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Technical Job Resources
Directory of online technical job resources, including local, national and international job banks and newsgroups.

Find a Job - How to find a job - Resources to find a job in technology
Find a job in technology. Find a job using job search engines and job boards. Best ways to find a job, including: technology job boards, internet search tools, hot jobs, monster job search, the importance of networking, alumni resources, technology job fairs, using recruiters to help find a job.

Recommendation Letters - Letter of Recommendation
Recommendation letter samples, examples, templates and formats related to employment. Tips for writing and requesting recommendation letters included.

Resume Examples
Resume examples in various formats and styles. Several resume examples also include cover letters.

Resume Formats
Resume format samples and examples. Resume formats include chronological, functional, combination or hybrid, electronic, scannable and technical.

Resume Templates
Resume templates at no charge. Includes resume templates in various formats and for different occupations, plus those for cover letters.

International Careers in Technology - International Technology Careers Information
Information about international scope of careers in technology. Work visa definitions and guidelines. How to find a technology job in another country overseas. How to relocate to another country. Information about living overseas. What to expect when travelling overseas and doing business in another country.

Technical Skills - Best Technical Skills for Jobs - Hot Technical Skills
Technical skills definitions. Information about the various technical skills and non-technical skills necessary for success within the technology industry. Definitions and descriptions of operating systems, programming languages, software, hardware and

Technology Trends - Career Technology Trends - Upcoming Technology Trends
Technology trends information. Trends in careers in the technology industry. Trends in technology, workforce trends, salary trends, the health of the economy and other factors can affect the supply and demand of workers within the technology industry. Stay current on technology trends.

Technology Industry - Publications for Technology Industry - Trends in Technology Industry
Technology industry information. Technology industry publications, associations, conferences, events and job fairs that are useful for technology careers. Stay current in the technology industry. Associations and publications for technical information and job opportunities will help you find a career in technology. Conferences and events in the technology industry can help you stay current and network with peers.

Technical Resumes
Technical resume samples, examples, templates and writing tips. Technical resumes for information technology jobs included.

Telecommuting - Teleworking
Telecommuting resources that help land legitimate employment in a telecommuting job or convince your employer to grant a telecommuting benefit. No scams. Also called teleworking.