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Striped Pillow Knitting Pattern

Squared Check Bag Easy Knitting Pattern
Learn to work with two strands of yarn at once as you knit this pretty and useful bag.

Felted House Scarf for Beginners

Knitting Skills: Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - Circular Needle Knitting
Most knitters learn to knit small projects in the round using double-pointed needles, but many prefer to knit in the round using two circular needles instead. This tutorial will show you how to knit in the round with two circular needles.

Knitting Skills: Knitting in the Round with Two Circular Needles - Circular Needle Knitting
Most knitters learn to knit small projects in the round using double-pointed needles, but many prefer to knit in the round using two circular needles instead. This tutorial will show you how to knit in the round with two circular needles.

How to Knit a Scarf for Beginners: the Garter Stitch Scarf
Learn how to knit a scarf for beginners with this super simple Garter Stitch Scarf. It's s fast project even for new knitters, worked in bulky yarn for quick success.

Kollage Square Knitting Needles Review
Kollage's Square Knitting Needles might look a little strange, but they're said to be great for knitters who fatigue easily (though getting gauge may be a problem).

What is Aran Knitting?
Aran knitting is a particular, heavily textured style of knitting used on sweaters whose development is credited to the Aran Islands off the coast of Ireland.

DIY Knitting Subscription Boxes - A Fun Way to Use Your Yarn Stash
Subscriptions boxes are a fun way to get to sample different products, and you can use the concept to help get yourself excited about knitting from your stash.



What Is Ravelry?
Ravelry is the place to be for knitters and crocheters to connect, share projects and organize their yarn-obsessed lives.

How to Make a French Knot on Your Knitting Projects
Work French knots on knitting to give your finished project a bit of added color and texture. It's really easy!

Resources for Learning to Spin Your Own Yarn
Want to learn how to spin your own yarn? This collection of resources should help you understand the lingo and get you started making yarn out of fiber.

Continental Knitting - Making a Knit Stitch with Continental Knitting
Forming the knit stitch in continental knitting involves a movement of the index finger to move the yarn into place.

Continental Knitting - Making a Knit Stitch with Continental Knitting
The next step in making a knit stitch in continental knitting is to move the right hand needle to make the new stitch loop.

Listing of yarn stores in Oregon along with links to yarn shop websites

Color Knitting - Knitting with Color
Reviews of books about using color to create unique knit projects. These books generally have helpful tips and tricks for adding color fearlessly.

Simple Color Knitting by Erika Knight Review
Learn the basics of a multitude of color knitting techniques, plus 20 patterns to try out your new skills.

Elizabeth Zimmermann Profile
Elizabeth Zimmermann is so well-known among knitters that she's often known online simply by her initials EZ. Learn more about Elizabeth Zimmermann and what makes her such a famous knitter.

Learn to Purl in the Continental Style
Continental knitting, and especially continental purling, can be awkward if you've learned to knit English style, but with a little practice it gets easier.

Making a Purl Stitch in Continental Style
To form the purl stitch in continental style, move the yarn behind the right hand needle and pull through the loop.

25 Stylish Knitted Slippers by Rae Blackledge Review
Knit slippers are a great way to keep your feet warm in the house in winter, but there are great options in this book for all through the year for kids and adults alike.

Noro Kureyon Yarn Review
Noro Kureyon is a great go-to, self-striping yarn with an organic look, beautiful colors and a natural ease perfect for all sorts of projects.

Inverness Diamonds Knitting Stitch
Inverness Diamonds is a historic knitting pattern that makes large diamond shapes in purls across the Stockinette fabric. It's dramatic, versatile and fun to knit.

Plastic Yarn - How to Make Plastic Yarn or Plarn from Shopping Bags
Now that you have the main part of the bag cut out, it's simply a matter of cutting the loops of plarn apart so that you will have one continuous strand to use for knitting.

Plastic Yarn - How to Make Plastic Yarn or Plarn from Shopping Bags
To finish up your plastic yarn project, just trim the first and final loops so that they too are part of the continuous strand of plarn you've just cut out.

Plastic Yarn - How to Make Plastic Yarn or Plarn from Shopping Bags
Cutting a bag in a spiral is another quick and easy way to make plarn or plastic yarn, if you don't like the method described previously.

Red Heart Scrubby Review and Pattern
Red Heart Scrubby is a great yarn for making wahscloths and dishcloths, with a scrubby texture for cleaning that's still remarkably easy to knit with.

How to Knit Reverse Stockinette Stitch
We all know what Stockinette Stitch is, and Reverse Stockinette is simply the opposite: repeating knit and purl rows where the purl side is considered the front.

Barbara Walker's Treasuries of Knitting Patterns Review
Barbara G. Walker's treasuries of knitting patterns are classic books for knitters, providing a nearly endless array of knitting stitch patterns for knitters to use in their own projects and designs.

All About Knitting Book Review
Learn the basics of knitting and a lot of techniques beyond the basics with All About Knitting, which also includes 15 patterns to use your new skills.

400 Knitting Stitches Book Review
Access a great variety of knitting stitches, presented in written and charted form, in 400 Knitting Stitches from Potter Craft.

The Best Ways to Knit for Charity
Knitting for charity is a great way to use what you already love doing to help others. Before you start a project for charity, though, you should think about where it is going and what the group or person really needs.

Ways to Use Duplicate Stitch on Knitting Projects
Duplicate stitch or Swiss darning is an easy way to add colorful embellishment to a piece of knitting once it's been knit. But it works better in some applications than others.

Knitting Workshop DVD Review
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop is a classic for learning to knit with confidence. This six-hour DVD version is a delight and almost as if Zimmermann were in the room chatting with you about knitting.

Opening the Loop to Make a Knit Cast On
After putting the slip knot on the needle, the knit cast on begins just as forming the knit stitch does.

Casting On Stitches Using the Knit Cast On
The knit cast on is a great first cast on to learn, because as you do it you're basically learning how to form the knit stitch as well.

Wrapping the Yarn for a Knit Cast On
To make the next stitch of the knit cast on, wrap the yarn around the needle.

Pulling the Loop Through for Knit Cast On
Pull the loop through to the front, just like making a knit stitch, to continue the knit cast on.

Finishing a Stitch in the Knit Cast On
Finish casting on the stitch by putting the stitch on the right needle onto the left needle.

Bulky Triangle Wrap Knitting Pattern
This simple bulky triangular shawl will be off your needles in no time. It's a perfect gift knit, but be sure to make one for yourself, too.

Preemie and Full-Term Santa Hats Knitting Pattern
Knit little Santa-style hats for babies, from micro-preemie size up to full-term. It's a great holiday gift for all the little ones you know.

Holiday Knitting Books - Reviews of Books about Various Holidays
Get in the holiday spirit with the knitting books. Whether it's Independence Day or Christmas there's a knitting pattern to cover it. Here you will find reviews of books that are specifically about the various holidays we celebrate.

Knit a Vintage Christmas Book Review
Knit holiday stockings, decor and gifts inspired by the past -- and sometimes using vintage patterns -- with this fun and colorful book.

Can I Find Knitting Patterns with Licensed Images?
Many knitters want to make a child a sweater with their favorite Disney character on it or a hat with the logo of their NFL team, but such patterns aren't readily available. Learn more about how licensing affects knitting pattern motif design.

How to Knit Linen Stitch
Linen stitch is a nice, firm knitting stitch pattern that looks similar to the woven fabric called linen. It's a great reversible pattern perfect for bags, scarves and just about anything else you can think of.

Child's Cat Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern
Materials and measurements for the child's Cat Sweater.

Child's Cat Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern For a Child's Cat Sweater
How to knit the back and front of the Child's Cat Sweater.

Child's Cat Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern For a Child's Cat Sweater
How to knit the front of the Child's Halloween Cat Sweater.





Great Gift Ideas for Knitters
Looking for a gift for a knitter? Here are some great gift ideas for people who love knitting, and several will work for crocheters, too.

Learn About Recycled Silk Yarn
Recycled silk yarn is beautiful, colorful, fun to work with and elegant to wear. Here's all you need to know about buying and using this amazing yarn.

King Charles Brocade Knitting Stitch Pattern
King Charles Brocade is a famous diamond-shaped knitting stitch pattern that is beautifully masculine and relatively easy to make.

Learn the Right Way to Wash Hand Knit Socks
Learn how to wash hand knit socks so they will last as long as possible.

Chevron Stitch Knitting Pattern
Chevron stitch is a way to make zig zags on the knit fabric using knit and purl stitches to form ridges of Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette stitch.

Zigzag Colorwork Mitts Knitting Pattern
Knit these simple colorwork mitts with a fun zigzag pattern to keep your hands warm in a cold office or home.

Yarns & Fibers = Reviews of Books about Different Types of Yarns and Fibers, Spinning and Dying Yarns
Book reviews for people looking for information on the various types of yarns and fibers for knitting. These educational and informative books will help any knitter learn about the many fibers available, how to spin yarn and how to dye yarn.

The Modern Natural Dyer by Kristine Vejar Book Review
Learn to dye yarn and fabric with natural materials and use them in an array of lovely projects with this great guide to natural dyeing.

Good Measure by Deborah Newton Book Review
Deborah Newton helps knitters make garments that fit their bodies well in this information-packed, inspirational book.

What is Glow in the Dark Yarn and Where Can I Get Some?
Glow in the dark yarn is a fun way to accent outfits, but the time that it actually glows can vary so it might not be great as a safety feature.

Fixing Mistakes By Frogging in Your Knitting
Made a mistake in your knitting project? If the mistake is large, follow these steps for frogging and nobody will ever know. Page 2.

Troubleshooting: Fixing Mistakes in Your Knitting
Knitting mistakes happen, whether they're a single knit where you should have purled or a problem with a pattern. Here are some tips on how to fix them.

Knitting Workshop by Elizabeth Zimmermann Book Review
Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitting Workshop is a wonderful book that provides knitters of all skill levels information and inspiration to make them better and braver knitters.

Knitted Fairy Tales by Sarah Keen Book Review
Knit characters from fairy tales and the accessories needed to tell their stories with this fun book by Sarah Keen.

Candy Corn Goody Bag Knitting Pattern
Knit some candy corn to make little goody bags, candy corn pins or a fun bunting.

Felted Halloween Bag Knitting Pattern
This simple Halloween bag is knit in one color with the face stitched on after, then felted to hold lots of candy.

Knit Ghost
This little knit ghost is super cute and easy to knit.

Halloween Boa Knitting Pattern
Knit a sparkly scarf and call it boa, then call it your Halloween outfit. Easy peasy.

Pumpkin Hat Baby Knitting Pattern
Knit a sweet hat for your little pumpkin and have a first Halloween

Harry Potter Inspired Projects
Knit some Halloween projects inspired by the colors used in Harry Potter.

Boo Treat Bag Knitting Pattern
Knit a fun little treat bag with the word Boo stitched on the front.

Frilly Witch Hat Knitting Pattern
Knit a little frilly witch hat for a child in your life to bring some fun to a traditional Halloween costume.

Halloween Knitting Patterns
These Halloween knitting patterns are perfect for adding a bit of homemade flair to your decor or a special touch to your costume.

How Do I Keep Track of Where I am in a Lace Pattern or Chart?
Whether you're knitting from a chart or a long row of written instructions, it can be difficult to keep your place in a lace knitting pattern. Here are some trick to help you stay oriented or get back on track if you're lost.

Free Pot Holder Knitting Pattern with Slipped Stitches
This pot holder knitting pattern uses the slip stitch honeycomb pattern and is worked in two sections that are folded and seamed to make a pot holder of double thickness.

Jack o'Lantern Clan by Frederica Patmore

Russet the Pumpkin by Phoeny

Felted Pumpkins from Jordana Paige

Itty Bitty Pumpkin by Pumpkin and Bunny

Pumpkin Knitting Patterns
Pumpkins are the perfect knitting project for fall. They're an easy way to decorate, a quick project and you can probably use yarn in your stash for them.

Fergus the Pumpkin by Angela Sewell

Pumpkin Bowl Cozy from Red Heart

Munchkin Pumpkins by Victoria Magnus

Knitted Pumpkin from Natural Suburbia

Pumpkin and Skeleton by cvetulka knits

Pumpkin by Amanda Berry

Kitchener Stitch Definition and Origins
Kitchener stitch is a funny name for a useful knitting technique also known as grafting. How did this strange name come about? Here's a theory.

What Does Roving Mean to a Knitter?
Roving means different things to knitters and spinners, but either way it has to do with how fibers are prepared before spinning and knitting.

Hats, Mittens and Scarfs - Books about Knitting Hats, Mittens, Gloves and Scarves
Almost all beginning knitters start with scarves. These books will help you expand upon your basic skills as well as take you to the next level with hats, mittens and gloves.

3 Skeins or Less: Fresh Knitted Accessories Book Review
Find a great use for some of those single or two-skein yarn purchases with this book full of accessories that use three skeins of yarn or fewer.

Bulky Cable Scarf Knitting Pattern
This relaxed bulky cable scarf is super warm, easy and pretty quick to knit. It's a great gift option for the men and women in your life and is sure to keep the recipient -- or you! -- nice and warm.

How to Keep Track of the Number of Stitches You Cast On
When casting on a large number of stitches it can be difficult to keep track of how many you have made or to accurately count them when you are finished casting on. This tip makes it much easier.

What if My Stitches Fall Off My Knitting Needle?
Everyone accidentally slides the stitches off their needles from time to time. Here's how to fix this common knitting problem.

What Does it Mean to Frog Your Knitting?
Sometimes when a mistake happens in your knitting and you don't notice it for a long time, you have to rip out many rows, a process known as frogging.

What is an Increase in Knitting?
Increasing in knitting is how you add stitches to make a piece of knitting wider. There are many different options, but this overview will introduce you to several of them.

Sweater Styles: Shoulders and Sleeves
The shape of the sleeves makes a big difference in how your sweater looks. Here are the main categories of sleeve types you might see or use in knitting patterns.

Sweater Styles: Pullover vs. Cardigan
Trying to decide what sort of sweater to knit? This overview of sweater types with pattern suggestions should get you started.

Sweater Styles: Necklines
One major consideration when deciding what sort of sweater to knit is deciding on the neckline. Here's a rundown of the major options.

The 30 Day Sweater Book Review
Learn how to knit a custom top-down raglan from start to finish in a month or less with this encouraging guide.

How to Care for Your Knits at the Start of Sweater Season
Get your handknits ready for fall by making sure that everything is clean and in its best possible shape before it goes back in your wardrobe.

How to Knit the Knit Purl Block Stitch
Knit Purl Block stitch is exactly what it sounds like: a checkerboard-like pattern of knit blocks and purl blocks. This super-easy knitting stitch pattern is cute for scarves and sweaters.

Add Easy Texture to a Knitting Project with Ripple Stitch
Ripple stitch is a really fun and easy knitting stitch pattern that is created with undulating purl stitches that make a zig-zag pattern across a field of knit stitches.

The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing Review
Using natural ingredients to dye yarn is how it has been done for thousands of years, and you can bring these natural yarn dyeing methods into your home with this primer on natural dyeing.

Geometric Knitting Patterns by Tina Barrett Book Review
Get inspired to add more color to your knitting with this collection of 750 charts for geometric knitting patterns.

Knitting with Bamboo Knitting Needles
Bamboo knitting needles are comfortable, easy to use, strong and durable. Learn more about why you might want to add some bamboo needles to your collection.

What's An LYS and Why Do I Want One?
Knitters have a lot of funny terms for things. What's an LYS and why should you spend time there?

All About the Mock Rib Knitting Stitch
Mock Rib is an easy and interesting knitting stitch pattern where both sides look good. Traditionally the side with the slipped stitches is considered the front, but the

Purse Stitch Definition, Uses and Designs
Get a lacy mesh look without a lot of effort with Purse Stitch, which is just one row repeated over and over for an openwork fabric.

Sweater Knitting Books - Books about Knitting Sweaters, Cardigans, Wraps and Capelets
Reviews of books about knitting sweaters, cardigans, shawls, wraps and capelets. These books contain knitting patterns that range from beginner to advanced. There is something for everyone here.

Wanderlust by Tanis Gray Book Review
Knit modern, laid-back styles perfect for hitting the road, all in superwash wool, with this fun book full of patterns that emphasize the details.

Using a Stitch Pattern in a Project
Have a stitch pattern you'd like to use in a basic project like a scarf or shawl but you can't find a pattern? Here are the basics for using a stitch pattern in a knitting project.

750 Knitting Stitches Book Review
Get inspired to try new knitting stitches with this colorful collection of 750 knit-purl, cable, lace and colorwork options.

Working with Stitch Multiples in Knitting Patterns
Working with a stitch pattern on a design of your own or just want to understand how stitch multiples work? Here's your guide to understanding knitting stitch multiples.

30 Slippers to Knit and Felt by Arne & Carlos
Arne & Carlos offer 30 colorful patterns for warm, durable, comfortable knit and felted slippers in this fun and inspirational book.

Teen/Tween Knitting Books - Books Written by or for Tweens and Teens
These aren't your grandma's patterns. Here we've reviewed the latest knitting books by and for tween and teen knitters.

Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Knitting by Mary Scott Huff
Teach a child to knit and encourage them to learn new skills with this fun book full of cute, easy projects kids will love.

Interview with Kate Oates, Author of Knits for Boys
This interview with Kate Oates of Tot Toppers covers how she started designing, how she managed to write a book with four boys at home and more.

60 Quick Luxury Knits
Knit a little quick luxury into your life with these 60 projects using a sweet merino and mulberry silk blend yarn.

Moss Stitch Hanging Dish Cloth Knitting Pattern
This simple Moss Stitch hanging dish cloth is perfect for wiping your hands when you're cooking, and it hangs in a handy place in the kitchen so you won't lose it while you work.

Peaches & Creme Yarn by Pisgah Yarn (Review)
Peaches & Creme is a workhorse cotton yarn that you'll actually want to work with, because it's one of the softer yarns in the kitchen cotton genre.

Home Knitting Books - Books about Knitting for the Home
Surround yourself with knitty fabulousness. If your home is where your heart is and knitting is your heart then these books are perfect for you. This category of books and patterns is full of home accents and accessories to decorate your next.

52 Weeks of Dishcloths from Knit Picks
Knit more than 30 dish cloths or wash cloths for your home or to use a gifts, as well as 27 crocheted cloths, in this fun and wide-ranging book.

Free Knitting Patterns for Warm Scarves
If you're looking for the warmest scarves to get you through the coldest winters, look no further than this compilation of the best scarf knitting patterns for cold weather.

Scarves in the Round by Heather Walpole
Knit a bunch of scarves, cowls and neck warmers working only in the round on circular needles, using techniques ranging from simple Stockinette to cables, lace and stranded knitting.

Knit or Crochet Have It Your Way - Review of Knit or Crochet Have It Your Way by Margaret Hubert
If you've ever seen a crochet pattern and wanted to be able to knit something similar (or vice-versa), this book gives you an idea of what goes into making such a conversion and offers 15 projects you can work in either knitting or crochet, or both.

Storybook Dolls to Knit - Review of Storybook Dolls to Knit by Anita M. Wheeless
Knit 15 characters from popular fairy tales in finger puppet format. These puppets allow you to walk the characters around, and the book includes an audio CD with the stories so you can play along.

Knitting Know-How Review
This book is a great go-to reference for newer knitters and those with some experience, with lots of text and large pictures to help you pick up new techniques.

Knit Refresher

10-20-30 Minutes to Learn to Knit
Learn to knit in whatever amount of time you have with this book that breaks down the lessons of learning to knit into manageable time chunks.

Great Books for Learning to Knit
Learn to Knit, Now! is a concise booklet full of information and large pictures to help you learn to knit.

Knitting 101
Learn to knit and build your skills with fun projects you'll actually want to knit.

Beginner-Friendly Knitting
Once you've learned to knit, you need a pattern book that you will enjoy but won't cover too many skills you don't know. All the projects in this book are easy and knit flat but still cute.

A to Z of Knitting
If you're looking for a book that will take you beyond learning to knit into other skills, this is a great reference book with lots of pictures and fun embellishment ideas.

Knitting the Second Row in a New Project
Knitting the second row is the same as knitting the first row of your knitting project, you just need to turn the work and keep going. Here's how.

Your First Knitting Project - Finishing the Knitting
Just keep knitting until your swatch is about square. Try to keep the same number of stitches on the needle as you go.

Your First Knitting Project - Binding Off
Now that you're done with knitting your first project, it's time to get the stitches back off the needle and finish that raw edge. In knitting speak this is known as binding off (or sometimes casting off).

Christmas Knitting Patterns
These free knitting patterns for Christmas knitting projects will allow you to decorate your home in knits. From stockings to ornaments, knit tinsel and more, you can deck the halls with lots of knitting and with ease.

Christmas Stocking Knitting Patterns
Knit a Christmas stocking for someone you love with one of these five patterns, some of which have the embellishment built in and others that leave room for your imagination.

Eyelet Wrap Free Knitting Pattern
This easy Eyelet Wrap is a relatively quick project and makes a great summery warmer for weddings or other occasions.

Interview with Knitwear Designer Corrina Ferguson
Corrina Ferguson talks designing knits for all seasons in the south, the perfect summer dresses and more.

Warm Days, Cool Knits by Corrina Ferguson Review
This book, written by a knitter in Florida, offers lots of cool options for knitting -- and wearing knits -- all year long, even in always-warm climates.

Adventures in Mochi-Mochi Land by Anna Hrachovec Review
Read fun stories about tiny knit characters and then knit your own with this fun book form Anna Hrachovec.

Harry Potter Knitting Patterns
Knit a project inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

Firefly Knitting Patterns
These Firefly-inspired knitting patterns won't make the sting of its cancellation go away, but they're still pretty fun.

Star Wars Knitting Patterns
Star Wars knitting patterns include projects inspired by Yoda, R2D2 and the Death Star.

Geek Knitting Patterns
These geeky knitting patterns inspired by Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter and other obsessions are a great way to show the world what you love.

Knitting Needle Sizing Information
Knitting needles come in many different sizes, and those sizes can be labeled in several different ways. Here are the basics you need to know about sizing knitting needles.

How to Read and Use a Knitting Chart
Reading a knitting chart is a basic of multicolored and other kinds of knitting, but it can be a little intimidating for new knitters. Here are some basics on how to read a knitting chart.

Geek Knits by Joan of Dark Review
Share your geeky obsession with the world with these knitting patterns inspired by science fiction, fantasy and other nerdy pursuits.

How to Dye Yarn with Strawberries -- Natural Do it Yourself Yarn Dyeing
Once the natural dye is prepared, it's a simple matter of simmering the yarn until it's taken up all the color it can.

How to Dye Yarn with Strawberries -- Natural Do it Yourself Yarn Dyeing
Dyeing yarn with natural products you find around the home is a lot of fun. Here, I experiment with dyeing with strawberries to produce a soft pink yarn.

Supplies for Dyeing Yarn With Kool-Aid
Gathering your supplies is the first step in dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid. The good news is, you probably already have most of what you need in your house.

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid - Preparing the Yarn for Dyeing with Kool-Aid
Before you can dye your yarn with Kool-Aid, you need to prepare the yarn to accept the dye by washing it.

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid - Preparing the Dye Bath for Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid
Before your yarn gets its colorful bath to dye with Kool-Aid, you'll need to prepare the dye bath on the stovetop.

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid - Starting to Dye with Kool-Aid
Now that the yarn and the dye bath are ready, it's time to start dyeing your yarn with Kool-Aid. Here's how it's done.

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid - Finishing Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid
Once all of the dye has been removed from the water, your Kool-Aid dyeing is complete.

Dyeing Yarn with Kool-Aid - Drying and Using Your Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn
Once the yarn is finished in the Kool-Aid dye, you just need to rinse it, dry it and roll it into a ball so you can knit it up.

Color Wheel Knits by Veera Välimäki Review
Inspired by the colors in hand-dyed yarns, this book includes simple sweaters, hats and mittens using the shifting colors to their full advantage.

Beaded Lace Knitting by Anniken Allis Book Review
Learn to knit beaded lace and try out the technique on 25 different projects for shawls, cowls, ponchos, a sweater and more.

What is Rowing Out in Knitting and How to Prevent it
Ever notice that your Stockinette Stitch looks like it has stripes? This uneven tension is known as rowing out, and it can be tricky to fix.

Seaming a Knitting Project Worked in Reverse Stockinette
Learn how to seam Reverse Stockinette Stitch garments with a seam similar to mattress stitch.

Continuing the Reverse Stockinette Seam
Stitch into the other part of the wave on the other side of the project to complete the seam.

Reverse Stockinette Seam
How the finished Reverse Stockinette seam looks and what else to use it for.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Hooked on Knitting by Jessica Biscoe Book Review
Brush up on your knitting skills and stitch 20 fun accessories projects with the help of this guide to the basics and beyond.

Apparel and Accessory Knitting - Books about Knitting Clothing, Accessories, Socks, etc.
If you love to wear your knitting this section is for you. The subcategories here include books about knitting socks, sweaters, other clothing, accessories, jewelry, mittens, gloves and hats.

Top-Down Bulky Knit Hat Free Knitting Pattern
This easy top-down hat is a great way to use a small amount of a great bulky yarn.

How to Knit Hats for Stillborn Babies
Knit these two simple hat patterns for babies lost during pregnancy to help give comfort to grieving families.

25 Knitted Accessories from Interweave Book Review
These 25 patterns from the Interweave archives are a great way to build a classic knit accessory wardrobe.

Faux Taxidermy Knits by Louise Walker Book Review
This fun collection includes knits inspired by animals that you can wear and faux taxidermy for the home.

Noro Lace Book Review
Noro yarns are known for their great colors, and while they look great in simple stitch patterns, adding lace makes the color play even more interesting.

The Shape of Knitting by Lynne Barr Review
Learn fun and intriguing techniques for shaping, shifting and rapidly increasing in knitting to make interesting accessories that will make you feel clever.

More Modern Top-Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan
A modern take on the 12 classic top-down knitting templates included in Barbara G. Walker's classic book Knitting from the Top.

Knitter's Toolbox App Review
Make the math of knitting a little easier with this app that calculates gauge, buttonhole spacing, rates of increase or decrease and how to pick up stitches.

Knit and Crochet Now Season 4
The fourth season of

Animal Knits for Kids by Amanda Berry Book Review
Knit sweet projects inspired by zoo animals for babies up to 36 months with this fun and colorful book.

Gramma Nancy's Animal Hats by Nancy Nielsen Book Review
Knit a menagerie of animal hats (with booties and mitts to match) for babies and bigger kids with the help of this fun book.

Knits for Boys by Kate Oates Book Review
This book offers great tips for knitting for children -- boys or girls -- as well as a collection of patterns that the little guys will actually enjoy wearing for a long time.

Fantastic Mosaics by Liat Gat Review
Learn all about mosaic or slip-stitch knitting with Liat Gat's fun video course that includes practice swatches, patterns and more.

Modern Country Knits by Susan Gibbs Book Review
If you like a look that's casual but pretty, feminine but not girly, these designs for tops, hats, mitts, shawls and dresses are worth your attention.

Vest Bets Book Review
This collection of 30 knit vest patterns has something for every style and skill level, from simple stitch patterns to cables, lace and colorwork.

Rustic Modern Knits By Yumiko Alexander Book Review
These patterns, inspired by nature and worked using a variety of techniques, produce a collection of knit accessories that is unique, lovely and enjoyable to knit.

New American Knits by Amy Christoffers Book Review
If you love classic 1930's and '40s style, sleek sweaters and great details, you're sure to enjoy New American Knits.

Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd Book Review
Ann Budd and 14 other accomplished sock knitters share some of their favorite techniques for toe-up and top-down socks that will have you knitting like a master.

Using Ravelry to Organize Your Knitting Life
Most knitters probably aren't as organized as they'd like to be when it comes to know what's in their stash, what needles they own and what projects they'd like to knit. Ravelry, the online fiber community, makes it much easier to get a handle on all that and more.

Lie-Flat Drawstring Bag Knitting Pattern
Knit this easy drawstring bag from the center out and let it lie flat to serve as a play mat or place to corral your makeup when you travel or any other time.

Arm Knitting Basics
Arm knitting is a fun, easy way to make a knit like fabric without needles. Learn how to arm knit and find resources for lots of basic patterns.

Teach Yourself Visually Hand-Dyeing Review
Learn just about every technique for coloring yarn and fibers at home in this colorful, heavily illustrated guide to hand-dyeing.

How and Why to Block Lace
Blocking is an essential step in any lace knitting project. It can be tedious, but you have to do it in order for your lace to look its best.

Dealing with Short Ends When Weaving in Ends
How to weave in ends that are too short for your yarn needle or to deal with pesky yarn ends that won't stay hidden on the wrong side.

Knitting Flat With Circular Needles
You might think that straight needles are for flat projects and circulars are for projects in the round, but there are a lot of great reasons you might want to knit a flat project with circular needles.

What is Laddering in Knitting, and How to Prevent it
Laddering stitches in your knitting project can happen when you switch between needles or have an uneven tension around a stitch marker. Prevention is the best way to eliminate this problem.

Loom Knitting (Without Needles)
Loom knitting is a fun way to make fabric without the use of knitting needles, but instead with the help of a peg board that holds the fabric.

Organizing Your Knitting Records
Every knitter takes notes about patterns, collects gauge swatches or designs his or her own patterns from time to time. If you're not careful, you can have a big mess on your hands. Here are some ideas for containing your knitting records.

Converting Sock Patterns to Different Needles
It's easy to convert sock knitting patterns to a different configuration of needles, say, from a pattern that calls for double-pointed needles to working on two circular needles. Here's how to go about changing the needles you use for sock knitting.

Striped Brioche Stitch Hot Pad Free Knitting Pattern
Knit a simple striped hot pad to learn the basics of brioche stitch.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Ballet Wrap Cardigan for Toddlers
Use this pattern to make a toddler ballet wrap cardigan for little girls aged two to four. This toddler ballet wrap cardigan has set in sleeves, attached I-cord ties, and an eyelet pattern.

Using Blocking Wires to Block Lace
Blocking wires can make the job of blocking knit lace a whole lot easier. Here's how to use them for your next project.

Knit a Bunting in Red, White and Blue
This easy bunting worked in red, white and blue is the perfect choice for a celebration in any country that uses those colors on its flag, or change up the colors for the party of your choice.

Zig Zag Lace Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
A simple scarf worked in lace and a linen-blend yarn is the perfect accessory to transition into spring and summer.

How to Choose the Best Knitting Needles for Your Project
Picking the right knitting needle has a lot to do with personal taste. Here are some tips to help you pick the right needle for you.

Lily Sugar'n Cream Yarn Review
Sugar'n Cream is a rather ubiquitous cotton yarn that's a great choice for projects that will get a lot of use like washcloths and mop covers.

What is a Raglan Sleeve and Why is it Called That?
The raglan is a common shape in knitting, giving a sweater or top a sporty look. This is a knitting term that comes from the name of a British Lord who commanded troops in the Crimean War.

Fix-A-Stitch Makes Picking Up Dropped Stitches Easier
Fixing dropped stitches -- especially in stitch patterns with knits and purls on the front of the work -- just got a lot easier with help from Fix-A-Stitch.

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top - Free Knitting Pattern for a Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
Use this free knitting pattern to make a woman's sleeveless cowl neck top, featuring a dainty lace hem and a dramatic collar. This top pattern is available in sizes XS to 3X.

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top - Free Knitting Pattern for a Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
The body of the women's Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top is worked in the round.

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top - Free Knitting Pattern for a Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
How to work the upper back of the women's Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top - Free Knitting Pattern for a Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
How to knit the front and cowl on the Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top

Valentine's Day Cat Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern For a Valentine's Day Cat Sweater
How to make the back, and use the chart to knit the front of the Valentine's Day Cat Sweater.

Valentine's Day Cat Sweater - Free Knitting Pattern For a Valentine's Day Cat Sweater
How to finish the Valentine's Day Cat Sweater.

Simple Stripes Tunic - Free Knitting Pattern for the Simple Stripes Tunic
How to make the Front and finish the tunic.

Simple Stripes Tunic - Free Knitting Pattern for the Simple Stripes Tunic
How to knit the Back of the Simple Stripes Tunic.

The Needle Arts Mentoring Program
The Needle Arts Mentoring Program is a great way to share the needle arts with young people.

NeedleTravel Fiber & Fabric Mania: a Travel Guide
Find yarn and other fiber-related stores on your travels in the United States with this print book, app and website.

Eyelet Headband Knitting Pattern
Make this easy eyelet headband out of a bit of leftover yarn for a perfect accessory to knit and wear in summer.

Women's Lacy Shrug Free Knitting Pattern
This women's lacy shrug is easy to customize for any sized woman (or child for that matter) and is easy to knit with a little ribbing, Stockinette Stitch arms and a ladder lace back.

Women's Lacy Shrug Free Knitting Pattern
This women's lacy shrug is easy to customize for any sized woman (or child for that matter) and is easy to knit with a little ribbing, Stockinette Stitch arms and a ladder lace back.

Box Stitch Passport Pouch Free Knitting Pattern
Box Stitch is a simple pattern that brings a lot of texture to this easy knit pouch, which is designed to store your passport, ID and other essentials when traveling but can be used for other purposes as well.

Dad's Camouflage Hat
For the hunter in the family, knit a camouflage hat to keep him warm on his expeditions.

Woven Rib Socks for Men
Socks somehow seem like less of a commitment than knitting a sweater, and they're a great way to treat your favorite guy's feet.

Knit Pencil Bag
Knit a little pencil bag for the man in your life who has small things to store and carry around.

Knit a Bottle Cozy for Dad
Whether dad is into beer, wine, or coffee, it's easy to knit a cozy for a semi-homemade gift he's sure to appreciate.

Knitting Projects to Make for Dad
A Garter Stitch tie is a great gift for a man who has to wear ties regularly, and is much more fun than a store-bought version.

Men's Ribbed Hat Knitting Pattern
Knit dad a simple ribbed hat in team colors or whatever his favorite color is to keep him warm all winter.

Knit Stitch Dictionary by Debbie Tomkies
This pretty book features 250 knitting stitch patterns and large color swatches so you can easily see and be inspired by the different stitches.

Gift Knitting Books - Books about Knitting Projects Designed to Give Away
Sometimes the most special gift we can give is something we have created with our own two hands. Use these book reviews to find that perfect gift for your loved one.

50 Garter Stitch Gifts to Knit Book Review
There's more to these Garter Stitch patterns than just knitting every stitch. Find fun patterns using mosaics, lace, short rows and more suited to many gift giving occasions.

The Art of Seamless Knitting by Simona Mercahnt-Dest and Faina Goberstein
Learn how to knit seamless garments, convert pieced patterns to work seamlessly and design your own seamless projects.

Knit Wear Love by Amy herzog Review
Gain confidence in your style and your knitting with this guide to classic clothing styles paired with popular garment types to make the perfect sweater for you.

How to Knit Socks
Learn many different ways to knit socks, techniques for knitting socks and more.

Machine Knitting
Machine knitting is both fun and intimidating. If you want to try it but are afraid you'll pick the wrong knitting machine or invest in a machine you can't figure out how to work, read on and lose your fear.

Dots and Dashes Baby Hat Knitting Pattern
This simple slip stitch hat uses stitches slipped with the yarn in front to add texture and color. Sized for newborns to toddlers.

Easy Baby Blankets in Garter Stitch
These easy baby blankets to knit are great for new knitters or those who just need a quick project for a new little one.

Ribbed Baby Blankets
Baby blankets using ribbing patterns are easy for beginners.

Slip Stitch Patterns for Baby Blankets
Slip stitches add fun texture and color to baby blankets without increasing the skill level much.

Eyelet Blanket Patterns
Adding eyelets to an otherwise simple pattern makes baby blankets that much more cute and interesting.

Other Stitch Patterns to Try for Baby Blankets
A sampler or an allover pattern is another great option for a baby blanket for a new knitter.

60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials Review
Knit fun sweaters, pants, hats, blankets and other accessories for babies with this fun collection using Cascade's Cherub yarn.

Six Ways to Make Your Knitting Greener
There are a lot of different ways to make your knitting greener; here are seven things to think about or do to make your craft habit a little less taxing on the planet.

Knit Green by Joanne Seiff
There are many different ways that knitters and other fiber crafters can make their hobby a little more environmentally friendly. If you aren't sure where to start, Knit Green offers an overview that will help you decide what your priorities are when it comes to eco-friendlier crafting.

Learn to Knit: Knitting Stitch Pattern Glossary
Simple combinations of knit and purl stitches can make some amazing patterns for your knitting projects. Here are some classic stitch patterns, as well as some you might not have seen before.

Seed Stitch Washcloth - How to Knit the Seed Stitch Washcloth
Start your Seed Stitch Washcloth with Crocheted Border by knitting the simple Seed Stitch Washcloth.

Stitches for New Knitters: Stockinette Stitch
Stockinette Stitch is one of the most common knitting stitches out there, and it's super simple to knit.

Knitting Stitches for Beginners: Ribbing
Ribbing is the easiest way to combine knitting and purling in the same row.

Seed Stitch for New Knitters
Once you know how to knit ribbing you can also make a more complex looking fabric with Seed Stitch.

Stitches for New Knitters: Moss Stitch
Moss Stitch is another great, easy knitting stitch for new knitters

Essential Knitting Stitches for Beginners
These knitting stitches are great for beginners to build confidence and skills in their knitting.

Seed Stitch Washcloth - Adding the Crocheted Border
Fancy up a plain Seed Stitch Washcloth with the addition of a simple crocheted border.

Water Bottle Carrier
Outdoorsy women are sure to love a knit water bottle carrier.

Knit Heart
Show a special mom in your life how much you love her by knitting her a heart.

Mother's Day Knitting Projects
Knit something great for a mom in your life with this collection of free knitting patterns.

Stockinette Stitch Sock
Why not knit mom a pair of socks to thank her for all the standing around waiting for you she did when you were younger?

Ribbed Lace Market Bag

Grace Note Shawl
Knit a simple lace shawl for a mom or special woman in your life.

Faux Mobius Scarf
Knit a simple faux mobius scarf for mom. A twist in the knitting gives this project the look of a knit mobius without any hard work.

Two-Color Coffee Cup Cozy
For moms who love java, a knit coffee cup cozy is a great gift idea.

Loopy Washcloth

Trinity Stitch Headband
Help mom keep her hair out of her face with this Trinity Stitch headband.

The Benefits of Knitting
Knitting and crochet are great for a lot of reasons, but there are lots of health benefits to yarn craft, too. Learn how to #stitchawaystress with help from the Craft Yarn Council.

Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell Yarn Profile
Sheep(ish) is the first installment in the Stitch. Rock. Love. yarn line by Vickie Howell for Bernat. The acrylic/wool blend is a little shiny, a little fuzzy and full of retro style.

Finger Knitting Fun by Vickie Howell
Finger knitting is a great way to get kids interested in yarn crafting, and this fun book will teach them how and offers almost 30 projects for them to try.

Fa-La-La Fair Isle Stocking by Vickie Howell for Bernat
Vickie Howell for Bernat shares this fun Fair Isle stocking that uses four colors of her Sheep(ish) yarn.

Zig-Zag Christmas Stocking Free Knitting Pattern by Vickie Howell for Bernat
This gorgeous knit stocking from Vickie Howell is a great way to start a stocking knitting tradition in your family or to give as a gift to that friend who loves all things retro.

Interview with Knit and Crochet Designer Vickie Howell
Vickie Howell is a busy mom of three, a crafter in knitting, crochet and beyond and the brains behind the Stitch. Rock. Love. yarn line by Caron. Learn more about her inspiration and what it takes to make a yarn from scratch.

Making Color Choices - How to Knit with Colors
Many knitters shy away from stripes and other color knitting because they aren't confident in choosing the

Making Color Choices - How to Knit with Colors
Many knitters shy away from stripes and other color knitting because they aren't confident in choosing the

Making Color Choices - How to Knit with Colors
Many knitters shy away from stripes and other color knitting because they aren't confident in choosing the

Use Leftover Yarn to Make a Magic Ball Scarf
Use some of your little leftover balls of yarn to knit a magic ball scarf, changing stitch patterns every time you change yarns.

Dealing with Color Pooling in Knitting
One of the potential problems with knitting with a multicolored yarn is the tendency toward color pooling, but there are some things you can do to avoid an ugly splotch of color on your project.

Starting a Magic Ball of Yarn
How to make a magic ball for knitting with the fisherman's knot.

Finishing the Knot and Using a Magic Ball
How to finish a magic ball of yarn and ideas for using it in knitting projects.

The Yarn Lover's Guide to Hand Dyeing Review
If you've ever wanted to dye your own yarns but weren't sure which products to try or how to use the yarn after you've dyed it, this book shows readers many different ways to dye and projects to make with the finished yarn.

Tips for Dyeing Yarn with Egg Dye
Tips and ideas for dyeing yarn with Easter egg dye.

Using Egg Dye to Color Yarn
How to dye yarn using an egg dyeing kit.

Drop-Stitch Shawl Knitting Pattern
Use some great yarn out of your stash to make a drop stitch shawl that's simple to knit but looks fun for spring and summer.

Customizing the Drop Stitch Shawl
Tips for how to make the shawl in different sizes depending on how much yarn you have.

Colorwork Knitting By Sarah E. Whie
Learn five different kinds of colorwork knitting and practice them on five different kinds of projects with this fun book of mine.

Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal Yarn Profile
Preciosa by Knit Picks is a pretty, soft, squishy yarn that's lovely to knit with and have on your skin. It produces lovely stitches and would be great for a tonal, textured project.

Knit Picks Shadow Tonal Lace Weight Yarn Review
Knit Picks' Shadow Tonal is a pretty lace weight yarn with subtle color changes that make it a good choice for just about any lace knitting pattern you want to work with it.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tonal Yarn Review
Wool of the Andes Tonal from Knit Picks is a lovely semisolid yarn you'll want to use for a wide variety of fall and winter knitting projects.

Peep-Style Easter Bunny Knitting Pattern
This easy knitting pattern produces a rounded bunny that looks sort of like a holiday treat.

Simple Toddler Socks Free Knitting Pattern
These easy socks are great for the little people in your life, and they'll get you comfortable with the parts of a sock on a small scale if you're new to sock knitting.

Child's Cotton Shrug - Free Knitting Pattern for a Child's Cotton Shrug - Child's Shrug Pattern
This easy to knit child's cotton shrug is the perfect transition piece for spring or fall. Put it on over those cute summer dresses when it's still a little cool for them but you can't resist taking them out of the closet (or can't bear to put them away).

Alabama Yarn Shops
Looking for yarn shops in Alabama? Here's a list of those with websites.

Sockupied Book Review
The best patterns, techniques and tips from 10 issues of the eMag Sockupied are available in book form for lovers of paper.

Mock Cable Cuff Socks Knitting Pattern
These simple socks for kids use a mock rib on the cuff, a short row heel and a traditional round toe for quick and easy knitting.

Knitting the First Part of the Round in Magic Loop
The stitches are worked one half of a round at a time when you knit with the magic loop method.

Continuing to Work in Magic Loop Knitting
Working in magic loop style gets faster and easier once you've had a little practice.

Knitting the Second Part of the Round in Magic Loop Knitting
Adjust the cable and the stitches to knit the second half of the round when working in magic loop.

Getting Started with Magic Loop Knitting
Magic loop knitting is an easy way to knit a small circumference item with a long circular needle.

Knit a Sock on Two Circular Needles - Working the Heel and Guesset for a Sock Knit on Two Circular Needles
To knit a sock on two circular knitting needles, you just work in the round to the length you need for your leg. To shape the heel flap and turn the heel, you'll only work with one needle, working back and forth on the stitches.

Knit a Sock on Two Circular Needles - Picking Up the Other Side of the Gusset
Do basically the same thing you just did on the second needle so that you have half of your stitches on each needle and can shape the gusset and knit the foot of your sock.

Knit a Sock on Two Circular Needles - Dividing the Stitches for Knitting a Sock on Two Circular Needles
Now that you have stitches ready to be knit, they need to be divided so that some are on each of your circular needles in order to be able to knit them easily.

Knit a Sock on Two Circular Needles - Getting Started Knitting a Sock on Two Circular Needles
If there's any difficulty to knitting a sock on two circular needles, it is understanding how the stitches are worked, but once you understand how to knit it's easy to work a sock this way.

Turning the Heel on a Small Circular Knit Sock
Working a sock on a small circular needle can feel a little awkward, so I find it easier to turn the heel on DPNs.

Knitting the Toe of a Sock Worked on a Short Circular
When knitting a sock -- or anything with decreases -- with a short circular needle you'll eventually need some DPNs to help you finish the project.

Working the Foot of a Sock with a Small Circular Needle
Once you've worked the heel, get all your stitches back on the small circumference circular needle and knit the foot.

Using a Single Small Circular Needle to Knit a Sock
Knitting a sock using a single small diameter circular needle can be a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it's fun and easy to do.

Rainbow Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
Knit up a rainbow to wear for a St. Patrick's Day celebration, a Pride event or any day you need more color in your life. Sized to fit a child or an adult.

Garter Stitch Irish Flag Coaster Knitting Pattern
Knit a cute Irish Flag coaster or mug rug using small amounts of green, white and orange yarn. Great for using up little bits of stash!

Stockinette Irish Flag Knitting Pattern
Knit an Irish Flag in Stockinette Stitch to use as a coaster or a party decoration.

Knit Your Bit by Deborah Hopkinson Book Review
Learn about the history of civilian knitting in World War I in this children's picture book aimed at readers ages five and up.

Ribbed Bulky Scarf for Kids Knitting Pattern
Knit a quick scarf for a child in an afternoon using bulky yarn and a simple double rib pattern with an easy alteration.

Horizontal Dash Stitch Preemie Blanket Free Knitting Pattern
This free knitting pattern is for an easy and useful preemie baby blanket knit in easy Horizontal Dash Stitch with Garter Stitch edging.

Slip Stitch Baby Blanket Free Knitting Pattern
This easy baby blanket looks more dramatic than it is thanks to the use of simple slip stitches with the yarn in front to make a ladder-like pattern that adds texture to Stockinette Stitch.

Little Knitted Creatures by Amy Gaines Review
Amy Gaines is well known online as a designer of knit and crochet amigurumi, cute little creatures that just make you want to say

Purl Ridge Baby Hat Free Knitting Pattern
This simple and quick to knit baby hat is only slightly more complicated than a basic Stockinette hat would be, but the purl ridges add interest.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Slouchy Lacy Baby Hat
This slouchy lace baby hat is the perfect addition to your child's spring wardrobe. Sized for newborns to preschoolers.

Baby's Flat Hat Free Knitting Pattern
This flat hat is a super simple and cute way to welcome a new baby (up to a year) and use up a fun yarn in your stash at the same time. This is a great first hat project, and would make a good second or third knitting project.

Feather and Fan Cowl Knitting Pattern
Knit a simple cowl in Feather and Fan stitch and add contrasting edgings to make it a little more fun and use up some scraps!

Slip-Stitch Color-Blocked Cowl Knitting Pattern
This fun slip stitch cowl uses stripes to form a color blocked pattern that's easy but interesting to knit and fun to wear.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Cowl in Candle Flame Stitch
This Candle Flame Cowl uses a lovely lacy pattern to add interest, but the bulky yarn means you'll still be cozy even though there are a few holes in your finished project.

Garter Stitch Striped Cowl Free Knitting Pattern
Pick three colors of a cozy wool yarn and knit stripes in the round for a chunky, warm cowl you'll want to wear all season.

Eyelet Cowl Knitting Pattern
This easy circular cowl is worked in an eyelet pattern to make it a great accessory for spring and summer.

Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club
Friday Night Knitting Club is a nice story about a single mother who owns a yarn shop and the family of knitters that surrounds her thanks to a knitting club at the shop.

Scarves and Shawls for Yarn Lovers by Carri hammett Review
Use funky yarns like ribbon, eyelash, slub and boucle to great effect in these simple patterns that show off the yarn to great effect.

Feather and Fan (Old Shale) Scarf Knitting Pattern
This Feather and Fan Stole is a pretty quick and easy knit despite its size and is a great way to show off different colors of a yarn you like.

Before You Start Knitting
Choose yarn, needles and a stitch pattern and you'll be well on your way to designing and knitting your own scarf.

Getting Gauge and Knitting Your Scarf
Getting gauge and doing a little math will help you design the perfect scarf for you.

Moving Back to Knitting When Switching Between Knit and Purl
To go back to knitting after you have been purling in a row, simply move the yarn back to the back of the work.

Switching Between Knit and Purl in the Same Row: The Purl Stitches
Purling on the same row where you have been knitting is easy, you just have to get the yarn in the right place.

How to Knit and Purl in the Same Row
Knitting and purling in the same row can be a little confusing for newer knitters. Learn how to switch between knits and purls working a sample swatch of ribbing.

Free Bulky Ribbed Scarf Knitting Pattern
This super quick and easy ribbed scarf is the perfect last-minute project for a gift or a great way to warm yourself or a family member all winter long. Make the scarf even longer (or better suited for a man) by omitting the fringe.

Heart Potholder Knitting Pattern
Knit potholders with a heart shape are both cute and useful.

Heart Washcloths Knitting Pattern
A super soft knit washcloth in a heart shape is a great gift for anyone on your list.

Heart Bouquet Knitting Pattern
Knit I-cord and manipulate it into heart shapes many times over to make a long-lasting bouquet full of love.

Heart Pillows Knitting Pattern
Get out your novelty yarn and knit up a cool heart pillow.

Fabric Heart Knitting Pattern
Use fun fabric

Mochimochi Hearts Knitting Pattern
Knit and felt tiny hearts for extra cuteness and a reminder of your love that your kid can keep in her pocket.

Sweet Heart Knitting Pattern
Knit a somewhat more anatomical heart for your sweetheart with this surprisingly cute pattern.

Knitted Hearts with Fair Isle Motifs
Add some Fair Isle to your Valentines with these pretty stranded designs.

Small Heart Knitting Pattern
A little heart can be knit up and used in all sorts of ways, including on a baby's headband.

A Simple Valentine Heart Knitting Pattern
These little Garter Stitch hearts with an optional cross pattern knit up in a flash and are cute in a bunch.

Love Your Forever Heart Knitting Pattern

A Dozen Heart Knitting Patterns
Knit hearts are a fun and easy way to show someone you care. Check out this collection of a dozen heart patterns and knit a little love today.

Rambling Reversible Cable Scarf from Nicky Epstein's Knitting in Circles
This free knitting pattern for a reversible cable scarf is from Nicky Epstein's book Knitting in Circles.

Bulky Ribbed Striped Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This easy and quick bulky ribbed scarf uses a little bit of a second color to make thin stripes.

Bias Knit Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This fun skinny scarf is knit on the bias, so the stripes shift and the ends curl in a really fun way.

Striped Chenille Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This easy chenille scarf is worked int two colors with stripes that change length throughout the scarf.

Thick and Thin Stockinette Stitch Scarf Knitting Pattern
This easy Stockinette Stitch scarf has a lot more interest than Stockinette normally does because of the thick and thin yarn that also makes this a really quick project.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Stash Scarf from Knitting Scraps
If you have a bunch of little extra balls of medium weight yarn lying around, you can easily and quickly knit yourself a Stash Scarf of whatever length and width you like. This basic pattern will give you some ideas to get started.

Garter Dropped Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This simple and quick-knitting scarf is the perfect thing to show off a skein of handspun and keep you cozy when the weather gets a little cool.

Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger Review
Fans of the look of vintage patterns who don't want to spend the time hunting down and updating classic designs will enjoy the 25 projects here, all inspired by projects from the 1930s, '40s and '50s.

Lion Brand Cotton Bamboo Review
Lion Brand's LB Collection Cotton Bamboo is a soft, silky light worsted yarn that's perfect for summer knitting projects you'll love to knit and to wear.

Garter Stitch Stash-Busting Blanket Pattern
Have a lot of little balls of leftover yarn? Use them quickly in a simple strip Garter Stitch blanket you can make any size you want.

Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton Book Review
This classic book offers lots of advice on fit, design elements, finding inspiration and more for designing and knitting your own garments.

Kid-Sized Fingerless Gloves Knitting Pattern
These simple mitts are perfect for little kids with cold hands who might not want to wear gloves all the time.

Tips for Resizing the Kid-Sized Mitts
How to alter the Fingerless Mitts for Kids to fit larger kids or adults.

Pattern Writing for Knit Designers by Kate Atherley Review
Learn how to write knitting patterns that are easy for knitters to follow, whether you want to submit for publication, publish them online or sell them.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Bag Worked in Squared Check Pattern
This easy knit bag in the Squared Check pattern doubles up on the texture by holding two strands of yarn together while knitting.

Free Knitting Pattern for a Bag Worked in Squared Check Pattern
Instructions for the free knitting pattern for a purse or bag in Squared Check Pattern

Knit a Quick and Easy Flat Hat
Knitting a hat flat is an easy way for beginners to learn to make hats, and it's also a quick way for established knitters to finish a project on the double. Knit with Ozark Handspun, this hat looks much fancier than it is.

Stash-Busting Stockinette Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This easy Stockinette Stitch Scarf is worked in random stripes so you can use up a bunch of your leftover bits of stash on one project.

Ridged Stockinette Stitch Scarf Free Knitting Pattern
This big, bold, bulky scarf is a great way to show off a beautifully colored yarn without messing up the colors too much thanks to the easy ridged stockinette stitch pattern.

Dress-to-Impress Knitted Scarves by Pam Powers Book Review
Knit a special scarf to go with your favorite outfit with these feminine, fun and creative projects for cowls, kerchiefs, ascots and more.

First Frost by Lucinda Guy Book Review
Bring the knitting techniques of the Nordic, Baltic and Scandinavian countries into your home with this book full of colorful accessories and garments inspired by folk knitting traditions.

Heart Headband Free Knitting Pattern
This cute, quick and easy to knit headband is embellished with a heart, making it perfect for Valentine's Day and beyond. It's sized to fit anyone from an infant to a grown woman.

Baby Tube Socks Free Knitting Pattern
These super-easy tube socks are embellished with a bit of crochet in the picot edging, which makes them cute for a girl but can be omitted completely for a boy.

Felting by Hand - When is it Done?
Everyone wonders, whether they felt by hand or machine, when to stop felting. It's a personal choice.