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How to Become a Landscape Designer
While there’s more than one way to become a landscape designer, it’s helpful to hear success stories. I asked a professional how he succeeded in entering the profession in this interview.

Front Yard Makeovers by the Garden Police

Brick Oven Designs | Ideas for Brick Ovens
Brick oven design is really only limited by one’s imagination. Mediterranean brick oven design is one of the more popular styles. Page 2.

Ground Cover Plants - Problems and Solutions
Ground cover plants can solve landscaping problems in many cases. But these plants also have some problems of their own (e.g., diseases), which you have to solve for them.

Xmas Lights Photo | Snowman Skiing
Xmas light photo showing a snowman skiing. Consult my Christmas light photos for display ideas for your own yard.

Angel's Trumpet Picture
As my Angel's trumpet picture shows, Brugmansia comes in pink flowers, beside the common white color. There's yellow too, and a mix makes a good display. Page 3.

Starting a Lawn Care Business
Thinking of starting a lawn care business? Here are some links to discussions in my landscaping forum to point you in the right direction.

Photo of Inflatable Polar Bear Family
Photo of Christmas inflatable polar bear family. Dressed snugly, this Christmas inflatable polar bear family is ready to face Old Man Winter. Page 15.

Inflatable Christmas Decorations - Pictures to Aid Your Selection
Kids love inflatable Christmas decorations. I shot my pictures to give a sampling I saw in folks' yards; browse them to get an idea of what your kid may want.

Tumbleweed Plant Picture
As you can well imagine from my tumbleweed plant picture, this desert dweller easily becomes tangled up in fences and other obstacles. They're like giant burs! Page 24.

How to Build Mortared Stone Walls
How do you build a mortared stone wall in winter? While such a project can be a challenge, I show you in this article (with pictures) how to build a mortared stone wall in winter.

Cutting Pavers Safely With a Guillotine
Cutting pavers with a power saw can be scary. An alternative is to use a guillotine, a safe and quiet tool.

Choosing Rocks to Build Stone Walls
It's important to choose the right rocks when building a stone wall. There are lots of different rocks available; this article helps you choose the best ones for your project.

Troy-Bilt Wood Chippers - Review
My review of Troy-Bilt wood chippers points out they are good supplemental equipment to leaf vacuums and also serve as shredders. Learn more on the 10 HP here.

Hurricane Safety Tips
Here are 10 hurricane safety tips for your yard. These tips can minimize costly damage to yards during severe storms.

Do-It-Yourself Landscape Designs
Both aesthetics and practicality must be considered in do-it-yourself landscape designs. I explain why and give examples of both in this beginners' article.

Patios, Decks - Hardscaping
Examples of how hardscaping, such as with patios and decks, can be used in landscaping designs. These elements can form the backbone of a yard, giving it structure. Page 2.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas for When You Don't Have Power
Outdoor garden lighting afford you a chance to extend your enjoyment of your yard into the night. But here are some lighting ideas for when you do not have power (or don't wish to use it). Page 3.

Garden Designs - Softscape and Your Garden Style
The first decision on garden style is how much lawn space you desire. You can then focus on choosing between the myriad of possible garden designs. Page 4.

Garden Mulches - Tips on Choosing Them and Using Them
How do you choose between the different types of garden mulches? This is just one of topics I discuss in this article on mulching gardens, aimed at beginners.

Hardscape - Landscaping With Rock
Hardscape, i.e., landscaping with rock and other hard materials, is discussed in this piece. Hardscaping complements softscape, as when a patio sets off a lawn.

2003 Landscaping Articles - October to December
These website archives contain all the yard-care tips from my site, catalogued by date. The tips in these landscaping articles are geared for DIY landscape design enthusiasts.

2003 Landscaping Articles - August to October
These online landscape design articles were composed in 2003. Included among them are articles on the best fall-foliage specimen trees for your yard. Page 2.

2003 Landscaping Articles - May to September
This landscaping advice first went live in May-September, 2003. Included among the advice is a treatment of pest control, including deer pest control and how to avoid mosquito bites. Page 3.

2003 Landscaping Articles - February to May
Do you need tips on pest control, ranging from moles and voles to deer? Among my articles for February-May, 2003 is a guide to controlling just such garden pests. Page 4.

2003 Landscaping Articles - January to February
The landscaping articles here deal with the transition from winter and spring, as marked by Groundhog Day. The latter falls precisely half way between the beginnings of winter and spring. Page 5.

Deer-Tick Control Through Deer-Proof Plants
For deer-tick control, grow the plants Bambi is least likely to eat! Deer-proof plants will not only minimize the risk of plant damage but also Lyme disease.

Free Landscape Plan - Deer-Proof Ornamental Grasses
See my introduction to a free deer-proof landscape plan. Highlights of the plan include ornamental grasses and red osier dogwood. Page 2.

Installing Patio Pavers
Installing patio pavers may seem like a daunting task for the beginner; there are many kinds available. Another issue: is your dry-laid or will mortar be used?

Kinds of Stone Pavers
Learn about different kinds of stone pavers in this article, as preparation for your walkway or patio project. Travertine pavers were popular way back in Roman times!

Use Concrete Pavers for Easy Patios
Learn how to use concrete pavers in this article, which relates why they are such a useful product. Find out the significance of the fact that this paving material is made from molds.

How to Design With Patio Pavers
Learn how to design with patio pavers, starting with making a budget for your project. Think about function and get creative with your design using these tips.

Outdoor Tile Patio Layout
Learn how to do a layout for outdoor tile patios. A grid will provide a guide as you install your structure.

How to Cut Tile for Outdoor Patios
Learn how to cut tile for outdoor patios in this article. You can do your cutting either with a wet saw or with a small cutter.

How to Set Outdoor Patio Tile
After the prep work (preparing the slab, etc.) of your patio project is done, how do you proceed? See all the steps for setting outdoor patio tile in these instructions.

How to Seal Tile Grout for Outdoor Patios
Learn how to seal tile grout. Depending on the sealer you use, your outdoor patio will look clean for either a long or a short time.

How Much Stone Dust Do I Need?
Learn how to calculate how much stone dust you need for your patio or walkway project. This material is used as a base for concrete pavers.

Tile Sponges - Why They're Used for Cleaning Grout
In this article, learn about using tile sponges to clean grout (a picture is provided). These products have features that distinguish them from other sponges.

Brown Leaves, Other Tree-Care Problems
Tree care is a critical investment for the future of your property, so it pays to look for the causes behind brown leaves and broken branches. Here's some help.

Tree Problems Caused by Insects
Tree problems can blindside us, as when they suffer insect infestations. Here I offer a few examples of common

Reasons Trees Have Yellow Leaves
Your tree has yellow leaves, but does that discoloration signify a real problem? Yellowing can indicate a problem, but it depends on the circumstances. Page 3.

Winter Damage on Trees and Tree Growths - What? Me Worry?
Learn how to protect trees from winter damage. I also point to examples where

Product for Identification of Poison Ivy
Need help in the identification of poison ivy? This urushiol-detecting product can help you in identifying the plant lest you succumb to its evil rash.

Backyard Fun Ideas
If the first thing you think of when you hear

Ideas for Backyard Design for Leisure Time
A backyard design conceived with low-maintenance in mind is a boon to leisure time. I offer ideas for simple spare-time activities you can enjoy in your yard. Page 2.

Recycling Information | Waste Recycling Ideas
The benefits of this waste recycling information go beyond 'saving the planet.' I focus on waste recycling information ideas that will also save you money.

Making Compost in Recycling Projects - Making Compost
Making compost is one of the better recycling projects you can undertake, if you're a gardener. Other recycling projects, besides making compost, include using wood chippers to make your own mulch. Page 2.

Landscape Design Schools - Programs
'What will make a good landscape design school is basically the details of the program that a student learns...,' says Paul Corsetti. Read my interview with Paul to learn more about his education. Page 2.

Landscaping Jobs After Landscape Design School
What landscaping jobs might you pursue after graduating from landscape design school? I asked a professional, and he related the jobs from which he learned the most. Page 3.

Work Done in Landscaping Careers - What Landscape Designers Do
In this interview, a professional outlines the work of the landscape designer. From professionalism to client consultations, learn more about landscaping careers. Page 4.

Becoming a Landscape Designer
What goes into becoming a landscape designer? Besides training in a program, drawing on your personal gardening and experience from related jobs will help in becoming a landscape designer. Page 5.

How to Find a Landscape Architect
In trying to find a landscape architect, seek information

How to Hire a Landscape Architect
How do you go about hiring a landscape architect, once you've found one? In this resource I prepare you with questions to ask when you wish to take the plunge. Page 2.

Ideas for Yard Design
Looking for ideas for yard design, simple advice you can implement without paying for professional help? Browse these articles and how-to landscaping videos.

2007 Landscaping Articles - April to May
Examples are shown in these landscaping photos of how to use color, form, texture and focal points in your landscape design. I also introduce the salvias. Page 2.

Growing Salvias and Other Landscaping Advice
I offer here tips on growing salvias and other landscaping advice, such as how to build raised beds. The raised structure I discuss is not the conventional type. Page 3.

Information on Shrubbery
Shrubbery is a major landscaping element in most yards. My information on shrubbery will help you in plant selection and maintenance. Page 4.

2007 Landscaping Articles - December
Will you be building a sandbox or working with brick, concrete or wood? My information on these landscaping projects will help you make better hardscape decisions. Page 5.

Great Hardscape Ideas
There are great hardscape ideas everywhere; just be observant while taking a walk around any city, or a drive around any neighborhood. In the meantime, use this resource for immediate inspiration.

Fragrant Flowers for the Landscape
Need ideas for fragrant flowers in the landscape? A rose, by any other name would smell as sweet, so learn here about classic aromatic blossoms, including roses.

How to Build Underground Dog Fences
When you build underground dog fences, you're not left with an intrusive structure in your yard but still have an effective mechanism for keeping pets at home. Being buried in the ground, these barriers remain invisible.

Deck Design for Hot Tubs, Pools
Deck design for hot tubs and pools is a specialized topic. Read my interview with expert, Lawrence Winterburn for ideas on everything from privacy to materials.

Curved Deck Designs
I asked a designer for ideas in my interview. Here's his response, including his thoughts on curved deck designs. Page 2.

Tips on How to Design a Deck
If anyone knows how to design a deck, it is Lawrence. Here I ask Lawrence some questions on how to make a hardscape feature that will be unique. Page 3.

Deck Design Ideas
Clients and designers will derive new deck design ideas here. I ask a pro to give us a feel for the process by which designers and clients decide on a project. Page 4.

Edible Weeds and Wild Plants
In some cases, it's easier to eat edible weeds than eradicate these wild plants. Find out about some of the edible weeds lurking in your lawn.

Gate Design and Hardware - Hinges, Latches
Have you noticed a gorgeous gate design in your travels? Before deciding on a design for yourself, see how an expert answered my questions on latches, hinges and other hardware.

Wrought Iron Gates vs Wood
Wrought iron gates, as well as wood, are a popular choice for driveways. Let's discuss the pros and cons of each in terms of cost, durability, etc.

Making Plans for Brick Ovens
This article will help you in making plans for brick ovens, should you decide you want to make your own pizza. Sounds like a plan!

Outdoor Brick Ovens
DIY'ers can build outdoor brick ovens. However, if you're uncomfortable with masonry work, you may prefer to have a pro build one for you. Page 3.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances
Outdoor kitchen appliances include grills for the yard. But grills can be enhanced through the installation of a number of other features, like refrigerators and sinks.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories | Outdoor Kitchen Countertops Cabinets
Outdoor kitchen accessories include granite countertops and cabinets. Kitchen accessories such as patio cushions and outdoor patio furniture bring comfort to the yard. Page 2.

Outdoor Lighting for Kitchens | Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor lighting makes an outdoor kitchen appliance such as a grill usable at night. Outdoor kitchen accessories such as custom outdoor lighting are unique features with good ROI. Page 3.

Outdoor Kitchens - Design Factors for Homeowners to Consider
Outdoor kitchens can provide the same functionality as indoor ones if design factors are properly considered beforehand. These features entail a big investment for homeowners, so plan ahead.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen
How to build an outdoor kitchen to best suit your needs should be discussed with your contractor. Building these features is a good investment, allowing homeowners to prepare food without heating up the indoors (reducing cooling costs). Page 2.

Do It Yourself Outdoor Kitchen Construction - A Good Idea?
Is outdoor kitchen construction a do it yourself project? Plans exist online for such DIY projects, but contacting a professional is recommended. Page 3.

Picture of Mandevilla Vines
Picture of a mandevilla vines. In northerly climes, plant these tender vines in containers, so you can bring them indoors in winter. Page 10.

How to Soften the Straight Edges of a Patio
Learn how to soften the straight edges of a patio. I discuss two basic options in this article, made understandable for beginners.

Meadow Rue Picture - Columbine Type
Columbine meadow rue (Thalictrum aquilegifolium) is a tall perennial with columbine-like leaves and white, purple or mauve flowers, as my picture shows. Page 13.

Decks for Tall Houses - Design Ideas and Pictures
Lawrence Winterburn is an expert in design, including decks for tall houses. View his photos showing examples, including a deck designed for a goliath. Page 7.

Pergola Pictures - Courtyards Designs
Lawrence Winterburn is an expert on pergola designs, as shown in his pergola pictures. View these pictures for some ideas, including how to create courtyards. Page 10.

What Are Crabgrass Preventers?
Here is some basic info about crabgrass preventers like what they contain (active ingredient), what they're supposed to do and what names they go by.

Aloe Vera Plants
Aloe vera plants are tropical succulents whose leaves boast a history of medicinal use. Found in hot, dry climates, they're a natural for desert landscaping.

Ghost Pumpkin - Jack O Lantern With a Ghostly Face
The jack o lantern in this picture has a ghost face. Such pumpkin visages can be scary or happy (like Casper).

Picture of Halloween Scarecrow
My picture of a Halloween scarecrow depicts a curious figure for such a decoration. Yes, this scarecrow is a coastal fisherman!

Deck Pictures to Browse for Design Ideas
Browse these deck pictures for design ideas. The images are supplemented with links to information discussing their designs.

Picture of Tempered Glass Deck Railings - Glass Panels on Decks
My picture of tempered glass deck railings indicates how attractive they can be. Consider this style if you desire a knockout deck. Page 3.

Concrete Mixing Tips
Who better to turn to for concrete mixing tips than a retired inspector? Expert, Ed Adams relates the importance of water in the curing process.

Stack of Presents - Christmas Lawn Ornament Photo
The stack of presents in this photo are really a Christmas lawn ornament. They make for a colorful way to dress up the yard during the holiday season. Page 2.

Privet Hedge Photo
This privet hedge photo shows how well-manicured this kind of planting can look. Privets have been used for ages to mark border lines. Page 6.

Yucca Picture in New Mexico Landscaping
An impressive yucca plant dominates the front yard in this picture in Santa Fe. This drought-tolerant plant is perfect for New Mexico landscaping. Page 14.

Outdoor Patio Furniture
Enhance your al fresco dining by selecting the outdoor patio furniture right for your yard. Here are some choices ranging from benches to cushions.

Disguising Ugly Walls
The bright colors of the plants channel the focus away from the ugly wall, disguising it. Page 4.

Photo of Burning Bush Hedge
Photo of burning bush hedge. Landscaping. Page 7.

Picture of Creeping Jenny
Picture of a golden creeping Jenny, spilling over a blue ceramic container. Both the color of the golden creeping Jenny and that of the blue ceramic container fit my color scheme. Page 12.

Golden Sunshine Spirea Picture
Red mulch sets off 'Golden Sunshine' spirea nicely. For a similar color combination, try 'Gold Mound' spirea. Page 10.

Picture of Mailbox With Harvest Scene
My picture of a mailbox with a harvest scene illustrates how colorful these boxes can be. They're a great way to dress up the entrance to a driveway. Page 13.

Photo of Mixed Mulch Colors
Photo showing the use of mixed mulch colors. Page 11.

Photo Showing Plants Picking Up House Colors
Photo showing plants picking up house colors. Page 5.

Example of Cool Color
Purple is an example of a cool color. An iris with the flower color of the one shown in this picture would be great for a meditation garden. Page 2.

Red Canna Plants Draw Attention
Use red to draw attention to a landscape area. Page 3.

Example of Rock Garden Plant Selection
Example of rock garden plant selection. Choose plants that will match the colors of your rocks. Page 6.

Picture of Window Box With Purple and orange Flowers
Picture of window box with purple and orange flowers. Page 9.

Picture of Yellow and Purple Flowers Together
Yellow and purple flowers juxtaposed make for a nice contrast. Page 8.

Fall Foliage Photo of Norway Maple Tree, an Invasive Like Amur
Fall foliage photos of Norway maple trees reveal 2 distinct looks (yellow, burgundy). They're tall trees, while Amur is shorter, better suited to small spaces. Page 12.

Picture of Reddish-Orange Sugar Maple Tree
No pictures of autumn foliage should lack examples of the reddish-orange sugar maple trees. My photos show the variations in this tree's fall color. Page 8.

Crimson King Norway Maple Tree - Fall Foliage Picture
Crimson King Norway maple trees have a different fall foliage from the typical Acer platanoides. These trees have an autumn leaf color that's maroon. Page 13.

Orange Sugar Maple Tree - Photo
My photo of an orange sugar maple tree will delight the fall-foliage enthusiast. Visit the rest of my gallery to view some of New England's favorite specimens. Page 7.

Closeup Picture of Sugar Maple Leaves
It's de rigueur to have a closeup image of sugar maple leaves. My pics will help you when buying to decide if you want such a specimen in your yard. Page 9.

Picture of Japanese Maples - Fall Foliage
Here's a picture of Japanese maples in autumn, showing the fall foliage color they offer. This one is a colorful, bright red. Page 14.

Maple Leaf Picture - Fall Foliage Color
Maple leaf pictures will reveal fall foliage with significant variation. Reds, yellows, oranges, and multi-colored examples can be found in this collection. Page 4.

Close Up Photos of Maple Leaves
Photos of maple leaves close up reveal the shape so strongly tied to the national flag of Canada. This could also be the poster child for fall. Page 10.

Source of Maple Syrup - Photo of Sugar Maple Trees
Maple syrup comes from sugar maple trees, shown in this picture. Much of the Northeastern U.S. and Southeastern Canada produces large quantities of it. Page 6.

Photo of Maple Tree Leaves
You can find fall maple tree leaves displaying 3 colors, red, green and yellow. Such is the diversity of leaves on the Acer genus in the autumn. Page 5.

Norway Maple Trees - Fall Foliage Image
Fall foliage images can't neglect Norway maple trees, even though they're invasive. Their yellow fall color arrives later than that of their cousins. Page 11.

Photo of Wild Red Maple Tree Similar to Autumn Blaze
This photo shows a wild red maple tree with a form similar to Autumn Blaze. Your best bet to achieve this oval-shaped canopy in a landscape tree is a cultivar. Page 2.

Do You Want an Acer Rubrum (Photo) or a Red Sunset Maple Tree?
For crimson fall color, 'Red Sunset' maple trees are a good choice, as opposed to Acer rubrum. Why? This photo illustrates the problem with wild maples. Page 3.

Crow Scarecrow Picture - a Contradiction in Terms?
This scarecrow photo of a crow ornament captures a creative contradiction. It's a contradiction in terms because straw men are supposed to scare these birds. Page 14.

Female "Straw Man" - Picture of a Scarecrow Woman
My picture shows a scarecrow woman. This female

Picture of Girl Scarecrow on Motorcycle
This picture of a girl scarecrow on a motorcycle shows a figure with a cloth head. Using a

Tin Man Picture - Wizard of Oz Scarecrow
This picture shows a Wizard-of-Oz-style Tin Man scarecrow I saw in someone's yard. It captures 2 characters from the famous movie in one figure. Page 15.

Picture of Scarecrows Based on Mother Goose Characters
This picture of scarecrows comes from Hey, Diddle, Diddle (Mother Goose nursery rhyme), showing cat and dog characters, dish, spoon and cow jumping over moon. Page 5.

Photo of Humpty Dumpty Pumpkin
My Humpty Dumpty pumpkin picture shows the nursery-rhyme character in a Halloween display. A scarecrow represented

Knight Scarecrow Picture - Idea for an Unusual Straw Man
Here's an unusual scarecrow idea, shown in a photo of one of king's knights who couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. A scarecrow represents him. Page 11.

Picture of Little Miss Muffet Scarecrow
This picture is of a Little Miss Muffet scarecrow. View this and other pictures in my gallery for ideas for making scarecrows. Page 6.

Photo of Simple Halloween Scarecrow
The simple Halloween scarecrow in this photo is inspired by the Mother Goose nursery rhyme,

Picture of Mother Goose Scarecrow Decorations
When Mother Goose wrote the nursery rhyme,

Picture of "Old Woman in Shoe" Scarecrow
My scarecrow picture is based on Mother Goose's

Halloween Scarecrow Picture - Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
The scarecrow in the photo is inspired by the Mother Goose nursery rhyme,

Inflatable Grinch Picture
As this inflatable Grinch picture shows, 'If Santa can do it, then so can the Grinch.'. Page 2.

Red Rock Wall Picture
This red rock wall picture was snapped in Arizona. In such a

Snowman Cutout Picture
This picture of a snowman cutout (cut-out) could give you an idea for a cute Christmas yard decoration if you're handy. The snowman here is blowing a horn. Page 12.

Christmas Dog Sled Decoration - Picture of Sleigh Pulled by a Dog
My picture of a Christmas sleigh pulled by a dog may give you a decorating idea. This cutout figure shows a dog dressed in Santa clothes pulling a sled. Page 14.

Funny Christmas Picture of Pop-Up Santa in Inflatable Chimney
In this funny Christmas picture, an inflatable reindeer greets a pop-up Santa emerging from an inflatable chimney. It's a great decorating idea if you have kids. Page 13.

Snoopy Inflatable Christmas Decoration - Picture of Dog in Plane
This picture of a Snoopy inflatable Christmas decoration shows Snoopy joy-riding. The irrepressible mutt is flying an inflatable plane. Page 7.

Glory of the Snow Picture - Chionodoxa Flower
As this photo of glory-of-the-snow indicates to those who know their spring flowers, it is a bulb plant. Some chionodoxa produce small, light-pink flowers. Page 15.

Photo of Bleeding Heart
A photo of bleeding heart, such as this image, quickly reveals that the flower truly is heart-shaped. It even sports a

Pink Phlox Subulata | Picture of Pink Phlox Subulata
Picture of pink Phlox subulata. Mix pink Phlox subulata with other colors for striking color combinations. Page 2.

Candytuft Picture | Photo of Candytuft
Candytuft picture. A perennial plant, candytuft's bloom is a brilliant white color. Page 16.

Daphne Flower Picture
Picture of daphne with its fragrant blossoms. Buds on this plant start out pink but produce white flowers. Page 11.

Koreanspice Viburnum Picture
This picture of Koreanspice viburnum illustrates what the flower head looks like. The blossoms have a spicy aroma. Page 7.

Picture of White Lilacs
Consult my picture of white lilacs to see if this exquisite shrub is something you'd be interested in growing. The flowers are commonly white, purple, or lavender. Page 12.

Mock Orange Picture
My mock orange picture shows the shrub's white flowers. The blooms bear a citrusy smell. Page 10.

Snow in Summer Picture | Photo of Snow in Summer
My snow in summer pictures indicates why this ground cover is so special. It has silver foliage and white flowers. Page 9.

Image of Sweet Woodruff
As this picture of sweet woodruff shows, this perennial can grow under trees. That makes the plant a valuable ground cover. Page 17.

Photo of White Alyssum
As the photo of white alyssum shows, this is a short plant. That makes this annual a sweet choice for a groundcover. Page 8.

Photo of Golden Chain Flowers
Golden chain flowers come in a yellow raceme, as is revealed in this picture. The flowers appear in late spring. Page 4.

Ground Cover With Yellow Flowers - Picture of Yellow Alyssum
This picture of a yellow flowering ground cover displays yellow alyssum. Aurinia will cascade down a stone wall. Page 3.

Yellow Lamium Flower Picture
'Yellow Archangel' is a lamium plant with a yellow flower, as shown in this picture. These groundcovers thrive in shade gardens. Page 2.

Picture of Yellow Centaurea
This picture shows a yellow centaurea plant. Centaurea macrocephala is known (and named) for its impressive flower, which is rather large. Page 14.

Yellow Poppy Flower Picture
Yellow poppy flowers do exist, as shown in this picture of an Icelandic type. They're not as well known as the plants with red or orange blossoms (Oriental). Page 15.

Pumpkin Face Stencil for Halloween Carving
Use this pumpkin face as a stencil for Halloween crafts. This pumpkin face shows a contented jack-o'-lantern. Page 6.

Pumpkin Face Medusa - Use My Stencil for Halloween Carving
Medusa artwork is a natural for Halloween, as the gorgon is easily associated with witches. Use my Medusa drawing for a pumpkin face template. Page 7.

Scary Halloween Stencil - Bat Pumpkin Design
This free stencil features a scary bat pumpkin design. Use the stencil to carve designs on small pumpkins. Page 6.

Devil Pumpkin - Jack-o-Lantern With Devil Face
Use my printable pumpkin design to carve a devil jack-o-lantern. The scary devil face is just what you need on your porch step to scare the local ragamuffins. Page 5.

Pumpkin Skull Carving for a Scary Halloween Design
Here's a template for a pumpkin skull carving. This scary Halloween design is spooky enough to delight the kids. Page 3.

Skull and Crossbones Jack-o-Lantern Pattern
The skull and crossbones jack-o-lantern pattern fits well into a pirate theme for Halloween decorating. Print it out, trace, and use it as a pumpkin stencil. Page 2.

Free Halloween Pumpkin Pattern
Use this free Halloween pumpkin pattern for your carving needs this Halloween. Such stencils can guide your hand as you carve, avoiding slips. Page 5.

Werewolf Pumpkin Pattern
Use my werewolf pumpkin pattern to create a classic jack-o-lantern. Werewolves are inveterate figures in Halloween decorating, valued for their scary visage. Page 4.

Saguaro Cactus Picture
As this saguaro cactus picture reveals, this is an imposing plant. It is an icon of the American West. Page 14.

Lavender Phlox Picture
A popular ground cover, there are lavender phlox plants (as shown in my picture), as well as other colors. Don't confuse P. subulata with the tall or

Lavender Lilacs Picture - Colored to Perfection
My picture shows white, purple and lavender lilacs. These bushes look wonderful with the colored mixed together like this. Page 5.

Pasque Flowers Picture
This Pasque flowers picture reveals their lavender color. Their scientific name is Pulsatilla vulgaris. Page 3.

Russian Sage Flowers Picture
Russian sage flowers picture. Landscaping. Page 2.

Photo of Butterfly Bush
As this photo of butterfly bush shows, this perennial comes in a mauve-lavender color, among others. Buddleia is, however, an invasive shrub. Page 8.

Picture of Lavender Crocus Flowers
Picture of lavender crocus flowers. Like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, snowdrops, scillas and other bulb plants, crocus flowers grace our yards with early spring color. Page 10.

Picture of Lavender Delphinium Flowers
My picture of lavender delphinium flowers reveals their beauty. Although the common name, larkspurs is still in use for these plants, fewer folks use it now. Page 11.

Lavender-Colored Hydrangea Picture
My lavender hydrangea picture presents the classic shrub in a color other than white, pink or blue. Whatever they're colored, the flowers are summer mainstays. Page 6.

Lavender Picture
My lavender picture shows that the blooms are colored true to their name. The flowers blossom in early summer. Page 9.

Picture of Lavender Rose of Sharon Shrub
Picture of a flower from a lavender rose of sharon shrub. Rose of sharon shrubs are available in colors, as well. Page 12.

Wisteria Picture
Wisteria picture. As this photo of wisteria shows, one color the vine comes in contains lavender. Page 7.

Picture of White Allium Flowers
A picture of a white allium flowers won't tell you that they belong to bulb plants. But the ornamental flowering alliums are relatives of garlic, which should give you a clue. Page 14.

Picture of Autumn Clematis Vines
Picture of a autumn clematis vines. Because they bloom later, autumn clematis vines complement other varieties nicely. Page 6.

Picture of Callery Pear Tree
This picture of a callery pear tree shows the specimen's white flowers. Although susceptible to wind damage, they hold up well to street pollution, which is why they line many city streets. Page 5.

Picture of White Cleome Flowers
This picture of white cleome flowers gives some indication of the plant's height. At 3 to 6 feet, they are tall enough to be planted in the back row of a planting bed. Page 15.

Picture of Mountain Laurel Shrubs
Picture of Mountain Laurel Shrubs. Mountain laurel shrubs must be distinguished from the culinary leaves by the same name. Page 2.

Picture of White Daffodil Flowers
Picture of narcissus flowers. Among the types of white daffodil flowers are the 'paperwhites.'. Page 3.

Picture of Queen Anne's Lace Flower
Picture of a Queen Anne's lace flower. Queen Anne's lace is a wildflower related to the carrot. Page 13.

Picture of Star Magnolia Tree
Picture of star magnolia tree, from your Guide to Landscaping. Star magnolia trees are early bloomers (March-April) suitable for growing in zones 4-8. Page 4.

Butterfly Weed Picture
My butterfly weed picture demonstrates why this plant doesn't really deserve the

Calendula Plant Picture
My picture of calendula plants ('pot marigolds') shows the light orange color of the flowers. Calendula plants have medicinal as well as ornamental value. Page 10.

Picture of Orange Lucifer Crocosmia Flower
Picture of orange 'Lucifer' Crocosmia flower. Grow 'Lucifer' Crocosmia flowers (formerly called

Photo of Orange Tulips
If a photo of orange tulips doesn't make you think spring, nothing will. In addition to orange flowers, some come in red, yellow, and other colors. Page 6.

Orange Oriental Poppy Picture
My orange oriental poppy picture demonstrates why these plants are so popular. A perennial flower that blooms in mid-spring, they furnish the yard with a big splash of color. Page 9.

Picture of Trumpet Vine
Picture of a trumpet vine. Trumpet vine is a hummingbird magnet. Page 14.

Picture of Orange Zinnia Flowers
If my picture of orange zinnia flowers illustrates anything, it is that the color can blend beautifully with a terra cotta container, giving the ensemble the feel of an organic whole. Page 13.

Picture of Pink Cosmos Flower
My picture of a pink cosmos flower will show why this plant is known for its delicacy. In addition to its flowers, the delicate texture of its foliage is useful in landscape design. Page 11.

Picture of Pink Garden Phlox Plants
Picture of pink garden phlox plants. Garden phlox plants should not be confused with the creeping variety. Page 12.

Picture of Pink Hyacinth Flowers
Picture of pink hyacinth flowers. Not to be confused with grape hyacinth, pictured on another page. Page 8.

Million Bells Photo | Pink Million Bells Picture
Picture of pink Million Bells petunia (Calibrachoa). While Millions Bells looks like a petunia, as the photo shows, its really a Calibrachoa. Page 5.

Picture of Pink Petunias
Picture of pink petunias. Annuals such as pink petunias can provide a splash of color to

Pink Primrose Picture | Photo of Pink Primrose
Pink primrose picture. As the photo shows, this is a delicate pink primrose flower with darker veins. Page 6.

Ragged Robin Picture | Photo of Ragged Robin
Ragged robin picture. This photo shows how 'ragged robin' came to be named. Page 7.

Picture of Rose Campion Flowers
Picture of a rose campion flowers. Once established, rose campion flowers multiply and spread beyond their original bounds. Page 13.

Picture of Pink Weeping Higan Cherry Tree Blossoms
Picture of pink weeping Higan cherry tree blossoms. Weeping Higan cherry trees produce pink to white blossoms in profusion. Page 9.

Picture of Goldenrod Flowers
There are many varieties of goldenrod flowers, but my favorites are those that bloom in late summer or early fall, such as the rough-stemmed type. Page 16.

Picture of Kerria Flowers
Picture of Kerria shrub, with its pompom-like yellow flowers. Page 6.

Picture of Sunflower
View my picture of a sunflower and admire its classic form. Known to bird watchers as the food source adored by cardinals, etc., sunflowers are attractive plants in their own right. Page 13.

Picture of Black-Eyed Susan Flower
Picture of a black-eyed susan flower. Black-eyed susan flower is a long-blooming perennial. Page 12.

Picture of Yellow Yarrow
Picture of a yellow yarrow. From our earliest days as children we are intrigued by the 'flat-top' look of both white and yellow yarrow. Page 11.

Purple Morning Glory Picture
My purple morning glory picture reveals how deep the color of the bloom can be. They are so dark you could almost call them

Picture of Forsythia Shrubs
Picture of a yellow forsythia shrubs. Forsythia shrubs are truly a herald of spring. Page 7.

Picture of Yellow Iris
My picture displays a yellow iris. The name boasts a connection to Greek mythology, a tribute to the magnificence and variety of colors found in the genus. Page 9.

Picture of Stella d'Oro Daylily
In this picture of a 'Stella d'Oro' daylily, you see a closeup of the flower. These daylilies are widely grown, thanks in part to their compact growth habit. Page 10.

Witch Hazel Plant Picture
Some witch hazel plants bear yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. As an example, I show Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise' in this picture. Page 5.

Eastern Redbud Tree Photo
Any good Eastern redbud tree photo will have you wishing you were growing one. Graceful bloomers with a delicate look, they are a springtime favorite. Page 14.

Saucer Magnolia Picture
My saucer magnolia picture shows the pink flowers of the tree. These specimens are known for their large flowers. Page 12.

Inflatable Christmas Ornament Picture
Picture of inflatable Christmas ornament. As this photo shows, these decorations can make for quite a large, impressive display. Page 9.

Inflatable Homer Simpson Picture
In this inflatable Homer Simpson picture, the comic figure is dressed as Santa Claus. The kids will love this decoration. Page 16.

Inflatable Reindeer Picture
A natural for Christmas displays, any picture of an inflatable reindeer is usually presumed to represent Rudolph. Page 12.

Christmas Picture - Inflatable Mickey Mouse in Sleigh
Picture of inflatable Mickey Mouse in an inflatable Christmas sleigh. This Mickey Mouse figure is accompanied by a friend, also in elf garb. Page 4.

Inflatable Mickey Mouse Christmas Decoration
Inflatable Mickey Mouse Christmas decorations of a variety of types are seen in people's yards. In this example, Mickey holds a Christmas candy cane. Page 5.

Picture of Outdoor Inflatable Santa Claus in Inflatable Plane
Photo showing outdoor inflatable Santa ornament riding in plane. Outdoor inflatable Santa ornaments grace many yards at Christmas time in the U.S. Page 6.

Outdoor Inflatable Santa Claus for Yard - Picture
This outdoor inflatable Christmas decoration shows Santa Claus in a toy box. It's a natural

Inflatable Santa Claus Picture
My picture of an inflatable Santa Claus shows him with a long beard. These decorations dominate the

Inflatable Snowman Picture
This picture of an inflatable snowman shows a long-time favorite in Christmas decor. This is one snowman won't melt when we have a warm winter day! Page 14.

Inflatable Christmas Tree Picture
This is a photo showing a snowman straddling an inflatable Christmas tree with his legs. There's one thing you can say for them: they shed no needles! Page 7.

Inflatable Snowman With Broom Picture
My picture of an inflatable snowman shows the figure displayed with a broom. It's a more traditional look than some for this classic Christmas figure. Page 17.

Inflatable Christmas Displays - Photo of Snowman With Snow Pile
In this inflatable Christmas display photo, a snow pile serves as a suitable backdrop for a snowman. Page 10.

Inflatable Tigger the Tiger Picture
Pals with Winnie the Pooh, the inflatable Tigger the Tiger ornament in this picture makes for a colorful Christmas decoration. Page 11.

Inflatable Winnie The Pooh Picture
Picture of inflatable Winnie the Pooh dressed as Santa Claus. Here Winnie drives a train. Page 8.

Animated Outdoor Christmas Decorations - Santa Claus
In this outdoor Christmas decoration picture, a reindeer greets an animated Santa at a chimney. Animated decorations add the element of motion to the display. Page 13.

Picture of Basket Weave Pattern
The basket weave pattern, as illustrated in my picture, can be thought of as a grid of squares alternating from a vertical to a horizontal emphasis. Page 2.

Picture of Running Bond Pattern
The running bond pattern is pretty straightforward. My picture of the design does throw a curve in, though. Page 3.

Aspen Tree Picture
Evergreens dominate in Santa Fe, but there are also some aspen trees. With so few deciduous trees here, this fall foliage standout (photo) really stands out. Page 16.

Virginia Creeper Easier to Control in Southwest - Picture
Virginia creeper isn't easy to control in the East. My picture shows what the aggressive vine looks like growing in the Southwest, where it's easily controlled. Page 17.

Boston Ivy Photo
As this Boston ivy photo reveals, the vine can climb walls. I'm used to seeing this plant in New England; but the specimen in the photo is in New Mexico. Page 18.

Photo of Kokopelli Gate Design in New Mexico Landscaping
Doesn't this kokopelli gate design spice up the driveway in the photo considerably? The kokopelli is a Native American symbol. Page 19.

Photo of Lantana Flowers
Heat-tolerant lantana flowers, such as the orange ones in this photo, come in a variety of colors. Associated with Florida, I found these in the Southwest. Page 28.

How to Make Bottle Trees - Picture, Lore, Instructions
Wondering how to make bottle trees, anyone, such as those at Elmer's Place, a Route 66 roadside attraction in Helendale, California? The job isn't difficult. Page 33.

Oleander Shrubs - Picture
This picture of oleander shrubs displays their flowers. The blooms can be pink; another common color on this type of bush is white. Page 27.

Red Bird of Paradise Photo
A desert plant, red bird of paradise is common in Arizona and California, where I snapped this photo. Don't confuse it with Strelitzia reginae, a jungle plant. Page 26.

Picture of Arizona Palm
This Arizona palm (picture) resides near the California border and is displayed prominently thanks to terracing work on the hill behind. Page 23.

Deciduous Trees in Northern Arizona
My picture shows a Lombardy poplar tree growing in northern Arizona. Another deciduous tree in this region is the aspen. Page 22.

Prickly Pear Cactus Picture
This prickly pear cactus picture was taken in Arizona. But this hardy plant can be found far into the North, including New England. Page 20.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Hot Climates
This picture of cactus in front yard landscaping comes from Barstow, California. If it's

Olive Tree Picture
The olive tree picture here was taken in California. With its Mediterranean climate, California is well suited to growing this classic. Page 31.

Joshua Tree - Picture, Botanical Name
Joshua tree (picture) is a type of yucca. The botanical name for this desert dweller makes this fact clear: namely, Yucca brevifolia. Page 32.

Ash Tree Picture in Illinois Landscaping
A fall color standout, we saw ash trees (picture) used extensively not only in Illinois landscaping but throughout the Midwest. Page 2.

Dogwood Picture in Missouri Landscaping
As this Missouri Landscaping picture shows, flowering dogwood trees' fall foliage is burgundy. The trees are better-known for their great spring floral color. Page 3.

Funky House Number Plaques
Choose funky house number plaques carefully, as how you display your address says a lot about taste. This picture shows an idea for displaying such a sign. Page 4.

Kansas Landscaping Ideas - Bull Statue
Pictured here is a Kansas landscaping idea. With the influence of its cattle industry, one would expect Kansas to have the occasional bull statue. Page 5.

Picture of Hay Bales - a Fall Decorating Idea
Hay bales are common in fall decorating. But the decor in this Oklahoma landscaping goes a step further with a figure made of hay. Page 6.

Decorating With Old Gas Pumps
Are you an aficionado of old gas pumps and other service station memorabilia, such as vintage signs? Some people decorate their landscaping with these. Page 7.

Mailbox for Southwestern Decor
This mailbox's 'cactus' post would fit well in Southwestern decor. Themes in this style include cactus, cowboys and Native American symbols. Page 8.

Picture of Martian and UFO Lawn Ornament
The Martian and UFO lawn ornament (picture) take up a good portion of this Oklahoma yard. The neighbors must have a good sense of humor to tolerate such decor. Page 9.

Picture of Metal Edging in Texas Landscaping
In windy west Texas landscaping, you want metal edging (picture), not wimpy plastic. Take high winds into account when you choose materials to edge your yard. Page 10.

Picture of Texas Horned Lizard Art for the Yard
This horned lizard art (picture) is a perfect fit for the planting of cacti in this front yard. The ornament sits comfortably in a planting bed of cacti. Page 11.

Picture of Cadillac Ranch Art
My picture reveals one of the 10 cars that make up the famous display at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. This is not landscaping for the faint of heart! Page 12.

Windbreak Picture in Texas Landscaping
Juniper trees are evergreens, as this windbreak picture shows, and are tough enough to stop the winds in Texas landscaping (specifically, the Texas Panhandle). Page 13.

Pyracantha Plant Picture in Albuquerque Landscaping
Wisteria and pyracantha plants grace this Southwestern entryway (picture). The latter are popular in the Southwestern decor schemes in Albuquerque landscaping. Page 15.

Christmas Inflatable Photo of Santa Claus
Christmas inflatable photo: Santa Claus. Christmas inflatable Santa Claus figures can assume a number of styles, this one's being the 'jolly old elf.'. Page 6.

Photo of Christmas Inflatable Snowman
Photo of Christmas inflatable: snowman. This Christmas inflatable snowman bears a traditional look. Page 5.

Christmas Photo | Inflatable Snowman
Christmas photo of inflatable snowman. This inflatable snowman is especially colorful. Page 4.

Winnie the Pooh Inflatables Photo | Picture of Inflatable Pooh and Friends
Winnie the Pooh Christmas inflatables photo. Like other bears, Winnie the Pooh has become a favorite Christmas inflatable. Page 3.

Christmas Inflatable Photo of Snowman
Christmas inflatable photo: snowman. Not often called 'classy,' this Christmas inflatable features a relatively tasteful snowman. Page 8.

Photo of Christmas Inflatable Bear on Porch
Photo of Christmas inflatable bear sitting on porch. Festive clothing is enough to turn a plain old bruin into a Christmas bear inflatable. Page 14.

Photo of Inflatable Dog With Christmas Bow Tie
Photo of inflatable dog with Christmas bow tie. Page 9.

Photo of Inflatable Dog with Checkered Vest
Photo of inflatable dog with checkered Christmas vest. This inflatable dog wears a checkered vest with Christmas colors. Page 10.

Moose Inflatable Photo
One moose inflatable in this photo wears Santa Claus colors. The other festive Bullwinkle wears green and blue. Page 11.

Christmas Photo of Inflatable Nutcracker
Photo of Christmas inflatable nutcracker holiday lawn ornament. Colorfully dressed, this Christmas nutcracker inflatable bears the figure of a wooden toy soldier. Page 12.

Penguin Inflatables Picture - a Ride on a Sled
The penguin duo in this airblown inflatable decoration is busy sledding. Love 'em or hate 'em, these Christmas lawn ornaments are here to stay. Page 13.

Photo of Inflatable Santa's Workshop
Photo of Christmas inflatable Santa's workshop. Fascinating for young children, the Santa's Workshop Christmas inflatable functions as a large holiday lawn decoration. Page 7.

Christmas Inflatable Photo | Snowman in Snow Globe
Christmas inflatable photo: snowman in snow globe. Housed in this airblown inflatable snow globe are a snowman and a Christmas tree. Page 2.

Christmas Display Photo - Rope Light Ladder
This Christmas display photo shows a rope light ladder. Santa Claus is not alone in scaling this highway to heaven. Page 4.

Photo of Inflatable Santa in Car
This photo of inflatable Santa Claus shows the jolly old elf driving a car. The car is also an inflatable. Page 10.

Santa Ave Yard Stake Photo
Santa Claus and North Pole decoration. This homeowner not only knows where the North Pole is, but is also lucky enough to live on Santa Ave. Page 3.

Photo of Santa Claus Decoration
Seemingly delivering a speech from the balcony in this picture, the Santa Claus decoration here is looking like Mussolini! Page 5.

Cute Christmas Photo of Inflatable Plane
This cute Christmas photo shows an inflatable plane. Snoopy or Santa Claus are sometimes seen riding in these funny inflatables. Page 6.

Penguins on Sled - Cute Christmas Picture of Penguin Inflatables
Like many Christmas decorations, penguin inflatables feature an animal associated with cold weather. This picture may give you an idea for Christmas decor. Page 11.

Inflatable Santa Claus on Motorcycle - Picture
This Christmas photo is of an inflatable Santa Claus on a motorcycle. When did St. Nick trade in his sleigh for motorcycle? Page 9.

Photo of Cute North Pole Sign
What child wouldn't want a North Pole sign on the lawn for Christmas? This picture shows just such a cute yard decoration. Page 2.

Picture of Easter Bunny Garden Stake With Egg
Picture of garden stake: Easter Bunny holding an egg. Page 16.

Picture of Lady Easter Bunny With Basket of Easter Eggs
Picture of lady Easter Bunny with basket of Easter eggs. Page 19.

Picture of Easter Egg Chick Decoration
Picture of Easter egg chick decoration. Page 9.

Picture of Shrub With Easter Eggs
Picture of shrub with Easter eggs. Page 17.

Picture of Giant Easter Eggs in Window Box
Picture of giant Easter eggs in window box. Page 8.

Picture of Easter Eggs on Bush
Picture of Easter Eggs on bush, with a picket-fence backdrop. Page 18.

Picture of Forsythia Wreath
Picture of forsythia wreath. Landscaping. Page 11.

Picture of Hanging Easter Egg Figure
Picture of hanging Easter Egg figure. Page 10.

Picture of Easter Bunny Ornaments
Picture of Easter Bunny ornaments. Page 6.

Picture of Wooden Planter With Pussy Willows
Picture of wooden planter with pussy willows. Page 12.

Easter Bunny Decoration Picture
Picture of mesh Easter Bunny decoration. Page 7.

Picture of Wooden Tulips in Window Box
Picture of wooden tulips in window box. Page 14.

Picture of Easter Bunny Ornaments on Shrub
Picture of Easter Bunny ornaments on shrub. Page 13.

Easter Bunny Inflatable Picture
Easter Bunny inflatable picture. Page 2.

Easter Bunny Garden Stake Picture
Picture of Easter Bunny garden stake. Page 15.

Easter Bunny Cutout Picture
Easter Bunny cutout picture. Landscaping. Page 5.

Easter Bunny Couple Cutouts
Easter Bunny couple cutouts. Landscaping. Page 4.

Picture of Lit Easter Bunny Family on Doorstep
Picture of Easter Bunny family on doorstep. These Easter Bunnies light up. Page 3.

Picture of Sand Dunes in Winter
This picture of sand dunes in winter shows that, what they lack in January (lush foliage) they more than make up for with an artistic mix of colors and textures. Page 21.

Picture of Custom Wood Deck Railings
Picture of custom wood deck railings. Page 2.

Halloween Tombstone Sayings | Rest in Peace Tombstone
Image showing an RIP Halloween tombstone saying -- and a bit more. 'Rest in Peace' is among the most popular Halloween tombstone sayings. Page 14.

Halloween Decoration Photos - Ghost and Pumpkin Scene
What's funny about this ghost and pumpkin scene? It is reminiscent of a scarecrow scene -- but without the scarecrow! Page 7.

Photo of Halloween Ghosts Hanging in Trees
I present this photo of a Halloween ghost hanging in a tree to indicate how cheap and easy Halloween decorating can be. Anybody can make this ornament. Page 5.

Halloween Inflatable Photo - Halloween Ghost
My picture of an inflatable ghost may give you an idea for a great Halloween decoration for the yard. A black cat and pumpkin accompany the main figure. Page 8.

Funny Halloween Ghost Pictures - a Ghostly Circle
This funny Halloween picture depicts ghosts holding hands to form a circle. There's an eerie, light in the air, as I snapped the shot at twilight time. Page 6.

Picture of Halloween Scarecrow
This picture of Halloween scarecrow features a traditional style. The strawman sports a cloth pumpkin head and work clothes, and he's supported by two poles. Page 2.

Picture of Halloween Witch Flag
This picture of a Halloween witch flag doesn't show the wicked sister in her best light. But the old hag makes for a funny outdoor decoration. Page 4.

Picture of Inflatable Halloween Black Cat
My picture of a Halloween black cat displays the feline wearing wizard's garb. This picture shows one of the popular inflatables for October decorating. Page 9.

Funny Sponge Bob Picture - Pirate Halloween Decoration
This Halloween picture of a funny pirate doesn't depict just any buccaneer. Sponge Bob is featured in this ornament. Page 11.

Picture of Halloween Pumpkin Leaf Bag
My picture of a Halloween pumpkin leaf bag may motivate you to rake this fall. Put the leaves in this decoration and display it in the yard later. Page 13.

Free Pumpkin Carving Pattern
This free pumpkin carving pattern is just one of various types I offer. I give a link on this page that takes you to my full photo gallery. Page 14.

Photo of Halloween Inflatable Giant Spider
My photo of a Halloween inflatable giant spider may send the kids running, not only in terror, but also to ask mom and dad to have this decoration on the lawn! Page 10.

Photo of Trash Bag Halloween Witch
This Halloween picture shows a witch made out of a trash bag. What's the scary holiday without its classic conjurer, right? Page 3.

Photo of Inflatable Jack-o'-Lantern Decoration
This photo shows a Halloween inflatable jack-o'-lantern. A black cat emerges from the pumpkin, wearing its lid as a cap. Page 12.

Free Halloween Pumpkin Stencil
Use my free Halloween pumpkin stencil to carve a different jack-o'-lantern this year. Guided by your stencil, you won't have to worry about slips. Page 2.

Free Halloween Pumpkin Designs
Want a unique Halloween pumpkin design this fall? Use my free pattern to carve a wrinkly-browed jack-o-lantern that will adorn your porch or patio. Page 3.

Photo of Banner With Three Christmas Snowmen
Photo of Christmas banner with three snowmen. An enduring symbol of Christmas, snowmen adorn many a banner during the holiday season. Page 10.

Photo of Santa Flag for Lawn
Photo of tasteful Santa flag, displayed on the lawn. Santa flags are popular Christmas lawn ornaments. Page 14.

Santa and Sleigh Cutout Photo
Photo of Santa and sleigh lawn ornament. Cutouts of Santa's sleigh are popular Xmas lawn ornaments. Page 20.

Photo of Snowflake Yard Stake
Photo of snowflake yard stake used as a Christmas lawn ornament. Snowflakes are popular choices for yard stakes at Christmas. Page 24.

Photo of Snowflakes Flag
Photo of snowflakes flag. Landscaping. Page 15.

Photo of Snowman Flag
Photo of snowman flag. At Christmas, snowman flags are hung up at many houses. Page 16.

Photo of Creche With Ceramic Figures
View my photo of a creche with ceramic figures. This ensemble is also called an

Photo of Fence Decorated With Christmas Garland
This photo highlights a fence decorated with a Christmas garland. The decoration creates a festive mood in this person's landscaping. Page 4.

Photo of Kissing Ball
Photo of kissing ball with red and green ornaments. Page 11.

Christmas Kissing Ball Image
My Christmas kissing ball image shows how much these ornaments can spice up your holiday yard. They are also easy to make and can be cheap to put together. Page 13.

Photo of Christmas Noel Letters as Lawn Ornaments
Photo of Noel lawn ornament. Noel is French for Christmas. Page 12.

Christmas Present Photo | Outdoor Xmas Present Yard Decoration
Photo of a 'Christmas present' yard decoration. Page 26.

Horse-and-Carriage Christmas Lawn Ornament - Photo
My horse-and-carriage Christmas lawn ornament picture shows some unusual decor. The thought of

Picture of Lighted Candy Canes
Picture of lighted candy canes. Landscaping. Page 8.

Picture of Lighted Christmas Caroler
Picture of lighted Christmas caroler. Page 21.

Christmas Lawn Ornament Photos | Drummer Boy
Christmas photo showing a drummer boy ornament. Page 25.

Plastic Snowman Lawn Holiday Lawn Ornament - Photo
My photo of a plastic snowman holiday lawn ornament gives an example of an older form of Christmas decor. Such ornaments have lost ground in popularity to inflatables. Page 23.

Gift-Wrapped Box Photo - Christmas Decoration
Photo of gift-wrapped box used as Christmas yard decor. This

Photo of Mailbox Decorated for Christmas
Photo of mailbox decorated for Christmas. Mailboxes decorated with Christmas themes add a nice touch to winter decor in the yard. Page 22.

Picture of Gift Lawn Ornament - Christmas Present Decoration
My picture of a blue 'Christmas present' lawn ornament reveals how classy this decor can be. The Christmas gift packages are intended for outdoor display. Page 19.

Picture of Urn Decorated for Christmas
Picture of urn decorated for Christmas. Page 17.

Photo of Miniature Christmas Tree
My picture of a miniature Christmas tree shows one decorated. Such decor adds color to the winter landscape. Page 3.

Example of Contrast in Form
Example of contrast in form. Landscaping. Page 4.

Form of Ornamental Grass
Ornamental grass is valued for its distinct form. Page 13.

Shrub Texture Example
These shrubs keep to a similar texture. Page 12.

Gold Mop Picture
As my Gold Mop picture reveals, this shrub is composed of golden threads. The bush is considered one of the falsecypresses. Page 4.

Variegated Euonymus Picture - a Green and Gold Type
'Emerald and Gold' euonymus is a variegated (two toned) type, bearing green and gold leaves, as this picture shows. Page 2.

Yew Shrub Picture
A yew shrub is pictured here. Their tiny, densely packed needles make these bushes amenable to shaping. Page 9.

Picture of Boxwood
In this boxwood photo, I show it being sheared in a hedge. Use guide lines to shear it straight if seeking a formal look. Page 5.

Minuet Laurel Photo
My Minuet laurel photo illustrates why this cultivar was developed. It's hard not to like its bright, bi-colored blooms. Page 8.

Picture of Daphne Flower
My picture of daphne shows the shrub with its white flowers. Buds on this bush start out pink but end up producing white flowers. Page 10.

Picture of Hemlock Shrubs
The hemlock shrubs in this picture flank a driveway entrance and function as a privacy screen. As evergreens, they make your yard more private year-round. Page 3.

Photo of Arborvitae Bushes
Arborvitae bushes (as shown in this picture) make a good hedge. The shrub's name literally means