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Geometric Patterns in Formal Landscape Design
This is a brief introduction to the use of geometric patterns in formal landscape design history. The influence of geometry can be traced back to ancient times.

Plants for Deer Control
Using plants for deer control entails growing specimens that these garden pests are least likely to eat. Learn what tends not to be on Bambi's menu and save money!

Aesthetic - Definition in the Context of Landscape Design
What is the definition of aesthetic? While the term does have a philosophical use, there's a simpler meaning in the context of landscape design.

Wood Spurge (Euphorbia Purpurea) Growing and Care Info
Purple wood spurge is known for its dark leaves. The foliage color of Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea' changes with the seasons and is sometimes burgundy.

Chocolate Drop Sedum - Sweet Choice of a Succulent for Dry Areas
'Chocolate Drop' sedum lives up to its colorful name. Learn how to grow this dark-colored stonecrop, which is a solid choice for dry areas.

Prickly Pear Cactus and Cholla Plants
Prickly pear cactus is hardy to zone 4. Bearing yellow flowers, these drought-resistant stalwarts are similar to cholla plants and a natural for rock gardens.

Aluminum Snow Shovels - Review of Ames' Arctic Blast
Are aluminum snow shovels better than their plastic counterparts? In reviewing the Ames True Temper Arctic Blast, I concluded no, except in hard winters.

Is Installing a Driveway Gate on a Slope a DIY Project?
Will you be installing a driveway gate across a slope? It's a project fraught with challenges, so ask yourself if you should call in a professional installer.

How to Remove Snow - Shoveling vs Snowblowing
Do you ever wonder how to remove snow in a way that's effective and easy on the body, without being cost-prohibitive? Snowblowing isn't always the answer.

Little Titch Dwarf Catmint - Nepeta Racemosa
'Little Titch' catmint (Nepeta mussinii or Nepeta racemosa) stays short and is, in fact, considered a dwarf. This makes it more suitable for tight spots than '6 Hills Giant' catmint, for example.

Carex Spark Plug - Japanese Sedge as Alternative to Ribbon Grass
Carex Spark Plug is a type of palm or Japanese sedge. A variegated plant, it can serve as a substitute for the invasive, ribbon grass.

Adjustable Garden Trellis Review
The Cascade Gardens adjustable garden trellis offers a good design for growing vines in tight spaces. But my review raises the issue of hanging it straight.

Pump-Free Garden Sprayers - Review
Most spraying equipment has to be pumped. But Black & Decker's rechargeable pump-free garden sprayers require no pumping.

Yellow Archangel Plants - Lamium Galeobdolon
Yellow archangel plants (Lamium galeobdolon) are shade ground covers similar to L. maculatum. To distinguish this yellow-flowering plant from the latter, some use the botanical name Lamiastrum (false deadnettle).

Fringed Bleeding Hearts - Plants of Love
Fringed bleeding hearts bear leaves that are fern-like in appearance. In fact, their foliage is the reason some prefer them to the showier Dicentra spectabilis.

Names of Perennials – Why You Must Learn Them and How
Learning the names of perennials seems a daunting job; you may even question the need to do so. But here's why you must learn them, plus an easy way to do it.

Battery Powered Cordless Electric Mowers - Review
This battery-powered cordless electric mower is said to be the first to offer 60 volts of power with a run time of 60 min. Switch from cordless to corded mode.

Lehr Eco Trimmer Review - Eco-Friendly Weedeaters
Lehr's Eco trimmer is an eco-friendly, propane-powered alternative to gas weedeaters. My review evaluates it in the context of what works in small vs big yards.

Propane Lawn Mowers - Lehr Eco Mower Review
Propane lawn mowers are supposed to be more enviro-friendly, and in this review I cover Lehr's Eco Mower, which runs on a 16.4 oz. canister.

Review of Electric Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher
Is the BV6000 electric leaf blower-vacuum-mulcher (with compostable bags) right for you? It depends on your yard and preferences, as I explain in my review.

Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangeas - Pink Annabelle Bushes
Invincibelle Spirit hydrangeas are essentially pink Annabelle bushes. Learn how these new bushes are similar to Annabelles (and different).

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush - Care, Pruning, Features
Miss Ruby butterfly bushes bear pink flowers from early summer to well into fall. Care for this shrub is easy, since even pruning is optional.

Edging Plants - What They Are and How to Use Them
What's the meaning of edging plants? Learn the definition here, along with examples and information on how to use them.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers - How Do They Work?
Many people prefer to mow with self-propelled lawn mowers. You need to know just one trick to get them started (a safety feature).

Bamboo Removal - Eradicating Bamboo Without Herbicides
I treat running bamboo removal from an organic perspective in this article. Learn how to remove this invasive plant without resorting to herbicides.

Black Hollyhocks Picture
Black hollyhocks have the Latin name Alcea rosea 'nigra.' As the picture shows, the color of these plants' flowers is really a very dark purple. Page 5.

Photo of Purple Fountain Grass
My photo of purple fountain grass reveals the plant's beauty. Use my link beneath the picture to learn how to grow this ornamental grass. Page 4.

Picture of Butterfly Bush - Buddleia Black Knight
My picture of butterfly bush uses 'Black Knight' as an example. This Buddleia bears dark-colored flowers, as the cultivar name suggests. Page 6.

Dark Coleus Photo
Any good dark Coleus photo will explain the allure of these annuals. Mix the dark leaves with brightly colored plants for a color contrast. Page 15.

Picture of Ajuga With Dark Leaves
My picture of ajuga shows a plant with dark leaves. The upper foliage of even common bugleweed is quite dark. Page 16.

Ninebark Photo
My ninebark photo shows the dark foliage of Diablo's leaves. These shrubs flower in late-spring or early summer. Page 9.

Phlox stolonifera Home Fires - the Other Creeping Phlox
How do the 2 creeping phloxes (P. stolonifera and P. subulata) differ? Find out in this article on the stolonifera type, which I tell you how to grow.

Rose Queen Epimedium - Whimsical Full-Shade Plant, Reputed Aphrodisiac
Rose Queen Epimedium sells under various names (Crimson Queen or Beauty, Yubae). This plant takes full shade and is a source for horny goat weed.

Corkscrew Rush Plants - Spiraling Out of Control Never Looked So Good
Corkscrew rush (Juncus effusus) is a great architectural plant for water gardens. Also called twisted rush, its stems spiral and curl every which way.

Horsetail Plant - Aggressively-Spreading Weed or Water-Garden Accent?
There are 2 aggressively spreading plants named horsetail. But whereas Equisetum arvense is just a weed, E. hyemale does have value in water gardens.

Lewisia - Rainbow of Flower Colors, Place in American History
Lewisia cotyledon 'Rainbow' is a succulent-like perennial with evergreen leaves. A purslane family member, the plant was named for the famed explorer.

Hepatica (Liverleaf) - American Anemone for Native Plant Gardens
Whether you classify liverleaf as an American anemone or a Hepatica, its spring flowers are undeniably lovely. Consider it for native-plant gardens.

Pink Flowering Almond Bush - the Dwarf With the Giant Impact
Pink flowering almond bush (Prunus glandulosa) has double flowers (which is why it's called Rosea Plena). Learn the pros and cons of this spring star.

Picture of Red Amaranth
Picture of a red amaranth. Its height makes this red amaranth a prime candidate for the back row of an annual bed. Page 13.

Red Mums Picture - Autumn Color With Chrysanthemums
View my photo of 'Autumn Red' mums to see what all the fuss is about. Chrysanthemums with these terrific fall colors are truly standouts for September-November. Page 2.

Picture of Red Azalea - Stewartstonian or Stewartsonian Azaleas
Picture of a red azalea. The red-flowering bush in the photo is a Stewartsonian, also spelled 'Stewartstonian'. Page 9.

Picture of Red Castor Bean Seed Pods
My picture shows the color of red castor bean seed pods. Because the seeds are poisonous, they should not be grown in yards where children play. Page 12.

Picture of Red Coleus
As you can tell from my picture of a red coleus, this color would work well with yellow flowers. One possibility would be to use it to supplement the color given by Yellow Archangel. Page 10.

Maltese Cross Flower Picture
My picture of Maltese cross flower displays a 5-petaled bloom. But some come with 4 petals, and those better deserve the common name (see the graphic). Page 6.

Photo of Red Peony
My photo of a red peony may give you an idea for a nice change of pace from the usual pink or white. 'Red Charm' is so deep a red as to be almost burgundy in color. Page 4.

Red Geranium Flower Picture
Picture shows a red geranium flower. These annuals are popular in window boxes, cemetery plantings, and as bedding plants. Page 5.

Red Hibiscus Flower Picture
My red hibiscus flower picture makes clear just how phenomenal these blooms are. Not only is the color vibrant, but these blossoms are giants, giving them the name

Photo of Red Poppy Flower
My picture of a red poppy flower uses a perennial type as an example. This is one of the Orientals; in New England, the oranges seem more popular than this color. Page 7.

Picture of Red Salvia
Picture of red salvia. Because of its color, red salvia is useful in decorations for such holidays as Halloween and 4th of July (U.S.). Page 11.

Picture of Red Tulips
The red tulips in the picture reside under a young sweet gum tree. They also co-exist amiably with some snowdrop plants, whose blooms precede those of their fellow bulb plants in spring. Page 8.

Picture of Virginia Creeper Vines
Picture of Virginia creeper vines. Their leaves turn red in autumn and are a prime native contributor to the fall foliage display in the Northeastern U.S. Page 14.

Red Lobelia Picture
Are you seeking red lobelia flowers? Try 'Fan Scarlet,' a perennial that boasts red blooms, as shown in this picture. Page 3.

Pictures of Red Flowers
Red flowers can be used to make a yard look bigger. View my pictures to help with plant selection and expand your gardening repertoire with this vibrant color.

Plant Taxonomy - What It Is and Why We Use It
Learn what plant taxonomy is and why we use it. Linnaeus gave us our system of classifying flora, and the terms used conform to a binomial system.

Planting Rose Bushes Bare-Root and Pruning
Learn about planting rose bushes bare-root, plant selection, and soil preparation. Find out how to prune roses properly beginning with choosing the proper pruner. Page 2.

Growing Roses Is Easier Than You Think
Growing roses is easier than you think. For all the talk about how hard it is to grow these shrubs, you just need basic advice on soil and water requirements.

Maltese Cross Plants - Do Flowers Conform to Graphic?
How did Maltese cross plants get their name? As any graphic of the same name reveals, the symbol has 4 parts; but the plant's flower has 5.

Scientific Names of Plants vs Common Names
Reason given for why we use scientific names of plants rather than common names of plants. I also supply the most common mispronunciations of the scientific monikers.

10 Best Landscaping Plants You May Not Know About
Some of the best landscaping plants are not well-known to the general public. This article lists 10 of them and suggests they're plants worth remembering (bushes, perennials and a tree).

Pollution-Tolerant Trees - Good Choices for Street Plantings
When would it be important to grow specifically pollution-tolerant trees? It's a good idea for city landscaping in general, but also when planting street trees.

Variegated Leaves - Pictures of Plants With Bi-Colored Foliage
Variegated leaves typically bear one color on the inside and a second around the edge of the foliage. View these pictures of bi-colored leaves for some examples.

Cottage Gardens - Chaos With a Plan
Cottage gardens have been popularized by Thomas Kinkade and Claude Monet. But here I explore what this design style consists of from a practical perspective.

Cottage Garden Planting Beds
What should be grown in cottage garden planting beds? The style is still used, even though we've abandoned components of the classic style. Page 2.

Hardscape in Cottage Gardens
Any design as plant-heavy as the cottage garden style can profit from some well-placed hardscape. Arbors, paths and fences are examples. Page 3.

Patriot Hosta - The Francee Sport That Scored Big
Patriot hosta is a green and white variegated type and a sport of the Francee. Learn how to grow this plant here, including its sunlight or shade requirements.

Hetz's Japanese Holly - Shrubs That Look Like Boxwood
Hetz's Japanese holly shrubs have small leaves that look like those of boxwoods. Learn how to tell the two bushes apart and how to grow Ilex crenata 'Hetzii.'

Scale in Landscape Design - an Illustration of the Concept
People generally don't think of scale in landscape design until they notice an egregious violation of it. My picture here illustrates what the concept means.

Flower Borders - Ideas to Make Your Landscaping Sizzle
If flower borders are planted properly, they enhance your landscaping greatly. Here are ideas to help you get it right, with photos to illustrate the concepts.

Layering Flower Borders - Picture
Layering flower borders is sometimes done with an eye to optimal display. Other time, it's done to make sure that the shortest plants are shaded by taller ones.

Petunia Flower Borders
Petunia flower borders can pack quite a punch. This image reveals just how big a splash you can make in your landscaping using a single type of flower.

Catmint Flower Border Complemented by Tubs of Petunias
Catmint flower borders are popular but can be rather plain. Help them along with an injection of color from another source: tubs of petunias.

Begonias Used as Edging Plants
Begonias are popular edging plants. These annual plants have blooms that come in red, white and pink; here, they're used as a flower border (edge).

Flower Border With Brick Edging
This flower border with brick edging has a lot going for it. The planting needs just one change to make it outstanding: a color change.

Landscape Border for Spring - Grape Hyacinths and Yellow Alyssum
The spring landscape border in this photo contains grape hyacinths and yellow alyssum. The former flower is a bulb plant, the latter a perennial.

Summer Flower Borders - Patriotic Combos for American Gardeners
Are you looking for ideas for summer flower borders? If you're an American Gardener, you may be interested in a patriotic combo: red, white and blue flowers.

Fall Flower Borders - Extend the Season With Autumn Joy Sedum
Enjoy fall flower borders by growing plants that let you extend the flowering season. Pink 'Autumn Joy' sedum is one of the most popular late-bloomers.

Foliage Keeps Your Flower Borders Lively in Off Periods
Flower borders may look great when the plants are in bloom, but what happens when you're between blooming periods? Let foliage come to the rescue.

The Perfect Flower Garden Border
I call the planting bed in this picture the

Ornamental Grass in Flower Borders
Ornamental grass can work wonders in flower borders. Read my assessment here of the roles it can play to enliven your landscape plantings.

Picture of a Flower Border That Uses Form and Texture
Plant form and texture can work to improve the appearance of a planting if used wisely. This picture of a flower border shows an example.

Picture of a Castor Bean Plant in Flower Border
As this picture of castorbean plant shows, there are some types of such a deep burgundy color that they're almost black. It's a spectacular flower-border plant.

Northern Blue Flag - Native Iris for Landscaping in Wet Areas
Northern blue flag is a type of iris native to eastern North America. Learn how to tame this wildflower and use it successfully in your landscaping.

Landscape Design Tips for Beginners
These landscape design tips are geared specifically to beginners, making this FAQ and accompanying links a good place for new homeowners to begin.

Dutchman's Breeches - Whimsical Ephemeral of the Woodland Garden
Dutchman's breeches is a whimsical perennial to grow. A shade-tolerant wildflower, the plant name comes from its flowers' shape, like bleeding heart.

Landscape Shrubs
Pictures of and information on landscape shrubs. Discover the many uses for landscape shrubs in your backyard.

Landscaping Advice on Shrub Plants
Pictures of and landscaping advice on landscape shrubs. Discover the many varieties of landscape shrubs in your backyard, while imbibing landscaping advice on how to use them. Page 2.

Puddling in Driveways After Snow Melts - a Problem for Paved Driveways
Puddling after snow melts can be a problem for paved driveways (asphalt, concrete). Water runoff can be trapped, so it puddles and becomes ice again.

Common Names of Plants A-Z - Listing From I to J
This list of the common names of plants allows you to search for flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees alphabetically. Those beginning I-J can be found here.

Interrupted Ferns - Tall Native Plants for Shade Gardens
How did so-called interrupted fern get such a seemingly crazy name? And how can you use it in your landscaping? I answer both questions here.

Veronica Plants or Speedwell - Growing Tips
Veronica plants include Royal Candles, which bears blue flowers late spring-early summer. I tell you how to grow these plants, which are also named speedwell.

Sample Landscaping Plan
This sample landscaping plan shows what a bubble diagram looks like. The sample landscaping plan has the characteristic circular and oblong shapes of the bubble diagram.

How Long Do Gourds Last?
How long do gourds last? Hardshells are nothing like pumpkins; this decorated gourd will serve as a fun coonskin cap for Trick or Treat, costume parties, fun contests, etc. for years.

How to Clean the Inside of a Gourd
The tools crafters use to clean the inside of a gourd are often homemade. But if you don't need to be fussy, a spoon and some copper scrubbing pads will do.

Glue-Gun Raccoon Head to Coonskin Cap
Dress up your coonskin cap gourd sculpture with a bright-eyed raccoon head! The head is glued on at the end and will be very noticeable with its cartoon eyes.

How to Make a Gourd Hat
To make a gourd hat, cut a hole with a Dremel tool in a suitably sized gourd. Then craft your hat to your heart's content; I was going for the Daniel Boone-with-raccoon-rug look.

Glue-Gun Felt to Hard-Shell Gourd
I glue-gunned felt to my hard-shell gourd as an underlayment for the fur I would later use. The felt is prone to wrinkling on a gourd, but the wrinkles are not a big problem.

How to Paint Hard-Shell Gourds
To paint hard-shell gourds, first trace in guiding marks using pencil; the paint will hide these marks. I recommend that beginners apply one color at a time, letting it dry.

How to Make a Coonskin Cap From a Gourd
Coonskin caps are synonymous with Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. Learn how to make such a hat from a gourd, putting a cartoonish raccoon face on it.

Glue-Gun Spanish Moss on Gourd as Fur Substitute
As a fur substitute in gourd craft, use Spanish moss. Glue-gun the Spanish moss onto the gourd.

How to Clean Hard-Shell Gourds
The supplies commonly used to clean hard-shell gourds and decorate them include a copper scrubbing pads, Dremel tool and paints. When cleaning, you are removing fungus and the gourd's outer skin.

Gourd Decorating - A Simple Gourd Craft Project for Newbies
Learn all the tricks of gourd decorating in this tutorial. Using pictures and explaining all steps in detail, I show you how make a hat in this gourd craft project.

Winter Protection for Shrubs - How to Build a Shelter
I advise winter protection for flowering shrubs. In this tutorial (with pictures) I show you how to build a shelter quickly and cheaply.

Free Shelter
The free shelter is complete! Assuming you already possess the simple tools required for the project, that is, you'll have a free shelter.

Pole-Shelters for Flowering Bushes
Where do you get the wood for pole-shelters, assuming you don't live in the country? Many suburban homeowners have brush areas near their property borders, and from that brush, saplings can be harvested for pole-shelters.

Snow and Ice Shelters
You can easily build snow and ice shelters for your shrubs. This tutorial shows you how to build such snow and ice shelters with free materials.

Excavating for the Shrub Shelter
You'll be excavating 4 holes for the shrub shelter. Mark the perimeter of the shrub shelter before excavating to guide you.

Excavation for the Shrub Shelter
Excavate the 4 holes, to a depth of about 2'. Going down this deep will give your structure good support.

Whittling Poles to Sharp Points
You can facilitate the work by whittling the bottoms of your 4 poles to a sharp point. For this whittling operation, there is no good substitute for a hatchet.

Complete Support
Use the V-notch as you would the sight on a rifle to line up the fork of one support piece to another. Complete support is now achieved.

Filling Your Forks
Now you'll be filling your forks first on one side, then on the other. Filling your forks results in 4 vertical poles supporting 2 crosspieces that parallel each other.

Complete the Grid
Lay the remaining 4 on top equidistantly from each other, perpendicular to the first 2 crosspieces laid for the grid. The grid is complete.

Labeling Garden Plants With Homemade Labels
In labeling garden plants with homemade labels, some want to be laid-back. Others want markers free from all stray marks, for which a toothpick comes in handy.

Make Your Own Garden Plant Markers
The enemy of garden plant markers is wind. When you make your own, you must find a way to secure them against wind.

Securing Plant Labels Against Wind
This homemade plant label is easily read and secured against moderate winds. If you'd like to secure your homemade plant marker against stronger winds, use weights.

Keep Plant Labels From Blowing
To keep a plant marker from blowing in the face of stronger winds, weigh it down with small rocks. I show a picture of what I mean here.

Make Your Own Plastic Plant Markers by Recycling Plastic Pots
Using photos I walk you through the steps required to make your own plastic plant markers, an ideal project if you're looking for ways to recycle plastic pots.

Lettering Plant Markers
Lettering the plant label can be as fussy as you require. If you go the fussy route, lettering begins with writing out the plant label's inscription in pencil.

Easy-to-See Plant Markers Labels
A bright color is needed to make an easy-to-see plant label. Use a wood burning tool to create an incision, then fill it with brightly colored grout.

Inscribing Letters With Wood Burning Tools
A wood burning tool is a safety hazard, so using one safely requires common sense. In this plant marker inscription project, I use one to inscribe the letters.

Sample Landscape Plan for Shady Areas
To plant successfully in shade, gain ideas from this sample landscape plan for shady areas. Following the plan supplied here, you can make your plant selection fit the conditions, not vice versa.

Landscape Plan for Wet Areas
If you have a soggy spot in the yard where nothing you plant does well, you may not need drainage, just a good landscape plan for wet areas. The landscape plan for wet areas I present here uses wetland plants.

5 Sustainable Landscaping Tips for Dryland Ecosystems
Who'd need my sustainable landscaping tips for dryland ecosystems? Only folks who landscape organically and who live in places like the American Southwest.

What Does Crabgrass Look Like?
To answer, What does crabgrass look like? I supply pictures of its different plant parts. Once I've helped you identify it, I tell you how to remove it.

Types of Crabgrass - Hairy, Smooth, How to Tell Them Apart
To distinguish the hairy and smooth types of crabgrass, see my picture. The smooth kind does have hairs -- but it's a question of where they're located.

Identification of Crabgrass – Appearance of Leaves, Stems
Learn the identification of crabgrass (the smooth type) by using my photos. To help you identify the weed, I show you the leaf and stem.

For Crabgrass Prevention, Learn the Life Cycle of Crabgrass
Crabgrass prevention must be done in spring. When leaves emerge in lawns in summer, let that be a reminder that you'll need to apply preventer in spring.

How Does Crabgrass Spread?
To answer the query, How does crabgrass spread? we need to understand the weed's life cycle. Learn the latter, and you'll see why it can spread in only one way.

Purple Love Grass, Other Grassy Weeds
Eragrostis spectabilis is the ugly name of a pretty wild plant called purple love grass. Eragrostis pectinacea is the related tufted lovegrass.

Supplies to Build Raised Garden Beds
Supplies to build raised garden beds. Besides the obvious raised bed gardening supplies, a pruning saw can be very handy if you have to build where there are lots of old roots.

How to Build Raised Beds
Raised beds offer a number of advantages, including accessibility for people with disabilities and the elderly, easier pest control, and an opportunity to install outdoor benches. Learn how to build raised beds in this tutorial with pictures.

Nitrogen Depletion in Filling Raised Beds - Drainage Settling Nitrogen Depletion
In filling raised beds with fillers, you need to consider drainage, settling of the soil and nitrogen depletion in the soil. Organic matter fillers raise issues of settling and nitrogen depletion.

Is Pressure-Treated Lumber Safe for Raised Beds?
A long-lasting product, pressure-treated lumber is an inexpensive material for building raised flower beds, but may not be safe for vegetable gardens.

Raised Garden Beds | How to Build Raised Garden Beds
Information on how to build small raised garden beds -- really just planter boxes without a bottom. Decide first, when building raised garden beds, what particular purposes you intend them to serve.

Raised Flower Bed Construction | How to Build Raised Flower Beds
How to construct walls for raised flower beds. Pre-assembling walls for raised flower beds can make the construction and installation go more smoothly.

Digging Post Holes for Raised Beds | Securing Raised Beds
Once you have your raised bed measurements, just carry over those measurements to the site where the raised bed will stand and dig your post holes, accordingly.

Raised Garden Bed Frames | Ideas for Raised Garden Beds
Need ideas for raised garden beds? Check raised garden bed frames for level as the installation proceeds, using pre-assembled walls.

How to Build Outdoor Benches | Building | Outdoor Work Benches
Building raised beds offers you a chance to incorporate outdoor benches at the same time. I planned my raised bed so as to incorporate an outdoor work bench.

Gopher Control | Raised Beds and Gopher Control
Raised beds provide an excellent opportunity for gopher control. Line the bottom of raised beds with chicken wire for gopher control.

Home Landscaping Pictures
Home landscaping pictures give numerous ideas for creating your own beautiful yard. My photos illustrate components found in the best landscapes.

Water Fountains as Instant Focal Points
Water fountains are visually appealing and can instantly become focal points. Such features boast a quality that plants generally don't: they sound great!

Picture of Foundation Planting With Mixed Shrubs
Foundation plantings are installed to hide the raised house underpinnings that were once popular. They may no longer be necessary but still work esthetically.

Home Entryway Landscaping Pictures
Photos of home entryway landscaping can give you some ideas for creating a grand entrance. View these pictures for free examples.

Picture of Dinner Plate Hibiscus
If you like my picture of dinner plate hibiscus, you'll want to see my collection of pictures (including flowering shrubs). Images help with plant selection.

Framing a Landscape With Fencing
Fencing frames a landscape, giving it a finished look. I provide fence pictures as examples in a photo gallery that you're free to view.

Hedges as Living Walls
Like fences, hedges (living walls) on a border will help define a property. The only difference is that hedges are composed of live material.

Container Garden Design for Small Spaces
Container garden design can be a lifesaver in small spaces. Consider it a sort of roving landscaping that can be shifted according to your changing needs.

Idea for a Color Scheme for a Yard - Row of Red Tulips
Need an idea for a color scheme for your yard? Do you like this picture of a row of red tulips? It could provide you with just the inspiration you're after.

Photos of Trees in Fall Foliage Colors
Here I offer photos of trees in fall foliage colors. Pictures highlighting the riches of autumn leaves can help you select trees to plant in your yard.

How to Install Lawn Edging - Illustrated Tutorial
Learn how to install lawn edging to lower maintenance. Edging keeps grass stolons out of garden beds; incorporating a mowing strip into your lawn facilitates mowing.

How to Hide Plastic Garden Edging
There's more than one way to hide plastic garden edging. One is with ground covers, but you can also hide it by selecting the right color for mulch.

Mowing Strips Made With Precast Concrete Pavers
Mowing strips can be created using precast concrete pavers to make it easier to mow your lawn. But these brick blocks are not regular bricks.

How to Edge a Lawn
Learn how to edge a lawn. My instructions are preceded by a discussion of edging options, materials and tools.

Interlocking Concrete Pavers as Mowing Strips
Mowing strips must first be marked for location, and interlocking concrete pavers can be laid down temporarily, for this purpose. Once you've marked the course, begin excavating.

Mark the Mower Strip With a Garden Spade
Use a garden spade to mark the course for your mower strip. While a spade is preferred, you can substitute with lawn edgers, knives, etc.

Trench Depth for Concrete Paving
The depth of the concrete paving product itself is 2.5

Lay Down the Mower Strip on a Firm Sand Base
Lay down the mower strip on a firm sand base. The one in this edging tutorial is 2

Opening Up Garden Beds by Killing the Grass
You can open up garden beds immediately by removing the sod with a shovel. Alternatively, people sometimes kill the grass by first smothering it with newspaper mulch.

How to Install Plastic Garden Edging
Wondering how to install plastic garden edging? Don't worry: while it is not attractive, it was designed to be installed with ease.

My Snow Blower Won't Start Up - Help!
Don't you hate it when your snow blower won't start up? But don't reach for that shovel just yet: Ariens offers troubleshooting tips to help you.

What Are the First Signs of Spring?
The first signs of spring differ according to where you live. Here readers of my Landscaping site issue first-hand observations from around the world.

Soil Solarization - An Easy Method for Killing Weeds
Soil solarization is an organic method of killing weeds, before they even sprout! Use this method as a means of weed control when starting from scratch.

Best Flowering Shade Plants
What are the best flowering shade plants? I offer examples here for both annuals and perennials.

Working Outside in Winter - Set Up a Tent
Setting up a tent will keep you and your materials warm when working outside in winter. In this example, Joe Norton is building a mortared stone wall in winter.

Pouring Concrete Footings in Winter
When building a mortared stone wall in winter, try pouring the concrete footing before the weather turns too cold, says Joe Norton. Joe should know: he does this kind of work in frigid Maine!

How to Build a Stone Wall in Winter
When building a mortared stone wall in winter, it's important to plan ahead. From pouring footings to getting the needed materials on site, a little advanced planning goes a long way in making your job easier.

Using a Heater When Working With Mortar in Winter
Use a heater when working with mortar in winter. This will warm things up inside the tent while building a mortared stone wall when it is cold outdoors.

Keep Mortar Warm While Curing With Insulation
You need to keep mortar warm while it is curing in winter. You can accomplish this with insulation; insulate the wall during the curing process.

Stone Wall Construction Tips - Picture of Finished Wall
My article on stone wall construction contains tips on undertaking the project in cold weather. See a picture of the finished wall here.

Pink Dogwood Trees - How to Grow Cornus Florida
Pink dogwood trees include 2 varieties of Cornus florida: Rubra and Rosea. Learn why and how to grow these flowering dogwoods in your landscaping.

Overseeding Lawns With Cool-Season Grasses
When cool-season grasses take a beating from the summer's heat, overseeding lawns is the answer to rejuvenate them. This job is best done in September.

Overseeding Lawns With Warm-Season Grasses
Temporary lawn renovation is achieved for Southern winters by overseeding lawns composed of warm-season grasses with cool-season annual ryegrass. Find out how.

Bad-Smelling Flowers and Their Use in Landscaping
What constitutes

Shrubs With Poisonous Berries and Leaves - Naming Names
Many shrubs are dangerous, bearing poisonous berries, seeds or leaves. Toxic foliage presents a danger to pets, while poisonous berries may tempt kids.

Image of Yellow Potentilla (Bush Cinquefoil)
Yellow Potentilla (image) is one of the many plants that goes by the name cinquefoil (bush cinquefoil in this case. Botanically it's Potentilla fruticosa. Page 18.

Picture of Marsh Marigolds
My picture of marsh marigolds reveals its attractive yellow blooms. As the

Creeping Junipers Can Tame and Beautify Steep Hills
Creeping junipers are problem-solvers of the plant world. If you have a steep hill to battle in your landscaping, you owe yourself a look at this ground cover.

Six Hills Giant Catmint - Overview and How to Grow
6 Hills Giant catmint is a good Nepeta to grow if you have space. A large, showy groundcover, this plant will rebloom with a bit of care.

Landscaping With Stones
Explore the aesthetic and functional aspects of landscaping with stone in this idea resource. There are a myriad of uses to which stones are put in hardscaping.

Types of Stone Walls - Options, Challenges
There are a number of types of stone walls, including dry-wall and mortared. Learn about your options, plus challenges posed by the site or style you've selected. Page 2.

Cost of Outdoor Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces
The cost of a built-in outdoor fire pit, while it can be substantial, is small compared to the cost of a custom outdoor fireplace. Find out which one is right for you. Page 2.

Protecting Plants From Wind Damage in Winter
How do you guard against wind damage to shrubs (winter burn)? In this article I discuss how to use tree wrap and how to shelter plants from snow and ice.

Watering Plants in Autumn - The When and the Why
Watering plants properly in fall is critical to minimizing winter injury. Discover why here; I also provide a timetable. Page 2.

Cedar Mulch in Perennial Flower Beds as Winter Protection
Cedar mulch is used to protect perennial flower beds in winter. This bark product, whose pros and cons I present, is long-lasting and discourages some bugs. Page 3.

Blue Ageratum - True Blue Annual Flower
Blue ageratum is a Godsend if you seek a true blue annual flower for Memorial Day and 4th of July plantings. Learn more about this plant and how to grow it.

Bent Ergonomic Snow Shovels - Review
To those with bad backs, snow shovels are nothing less than instruments of torture. Ergonomic models may help you avoid back problems due to shoveling.

How to Make Garden Stepping Stones in 15 Easy Steps
This article shows how to make garden stepping stones with simple molds. My information includes the various uses to which these stones can be put in your yard after you make them.

Tips for Making Garden Stepping Stones
These tips for making garden stepping stones are so easy to follow that even the kids will be able to participate. Treat it as a fun, creative project for the whole family. Page 2.

Concrete Stepping Stones in Lawns - Making Paths
Concrete stepping stones can make effective pathways through lawn areas. Save your lawn from compaction and install a path of homemade

Garden Weed Identification - Getting to Know the Enemy
Garden weed identification is critical to control efforts against unwanted plants. Identify your enemies and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Types of Weeds - Information, Images
'Beneficial' types of weeds, as opposed to 'noxious' varieties, are so classified via a number of criteria. Some of the beneficial kinds are edible, for example. Page 2.

Beneficial Weeds - ID Help
In some cases, learning a plant's ID may alter your desire for its eradication. By identifying beneficial weeds, you cut down on your yard maintenance burden. Page 3.

Evergreen Foundation Shrubs
Mulch foundation shrubs to cut down on irrigation and weeds. The right mulch placed around evergreens also adds visual interest. Page 3.

Deck Railing Design Ideas
Lawrence Winterburn is an expert on decks. I turn to him in this interview to give my readers some deck railing design ideas from a skilled builder. Page 2.

Residential Building Codes for Deck Railings
How you install deck railings is not simply a matter of your design tastes, since residential building codes are a factor. Make sure you consult your local building inspector prior to construction. Page 3.

How to Build Deck Railings
If you're building a deck yourself, you'll want some expert advice. This well-known exterior designer provides just that, offering a brief tutorial on how to build deck railings. Page 4.

Foundation Plantings - Purpose, Design Considerations
What are foundation plantings? Traditionally, they were beds of plants (usually bushes) used to disguise the concrete underpinnings of a house.

Entryway Design With Shrubs for Foundation Plantings
When installing landscape shrubbery for foundation plantings, think in terms of

Deck Railing Styles
Read my interview with Lawrence Winterburn to learn about deck railing styles. Being in the business, Lawrence is an expert on the topic of decks.


Flowering Dogwood Trees and Attracting Wild Birds
Flowering dogwood trees are among the best spring specimens. 'Cherokee Chief' and Japanese (Kousa) trees are tops, as they excel at attracting wild birds.

Flowering Bushes for Spring Landscaping
I list my top 10 flowering bushes and trees for spring here. Read information on flowering trees and shrubs to light up your spring landscaping. Page 2.

Eastern Redbud Trees
Read my description of flowering plants for spring such as Eastern redbud trees. My emphasis is placed on plants with berries great at attracting wild birds. Page 3.

Black Knight Delphiniums
Black Knight delphiniums are tall perennial plants known for their dark purple flowers. Learn about the pros and cons of these plants, known commonly as larkspur.

Lily of the Valley - Poisonous Landscaping Plants
Lily of the valley plants (Convallaria majalis) have bell-shaped flowers and serve as ground covers. Mostly of Eurasian origin, they are fragrant but invasive.

Mowing Lawns - Grass Cutting & Care Tips
This FAQ provides tips on mowing lawns and is geared to newbies. Included is information on turf care and the best and worst times for cutting grass.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits
Building outdoor fireplaces and fire pits allows you to harness the power of flame, satisfying a primal urge. Whether your preference is for a fireplace or a pit, here's what you must decide on.

Preparing Concrete Slabs for Tile Patios
Learn how to prepare concrete slabs for an outdoor patio. If you already have a concrete slab, you’re ahead of the game, but preparation is still required.

Dutch Elm Disease and American Elm Trees
Learn about Dutch elm disease and its impact on American elm trees: its cause, history of the destruction and the toll it took on Ulmus americana.

American Elm Tree Clones
Learn how plant cloning can save Ulmus americana from Dutch elm disease. American elm tree clones resistant to the disease are on the market now. Page 2.

How To Install a Drip Irrigation System
Learn how to install a drip irrigation system that is simple and keeps plants watered while you're away on vacation. This system saves water, money and time.

Bamboo Plants - Growing Information and Heavenly and Lucky "Type"
Read my information to learn about bamboo plants, including growing cold-hardy, clumping Fargesia and facts about imposters such as heavenly and lucky

Purple Shamrock Plants or Black Oxalis
Purple shamrock plants (Oxalis regnellii Velvet) are so dark they're black. Learn how to grow one, but remember they're poisonous to pets.

Plants in Christmas Traditions
It's not surprising Christmas traditions have sprung up around certain plants. When everything else is dead, these plants serve as symbols of spring's return.

Flowering Landscape Trees
Index to articles containing information (pictures included) on flowering landscape trees. The standouts of spring, these flowering landscape trees are valuable for more than just their magnificent blooms.

Chinese Juniper Shrubs - Blue Pfitzer, the Pom-Pom Bush
Blue Pfitzer Chinese juniper shrubs are known for their jaunty pom poms. The bushes usually come with this poodling, and you just prune to maintain it.

Best Flowers for Landscaping Around a Mailbox
What are the best plant ideas for landscaping around a mailbox? Annual flowers are one option for mailbox plantings. See this FAQ for more information.

What Are the Best Growing Conditions for Bamboo?
Learning the best growing conditions for bamboo, as with any other plants, is the key to success. I discuss its growing requirements in this article.

Leaf Vacuums That Are Also Wood Chippers
The Yard-Man leaf vacuum model reviewed here is also a wood chipper and leaf shredder. Read my review to see if this product is for you.

Deck and Pergola Design Pictures - the Before Shot
The work of an expert on decks and pergolas is shown in these pictures. My picture shows what the landscape looked like before this pergola design. Page 11.

Deck Screen Idea - Picture
Browse these deck screen pictures for design ideas. The deck screen pictures are supplemented with a link to an information discussing their designs. Page 12.

Idea for Privacy Screening for Decks - Picture
See my pictures of deck screening for privacy design ideas. The screening pictures are supplemented with a link to information discussing their designs. Page 13.

Before Version of a Deck - Picture
Winterburn's pictures of decks feature projects he has designed. This one's a before version. Page 6.

Deck Design for Tall Houses
Lawrence Winterburn is an expert in deck design. View this photo showing a deck design for tall houses. Page 8.

Picture of Decking on a Curved Deck
Lawrence Winterburn gives an examples of decking on a curved deck in this photo. The decking was used in his own deck design work. Page 9.

Deck Photo - When the Designer Does Not Start From Scratch
This deck photo will give you some design ideas for finishing off a DIY project. The deck photo is supplied by Lawrence Winterburn.

Before and After Deck Pictures - the Before Shot
This deck photo shows a do it yourself project. The deck photo is supplied by Lawrence Winterburn. Page 2.

Picture of Deck Decking
This image shows an example of deck decking. My pics are supplemented with a link to an information discussing their designs. Page 3.

Picture of a Stylish Deck Railing
Browse my deck and deck railing photos for design ideas. This picture of a stylish deck railing is supplied by Lawrence Winterburn. Page 4.

Before and After Deck Pictures - the After Shot
Before and after deck photos submitted by Lawrence Winterburn. Winterburn's deck photos feature projects he has designed. Page 5.

Scary Scarecrow With Halloween Spider - Photo
Picture of Jason as a scary scarecrow. Wearing his trademark mask, this butcher battles a Halloween spider to the death. Page 3.

Jason Voorhees Mask - Printable Pumpkin Cutout Design
The hockey goalie mask of Jason Voorhees is a natural for scary pumpkin stencils. This printable stencil makes an easy template to paint on a jack-o-lantern. Page 4.

Scarecrow Pictures
Scarecrow pictures can provide you with Halloween decorating ideas for your own yard. Don't use the same display every year; view my photos for fresh ideas.

Scary Scarecrow Image - Picture of Angel of Death
This image shows a scary scarecrow with skeleton features. Made primarily with burlap, this figure bears a skeleton or Angel of Death design. Page 2.

How Do You Kill Oriental Bittersweet Plant?
Killing bittersweet (the Oriental type) is possible if you take a multi-pronged approach, as described here. But complete removal of the vines is difficult.

Yellow Leaves on Bradford Pear Trees
Do you have yellow leaves on your Bradford pear trees? Are you wondering what's causing the problem? Here are some possible answers.

Bradford Pear Lost Limbs in Ice Storm - Can I Fix the Breakage?
A Bradford pear tree's limbs are susceptible to wind, snow or ice damage. Is it possible to repair the breakage? Find out here.

Tips for Low-Maintenance Landscaping
10 tips for those serious about low-maintenance landscaping. Properly managing water needs is paramount (otherwise you're looking at a real timesink).

Pictures of Christmas Inflatables
View my pictures of Christmas inflatables to gain some idea of the selection available. You know your kids been clamoring for you to display one, right?

Photo of Mailbox With Christmas Poinsettias
My picture shows a mailbox decorated for Christmas with a poinsettia planter. It's a festive look for the Christmas season. Page 9.

Inflatable Santa Claus Picture - Saint Nick Goes Biker
In this inflatable Santa Claus picture, Saint Nick gets on a motorcycle to appeal to an edgier crowd. It's hardly a traditional image. Page 7.

How to Hire Tree Care Professionals
Read my tips on how to hire tree care pros to protect your investment. You have a lot of money tied up in trees, so hire someone who will do the job right.

Pruning Bonsai Plants, Other Bonsai Tree Care Information
Pruning bonsai plants requires the right tools and techniques, which I discuss in these articles. These links provide photos and tips for bonsai tree care.

Tree Planting Programs, Societies, Causes, Leaf-Peeping
There are many organizations with tree planting programs, the National Arbor Day Foundation being the best known. If you like working for causes or joining societies, visit their tree-oriented websites, or just enjoy fall foliage by visiting the best leaf-peeping places.

Easy-Care Landscaping
Easy-care landscaping is the right style for you if you are constantly on the go but still want a nice yard. Consult these tips to minimize care requirements in your landscape.

Uses for Landscape Plants
Uses for landscape plants are discussed in terms of a beginner's approach to design. Learn about lawn care and selecting and using trees, shrubs, perennials.

DIY Landscaping Projects - Instructions for Beginners
DIY landscaping projects range from water features to patios. Homeowners can follow my instructions, written for beginners, for a helping hand.

Landscaping Pictures
Use my free landscaping pictures as an idea source. My photos of great landscapes come with advice on everything from plant color schemes to fence selection.

Learn About Acid Staining Concrete and Using Dyes, Stamped Concrete
Want to acid-stain concrete, or are you looking into stamped concrete or dyes? An expert touches on these topics in this piece on walkways and pathways. Page 2.

How to Cut Pavers - Using a Guillotine to Cut Pavers
Use a guillotine to cut pavers if you are not crazy about using power equipment. Saws are noisy and dangerous, but the guillotine is not intimidating.

How to Cut Pavers - Marking a Line To Cut Pavers
Mark a line on your unit before using a guillotine to cut pavers. My article on using a guillotine contains numerous tips of this sort.

How to Cut Pavers - Mark the Side You Will Discard When Cutting Pavers
Do you need information on using a guillotine? This tool (method) is the easiest way to cut pavers when building a patio.

How to Cut Pavers - Align Paver With Guillotine Before Cutting Pavers
How do you cut pavers when building patios? Using guillotines is a simple way to cut pavers.

Cutting Pavers - Using Guillotines for Cutting Pavers
Cutting pavers is made easy with a tool called a

Paver Cutting - How to Use Guillotines for Paver Cutting
Paver cutting is sometimes necessary when building patios, walkways, etc. Using a guillotine is an easy method to accomplish the task, as illustrated in these pictures.

Choosing the Right Rocks for Building Stone Walls
Learn how to choose the right rocks for building a stone wall. If you want a stone wall that looks like it's been there for a long time, use rocks that look old and weathered.

How to Select the Right Rocks for Building Stone Walls
Selecting the right rocks makes all the difference when building stone walls. Rocks that are big and blocky give the appearance of strength and sturdiness in a wall.

Picking Rocks for a Stone Wall
When picking rock for building stone walls, round rocks are a good choice. Selecting round ones to work with will give your wall a rustic appearance.

Types of Rock for Constructing Stone Walls
The types of rocks you use is critical when building stone walls. Mixing rocks from a variety of sources is a great option when selecting your materials.

Landscape Garden Design
Discover the English revolt against formality in landscaping. The English landscape garden design style produced the well-known cottage style. Page 2.

English Cottage Gardens
The birth of English cottage gardens is related here. This style has its roots in the peasantry but rode the tide of the Romantic movement into the mainstream. Page 3.

History of Lawns - Edwin Budding and Lawn Mower History
I call this segment

Landscaping 101

Photo of Angelina Sedum Showing Chartreuse Foliage, Gold Blooms
My photo of Angelina sedum shows the plants in bloom. This succulent brims with gold flowers in spring, but I prefer its chartreuse foliage. Page 5.

Outdoor Banners for Summer Yards
Outdoor banners allow your yard to make a statement about who you are. These flags for summer are colorful additions to any yard.

Mt Airy Dwarf Fothergilla - Growing Tips
Grow Mt. Airy dwarf fothergilla plants in zones 5-8. Bearing bottle-brush flowers in spring, these shrubs are also striking fall foliage specimens.

Photo of Red Maple Tree Similar to October Glory
My photo shows a red maple tree with its fall foliage color. For a landscape specimen with a similarly rounded form, try 'October Glory.'

Concrete Design to Enhance Patio Floors
Look at my before and after photos of a concrete design to enhance a patio floor. Cracked cement floors without any style can be transformed with some imagination, such as by using inlays.

Outdoor Nativity Scenes - Facts About the Figures
The figures in outdoor Nativity scenes vary, but sets usually consist of a shelter, Jesus in a manger, Mary and Joseph, as shown in these pictures.

Green Gorilla Pressurized Garden Sprayer Review
Pressurized garden sprayers often need pumping, which is hard for folks with hand injuries. The Green Gorilla eliminates pumping, using battery power.

Xeriscape in Shade - Low-Water Plants for Shady Spots
To xeriscape in the shade, consult my article on plants for shady spots. In the high desert, you'll still need to water.

What Readers Say About Landscaping
What readers say is important to me, and now we have better tools to allow you to be heard. Please offer your input to help me cover the diverse field of landscaping.

Care of Bonsai Trees
This is a brief introduction to the care of bonsai trees. Care entails pruning, wiring, fertilizing, re-potting and watering properly, providing ideal growing conditions for miniaturization.

Picture of Ornamental Onion - Schubert's Allium
This ornamental onion is called Schubert's Allium. My picture shows the plant in flower in spring, with its flower head looking like a burst of fireworks. Page 16.

Photo of Easter Bunny Inflatable
My picture of an Easter Bunny inflatable reveals an airblown rabbit nestled in an Easter basket. Talk about a statement: two decorating staples for this holiday contained in one lawn ornament! Page 20.

Rhodie Picture
Picture of a rhododendron (affectionately known as a

Oakleaf Hydrangea Flowers - Picture
The picture oakleaf hydrangea flowers on this page reveals their white color. These plants also have interesting foliage and peeling bark.

Picture of Bougainvillea Flowers
As this picture of bougainvillea flowers shows, the plant can be used to obscure foundations. Used as either a vine or shrub, it's a Mediterranean classic. Page 25.

Picture of Italian Cypress in California Landscaping
I offer a picture of an Italian cypress tree in this California landscaping scene to highlight its columnar form. They're well adapted to Mediterranean climates. Page 29.

"Santa Stops Here" Yard Stake - Picture
Stop signs usually halt our progress, but this

Christmas Light Decorations - Photo
This Christmas light decoration photo features a display with a modernistic touch. It may be by accident, but the rounded lights caught my eye. Page 23.

Photo of Net Lighting
My photo of net lighting indicates why this form of decor is so popular: it's literally a netting that you spread over bushes, reducing your workload. Page 24.

White Lights vs Colored Lights in Christmas Decorations
You don't have to choose between all white lights or all colored lights in your Christmas decorations. Here's an example of a display where both are used. Page 25.

Photo - Arch of Christmas Lights
I feature an arch with Christmas lights in this photo. Lighting up such a structure makes a strong impact on the holiday landscape. Page 22.

Photo of Teddy Bears With Christmas Lights
Teddy bears are popular year-round, but never more so than at Christmas, as this picture shows. Here, mama bear hands baby bear a candy cane. Page 4.

Photo of Christmas Lights on Trees
Christmas lights hung on trees outside are popular decorations and my photo shows why. In this case blue bulbs are strung through a deciduous tree's branches. Page 14.

Christmas Lights Picture - Elf With Lantern
This picture of Christmas lights features an elf holding a lantern. Santa's helper lights the way, so that his boss won't be stumbling around in the dark. Page 11.

Santa's Helper Photo - Lit Christmas Elf
In my photo, a lit Christmas elf bears presents. Santa's helper looks quite cheerful in the bright, colorful lights. Page 12.

Photo of Reindeer With Christmas Lights
My photo here features Santa, his sleigh and a reindeer sculpture with Christmas lights. This merry lawn display will put your family in a festive mood. Page 9.

Photo of Lighted Christmas Garlands
Lighted Christmas garlands will make any house festive. In this photo, they wind up columns at the front door. Page 10.

Photo of Gingerbread Man and House in Christmas Lights
This photo of Christmas lights features figures in the shape of a gingerbread man and gingerbread house. It's a great holiday lawn ornament for kids. Page 8.

Photo of Helicopter in Christmas Lights
See my photo of a Christmas light decoration in the shape of a helicopter. This rooftop ornament is bound to make any house look festive. Page 17.

Photo of Lamp Post With Christmas Lights
Photo of a lamp post that some lamplighter has lit up with Christmas lights. Why not light up your own yard with a colorful Christmas display? Page 18.

Christmas Lights for a Deck - Picture
Here's a picture of Christmas lights decorating a deck. It consists of poinsettias and the words

Photo of Santa Figure Lit With Christmas Lights
This photos features a Santa figure lit with Christmas lights. The red-green Yuletide color scheme is worked in by giving him green gloves. Page 13.

Photo of Lighted Santa's Sleigh With Reindeer
The Christmas light display in this photo features Santa Claus in his sleigh, pulled by two reindeer. It's just one idea I give for dressing up your lawn. Page 20.

Photo of Snowflake Christmas Light Decoration
Snowflake Christmas light decorations show up nicely on a lawn at holiday time, as this photo reveals. View this and other pics in my gallery for ideas. Page 21.

Spinning Top Christmas Photo
My Christmas photo shows a spinning top ornament. Such lighted decorations make splendid lawn decorations. Page 5.

Lighted Nutcracker Photo - Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament
My photo features a toy soldier figure. This lighted nutcracker would look great on your own lawn during Christmas and New Year's. Page 6.

Photo of Lighted Christmas Train
This photo features a lighted Christmas train decoration. All aboard! This is your ticket to holiday fun for the kids (of all ages!). Page 7.

Photo of Weeping Tree With Christmas Lights
I provide a photo of a weeping tree with Christmas lights to show how effective this type of decoration can be. The form of such trees lends itself to decor. Page 16.

Big Christmas Bulbs on Fence Garland - Photo
These big Christmas bulbs aren't traditional outdoor decorations. But as my photo indicates, they are well enough made not to

Christmas Cluster Lights - Picture
My picture of Christmas cluster lights reveals how unique they can be. When scattered on a tree, they make for airier decor than the typical strings of bulbs. Page 15.

Lit Angel Christmas Decoration - Photo
This lit angel Christmas decoration displays a figure in outline blowing a trumpet. My photo indicates how simple yet effective the ornament can be. Page 3.

Jumbo-Size Christmas Lights - Photo
These jumbo-size Christmas light bulbs are over 16 inches tall. Their height makes these giants striking lawn stakes with which to line walkways or driveways.

Creeping Phlox Picture
This creeping phlox picture shows a patch of the perennial in spring. Its springtime flowers effectively carpet the ground in the floral color. Page 3.

Pictures of Outdoor Christmas Lights
View these pictures of outdoor Christmas lights to gain ideas for decorating your own yard. My photo collection has something for everyone.

Pictures of Outdoor Christmas Lights
View these pictures of outdoor Christmas lights to gain ideas for decorating your own yard. My photo collection has something for everyone.

Pruning Dead Limbs on Magnolia Trees
You have dead limbs on your magnolia trees. So is it safe to prune off branches that have died, and where do you stop pruning? Find out here.

French Drains for Drainage Problems After Pool Removal
Having drainage problems in your lawn after pool removal? French drains can help, but it depends on what type of pool you removed (above-ground or in-ground).

Why Are My Rose of Sharon Leaves Turning Yellow?
What do yellow leaves mean on rose of sharon? Do they mean that your bush is dying from over-watering? Learn the answer here.

What to Do About Fire Blight on Bradford Pear Trees
While Bradford pear trees are resistant to fire blight, that doesn’t mean they’re totally immune to it. Here's how you should treat the problem.

Pool Decks and Pool Pavers - Ideas for Spas
Pool decks can be made of wood (above-ground types), concrete, stone or pavers (in-ground kinds). Decking must be slip-resistant and durable.

Pool Pavers for Spa Decks
The benefit of pool pavers (and other spa deck products) is the ability to blend with the surrounding landscape. Color can be chosen to work with your palette. Page 2.

Types of Paving Stones
People use

Core Aeration - What Is It and How Can It Help My Lawn?
Core aeration is the cure for soil compaction in lawns. Follow the tips in this definition of core aeration to learn what it is and the purpose behind doing it.

Weed Eater Cordless String Trimmers - Review
In this review of Weed Eater cordless string trimmers, I offer a critique of the product. My criticisms include points regarding assembly and charging the battery.

What Makes a Plant a "Vine"?
What makes a plant a vine? Discover the answer here, plus learn about the two categories into which they are grouped: namely, creepers and climbers.

Are There Advantages to Raking Leaves vs. Vacuuming?
Are there advantages to using leaf rakes versus using vacuums? You bet, and the benefits go beyond the extra exercise you'll get.

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Landscape Color Schemes
Need some ideas for landscape color schemes? Browse these photos showing colorful plant combinations in action!

How to Find Someone to Shovel Snow
How do you find someone to shovel snow for you? If you can't clear the driveway in winter yourself, consult these ideas for finding help.

What's the Best Way to Shovel Snow?
The best way to shovel snow is to work smarter (more effectively), not harder. I show you the ropes here by concentrating on avoiding unnecessary work.

When to Remove Mulch in Spring -- and Why It's Important
Removing mulch from perennials at the right time in spring is important. Learn the why and when here.

Yellow Leaves on Southern Magnolia
Do you have a question on southern magnolia trees with yellow leaves? Learn if, when the foliage of these trees experiences yellowing, it is natural or not.

Rejuvenating Old Shrubs by Root Pruning
If you're asking, Why are my old shrubs not blooming? root pruning could offer a solution. This trick may improve flowering, and I tell you how to do it here.

Landscaping for Dummies - Easy Ideas for Beginners
Read my review of

Yellow Azalea Picture
Members of the Rhododendron genus come in many flower colors but, as my picture of a yellow azalea flower shows, R. narcissiflora is a real winner. Page 17.

Pictures of Yellow Flowers
Yellow flowers bring sunshine to a landscape, even on a cloudy day. Let the examples in these pictures give you ideas for your own planting beds.

Gibraltar Azalea Plants - Solid Choice in Orange
Gibraltar azalea plants produce bright orange flowers in May. The gorgeous blossoms of these shrubs have ruffled petals.

Best Posts From the Landscape Design Forum
Some of my favorite threads from the Landscape Design Forum are here. If you have questions (or answers), post in my forum and interact with others.

Battery-Powered Mower Review - Stihl RMA 370
Battery-powered mowers are a green alternative, yes, but they're so much more than that! In my review of Stihl's RMA 370 lawn mower, I explain the benefits.

How to Kill Slugs
Find out how to kill slugs while having a good laugh. I review Sarah Ford's funny and useful book, although you may learn enough here to skip the book.

Shade-Loving Plants for Year-Round Interest - Book Review
My book review of The Shade Garden is not unkind, as I understand the challenge faced by the author. But I cannot say it is one of my favorite books.

What Is the Purpose of Weeds? - Review of Richard Mabey's Book
What is the purpose of weeds? In Richard Mabey's Weeds he does not label weeds as good or bad but challenges us to find some good in these unloved plants.

Western Red Cedar as a Deck Material
Western red cedar decks boast more than just good looks. Other benefits to using this decking material include the fact that it's low-maintenance.