Landscaping Sitemap - Page 10 2016-09-26

Picture of Blue Star Juniper Bush
An evergreen shrub, Blue Star juniper bush lives up to its colorful name, as illustrated in my picture. It is a compact plant. Page 12.

Photo of Blue Holly

Elephant Ears Picture
This elephant ears picture shows why this tropical is said to have a coarse texture.

Picture of Weeping Trees
Weeping trees can create a luxurious feel, as this picture shows. The specimens in this case are a cherry and a Japanese maple, both with a cascading habit. Page 7.

Forsythia - Example of Arching Plant Form
Forsythia is an example of a shrub that exhibits an upright, arching plant form. This picture reveals the grace of the bush. Page 2.

Picture of Rock Garden Plants
My picture of rock garden plants displays a particularly lovely arrangement. This garden was planted in the state of Maine (U.S.). Page 10.

Landscaping With Contrast on Multiple Levels
If you enjoy landscaping that creates contrast, perhaps there's something you'd like even more: contrast on multiple levels. Here's an example of how to do it. Page 5.

Picture of Ornamental Grass in Window Box
View this picture of a window box for an example that incorporates ornamental grass for added texture. The seed heads complement the nearby bricks nicely. Page 14.

Picture of Plants Used in a Rock Garden
These rock garden plants keep to a similar texture. They are also all basically the same height, namely, short. Page 11.

Example of Contrasting Textures
This picture shows an example of contrasting textures. Specifically, I show the effect of juxtaposing plants that bear very different leaves. Page 8.

Photo of Creeping Juniper
The creeping junipers, an example of which is shown in this picture, are popular ground covers. They're especially effective for erosion control on hills. Page 11.

Heaven Scent Magnolia Tree Picture - Truly "Heaven Sent"
Heaven Scent magnolia trees are flowering specimens. They have pink blossoms, but their color isn't their main feature. Page 4.

Horsechestnut Tree Picture
This picture shows a white horsechestnut tree in flower. Besides white flowers, these specimens can bear red blossoms. Page 13.

Witch Hazel Tree Picture
Witch hazel is a flowering tree, as this photo shows. My Arnold Promise shrub cultivar is one of my earliest-blooming plants. Page 7.

Wolf Eyes Dogwood Picture - a "Kousa" Type
This picture shows 'Wolf Eyes' dogwood. This Kousa type is a variegated Japanese dogwood and makes for a very bright landscape plant. Page 11.

Landscaping in Coastal Areas - Turf Care in North Carolina
Moving to and landscaping in coastal areas of North Carolina (e.g., turf care) requires adjusting to differences in soils, climate and amount of salt.

Definition of Bare Root (Don't Worry, It's Not Indecent!)
Perhaps you've been told you can buy such-and-such as a

How Does Companion Planting Work?
How does

What Does "Control Joints" Mean?
Some of you may be disappointed to learn that

Grafting - Definition of a Tree-Care Term
Politicians acquire money illegally by abusing their authority in what is termed,

Fire Pit Ideas
Here are some fire pit ideas that will serve as an intro for beginners. Building a pit is a fun project that offers great rewards and is easy for DIYers.

Brick Wall Design Idea - Granite Cap
Build a brick wall with a granite cap to provide visual interest. See an image of such a structure here, courtesy of professional mason, Joe Norton.

SmartDraw Software Review - SmartDraw 7
SmartDraw 7 is acceptable landscape-design software for those averse to drawing. It has lots of pretty symbols that can be dragged and dropped into templates.

Pole Pruners That Are Ropeless, Fiberglass - Review
Read my review for ropeless, fiberglass pole pruners before buying. With no rope to get in the way, these pruners are easy to use to trim a tree.

How Do Automated Snow Melting Controls Work?
There are two basic ideas to control radiant heat used outdoors to clear driveways. Automated controls cost more but remove snow more quickly.

Radiant Heat for Ice Melting
Technology has come up with 2 ideas to control radiant heat-based products used outdoors for ice melting and snow removal on driveways. Learn about them here.

Can You Retrofit Existing Driveways to Become Heated Driveways?
Snow-melt systems are usually installed during new construction, but existing surfaces can be retrofitted with tubing to become heated driveways.

Radiant Snow-Melt Systems
Read this introduction to learn the basics of the operation of radiant snow-melt systems. Boilers are at the heart of the system and are regulated by controls.

How to Design Your Own Landscape
When you design your own landscape, how do you know which plants go together? I help beginners figure this out in my FAQ.

Permits for Fence Installation - Do You Need One?
To prepare for fence installation, learn about building permits, zoning ordinances, where utility lines are and whether you need to hire a surveyor.

Setting Fence Posts in Areas With Frost Heaves
Setting fence posts is one of the most challenging aspects of your project. It means taking into account the effects of frost heaves in Northern areas.

Fall Maintenance for Lawn Mowers
Learn about lawn mower maintenance when you are about to store your machine away in late fall. Doing it right will make spring yard care go more smoothly.

What's the Ideal Grass Mowing Height?
What's the best grass mowing height? I provide a rule of thumb in this FAQ for cutting grass at the proper growth stage.

Should You Build a Fence Yourself or Hire a Pro?
Should you build a fence yourself or hire a pro to do it? It's not an

Split Rail Fences for a Ranch-Style - Matching Fencing to a Home
Split rail fences have long been a favorite design with ranch-style homes. Learn about other good matches between home and fencing.

Leaf Mulch - Where, When to Apply It
Learn when to apply leaf mulch in the fall. The time to use this material depends on where you're spreading it.

What Is the Difference Between Compost and Mulch?
Learn the difference between

How Often Should You Fertilize Older Trees?
Do you wonder about using fertilizers for well-established trees? Learn here about how often you should fertilize older trees.

When Is It Safe to Plant Annuals in Spring?
When is it safe to plant annuals in spring? Old-timers in your area can probably give a general guideline, but there's a

Benefits of Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers
Cordless electric lawn mowers have many benefits, including being enviro-friendly. Find out how they compare to corded and gas-powered machines

Why Are Cover Crops Called "Living Mulches"?
An alternative to bark, leaves, etc. for weed control is to use cover crops. Learn why the latter are known as

What's the Best Time to Prune Fruit Trees?
Learn the best time to prune fruit trees in this FAQ. I discuss the topic in greater detail in my article on apples, linked to from my FAQ.

When to Prune Shade Trees
The best time to prune shade trees in general is late winter. But there are exceptions; e.g., the best time to trim maples is late spring or early summer.

Should You Fertilize Older Trees (and When)?
Should you fertilize older trees? If so, when? Learn the answers here.

Clipping Hedges - Help With Pruning Your Shrubs
Clipping hedges can sacrifice flowers for uniformity, since shrubs like privet aren't grown for flowers. Learn when to do such pruning in this FAQ.

Containing Bamboo Plants With Barriers
One way of containing bamboo plants is with barriers. Learn what this method of containing them involves here.

What's the Difference Between Trees and Shrubs?
What's the difference between trees and shrubs? This FAQ reveals the official distinction.

When to Fertilize Cool-Season Grasses
When should one fertilize cool-season grasses? There are two

Planting New Trees
Planting new trees is not as easy as digging a hole in the ground and inserting the plants. If you take some care, your work will usually be rewarded.

When to Prune Evergreen Trees
You can usually get away with pruning evergreen trees sparingly. However, in general, when there is a need to trim them, what's the best time to do so?

What Driveway Types Permit Installation of Snow-Melt Systems?
Which types of driveways are suitable for installation of snow-melt systems? Read my FAQ for the answer and explore this fascinating subject.

Is Rubber Mulch Safe for Plants?
Is rubber mulch safe to use around plants? Here I take a look at the pros and cons of a type of mulch used in playgrounds -- but is it safe in gardens?

Potted Magnolia Trees - How to Grow Specimens in Pots
How do you care for a potted magnolia tree? What challenges will you face in growing one in a pot? I answer these questions here.

What Makes Little Holes in Trees - Woodpeckers or Borers?
Both woodpeckers and borers make little holes in trees. Which one is the cause (each calls for a different response)? Learn how to determine the difference.

Ants and Sooty Mold on Magnolia Trees - Could It Be Scale?
Sooty mold and ants can be the effect, rather than the cause of a magnolia tree's problems, when the real problem is magnolia scale. Learn why here.

Putting Soil Over Tree Roots - Will This Hurt My Tree?
I have to caution you against putting soil over tree roots, at least in any great amount. How can this hurt a tree? Learn why this is harmful here.

False Dragonhead Picture - the Dragon Rears Its Pretty Head
This picture of false dragonhead indicates its beauty. No rearing of an ugly head here, despite the scary name, dragon.

Pictures of Lavender Flowers
Photo gallery of mauve, violet and lavender-colored flowers. View my pictures of mauve, violet and lavender flowers to aid you in plant selection.

Pictures of White Flowers
Use my pictures of white flowers to learn some of the types available. Blossoms of this color provide a neutral color in mixed plantings.

Pictures of Orange Flowers
Orange flowers bring cheer to a landscape, even on a rainy day. Consult my pictures of these bright blooms to help you in your plant selection.

Foxglove Picture | Photo of Foxglove
Picture of foxglove flowers. Foxgloves are poisonous plants.

Pictures of Pink Flowers
As my pictures of pink flowers show, blooms of this color share with red ones the latter's

Replacing Wood Fence Posts - How to Install Them
Follow these guidelines to install wood fence posts. As long as you keep everything plumb and level, replacing old posts that have rotted or broken is not difficult work.

Shrubs - Definition to Help Distinguish Them From Trees
A technical definition of

Scaffold Branches - Meaning of a Term Important in Tree Care
Why is it important to know what

Scion - Definition of a Grafting Term
In everyday language,

Line - Meaning of the Word in Landscape Design
The way

Living Mulch - Yes, Some Mulches Are Alive!
The concept of the living mulch is a fascinating one for landscaping geeks like me. You already know what

Definition of Masonry
Learn what masonry means on my landscaping site; I give tutorials on projects such as building patios. Note: it's often sometimes misspelled as

Variegated Phlox Plants - Tall Garden Variegated Phlox
The variegated phlox in this article is a tall garden phlox called 'Nora Leigh.' This tall, variegated plant has light pink flowers.

Red Tulips Photo | Picture of Row of Red Tulips
Picture of row of red tulips. Landscaping.

Picture of Herringbone Pattern
Here's a picture of the herringbone pattern, used in brick work. I see this design as being dynamic.

Easter Basket Flag Picture
Easter basket flag picture. Landscaping.

What Plants Tolerate Clayey Soil?
Some plants tolerate clayey soils, although the best approach with such ground is to amend it with organic matter. Here are some examples of tolerant plants.

How Do You Keep a Well-Defined Edge That's Low-Maintenance?
For a well-defined, low-maintenance edge, use guide lines for the installation and mowing strips. Here's some help to get you going.

Deer-Resistant Plants - Examples of Shrubs, Etc. That Deer Don't Bother
My examples of deer-resistant plants include shrubs and rock-garden perennials, as well as ground covers and various flowers that deer don't bother.

Tips for an Attractive Rock Garden Design
For a rock garden design, mix in plants such as Pasque flower for additional color. And never underestimate the importance of plant form and texture.

How Long Does Grass Seed Stay Viable?
How long does grass seed stay viable? The answer varies according to the seed and the conditions, but a bag of the old stuff won't go as far as a new bag.

Best Way to Get Rid of Invasive Plants
What is the best way to get rid of invasive plants? The answer will depend on the particular pests you're trying to remove and your own preferences.

Plants Used in Night Blooming Gardens
Night blooming gardens can be composed of early-season, mid-season and late-season specimens. I also discuss plants whose flowers open up only at night.

Informal Hedges for Privacy - Alternatives
To make an informal hedge for privacy, you won't trim the bushes. Select varieties that bear an attractive natural form, as an alternative to a manicured wall.

Magnolia Buds Do Not Open - Reasons Why
Your magnolia buds don't open, and you can't find out the reasons why? In this FAQ I suggest possible causes for blooms being

Is "Mexican Bamboo" Really a Bamboo?
'Mexican bamboo' received its name because of its hollow stalks, studded with nodes. Learn the true identity of this problematic plant.

Picture of Yellow Daffodils
Picture of a yellow daffodils. Yellow daffodils are one of the most popular bulb plants of spring.

Scary Scarecrow Image - Halloween Executioner
This scary scarecrow image shows a frightening executioner figure with ragged clothes, a hood and Frankenstein hands.

Free Pumpkin Pattern
Would you like free pumpkin patterns this Halloween to facilitate your carving? This jack-o-lantern pattern will guide your hand as you carve, making it easy for you.

Funny Halloween Pictures for Decorating Ideas
Funny Halloween pictures can give you decorating ideas for your space outdoors. These photos show outdoor decorations that won't be too ghoulish for young children.

Inflatable Sleigh Picture - Rudolph, Santa Claus and Sleigh
Picture of inflatable sleigh, with inflatable Santa Claus and reindeer. Saint Nick couldn't ask for better company!

Werewolf Jack-o-Lantern - Scary Printable Stencils
This scary printable stencil features a werewolf jack o' lantern. Werewolves are a classic Halloween motif; use this carving template to guide your hand.

Picture of Christmas Tree Inflatable
Picture of Christmas tree inflatable. Christmas tree comes with inflatable presents under it.

Funny Santa Claus Picture - Cute Outdoor Santa Claus Decoration
This funny Santa Claus picture shows an outdoor decoration of St. Nick wrapped around a tree. This funny picture reveals him having a mishap while skiing.

Christmas Wreath Picture
Christmas wreath picture. Evergreens typically form the base of Christmas wreaths, as shown in this picture.

Christmas Scene Pictures
Let these Christmas scene pictures inspire you in decorating your own yard. My yuletide holiday photos include images of inflatables and banners.

Christmas Scene Pictures
Let these Christmas scene pictures inspire you in decorating your own yard. My yuletide holiday photos include images of inflatables and banners.

Outdoor Easter Decorations - Pictures to Inspire Ideas
Browse my pictures of outdoor Easter decorations to gain ideas for your own yard. These examples run the gamut from inflatables to flags, from wreaths to window boxes.

Cute Christmas Pictures - Get Some Ideas for Decorations
Use these cute Christmas pictures to get some ideas for decorations. Displayed here are some of the most whimsical decorations I've noticed in people's yards.

Plant Texture, Plant Form in Pictures
View examples of how plant texture and plant form are treated in landscape design. These pictures make the concepts easy for beginners to understand.

Best Fall Foliage Pictures
See my best fall foliage pictures of maples to aid you in selecting optimal specimens. Such pictures help you decide which trees would work best in your yard.

Landscape Plant Pictures
Each entry in this gallery of landscape plant pictures is used as a thumbnail for the whole group. Click on any of the photos to access more information.

Unusual Mailbox in Illinois Landscaping
Unusual mailboxes give a yard a personal touch, as in this Illinois landscaping. The one in this picture has a John Deere theme -- apt for corn country.

Route 66 From Start to Finish in Pictures
I photographed yards along historic Route 66 from start to finish. View my pictures for a glimpse of the landscaping styles practiced by Americans.

Route 66 From Start to Finish in Pictures
I photographed yards along historic Route 66 from start to finish. View my pictures for a glimpse of the landscaping styles practiced by Americans.

Types of Flowering Trees - Photos
If you're not already convinced of the beauty of the various types of flowering trees, then I hope my photos of some of the different kinds serve to sway you.

Landscaping Blogs - What Landscape Designers Are Saying
This feature allows you to visit other landscaping blogs to see what people in the industry are saying. These blogs will introduce readers to material related to mine.

Lombardy Poplars Photo
Lombardy poplars have a columnar shape. This is one example of plant

Example of Window Box With Warm Colors
This window box is planted with warm colors.

Pistil Definition - What Is Pistillate?
Definition pistil or the adjective, pistillate. If you care about how plants make seed, you will want to learn this botanical term.

Espalier - What It Is and Why It's Useful
What is espalier? I tell you the meaning here and, more importantly, reveal why this technique is useful in landscaping.

Monoculture - What It Means, Why It's Important to Know
Find out what

What Is Concrete Made Of?
What is concrete made of? The beginner must distinguish it from mortar and cement.

Compost - What It Is and How It's Used in a Nutshell
Compost is a must for organic landscaping and also saves you money. Learn in a nutshell what it is, how it's made and how it's used.

Definition of "Dormant" - What Is Dormancy?
Learn what dormant means and why it's important to understand in landscaping care. Both plants and the land itself can be said to undergo dormancy.

Finials - Meaning of the Term and Their Use in Landscaping
What is the meaning of

Compacted Soil - How Do You Solve the Problem?
What is compacted soil and why is it a problem? In the case both of dirt and compost, the problem can be solved either mechanically or naturally; I introduce the topic here.

Humus - What Is the Meaning of the Term?
What is the meaning of

Idea - Build a Stone Wall Into a Ledge
See a picture of a stone wall built around solid ledge -- a great hardscape idea. Learn to incorporate existing elements into your plans, instead of fighting them.

Design for Stone Paver Walkways
There are many variations on the design for stone paver walkways. In the image shown here, we see a design that boasts stability.

Brick Circle in a Flagstone Walkway - Inlay Design
One hardscape idea you can custom according to your own creativity is to use bricks and flagstone together to build a walkway or patio. Insert a circle of the former within the latter to create an inlay design.

Picture of Typical Builder's Deck Railings
Picture of typical builder's deck railings.

Vernalization Definition - Vernalizing vs Forcing
This definition of vernalization explains how it differs from forcing plants to grow at an unseasonably early time. So what is vernalizing?

Common Plant Names | Scientific Plant Names | Latin
Thus too much confusion is inherent in the use of the common plant names, so learn about their scientific (botanical Latin) counterparts in this section. For your convenience, I also provide links to databases containing information on plants organized by both scientific and common names.

Free Landscaping Ideas | Jerry Baker | Free Landscaping Ideas
These free landscaping ideas include advice from Jerry Baker. Learn how to save time, money and energy both through my own free landscaping ideas and through Jerry Baker's.

Landscape Design Plans | Landscaping Plans Designs
Landscape design plans and how to draw them. Mine these resources for ideas to create your own landscape designs and landscape plans.

Free Landscaping Courses | New Free Landscaping Courses
Graduates of my initial classes should check here for NEW landscaping courses. Sign up for free for new landscaping courses and learn how to get the most out of your yard.

Scarecrow Hat Picture - Photo of Scarecrow With Hat on Bike
Picture of scarecrow with hat riding a bike. Figures wears glasses and a classic scarecrow hat.

Book Reviews of Landscaping and Gardening Books
I hope my book reviews will be useful not only when shopping for landscaping and gardening books yourself, but also when shopping for others.

Online Landscape Design Courses | Free Landscape Design Courses
For graduates of my original 108-day Online Landscape Design Course, sign up here for my NEW free landscape design course.

Poisonous Plants - Unusual and Poisonous Plants

Types of Weeds | Information on Types of Weeds
'Beneficial' types of weeds, as opposed to 'noxious' varieties, can merit such a classification based on a number of criteria. For instance, some 'beneficial' types of weeds are edible, although the nutritious dandelion is often considered 'noxious.'

Weed ID | Pictures for Weed ID
Weed ID is a helpful first step in control efforts, so I provide pictures along with plant characteristics. In some cases, weed ID may even alter your desire for eradication of a plant.