Landscaping Sitemap - Page 5 2016-09-26

Golden Chain Tree Photo
My golden chain tree photo reveals its striking racemes. Laburnum is a favorite in late spring, when it flowers. Page 11.

Picture of Hawthorn Tree Flowers
View my picture of hawthorn tree flowers to see what this classic looks like in bloom. Like apples, they are in the rose family. Page 8.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree Picture
As my picture of a Kwanzan cherry tree demonstrates, it is not a weeping tree. That's all right with me, as these specimens don't succumb as often to disease. Page 5.

Sargent Crab Apple Tree Picture
In this Sargent crab apple tree picture, I show a specimen with its magnificent pink blossoms. This example is of a weeping form. Page 4.

Picture of Serviceberry Tree in Bloom
My picture here shows a serviceberry tree in bloom. Shadbush is another common name, as is

Picture of Silk Tree Blossom
While the blossoms of silk trees are exquisite (as illustrated by the flower in this picture), the plants are invasive. They are also known as

Weeping Crab Apple Trees - Picture
My picture of weeping crab apple trees makes the case for their stunning beauty. Note how the bud color is deeper than the eventual flower color. Page 3.

Picture of Weeping Higan Cherry Tree
As this picture of a weeping Higan cherry tree reveals, it's one of those

Picture of Apple Trees in Bloom
Any nice picture of apple trees in bloom will convince you of their ornamental value. They provide more than fruit -- they are fine flowering specimens for spring.

Pictures of Flowering Trees
Why view these pictures of flowering trees? Not only will they give you ideas, but I also supplement the pics with links to resources on growing them.




How to Build a Snowman: a Better, Easier Way
Learn how to build a snowman the better yet easier way. Get ideas for sculpting snow, dressing the figure, and building your own top hat and pipe.

IPM - What It Stands for and How It Works
Learn what IPM stands for and why you should use it in your landscaping efforts. The pest-control measures in such a system save you time and money.

Reticulated Iris - Plant Characteristics and Care
Reticulated iris (I. reticulata) is an early spring bloomer. The flowers of this dwarf bulb are purple, yellow and white. Learn how to care for it.

Pruning Arborvitae After Snow Damage - Trimming Tips
Pruning arborvitae can be necessary after ice or snow damage or winter burn. Here's info on how to trim branches, how not to and whether to fertilize.

Best Way to Remove Snow From a Driveway
What's the best way to remove snow from a driveway? In my shoveling article, I give 10 tips for doing the job safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Best Flowering Vines and How to Use Them
Learn about the best flowering vines you can plant -- and how to use them in your landscaping. Also discover the pros and cons of some dubious choices.

Wisterias, Flowering Vines, and Other Climbing Plants
Wisterias and other types of climbing plants can be grown on arbors, but some are used as ground covers. Learn how to grow some popular vines. Page 2.

Silver Lace Vine & Other Invasive Flowering Vine Plants
Flowering vine plants such as silver lace vine are sometimes used in landscaping. While attractive, I'd the latter as a potentially invasive species. Page 3.

How to Get Rid of Tall Fescue Grass
Whether you decide to get rid of tall fescue grass or use it as a low-care alternative, this information will help. Older kinds are considered weedy.

Winter Protection of Evergreen Shrubs, Deciduous Shrubs
Winter protection for evergreen shrubs begins with proper watering in fall. Learn all about protecting them, as well as the deciduous bushes.

Cost to Build Heated Driveways - Estimate From a Pro
Here's an estimate of the cost to build and operate a heated driveway. This cost estimate assumes the snow-melt system will have manual controls.

Four-Cycle Engine Lawn Mower Maintenance - Adding Oil
Should you add oil to a lawn mower each time you use it? For proper four-cycle engine maintenance, learn to check, change, and add oil correctly.

Cleaning the Deck of a Lawn Mower - the Why and the How
Why do you need to clean the deck of your lawn mower? Find out the reason in this FAQ, plus learn exactly how (and how often) to do it.

Creeping Plants: What They Are, Examples, Uses
Creeping plants are often called

Soil pH - What It Is and Why It Matters
What is soil pH? By definition, it's the measure of the acidity or alkalinity in the ground, but here's what that really means and why it's important.

Topping Trees: What It Means, Why You Need to Know
Learn what

Screeds and Jointers: How They're Used in Masonry
The word, screed has other meanings, including lengthy discourse, but here I define the word in a masonry context. Also learn what a jointer is.

Should I Mulch My Garden in Fall (and How to Prepare)?
Learn whether you should mulch your garden in fall, and the pros and cons of so-called

How to Force Forsythia Flowers in 8 Simple Steps
Impatient for spring? Then learn how to force flowers on forsythia stems. By forcing them to bloom ahead of time, you make winter go faster.

How to Use a Grout Float
Wondering how to use a grout float? Learn about using these tile tools in this companion piece to the

What Is a Focal Point in Landscape Design?
What is a

Hiring Arborists for Stump Grinding, Tree Pruning
Learn about hiring arborists (certified) for tree pruning, stump grinding and other tree care. I help with tasks like verifying proper credentials.

Finding a Certified Arborist
Learn how to find certified arborists and reputable tree services. Discover what the NAA (TCIA) is and what it has to do with getting tree care. Page 2.

Compost Bins - What They Are and How They Work
Learn the definition of

What Is Hardscape? Definition, Examples of Popular Projects
What is hardscape? Here I not only define the term but also supply examples, linking to tutorials that introduce beginners to the topic.

How to Make Compost - Materials Needed, Containers
It's easy to make compost if you know what materials you need. Learn about containers to hold a pile, the right materials, and what to do with them.

How to Find Out Soil Type
Learn how to find out your soil type the easy way. There are 3 basic different types, and finding out which you have is important for irrigation.

Garden Soil Information: Basic Facts You Need to Know
Consult these resources on garden soil information when starting a new garden. My facts cover soil types, pH and amendments.

Japanese Dogwood Trees, Cousins Give Fine Fall Foliage
Besides spring blooms, Pagoda, flowering, and Japanese dogwood trees have fine fall foliage. I give facts and growing tips for all three here.

Flowering Ground Covers: Plant Pictures, Growing Tips
Flowering ground covers combine beauty and functionality, giving floral color while fighting weeds and erosion. My pictures help you with selection.

Late Spring Blooming Shrubs - Best Flowering Bushes
Late spring blooming shrubs may be tardier than the earliest bloomers, but they have star power. My list of the top 10 (with photos) gives examples.

Types of Maple Trees -- Varieties With Great Fall Color
Read my intro, with pictures, to discover the best maple trees for fall color (e.g., red ones). Besides these good varieties, I warn about invasives.

Shade Garden Plants (Zones 4-8): List of Shady Suspects
Inject color into that shaded location in your yard with these outstanding shade garden plants. The ones I list and discuss here are for zones 4-8.

Golden Chain Trees - Goldilocks of the Plant World
Golden chain trees bear racemes of yellow spring flowers, but blooms can be damaged by frost; nor do they tolerate humidity. Learn about growing them.

Shrubs That Bloom on New Wood (i.e., Current Year's Growth)
If a shrub flowers in summer, it may be one that blooms on new wood (current year's growth); my list gives examples. Knowing this makes pruning easy.

Saucer Magnolia Trees: Picture, Growing Information
I describe saucer magnolia trees in this article and offer growing information. I also supply pictures and introduce other types of magnolias.

Flowers Traditionally Used: Cottage Garden Plants
Cottage garden plants include some of our most beloved flowers. In this list of traditional faves, you will see examples of flowering herbs, too.

Black Hollyhocks - Plants That Are Tall, Dark, and Handsome
Black hollyhocks are tall perennials effective for the back row of a plant bed. The dark flowers make for nice color contrasts with brighter plants.

10 Most Colorful Trees for Fall
Lists of the most colorful trees for fall always focus on plants with great autumn foliage. What distinguishes my 10 picks are their fringe benefits.

Weeping Cherry Trees: Top 10 List of Cascading Faves
Of the weeping cherry trees, the Japanese types are among the most spectacular. Such specimens give your landscaping a drooping habit, plus blooms.

Lilac Bushes: Growing Tips for a Fragrant Wonder Shrub
Common lilac bushes bloom in late spring and smell better than new cultivars. Here I offer growing tips for these shrubs (planting, care, etc.).

Morning Glory Flowers Live Up to Their Name
Morning glory flowers (Ipomoea tricolor) are borne on annual vines. 'Heavenly Blue' is the type of Ipomoea that gives you a sky-blue flower.

Hyacinth Flowers: Planting and Care Tips
Hyacinth flowers are star-shaped and fragrant. Learn how to grow these spring bulb plants with my planting instructions and care tips.

Golden Hakone Grass: Facts, Growing Tips
Golden Hakone grass is drought- and deer-resistant. This ornamental grass has bright-colored, variegated leaves, sometimes in 3 different colors.

Foamy Bells: Can Heucherella Solar Power Break Rocks?
Learn how to grow Heucherella Solar Power. Also learn how soft-sounding foamy bells could be in the Saxifrage family (which means breaking rocks)

Joe-Pye Weed Plants - Learn About Spotted Eupatorium
Joe-Pye weed plants are wildflowers of the eastern U.S. A tall plant and spotted (thus Eupatorium maculatum), it's effective at the back of a bed.

Growing Daffodil Bulbs, the Flowers That Trumpet Spring
Daffodil bulbs spread and soon get crowded; flowering then declines. Divide them to fix this. Get more growing tips here, including how to plant them.

Grow Tropicanna Canna for Tropical, Colorful Leaves
Tropicanna canna has nice flowers, but I grow it for its fast growth rate and colorful leaves, striped in 4 colors: purple, red, green, and yellow.

Black-Eyed Susans - Growing Rudbeckia Flowers
Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia) are valued as long-blooming plants. A perennial border is a wonderful location for growing these cheerful flowers.

Tree Peonies: Care and Growing Tips
Tree peonies are robust, with jaw-dropping flowers. Learn how to care for them here, plus how they are different from the perennials of the same name.

Types of Flowering Shrubs
What are the best types of flowering shrubs? Here I talk about several types popular in temperate regions, grouped according to season of interest.

Shrubs for Autumn Color
Some spring bloomers double as

Shrubs for Sun - These Top 10 Go Beyond Flower Power
These shrubs for sun take you beyond the beauty of blooms. Learn about bushes that feature interesting foliage, form, bark, berries and catkins.

Holly Shrubs - Holy Ilex, Batman!
Holly shrubs display remarkable diversity. There are deciduous and evergreen types, red and black-berried types, and a variety of different forms.

Snowball Bushes: Information on Popular Viburnum Shrub
A few different shrubs are called snowball bush. I give details on one of them (the Roseum type of Viburnum opulus), while also introducing others.

How to Mix Concrete - Tips for Beginners
Learn how to mix concrete properly. These tips for beginners are presented as step-by-step instructions.

Flamingo Japanese Willows: Are They Worth the Work?
Flamingo Japanese willows are fast-growing shrubs with variegated leaf and stem color. They bear tri-colored foliage in spring but are a lot of work.

Difference Between Climbers and Creepers
What's the difference between climbers and creepers? Find out here, plus learn examples of climbing vines and the different ways they ascend.

What's the Difference Between Evergreens and Conifers?
What's the difference between

Does Using Mulch Near a House Foundation Draw Termites?
Regarding termite control, opinions vary on how much caution to use in mulching near a house foundation. Does it draw termites? Find out here.

How Much Crushed Stone Do You Need? A Sure-Fire Formula
How much crushed stone do you need to tackle that DIY project? Use this sure-fire formula to figure out the quantity needed, removing the guess work.

Using Neem Oil as an Organic Insecticide
Neem oil, an organic insecticide, is pressed from seeds of tropical trees of that name. It works by disrupting insects' life cycles.

Lamb's Ears: Plant Care, Control, and Uses
Lamb's ears are drought-tolerant, deer-resistant plants with fuzzy leaves. I relate how to care for them and control them here, plus how to use them.

Fall Foliage Trees: American Mountain Ash and White Ash
The fall foliage of white ashes is very unusual, while American mountain ash trees have colorful berries. Learn more about them and how to grow them.

Blue Star Juniper Shrubs - Growing Information
Blue Star juniper shrubs bear bluish-silver foliage. This slow-growing bush is a dwarf, forming a compact mound with densely packed foliage.

Coffee for Roses - Book Review
There are all sorts of gardening myths, some harmful, others just amusing. Here I review a book that debunks the coffee for roses myth and 70 others.

Dogwoods: Best Picks to Give the Yard Structure, Color
Dogwoods (shrubs, trees) are landscaping royalty, offering colorful flowers, fall foliage, structure, and nice winter bark. Here are my best picks.

Dethatching Lawns: the What, Why, How, and When
Find out what

How To Build Wood Lattice Screens in 13 Easy Steps
Learn how to build wood lattice screens (rather than buying vinyl ones) to hide unsightly HVAC units, etc. Here are some easy DIY steps for follow.

Landscape Design Photos to Help You Jazz Up Your Yard
If you need some ideas to jazz up your yard, study my landscape design photos showing the basic principles and learn about the concepts the pros use.

Flowering Tree Not Blooming - What's the Cause?
The possible reasons for flowering trees failing to bloom are many. I give some examples here, including how blooming can be

Ideas for Outdoor Thanksgiving Decorations
Do you need ideas for outdoor Thanksgiving decorations? This holiday is hard to decorate for, but I'll inspire you to get creative and make your own.

How to Make a Grim Reaper and Display It to Best Effect in Your Yard
Learn how to make a Grim Reaper Halloween figure cheaply and display it to best effect in your yard. I also teach you how to build the ideal backdrop.

Grim Reaper Assuming His Classic Form
How do you fashion hands to make a Grim Reaper Halloween scarecrow? If you use the right electrical cable, fingers are ready and waiting inside.

Faux Cobwebs a Nice Halloween Touch if Properly Used
Faux cobwebs can look great in a Halloween display, but make sure you use them properly. I tell you how best to work with this product here.

Grim Reaper Drags Skull Along on Chain
Using accessories is important in making a striking Grim Reaper lawn display. Give him a scythe and have him drag a head along on a chain.

Determining How Tall the Grim Reaper Will Be
How tall can you make a Grim Reaper for Halloween? Measure all your materials (especially his cloak) carefully, because they'll determine that.

Giving the Grim Reaper His Shoulders
A key to making a Grim Reaper Halloween scarecrow is providing him with a proper frame. The frame will give him form and furnish support.

Use a Black Plastic Bag for the Grim Reaper's Torso
When you make a Grim Reaper Halloween figure, one of the hardest things to figure out is the torso. I stuffed a black plastic bag for mine.

Attach the Black Plastic Bag to the Crosspieces With Duct Tape
I was reminded of the Red Green Show when making my Grim Reaper. Red loves his duct tape, and I made liberal use of the same product.

Electrical Cable Perfect for the Grim Reaper's Arms
When you make a Grim Reaper to display on your lawn, one of the biggest challenges is the arms. I used electrical cable for realistic arms.

Grim Reaper Figure Starts to
Once you give your Angel of Death decoration a torso and arms, the figure really starts to take shape. The difficult part of the construction is over.

The Supplies I Used to Make a Grim Reaper Decoration
Here are the supplies I used to make a Grim Reaper Halloween decoration. These materials and tools came in very handy.

Create a Bright, Autumn-Themed Backdrop With a Faux Haycock
Before you make a Grim Reaper Halloween dummy, give it the perfect background to really set it off. The ideal backdrop for this dark figure is light.

Pearlbush Shrubs - Drought-Tolerant Choice for Moon Gardens
Pearlbush shrubs are old-fashioned favorites long used in cottage gardens; their namesake flowers bloom in spring. I tell you how to grow them here.

Shrubs That Bloom on Old Wood (i.e., Last Year's Growth)
Learn which shrubs bloom on old wood so that you'll know the right time to prune. You don't want to lose next year's flowers, do you?

Online Landscaping Courses - Descriptions, Examples of What Is Covered
My free online landscaping courses give you plenty of options. My readers are not all the same, meaning they don't have the same instructional needs.

Are Two Coats Better Than One When Applying Deck Sealers?
Should you use one or two coats to seal a deck? Actually, the amount of deck sealant applied is what matters, not the number of coats, as I explain.

Caring for Perennials - Book Review
Have some nagging questions that come up year after year as you tend your perennial patch? Janet Macunovich has answers in

Harriet Waldman Japanese Maple - a Tricolored Choice
How is Harriet Waldman Japanese maple different from the more common cultivars? Rather than being red, it has variegated leaves.

Vine Plants - 10 Best Choices
The 10 best vine plants run the gamut from flowering kinds to foliage plants, from sun lovers to the shade tolerant. Most are perennial, one's annual.

5 Messy Trees and Some Cleaner Alternatives
Messy trees are those that shed leaves, flowers, nuts, fruits, seed pods, or bark. I warn you about five of them here and suggest substitutes.

Early Summer-Flowering Shrubs - List of the 10 Best for June, July
Make early summer flowering shrubs a priority in plant selection so you don't suffer a letdown after spring's blooms fade. Here are my top 10 choices.

10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for Outdoors
There are easy-to-grow plants for outdoors that don't sacrifice visual interest. Here are ten of the easiest for beginners and busy folks to care for.

Pumpkin Pictures for Carving Ideas, Painting Inspiration
My pumpkin pictures will supply you with new carving ideas for this Halloween's jack-o-lantern. I also offer patterns (stencils) and a carving tutorial.

10 Best Perennials for Sun
The plants I've chosen as my ten best perennials for sun share 3 things. They thrive in a sunny spot, are hardy and bring marvelous color to the yard.

North Pole Arborvitae - Santa Brings a Street Tree
North Pole arborvitae is a relatively good street tree for an arborvitae, being pollution tolerant. This columnar plant is good for screening hedges.

Ground Covers for Sun - 10 Best Plants for Sunny Spots
The sizes of these ground covers for sun range from small perennials like creeping thyme to shrubs like cotoneaster. Here's a list of my ten best.

Using Roundup Herbicide to Control Japanese Knotweed
Why is Roundup, the glyphosate-based herbicide, so controversial? What does it have to do with GMO's? Should you use it to control Japanese knotweed?

Bobo Hydrangeas - Dwarf Type Offers Compact Alternative
Bobo hydrangea is a dwarf type. As such, these shrubs are excellent alternatives where you need a compact plant (e.g., in small yards).

Annual Ryegrass - It's Different From the Perennial, From Winter Rye
Annual ryegrass is one of 3 types of rye, but the winter kind is not related to the other two. I distinguish between the 3 and give their uses here.

Dalmatian Bellflowers - How Campanula Relates to Rampion, Rapunzel
You may not know Dalmatian bellflowers (Campanula portenschlagiana), but you know the Rapunzel fairy tale. Learn the connection and how to grow them.

Shrubs for Sun - 10 Best Bloomers
I picked these shrubs for sun based on flowering prowess and hardiness. Bloom times range from spring to fall to promote continuous sequence of bloom.

Jackman's Clematis - Overuse This Vine Until You Use It Up!
Snobs claim that Jackman's clematis is overused, but I think it's used in proportion to its beauty and vigor. Learn how to plant and prune this vine.

Virginia Bluebells - Spring Ephemeral That Creates a Lasting Memory
Virginia bluebells may be a spring ephemeral, but once you plant it, you won't forget it. Learn how to grow it and what other flowers it's related to.

Pink Clematis Flowers - Dr Ruppel, Other Types
If you seek pink clematis flowers, Dr. Ruppel is an excellent choice. The vine bears large, striped blooms with pretty centers, but trimming is tricky.

Fire Island Hosta Plants - Golden-Leaf Classic
Fire Island hosta is valued for the springtime color of its leaves. But this exceptional golden-leafed hosta offers much more; read my growing tips.

How to Select a Snow Blower
How do you select a snow blower that's right for you? You must ask the right questions (about your climate, your driveway, etc.), as detailed here.

Christmas Garland on Fence
Natural evergreen garlands can be used in a number of ways to decorate for Christmas. In this picture I show one hung along a fence.

Good Landscaping Can Be the Best Outdoor Christmas Decoration
Can good landscaping array a yard with holiday cheer, in lieu of showy outdoor Christmas decorations? View this example and decide for yourself.

Traditional Christmas Wreaths With Greenery as a Base
Have an image in your mind of what a wreath consists of? Well, history tells us to look beyond the traditional Christmas wreath; read the facts here.

Double Doors, Double Wreath
Want to decorate double doors for Christmas? Then you need a double wreath; see my picture of two wreaths together and see what you think of the idea.

Picture of a Triple-Wreath Christmas Decoration
The landscaping around this front door is bare (paltry foundation planting). So the owners used greenery in urns, etc. to jazz it up for Christmas.

Door Swag as a Christmas Decoration
The swag in my picture is decorated with silver Christmas balls for pizazz. The origin of these classic Christmas ornaments is German.

Christmas Urns Decorated With Branches, Greenery
Christmas urns are a sign of class at the holidays. My photo shows a doorstep decorated with a pair, using greenery and white painted birch sticks.

Best Flowering Shrubs for Early Spring
Early spring flowering shrubs are valued for their March or April blooms. Some offer more than just pretty flowers (e.g., fragrance and fall color).

Pictures of the Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations Using Greenery
Like outdoor Christmas decorations using greenery, berries, etc., not showy ornaments? Let these pictures inspire you to decorate without being gaudy.

Grapevine Wreath Decorated With Greenery, Berries
Are you tired of Christmas wreaths composed of evergreens, with cones, berries, etc. stuck in them? If so, you'll like this idea: a grapevine wreath.

Evergreen Wreath Accented With Fruit
You can give a different look to the typical evergreen wreath by decorating it with artificial fruit for Christmas. Just make sure it's weather-proof.

Clematis The President - Unimpeachable Source of Summer, Fall Interest
Clematis The President has large flowers and is a reliable repeat-bloomer giving good summer color to your landscaping. My article gives growing tips.

Frances Williams Hosta - Landscaping Uses, Care
Frances Williams hosta is a useful shade plant with good size and color. Find out how to care for this ground cover and use it in your landscaping.

Yard Safety Tips for Landscaping
A list of yard safety tips can never be complete, but I provide some of the most important for landscaping in this article. Common sense has to be reminded sometimes.

Heavy Equipment Safety Tips
A list of heavy equipment safety tips can never be complete, but I provide some of the most important in this article. Many home accidents result from the improper use of snowblowers, for example. Page 2.

Lawn Mower Safety Tips for Walk-Behind Mowers
A list of lawn mower safety tips for walk-behind models can never be complete, but I get you started in the right direction in this article. I also inject a few tips about using riding mowers safely. Page 3.

Ground Covers for Shade - 3 to Plant, 7 to Be Wary Of
Ground covers for shade must be tough to overcome a lack of sunshine; problem is, some are too tough. I discuss 3 good choices and 7 invasives here.

Landscaping Equipment - Cutting Tools
My reviews on landscaping equipment focus on cutting tools. Included are reviews of electric chain saws, pruners, hedgers, trimmers and pole pruners.

Care for Bradford Pear Trees - Solving Problems
Bradford pear trees are popular landscape specimens, but consider sturdier alternatives. I discuss several care problems that arise with them here.

Uses for Weeds in Everyday Life
The information on the following uses for weeds in everyday life comes courtesy of Peter Del Tredici. He wrote Wild Urban Plants Of The Northeast.

Geum Fire Storm - Avens Plants With Golden-Orange Flowers
Geum Fire Storm is so called because it is a type of avens with golden-orange flowers. This long-blooming perennial is compact and has double flowers.

How to Keep Rats Out of Your Compost Bin
If your plants aren't drawing black rats (also called roof rats), your compost bin might be. Here's how to keep these rodent pests out of your pile

Plume Poppy – Playing Devil's Advocate With a Devilish Plant
Plume poppy is risky to grow because it's an invasive or aggressive spreader. Your choice depends on where you live and your ability to control it.

Snake Lily (Amorphophallus konjac) - Satanic, Serpentine or X-Rated?
Snake lily (Amorphophallus konjac) smells awful. So why do gardeners grow it? I explain here and also give botanical facts and growing tips.

Electric Leaf Blowers - Review of Black and Decker 2500
Here's my review of Black and Decker Leaf Hog leaf blowers (model 2500). They are multi-task lawn tools, also serving as vacuums and mulchers.

What Does Girdling Mean in Tree Care?
In grafting, for instance, a tree branch is sometimes an accidental victim of girdling. Find out what this tree-care term means and why it's important.

Scilla Siberica Bulb Plants (Siberian Squill)
Scilla siberica is a bulb plant whose common name is Siberian squill. Learn how to grow these bulbs, which have lovely blue flowers in spring.

Rock Cotoneaster Plants - Landscaping With Rockspray
Rock cotoneaster plants are popular in rockeries. A low-growing shrub, rockspray can function as a ground cover when you need a bit more height than usual.

Dwarf Trees - Ideal Choices for Small Yard Design
Dwarf trees are popular in small yard design, as you can plant them knowing they won't quickly spike out of control. Here are some great choices.

Goldenrod Plants - Wildflowers With Golden Flowers
Goldenrod plants are wildflowers native to North America. A member of the Aster family, this perennial comes in many types.

Spring Flowers - Examples of the Earliest Bloomers
Spring flowers cheer us after surviving the long winter! But before selecting posies for a vernal garden, learn which ones are the earliest bloomers.

Do They Retrofit Heated Driveways? - Latest Information
Homeowners wonder if companies retrofit heated driveways -- is it even possible? Snow-melting technology is evolving; get the latest information here.

Dutchman's Pipe Vines Growing and Care Info
Dutchman's pipe vines were traditionally used to shade porches; here I discuss other possible uses for them. I also inform you of how to grow them.

Slime Mold on Lawns - What It Is, How to Get Rid of It
How do you get rid of slime mold on the lawn? Before you become too wrapped up in getting rid of this substance, rest assured that it isn't harmful.

Ground Covers - Foliage, Flowers and Berries
Ground covers have lighting and spacing requirements that you need to learn. I also give information on flowering vine plants here.

Tropical Plants: Care, Types
The various types of tropical plants are treated as annuals or houseplants in cooler climes. Read my introductory articles for descriptions and learn their care.

Yard Maintenance Tips
Your landscaping chores don't end when summer does, so consult my yard maintenance tips for the four seasons of the year.

Tree Care - Tips on Caring for Ornamental Trees
Ornamental tree care runs the gamut from transplanting properly to pruning. I also give homeowners tips here on hiring professionals.

Plant Database - Search by Common or Scientific Name for Plants
Find the specimen you're looking for in my plant database. Both common name and scientific name searches are allowable in this listing of plants.

Common Plant Names - Alphabetical Listing
Locate information on plants in my common plant names databases. Less reliable than their scientific equivalents, these monikers are, nonetheless, widely searched for on the Web, making an alphabetical listing of them helpful.

Ideas for Perennial Garden Designs
My ideas for perennial garden designs can help you whether you need deer-resistant or drought-tolerant plants or are trying to draw hummingbirds or butterflies.

Tall Perennial Flowers - Some Types to Grow When Height Is Needed
Tall perennial flowers can form a pretty back row for a flower bed. Learn about some of the types of perennials to buy at garden centers when height is needed.

Ornamental Tree Problems - FAQ
My ornamental tree problems FAQ helps you deal with commonly experienced issues in tree care. Examples range from pruning questions to disease concerns.

Common Problems in Shrub Care
Readers of the Landscaping website often report problems in shrub care to me. Here you can read my answers to some of the problems most commonly reported.

Fall and Winter Shrubs
Many fall and winter shrubs make the landscape more interesting with their foliage and textures after flowers have disappeared, while their spring blooms often offer some value, too. Learn about flowering bushes that later provide color when the yard most needs it.

Information on Bamboo Plants
Many people living in cold climates are now interested in growing bamboo plants, even though they are more often associated with tropical and sub-tropical areas. Here's information on some of the types that may interest such growers.

Scientific Plant Names Listed Alphabetically
Use my scientific plant names database if you need information about a particular plant and do not trust their common handles (which are imprecise). Botanical names of plants can occasionally be confusing (e.g., they can change over time) but, generally speaking, offer superior reliability.

Long-Blooming Perennials - Flowers That Last All Summer
Long-blooming perennials are truly one of the greatest joys of the growing season. Aided by just a small amount of work on your part, these flowers last, blooming all summer long and providing landscape color for much of growing season.

Gourd Craft Ideas
The great thing about sharing gourd craft ideas is that they are largely interchangeable across projects. Birdwatchers will be interested in crafting birdhouse gourds but can pick up ideas from festivals or from my articles on making novel Halloween jack-o-lanterns and hats.

Fall Yard Maintenance
Landscaping for next year doesn't begin in spring but in autumn, with fall yard maintenance. Proper fall care lowers the risk of plant diseases next spring.

Outdoor Living - Maximize Your Pleasure Outdoors
Maximize your pleasure in outdoor living by installing structures, etc. that will add to your enjoyment. Learn how to create

Swimming Pool Landscaping
Swimming pool landscaping can be challenging, but the rewards are great, as well. What you have to keep in mind when creating a

Ornamental Tree Care Tips
There are two ways to pick up ornamental tree care tips. One is to learn the hard way; the other (and easier) way is to research them, which you can do here.

Shrubs With Berries
Shrubs with berries include beautyberry, viburnum, barberry, and winterberry. Yew bushes and most hollies not only attract birds with fruit but also are evergreen.

Variegated Shrubs
Depending on the bush in question, variegated shrubs can be multi-interest plants or specimens grown purely for their multi-colored leaves. Learn about some examples (pictures included).

Cheap Landscaping Ideas
These cheap landscaping ideas will delight all you tightwads who want a great-looking landscape design but without spending much money. My money-saving tips will let you smile on your yard without frowning on your checkbook.

Outbuildings - Tips for Buying Sheds, Greenhouses
Learn tips for buying outbuildings such as sheds and greenhouses. Such structures provide needed storage and growing space.

Spring Yard Maintenance Tips
Get off on the right foot with these spring yard maintenance tips. Bring your cleaning spirit outdoors and whip your landscaping into shape for the long summer.

Summer Yard Care
The heat of summer keeps homeowners quite busy landscaping yards. Perhaps the biggest job in summer yard care is keeping plants and lawns well-watered.

Get Rid of Rodent Pests
To get rid of rodent pests, you need to identify the critter, choose between techniques based on your lifestyle and preferences, and be vigilant. These introductory articles on rodent pest control will give you the tools you need to get rid of voles, woodchucks, etc.

Going Green: Ideas and Products
Need some ideas for going green in your landscaping? Consult these articles on products and recycling tips.

Landscape Maintenance in Winter
Winter landscape maintenance in the North is dominated by dealing with precipitation. It largely entails removing snow from places where it doesn't belong.

Plants FAQ
The questions for my plants FAQ were submitted by readers of Guide, David Beaulieu's Landscaping site. The resulting guide to plants that follows pertains to FAQs on not only individual specimens but also on garden design and other aspects of landscaping.

Tall Privacy Hedge Trees - Best Choices
Tall privacy hedge trees can be used for screening, although we often think of hedge plants as being shrubs. These trees are examples.

Tools for Building Patios
The tips in these articles address questions about tool and other supplies needed for building patios. Also learn how to use some of these gizmos before undertaking such patio projects.

Shrub Growing Tips
Read my shrub growing tips for help with some of the common problems associated with bushes. Problems addressed include failure to bloom.

Deer-Proof Plants

Edible Landscaping Plants - Eat Your Yard!
Sometimes you get a 2-for-1: edible landscaping plants. They look good in your yard and provide you with something to eat, too.

Annual Flowers - a Burst of Color for Your Landscaping
Annual flowers are valued for their ability to give a burst of color to your landscaping. Get a list of annuals and tips on using them here.

Landscape Plans
View free landscape plans and learn how to draw them for yourself, whether by hand or with software. See examples of designs chosen for problem areas.

Landscaping Software Reviews
Read my landscaping software reviews if you are a DIYer looking for help in your design work from a program. But paying landscaping pros (contractors who hire architects or designers) is a good investment if you'd rather let the pros do the work.

Standing Water in Yards and Water Runoff
Do you have standing water in the yard, perhaps from water runoff? These resources show you how to either divert excessive wetness off the lawn, or else live with it by planting moisture-loving plants there.

How Weather Affects Landscaping
Bad weather affects landscaping in a number of ways. Learn how to take the necessary precautions to minimize hurricane damage, what options you have for snow removal and why soil salinization is a problem.

Growing Ornamental Grasses of All Different Heights
Not all ornamental grasses are low-growing. Through my pictures and descriptions you'll find examples that are right for your landscaping needs.

Plants for Shady Areas - Top Picks for Gardens in Low Light
A common problem in landscaping is trying to find plants for shady areas. Know plants' growing requirements before using them in shade gardens.

Care of Apple Trees and Varieties
How do you care for apple trees (pruning, etc.)? What varieties are available? Those are some of the topics explored in these articles.

Growing Shrubs
Read planting tips and other information on growing shrubs, such as information on pruning and their uses in the landscape. I consider both deciduous and evergreen bushes.

Pruning Trees - Information for Beginners
Many homeowners need information on pruning trees properly. Learn the proper time to prune and more in this Q&A.

Wild Shrubs
You may have wild shrubs growing in your yard (or a friend's or relative's yard) that possess qualities just as fine as any you'll find in nursery-grown plants. It's just a matter of identifying the wild plants, showcasing them -- and appreciating them!

Driveway Ideas
These driveway ideas will help you in maintenance and in choosing a material. Driveways may not be as exciting as plants to a landscaping enthusiast, but don't underestimate their importance to your landscaping.

Landscaping Product Reviews - A Guide to Buying Your Landscaping Supplies
I'm well suited to writing product reviews, because I'm not a gadget hound and easily get ticked off by annoying product features, like you.

Types of Shade Trees
Types of shade trees with spreading canopies are most successful at shading a yard. Most are large, but I mention smaller ones for patios.

Trees for Attracting Birds and Butterflies
Plant trees that attract birds, and enjoy the color and song they bring to your yard. Most of these draw butterflies as well.

Italian Bugloss: Tall Perennial With True-Blue Flowers
With a common name of Italian bugloss, you won't be tempted to grow Anchusa azurea Dropmore till you know what it looks like. My story will show you.

10 Landscaping Myths Busted
There are many landscaping myths, misguided notions that beginners waste precious resources on; some even cause harm to plants. I bust ten of them here.

Red Charm Peonies Live in a Charmed Life in Your Landscaping
If you want true red peonies, you'll be pleased with Red Charm peony. Consult my information to learn more about this plant, including how to grow it.

Stewartstonian Azalea - Evergreen Choice for a Red Azalea
Stewartstonian azalea shrubs are red in two senses: first, their spring flowers, second, their fall foliage. See pictures and growing tips here.

Heuchera Blondie - Coral Bells Returns as a Blonde
Heuchera 'Blondie' is a type of coral bells giving the best of both worlds: colorful foliage and nice flowers. Here's how to use it in landscaping.

Landscaping Trends of the 21st Century
The top 10 landscaping trends in the 1st decade of the 21st Century can be divided into 2 groups, the eco-friendly trends and those pertaining to outdoor living.

Trends in Landscaping for the 21st-Century Yard
Trends in landscaping 2000-2009 include the

Becky Shasta Daisy Flowers - Growing Information
Becky Shasta daisy flowers are excellent plants for dry, sunny areas, as they are relatively drought-tolerant. Learn how to grow these long-blooming perennials.

Bleeding Hearts: Must-Have Flowers for the Romantic
Bleeding hearts are perennial flowers and great in shade gardens. Remember to water these plants of romance after flowering to extend their life.

Building Raised Beds That Are Portable
When landscaping for small yards, it's tough to extend

Raised Flower Beds
Raised flower beds contain no edibles, so they can be painted. Painting helps preserve raised flower beds.

Supplies for Building Raised Beds
Supplies for building raised beds in this style include a saw, drill and staple gun. Raised beds not to be used for edibles can be painted, ensuring that they'll last longer.

Bracing the Legs of Raised Beds
Raised beds built in this style are high off the ground, a great feature for those with back problems. However, because such raised beds are high off the ground, they require sturdy bracing.

Raised Bed Shelving
This 'bench' style raised bed has a shelving unit on the bottom. The raised bed thus has a planting bed on top and storage space beneath -- excellent for landscaping in small spaces.

Installing the Floor
Installing the floor of the raised bed begins with attaching 1x3.5 lumber to the frame. Later in the raised bed project, I show you how to line the floor with landscape fabric, so the soil is retained.

Installing Ends of Raised Beds
In this step of the raised bed project, the picture shows one of the ends (short sides) installed. Use a drill to screw in the the lumber, when installing the ends of raised beds.

Installing the Sides of Raised Beds
In this step of the raised bed project, the picture shows one of the long sides installed. Use a drill to screw in the the lumber, when installing the sides of raised beds.

Braces for Raised Beds
Raised beds built in this style are high off the ground, a great feature for those with back problems. However, because such raised beds are high off the ground, they require sturdy braces.

Stapling Landscape Fabric to Painted Planting Beds
Staple landscape fabric to the inside of raised planting beds, to retain the soil. You'll probably have to overlap a few strips of landscape fabric to achieve complete coverage over the raised planting beds.

Lombardy Poplar Trees - Growing Tips, Warnings, Uses
Lombardy poplar trees are planted for quick privacy screens or windbreaks; they are fast-growers. But they're not long-lived. Here's how to grow them.

MTD Yard Machine Lawn Mowers Review
As I explain in my review, the MTD Yard Machine lawn mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine and high wheels in the rear facilitates mowing slopes.

Weed Control Product Reviews
Read my weed control product reviews for advice before you buy. Many differences exist between products; determine first which ones meet your needs.

Mosquito Magnet Patriot Insect Traps: Review
Read my review of Mosquito Magnet insect traps (or Deleto) to find out if these devices are for you. Both cordless and corded traps are available.

Pole Tree Pruners
With the aid of pole tree pruners, you can maintain medium-size specimens in their proper shape without having to climb a ladder. Read my review before you buy.

Review of Grass Hog Cordless String Trimmers
My review of Black & Decker Grass Hog cordless string trimmers will help you choose between these tools and corded or gas-powered weed whackers.

Small Garden Tillers - Review
Typical small garden tillers have a 2-horsepower engine and are designed to be light-weight rototillers, making these cultivators easy to handle.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce Trees
Dwarf Alberta spruce trees will eventually reach 12' tall but only over a long period of time. The green needles have a tight, densely-packed growth habit.

How Do Tar-and-Chip Driveways Compare in Cost, Etc.?
Tar-and-chip driveways are like asphalt paving except the surface is studded with stones. Learn more about the cost, etc. of this attractive material.

Sealing Concrete Driveways - the When, Why, and How
Sealing concrete driveways is important -- you know that much. But how do you do it? What preparation is involved? How often do you do it?

Driveway Paving Materials
Learn about driveway paving materials, plus why your choice matters for maintenance. There are 2 categories: solid surface and aggregate surface.

Hiring Driveway Contractors - List of Questions to Ask
Begin the process of hiring driveway contractors by getting references. Here's advice to help you weed out the companies that won't do a good job.

Crushed Gravel Driveways - Pros and Cons
Gravel driveways offer pros and cons distinct from asphalt or concrete. E.g., because they don't have a solid surface, they are hard to shovel. Learn more here.

How Do You Repair Asphalt Driveways?
How do you repair asphalt driveways? The procedure is similar to that for concrete, but learn the difference (and other tips) here.

Concrete Driveways - the Pros and Cons
Concrete driveways last longer than asphalt paving in areas where winters aren't too severe but are more expensive. Discover more pros and cons here.

Cheap Asphalt Paving
A handyman who has just finished an asphalt paving job may have leftover material and may offer to pave your driveway at a cheap price. Is it a good deal?

Asphalt Paving - the Pros and Cons
Asphalt paving is popular for driveways. Among its pros and cons are, respectively, its low cost and high maintenance. Learn more here.

Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Tips
Read these do-it-yourself landscaping tips and have a yard that looks like a pro worked on it -- but without the costs. These tips are geared to beginners.

Creating a Four-Season Landscape
Landscaping yards for the four seasons begins with a plant selection plan that will provide something of interest year-round. Here's some help.

Planting Trees and Shrubs for Year-Round Interest
Planting trees and shrubs for year-round interest in the yard begins with careful planning. The key behind planting trees and shrubs for year-round interest is staggering periods of peak beauty, so that color is equally distributed. Page 2.

Planting Zones - USDA Plant Hardiness Maps Explained
My definition of planting zones refers to USDA hardiness maps. I tell you how to use them but explain why gardeners needn't follow them slavishly.

Landscape Plans for Beginners
Drawing a landscape plan could be just the boost you need to help you get going with your DIY yard project. Planning adequately is half the battle.

Should I Hire a Pro or Do My Own Landscape Work?
Do you wonder whether you should hire a pro or do your own landscaping work? This short article may help you decide, as it lays out some DOs and DON'Ts.

What Is Landscaping? - Definition Plus Overview
What is landscaping? I provide a working, practical definition for novices and for those who have just bought new homes that they need to landscape.

Wetland Plants
Wetland plants in nature can solve your landscaping problems in wet areas of your yard. Examples of native plants are provided and described here. Page 2.

Water Garden Plants
If you have wet areas in your landscaping, why not install water garden plants there? Here I give descriptions of some choices, including some natives. Page 3.

Plants for Wet Areas - Landscaping
Use plants for wet areas as a solution to drainage problems. Vegetation (native plants are often a great choice) has the advantage of offering good looks.

Definitions of Landscaping Terms
When reading books on horticulture, you will often come across landscaping terms with which you may be unfamiliar. Use this resource to learn their definitions. Page 3.

Glossary for Landscaping Beginners
Landscaping beginners on my website may occasionally need help defining a word with which they are unfamiliar. This glossary will help you over your difficulty. Page 4.

Definitions for Landscaping Words - Horticultural Terms
Use my glossary to look up terms that stump you. I include definitions of landscaping words derived from botany, horticulture, carpentry and masonry.

Landscape Design Glossary
Need help with terms used in landscape design? My glossary includes meanings of botanical and horticultural terms, carpentry and masonry word definitions. Page 2.

Meanings of Words From Landscaping, Horticulture, Etc.
Landscaping literature uses terms from botany, horticulture, carpentry and masonry. I supply the meanings of many such words here.. Page 5.

Types of Lawn Grasses
If you're choosing between cool-season versus warm types of lawn grasses, check this FAQ for one example of a cool and one of a warm-season kind.

Interiorscaping - Ideas for Gardening Indoors
Learn ideas here for interiorscaping. This information includes ideas for combating pests on houseplants by identifying them, plus pest-control techniques.

Identification of Houseplant Pests
Identification of houseplant pests is step 1 in learning how to combat them. Successful houseplant care begins with identifying the pests, and continues with taking measures against them. Page 2.

Information on Houseplant Care
Consult this information to learn about houseplant care. Success entails acquiring ideas for surmounting a series of environmental challenges. Page 3.

Rake Leaves and Make Compost, Mulch
Don't rake leaves and dispose of them. Make compost or mulch with them. But first plan for which of those 2 products you want (it makes a difference).

Free Plan for Garden Arbors
My easy step-by-step instructions are supplemented with a free plan for garden arbors. This tutorial is geared to non-carpenters. Page 4.

Grape Arbors
Two structures related to grape arbors are trellises and pergolas. Trellises are simple structures, while pergolas are sometimes thought as the 'elite' member of the group. Page 5.

How to Build Garden Arbors and Keep the Project Cheap
Wondering how to build garden arbors? I supply an overview with pictures, tips on shopping for cheap pressure-treated lumber, a supply list and design advice.

Building Wooden Arbors
How do you build a wooden arbor? I show you the easy way to assemble garden arbor components, illustrated by pictures. Page 3.

Wooden Arbors - Design Advice to Help You With Your Project
Here are step-by-step instructions for building wooden arbors. I begin with advice on the concrete work to secure the arbor design. Page 2.

Picture of Harriet Waldman Japanese Maple
As my picture of Harriet Waldman Japanese maple shows, this tree's leaves bear 3 colors: pink, green and white. Fall foliage can be yellow, orange or red. Page 18.

Picture of Minute Man Hosta
As this picture of Minute Man hosta shows, the plant has variegated leaves. It is a shade-loving ground cover. Page 15.

Variegated Hibiscus Picture
Picture of 'Sugar Tip' hibiscus, a type of rose of sharon. As the photo shows, this hardy hibiscus is a variegated shrub. Page 12.

Sweet Tea Heucherella Picture
As my picture of Sweet Tea Heucherella shows, the plant has a leaf with a dark center and a lighter color around the edge. It is a type of coral bells. Page 11.

Snow-on-the-Mountain Picture
As my snow-on-the-mountain picture shows, Aegopodium podagraria 'Variegatum' is a variegated ground cover. It's also called bishop's weed, goutweed. Page 21.

Photo of Joseph's Coat Plant
Picture of Joseph's coat plant (Alternanthera ficoidea 'Partytime'). As the photo shows, this plant's leaves are colored pink and green. Page 20.

Picture of Variegated Euonymus - a Green and Gold Type
'Emerald and Gold' euonymus is a variegated (two toned) type, bearing green and gold leaves, as this euonymus picture shows. Page 19.

Picture of Brunnera Macrophylla 'Jack Frost'
As my picture of Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' reveals, this member of the Borage family has blue flowers and silver foliage. Page 17.

Picture of Actinidia Kolomikta
The leaves of Actinidia kolomikta vines are tri-colored, as this picture shows. Kiwi vines are at their most colorful in springtime. Page 16.

Photo of Ribbon Grass
This photo of ribbon grass illustrates that it is a two-toned ornamental. This grass is beautifully striped, but invasive. Page 14.

Frosty Morn Stonecrop Picture - a Variegated Sedum
My 'Frosty Morn' stonecrop picture reveals that this plant is a variegated sedum. These succulents are valued for their blooms and leaves alike. Page 13.

Tricolor Beech Photo
As my Tricolor beech shows, the tree's leaves bear 3 colors, pink, white and green. I display similar plants elsewhere in my image galleries, including a kiwi, sage and loosestrife. Page 10.

Tricolor Sage Picture
As my Tricolor sage picture shows, the plant bears leaves in 3 colors, pink, white and green. It can also be harvest an used to season food. Page 9.

Photo of Variegated Columbine
My photo of variegated columbine reveals what a nice twist it is on the norm. This perennial will turn heads. Page 8.

Landscaping Picture of Cobblestone Path for Front Door Entrance
Attractively landscaped pathways leading up to front door entrances are effective, as this landscaping picture of a cobblestone path shows. Page 5.

Japanese Dogwood Tree - Picture of Cornus Kousa 'Wolf Eyes'
Picture of 'Wolf Eyes' dogwood. Wolf Eyes is a variegated Japanese variety (kousa) and, like other Japanese dogwood trees, produces a raspberry-like berry. Page 24.

Daphne Bush Picture
My daphne bush picture shows 'Carol Mackie.' This shrub sports variegated foliage and fragrant blossoms. Page 22.

Moonshadow Euonymus - Picture, Facts About Growing It
My Moonshadow euonymus picture shows the gold and green bicolored foliage of the groundcover. Here are some facts about growing this variegated plant. Page 25.

Variegated Foliage Picture - Red Twig Dogwood Shrub
Variegated foliage gives your plants interest even in the absence of flowers. For example Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' is a red twig dogwood shrub with two-toned leaves.

Maples With Variegated Leaves - Picture
Some maples have variegated leaves, as shown in this picture. Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum,' e.g., is one of the variegated maple trees. Page 23.

Photo of Iris Pallida 'Aureo-Variegata'
Picture of Iris pallida 'Aureo-Variegata.' As the photo shows, Iris pallida 'Aureo-Variegata' is a gold and green leaved plant. Page 7.

Nasturtium Picture
As my Nasturtium picture shows, some types are variegated. But with or without variegation, they make great fall flowers. Page 6.

Garden Phlox Picture
My garden phlox picture shows a variegated plant called 'Nora Leigh.' It has green centers with white edges, and the bloom is also bicolored. Page 5.

Picture of Variegated Salvia
My picture of variegated salvia shows how striking the leaves are. There are many types of this plant, including annual and perennial, but this kind is special. Page 4.

Yellow Loosestrife Image - Photo of Lysimachia Alexander
My picture of Lysimachia punctata 'Alexander' shows it is variegated. It has pink and green leaves in spring, becoming white and green in summer. Page 3.

Photo of Lamium Galeobdolon
My photo of Lamium galeobdolon displays what it looks like, showing 'Yellow Archangel' is a yellow lamium plant. Despite its angelic name, this little dickens is quite invasive. Page 2.

Free Landscaping Courses
Graduates of my initial online classes should check here for NEW landscaping courses. Sign up for free and learn how to get the most out of your yard.

Colorado Blue Spruce Trees - Info and Planting
Colorado blue spruce trees are deer-resistant and used as specimens or windbreaks. A classic Christmas tree, they can also be impressive landscaping components.

Photo of Fence With Varying Board Heights
Photo of fence with varying board heights. Page 6.

Curving Fence Picture - a Circular Fence in Classic Style
In this picture, the curving fence is a perfect match for the circular courtyard. It's balustrades mark it as being clearly in the classic style. Page 9.

Picture of Curved Flagstone Path
My picture of a curved flagstone path will be appreciated by those seeking inspiration for a new walkway. This stone product is both durable and pretty. Page 8.

Curved Foundation Planting Photo
This picture of a curved foundation planting may convince you not to be a

Picture of Brick Wall Entry for Driveway
Picture of brick wall entry for driveway. Page 4.

Whimsical Lawn Decor as Focal Points
Whimsical lawn decor can serve as focal points. Page 13.

Picture of Entryway Symmetry
Picture of entryway symmetry. Landscaping. Page 2.

Symmetry Picture - Columns Flanking Gate
Picture showing granite columns flanking a gate entrance. Page 3.

Framing Vistas
This hedge helps frame a vista. Landscaping. Page 5.

Curved Border Plantings
A curved border planting. Landscaping. Page 7.

Trees for One-Storey Homes
Trees for one-storey homes should be in scale with such buildings. Larger specimens may overwhelm single-story houses. Page 12.

Example of Focal Point | Picture
The central shrub in this arrangement is the focal point not only due to its position, but also due to its color.

Trees for Two-Storey Homes
Large trees can help scale down two-storey homes. Page 11.

How Focal Points Direct the Eye in Landscaping (Photos)
Pros use focal points to direct the eye to a selected part of a yard. They also use scale, line and other design concepts to control eye movement.

Bark Mulch and Other Types - an Introduction
Bark mulch is one of the types available. Alternatives include wood chips and stone. All the various kinds have their pros and cons.

Ratchet Pruners - Review of a Hand-Saving Tool
In this review I explain what ratchet pruners are. An anvil type (as opposed to bypass), they're helpful to those with hand trouble.

Shrub Pruning - How Beginners Should Begin
Shrub pruning, to be done correctly, requires knowledge in a number of areas. You need to know about the tools, the plants themselves, and the timing.

Watering Evergreen Trees in Autumn Helps Them in Winter
Why should you be watering evergreen trees in autumn? How can this protect them from winter damage? Find out in this FAQ.

Shrub Problems: Wilted, Yellow, or Brown Leaves, Etc.
Readers often tell me about their shrub problems. Read my answers to the most commonly reported concerns, like unopened flower buds and brown leaves.

How To Resurface Concrete Patios: Help for DIYers
To resurface a concrete patio, first buy a resurfacing product at a store (I used QUIKRETE). What then? I have a set of instructions waiting for you.

Reason Behind Raking Leaves
Why is it necessary to rake leaves off the lawn in fall? The reason behind raking them off goes beyond the oft-quoted admonition about smothering.

Spring Bulb Plants - Pictures and Growing Information
Using my pictures of spring bulb plants, choose colors suited to your landscape plans. Sow these bulbs in fall and enjoy when winter ends.

Difference Between Corms, Bulbs, Tubers and Rhizomes
What's the difference between corms, bulbs, tubers, and rhizomes? I explain how they are different and give examples of each that you find in gardens.

Types of Creeping Thyme Plants: Caraway, Wooly, Etc.
Creeping thyme plants are useful in the yard, serving as ground covers between stepping stones. Types include wooly, Caraway, lemon, and Spicy Orange.

What Do the Letters, NPK Mean for a Fertilizer?
What is NPK? Learn what the letters stand for, what the corresponding numbers mean (on fertilizer bags), and why it's important for growing plants.

Picture of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniper Tree) in Winter Sand Dunes
This picture features a lonely eastern red cedar tree in the sand dunes during winter. Despite its common name, it's actually a type of juniper. Page 11.

Picture of Majestic Oak Tree on Farm in Winter
My picture of a majestic oak tree on a farm in winter reveals the structure of this giant. Without leaves, you can appreciate the branching pattern. Page 15.

Picture of Ice on Branches
This picture of ice on branches presents a glorious scene after an ice storm. Although they wreak havoc, such storms do create great winter scenery. Page 25.

Winter Photo of Ornamental Grass
Ornamental grass is most striking in the winter landscape. This picture illustrates how effective it can be for winter interest.

Picture of Rounded Pergola in Winter
Picture of rounded pergola in winter, functioning as a rose trellis. Even though it is white, its height allows it to stand out from the snowy ground. Page 17.

Is Phragmites Australis Edible?
Is Phragmites australis edible? I show a picture of the common water reed in a winter landscape scene, then answer whether or not you can eat parts of it. Page 16.

Picture of Stone Wall With Winter Snow
My picture of a stone wall shows its look with winter snow. Such walls are often at their prettiest during the wintertime. Page 18.

Picture of Ornamental Grass Blowing in the Winter Wind
Picture of ornamental grass blowing in the winter wind. Page 19.

Winter Landscape Picture - Ornamental Grasses in Panorama
Ornamental grasses inject much-needed visual interest into the winter landscape. Here they are foreground elements in a beautiful panorama. Page 9.

Picture of Mailbox Planting in Winter
Picture of mailbox planting in winter. Shrubs dominate the scene, as you would expect during the cold-weather months -- especially evergreens. Page 8.

Picture of Wishing Well in Winter Landscape
Picture of a wishing well in the winter landscape. In the North, such hardscape elements inject much-appreciated visual interest in the yard. Page 10.

Picture of Yew Hedge
My picture of a yew hedge shows the bushes covered in winter snow. Such evergreens are the

Picture of Leaf Coated in Ice
This picture of a leaf coated in ice is rather pretty, don't you think? Ice photos dazzle us, although the storms that make them possible can be deadly. Page 26.

Winter Landscapes in Pictures
Not only are pictures of winter landscapes beautiful, they also inspire you as you're planning your landscaping. Browse these pictures for some ideas. Page 27.

Picture of Beech Trees in Winter Woods
Picture of beech trees in the winter woods. Fagus grandifolia retains its leaves for a long time, adding winter interest to landscape and forest alike. Page 6.

Picture of Cattails in Ice
Picture of cattails in ice. Landscaping. Page 13.

Picture of Common Reeds in Winter Pond
Picture of common reeds in winter pond. These wetland plants are pretty but invasive. Page 7.

Picture of Cornfield in Winter
Picture of a cornfield in winter. Page 23.

Picture of Farm in Valley in Winter
My picture of a farm in a valley during winter will make city folks head for the hills. The snowy scene is complemented by trees with nice branching patterns. Page 24.

Picture of Juniper Groundcover in Winter
This picture shows a juniper groundcover covered in snow. Such plants help you prevent weeds and soil erosion. Page 20.

Ornamental Grass in Winter - Picture
My picture of ornamental grass in winter shows how well it functions as a natural privacy fence. The grass has dried and lost its summer color but remains nice. Page 12.

Picture of Pieris Shrub in Winter Snow
My picture of pieris shrub in the winter snow illustrates how valuable it is to create a scenic landscape for the holiday season. The bush is also called Andromeda. Page 2.