a light white wine. But it's also a fantastic ingredient in pasta, lasagna, Italian cheesecake and more.

Start with Ricotta...
Really good fresh ricotta is wonderful with good bread, a pinch of salt (or honey), and a light white wine. But it's also a fantastic ingredient in pasta, lasagna, Italian cheesecake and more.

Start with Ricotta...
Really good fresh ricotta is wonderful with good bread, a pinch of salt (or honey), and a light white wine. But it's also a fantastic ingredient in pasta, lasagna, Italian cheesecake and more.

Start With a Steak...
The word Bistecca, as Artusi pointed out more than a century ago, derives from the English beef-steak, and denotes a cut of meat -- the T-bone cut, usually with both fillet and contrafillet. There aren't as many cooking options with steak as there are with some other meats -- Italians use high heat, from coals if possible -- but there are some. A quick rundown of Italian ways to cook steak.

Auguri per San Valentino! Or, Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentino was, according to legend, a Christian priest who was consigned to a Roman noble by the Emperor Claudius. He cured the noble's daughter's blindness, at which point the family converted and Claudius had them all executed. Valentino first, and on the eve of his execution he wrote the girl a letter, signing it

Arista: Favorite Italian Pork Loin Recipes
Tuscans call pork loin (especially unboned pork loin) arista, because they served roast pork loin during an ecumenical meeting of Catholic and Greek Orthodox Bishops held in Florence in 1430. The Greeks were so impressed they cried

Start with a Turkey Breast - Fesa di Tacchino - Turkey Breast Recipes
Fesa di tacchino, or turkey breast, is extremely popular in Italy. Small wonder, because it's inexpensive, low in fat, and quite versatile. There are many Italian turkey breast recipes, and here is a selection of personal favorites.

Favorite Lemony Recipes
Lemons are, after oranges, the most popular citrus fruit grown in Italy. However, unlike oranges, which people mostly eat, lemons are used almost exclusively as an ingredient or flavoring. While some gourmands frown at squeezing a lemon over fried foods -- they say it masks the flavor of the food -- I find a little freshly squeezed lemon to be quite refreshing, especially on a hot day. There are other things too, including Limoncello...

Favorite Italian Summer Desserts
Desserts in summer should be light and refreshing. Cool, too, if possible, and there are many Italian options!

Last Thing: Preserving Summer!
Summer is the time of abundance, and Italians are enthusiastic canners, setting aside as much of that summer bounty for the winter months as they can. Page 8.

Italian Summer Recipes
During the summer months Italians enjoy lighter, quicker dishes that are quite refreshing. Here you will find lings to a great many lighter, refreshing Italian dishes.

Picnic Foods and Other Cool Dishes
We'll start with picnic foods, because many can also double as antipasti in the summer months. Page 2.

Summer Primi: Pasta and Risotto
Summer Pasta Dishes tend to be light, with sauces that can be assembled (non necessarily cooked, though most are) in the time it takes one to boil the water and cook the pasta. Summer risotti are just as light. Page 3.

Italian Summer Fish
Fish cooks quickly, is tasty, is healthy, and is light on the digestion. In short, perfect for summer! Page 4.

Italian Summer Meats
Italians prefer quickly cooked meat dishes during the summer months, and especially like grilled meats. Page 5.

Italian Summer Vegetables
The consumption of vegetables increases dramatically in the summer in Italy: Little wonder, because they are extremely refreshing! Page 6.

Italian Summer Desserts
Summer desserts in Italy are... Cool. Gelato, puddings, well chilled freshly made fruit cocktail, and more. Page 7.

How Not to Eat Spaghetti
Yes, there is a wrong way to eat spaghetti, tagliatelle, and other long-stranded pasta shapes.

What You'll Need To Eat Spaghetti Like an Italian
You will need a couple of things to eat spaghetti like an Italian. Page 2.

Flick your Wrist to Eat Spaghetti Like an Italian
To Eat Spaghetti like an Italian, Flick your Wrist and Move Your Fingers. Page 3.

Eating Spaghetti like an Italian from the side
To Eat Spaghetti like an Italian, side view. Page 4.

A Last Time Around
To Eat Spaghetti like an Italian, give the fork a last turn. Page 5.

Start lifting your fork
To Eat Spaghetti like an Italian, Lift your fork. Page 6.

Eating Spaghetti like an Italian: Enjoy!
To Eat Spaghetti like an Italian: Enjoy. Page 7.

Judy Francini's Ricciarelli
Ricciarelli are a Sienese Christmas treat, soft chewy almond macaroons with a dusting of powdered sugar, and, depending upon the pastry chef, either delicate bitter almond accents or bitter almonds accents with hints of orange. In either case they're rather like cherries, in that once you have eaten one you'll find yourself reaching for the next without even thinking about it.

Making Ricciarelli: Into The Oven
Making Ricciarelli: Into The Oven. Page 10.

Making Ricciarelli: Enjoy!
Making Ricciarelli: Enjoy! Italian Food. Page 11.

Making Ricciarelli: Separate The Eggs
Making Ricciarelli: Separate The Eggs. Page 2.

Making Ricciarelli: Grind The Almonds
Making Ricciarelli: Grind The Almonds. Page 3.

Making Ricciarelli: Combine Ground Almonds, Sugar, Bicarbonate, and Flour
Making Ricciarelli: Combine Ground Almonds, Sugar, Bicarbonate, and Flour. Page 4.

Making Ricciarelli: Whip The Whites
Making Ricciarelli: Whip The Whites. Page 5.

Making Ricciarelli: Add The Whites To The Sugar
Making Ricciarelli: Add The Whites To The Sugar. Page 6.

Making Ricciarelli: Add Bitter Almond Extract
Making Ricciarelli: Add Bitter Almond Extract. Page 7.

Making Ricciarelli: Roll Balls Of Paste In Sugar
Making Ricciarelli: Roll Balls Of Paste In Sugar. Page 8.

Making Ricciarelli: Shape The Ricciarelli
Making Ricciarelli: Shape The Ricciarelli. Page 9.

Italian Wines For the Holiday Season
The holidays are rapidly approaching, and this means, in addition to deciding on menus, deciding on wines -- both to serve and to give to wine-loving friends.

Barbara Lucchi's Ciambella Romagnola, Illustrated
A Ciambella Romagnola, Romagna's traditional ring cake, is wonderful for breakfast, dipped into warm milk or caffè latte. It's also quite nice at the end of a meal, either with a glass of dessert wine or with the slices drizzled with zabaione or a fruit sauce or glaze.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: A slice.
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: A slice. Page 10.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Combine eggs and sugar
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Combine eggs and sugar. Page 2.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Beat the eggs and sugar
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Beat the eggs and sugar. Page 3.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add some of the flour
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add some of the flour. Page 4.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add the melted butter
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add the melted butter. Page 5.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add the lemon zest
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Add the lemon zest. Page 6.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Beat in the baking powder
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Beat in the baking powder. Page 7.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Pour the batter into a ring pan
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Pour the batter into a ring pan. Page 8.

Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Spread granella di zucchero, decorators sugar, over the cake
Making a Ciambella Romagnola: Spread granella di zucchero, decorators sugar, over the cake. Page 9.

An Impepata di Cozze, at the Masseria Le Fabbriche in Puglia
An Impepata di Cozze, at the Masseria Le Fabbriche in Puglia. Page 100.

Sicilian Meat Recipes
Like much of southern Italy, Sicily is better known for its lamb and kid than its beef. Which can, however, be very good.

Fish from Lazio and Rome
The Romans have been enjoying the bounty of the sea since before the time of the Caesars.

Ligurian Sweets and Desserts
Ligurian Sweets and Desserts. Italian Food.

Fish From Trentino Alto Adige
Fish From Trentino Alto Adige. Italian Food.

Fish of the Valle D'Aosta
Fish of the Valle D'Aosta. Italian Food.

Sardinian Pasta, Soups, and other First Course Recipes
Sardinian Pasta, Soups, and other First Course Recipes

Meat-Based Sardinian Dishes
Though Sardinia is an island, it boasts a rich and varied tradition of meat-based dishes.

Sardinian Recipes
Though one might expect an island to rely heavily on fish, Sardinians always looked inland, prizing pastureland and the foods it provides, especially pecorino cheese and lamb, above all else. Like all islands, it was a crossroads and there are many recipes braught by visitors, especially the Spanish.

Umbrian Cooking
Umbria is the only landlocked region of peninsular Italy, and is therefore called Italy's Green Heart; it's an area of gently rolling to moderately rugged countryside, with an abundance of game that is very good grilled or roasted. And if you want fish, there are the crater lakes in the south.

Italian Regional Cuisines & Specialties: Southern And Island
There really is no such thing as italian cooking -- it's all regional, and here are things from the South.

Cooking of the Abruzzo
The Abruzzo is a wild and craggy region with small fishing hamlets along the Adriatic and pastures in the highlands inland, where until quite recently shepherds lived with their flocks for much of the year. The cooking is frugal, simple peasant food, and wholesome too.

Recipes, wines, and more from Emilia Romagna
Emilia Romagna begins with the Adriatic and extends inland all the way to Piemonte, and as a result encompasses all sorts of cuisines, from seaside and lakeside through mountain. The region also boasts some of Italy's greatest culinary traditions, including Bologna's and Parma's, and has many renowned foods.

Stuffed Zucchini Recipes
Zucchini are among the most versatile vegetables when it comes to stuffing them. Lots of variety!

The Cooking of the Major Islands
The cooking styles of Italy's major islands, Sicily and Sardegna, is quite distinct from both each other and the Continent. And they both have much to offer.

Getting Around In Italy
Getting Around In Italy -- Timetables, Highways, Waterways and More

Italian Art: It's Not Just in the Kitchen
Italy is blessed with lots of art, much in the country and lots on the Web too.

Italian Regional Cuisines & Specialties: Northern
From the Valle D'Aosta, Liguria, and Piemonte in the west, through Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, and the Veneto, and on east to Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli and Istria, all sorts of variation.

Cooking Schools & Organized Tours
Have someone help you plan your trip!

Central Italian Travel
Information on Italy I have come across in seeking out foodly things.

Zucchini Recipes
Slicing up zucchini and tossing them into the pot sounds (and is) obvious, but there are many ways to do it.

Italian Grapes (and Wines) Abroad
Italian grapes pack their bags and set off to settle the world!

Meat-based risotti
Rice is quite versatile, and though it's generally delicate when paired with fish, it becomes delightfully substantial when paired with meats, especially richer meats, resulting in dishes that are wonderful when there's a nippy chill in the air.

Italian Holiday Dishes & Meals
Special recipes for Easter, Passover, Christmas, Carnevale and other itmes of year.

Fresh Fish: Basics and Techniques
There's nothing quite like a good fish, but selecting it does require care, as does cooking it. A quick rundown of what to look for (and to avoid) at your fishmonger's and the standard preparation techniques -- roasting, in salt, boiled, and so on.

Living in Italy: Observations, thoughts and more
WINE FESTS, ICE FALLING FROM THE SKY, UMBRELLA GOSSIP... While the topic of this site is cuisine, there's a lot more to Italy than what's on the burners, and many things influence the foods of the land.

Shellfish: Recipes for clams, mussels and more
Italy has thousands of miles of coastline, with clams in the sandy sections and mussels (and much more) clinging to the rocky areas. Much to enjoy!

Fresh Fish: Filets, Fish Steaks and More
Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of fresh fish: Whole fresh fish, and fish filets or fish steaks. Here you will find Italian recipes for fresh fish filets and fish steaks.

Flat Beef and Veal Braciole, Scallops and More
Braciole, depending upon where you are in Italy, are either cutlets with the bone, or scallops, and unless specified are usually either beef or veal. In some cases braciole are rolled up, at which point their name in official Italian is involtini. Here we have flat Braciole.

Fish Sauces for Pasta - Italian Fish Sauces - Fish Pasta Sauces
Fish-based pasta sauces cover an amazing amount of ground, from hearty reef to lusty salmon to elegant sea bass, and beyond

Fried meats
The king of Italian fried meats is without doubt the beef or veal cutlet, though just about everything finds its way into the fry pot in some part of the country, especially lamb and chicken.

Vegetables: Artichokes
Artichokes can be prepared many ways: fried, stuffed, stewed and more.

Waterfowl and Game Birds
Italians have always hunted -- I remember going in search of pheasant and quail when I was a boy, and they were very good when we got them home. Pigeon is just as tasty, then there are the ducks from the lakes, the geese, and much more.

Italian Turkey Recipes
When I first moved to Italy in 1982 whole turkeys were rare, and even now they're uncommon except under the holidays. Turkey breast, however, is quite popular and extremely versatile.

Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli Rabe, Cauliflower...
The cabbage family is extremely varied, and though one often takes them for granted, winter would be much drearier and more boring in their absence. All sorts of recipes, from delicate to positively earthy.

Bob Hope sang of chestnuts roasting over an open fire, but they were once much more than a Christmas food in Northern Italy. Indeed, the people living in the mountains ate little else during the winter months, and as a result developed many tasty recipes for them.

Farro, Grain of the Legions
Grano Farro has a long and glorious history: it is the original grain from which all others derive, and fed the Mediterranean and Near Eastern populations for thousands of years; somewhat more recently it was the standard ration of the Roman Legions.

Beans, Green Beans, and other Legumes
Beans and other legumes play an important role in the modern Italian diet, and were even more important when much of the population couldn't afford to buy meat. And then there are their happy cousins, green beans...

Salads & Greens
Italy is the land of salad, especially Rome. Leafy vegetables also abound, just about everywhere.

Zucchini, Stuffed Zucchini, Zucchini Flowers, and Squash
Zucchini are the perfect summer vegetable.

Frittatas, Flans, and other Savory Egg Dishes
Fresh eggs are fantastic: Rich, flavorful, and wonderfully balanced. They're also the perfect base for bringing out the best in other ingredients, especially in flans and frittate.

Italian Recipes for Chicken Legs and Chicken Breasts
You might be surprised to know that chicken used to be more expensive than beef in Italy. It no longer is, but if you seek out free range birds you'll understand why it was; they're extraordinarily flavorful and versatile too. Here we have Italian Recipes for Chicken Legs and Chicken Breasts.

Meaty Stuffed Pasta - Stuffed Pasta with meat Fillings
Stuffed pasta goes way back, and is incredibly varied, from simple triangles stuffed with ricotta to towering masterpieces such as lobster-filled ravioli with a radicchio sauce. Lots of variety, and here we concentrate on stuffed pasta with meat or fish fillings.

Classic Italian Vegetable-Based Antipasti
Pinzimonio, salads, pickles, sottoli... There's tremendous variety to Italian vegetable based antipasti; some are excellent at the beginning of a meal or to nibble on during a party, while others will also work well as the centerpiece of a light meal. Here are some standards you will find throughout Italy.

Central Italian Porchetta Recipe - Porchetta in the Traditions of Umbria, Lazio, Le Marche, and the Abruzzo
A porchetta is a whole pig, roasted, and is one of the most common street foods in Central Italy; just about every fair or gathering will have a Porchettaro who does a brisk business selling sandwiches, and also packets of sliced porchetta to people who want to take some home. There are two major traditions. The one common to the regions of Umbria, Lazio, The Abruzzo and the Marche employs wild fennel, and is what we have here.

Crema Chantilly
Chantilly is whipped cream with some powdered sugar and vanilla added, and is nice. If you fold it into pastry cream, however, you end up with a voluptuous treat Italians call Crema Chantilly, which is perfect for layer cakes, pastries, and more.

The Frittata, or: How to Stretch Eggs
One of the best ways to stretch an egg is a frittata, a close relative of the omelet in which the eggs are lightly beaten, poured into the pan with some sort of filler, and cooked. Quick, easy, versatile, and very, very tasty.

Picnic Foods and Other Cool Things
With the arrival of the summer months, Italians flee the cities whenever possible -- down to the shore to catch some rays, or up into the mountains to escape the heat. Food plays an important part in this, especially in escapes to the hills, where, come lunch time folding chairs, picnic tables, and coolers appear, and everyone settles in the shade of the trees....

Lo Spiedo Bresciano - The Brescian Spit
Spit-roasted game birds is Brescia's signature dish, and rightly so. They're very good, and bring joy to the table.

Cooking the Spiedo Bresciano
Spit roasting birds requires patience, and care, but isn't difficult. Page 2.

Quick Italian Recipes
A selection of Italian recipes that take less than a half hour to prepare.

Quick Italian Recipes - Pasta Risotto and Soups
People often think of pasta sauce simmering on the stove for days. It can, but Italian pasta sauces can also be done by the time the pasta is cooked. Same for soups. There are some very quick Italian soups. Page 2.

Quick Italian Recipes - Meats, Fish and Other Second Course Recipes
There are lots of quick Italian meat and fish recipes that will be ready in the time it takes to prepare a salad. Ideal recipes for when you're in a hurry. Page 3.

Quick Italian Recipes: Sides
The most obvious quick side dish is a tossed salad. here it is, together with some other personal favorites. Page 4.

Quick Italian Recipes: Desserts
The quickest dessert, other than a bowl of ice cream, is a perfectly ripe piece of fresh fruit, and this is how Italians usually end their meals. But if you want a little more, here are some ideas. Page 5.

La Vigilia Napoletana
The Neapolitan Christmas tradition is one of the richest and most glorious in Italy, beginning with a fish-based Christmas Eve feast and continuing through Santo Stefano, the 26th.

The Pasta Shapes Glossary
Pasta comes in an astonishing variety of shapes, some of which are common throughout Italy, and some of which are limited to a particular region, or even town. There are also specialty shapes produced by individual pasta makers.

The Pasta Glossary: Extruded Forms and More
Extruded pasta is made with durum wheat flour and water, and pressed through a die; shapes range from spaghetti through elbow macaroni and rigatoni, with all sorts of other things as well. Page 2.

Ossa Dei Morti, The Bones of the Dead
Italians have only recently begun to celebrate Halloween. However, the Italian Memorial day is November 2, and almost every region has some sort of sweet to celebrate it.

Artusi's Commentary on the Bones of the Dead
Pellegrino Artusi was keen on instructing his readers and clearly thought most of them no longer knew why they were making Bones of the Dead -- just that they were a part of fall, rather like chestnuts or new wine. So he told them before giving the recipe. Page 2.

Panettone and Pandoro: Stuffing the Cake
Italy has many Christmas sweets. Most are regional -- you'll get struffoli (fritters dipped in a honey syrup, decorated with spangles, and arranged in a wreath) in Naples, Panforte (a medieval fruitcake made with honey) in Siena, and caggionetti (fried ravioli stuffed with chestnuts, chocolate, and other delights) in the Abruzzo -- but Pandoro and Panettone, the Christmas cakes of Verona and Milano, have become universal.

Classic Italian Breads
Bread is one of the most variable of Italian foods: In different areas you'll find different flours or combinations of flours, some poeple use salt and others do not, some shape their breads into loaves, whereas others prefer rounds, wheels, or even crosses, some brush their bread with oil, some dry it... And that's just a beginning.

Cheesy Easter Pie -- Torta di Pasqua al Formaggio
This is actually a rich, cheesy bread, rather than a pie, and a delight with salami and a good zesty red wine.

Salt-Roasted Steak Recipe - Bistecca al Sale - Roasting a Steak in Salt
Mention the word

Feedback: Pan Frying a Steak
How to pan fry a steak on a bed of salt: Quick, easy, and very tasty. Page 2.

Yet another pan-frying option...
Don marinades his steak in a teriyaki sauce. Page 3.

Il Cucchiaio d'Argento, or: The Golden Spoon
Immediately after the War, Editoriale Domus assembled a superb collection of recipes and published one of the best comprehensive cookbooks I've seen. They've updated it several times since then, and now Phaidon has published an English translation that's just as good as the original. You'll find something for every occasion and every ingredient here.

Minestrone Pugliese, a Sample Recipe
A Sample recipe from The Silver Spoon. Page 2.

Scaloppine: Usually Veal, But Not Always
An Italian who says Scaloppine generally means veal scallops, thin slices of veal cut from the leg (round) that are quick and easy to prepare, and are also healthy -- low in fat, and thus easy on the digestion. And tasty, which explains their popularity both in the home and in trattorie around Italy.

Provolone & Caciocavallo: From South to North
Caciocavallo is a South italian cheese that closely resembles Provolone. Provolone is South Italian in style, but also made in the north, and is wonderful both as is and as an ingredient.

Lingua: Tongue, Usually Beef
If you visit most any Italian market you're sure to see them in a butcher's case. Long, grainy skinned, perhaps spotted, and with a pronounced hump; there's no mistaking what they are: Tongue, probably beef, or if they're a little smaller, veal. As meats go they're inexpensive...

Seppie: That's Cuttlefish, and means wonderful versatility
Cuttlefish are very common in Italian waters, and play an important part in everything from appetizers through elegant entrees.

Italian Lamb and Kid - Agnello, Abbacchio e Capretto
Large sections of Italy, both in the mountainous north and the highlands of the south and the islands, are much better suited to sheep and goats than they are to cattle, and it therefore comes as no surprise that Italians have been tending flocks for thousands of years. In much of Italy, lamb and kid are among the most important meats, especially in spring at at Easter.

Italian Lamb and Kid Recipes
There are many Italian ways to cook lamb and kid -- from succulent stewed lamb through finger-licking grilled lamb chops, and on to heavenly lamb or kid roasts. Page 2.

Svizzere: Italian Hamburgers
In Italy hamburgers are called Svizzere, which means Swiss, and according to the Antonio Piccinardi it's a

Asparagus - That's Asparagi
Asparagus is the quintessential spring vegetable: Asparagus Background, preparation and lots of recipes.

Kinds of Asparagus, and how to select and prepare asparagus
Kinds of Asparagus, and how to select and prepare asparagus. Page 2.

Italian Asparagus Recipes
Italian Asparagus Recipes are quite varied, from asparagus antipasti through asparagus tortes and on to asparagus risotto and asparagus side dishes. Page 3.

Fresh Figs, Anyone?
Fresh figs have been a South Italian staple for thousands of years. They're wonderful as is, make excellent jams, are superb in cakes, and that's just the beginning.

Cavolo Verza - Savoy Cabbage
Cabbage is the quintessential Italian winter vegetable, and in the north the king of cabbages is Savoy Cabbage, or Cavolo Verza. It's good in soups, with rice or polenta, and is also an excellent side dish.

Lentils - That's Lenticchie
Lentils are extremely versatile and quite tasty. They're also a requirement on New Year's Eve in Italy, and delicious at any time.

Ceci! That's Chickpeas!
Chickpeas, also known as garbanzos, may be native to the Orient, but have been a staple in the Mediterranean Basin for hundreds of years, and are quite common throughout Italy.

Ceci: Chickpea and Garbanzo Recipes
There are many ways to prepare chickpeas and garbanzos. Page 2.

Pettole, with a Drizzle of Vin Cotto
Pettole, with a Drizzle of Vin Cotto

Making Pettole: Make the Dough
Making Pettole: Make the Dough. Italian Food. Page 2.

Making Pettole: The Dough is Ready!
Once the dough has risen expect it to be quite soft, moist, sticky, and elastic, elastic enough that if you stretch it out it will snap back. At this point set your pot of oil to heat. In Puglia the traditional oil of choice is olive oil, but you could use another oil with a high smoke point if you wish. Page 3.

Taking a spoonful of dough
Begin separating spoonfuls of dough and dropping them into the hot oil. Page 4.

Removing the Pettole
The dough balls will puff up beautifully. Turn them as they cook, and remove them when golden with a slotted spoon, setting them to drain on absorbent paper. If they are plain, they are very good as is, and are also quite nice drizzled with a few drops of vincotto, sweet cooked down wine must, or something similar -- if you want to splurge, aceto balsamico, even. Page 5.

Using pettola Dough as a Batter
Using pettola Dough as a Batter. Italian Food. Page 6.

A Spring Onion "Pettola"
A Spring Onion

What is a Bombetta Pugliese?
La Bombetta Pugliese is a specialty of the Valle D'Itria, south of Bari, and the folks at the Bombetta Pugliese stand in the street foods section of Torino's Salone del Gusto didn't mince words:

To make Bombette Pugliesi: What You'll Need
To make Bombette Pugliesi you will need nicely marbled pork shoulder butt; the butchers of the Valle D'Itria say the animal should weight between 160 and 180 k (350-400 pounds) and not be the result of intensive farming, because the meat will be better marbled. The cheese is up to personal taste; some prefer Parmigiano or Grana, others pecorino (Sardo, not Romano, which is sharper and saltier), and others still Fontina, which melts. The important thing is to use a cheese of good quality. Page 2.

Making Bombette Pugliesi: How to Prepare Them
The preparation of Bombette Pugliesi is straight forward. Assuming you have a pound of meat, you will want... Page 3.

Finished Preparing your Bombette Pugliesi? How to Cook Them
Finished Preparing your Bombette Pugliesi? How to Cook Them. Page 4.

How to Make Risotto, Step by Step
Risotto has a reputation of being difficult to make. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you'll discover in this step by step tutorial.

Making Risotto: Risotto with Sausages, and with Squash, Served!
Serve your risotto, with what's left of the bottle of wine you used to make it, or whatever other wine you might prefer. Here, Riccardo Falchini's Vernaccia di San Gimignano was quite nice. Page 10.

Making Risotto: Sauté The Onions
To prepare risotto, begin by sauteing the herbs. Page 2.

Making Risotto: Sauté The Sausages
In making sausage risotto, you should also sauté the sausage. Page 3.

Making Risotto: Sauté The Rice
When the onion and other flavorings are sautéed, it's time to sauté the rice as well, a process that will lightly toast it. Page 4.

Making Risotto: Add The Wine
Once you have toasted the rice add the wine, in a thin stream. As is the case with the stock or broth, it should be heated. Page 5.

Making Risotto: Add Broth
Here we diverge: I added a couple of ladles of simmering bouillon to the sausage risotto, together with the can of chopped tomatoes. Page 6.

Making Risotto: Add Liquid Ingredients
And here, I stirred the butternut squash mixture into the other risotto. The pieces of squash had become creamy and were coming apart. Page 7.

Making Risotto: Add Butter
Stir a couple of tablespoons of unsalted butter into the risotto if you want a creamier texture. Page 8.

Making Risotto: Add Cheese
And then stir in grated cheese, followed by minced parsley. Cover the risotto and let it sit for two minutes, during which time everything will come together and meld. Page 9.

A Focaccia with Onions and Pancetta
A Focaccia with Onions and Pancetta. Page 8.

Plain Focaccia, and Focaccia with Onions and Mushrooms
Plain Focaccia, and Focaccia with Onions and Mushrooms. Page 9.

Starting the Meal - Affettati Misti
A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti -- a word that literally translates as before the pasto, or meal. These antipasti vary considerably from place to place in Italy, but they will often include a selection of cold cuts, which are known as affettati misti.

Starting the Meal - An Antipasto Misto
A festive Italian meal generally begins with a variety of appetizers, which are known as antipasti -- literally, before the meal. These antipasti vary considerably from place to place in Italy, but they will often include a selection of pickles and other firm vegetables, which are known as an antipasto misto.

A Tuscan Antipasto Misto - What's On The Plate? Crostino alle Olive Nere
This is quite simple, a slice of bread toasted over the coals, and spread with balck olive paté. Tasty, and easy to do. Page 2.