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Resume and Cover Letter Writing Guide
Step-by-step guide to writing interview winning resumes and cover letters, including writing tips and techniques, and sample resumes and cover letters.

High School Resume Template
Resume template for a high school student with information on what to include in each section. Use this template to get started writing your own resume.

How to Write a Custom Resume
Tips for writing a custom resume that specifically highlights the experience you have that is relevant to the job you are applying.

Chronological Resume Definition, Format and Examples
What is a chronological resume, tips on when to use one, how to write and format a chronological resume, examples, and the other types of resumes for jobs.

How Many Years of Experience to List on a Resume
You don't need to list your entire work history on your resume. Here's what to include, which years of experience and what dates to include on your resume.

How Many Pages Should a Resume Be?
How long should your resume be? The answer is that the length of your resume depends. Here are tips for deciding how many pages your resume should be.

Guidelines for What to Include in a Resume
Resume guidelines: what to include in a resume, fonts, margins, resume format, the sections of a resume, plus resume examples and templates.

How to Include Bullet Points in a Resume
How and when to use bulleted lists in a resume to explain your duties and achievements, examples of bullet points in resumes, and tips for writing them.

Settings for Resume Margins
Resume margin guidelines, including standard resume margins, text alignment, and how to reduce margins if you need extra space.

Can I Leave a Job Off My Resume?
When you can leave a job off your resume, when to include short-term, temporary, contract or older jobs, and how to list on a resume if you include them.

Internship Resignation Letter Sample
Resignation letter sample to use when you are leaving an internship.

Independent Contractor Resignation Letter Example
Independent contractor resignation letter example you can send via mail, as an email attachment, or in an email message.

Heartfelt Resignation Letter Example
This resignation letter example includes thanks and appreciation for the opportunities provided by the employer.

Letter of Resignation Example With 24 Hours Notice
Resignation letter stating that you are resigning with 24 hours notice, plus tips on how to write a resignation letter and more examples.

Letter of Intent to Resign for Your Employer
Letter of intent to resign example to use to let your employer know you are resigning. It can either be a formal typed letter or sent via email.

Professional Resignation Letter Example
Professional resignation letter sample to use to give notice when resigning from employment, plus more resignation letter examples and writing tips.

Employee Resignation Letter Example With Advance Notice
This employee resignation letter provides advance notice to the company that you are resigning. Here's how to format and compose a resignation letter.

What You Should Write When Resigning from a Nursing Job
If you are resigning from a nursing job, you may want to review this example of a nursing resignation letter, with additional resignation advice.

Appreciative and Sincere Resignation Letter Example
Example of resignation letter expressing sincere appreciation, thanks and gratitude to a manager and the company.

Example Resignation Letter Due to a Schedule Conflict
Resignation letter example to use to notify your employer that you are leaving a job because of a scheduling conflict with another job.

Cover Letter Tips for College Students
Top 10 cover letter writing tips for college students and graduates.

Tips for Attending a College Job Fair
Tips and advice for attending a college job fair, including how to prepare, what to wear, how to introduce yourself to employers, and how to follow up after the event.

How to Get a Job as an Accountant
Advice on how to get a job as an accountant, including job requirements, job listings, applying, interviewing and following up with employers.

Sample Recommendation Letters for College
Recommendation letter samples for college, one from a teacher and one from an employer. Also included are tips for writing a recommendation letter.

Reference Request Email Message Example
Email message example requesting a reference, what to include and how to format the email, and general tips and advice on asking for a reference for a job.

Character Reference Letter Example and Writing Tips
Example of a character reference or personal letter of reference, as well as tips for requesting and writing reference letters.

Recommendation Letter Sample for Business School
Recommendation letter sample for business school.

Reference Letter Sample for an Employee
Review an example of a reference letter written for a former employee, with more reference letter examples and tips for writing and requesting references.

Reference Letter Format
Format to use when writing a reference letter for a job or academic application, what to include in your letter, and examples of formatted reference letters.

Reference Letter Template
Template to use to write a reference letter for employment or academics, with tips for what to include and how to write a reference letter.

Sample Reference Letter for a Teacher
Sample reference letter for a teacher, with more reference letter examples, and tips for asking for and writing references for employment.

Sample Reference Letter for a Foster Parent Position
Sample personal reference for a foster parent position.

Personal Recommendation Letter Examples
Here are examples of character and personal recommendation letters for a variety of circumstances, plus tips for requesting and writing references.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Victoria's Secret
Here's what to wear to a Victoria's Secret job interview, plus tips and advice for interviewing for Victoria's Secrets jobs.

Letters of Recommendation and References
Information on different types of recommendations, advice on requesting references, example letters, and more.

How and When to Say Thank You When You're Job Searching
Advice on how and when to say thank you for job seekers, who to thank, what to include, and the best way to send thank you email messages, with examples.

What You Should Know About Job References
Here's what you should know about job references, who and how to ask for a reference, types of job references, and examples of reference letters and lists.

How to Handle a Second Job Interview
Here's how to handle a second interview including tips and advice, questions and answers, questions to ask, and how to follow up after a second interview.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Human Resources Manager
Human resources managers oversee the administration functions of a company, including the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of employees. They oversee the work of recruiters and other human resources employees. Human resources managers often serve as a link between the management and employees of a company.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Public Relations and Fundraising Manager
Public relations and fundraising managers plan and oversee programs that ensure a favorable public image for their employer or client. Their work may involve developing public relations programs and media releases, and developing fundraising events and strategies.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Sales Manager
Sales managers direct their organization’s sales department or team. They set sales goals and implement training programs and work strategies to improve employees’ sales records.

Top Ten Unexpectedly High-Paying Jobs - Art Director
Art directors develop and design visual communication methods and strategies for various companies. Art directors are often involved in the conception of graphic design and layouts for a company's website, advertising campaign and overarching multimedia marketing strategies.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Marketing Manager
Marketing managers plan and oversee programs to generate interest in a service or product. A marketing manager identifies markets for its company’s products, and develops strategies to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Computer and Information Systems Manager
Computer and Information Systems Managers (also known as Information Technology Managers) plan, coordinate, and oversee technology-related activities within an organization.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Financial Manager
Financial managers oversee the financial health of an organization. They help devise long-term financial goals for their organization, and implement these plans through investment activities, financial reports, and analysis of market trends. They typically work closely with other managers to make financial decisions for the company.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - General and Operations Manager
General and operations managers direct a variety of different operations. Their duties may include managing the daily operations of a company, formulating policies, or developing and overseeing specific projects.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Chief Executive
Chief executives plan, coordinate, and oversee operational activities of companies. They work to ensure that their companies meet their goals. Chief executives work in a variety of public and private-sector industries.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Natural Sciences Manager
Natural sciences managers plan and supervise the work of other scientists. Depending on their field, they may work with biologists, chemists, or physicists in a variety of fields.

The Highest Paying Management Jobs
If you are a leader who enjoys making the tough decisions, you might be well suited for a management role. Here are the highest paying management jobs.

Top Ten Highest Paying Management Jobs - Architectural and Engineering Manager
If you are a leader who enjoys overseeing large projects and making the tough decisions, you might be well suited for a management role. Here are the top ten highest paying management jobs.

Resume Examples Listed by Occupation / Industry
Resume examples listed by occupation, industry and career level, including resume samples for many different types of jobs, and resume writing tips and advice.

Writing Tips To Create Or Update Your Resume
Top 10 resume writing tips including choosing a resume format, customizing your resume, using resume keywords and more tips for writing winning resumes.

Personal Reference Letter Samples and Writing Tips
Sample personal reference letters, guidelines for what to include in your letter, writing tips, and when personal references are required and used.

Reference Letter Samples From a Previous Employer
Reference letter samples from a previous employer, with tips for what to include and how to write an effective reference letter for employment.

How to Provide References With a Job Application
Employers may ask for a list of references with a job application. Here's who to use and how to provide a reference list to a company when you apply.

Reference Check Form Example
Review a sample reference check form to get an idea of what your previous employers may be asked when they are called regarding a reference check.

Who to Ask for a Job Reference
Who to ask for a reference for employment, including professional vs. personal references, how many to ask for, and how to provide them to employers.

How to Handle Bad References From Employers
How to handle bad references from employers, including how to check what employers will say, and tips for negotiating a better reference.

How to Ask for a Reference for Employment
Information on who and how to ask for a reference for employment, plus sample reference request letters and email messages to use to request a reference.

13 Tips for Choosing the Best Job References
Getting a great reference can help you get hired. Review tips for selecting the best references, who and how to ask, and how to know what they will say.

How to Use the Holiday Season to Job Search
Are you about to start a job search or are you in the midst of looking for a new job? Contrary to popular opinion, this is a good time of year to find a job.

How to Format a List of Professional References
How to format a list of professional references for employment or business purposes, with tips for what to include and an example of a professional reference list.

Email Reference Request Examples
Sample reference request emails to use to ask an academic advisor or a professor for a reference, with tips for what to include in your message.

Sample Letters & Emails to Ask for a Reference
These reference request samples, both written and email, include the best ways to phrase your request and request permission to use someone as a reference.

Email Reference Thank You Letter Sample
Sample email message saying thank you for a reference, tips for what to include, and when to send an email thank you to a reference provider.

How to Get Hired After You Have Been Fired
How to get hired after you have been fired, including job search tips, getting references, career networking advice, and how to answer interview questions.

Resume and Cover Letter Guide - Table of Contents
Step-by-step guide to writing resumes and cover letters for employment, including samples and writing tips and advice.

How to Use Mock Interviews to Practice Interviewing
What is a mock interview, types of mock interviews, how to set one up, examples of mock interview questions, and how to prepare and participate.

Tips for Answering Job Specific Interview Questions
Tips for how to respond to job specific interview questions, how to convince the hiring manager that you have the right skills and sample questions and answers.

How to Find a Part Time Job
Looking for a part time job? You're not alone. Discover the best online job boards for job opportunities and resources to help you find a part time job.

What Is Back Pay? How to Collect Money Money Owed
Back pay is the difference between what an employee was paid and the amount he should have been paid. Here's information on how to collect back pay.

What is an Hourly Employee?
Information on which employees are considering hourly, pay and overtime requirements for hourly workers, legal guidelines, and hourly pay calculators.

What is Included on a Pay Stub?
A pay stub, also known as a paycheck slip, is the document that itemizes what employees are paid. Here's what included on pay stubs and how to get copies.

What Is Holiday Pay and When Employees Get It
Information on holiday pay, including when employees are paid for holiday time-off, when employers don't have to pay, and which days are legal holidays.

Do You Get Paid for Being On Call?
Do you get paid for being on call? Here's information on when employees will get pay for being on call and when the time is not compensated.

Career and Personality Tests to Find the Right Job
Career and personality tests that measure your aptitude, inventory your skills, match you with jobs, and assess your ability to succeed in a job or career.

Types of Letters With Samples
Letter and email message examples including appreciation letters, job application letters, employee letters, reference letters, thank you letters, and more.

Business Letter Examples (Samples and Writing Tips)
List of business letter and email message examples for a variety of business related correspondence, and tips for writing effective professional letters.

Professional Letter Examples
Examples of professional letters and email messages including letters for business, employment, hiring, references, and other professional matters.

How to Evaluate Offers for Your First Job After College
How to evaluate your first job offers, including questions to ask employers, how to determine if a job is a good fit, and how to decide if the pay is enough.

When To Turn Down a Job Offer
When is it a good idea to turn down a job offer? Here's information on reasons to decline a job offer, as well as advice on when to say you're not interested.

Sample Apology Letter for Being Late
Here is an example of an apology letter for being late for a meeting at work, plus tips on how to apology and compose your letter effectively.

Online Job Search Tips and Tools
Best online job search tips, tools and strategies, including all the best resources to expedite and manage your search for job listings online.

Why Did You Choose Nursing as a Career?
Tips for answering and examples of the best answers to the nurse interview question

Nurse Job Interview Questions About Patients' Families
Nursing skills to highlight during an interview, plus sample questions about communicating with family members on numerous sensitive topics.

Nurse Interview Questions About Patient Complaints
Core skills for nurses related to handling complaints and typical interview questions about dealing with difficult patients and their issues.

How to Answer Nurse Job Interview Questions About Training
Review sample answers for the nursing job interview question: How has your training prepared you for the challenges you will face in this position?

Nursing Interviews: Why Do You Want to Work Here?
You know you want to work as a nurse at this facility, you just need to convince the interviewer. We show you how.

Nurse Job Interview Questions About Stress
Techniques for nurses to handle interview questions about handling stress on the job along with sample answers about problem solving and prioritizing.

Nurse Interview Questions and Tips
Here are questions that are asked during a nurse job interview, sample answers and advice for acing a nursing job interview.

Nurse Job Interview Questions About Rude Doctors
Review sample answers to the nurse interview question

Interview Question: Why Do You Find Nursing Rewarding?
Review sample answers to the nurse interview question

Tips for Using a Non-Traditional Resume
When does it make sense to create a non-traditional resume - and when doesn't it? Here's advice on when it can help your job search to create a non-traditional resume and when it's better to stick with a traditional resumes.

How to Find Contacts at a Company
When you're job searching, who you know is as important as your qualifications. Your connections can provide you with inside information on the hiring process and what it's like to work at a company, give you a recommendation, possibly get your resume a close look, and help you secure an interview. Here's how to find contacts at companies who can help.

Best Cover Letters: A - Z List of Examples
A - Z list of the best cover letter examples for a variety of types of jobs, and type of letter, to use to get ideas for your own job search correspondence.

30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 18: Join a Professional Association
30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 18 includes information on how joining a professional association can help your job search and your career.

30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 19: Attend a Job Fair
30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 19 includes tips for finding the best job fair for you, and to make the most out of your job fair experience.

Unemployment Claims Questions and Answers
Do you have a problem with your unemployment claim? Do you have difficult navigating the unemployment system to get answers? Here are questions and answers on unemployment claims that will help you collect unemployment benefits and handle glitches in the process.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Shift Work
Sample answers for the interview question about whether you would you be willing to work different shifts, considering your commitments and energy.

Retirement Letter Template and Example
Sample retirement letter template to use to formally inform your employer that you are retiring, with examples.

Academic Recommendation Letters
Academic recommendation letter examples for a variety of circumstances, and advice for writing and what to include in an academic recommendation.

Average Salary Information for US Workers
Information on the average salary for jobs, median salaries, and calculators for determining the average salary for occupations based on location.

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Friend
Sample reference letter for a friend, as well as tips and advice on how to write a personal reference letter.

Reference Letter for Employment Example and Tips
Do you need to write or request a sample reference letter for employment? Here is a sample employment reference letter to review, as well as tips on writing a reference letter.

Sample Character Reference Letter
Sample letter providing a character reference, plus more reference letter examples and advice on how to request and write references.

Reference Letter Samples From a Manager
Reference letter samples for an employee from a manager, with tips and advice for what to include in the letter.

Sample Letter Requesting Permission to Use a Reference
Letter sample requesting permission to use a reference, with tips for how to ask someone if they will be a reference for you.

Retirement Letter Example to Notify Employer
Retirement letter example written to inform your employer about your pending retirement, as well as advice on how to write your letter.

Sample Personal Employment Reference Letters
Sample personal employment reference letters, why it's a good idea to have personal references, who to ask, and when to share with employers.

Email Message Example Requesting a Reference For a Job
Email message example asking a former colleague or manager to provide a reference for a job for you, with tips for what to include.

Job Interview Question: What Will You Miss Most About Your Last Job?
How to answer interview questions about what you will miss most about your past job, plus more interview questions and best answers.

Changing Careers in Midstream
It sometimes take an effort or even a push to get us moving in a new career direction. Here's how to successfully change careers.

Question: What Can You Contribute to The Company?
Tips for answering and the best job interview answers to the question: What can you contribute to this company?

What Do People Most Often Criticize About You?
Top job interview answers to the question,

Job Interview Question: What Are You Passionate About?
Best answers for the job interview question

Tips for Researching Companies Before Job Interviews
Before you go on a job interview, it's important to find out as much as you can about the company. Here's how to research a company.

Why Would You Accept a Job for Less Money?
How to answer the interview question

Do Companies Have to Notify Job Applicants?
Information on when and how companies have to notify applicants who have applied for jobs, whether they are being considered or rejected.

Tell Me About Yourself Job Interview Question
How to respond to the job interview question

Job Interview Question: Why Should I Take a Risk on You?
To handle the interview question,

Job Interview Question: Do You Take Work Home With You?
Top job interview answers to the question: Do you take work home with you?

Job Interview Question: How Would You Describe Yourself?
Tips for answering the question,

Interview Question: How Do You Handle Success?
How to answer interview questions about how you handle success, with examples of the best answers, plus more job interview questions and answers.

How Companies Hire Employees
Information on the steps involved in the hiring process including applying for jobs, interviewing, employment testing, background and reference checks, and job offers.

Sample Email Message Formats for Job Searching
Sample job search email message formats including cover letters, thank you letters, resignation letters, subject lines, signatures and more email examples.

Sample Thank You Notes and Email Messages
It's always important to choose the right words and an appropriate card, if you're sending a written thank you note. Here are thank you note and email samples.

Appreciation Email Samples
Appreciation email message samples to send to an employee who has done a good job, to a colleague, and more appreciation letter and email examples.

Sample Thank You and Appreciation Letter to Boss
Sample appreciation letter to send or email to your boss or manager with tips for what to include, and when and how to say thank you to your supervisor.

Sample Thank You Letters for Help With a Project
Sample thank you letters to thank employees, colleagues and co-workers for help with a project, with tips for what to include and how to write.

Sample Letter of Appreciation
Sample appreciation letter to send to a contact who assisted with your job search or helped with your career.

Job Searching
Job Searching.

Job Searching
Job Searching.

Job Searching
Job Searching.

Job Searching
Job Searching.

Job Searching
Job Searching.

Job Interview Thank You Card Samples
Here are job interview thank you card samples, reference thank you cards, and personalized thank you card samples to use to reiterate your interest and show your appreciation.

Thank You Letter Examples: A - Z
Thank you letter examples for a variety of personal, professional, work, employment, job search, career networking, business, events and more.

Quotes to Use in Appreciation Notes and Letters
Here are a variety of appreciation quotes to use in cards, letters and email messages for business, and personal and professional circumstances.

Types of Thank You Letters to Show Appreciation
Here's information on when to say thank you and who to thank, different types of letters and when to use them, along with sample letters and emails.

Compensation and Salary Information
Compensation information including pay, salary, benefits, negotiating compensation, salary calculators, wage and salary law, and employee compensation.

Wear Your Yoga Pants Straight to Work
Check out Betabrand's selection of Dress Pant Yoga Pants, available in both flare and skinny styles.

Where to Shop
Check out these brands for workout gear you can wear in the workplace.

Look Sleek in Fitted Long Sleeves
Another nice style that goes from the gym ot the office is a sleek long sleeve shirt or fitted sweatshirt.

Try a Tunic Top
Many brands are now making flowy, lightweight, tunic-like tops that function as workout wear but look nice outside of the gym, too.

Dress It Up with Detail
For a more refined workout office look, consider pieces with unique details to add a classy touch.

Workout Clothes You Can Wear to Work
Tips on how to wear your exercise clothes to the workplace, including what you can wear to work and where to buy workout clothes you can wear to the office.

Look Polished in Prints
When you’re shopping for pants that you can rock in your yoga, barre or spin class but will work in a professional setting, too, look for prints.

Throw On a Casual Blazer
An easy way to dress up your exercise outfit is to throw on a casual blazer.

Temp Job Interview Question: What Personality Traits Do You Have?
Answers for the temporary job interview question: What personality traits do you possess that make you suited to temporary work?

Interview Question: How Easily Do You Assimilate into a New Environment?
Answers for the job interview question: How easily do you think you assimilate into a new environment?

How To Answer Interview Questions About Employment Gaps
How to answer interview questions about gaps in your employment history, with tips for how to respond, and examples of the best answers.

Interview Questions About Strengths and Job Performance
Top job interview answers to the question,

Job Interview Questions About Your Abilities
Job interview answers to questions about your abilities including the interviewer's intent. Use these to shape your own responses.

How Do You Handle Stressful Situations?
Examples of the best job interview answers to the question,

Good Examples of Teamwork for Job Interviews
How to answer interview questions about teamwork, best strategies for answering, and good examples of teamwork to use when you respond.

Resources for Free Career Aptitude Tests
Career aptitude tests are an excellent way to explore job and career options. Here are some tests that can help you decide what job is right for you.

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Email Message
Use this resignation letter email message example, and tailor it to fit your own circumstances, when you are providing your employer with two weeks notice.

Is There Anything Else We Should Know About You?
How to answer interview questions about whether there is anything else the interviewer should know about you, with examples of the best responses.

Answering Career Plan Interview Questions
Examples of the best job interview answers to the question

Top 11 Jobs for Pre-Law / Legal Studies Majors
The top 11 jobs for pre-law / legal studies majors, the skills required to get them, and the earnings potential for each career option.

Top 10 Jobs for Sociology Majors
The top jobs for sociology majors,including required skills, job descriptions, salary information job options listed by major, and job search tips.

Formal Leave of Absence Letter Request Example
Formal leave of absence letter example to use to request a leave from work, what to include in the letter, plus more examples and letter writing tips.

Medical Leave of Absence Letter Example
Sample letter requesting a leave of absence from work for medical reasons, plus tips on making the request.

Leave of Absence Letter for Personal Reasons Example
Leave of absence letter example requesting a leave from employment because of personal circumstances, and tips for how to ask for personal leave.

Best and Worst Excuses for Being Late to Work
Are you going to be late for work? Here are some good, and horrible, excuses employees use when they are late, as well as tips on giving excuses to your boss.

Top 9 Jobs for Environmental Studies/Science Majors
The top 10 careers for environmental studies/studies majors, including required skills, job descriptions, salary information, more job options listed by major, and job search tips.

30 Days to Your Dream Job: Day 5 Make Sure Employers Can Find You
30 Days to Your Dream Job Day 5 includes how to get your professional information online in a way that will attract employers searching for job candidates.

Template for Writing a Personal Recommendation Letter
Letter of recommendation template to use to write a personal letter of recommendation.

Positive Recommendation Letter Sample
Here is a sample positive recommendation letter.

Reference Letter Sample for Law School
Recommendation letter sample for law school and/or legal employment.

Sample Recommendation Letters for a Promotion
Sample recommendation letters written for an employee seeking a job promotion, with tips for what to include and how to write a reference for a promotion.

Recommendation Letter Template
Recommendation letter template to use to write a letter of recommendation for employment or educational purposes, with writing tips and examples.

Recommendation Email Example for an Internship
Recommendation email example for a summer internship.

Letter of Recommendation Template
Template to use to write a recommendation letter for employment, what information belongs in a recommendation letter, what not to include, and examples.

Examples of How to Close or End a Letter
When you send a letter or email message, it's important to end your letter with a polite closing. Here is how to end a letter, with closing examples.

Personal and Professional Appreciation Letter Examples
Tips and letter examples that show appreciation for a job well done, for referrals, for job search and career assistance, and for more personal and professional circumstances.

Thank You Letter Guidelines
Guidelines for writing employment-related thank you letters, including how to say thank you after a job interview and for career and job search assistance.

Computer and Information Systems Managers
Computer and information systems managers analyze a company's technology needs and figure out the best system to meet the company's needs.

Database Administrator
Database administrators analyze and design database resources.

Web Developer
Web developers create the technical back-end of a website.

Information Security Analysts
Information security analysts are responsible for protecting the privacy of a computer system.

Top 10 Jobs for Computer Sciences Majors
Computer science careers require technical expertise, creative thinking, and a sharp attention to detail. Here are the top 10 jobs for computer science majors.

Job Ideas for Computer Sciences Majors
Computer science careers require technical expertise, creative thinking, and a sharp attention to detail. Here are the top 10 jobs for computer science majors.

Project Manager
Project managers coordinate the progress and completion of information technology tasks.

Software Developer
Software developers design and implement computer software, making sure its functioning properly and meets users' needs.

Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer hardware engineers design the physical components of computer systems.

Computer Systems Analyst
Computer systems analysts design the structure of software and hardware systems to meet the specific needs of a company.

Computer Network Architect
Computer network architects analyst the efficiency of computer systems to see if its properly meeting a company's needs.

Computer Programmer
Computer programmers work with software, writing code and debugging problems.

Sample Absence Letter for Military Leave
Sample absence letter advising an employer about military leave from work, plus procedures for doing so.

Doctor Visit Letter Example for Missing Work
Sample doctor letter for missing work because of a doctor's appointment. Check your workplace policies to see what is required when you are absent.

Sample Absence Excuse Letters for Work
Sample work excuse letters explaining an absence, what to include in your letter or email message, and more letter and email examples and writing tips.

Doctor Appointment Email Message Sample
A sample letter for missing work because of a doctor's appointment plus examples of phrasing to use and best practices for notifying your boss.

Creative Resume Pros and Cons
The pros and cons of using a nontraditional resume to supplement your text based resume, plus advice on when to use which type of resume.

Career Aptitude Tests and Career Assessments
Online career aptitude tests and assessments can help you determine what type of job matches your career interests and skills.

How to Start a New Job the Right Way
Here's how to start a new job the right way, including how to prepare to start work, tips for starting a job, and information on paychecks and benefits.

Best Part-time Job Sites and Search Engines
These job search sites focus on part-time job listings. From to, they are a good starting pointing for your search.

How to Use Networking to Find a Job
How to use job search networking to find employment opportunities, plus sample networking letters to use to ask for assistance or an informational interview.

Sample Job Search Networking Letter
Sample job search networking letter to send to set up an informational interview or to obtain job search assistance by networking from a contact in your career field of interest. Page 2.

Sample Student Career Networking Letter
Sample networking letter to send to set up an informational interview or to obtain career or job search assistance from a college or university contact. Page 3.

How to Format an Email Message
When you're applying for a job, it's important to format your email professionally. Here's how to format an email message with an email template to use.

Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers
Here's information on what to include in your job search emails, how to format your email, and how to make sure your email message is opened and read.

Email Subject Lines for Job Applications
The subject line is one of the most important parts of the email messages you send when applying for jobs. Here's what to include and examples.

How to Select a Font and Style for an Email Message
When you are sending an email message, it's important use a font that is basic and simple. Here's how to select a font and font size for your email messages.

Your Guide to Job Interviewing
What you need to know to ace a job interview including interview tips, interview questions and answers, interview attire, and interview thank you letters.

How to Find Local Job Listings
There are variety of ways to narrow down your local job search to focus on jobs where you are interested in working. Here's how to find local jobs.

Employment Forms Required for New Hires
Forms needed for employment include job applications, W-2s, and I-9 and W-4 forms when you are hired. Here is information on required employment forms.

Rejection Letter Examples for After an Interview
Review examples of rejection letters sent to applicants that are not selected for a position after the interview process is complete.

Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description, Salary and Skills
Information on licensed practical nurse careers, including what LPNs do, as well as more specific information about a career as an LPN.

How to Ace a Job Interview: Tips For Success
Successful interviewing is essential to locking in a job offer. Here are strategies for how to interview effectively from preparation through follow up.

Phone Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer
What to ask the interviewer during a phone interview, plus what interviewers ask applicants and tips and advice for handling a phone interview effectively.

Etiquette for Lunch and Dinner Job Interviews
Good manners may give you the edge over another candidate, so, if you're eating and interviewing at the same time, take some time to brush up your dining etiquette skills.

Job Interview Invitation Letter Examples
Examples of job interview invitation letters advising applicants that they have been selected for an interview, with tips for sending and responding.

Email Interview Invitation Example
Example of an email invitation sent to a job applicant who has been selected for a job interview, what the invitation should include, and how to reply.

How to Decline a Job Interview With a Letter Sample
Example of a letter sent via email to decline a job interview, with tips and advice for how to decline a job interview.

How Employers Notify Applicants About Interviews
How employers notify applicants about job interviews, including when you can expect to hear, and sample interview invitations and confirmation messages.

Panel Interview Questions and Answers
What is a panel interview, examples of panel interview questions, tips for how to respond, and how to handle the interview.

Types of Job Search Letters With Examples
Examples of letters and emails to use when you're job searching including application letters, inquiry letters, referral letters, cover letters and more.

Practice Interview Tips and Techniques
Practice interview tips and techniques, including how to practice for an interview, how to improve your interview skills, and practice interview questions to review.

Do Companies Pay for Interview Travel Expenses?
When you are interviewing for an out-of-town job, who pays for travel? Here's when you can expect to have your costs covered and when you will have to pay.

Interview Questions About the Future - Older Candidates
How to answer

Job Search Tips and Strategies for Older Job Seekers
Advice for older job seekers on how to write a resume and cover letter that minimizes your age, how to interview effectively, and how to use your network to job search.

Interview Questions About Upgrading Your Skills
How to answer questions about upgrading your skills and professional development, with examples of the best responses to question about your skills.

What to Do if Your Age is an Issue in a Job Interview
Interviewers aren't supposed to ask questions about your age, but it can be an issue. Here's how to respond if an interviewer seems concerned about your age.

What Do Employers Look for in a Resume?
5 things employers look for in a resume, tips for making yours a perfect fit, and how to avoid deal breakers that will get your resume passed over.

7 Resume Tips for Job Hoppers
7 resume tips for job hoppers, how to make your resume look strong, what to include and leave off, and a resume example for frequent job changers.

10 Websites to Help You Advance Your Career
Use these 10 career websites and online tools to easily and efficiently propel your career forward, gain new skills, earn more money, and make connections.

Does a Resume Need an Objective?
Does a resume need an objective? When to use an objective, when you don't need one, and examples of branding statements and resume profiles to use instead.

Why You Need an Anchor Client and How to Find One
What is an anchor client, why you need one when you're freelancing, the benefits of having one, and tips for finding an anchor client.

6 Super Simple Ways to Maximize Your Job Search Productivity
6 super simple tips to maximize your job search productivity and get the most out of the time you have to spend on your job search.

2017 Federal and State Minimum Wage Rates
Here is a list of the current federal minimum wage and the rates for each state for 2017, as well as future scheduled increases in minimum wage.

How to Write a Salary Increase Letter With Samples
How to write a salary increase request letter, who and when to ask for a pay increase, what to include in your letter, and sample letters and email messages.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Co-Worker
How to write a letter of recommendation for a co-worker, what to include in the letter, tips for giving a great recommendation for a job, and an example.

Freelance Job Interview Questions With Tips for Answering
Top job interview questions for freelance jobs, tips for answering, what the hiring manager is looking for, and how to prepare for a freelance interview.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Job
10 tips for choosing the best job, how to market your skills, which job to choose when you have multiple offers, and how to decide which job offer to accept.

7 Things to Cut From Your Mid-Career Resume
How to write a mid-career resume, the things you should cut from your resume, how long it should be, and what experience and accomplishments to include.

How to Ace an Interview for a Freelance Job
Tips for acing an interview for a freelance job, how to prepare, what to bring, what to ask your prospective client, discussing fees, and how to follow up.

7 Things You Can Do When You Hate Your New Job
Do you hate your new job? If it's looking more like a nightmare than a dream job, don't despair. Here are 7 things you can do when you already hate a new job.

Is LinkedIn a Waste of Time?
LinkedIn can be useful for making connections, but in terms of landing a job, the odds are low.

Value Proposition Letter Sample
What is a value proposition letter, sample value proposition letters to mail or email, tips and advice for writing value proposition letters.

How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?
How long a cover letter should be, including the best length for a cover letter, cover letter spacing and format, and tips for writing cover letters for jobs.

How to Write a Value Proposition Letter
Tips and advice for writing value proposition letters, including why and how to write a letter that will get you noticed, format, font, layout and samples.

Web Developer Resume with Summary Statement Example
Use this web developer resume example to build your own resume. This example includes a resume summary, employment history and academic history.

What You Should Ask An Employer When You're Fired
When you are fired from a job there are questions you should ask your employer about the terms of your termination, severance pay, references and more.

Can You Get Fired for Job Searching?
Information on how to avoid getting fired for looking for another job, and how to handle it if you have been fired for job searching.

How Much Time From Interview to Job Offer?
Here's information on how long it can take from interviewing to getting a job offer, including tips for following up when you haven't heard anything.

Resume Tips for When You're Overqualified
Tips for how to simplify your resume and what to include when you're overqualified, and more advice for overqualified candidates for jobs.

Resignation Letter for Career Growth
Example of a resignation letter to use when your job doesn't provide the opportunities for career growth that you are seeking.

Entry Level Management Resume Example
Review an example of a resume for an entry-level management position with work experience and related coursework. Plus more examples and resume writing tips.

Sample Letter Requesting a Pay Raise
Here's an example of a letter asking for a pay raise. The letter provides information on the employee's accomplishments and contributions to the company.

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts for Asking for a Raise
When you want a raise, how and when you ask, and what you say, can make a difference in the outcome. Here are do's and don'ts for asking for a pay raise.

Public Speaking Skills to Include in Your Resume
What are public speaking skills, why employers value them, and examples of public speaking skills for the workplace, resumes and interviews.

Winning the Job With an Email Influence Letter
Instead of the traditional thank you note after an interview, why not impress your interviewer with a well-written influence letter? Here's how.

Sample Influence Letter With Writing Tips
Sample influence letter to send after a job interview when you want to provide more information about your qualifications to a prospective employer.

Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues
Sample resignation letter to leave a job because of health reasons.

New Job Congratulations Email Example
An example of a congratulations email message to send to someone who has found a new job. It's smart and courteous to send as they make new contacts.

Congratulations Letter Examples for a New Job
Example of congratulations letters and emails to send to someone who has a new job, with tips for what to include in your thank you note.

Hip Hip Hurray! Congratulating a Colleague on a New Job
Example of a congratulations letter to send to a business associate who has found a new job.

Excuses For Missing Work Email and Letter Examples
These sample letters and email messages with excuses for missing work and requesting time off can be edited to fit your own personal circumstances.

Sick Day Email Message Example
Sick day email message example to use to notify your supervisor that you are missing work, with advice on what to include and when to send your email message.

Types of Employment Discrimination With Examples
What is employment discrimination, types of employment discrimination with examples of each, and how to handle discrimination issues and file a complaint.

How to File an Employment Discrimination Claim
If you believe that you have been the target of unlawful discrimination, it's important to file a complaint with the EEOC as soon as possible. Here's how to file an employment discrimination claim.

Congratulations Note for a Job Well Done Example
Use this example of a congratulations note to send to a person who has done a good job. Recognize their success with a letter, card, or email.

Congratulations Letter for a New Venture Example
You can modify this example of a congratulations note to send to a person who has started a new business venture. Send them good wishes for success.

Congratulations Letter Examples for Accomplishments
Examples of congratulations letters and emails to send to an employee to recognize them for accomplishments on a project, with tips for what to include.

Congratulations Email Examples for a Job Well Done
Example of a congratulations email message to send to a person who has done a good job, with tips for what to include in your message.

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out from the Crowd
Tips and advice for writing a resume that will stand out in a crowd of job applicants and get read by recruiters and hiring managers.

Recruiting Manager Resume Example
Example of a resume for a recruiting manager with a matching cover letter, and tips for what to include in your resume to get it noticed by the hiring manager.

The Importance of Career Networking
Read the definition of job networking, get useful tips for using career networking, and how to best take advantage of networking opportunities.

How to Choose a Resume Writing Service
Information on how to evaluate and choose a resume writing service, including advice on how to ensure you're selecting the right resume writer.

A List of Fashion Job Titles
List of fashion job titles, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields and types of jobs.

Some Top Advertising Job Titles
List of advertising related job titles, from account associate to traffic manager. Plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields and types of jobs.

Education Job Titles
List of education related job titles, education skills, and more sample job titles for many different occupations.

Listing Job Titles on Resumes
How to include job titles on a resume, why job titles are important, examples of titles for many jobs, and tips for using job titles to search for jobs.

List of Marketing Job Titles
List of marketing job titles, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields and types of jobs.

Sales Job Titles, From Entry Level to Management
Plan your career path in sales by progressing through job titles of increasing responsibility.

Retail Industry Job Titles List
List of retail-related job titles, including associate, sales, management, buying, merchandise and more examples of titles for retail positions.

Customer Service Job Titles
List of customer service related job titles, job requirements and skills necessary for customer service jobs, and types of positions available.

Types of Consulting Job Titles
List of consulting job titles, job requirements, skills consultants need, career paths, and industries with consulting opportunities.

Things Not to Do at a Job Interview
Learn what not to do at a job interview if you want to move forward in the interview process and increase your chances​ of getting hired.

Most Common Engineering Job Titles
List of engineering job titles, as well as a description of some of the most common types of jobs for engineers who may be looking for work.

Office And Administrative Job Titles By Type
List of administrative job titles, including descriptions of different types of administrative jobs.

List of Information Technology (IT) Job Titles
List of information technology (IT) job titles, in-demand jobs, median salary, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations.

Nonprofit Job Titles
List of nonprofit job titles, as well as descriptions of the most popular nonprofit job titles.

List of Transportation Job Titles
A comprehensive list of transportation job titles, ranging from aircraft pilot to yardmaster and including fork lift operator and motor racer.

Public Relations Job Titles
What job titles can you expect to see in the field of public relations? Browse this list so you will know which apply to this area of specialty.

List of Real Estate Job Titles
List of real estate related job titles and descriptions such as mortgage specialists, agents and brokers, loan officers and home inspectors.

Corporate Executive Job Titles List
List of job titles for c-level / corporate occupations, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations, career fields and types of jobs.

Job Titles in the Hospitality Industry
What job titles can be found in the hospitality industry? Browse this list of jobs in a restaurant, hotel, resort, conference center or another venue.

List of Construction Job Titles
List of construction related job titles, the most in-demand jobs in the construction industry, plus more sample job titles for many different occupations.

Job Titles for a Career in Business
A list of job titles organized by industry to help you find a career path in business.

Jobs and Titles in Maintenance
List of maintenance job titles covering trades, cleaning and maintenance, facilities management, pipeline work, executive roles and miscellaneous.

Legal Profession Job Titles
List of legal job titles covering mediation, court positions, contracts, administrative and general jobs, plus some sample job descriptions.

Common Media Job Titles in Media
Many people think of media as being news anchors and broadcasters, but there are more options, including advertising, public relations and more.

Jobs in Manufacturing and Their Titles
Information about manufacturing jobs, salaries and availability, plus a list of production jobs and their titles.

Insurance Job Titles and Descriptions
Insurance is a broad work category with many job types. Here's an extensive list of insurance job titles and descriptions for the primary titles.

Writing a Cover Letter When You're Overqualified
What can you do if you're overqualified, but still want to apply? You'll need to carefully craft a cover letter so your application will be considered.

10 Things You Should Not Say When Quitting Your Job
There are some things that you should never say when you’re moving on, even if you’re thinking them and you would love an opportunity to vent.

Job Interview Question: Describe a Typical Work Week
How to answer interview questions about what you do during a typical work week, what not to mention, and examples of the best answers.

Why Should We Hire You? - Best Answers
best answers to the job interview question

Free Tools to Expedite Your Job Search
The right job search tools will help you expedite your job search. Here are tools, tips, and apps to help you job search more effectively.

Pros and Cons of Working for a Small Company
Pros and cons of working for a small company, the benefits of working for a smaller organization, and how to find companies to work for.

List of Top Nursing Skills For Your Resume
List of nursing skills for resumes, cover letters and interviews, plus more lists of health care skills and keywords.

How to Start Your First Job Search
How to find your first job, including exploring options, applications, writing your first resume, and search tips and suggestions.

Top 50 Interview Questions and Answers
Review the top 50 interview questions asked by employers, as well as examples of the best answers for each question on the list.

Letter of Interest For Job (Format and Writing Tips)
A letter of interest is sent to companies that may be hiring. Here are sample letters of interest, inquiry letters, letters of introduction, and writing tips.

Social Media Do's and Don'ts During A Job Search
Social media, including sites like Twitter and Facebook, can help you find a job and connect with people who can assist you with growing your career. However, it’s important to be careful and consider what you shouldn’t do, as well as what you should do, when using social media to job search.

Tips for Sending Email When You're Job Hunting
How to send job search email including the best email accounts to use, formatting your messages, creating a signature, and how to get your messages read.

List of Accounting Skills For Resumes And Cover Letters
List of accounting skills, including the top 5 skills accountants need, and more skills to use for resumes, cover letters, and job interviews.

Interpersonal Skills List For Resumes And Interviews
Interpersonal skills are the skills you use to interact with people and communicate. Here's information on interpersonal skills and a list of examples.

Teaching Skills List For Resumes And Cover Letters
List of teaching skills to use for resumes, cover letters, and job interviews, plus more lists of skills and keywords for employment.

Guidelines for Writing a Job Application Letter
Guidelines for writing a letter of application for employment, including what should be included in the letter, font size and style, spacing and formatting.

List of Analytical Skills for Your Resume
List of analytical skills for resumes, cover letters, job applications and interviews, plus general skills and keyword lists and skills listed by job.

List of Teamwork Skills for Resumes
Take a look at this list of teamwork skills that employers are looking for in resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviews.

List of Retail Skills for Your Resume
List of retail skills to use in resumes, cover letters and job interviews, plus more skills and keyword lists for job searching.

List of Administrative Skills
List of administrative skills for resumes, cover letters and job interviews, plus skills and keywords lists for many different jobs.

Should You Include a Cover Letter if it's Not Required?
Should you include a cover letter when it's not listed as required? Use the job search tips to weigh the pros and cons.

Engineer Resume Example / Template
Use this engineer resume example as a template for your own resume. This example also includes a summary of qualifications section.

Top Strategies for a Successful Job Search
Job search strategies you can use to expedite your job search, find connections who can help, get your resume noticed, and land an interview.

10 Things to Consider Before You Say Yes to a Job Offer
Should you take that job offer - or not? Here are 10 important things to consider before you decide to move on to a new position at a new company.

How Managers Hire Has Changed A Lot Since Your Last Interview
What to expect from a job search when you haven't interviewed in a while and how hiring has changed to include video, apps, assignments and more.

How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Fair
How to introduce yourself at a job fair, how to prepare an elevator pitch, what to say when you introduce yourself, and what to give to the recruiter.

Top Skills Employers Seek in College Grads
The top skills and qualities employers seek when hiring college graduates, plus tips for listing and highlighting your skills in your resume.

Receptionist Resume Example
Receptionist resume example to use to create your own resume, tips for what to include in your resume, skills to list, and how to get chosen for an interview.

Reasons to Quit a Job You Love
Here are reasons for leaving a job you love with tips for how to decide it's time to move on, and when and how to quit.

Law School Student Resume Example
The following is a resume for a law student. The resume includes sections on education, work experience, and other interests and activities.

What to Do When a Client Treats You Like an Employee
How to handle it if your client is treating you like an employee, contractor vs. employee relationships, and tips to avoid becoming a secret employee.

How to Job Search as a Mid-Career Candidate
Recommendations to make your mid-career job search a success, the best job search strategies, and how to land the right job for this stage of your career.

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What Not to Wear on a Job Interview for Teens
There are some things that aren't appropriate to wear on a job interview. Here are examples of what not to wear to a job interview for teen job seekers.

Examples of Each Part of a Resume
A resume includes several parts including contact information, experience, education and optional sections. Here are examples of each section of a resume.

Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job
Here are some signs you should quit your job sooner rather than later and it's time to leave your job behind.

6 Free Online Courses on Coursera to Boost Your Career Skills
Want to upgrade your career skills? These 6 free online courses on Coursera will help you improve your career skills and give you a competitive advantage.

How to Tell If a Job Posting Is Family Friendly
Do you need a job that's family-friendly and flexible? Here's how to review a job posting to find signs that the position is at a family-friendly company.

How to Save Your Job If You're About to Be Fired
If you're about to be fired and you want to keep your job, there are some things you can do. Here are tips for saving your job when you're going to be fired.

Who Not to Ask for a Reference (and Why)
There are some people you shouldn't ask to give you a reference for a job. Here's who not to ask for a reference, and why not to ask them to give you one.

10 Tips for Keeping It Professional When Job Searching
How to keep it professional while job searching, what can make a really bad impression, and what you shouldn't do when communicating with hiring managers.

6 Tips for Using Job Search Apps to Get Hired
6 best tips for using job search apps to search, apply and land jobs, with advice on how to connect directly with recruiters and hiring managers to get hired.

Can You Get Fired for No Reason?
Can you get fired without a reason? Read here for when employers can fire you, information on employment at will, employment agreements, and more.

5 Warning Signs You Might Be About to Get Fired
Are you worried about getting fired? Here are 5 warning signs that you might be about to get fired, and what to do next if they are happening to you.

Do You Have to Include All Jobs on a Job Application?
How many jobs to include on an application, when you can leave off jobs, which jobs you have to list, with examples of how to list jobs on applications.

How to Explain You Were Fired
How to explain you were fired to friends, professional connections, colleagues and prospective employers, with tips on what and how to say you were fired.

What to Do When You Don't Get the Raise You Requested
You asked for a raise and your employer said no. What should you do next? Here's what to do when to do when you don't get the pay raise you requested.

How to Handle a Coffee Interview
An informal meeting over a cup of coffee has replaced first-round interviews for some employers. Read here for tips on how to prepare for a coffee interview.

Business and Technology Resume Example for a College Graduate
Example resume for a college graduate looking for a job in business and technology. This resume includes sections on education, related experience, other experience, and computer skills.