Elementary Education Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Teaching Strategies - Fundamental Teaching Strategies for Success
Some days, we all feel like beginning teachers. That's why these Teaching Strategies are not just for new teachers, but also veteran educators. These strategies represent the most fundamental skills that effective teachers use on a daily basis to be successful.

Instructional Strategies for Academic Development
Resources to help students develop their academic skills.

Reading Strategies for Elementary Students
Use these reading strategies in your elementary school classroom to promote students' vocabulary and comprehensions skills.

Teacher Tips - General Teaching Tips for Elementary Teachers
Here are some teaching tips for elementary school teachers.

Keep Struggling Students Working with These Strategies
Learn specific teaching strategies to keep struggling students working in your classroom, so they can become more independent learners.

Strategies for Teaching Writing to Elementary Students
Learn simple and effective strategies for teaching writing in the elementary school classroom.

Smart Advice from Veteran Teachers
Here you will find valuable advice from veteran teachers, as well as a few tips and tricks. You have questions, we have the answers.

Finding a Teaching Job
A great resource of tips and suggestions on how to land a teaching job.

Preparing for an Interview
Learn key interview questions and tips for becoming a teacher.

Learn how your educational expertise can earn you extra money.

Student Teaching
Learn advice, tips and suggestions to help you survive student teaching.

Becoming a Teacher - Tip for Becoming an Elementary School Teacher
So you think you'd like to enter the world of education by becoming a teacher? Takes some advice and tips from the teachers who have paved the way before you. Learn how to take the next step on your path to becoming an educator.

Professional Growth and Development
Professional Development resources that help you be your best professionally. The best teachers are reflective, always striving to better themselves and their practices. Here's what you need to know to take your teaching to the next level!

Welcome to Elementary Education on About.com
Find resources for elementary school teachers to succeed, complete with lesson plans, classroom and behavior management tips, teaching methods, and more.

Community Circle: Class Meetings for Classroom Management
Learn all about class meetings, or as some educators call them, Community Circle and how they really help with student discipline.

Halloween Word List for Students
Use this Halloween Vocabulary Word Bank for all types of activities and crafts in the elementary school classroom. Build language skills in fun ways.

Thanksgiving Word List and Vocabulary Word Bank
Use this Thanksgiving Vocabulary word list for a variety of classroom uses, including word walls, word searches, lesson plans, puzzles, and more.

Blank 8-Step Elementary Lesson Plan Template
Use this blank 8-part lesson plan template every time that you need to write a lesson plan for elementary school teaching.

Lesson Plan Writing Tips for Teachers
Lesson plans are the bread and butter of good elementary school teaching. Here are some quick tips for writing a solid and clear lesson plan.

Lesson Plan Step #8 Assessment and Follow-Up
The Assessment and Follow-up section of a lesson plan describes how you will measure whether students have met the lesson plan's learning objectives.

Lesson Plan Step #4 - Guided Practice
The fourth step in writing an effective lesson plan is Guided Practice. This section gives students a chance to practice the skills they've acquired.

Lesson Plan Closure - Examples for Educators
Closure is the fifth step in writing a lesson plan for the elementary school classroom, providing a conclusion and context for the student learning.

School Discipline - Behavior Management and School Discipline Tips
You can't teach effectively if your students are not under control. Here's what you need to know in order to run a disciplined classroom full of respectful and productive students. Includes tips for school discipline and behavior management of students and the classroom as a whole.

Class Rules
Learn tips and techniques to familiarize students with school and class rules.

Turn-A-Card Behavior Management Plan
Don't miss this effective behavior management strategy elementary teachers use in their classrooms to promote positive classroom behavior.

TLM or Teaching Learning Materials Definition
See a definition of the teaching term TLM (Teaching/Learning Materials). These are items used in the classroom to support educational objectives.

Defining Homogeneous Groups in Education
See the definition of the education term homogeneous groups or ability-based groups, where students of similar abilities are taught together.

Heterogeneous Groups - Definition in Education
See the definition of the education term heterogeneous groups. This is a way to compose classrooms or study groups of students of varying abilities.

Lesson Plan Step #3 - Direct Instruction
Direct Instruction is the heart of a well-written lesson plan, it is how you will teach the information. Learn how to write this section effectively.

Educational Philosophy - Definition
What is the definition of an educational philosophy? See how to write and use this personal statement of a teacher's guiding principles of education.

Early Childhood Education - Definition
What is the definition of early childhood education? See which age groups this applies to, educational theory, and careers available in this area.

Halloween Party Ideas for Your Classroom
Learn a variety of spook-tacular Halloween party ideas for your elementary school classroom.

Christmas Word List and Vocabulary 100 Word Bank
Use this 100 Christmas word list to create a variety of educational activities that cross the curriculum. Create word walls, puzzles,and exercises.

Language Arts Lesson - Collection of Language Art Lesson Ideas
Collection of easy and effective Language Arts lesson plans to meet reading, writing, listening, and spelling standards in your classroom.

Book Resources
Resources about books including lessons, activities and ideas.

Journal Resources
Use these resources to teach your students good writing habits through the use of journals.

Poetry Resources
Poetry resources for elementary school teachers.

Writing Resources
Resources to provide writing instruction for elementary school teachers.

40 Speech Topics to Meet Oral Communication Standards
This list of 40 speech topics can be used for impromptu oral presentations in the elementary school classroom. Make communications activities fun.

Behavior Incentives and Classroom Rewards
Should you offer your students extrinsic rewards? Here is a way to offer classroom incentives that cost nothing as your behavior management program.

Technology in the Classroom
Here you will find a variety of resources about technology in the classroom.

Why Your Classroom Needs Venngage
Learn why your classroom needs the web-based tech tool Venngage. Discover what it is and how you can use it in your classroom.

Better Discipline With a Sample Behavior Contract
Use this sample behavior contract to work on improving student discipline for your most challenging students. The sample behavior contract can be modified for use in your classroom.

Eight Steps to Writing a Perfect Lesson Plan
The top components of a well-written lesson plan require eight steps. Together they will provide you with the perfect lesson plan.

Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Equity and Engagement
Teaching strategies to promote student engagement and help foster a classroom learning environment that is equal.

Independent Practice - Lesson Plan for Educators
Learn how to assess student progress and meet learning objectives in this sixth step in the writing process called independent practice.

How to Get Your Lesson Plans Done More Quickly
Instead of spending countless hours on perfecting your lesson plans, here are a few secrets on how to get your lesson plans done quick.

Sample Classroom Rules for Teachers
Are you having trouble thinking of a comprehensive set of behavior rules for your elementary school classroom? Here's a set of sample classroom rules.

Scaffolding Instruction Strategies in the Classroom
Essential techniques for scaffolding instruction to support student learning in an elementary classroom.

Designing Your Educational Philosophy
Design an educational philosophy to guide your decision-making and to help remind you why you entered teaching in the first place.

What is the Role of a Teacher?
What is the role of a teacher? Learn a teacher's role along with the specific duties they must perform.

Back to School: Top Tips to Help Students Settle In
Finding the perfect way to welcome students can be quite a challenge. Learn how to help students settle in back to school with a few fun ideas and activities.

Student Teacher Observation Checklist
Student teaching sample questions and statements for areas of observation by the cooperating teacher, college supervisor, and self-evaluation.

Cooperative Learning Tips and Techniques
Discover cooperative learning tips, techniques and much more. Learn how it works and group management tips and commonly used strategies.

10 Useful Skills Modern Teachers Need
10 useful skills modern teachers need to have. Improve your teaching skills with these 10 tips for teaching in the 21st century.

Effective Reading Strategies and Activities
Discover 10 effective reading strategies and activities for your elementary school classroom.

Scoring Rubric Use and Samples for Elementary Grades
A basic elementary rubric. Learn how to use a scoring rubric in addition to a sample rubric that you can print.

7 Buzz Words You're Most Likely to Hear in Education
7 common buzzwords that are used in education. Stay up-to-date with the latest educational jargon and their meanings in this quick guide for teachers.

10 Ways to Keep Your Class Interesting
Learn 10 teaching strategies to keep your class interested. Follow these golden rules to keep students engaged.

Free and Effective Classroom Rewards
Don't spend your hard-earned money buying little material rewards for your students. Try These 9 free and effective classroom rewards.

Classroom Management - Tips for Elementary Classroom Management
So you have a teaching position and a classroom. But what should you do about the all-important classroom organization? It's key to set up your classroom space in a logical and user-friendly manner from the very start. Here are some resources to help you organize your room and help it stay that way.

How to Deal With a Problem Principal
If you sense growing tension with a problem administrator, you must be proactive. Here are 6 tips to help you deal with a problem principal.

Summer School Activities for Elementary Students
Discover a collection of creative, summer school activities and ideas for your elementary school classroom.

Student Welcome Letter - Sample to Students and Parents
Start the year off right with a student welcome letter. Learn tips, suggestions and a sample letter for students and parents.

Strategies to Enhance Students' Memory
Strategies to enhance students' learning. Here you will learn strategies such as using visual images, developing cues, and even texting to enhance memory.

Mindful Meditation Exercises for Teachers
Simple mindful meditation exercises for teachers. Learn simple ways to de-stress so that you can be the best teacher for your students.

Educational Philosophy Sample
Here you will find an educational philosophy sample statement. Use this example as inspiration to help you create your own statement.

How to Prepare Lesson Plan Anticipatory Sets
Anticipatory sets are meant to activate background knowledge for your students. Here you will learn how to prepare lesson plan anticipatory sets.

Proven Strategies for Obtaining a Teaching Job
Here you will learn 7 proven strategies to help you obtain a teaching position in the field of education.

Last Test - Quick Guide
What is the LAST test? Learn frequently asked questions about the New York State LAST exam in this quick guide for prospective teachers.

Lesson Plan Objectives and Goals
Setting lesson plan objectives is the first step in writing lesson plans. Learn how to write clearly-defined objectives and goals.

Quick and Easy Fathers Day Poetry Lesson Plan
Need a quick Fathers Day lesson plan? Practice poetry-writing with your students through this Fathers Day Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

10 Great Children's Books about Fathers
Here we provide a list of the best books about fathers in children's literature. Discover wonderful children's picture books that focus on Dad.

Father's Day Activities for Elementary Students
Discover a collection of Father's Day activities and easy to make crafts for your elementary school classroom.

Student Expectations - Helpful Hints for Teachers
A simple guide of student expectations for new teachers. Learn tips and suggestions to help beginning teachers make realistic and achievable goals for their students.

How to Make a Great Impression in a Teaching Interview
Have a teaching interview? These top tips will help you learn how to make a great impression in a teaching interview.

Developing Teacher Portfolios
A teacher portfolio can help you land your first teaching job or advance your career. Learn the in's and out's of perfecting your teaching portfolio.

Journal Writing in the Elementary Classroom
Journal Writing is a fun and effective way to teach your students good writing habits. Here are a few tips on how to inspire your students.

How to Encourage End-of-Year Good Behavior
The end of the school year can be quite challenging, learn a few teacher-tested ways to encourage good behavior in your students.

What Does a Great Lesson Look Like to Your Students?
What Does a Great Lesson Look Like from the outside? Get an insider's look with this in-depth article.

How to Get a Summer Teaching Job
Are you looking for a summer teaching job? Learn the qualifications, expectations and where to start.

The Value of Self-Reflection for Success in Teaching
Why should teachers pause and engage themselves in self-reflection? Here is why it's important to engage in self-reflect.

What Is a Lesson Plan? - Elementary Education Q and A
What is a lesson plan? It is a detailed guide for how a lesson will be taught. Here is a quick guide on everything you need to know about a lesson plan.

How to Get Ready for the New School Year
Advice for teachers on how to get ready for the new school year. You will find tips on classroom routines and procedures, how to start a classroom website, how to welcome your students with a letter, and much more.

End-of-Year Teaching Strategies
10 End-of-year teaching strategies to help you tackle the time that you have left in the classroom.

Student Participation - How to Keep Children Engaged
Discover specific ways to encourage student participation in your classroom to help motivate and increase interaction among students.

Thematic Unit Definition and Tips for Teachers
What is a thematic unit? It is series of activities across the curriculum that are centered around one theme. Learn the key components and more.

How to Land Your First Teaching Job
Looking to land your first teaching job? Discover how you can stand out above the rest and get your dream job.

Writing - Sample Rubrics for Elementary Grades
Here you will find a simple elementary writing rubric, along with a few samples of expository and narrative rubrics.

Six Qualities of Successful Teachers
Successful teachers share these 6 key traits. Cultivate these attributes in yourself to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom.

Sample Essay Rubric for Elementary Teachers
Here you will find a simple essay rubric for elementary grade students, along with a few examples and tips on how to use them.

5 Ways to Deal with Difficult Students
Dealing with difficult students can be quite a challenge for teachers. Here you will learn five tips on how to combat this disruptive behavior.

How to Start Tutoring From Home
Are you wondering how to start tutoring? Tutoring can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. Use these tips to learn how to be a tutor.

Tips to Promote a Self-Directed Classroom
10 ways to promote a self-directed classroom. Learn the top 10 ways to motivate your students to be a self-directed learner.

Teacher Appreciation Week Activities and Ideas
Teacher Appreciation Week is a time to celebrate and give thanks to our teachers. In honor of these wonderful educators, learn about a few fun activities that you can do with your elementary school class.

Why Teach - Top Seven Reasons To Become A Teacher
Why Teach? Are you thinking about becoming a teacher? There are many benefits as well as rewards. Here are the top seven reasons to become a teacher.

Must-Read Book Series for Elementary Students
Must-read book series for elementary students. Find out what books make the cut in this in-depth list for young students.

Memorial Day Activities for an Elementary Classroom
Discover a variety of Memorial Day activities for your elementary school class. Ideas include poems, crafts, books, quizzes and much more.

8 Reasons Why Teaching is Challenging
While teaching is a rich and rewarding profession, there are some unique challenges involved that non-educators could never comprehend. Here, a real classroom teacher confesses some of the aspects of the job that make her wonder if summer vacations are really worth it after all. Page 3.

8 Challenges Unique to Teaching
While teaching is a rich and rewarding profession, there are some unique challenges involved that non-educators could never comprehend. Here, a real classroom teacher confesses some of the aspects of the job that make her wonder if summer vacations are really worth it after all. Page 4.

Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can Never Understand Our Job
While teaching is a rich and rewarding profession, there are some unique challenges involved that non-educators could never comprehend. Here, a real classroom teacher confesses some of the aspects of the job that make her wonder if summer vacations are really worth it after all.

Challenges of Teaching - Top 8 Reasons Why Non-Teachers Can Never Really Understand Our Job
While teaching is a rich and rewarding profession, there are some unique challenges involved that non-educators could never comprehend. Here, a real classroom teacher confesses some of the aspects of the job that make her wonder if summer vacations are really worth it after all. Page 2.

Fun Ideas for Last Day of School Activities
Make the most of the last day of school with these fun activities that celebrate the school year coming to a close.

Nonverbal Strategies to Quiet Down a Classroom
Do you want to teach in a quiet classroom? Use these student discipline strategies to get a quiet classroom without losing your voice or repeating yourself.

What Teachers Should Wear in The Classroom
Here are 7 tips to help you dress like a professional elementary school teacher.

Lessons Plans for June
Lesson Plans for the month of June.

8 Signs You Should Become a Teacher
Are you thinking about becoming an elementary school teacher? Here are 8 signs you were meant to be a teacher.

WHAT ARE IDIOMS? Grades 4-6 Language Arts Lesson Plan
WHAT ARE IDIOMS? A complete Language Arts Lesson Plan all about idioms for grades four through six.

Lesson Plans and Activities
A collection of lesson plans and teaching strategies for elementary school teachers. Lesson plans are organized by subject matter as well as grade level.

Components of a Lesson Plan
Here you will find the essential components of a lesson plan. Learn the materials,educational objectives and much more.

Top 5 Review Activities for Elementary Students
Learn 5 review activities that will turn your students gripes into grins. Graffiti wall, sink or swim, 3-2-1 review, and much more.

Repeated Reading - Fluency and Comprehension Strategy
Promote and develop reading fluency and comprehension with the repeated reading strategy. Learn the purpose, procedure and variations.

Kindergarten Lessons Plans and Primary Grades K, 1, 2, 3 Lesson Plans
Free Kindergarten Lesson Plans for the Primary Grades (K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades). Show the younger kids some love with these free and easy-to-implement Kindergarten and Primary Grade lesson plans.

Second Grade Goals for Students
Looking for ways to make sure your students hit those benchmarks? Here is a list of second grade goals for after the New Year to share with parents.

Effective Classroom Policies and Procedures
Get an Insider's guide to classroom policies and procedures for your elementary school classroom.

April Holiday Lesson Plans - Springtime, Passover, Easter Lesson Plans
If spring is approaching, that means the holidays of Easter and Passover can't be far behind. If you are in need of lesson plans and book recommendations for these holidays, and springtime in general, you're in the right place!

Earth day Activities: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Celebrate earth day with a few fun activities for your elementary school classroom.

Earth Day Tips to Share with Students
10 Earth Day tips to share with students. Help students understand the importance of preserving our earth.

10 Activities to Honor Student of the Week
Looking to honor your student of the week? Here are 10 activities for your star student that will help build classroom community while turning your student into a star.

Science Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas
Science Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas

Writing Lesson Plan: Answering Questions In Sentences
Students sometimes need instruction and practice in how best to answer questions in complete sentences. This set of questions give you an opportunity to train them.

Christmas Tongue Twisters Lesson Plan
Teach your students about alliteration and they'll have a blast creating their own Christmas Tongue Twisters.

Grading Students
Resources and information for grading students in elementary school.

Report Card Comments for Social Studies
A collection of report card comments for social studies. These helpful phrases will help speed up the report card grading process.

Spring Words with Activity Tips
A comprehensive spring word bank, with activity tips on how to use the list.

Cooperative Learning Sample Lesson
Looking for a cooperative learning lesson plan? Here is a cooperative learning sample lesson using the jigsaw learning method.

Before-During-After Reading Strategies
Before-During-After reading strategies to implement into your daily curriculum. These strategies help readers develop the skills necessary to be efficient readers.

Setting a Purpose for Reading
Learn how to set a purpose for reading so your students will stay engaged and motivated throughout your lesson.

A Teacher's Guide to Field Trip Planning
Thinking of taking your students on a field trip? Use this teacher's guide to field trip planning to help you plan a successful trip.

The Jigsaw Cooperative Learning Technique
Here you will learn about the Jigsaw cooperative learning technique. Get an overview of the technique, learn about the benefits, how it works, as well as a few tips.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Student Teacher
Lists the suggested roles and responsibilities of a student teacher for each week they are placed in the classroom.

Dealing with Cleanliness in the Classroom
Learn tips and tricks on how to deal with cleanliness in the classroom.

Social Skills: Teaching Conflict Resolution
Five activities to help you teach students conflict resolution skills.

Teaching Social Skills to Elementary Students
Teaching social skills to elementary school students has never been easier. Use this quick guide to learn why they are important, how to teach them, and much more.

Social Skills: Teaching Listening Skills
5 activities to help you teach students to listen effectively.

Signs You Should Not Become a Teacher
Thinking of becoming a teacher? There is a lot more to it than you think. Here are 5 signs you should not be a teacher.

How to Set Up Classroom Learning Centers
Gain knowledge on the basics of a classroom learning center. Discover what a learning center is, and how to set up and present them to your students.

Report Card Comments for Science
A collection of report card comments for science. These helpful phrases will make grading report cards that much easier.

Balanced Diets and Digestion Lesson Plan
Balanced diet and digestion lesson plan for grades 4-6. Students will learn how to create a balanced meal as well as how food is digested into the body.

Talking Chips Strategy
Description of the teaching term talking chips strategy.

Report Card Comments for Elementary Teachers
Here you will find a collection of report card comments and suggestions to help you speed up the report card process.

Student Teacher Resume - Learning the Basics
Learn the basics on how to develop a student teacher resume. Discover a breakdown of the basic essentials to put into your resume.

Martin Luther King Jr. Writing Prompts
A collection of Martin Luther King Jr. writing prompts for elementary classrooms.

How New Teachers Can Prepare for the First Day of School
Learn how new teachers can prepare for the first day of school with these essential tips and strategies.

Strong Report Card Comments for Language Arts
Language arts report card comments. Here are a variety of language arts report card comments to help you convey the perfect phrase.

Report Card Comments for Math
A collection of report card comments for math. These helpful phrases will make grading report cards that much easier.

Use Math Story Books to Teach Math Concepts
Math lesson plans don't have to be boring and dry! With these math story books, students will be further down the path towards true comprehension of various math concepts.

Merit Pay for Teachers - The Negatives and Cons of Merit Pay for Teachers
Merit Pay for Teachers is a hot and controversial topic in the United States today. These are some of the reasons why the idea of Merit Pay is not as simple and benevolent as it might look at first glance. Page 2.

Classroom Desk Arrangement Ideas
An examination of the various ways that teachers can arrange students desks in the classroom.

Time Management Tips for Elementary School Teachers
Time Management tips to help teachers worker smarter, not necessarily harder, with the limited time available each day.

How to Best Prepare for a Teaching Interview
A collection of resources to help you best prepare for a teaching interview. You will learn the most common buzz words, things to avoid while in the interview, popular questions - and how to answer them, and much more.

Essential Core Teaching Strategies
Discover the essential core teaching strategies that new and experienced teachers have been using.

Kindergarten Teaching Resources
A collection of kindergarten resources that include: Readiness checklist, teacher-tested activities, first day of school agenda, supply list, and hands-on math station activities.

200 Report Card Comments
200 report card comments to help you give parents an accurate picture of each students' progress. Comments include: general, language arts, math, science, and social studies.

Maintaining a Productive Classroom Environment
10 ways to creating and maintaining a productive classroom environment.

Effective Learning Strategies for the Classroom
Improve students learning with these 7 effective learning strategies. Each strategy is meant to help students learn faster and easier.

How to Take Over a Classroom Midyear
Essential tips to help teachers embrace taking over a teaching position midyear.

10 Ways to Make Learning Fun
Make learning fun! Browse these tips and you will discover 10 effective ways to make learning fun again!

January Lesson Plans for Elementary Students
January lesson plans for elementary students. Here you will discover after-Christmas writing prompts, New Year's resolution lesson plans, as well as Martin Luther King's famous speech and links.

Student Teacher Resources
Student teacher resources. Here you will find a vast amount of information about student teaching. Learn what to expect, how you will get observed, how to thrive as a student teacher, and much more.

Getting into Teaching: 10 Popular Questions
Interested in becoming a teacher? Learn everything you need to know in this quick FAQ guide for soon-to-be teachers.

Pencil Vase
Learn how to create this easy handmade teacher gift. Show your student teacher or child's teacher how much you appreciate them with this handmade pencil vase.

Welcome Wreath
Learn how to create this easy handmade teacher gift. Show your student teacher or child's teacher how much you appreciate them with this handmade welcome wreath.

Ice Breakers - Fun Ice Breakers for Back to School
Ice Breakers for Back to School to help you get to know your new students through fun games.

Music Lesson Plans - Collection of Music Lesson Plans
Music lesson plans and ways to bring music into the elementary classroom.

Free Lesson Plans for Grades 4 Through 6
Do you teach fourth, fifth, or sixth grade? If so, you need lesson plans that are a little more sophisticated in order to prepare your students for the work they will encounter in middle school. Check this collection of free lesson plans for the upper grades for all you'll need.

September Holiday Lessons
A collection of lesson plans and activity ideas for the month of September.

Summer Lessons
Summer lesson plans and activities for elementary school teachers.

Arts and Crafts Lesson Plans, Activities, Ideas
Arts and Crafts Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas that will help the elementary school teacher inspire creativity and individuality in her students. Also includes art appreciation resources.

Educational Games - Free Online Educational Games for Learning
Educational games and tools that are so fun your students won't even know they're learning!

Valentines Day Lesson Plans - Valentines Day Lesson Plans for K-6 Teachers
If love is in the air, it must be February! And if you're an elementary school teacher, then you are certainly in the market for Valentines Day Lesson Plans to celebrate and learn with your students.

January Holidays Lesson Plans for Elementary School Educators
January Holidays Lesson Plans for Elementary School Educators, including thematic units and printable activities for the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Elementary Math Lessons Collection
Fun and effective math lessons for your classroom.

Physical Education P.E. and Health Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas
Physical Education P.E. and Health Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas

Social Studies Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas
Social Studies Lesson Plans, Activities, and Ideas

Back to School Lessons
Lessons and ideas for Back to School that will help you get the new school year off to a successful start.

Assessment/Grading - Teaching Resources for Assessment and Grading
You can't teach your students unless you first assess exactly where they are and what they're developmentally ready to learn. These resources will help make your assessment tasks easier and more effective.

December Holiday Lessons Christmas Lesson Plans Chanukah Winter Ideas
Are you looking for December Holiday Lesson Plans? Here is a selection of activities, ideas, suggestions, coloring pages, games, and links for Christmas Lesson Plans and December Holidays. Also includes Chanukah, Kwaanza, New Years, and the Winter season in general.

Education Glossary
A burgeoning glossary of the most common education related terms. Learn about teaching vocabulary from Assessment to Whole Language.

Holiday Lesson Ideas - A Collection of Holiday Lesson Ideas for the Classroom
Holiday-related lesson plans, activities, ideas, links, coloring pages, crafts, book lists, and more for elementary school teachers and their students.

March Holiday Lesson Plans for Elementary School Teachers
March Holiday Lesson Plans, including St. Patrick's Day for Elementary School Teachers.

May Holiday Lesson Plans - May Holiday Lesson Plans for Teachers
May Holiday Lesson Plans for the Elementary School Teacher. Includes Mothers Day craft ideas.

November Holiday Lesson Plans Thanksgiving Veterans Day Activities
November Holiday Lesson Plans for Thanksgiving and Veterans Day. For elementary school teachers who want to teach their students about the lessons of the November holidays.

October and Halloween Activities and Lesson Plans - October Lessons
Halloween activities and lesson plans for the month of October.

Parent Communication - Teacher Strategies for Effective Parent Communication
Through effective parent communication, you are forming a cooperative team that has the students' best interests at heart. Extend your lessons beyond the classroom with effective school-home communication.

Substitute Teacher Tips: How to Be a Substitute Teacher
Being a substitute teacher is a tough job, but someone's got to do it. How to be the best you can be every day, no matter what school you're at or how the students are behaving.

Sample Biography Poem - Language Arts Lesson Plan
Biography Poems are a fun and novel way for your students to tell their life stories. Have them illustrate their poems, too, and you'll have an easy bulletin board for Back to School Night.

What is a Teachable Moment?
What is a teachable moment in the classroom? Here is the definition of a teachable moment in education as well as a few examples on how you can make the most of them, as well as how to create them.

Teaching Philosophy Examples
Sample educational philosophy statements to help inspire and motivate you to write your own.

Best Tips for Acing a Teacher Interview
You've scored a teacher interview, now it's time to learn how to ace it. How do you dress? What do you bring? What do you say? Learn the answers to all of these important questions and much more.

25 Fun and Quick Easter Activities and Ideas
Short on time but you still want to get in the Easter spirit? Discover this collection of 25 Easter activities for primary school, along with games and ideas to help you celebrate.

Job Sharing Pros and Cons at a Glance
Is Job Sharing the right choice for your teaching career? Here's a look at the pros and cons of sharing a contract with another teacher.

100th Day of School Activities and Lessons
Celebrate The 100th Day of School With Your Students by orienting your entire today toward trusty number 100.

10 Modern Day Role Models for Elementary Girls
10 modern day role models for young elementary girls to look up to. Celebrate this influential women during women's history month.

5 Simple Ways to Improve a Boring Lesson
Learn 5 simple tricks to improve any boring lesson. These teacher-tested strategies have been widely used and successful.

Field Day Activities for Elementary Students
Celebrate the end of the year with these top field day activities for elementary students. Ideas include: relay, hula hoop, egg toss, and much more.

Resources to Prevent Summer Brain Drain
Want to avoid summer brain drain? Discover a list of creative ways to prevent children from summer learning loss by having them partake in these summer enrichment ideas.

Memory Games and Brain Training Exercises
Learn effective memory games and brain training exercises that will help increase elementary students working memory and help train their brain.

Elementary School Valentines Theme Word Bank
Use this list of Valentines Day Word Bank to play games and support creative writing with your students during the month of February.

Thanksgiving Journal Writing for Elementary School
Use these Thanksgiving journal prompts as inspiration for your students' journal writing work in the month of November.

Mothers Day Word List and Word Bank for Lesson Plans
Use this word bank as a jumping-off point for your students to write, create, explore, and express themselves in the month of May in honor to the Mothers Day holiday.

7 Signs of Trouble at Home - Child Depression or Abuse
As teachers, we aren't only in charge of our students' learning. We also need to be aware of signs of possible trouble at home so that we can help our students be happy and healthy both inside and outside of the classroom.

January Idea for New Years Resolutions Lesson
It's fun to use the beginning of January as an opportunity to write New Years resolutions with your students.

Journal Writing Checklist to Assess Writing Progress
A Journal Writing Checklist is a list of qualities that you hope to see in your students' creative writing. Use a Journal Writing Checklist to Assess Writing Progress.

Definition of the Education Glossary Term "Word Walls"
Definition of the Education glossary term Word Walls.

Definition and Examples of Dolch Sight Words
Definition of the education glossary term Dolch Sight Words.

Memorial Day Lesson Plan, Ideas, and Quick Crafts
Quick craft ideas and lesson plan suggestions to observe Memorial Day in the elementary school classroom.

Ideas for Thanksgiving Math Word Problems
Use these ideas for Thanksgiving Math Word Problems to inspire your math worksheets in the month of November.

"Cooperative Learning" Definition and Examples
Definition of the education glossary term Cooperative Learning. Cooperative Learning is a method of active learning for your students.

Glossary Definition of Extrinsic Motivation
A definition of the teaching term Extrinsic Motivation.

"The Essential 55" by Ron Clark for Elementary Students
A discussion of how to use Ron Clark's book The Essential 55 in the elementary classroom. The Essential 55 describes the top 55 rules for being a student in Ron Clark's classroom.

Ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Lesson Plans
Christmas lesson plans, activities, links and ideas to help you celebrate the wonderful holiday season with your students.

Weekly Teacher Parent Communication Through Newsletters
By writing a weekly newsletter with your students, you offer a high quality Guided Writing lesson while saving yourself the time and hassle of putting together a newsletter each week.

Lesson Plan Required Materials and Equipment
Required Materials is the seventh step of writing an effective lesson plan for the elementary school classroom. Make sure you have the required materials for your lesson plan before you get started.

Education Glossary Definition of Mandated Reporter
Definition of the Education glossary term Mandated Reporter

Proactive Organizational Tips for Messy Student Desks
Four simple strategies to help your students set positive, proactive habits so their student desks will go from messy to organized.

Complete List of the Caldecott Medal Winners
A complete list of the Caldecott Medal Winners from 1938 to present. Caldecott Medal Winners are recognized for excellence in children's picture books.

Caldecott Medal Winners 1938 to 1970
A complete list of the Caldecott Medal Winners from 1938 to 1970. Caldecott Medal Winners are recognized for excellence in children's picture books. Page 2.

Lesson Plan Using "Miss Nelson Is Missing"
Use the book Miss Nelson Is Missing to teach your students a Language Arts lesson. Miss Nelson Is Missing was written by by Harry Allard and James Marshall.

Activities and Ideas for Veterans Day Lessons
Veterans Day lessons for elementary school teachers.

Memory Poems for Young Poets and Creative Writers
Using a set structure for poems is an effective way to offer poetry

Thanksgiving Ideas, Activities, and Lesson Plans
It's important to be thankful all yearlong, but November is an irresistible time of the year for celebrating Thanksgiving with your students through crafts and turkey time lesson plans!

Find Success with Student Teacher Survival Tips
How to make the most of your time as a student teacher.

Writing Acrostic Poems - Christmas Poetry Lesson
Need a quick Christmas poetry lesson plan? Combine poetry and character-building with this Christmas Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

Ideas for Christmas Journal Writing Prompts
Use these Christmas journal writing prompts to support your creative writing program in the month of December.

Ideas for Christmas and Hanukkah Math Word Problems
Use these sample Christmas math word problems as templates for customizing your own festive math worksheets for your elementary students.

How to Create a Rubric for Student Assessment
Step-by-step instructions to help you create a rubric for assessing your students' work.

Create Rubric - State Learning Objectives When You Create a Rubric
State the Learning Objectives for your Rubric

Multi-Dimensional Rubric - Create a Rubric with Multiple Dimensions for Scoring
Determine How Many Dimensions You Will Need When You Create a Rubric.

Checklist Rubrics - Create a Rubric with a Checklist
Consider Whether a Checklist Would Make More Sense For You When You Create a Rubric.

Pass Fail Rubrics - Create a Rubric with a Pass Fail Line
Decide on the Pass / Fail Line When You Create a Rubric.

Use Rubric - Practice Using a Rubric on Real Student Work
Practice Using a Rubric on Real Student Work.

Communicate Rubric - Communicate Your Rubric to Your Students and Parents
Communicate Your Rubric to the Class Before the Lesson Begins

Administer Rubric - Administer Rubric to Student Work
Administer the Assessment and Apply Your New Rubric

Simple Tips to Help Children Decode Text
Simple strategies to help students decode text. These teacher-tested strategies are sure to be effective in all elementary classrooms.

Biography Poems Lesson Plan - Language Arts Biography Poems Lesson Plan
Biography Poems are a fun and easy way to ease your elementary students into poetry. This activity is especially great for the first few days of school.

St Patricks Day Poetry Lesson
Need a quick St Patricks Day poetry lesson plan? Practice poetry-writing with your students through this St Patricks Day Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

Journal Prompts for the Elementary Classroom
Creative writing journal prompts offer focus and structure to your Journal Writing Program. These Journal Prompts are perfect for your elementary school students to use during writing time.

Standardized Testing Pressure - Elementary School Teachers and Standardized Testing Pressure
A look at the enormous pressure mounting for teachers when it comes to Standardized Testing. Learn what other teachers have to say about it, along with a few facts.

Book Review: Ron Clark's "The Excellent 11"
A book review of

Effective Questioning Strategies
5 effective strategies to stimulate learning by asking questions in the classroom.

Higher Order Thinking Skills
Higher order thinking skills have become an essential element to be taught in the elementary education system, learn what it is and how to implement it into your classroom.

How to Get Students to Talk in Your Class
Learn 5 ways to get students to talk more in class. Use these strategies with your elementary students for more student-directed activities.

How to Create an Effective Classroom Library
Learn how to create an effective classroom library with these quick tips from veteran teachers.

How to Turn a Worksheet into an Engaging Activity
Learn 5 smart Ways to turn a boring worksheet into an engaging activity your students will love.

Writing Acrostic Poems Valentines Poetry Lesson
Need a quick Valentines Day poetry lesson plan? Practice poetry-writing with your students through this Valentines Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

Ice Breakers for the First Day of Elementary School
Help your students break the ice and get to know each other with this quick and easy selection of First Day of School ice breakers for elementary school classrooms. Perfect for Back to School.

Dolch Sight Words - Complete List of 220 Dolch Sight Words
A complete list of 220 Dolch sight words for young readers.

Halloween Math Lesson Plan
Students spice up their math skills with this Halloween-inspired math lesson plan!

Elementary School Classroom Jobs For Students - List
Use this list of classroom jobs to assign jobs to your students in the elementary school classroom, from pencil sharpener to bulletin board monitor.

Classroom Activities for Groundhog's Day
Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Here are five classroom activities to help you celebrate Groundhog's Day in your classroom.

Top 10 Tech Tools for Grades K-5
10 must-have tech tools for grades k-5. From blogs to Dropbox, find out which tech tools make the list for the top tools to use in your elementary school classroom.

Pets in the Classroom
Learn which animals make the best classroom pets. From fish to snakes to guinea pigs and hamsters, classroom pets are a great way to teach children some responsibility.

Getting Through the Winter Months in Your Classroom
10 Ways teachers can get through the winter months in their classroom. Here you will learn 10 fun ideas and tips on how to make the most of the winter months with your students.

Germs in the Classroom
Germs can spread quickly among students in your classroom. Get the facts on germs and how to maintain a germ free classroom.

Preparing for a Parent/Teacher Conference
How to Prepare for Effective Parent Teacher Conferences. Learn essential tips and advice from a teacher.

Characteristics of a 21st Century Teacher
What does a 21st century teacher look like? Find out the top 6 characteristics of a 21st century teacher.

5 Ways to Use Parent Volunteers
5 ways to use parent volunteers in your elementary school classroom. From learning centers to mystery readers there is always room for a parent volunteer.

Top 10 Holiday Teacher Gifts
Top 10 holiday teacher gifts that every teacher wants this year. Find out which gifts will make your teacher smile.

5 Ways to Rid Your Classroom of Interruptions
Learn 5 ways to stop your classroom interruptions and other blurt-outs that may occur throughout the school day.

Top 5 Don'ts for Teacher Holiday Gift Giving
Top five Don'ts for teacher holiday gift giving. Learn what you should not do when purchasing a gift for a teacher.

Back to School Night Ideas
Looking for Back to School Night Ideas? Here is a sample agenda for Back to School Night that will help you design your activities for the evening.

Teacher Resources - 20 Resources for Future Teachers
Are you thinking of joining the teaching profession? If so, check out this list of resources hand-picked to support your goals.

Substitute Preparation Checklist
Use this substitute preparation checklist to help you give an incoming substitute everything he or she needs in order to have a successful day taking over the reins in your classroom.

How to Make a Fresh Start for Your Class in January
Learn how to make a fresh start in your class after the New Year. January's the perfect time to make any changes you've been wanting to make for awhile. When you come back from the break in January, make concrete changes to get your class a little closer to perfection.

Mother's Day Activities and Ideas
Discover a collection of Mother's Day activities to help you celebrate with your students. Learn fun facts, songs, crafts, games, cards and more.

Classroom Door Decorations - Ideas for All Seasons
Find unique classroom door decoration ideas for all seasons. Find a great selection of ideas and learn how to customize your door for any occasion.

What is Depth of Knowledge?
What is depth of knowledge? (DOK) This article focuses on explaining what DOK is and will help you understand DOK levels. It also includes sample stem questions and activities to correlate with each level.

Second Grade Project
Discover a second grade project packet for students to complete at home. Overview: A Printable packet to send home explaining in detail the teacher's expectations of the project.

What You Should Do Before You Set Up Your Classroom
Learn what you should do before you set up your classroom. Use these tips to make sure that your classroom is organized and ready for a great school year.

How to Have a Paperless Classroom
Is a paperless classroom in elementary school even possible? Learn how to have a paperless classroom with these tips and ideas.

Back-to-School resources. Start your new year off to a great start by preparing for the new school year. You'll find icebreakers, activities, lesson plans, classroom arrangement ideas, and much more.

How to Find Your Teaching Style
What is your teaching style? The most effective teachers learn how to find their teaching style so that they are better able to reach all learners.

Video Conferencing in the Elementary Classroom
Video conferencing in the elementary school classroom. Learn five ways to use this advanced technology in your classroom.

Strategies to Increase Homework Completion in Primary Grades
Strategies to increase homework completion in primary grade classrooms. Use these tips to increase homework completion in your classroom.

Passover Activities and Ideas for Classrooms
Discover a collection of Passover activities for your classroom. Teach the history, learn about the food, and find out about the best books to incorporate into our lessons.

End of the School Year Projects and Activities
Wrap up the end of the school year with a few fun projects and activities your students will remember. This collection of ideas will help keep your students motivated to learn up until the very last day.

Back from Christmas Break Writing Prompts
Give students the opportunity to share all about their winter break with these back from Christmas break writing prompts. Here you will find 40 post-Christmas writing prompts for elementary age students.

Healthy Snacks Lesson Plan
An elementary healthy snack lesson plan where students will investigate healthy snack options.

Common Core State Standards Explained
What is the common core? Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about common core state standards in education.

Teaching Students About Veterans Day
A collection of Veterans Day activities to teach young kids to show respect and appreciation to veterans.

A Tongue-Twisting Language Arts Lesson Plan
Here are several tongue-twisting language arts lessons for teaching creative writing to help focus on phonics, parts of speech, oral language, and more.

Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech
Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream Speech

Transcript of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech
The full text of Martin Luther King's famous I Have a Dream speech. Page 2.

Using Illustrations to Engage Readers
Get more out of picture books by using illustrations to engage and enhance your students reading experience. Use these tips to explore picture books a bit further.

How to Get Your Classroom Ready for Students
Learn specific ways on how you can get your classroom ready for students. How to prepare your floor space, work space, wall space, shelf space, student space, materials space, and of course yourself!

How to Increase the Joy of Reading in Students
Learn how to increase the joy of reading in your elementary students. Utilize these strategies to help students remember that books are indeed joyful.

ABC Countdown to Summer
ABC Countdown to Summer - A sequence of activities to have fun celebrating the end of the school year with your students!

ABC Countdown To Summer - End of the Summer Activities With Students
ABC Countdown to Summer - Activities to have fun celebrating the end of the school year with your students! Page 2.

How to Ignite Passion in Students
Learn how to ignite passion in students. Take these five strategies and create a learning environment that will ignite a fire in students creativity.

10 Ways to Fill a Few Minutes Between Lessons
10 ways to fill minutes between lessons. Got an extra minute? Here are 10 ways to make the most of every minute that you have in your classroom.

Halloween Poem Lesson Plan - Halloween Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan
Need a quick Halloween activity? Combine poetry and the October spirit with this Halloween Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

The Mindful classroom
Mindfulness in the classroom. Learn what all the hype is, the benefits, and how to introduce it to your students.

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Acrostic Poem
Need a quick Thanksgiving lesson plan? Combine poetry and character-building with this Thanksgiving Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan.

Halloween Ideas for the Classroom - Halloween Ideas for the Classroom
Halloween ideas for the elementary school classroom. Includes crafts, costumes, lesson, online activities, and more.

Fun Fall Activities for the Classroom
Discover 5 fall activities that will help elementary students celebrate the autumn season. Learn ideas such as, leave prints, Harvest party, stuffing a scarecrow and much more.

Easter Books For Elementary School Students in the Spring
If Spring has sprung, it's time to share these top Easter books with your elementary school students. These books are chosen for elementary school teachers to read to their students to celebrate Easter, Springtime, and Passover in the classroom.

October Themes, Holiday Activities, and Special Events for Elementary School
Here you will find a list of October themes, holidays, and events with correlating activities for elementary students.

Tips for Creating Effective Learning Spaces
Learn how to create an effective learning space for your elementary school classroom with these tips.

Practicing Yoga in the Classroom
Practicing yoga in the classroom in said to have many benefits for students. Here are 5 reasons why you should implement yoga into your classroom today.

How to Deal with Teacher Burnout
It is well-known that teaching can be stressful. Here are 10 ways that you can deal with teacher burnout.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Science Lesson Plan
A Science lesson plan using The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Teach your students a science lesson plan using children's literature by Eric Carle.

Behavior Management - Student Discipline and Behavior Management
Every teacher must enter the classroom armed with comprehensive and well-though-out rules in order to have an orderly and effective school year. Here's everything you need to know to strategically design and enforce the classroom rules that will work for you all year long.

Mosaic of Thought & Workshop for Reading Comprehension
Teaching Reading Comprehension with Mosaic of Thought and Reader's Workshop

How Teachers Can Ease Students' First Day Jitters
Tips for how teachers can help anxious young students deal with their first day of school jitters.

Geography Lesson Plan for Map Skills
Teach your students Map Skills with this Geography Lesson Plan. Map Skills are an important skill for your students to learn.

Using Chocolate Bars for Teaching Fractions
A Delicious Way to Teach Fractions. For elementary school educators.

Remember September 11th 9/11 - How to Remember September 11th 9/11 with Elementary School Students
Here's a simple, sensitive lesson plan to help you observe and remember the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks with your young elementary school students.

Goal Setting with Elementary Students
Goal setting with elementary students. Learn the top 4 tips that will help your students learn how to create a goal and achieve it.

Behavor Managment Clip Charts
Learn how to monitor students' behavior with a classroom behavior clip chart. Here you will discover a variety of behavior management ideas for your elementary classroom.

Rubric Template Sample for Teachers
Here you find sample rubric templates, and specific examples of qualifiers. Plus: verbs and verb phrases to help you write your description of the performance characteristics.

6 Open House Ideas for Teachers
Top of the line open house ideas for teachers. Learn how to arrange for your school's open house with these tips, suggestions, and procedures that will make it a success.

Top 5 Free iPad Apps for Teachers
Discover 5 of the best free apps for teachers. Learn how to incorporate these must have apps into classroom lessons and activities.

What Makes a Reluctant reader
What makes a reluctant reader, and how can teachers encourage students to find a love for reading? Learn how to do this, as well as how to engage students in this in-depth article.

Top 5 Activities to Reach Reluctant Readers
How do you appeal to a reluctant reader? Here are 5 fun ideas to help you encourage and motivate students to love reading.

What's New in Education: Technology Trends
What's new in education for K-5? Learn technology trends for the future.

Interview with Carol Gordon Ekster
Q and A with the talented Children’s book author Carol Gordon Ekster. Learn about her book, Before I Sleep I Say Thank You, the publishing process, and much more.

Effective Cooperative Learning Strategies
Here you will find cooperative learning strategies to help improve your students' skills. Learn what students should do when working in groups, specific roles that will help groups work better, and how to monitor groups.

Q and A: Jake Marcionette, 14 Year Old Author of Book Series "Just Jake"
Q and A with 14th year old New York Times best-selling author Jake Marcionette. Learn about his likes and dislikes, favorite author, the publishing process, and much more.

5 Ways to Show Students That You Care
5 ways to show elementary students that you care about them. Take these 5 teaching strategies and implement them into your teaching so that students will know how much you care.

Common Interview Questions for Teaching Jobs
Before you show up for your job interview, use these common interview questions to prepare your answers and calm your nerves.

How to Create a Happy Classroom
Here are 7 ways to create a happy classroom. From welcoming your students to school, to investing your time to get to know them better, these tips will make your students happy.

Typical K-3 School Supply List
A typical K-3 supply list for back-to-school. Here you will find specific items that students will use for the grades K-3.

Classroom Party Planning Tips
10 Tips for throwing a classroom party that your students will never forget! Create an amazing, fun, and memorable party by using these top tips.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

How to Set Up Classroom for First Day of School
Step-by-step instructions for how best to set up your elementary school classroom for the first day of school.

Learning Centers - Classroom Learning Center Resources
Classroom learning center resources for elementary school teachers.

Out of This World Space Activities
Launch students into outer space with over 50 space activities and resources that are out of this world.

September Themes, Holiday Activities, and Special Events for Elementary School
Here you will find a list of September themes, holidays, and events with correlating activities for elementary students.

Top 5 Student Assessment Apps for Teachers
Discover the top 5 assessment apps that will make assessing students' work easier than ever before.

Back-to-School Headquarters
Back-to-School headquarters! September is back to school month, and many teachers are headed back to the classroom. If you're feeling unprepared, About.com has got you covered!

Back-to-School Activities for Kids
Discover 10 back to school activities to help

Elementary School Attendance Strategies
5 elementary school attendance strategies to improve school attendance and eliminate school truancy rates.

Using Humor in the Classroom
Using humor in the classroom can help students retain information better. Here are a few tips and strategies to try today.

Top 8 Things Teachers Need to Survive in School
Discover the top 8 things teachers need in order to survive in school. Get an in-depth view of what it is teachers need in order to run a successful classroom.

Substitute Folder - Creating a Teacher Packet
A substitute folder is an essential resource for all elementary teachers to have in their classroom. Learn the types of materials to add to your folder to ensure your classroom will run smoothly while you are absent.

Ice Breakers - Top 5 Ice Breakers for Back to School
Fun and easy ice breaker activities to ease the first week jitters. Ideas include, classroom bingo, picture pairs, summer souvenir, fits like a puzzle and applying for classroom jobs.

Teachers Back to School Checklist
Prepare for the new school year with a back to school checklist. Use this comprehensive list to help you organize and get ready for your elementary school class.

Help Students Prepare for the New School Year
David Reeves, Marketing Director of Superior Grounds For Play gives tips on how to prepare students for the new school year.

Sketch-to-Stretch - Definition of Sketch-to-Stretch
A definition of the teaching strategy Sketch-to-Stretch.

Harold and the Purple Crayon Lesson Plan
Use the book,

Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers
Browse this creative collection of bulletin board ideas for teachers. Discover unique ideas that will make your classroom complete.

Trending Articles in Elementary Education
This article contains current trending articles in elementary education right now. You will find articles on how to help reluctant readers, to how to make learning fun.

Sight Word Resources
Sight word teaching resources including helpful teaching strategies which use phonics, word walls, and vocabulary activities to increase reading retention.

Strategies that Support Transitions Between Activities
Strategies that support transitions between activities. Here you will learn tips, tricks, and transition ideas to implement into your classroom.

Bully Prevention Strategies
Bully prevention strategies and teacher tips for grades K-2.

Bully Prevention Strategies
Bully prevention strategies and teacher tips for grades 3-6.

10 Great Activities for Using Newspapers in the Classroom
Here you will find ten activities for utilizing newspapers in the classroom.

Top 5 Behavior Management Strategies
5 Behavior management resources to help you establish and maintain effective classroom discipline.

5 Essential Elementary Classroom Procedures
5 essential elementary classroom procedures to make the school day run smoothly. From creating a system for handing in homework to walking in the halls these procedures are important.