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Softscape - What Does the Word Mean?
You've probably heard of the

How to Store Canna Bulbs
Do you wonder how to store canna bulbs? You can use the tips given here for storing cannas and other tropical plants with rhizomes through winter.

Scientific Names of Plants - Alphabetical List Starting With C, D
My list of the scientific names of plants is arranged alphabetically for easy searching. This page is for entries starting with the letters C-D.

Growing Bamboos in Cold Climates - Hardy Plants
For growing bamboos in cold climates, you need to find one of the cold-hardy plants. The Fargesias are among the most tolerant of cool temperatures.

Grow Red Oak Trees for Late Fall Foliage
Red oak trees boast good fall foliage color, which arrives in a timely fashion. Learn about growing the white, pin, sawtooth and bur types of Quercus.

Insect Pests on Colorado Blue Spruce Trees - Identification
Colorado blue spruce trees are attacked by aphids and Cooley spruce gall adelgids. These 2 insect pests look similar; here's help with identification.

Christmas Light Displays - Get Ideas From My Pictures
See my pictures of outdoor Christmas light displays for ideas for decorating your own yard. My pictures have something for everyone in terms of style.

Christmas Light Displays - Get Ideas From My Pictures
See my pictures of outdoor Christmas light displays for ideas for decorating your own yard. My pictures have something for everyone in terms of style.

Christmas Light Displays - Get Ideas From My Pictures
See my pictures of outdoor Christmas light displays for ideas for decorating your own yard. My pictures have something for everyone in terms of style.

Picture of Purple Allium Flowers
Magenta-purple allium flowers stand out nicely from a background of light-green ferns, for instance. This picture helps illustrate their beauty. Page 4.

Caradonna Salvia Picture
A perennial, Caradonna salvia flowers have a purple color, as this picture shows. The blooms are even darker than those on 'May Night.'. Page 2.

Photo of Purple Columbine
Picture of purple columbine. Aquilegia is a perennial; columbine flowers come in many colors. Page 6.

Purple Crocus Photo | Picture of Purple Crocus Flowers
Picture of purple crocuses. Harbingers of spring, purple crocuses and other bulb plants are welcome visitors to our March and April yards. Page 12.

Picture of Heliotrope Flowers
Picture of heliotrope flowers. Heliotrope flowers are among the most fragrant in the garden. Page 11.

Picture of 'Jackmanii' Clematis Vines
Picture of Jackman clematis vines. The rich purple color of these 'Jackmanii' clematis plants have made them wildly popular. Page 9.

Purple Lamium Picture
View my purple lamium picture to see if this is the right shade perennial for your landscaping. Lamium maculatum 'Purple Dragon' has silver foliage to go with its rich flower color. Page 3.

Picture of Perennial Purple Lobelia Plants
These perennial purple lobelia plants ('Ruby Slippers') are similar to the better known 'cardinal flowers,' except for their color. See my picture. Page 10.

May Night Salvia Picture
The name,

Purple Petunias Picture
As my purple petunias picture shows, these annuals, commonly used in hanging baskets, window boxes and as bedding plants, are pretty flowers. Page 5.

Purple Colored Larkspur Photo
Larkspur picture, showing a purple variety. The larkspur in this photo is an annual flower. Page 7.

Picture of Purple Verbena Plants
Picture of a purple verbena plants. Because of their trailing habit, verbena plants are commonly used in hanging flower baskets. Page 13.

Black Knight Delphinium Photo
'Black Knight' delphinium will be valued by lovers of tall perennials and, as you can tell from the photo, lovers of purple flowers. Page 14.

Pictures of Purple Flowers
Browse my pictures of purple flowers to aid you in plant selection. Like blue blossoms, this bloom color has a soothing effect.

Picture of Annual Purple Lobelia Flowers
Picture of annual purple lobelia flowers. Annual purple lobelia flowers are popular for window boxes, since they have a trailing habit. Page 8.

Scientific Names of Plants Starting With A B
This list of the scientific names of plants allows you to search for specimens alphabetically. Names beginning with the letters A-B can be found on this page.

Common Names Starting With E and F
This list of the common names allows you to search for plants alphabetically. Those beginning with the letters E-F can be found on this page.

Is Newspaper Safe as Garden Mulch?
Are newspapers safe to use as a garden mulch or to put in my compost pile? That depends on the newspapers, as I explain in this piece.

What Are Evergreens?
Any definition of evergreens must distinguish this plant group from the opposing deciduous class. Also, not all conifers belong to this group.

Broadleaf Definition - What Are "Broad-Leaved" Plants?
Certain weeds are categorized as broadleaf, as are some evergreen plants. Learn the definition of this term, which is also written as

Fall Foliage of Quaking Aspen Trees, Poplar Trees
Learn about quaking aspen trees as fall foliage plants. Aspens, close relatives of poplar trees, display a shimmering golden foliage in a fall breeze.

Organic Herbicides and Pesticides - Some Green Choices
Green yard care products include organic herbicides and pesticides. I review a few weed killers here (one a household product) and 2 insecticides.

Cement Work - Construction and Concrete Work Tips
Cement work can be satisfying, as you behold the finished construction job. Learn concrete work tips to make things go smoother (like mixing cement).

Balled-and-Burlapped Plants - What It Means, Pro & Con
What's the definition of

Remington Electric Chain Saws - Review
The small Remington electric chain saws make trimming jobs so much easier. My review compares them to the larger, gas-powered models.

Why Do My Transplanted Weigela Shrubs Have Leaf-Wilt?
Newly transplanted shrubs often get leaf-wilt from transplant shock. Learn why and how to handle it here (example: wilted weigela leaves).

Clumping Bamboos vs Running Bamboos - How They Differ
If you're concerned with invasiveness, it's best to stick with clumping bamboos. Unlike their running cousins, clumping types won't spread quickly.

What Is a Pergola?
What is a pergola? Part of the definition must make clear the difference between this type of structure and a garden arbor.

Colored Mulch - Does It Affect Plant Growth?
Does colored mulch affect plant growth? If this dyed product is bad, if it's harmful to plants, then that's a major drawback for gardeners.

Shagbark Hickory Trees
Shagbark hickory trees are not grown exclusively for their nuts. In fact, I would rank nut production only third among the reasons for growing them.

Dinner Plate Dahlias - Akita Is Red, White, and Yellow
Akita is a dinner plate dahlia flower with dark crimson petals streaked in yellow, tipped in white. Learn more about this tropical plant (care, etc.).

Is Dyed Mulch Safe to Handle?
Is dyed mulch safe to work with in the garden? The coloring, in itself, may be less of an issue than the wood on which the coloring is applied.

Herbaceous Plants - Definition, Examples
What are herbaceous plants? Learn the word's meaning. I give numerous examples of such perennials so you can research them when planning for spring.

Types of Deer Fencing - What the Beginner Needs to Know
Learn what types of deer fencing there are to choose from. These fences can block that biggest of garden pests from entering your yard.

American Sweetgum Trees That Are Non-Fruiting
Non-fruiting American sweetgum trees (Rotundiloba bears no gumballs) are the best option for most. Sweetgums that do bear seed pods are too messy.

Native Plant Landscaping in New England - Perennial Shade Gardens
Interested in native plant landscaping? Do you live in or near New England? Then you'll fall in love with these 12 picks for perennial shade gardens.

Native Plant Landscaping in New England - Perennial Shade Gardens
Interested in native plant landscaping? Do you live in or near New England? Then you'll fall in love with these 12 picks for perennial shade gardens.

Installing Driveway Gates for Homeowners
There's much about installing driveway gates that may not be obvious to homeowners. But it pays to learn, because they provide not only security but beauty.

PeeGee Hydrangeas: Not Trees, but Pretty Good
PeeGee hydrangeas can be trained into tree form or kept as shrubs. I find many P G bushes in cemeteries, because they're low-care.

Chinese Lantern Plants
Chinese lantern plants are subject to many diseases and insect pests. Spray your plants with Neem oil when you spot insects.

Nitrogen-Fixing Plants - Definition, Why They're Valued
The term nitrogen-fixing plants is applied to cover crops. But something else actually begins the fixation process, as you'll learn in my definition.

How to Stay Warm Shoveling Snow - Tips for Avoiding Frostbite
Staying warm when shoveling snow is critical, since frostbite can occur in extreme cases. Here's how to dress right and clear the driveway in comfort.

Plants Safe to Grow Over Septic Tanks and Drainfields
Learn which plants are safe to grow over septic tank drain fields and which the worst. Some trees and shrubs are better than others in such plantings.

Contented Pumpkin Head | Ideas for Carving Pumpkins
Ol' Pumpkin Head looks quite contented in this photo. Using a Dremel tool, the flesh of this pumpkin head was carved away (a reverse-carving). Page 12.

Jack-O-Lantern Faces | Phantom of the Opera Jack-O-Lantern Face
Phantom of the Opera jack-o-lantern faces work well for scary Halloween themes. This Phantom of the Opera jack-o-lantern face could double for a Western theme, with its cowboy hat. Page 4.

Frankenstein Pumpkin - Picture of a Halloween Carving
See a Frankenstein face carved on pumpkin. Frankenstein works well in scary Halloween themes. Page 3.

Halloween Pumpkin Picture | Photo of Halloween Pumpkin
This Halloween pumpkin looks to be concentrating really hard. Halloween pumpkins in generally tend to be scary or goofy, not contemplative. Page 13.

Jack O' Lantern With Mustache | Jackolantern With Moustache
Ever seen a jack o' lantern (jackolantern) with a mustache (moustache)? This photo shows a jack o' lantern with a mustache. Page 14.

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns - Pipe-Smoking Jack-O-Lantern
Picture of Halloween jack-o-lantern smoking a pipe. This pumpkin must be poor, because the pipe he is smoking is his own stem! Page 15.

Halloween Cat Jack O Lanterns | Halloween Cat Carving
A Halloween cat jack-o-lantern. Appropriately for scary themes, Halloween cat jack-o-lanterns are a classic carving. Page 2.

Profile Pumpkin Face | Pumpkin Carving in Profile
Picture of pumpkin face carved in profile. Pumpkin carvings in profile are rarer than head-on carvings. Page 11.

Funny Pumpkin Design | Funny Pumpkin Face With Tongue
A funny pumpkin design can be even more hilarious by carving in a tongue. Flesh was carved out of the mouth area in this funny pumpkin design to create a tongue. Page 10.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Jack Sticking His Tongue Out
Here's a pumpkin carving idea: carve out an eye, then use that triangular piece as a tongue. Call it a recycling pumpkin carving idea. Page 8.

Mick Jagger Pumpkin | Jack O' Lantern With Big Tongue
Famous figures like Mick Jagger can become Halloween jack o' lanterns. Looking at this big-tongued jack o' lantern, it's hard not to think it's a Mick Jagger pumpkin. Page 9.

Happy Face Pumpkin | Halloween Jack O lantern Face
Happy-face pumpkins bring cheer to the Halloween porch. The Halloween jack-o-lantern in this picture has put on a happy face. Page 7.

Carved Jackolantern With Big Teeth | Carved Jack-O-Lanterns
This jack-o-lantern (jackolantern) has been carved so as to make his teeth most prominent. And remember: teeth make the jack-o-lantern. Page 6.

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings | All Teeth Smiling Pumpkin
This awesome pumpkin carving features a pumpkin who's

Pumpkin Carving Ideas
Need pumpkin carving ideas? These pictures offer free tips that will supply you with creative ideas for the Halloween season.

Patio and Deck Accessories
Outdoor living requires patio or deck accessories to make these spaces pleasant. Here's a place to explore ideas for extras to enhance the experience.

Leaf Hog Leaf Blowers - Review
The assembly of BV4000 Leaf Hog leaf blowers is easy, an important point for the 'gadget-challenged.' Find out why else I give them a good rating.

Black & Decker Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer Review
This review covers the 16-inch corded electric hedge trimmers from Black and Decker. Cords may not be for you (consider the drawbacks).

Alligator Loppers - Review
Read my review of Black & Decker Alligator Loppers before buying. I explain how one might wish to use this highly specialized tool.

Scotts AccuGreen Drop-Type Fertilizer Spreader Review
Fertilizer spreaders on wheels fall into 2 categories: broadcast and drop-type grass seed spreaders. Learn the difference (and more) here.

Remington Axcess Hedge Trimmers - Review
Treat Remington Axcess hedge trimmers as specialized tools. As hedgers on poles, the tool allows access to tough-to-reach places for trimming shrubs.

Gas Leaf Blower Vacuums - Review of a Craftsman Model
Gas leaf blower-vacuums with 4-cycle engines have lower emissions than 2-cycles, making them eco-friendly. Read my review of a Craftsman model.

Leaf Blower Vacuums - Reviews of Leaf-Removal Equipment
My reviews of leaf blower-vacuums and other leaf-removal equipment will help you make a choice when shopping. Get informed before you buy!

Black & Decker Cordless Mulching Mowers (Review)
Read my review of cordless mulching mowers put out by Black & Decker. These battery-powered mowers are excellent for leaf removal in fall, too.

Shop-Vac Vacuums to Clean Driveways - Review
The Shop Sweep is an outdoor Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner that mulches grass clippings, leaves and pine needles. Read my review to find out how to use it.

Wooden Structures for Lawns and Gardens
Wooden structures can be functional (e.g., storage sheds), making your yard maintenance easier. They can also be decorative (e.g., gazebos, arbors).

Lawn Mower Reviews
Consult these lawn mower reviews to decide on the machine right for you before you buy. My reviews focus on the practical needs of ordinary homeowners.

Top 5 Tree Trimming Equipments for Landscaping
Having the proper tree trimming equipment can aid you in caring for those gentle giants of your landscape, trees. Consult these reviews before buying.

Pole Pruners - Review of Essential Tree Pruning Tools
Consult my series on tree pruning tools such as pole pruners before you buy. Among the tools reviewed are pole chainsaws and hedgers for tall shrubs.

Red Japanese Maple Trees - Crimson Queen, Bloodgood
In my intro to red Japanese maple trees, I discuss Bloodgood and Crimson Queen, plus some that aren't red. Learn about their fall foliage colors.

10 Ways to Make Your Yard Look Like Hell
Here are 10 things you shouldn't do in landscaping (they make your yard look like hell). If you're guilty of any of them, I tell you how to fix them.

Bachelor Buttons Picture
My bachelor buttons picture reveals why this plant has been treasured for ages. Also learn the origin of the name of this true-blue wildflower. Page 5.

Photo of Blanket Flowers
My photo of blanket flowers reveals what this American icon looks like. Gaillardia aristata is native to the Great Plains. Page 3.

Chicory Picture
This chicory picture (sometimes misspelled

New England Aster Picture
Take a glance at this New England aster picture to see what this icon of the Northeast looks like. They are one of many types native to the region. Page 2.

Photo of Plains Coreopsis
My photo of plains coreopsis shows how gorgeous its bicolored blossom is. The plant is an annual wildflower. Page 6.

Coneflower Picture - a Purple Echinacea
The Latin name of purple coneflower (picture) is Echinacea purpurea. You may recognize the genus moniker in connection with herbal extracts. Page 7.

Photo of Queen Anne's Lace Wildflower
Picture of a Queen Anne's lace flower. Queen Anne's lace is a wildflower related to the carrot. Page 4.

Cardinal Flower Picture - Red Lobelia
View this cardinal flower picture to see what a truly marvelous plant it is. A wild, red lobelia, it grows in moist areas. Page 8.

Rudbeckia Picture
As my Rudbeckia picture makes clear, this flower has a brown center, from which radiate golden rays. This wildflower is also called

Shasta Daisy Picture
As this shasta daisy picture shows, the flower has the typical golden center, out of which radiate white petals. This popular perennial is a hybrid. Page 13.

How Do Wildflower Farms Get Their Seeds?
How do wildflower farms get their seeds? I tell you how one Vermont business does it in this piece. Page 14.

White Water Lily Picture
My white water lily picture features a flower surrounded by lily pads. The pads, which are as important as the blossoms, are large. Page 10.

Photo of Wild Cosmos
My photo of wild cosmos displays the richness of the flower color (deep pink). This annual is drought resistant. Page 11.

Types of Wildflowers - Pictures for Identification
My pictures show a number of types of wildflowers. Viewing them can help you with identification for some of these wild plants.

Picture of Red Poppy in Meadow
My picture of a red poppy growing wild in a meadow comes from the field of Chris Borie, owner of Vermont Wildflower Farm. He remembers such meadows fondly from his boyhood in France.

Echinacea 'Firebird' - How to Grow This Orange Coneflower
Echinacea 'Firebird' is a reddish-orange coneflower and drought-tolerant plant. Learn how to grow it for its bright hues and the wildlife it draws.

List of Botanical Plant Names - E Through F
This list of the botanical plant names allows you to search for plants in alphabetical order. Entries with the letters E-F can be found here.

Soil Amendments - I Define Them, Tell How They're Used
No, soil doesn't have a constitution, even though we speak of soil amendments. Here I define how the word is used in reference to gardening.

List of Worst Invasive Plants
Some of the worst invasive plants are pretty. Their good looks is precisely why many of the worst offenders were able to take over in lands they now pillage.

Exotic Plants in America

Cordless Chainsaw - Oregon PowerNow Review
Read my review of the pros and cons of a battery-powered chainsaw. If you're used to gas-powered saws you're in for a treat, with limitations.

Review - Encyclopedia of Planting Combinations
My review argues why Encyclopedia of Planting Combinations is a book you must have if you care about color. I also give you a good idea of what's in it.

Spinning Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders - SquirrelStop
Spinning squirrel-proof bird feeders are among the most effective and entertaining. I review a product that uses this method of keeping out squirrels.

How to Protect Japanese Maple Trees From Winter Damage
I describe 2 ways to protect Japanese maple trees from winter damage here. Read my tips to make sure that your specimen is guarded against the cold.

Noise Barriers - What Kind of Fence Blocks Road Sounds?
Fencing options serving as noise barriers to block road sounds often use thick tongue-and-groove boards, in order to form solid, impervious walls.

Common Plant Names Starting With K L
Common plant names are presented alphabetically here, so you can easily search for information and pictures of them. This page covers K-L.

Black Plants - Review of Karen Platt's Book
Black plants is an umbrella term to encompass the darkest plants available for landscaping, as Karen Platt relates in her book, replete with pictures.

Get Lost Lessons for Pick the Right Plant
This e-course will help you pick the right plant for the right spot and/or purpose in your landscaping. Information is provided on each landscaping plant so that you can make an intelligent choice when you shop at the nursery.

Bloomerang Dwarf Lilacs Boomerang Back With Fall Flowers
Bloomerang is a dwarf type of lilac bush, making it useful in small spaces. It receives its colorful name from the fact that it reblooms in fall.

Get Lost Lessons for Landscape Planning and Planting
Landscape planning involves wise plant selection, among other things. My landscape planning course provides examples of plant choices for shady, sunny, and wet spots in the yard.

Landscape Design Forum: Message Board for Landscape Design Talk
If you have questions to ask about your yard, the Landscape Design Forum is the place to be heard. Below you'll find a link to the sign-up page for the forum.

Get Lost Lessons for Online Landscape Design Course
This online landscape design course is a free newsletter course providing you with tips to apply to your own yard. Receive daily advice in your email.

Online Landscape Design Course
This online landscape design course is a free newsletter course providing you with tips to apply to your own yard. Receive daily advice in your email.

When Should I Be Watering Trees in Fall?
When should you be watering trees in fall? This form of protection against winter damage is important, but you have to get the timing right in autumn.

Adonis Vernalis Plants - Flowers of Amur Adonis
Adonis plants are well-suited to rock gardens, because these flowers crave good drainage. Adonis plants can bear yellow or red flowers.

Planting Trees in Raised Beds
Margo writes she'd like to plant three Cleveland pear trees in a raised bed and wonders if it would cause any harm. But that depends on the context.

Pictures of Rose of Sharon Plants
Rose of sharon plant is a shrub prized for the flowers' size, long blooming period and striking cylindrical growth habit. See pictures of it here.

The Cost of Landscape Maintenance - Is It Really Too High?
Will you hire a landscaping business to help you maintain your yard this year? The price may seem high, but understand what goes into it.

Starting a Landscaping Business - Questions to Ask First
Has the spring cleaning season got you feeling entrepreneurial? Want to start a lawn and landscaping business? Ask these questions first.

The Explorers Who Collected Plants From China and Sent Them West
The plants from China came to the West due to the great flora explorers. These collectors brought home the specimens that we now use in the landscape. Page 2.

Types of Tropical Flowers
Even if you don't live in the tropics, you can enjoy various types of tropical flowers in the summer landscape. Their exotic blossoms will make you smile.

Tropical Foliage - Green Plants With Exotic-Looking Leaves
Use green plants with tropical foliage as a background of lush vegetation for your flowers. Exotic-looking leaves quickly add a lushness to any garden. Page 2.

Trout Lily and 4 Other Lilies Native to the Northeastern U.S.
These five native lilies grace the woods and meadows of the Northeastern U.S. Native plant lovers can grow them in that suitable shady or sunny spot.

How to Build a Stone Fountain
Find out how to build a stone fountain on a grate over a submerged pond. Such water features can center around granite pieces pierced by holes for tubing.

Polished River Rock Picture
The polished river rock in the picture serves as an accent at the base of the stone fountain, but it also serves a practical purpose.

Metal Grates Made of Cast Iron
A number of different kinds of metal grates will work for stone fountains. I improvised with a cast iron one intended for holding firewood.

Plumbing Fountains - Installing Plumbing for Fountains
If you set up everything correctly, plumbing rock fountains will be easy. Plumbing rock fountains simply means threading tubing through the holes in the stone.

Fountain Jet Picture - A Glorious Bubbling Spring!
As my picture shows, the fountain jet isn't high. Rather, it is meant to remind one of a bubbling spring.

How to Make a Stone Fountain
The final steps in making a stone fountain involves concealing the grate with rocks. This will make the stone fountain more attractive.

Pondless Rock Fountains
In pondless water features, the pond is totally hidden from view and serves merely as a reservoir. These features are safe to have around children.

Rock Fountain - Excavating for the Preformed Pond Liner
Installation of rock fountains begins by excavating for the preformed pond liner. But before this step in installing rock fountains, establish your power source and call the Dig Safe number.

Installing Fountain Pumps
To start a stone fountain, place the fountain pump (with its tubing) on the bottom of the pond. Then set a grate over it and its tubing.

Building Stone Fountains - Working With Granite
Building a stone fountain involves, in this case, setting a granite piece on a grate. Then the stone fountain will be plumbed.

Pictures of Garden Fountains
Choices for styles of garden fountains often come down to sound versus looks.

Common Names of Plants - Entries Starting With U V W X Y Z
Search for plants alphabetically by common name using this database. Those beginning with the letters U-Z will be found here.

Best Time for Dividing Perennials
What's the best time for dividing perennials? We'll have to look at specific plants to answer the question; I do so here in this list showing when to divide.

Common Names of Plants Starting With Either Q or R
Consult my A to Z list of the common names of plants to search alphabetically. Entries in the Q-R range are located on this page.

Moon Gardens - Flowers and Plants That Show Up at Night
Moon gardens shine at night, even without light; my flower list will give you ideas. Add night bloomers to the list of plants that show up at night.

Best Plants for Moonlight Gardens
The best plants for moonlight gardens can be enjoyed in the dark without outdoor lights. Good picks are bright plants with fragrant blossoms or night-bloomers. Page 2.

What Does "Invasive" Plants Mean?
What does it mean when gardeners refer to invasive plants? Such plants have a quality that separates them from merely aggressive weeds.

Outdoor Foliage Plants - for Beauty Beyond Flowers
Colorful flowers look great in a yard, but outdoor foliage plants are reliable in a way that blooms aren't. You can count on them after flowers fade.

Small Shrubs With Green Foliage or Flashy Colors
Small shrubs with green foliage are the workhorses of many yards. Such bushes (and other plants grown for their blue, gold, variegated or green leaves) are mainstays. Page 2.

List of Botanical Names of Plants Starting With G H
This list of the botanical names of plants allows you to browse for entries alphabetically. If you're seeking a specimen starting with G-H, it will be here.

Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Picture
As my prickly pear cactus fruit picture shows, the edible part is red in color. I snapped this shot in Arizona. Page 11.

Cholla Cactus Picture
Cholla cactus is the subject of this picture. There are a number of types of chollas, such as

Barrel Cactus Picture
As this barrel cactus picture shows, the plant is aptly named. These desert-dwellers are synonymous with the desert regions of the U.S. Southwest. Page 13.

Ice Plant Picture
Ice plant, as the photo shows, has attractive flowers and interesting foliage. This perennial absolutely needs sharp drainage. Page 7.

Sedum Spurium Picture
This Sedum spurium picture shows it in bloom. As the photo shows, 'Dragon's Blood' sometimes has pink flowers, depending on variety and conditions. Page 6.

Portulaca Picture
This portulaca picture shows a plant with white flowers, but it comes in many colors. Grow these succulents in hot, dry areas of your landscaping.

Yucca Plant Picture Showing a Dwarf
My yucca plant picture displays a dwarf. Its species name is

Joshua Trees - What They Look Like, How They Got Their Name
My picture of a Joshua tree shows what the plant looks like. They're known as Yucca brevifolia, but learn how they got their common name. Page 9.

Agave Picture
My agave picture shows a mother plant with babies. Although it's not a cactus, this desert-dwelling plant is easily mistaken for one. Page 10.

Pictures of Cacti and Succulents
Cacti and succulents range from tiny plants best used in terrariums to monsters like saguaro. View my pictures (including of Agave) for examples.

Hen and Chicks Picture
This hen and chicks picture is of Sempervivum 'Yancha Mizu'. There are many types of these succulent plants. Page 2.

Autumn Joy Stonecrop Picture | Photo of Autumn Joy Sedum
Autumn Joy stonecrop (sedum) picture. Unlike some sedums, Autumn Joy stonecrop is grown primarily for its flowers. Page 3.

Sedum Frosty Morn Picture | Photo of Sedum Frosty Morn
Sedum 'Frosty Morn' picture. As the photo shows, Sedum 'Frosty Morn' has variegated leaves. Page 4.

Purslane: Culinary Delight of Edible Landscaping
Purslane is a nutritious weed increasingly used in agriculture and cooking recipes. This herb is high in vitamin C and metabolism-regulating Omega-3 fatty acids.

How to Control Magnolia Scale
There's a spray you can apply for magnolia scale control, but timing is of the essence. Learn about the time for application here.

Riding Mowers vs. Lawn Tractors - What's the Difference
I draw a distinction between riding mowers and lawn tractors. Many people use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.

Plants of China Introduced to Western Gardens
My article gives examples of the plants of China that have become popular in Western landscaping. Learn too of the collectors who brought them here.

What's the Right Time to Mow the Lawn?
Is there a right time to mow the lawn? How about a wrong time to cut your grass? Learn about best practices for mowing (and why) here.

Reason for Mowing Lawns – the Purpose Behind a Major Time Sink
What's the reason for mowing lawns? This FAQ explains the whys and wherefores, relating a purpose that goes beyond keeping up appearances.

Ideas for Green Living - Eco-Friendly Landscaping
Among the ideas for green living in this article on eco-friendly landscaping are tips for energy and water conservation and alternatives to chemicals.

Environmental Pollution and Your Yard
Environmental pollution and overused landfills are the subjects here. Tips include how to use compost bins. Compost reduces the need for chemicals. Page 2.

Picture of a Landscape Bridge
Landscape bridges go with garden ponds like bookmarks go with books. In my picture we see a large bridge that is in scale with its water feature. Page 15.

Picture of a Rose Arbor
In this picture of a rose arbor, we see a truly elegant landscape design. For the arbor is matched in elegance by other landscaping features. Page 16.

Landscaping Hillsides to Control Erosion - Picture
In landscaping hillsides to control erosion, do not forget ornamental grass. These tough plants can help hold back soil on hills and look great. Page 12.

Picture of Ornamental Grasses in a Roadside Planting
Roadside plantings lend themselves to ornamental grasses, as seen in my picture. Grasses such as blue fescue are tough enough for these problem spots. Page 11.

Stone Wall Border - Landscaping Photo
The stone wall border displayed in this photo is accompanied by a planting of flowers. Plantings help soften such hardscape structures. Page 10.

Example of Line in Landscape Design
I present an example of

Picture of Wishing Well
This picture of a wishing well is part of my landscaping photo gallery. Such decorative hardscape features can serve as focal points. Page 14.

Picture of Wooden Wishing Well
Wooden wishing wells can serve as focal points. But as revealed in this picture, you have to

Landscaping Photo - Border With Fence and Shrubs
A border with a fence and shrubs, together, can provide much visual interest in your landscaping. The shrubs used in this picture are forsythias. Page 5.

Picture of Wood Picket Fence
Wood picket fences can be given more height by setting them on stone walls. This picture reveals an example of this practice. Page 8.

Landscaping Borders - Plantings Along Fences
Landscaping borders means balancing privacy, security and looks. Plantings along fences (photo) soften the hard lines. Page 6.

Picture of Landscape Edging on a Lawn
In this picture, landscape edging on a lawn sets off a focal point. The edging in this photo is made of brick. Page 3.

Picture of How to Transition From Front Yard to Backyard
See an example of how to transition from the front yard to the backyard. In the picture in this example, a fence and an arbor play a large role. Page 4.

Landscaping Picture - White Picket Fence
White picket fences lend considerable charm to your landscaping, be it ever so humble. See an example of this cottage-garden classic in this picture. Page 7.

Picture of Lupine Flowers
My picture of lupine flowers is from northern New England. Such wildflowers give a natural, low-care alternative to more labor-intensive landscapes. Page 2.

Landscape Design Photo Gallery - Ideas Through Pictures
Check my landscape design photo gallery for front-yard design ideas. Let these landscaping pictures inspire you in your DIY projects.

Wildflower Meadows - Picture
My landscaping picture is of a wildflower meadow, a low-care landscape design option. This picture and the rest will foster ideas for beginners.

Using Pipe-Cutters to Cut Copper Tubing for Garden Fountains
The knob of the pipe-cutter tightens the vise around the copper tubing, bringing the blade into contact with it. Once contact is made, you spin the pipe-cutter around on the copper tubing, which severs it.

Build Decorative Garden Fountains the Easy Way
This do-it-yourselfer's tutorial on building decorative garden fountains centers around the use of high-quality ceramic planters that function as the decorative element. Such ceramic pieces can be expensive but make great visual impact.

Pond Liners for Decorative Water Garden Fountains
The ceramic planter for the garden fountain will sit in a rigid pond liner. Insert a rigid pond liner into the ground and use it as a base for the garden fountain.

How to Make Garden Fountains
Two kinds of copper piping are used in this project: solid copper pipes and flexible tubing. Both types of piping will have a diameter of 1/2

Spring Benders | Tube-Bending Tools for Garden Fountains
For this part of the project we'll use a tube-bending tool called a 'spring bender.' Since our tubing is 1/2-inch in diameter, you must buy a spring bender intended to be used on tubing of that diameter.

Plumbing for Garden Fountains | Soldering Supplies
We turn now to the copper piping that will give us our plumbing for the garden fountain. We'll now be working with straight, solid copper pipes, not the flexible tubing, and we'll be using our soldering supplies.

How to Solder Copper Pipes for Garden Fountains
Tutorial on how to solder copper pipes for garden fountains. To solder copper pipes together, you'll need a propane torch.

Installing the Plumbing for Garden Fountains
The function of the two flanking copper pieces is to hold the central plumbing pipe in place. To accomplish this, the flanking copper pieces will be secured in the ground, then the plumbing pipe will be joined to them, using wire.

Securing the Plumbing for Garden Fountains
The flanking pipes for securing the plumbing are driven into the ground. The central pipe is placed between them and the three are joined together, using copper wire.

Materials to Use for Eyes, Nose, Mouth in Making Scarecrows
What materials can you use for the eyes, nose and mouth in making scarecrows? I give you some ideas here and illustrate them in a picture.

Photo of Scarecrow for Metalheads
This scarecrow picture shows a figure with a tin bucket atop his frame. Is he the perfect Halloween decoration for metalheads? Page 8.

Dad, Mom and Kid Scarecrows -Picture of Family of Scarecrows
The image on this page shows a family of scarecrows. It's a cool Halloween idea: you'll see a daddy, mommy and kid stuffed with straw. Page 14.

Jack-o'-Lantern Headed Scarecrow - Picture
My picture shows a scarecrow with jack-o-lantern head surrounded by flowers. Straw men look great seated near plants, and the head reinforces the harvest theme. Page 5.

Photo of Scarecrow With Hat on Bike
This picture shows a scarecrow with a hat riding a bike. The figure wears glasses and a classic scarecrow hat. Page 11.

Scarecrow Family Picture - Photo of Scarecrows Raking Leaves
See my picture of scarecrows raking leaves for a new September decorating idea. This scarecrow family is doing some yard work on a fall day. Page 15.

Witch Scarecrow With Wig - Picture
My picture shows a witch scarecrow with wig. Her red wig provides a nice change of pace from the usual pointy hat. Page 12.

Wolfman Scarecrow Picture
This picture displays a Wolfman scarecrow. Drawing his wolf hair and evil features onto burlap, you can easily make such a decoration for Halloween. Page 3.

Scarecrow With Burlap Face - Idea for Straw-Man Face Materials
Scarecrow faces can be made of burlap. This material is an alternative to cloth for fabric faces, and this jester-like figure shows an example. Page 2.

Halloween Scarecrow With Bittersweet - Picture
The Halloween scarecrow in this picture has a cloth face, surrounded by bittersweet. Buying one already made saves time; add touches like bittersweet later. Page 4.

Picture - Using Cornstalks for a Scarecrow Body
Wondering how to make a scarecrow quickly? Avoid stuffing old clothes by simply using cornstalks for the body, as in this image. Page 10.

Picture of Scarecrow With a Pot Head
Get some ideas for scarecrows by browsing my pictures. Using plastic pots is one option for the heads, as shown here. Page 6.

Straw Bale Photo Showing Seated Scarecrow
This Halloween display picture shows a scarecrow resting on a straw bale. Using such bales as seats is an easy way to create a fall display. Page 16.

Wooden Scarecrow Picture - Straw Man on Wood Frame
The scarecrow in this picture uses wood as a base (frame). The wooden framework is draped with typical straw-man clothes. Page 9.

FTD Scarecrow Picture - Mr. Pumpkin Head
The pumpkin-headed scarecrow in the picture bears the FTD label. This picture of a Halloween decoration was taken in 'Bedford Falls.'. Page 7.

Photo of Scarecrow Used as a Planter
This photo displays a scarecrow used as a planter. The straw man's head is a plastic pot, in which ornamental grass is planted. Page 13.

Ideas for Making Scarecrows
Need ideas for making scarecrows this fall? Browse my pictures for inspiration, including ideas for faces, heads, torsos, hats, clothing and support.

Virginia Creeper Photo - Vine That Changes Pretty Colors in Fall
This photo shows a vine whose leaves change pretty colors in fall. Around Halloween everything is bathed in the red leaves of Virginia creeper. Page 14.

Picture of Pumpkins in Field
This picture shows pumpkins in a field. Their orange flesh adds color to the New England landscape. Page 18.

Picture of Orange Maple Tree
Orange maple trees make for stunning fall foliage scenes. Here I show a picture of the sugar type appreciated by pancake connoisseurs. Page 16.

Sumac's Fall Foliage - Picture
This sumac picture is one of my photos of fall foliage scenes from New England. Colorful autumn leaves are part of what makes the Halloween season tick here. Page 15.

Halloween Black Cat Picture
The Halloween black cat in this picture sits on a jack-o-lantern. View it to see if it's just the inexpensive type of ornament you need for your October yard. Page 11.

Halloween Photo - Ceramic Jack-o-Lantern With Angel's Trumpets
This picture features a jack-o-lantern and an angel's trumpet. The scene is from New England and representative of the Halloween season. Page 5.

Picture of Frankenstein Monster as Yard Decoration
This picture of the Frankenstein monster shows it used as a Halloween decoration. This is really a Halloween scarecrow if you strip away the green face. Page 12.

Free Halloween Pics - Fall Color of Grapevines
My pics consist of fall foliage scenes from New England, representative of the Halloween season. On this page I show a yellow grapevine leaf. Page 4.

Picture of Halloween Ghost
Standing in the front yard, the Halloween ghost in this picture isn't a scary specter: he's smiling. It could serve as a cute idea for outdoor decorating. Page 13.

Picture of a Jack-o-Lantern
On this page I provide a jack-o-lantern picture. Follow my links for carving both conventional and unconventional Halloween pumpkins. Page 9.

Picture of Honey Locust Tree
My picture of a honey locust tree reveals its fall foliage color. But in landscape tree selection, beware the pods of some locusts -- they're messy! Page 7.

Ornamental Gourds - Picture of Gourds in a Bushel Basket
Picture of gourds providing fall color. While the hard shell varieties are used for bird houses and the like, ornamental gourds mainly provide fall color. Page 6.

Picture of Red Maple Tree
In this picture of a red maple, you see an example of a rounded tree form. I snapped this shot in Lancaster, in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Page 10.

Picture of Scary Ghost Ornament Amidst New England Autumn Leaves
In this picture, a scary ghost emerges from the fall foliage on a tree. New England autumn leaves spark widespread interest in their own right, without such ornaments. Page 17.

Picture of Yellow Maple Tree
My picture reveals a yellow maple tree's fall color. The example shows the

Winged Euonymus - Picture of Burning Bush
My picture of winged euonymus shows what burning bush looks like. Euonymus alata has fiery fall foliage but is not well-behaved. Page 3.

Fall Leaves Picture - Sweetgum Tree
It is the sweetgum tree whose fall leaves are featured in this picture. The tree bears multicolored foliage in autumn.

Halloween Pictures - From Fall Foliage to Frankenstein
See my Halloween pictures from New England for fall decorating ideas. You'll find fall foliage, outdoor decorations, and more for this fall holiday.

Pumpkin Picture - a Giant Surrounded by Mums
In this pumpkin picture, a giant variety is surrounded by smaller ones, along with mums. It makes for a great Halloween display in the yard. Page 2.

Halloween Gargoyles Guard a Tombstone - Picture
My gargoyle picture shows scary figures flanking a tombstone. A classic, gargoyles are not enjoying prominence now in outdoor Halloween decoration themes. Page 15.

Halloween Corpse Photo - Corpse's Foot Sticking Out of Ground
A Halloween corpse's foot is sticking out of the ground in this picture. My photo may give you an idea for an October yard decoration. Page 12.

Halloween Image - Skull Ground Lights
This Halloween image depicts a skull ground light. Along with skulls, pumpkins are popular Halloween lights to stake into the ground. Page 16.

Tombstone Halloween Decoration With Epitaph
This image shows a tombstone Halloween decoration engraved with the RIP epitaph. Tombstones with epitaphs are popular October decorations for yards. Page 13.

Halloween Corpse Hand Rising Out of Ground
This image reveals a Halloween corpse hand rising out of the ground. Whom will it pull down under next? Page 11.

Photo of a Halloween Skeleton in Chains - Cool Flag Idea
This photo of a skeleton in chains shows the figure on a cool Halloween flag. What a great idea for scaring Trick-or-Treaters! Page 8.

Hanging Skull Photo - a Halloween Decorating Idea
This hanging skull photo should supply you with a Halloween decorating idea. Children will love this scary ornament at Trick-or-Treat time. Page 6.

Picture of Tombstones With Corpse Hands - a Halloween Idea
Here's a Halloween idea for the decor-challenged. My image shows tombstones, with corpse hands thrusting out of the lawn nearby. Page 10.

Image of Halloween Skeleton Digging Graves
This Halloween image shows a skeleton digging a grave. This decorating idea can work whether you're going for

Photo of Black-Robed Skeleton Halloween Decoration
This photo depicts a black-robed plastic skeleton Halloween decoration. Would you like this scary figure gracing your porch in October? Page 5.

Hanging Skeleton Picture
My hanging skeleton picture shows

Photo of Black-Faced Ghoul Halloween Decoration
This photo of a black-faced ghoul should be enough to scare the children! Use this Halloween decoration to put a scare into Trick-or-Treaters. Page 3.

Halloween Satan Picture - Devil Flag
This Halloween image showing Satan is supported scarecrow-style. Behind Satan hangs a devil flag. Page 2.

Photo of Flying Ghoul - Halloween Decorating Idea
My image features a flying ghoul or winged demon. This scary Halloween picture may inspire you to decorate this year for the ghoulish holiday. Page 4.

Halloween Image - Witch Silhouette
Halloween image showing a witch silhouette. This picture is part of a gallery meant to inspire outdoor decorating.

Scary Halloween Pictures
Scary Halloween pictures can have more than just fright value. The images in my Halloween photo gallery will inspire ideas for unique fall yard displays.

Troy-Bilt Horse sv470 Riding Mower - Review
Is the Troy-Bilt Horse sv470 riding mower a good product? This reviewer didn't think so; find out why.

How to Control or Get Rid of Chinese Lanterns
You may have to kill Chinese lanterns (Physalis alkekengi) if they spread out of control and you decide you hate them. Here are some control methods.

Why Are My Dwarf Alberta Spruces Dropping Needles?
When dwarf Alberta spruces are dropping needles, it doesn't mean they're dying. Learn what may be causing needle drop and what to do about it.

Brown Leaves on Japanese Maple Trees - What's the Cause?
Japanese maple trees often develop brown leaves during hot summers. Learn what causes leaf scorch and how to control it in this informative article.

My Bradford Pear Trees Have Wilted Leaves, Wind Damage?
You ask about young Bradford pear trees, saying they have leaf wilt and look dead, due to high winds. Besides patience, I suggest here what NOT to do.

Brown Leaves on Bradford Pear Trees - Watering Problem?
What do brown leaves on new Bradford pear trees indicate? Is it stress from the planting, excessive heat or a watering problem? Learn more here.

When to Prune Magnolia Trees - What's the Best Time?
When should you prune magnolia trees? I answer the question of the best time for pruning here but also address a more fundamental issue.

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Magnolia Trees?
Why do some magnolia growers sprinkle coffee grounds around their trees? The reason lies in soil pH and acid soil.

Natural Landscape Design vs the Minimalist Style
Learn the difference between minimalism, a formal style and a natural landscape design. The latter's misleading: for low maintenance, go minimal. Page 5.

How Much Concrete You Need When Pouring
If you're pouring a patio, you'll need to calculate how much concrete you need. There's a simple formula to use to figure out how much to buy.

How to Use Brick Hammers
Use brick hammers (mason's hammers) to break bricks, stones, etc. Learn exactly how to use this helpful tool in this introduction.

When Is Grass Pollen Allergy Season?
Since grass pollen allergy season comes when grass flowers, it's important to keep a lawn mowed regularly. Learn when to be on-guard.

Stone Dust - Great Setting Bed for Pavers
You've heard of using stone dust with pavers; it's a great setting bed material. My intro explains what it is, how to use it, and how to buy it.

Lawn Aeration - What It Is, Why, When and How It's Done
Lawn aeration will help you remove thatch from your grass. Severe cases of soil compaction may demand core aeration, which requires special equipment.

Outdoor Tile Expansion Joints - Why You Need Them
Find out why you need outdoor tile expansion joints when building a patio in your yard. Also learn precisely how to include them in your patio project.

Masonry Steps - 3 Ideas for DIYers Using Brick, Stone
Masonry steps can be made from many different materials. My tutorial uses pictures to present 3 ideas to get you started building your outdoor stairs.

Tools for Fence Building - Post-Hole Augers vs Diggers
Discover the difference between post-hole augers and post-hole diggers. Also learn about other tools needed for fence building.

Basic Components of Wooden Fences for Privacy
Wooden fence styles for privacy share 3 basic components: posts, rails and panels. Here I introduce you to these essential components.

Star Magnolia Trees - Luminaries of the Spring Landscape
Star magnolia trees (M. stellata) are Japanese and can tend to grow as multi-stemmed shrubs if not pruned right. Learn pruning and other info here.

What Is Heavenly Bamboo?
What is heavenly bamboo? Find out the more accurate designation for this plant, which would be as pretty a shrub by any other name (albeit invasive).

PVC Vinyl Fences - Pros and Cons
Privacy screens used to be wooden, but PVC vinyl fences are popular now. Learn about their pros and cons and how to clean stains off them.

When's the Best Time to Prune Lantana?
When should you prune lantana? To decide on the best time to cut it back, first determine whether the shrubs are evergreen or not in your area.

Curing Concrete - How to Prevent Cracking
While curing concrete, there's a trick you can use to prevent cracking. It's a way to avoid the fast drying which is so problematic.

Winter Landscape Ideas and Plant Recommendations
Read my Top 10 list of best plant ideas for winter landscapes and attracting wild birds (e.g., red osier dogwood). I rank based on visual interest.

Winter Landscaping - Shrubs and Trees for Attracting Birds
An aspect of winter landscaping I explore is the value of some landscape plants as sources of wild bird food. They'll delight both you and the birds. Page 2.

Barberry Shrubs and Winged Euonymus Shrubs for Winter Scenes
Japanese barberry and winged euonymus shrubs make nice winter scenes. Both are invasive; I inform you of alternative components for winter color in the yard. Page 3.

Home Landscaping and Real Estate
Steps to take in your home landscaping work to increase real estate value. How you design your yard depends on whether you're selling or staying.

Real Estate Selling Tips - Home Landscaping Design
Real estate selling tips begin with home landscaping design, since buyers see your yard before they see your home's interior. Here are some ideas. Page 2.

Create Winter Scenes in Your Yard to Provide Year-Round Interest
Create winter scenes for year-round interest in the yard using hardscape, ornamental grass, etc. Your goal is a pretty landscape year-round. Page 3.

Tansy Flowers - Invasive, Toxic Plants
Tansy flowers grow in clusters and look like golden buttons. The common variety of these invasive, toxic plants is classified as Tanacetum vulgare.

Blue Lupine Flowers (Lupinus perennis) - Spiky Plants Native to America
Blue lupine (Lupinus perennis) is native to eastern North America. Learn about this relative to the well-known Russell hybrids and Texas bluebonnets.

Paving Bricks and How to Use Them
Paving bricks are specially designed for foot traffic and differ from the type used in walls. Learn how to use them (design and installation) here.

Loamy Soils - What They Are, Why Gardeners Love Them
Loamy soils are highly prized by people who grow plants. Learn what they are and what gardeners must watch for when having loads delivered.

When Is It Safe to Apply Grub Killer on New Grass?
When is it safe to apply grub killer to new grass? We discuss the issue of waiting here, while also relating facts about grubs and controlling them.

When to Stop Watering Lawns in Fall
When can you stop watering lawns in fall? Northerners may anticipate a lot of precipitation in winter, but is this enough? Find out the facts here.

Bluestone Pavers a Great Choice for Patios
Bluestone pavers are a great choice for patios using a natural paving material. This article teaches you what they are and what makes them so great.

When to Prune Desert Bird of Paradise
When do you prune desert bird of paradise? Before answering the question, we need to clarify exactly what plant we're talking about.

Cost Savings From Drilling a Water Well
You can achieve cost savings by drilling water wells in the long run. And during town bans on non-essential watering, you can still irrigate plants.

Potted Dwarf Alberta Spruce - How to Grow Your Tree in a Pot
Growing dwarf Alberta spruce trees in pots has a good and bad side. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of growing them in containers.

What Do Star Magnolia Seed Pods Look Like?
Star magnolia seed pods might look like mere bumps or weird growths, but don't worry. Their identity is revealed when the orange seeds burst out.

Butterfly Bush Plants - Magnet for Swallowtails
The scientific name for butterfly bush plants is Buddleia davidii. As the common name suggests, it attracts butterflies; it also draws hummingbirds.

Lawn Edging Materials: Pros, Cons of the Various Types
What lawn edging materials are available to the average homeowner? Choices range from natural ones to manufactured materials; I discuss options here.

Yellow Dock Plants - Identification, Simple Home Remedy
Yellow dock plants are invasive, but the juice from the leaves will alleviate the sting from stinging nettles, making them a simple home remedy.

How Do Electric Dog Fences Work?
Learn how electric dog fences work, including their pros and cons (they're for cats too). Follow my links to learn more about pets, pests in the yard.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers - Review, Listing Pros and Cons
Here's my review of Black & Decker's cordless hedge trimmers (NHT518). These hedgers have many of the features of corded models, but without the annoying cord!

Cabling Trees - What It Means, How It's Done
The term, cabling refers to a technique used in tree care. Learn what it means, how it is done, and how it is different from staking or guying.

How to Improve Caliche Soil and Grow Lawn Grass in It
You must improve caliche soil first to grow lawn grass in it, since it causes many problems for plants. Here's how to amend it, and some alternatives.

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades
Learn how to sharpen lawn mower blades correctly, and why you need to. It's a job to do regularly because, believe it or not, it affects lawn health.

What Kind of Lumber Do I Need for Wood Fencing?
What kind of lumber do you need for wood fencing? I tell you here, also providing the reasoning behind it, as well as giving some lumber dimensions.

Best Way to Repair Low Spots in Lawn (Using Old Grass)
Trying to repair low spots in a lawn? You can dig up the old grass, transplanting the sod patch back to fill in such areas; here's how to do it right.

Pagan Origins of Halloween
The history of All Hallows eve suggests the pagan origins of Halloween (or elements), but when did the influence occur? Do the pagan roots lie in Celtic belief?

Using Flowers in Outdoor Halloween Decorating
By using flowers in your outdoor Halloween decorating schemes, you can supplement the fall foliage extravaganza to make your yard more interesting. Page 2.

Blue Chip Butterfly Bush - Non-Invasive Buddleia?
Blue Chip butterfly bush is listed as a non-invasive shrub. Compact to boot, this Buddleia flowers well into the fall.

Chicken Wire - What It Is, How It's Used in Landscaping
Why is chicken wire called that? Learn the answer here, as well as learning (more importantly) about the many uses to which it is put in landscaping.

Building Walkways or Pathways - Design Considerations
Building walkways or pathways is a solution to connect point A to point B. With proper design, the project addresses foot traffic wearing out your grass.

Is Laying Walkway Pavers a DIY Project?
Laying walkway pavers for a 4x30 run would cost $600 (plus installation). Find out if this is a DIY project (or you should hire a pro to do it). Page 3.

Blue Chiffon Rose of Sharon - Growing Tips
Blue Chiffon rose of sharon has violet-blue hibiscus flowers. The blooms have burgundy markings on their lacy centers like other Hibiscus syriacus shrubs.

Bamboo Privacy Hedges - Are They Good Noise Barriers?
Bamboo privacy hedges can make a yard near a main road more private. Planting such hedges can also provide you with good noise barriers.

Male and Female Holly Shrubs - Telling the Difference
How do you tell a male holly shrub apart from a female bush, using their flowers to make the identification? I show the difference here in a picture.

Electric Snow Throwers Review (General) - Pro, Cons
Rather than a review of specific electric snow throwers, my article compares them (as a general class) to gas-powered models. Discover the pros, cons

Reel Mower Review - Why They're Great for Small Lawns
In my reel mowers review I assess them as alternatives to rotary mowers. Quiet, safe, clean, green, and cheap, they do still have drawbacks.

Picture of Calceolaria Flower - Pocketbook Plants
My picture shows calceolaria, or

Photo of Orange Asiatic Lily
As this orange Asiatic lily picture shows, there's a lily that has a deeper orange-colored flower than the common daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) bears. Page 2.

Mexican Sunflower Picture - Tithonia
This is a picture of Mexican sunflower (Tithonia). As the photo shows, this tall, tender plant has an orange flower. Page 18.

Fritillaria Imperialis Picture
Fritillaria imperialis is a lily with orange flowers, as seen in this picture. Grow crown imperial in planting zones 5-8 in well-drained soil. Page 19.

Picture of Bittersweet Berries
Picture of bittersweet berries. With orange fruit encased in a peeling golden husk, it's no wonder that bittersweet berries are a favorite with fall-crafts enthusiasts. Page 17.

Chinese Lantern Plant Picture
Producing an orange light shade, my Chinese lantern plant picture shows how it received its name. The plants are in the nightshade family and toxic. Page 8.

Picture of Orange Impatiens Flower
Picture of an orange impatiens flower. Impatiens flowers are popular annuals for shady areas. Impatiens flowers come in many other colors, with red, white and pink being among the most used. Page 15.

Picture of Orange Nasturtium Flowers
Any good picture of orange nasturtium flowers will persuade you of how good a fall plant it is. It blooms late, just when you want that fall color for use in autumn decor. Page 16.

Lantana Picture With Orange Flowers
In my lantana picture I use an example with orange flowers. This sub-tropical plant bears flowers in other colors, as well.

Photo of Orange Pansy
My photo of an orange pansy will show gardening novices just how delightful these flowers can be. Besides orange, some plants bear yellow blooms, purple blossoms, etc. Page 4.

Picture of Flowering Maple
Flowering maple trees produce flowers in white, red and pale yellow (or as in this picture, pale orange). They're name is actually Abutilons. Page 5.

Picture of Orange Canna Lily
This picture of orange Canna lily reveals the beauty of these tropical plants. Despite their name, the plants are not a member of the genus, Lilium. Page 12.

How Do You Drain Water Off Lawns?
In answering how to drain water off lawns, you must know not only about water drains, but also what to do with the runoff (dry wells are an option).

Chinese Loropetalum Plant - a "Ruby" of a Shrub
Chinese loropetalum plant (fringe flower) is a shrub. The pink flowers on such types as 'Burgundy' and 'Ruby' betray it as a witch-hazel family member.

Outdoor Patio Tile - How to Choose the Right Type
When selecting outdoor patio tiles for your new patio, be aware that they are not all the same. Learn how to choose between the different types for flooring outside.

What Is Colored Mulch and How Do People Feel About It?
Colored mulch, which some hate, offers a choice in colors while you wage your war against weeds. You can give plants a red or black backdrop with it.

Papyrus Plants - Spectacular Choice for Water Gardens
Historically, papyrus plants were associated with paper and Egypt. But for us moderns, their chief use is as a classy ornamental in water gardens.

What Are Tile Spacers?
Learn how to use tile spacers, as well as what purpose they serve. Ever wonder how to keep squares lined-up when building tile patios? Read this.

Woodland Phlox - Blue Flowers for Dappled-Shade Native Gardens
Woodland phlox is native to most of eastern North America. Consult this article if you want to grow Phlox divaricata in a native shade garden.

Care for Cyclamen Plants
Perhaps you received a cyclamen plant as a holiday gift, and now you're wondering about the proper care for cyclamen plants. Luckily, you won't need a green

How to Clean a Concrete Driveway
Concrete driveways look great when they're new. But stains such as those from oil, grease, rust, mildew and tire marks rob concrete driveways of much of their

How to Care for Abutilon Plants
You may have seen Abutilon plants at the nursery without even knowing it. Abutilon plants are the ones that appear to be dwarf maple trees, except that they

Plants That Rabbits Eat: Crocus and More
Somebody had better beseech the Easter Bunny to demand that his minions show a little holiday spirit. I went out into my spring-fresh yard this morning, my

Wood Decks vs Composite Decks - a Comparison
A comparison between wood decks and composite decks is useful to folks thinking of building. Read brief reviews of decking materials like Trex or ipe.

What's the Difference Between Cacti and Succulents?
When we use the phrase,

Spring Landscape Maintenance Tips
You can find spring landscape maintenance tips here, in FAQ format. Learn about such upkeep issues as fertilizing, pruning, rototilling and lawn care.

Building Fences - Help Deciding on Materials, Design
Building fences means deciding on materials and a design, even if you're hiring a pro to do the job. These tips will aid both DIYers and those hiring help.

Butterfly Gardens
Attracting butterflies to the backyard garden means providing the right plants, sun, moisture and shelter. Butterfly gardens and insecticides don't mix. Page 4.

Butterfly Weed - Plants That Attract Swallowtails
Butterfly weed is one of the flowering plants that attract butterflies to the garden. The focus here is on host plants for monarch and swallowtail caterpillars.

Attract Butterflies and Caterpillars With Viburnum, Red Oak Trees
Here are pictures and descriptions of flowering plants for attracting butterflies to the garden. Learn of host plants for tiger, black swallowtail caterpillars. Page 2.

Wildflower Gardens for Butterflies - Picture of Butterfly Bushes
As my picture of butterfly bush illustrates, the plant is aptly named. I explain why do you need to prune the butterfly bushes in your wildflower garden? Page 3.