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Rice Stitch Knitting Stitch Pattern
Rice Stitch in an easy knitting stitch that produces a bumpy texture on the purl side and a pattern that looks more like ribbing on the knit side.

How to Knit the Sand Stitch
Sand Stitch is the perfect stitch for people who like the look of purls but not having to do a lot of purling. It's a somewhat masculine stitch pattern that would be perfect for sweaters.

Seed Stitch Knitting
Seed Stitch is a classic, basic knitting stitch pattern in which knits and purls alternate across a row and on different rows to make a knit fabric with a ton of texture.

Twisted Stockinette Stitch Knitting Stitch
Twisted Stockinette is a much firmer, more compressed version of Stockinette Stitch made by deliberately twisting the stitches.

Learn to Knit the Waterfall Pattern
Waterfall Pattern is a relatively easy and pretty lacy pattern made with yarn overs and decreases that don't always happen on the same rows. The result is a cool cascade of eyelets.

Learn to Knit for Beginners
All you need to know to learn to knit all in one place. This guide covers casting on, knitting instructions and troubleshooting, as well as guiding you to patterns that are great for beginners.

How to Knit an Exploration Swatch
Knitting an exploration swatch, or a

Embellish Knit I-Cord Maker Review
Being able to make I-cord faster than knitting it by hand is a great thing, and once you master it the Embellish Knit I-cord maker does make it quick and easy to make I-cords of just about any length.

Review of Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves
If you've ever spent too much time knitting and ended up hurting yourself, you probably have wondered if there's something you could do to knit longer without pain. Lion Brand Stress Relief Gloves aim to take the pain out of knitting.

Knit a Beaded Necklace for Mardi Gras
The inspiration for this Knit Bead Necklace is Mardi Gras beads, but knit in a different color it could be worn as a cool choker (or longer necklace if you keep knitting) any time of year.

Beaded Bag Knitting Pattern
A beaded bag is a fun way to show off knitting and beading without a lot of effort or even a lot of knitting skills. Worked in the round, the bottom of the bag is increased to the desired size, then the sides are worked with two rows of beads as embellishments.

Quick Coffee Cup Cozy Knitting Pattern
Use a tiny bit of extra yarn to make a coffee cup cozy for a travel mug, or make a bunch for easy, quick gifts.

Eyelet Headband Free Knitting Pattern
Have a cute skein of yarn you aren't sure what to do with? Try whipping up one of these fast and easy eyelet headbands. The stitch pattern makes it super quick to knit up without being too boring, and it's not too fancy to upstage (or get lost in) a yarn that's interesting in its own right.

Knitting: Fleck Stitch Envelope Purse
An envelope purse is one of the easiest shapes to knit, and having such a purse is pretty useful when you don't need to carry a lot of stuff around.

How to Knit an Easy Glisten Triangle Shawl
The Glisten Shawl is an easy triangle shaped shawl knit in Stockinette Stitch with increases on each side every other row. The glittery yarn and fringe make this wrap an evening-worthy project.

How to Knit a Heart for Valentine's Day
This cute heart-shaped pillow or sachet is a nice quick and easy gift for Valentine's Day or any other time you want to show someone you love them.

Knit Cake - Make a Knit Cake for a Birthday or Other Celebration
I call this cutie a knit cake, but while I was working it my mind was buzzing with possibilities for what else it could be. If you lined it (to hide the ugly back side of the embroidery) it could be a gift box, or you could use it as a bowl to stash your keys.

Lace Headband Knitting Pattern
This cute headband is knit in pink and red stripes in Turkish Stitch, a very easy lace pattern. It's the perfect accessory for Valentine's Day or whenever you're feeling girly.

Knit Pencil Bag Free Knitting Pattern
This knit pencil bag is a colorful way to send your kids to school, or you can use it to hold knitting needles, small projects or your knitting tools in a larger knitting bag. It would also be perfect as a travel makeup bag.

Knit Pink Ribbon Free Knitting Pattern
Knit a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, or knit it in a different color to promote awareness of other issues close to your heart.

What's the Easiest Way to Seam Knitting?
This method for seaming is great for short seams where a cast on and bound off edge are being joined.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Valentine Bag
This simple valentine bag is a great way to store valentines -- from your child's class or just from your sweetheart. Or use it to store other bits of paper you need to keep handy throughout the spring season.

Knit Easy Vegas Armwarmers
These armwarmers (or fingerless gloves, or gauntlets) are about the easiest thing you'll ever knit that will look so cool. They're knit flat and sewn up on the side--just leave a hole for your thumb.

Yarn Over Shawl Free Knitting Pattern
This simple triangular wrap uses yarn overs and make one stitches to increase from just a few stitches to hundreds. Use a lovely skein (or several) or hand-dyed yarn for a beautiful, artistic effect.

Quaker Rib Afghan Free Knitting Pattern
This Quaker Rib afghan is super easy to knit and makes a nice warm throw for cool spring evenings. In the summer, it's a great picnic blanket.

Knit a Bag with T-Shirt Yarn
Making T-shirt yarn is a lot of fun and a great way to reuse T-shirts lying around the house. But what to make with the finished yarn? Why not try this sturdy and colorful T-shirt yarn bag?

Girl's Bamboo Tank Top Knitting Pattern
This simple girl's tank top is a perfect first clothing project for someone with a little girl in the house. Knit in the round, the body has no shaping and the neckline is very simple.

How to Knit a Moss Stitch Square
Moss Stitch is one of the easiest textured pattern knitting stitches out there, and it's a great compliment to the look of Seed Stitch in a knitting sampler afghan or blanket.

OXO Cabled Child's Scarf Knitting Pattern
This OXO Scarf is the perfect pattern for a little girl to wear around Valentine's Day, or really any other time of year. The OXO cable is easy to remember, and the super soft yarn may convince your little one it's acceptable to wear a scarf.

Bias Knit Christmas Washcloth
This super-easy Christmas-colored washcloth makes a cheerful addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Or knit up a couple in different colors and add them to a holiday gift of bath items.

Two-Color Christmas Stocking Knitting Pattern
Knit a quick and easy two-color Christmas stocking in bulky yarn and get ready to embellish it any way you like, or leave it plain for a simple, lovely gift holder.

Striped Stocking Free Knitting Pattern
This two-color striped Christmas stocking is a lot of fun to knit and a quick project on size 9 US knitting needles. It's a good first project for someone new to knitting socks and features an easy short row heel for a streamlined look.

Knit Christmas Wreath Ornament
This Christmas ornament wreath takes very little in the way of time or supplies to make, and it can be used as an ornament on the tree, a decoration for a gift box or bag or as a pin to wear during the holidays.

Felted Bowl Free Knitting Pattern
This little bowl is an easy first felting project and a great addition to your table in spring or any season

Felted Hot Pad Free Knitting Pattern
Hot pads are incredibly useful items to have in the kitchen, whether you're pulling something out of the oven or serving something hot on the table. Using a felted hot pad means you've got something nice, thick and heat resistant that you can knit up in no time.

Women's Cabled Hat - Free Knitting Pattern
This easy cabled hat is great for teens or women with smaller sized heads. The simple cables are quick to work up and stylish throughout the cooler months.

Rolled Brim Hat Free Knitting Pattern
A rolled brim hat is a about the simplest hat design there is, but it's a really cute project that is perfect for a colorful, chunky yarn and when you need to get a hat knit in a hurry.

How to Knit a Slouchy Hat
This is a very easy hat pattern that makes a slouchy, fun hat for teens or adults. Three sizes are given, so you can knit it big or small.

American Star Coasters
These America-inspired coasters feature white stars on red or blue backgrounds. They take almost no time at all to knit up and would be a great addition to any summer table, particularly around the Fourth of July.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Bottle or Can Cozy
When it's hot outside in particular its so much more pleasant when your beverage isn't sweating all over your hands. This super quick to knit bottle or can cozy will help keep your hands dry without warming up your drink too much.

Knit and Felt a Fall Place Mat
Felting is a perfect addition to knitting for fall accessories. This felted placemat is generously sized and (if knit with the same yarn I used) is reminiscent of fall leaves or an autumn sunset.

Mistake Rib Dish Cloth - How to Knit a Dishcloth in Mistake Rib
Mistake rib is an easy and attractive knitting stitch pattern that looks great on simple home knits like this dish cloth.

Pumpkin Washcloth Knitting Pattern
This pumpkin washcloth is a breeze to knit, since it just involves garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and knitting or purling on the opposite side to make the jackolantern image.

Shamrock Bread Basket Liner Knitting Pattern
This versatile and easy knitting pattern that includes a shamrock works as a bread basket liner or a small placemat. Because the shamrock is subtle you can use this piece around St. Patrick's Day or throughout the year.

Knit a Striped Pillow in Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette
Combining two colors, two different kinds of yarn and two stitch patterns (Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette) makes for a basic but interesting pillow that's perfect for any decor.

Bamboo Stitch Table Runner Free Knitting Pattern
This easy cotton table runner worked in the bamboo stitch is a great accessory for Thanksgiving or any special meal, or even for everyday. The three colors make it more interesting to knit and to use.

Free Knitting Pattern: Broken Rib Washcloth
Broken rib is an easy and lovely knitting stitch pattern that makes a quick-to-knit, easy knitted washcloth pattern.

Free Knitting Pattern: Cabled Headband
This free knitting pattern for a cabled headband and earwarmer is an easy way to learn how to knit cables and a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

Cabled Napkin Rings Free Knitting Pattern
Cabled napkin rings bring a sweet look to any table. Knit in cotton, they can look formal or informal, depending on the rest of the table setting.

Dropped Stitch Soap Sack Knitting Pattern
This soap sack knitting pattern is a fun housewarming gift or part of a spa set for a friend who needs a pick-me-up (or for yourself).

Garter Eyelet Washcloth Knitting Pattern
This free knitting pattern for a garter stitch eyelet washcloth is a great addition to a luxurious spa gift or a wonderful bathtime accessory for you and your family.

Stockinette Stitch Washcloth Knitting Pattern
Washcloths and dish towels are a lot of fun to make. They are quick projects and completely useful. This stockinette stitch washcloth has a seed stitch border to keep it from curling.

St. Patrick's Day Necklace - Skinny Scarf Knitting Pattern
This fun skinny scarf or

Trendsetter Capelet Knitting Pattern
Use a fun bulky thick and thin yarn, giant needles and a simple stitch pattern to knit a little capelet in an afternoon.

Bulky Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern
These easy and quick to knit bulky fingerless gloves can be worked up in an afternoon to keep your hands warm or for a near-instant gift.

Easy Baby Booties Freee Knitting Pattern
Baby booties or baby socks are a great present for a new little one, and they're super quick to knit as well. This basic pattern leaves lots of room for embellishment, from changing the stitch pattern to adding embroidery when they're finished.

Pumpkin Hat - Knit a Pumpkin Hat for Your Baby
A tiny pumpkin hat is a cute gift for a newborn and makes a perfect Halloween costume with the addition of an orange onesie.

A Quick-To-Knit Ribbed Baby Hat
This adorable ribbed baby hat is really quick to knit and super cute on any little head. Sizes from preemie to age 4.

Roman Stitch Baby Blanket - Knit a Baby Blanket in Roman Stitch
Roman Stitch is an easy knitting stitch that gives a nice textured look to anything you knit in it. This alpaca baby blanket is the perfect way to use this quick-knitting stitch.

Sprout Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern
This cute infant hat knitting pattern features a picot edge, a quick knitting Stockinette body with easy decreases into an I-cord topper with a cute little leaf on the end.

Striped Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern
All infants need a nice collection of hats to help keep them warm, and this cute little number meets that task with style. It's a great way to use up bits of leftover yarn in tow or several colors.

How to Knit a Triple Rib Baby Blanket
The triple rib makes a lovely baby blanket for a modern-looking baby room. This pattern is easy and quick to knit.

Harris Tweed Rib Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern
This Harris Tweed Rib Baby Blanket is easy to knit in two panels and two colors. The tweedy fabric gives it a somewhat masculine look.

Knit a Camouflage Hat for a Man
If you have a hunter in your life, or someone who just love the look of camo, this simple camouflage hat is a great choice. It's worked with deep ribbing to fold over and keep the ears extra warm.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Condo Knitting Scarf
Condo knitting is a fun technique that uses two different sized needles on different rows of the same project. This simple sport weight condo knit scarf is the perfect accessory for springtime.

Favorite Color Scarf Knitting Pattern
Knitting a scarf with a bunch of different yarns on huge needles is a quick and easy way to finish a project. Choosing yarns that are all in the same color makes for an interesting look and the perfect gift for someone when you knit them a scarf in their favorite color.

Fizzy, Fuzzy Scarf KNitting Pattern
Combining a colorful, playful yarn with one that is more conservative is a lot of fun and can make for amazing results, as this free scarf knitting pattern shows.

Horizontal Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Turn basic scarf knitting on its head with a Horizontal Scarf. Knit side to side rather than lengthwise, you'll be finished in just a few rows. It's a great way to use up largish scraps of yarn, too.

How to Knit a Harry Potter-Style Felted House Scarf
Everyone who has read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the movies knows about the house scarves, and knitters the world over have been making their own interpretations of them for years. This is mine; a felted striped scarf with a classic, masculine look.

Knit an Easy Scarf with Pockets Using Garter Stitch
This easy knit scarf with pockets made by folding and seaming the ends is perfect if you work or live somewhere cold or just want a place to put your hands.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Neck Warmer Worked in Pomp-a-Doodle Yarn
Red Heart's Pomp-a-Doodle yarn is a fun yarn accented with pom-poms. One skein is all you need to knit up this cute little neck warmer.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Ripple Stitch Scarf
Ripple Stitch is a fun and easy knitting stitch, and this Ripple Stitch Scarf knit in bulky yarn knits up in a flash for gift giving or almost-instant warmth.

Men's Woven Rib Sock Knitting Pattern
This Woven Rib men's sock is easy to knit but a little more entertaining than a basic Stockinette Stitch or ribbed sock. Despite the size it's still pretty quick to knit and you'll be surprised how that one little row of purling keeps you entertained.

Knit a Simple Stockinette Sock for Women
A Stockinette Stitch sock is as easy as sock knitting gets, and is a great way for new sock knitters to focus on the instructions without getting distracted by a complex pattern stitch.

Short Socks Free Knitting Pattern
Short socks are a quick and easy way to knit socks when you have a small yardage of a sock yarn, and they're great to wear during the summer for those times when you might want to wear real shoes or at least not be barefoot in the house.

Knitting Pattern for Cabled Socks With Worsted Yarn
Knit socks of all types are wonderful things, but socks knit with sock-weight yarn can take a really long time to knit. Using medium or worsted weight yarn speeds up the process considerably, giving you super-warm socks for the winter months.

Knitting With Cotton - Tips, Pros and Cons
Knitting with cotton can be frustrating for some knitters because of its inelasticity, but it is a good choice for light, breathable, utilitarian items. Here are some great tips for knitting with cotton.

Learn More about Organic, Green and Eco-Friendly Yarns
There are all sorts of choices out there when it come to picking yarns for your projects, and the field isn't narrowed much by looking a eco-friendly yarns. From yarn made with organic and recycled material to alternative fibers, there are a lot of choices out there.

Naturally Colored Yarns With Natural Dyes
More small yarn makers and some of the larger manufacturers are using natural dyes for their knitting yarns or choosing to sell naturally colored yarns that have never been dyed. Here's a look at what these terms mean, how yarn is naturally colored and why you might want it.

What is Recycled Yarn
Recycled yarn is a rather new addition to the eco knitting scene that involves combining new and recycled fibers into a completely different yarn product.

How to Get Moths Out of Wool
A moth infestation can be incredibly frustrating. Here are some tips on getting the moths out of your wool and yarn stash.

What is Ribbon Yarn and How Do I Use It?
Ribbon yarn can be a bit of a challenge to work with, but it is lovely and makes fun accessories and garments for summer.

How to Felt Knit Sweaters to Use in Projects
Felting a knit sweater might not be your idea of a good time just after you've knit it, but there are occasions when you might want to felt a sweater (homemade or purchased) or have an accidentally felted sweater on your hands and wonder what to do with it. Here are some tips for sweater felting and using the felted fabric.

Felting Tips to Make Your Next Project Easier
Having trouble with felting your knitting? These tips will make it a little easier, or at least help you understand what's going on.

How to Stitch a Lazy Daisy on Your Knitting Project
The lazy daisy is a really easy stitch that you can use to embellish many different types of knitting projects. If you finish something and find the look a little plain, some well placed lazy daisy flowers will perk up your project quick.

Tips on Teaching Someone How to Knit
Almost every knitter gets called on to teach someone else how to knit at some time in their lives. Here are some tips for teaching knitting to people of all ages

Standard Bed and Blanket Size Guidelines
The side of mattresses can vary from country to country, so if you're planning to design and knit a blanket for a bed, it helps to know the standard bed and blanket sizes in use in different countries.

New Year's Resolutions for Knitters
Most people make resolutions related to their health, breaking bad habits and the like. But do you make any knitting related resolutions? Here are some great ones to get you started.

Ideas for Getting Rid of Yarn Stash Guilt
Some days you just feel like you've got too much yarn. What are you saving it all for? Here are some strategies for alleviating stash guilt

Duplicate Stitch Sample for Learning Duplicate Stitch
Making duplicate stitch is an easy way to jazz up plain stockinette stitch, but it can be a little intimidating to just read about it. This sample duplicate stitch project can be worked on a swatch of stockinette, and by the end of it you'll be a confident duplicate stitcher.

How to Resize a Simple Knit Garment
It's really pretty easy to resize a simple knitting patterns, and the skills you use are the same ones you will need to tackle more complex adjustments.

How to Drop Stitches and Why You Would Want To
Dropping stitches accidentally is a big problem for a knitter, but do it on purpose and it's a fun design element.

Tips for Fair Isle and Stranded Knitting Success
Fair Isle or stranded knitting is not that difficult, but here are some pointers that should make it even easier for you to have success with this fun color knitting technique.

Finishing the Second Row of Two-Color Brioche
How to finish the second row of two-color brioche stitch knitting.

Continuing to Knit Brioche Stitch in Two Colors
Tips for continuing to knit two-color brioche stitch.

How to Knit a Hat: Planning and Design
Design your own hat with this simple guide to swatching, measuring and knitting the perfect hat for you.

Knitting the Body of the Hat
Designing and knitting a hat from scratch requires a bit of math, but for simple designs it isn't that difficult.

Finishing Your Hat
How to finish the top of a hat when knitting from your own pattern or a published pattern.

Knit the Second Part of the First Row of Two-Color Brioche
How to finish the first row of two-color brioche stitch.

Starting Two-Color Brioche: The Light Color
How to work the second setup round for two-color brioche stitch.

Starting the Second Row of Two-Color Brioche
Starting the second row of two-color brioche stitch.

Two Yarns in the Left Hand
If you work continental style, holding both yarns in the left hand may be the best option for you when working stranded knitting.

Work Stranded Knitting with Two Yarns in the Right Hand
If you're an English knitter you might like to work Fair Isle or stranded knitting with both yarns held with the right hand.

How to Work Fair Isle with One Yarn in Each Hand
Working with one strand in the right hand and one in the left is quick and easy if you know how to knit in both styles.

Knit and Drop Yarn Hold for Stranded Knitting
There are several options for yarn management in stranded knitting, and you should try all of them to see what works best for you.

Knit a Cowl with a Funky Ball of Yarn
This simple cowl worked with a funky, crazy ball of yarn, looks intricate and fun with very little work on the knitter's part.

Two-Color Moss Stitch Pot Holder Free Knitting Pattern
Work Moss Stitch in two colors for a fun and different look on this pot holder and other projects.

How to Start Working Two-Color Brioche
Get started with two-color brioche with this tutorial showing how to set up and continue working brioche stitch in two colors.

Knitting the First Part of the Row in Two-Color Brioche Stitch
How to work the first part of the first row in two-color brioche stitch.

Ridged Eyelet Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
This easy to knit cowl has great texture thanks to the ridges of Garter Stitch and isn't too hot thanks to the eyelets in the pattern.

Right-Leaning Raised Increase
A right-leaning increase known as the lifted increase is quick, easy and relatively invisible.

Left-Leaning Raised Increase
The raised or lifted increase worked in a different way makes it lean slightly to the left.

Using Sock Yarn for Things Other Than Socks

Fourth of July Knitting Patterns
Knit up something red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day or any other patriotic holiday, or choose different colors to stitch these projects up for celebrations throughout the year.

How to Join in the Round for Circular Knitting
Circular knitting patterns often tell you to join in the round, being careful not to twist the stitches. Here's how you go about doing that.

Knitting Circles Around Socks - Reivew of Antje Gillingham's Knitting Circles Around Socks
Knitting one sock at a time is just too much of a commitment for some knitters. But it's easy to knit both socks at once using two circular needles, as you'll learn from reading Antje Gillingham's Knitting Circles Around Socks.

Finishing the Sl1, k2tog, psso Decrease
When the decrease is finished you'll have eliminated two stitches at once and created a decrease that leans to the left.

Fabric Heart Kntiting Pattern
Use fun fabric

Arm Knitting Tips
Tips for more successful arm knitting projects, including keeping an even tension and what to do when you need to stop in the middle of a project.

Slip 1, Knit 2 Together, Pass Slipped Stitch Over Decrease
The slip 1, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over decrease begins by slipping a stitch and knitting two together.

Two-Texture Garter Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern
Combine two textures of yarn with a simple knitting stitch for a striking scarf with a lot of visual interest.

Arne & Carlos Knit-and-Crochet Garden Book Review
Bust your stash in style with these colorful ideas inspired by the garden from Arne & Carlos.

Quick Icelandic Knits by Gunn Birgirsdottir Book Review
Use these pattern templates and design ideas to make your own Icelandic sweaters, hats, socks, mitts and more.

Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Laura Farson Book Review
Use twined knitting and stranded knitting techniques to make these traditional two-color slippers and socks from Scandinavia.

Knitwear Designer Amy Gunderson Interview
Amy Gunderson designs knit and crochet items for publications and books, and talks to us about fingerless gloves, great designers and more.

Knit Two - Review of Kate Jacobs' Knit Two
Legions of readers -- even some non-knitters -- enjoyed Kate Jacobs' first book, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and they are sure to enjoy the sequel, a look at the ladies of Walker and Daughter five years after the close of the first book.

How to Knit the Brioche Stitch
Brioche stitch is a name used for a few different techniques that produce really deeply textured, ribbed-like fabrics. Here's how to make one of the more popular forms.

Kids' Heart Mittens Free Knitting Pattern
These basic mittens are worked with a heart shape on the front, but you can use them as a jumping off point for your own embellishments or work them plain.

Brioche Stitch Setup Row -- How to Knit Brioche Stitch
Brioche stitch starts with a setup row that begins to build texture into the pattern.

Knitting the First Row in Brioche Stitch
How to knit the first row of Brioche stitch with yarn forwards and decreases.

Knitting the Second Row in Brioche Stitch
Work back to complete a circuit of Brioche Stitch.

Huge & Huggable Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec Book Review
Knit funny creatures, household items and more on a large scale with this fun book that will get you thinking big for your next knitting project.

Shaping Garter Stitch
Special increases and decreases are not really necessary when working with Garter Stitch.

Nordic Knitting Traditions by Susan Anderson-Freed
A book for knitters with some colorwork experience, Nordic Knitting Traditions offers patterns for stocking hats, tams, mittens, gloves, socks and leg warmers.

My First Cardigan Workbook
Learn to knit a top-down cardigan in baby or adult sizes and build your skills and knitting confidence with this workbook.

Peace Sign Chart - Free Knitting Pattern for a Peace Sign Chart
Use this Peace Sign Chart to personalize your knitting and add embellishments to T-shirts, sweaters and blankets.

Peace Sign Chart - Free Knitting Pattern for a Peace Sign Chart
How to knit an intarsia peace sign, and a Reverse Stockinette Stitch peace sign.

Seven Reasons to Knit Socks - Sock Knitting
Knitting socks is a lot of fun, but some people -- knitters and non-knitters alike -- don't seem to understand why we'd spend so much time on such a simple thing. Here are a few great reasons to knit socks.

Women's Fair Isle Socks - Free Knitting Pattern for Stranded Knitting Socks
Fair Isle or stranded knitting is a great technique to bring a bit of color to a basic project fast, as you can see with these simple Stockinette socks with stranded knitting across the leg in a checkerboard pattern.

Knitting Business - Local Versus Online Knitting Shops - State of the Knitting Business
Knitting and related fiber crafts might not exactly be recession proof, but they do seem to be weathering the economic storm relatively well. Plus, a discussion of local yarn shops versus online stores and what's best for the industry at large.

Tips on Knitting With Wool and Caring for Woolen Items
Wool is universally one of the most beloved types of knitting yarn. Learn why, and how to treat your wool yarn well after you make something from it.

Knitting Terms-Garter Stitch
You often see the term garter stitch in patterns, but what does it mean?

Ribbed Women's Socks - Free Knitting Pattern
Ribbed socks are an easy but interesting departure from plain Stockinette Stitch socks, and the incredible stretchiness makes them really comfortable while they fit a range of sizes.

What is Organic Yarn - What Makes a Yarn Organic
Many manufacturers are coming out with organic yarns these days. But what exactly does it mean to use organic yarn, and why would you want to?

Knit a Belt in the Linen Stitch
Linen Stitch is a beautiful knitting stitch pattern that's really easy to work once you get the hang of it. It's a great texture for accessories like this belt, worked in hemp yarn.

How to Knit the Drop Stitch
Drop stitch or dropped stitch is more of a method than an actual pattern. It involves making elongated stitches that give your work an airy, stretchy quality.

How to Make Farrow Rib Stitch Pattern
Farrow rib is a fun, easy knitting stitch pattern that makes a manly looking ribbing perfect for a scarf.

What Is the Garter Eyelet Lace Stitch Pattern?
This simple knitting stitch pattern makes a row of lacy eyelets in between rows of garter stitch. The only things you need to know to make this work are how to knit, yarn over and knit two together.

Advanced Knitting - Purl 2 Together Through Back Loop
Purling 2 together through the back loop will seem like you're doing it wrong the first couple of times, but if it feels wrong that probably means you're forming this decrease correctly.

Stitch Glossary: How to Make Mistake Rib
Mistake rib is an interesting knitting stitch pattern that produces columns of knit stitches.

Learn the Twisted Rib Knitting Stitch
Twisted Rib is an easy knitting stitch that gives ribbing just a little more texture and interest, good for projects that are all or mostly ribbed.

Vine Lace Knitting Stitch and Pattern
Vine lace is a very pretty (and very easy) lace knitting pattern that involves an easy four-row repeat with just two lace rows, which are almost exactly the same pattern. It has a lovely look and a slightly scalloped edge.

How to Make Butterfly Stitch or Basic Smocking
Butterfly Stitch, sometimes also referred to generically as smocking, is a lovely knitting stitch that adds a graphic nature to knit fabric without a lot of work. But if you've never worked the stitch before, it can seem kind of strange. Here's how it's done.

Entrelac Knitting - Working the Knit Side Squares for Entrelac Knitting
Once you've worked the purl side squares and triangles onto your entrelac base triangles, it's time to work the knit side squares, which are quite similar to the purl squares and easy to work.

Entrelac Knitting - Finishing the Knit Side Entrelac Squares
Once you have worked the entrelac knit square across the work, you will have worked a square into each of the previously worked purl squares.

Working the Top Row of Triangles in Entrelac Knitting
Entrelac knitting requires a lot of different steps, and we're nearing the end with a look at working the top triangles that will give your finished knitting a solid look with a straight edge.

Knitting with Prestrug Beads - How to Knit with Prestrung Beads on Your Yarn
Knitting with beads is easy when you string the beads onto the yarn before you get started. Here, a tutorial on how to do just that.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Lacy Water Bottle Cozy
This cozy and carrier for a metal water bottle is doubly clever because it makes it easier to tote around an alternative to plastic bottles and it's knit with a yarn partially made from plastic bottles.

How to Knit a Simple Wire Bracelet
This basic pattern can serve as a jumping-off point for any sort of wire bracelet you might like to knit. Follow the pattern exactly, use a different bead layout, make it narrower, the sky's the limit!

Sew a Swatch Afghan - Beginning to Sew the Swatch Afghan
Once you have part of your afghan or blanket laid out, it's time to start sewing in whatever way makes sense to you based on the shapes in your project.

Sew a Swatch Afghan - Make an Afghan out of Swatches
One quick and easy way to use up a bunch of stitch pattern swatches of different sizes and shapes is to sew them all together (by hand or machine) into a blanket of whatever size is appropriate for the number of swatches you have. Here's how to get started.

Felting by Hand Without a Machine
Felting with the use of a washing machine is the preferred method because it is quick and easy, but if you don't have access to a machine, you can felt by hand with these tips.

Wrap Cast On - Continuing to Cast On
Now that you know the basics of the wrap cast on, keep going until you have all the stitches you need.

How to Knit a Feather and Fan Dishcloth
This Feather and Fan dishcloth is super-easy to knit and a great first lace project because it's knit on rather large needles.

Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting Tutorial
Fair Isle, or, more accurately, stranded knitting, is an easy technique for working two colors of yarn in the same row. You simply carry the yarn you aren't working with across the back of the work, leaving a strand of yarn across the back.

Working Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting on the Knit Side
On the knit side, stranded knitting doesn't look or feel all that different from regular knitting, you're just changing the color of yarn you are working with as you go.

Finishing a Row of Knitting in Stranded Knitting
Continue in the same manner across the row of knitting to complete your first row or Fair Isle or stranded knitting.

Finishing Your Fair Isle or Stranded Knitting Project
To continue knitting in the Fair Isle or stranded knitting style, just keep reading your chart and following the color changes it suggests. Remember to keep those floats loose, too!

Cable without a Needle - Make a Cable Front without a Cable Needle
Cabling without a cable needle is a quick and easy way to make cables that use a small number of stitches. Learn how to knit a cable front, also known as a left-slanting cable, without a cable needle.

How to Seam Stockinette Stitch With the Mattress Stitch
Mattress stitch is a very easy and sharp-looking way to join two pieces of Stockinette Stitch into a virtually seamless whole.

Single Crochet Around Knitting - How to Single Crochet a Border Around a Knitting Project
Even if you aren't skilled at crochet, you can use a simple single crochet to make a decorative border on a knitting project.

How to Use the Cable Cast On - Make a Slip Knot
Cable cast on is a handy cast on method that makes a firm edge that looks a bit like a cable when completed. It's a little tricky because the stitches must be kept very loose. Here's how to complete a cable cast on.

How to Crochet a Simple Border Around a Knitting Project
Even if you aren't skilled at crochet, you can use a simple single crochet to make a decorative border on a knitting project.

Cable Cast On - Making the Second Stitch
The second stitch in the cable cast on is formed as if you were knitting a stitch.

How to Knit Your First Knitting Project
If you're still learning how to knit or are a very new knitter, this step-by-step guide to knitting a simple Garter Stitch square should help you understand the basics. When you're done, you can use the swatch as a coaster.

Your First Knitting Project - Cast on for Your First Knitting Project
The first real step in every knitting project is making loops of yarn on the needle so that you can knit. This is known as casting on. There are many different methods for casting on, but a couple are best for new knitters.

Knitting the First Row in a New Project
Once you've cast on your stitches it's time to begin knitting. Once you have the basic motion down, it's pretty easy to knit your project. Page 3.

Your First Knitting Project - Weaving in the Ends
After the knitting is done and you've bound off, if you want to make your project look completely finished, you need to weave in the ends. It just takes a second but makes a big difference in how your project looks and wears.

Continental Knitting How To
Continental knitting, sometimes also referred to as German knitting or picking , is one of the most common ways to knit. Proponents say it's faster, too.

Continental Knitting - Making a Knit Stitch with Continental Knitting
Finishing the knit stitch in continental knitting simply involves pulling the old stitch off the left hand needle. Keep going and soon you'll have a row of knitting completed.

How To Make the Knit Stitch in English Knitting
Learn how to knit the knit stitch using the English (sometimes called right-handed or

Your First Knitting Project - Using Your First Knitting Project
Now that your project is done, how can you use it? And where do you go from here?

How to Do the Long-Tail Cast on Method
The long-tail cast on method is one of the most popular cast on methods in knitting. While it takes a little fancy fingerwork, it's quick and easy once you know how to do it.

Long-Tail Cast On - Finishing the Long-Tail Cast On
Continue with the same method described to finish casting on as many stitches as you need in long-tail cast on.

How to Make a Left-Slanting Cable
There are two basic ways to make cables in knitting. The left-slanting cable is made while holding stitches at the front of the work.

How to Pick Up Stitches
Picking up stitches is required for many different reasons in knitting, from adding embellishments or a button band to a finished item to making a project seamless. Here's how to pick up stitches like a pro.

How to Wash a Hank of Yarn After Recycling Yarn
When recycling yarn from an old project or a thrift store sweater, you might find it helpful to wash the yarn and allow it to relax into a smoother fiber before working with it. Here's how it's done.

Knitting in the Round With Two Circular Needles
Using two circular needles instead of multiple double-pointed needles to work in the round is preferred by some knitters. Try it and see if you like it!

Knitting Skills: Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - Circular Needle Knitting
Most knitters learn to knit small projects in the round using double-pointed needles, but many prefer to knit in the round using two circular needles instead. This tutorial will show you how to knit in the round with two circular needles.

Knitting Skills: Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - Circular Needle Knitting
Most knitters learn to knit small projects in the round using double-pointed needles, but many prefer to knit in the round using two circular needles instead. This tutorial will show you how to knit in the round with two circular needles.

Knit a Sock on Two Circular Needles - Continuing to Knit the Sock and Finishing
Continue as established, working each half of the sock with its own circular needle, all the way down the gusset, foot and toe. Then just graft as usual and your sock is done!

Clover Pom-Pom Maker (Review)
It's not too difficult to make pom-poms by hand, but having a tool to help is good when you want many pom-poms to come out the same. Clover's Pom-Pom makers make it easy to make uniform pom-poms.

Review of Rowenta's Ultrasteam Handheld Fabric Steamer
A handheld steamer is by no means required for knitting, but it sure can come in handy if you have a lot of blocking of delicate fibers to do. This steamer is pretty small and easy to use, and would also be good for travel.

Knitting - Determining Wraps Per Inch for Yarn
If you have a ball of yarn and don’t know what size needle or what sort of gauge you should be getting for it, measuring wraps per inch is a quick solution.

How to Knit a Sock With Two Circular Needles
If you don't have the double-pointed needles you need to knit a sock, or just don't like fussing with all those pointy ends, you can also knit one sock at a time with two circular knitting needles. Here's how you go about setting up and knitting a sock on two circulars.

Continental Purling
To finish making a purl stitch in the continental style, simply pull the old loop of the left hand needle. Keep going and soon you'll be purling continental like a pro.

How to Purl in the English Style
The purl stitch is the second stitch you learn in knitting, and it makes it possible to form knit fabric in Stockinette Stitch or ribbing. The method for purling is sort of the opposite of knitting.

Baby Block Toy - Free Knitting Pattern
This easy garter stitch baby block is super quick to knit and a bunch of them are fun for babies and toddlers to play with. They're perfect for the stacking and knocking down phase, since they're quiet!

Hand Jive Nature's Palette Merino - Review of Hand Jive's Nature's Palette Yarn
Hand Jive makes a collection of beautiful yarns that are dyed by hand with natural dyestuffs and eco-friendly practices. Nature's Palette is a beauty of a yarn that will make you happy to embrace more natural knitting.

Bias Garter Stitch Doll Blanket
This cute little doll blanket is a bias garter stitch square, so it's perfect for beginners who are just learning how to increase and decrease. A good project for a young knitter as well.

How to Knit a Quick Garter Stitch Tie
This quick to knit tie is really fun and easy, even for new knitters. The texture of the yarn makes it an interesting project even while it's one you'll sail through in a few evenings.

Free Pet Blanket Knitting Patterns
Knit up this cute and colorful pet blanket in colors that will go with whatever room you want to keep it in, and your dog or cat will be sure to get a lot of use out of it. The stitch pattern makes it nice to look at when the animal isn't using it.

Learn to Knit a Sock - Finshing the Sock
All that's left for your sock now that you've shaped the toe is to close up the end, which is done by grafting, also known as Kitchener Stitch.

Learn to Knit a Sock - Knitting the Sock Leg
The sock leg is one of the most important parts of a knit sock because it helps keep you warm and is a great place to incorporate fancy stitch patterns. For this learning sock, however, it's straight knitting.

Learn to Knit a Sock - Turning the Heel
Turning the heel is probably the part of sock knitting that intimidates those new to sock knitting the most. This sock has a very short heel-turning sequence that gives you the idea of how a bigger sock would work.

Learn to Knit a Sock - Shaping the Gusset
Now that you've worked the heel on just a portion of the stitches, it's time to get the leg stitches back in on the action. That's where the gusset comes in.

Knitting Tools for Beginners
There are so many knitting tools out there, it's hard to know what you really need in order to get started. This quick guide should help.

Learn to Knit a Sock - Knitting the Ribbing
Most socks start with a bit of ribbing to hold the sock to the wearer's leg, and out learn to knit a sock sock is no exception.

Knitting Tools: Using Lion Brand Speed Stix
Speed Stix are huge size 50 needles made from light plastic. They're easy to use for quick, big projects.

Recycling Yarn - How to Recycle Yarn from a Knit Sweater for New Projects
Once all the sweater pieces have been unraveled, behold the wonder of a bunch of cheap yarn.

Red Heart Designer Sport - Review of Red Heart Designer Sport Yarn
If you're looking for an inexpensive, easy to work with acrylic yarn that also feels nice to knit with and to wear, Designer Sport by Red Heart may be for you. While I found the finished fabric a little firm, it's a nice choice for colorwork and stitch patterns.

Intarsia Knitting - Getting Started
Not a difficult technique once you get the hang of dealing with all the different yarns, but here are some tips for success.

Sock Knitting Tips From Our Readers
These sock knitting tips from readers and others will help you knit socks more efficiently and with better results.

Knitting With Wire - Tips and Techniques
Knitting with wire can be a lot of fun, but it's a little different from knitting with yarn. Here are some things you should know before you get started.

Measuring Yardage in a Hank of Yarn
Whether you've recycled yarn or simply don't have the ball band for the yarn you're looking at any more, there are times when you might want to figure out the yardage of a yarn with no information to go on.

How to Make Plastic Yarn or Plarn from Shopping Bags
Plarn, or plastic yarn, is easy to make from plastic shopping bags and is an interesting material to work with. Learn how to cut plastic bags so you can use them as yarn.

How and Why to Swatch When Working with Multicolored Yarn
When working with a multicolored yarn, you need to know that you will like the effect of whatever stitch pattern you're using. That's why it is vital to knit a swatch with your multicolored yarn so you know what to expect beforehand.

Carrying Yarn When You Knit Stripes
Knitting stripes can cause the extra hassle of having a lot of ends to weave in, but if your stripes are narrow you can carry the yarn you aren't working with up the side of the project.

Knit and Felted Brick Stitch Coin Purse Pattern
This easy Brick Stitch Coin Purse is worked in two colors, but slip stitches mean you're only knitting with one color per row. A quick felting makes the project sturdy and a zipper makes it more useful.

Knitting While Walking - How Do You Walk and Knit at the Same Time?
We often think of knitting while walking as something that people used to do, or that people in third-world countries might do, but it's not something Westerners need or maybe even want to do. But if you learn to knit while walking a whole new arena of knitting time will open up for you, and it's not that difficult to learn.

Stocking Stuffers for Knitters - Small Gift Ideas for Knitters
Looking for a little special something for a fellow knitter (or to add to your own wish list)? This list of small items for knitters is perfect for stocking stuffers or a secret Santa gift.

Top 12 Beginning Knitter FAQs
Beginning knitters have a lot of questions about how to learn to knit, developing knitting skills and more. Here are the top questions beginning knitters have, along with their answers.

Basic Instructions for Beginning Knitters
All the instruction, tips and advice you need to learn how to knit. From casting on, knitting, purl and binding off to the basic tools and patterns for your first project, here's all the information new knitters need to be a success.

What is the Combination Method of Knitting?
Combination knitting is a specific method of knitting that involves a purl method that's like the continental style and knit stitches worked through the back loops.

Sock Basics: Your Sock-Knitting Pep Talk
Many knitters are afraid of knitting socks, but there's nothing to be worried about. Just trust the pattern and read this pep talk to get started.

Felted Join - Join a New Ball of Yarn by Felting the Yarns Together
When you're working with an animal hair fiber yarn like wool, alpaca or llama, you can easily and seamlessly join a new ball of yarn by felting the two yarns together, also known as a spit join.

Choosing the Knitting Tools to Keep in Your Knitting Bag
When building a knitting bag to take your project on the road, you'll want to include some knitting tools in case you need them during your time away from home. Here are some thoughts on essential knitting bag tools, as well as other items you might find handy.

Tips for Working with and Making T-Shirt Yarn
T-shirt yarn is a great way to recycle old shirts, but it can be a little tricky to work with. Here are some ideas that will help make your crafting with T-shirt yarn a little easier.

Knitting Reference Books - Reviews of Knitting Reference Books
Knitting reference books are essential for knitters of all skill levels. They can help you learn how to knit or talk you through a skill you aren't familiar with, as well as providing inspiration for your own projects.

Free Knitting Patterns for Accessories
Free knitting patterns for knitted accessories, including belts, headbands, wristbands and much more.

Afghan Knitting Patterns - Blanket Knitting Patterns - Free Knitting Patterns
These free knitting patterns for afghans will get you started warming up friends and family with your knitting.

Free Knitting Patterns for Bags
Free knitting patterns for a variety of knit bags and purses sure to suit your style or perfect for gift-giving to friends.

Free Knitting Patterns: Knitting Patters for Children
Free knitting patterns for knitted children's clothing and accessories.

Free Knitting Patterns: Christmas Patterns
Free knitting patterns for Christmas stockings, Christmas ornaments and other holiday needs.

Knitting and Felting: Felting Patterns
Whether you're new to felting or have been shrinking knitted items for years, here are some great felting projects for you to try.

Finishing Knitting - Knitting Finishing Touches
Once the knitting is finished, you're still not quite done with your project. Find information on the finishing touches that are vital to making your projects look great.

Free Knitting Patterns -- Knitted Hat Patterns
Hats are great knitting projects because they're relatively small and thus quick knitting, but you can also make them as gifts with relative comfort since most people have similar head sizes. Here are some great free hat knitting patterns.

Home Patterns - Knitting Patterns for Home
These knitting patterns for the home include projects for the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other rooms to bring a little more knitting into your daily life all year long.

Tips for New Knitters and Beyond
These knitting hacks and tips. are great for new knitters and those with more skill who want to knit better.

How to Add Beads to Your Knitting
Knitting with beads is a great way to change the look of what would otherwise be a plain piece of knitting. Learn how to get beads onto your yarn for knitting with prestrung beads as well as how to add beads as you knit.

Free Knitting Patterns: Knitted Mitten Patterns
Free knitting mitten patterns, as well as patterns for knitted gloves and hand-warmers.

Free Knitting Patterns: Knitting Patterns for Men
Free knitting patterns for men who knit, or for women who knit for the men in their lives.

Scarf Knitting Patterns - Free Knitting Patterns for Scarves
Knitting scarves is a good way to learn to knit because you can practice techniques on a small project. Here are some wonderful free patterns for knitting scarves.

Free Knitting Patterns: Sock Knitting Patterns
Free sock knitting patterns from all over the Internet.

Free Knitting Patterns: Knitted Sweater Patterns
Knitted sweaters are probably the ultimate gesture of appreciation. Whether you're knitting a sweater for yourself or for someone else, odds are you'll find the perfect free knitting pattern here.

Knitting Technique Books - Reviews of Books about Specific Knitting Techniques
Reviews of books about various knitting techniques, such as lace, fair isle, cable and felting.

Color Knitting
Color knitting is a great way to bring your personality into a knitting project, and it's not too difficult to learn the basic techniques of color knitting, from stripes and slipped stitches to intarsia and entrelac.

Knitting Product Reviews
Advice on the best knitting books, videos, software and other tools for knitting success.

How to Bind Off Knitting
There might not be as many ways to bind off as there are to cast on, but your bind off choice can take the edge of your work from blah to beautiful.

Casting On - How to Cast On Knitting Stitches
From the knitted cast on to the long-tail cast on, there are lots of different ways to get stitches on needles. These tutorials show you all you need to know about forming stitches and getting ready to knit.

Many knitters are now using felting as a way to make projects that are a little different from your normal everyday knitted item. Learn to felt with easy projects that will give you confidence (and make great gifts for family and friends).

Knitting Community
Find people to share your love of knitting with, whether it's at your local yarn shop, on the Internet, in your own knitting group or at a retreat. We'll also help you help others with your knitting and show you how you can learn to become an even better knitter.

Free Knitting Patterns - Knitting Projects - Knitting Instructions
If you're looking for free knitting patterns, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find a wide range of knitting patterns for all recipients and all skill levels, from basic pieces for baby to more intricate lacy wraps and even patterns for men and animals.

Free Knitting Patterns: Patterns for Babies
Free knitting patterns for the babies and infants in your life. From sweaters to blankets to adorable baby booties, we've cot your little one covered.

Knitting Patterns for Pets - Knitting Projects for Pets
Knitting projects for pets are a lot of fun for you and for them. Find dog sweaters, cozy places to sleep, cat toys and much more.

Free Knitting Patterns: Patterns for Toys
Free knitting patterns for toys, toy and doll clothing patterns and toy accessories knitting patterns.

Free Wrap Knitting Patterns - Free Shawl Knitting Patterns- Knit Wraps and Shawls
Free knitting patterns for wraps and shawls are always popular because they're great choices to give as gifts to show someone you care. Knit up one of these great shawl knitting patterns for someone you care about, including yourself.

Knitting Yarn - Types of Yarn
Explore the wide world of knitting yarn, from cotton, wool and alpaca to hemp, rayon and mohair. Find out why you might choose one type of knitting yarn over anohter, how to care for different fibers and even how to spin your own yarn.

New Jersey Yarn Stores - Yarn Shops in New Jersey
Listing of yarn stores in New Jersey along with links to yarn shop websites

Fair Isle and Stranded Knitting Tips
Fair Isle and stranded knitting are two names for basically the same technique of working with two colors of yarn in a row and leaving strands of yarn across the back of the work as you change between colors. Learn how to use this fun knitting technique.

Knitting DVDs - Reviews of Knitting DVDs
Check out knitting DVDs if you are a visual learner and need a little extra help seeing a new technique, or if you just love to learn all you can about knitting. These knitting DVD reviews should help you either way.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names G to I
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters G through I. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names J to M
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters J through M. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names N to R
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters N through R. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names S to T
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters S through T. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names D to F
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters D through F. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Sampler Afghan Blocks - Knitting Patterns for Sampler Afghan Blocks
Sampler afghan block patterns can be used to knit a large afghan or a baby blanket sampler. Use all the different sampler afghan stitch patterns or choose one to knit in many different colors to make a unique blanket or afghan.

Sock Knitting Books - Reviews of Sock Knitting Books
Sock knitting book reviews make it easier for you to find the right patterns for your sock knitting needs. Here are some of the sock knitting books I've enjoyed; remember you can leave your own review as well.

Sock Knitting Terms
Understanding sock knitting terms is vital to your success when knitting socks. If you don't know your gusset from your heel flap, this glossary of sock knitting terms can help.

Spinning Terms - Spinning Definitions
If you're learning how to spin or have just read about spinning and it's confused you, definitions of basic spinning terms and how they relate to knitters can be a big help.

Entrelac Knitting
Entrelac knitting makes a really cool fabric with a woven look, but entrelac intimidates a lot of knitters because of all the steps involved in making the fabric come out right. But if you learn to knit entrelac, your patience will be rewarded.

Intarsia Knitting
Intarsia knitting is a fun way to add personality to your knits, and it isn't as difficult as some knitters seem to think it is. Learn to knit intarsia and pick up some helpful tips.

Knitting Stripes
Knitting stripes is a lot of fun and an easy way to add color and personality to a project. Learn to knit stripes and manage your yarn to make it as easy as possible to knit stripes.

Nevada Yarn Stores - Yarn Shops in Nevada
Listing of yarn stores in Nevada along with links to yarn shop websites

New Hampshire Yarn Stores - Yarn Shops in New Hampshire
A thorough listing of yarn stores in New Hampshire along with links to yarn shop websites

Hat Knitting Patterns for Babies
A collection of free hat knitting patterns for babies.

Knitting Stitch Books - Reviews of Knitting Stitch Collections
A collection of knitting stitch books is a great investment for knitters who might want to add a different stitch pattern to a project or design their own knit objects with stitch patterns of their choosing.

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names A to C
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters A through C. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Knitting Memoirs - Reviews of Books of Knitting Memoir and Essays
Knitting memoirs and essays about knitting help us remember why we love being knitters, as well as connecting us to a community of knitters, even if we don't actually know the writers. Here, some reviews of knitting essay books and memoirs.

Safety Tips for Knitters
knitting safety knit safely knitting with kids knitting and carpal tunnel knitting and RSI crafting braces wrist braces lotion exercises for knitters

Knitting Stitch Patterns with Names U to Z
A collection of knitting stitches with names beginning with the letters U through Z. Try out some new knitting stitch patterns.

Vintage Knitting Patterns
Knitting patterns aren't a new invention, and luckily for us there are a lot of old and vintage knitting patterns still available. Thanks to the Internet it's even easier to find some of these antique knitting patterns and try your hand at some historical crafting.

Yarn Reviews - Yarn Profiles and Yarn Reviews
These yarn reviews will help you decide if you want to work with a particular yarn by giving you information about how the yarn behaves and what it is like to work with.

Spinning Yarn - How to Spin Yarn - Resources for Spinning Yarn
Spinning yarn is a lot of fun and a great way to make the experience of playing with fiber last a little longer. Learn more about how to spin your own yarn whether you spin with a spindle or a spinning wheel.

Dyeing Yarn - How to Dye Yarn - Learn to Dye Yarn
Dyeing yarn is a great way to make a yarn that's exactly the color you want, and it doesn't have to be too complicated. Learn how to dye yarn and find resources for all sorts of yarn dyeing projects.

Eco-Friendly Yarn - Green Yarn - All About Eco-Friendly Yarn
Eco-friendly yarns range from yarns you make yourself out of materials around the house to those that are organic, naturally colored or made from recycled materials. Learn more about the wide world of eco-friendly knitting.

Knitting Community: Knitting for Charity
There are many organizations that will take your knitted items and give them to people in need. These knitting charities should keep your needles busy for a long time.

Knitting Fiction - Book Reviews of Knitting Fiction
Knitting books don't always have to be serious; in fact, they don't always have to be true. Combine knitting with your hobby of reading and enjoy some knitting fiction, novels that have knitting as part of the subject matter.

Knitting Podcasts - Connect with Knitters through Knitting Podcasts
Knitting podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the world of knitting as you get to listen in on what other people are making and get tips from other knitters. Here's a list of some of the best knitting podcasts out there.

Readers' Choice Awards
A collection of documents pertaining to the Readers' Choice Awards

Knitting for Babies and Kids - Reviews of Books about Knitting for Babies and Kids
Book reviews for people looking for patterns for knitting for babies, toddlers, older children, new moms and moms to be. These cute books are full of great baby knitting patterns you'll enjoy knitting.

Knitting Tools - Knitting Supplies
Knitting is really an excuse to play with yarn, but you'll also need some knitting tools. Find out how to pick the best knitting supplies and what you'll need that you might not know about.


How to Knit a Picot or Plain Hem as You Go
Knit hems on knitting projects look great, but who wants to have to sew them up? This technique allows you to knit a picot hem (or a plain hem) and seam it as you go.

Trinity, Cluster, Bramble Stitch Knitting Pattern
Trinity Stitch is a textured stitch that goes by a lot of different names (bramble, cluster, raspberry, blackberry) and gives an allover bobbled look thanks to lots of increasing and decreasing.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Baby Bib That Stays Put
Use this free knitting pattern for an easy baby bib that stays in place without ties or fastenings.

Yarn Stores
This yarn store directory will help you find yarn stores (those that have websites, anyway) around the world.

Yarn Stores in Kentucky - Yarn Shops in Kentucky
Looking for yarn stores in Kentucky? This directory provides links to yarn shops with websites in the Bluegrass State.

How to Knit With Two Strands of Yarn at Once
Knitting with two strands of yarn at once (or more!) can be a little tricky to get started, but once you get the hang of it it's a great way to give your knitting a bulkier, bolder look.

What to Do When You Have a Problem with a Knitting Pattern
Have a problem with a knitting pattern? Here are some steps to take and things to try to get yourself back on the right knitting course.

Mercerized Cotton Yarn for Knitting Projects
Most knitters are familiar with cotton for knitting, but mercerized cotton is a special kind of cotton yarn with more shine that can be a fun change for certain projects.

Knitting Garter Stitch in the Round With Circular Needles
Garter Stitch can be worked in the round almost as easily as it is worked flat, but there are some things to think about to get the best results.

How to Weave in Ends in a Knitting Project
Weaving in ends is a necessary part of any knitting project. A lot of knitters don't like these finishing tasks, but they are necessary if you want a knitted item that looks good and is going to last.

What is Mothproofed Wool and is is Safe?
If you've had a problem with clothes moths or want to keep them out of your stash, you may want to consider mothproof wool. Learn more about this fiber and its safety.

What is Plied Yarn and What Does Ply Mean?
Most knitting yarn is plied, which means that more than one individual strand of yarn is combined into the final yarn.

Left-Slanting Cable - How to Slip Stitches for a Left-Slanting Cable
A left-slanting cable differs from a right-slanting cable in that the stitches on the cable needle are held in the front while the other stitches are being worked.

Staghorn Cable Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This staghorn cable scarf is super warm thanks to being knit in the round for a double thickness, so you never have to see the less-attractive back of the cable panel.


How to Mend a Hole in a Knit Sock
After all the work that goes into knitting socks, you don't want to just toss them when one gets a hole. Here's one method of mending a knit sock with a flap of knitting that covers the hole.



Sock Knitting Terms and Parts of a Sock
It's helpful to know the terms for the parts of a sock before you start knitting one, since patterns often refer to these common sock knitting terms.

Razor Shell Scarf Knitting Pattern
What to do with a tiny ball of luxury yarn? This little scarf worked in Razor Shell is lovely and perfectly warm even though it is small in size.

Checkerboard Stitch Knitting Pattern
Learn to use two colors in a row with a simple stranded knitting stitch pattern known as the Checkerboard Stitch.

How to Cast on Using the Provisional Method
The provisional cast on starts with a crocheted chain.

Provisional Cast On Tutorial - How to Cast on Using the Provisional Method
Picking up stitches to continue the provisional cast on requires identifying the side of the chain that looks like purl bumps.

Provisional Cast On Tutorial - How to Cast on Using the Provisional Method
Unzip the chain from your provisional cast on edge when you're ready to work from those stitches.

Personalized Christmas Stocking - Free Knitting Pattern
Use this free knitting pattern to make a Personalized Christmas stocking. This stocking features bold stripes, a short-row heel, a Kitchener Stitch toe, I-cord edges and Duplicate Stitch lettering.

Personalized Christmas Stocking - Free Knitting Pattern for a Personalized Christmas Stocking
How to work the short-row heel on the personalized Christmas stocking.

Personalized Christmas Stocking - Free Knitting Pattern for a Personalized Christmas Stocking
How to work the cuff and striped main body of the personalized Christmas stocking.

Personalized Christmas Stocking - Free Knitting Pattern for a Personalized Christmas Stocking
How to work the toe of the personalized Christmas stocking, attach the cuff and finish it.

Baby Santa Hat - Free Knitting Pattern for a Baby Santa Hat
How to finish the Baby Santa Hat.

Baby Santa Hat - Free Knitting Pattern
Use this free pattern to make a Baby Santa Hat, made in two different yarn weights and knit in the round in Garter and Stockinette stitch. It is available in preemie and infant sizes.

Knitting Abbreviations and Meanings
Knitting abbreviations can be tricky to those who are new to knitting. Here's a look at many of the most common abbreviations and what they mean.

Knit Ribbing Characteristics and Tips
There are lots of variations on knit ribbing you can choose from; here are some thoughts on which one to try in your project.

All About Faggoting Lace
Faggoting lace is as simple as lace knitting gets. In most cases it is a single row repeat that includes almost exclusively yarn overs and decreases.

Free Valentine's Knitting Patterns
Knit something for your special someone or for yourself with our collection of Valentine's Day-inspired knitting projects.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Heart Washcloth
This Heart Washcloth knitting pattern makes a simple cotton washcloth or dishcloth, with a Double Moss Stitch heart on it and Moss Stitch edges.

Heart Washcloth - Free Knitting Pattern for a Heart Washcloth
Written directions for the chart.

Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners
New knitters can easily get overwhelmed trying to find knitting patterns that are suitable for them, so start with this collection of easy knitting patterns for beginners.

Cabled Napkin Rings Knitting Pattern
Yes, beginning knitters can turn cables. Maybe not for your first project, but this one really is easy. I promise.

Stockinette Stitch Washcloth Easy Knitting Pattern
Stockinette is a great basic knitting stitch, and this pattern avoids the curling that is common with that stitch by adding a border.

Flat Hat Simple Knitting Pattern
A hat knit flat means you don't have to worry about circular needles, or even decreasing! The funky yarn makes this look like a project that's more skillful than it actually is.

Ribbed Wrap Easy Knitting Pattern
Ribbing is a knitting essential, and this simple wrap will give you lots of practice switching between knitting and purling in the same row.

Vegas Armwarmers Knitting Pattern for Beginners
Armwarmers are a great accessory to knit, and this project is worked flat and seamed, leaving a hole for the thumb. Super simple.

Moss Stitch Lap Afghan Pattern for Beginners
Moss Stitch is a great pattern for newer knitters ready to tackle changing between knits and purls in the same row.