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Why Is My Arborvitae Turning Brown?
If an arborvitae's turning brown, it may be winter burn. The combo of wind, sun and lack of available water in winter causes it; here's what to do.

Sealing Asphalt Driveways: Tips for Beginners
Much of the work in sealing asphalt driveways is preparing. I walk newbies through all the steps, from preparation to applying sealant to drying time.

Mulching Mowers Allow You to Use Lawn Grass Clippings
Mulching mowers are an enviro-friendly option. Lawn grass clippings can be left on the grass when you use this type of machine; find out why.

Picture of Black Elephant Ears
A picture of black elephant ears, such as this, will convince you it's a must-have tropical plant. Idea: mix dark-leaved Colocasias with gold plants. Page 7.

Black Lily Picture
As this black lily picture shows, the color is actually a dark red. But 'Jungle Beauty' perhaps comes closest to being a truly ebony flower. Page 8.

Picture of a Black Rose
My picture of a black rose reveals that such blooms are really just a very deep red color (but that's often enough). Page 13.

Picture of Black Castor Bean Leaf
Picture of a black castor bean leaf. Because castor bean seeds are poisonous, they should not be grown in yards where children play. Page 11.

Picture of Dark Heuchera Plant
My picture of a dark Heuchera plant shows the foliage. The common name, coral bells refers to the bloom, but the dark types are valued for the leaves. Page 10.

Photo of Edens Magic Giant Bergenia
As this photo of Edens Magic Giant bergenia shows, the plant bears a dark leaf. Use it in conjunction with brightly colored flowers.. Page 17.

Black Iris Picture
Black iris picture. While there are hints of true black, the flower also contains much purple coloration. Page 3.

Sand Cherry Photo
Sand cherry (photo) tree (shrub) produces pink blooms in spring. It has dark leaves. Page 18.

Smokebush Photo
As my smokebush photo shows, the bush's foliage is deep enough to form an impressive backdrop for brightly colored plants. Page 19.

Black Petunia Picture
Petunias come in many colors, but the most striking may be this black petunia flower (picture). It's about as truly black as a flower can be.

Black Tulips Picture
Do you black tulips truly exist, I mean blooms that are really dark? Well, they do, and here's a photo to prove it. Page 2.

Pictures of Black Flowers
Here I show pictures of black flowers and examples of dark foliage. The term

Black Pansy Picture
Black pansy picture. As the image pictured illustrates, such flowers are really a deep purple color. Page 12.

Photo of Multi-Color Rose

Yellow Rose Picture
My yellow rose picture serves up a sample of the

Red Rose Picture

Picture of Scarlet Rose

Crimson Rose Picture
This picture of a crimson red rose shows

Image of Medium-Pink Rose
My picture shows Elle, a hybrid tea rose, medium-pink in color. It has

Peach Rose Picture
As my photo shows, the peach rose here is a combo of colors (orange, pink, apricot). The name of this All-America Rose Selections choice is

Photo of Rose With Single Blossoms

Rose With Two-Tone Petals - Picture

Photo of Light Pink Roses

Types of Roses: Pictures Presenting a Variety of Colors
The pictures in my photo gallery give examples of some of the types of roses available, by color. All are AARS selections; learn more about them here.

Orange Rose Picture
View this picture to see an example of an orange rose. The flower is really a bicolor (apricot and reddish-bronze). It is an AARS selection.

Apricot-Pink Rose Picture - a Peach-Apricot Color

Picture of Reddish-Purple Rose
My picture of a reddish-purple rose features a type called

Apricot Rose Picture

Coral Rose Picture - a Single, With a Touch of Salmon Color
My picture of a coral rose shows

Copper Color Rose Picture

Picture of Orangey-Red Rose
Morden Fireglow has a rose color that's orangy (orangey) red. This flower grows on a bush variety. Page 14.

Picture of a "Black" Rose
Looking for a picture of a

Picture of White Roses
The white roses in this picture are named for Pope John-Paul II. This color has always carried the meaning of

Front-Yard Landscaping - Design Ideas
Front-yard landscaping ideas suited to suburbia may not work in rural areas, and vice-versa. But these basic design ideas will point you in the right direction.

Why Did My Magnolia Foliage Get Black Spots?
Leaf spot is a fungus on magnolia trees; you may see black spotting during times of excessive moisture. Learn whether it's a problem, and what to do.

Why Aren't My Lilacs Flowering?
Have you ever asked, Why aren't my lilacs flowering? You're not necessarily doing anything wrong. But if your shrubs aren't blooming, try this trick.

How to Grout Tile for Outdoor Patios
Learn how to grout tile for outdoor patios. These instructions begin with the supplies needed to undertake the job.

Kobalt Electric Cement Mixer Review
Read my review of Kobalt's electric cement mixer to see if it's a better option for you than renting. These devices make mixing concrete easy.

How Not to Landscape Your Yard - 10 Errors to Avoid
The 10 mistakes I present in my article will help beginners learn how not to landscape a yard. Avoiding these errors means you won't mess things up.

Best Landscape Trees for Year-Long Seasonal Interest
What are the best types of landscape trees for spring, summer, fall and winter? Learn here about great picks to create seasonal interest year-round.

Landscaping Driveways: Ideas to Help You With the How and Why
Landscaping driveways helps people show off their properties in their best light. I offer ideas here for both plants and hardscape to add beauty.

Why Are My Emerald Cedar Leaves Turning Brown?
Emerald cedar leaves turning brown in summer can be due to a number of different problems. Find out why your tree might have brown foliage here.

Best Plants to Grow on a North-Facing Wall
What are the best plants to grow on a North-facing wall? These areas are generally planted with shade plants. I supply many examples here.

Let Me Help You Choose Between Types of Wooden Fences
Among the types of wooden fences are the stockade, post-and-rail and picket styles. Here's some help with choosing between all the different designs.

Sample Contract for Tree Removal When Hiring a Service
See an example dealing with insurance, performance of work, and payment in a free sample contract for hiring tree services to remove a hazardous tree.

How to Make Low-Cost Small Waterfalls
Small waterfalls can be taken apart for winter. I explain how to make a low-cost cascading water feature, from setting up a pond to installing a pump.

Tall Shrubs: Examples of Tree-Like Bushes
Tall shrubs are often thought of as small

DIY Landscaping Projects With Pictures
My tutorials in pictures lead you step by step through DIY landscaping projects you always considered undertaking. I explain all projects in detail.

Neon Flash Spirea Shrubs: How to Grow This Pink Beauty
To prune Neon Flash spirea shrubs, cut the oldest branches to the ground every other year. The bushes rebloom if trimmed after the first blooming.

Woodchuck Control - How to Get Rid of Groundhogs
Learn about pest control for groundhog or

Trapping Woodchucks - Groundhog Traps
Learn the advantages of live-trapping woodchucks as a pest control measure. Use groundhog traps to avoid a nightmare in the garden. Page 3.

Origin of Groundhog Day in Imbolc, St. Brigid's
Let's explore the origin of Groundhog Day, February 2, with a look back through history at Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day (or Bridget's) and Candlemas Day. Page 4.

What's the Meaning of Groundhog Day? True Significance
The spring equinox falls midway between the solstices and March 21. Groundhog Day falls midway between the winter solstice and spring. It's no coincidence. Page 5.

Short Perennials
Use these short perennials to prevent erosion and dress up an area of the yard at the same time. Perennial flowering ground covers are attractive as well as functional.

Landscaping Glossary
This online landscaping dictionary puts definitions just a couple of clicks away. My glossary is meant to supplement the information in my articles.

Books on Hardscape - Reviews
Books on hardscape cover subject matter ranging from how to build decks to how to build water features. See what I have to say in my book reviews before buying so you'll know what to expect.

Landscaping Mulch
All types of mulch help your soil retain nutrients and water, while organic types, upon decomposing, add nutrients to the ground. Mulching also prevents erosion, weeds and over-heating.

Backyard Water Features
Backyard water features are pleasing additions to a landscape design, furnishing soothing sounds. In landscaping around swimming pools, specifically, choose plants that aren't messy.

Artificial Ponds
Consult this material to learn about artificial ponds. I review informative books that will help you learn how to build them, plus resources for supplies.

Natural Ways to Keep Cats From Pooping in Your Garden
One natural way to keep cats from pooping in gardens is to use chicken wire (I explain how here). Learn about a variety of ways to repel cats safely. Page 2.

10 Worst Plants to Grow in Your Yard
What are the 10 worst plants to grow in a yard? It varies depending on your region, health, tastes and whether you have kids or pets, but this list is a start.

Alternatives to Lawn Grass
Have you ever asked,

Herbs in the Landscape
Planting herbs in the landscape gives you some extra choices in your plant selection, so do not overlook this group of plants. Some herbs, besides their medicinal or culinary uses, are nice-looking, too.

Holiday Plants
Holiday plants can even assume the names of the special days with which they are associated. These articles contain care fact and history.

Care of Shrubs and Bushes
Care of shrubs begins with selecting the right plants for the right spot and planting them properly. From there, care of bushes extends to pruning, overwintering, etc.

Japanese, Chinese Gardens
The principles of Japanese gardens and Chinese gardens are misunderstood by non-natives. Unlike in Western gardening, showy flowers aren't central in the Oriental style.

Creating Privacy
Outdoor privacy screens help you create a backyard retreat, a place where you can retire from disturbances after a hard day's work. You can achieve such backyard retreat with privacy fences or hedges.

Rock Gardens
The Zen and Japanese styles are two landscaping ideas for rock gardens. But I deal more generally with how to build them and the plants typically used, which include cacti and succulents.

Spring Gardens
Spring gardens welcome us with color after Old Man Winter's dreary reign. Maximize their potential using my tips on plant selection, preparation and care.

How to Hire Tree Services: First-Timer Hiring Tips
In my article on how to hire tree services for limbing, safety and other factors are considered. Read this if you're hiring a pro for the first time.

List of Plants Poisonous to Dogs
Many plants poisonous to dogs are very common in backyards. These bad plants may be only mildly toxic or cause more serious canine health problems.

Landscaping Ideas for Side Yards
Do you need landscaping ideas for side yards that are long and narrow and present a design challenge? I put you on a path to a solution in my article.

5 Facts About Poinsettias That May Surprise You
Poinsettias are a favorite Christmas plant but widely misunderstood. I give 5 surprising facts here, including the new myth about how safe they are.

Attract Birds, Butterflies
Growing plants for attracting birds is a 2-for-1. The trees, shrubs and other plants that draw hummingbirds, etc. are often good for drawing butterflies too.

Landscaping for Fragrance
Fragrant plants add something to your landscape design that goes beyond the way they look: heady fragrances that will stop you in your tracks! Many flowers have some fragrance, but in this section I've assembled links to information on plants that are particularly aromatic.

Interiorscaping allows you the joy of gardening indoors in the winter, while also beautifying the home. But effective indoor gardening begins with adequate houseplant care and plant selection.

Grow Bougainvillea Vines for Mediterranean Flavor
Bougainvillea vines often grow as shrubs and give the yard a Mediterranean flavor. Learn about where they grow, their care, how to pronounce the name.

Water Garden Plants - Design, Planting Tips
These planting tips for water garden plants include advice on design and plant selection. Read my article for great examples of marginals and more.

Water Garden Plants - Best Choices for Small Ponds
Want to admire unique water garden plants in a small pond while you sip coffee on the patio? Here's info on types suited to deep water, bogs, margins.

Adam's Needle (Yucca Filamentosa)
A Southeast native, Adam's Needle (Yucca filamentosa) is a tough plant tolerant of dry conditions and pests. It's one of the most common yucca plants.

Winter Plant Protection: Protecting All Types of Plants
How do you provide winter plant protection for the different types of plants in your yard? Is protecting them even necessary? I explain in detail.

Small Evergreen Shrubs: 8 Types for a Colorful Yard
I discuss 8 types of small evergreen shrubs perfect for owners of tiny yards who crave big-time color. See my list of compact bushes before you shop.

Sequence of Bloom, Successional Interest and Landscaping Plant Choices
Learn what sequence of bloom and successional interest mean. Use them to maintain high levels of visual interest in your landscaping year-round.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Tile Adhesives
You need to use the right outdoor tile adhesive if you are going to build a tile patio, yourself. The right product will bond the squares to the slab.

Common Types of Salvia Flowers (Annual and Perennial)
Types of salvia flowers commonly grown by gardeners include splendid perennial kinds, although the scarlet-bloomed annual plants are the best known.

Sweet Alyssum Flowers: Uses, Growing Tips
Sweet alyssum flowers are one of the hardier annuals of the North. They're also used in themes for July 4th and Memorial Day landscaping in the USA.

Rock Garden Plant Selection
My list of rock garden plants focuses on sun-loving perennials. I have organized my list according to plant size.

Rock Garden Design - What to Know, What to Grow
What goes into a good rock garden design? For a successful project, you must have the right soil, plants, and rocks, plus know how to arrange them.

Angelina Photo - a Yellow-Flowering Sedum Plant
As the photo shows, Angelina's blossom is yellow. But this sedum is valued more for its chartreuse leaves. Page 13.

Candytuft: Picture of the 'Purity' Cultivar
A flowering ground cover, candytuft (picture) gets tinged with lavender as it ages. But it is the bright white color it has at its peak I most value. Page 3.

Hydrangea Anomala Ssp. Petiolaris - Picture
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris (picture) is a ground cover, but it is normally used as a climber. Use it where you need flowers tolerant of shade. Page 16.

Cotoneaster: Picture of a Tall Ground Cover With Berries
Cotoneaster flowers but is best known for its berries. You can see why in this picture, as the red fruits make quite a statement in your landscaping. Page 10.

Picture of Creeping Thyme, the Fragrant Ground Cover
As my thyme groundcover picture shows, the fragrant plant blooms in pink, among other colors. It fills in a patch of ground to help you control weeds. Page 9.

Fast Growing Ground Cover Picture - Bugleweed
Fast growing ground covers can be nuisances, and bugleweed is an example. My picture shows an Ajuga with dark foliage. Page 14.

Dragon's Blood Stonecrop Picture
My 'Dragon's Blood' stonecrop picture shows the plant in bloom. This type of sedum has reddish stems and pink flowers. Page 12.

Ground Cover Picture - What Hosta Looks Like
Ever wonder what hosta looks like? Although it is a flowering ground cover, it is more often prized for its leaves. Page 2.

Long-Flowering Ground Covers - Ice Plant Picture
Long-flowering groundcovers are much sought after; many plants don't bloom for long. Ice plant is valued for its ability to bloom for a long time. Page 4.

Lamb's Ear With Its Fuzzy Leaves: Photo
As this lamb's ear photo shows, the plant has silvery leaves. Although its flower spike is tall, the plant is often considered a ground cover. Page 17.

Liriope Plant in Bloom - Photo
This liriope photo shows what

Shade Ground Cover - Pachysandra Picture
My pachysandra picture shows what this ground cover looks like. As my photo shows, it puts out a small white flower but is sought more for its leaves. Page 15.

Ground Phlox: Picture of Lavender and Pink Flowers
As my picture of ground phlox shows, the spreading plant comes in pink and lavender colors, among others. It's one of our most colorful groundcovers.

Full-Sun Ground Cover - Photo of Cerastium Tomentosum
Need a full-sun ground cover? Cerastium tomentosum fits the bill; and as this picture shows,

White Flowering Ground Covers - Sweet Woodruff Photo
Sweet woodruff is one of the white flowering ground covers. As this image shows, this spreading white bloomer can grow under trees. Page 5.

Vinca: Picture of a Ground Cover With Blue Flowers
Vinca minor is a ground cover with blue flowers, as the picture shows. It is shade-tolerant but invasive. Page 8.

Picture of Basket-of-Gold Flowers
My picture of basket-of-gold reveals how striking this

Yellow Archangel Picture: Pretty, but Invasive
As this Yellow archangel picture reveals, the plant has yellow flowers. This is a lamium plant with variegated leaves. Page 11.

Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer
Long-blooming perennials give continuous garden color with just a little deadheading or dividing from you. Learn about flowers that bloom all summer.

Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer
Long-blooming perennials give continuous garden color with just a little deadheading or dividing from you. Learn about flowers that bloom all summer.

Small Water Features - Simple Building Instructions
Fountains and other small water features involving artificial ponds can enhance your yard. Here's a cheap water fountain project for DIYers.

How to Make Outdoor Water Fountains
My instructions show you how to excavate a hole for a rigid plastic pond liner for use in your outdoor water fountain project. Make sure it's level. Page 2.

Cheap Outdoor Water Fountains
Learn how to make cheap outdoor water fountains, putting the plumbing in the statuary yourself. It's simple to turn a statue into a conduit. Page 3.

Creeping Phlox Picture
As this creeping phlox picture indicates, the plant is used as a groundcover. It flowers profusely in spring. Page 8.

Elephant Ears Picture
This picture shows why the plant is called

Fall Foliage Picture of Sumac
Here I show, in a picture, the fall foliage of sumac. It is one of our most unappreciated native shrubs in America. Page 4.

Lavender Plant Picture
As this lavender plant picture shows, the herb's flower color lives up to its name. Like most herbs, this one needs to grow in sharp-draining soil. Page 13.

Moonbeam Coreopsis Picture
My moonbeam coreopsis picture shows how effective this perennial can be for filling in a spot in the landscape. The bloom has a pale yellow color. Page 9.

Narcissus Flowers Picture
Narcissus flowers picture. Landscaping. Page 10.

Ornamental Grass Picture
My ornamental grass picture features a tall tuft blowing in the winter wind. The ground is covered with snow. Page 12.

Pink Petunia Picture
This pink petunia picture shows why these annuals are so popular. The delicate blossom furnishes major flower-power color. Page 11.

Picture of Caryopteris With Bee
A honey bee in this picture is enjoying the bloom on a Caryopteris plant. The common name of the plant is bluebeard, indicative of its blue flowers. Page 5.

Hemlock Picture
My picture shows the snow-covered bough of a hemlock tree. Plant developers have marketed cultivars well-suited for hedges. Page 3.

Holly Berries Photo
This photo shows an evergreen holly with berries. This classic is practically an icon during the Christmas season. Page 6.

Photo of Leaves of Red Maples in Fall
You can even find

Ralph Waldo Emerson - "What Is a Weed?"

Weeping Cherry Picture
This weeping cherry picture reveals what the

Wisteria Vine Picture
Look at this wisteria vine picture. Could anyone not want to grow this plant? The answer is yes, unfortunately. Page 7.

Peony Plants - Big Blooms, Fantastic Fragrance
The common Chinese peony plants (picture) are herbaceous perennials, but a tree form also exists. Learn how to grow these fragrant old-time favorites.

Wetland Plants and Buying a House
Landscape planning begins even before buying a house to avoid e.g. landscaping limitations signaled by wetland plants. This is just 1 pitfall to watch out for.

Real Estate and Landscaping - Quality of Life Issues
What quality of life issues arise when assessing landscaping when buying real estate? The presence of Japanese knotweed or kudzu should raise red flags. Page 2.

Quality of Life and Hillside Landscaping
Hillside landscaping and how you address its challenges can impact your quality of life. One landscaping challenge presented by living on a hill is mowing. Page 3.

Homeowners' Associations and Landscaping Rules
A high percentage of Americans are subject to landscaping rules from homeowners' associations. While good for property values, this is a

Stories About Bad Neighbors Give Pause to Backyard Oasis Dreams
Bad neighbors (Hyacinth Bucket) intrude upon the serenity of a backyard oasis even with a fence. Screen out potential problem neighbors by interviewing. Page 5.

What Does Hardening Off Plants Mean?
What do folks mean when they speak of

Naturalized Plants - Definition and Its Significance
As my definition of

How High Should Grass be Cut?
How high should grass be cut in fall? To get the right height for grass in your lawn during the fall season, use the general rule of thumb cited here.

What Does Alkaline Soil Mean? What Plants Grow in It?
Alkaline soils have a high pH. The opposite of alkalinity is acidity; the latter refers to a

How to Get Rid of Bamboo Naturally
How do you get rid of bamboo naturally (i.e., without using herbicides)? I suggest multiple methods for removing this invasive plant.

Should You Buy a Single- or Two-Stage Gas Snowblower?
Gas snowblowers are available in both single-stage and two-stage models. Learn which type you should buy in regions prone to heavy or wet snowfalls.

Heading Back: Definition, Other Types of Pruning Cuts
Learn the definition of heading back (in a horticultural context). If you prune trees or shrubs in your yard, learning meaning is important.

Patio Plants or New Construction: Which Option to Pick?
When your patio is out of date, what do you do? Decide between the costs of construction for a new one or using patio plants to dress up the old one.

Get Rid of Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, and Poison Oak
Need help with poison oak identification or eradication? I help you with both here, while also aiding you in identifying poison ivy and poison sumac.

Jewelweed as a Poison Ivy Home Remedy
Need some tips for treating poison ivy rash? Treatment focuses on relief rather than a cure (vaccine), and a home remedy growing in the backyard is one option. Page 2.

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy
Need tips on how to get rid of poison ivy? Ortho Brush-B-Gon is one effective herbicide, but you can also get rid of the plants using organic methods. Page 3.

Designing a Landscape on a Slope - Picture
Most of my pictures show foundation plantings on a flat plane. But here I show an example of designing a landscape on a slope. Page 14.

Picture of Retaining Wall and Terraced Foundation Bed
The foundation bed in my photo is located behind a retaining wall. Already elevated prior to planting, terraced foundation beds get a visual head start. Page 2.

Less Is More in Landscape Design - Example
Viewing pictures of foundation shrubbery can give you ideas for your own plant selection. This picture illustrates the idea 'less is more' in landscape design. Page 6.

Foundation Planting Pictures - Example of Negative Space
If you have a large foundation bed, don't think that you have to fill the whole thing. As this picture shows, 'negative space' in a shrub bed can be effective. Page 7.

Photo of Shrubs Next to a House
This photo shows shrubs arranged neatly next to a house. This simple arrangement keeps the planting bed along the foundation clean, yet provides interest.

Photo - Chimneys and Foundation Plants
People who have chimneys running up the side of the house wall may be interested in seeing how foundation plants look next to them (photo). Page 17.

Pictures of Foundation Plants in Red, Green and Gold
Seeing photos of foundation plants can give you ideas for your shrubbery selection. The present picture shows a 'clean' look for a planting bed next to a home. Page 3.

Picture - Rose Bushes As Foundation Shrubs? Use a Trellis
Rose bushes can be used as foundation shrubs, but if you're going to plant rose bushes as foundation shrubs, why not grow them up a trellis? Page 12.

Screening Pipes on House Walls With Shrubbery
Shrubbery can be used for screening pipes on house walls. Camouflaging pipes, electrical boxes, etc. is one function of a foundation planting. Page 5.

Photo of Blue-Colored and Gold-Colored Shrubbery in Foundation Bed
Vary your colors in a foundation bed to achieve interest. A planting with blue-colored and gold-colored shrubbery is more interesting than an all-green one. Page 10.

Photo of Foundation Bed With Spring Bulbs
As a prior foundation bed picture showed, plantings behind retaining walls have an inherent advantage over others: a vertical element. Here's another example. Page 13.

Landscaping for Homeowners - Spring Flowers in a Foundation Planting Bed
Spring flowers are a wonderful addition to foundation planting beds. Many homeowners savvy about landscaping will use evergreen shrubs for the 'bones.'. Page 18.

Picture of Symmetrical Foundation Planting - Example of Symmetry
This picture shows a symmetrical foundation planting. Using symmetry in such a bed is one way to achieve a 'clean' look. Page 4.

Photo - Foundation Shrubs and Tree Near House
In this planting bed photo, note the use of both evergreen and flowering foundation shrubs. Also note how the use of a tree adds visual interest. Page 8.

Picture - Foundation Planting With Stone Mulch
White stone mulch can set off foundation plantings (which, in this picture, includes orange azaleas) effectively and contrast with house color as a bonus. Page 9.

Daffodils Picture - Red Brick Wall Brightened by Daffs, Forsythia
As this photo of daffodils and forsythias shows, they can really light up a red brick wall. Yellow flowers can bring cheer even to a rainy April day! Page 16.

Pictures of Foundation Plantings: Ideas for Shrubbery
See my pictures of foundation plantings for ideas for your shrubbery selection. My pictures show shrubs near house walls in a variety of designs.

Foundation Beds and Lamp Post Plantings
Lamp post plantings can complement foundation beds. By seeming to jut out visually from beds, these plantings give the whole ensemble more depth (picture). Page 11.

Photo - Variety of Groundcovers, Shrubs Used to Screen Electrical Boxes
Have variety in a foundation bed by varying plant height. Tall and medium shrubs can be supplemented by groundcovers; the tall ones can screen electrical boxes. Page 15.

Tiger Lilies - Gorgeous Plants but Aggressive Spreaders
Tiger lily flowers are pretty but harbor viruses and can spread aggressively. Read my article for a description and to decide if you should grow them.

Automatic Irrigation Systems - a Timesaver in Lawn Care
How efficient are automatic irrigation systems at conserving water usage on a lawn? That's one issue of many that I explore in this FAQ on sprinklers.

Common Butterbur Makes Uncommonly Big Impact, but Be Careful!
Common butterbur (Petasites hybridus) comes in a variegated form whose big leaves show up even more. Learn why (or why not) to grow this plant.

Patio Landscaping: 10 Ideas to Improve Your Outdoor Space
Patio landscaping must look great but also be functional at the same time. Pick up some ideas on aesthetics, privacy, safety, comfort and maintenance.

English Lavender Plants - Landscaping Uses, Care
English lavender plants (Lavandula angustifolia) are perennial herbs with aromatic blooms. Many harvest and dry them, but they also look great in landscaping.

Goldflame Spirea: Growing It, Comparison to Gold Mound
Which is better, Gold Mound or Goldflame spirea? I pick the former and give you my reasons here, along with growing tips.

Beech Trees for Fall Foliage (Beechnuts)
Beech trees, bearers of beechnuts, are also terrific fall foliage specimens. Learn about American, European and Tricolor types.

Topdressing Uneven Lawns to Level Them Out
Is your lawn uneven, with dips in the surface where you twist your ankle? One way to level such areas is by topdressing the low spots and overseeding.

What Is a Shrub Topiary?
What is a shrub topiary, and what's an example of a bush that can be used in making one? Learn the answers here.

Forsythia Bushes - Colorful Shrubs for Border Plantings
Forsythia bushes are shrubs renowned for ushering in spring with their vibrant yellow blooms. Learn how to care for the plants (including pruning).

Book on How to Prune Plants and Train Them - Review
This book on how to prune plants is a relief to those queasy about pruning. My review tells you where this book does -- and does not -- excel.

Japanese Barberry Shrubs: Landscaping With Barbed Wire?
Japanese barberry shrub is a thorny bush with red berries. Crimson Pygmy (Berberis thunbergii 'Crimson Pygmy') is one type that has purple leaves.

Realtime Landscaping Pro Landscape Design Software
Realtime Landscaping Pro landscape design software finally convinced me to move from drawing plans the old way to letting software do it. Here's why.

Korean Spice Viburnum Shrub: The Fragrant Spicebush
Korean spice viburnum shrubs (AKA spicebush) are very fragrant; they bear white flowers in spring and have good fall color. Learn how to grow them.

Moss Plants an Alternative for Lawns in Shade
Moss plants can be grown as an alternative to grass for lawns in shade. Information is also provided for getting rid of it if you consider it a weed.

Info on Giant Ragweed Plant, a Bad Weed for Allergies
My article gives information and a picture of giant ragweed. Getting rid of these allergy-causing weeds begins with identification; I'm here to help.

Planting Tulip Bulbs: the How and the When
Learn about planting tulip bulbs properly here and enjoy their awesome flowers in spring. Like roses, these flowers are best prior to opening.

How to Get Rid of Poison Oak Plants
How do you get rid of poison oak plants? You can kill them with the herbicides described here; eradication can also be accomplished by manual removal.

Backyard Landscaping Designs - 12 Great Ideas
Backyard landscaping designs can provide us with a private refuge

Wolf Eyes Dogwood Trees: Chinese, Variegated, Dazzling
Native to China, Wolf Eyes Cornus kousa dogwood has variegated leaves. Like other Chinese varieties, this tree blooms later than the American native.

Installing Waterfall Ponds Guide (Page 2)
I recommend installing waterfall ponds (with preformed liners) before building the cascades, so you'll have a point of reference for your cascade's overhang. Page 2.

How to Build Outdoor Waterfalls Inexpensively
A simple, cheap way to build outdoor waterfalls is to erect cascading stone spillways that hang right over your pond. I show you how in this tutorial.

Cascade Design
After installing the pond, it's time to turn our attention to the cascade design. A good design must not only be attractive, but also minimize water loss. Page 3.

Natural Rock Waterfalls
Although natural rock waterfalls are more work than the faux variety, they're also cheaper and more attractive. Here are instructions to build one. Page 4.

Black Mondo Grass and Lilyturf - Monkey-Grass Madness
Black mondo grass lives up to its name. Learn how to grow it, care for it (e.g., trimming), and distinguish it from other monkey grasses (photo).

Virginia Sweetspire Shrubs: Good Bushes for Fall Color
Virginia sweetspire shrubs are flowering bushes. But they are most valuable for their red fall foliage, as the cultivar name 'Merlot' suggests.

Boston Ivy Plants: Growing and Planting Tips
Boston ivy is related to another vine, Virginia creeper, but mature plants have simple, not compound leaves. Learn how to grow this classic vine here.

How to Care for Hens and Chicks Plants, How to Use Them
Hens and chicks plants are hardy perennials, for succulents, and drought-tolerant. Here's how to care for this ground cover and use it in the yard.

How to Grow Catnip Plants (Plus a Warning)
Growing catnip plants (picture) is a must in cat-friendly yards, but N. mussinii is a better-looking catmint. Nepeta cataria also has herbal uses.

How to Grow Crocus Bulbs
In learning how to grow crocus bulbs, lesson 1 is to plant in full to partial sun. Read more tips here, including the right planting time.

Pumpkin Carving With Cat Ears - Picture
This pumpkin face has Halloween-cat ears. Use my picture as inspiration for your Halloween display this autumn. Page 6.

John McCain Pumpkin Face: Political Jack-o-Lanterns
Even jack-o-lanterns can be political. This picture shows a John McCain pumpkin face. Page 14.

Wizard of Oz Lion Pumpkin Face - Halloween Theme Idea
Need a Wizard of Oz theme for Halloween? How about a cowardly lion pumpkin face? Page 8.

Cat Mask on Jack O'Lantern - Picture
This jack-o-lantern is going to the Halloween party wearing a cat mask. The Halloween cat is an icon of the season. Page 7.

Scary Pumpkin Face: Picture of An Alien Jack-o'-Lantern
This picture of a pumpkin shows a decoration with a scary alien face carved on it. This could be just the thing to jazz up your porch this Halloween. Page 4.

Unconventional Pumpkin Decorating Idea - Picture
Here's an idea for unconventional pumpkin decorating. This picture shows an atypical jack-o-lantern. Page 9.

Friendly Alien Pumpkin Face: Picture
This picture of a jack o'lantern shows a friendly alien pumpkin. The face is nice, but the skeleton arms that have been attached really make it work. Page 5.

Apple Jack Pumpkin - Idea for a Jack-o-Lantern Face

Decorate Pumpkins Without Carving: Example in a Picture
This picture shows an example of how to decorate pumpkins without carving. A glue-gun and creativity dressed up this

Baggy-Eyed Pumpkin Face - Picture
This pumpkin face sports baggy eyes. Was he up all night partying? Regardless, he doesn't seem very pleased. Page 13.

Barack Obama Pumpkin Face: Just Call It "Jack-o-Bama"
This picture shows a Barack Obama pumpkin face. Unless you're a great artist, you'll need a

Painted Pumpkin Picture - Goofy Face Pumpkin
My goofy-faced pumpkin is painted in the purple-green color scheme often used for Halloween witch figures. My picture gives a new idea for decorating. Page 3.

Goofy Pumpkin Face - Picture of an Ogre Jack-o'-Lantern
This jack-o'-lantern was given a goofy pumpkin face. My picture is proof-positive that a good Halloween decoration needn't be scary. Page 2.

Gory Mask Pumpkin Face - Idea for Halloween
This Halloween jack-o-lantern wears a gory mask, incorporating gourds. It's a cool idea for an October ornament that's out of the ordinary. Page 11.

Laughing Jack-O-Lantern Face
This laughing jack-o-lantern face seems to be saying,

Pumpkin Faces - Pictures for Halloween Decorating Ideas
Pumpkin faces can range from the realistic to the stylized. View my pictures for Halloween decorating ideas and for carving ideas.

Mailboxes With a Beach Theme - a Custom Mailbox Post
Could this item of beach-themed decor be Captain Hook's mailbox? The custom mailbox post pictured here is well-suited to a seashore community. Page 16.

Fish Mailbox Photo
As you can tell from this fish mailbox photo, this piece goes well beyond its ostensibly utilitarian function. It's a neat idea for beach landscaping. Page 11.

Picture of Lighthouse Mailbox
My picture of a lighthouse mailbox is from Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts. It's apt for an ocean theme; it stamps your yard as a beach-lover's land. Page 14.

Seashell Mailbox Photo
If this seashell mailbox photo doesn't make you think of the beach, I don't know what will. It would complement any ocean-side landscaping. Page 15.

Picture of Beach-Themed Mailbox
This photo shows a ship's-chain mailbox. For an ocean-landscaping theme, it is a natural. Page 17.

Decorative Boats for Garden Decor
Decorative boats can be deployed in beach garden themes. This picture of mini-boats in a garden pond shows how delightful an ocean theme can be. Page 18.

Ship's Rope Fencing - Picture
Here's a picture of ship's-rope fencing. It's another of the ideas I present in this photo gallery for beach-theme materials. Page 3.

Photo of Fishing Lure Mailbox
This picture shows a mailbox in the form of a fishing lure. Piscine mailboxes fit well into beach landscaping themes. Page 12.

Picture of Model Ship on Post as a Yard Ornament
My picture of a model ship is an example of landscaping with a beach theme. This ornament rests on a pole and is complemented by a heron statue. Page 19.

Picture of Carved Lobster and Nautical Rope
This picture shows a carved lobster and nautical rope on a post. The lobster and rope in this photo are examples of a beach theme for a yard. Page 4.

Picture of Unique Fence Planter
This picture of a fence planter shows one built right into the fencing. This courtyard scene comes from the island of Puerto Rico. Page 33.

Horse Fence: Picture of Plants in Front of Rustic Fence
Horse fences can be dressed up by plantings in front of them, as in this image. Such fences are suited to rural areas, evoking images of rusticity. Page 32.

Picture of Fence Planted With Forsythia
In this picture of a fence planted with bushes, we see the nickname

Photo of Hedge and Fence Together
This photo illustrates how hedges and fences can work together. It's a marriage made in heaven if you desire privacy. Page 38.

Landscape Fence Photo: Divide and Conquer
This landscape fence photo shows a wonderful scene. The dark house siding contrasts with the white fencing, and a sand cherry and daffodils add color. Page 37.

Picture of Pool Fence - Lattice Fencing for Safety
My picture of a pool fence here illustrates how you can meet safety requirements. It comes up short on the privacy level, though. Page 41.

Picture of Roses Growing Through Fence
The roses growing through the fence don't obscure it but do add interest. Except for the fact that it's vinyl, it would be great for a cottage garden. Page 35.

Picture of Rose Bushes Hiding Chain-Link Fence
My picture shows rose bushes grown so as to hide a chain-link fence. This style of fencing isn't pretty, so disguising it with roses is a great idea. Page 36.

Photo of Split-Rail Fencing
My photo exhibits an example of split-rail fencing. This design has a rustic feel to it. Page 13.

Picture of Lattice Fence With Large Openings for Semi-Privacy
My picture of a lattice fence displays a type with large openings, suitable for semi-privacy fencing. It's also suitable for Japanese gardens. Page 25.

Beach Grass Picture
View my beach grass picture to determine if the plant is attractive enough for your own yard. If you live by the sea, you may wish to try a native. Page 10.

Woolly Beach Heather Picture - AKA False Beachheather
This picture shows woolly beach heather. Native to many US states in the north and east,

Ivy Geranium Photo
This ivy geranium photo shows the plant in a hanging basket. This type of plant performs well by the seashore. Page 7.

Lighthouse Ornament Photo: Idea for Seaside Landscaping
This lighthouse ornament photo shows how much you can dress up a planting bed with nautical-themed decor and tropical plants. Page 5.

Lobster-Trap Mailbox Photo
A lobster-trap mailbox is a wonderfully suitable decoration for a beach theme. This photo shows just how decorative such a piece can be. Page 13.

Picture of Palm Trees
This picture of palm trees was taken in Puerto Rico. I found them at the aptly named Las Palmas. Page 8.

Rosa Rugosa Picture
Rosa rugosa, or beach rose, shown in this picture, is a salt-tolerant plant. This characteristic makes it a good plant for seashore landscaping. Page 6.

Photo of Ship's Anchor Used in Nautical-Theme Garden
My photo shows a ship's anchor used in a nautical-themed garden. Talk about a focal point literally 'anchoring' a landscape! Page 20.

Nautical Fencing Themes - Picture of Ship's-Chain Fence
This picture shows a fence made with a ship's chain. It's a great idea if you're searching for nautical fencing themes. Page 2.

Beach Theme Yard Sign Photo
Beach-themed yard signs look great in seaside communities. This whale-carving address plaque fits in nicely with a nautical theme.

Beach Landscape Ideas for the Yard: Behold the Seashore
A beach landscape theme can include plants native to your seashore and compatible yard signs, mailboxes, or other decor. View my photos for ideas.

Picture of Baluster Fence With a Top Rail
A baluster fence is sometimes capped with a top rail, as this picture shows. The examples of balusters I exhibit in my photo gallery appear to be old. Page 9.

Picture of a Canterbury-Style Vinyl Fence
This picture shows an example of a Canterbury-style vinyl fence. It's a classic design, even though the material might strike some as too modern. Page 10.

Curving Fence Picture - Example of Circular Fencing
In this picture, the curving fence is a perfect match for the circular courtyard. I snapped this shot in Puerto Rico. Page 30.

Photo of Wood Fencing
My photo of wood fencing shows a highly ornamental screen. These homeowners have created privacy with style. Page 29.

Photo of Fence With Varying Board Heights
My photo displays a fence with varying board heights. Another way to describe this style would be

Fence Picture - Columns Flanking a Gate
Take a look at my picture of granite columns flanking a gate entrance. It will help you decide whether a symmetrical look is something you want. Page 28.

Lattice Fence Photo
My lattice fence photo shows what this type of inexpensive fencing looks like. To create more of a visual barrier, grow vines on it. Page 23.

Picture of Log Fence With Stone Posts
My picture shows a log fence with stone posts. The materials (wood and masonry) are compatible, both being rustic. Page 14.

Photo of Masonry Fence and Picket Fence Joined
Masonry fences and picket fences can be joined, as this image illustrates. The latter does, however, lose some of its hominess in the union. Page 39.

Photo of Plantings in Back of a Fence
My picture shows plantings in back of a fence. Chosen well, a backdrop of vegetation can enhance the appearance of fencing. Page 31.

Picture of Post-and-Rail Fence With Metal Rail
Post-and-rail fences can use a metal rails, as this picture shows. Wood is more typical; metal gives it a more urban look. Page 16.

Picture of Post and Rail Fence
This picture shows a post and rail fence. When squared lumber is used in this style (as opposed to rounded), the result is a sturdier look. Page 12.

Picture of Privacy Fence With Balusters
My picture of a privacy fence here exhibits a type with balusters at the top. This

Picture of Privacy Fence on Slope
Can you install fencing across the side of a hill? You bet you can, and this picture of a privacy fence on a slope proves it. Page 19.

Picture of Privacy Fence
My picture of a privacy fence shows a no-nonsense style with one goal in mind: to keep prying eyes out. Page 18.

Picture of a Scalloped Fence
My picture of a scalloped fence shows how attractive such scalloping can be. The fencing exhibited in the photo is designed with privacy in mind. Page 21.

Nautical Fencing Idea - Picture of Ship's Chain Fence
My picture of a fence made with a ship's chain should give you an idea for a nautical theme. It's perfect for giving your landscaping a beach feel. Page 27.

Split-Rail Fence With Stone Pillars Photo
This image displays a split-rail fence with stone pillars. This rather unusual fencing style works especially well in rural areas. Page 15.

Photo of Square Lattice Fencing
Want something different for a barrier? This photo shows square lattice fencing. The diamond-shaped lattice is more typical. Page 24.

Photo of Stockade Fence
Want to know what a stockade fence looks like? Check out this photo. It's a great style if you enjoy the

Photo of Utility Fence
This utility fence is nothing special to look at, but its sturdiness serves a purpose. As my photo shows, it's even painted a practical color. Page 17.

Photo of a Wooden Fence on a Stone Wall
This picture shows a wooden fence perched on a stone wall. The fencing is scalloped, giving it greater ornamental value. Page 40.

Photo of Wrought Iron Fence
This photo of a wrought iron fence reveals why this material is considered so elegant. It won't give you privacy, but it's decent security fencing. Page 26.

Corner Fencing Picture
My picture of corner fencing shows it being used in conjunction with another fence. Even so, no barrier is intended here: it's all for looks. Page 6.

Photo of a Corner Fence With Dog-Ear-Style Pickets
My photo shows a stand-alone corner fence with dog-ear style pickets. This type of fencing is purely decorative in nature. Page 5.

Picture of Flat-Top Style Picket Fence
This picture of a picket fence displays one sporting the

Picture of Picket Fence With French Gothic Board Style
My picture displays a picket fence with French Gothic board-style. There are various shapes on the boards in this style, each with their own feel. Page 2.

Photo of Gothic Style Picket Fence
Its plants and Gothic-style picket fence make this home truly homey (photo). A fencing style can make all the difference in creating a

Modified French Gothic Fence Image

Picture of an Ornate Baluster-Style Fence
Are you wondering what a baluster-style fence looks like? This picture, part of a gallery of fencing designs, reveals the essence of the style. Page 8.

Picture of Squared Baluster-Style Fencing
As you can probably tell from my picture, this baluster-style fencing is old. But you can still buy it if you switch from wood to vinyl. Page 7.

Fence Pictures Showing Different Materials, Styles
These fence pictures illustrate some of the different materials and styles available. Among these landscaping photos are examples of fence plantings.

Fence Pictures Showing Different Materials, Styles
These fence pictures illustrate some of the different materials and styles available. Among these landscaping photos are examples of fence plantings.

Fence Pictures Showing Different Materials, Styles
These fence pictures illustrate some of the different materials and styles available. Among these landscaping photos are examples of fence plantings.

Lawn Mowing Tips to Improve Life for You and Your Grass
My lawn mowing tips will help the novice get accustomed to cutting grass. It's easy to learn how to mow and doesn't take a lot of strength or skill.

How to Start Lawns From Seed
To start lawns from seed, follow the steps laid out here. I list supplies needed and special tips. Seeding grass is cheaper than laying sod.

Is Building an Outdoor Room Cost-Effective for You?
Outdoor rooms give you the luxury of taking meals outside. Learn the benefits and costs here, and decide if a pergola would be cost-effective for you.

What Are Some Cheap or Even Free Mulches?
Do you seek a cheap or free mulch in order to cover a large area so weeds don't take over? Here are some ideas to do the job inexpensively.

Getting Rid of Rose of Sharon Seedlings
Rose of sharon seedlings sprout up all over a lawn; learn about getting rid of them here. The flip side is that they are easy to start from seeds.

How to Install Paver Edging
See how to install paver edging in this article, which uses pictures. Spikes are used to secure the edge, which will help keep all your units in line.

Metal Spikes for Paver Edging
Use metal spikes to secure paver edging to the ground. You can usually buy them where you buy the edging product.

How to Bury the Spikes Used for Paver Edging
When installing paver edging, drive the spikes completely into the ground. Lock the units in place for a proper installation.

Kinds of Edging for Pavers
What kinds of edging for pavers are available? I answer that question after explaining the final step for installing our patio edge.

Easiest Way of Installing an Edge Around Your Paver Patio
Drive the edging spikes into the ground with a hammer; this is the easiest way of installing an edge. This method locks in place the blocks of your paver patio.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple Trees for Small Yards
Bloodgood Japanese maple trees grace many yards as focal points, thriving as specimens for small spaces. Learn how to grow this colorful Acer here.

Grow Kerria Japonica for Spring Blooms, Winter Bark
Japanese rose (Kerria japonica) shrub blooms (single or double) in spring and has a nice branching pattern. Its attractive bark gives winter interest.

Catmint Plants vs. Catnip - What's the Difference?
Catmint plants come in many varieties; some are long-blooming perennials. Find out the difference between the latter and

Stinging Nettles: Plant Description of Nettlesome Weed
Stinging nettles spread via underground rhizomes; contact with the bristly hairs makes your skin burn. Get the full description of this plant here.

Should I Be Using Mulch Around Trees?
Using mulch around trees can be beneficial, as long as you keep it away from the trunks of your gentle giants. Avoid the dreaded mulch volcano!

Specimen Plants - What They Are and How to Use Them
Find out what

Oakleaf Hydrangeas: Shrubs That Want to Be Oak Trees
Oakleaf hydrangea shrubs are native to the southeastern U.S. Grown for their fall foliage, the bushes also produce flowers worthy in their own right.

Heather Plants vs Winter Heaths - and How to Grow Them
Winter heaths and heather are primarily sub-shrubs (Calluna and Erica). Learn how to grow them and which one is the Real McCoy (Scottish).

When to Apply Crabgrass Preventers in Spring
When should you apply crabgrass killers in spring? Learn the best time for putting down pre-emergent herbicides (AKA preventers) here.

Victoria Blue Salvia Plants - "True Blue" Flowers
Victoria Blue salvia plants are treated as annuals north of planting zone 7. The true-blue flowers bloom all summer with the care recommended here.

Red Salvia Flowers - How to Grow Scarlet Sage Plants
Scarlet or red salvia flowers are treated as annuals in the North. Learn how to grow, care for, and use them, plus how they differ from other sages.

Figuring Out the Best Time to Plant Trees
I am often asked when to plant trees. To answer the question we first must know if we're talking about the best time for deciduous or evergreen types.

What to Do With Old Mulch in Spring
Are you wondering what to do with old mulch in spring? Is it still good? Find out whether you should use it, and how and when to put it (back) down.

Candytuft Flowers: Growing Eye Candy for Your Garden
Learn how to grow candytuft plants, those late-spring bloomers of a blinding white color. The flower petals are arranged in an interesting pattern.

Types of Flowers to Grow by Location - What to Plant Where
These plant lists cover different types of flowers suitable for growing in particular locations in the yard (sun, shade, etc). Learn what to plant where.

Guide to Picking Plants for the Landscape
Need help with your plant selections? This guide provides a database of information on the popular perennials, vines, ground covers, shrubs and trees to pick from.

Types of Arborvitae, Growth Rate, and Drought-Tolerance
My reader seeks a type of arborvitae that is drought-tolerant and a fast-grower; the idea is to find a good shrub for a hedge. Here's my answer.

Picture of Dusty Miller Plants
Picture of dusty miller plants, specifically 'Silver Dust.' This dusty miller picture shows the delicate foliage texture of 'Silver Dust.'. Page 17.

Jack Frost Brunnera Picture
As this picture of Jack Frost Brunnera reveals, the plant has blue flowers and silver foliage. Brunnera macrophylla is a variegated perennial. Page 11.

Japanese Painted Fern Picture
Any closeup Japanese painted ferns picture will reveal how pretty the leaves of this shade plant (Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum') are. Page 9.

Picture of Lavender Leaves
My picture of lavender leaves displays their nice silvery color. The foliage persists through winter, giving the yard much-needed visual interest. Page 2.

Licorice Plants Picture
My licorice plants picture (Helichrysum petiolare) shows the silver color of its leaves. AKA trailing dusty miller, this is a window-box favorite. Page 5.

Mullein Plant Picture
My picture of mullein plant reveals the leaves' velvety texture and the color of the flower. They bear tall spikes of yellow flowers. Page 14.

Lychnis Coronaria Picture
Rose campion (Lychnis coronaria) picture, showing its silver foliage. The plant is related to Maltese cross. Page 15.

Russian Sage Leaves Picture
With gray-green leaves and silver stems, Russian sage projects an airy look, as this picture shows. The lavender flowers are of secondary importance. Page 3.

Silver-Leaved Poplar Trees Picture
Picture of silver-leaved (or

Silver Lace Dusty Miller - Picture, How to Use It
My picture of Silver Lace dusty miller suggests some uses for it. It produces fine-textured foliage and still has that silver color. Page 16.

Picture of Snow in Summer Flowers
My picture of snow in summer flowers (Cerastium tomentosum) will convince you to grow them. Besides the flowers, their leaves are a silvery color. Page 10.

Wooly Thyme Picture
My wooly thyme picture (Thymus Pseudolanuginosus) displays what this groundcover looks like. The plant has gray-green, hairy leaves. Page 12.

Photo of Lamium Galeobdolon, a Variegated Deadnettle
My picture of Lamium galeobdolon shows the plant with its variegated foliage (silver on green) and a yellow flower. Page 4.

Silver Foliage Pictures: Plants With Silvery Leaves
Plants with silver foliage are pretty in their own right, and their leaves work well in combos. Browse my pictures of silver foliage plants for ideas.

Picture of Lamb's Ears Plants
My picture of lamb's ears plants reveals the plants' prominent feature. They provide wonderful texture in rock gardens and spread readily. Page 13.

Picture of Spotted Deadnettle or Lamium Plants
Picture of spotted deadnettle or lamium plants. Although they bloom, they are perhaps more often grown for their attractive silvery foliage. Page 8.

Picture of Silver King Artemisia Plants
My picture of 'Silver King' artemisia plants demonstrates how nice the foliage is. They grow 2'-3' high and are prized by makers of fall wreaths.

Picture of Silver Mound Artemisia Plants
Picture of 'Silver Mound' artemisia plants. These plants grow to around a foot high but sometimes fail to hold a tightly mounded form. Page 7.

Picture of Front Door Entrance With Grecian Urns - Symmetry
Picture showing example of landscaping for front door entrances with Grecian urns. They create symmetry, placed on either side of the entryway.

Landscaping Picture of Front Entrance With Decorative Fences
My image gives an example of decorative fences lining a path leading to a home's front door. in The fences are of the picket style. Page 4.

Picture of White Picket Fence Gates as Faux Entryway
My picture shows a faux entryway, using a white picket fence gate. Such gates make a homey statement -- with or without an accompanying house entry. Page 10.

Pictures of Entryway Plantings: Front-Door Landscaping
My pictures of landscaping for front door entrances show examples you can use for your own home. Symmetry is common in designs for entryway plantings.

Landscaping Steps Picture - Example of Brick Steps
Landscaping steps lead to a front door entrance in this picture. The pillars at the base of these brick steps are topped with pineapple ornaments. Page 6.

Image Showing Symmetrical Use of Shrubs to Frame Front Entry
A planting doesn't have to be located smack up against a front entry to impact it. The one in this image frames the door but is not located near it. Page 13.

Picture of Front Door Entrance With Walkway Planting
Picture showing a walkway planting leading up to a front door entrance. Using symmetry is a popular way to set off your entryway. Page 2.

Front Entry Picture Showing Use of Symmetry
This front entry picture shows a symmetrical landscape design. Symmetry draws attention to front doors. Page 11.

Wrought Iron Entrance With Planting Urns - Photo
This picture of a front entry shows a wrought iron fence and symmetrically arranged pots. The overall effect is of a yard filled with grace and charm. Page 12.

Picture of Front Entrance Design in Cottage Style
The cottage style works well for this front entrance design. My picture shows a vine-covered picket fence with a gate leading to the front entrance. Page 3.

Finial Picture - Brick Columns With Pineapple Decor
My picture here illustrates the use of brick columns with finials. A sign of welcome, pineapple decor like this goes back to colonial America. Page 7.

Picture of Hedge Near Front Door Entryway
Hedges (picture) provide a softer way to frame the entrance to a property and welcome guests in, as opposed to hardscape. Page 8.

Wheelchair Access Ramps for Front Door Entrances
Picture showing example of landscaping for front door entrances needing wheelchair access ramps. Colorful geraniums divert one's gaze from the ramp. Page 9.

Landscape Maintenance - a Groundskeeping Checklist
Landscape maintenance entails keeping grounds in good shape and perhaps building new features. Here's a groundskeeping checklist to help beginners.

Allium Schubertii - Onion That Looks Like Fireworks
Allium schubertii is that ornamental onion that looks like fireworks exploding. I describe these bulb plants and tell you how to grow them here.

Growing Spanish Bluebells, a Late-Blooming Spring Bulb
Spanish bluebells are not the plant to grow for a true blue flower, but they do give you the option of a late-blooming spring bulb. Learn how to grow them.

Incrediball Hydrangeas: Pruning, Care Information
Incrediball hydrangeas have stronger branches and bigger flower heads than Annabelle shrubs. They share the latter's hardiness and flower on new wood.

Fence Line Landscaping - Ideas for Creative Homeowners
Impressive fence line landscaping can result only from careful attention to both aesthetic and practical concerns. Here are some ideas to get started.

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple Trees - Growing Tips
Crimson Queen Japanese maple trees are valued for their weeping habit and the vibrant color of their dissected leaves. I relate growing information here.

Patio Design Ideas
Learn about some patio design ideas to maximize the utility of your outdoor space. My tips include advice on a number of types of materials (flagstones, pavers and concrete).

10 of the Toughest Plants to Solve Landscaping Problems
Difficult landscape conditions call for tough plants like Culver's root. I give more examples in my list of plants tough enough for challenging spots.

Bradford Pear Tree Picture
My Bradford pear tree picture displays the popular street tree with its characteristic white flowers. With their weak limbs, they are short-lived. Page 7.

Catalpa Tree Flower Picture
My picture of a catalpa tree flower reveals how pretty they are. Despite their blooms, these trees are not highly recommended, as they are messy. Page 9.

Photo of Cornus Florida Trees - the Flower
This photo of Cornus florida tree shows what the flowers look like. It is one of the landscape's most popular spring specimens. Page 15.

Dawn Japanese Apricot Trees - Picture
This Dawn Japanese apricot tree picture reveals why these specimens should be grown more than they are. They're related to the ornamental cherries. Page 6.