Job Searching Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

How to Cash a Paycheck Without a Bank Account
Information on where to cash a paycheck, including locations with check cashing services and typical fees.

Benefits of Gap Year Work Programs
Information on gap year programs, including benefits, types of programs available for high school and college students and how to find good programs.

What Are Payroll Debit Cards?
Information on payroll debit cards, including companies that offer payroll debit cards, the pros and cons, and how to opt out of getting paid with a debit card.

Anecdotal Interview Questions
Here's information on anecdotal interview questions, what you will be asked, tips for answering, plus an example of a response to an anecdotal question.

What to Put in a Follow-Up Email After a Job Rejection
If you've been turned down for a job and want to reach out to the hiring manager, here's what to include in a follow-up email to the employer.

How to Keep Your Job Skills Current
Keeping your job skills current will help you get a promotion or a new job. Here's how to enhance your hireability by upgrading your skills.

How to Mail a Resume and Cover Letter
If you've never mailed a cover letter and resume before, you may have questions about how to do so correctly. Use these tips to make sure.

Tips for Attending a Startup Job Fair
Tips for attending a startup job fair, what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, and how a start up job fair may be different from a traditional hiring event.

Reference Letter Writing Guidelines
Guidelines for how to write, organize and format reference letters for students, friends, employees, or colleagues for whom you are providing recommendations.

How Much Is the Minimum Wage Rate?
Information on minimum wage, including federal and state wage rates, and exceptions where employers do not have to pay it to their employees.

When You Can Expect to Get Your First and Last Paycheck
When you start a job one of the questions you may have is when you will get your first paycheck. Here's information on when you can expect to get paid.

What is Employee Engagement?
Employee engagement, also known as worker engagement, is a measurement of an employee's emotional attachment to his position, coworkers, and company.

Can an Employer Change Your Job Description?
Can your employer change your job description after you have been working at the job? Here's when an employer can change an employee's job duties.

Can an Employer Require Me to Use My Own Computer?
When companies can require employees to use personal computers at work, employer BYOD policies, and technology allowance and reimbursement policies.

Online Job Interviews - Practice and Preparation
Here's information on how online job interviews work, the equipment you may need, how to practice, and how to prepare.

Summer Job Resume and Cover Letter Examples
Resume and cover letter examples for summer jobs.

Should You Check Email While On Vacation?
When you should - and shouldn't - check email while you're on vacation, and how to manage your time effectively if you need to stay connected to your work.

What Does an IT Recruiter Do and How Do I Become One?
You don't have to be a techie to become an IT recruiter. Surprisingly, other skills are more important.

Top Tips for Starting a Law Career
Tips and advice for college students and graduates interested in a career in law, with a list of in-demand legal skills.

Work at Home Job Interview Tips
Tips and advice for acing a work at home job interview, interview questions and answers, and what to watch out for when interviewing for a telecommuting job.

Job Interview Practice: How to Rehearse for an Interview
Here's to practice for a job interview, including tips for rehearsing for an interview, practice interview questions and answers, and tips for acing an interview.

List of Summer Job Options for Teenagers
The best summer jobs for teens, including jobs at parks, camps, resorts, beaches, retail, sports venues, amusement parks, and restaurants. Here's how to find them.

Tips for Students That Want to be Doctors
Tips and advice for high school students who want to be a doctor, including how to learn about the medical field, and a list of pre-med skills.

What is Interview Coaching?
Interview coaching is a method by which job seekers can prepare for and feel more confident about upcoming interviews.

12 Tips for Turning a Post-Graduate Internship into a Job
Here's how to turn an internship into a permanent position, including the top 12 tips for turning a post-graduate internship into a full-time job.

Different Types of Work Schedules
Work schedules vary based on the employer and the job. Here's information on the different types of work schedules including hours and requirements.

How to Find a Summer Job Working Abroad
Here's information on finding summer employment abroad including information on visa requirements, tips on working overseas, and summer abroad job listings.

New Employee Welcome Aboard Email Examples
Welcome aboard email message examples to send to a new employee. The letters include a formal welcome to the organization and the employee's start date.

What is a Flexible Work Schedule?
Flexible schedules allow employees to vary their arrival and departure times from work, here's information on flexible schedules and how they work.

How to Turn Down a Job Offer You Already Accepted
Turning down a job offer after accepting it can be done gracefully. Here are tips on how to decline a job you have already accepted and a sample letter.

Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Job Interview
When you dress for an interview, how you accessorize is important. Here's information on interview accessories and what to wear and what not to wear.

Job Offers - Negotiate, Accept or Decline a Job Offer
How to handle job offers including evaluating job offers, negotiating salary, counter offers, accepting or declining the offer, and more tips and advice.

Welcome Aboard Letter Example for a New Employee
Example welcome aboard letter or email message to send to a new employee, with tips and advice for sending an email or paper welcome letter.

Welcome On Board Letter for a Relocating Employee
Sample welcome on board letter or email message to send to a new employee who is relocating to accept the position.

What Is Business Casual Attire?
You hear it all the time, but what does it mean? Learn what counts and business casual attire and the do's and don'ts of a casual work dress code.

Top Tips for Passive Job Seekers
Top tips for passive job seekers. Here's how to spend some time when you're not actively job searching so you're ready if you need to get hired fast.

What to Wear to an Office / Administrative Interview
Tips for what to wear for an office / administrative job interview, and what to wear to work for an office position so you're ready to start a new job.

How to Use Your Alumni Network in a Job Search
What is a college alumni network, and how to tap college alumni connections to help with your job search and grow your career.

Tips for Finding a Job Abroad for College Grads
Information on finding a job abroad for college grads, including work abroad full-time and short-term and volunteer options.

How to Handle a Demotion
How to handle a demotion, including deciding to stay with your current employer, starting a job search and tips for moving on.

Tips for Asking Your Boss if You Can Work From Home
Want to work from home? Here are tips and advice for asking your boss if you can work remotely.

When Can a Company Withdraw a Job Offer?
Information on the reasons an employer may withdraw a job offer, reasons an offer should not be withdrawn, and recourse available to job applicants.

Should You Get a Second Job?
How to decide whether to look for a second job, include finances, scheduling, the pros and cons of working two jobs, and how to find a part-time job.

How Do Companies Recruit Employees?
How companies recruit, including company websites, job boards, job search engines, social recruiting, and more way companies seek candidates for employment.

Second Interview Questions to Ask the Employer
Here are second interview questions to ask employers during a job interview, tips for what to ask, and how to share what you know about the company.

Tips for Acing a Third Interview for a Job
What to expect during a third interview, including who you will meet with, questions you will be asked, and tips for acing a third-round job interview.

How Does an Employer Decide Who to Hire?
How employers decide which applicant to hire, including candidate screening and evaluation, and tips for optimizing your chances of getting selected.

Job Search Tips for High School Students
If you're a high school student looking for a job, there are things you can do to help yourself get hired. Here are job search tips for high school students.

Second Interview Questions and Answers
Questions employers ask during a second interview, examples of the best answers, tips for preparing and responding, and questions to ask the interviewer.

Outline to Use to Create a Resume
Not sure what to include in your resume? Here's a resume outline with all the information you need to include when putting together a job application.

Tax Season Jobs
Tax preparation companies hire seasonal workers to help with preparing income tax returns during tax season. Here's how to find a temporary tax job.

Interview Question: What Do You Like the Best About Working from Home?
Tips and best job interview answers to the question, What do you like best about working from home?

How to Get Job Search Help at the Library
In addition to providing job search and career related books, public libraries offer many other resources for job seekers. Here's a list of what's available.

Excuses for Missing Work (Good and Bad Reasons)
Do you need to miss work, but don't have a good excuse? Here's a list of the best and worst reasons for calling in to work when you need to be absent.

Recruitment and Hiring Process
Step by step guide to the recruitment process, including information on what is involved in each step of an employer's recruiting and hiring process.

College Recruiting Programs
Here's information on college recruiting program options for employers, students and alumni including on and off-campus recruitment and hiring options.

Work at Home Job Interview Questions and Answers
Review typical interview questions that are asked at work at home job interviews, examples of the best answers, and questions to ask the employer,

Doctor Excuses for Missing Work
Information on doctors excuses for missing work, including employers requiring notes, what the note should include, and advice on documenting illnesses and injuries.

High School and Middle School Job Titles
List of job titles for high school and middle school positions, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations and career options.

12 Tips for Asking For (and Getting) Time Off from Work
How to ask to take time off from work, including tips for requesting (and getting) vacation or other paid or unpaid time off, with examples of what to say.

Tips for Asking for Time Off at the Holidays
Want to take time off during the holidays? Here are tips for how to ask for vacation time during the holiday season, including how and when to ask for time off.

How Would Your Colleagues Describe Your Personality?
Tips for how to respond and examples of the best answers for the job interview question,

Common Accounting Job Titles By Type
List of accounting job titles, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations.

Do You Enjoy Working in a Fast-Paced Team Environment?
Best answers and tips for how to respond to the job interview question: Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced team environment?

List of Job Titles for Science Jobs
List of sample titles for science jobs. Exact titles may vary, depending on the job level, company practice or even the region.

Interview Question: What Are The Advantages of a Work at Home Position?
Examples of the best job interview answers for the question

Social Media Job Titles and Positions
What job titles can you expect in social media? Here is a list, including keywords to look for in employment postings, plus more creative ones.

Healthcare / Medical Job Titles
List of health care and medical job titles, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields and types of jobs.

Titles of Common Health and Safety Jobs
If you want to know more about health and safety careers, consult this list of job titles to get a better idea of occupations in this field.

Purchasing Jobs: Duties, Skills and Types of Positions
List of job titles for purchasing positions, plus a summary of core duties and skills such as analytical, negotiation and decision making.

What To Do if You're Afraid to Use Your Vacation Time
Are you afraid to take your vacation time? Here are tips and strategies for taking advantage of the vacation time that your employer provides you with.

Use It or Lose It Vacation Policies
Information on use it or lose it vacation policies, including when employees can lose accrued vacation, and state laws that regulate vacation leave and pay.

Types of Restaurant Jobs and Titles
List of restaurant job titles, details on the the types of jobs available in restaurants, and the responsibilities of each position.

Top Job Titles in the Banking Industry
There are many job options in the banking and financial industries. Check out these job titles to see what position is the best fit for you.

Thank You Letters for References and Recommendations
How to write a thank you letter for a reference, advice and tips on sending thank you letters for references and letters of recommendations, plus sample thank you notes, thank you letters, and email messages.

Sales Interview Questions and Answers
Review common sales interview questions, sample answers you can use to give the best responses, and a list of questions to ask the interviewer.

What Are the Best Entry Level Jobs?
Review this list of the best entry level jobs for ideas about the job which may be perfect for you to start your career, with tips for choosing a career.

Top 10 Best Paid Construction Jobs
Interested in working construction? Here are the top 10 best paid construction jobs with the most opportunities, and the scoop on how to get hired.

What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Being In Sales?
Best answers for the sales interview question

Ace Interview Questions About Meeting Sales Goals
Sales interview coming up? Read tips for responding and examples of the best answers for questions about meeting sales goals.

Best Answers for Interview Questions on Cold Calling
Give the best answers for the job interview questions about cold calls and telemarketing sales skills.

50 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in a Job Interview
Review these top 50 most common interview mistakes so you can avoid them when you're interviewing for a new job.

Do You Get Paid Extra for Working on a Holiday?
Here's information on getting paid for working on a holiday, including the details on when employees are entitled to extra holiday pay and holiday time-off.

Careers That Pay Over $100,000 a Year
The highest paying careers include health, management, computer, and IT jobs, though some blue collar jobs pay well too.

Most Embarrassing Job Interview Stories
If you think you've had the worst job interview ever, think again. Likely, your story can't top these embarrassing submissions.

List of Jobs and Career Types By Industry
List of different types of jobs, including career information, education and experience requirements, salary information and how to get hired.

Top Short Term Training Programs
The top jobs which you can qualify for quickly, job descriptions, salaries, how to find a short-term​ training program to start a new career.

Interview Questions About Why You're Good at Sales
Tips for responding and the best answers for the sales interview question

How (and Why) Companies Use Blind Auditions to Hire
What does it mean when companies use blind auditions hire and how do they work? Here's what job seekers should know, with blind audition tips for applicants.

How to Get a Permit to Work in the US
Non-US Citizens need an Employment Authorization Document for eligibility to work in the United States. Here's information on how to get a US work permit.

For the Sales Job: Answers about Strengths and Weaknesses
As a salesperson, you need to sell yourself. Here are sample sales interview answers about strengths and weaknesses if you are applying for a job in sales.

US Exchange Visitor (J) Visas - J-1 Visas
Here's information on US Exchange Visitor (J) Visas, including how to find a sponsoring organization, how to apply for a J-1 visa and visa duration

US H1-B Temporary Work Visas
The H1-B visa enables foreign workers to temporarily work for a specific employer. Here's more information on H1-B visas.

US Seasonal Agriculture Worker H-2A Visas
US (H2-A) Visas are available for foreign agricultural workers. Here's more information on H2-A visas, including eligibility and requirements.

US Temporary Non-Agriculture Worker H-2B Visas
US Temporary Non-Agriculture (H-2B) Visas are available for foreign workers in non-agriculture fields to work in the United States. Here's more information on H-2B visas, including eligibility and requirements.

Communications / Writing Cover Letter Examples
Examples of cover letters for writing and communication jobs plus tips and advice for writing effective cover letters and resume samples and tips.

Information on Working in the US for Foreign Nationals
Information on working in the US for foreign nationals, work visa requirements, employer sponsorship, green cards, and types of US work visas.

How to Get a Social Security Number for Non-US Citizens
Information on eligibility for a social security number and how to get a social security card for foreign workers who want to work in the United States.

How to Sell Yourself in a Sales Interview
Best answers for the sales interview question: What interests you most about this sales position and what motivates you? Here's how to sell yourself!

How to Answer Motivation Sales Interview Questions
How to answer interview questions about motivation for a job in sales, examples of the best answers, and tips for acing an interview.

How Did You Land Your Most Successful Sale?
Best answers for the sales interview question

Sales Interview Questions About Supervisors
Best answers for the sales interview question

Interview Questions About Long and Short Sales Cycles
Best answers for the sales interview question

Restaurant Job Tests, Questions and Tips
Restaurants may test job applicants to discover how well they would be able to handle the job. Here's what you need to know about tests for restaurant jobs.

What Is a Professional Reference?
A professional reference is a reference from a person who can vouch for your qualifications. Here's information on who to ask and how to provide a reference.

Business Thank You Letter Examples
Business thank you letter examples including appreciation notes for employees, managers, colleagues, clients, vendors, networking contacts, and more.

Cover Letter Referred by a Contact Examples
Examples of cover letters and email messages which mention that you were referred by a contact, how to mention the referral, and tips for what to include.

Referral Cover Letters Examples for Job Searching
Referral cover letter and email messages examples, how to mention a referral for a job, and what to include in the letter or email message.

What Not to Do When You're Applying for Jobs
It's important to know what you shouldn't do, along with what you should do, when you are applying for jobs. Here's how not to apply for a job.

What to Wear to a Job Interview for College Students
Best interview attire for college students, how to decide what to wear, hair, makeup, jewelry, and how to make the best impression on your interviewer.

Can Employers Ask How Much You Made at Your Last Job?
Can employers find out how much you earn? Here's information on when they can ask how much you made, and when and how to disclose your salary.

How Much Does a Mechanical Engineer Earn?
Information on mechanical engineer jobs, including a job description, education requirements, desired skills, salary information, and job listings.

Human Resources Manager Job Description and Salary
Review information on human resources manager jobs including a job description, training and education requirements, and salary information for HR Managers.

The Best and Worst Master's Degrees for Finding a Job
The top ten best and worst master's degrees for finding a job including annual pay, projected growth and popular job titles.

Special Education Teacher Job Description, Salary and Skills
Information on what special education teachers do, as well as more specific information about a career as a special education teacher.

Teacher Assistant Job Description, Salary and Skills
Teacher assistants provide additional instruction to students. Read here for information on what teacher assistants do, what they earn, and more.

What To Do If Your Phone Interviewer Doesn't Call
What do you do when an interviewer doesn't call you or answer your call for a phone interview? Here's how to handle it when the interviewer isn't available.

Answers for the Interview Question: Why Did You Resign?
Not sure how to answer the interview question

Candidate Rejection Letter and Email Examples
Candidate rejection email message and letter examples used to notify applicants for employment that they have not been selected for a position.

Behavioral Interview Questions and Tips for Answering
Review examples of behavioral interview questions commonly asked by employers, plus tips on how to respond and how to prepare for a behavioral interview.

Have You Ever Had Difficulty Working With a Manager?
Review examples of the best answers for the interview question: Have you ever had difficulty working with a manager?

What is the Career Planning Process?
The Career Planning Process include the stages involved in discovering a career path, including self-assessment, research, decision making, job searching, and accepting a job offer.

Interview Question: Why Did You Quit Your Job?
Don't know how to answer the interview question

Phone Interview Thank You Letters
When you are interviewed over the phone, it's important to follow up with a thank you letter or email message. Here's how and when to say thank you.

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions
Most hiring managers ask at least a few behavioral questions during each job interview. Here's how to get ready for them and how to respond.

Salary Range for Employers and Job Applicants
Learn about salary range information set by employers or for job applicants, and how to determine one for a job.

How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Mistakes
Best job interview answers to the question what have you learned from your mistakes, tips on how to respond and more interview questions and answers.

Questions and Sample Answers About Teamwork, Plus Tips
Interview questions about teamwork, sample answers, and tips.

How Do You Feel About Working on a Team?
Understanding the nature of team work including leadership, problem solving and motivation and crafting an answer to showcase your strengths.

How Much Do You Expect to Get Paid - Interview Question
Best job interview answers to the question

Name Change Announcement Email Examples and Advice
Letter examples announcing a name and email address change, as well as tips on how to alert professional contacts to your name change.

Company Drug Testing Policy Example
Example of a company drug testing policy that details how and under what circumstances job applicants and employees may be tested for drug and alcohol use.

Job Promotion Letter Example
When an employee receives a job promotion, the promotion is typically formally announced in a job promotion letter. Here's what is included in the letter.

How to Select a Professional Letter Font and Font Size
How to select a professional letter font and how to choose a font size for your letters, so your letter will make the best impression.

Job Promotion Interview Questions
Common job promotion interview questions, as well as advice on how to succeed in a promotion interview.

What Are Blood Drug Tests for Employment?
A blood drug test screens applicants or employees for illegal drugs to deter use. It safeguards the workplace and identifies at-risk employees.

Fired for Facebook
Advice for employees and employers on what employees can post on Facebook and other social media sites, along with the issues employers needs to be aware of when creating social media policies.

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?
A mouth swab drug test is one common drug test done by employers. Read here for information on what it is, who gives oral drug tests, and when.

Passing an Employment Drug Test
Prospective employees may be required to be screened for drug and alcohol use prior to being hired. What can you do if you are concerned about passing a drug test?

When Do Employers Drug Test Applicants and Employees?
Employers may drug test job applicants when hiring and also may test employees for drug and alcohol use. Here's when and how employers can drug test.

Promotion Announcement Examples and Writing Tips
Tips for announcing a job promotion, including examples of job promotion email messages, and a template to use to write an announcement.

How to Select a Resume File Name
Tips for selecting a file name for a resume, including options for choosing a resume name, why it matters to employers and how it can get your resume read.

Sample Exit Interview Questions
Information on exit interviews, what they are, how they work, and examples of exit interview questions that employers ask when an employee is moving on.

How to List a GED on Your Resume and Job Applications
Getting your GED is a good move if you didn't graduate from high school. Learn the benefits and how to list it on your resume and job applications.

Resume Tips When You Have Been Out of the Workforce
There are many reasons for employment gaps, but there are plenty of other things which can be included on your resume.

How to Write a Resume Headline That Gets Noticed
Information on resume headlines (also known as resume titles), how to include one on your resume, how to write a great headline, and examples.

Formal Letter Closing Examples
When closing a formal letter, you should end the letter with a complimentary close. Here are examples of formal letter closings, and tips for writing them.

What is a Job Offer Letter?
Job offer letter samples confirming an offer of employment, what to include in a job offer letter, and information on accepting and declining job offers.

Counter Offer Letter Requesting a Meeting
Sample counter offer letter requesting a meeting to discuss the compensation package that was offered plus advice on how to negotiate a counter offer.

Counter Offer Email Message Example
Review a sample counter offer email message asking to discuss a job offer, how much compensation to target, and advice on when to ask for more money.

Employee Email Samples to Help You Find the Right Words
Employee letter and email samples for everything from hiring to firing, promotions, congratulations, missing work, references and more.

Professional Letter and Email Writing Guidelines
Guide to writing professional letters and email messages including format and layout, spacing, font style and size, salutations, closings and proofreading.

How to Send LinkedIn Invitations and Messages
Advice on sending LinkedIn messages including the best ways to invite people to connect, what to write, and more guidelines for messaging on LinkedIn.

How To Use LinkedIn Endorsements
Information on LinkedIn endorsements, including what they are, how to get them and how to turn them off so they don't show on your profile.

How to Stop Email Messages From LinkedIn
How to stop or reduce the amount of email you get from LinkedIn, including steps to take to cut back or eliminate messages from LinkedIn.

Letter Asking to Work From Home Because of Relocation
Here is an example of an message to request a meeting, plus points to make your case to your employers about the benefits of telecommuting.

Letter or Email Example Asking to Work From Home
Here is an example of a letter and email from an employee asking to work from home. How to write the request and what concerns to address in your note.

Email Example Asking to Work From Home Part-Time
Here is an example of a letter from an employee asking to work from home on a part time basis, plus tips for how to ask your boss if you can work for home..

Alaska Fishing Jobs
Scott Coughlin shares information on Alaska fishing jobs, including how to get to Alaska, the type of jobs available, and life on an Alaskan fishing boat.

Life on a Salmon Purse Seiner
Purse seiners typically have a crew of five, including the captain. Everyone is expected to pitch in whenever and wherever there is work to be done, but certain specialized tasks usually, but not always, fall to crewmembers with prior experience. Page 2.

The Work Day on Seiners
Compared to jobs on crab boats or halibut boats, a workday onboard a salmon seiner is like a walk in the park. Depending on your previous experience however, it may be the most demanding walk you've ever taken. Page 3.

What is Candidate Fit?
What candidate fit is, how to match your skills to company requirements, and how job applicants are evaluated to determine if they are a good fit for a job.

How to Avoid Bad (or Mediocre) Employers
There are companies that you might not want to work for. Here's how to avoid accepting a job at a bad, or even mediocre, employer.

Walt Disney Theme Parks Internships
The Disney Internship program gives you the the chance to choose an airborne elephant, a magic carpet or the control center of a space shuttle hurdling towards Mars, there are many ways to make dreams take flight at the Walt Disney World Resort, especially as an employee (also known as cast member).

Getting the Most Out of Your Disney Internship
For those who are considering at Disney Parks internship or who have already received an invitation to join the cast in the near future, the best word of advice I can give as a former intern is to come prepared to work each and every day. Page 2.

Writing Letters of Appreciation To Team Members
It’s always good practice to recognize the efforts of the members of your team. Here are some examples of letters of appreciation to team members.

Welcome Back From Maternity Leave Letter Example
Sample welcome message to send to an employee who has returned from maternity leave plus ideas to show your support, empathy and ease the transition.

Welcome Back From Sick Leave Letter Example
Sample welcome back letter or email message to send to an employee who has returned from sick leave, plus ideas on how to ease his transition.

Companies With Incredible Employee Perks
Looking for employee perks? Here is a list of fifteen companies that have developed incredible employee perks and unique benefits for their employees.

Employment Verification Letter Example and Tips
Sample employment verification letter confirming a person is employed by a company, with information on what is included and how to request one.

What Are Career Values? (With Examples)
Information on what career values are, how to evaluate career satisfaction, examples of work related values, and how to assess your personal career values.

How to Get Hired by a Top Company
How can you get hired at a top company like Microsoft? Here are some tips from a Microsoft recruiter on how to get hired by a leading employer.

Tips for Getting Hired by Your Dream Company
If you've been dreaming about a position at a specific company, track the organization and job openings, so you'll be prepared when it's time to apply.

How to Get Noticed by Your Dream Company
Wondering about how you can stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips from a Microsoft staffing manager about how to get noticed by your dream company.

Functional Resume Example with Summary
The following is an example of a functional resume, which is a resume that focuses on your skills and experiences. This resume also includes a summary statement.

List of Questions Asked on a Job Application
List of questions asked on a job application and strategies to best formulate your answers.

Equine Jobs at the Race Track
There are a variety of equine jobs available at the race track or working with trainers and horse owners. Here's advice on how to find them.

Informational Interview Questions to Ask
Questions to ask during an informational interview, plus more information on informational interviews and how to follow up.

Information on Jobs and Employment in Iraq
Despite the danger, there is quite a bit of interest in jobs in Iraq. Billions of dollars have been allocated to construction and reconstruction projects throughout Iraq. Iraq job postings are available online and, in many cases, job seekers can apply online for Iraq employment.

How to Find an Internship
An internship is a great way for students, college grads, and career changers to explore new career opportunities. Here are tips for finding an internship.

The Biggest Job Interview Mistakes
There are some things that you shouldn't do on an interview. Here's a collection of the top mistakes that can happen during a job interview.

Types of Job and Employment Related Interviews
There are a variety of types of interviews that employers conduct, including behavioral interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews, and more.

How to Use Nonverbal Communication at an Interview
Nonverbal communication is as important as verbal communication, especially when interviewing for a job. Here's how to use nonverbal communication to impress.

Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview
Job video interview tips and suggestions, including advice how to successful interview for employment via video.

What to Do After an Interview
After an interview, it's important to assess your interaction, follow up, connect online and notify your references.

Summer Job Interview Questions and Tips
Review the questions you will be asked during a summer job interview, plus tips on the best way to answer summer job interview questions.

How to Handle Illegal or Inappropriate Interview Questions
How to answer inappropriate or illegal interview questions, including what employers shouldn't ask. Learn the best way to respond if you are asked.

How to Follow Up On the Status of a Job Application
Advice and suggestions on how to follow up on the status of a job application, including when and how to follow up, who to contact and when to stop outreach.

Best Answers for Open-Ended Interview Questions
Open-ended interview questions are questions with no right or wrong answers. Here are open-ended interview questions you may be asked, plus sample answers.

Case Interview Questions and Advice
Here's information on case interviews, what they are, which companies use them, how to prepare and practice, and how to answer case interview questions.

What is the STAR Interview Response Technique?
Information on the STAR interview response technique and how it can be used to prepare for job interviews.

Applying For a Job at a Hiring Kiosk
Hiring kiosks let applicants fill out applications or take a test on site, giving management immediate access to their resume and qualifications.

What is a Video Job Interview?
What is a video job interview, including how video interviewing works, what you need to participate, and how you can interview successfully via video.

What to Do If You Are Laid Off From Work
What should you do and how to survive it if you receive notification of a layoff? Being laid off isn't the end of the world.

Situational Interviews (How to Answer and Questions)
During a situational interview a candidate is asked specific questions about what may happen on a job. Here's information and sample questions.

What is an Open Job Interview?
What is an open job interview, how the interview process works, how to prepare, what to bring, and tips for participating in open job interviews.

Nailing a Final Job Interview to Close the Deal
A final interview is the last interview you will have before finding out whether you will get the job. Here are strategies for preparation.

What is an Experience Job Interview?
What is an experience job interview, how to prepare, typical questions asked during an experience interview, and tips for how to best respond.

Reapplying for a Job After a Merger or Restructuring
When companies merge or restructure, they may require employees to reapply for employment. Here's how to reapply for your job or apply for a new job with your company.

What To Do if Your Boss Catches You Job Searching
Your boss just discovered that you're interviewing for a new job. Now what? Here's what to do when the boss catches you job searching.

Confidential Job Searching Tips
When you don't want your current employer to find out that you are job hunting, there are steps you can take to keep your job search is confidential. Here's how.

Job Search From Work Do's and Don'ts
Job searching from work isn't a good idea. It could even get your fired. However there are ways you can get hired without jeopardizing your current position.

What You Post Online Can Get You Fired
Posting company business, posting that you hate your employer, posting inappropriate information on Facebook, tweeting that you have a job offer while still employed, are just a few examples.

How to Keep Politics Out of Your Job Search
Even though it's hard not to have a political opinion, keep it to yourself when job searching. Here's how to be discreet and keep politics out of the process.

Job Search Tips for Introverts
Job search advice for introverts, including how to navigate the job application process and tips on how to identify jobs that are introvert-friendly.

Follow Up Letter and Email Samples
Sample follow up letters and email messages to send after an interview, and to follow up on a resume or a job application you have submitted with writing tips.

Resume Follow-Up Email Example
Sample letter to follow-up after sending a resume when you haven't received a response, with tips for how to follow up and more letter and email examples.

Sample Job Search and Employment Letters
Examples of correspondence for a variety of employment-related scenarios, including job search, recommendation requests and thank you notes.

Sample Letters Withdrawing Job Application
Sample letters of withdrawal from consideration for a job, tips for what to include, and how to format letters withdrawing an application for employment.

Job Search Tools, Widgets and Gadgets
There are widgets, gadgets, and tools that will help expedite your job search. Here's are tools for your desktop, browser, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Tips for Answering Job Interview Questions
Advice on the best way to answer interview questions, how to match your skills to the job, and how to share examples of your accomplishments with the interviewer.

How Much Time to Spend on a Job Search
How much time should you spend on a job search? Here's advice on how much time to spend and how to get the most out of your job search activities.

Top 11 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays
The holiday season can be a good one for lining up a new job. Here are 11 reasons not to take a break and to keep your job search going during the holidays.

Tips for Staying Positive While Job Searching
It is easy to become frustrated or disheartened during a job search, especially if it's taking a while. Here are tips for staying positive while you're job searching.

5 Reasons Job Hunting Is Like Dating
Top 5 reasons job searching is like dating, and tips for how to use what happens when you're dating to handle rejection and get hired for your dream job.

Negative Recommendation Letter
Here is a sample negative recommendation letter.

Sample Reference Request Letter
Sample letter asking for a reference.

Graduate School Reference Letter Sample from a Manager
Reference letter sample from a manager for graduate school, plus more academic recommendation letters and tips for writing references for graduate school.

How to Get a Job as a Nanny
Interested in working as a nanny? Here's information on nanny job qualifications, salary information, nanny job listings, and interview questions.

How to Create and Upload an Online Resume
Here's advice on creating online resumes, storing and posting your resume online, using free online resume sites, and using an online resume to apply for jobs.

Basic Rules for Applying for a Part-Time Job
Applying for a part-time job is a little different than applying for a full-time professional position. Here is how to apply for a part-time job.

Store Your Resume Online With Google Docs
Google Docs is a good (and free) choice for storing your resume and cover letters online. Here's how to save and share your resume online with Google Docs.

Professional Resume Templates From Google Docs
Google Docs offers professionally designed (and free!) resume and cover letter templates for job seekers to get started on their job search.

How Many Hours Is a Part-Time Job?
What's the difference between part-time and full-time jobs? Find out how part-time jobs and full-time jobs are classified.

Will a Creative Resume Help You Get Hired?
Information on creative resumes, including when you need one, how to design and build one, and free websites you can use to make your own creative resume.

How to Compare Employer Benefits Packages
Tips and advice for evaluating employer benefit plans when you are evaluating job offers, including types of employee benefits and how to compare benefits.

Sample Reference Letter for Graduate School
Sample reference letter for graduate school, plus tips for writing recommendation letters and more examples of academic reference letters.

The Grey Ceiling: How Old is Too Old?
How can you handle age discrimination when job searching? Here's information on the gray ceiling and how to handle discrimination issues.

The Gray Ceiling: Strategies for Handling Age Discrimination
How can you handle age discrimination when job searching? Here's information on the gray ceiling and how to handle discrimination issues. Page 2.

Resume Posting Services
Resume posting services, including when and how to post your resume online. Free resume posting services, fee-based resume posting, and how to determine which option is best for you.

Job Search Tax Deduction Tips
If you've been looking for a job in the same line of work you're currently in, many of your expenses like phone calls, the costs of preparing and copying your resume, and career counseling are tax deductible.

Retirement Congratulations Letter Example
Sample congratulations letter and email message to send to a colleague or friend who is retiring, with tips for what to include and more letter examples.

Fashion Tips for Older Job Seekers
Fashion tips for older job seekers including how to update your image, hairstyle and hair color tips, and the best shoes, handbags and interview attire.

How to Handle a 401k When You Change Jobs
Changing jobs? Here are tips for how to handle your 401k including rolling over a 401k from an old job, setting up one at a new employer, and how much to save.

How to Post a Resume on Indeed
How to post a resume on Indeed, how to upload and create an online resume, editing your resume, adjusting privacy settings, and how to delete your Indeed resume.

Tips for Finding a Job With a Good Retirement Plan
What makes one retirement plan better than another? Here are some guidelines to help you compare retirement plans when you're considering job offers.

Health Insurance Options When You Lose a Job
What health insurance options are available when you lose your job? Here is what you need to know about COBRA vs. Marketplace insurance when you lose a job.

Do You Get Paid Enough Money?
Do you make enough money? Here's how you can tell whether you are earning what you are worth or if you should be making more and getting a bigger paycheck.

How to Set a Salary Range for a Job
How to determine a salary range for jobs that meets the expectations of employers and considers your skills, experience and paycheck potential.

What Happens to Your 401k When You Leave a Job?
What happens to your 401k plan when you leave your job? Here are four options to consider when deciding what to do with your 401k plan when you change jobs.

How to Find Freelance Jobs
Looking for freelance work? Here's how to find the best freelance jobs for your skills, needs, and experience.

How to Apply for a Job When the Salary Range is Low
Tips and advice for applying for a job with a low listed salary range, including how much flexibility there may be, and how and when to mention salary.

How to Avoid Entry Level Marketing Job Scams
There are many job scams that focus on entry level job seekers. Here are some warning signs to look out for when searching for entry level jobs.

Salary History Template for Employers
A salary history template to create your salary history for potential employers. Here's what to provide when asked for your past salary history.

Checklist to Evaluate a Job Offer
This job offer checklist will help you evaluate a job offer's salary, benefits, workplace and more to ensure you're making the right choice.

Providing Salary History to Employers
Many job postings ask you to include your salary history when you are applying for the position. Here's how to provide salary history and a template to use.

Advice on How to Find a Seasonal Job
Seasonal employment includes positions that are available for part of the year. Here's information on seasonal jobs, where to find jobs, and get hired.

How to Apply for Jobs in the UK
When you apply for a UK job, always check the job advert for the correct way to apply. The usual two ways are with a completed application form (which you'll need to request from the company) or with a CV, and applications are still often posted, not emailed.

Tips for Creating a Video Resume
How to create a professional video resume, tips for preparing a polished and professional video, where to upload it, and how to promote your video resume.

Tips for Acing an Interview for a Temporary Job
Even though you're interviewing to be a temp, it's important to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Here's how to ace a temp job interview.

Temporary to Permanent Jobs
Information on temp to perm jobs, including advice on how to land a temp job that could turn into a permanent job, and how to turn temp into perm.

College Job Search Guide
Guide to job searching for college students and graduates, including college job search tips and advice for finding summer jobs, internships and full-time entry level jobs.

How to Ask for More Money
Tips and suggestions for how to ask for more money at your current job.

How to Make A Temp-to-Hire Job Permanent
Many employers offer temp-to-hire positions, rather than permanent jobs. Here are tips to help ensure you get a job offer after the temporary work period is up.

What Happens to My Pension When I Leave a Job?
What happens to your pension when you leave your job? Here are options for how to handle a defined benefit pension if you leave before retirement.

How Do I Find Available Jobs in My Area?
To find a job close to home, utilize a multifaceted approach by researching job search sites, career fairs, alumni associations and more. Here's how.

Are Paid Surveys Legitimate or Scams?
Are paid surveys legitimate or are they scams? Here's what you need to know about getting paid for doing surveys online.

Worker Compensation, Disability Insurance and Benefits
Are you unable to work because of an injury or illness? If so, you may be eligible to receive workers' compensation or disability benefits.

Best Work From Home Jobs and Companies
Discover the best jobs to work from home, the top companies that hire for online jobs, plus advice on how to find real work from home job listings.

How to Find Real Work at Home Jobs
How to find work from home jobs, including companies that hire employees to remotely, work from home job listings and advice, and how to avoid scams.

How to Find Real Work at Home Jobs - Part 2
Finding a true work from home job is harder than finding a traditional job. Despite all the online advertising you see, there aren't many options. Page 2.

How to Find Real Work at Home Jobs - Part 3
There are more work from home job scams than there are real work from job listings, so, job seekers need to be careful when searching for employment. Page 3.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant
A Virtual Assistant provides online administrative, secretarial and clerical support for clients. Here's how to become a virtual assistant and job listings.

How to Write a Reference Letter
How to write a reference letter, tips for what to write and what to include in your letter, plus reference letter samples and examples.

Talent Assessments and How Companies Use Them
Talent assessments are used to help an employer identify candidates to interview. Here's how they work, companies that use them, and sample questions.

Good Jobs With High Projected Growth and Openings
Review a list of

Cracker Barrel Career and Employment Information
Cracker Barrel employment information including job openings, training programs, internships and information on how to apply for jobs at Cracker Barrel.

Nordstrom Career and Employment Information
Nordstrom employment information, including job and internship openings and how to apply, is available online. Here's information on Nordstrom careers.

Whole Foods Career and Employment Information
Whole Foods Market employment information, including career paths, benefits, and how to apply, is available online. Here's information on Whole Foods jobs.

How to Conduct a Long Distance Job Search
Job searching long distance can be a challenging task. Here are tips and suggestions conducting a long distance job search.

How to Take Vacation When You're a Freelancer
Tips for taking a vacation for a freelancer including how to plan ahead, figure your budget, communicate with your clients and enjoy your time off.

Employment and Career Info for Best Buy
Review Best Buy employment information including job openings, the employment application, company locations, benefits, and how to apply online.

How to Apply for a Job at Boston Market
Review Boston Market employment application information, career information, typical career paths, job listings and how to apply online.

Coprorate Careers at Burger King
Burger King offers rewarding careers far beyond managing a restaurant franchise.

Coca Cola Career and Employment Information
Coca Cola employment information including job listings, employment application information, and how to apply online.

Comcast Jobs and Employment Information
Comcast employment information including job openings, employment application information, locations, and how to apply online.

FedEx Job and Career Information
Federal Express (FedEx) employment information including job openings, employment application information, company locations, and how to apply online.

Gap Career and Employment Information
Gap employment information including store job openings, Gap job application information, career opportunities, and how to apply for jobs at The Gap.

Facebook Career and Employment Information
Facebook jobs including how to search and apply for jobs, application and interview tips, company benefits, and information on the Facebook hiring process.

Microsoft Career and Employment Information
Review information on Microsoft employment, including how to find jobs, tips for interviewing and getting hired, and more information on Microsoft careers.

Yahoo Jobs and Employment Information
Yahoo! Inc. Is a world leader in online media. Review information on Yahoo jobs, job applications, and interview tips.

Amazon Jobs and Employment Information
Information on getting hired at Amazon, including job search tips, interview advice, career information, employee benefits and more advice on Amazon jobs.

Charles Schwab Career and Employment Information
Information on careers with Charles Schwab, including college graduate training programs, career fairs and events, job listings, and tips for getting hired.

Marriott Career and Employment Information
Marriott job listings, and career and employment information including how to search for and apply for jobs, internships and management training programs.

ExxonMobil Career and Employment Information
ExxonMobil career and employment information including an overview of careers, job listings, career paths, campus recruiting, and how to apply for jobs online.

Home Depot Career and Employment Information
Home Depot employment information including job openings, Home Depot employment application information, company locations, and how to apply online.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Jobs
Information on employment opportunities with the IRS including full-time and seasonal jobs, with tips for how to search for jobs and how to apply.

Kmart Job and Career Information
Kmart employment information including store job openings, Kmart job applications, career information, and how to apply online.

Kroger Job and Employment Information
The Kroger Co. is one of the nation's largest retailers.. Review here for Kroger employment information including job openings and how to apply.

Lowes Career and Employment Information
Lowes employment information, including job opportunities, college recruitment and internships, and benefits are available on the Lowes website.

Get a Job and Find a Career at Marshalls
If you pursue a career at Marshalls, you benefit from working for the multinational corporation TJX Companies, with many opportunities for growth.

What You Need to Know About a Career at McDonald's
If you're interested in applying for a job at McDonald's, here's what you need to know about starting a career at the fast food chain.

Tips for Applying for a Job at Target
Information on jobs at Target including store job openings, Target employment application information, career information and how to apply online.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Jobs
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employment opportunities including full-time and part-time TSA jobs and where and how to apply.

UPS Jobs and Employment Information
UPS employment information including job openings, employment application information, company locations, and how to apply online.

Verizon Career and Employment Information
Verizon career and employment information including jobs, employment application information, company locations, and how to apply for jobs with Verizon. Review targets college students and recent graduates. The site provides entry-level job listings and job advice.

US Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides information for prospective and current US federal government employees and retirees.

How to Get a Job at the Post Office
Interested in working for the US Postal Service? Here's how to find and apply for jobs with the Post Office including career information, salary and benefits.

H&R Block Career and Employment Information
H&R Block career and employment information, including full-time, part-time, tax season and corporate positions, jobs and qualifications, and job listings.

Career Path Definition (With Examples)
Information on what is included in a career path, different types of career paths, and examples of career paths for different types of jobs and industries.

How to Be a Compelling Candidate
How to be a compelling candidate. Advice on how to stand out in the crowd of job seekers, especially when you're not hearing from employers.

Best Career Information from the BLS
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) runs annual surveys on jobs and compensation, providing the job seeker with valuable information about careers.

How to Decline a Job Offer With Letter Examples
How to formally decline a job offer by sending a job rejection letter, plus tips on what to write and include, and examples of letters declining a job offer.

Should You Follow Up After Submitting a Resume?
Here are the pros and cons of following up after you submit a resume, and how to follow up after sending your resume.

CareerJet Job Search Engine Review
Learn about Careerjet, a job search aggregator that lists 10 million jobs in 90 countries as well as other job search engines like Indeed and LinkUp.

Choosing an Employment Agency or Headhunter
How to select a search firm or Philadelphia headhunter when job hunting, and when it makes sense to use a headhunter for help with your job search.

Types of Employment Agencies
Types of employment agencies including search and executive search firms, contingency agencies, and retained search firms. Here's information on each. Website and Product Review is one of the top part-time and hourly job sites. Here's why and here are suggestions on how to best utilize in your job search. Federal Government Jobs is the official source for Federal job listings, job applications, and employment information. Here's how to use it to find government jobs. Free Salary Calculators and Tools offers free salary calculators and tools for job seekers, employees, and employers including salary, cost-of-living, benefits and more free tools.

How to Find a Career Mentor
A career mentor is someone who voluntarily provides career advice and assistance. The relationship with your mentor is ongoing and can guide you.

Tips for Finding a Recruiter for Job Seekers
Tips and advice on finding a recruiter, relationships with recruiters, and how to make the best impression when working with a recruiter.

Top Tips for Finding a Recruiter
Recruiters work to find qualified candidates for employers and, if you're job searching, a connection with one can help you find jobs and interviews.

Tips for Using to Job Search
Tips and advice for using to job search including how to find job listings fast, post a resume, research salaries, and get the most out of Indeed. Job Search Site Review
Simply is a job search engine that takes the hassle out of getting hired. Use Simply Hired to quickly and easily search for job listings.

How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume
Here's how to follow up after sending a resume to an employer, with tips and examples for following up by email and paper mail, and what to say if you call.

Where to Find Jobs for 14 Year Olds
What kind of jobs can you do when you're 14 or 15 years old? There are limitations to the kind of jobs you can work at, and also limits to the hours you can work.

What is a Summary of Qualifications?
A summary of qualifications is a resume section that lists achievements, skills and experience. Here's how to include a summary on a resume, with examples.

Summer Youth Employment Programs
Information on Summer Youth Employment Programs, including sample programs, eligibility, how to apply, and tips for finding a program in your area.

How to Tell if a Job Email is a Scam
How can you tell if an email message regarding a job is a scam? Here's advice on how to tell if an email message about a job is scam, with an example.

How to Avoid Job Applicant Credit Report Scams
Job applicant credit report scams occurs when an

Money Job Scams
Money laundering scams are some of the most common online job scams. Here's how money laundry scams work and what you can do to avoid them.

How to Avoid Nanny Scams
Information on typical nanny scams, nanny scam warning signs, how to avoid scams, and how to report it if you have been scammed.

Fake Recruiter Scams and How to Avoid Them
This job scam involves a phone call from a fake recruiter who has obtained a copy of your resume and says they have a job for you to apply to.

Craigslist Writer / Research Assistant Scams
Information on Craigslist freelance writer, product review and research assistant scams, how to tell if a listing is a scam, and how to avoid them.

Top 10 Job Scam Warning Signs
Review information on the top 10 internet job scams, including warning signs, real examples of online job scams, and tips for avoiding them.

How to Add a Branding Statement to Your Resume
How to write a resume branding statement, when to use one, what to include, where to put it, and examples of resumes with branding statements.

Companies That Hire High School Students
List of places that hire at 16, companies that hire high school students, minimum age requirements, working paper information, and where to find jobs.

Job Application Letter Template
Application letter template to use for applying for a job, what to include in your letter, and how to modify to email a letter of application.

Retail Job Application Form Sample
See a sample job application form for a retail store. Check it for the information you are likely requested to provide so you are ready to fill it in.

Should You Pay For Job Listings?
Should you pay for job listings? It doesn't make sense to use fee-based job sites when you can find job listings free online?

Teen Interview Question: Why Are You Looking for a Job?
How should a teen answer the employment interview question of,

How Teens Should Answer "Why Do You Want to Work Here?"
Tips for responding and examples of the best answers for teen job seekers for the interview question: Why are you interested in working for our company?

Teen Interview Questions About Handling Problems
Interview answers for teen job seekers for the interview question: Tell me about a major problem you recently handled. How did you resolve it?

Working Papers (Employment / Age Certificates)
In some states, if you're under eighteen, you may need to obtain working papers (Employment / Age Certificates) in order to legally work. Here's how to get them.

Hours Teens Are Legally Allowed to Work
Guidelines for hours that teens can legally work for ages 14 - 18, employment restrictions and exceptions listed by age, and how much teens should be paid.

How to Find a Legitimate Work at Home Job
Interested in finding a legitimate work from home job that's not a scam? Here are the top legitimate jobs you can work from home and how to find them.

Information for No-Fee Work-at-Home Jobs
Information on no fee work at home jobs, how to determine if a fee or investment based job is a scam, and how to find legitimate options for free.

Teen Job Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You?
Interview answers for teen job seekers for the interview question: Why Should We Hire You?

Answering Questions About Teamwork
Interview answers for teen job seekers for the question: How would you describe yourself in terms of your ability to work as a member of a team?

What to Expect During a Job Interview
A step-by-step description of what job interviews are like, how the interview process works and what you can expect during a job interview.

Translator Interview Questions
Overview of translation work and a list of frequently asked interview questions for translators.

What You Might be Asked During a Housekeeping Interview
Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for housekeeping jobs, from why have you chosen housekeeping to what do you dislike about housekeeping?

How to Find a Back to School Job
Tips and advice for finding a back to school job, include the types of jobs that are available, how to apply and how to get hired for a back to school job.

Delivery Job Interview Questions
Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for delivery jobs, plus more interview questions, best answers and tips for acing an interview.

Air Traffic Controller Interview Questions
Review a list of frequently asked interview questions for air traffic controllers, tips for responding, and more interview questions and best answers.

How to Ace a Bartender Job Interview
Want to ace your interview for a bartender job? Then, consult this list of frequently asked interview questions to get an edge over the competition.

Job Interview Questions for Cafe Workers and Baristas
If you're seeking work as a barista or a cafe worker, ace your interview by prepping with this list of frequently asked job interview questions.

Top Job Interview Questions for Home Health Aides
If you want to work as a home health aide, land a job by acquainting yourself with this list of frequently asked interview questions for aides.

Common Interview Questions for Executive Level Jobs
Common questions that are asked during a job interview for an executive level position, how to prepare, and how to handle an interview for an executive job.

Management Trainee Interview Questions
Typical questions that are asked during a job interview for a management trainee position and suggested ways to answer them appropriately