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Nutrition, Food, and Dietary Supplements
Clearing up misinformation about nutrition is an ongoing task. Dietary supplements can never replace of real food and at best can only compliment.

Why You Should Strengthen Your Feet
Weak feet negatively impact physical performance. Foot-strengthening exercises are a key to athletic success.

Kettlebell Halo for Improved Shoulder Mobility
The Kettlebell Halo is a useful mobility exercise for reducing tension and increasing range of motion in the shoulder girdles and upper back musculature.

Getting into the Swing of Kettlebell Training
The Kettlebelll Swing is the first and most important exercise of Kettlebell training. Learn more about proper form and breathing.

Will Kettlebells Make Me Bulky?
Kettlebell training is effective for developing lean body mass, however the primary factors that determine muscle bulk are genetics and nutrition

How to Do the Kettlebell Chair Press
The Kettlebell Chair Press is an effective exercise for upper body strength and endurance development. Discover the steps to perform it correctly.

Getting Fit When Traveling For Busines
For business travelers, keeping a consistent fitness routine is a challenge. This article outlines a travel fitness routine that requires no equipment.

Trainer or Teacher: What Kind of Fitness Pro Are You?
Is there a difference between a personal trainer and fitness teacher? Explore this topic and find out how to change the path of your fitness career.

The Kettlebell Commandments
Follow these Kettlebell Commandments to learn the Dos and Don't safety tips of Kettlebell strength training exercise.

Kettlebell Patience
In Aesop's

KettleBells for All
How a Kettlebell trainer in South Africa came up with an affordable way to offer training to athletes in economically-deprived remote areas of Africa.

What Kettlebell to Start With
Guidelines and safety when selecting the appropriate kettlebell weight to start with.

What is Your Balance?
The pursuit of balance is a worthwhile objective, in fitness, and in life.

What Does Fitness and Well-Being Mean to You?
What is fitness? Examples are very specific, as seen in varied sports. Health and well-being focus are‚Äč more sustainable than a general idea of fitness.

Relax and Recharge - Balance Training with Recovery
In order to get the full benefit of your training programs, it is necessary to balance your exercise with sufficient rest, sleep, and nutrition. Learn more.

Carry On
Along with Low Static Hold/Farmer's Hold and Carry, kettlebell Carries, Rack Position, and Overhead Lockout, develop strength for increasing endurance

Loaded Carries
It's important to include Static Holds or Carries along with Dynamic strength exercises to develop well-rounded kettlebell fitness programs.

Getting to Know Your Kettlebell
Take time to Get to Know your Kettlebell with the Around the Body Pass

Injury Prevention Tips
Avoid dangerous

Kettlebell Complex
A Kettlebell Complex is a great way to get a workout in when you don't have a lot of time.

Leverage is your Frenemy
The Bottoms Up position is a way to increase the leverage demands and thus the difficult of almost any kettlebell exercise.

Bridging for Flexibility in Double Kettlebells Use
The gymnastic bridge is one of the best exercises for adequate flexibility in double kettlebell exercises such as Clean, Press, Push Press, and Jerk.

Kettlebells Here, There, and Everywhere
How do you know if kettlebells are right for you? If you have fitness-related goals, chances are you're a good candidate for kettlebell training.

Kettlebells 101: What, Why, and How
This article tells you what kettlebell training is, why to use kettlebells, and how to get started

Kettlebell Windmill for Core Stability
The Kettlebell Windmill is an outstanding exercise for combining shoulder strength and stability with flexibility and mobility of the back and lower body.

Proper Breathing for Kettlebell Training
Learn how to breath correctly during kettlebell training to maximize your training results and performance.

Good Posture for Kettlebell Training
Proper posture, alignment and breathing sets the framework for successful kettlebell fitness exercise within a health and wellness program

Work Hard for Your Fitness Results
Achieving fitness goals require hard work. It's not easy, but is worthwhile. Keep these 5 habits in mind to stay on track toward your fitness goals.

Kettlebell Snatch Technique
Kettlebell Snatch is a powerful and results-producing conditioning exercise, however, it's a technical lift which requires understanding of good mechanics.

Warming-up Before Kettlebell Exercises
The importance of a good warm-up before kettlebell training using dynamic mobility and joint mobility exercises.

Kettlebell Jump Squat Technique
Kettlebell Jump Squats add an intense, anaerobic conditioning, act as a great

Kettlebell Hand Insertion Technique
This instructional article teaches the important Hand Insertion used in repetition ballistic kettlebell exercises.

Beat Holiday Cookies with this Kettlebell Circuit
If you enjoyed a bit too much holiday cheer, this high-intensity kettlebell circuit is easy to learn while also highly effective.

Kettlebell Best Practices for Effective Training
Before using your kettlebells, it is a good idea to be familiar with

Kettlebell and Yoga: The Perfect Union?
Kettlebell Training and Yoga make a great pairing to increase, strength, fitness and flexibility for a well-rounded body and mind.

Juggling Short- and Long-Term Fitness Goals
With any exercise program, it can be a challenge to integrate short-term performance goals with aesthetic goals and long-term healthy lifestyle goals.

Recording Your Kettlebell Workouts
Keeping a training journal is an important part of your progress‚Äč because it gives you quantifiable data about your physical performance and mental states.

Goblet Squats for Healthy, Happy Hips
Kettlebell Goblet Squats to keep your back and hips healthy and pain-free. Add a few sets to your day.

Ballistic Kettlebell Training
Ballistic or dynamic training burns fat, increases cardio fitness, and improves athleticism by combining strength, power, and endurance in each workout.

Kettlebell 1 Leg Dead Lift for the Glutes
Enhance balance, strengthen the glutes and posterior chain muscles and improve low-back health with the 1 Leg Kettlebell Dead lift exercise.

What Does it Mean to Get Lean and How Do You Stay Lean?
To achieve a lean, muscular body, learn healthy eating and conservative food consumption, then add kettlebell training to that lifestyle change.

General and Specific Conditioning for Kettlebells
Understanding the difference between GPP and SPP will help you to build more well-rounded kettlebell training routines that address all facets of fitness

How Do You Know You Found a Guru?
When seeking a fitness coach, beware of the self-proclaimed Gurus. A real Guru is a teacher who earns the distinction from years of study and experience.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Getting a Grip on Kettlebell Training
Master the Kettlebell Hook Grip for repetition kettlebell exercises like the Swing, Clean and Snatch, and keep your hands in good shape without excessive skin tears.

Renegade Rows
The Kettlebell Renegade Row is an anterior core, horizontal-rowing exercise that focuses on anti-rotation through a stable midsection. A good balance to the primarily vertical pushing and pulling movements found in the classical ketlebell exercises.

Kettlebell Training: It’s About Time
Training sets based upon time, rather than reps, is the best way to build speed, power and endurance when training with kettlebells

Kettlebell Training Lession 1: Be Present
Kettlebell exercise success depends upon Being Present. Learn mental preparation strategies for kettlebell fitness training

Kettlebell Tossing and Catching
Learning to toss and catch a kettlebell is a necessary step to develop the skill and confidence for Hand Insertion used in ballistic kettlebell exercises such as Clean and Snatch.

Movement Quality
Movement quality is perhaps the most important quality to develop within your kettlebell training, because quality leads to sustainable skill, and skill is the foundation for strength, endurance, coordination and every other physical attribute

Stay Cool!
A cool-down is an important part of a complete kettlebell training program. Save a few mintues at end of every workout to cool-down and decompress the body from the intense kettlebell work.

Enhancing Athleticism with Kettlebell Training
More and more athletes are realizing the benefits of kettlebell training for improving movement quality and enhancing their athleticism in the games they play

Correcting Faulty Mechanics - The Box Squat
The Box Squat is an excellent drill used to correct poor squatting mechanics, by teaching hip hinging

Extend yourself
Stretching is an important part of any kettlebell training program. Good posture is necessary for safe progress in flexibility training. Keep these stretching posture guidelines in mind.

Are You Kettlebell FIIT?
Understanding how to apply FITT Principle of exercise science to your Kettlebell training

Be SMART about Goal-Setting
Use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym for setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals for your kettlebell training.

Are You Ready for Kettlebells?
It is helpful to guage your readiness for kettlebell training by first performing these 4 simple assessment tests, which will indicate basic control over the core, shoulder, hip and trunk musculature.

Are You Hard?
The Ego aspect wants to think of being

Aerobic conditioning
The Swing improves cardiovascular fitness and muscular stamina

Mind-Body Fitness
mind, body, kettlebell training, breathing

Breathing in kettlebell training
breath, breathing, kettlebell training, fitness; anaerobic, aerobic

How to position stance for kettlebell training
posture, alignment, kettlebell training

Athletic preparation
Athletes are realizing the benefits of kettlebell training to their sports performance

Kettlebell Grip
How to Grip the kettlebell, and kettlebell exercises which focus on grip strength/endurance

The Perfect Workout
All too often, the pursuit of the

Mobility exercises
As we age, the ability to retain and increase mobility increases

Strive for symmetry in movements to develop balance throughout the body

Lower body exercises
These exercises strengthen and tone the legs

Balance training for improve athleticism and function

You Can if you Think You Can
You can if you think you can. Believe in self is a key motivation for action and going after fitness goals. Have an idea of what you want to do, believe you will do it and be consistent in pursing that goal. You really can if you think you can and sticking to it brings sure success.

The Kettlebel Rack Position
The Kettlebell Rack Position is the static portion of the Kettlebell Clean and am important skill to develop for the ability to rest and recover under load during a working set.

Wrist Guards for Kettlebell Training?
Wrist wraps can be used to offer added protection to delicate wrists and forearms when practicing ballistic kettlebell exercises like Clean and Snatch

The Blending of the Bells
Kettlebells, barbells, or dumbells can be blended together in different combinations to provide a well-rounded strength/conditioning training program

To Lockout or Not to Lockout?
Learn to Lock-out the joints under load when lifting kettlebell, to establish proper stability and control over the load and to assure safe lifting mechanics.

The Power of Kettlebells
The kettlebell is a power tool for creating physical improvement in health and fitness, but also has the ability to break down barriers since all people from all cultures, traditions and belief systems can and do utilize this simple tool to improve themselves. There is always more than meets the eye.

You are Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link
The Bilateral Deficit explain why and how the sum of force production from each limb individually is more than the force production of both limbs working together. By strengthen the weakest link in the chain, the entire Kinetic chain becomes stronger and the kettlebell lifts become better.

The Kettlebell Clean
The 1 arm Kettlebell Clean is an important fundamental exercise, which teaches important skills of hand insertion and Rack position which will all be used extensively in many other kettlebell lifts.

Why Movement over Muscles?
Kettlebell training provides movement pattern education, unlike the concentric contraction exercises of bodybuilding. Improve posture, mobility and strength/conditioning. Train Movement over muscles

The Kettlebell Press
Learn the Unilateral (1 arm) Kettlebell Press to improve posture, overhead strength and mobility and stability of the shoulders

The Foundation - 1 Hand Kettlebell Swing
The 1 Hand Kettlebell Swing introduces uni-lateral movement and increased grip endurance demands, and is the foundational exercise for Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell Figure 8
The Kettlebell Figure 8 exercise, otherwise known as the Between-the-Legs Pass, continues the hand-to-hand passing theme first learned in Around the Body Pass, but adds an increased coordination demand

Strive for Symmetry
Unilateral kettlebell exercise encourage symmetrical movement patterns and balance between the right and left hemispheres of the body.