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Living and Working IT Jobs and Job Search in Australia
Australia job search information. Finding IT and programming jobs in Australia. Information about living and working in Australia. How to find a technical job in Australia.

Living and Working in Australia - How to Work in Australia
Living and working in Australia. How to find a job in Australia. What it is like to live in Australia. Facts about Australia. Page 2.

Resumes - Resume Tips and Tricks - Sample Resumes
A comprehensive list of resume resources for your job search. Resume writing tips and tricks. Examples of technical resumes for review. Links to free resume templates.

List of Technical Career Skills for Technology
Technical career skills list. Best technology career skills in the market for software technology jobs. Career skills, technology skills information, technology history, and training information.

Computer Terms - Dictionary of Computer Terms - Computer Terms Glossary
A technology dictionary of acronyms and terms. Alphabetical technology dictionary of terms commonly used in the industry. Lists technology dictionary terms that are popular in the computer industry. Page 2.

Computer Terms - Alphabetical Technical Glossary of Computer Terms
A technical glossary of computer acronyms and terms. Alphabetical technical glossary of computer terms commonly used in the industry. Lists technical computer terms in a glossary format. Includes computer terms from many technology areas. Page 3.

Computer Terms - Alphabetical List of Computer Terms - Popular Computer Terms
A listing of computer terms. Alphabetical listing of computer terms. A technology glossary of computer terms commonly used in the industry. Lists computer terms in a glossary format. Includes computer terms from many technology areas. Page 5.

Dictionary of Computer Terms and Acronyms
Alphabetical technical dictionary of computer terms commonly used in the industry, through the letter B.

Computer Terms - Alphabetical Computer Terms
Computer terms glossary of acronyms and terms. Alphabetical technology glossary of computer terms commonly used in the industry. Lists computer terms in a glossary format. Includes computer terms from many technology areas. Page 4.

What It Takes to Become a Computer Engineer
Do you have what it takes to become a computer engineer? Find out here, plus the typical duties of computer engineers and what fields are employing them.

Guidelines for Interview Thank You Letters
Guidelines for writing interview thank you letters. Links to sample thank you letters. How to write thank you letters for different situations.

What is an ethical hacker?
A look at ethical hacking, or penetration testing, and whether or not it is a viable career.

Working as an Independent Contractor
Interested in becoming an independent contractor? Find out the pros and cons of setting up your own business -- and tips on nurturing it to success.

A Guide to U.S. Government Job Security Clearance
Many US government jobs require security clearance. Learn about the types of security clearances and the investigation process with these FAQs.

5 of The High-Paying Programming Languages You Can Learn
Want to learn how to program, but not sure where to start? Take a look at these five high-paying programming languages for some inspiration.

8 Awesome (and Free) Websites for Learning PHP
Want to learn PHP, but don't know where to start? Click here to see 8 awesome and totally free websites where you can start learning PHP right from home.

Employment Separation Agreements: What You Need to Know
Everything you need to know about employment separation agreements -- and what you'll want to watch out for. Learn about typical terms of an agreement.

5 Reasons You Might Fail to become a Software Developer
Here are five reasons why many people fail at becoming a software engineer. And how you can avoid making similar mistakes.

8 LinkedIn Profile Formatting Pro-Tips
First impressions matter. That's why I put together this list of 8 formatting tips to help make your LinkedIn profile shine.

3 Ways Online Courses Can Help Jumpstart Your Career
Want a new career in technology? Guest writer Scott Santoro, VP Global Talent Acquisition at edX, shares three ways online courses get can help jumpstart your career.

Internet Business Opportunity - Scams
Internet Business Opportunity - Looking to start a home-based internet business opportunity? Get tips on how the scams operate, so you can avoid them. Includes links to the 'Top Ten Dot Cons' and other scams to beware.

Workers' Compensation - File and Appeal a Claim
Workers' Compensation - How to file and appeal a Workers' Compensation disability claim.

Employment Discrimination
Employment Discrimination - Relief actions you may take if you've suffered from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or other violations of employment discrimination laws.

How to Answer Salary History Questions and Requests
How to respond to requests for your salary history. What to say to employers that ask about your salary history or salary requirements. How to prepare for salary history requests. Links to examples of salary history letters and salary requirements letters.

Interview Thank You Letter Samples
Thank you letter sample for after a job interview. Use this thank you letter as a sample for writing your thank you letter. Includes links to other thank you letters and guidelines.

4 Ways Retiring Baby Boomers Affect the Job Market
Discussion of how the aging baby boomers affect the job market, and what retirement means.

3 Easy Steps for Building The Perfect Online Portfolio
Click here to learn about how to build a killer online portfolio. Notably, helpful tips and tools for crafting an undeniable online presence.

Career Spotlight: Data Scientist
Today “big data,” “analytics,” and the like are buzzwords. And for good reason. Data science is one of the hottest jobs in tech. But what does data science truly entail?

Core Skills To Master For Front-End Developers
Want to become a front end developer? Click here to learn about the core skills you need to master to call yourself a front end developer.

What Kind of Computer Should I Buy: Mac or PC?
A question many ask when shopping for a new computer: should I buy a Mac or a PC? Here are factors you must take into consideration before deciding.

Discrimination Laws
Discrimination laws that protect US employees and applicants from age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and a variety of other discriminatory reasons.

Employment at Will - Laws that Limit Employment at Will
Employment at Will - Laws that limit the employment at will doctrine and help to enforce good cause for termination in the US.

Software Engineer Resume Example
Resume example for a software engineer with experience. Use this resume example as a template or for inspiration for your resume writing. This resume example is for a software engineer with about five years of experience.

Sample Resume of Experienced New Grad
Sample resume of an experienced new grad. Use this sample resume as a guide for your own resume writing. This is a resume sample of a grad that had some project and intern experience.

How Do I Find a Job in Airport Security?
Airport security jobs are also called transportation security screener jobs. Get more tips about employment in airport security jobs here.

Airport Security Jobs - Applying for Employment
Information on applying for employment in airport security jobs, also called transportation security screener jobs. Page 2.

Security Clearance FAQs
Security Clearance FAQs - Answers to frequently asked questions about a job-related security clearance, courtesy of the U.S. Defense Security Service.

What is Information Technology Infrastructure Library?
Learn about ITIL, the Information technology Infrastructure Library. Get information about what ITIL is and how its used in IT departments. Find out the benefits of ITIL. Links to information about ITIL certifications.

Steve Jobs Biography and Legacy
Bio information for Steve Jobs, Apple Founder and CEO. Learn more about the visionary and his involvement in Apple and Pixar here.

Interviews and Maternity Benefits
Interviews and Maternity Benefits - Tips for navigating job interviews while pregnant and maternity benefits to consider.

Downloadable Job Offer Letter Sample
Job offer letter sample for offering employment. You may download it and other sample job offer letters that decline and accept employment.

Get a Free Credit Report by Law
Inaccurate credit reports can lose jobs and promotions. Here's how to get an annual free credit report by US law, so you may check and fix accuracy. No strings.

Paid Sick Leave
Paid sick leave is coming for most U.S. workers, if the Healthy Families Act becomes law. Find out more about paid sick leave benefits under the Act.

Right to Work
Right to work definition, plus a list of right to work states and links to related laws.

Right to Work States and Laws
Right to work states and laws. Includes information about national right to work laws. Page 2.

Independent Contractor Law
Independent Contractor Law - Are you classified as an independent contractor but treated as an ordinary employee? Discover your rights in the US under the IRS Common Law Rules and Fair Labor Standards Act.

Non-Disclosure Agreement - Nondisclosure Agreement - Legality
Non-Disclosure Agreement - Explains the circumstances under which a non-disclosure agreement is legal or not by US law.

Examples of CV Format Sections
While there is no one right way to format a CV, there are certain sections that are typically found on most CV formats. Here are some examples to help format your CV. Learn about the different sections to format your CV. Includes ideas for CV format sections to be used when writing your CV or curriculum vitae.

CV Format - Typical Format of a CV - Examples of CV Format Sections
While there is no one right way to format a CV, there are certain sections that are typically found on most CV formats. Here are some examples to help format your CV. Learn about the different sections to format your CV. Includes ideas for CV format sections to be used when writing your CV or curriculum vitae. Page 2.

Project Management Resume Sample
Resume sample of a senior project manager. This is a well written, professional resume sample for a certified, senior project manager. This resume sample can be used as a guide for your own resume writing.

5 steps on making a career change
Looking to make a career change? Here is advice for making one, including resume and networking tips.

Sick Leave Pay
Sick Leave Pay - Find out if you're entitled to collect employer-provided sick leave pay and accrued sick leave pay under U.S. state or federal law.

Minimum Wage Law
Minimum Wage Law - Which US law enforces minimum wage at the Federal and state level, how much it is, and who is entitled to it. Links for conducting further research into minimum wage law are included. Page 3.

History of and Information on
Company research for Profile of information and history of Compensation and benefits information for Types of positions and skill sets that recruits for.

Working at Yahoo: Profile and History
Yahoo company profile. Information about the history of Yahoo. What it is like to work at Yahoo. How to get a job at Yahoo. Benefits and company culture information for Yahoo.

Company Profile and Job Information for Google
Benefits and company culture information for Google, information about their offices around the world, and an overview of compensation.

Computer Forensics Training
Computer forensics training providers and how to find more. Computer forensics training providers for earning a degree or certification, or learning software included. Page 3.

Computer Forensics Jobs
About computer forensics jobs along with tips regarding searching for computer forensics jobs on the Web. Page 4.

7 Popular Information Security Certifications
Learn about information security certifications that are popular in the industry, and find out which certifications are best for you and your career path.

Cover Letter - How to Write a Cover Letter - Entry Level Cover Letter
How to write a cover letter. Cover letter guidelines for new college grads and interns. Entry level cover letter. Use this cover letter as a basis for your job-winning cover letter.

Tips on How to Make a Resume
How to make a resume. Tips to make a resume so your skills will be viewed. How to make a resume that gets results.

Sample Resume for Experienced Network Engineer
Resume sample for an experienced Network Engineer. Sample resume of a network engineer that was recently hired for a Senior Network Engineer position. CCNA, CCDA, CCNP and CCDP certified Network Engineer resume sample.

12 Job Interview Tips and Tricks
Have an upcoming job interview? Here is exactly what you should do to prepare for it.

12 Job Interview Tips and Tricks
Have an upcoming job interview? Here are 12 things you can do to get ready for it. Page 2.

12 Job Interview Tips and Tricks
Have an interview coming up? Here are 12 tips on how you can ace it. Page 3.

Here's What It's Like To Be an Employee at Facebook
Want to land job at Facebook? Here's what you need to know about the company and the people they hire.

How to ace a phone interview for a job in tech
Have a phone interview coming up for a tech position? Here are nine things you can do to prepare for it.

8 Tips for Mature Tech Workers Delaying Retirement
How technical or information technology workers can stay relevant and competitive while they postpone retirement.

Top IT Networking Skills
Here are the top IT networking skills you will want to acquire in the near future, according to a survey of Cisco CCIE certification holders. Computer networking skills such as virtualization, green IT, unified communications and information security and risk management are going to be main concerns for organizations moving forward. Add these technical skills to boost your IT networking career and ensure that you have the top IT skills that are in demand these days.

6 Characteristics of Senior-Ranking Women in IT
What does it take for women in IT to climb the ladder to senior positions? Find out here which attributes and soft skills are most important for females in the IT industry.

8 Tips for Requesting LinkedIn Recommendations
Not sure how to request LinkedIn recommendations from former colleagues and employers? Here are eight tips for how to go about it.

What is Nearshore IT Outsourcing?
The definition of nearshore IT outsourcing, what the difference is between nearshoring and offshoring, as well as why companies nearshore their software needs.

A Definition of Open Source Software
What does open source software mean? Here's a definition plus information about the community as well as the benefits of developing using open source.

Ernst & Young: Company Profile - Tech Careers
Ernst & Young is a global professional services firm employing 18,000 people, with annual revenues of $4 billion. IT professionals are a major component of the advisory work they do with clients in the areas of risk assessment and IT advisory services.

Software Application Developer Salary
In 2011, the median salary for software application developers was $89,280. However your experience, certifications, where you live and the company you are applying to can all play a role in how much you earn.

Systems Software Developer - Salary
When it comes to landing a job as a systems software developer, you should know beforehand if the salary you're being offered is competitive or not. Your education and experience should be a factor in salary negotiations. Your region and the company itself will also determine how much you get paid. In 2011, the median salary for systems software developers was $96,600, but salaries vary widely. For your first year you may get less than half of this, while veterans may be earning nearly twice as much.

8 Universities With Great Open-Courseware Tech Programs
More and more colleges are offering free online courses. Now, anyone can take engineering courses at MIT or computer science classes at Harvard.

Unisys Company Profile
Profile of Unisys, a technology solutions and services company. Learn more about Unisys - its technology, market position, what it's like to work for Unisys Corporation and what kinds of jobs are available at Unisys. Information on Unisys technology career prospects, and tips on how to apply for Unisys job openings.

Here's How to Land a Job at YouTube
Have your eye on getting a career at YouTube? Click here to learn more about YouTube as a company and what it takes to work there.

Can You Be An Apple Certified System Administrator?
Want to become certified as an Apple system administrator? Here's all you need to know about the exam including price, questions asked, and more.

Going Green With Your IT Career
Learn more about the green technology industry and what kind of impact the environmental movement is having on the IT industry, and how you can take advantage of its growth.

The Pros and Cons of Telecommuting - What Works for You?
Thinking about working remotely? Here are the pros and cons to telecommuting, and whether it may be a good fit for you.

Jobs in Tech: Information Systems Security Manager
A profile of the Information Systems Security Manager position: responsibilities, day-to-day tasks, and knowledge, experience and training requirements.

Tech Career Profile: Systems Engineer
An in-depth look at what it takes to become a Systems Engineer, including job responsibilities, desired skills, and more.

Who Is Generation C, and What Are They All About?
How to define Generation C - the most connected generation yet - based on birth year, technological skills, interests, and focus.

List of the Best Technical College Programs
The best technical colleges available for technical careers. Best technical colleges are ranked on academics, student resources, and campus connectivity.

Your Ultimate Guide to Technical Certifications
Find the best technical certifications for your career, plus which certifications are in demand by employers. Also includes information about the highest paying certifications.

10 Places Where You Can Find a Tech Job Online
Looking for a new job in tech? Here are 10 places where you can find a technical job.

10 Of The Top Paying Tech Careers Right Now
It is no secret that the tech industry in flourishing. Click here to see which ten tech careers come with the highest base salary.

The 9 Best Technology Companies to Work For
Based on Fortune Magazines Best 100 companies to work for, here are the top technology employers to work for.

7 of the Best Websites for Employment Law Advice
7 of the best websites for employment law advice. Including common questions and answers, research, and more.

10 Step Roadmap to Land Your First Clients as a Freelance Web Developer
Want to break into the world of freelance as a web developer? Here's your ten step roadmap to branding yourself, and landing top-notch clients.

Top Industry Technology Publications
Top technology publications. A guide to some of the better magazines, publications, trade journals and newsletters within the technology industry.

7 Online Learning Platforms To Level Up Your Digital Skills
Make no mistake about it: tech skills are job skills. Here are 7 free (or affordable) places where you can go online to level up your digital skills.

6 Non-Coding Digital Skills To Boost Your Resume
Click here to read about 6 tech skills you can add to your resume; none of which require any coding.

8 Tips On Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search
LinkedIn is a social network made for both companies and job seekers. Here are 8 LinkedIn strategies you can put in use to land your dream job.

10 Highest Paying Certifications in the Tech Industry
Learn which certifications are the highest paying certifications in the technology industry and certification training information.

All About Interview Thank You Letters
All about interview thank you letters. Includes guidelines for writing your thank you letter. Links to several examples of interview thank you letters, appropriate for several different interview situations.

How to Become a Business Analyst
What is a business analyst? This career profile shares what a business analyst does, key responsibilities, education or training needed, and more.

Server Virtualization: A Definition
An overview of what server virtualization is, what the benefits of server virtualization are and what kinds of advantages server virtualization can offer your organization. Also, a look at server virtualization trends and adoption.

Salesforce: a company profile (and what it's like to work there)
Details about Salesforce's software as as service, on demand solutions, and the company's position in the cloud computing. Plus, what it's like to work there.

Cyber Intelligence Analyst Career Profile
A look at cyber intelligence analysts, which fall within the information security realm. Includes a summary of their duties, as well as required education, experience, and technical skills.

Examples of Salary History and Requirements Letters
Here's how you can disclose salary history and requirements to an employer. Plus examples of salary history formats and sample salary history letters.

Resume Tips - Advice and Resume Tips to Get a New Job - Resume Tips for IT Jobs
Resume tips and advice to get a new job. Resume tips on how to use keywords to get a new job. Resume tips for IT jobs are used in te examples. Page 2.

Computer Forensics Careers
Computer forensics explained, plus information about computer forensics careers, jobs, training and software.

Computer Forensics Careers
Computer forensics career tips. Includes links to computer forensics career resources, such as jobs, training, degrees and certifications. Page 2.

Resignation Letter - No Notice - Resign Immediately
A resignation letter that can be used when you are resigning with no notice and tips on the best ways to resign without giving two weeks notice.

You Don't Need to "Code" to be "In Tech"
It is a common misconception that you have to

Hot Jobs in Technology: Computer Systems Administrator
A look at computer systems administration and how to get a foot in the profession, including key skills necessary and education requirements.

Hot Jobs in Tech: Information Security Analyst
With a negative unemployment rate (yes, you read that right), Information Security Analysts are an in-demand role at tech companies. Learn about what it takes to become one here.

WordPress vs. Squarespace: Which Should I Build My Website on?
Two popular options for building websites are WordPress and Squarespace. Not sure which is best for you? Get all the facts here on both platforms.

Web Design vs. Web Development: What is the Difference?
Want to learn about web design and development, but unsure which direction to take? Click here to see the differences and similarities between the two.

Front-End vs. Back-End vs. Full-Stack Web Development: What’s The Difference?
Three terms often used in the web development space are: front end, backend and full stack. This article dissects all three, and highlights key differences.

The Skills You Need to be a Backend Developer
Interested in learning about what it takes to be a backend developer? Click here to see a backend dev's core responsibilities and how to become one.

How Much Should I Charge as a First-Time Freelancer?
Want to move into the world of freelancing, but don't know what to charge? Here are 13 tips on how to put a price tag on your work—starting now.

CV Example for Technical Academics and Professors
Learn how to write a technical academic CV here. Plus, an example that you can use a template for your own purposes.

Interview Thank You Letter Sample
Thank you letter example for after a job interview. Use this interview thank you letter as a guideline for writing your thank you letter. Includes links to other thank you letters and guidelines.

Post-Interview Thank You Letter Example
Use this interview thank you letter as a guideline for writing your own letter after an interview.

How to Succeed at Asking for a Pay Raise
Asking for a raise is never easy and there is no set blueprint to follow. However, these general guidelines will increase your chances of hearing a

Pay raise letter samples
Pay raise letter samples asking for a salary or wage increase, or a meeting to discuss it. Copy these pay raise letter samples and modify for personal use! Page 2.

Working in the US: Everything You Need to Know about the H-1B Visa
Who can work in the US on an H-1B visa, how to apply for the visa, specific H-1B visa considerations, ane more.

Start Up Companies - How to Pick a Start Up - Jobs at Start Ups
Evaluating start up companies. How to choose a start up company to join. How to get a job with a start up. Questions to ask start ups. How to research a start up company.

Start Up Companies - How to Pick a Start Up - Jobs at Start Ups
Evaluating start up companies. How to choose a start up company to join. How to get a job with a start up. Questions to ask start ups. How to research a start up company. Page 2.

How to Pick a Start Up Job
Find out how to identify a start up on a hot streak to find the perfect start up job. Page 3.

Career Spotlight: UX Designer
User experience (UX) design is designing products for the end user with the goal of increasing their satisfaction. Click here to learn more about UX.

When Are You Entitled to Resignation Notice Pay?
A look at when you may be entitled for resignation notice pay, and considerations you should make before accepting.

Resignation Letter For Unsatisfactory Working Condition
Two resignation letter templates you can use when work circumstances are no longer satisfying or acceptable.

A Mechanical Engineer Sample Resume
Here is a sample resume for a mechanical engineer. Use this sample resume as a guide to writing your resume. In this sample resume, the skills, accomplishments and experience are well organized. This sample resume is a great format to use.

Sample Resume for a Mechanical Engineer
Check out this professional experience section of a resume for a mechanical engineer for ideas on improving your resume. Page 2.

How to Write a Sample Business Letter
How to write a business letter. Use this business letter sample to write your business letters, including resignation letters, cover letters, thank you letters and reference letters. This is a sample business letter with full block components. Includes guidelines and tips for writing your business letters.

After A Campus Interview Thank You Letter (Example)
A thank you letter appropriate after a campus interview. Example of an interview thank you letter. Use this interview thank you letter as a guideline for writing your thank you letter.

Example of a Positive Character Reference
Example of references. Character reference letter sample. Use this character reference as a guideline to writing references.

How to Write an Email Response to a Job Posting
Write an effective email response/cover letter to a job posting. Use this cover letter example, which includes salary history, to reply to jobs.

Example of a Technical Interview Thank You Letter
Thank you letter example for after a technical job interview. Use this interview thank you letter as a guideline for writing your thank you letter. Includes links to other thank you letters and guidelines.

Guide for Your Tech Careers Resignation
A letter of resignation to use as a sample. Use this all-purpose letter of resignation to resign from your job. This resignation letter can be customized for technical careers.

Reference Letters - Example of a Reference Letter
Example of a positive reference letter. This reference letter is an example that you can use for your reference letter writing. Links to sample reference letters as well as guidelines for writing reference letters.

Positive Reference Letter Sample for a Technical Writer
Sample reference letter for a technical employee that was laid off. Use this sample as a guide for writing your references.

Example of References and Reference Letters
Information about references and reference letters. Sample reference letter for a Software Engineer. Links to more reference letter examples and information about references.

Use This Sample Resignation Letter to Resign
A sample resignation letter expressing regret. This sample resignation letter can be used in any circumstances. Use this sample resignation letter when you are resigning from your job.

Best Way to Format Resume for Skills Section
Here are samples of technical skills sections for your resume format. When you format your resume, you can use these sample technical skills summaries as a guideline. Your resume format should be well organized. Use these samples in your resume format.

How *Not* To Write a Resume: 16 Resume Tips from the Pros
Yikes... Are you making any of these resume/cover letter mistakes? Click here to see the full list of 16 resume/cover letter

Different Interview Question Types and Examples
Commonly asked general, behavioral, and problem-solving questions to review before your next interview.

Behavior Based Interview Tips Article
Interview tips - how to answer behavior based interview questions. Tips on competency based interviewing. How to interview and prepare for interviews that use behavior based questions. Sample interview questions.

Interview Preparation - How to Prepare for Interview, Interview Prepration Tips
Interview preparation. How to prepare for an interview. Tips for interviewing effectively. How to interview. Sample questions to prepare for a behavior based interview. Page 2.

Interview Questions - Sample Interview Questions
Sample interview questions. Examples of interview questions for behavior based interviewing. Prepare for interviews using these sample interview questions. Page 3.

Intangible Success Factors During a Job Interview
Job interview tips and tricks. How to ensure a successful job interview. Appearance and confidence tips for job interviews, aimed at technical candidates. How intangible skills and appearance affect the outcome of job interviews.

Intangible Success Factors During a Job Interview
How to prepare for job interviews. Tips and tricks to help prepare for successful job interviews. Interview attire, communication skills, nonverbal skills to ensure successful interviews. Preparing for your next job interview. Page 2.

Intangible Success Factors During a Job Interview
Interview tips. How to prepare for job interviews. Tips and tricks to help prepare for successful job interviews. How to interview. Interview attire, communication skills, nonverbal skills to ensure successful interviews. Preparing for your next job interview. Page 3.

Sample Resume for Experienced Network Engineer - Work Experience
Need idea for describing your work experience? Check out this resume sample for a network engineer. Page 2.

Network Engineer Sample Resume
Use this resume sample for an experienced Network Engineer to help you write and format your own resume. Page 3.

Guide to Resume Writing for New Grads
Resume writing guide for new grads and interns. Information about resume writing, how to write a resume, the purpose of a resume. This resume guide is aimed at entry level applicants, but is appropriate for all levels.

Cover Letter Sample for Entry Level Jobs
Sample cover letter format. A cover letter sample to use as a guideline. This sample cover letter is best for entry level job applications.

ITIL Certifications - Learn About the ITIL Certifications - Information About ITIL Certifications
ITIL certifications information, with links to ITIL certification resources. Learn about the different ITIL certifications. Get information about ITIL certification programs. Find information about reputable companies involved in the ITIL certification programs. Page 2.

What is Cloud Computing? Find out here.
Click here to learn about the history of cloud computing as well as benefits of the cloud computing model.

A History of the Technology Industry
A quick look at the history of technology; specifically the dot bomb era and what we have learnt from it.

Biography of Oracle Founder Lawrence Ellison
A short biography of Larry Ellison, the Oracle founder. Includes his early life, educational background, the founding of Oracle, and what he's doing today.

How to Handle Job Offer Letters like a Pro
Just received a job offer? Lucky you! Here's what you should do next - whether you choose to accept or decline the offer.

Netflix Careers and Opportunities
Want a job at Netflix? See what it's like to work at the video-on-demand company that is changing the way we consume television.

Work at Netflix - Work Culture at Netflix
Work at Netflix. What its like to work at Netflix. Company values and culture at Netflix. Policies and programs, compensation and benefits at Netflix. Page 2.

Working at Netflix - All About Working at Netflix
Information about working at Netflix. What its like to work at Netflix. Company culture and environment at Netflix. Jobs at Netflix. Page 3.

What's it like to work at eBay?
A quick look at eBay, Inc., including information about the types of open positions, the company culture, compensation, benefits and more.

Work at Google - How to work at Google - Benefits of work at Google
Benefits and perks of working at Google. Top reasons to work at Google. Google picked as best place to work. How to get a job at Google. Page 2.

Computer Systems Analyst Jobs
Computer systems analyst jobs and careers explained, including: educational requirements, information about salary, employment and job outlook.

A Cover Letter Template for Entry Level Jobs
Cover letter template. Use this cover letter template to write your own cover letter. This cover letter template is best used for entry level job applications.

Career Services - Entry Level Career Services - Career Services for New Grads
Career Services for entry level candidates and new grads. Listing of career services resources, including resume samples, cover letter examples and job listing sites. Also includes career services such as thank you letter samples and salary calculators.

Illegal Interview Questions You Thought Were Harmless
While they may seem innocent, these ten examples of illegal interview questions could be used to discriminate.

Questions to ask during your job interview
Prepare in advance for your interview by reviewing interview questions to ask. These interview questions to ask are samples of questions for you to ask the interviewers. The sample interview questions to ask are split up by groups depending on who is interviewing. There are also additional interview questions to ask start up companies.

Questions to ask during your job interview
Examples of interview questions to ask start up companies. Prepare in advance for your interview by reviewing interview questions to ask. These interview questions to ask are samples of questions for you to ask the interviewers. The sample interview questions to ask are split up by groups depending on who is interviewing. Page 2.

Minimum Wage
Minimum Wage - How much the current minimum wage per hour is, who is eligible to receive it, and which US Federal or state law enforces it.

Minimum Wage Eligibility
Minimum Wage Eligibility - Explains which workers are entitled to be paid minimum wage in the US and how much it is. Page 2.

How to Decide if You Should Accept or Decline a Counteroffer
If your employer makes a counteroffer when you resign from your job, should you decline or accept the counteroffer?

How to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a specialized, 'hack the hackers' certification for computer network security jobs. Learn more about the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, course and exam.

3 Reasons Why Your Should Consider Getting an Oracle Certification
Want to give yourself an edge? Consider getting an Oracle certification. Here are three ways an Oracle certification can boost your resume.

Business or IT - What’s the Main Job of a CIO?
Learn what a CIO is and the importance of the CIO in an organization. Also, see what the future holds of CIOs.

Bootstrap or Foundation: Which Frontend Framework Should You Use?
Front-end frameworks streamline the site-building process. But which should you use? Here are differences between the two popular options: Bootstrap and Foundation.

Hack Reactor
Hack Reactor is one of the most competitive bootcamps in the world. However, they claim that their graduates have a 99% success rate at landing a job afterwards.

Anyone Can Learn to Code
Anyone Can Learn to Code emphasizes career-readiness, while offering classes on the evenings and weekends. Click here to find out more about this SF bootcamp.

Hackership has online tutorials, one-on-one mentorship as well as night classes. It is a flexible option in the SanFran area.

CodePath is not your typical coding bootcamp. Instead, their offerings revolve around iOS and Android app making.

6 Popular Coding Bootcamps in San Francisco
SanFran, right next to Silicon Valley, has been the birthplace of numerous tech companies. Here are 6 coding bootcamps where you can learn to code--right in SF.

Coder Camps
Coder Camps is one of the few with options for total newbies. Click here to find out more about this SF programming bootcamp.

Codify Academy
Codify Academy is a programming bootcamp with a longer duration at 16 weeks. It is part-time, which is a nice option for those with other responsibilities.

Your Specialty Clearly Spelled Out
When a newcomer lands on your website, make it clear exactly what it is that you do. While it may be obvious to you, it is not for those who are just arriving.

Easy to Locate Contact Information
Make your contact information easy to locate. The last thing you want to do is send a potential employer on a wild goose chase just to get an email address.

Hirable is a platform for developers and software engineers only.

Working Nomads
Working Nomads is a site for remote listings only. It features a variety of job types, including freelance.

99designs is a platform for designers specifically. But not only web designers, also graphic and logo design and more.

Your personality
It's your portfolio, so let your personality come through. But of course, within reason. It's typically best to keep things safe for work.

A Downloadable Resume
Make it easy for potential employers to download your resume. Because especially in corporate environments, hardcopy resumes are still in use.

Previous Work Samples
Including previous work samples on your portfolio is key. But don't go overboard! Several samples of previous work is sufficient.

Places you have been featured
Have you had any interviews, or your work featured elsewhere? You can include that, too, on your portfolio.

Don't be afraid to include praises on your portfolio or personal site from others. This can be done on your homepage, about page, or with work samples.

Relevant Skills
Aside from relevant work samples, also add skills. Again: keep it simple. Don't include every skill you have amassed these last ten years; only most relevant.

Your photo
People trust others more when they can put a face to them. For this reason, make sure to include a photo on your portfolio and/or online resume.

Are you a designer? DesignCrowd may be a great place for you to find your next project. Continue here to find out more about the job site.

Gigster is a job site strictly for hiring developers. Companies of varying sizes rely on Gigster to find developers.

YunoJuno is a new kid on the block. Everything is behind a sign-in screen, and you must be approved to join the network.

Authentic Jobs
Authentic Jobs has both full-time and freelance job opportunities. Listings are all creative and web-based.

oDesk and Elance have merged forces to create Upwork, a platform made for freelancers. You can find a variety of work on Upwork.

9 Websites for Freelancers to Land Gigs
Freelancing can bring more money and increased flexibility; it's no secret why many are flocking to it. Here are 9 websites where you can land gigs as a designer/developer.

Craigslist has many purposes, including finding freelance work. The platform makes it simple to sift through opportunities based on keyword.

9 Places to Learn JavaScript Online For Absolutely Free
Want to dip yours toes into the world of JavaScript? Here's your chance with nine, absolutely free resources. Click here to see more.

5 Differences Between the Sass and LESS Preprocessors
Want to learn Sass or LESS, but unsure which to go with? If yes, check out this article that explores 5 key differences between the two.

10 Tech Careers That Don't Involve Coding
Want to get involved in the flourishing tech industry...but repel the thought of writing code? Check out these ten tech careers that don't involve any coding.

How To Craft A Resume (As a Freelancer): 11 Tips
Are you a freelancer or consultant struggling to format your resume? If so, click here to see 11 resume building tips just for freelancers.

Top 10 Interview Questions for Software Engineers and Developers
Don't be ill prepared for your upcoming interview! Check out this list of ten popular interview questions for software engineers and developers.

5 of the Best Places to Learn Basic HTML Online
For those who want to be a web designer or developer, HTML is the first thing to learn. Here are five places where you can start learning HTML today.

The 7 Fastest-Growing Tech Jobs of The Future
Which tech jobs are hot right now and, more importantly, have the staying power to grow in the future? Click here to find out.

8 Helpful Sites For Creatives to Showcase and Find Work
Click here to see 8 sites for creative professionals, where you can showcase your work and find new career opportunities. Learn more about job sites.

6 Of The Best Tech Meetups in the US
Click here to learn about the best tech-based meetups in the US and world: places where you can level up your skills and network at the same time.

10 Places To Find Freelance Work Online
Are you trying to break into the tech industry, but don’t have any experience? Here are 10 sites where you can look for work and gain some experience.

8 of The Leading Information Security Organizations
These eight professional organizations are focused in the information security industry. They all offer ways to stay current on cutting edge topics and network with your infosec peers.

7 Job Sites Where You Can Find Your Next DBA Job
Looking for your next database administrator job? Look no further. Here are seven tech-friendly job sites for finding your next gig as a DBA.

10 Green Job Boards You Should Be Utlizing
Want a job in the GreenTech and/or CleanTech industries? If yes, continue here to see 10

6 Helpful Resources for Creating Your Technical Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Here is a curriculum vitae (CV) resource center for technical professionals. It includes examples of CVs, as well as writing guidelines.

Learn About the History of Information Technology
Links to my favorite information technology history information. Learn all about the history of information technology. The history of information technology includes top IT bugs as well as timelines of information. If you hope to have a career in IT, you should learn all about the history of information technology.

Sample Cover Letters - Free Sample Cover Letters - Sample Cover Letters for Techies
Cover letter samples and resources. Examples of cover letters specific to the technology industry. Cover letter examples to use for your next cover letter.

Resume Tips - Best Resume Tips - Top Resume Tips for Tech Careers
Resume tips - how to write a resume for best results for a Technology Job Search. Top resume tips to best showcase your skills. Learn all the resume tips and tricks to get you called for the interview.

11 of the Best Free Resume Templates and Samples for Tech Careers
Use one of these 11 resume templates as a guide to perfecting yours. Resume templates include network engineers, IT architects, web developers, electrical engineers, and more.

Advice and Expert Tips for Preparing for Your Job Interview
Job interviews tips, guidelines and sample questions for technical job interviews. Before your next job interview, review these examples of technical and behavioral interview questions and answers. Get interviewing advice and tips for your job interviews.

How to Write Cover Letters with Samples
Resources for writing cover letters. How to write a cover letter. Examples of good cover letters. Links to cover letter templates. Cover letter writing guidelines.

Best Salary Calculators Online
Salary calculator information online. List of top salary calculators online for the technology industry. Find out salary information for technology jobs in your area.

Letter of Resignation Examples You Can Use
Want to resign from your current? Use these letter of resignation examples as guidance.

Following Up After Submitting a Resume for a Tech Job
The importance of timing when it comes to following up after your resume submission for a tech job. Learn more about how long recruiters say to wait before you send a follow up email or call the employer after submitting your resume. Page 3.

How to Follow Up After Submitting a Resume for an IT Job
How to follow up after submitting your resume for an IT job. Learn why you should follow up on your resume, and when you should do it. You have a couple of resume follow up options, via email or a phone call - find out which one will work best for you. Also learn what not to do when following up after your resume submission.

Follow Up After Submitting Your Resume for a Tech Job - Why You Should Follow Up On Your Resume Submission
Learn more about why it is important to follow up after you submit your resume for a technical position. Advantages of following up after a resume submission to show your interest in the position and demonstrate initiative.

Ways to Follow Up After Submitting Your Resume for a Tech Job - How to Follow Up On Your Resume by Email or Phone
Instructions on how to follow up after you submit your resume for a technical position. Details on how to follow up on your resume via email or a phone call.

Things to Avoid When Following Up After Submitting Your Resume - Resume Follow Up Don'ts
What you should not do when following up after submitting your resume for a tech job. How to avoid making your resume follow up efforts backfire on you, and how to make the most of your follow up.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Hot Jobs in Tech: Data Architect
If you love categorizing and analyzing large amounts of data, then a career as a data architect may be for you. Find out more about this booming field by clicking here.

8 of the Hottest Tech Conferences in 2016
Connecting with others in your field is critical when it comes to career advancement. Here are 8 of the hottest tech conferences you can attend in the US.

CompuCom: Company Profile
CompuCom is an IT outsourcing company hiring for infrastructure management and integration, application development, as well as hardware and software procurement and management.

What Is SQL, and How Is it Used?
Learn SQL skills, a programming language developed for relational database management systems, as well as several free and paid training materials.

The Top 4 Jobs in Information Technology (IT)
Here are some of the best IT jobs in the United States today based on salary, hiring outlook and working conditions. Learn more about this path.

GIAC Information Security Fundamentals Certification
All you need to know about the Information Security Fundamentals certification from the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC).

Want to work at Uber? Here's What You Need to Know.
Uber is one of the fastest growing companies - ever. Here's what you need to know about getting a job as a developer or engineer at the company.

Hot Careers in Tech: Network Engineer
Network engineers do not have the highest salaries when it comes to careers in technology, however it is a position that can often lead to bigger things.

New Jobs in Technology: Scrum Coach
Scrum coaching is a hot new job in technology, with a median salary of $96,000/year in the U.S. Click here to find out more about this new in-demand job.

The 10 Best Cities to Live in for Tech
Looking for a city booming with tech job opportunities in the US? Then you must check out this list.

5 Reasons Why You Should Publish on LinkedIn Pulse
Here are 5 encouraging reasons why you should write on LinkedIn Pulse as a way to establish influence and further your career.

Which Should I Use: A Text Editor or IDE?
Whether you're writing HTML or Java, you need a text editor or an IDE. Here is a quick look at the differences between the two, and which you should use.

Things to Avoid in a Resignation Letter
Even if you're leaving a bad work situation, your resignation letter should be professional. Here are nine things to avoid including on yours.

How to Improve Your Cover Letter's Scannability
Tips for making your cover letter more reader-friendly by using bullet points, short paragraphs and more.

Programmers You Should Follow on Twitter
Are you a programmer? If so, Twitter is a useful resource for finding experts who share tips, job openings, and industry news.

verywell. Tech Careers.

Job Tenure and the Myth of Job Hopping
Despite reports that people are more likely to job hop nowadays, figures from the BLS show that people change jobs less than they did ten years ago.

Negotiating Information Technology Salaries
Tips on salary negotiation after you've been offered an information technology job. Information on when to conduct negotiations, how to research tech salaries, what other forms of compensation you should consider, and guidelines for how high of a salary you should ask for. Learn how to stay positive and patient during the salary negotiation process, and how to finalize your salary details.

10 of the Most Demanding Jobs in Tech
After analyzing surveys and data from across the internet, here are ten of the most demanding jobs in technology.

The Billion-Dollar Presenteeism Problem
A look at how presenteeism, when people go to work sick even though they should be at home, affects the workplace.

Online Presence
Tips and resources for crafting your personal brand online.

How to Respond to Illegal Interview Questions
Knowing the difference between uncomfortable versus illegal interview questions, plus how to handle yourself if you find yourself in that situation.

What Should You Include in Your Resignation Letter?
Learn why you should write a resignation letter, here are some important parts of a resignation letter.


7 Simple Ways Blogging Can Benefit Your Career
A polished resume and cover letter can only get you so far nowadays. Here are seven ways a blog can take your career to the next level.

11 big data tech certifications to take your career to the next level
Big data is hot right now. Here are some of the best certifications you can get in this growing field.

Here's what you need to know about Database Administrator earnings
Database administrators (DBAs) earn a median salary of about $81,710 per year. Continue here to learn more about database administrator's salaries.

How to Utilize LinkedIn Groups for Networking
Want to grow your network on LinkedIn and beyond? A great place to do this is via LinkedIn groups. Click here to learn more about how to use them.

All You Need to Know about Software Testing Methods
Want a career in quality assurance? Then you must be familiar with software testing. This article covers the different types and levels you should familiarize yourself with.

Web Development
Here is information on careers in web development. Topics include front end, backend, full stack and related.

What it takes to become a technical writer
Do you enjoy writing, and have a knack for all things technical? If so, a career as a technical writer may be for you. Learn more about technical writing here.

The Pros and Cons of Working at a Startup Company
Thinking about working at a startup? Here are the pros and cons to doing so.

What is a Salesforce Admin?
Thinking of a new career using Salesforce? Here's what it takes to start a career as a Salesforce Administrator.

10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Connections
LinkedIn is the social media network for professionals, where connections matter. Here are 10 ways you can increase your connection count.

Project-Based Resumes for Tech Contractors
Land more opportunities by relying on a functional resume template, rather than a chronological one. Learn how to create a resume like this here.

IT and Computing: Where Women are Underrepresented
Here's where gender disparities exist in technology: in which companies and fields, specifically.

Top 10 Entry Level and Internship Job Search Sites
These are the top ten online job search sites for entry level and intern jobs. These sites offer the best information and job postings for your job search.

Emerson: Company Profile
Emerson is a Fortune 150 company employing 133,000 people worldwide, including over 8,000 engineers. Emerson was founded in 1890 and today is a Fortune 150 company with an annual revenue of $24.2 billion.

The top 9 podcasts for developers and I.T. professionals
Level up your tech skills while on the move with one of these podcasts. Click here to see the list of nine shows for experienced techies and newbies alike.

10 Tips for Attracting Recruiters to your LinkedIn Profile
Want a new job in tech? Then you should be on LinkedIn. Here are ten ways you can make your LinkedIn profile standout to recruiters and hiring managers.

Computer and Information System (IS) Manager Salary
Information system (IS) managers are responsible for computer technology and data at their organization. While job titles and salaries vary, typical salaries for these roles range between $73,000 - $185,000.

15 of the Most Powerful Women in Tech in 2016
Here are 15 of the most powerful women in tech in 2016 and beyond.

Web Developer Salaries: Overview and Outlook
If you are a web developer or considering becoming one, here are some facts about web developer salaries you may be interested in knowing.

The Purpose of Phone Interviews for Tech Jobs
How employers use phone interviews to screen or narrow down the pool of candidates for tech positions.

Computer Support Salaries and Trends
The median salary for computer support specialists in 2010 was $46,260. Learn about variations based on region, certification, experience and industry here.

7 Characteristics Every DevOps Candidate Should Have
Thinking about pursuing a career in DevOps? Here are 7 characteristics that can make you stand out as a potential candidate.

The Top 9 Tech Newsletters You Should Subscribe To
Want to stay up-to-date on latest tech trends, news, and events? Then check out these nine newsletters, delivered right to your inbox.

How to Search for Tech Jobs on Net-Temps/TopTechJobs
Click here to find out information on the Net-Temps/TopTechJobs job site, as well as tips on how to search for tech jobs and apply to them through the site.

Tech Terms Crash Course: 19 Terms to Know (Even if You’re a Newbie)
New to tech? Don't worry: we've got you covered. Here are 19 tech terms you should familiarize yourself with.

4 Surprising Facts About Tech Salaries
An in-depth look at tech salaries, and where you can earn more based on your job title: startups, mid-sized companies, or corporations.

9 Helpful Career Resources for Finding a Job in Tech
Bored of job hunting on sites like and Here are nine lesser-known websites for finding a job in tech.

Company Profile: Juniper Networks
A quick profile on Juniper Networks, a company that sells high-performance networking products and services.

7 of the Best Online Degrees in Technology
Information about online technical degrees from accredited universities. Continue here to see if any of these programs are a good fit for you.

5 Tips for Becoming an iOS developer
Want to build iOS mobile apps? If yes, you're in the right place. Here are five tips to help you get started with mobile app development.

Top 6 Resources For Keeping Your Tech Skills Current
With technology changing so rapidly, you need to stay up to date in order to remain lucrative. Here are six places where you can do just that.

What is IT Outsourcing?
Find out the types of IT services that typically get outsourced, as well as the different kinds of outsourcing options out there, such as offshoring, nearshoring, and more.

Top 10 Web Development Blogs to Level Up Your Skills
You don't always have to take an online course when learning how to code. Level up your web dev know-how with these ten awesome and free blogs.

6 Secrets to Landing a Job in Quality Assurance
Quality assurance (QA) is a vital role when it comes to software development. Here are six tips from guest author Yarden Tadmor on how to score a job in quality assurance.

5 Popular Online Coding Bootcamps
Coding bootcamps are no longer in-person only. Continue here to learn more about intensive developer bootcamps online.

4 Projects to Add Your Portfolio as an Aspiring Web Designer
New to web design, and don't know what experience to add to your portfolio? Here are four easy-to-complete projects (that you may even already have).

5 Ways to Get Testimonials From Your Clients
Whether you're seasoned or new, testimonials from previous clients can work wonders in getting new clients. Here are five tips for getting testimonials.

Cloud Computing Job Prospects
While cloud computing is supposed to help IT departments do more with less, there are still opportunities for job growth in this area of IT. Learn more about what kinds of skills are required to find a job in cloud computing.

The 10 Best Web Development YouTube Channels
Want to learn about web development...for free? Then you must check out these top-notch YouTube channels, all on how to master web development.

5 of The Best Coding Bootcamps in NYC
Are you ready to attend an in-person coding bootcamp and are based in New York City? Then you must check out this list of the top 5 coding bootcamps in NYC.

11 Of the Best Places to Learn to Code for Free
Learning how to code doesn't have to break the bank! Here are 11 awesome places where you can level up your skills for free.

What is GitHub, and Why Should I Use It?
Version control is a powerful tool that helps optimize your dev workflow. Here's a quick look at one of the most popular version control services: GitHub.

Want to be a Data Scientist? Learn one of these languages.
Data science is a booming field, where data scientists earn almost double than programmers on average. Here's what you need to master to become a data scientist.

Multiple Page vs. Single Page Website: Which is Better?
Here I look at the pros and cons of using a multiple versus single page website. And at the end, I share the one I almost always go with.

How DevOps Specialists Can Earn More With A HS Diploma Than A Master’s Degree
DevOps is a growing field where people can earn more with a HS degree alone than most with a master's. Click here to see if a DevOps career is a good fit for you.

4 Tips To Prepare For Your Upcoming Web Development Interview
Do you have a web developer job interview approaching? If yes, read this article to prepare for it!

Internet Business Opportunity - Avoiding Scams
Internet Business Opportunity - How to avoid the scams. Includes links to the 'Top Ten Dot Cons' and other internet business opportunity rip-offs to avoid.

What is a Front-End Framework and Why Use One?
If you want to make building web apps or sites easier, you should consider a front-end framework. Here's everything you need to know before adding one to your workflow.

Hot Jobs in Tech: Database Administrator
As companies collect more data, the demand for database administrators is soaring. Learn more about this hot job in tech, and if it could be good for you.

Drug Abuse Side Effects - Drug Testing in the Workplace
Side effects of illegal drug abuse - Part of the article entitled Drug Testing in the Workplace.

What is Scrum And Who Uses It?

Growing Jobs in Tech: Quality Assurance
Quality assurance positions exist in a range of industries, from manufacturing to software. Click here to learn more about this lucrative career.

Cisco Certifications - Information about Cisco certifications - List of Cisco certifications
Cisco certifications are among the highest paying certifications. There is a high demand in the tech industry for employees with Cisco certifications. This list of Cisco certifications defines each certification. There are links to Cisco certifications training resources as well.

SAS Institute - Company Profile for SAS Institute - Information about SAS Institute
SAS Institute company profile. Information about what makes SAS INstitute one of the best places to work. History of SAS Institute. Information about compensation and benefits at SAS Institute.

Best Companies to Work for
Best companies to work for lists published annually. Best companies to work for lists typically include links to company profiles and job or career information.

Career Education Resources
Career education resources including college search facilities and online training providers.

Careers in technology - Titles for Careers in Technology, Paths for Careers in Technology
Careers in technology. Information about the many different careers within the technology industry. List of careers in technology. Job duties, career path, typical compensation and skills required for various careers in technology.

Network Administrator - Information About Network Administrator - What is a Network Administrator
Information about what a Network Administrator does. How to become a Network Administrator. Includes links to training for network administrators. Lists of companies that hire network administrators.

Technology Company Research - Information on Technology Companies
Profiles of the top technology companies in the industry. Detailed profiles of companies in the technology industry. Company history, company culture, job profiles, compensation and benefits information for technology companies. Technology company research. Also includes profiles of non-technical companies that may hire large numbers of technical employees.

Technical Training - Education options for Technical Training - Certificates, Degrees
Information about professional technical training classes, professional certifications (CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCP, MCDBA, MCSD, MCPD, MCTS, MCSA, PMP, PMI). How to keep skills current with technical training classes, technology training, classes for professional development. Information about Masters and Bachelors degree programs (MSCS, BSCS, MSEE, BSEE, MSME, BSME, MIS, MBA). Best programs for online degrees and distance learning.

Education for Technology Careers - Degrees, Certifications and Resources for a Career in Technology
Includes resources for education in technology careers including degree and certificate programs for computer science, IT or electrical engineering for technology careers. Microsoft certifications, Cisco certifications and Sun certifications for technology professionals. Resources for new grads and entry level careers in technology. Definitions of terms and acronyms. Employment laws and compensation laws, including information about stock option rules and overtime laws.

Get a New Job - How to Get a New Job - Tips and Tricks to Get a New Job
Tips to help you get a new job. Interview tips and sample questions to help you get a new job. How what you do after the interview can help you get a new job. Salary negotiations and reference tips to get a new job.

Glossary of Terms - Employment and Job
Glossary that defines terms appearing in the employment and job articles at Job Searching - Technical. Glossary includes legal terms related to employment and jobs.

Technology Industry - Resources for Technology Industry
Technology Industry information. Technology Industry resources. History of the technology industry. Global issues affecting the technology industry. Trends in the technology industry and in job searching for the technology industry.

Illegal Interview Questions - Answering
Illegal interview questions samples and examples, their legal counterparts, and tips for answering or not.