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Top Six Scouting Organizations for Kids
Scouting organizations are great opportunities for children to make friends, develop skills and become involved in their community. See six programs.

Popular Clubs and Extracurricular Activities for Kids
Learn about the types of different clubs available to your child. These include volunteering, scouting, faith-based, academic, agricultural, and arts.

Awana Clubs - Christian Based Clubs for Kids
Learn about Awana clubs. These Christian-based learning and fun clubs are available at local churches around the world for children of all ages.

Flag and Tackle Football for Boys and Girls
Learn about youth football programs sponsored by the NFL. These include the NFL Flag league for boys and girls, and the NFL Pepsi Punt, Kick and Pass.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Child's Leader or Coach
A small gift during the holidays is a nice way to show your child's coach or leader you appreciate the time he puts in with the club. Not sure what to give? Here are some gift ideas for your child's leader.

Your Guide to Kids' Clubs from
Scouts, sports, 4-H, music… what’s best for your child? Find out about these and other after school activities, plus how to enroll and participate.

Agricultural Kids Clubs -- Learn about clubs for children interested in farming and other agricultural fields
Agricultural Kids Clubs -- Learn about clubs for children interested in farming and other agricultural fields

Girl Scouts of the USA
Joining and participating in Girl Scouts -- for girls of all ages.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Music, Performance Arts & Fine Arts
Children learn to express themselves through music and the arts.

Clubs and Activities Associated with Religious Organizations
Many churches and religious organizations offer clubs for kids. These provide fun activities within the context of their belief system.

Scouting Organizations
Learn about the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of the USA and SpiralScouts International, Camfire USA, American Heritage Girls -- how to join, what they do, opportunities they offer.

Sports Teams and Adventure Activities
Sports teams and adventure activities teach children sportsmanship, build self-esteem and help kids stay fit.

Service Oragnizations for Kids
Volunteering, service to others, gives children a chance to serve others and develop a sense of civic responsibility.

4-H: Head, Heart, Hands, Health
Learn about the various programs 4-H has to offer and find how how to enroll your child.

Frontier Girls -- a New Scouting Organization for Girls
Frontier Girls is a new scouting organization designed to meet the needs of rural girls. They offer some unique opportunities. Come learn more.

Leadership Journey Diaries - Follow Girl Scouts on the Journey in the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience
Girl Scouts of the USA has introduced Leadership Journeys as part of the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Follow along with my girls on their Journey.

Sports for Challenged Children -- Find a Sports Program for your Challenged Child
Challenged children like to play sports, too, but may not be able to keep up with other children. Many well known leagues offer special divisions for challenged children and other leagues are being formed specifically for them, as well. Learn what's available for your challenged child.

Baseball and Softball Leagues for Children
Baseball and Softball Leagues for Children.

Basketball for Kids -- Organizations Specializing in Youth Basketball
Basketball for Kids -- Organizations Specializing in Youth Basketball

Books about Kids' Clubs
Books about kids clubs and why children participate in clubs.

Kids' Bowling Programs
When choosing a sport for your child, you may not think of bowling at the top of the list, but it's a great choice. Children across the country participate in bowling leagues and tournaments. Learn more about how your child can join a bowling program.

Boy Scouts of America
Joining and participating in the Boy Scouts of America as a cub scout, boy scout or venture scout.

Catholic Youth World Network -- Clubs for Catholic Boys and Girls
youth clubs for catholic boys and girls from the catholic youth world network

Learn about Cheerleading programs.

Football Leages for Children from Kids' Clubs
Football Leagues for Children. Kids' Clubs.

Youth Hockey -- Ice Hockey and Field Hockey for Kids
Youth Hockey -- Ice Hockey and Field Hockey for Kids

Kiwanis Sponsored Volunteer Opportunities for Children
Kiwanis is an organization dedicated to serving children. They sponsor several Service Oriented Clubs for children of different age levels.

Soccer Clubs and Organizations for Kids
earn about soccer organizations for children

Theater and Drama for Children - from your guide to Kids' Clubs
Children love to pretend. This is the basis for drama & theater. Find out how your child can participate in drama clubs.

Clubs Based on Academic and Literary Activities
Science, math, trivia, magazines and newspapers -- Learn about clubs that require kids to use their academic skills and enhance their school lives.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Boys and Girls Clubs of America are a safe, nurturing place for children to go after school and on weekends. Learn more about what they do and how to find a club for your child.

Choosing and Joining a Club that's Right for Your Child
Tips on how to find a club that suits your child and how to join that club.

Featured Kids -- Kids who have completed special projects, won awards, or received recognitions
kids who have completed special projects or received awards or recognitions

Volunteering to Work with a Kids' Clubs
Kids' clubs needs adult volunteers. Learn how and why you can help with a kids' club, and get advice along the way.

Golf for Children
Information and resources for young golfers.

Gymnastics - Learn about recreational gymnastics and team / competitive gymnastics
Is your child always upside-down? Gymnastics might be a great choice. Come find out.

Dealing with Issues that May Arise in Kids' Clubs
Once your child is in a club, there are still many issues to deal with such as making friends, trouble with leaders, wanting to quit, and more. Learn how to handle these issues, and more.

Kids' Clubs and Camps to Fill the Summer Months
Day camp, resident camp, specialty camps, vacation Bible school. There's plenty for your child to do during the summer. Learn about them here.

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms A - C
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms A - C

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms D - F
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms D - F

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms J - L
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms J - L

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms U - Z
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms U - Z

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms G - I
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms G - I

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms M - O
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms M - O

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms P - R
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms P - R

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms S
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms S

Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms T
Kids' Clubs Glossary: Terms T

Basketball for Youth ages 5 to 14
Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA offers winter basketball leagues to youth ages 5 to 14. They also offer a variety of instructional and competitive events around the country.

National Junior Honor Society for Students
The National Junior Honor Society is a scholarship, leadership, service and character-focused organization with chapters in schools across the U.S.

Bowling Equipment for your Child
Trying to decide if your child is ready for her own bowling equipment? Here's what you need to know about bowling balls, bowling shoes, and other bowling equipment and accessories.

Choosing a Bowling Ball for Your Child -- Buying Bowling Equipment for Your Child
There's more to buying a bowling ball than pretty colors and design. Learn some of the basics you'll want to consider when looking at a bowling ball for your child. Page 2.

Choosing Bowling Shoes for Your Child -- Bowling Shoes and Other Bowling Equipment for Kids
Bowling shoes do have some unique features, though they aren't nearly as difficult to pick out as a bowling ball. Page 3.

Bowling Bags and Other Equipment -- Get Your Child Accessorized for Bowling
Got a bowling ball and shoes? Grab a bowling bag and go. Add some accessories and your child has all the bowling equipment he'll need. Page 4.


Kids Helping Communities Through Volunteer Work
Kids volunteering. Learn about what kids can do and how they can help.

Kids Clubs - Should You Sign Yours Up?
Wondering how your child might benefit by joining a club? Read on for some great reasons to get your child involved.

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A Weekend Camping With the Cub Scouts
Expert Heidi Coghlan's first camping trip with her son's Cub Scout Troop.

United States Bowling Conference Youth Program
Get more information about USBC Youth, including its history, cost, and pro/cons.

College Scholarships Available to Participants in Various Clubs
Find scholarships available to your child based on the clubs in which she participated.

Chorus, Choir and Vocal Groups
Music is a special experience for children. Singing becomes a means of self-expressions as well as enjoyment. Learn about some of the different vocal opportunities available for your child.

Fine Arts for Children
Learn more about what is available to your child in the fine arts.

Glossary of Kids Clubs and Kids' Clubs' Terms
Glossary of Kids Clubs and Kids' Clubs' Terms

Kids' Club Resources
Recources for and news about kids' clubs.

A Tired Girl Scout
A tired Girl Scout dozes after a busy afternoon of camping activities. Page 12.

Esther Hangs from Trim Trail Equipment at Girl Scout Camp
Esther hangs from trim trail equipment at Girl Scout camp. Page 8.

Inside a Lake View Cabin
Girl scouts build a structure inside of their camping cabin. Page 3.

Jungle Breakfast at Girl Scout Camp
The girls enjoy jungle breakfast at girl scout camp. Page 14.

The Bathing Facilities
The bathing facilities at our girl scout camp site. Page 4.

Just Let the Kids Play -- How to Stop Other Adults from Ruining Your Child's Fun and Success in Youth Sports
A review of Just Let the Kids Play -- How to Stop Other Adults from Ruining Your Child's Fun and Success in Youth Sports by Bob Bigelow, Tom Moroney and Linda Hall

Agent of Change Junior Journey Session 1 - the New Girl Scout Leadership Experience
Session 1 of my Junior Girl Scouts' Journey with Agent of Change, the new Leadership Journey in the It's Your World, Change It! series.

National Future Farmers of America Organization
Learn about the national future farmers of america organization. The FFA offers agricultural education for students in high school and middle school.

Challenge! Girls' Clubs for Catholic Youth
Challenge! Girls Clubs provide fun and friendship for Catholic youth.

Key Club - for high school students
Key Club is a Kiwanis sponsored volunteer organization for high school students. Key club gives high school students the opprtunity to participate in service oriented projects.

Frontier Girls -- A New Scouting Organization for Girls
Frontier girls is a new scouting organization for girls. Designed to meet the needs of rural girls, Frontier Girls offers a unique program to girls of all ages.

American Heritage Girls - Christ-centered scouting for girls of all ages
American Heritage Girls is a Christ-centered scouting organization for girls of all ages.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America - A Program Overview of BGCA
Boys and Girls Clubs of America provide children with a safe after school and weekend environment along with a wide variety of fun and educational programs.

Gem Awards -- the Highest Awards Frontier Girls Can Earn
Gem Awards are the highest awards Frontier Girls can earn. There is one award for each program level: Otters - Topaz; Dolphins - Sapphire; Butterflies - Emerald; Eagles - Diamond.

Golden Hands Wrist Supports for Gymnasts and Other Athletes
Golden Hands are a specific brand of wrist support used in gymnastics and other sports by athletes with weak or injured wrists.

Junior Aide Award for Junior Girl Scouts
The Junior Aide Award is an award earned by Junior Girl Scouts for working with younger girls scouts. The Junior Aide activities give Juniors a chance to plan and lead and begin developing their leadership skills in a safe, comfortable and fun way.

Leadership Journey - Themed Activities in the New Leadership Experience
A Leadership Journey is

Joining & Participating in Kids' Clubs
Learn how to choose and join a kids' club and what to do if your child has issues with his club.

Types of Kids' Clubs
There are numerous and varied kids' clubs. Learn more about the different types of clubs and organizations that serve children and how your child can participate.

Campfire USA - Fun, Friends and Community for Children of All Ages
Campfire USA provides children of all ages with an enjoyable club experience that includes friends, leadership and community service.

After-School Programs in Virginia
after-school programs in virginia

Boys Scouts of America in the News
News about the Boy Scouts of America.

Kids' Clubs in the central United States
kids' clubs in the central untied states

Kids' Clubs by Locale
Find a kids' club in your area.

Girl Scout Councils in South Carolina
Find a Girl Scout Council in South Carolina.
kids' clubs in iowa usa

Kids Clubs in the Southern United States
Find a kids' club in the Southern United States

Kids' Clubs in South Carolina
Find kids' clubs in South Carolina

Kids Clubs in the Southeast
Find a kids' club in the southeast including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia.

Sports for Kids in Texas
sports for kids in texas

Kids Clubs in Texas
find a kids' club in texas

Kids' Clubs in Virginia
kids' clubs in virginia