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Exploring Coffee Storage Solutions in the Kitchen
Coffee is a big part of so many people's morning routine, so why not really think through the storage possibilities and integration into the kitchen?

Hot Kitchen Trends
Find out the latest and greatest in color, materials, fixtures and appliances with's Kitchens expert.

How to Choose your Kitchen Appliances
How to shop for kitchen appliances and what to look for- types, style, function and sizes.

Under Sink Dishwasher for Tight Spaces
In case you ever need a sink above your dishwasher, GE makes one...

8 Appliances That Will Make Your Life Easier
Appliances are a huge part of the functionality of the kitchen so why not pick units that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable?

Range With a Microwave - Microwave Drawer
A Microwave Drawer AND Range together, Sharp has done it again

In Sink Dishwasher, The Easiest Way to Do a Load
The Brilliant In Sink Dishwasher is perfect for spaces with small loads and doubles as a sink with a drainboard

The Cool Drawer is a Refrigerator OR Freezer
Switch from Freezer to Refrigerator with the touch of a button - The Cool Drawer is flexible and stylish

Speed Ovens Combines Convection and Microwave
Speed up your cooking with a Speed Oven - it doubles as a microwave and second oven

Beverage Centers Use Dual Zone for Wine Storage and Beverages
Get a Beverage Center for maximum versatility. Store wine with beer and sodas without buying separate units.

Module Cooktops
Get modular burners of gas, induction, grill, wok, steamer or deep fryer together in the same kitchen.

Buffalo Plaid Barstools - A Fun Choice For Your Kitchen

Buffalo Plaid Flooring Makes a Bold Statement
Buffalo Plaid on the Kitchen Floor

Accessories - A Great If You Want the Look Without the Commitment

Amp Up your Backsplash With Some Buffalo Plaid

Let Buffalo Plaid Bring the Cozy to your Kitchen
Buffalo plaid is a great fabric choice to add some flair and personality to your kitchen. Let's explore a few ways to add this fun print to your space.




Navy is a great color option for kitchen cabinets. It's dramatic and happy and can really add an elegant touch to any space.
Exploring Three Beautiful Navy Blue Options for Your Kitchen






How to Integrate the Chalkboard Trend into Your Kitchen
The chalkboard is not just for the classroom. Join me as we explore creative ways to integrate a chalkboard into your kitchen!

Six Different Places to Hang a Wreath in Your Kitchen
Wreaths are a great way to add instant holiday cheer and texture to your kitchen. Join me as I explore several easy way to integrate a wreath or two into your space.

Cambria Torquay - A Warm Take On Marble
Cambria Torquay is a soft marble look-alike, that is especially nice because it has a taupey color, so it is warmer in color - The Changing Look Of Quartz

Cambria Quartz With Veins - Traditional to Transitional
The Advantages of Selecting Cambria For Your Countertops

Cambria Bellingham - Blended Salt And Pepper
The Cambria Bellingham is a subtle mix of black in a white/ grey background and is sure to coordinate nicely with a wide variety of cabinet colors.

Cambria Quartz For Traditional Kitchens
Cambria has all of the fabulous properties of quartz (stain resistance, heat resistance and scratch resistance), and you never have to seal it like natural stone.

Cambria Galloway - Inspiration From The Seashore
Cambria's Galloway has a vein pattern that looks like low tide on a mossy beach.

Cambria Summerhill - Movement of the Beaches
Cambria's Summerhill doesn't have high contrast, it provides a neutral color that looks like a granite-marble hybrid.

Cambria Aberdeen - Playful and Vibrant

Cambria Ellesmere - An Authentic Granite Look
Cambria's Ellesmere is another color from their Coastal Series. It has a dark black/ brown back ground with white and grey streaks.

Cambria Berkeley - A Creamy Brown
If you are in search of a warm and creamy brown/ beige color for your kitchen, Cambria's Berkeley has more than meets the eye.

Cambria Windermere - A Creamy Beige
The Windermere is a creamy brown that is soft and subtle, yet gives you the Cambria waves.

Cambria Armitage - Dark Palette
The Cambria Armitage is a great example of their darker palette. Dark and light waves mixed together creates a classic traditional color.

Decorate your Kitchen with Style
Fabulous, Glamorous, Elegant, Exotic Decor for the Kitchen

How to select Kitchen Cabinets for your remodel or new build
Kitchen Cabinets are a large investment and design element in a kitchen. Learn how to identify different types and their features and benefits for your kitchen.

Color in the Kitchen
Learn how and where to use color in the kitchen. How does this effect your food and moods?

Kitchen Design Styles
What Kitchen Styles suits you and your home? Are you Contemporary or Traditional? Learn how to identify style and choose yours.

Finish Materials
What types of finish materials are good choices for your kitchen remodel? Learn what is durable, functional and easily cleanable.

Kitchen Planning
Remodeling a kitchen? Learn how to plan ahead for a smooth construction phase.




Contrasting Colors in the Kitchen
The two toned effect can be very visually effective in the kitchen. In this article we explore best practice when it comes to incorporating this concept into your space.

The Power of Wallpaper in the Kitchen
The Benefits of Adding a Little Wallpaper to Your Kitchen

Dekton, The Bomb Proof Counter Surface For Your Kitchen
Dekton is a new and incredible surface for countertops, fused with porcelain, quartz and glass, Dekton is heat proof, stain proof and scratch proof.

Caesarstone - Luxurious And Functional
Explore the Beauty of Ceasarstone

Caesarstone Misty Carrera - The First Marble Look Alike
Caesarstone's first attempt at mimicking a natural stone was their

Caesarstone Frosty Carrina - More Wavy Viens
Caesarstone kept working with the white/ grey marble look, and few years ago the

Calacatta Nuvo - The Most Authentic Marble Look Yet
Caesarstone has really done it this time with their newest release of

Caesarstone Piatra Grey - The Look of Soapstone
Caesarstone's Piatra Grey is a soapstone look-alike. Piatra Grey is a grey with white veining and a timeless feel

Caesarstone Dreamy Marfil - Soft And Creamy
Soft and creamy, and oh so Dreamy! Caesarstone's Dreamy Marfil is a soft, subtle, marble-like color, with inspiration derived from Crema Marfil Marble.

Caesarstone Emperadoro - Earthy and Sophisticated
Caesarstone's Emperadoro, however, has dark chocolate color that is sophisticated and masculine, yet still graceful and elegant.

Caesarstone London Grey - Deeply Grey
London Grey is very similar to the Frosty Carrina, but what makes it different is its translucent surface

Caesarstone = Sophisticated Taste And Miles Of Style
Caesarstone's entire color palette is amazing, and their natural vein series is no different. These natural looking colors are now truer and more exciting than ever.

Sink Trend - Low Divide Sinks, You Won't Want to Miss These
Why the Low Divide Sink is the Best of Both Worlds

Kitchen Lighting
How to get the most and best lighting in your kitchen and how to use decorative lighting to jazz up your space.

How to Integrate Blush Tones into Your Kitchen
Why Does the Blush Hue Work in the Kitchen?





Understanding the Differences Between Particleboard And Plywood Cabinet Box Construction
Exploring the Differences Between Particleboard and Plywood Cabinetry Construction

Hot to Integrate Aesthetic Repetition into Your Kitchen
The Power of Aesthetic Repetition in the Kitchen

Kitchen Countertops
A variety of materials, finishes, sheens and colors are available for countertops

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Natural Marble
All about Marble countertops for the kitchen



Incorporating Modern Elements into Your Kitchen
Mixing in Modern Touches Throughout Your Kitchen




How to Know if Your Kitchen Cabinets Should Go to the Ceiling
Planning for Cabinet and Ceiling Integration

Working With, Not Around Windows in Your Kitchen
How to Accentuate the Windows in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Organization
How to organize your kitchen. From spice racks to lazy susans, learn about all of the new organizational tools, rack and inserts to get you cooking like a pro.

Cookbook Storage Ideas for the Kitchen
Cookbook Storage Solutions. Kitchens.

Cookbook Storage Ideas for the Kitchen




Cheap AND Elegant Material Choices For Kitchen Countertops
Working on a Kitchen Project, but don't have a robust budget? Here are some stellar ways to save on Countertops

Why is the Cabinetry Construction Style Important?
How to Know Which Cabinetry Construction Style is Best for You

What is Framed Cabinetry?
What are the Different Types of Framed Cabinetry?

What is Frameless Cabinetry?
What are the Benefits of Frameless Cabinetry?

The Benefits of a Cabinetry Pantry
The Pros & Cons of a Cabinet Pantry

The Benefits of a Walk-in Pantry
The Pros & Cons of a Walk-in Pantry

Exploring Different Pantry Options
What Style of Pantry is Best for Today's Kitchen?

My Top 4 Kitchen Must Have List
4 Items You Want to Incorporate into Your Kitchen

The Benefits of a Double Trash Pullout
Double Trash Pullout in the Kitchen

Why Drawer Dividers are so Useful
The Benefits of Having Drawer Inserts Installed in your Drawers

The Benefits of a Crock Pullout
Let a Crock Pullout Make Your Kitchen More Functional

The Benefits of a Microwave Drawer
Microwave Drawer Love. Kitchens.

Mix Up the Size of Your Subway Tile to Add Personality to Your Backsplash
Size DOES Matter When it Comes to Your Backsplash

5 Ways to Bring Some Pizazz to Subway Tile Backsplashes
How to Bring Your Own Flair to the Subway Tile Trend

Use a Contrasting Grout to Bring Personality to Your Backsplash
Explore How Grout Can Add Instant Pizazz to Your Space

Install Your Subway Tile in a Fun Way to Bring Personality to Your Backsplash
Explore How Shaking Up the Install Pattern of the Subway Tile Can Add Instant Personality to Your Space

Bring Color to Your Standard Subway Tile for Instant Interest
The Power of a Colorful Backsplash

Introduce Different Textures into Your Backsplash for Dramatic Results
Mixing Texturs on Your Backsplash

Leather Love
Layer on the Leather to Add Warmth and Interest to Your Kitchen

Tips for Integrating Colorful Appliances into your Kitchen
Colorful Appliances Create an Instant Focal Feature in the Kitchen

Cow Decor in the Kitchen
How to Integrate Cow Decor into Your Kitchen

The Power of a Statement Rug in the Kitchen
Bring Life and Texture to your Kitchen by Integrating a Statement Rug


Statement Rugs in the Kitchen


Holiday Inspiration for your Kitchen
Layering on the Holiday Happy in your Kitchen

The Perks to Lucite Barstools in the Kitchen
Lucite Barstools in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

The Beauty of Lucite Lighting in the Kitchen
Lucite Lighting in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

Let Lucite Accessories Jazz up Your Kitchen
Lucite Accessories in the Kitchen

4 Easy Ways to Integrate Lucite into Your Kitchen
How to Bring Lucite into the Kitchen

The Advantages of Selecting Lucite Hardware
Lucite Hardware - A Cool Choice for Kitchen Knobs and Pulls

Making Everyday Dishes Easy for Kids to Access
The Benefits Of Making Dishes More Accessible To Kids

Discover The Benefits of Storing Your Dishes in Base Cabinetry.
Storing Dishes in Base Cabinets.

Utilizing Peg Inserts to Organize and Secure Your Plates
Keep Dish Ware Stored In Drawers Secure.

Dish Drawer Storage Options
How to Make the Most of Your Storage Oppertunities

Options for Integrating Your Pet's Gear in Your Kitchen
Discover the Benefits of Organizing Your Pet's Gear in Your Kitchen

Dog Bowls in the Kitchen Island
Dog Bowls in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

Hiding Pet Bowls in the Cabinet Toe Kick
Integrating Pet Bowls in the Cabinet Toe Kick

Designing Cabinets for Animals
Pet Storage Solutions. Kitchens.

The Beauty of a Patriotic Kitchen
Red, White & Blue Bring Patriotic Personality to the Kitchen

Where to Integrate Patriotic Colors into Your Appliances
Red, White & Blue Appliance Colors

Where to Integrate Patriotic Colors into Your Cabinetry
Red, White & Blue Cabinet Colors

How to Integrate Red, White & Blue Accessories into Your Kitchen
Red, White & Blue Kitchen Accessories

How to Integrate a little Patriotic Flair into your Food Dishes
Red, White & Blue Foods - Where Patriotic & Delicious Come Together in the Kitchen

3 Ways to Integrate Plant Life into Your Kitchen
Plants in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

Succulents in the Kitchen
Hang Succulents Around Your Kitchen

The Beauty of Plants in the Kitchen
Jazz up Your Kitchen by Introducing Plant Life

Adorn Your Window Sill with Plants for an Instant Pretty Moment
The Kitchen Window Sill: The Perfect Home for Plant Life

Plants Bring Life to the Kitchen
The Aesthetic Benefits of Brining Plant Life into the Kitchen

Because Shaker can Work for ANY Kitchen
Shaker style cabinetry doors equates to minimal cleaning and a stylish design. Use Shaker style in Transitional, Contemporary AND Traditional kitchens.

How to Bring Some Metal Detailing into Your Kitchen
Add Some Pizazz to your Kitchen with Metal Accents

When to Integrate a Second Sink into Your Kitchen
Why a Prep Sink in the Kitchen? Kitchens.

Sinks, Faucets, Fittings and more
What types of sink or faucet to choose? Together we will review what are the advantages and disadvantages of what is available today.

How to choose efficient fixtures and appliances for your kitchen.
From Appliances to Faucets, energy and water efficiency is ALL the rage! Find out what is important when planning an efficient kitchen.

The Many Perks to an Ice Maker in the Kitchen
Ice Makers in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

"X" Details Jazz Up the Kitchen
The Power of the

5 Tips for Getting the Most Bang For Your Buck with a Kitchen Designer
Tips for a Great Experience with a Kitchen Designer

Discover the Benefits of Quartz Countertops
Quartz: A great Option for your Kitchen Countertops!

The Many Benefits of a Touch Faucet in Your Kitchen
The Touch Faucet Benefits. Kitchens.

Tips for Selecting the Best Remodeler for Your Project
A Good Remodeler Equals a Great Project

White Marble Kitchen Countertops...Yay or Nay?
Is White Marble in the Kitchen a Good Idea?

The Importance of Decorative Lighting in the Kitchen
Decorative Kitchen Lighting Can Really Bring Life to the Kitchen

What You Need to Know to Stay on Budget
Be realistic, clarify your expectations, practice self discipline and shop around for material cost.

Great Homes For Kitchen Towels
A towel bar can do great things for your cooking and cleaning juju. A kitchen towel should be accessible and close to your sink and displayed nicely. Here's how...

Seeing the Beauty in Slab Cabinet Front Doors
Dressing Up the Slab Cabinet Door

How to Create a Focal Wall in Your Kitchen
Focal walls can be incorporated in a lot of different ways and can definitely give a space personality.

Which Countertop Sheen is Best for You and Your Kitchen?
What you Should Know Before you Decide the Best Sheen for your Countertops.

What Is A Glass Sheet Backsplash?
The Glass Sheet Backsplash is a sheet of glass adhered to the wall - a Contemporary Kitchen Trend

Glass Sheet Backsplash Colors
Glass Sheet Backsplash can be made in many different colors, even choose Pantone colors

Glass Sheet Backsplash Applications
Go full height backsplash or just do a 12

Glass Sheet Backsplash Cost
Glass Sheet Backsplash is a bit higher than glass tiles, but is worth its benefits

Glass Sheet Backsplash Install
Have a professional do your glass sheet backsplash install - similar to the install of a shower door

Benefits of a Glass Sheet Backsplash
A Glass sheet backsplash has many benefits - easy cleaning, no grout joints and reflective surface




Are TV's in the Kitchen Taboo?
Best Placement Options for a TV in the Kitchen

Can Ceiling Fans be Chic in the Kitchen?
Marrying Form and Function with Ceiling Fans in the Kitchen

Brass Is Back in Home Decor, Here's How To Use It
The New Brass makes use of luscious matte and brushed sheens to give a classic and very sophisticated style. Here's how to use Satin Brass in your Kitchen

Tips for Picking the Perfect White Paint for your Cabinets
Best Practices for Selecting the Perfect White Paint for your Kitchen Cabinets

Explore How the Right Belles and Whistles Can Increase the Functionality of Your Kitchen
Kitchen Purchases Worth the Splurge: Insta-Hot, Prep Sink, Built-in Trash, Full Extension Drawers, Soft Close, Under Cabinet Lighting and Counter Depth Refrigerator

What is Your Main Motivation for Remodeling Your Kitchen?
Nail Down Your Specific Motivators for a New Kitchen for Best Remodeling Results

Fall Smells Equal a Happy Kitchen
Fall Candles in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

Amp up Your Fall Kitchen Atmosphere with Leaves
Fall Leaves in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

Allow Your Dish Ware to Add a Pop of Fall to Your Kitchen
Fall Colors in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

The Benefits of a Silgranit Sink in the Kitchen
The Beauty and Durability of Silgranit Sinks

How to Make Your Blind Corner Cabinet More Functional
How to organize your blind corner cabinet. LeMans, Magic Corner, Lazy Susan, Blind Corner Organizational Options, How to Choose, Blind Corner Storage Solutions

Incorporate Planks into Your Cabinetry
Planked Cabinetry Brings a Country Chic' Vibe to the Kitchen

Jazz up Your Kitchen Hood with Planks
A Planked Hood Brings a Custom Vibe to the Kitchen

Planked Ceilings Can Really Pack a Punch
Wood Planked Ceiling Treatments. Kitchens.

Planking the Wall of a Kitchen Adds Instant Texture & Interest
The Benefits of Installing Wood Planking on your Kitchen Walls

Plumbing Pipes Add Industrial Pizazz to the Kitchen
Consider DIY'ing your Open Shelf Supports

How to Select the Right Bracket for Your Open Shelving
Which Brackets Are Best for Your Kitchen?

Custom Brackets Can Really Help Make Your Kitchen Feel Unique
The Benefits of Custom Brackets For Your Open Shelving

Allowing Brackets to Introduce a Layer of Metal to Your Kitchen
Inexpensive Open Shelf Bracket Options

The Aesthetic Benefits of Keeping the Microwave Behind Doors
Let Pocket Doors Hide the Microwave

The Aesthetic Benefits of Stacking Appliances
Why Stack the Microwave Over the Oven?

Keep Your Microwave Low Profile & Out of Sight
The Best Microwave Placements in the Kitchen

The Aesthetic Benefits of Keeping the Microwave Down Low
Why Keep the Microwave Down Low?

Best Practices for Kitchen Remodel Selections
Following the Right Steps During a Kitchen Renovation

Cow Print in the Kitchen
Fun Backless Barstools to Consider for Your Kitchen

The Beauty of Barstools with Copper Accents
Barstools are an Affordable Way to Add Pizazz

Metal and Wood in the Kitchen
Metal and Wood Backless Barstool Options

Mixing Hidden Pantries Alongside Stainless Steel Appliances
Exploring How Hidden Pantries Can Make Kitchens Look Larger

The Hidden Pantry - So Much More Than a Cool Factor
Hidden Pantries Can Add to the Flow of a Kitchen

Mixing Tall Cabinetry Storage with a Hidden Walk-In Pantry
Two Different Pantry Solutions, One Wall

The Benefits of a Hidden Pantry in the Kitchen
Is the Hidden Pantry the Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

Meet Silestone's Lyra
The Best White Man-Made Countertop Options

Meet Cambria's Ella
The Best Natural Stone Options. Kitchens.

Meet Ceasarstone's Calcatta Nuvo
Man-Made Countertop Alternatives to Natural Stones

Meet Cambria's Brittanica
White Quartz Countertop Options. Kitchens.

When is the Best Time to Begin a Kitchen Renovation with a Holiday Deadline?
Renovating for the Holidays. Kitchens.

The Beauty of Using What You Have
The Power of a Plate Gallery Wall

Adding Drama to your Kitchen Through Plates
Creating a Focal Wall in Your Kitchen Utilizing Plates

The Beauty of Hanging Plates Above Your Cabinets
How to Create a Plate Gallery Wall

Incorporating Family Heirlooms into your Kitchen Decor
A Blue Willow Swoosh. Kitchens.

Exploring the Best Wood Species to Select for Desired Results
How to Pick the Right Wood Species for Your Kitchen

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Wall Ovens vs. the Range in the Kitchen
What is the Best Cooking Appliance for your Kitchen?

The Benefits of a Chalkboard Backsplash
Exploring Unique Backsplash Options

The Benefits of a Bold and Fun Backsplash
Moroccan Tile Brings Personality and Fun to the Kitchen

The Benefits of Extending Your into you Backsplash Space
Add Drama By Extending Your Countertops into your Backsplash

Custom Marble Mixed with Standard Subway Tiles Equals Fabulous Combination
Exploring Statement Backsplashes

Exposed Stone Mixed with Functional Quartz Creates a Smart Backsplash Combination
The Benefits of Mixing Two Backsplash Applications

Why Working with a Kitchen Designer is a Good Idea
Why a Kitchen Designer is a Good Investment

The Benefits Of Installing Pendants With Glass Globes
Consider Pendant Lights With Glass Globes

Do Not Let Pendant Lights Distract From Your Focal Wall
How To Know When Pendant Lights Over The Island Is A Bad Idea

Opt For Decorative Lights On Your Focal Wall
The Benefits of Installing Decorative Lights On Your Focal Wall

When Pendants Are Not The Right Choice For Your Kitchen Lighting
Pendant Lights: Not Right For Every Kitchen

Integrating Red Cabinetry into your Kitchen
The Power of a Red Island in your Kitchen

Integrating Red Barstools into your Kitchen
Why Red Barstools are a Good Idea

3 Ways to Integrate a Little Red into your Kitchen
How to Introduce Red into your Kitchen

Integrating Red Accessories into your Kitchen
How to Mix in Red Accessories into your Kitchen

Is Quartzite a Good Kitchen Countertop Option?
Exploring the Properties of Quartzite Countertops

DIY Holiday Decor
DIY Holiday Touches in the Kitchen

The Power of the Classic Red and Green Color Scheme
Holiday Decor Planning. Kitchens.

Decking the Halls with Live Greenery
Live Greenery...Affordable and Chic'

The Beauty of a Boxwood Wreath
Boxwood Wreaths - Classic and Elegant

The Benefits of a Knife Pullout
Knife Pullout Storage. Kitchens.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Magnetic Knife Holder
Why Hanging Your Knives On The Wall May Be The Most Practical Idea

The Benefits of Storing your Knives on the Countertop
Knife Blocks - A Functional Pretty

Store Your Knives in A drawer to Keep Them Organized and Out of Sight
The Benefits of Storing Your Knives in a Drawer

Knife Storage in the Kitchen
Knives in the Kitchen. Kitchens.

How to Style a Kitchen Peninsula
How to Style a Kitchen Countertop

How to Style Kitchen Corners
How to Liven Up the Corners on Your Countertop

How Accessories Can Make or Break the Overall Vibe of Your Kitchen
The Importance of Accessories in the Kitchen

Undermount Sinks - Get the Scoop
What the consumer needs to know about undermount sinks. How to install, what countertop surface, how to talk to the fabricator and the Pros and Cons.

The Ultimate Blind-Corner Cabinet Accessory
Blind Corner Solutions. Kitchens.

Is Gas or Induction Cooking right for YOU?
Let's take a look at Induction versus Gas cooking - benefits, cost, cleaning and how you should consider your cooking style when making your decision.

Designing Your Kitchen Using Work Zones
The kitchen work triangles is an outdated idea. Moving forward to the WORK ZONE kitchen is a contemporary way to design a kitchen that works for today's contemporary family.

The differences between Custom, Semi-Custom and Stock Cabinetry
Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide. Kitchens.

Kitchen Tours brought to you by
Ever wanted to know how those beautiful kitchens accomplish such glamorous details? Tour these kitchens for a close-up and personal view.

What Design Style is Best For You and Your Kitchen?
What Design Style Fits Your Vibe?

What Defines a Traditional Kitchen?
What is Traditional Style? Kitchens.

What Defines a Modern Kitchen?
What is Modern Style? Kitchens.

What Defines a Transitional Kitchen?
What is Transitional Style? Kitchens.

What Defines a Tuscan Kitchen?
What is Tuscan Style? Kitchens.

What Defines Farmhouse Chic Style?
What is Farmhouse Chic Style? Kitchens.

The Benefits of a Steam Oven in Your Kitchen
The Steam Unit - A Must Have Appliance

Integrate Taupe Paint into Your Kitchen
How to Know Which Taupe Paint is Best for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets in Smokey Taupe 983
The Beauty of Benjamin Moore's Smokey Taupe 983 in the Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets in Indian River 985
The Beauty of Benjamin Moore's Indian River 985 in the Kitchen

On my Taupe "To Try List"
The Beauty of Taupe Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets in York Gray CW45
The Beauty of Benjamin Moore's CW45 York Gray in the Kitchen

Nitty Gritty of Construction
Contracts, structural work, trades people and subcontractors. What does it all mean? Advice from a Project Manager / Kitchen Designer with experience.

An Outdoor Oasis
Creating an Outdoor Oasis. Kitchens.

Outdoor Kitchen With Modern Aesthetic
Creating a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Kitchen
How to DIY an Outdoor Kitchen. Kitchens.

The Power of Color in the Kitchen
The Benefits of Adding Color to your Kitchen

Selecting a Bold Color for Your Kitchen Cabinets
Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets a Color

Painting Your Kitchen Island a Statement Color
Colorful Kitchen Island. Kitchens.

Colorful Barstools
Painting Barstools a Fun Color. Kitchens.

Painted Walls in the Kitchen
The Benefits of Painting the Walls in your Kitchen

Bringing Color into Your Kitchen Through Dishware & Accessories
The Power of Colorful Dishware. Kitchens.

How Silverware Inserts Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen
The Benefits of Silverware Inserts

The Benefits of a Crock Pullout
Store Your Most Used Utensils Close By For Optimal Organization

The Benefits of a Utility Divider Insert
Internal Drawer Storage Organization

Rid Your Kitchen of the Junk Drawer
Drawer Organization. Kitchens.

The Benefits of Cutlery Cubes
Storing Your silverware Vertically

Low Profile Outlet Option
Benefits of Pop Out Outlets. Kitchens.

The Benefits of Installing Outlets in Your Countertops
Outlets Installed in Countertops

Allow Function and Aesthetics to Coexist
Consider all Elements in Your Kitchen, Even Outlet Placement

Get Outlets Out of Site on the Kitchen Island
How to Keep Outlet Placements from Ruining Kitchen Island Designs

Have Outlet Finished to Match Cabinets
Island Finish Should Match Cabinet Finish

Power Strips on the Island
How Power Strips Can Hide Outlets in Your Kitchen Island

The Benefits Of Accessories That Promote Dish Ware Mobilization
Dishes From Drawer To Table With Ease

Making Everyday Dishes Easier For Kids To Access
The Benefits Of Making Dishes More Accessible To Kids. Page 5.

The Benefits Of Accessories That Promote Dish Ware Mobilization
Dishes From Drawer To Table With Ease. Page 3.

Utilizing Peg Inserts to Organize and Secure Your Plates
Keep Dish Ware Stored In Drawers Secure. Page 2.

The Slatted Plate Drawer
How to Make the Most of Your Storage Oppertunities. Page 4.

How to Remedy Hard to Reach Dishes
Base Cabinet Dish Storage Options

Discover The Benefits of Storing Your Dishes in Base Cabinetry.
Storing Dishes in Base Cabinets

Kitchen Design and Decoration Ideas
How to use appliances, hardware, tile and more to create a beautiful kitchen. Get advice on designing, remodeling and decorating a kitchen.

5 Ways to Plan for an Exceptional Kitchen
Discover design elements that make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Re-think resale value to your benefit with a bold and unique kitchen design.

Color in the Kitchen: Grey is the New Beige
Learn how to use greys in the kitchen on the walls, counters, cabinets and backsplash and how NOT to use grey.

Marble Countertop Alternatives
Get the look of Marble with these gorgeous alternative for your kitchen; Quartz, Quartzite and Dekton

Extra Large Chandeliers in Open Dining Plans
Use An Extra Large Chandelier to Make Presence In An Open Plan Dining Area

The Large Lantern Pendant
Kitchen Trend Large Lantern Pendant in a Traditional Kitchen

Large Chandelier Over Island
Large Nautical Theme Chandelier Over an Island - Kitchen Trend

The Large Crystal Chandelier
Crystal is Always Elegant and Eye Catching - Kitchen Trend- Use a Large Chandelier Over Your Kitchen Island

The Large Candelabra Chandelier
The Large Candelabra Chandelier is a Classic - Use it Over An Island

Extra Extra Large Pendants
Extra Extra Large Pendants Also Showing Face in Dining and Kitchen Spaces

Medium-Large Traditional Shade Pendants - Soften With Formality
A Large Shade Pendant Light in a Classic Kitchen Adds Style and Grace

Large Pendants in the Dining Nook - This Globe Wins!
Identify An Eating Nook With A Large Globe Light

POW! Large Lighting Fixtures Create Instant Focal Points
Bye Bye Mini Pendants and Hello Large Light Fixtures - Kitchen Trend That Is Accentuating Design in Style

Large Contemporary Pendants - Add Detail To A Simple Space
Add Balance to a Contemporary Kitchen with Tall Ceilings, Add a Tall Light Fixture

Steel Your Large Traditional Pendants from the Foyer
Large Pendant Light Trend in a Traditional Kitchen - Steel The Foyer Light

Understated Charm - Large Deep Bowl Farmhouse Lights
We LOVE Farmhouse Lighting, Especially When It Is Large And In Charge

Classic Kitchen Large 2 Light Fixture
Large 2 Light Fixtures Are Trending In The Kitchen

Large Industrial Pendant
Go Large With Industrial Style Lighting Over Your Kitchen Island

Deep Bowl Pendants In A Modern Space
Large Pendant Lights In A Modern Kitchen - Deep Bowl It Is

Steampunk Style
The Steampunk movement is a subgenre of fantasy/ science fiction that takes place in the 19th century, hence the steam (coal powered fuel/ trains)

Newcastle Pendant by Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware bring us another charming Steampunk style Light for the kitchen. Newcastle Pendant is a spotlight lens light.

Langley Pendant - Steampunk by Restoration Hardware
The Langley Pendant from Restoration Hardware is so Industrial Chic with its embellished knobs and vented head - use weathered zinc for true Steampunk style

Industrial Style Square Pendant by Sonneman

Cage Lighting - Don't Get Burned!
Caged lighting, yes please! Steampunk is hot, so we don't want you to get burned, a cage will keep those fingers nice and safe with these RH fixtures

The Conduit Pendant - Lets See Your Conduit Troy Lighting
A light made of Conduit?! Yes please, this light from Troy Lighting is so Steampunk, you will want to burst from that leather corset.

Urban Renewal Pendant by Feiss
The Urban Renewal Pendant by Feiss is the perfect touch of Steampunk for your kitchen

Scissor Arm Lamp by Long Made Co.
Scissor Arm Lamp - Industrial/ Steampunk style for the kitchen

European Factory Long Neck Pendant - Restoration Hardware
Restoration Hardware has Steampunk style on lock! The European Factory Long Neck is just what you need for a bit of interest in the kitchen

Edison's Influence - The Steampunk Lightbulb
The Edison bulb is soooooooooo Steampunk style. Check out the super trendy Relativity Pendant from Troy Lighting

Steampunk on Etsy - Handmade Steampunk
Etsy has some fabulous, handmade Steampunk lighting fixtures for your shopping pleasure.

Just A Touch Of Another Tone

Add Color Without Commitment
Get some color in a two-toned kitchen, use base cabinets in a painted finish and upper cabinets in a wood or white.

Use Light Color Above The Base Cabinets
A great and easy way to design a two toned kitchen is to use a darker base cabinet and do countertops, backsplash and upper cabinets in a light color

Black And White
Black and white, two toned kitchen. Sophisticated and contemporary, this kitchens two toned palette delineates the space, while drawing the eye back to the black.

Aluminum Doors And Frosted Glass
In this kitchen, the aluminum frames a frosted glass, creating a light colored upper cabinet, used with a dark wood base cabinet.

Modern, High Contrast Tones
Modern Two-toned Kitchen. High contrast in the dark upper cabinets create a dramatic eye-level experience. Dark upper cabinets with white cabinetry.

Two-Toned Retro Makeover
Two-Toned DIY Painted Kitchen. Retro Kitchen, Turquoise and Lime Green.

White Uppers With Wood Bases
Two-toned kitchens is an exciting trend that homeowners are embracing. White wall cabinets with wood base cabinets create a soft and contemporary feeling

Get Your Spices In Order
A Spice Rack or Lazy susan can organize your spices right where you need them

Silverware And Utensil Drawers
Cut-To-Fit Utensil and Silverware inserts to get the most out of your drawers

Point Of Use
Location Location Location. Store kitchen items at the point of use. Spices near the cooktop, dishes near the dishwasher, etc.

Store Food Items Together
Dedicated food area within your kitchen can help keep your kitchen organized for better flow when preparing meals.

Add Roll-Outs
Add Roll-outs in your cabinets to add more accessible storage for pots and pans, food and small appliances

Install Tray Dividers
Vertical tray dividers will help get your cookie sheets, cutting boards and muffin tins organized

Add A Trash Unit
In Cabinet Trash Units will get your trash out of the center of the kitchen

Make Use Of The Sink Base
Organize Under Your Sink with these inserts to get your cleaning products and trash bags in order

Only One Junk Drawer
One Junk Drawer in the Kitchen - That's it! Add a roll-out or door rack to your Sink Base cabinet to maximize space

A Backsplash Rail System
Use a Backsplash Rail System to add additional Storage to your kitchen

Simple, Inexpensive Ways You Can Increase
Organizing your kitchen does not have to be difficult or expensive. There are plenty of units you can use to maximize storage within the kitchen you already have

Recessed Rectangular Pull by Mockett
These recessed rectangular pulls from Doug Mockett create a finger channel within the rectangle - to ge the flush look the cabinet front is routed-out

Tapered Bar Pull by Top Knobs
Looking for a pull that has no sharp edges? The Tapered Bar Pull from Top Knobs is your pull!

Horizontal All The Way - Contemporary Pulls
For Contemporary Pulls, mount them horizontal for the biggest Contemporary impact

Cabinet Hardware For Contemporary Kitchens - Horizontal Pull
Planning a contemporary kitchen? Then you need cabinet Pulls - mount them horizontally for a big Contemporary impact

Contemporary Leather Bin Pull by Richelieu
Looking for the softness of leather to compliment your sleek contemporary kitchen? Try a leather Bin Pull by Richelieu

Modern Rectilinear by SA Baxter
This Modern Rectilinear Pull 3028 by SA Baxter is a playful addition for sleek flat panel cabinetry!

The Tab Pull From Top Knobs
The Tab Pull is first on my list of contemporary hardware because it is subtle and almost disappears - Top Knobs

Brass Trail Pull by Emtek
The Brass Trail Pull by Emtek is linear pull similar to the bar pull, but much more elegant and timeless.

Square Bar Pull by Top Knobs
Contemporary Cabinet Hardware - The Top Knobs Square Bar Pull is available in different lengths and finishes

Griggs Pull by Top Knobs
Contemporary cabinet hardware - The Griggs pull by Top Knobs

Fancy Inset Crystal Thin Pull by Atlas Homewares
If you need a bit more sparkle or bling, try the Inset Crystal Thin Pull by Atlas Homewares.

Optimism Lucite Rail Pull by Atlas Homewares
Contemporary style with ghost materials. Clear plastic or clear glass, translucent materials are a fun way to discreetly adorn your kitchen

Contemporary Metal Pull 801 by Richelieu
The Metal Pull 801 in Brushed Nickel and Chrome creates a perfect bridge of the two finishes.

Contemporary Metal and Wood Pull by Richelieu
The 616 Contemporary Metal and Wood Pull by Richelieu is a sophisticated, contemporary pull that would look fabulous on white, grey or light wood cabinetry.

Silestone = Great Style
You can't go wrong with Silestone's color choices, they have something for everyone, even natural stone lovers

Silestone Zirix- Granite Look
Plenty of room for granite lovers in the quartz arena, Say hello to Silestone Zirix

Silestone Arctic - For White Granite Lovers
We love the Arctic by Silestone because of its natural granite looking veins and light color

Silestone Halley - A Brown Granite Look
Looking for a creamy quartz that looks like natural granite? Silestone's Halley is all you need...

Silestone Zynite - For Granite Lovers
Dark contrasting veins make the Silestone Zynite quartz color POP! Great for consumers searching for a natural looking surface with amazing properties

Quartz With Veining
Silestone by Cosentino has some amazing colors with the natural look of marble and granite

Silestone Calypso - The Look of Soapstone
Silestone's Calypso does make you want to do a dance, but it also can jazz up your kitchen with the natural look of Soapstone

Silestone Helix - Not Your Typical Quartz
Silestone Helix is a Marble look-alike with style and grace. Its large repeat creates the most natural looking quartz color yet

Silestone Pulsar - Marble With Mustard Viens
Pulsar by Silestone is turning up the heat on quartz. A natural marble look with a pop of mustard yellow - A dream surface for many

Silestone Lyra - A Marble Look For A Practical Household
A Classic interpretation of Carrera Marble, the Silestone Lyra has it all...

A Collection of Functional, Beautiful and Reliable Stainless Steel Sinks
Looking for a Stainless Steel Sink? Here are some great sinks from Kohler, Franke, Elkay, Galley and Artisan. From Single to Double Sinks.

The Microwave Drawer
Flexibility and Ergonomics, the Microwave Drawer has it ALL

Gaggenau Microwave Drawer
High-end Luxury brand Gaggenau also offers a microwave drawer with a unique Gaggenau style front to combine perfectly with a Gagganau suite

Under Counter Microwaves
A microwave under counter has huge design potential, but beware, a built-in microwave under counter is not ergonomic, but a microwave drawer IS.

Sharp Microwave Drawer - The First
The Sharp Microwave Drawer is the original. Sharp holds the patent on the microwave drawer design, so all other brands are actually made by Sharp

Bosch Microwave Drawer
The Bosch microwave drawer is low profile and clean to fit perfectly in a contemporary kitchen design

Dacor Microwave Drawer
Dacor offers 3 different fronts on their microwave drawer for maximum design customization - Stainless Steel, Black Glass or Stainless/ Black Glass combo

Viking Microwave Drawer
The Viking Microwave Drawer offers a retro front, available in 24

Thermador Microwave Drawer
The Microwave Drawer from Thermador is another low-profile, stainless and black glass model

Wolf Microwave Drawer
With a Sub-Zero Wolf appliance package, you will want to match your microwave drawer - available in Transitional and Professional style models

Jenn-Air Microwave Drawer
The 24

How To Measure Your Kitchen DIY
Keep your kitchen measurements with you during the planning & shopping phase - here is how to measure your kitchen.

The Swan House Estate - Front Facade
A trip to the historic Swan House in Atlanta brings you back to the Renaissance. It's lavish gardens and fountains will have your head spinning.

Swan House Details - Looking Into The Past
Details of the Swan House Kitchen - locks on all drawers, radiator plate warmer, light fixtures attached to cabinetry and a freestanding biscuit roller.

Enter the Swan House Kitchen - A Doorway to Turquoise

Swan House Pantry - A Place to Store and Eat
The Swan House Pantry was a storage room, but also a place where the young grandchildren ate their meals.

Swan House Kitchen - A Place To Cook and Soak Up Color
The Swan House Kitchen battles the Tiffany Blue with its Turquoise walls, cabinetry, doors, trim and table.

Swan House Sinks - The Workhorse of the Kitchen
Two sinks were found in both the Kitchen and Pantry at the Swan House.

Swan House Work Surfaces - Pull-Outs Galore
A space saving method of adding point-of-use work surfaces in the Swan House Kitchen and Pantry, was to add pull-out breadboards EVERYWHERE

Swan House Modern Appliances
A Mega-Contemporary claw-foot GE refrigerator shows how the Swan House Estate aimed for the best.

Swan House Call Box/ Bell Call
Call boxes were signally systems connected to each room. The Swan House had a system of 16 to alert staff to a residents needs.

Swan House Trash Chute - Because You Wanted to Know
The Swan House Kitchen Trash system is an authentic trash chute system that drops trash down a chase to a basement trash bin.

A Whimsy Home Gets a Green Kitchen Remodel
Tour This Sacramento Kitchen Remodel that is Whimsy, Eco-Friendly - Unique features at every turn. Saloon Doors, Dental molding, Green elements

How and Where to use Chevron Patterns in the Kitchen
The Chevron Pattern in the Kitchen can be Fun and Playful. Learn how to design with Chevrons so you don't get caught in a regretful design trend.

Consider ALL of the Work & Costs that Total a Kitchen
Identify some of the

Melamine | Cabinet Terms
Melamine is a paper material fused with resin bonded over particleboard. Used for cabinet boxes, drawers and interiors.

Particleboard | Cabinet Terms
A high-grade particleboard is so dense, it is less water absorbent.

Plywood | Cabinet Terms
Plywood is used to construct cabinetry, typically a premium cost. Discuss the level of quality with your cabinet person

Modular | Cabinet Terms
I know you have heard the term modular when shopping for cabinets. Find out how modular may effect your design.

Stock Cabinets | Cabinet Terms
Stock or off-the-shelf cabinets are mass produced. They can be cost efficient, but lack style and color consistency

Custom Cabinets | Cabinet Terms
Custom cabinetry is at the top of the cabinet food chain because of its design and size flexibility.

Veneer | Cabinet Terms
Veneers use less wood than solid doors and create interesting grain patterns. Learn how veneers are used in cabinet production.

MDF | Cabinet Terms
Medium Density Fiberboard is a sub-straight used for cabinet doors and panels. Great for painted doors because there is no fracturing of joints

Stylish Decor Sources For YOU and Your Kitchen
A fabulous home is made of great layouts and fantastic decor. Here are 9 great designer sources that are available to you. Let's go shopping!

Fixture Must-Haves for Your New Kitchen
Confused about how to choose your faucet? Read on for plumbing fixture designer picks- faucet style, faucet design and more.

5 Cabinet Essentials For Your New Kitchen
Expert advice on what to ask for when planning your kitchen cabinets. 5 essential cabinets you NEED in your new kitchen.

How to Select Cabinet Knobs and Pulls
Selecting hardware can become yet another overwhelming decision in a kitchen project. Here are tips on how to select the perfect hardware for your kitchen.

Transitional Style Explained
Transitional style strikes a balance between Contemporary and Traditional with Balance, Clean Edges and the use of White Space & Neutral colors.