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Free Plantain Recipes and Caribbean Roots and Tuber Recipes
In the Caribbean, plantains and a variety of tropical roots and tubers are used for cooking regularly. They're the staple foods that provide an important source of daily carbohydrate intake. Some are barely known outside the Caribbean while others are known worldwide.

Recipes for yuca, cassava, manioc, mandioca, yucca root, casabe, tapioca
Yuca is a starchy root that is essential to Caribbean and other tropical diets. It's consumed like a vegetable. It is also called manioc, cassava, casabe, and tapioca. Here you will find recipes and information about this popular tuberous root.

How to Make Fried Ripe Plantains - Recipe
Make Fried Ripe Plantains like they do in the Caribbean. This is an easy and quick recipe for sweet Fried Ripe Plantains. Also learn how to buy plantains.

The Best Cassava and Yuca Recipes
Here's a list of the best recipes for different ways in which to cook, eat and enjoy cassava (yuca), including yuca fries and yuca con mojo.

Caribbean Appetizers, Snacks, Fritters - Free Recipes for Aperitivos, Bocados, and Frituras from the Cribbean Islands
Free recipes for appetizers, snacks, and fritters (aperitivos, bocados, y frituras). These tasty and versatile selections can be served before the meal or whenever you get the munchies.

Dessert Recipes - Latin Caribbean Desserts, Sweets and Baking Recipes
Free dessert recipes from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and The Dominican Republic

What Is Achiote (or Annatto)?
This Caribbean ingredient has many uses beyond culinary. So, what exactly is Achiote (Annatto), what are its traditional uses and how do you use it?

Empanadas, Pastelillos, Pastelitos, Empanadillas Recipes and Cooking Techniques
Recipes and cooking techniques for empanadas (also called pastelillos, pastelitos, empanadillas, and fried pies), which are essentially fried or baked pastries stuffed with sweet or savory fillings.

Flan Recipes - Recetas para Flan
Flan is a popular, rich custard dessert topped with a layer of caramel. Here you will find traditional recipes for flan, as well as gourmet exotic flavors.

Popular Caribbean Dessert Recipes
Inspiration for Caribbean desserts comes from tropical fruits, the sugarcane industry, and European colonialism. Here are some recipes.

A Step-By-Step of How to Make Empanada Dough for Frying
Nothing beats the taste of made-from-scratch empanadas. Follow this pictorial step-by-step guide to make homemade pizza empanadas dough for frying.

How To Make Empanadas - A Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide Step 2
Here's how to roll out and cut homemade empanada dough.

How To Make Empanadas - A Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide Step 3
Here's how to fill an empanada. Latin Caribbean Food.

How To Make Empanadas - A Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide Step 4
Here's how to prepare and seal an empanada before cooking.

How To Make Empanadas - A Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide Step 5
Here's how to properly fry an empanada.

How To Make Empanadas - A Pictorial Step-by-Step Guide Step 6
Empanada filling recipes from About Guides.

Puerto Rican Food (Cocina Criolla) Profile
The cooking style in Puerto Rican cuisine is called cocina criolla - the cuisine created by the colonists using their traditional recipes and native ones.

Latin Caribbean Cooking Basics, Tips and Tools
In a beginner friendly environment, here's everything you need to know to start preparing and enjoying authentic Caribbean dishes. Learn what you need to keep on hand in the kitchen, essential ingredients, favorite and beginner recipes, where to buy ingredients, reader FAQs and tips, techniques and more.

Caribbean Recipes by Island - Regional Recipes from the Caribbean Islands by Country
A collection of recipes from the Caribbean islands categorized by island, country, and culinary influence.

Pan de Agua or Water Bread Step-By-Step Recipe
Need a Puerto Rican Water Bread recipe? Pan de Agua receta. Here are step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to make water bread.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 2
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 2 - In a large mixing bowl, mix together the yeast, sugar, and warm water.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 3
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 3 - In a separate large mixing bowl, mix together the salt and flour.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 4
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 4 - Knead the dough.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 5
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 5 - Let the dough rise.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 6
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 6 - Divide the dough into two portions.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 7
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 7 - Form two loaves and slit the tops.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 8
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 8 - Brush loaves with egg wash and place in oven.

Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 9
Puerto Rican Water Bread (pan de agua) Step 9 -

Caribbean/West Indian Porridge Recipes - Sago Porridge
A list of a variety of Caribbean and West Indian porridge recipes including Sago porridge, oats porridge, cream of wheat porridge, and cornmeal porridge.

Cuban Recipes - Cuba Recipe
Authentic and traditional recipes from Cuba.

Glossary and Pronunciation of Latin Caribbean Cuisine Terms Ingredients Techniques
Find definitions, explanations, and a pronunciations for ingredients, foods, and techniques used in Latin Caribbean cooking.

Caribbean Seasoning, Caribbean Spice, Caribbean Marinade, Caribbean Herbs
Make authentic recipes for Caribbean seasonings, spices, marinades and herb mixes. Free recipes for Caribbean seasoning, Caribbean spice, Caribbean marinade, and Caribbean herbs.

What Is Cassava? (Manioc, Yucca Root, Casabe)
Cassava is tuberous starchy root, high in carbohydrates, essential to Caribbean and other tropical diets. It is also called manioc, yucca, yucca root etc.

Fried Ripe Plantains - Shopping and Cooking Guide
Learn all about frying ripe plantains. Here's a guide to choosing and frying ripe plantains. Find out what makes a ripe plantain and what ingredients work.

Cuban Cuisine History and Profile
Cuban food still has strong ties to Spanish influences because it was the first and last Spanish colony in the Caribbean. Learn about Cuban cuisine history.

Adobo Seasoning
Adobo recipes, about adobo seasoning, how to make adobo.

Want a sofrito recipe, or are you looking for information about sofrito? This is the page that gives you what you need to know about when it comes to sofrito.

About Plantains and Recipes
It looks and smells like a banana, but if you ever bite into a raw plantain, you'll know it's not. Learn how to cook with plantains and get recipes.

Step by Step Photo Guide to Peeling Plantains
Peeling a green or yellow plantain can be difficult and tricky. Follow this step by step photographic how-to for peeling plantains and you can't go wrong.

How to Peel a Plantain Step 2
Peeling a green or yellow plantain can be difficult and tricky. Follow this step by step photographic how-to guide and you can't go wrong.

How to Peel a Plantain Step 3
Peeling a green or yellow plantain can be difficult and tricky. Follow this step by step photographic how-to guide and you can't go wrong.

How to Peel a Plantain Step 4
Peeling a green or yellow plantain can be difficult and tricky. Follow this step by step photographic how-to guide and you can't go wrong.

How to Peel a Plantain Step 5
Peeling a green or yellow plantain can be difficult and tricky. Follow this step by step photographic how-to guide and you can't go wrong.

Peel Yuca Root, or Cassava, for Cooking
How to peel the thick skin off yuca, or cassava, roots.

How to Cook Yuca or Cassava and How to Select It
Learn how to peel, cut and how to cook yuca. It begins with selecting yuca roots (cassava) that are firm and have no blemishes or soft spots.

Cutting Yuca Root, or Cassava, for Cooking
How to cut yuca root, cassava, for cooking.

Cut Peeled Yuca Root in Half
Cutting a peeled yuca root, cassava, in half.

Cutting the woody core out of a yuca root.
How to cut the woody core out of a yuca root.

Adobo Seasoning Description, Ingredients and Recipes
What is adobo seasoning? Find out about this savory, all-purpose seasoning that explains its ingredients, how to use it, and adobo recipes.

How to Remove the Salt From a Salted Fish Recipe
Learn how to de-salt a salted fish recipe. Refer to this guide to remove excess salt from salt fish and prepare it for cooking. Here's how.

How to Make Empanadas From Scratch
Empanadas are pastry shell turnovers made by folding dough over a filling and cooking it. How to make empanadas from scratch with these recipes.

Sofrito Recipe - How to Make Sofrito Step by Step
Step 5 of how to make sofrito tutorial - storing your freshly made sofrito.

How to Make Sofrito Recipe Step by Step
Learn how to make sofrito, the secret ingredient in many Latin Caribbean dishes with this step by step tutorial. The dish is easy to make.

Sofrito Recipe - How to Make Sofrito Step by Step
Step 2 of How to make sofrito tutorial - chopping the ingredients.

Sofrito Recipe - How to Make Sofrito Step by Step
Step 3 of how to make a sofrito tutorial - pureeing the vegetables and herbs.

Sofrito Recipe - How to Make Sofrito Step by Step
Step 4 of how to make a sofrito tutorial - blending the ingredients.

Cuban Bread Recipe
Crusty on the outside with a fluffy tender middle. This is everyday bread and both versions are suitable for making Cuban sandwiches.

Top Accras Recipes - Best of Caribbean Accras Recipes
Accra guide. Caribbean Accra guide. Learn about accras. Accra recipes.

Dominican Sofrito Recipe (Sazon)
This sofrito recipe is inspired by ingredients commonly found in Dominican sofritos, which are also called sazon in that country.

Types of Indian-Style Caribbean Roti
A guide to Caribbean / West Indian Roti. Learn the types of roti consumed in the Caribbean, whether pan-fried or stuffed with delicious ingredients.

Guyanese Pancakes - How to Make Guyanese Pancakes
Guyanese pancakes explained. Guyanese pancakes demonstrated. Learn how to make guyanese pancakes. Learn how to make homemade syrup.

How to Extract Coconut Milk From a Fresh Coconut
Tutorial on how to extract coconut milk from a fresh coconut. It is easier than you think.

Pasteles Recipe - A Traditional Puerto Rican Dish
Pasteles are wrapped green banana stuffed meat pastries, traditionally served at Christmas time in Puerto Rico.

Caribbean Dhal Puri Recipe
Dhal Puri recipe that recommends how to make dhal puri. Guide to making dhal puri. Learn to make dhal puri.

Trinbagonian Roast Bakes Recipe
Learn to make roast bakes with this recipe. Bake Bake versus roast bake. What is the difference between roast bake and bake bake?

Caribbean Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
Learn to make sweet potato pie Caribbean style. How to make a caribbean sweet potato pie. Recipe for making sweet potato pie.

Antigua Raisin Bun Recipe
Recipe for Antigua Raisin Bun. Antigua Raisin Bun Recipe. Learn to make Antigua Raisin Bun. This is Antigua Raisin Bun.

Guyanese Pancakes Recipe
The recipe for Guyanese Pancakes is different from the traditional flat pancakes. Learn to make Guyanese pancakes, which were influnced by Portuguese malasadas.

Spinach Rice Recipe
Spinach rice recipe. Learn how to make spinach rice. Easy palak rice recipe. This is spinach rice pulao.

Barley Porridge Recipe
Barley Porridge is easy to make. Make Barley Porridge. This is a recipe for Barley Porridge. Learn how to make Barley Porridge.

How to Make Oats Porridge
Recipe for Oats Porridge. Learn how to make Oats Porridge. This is an Oats Porridge with raisins recipe.

Sago Porridge Recipe
Sago Porridge recipe. Learn how to make Sago Porridge. Making Sago Porridge is easy. Sago Porridge with cinnamon. Sago porridge is tapioca porridge.

How to Make Cream of Wheat Porridge
Cream of Wheat Porridge Recipe. Learn how to make Cream of Wheat Porridge. This is a recipe for Cream of Wheat Porridge.

Punch de Creme Recipe
Instead of eggnog, make punch de creme this Christmas. Punch de creme is a popular caribbean christmas drink. This is a recipe for punch de creme hails from Trinidad.

How to Make Burnt Sugar
Burnt Sugar is an important flavor and color ingredient used in Trinidad and Tobago cuisine.Learn how to make burnt sugar for use in Trinidad and Tobago recipes.

Easy Achiote Oil Recipe
Achiote oil is made from annatto seeds and is used to flavor and color many dishes such as yellow rice. Here is a simple recipe to make your own.

Top Spices Used in Caribbean Cuisine
Cooking with spices. Here are the top spices used in Caribbean cuisine.

Common Herbs Used in Caribbean Cuisine
Herbs in Caribbean cuisine. Green onions, marjoram, basil, culantro, and thyme are essential caribbean herbs. Learn to cook with herbs. Caribbean cooking with herbs.

Best Caribbean Corn Recipes
Ten Caribbean corn recipes that are easy to make. Learn how to cook with corn and cornmeal.

Latin Caribbean Easter Menu Recipes
A Latin Caribbean Easter Menu that will help you prepare an unforgettable flavorful Easter meal with recipes from the Latin Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican republic.

Variety and Ripeness Banana Guide
Here’s what you need to know when buying and eating bananas. Available varieties and stages of ripeness.

What is a Boniato Sweet Potato?
Picture and definition of boniato, also known as batata, Cuban sweet potato, white yam, Florida yam, camote, kamote, and kamura. Definition and Photo from Latin Caribbean Food..

Caribbean Sweet Potato Varieties
Learn about the sweet potato varieties used in Caribbean cooking. There are three types of sweet potatoes common in Caribbean food and they are part of the vegetables known as ground provisions.

Caribbean Accras - Fritters
What are accras? Here is a guide to types of Caribbean accras or fritters. Most of the Caribbean countries have some type of accra, though the name may vary from one place to another.

What is Cassava Cassareep?
What is cassareep? Cassareep defined and how to use it. Guyanese cassareep.

Choka Method of Preparing Dishes
What is Choka? This guide to choka explains and refers to a method of preparing a dish.

Guyanese White Pudding
Caribbean White Pudding. White Pudding is a version of the traditional Black Pudding that is made in Guyana. White Pudding is made with rice, cooked with fresh coconut milk and loads of fresh herbs such as basil and thyme. White Pudding explained.

How-To Guide on making Tostones with Photos
If you need step-by-step guidance on preparing tostones, follow this photographic how-to guide on how to make twice fried green plantains.

How to Make Tostones Step 2
If you need step-by-step guidance on preparing tostones, follow this photographic how-to guide on how to make twice fried green plantains.

How to Make Tostones Step 3
If you need step-by-step guidance on preparing tostones, follow this photographic how-to guide on how to make twice fried green plantains.

How to Make Tostones Step 4
If you need step-by-step guidance on preparing tostones, follow this photographic how-to guide on how to make twice fried green plantains.


Classic Coconut Cream Pie Recipe
One of the most popular and delicious ways to eat coconut is in a coconut cream pie. This recipe calls for a custard filling with a meringue topping.

Creamy Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Soup Recipe - a hearty delicious soup for Autumn.

Caribbean Stove Top Shellfish Seafood Paella
The national dish of Spain, paella, was brought to the islands during colonial times and has been a favorite dish ever since.

Free Recipes for Latin Caribbean Main Dishes Rice and Beans Pollo Fish Seafood Pasta Carne Sopa
Free recipes for Latin Caribbean main dishes: Rice and Beans, Pasta, Poultry, Fish and Seafood, Meat Dishes, Soups and Stews, Quick and Simple Meals, Special Occasion Foods, Vegetarian Dishes

Personal Size Upside Down Piña Colada Cakes
These personal sized elegant cakes brings home the tropical flavors of a classic piña colada cocktail: coconut, pineapple, and rum.

Easy and Simple Recipes for Caribbean Food Beginners
Caribbean cuisine is simple humble food, fun to eat, and easy to prepare. If you’re new this type of cooking and don't know where to start, here are some suggestions.

Understanding Caribbean Culture through their Foodways
Discover Caribbean food through the eating habits, culinary practices, history and culture of the islands and the inhabitants. Here you will discover the ingredients, traditions and dining etiquette of the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Conkies - Sweet Pasteles Treat
Conkies are a sweet treat popular in the Caribbean. The preparation technique is similar to Puerto Rican pasteles, but the ingredients are very different.

Caribbean Beverage Recipes - Fruit Juice and Rum Drinks
Free Caribbean inspire drink recipes inlcuding cocktails, rum, fruit juice, etc.

Jamaican Food and Recipes
Jamaican food trivia and Jamaican recipes. Learn about the food and culture of Jamaica.

Rum Cocktail Recipes - Rum Cocktails
Rum is the Caribbean’s most celebrated icon. It was very important to the economy, so it's not surprising that rum is served in many different ways. Please obey your local laws and drink responsibly.

Caribbean Hibiscus Tea - Jamaican Aguas Frescas
An herbal tea infusion of dried or fresh hibiscus leaves and water flavored with spices and sweetened with sugar. Traditionally served during Christmas.

West Indian Sweet Potato Pone (Pie, Cake)
Sweet potato pone (also called pie or cake) is popular throughout the Caribbean. This recipe is simple and requires no eggs, flour or any leavening.

Free Caribbean Beef Recipes
Free beef recipes from the Caribbean islands.

Meatballs And Potatoes - Albondigas Con Papas
A Caribbean recipe for meatballs and potatoes in tomato sauce. It's reminiscent of Italian meatballs but with potatoes and served over rice.

Yellow Rice With Corn Recipe - Arroz Amarillo y Maiz
A simple yet tasty recipe for yellow rice and corn, which goes well with just about any meal, whether it has a Latin theme or not.

Virgin Islands Crab Claws Caribbean Recipe
This crab claws recipe is a delicious dish with homemade passion fruit butter and toasted crusty bread - perfect for a romantic night in.

Caribbean and Latin Food - Recipes and Cooking Tips
Get authentic Caribbean food and Latin food recipes, step-by-step instructions with photos, tips, and explanations of ingredients and terminology.

Puerto Rican Recipes
Authentic and traditional recipes that come from the island of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Christmas And Holiday Recipes
Here is a Puerto Rican Christmas and holiday menu that will help you prepare an unforgettable and flavorful meal from main dishes to desserts.

Caribbean Recipes for Salads, Soups and Side Dishes - Recipes for Caribbean Salads, Soups and Side Dishes
Free Caribbean recipes for soups, salads, dressings and side dishes.

Caribbean Salmon Tostada Salad Fusion Recipe
Salmon tostada is a big salad packed with bright flavors and fresh ingredients. It's a dish great for lunch or dinner and will satisfy your hunger.

Pollo Guisado - Recipe For Braised (Fricassee) Chicken
Here is a pollo guisado recipe for a delicious chicken dish where the meat falls off the bone. The tender result of braising and fricassee.

How to Make a Caipirinha Brazilian Rum Cocktail - Recipe
Easy caipirinha recipe. Here's how to make Brazil's national drink which needs only three ingredients: cachaca, lime and sugar.

Recommended Latin and Caribbean Cookbooks
Wether you are a novice or master cook, these books are the best for making recipes from the Latin Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba and The Dominican Republic. You'll gain knowledge and skills necessary to make authentic Latin Food.

Essential Cooking Equipment for Latin Caribbean Food
Fortunately, Latin Caribbean cuisine doesn’t require a bunch of special cooking equipment. The following specialty pots, pans and utensils will help you in preparing your favorite recipes anytime.

Puerto Rican Shrimp Recipe In A Tomato Based Sauce
Be amazed by the speed and ease of this Puerto Rican shrimp recipe - delicious shrimp stewed in a tomato based sauce and ready in less than 30 minutes.

How To Prepare Conch For Cooking
Conch is a popular food in Caribbean cuisine. It can be daunting if you don't know what you are doing. Here's how to prepare conch for cooking.

Pigeon Pea Soup with Plantain Dumplings
Gandules con Bolitas de Plátano - thickened with rice and plantain dumplings, this soup is hardy and substantial - perfect for chilly winter nights.

Bean Recipe and Legume Recipes from the Caribbean
Bean recipe and Legume recipes from the Caribbean Islands. Beans and Legumes are an important source of protein in the Caribbean and Latin diet.

Jamaican Shrimp Patties Recipe
Here is an unusual take on the traditional Jamaican patty, using shrimp instead of beef. Get the recipe now.

Jamaican Kidney Bean Stew
This Caribbean kidney bean stew is perfect for those chilly fall or cold winter days. This dish can stand on its own for a meal.

Flancocho - Flan Topped Cake
Flancocho is a combination of words - flan and cake. If you enjoy flan and you enjoy cake, why not combine the two and make this delicious concoction.

Recipes for Salsas Sauces and Dips - Latin Caribbean Recipes
Free recipes for Latin Caribbean salsas, sauces and dips essential for snacks and main meals.

3 Easy Guava Recipes
3 Easy Guava Recipes: Chicken and Pork Glaze, Barbecue Sauce, Club Soda

Piquillo Peppers - Roasted Spanish Peppers
Piquillo peppers are grown in the north of Spain and picked by hand, roasted over an open fire, peeled and packed in their own juices.

Fried Shrimp - Stuffed and Beer Battered
The shrimps are stuffed with a savory anchovy filling, coated in a beer batter and deep fried to golden perfection.

Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe
This black bean soup is well loved and satisfying served alongside rice and cut up onion so that you can thicken or sharpen the taste as you like.

Meringue Candy Kisses Recipe
These meringue candies are light, airy, crisp and very easy to make. Dress them up with a dusting of confectioner's sugar or cocoa powder.

What Is Colombo Powder?
What is Colombo Powder? Learn which spices are used in Colombo powder and how it's used in Caribbean cuisine.

Green and Ripe Plantain Recipes
Here are some popular plantain recipes from the Caribbean with various ways to prepare them from baked to fried.

Arroz con Bacalao - Rice and Salt Codfish Recipe
Here how to make Arroz con Bacalao, or rice with salted cod is a delicious one-pot meal that's popular throughout the Spanish speaking islands.

Caribbean Coconut Flan Recipe
Flan is a favorite treat throughout the islands and there are many versions. Here is a simple recipe for coconut flan.

Pork & Eggplant Stew (Carne de Cerdo Guisada con Berenjena)
Eggplant is a meaty vegetable that pairs well with pork in this hearty stew. This recipe is popular on throughout the islands.

What's A Cuban Sandwich (History, Components, Variations)
A Cuban Sandwich, sometimes called a cubano, is a Latin variation on a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Read more about its history, components and variations.

Doved Pigeon Peas (Gandules) Recipe
These doved pigeon peas (gandules) recipe is an excellent side dish. It is prepared and served at Christmas in Barbados when gandules are in season.

How to make Cherry Tomato Salad
Learn how to make a simple and delicious cherry tomato salad.This is an awesome recipe to make when tomatoes are in season.

Festive Caribbean Black Beans Recipe
Black beans are quite popular, but not exclusive, in Cuban cuisine. Here's a festive version that goes particularly well with rice and tostones.

Pumpkin and Lobster Bisque Recipe
Caribbean flavors shine in this luscious lobster bisque recipe. It’s a grand introduction to a Caribbean feast, or makes a pleasing main course.

Sauteed Spinach and Chickpeas Recipe
Here is a simple, yet tasty recipe for sauteed spinach and chickpeas created by Cynthia Nelson. It's a great side dish or wrap it up in roti bread.

Caribbean Seafood Paella Recipe
Paella was so beloved by the Spanish colonists in the Caribbean that the dish has become a favorite throughout the islands. Here's how to make it.

Pastelón - Sweet Plantain "Lasagna"
There are many versions of pastelón kicking around. It's not a lasagna or pasta dish at all, but it is a layered dish of sweet plantains and beef filling.

Caribbean Green Banana Recipes
Two tasty ways to prepare and eat green bananas - en escabeche (pickled) and en ajili mojili (piquant sauce).

How Are Green Bananas Used in Caribbean Food?
Bananas, both green and ripe are used in Caribbean cooking. Here's a quick explanation of how they are used in Caribbean dishes.

Free Caribbean Pork Recipes
Free pork recipes from the Caribbean islands.

Free Caribbean Recipes for Meat and Poultry - Caribbean Chicken Recipes, Beef Recipes, Pork Recipes
Caribbean recipes for chicken, beef, pork, goat, wild game, and other meats.

Free Caribbean Chicken Recipes
Free chicken recipes from the Caribbean islands.

French Caribbean Lamb (Mutton) Curry
Tasty recipe from the French Caribbean - a trifecta of the French's technique of cooking with wine, India's curry and native American ingredients

Caribbean Baked Papaya
Baking papaya is a delicious way to enjoy the fruit in its unripe state. Here's a recipe straight from the Caribbean.

How To Use Papaya In Caribbean Cooking
You can find papaya growing throughout the Caribbean in backyards, in commercial groves or in the wild. Here is what you need to know about papaya.

Beans and Longaniza Sausage Stew
Here is a very big and hearty stew packed with tropical vegetables, meats, and spices. It's great for fall and winter days, or any time of year.

Poached Red Snapper With Avocado Sauce
Here's a simple yet delicious poached fish dish typically prepared in the Caribbean served with a creamy avocado sauce similar to guacamole.

Popular Trinidad and Tobago Recipes
Trinidad and Tobago cuisine is a fusion of dishes that are a reflection of the area's tumultuous past. Here's a delicious tribute to their heritage.

Trinidadian Stir Fry Almond Chicken
A delicious, quick and easy recipe for Trinidadian Stir Fry Almond Chicken. Loaded with fresh vegetables, chicken and almonds.

Caribbean Cow Heel (Foot) Soup Recipe
Cow heel (foot) soup is a popular and well loved dish in the Caribbean. Yellow split peas, vegetables and dumplings make this a hardy and filling soup.

Cornmeal Cou-Cou Recipe
Cornmeal Cou-cou is cooked with okra, low and slow until all the liquid is absorbed and the mixture comes away easily from the sides of the pot.

Mashed White Sweet Potato Recipe
In the Caribbean, white fleshed sweet potatoes are king.This recipe for mashed white sweet potatoes is an excellent stand in for regular potatoes.

How to Make Ham and Split Pea Soup
Learn how to make ham and split pea soup with this simple yet tasty recipe. It's a great recipe for using a leftover ham bone.

Pan Roasted Potatoes
Learn how to make quick pan roasted potatoes. They are easy to make and delicious to boot. Leave them begging for more.

How to Make Caribbean Beef Soup
Learn how to make an easy and delicious Caribbean version of beef soup and dumplings. This is a meal in itself.

Sada Roti Flatbread Recipe
Learn how to make West Indian sada roti (flat bread) with this easy, three step, sada roti recipe. Simple and delicious.

Split Pea Spinach Patties Recipe
This split pea and spinach patty recipe is a rift of an Indian Vada and the West Indian Phulourie (split peas fritter). They are mostly sold as street food.

How To Make Potato Balls Popular In Caribbean Food
Recipe for Aloo (Potato) Balls - a popular street food in the Caribbean. They are most prevalent where there is a heavy influence of Indian food.

How to make Guyanese Boiled Corn On The Cob
Boiled corn may sound boring, but Guyanese-style boiled corn will have you gnawing at the cob long after the kernels are eaten. It's that good.

How To Roast Corn On The Cob
Learn how to roast corn at home on a gas stove stop, which brings out the corn's sweetness and smoky flavor of the flame.

How to Steam Corn On The Cob
Here is an easy guide to steaming corn, which is one of the simplest, tastiest, and most nutritious ways to cook corn.

How to Make Caribbean Style Hot Pepper Sauce
Say no to bottled hot sauce. Learn how to make Caribbean style hot pepper sauce using scotch bonnet chili peppers. It's simple to make and tasty.

Caribbean Curry Powder Recipe
Here's an authentic and delicious recipe for making your own Caribbean curry powder seasoning from whole dried spices.

What is Tamarind (or Tamarindo)?
You've probably eaten it before in Worcestershire sauce or Angostura bitters. But really, what is tamarind (or tamarindo)?

Three Kings Day
Rosca (sweetbread ring) recipe for Three Kings Day.

Chorizo in Caribbean Cuisine
Confused about chorizo in Caribbean cooking? Here's which one to use and how to use it.

What Is Callaloo?
Callaloo is a leafy green sometimes called bhajgee (bah-gee). It's similar to spinach, which is sometimes substituted when callaloo isn't available.

Jibarito - Plantain Sandwich Recipe
My jibarito (plantain) sandwich recipe has a roast beef filling with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and seasoned mayonnaise.

West Indian Bay (Pimenta racemosa) - The Bay Rum Tree
Learn about West Indian Bay (also called bay rum, sweet bay or spice tree) and how to use it in Caribbean teas, cooking, and other household uses.

What is Pudding and Souse?
Pudding and Souse are two dishes that are served together or separately on the weekends in the Caribbean.For those who like nose to tail eating.

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An index of categories in the

About Bake and Shark in Trinidad and Tobago
Bake and shark is Trinidad and Tobago street food. Here's how to buy and eat the fried shark sandwich the next time your on the islands.

Papaya and Milk Smoothie Recipe - Refresco de Papaya
This cold papaya smoothie will keep you cool on a hot day. This beverage's main ingredients are papaya, milk, lime, sugar and ice.

Quick Pickled Bell Peppers
Make your own pickled sweet bell peppers with this quick and easy refrigerator pickle recipe - great for burgers, sandwiches, salads and hot dogs.

Dominican Fried Chicken (Chicharrones de Pollo)
Try this Spanish fried chicken version from the Dominican Republic. It's marinated with lime and garlic, then coated in seasoned flour and fried.

Puerto Rican Coconut Kisses - Besitos de Coco
Coconut kisses (besitos de coco) is the Spanish version of Coconut Macaroons. They are a favorite treat in the Caribbean and are much like a cookie.

How To Make Jamaican Lemonade
This Caribbean style Jamaican lemonade is refreshing on a hot day and easy to make. It's a type of limeade also called lime water, swank and wash.

How to Make Bay Leaf Herbal Tea
A hot cup of bay leaf herbal tea is fragrant, comforting and relaxing. It's really easy to make and here's how to do it.

Aranitas - Shredded Fried Plantains Recipe
Aranitas are a unique take on the classic tostones (fried plantains) recipe. The shredded plantains look like spider (arañita) legs when fried.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree - How to make Fresh Fruit Puree
West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree demo.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree - How to Make Fresh Fruit Puree
West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree demonstration.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree - How to Make Fresh Fruit Puree
Westing Indian Cherry Fruit Puree demonstration. How to make Cherry Fruit Puree.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree - How to Make Fruit Puree
Make West Indian Cherry Puree. This is a demonstration of making West Indian Cherry Puree. Learn how to make Caribbean Cherry Fruit Puree.

West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree - How to Make Fresh Fruit Puree
Learn to make West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree. West Indian Cherry Fruit Puree demonstration.

3 Quick Tamarind Recipes
3 quick ways to prepare tamarind - a sticky tart product extracted from the pulpy pod of the evergreen tree Tamarindus indica.

Trinidadian Vegan Pumpkin Soup
This isn't your average pumpkin soup. Chili pepper hot sauce, fresh herbs and coconut milk give this soup a special flavor with a tropical twist.

Puerto Rican Water Bread Recipe (pan de agua)
Puerto Rican water bread (pan de agua) is similar to French or Italian bread using the same basic ingredients, but the baking procedure is different.

Cuban Chicken Pot Pie (Pastel de Pollo)
This recipe isn't your momma's chicken pot pie. It's the Cuban version and it makes a delicious lunch or dinner served with a tossed salad and refreshing beverage.

Chayote With Onion and Cheese Stuffing (Christophine Au Gratin)
With only a few ingredients, this particular recipe makes a delicious and satisfying lunch or dinner entree.

Chayote in Caribbean Cooking
How to purchase and use chayote in Caribbean cooking - plus some recipes.

Cooking With Ackee Fruit
Ackee is considered a fruit but cooked and used as a vegetable. Follow this guide to cooking with ackee.

How to Make Ackee and Saltfish - Jamaica's National Dish
Recipe - How to make Ackee and Saltfish, Jamaica's national dish. There really is no other recipe like it.

Cuban Tossed Salad
This tossed salad recipe comes from Cuba and is a simple yet delicious salad. Serve the tossed salad for a light lunch or with dinner.

Pork Kabobs - Pinchos
In the Caribbean pinchos are grilled pork or chicken kabobs. Here is my garlicky version great for a summer cookout, snack or party.

Seasoned Grilled Pork Chops
Recipe for delicious, juicy, tender grilled pork chops. A citrus and vinegar marinade gives the meat sweet and tangy flavor.

Mango and Peach Freezer Jam
A sweet jam with tropical overtones. This peach and mango jam keeps in the refrigerator or freezer. Use on toast and biscuits, over icecream and in turnovers.

Pollo en Escabeche – Chicken Cooked in Vinaigrette Marinade
This savory chicken dish is a Puerto Rican favorite. This dish calls for chicken cooked in a vinaigrette and olive oil sauce. The result is highly flavorful, savory chicken.

Surullitos - Cheese And Cornmeal Stick Fritters
Surullitos is a simple recipe for cornmeal cheese sticks. These fritters are a favorite snack in the Caribbean and are also served as a side dish.

Cuban White Bean Soup
Easy Cuban recipe for white bean soup that combines navy beans, pork and seasonings for a hearty bean soup.

Cuban Picadillo Recipe With Ground Beef
Here's a quick, easy and delicious Cuban picadillo recipe made with ground beef. You can serve it with rice and beans or use it as a filling for empanadas.

Tripe and Pumpkin Soup
There are many recipes throughout the Caribbean for tripe soup. This particular recipe from Curacao is chock full of fresh vegetables as well.

How to Make Pudding and Souse
Pudding and souse is actually a two component dish of blood sausage (pudding) and pickled pig feet or hocks (souse). Served on the weekends, it's a Caribbean tradition dating back to colonial times.

Guava Pie
This guava pie recipe is sweet and delicious. A perfect ending to any meal.

Recipes For Salt Cod Fritters and Cakes
Recipes for salt cod fritters and cakes from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Martinique and Guadalupe.

Goat and Cucumber Stew Recipe
Goat and Cucumber Stew is typically found in the Dutch islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Here's how to make it.

Free Recipes - Latin and Caribbean Recipes for Rice, Grains, and Pasta
Rice, Grains, and Pasta are popular main dishes in the Caribbean. Here you'll find recipes for Caribbean rice, grains, and pasta.

Fried Bakes or Floats (Yeast Bread)
Fried bakes (also called floats) are fried yeast dough buns and they are used to make the famous Trinidad sandwich Bake and Shark.

Keshy Yena With Beef Filling
Keshy Yena is a stuffed cheese dish from the Dutch Caribbean where slaves used their ingenuity to turn left overs into a delicious nutritious meal.

Shrimp and Tomato Pilaf
Recipe for a savory combination of rice, shrimp, tomatoes, onions, peppers, bacon and spices.

Haitian Sweet Potato Bread
Recipe for Haitian Sweet Potato Bread - a very moist and delicious treat. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

Easy and Simple Rum Cake Recipe
Here is a simple rum cake recipe for Bacardi rum cake. It is an easy rum soaked cake recipe using Bacardi rum and packaged yellow cake.

3 Easy Banana Recipes From The Caribbean
Here are three easy banana recipes for beginners using ripe bananas.

4 Easy Cucumber Recipes
4 easy ways to eat cucumbers when they are in season from a chilled soup, to stewed, to a standby salad.

4 Significant New World Spices
When the Americas were discovered, a whole new world of herbs and spices was introduced to the old world. Here are 4 significant new world spices.

Caribbean Fish in Tamarind Sauce
This fish dish is East Indian in origin and is common on the islands that have large Indo-Caribbean populations. Any good white fish goes well in this recipe.

How to Make Medianoche Bread
Here's how to make the medianoche bread for the famous medianoche sandwich. It's sweet, egg-rich, and delicious.

Glossary and Pronunciation of Tropical Fruits and Vegetables Used in Latin Cooking
Definitions, explanations, and a pronunciations for tropical fruits and vegetables used in Latin Caribbean cooking.

Taro, Malanga, Eddo - What's the Difference?
Can't tell the difference between taro, malanga, and eddoes? How about dasheen, yatia, tannia or cocoyam? Don't worry, here's how to tell them apart.

Top Recipes for Beans, Peas, and Legumes in Caribbean Cooking
There are many dishes made with several varieties of beans and peas (also called legumes) in Caribbean cuisine. Here are some of the best recipes.

Asparagus and Serrano Ham
This Asparagus and Serrano Ham dish is traditionally made with Serrano ham, but tastes great with any thin sliced deli ham, chicken or turkey.

Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew Recipe
Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew (Chilindron de Cordero) is an excellent Spring recipe, but you can serve it for any special occasion.

Cornmeal Porridge With Cinnamon Recipe
Make this Caribbean favorite Cornmeal Porridge for breakfast. This recipe is a simple and easy to make cormeal pooridge.

How to Make The Elena Ruz – Cuban Turkey Sandwich
How to make The Elena Ruz Cuban turkey sandwich - a simple sandwich with four main ingredients.

West Indian Curry Powder Recipe
Recipe for Colombo seasoning. A spice mixture similar to curry powder used in French Caribbean cooking.

Conch Chowder Recipe
Recipe for a Bahamian favorite - delicious, mildly spicy, conch chowder.

Creole Fish Stock Recipe - Caldo de Pescado Receta
A good fish, shellfish, or seafood stew or soup starts with this flavorful savory fish stock.

Chocolate Bread Pudding Recipe - Pudín de Pan Chocolate Receta
Bread pudding (pudin de pan) has many variations. Here is a moist chocolate version of bread pudding.

Top Cuban Cookbooks
Top Cuban cookbooks for beginners and experienced cooks.

What is Sofrito? - Origins, History, Variations
Have you ever wondered what sofrito is, where it originated, or why there are so many versions of it? Wonder no more. Everything you wanted to know about sofrito.

Best Gandules Recipes
Top recipes for cooking gandules, also called pigeon peas.

Best Caribbean Beverages (Non Alcoholic Drinks)
Recipes for the best non-alcoholic Caribbean drinks and beverages.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Rum
This chocolate mousse recipe is my take on Pitch Lake Pudding - a chocolate mousse recipe inspired by Trinidad's Pitch Lake. The lake is the largest natural deposit of asphalt, which looks a lot like a large parking lot of chocolate pudding.

Caribbean Mango Recipes
Recipes for mangoes, a tasty and juicy fruit that has long been a favorite in the Caribbean.

Best Pineapple Recipes from the Caribbean
Caribbean recipes where pineapples shine in the starring role.

Puerto Rican Eggless Eggnog with Rum
Coquito is a traditional punch served at Christmas and New Years celebrations. The drink is similar to eggnog with rum.

Cuban Ajiaco - Traditional Cuban Meat & Vegetable Stew
Cuban Ajiaco. A recipe for a hearty traditional Cuban meat & vegetable stew. Ajiaco Cubano receta.

Rice with Pigeon Peas - Arroz con Gandules
Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas) is Puerto Rico's national dish. It's a rice and pea dish seasoned with sofrito and diced ham.

Best Caribbean Beef Recipes
Delicious Caribbean beef recipes from various islands. Try one today.

Pork Roast - Pernil
On the Spanish influenced islands of the Caribbean, roasted suckling pork is the favorite meat for holidays, parties and special occasions. Here is a scaled down recipe using a small pork roast with the same great flavors.

Traditional Cuban Sandwich Recipe
A Cuban Sandwich is an undeniably delicious grilled sandwich made with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and Cuban bread. Here's how to make one.

Caribbean Sweet Potato and Coconut Pudding Recipe
Recipe for a new twist on an old favorite. Caribbean Sweet Potato and Coconut Pudding.

Mojito Cocktail Recipe - Rum Drink
A classic yet fashionable Cuban cocktail - this mojito is made with with the five traditional ingredients. Here's how to make it.

Bread Pudding (Pudín de Pan) Recipe
Every culture seems to have their own version of bread pudding, or pudin de pan. This sweet dessert is an excellent way to use up stale bread before it spoils.

Yeast Cornbread Loaf
Crispy and golden on the outside, tender and delicious on the inside; this yeast cornbread recipe is sure to be a hit at your holiday table, or any time you wish to make it.

Thanksgiving Recipes from the Caribbean
Start your own Thanksgiving tradition. Add Caribbean flavors to your Thanksgiving feast with these recipes worthy of the holiday.

Caribbean Foodways Research Books
List of the best food culture, history, and research books for Caribbean foodways.

Green Beans in Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette
Quick and easy cold green bean recipe that uses fresh veggies at the peak of the summer season. You can also use yellow wax beans in this dish.

Bammy Recipe – How to make Jamaican Bammies
Recipe for Jamaican bammies. Bammy or bami is a variation of casava flatbread original to Jamaica and has been around since pre-columbian times.

Book Review: Tastes Like Home, My Caribbean Cookbook by Cynthia Nelson
Cookbook review for Tastes Like Home, My Caribbean Cookbook by Cynthia Nelson.

Beef Kabobs Anguilla Style
Broiled, skewered beef with pineapple, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Tastes great off the grill, too!

Court Bouillon de Poisson - Red Snapper Poached in Tomato and Wine Sauce from the French West Indies.
A delicious fish dish from the French West Indies. Red snapper poached in a savory tomato and white wine based sauce.

Watchman - Jamaican Rice and Peas Recipe
Delicious Spicy Jamaican Rice and Peas recipe sometimes called Watchman.

Tripe Stew - Mondongo
Tripe stew exists in many variations around the islands and is quite popular. It is a very hardy stew that requires some cooking time, but is well worth it. It makes for a great Sunday lunch or dinner.

Traditional Mofongo Recipe
Here is a traditional mofongo recipe from Puerto Rico. This delicious side dish is made with fried, mashed green plantains and seasoned with garlic and pork rinds.

Hallacas Recipe from Venezuela's Caribbean Coast
Hallacas - a savory dish from Venezuela's Caribbean coast. It's become popular across many of the islands.

Top Salt Meats in Caribbean Cooking - What is Salt Meat and how to use it.
Guide to salt meats. Learn about Caribbean Salt Meats. Salt meat explained. List of salt meat.

East Indian Spices in West Indian (Caribbean) Cooking
How and why Indian spices and seasonings are used in certain Caribbean dishes.

Caribbean Fish, Seafood, and Shrimp Recipes
Top recipes for Caribbean fish, seafood, and shrimp. There is no shortage of fresh fish and seafood in Caribbean cooking.

Caribbean Recipes Using Coconut
Recipes for desserts, savory dishes, and beverages using coconut.

Caribbean Salads
The best Caribbean salad recipes from About Latin Caribbean Food.

About Caribbean Curry
Everything you need to know about Caribbean curry, colombo, and garam masala recipes.

Top Caribbean Condiments
The best caribbean condiment recipes here on the About Latin Caribbean Food site.

Jamaican Gingerbread recipe
Delicious gingerbread recipe from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, one of the world's leading ginger producers. It's the star in this recipe and many of the necessary ingredients are produced in the Caribbean - brown sugar, rum, molasses, ginger, nutmeg, and allspice and in this recipe's case - rum. Here's how they make gingerbread in Jamaica.

Chandon Beni (Culantro)
Chadon beni uses. Chadon beni in Trinidad cuisine. Caribbean herbs.

Jamaican Style Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe
Recipe for a delicious chicken and rice soup with an island twist.

Red Snapper with Island Sauce - Pescado con Mojo Isleño
Recipe for red snapper fillets in a delicious, savory tomato based island sauce.

West Indian Stewed Chicken in Pepper Sauce
Recipe for West Indian Stewed Chicken in Pepper Sauce. This recipe will turn an old tough bird into a very tender, yummy dish that goes well with any rice side dish.

Green Plantain Fries Recipe
Recipe for savory fried green (unripe) plantains cut into strips french-fry style.

Caribbean Corn Tamales Recipe
Recipe for tamales - savory and seasoned meat and cornmeal dough wrapped in a corn husk packet steamed, baked or boiled.

Cassava Mofongo (Mofongo de Yuca) Recipe
Recipe for mofonge de yuca, which is also known as cassava mofongo. This is a tasty dish of mashed cooked yuca seasoned with garlic, salt, and bacon.

Creamed Yuca (Cassava) with Roasted Garlic Recipe
Recipe for mashed yuca, a.k.a. cassava, with roasted garlic and a pinch of nutmeg for flavor. This recipe for creamed yuca is an excellent substitute for mashed potatoes.

Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Recipe
Recipe for making your own Jamaican jerk seasoning pork, chicken, fish, etc.

Fufu Recipe - Also called foofoo, foufou, or foutou
Traditional and delicious recipe for yam fufu (dumplings) modernized with the use of a food processor.

Breadfruit in the Caribbean
Breadfruit's epic journey to the Caribbean and how it sparked an infamous high seas mutiny.

Tailgate Recipes with a Caribbean Twist
Ramp up your tailgate party or game day/night with delicious Caribbean recipes.

Jamaican Escoveitched (Escovitch) Fish Recipe
Recipe for Jamaican escoveitched fish - traditional weekend breakfast fare. This dish is fried red snapper marinated in vinegar, allspice, onions and chile peppers.

What is a Guava?
Guide to the types of guavas eaten in the Caribbean. Guavas are a tropical fruit used in many Caribbean recipes.

Sweet Plantain Stuffing - Cuban Fufu Recipe
Cuban Fufu is a sweet yet savory turkey dressing or side dish. Sweet plantains are the main ingredient.

What is arrowroot and How do you use or cook with it?
Arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) is a gluten-free, powdery starch that comes from a root and it is often used in Caribbean cooking. Read more about cooking with arrow root

What Is Breadfruit? - Glossary Definition
What is Breadfruit? Breadfruit is used widely in Caribbean cuisine to make both savory and sweet dishes. Throughout the Caribbean there are many varieties of breadfruit trees.

Sofrito and Seasoning Sauce Recipes
Here are the top sofrito recipes in Caribbean Cuisine - recaito, sazon, sofrito, etc.

Arroz con Dulce Recipe – Puerto Rican Rice Pudding
Recipe for arroz con dulce - a sweet rice pudding with coconut, raisins, and warm spices. Preparing this dish at Christmas time is a Puerto Rican tradition, but you can make it any time of the year.

Caribbean Ginger and Lime Sorbet Recipe
A tropical inspired sorbet recipe using limes, spearmint and ginger.

Coconut Tres Leches Cake Recipe - Tres Leches Con Coco
Recipe for Coconut Tres Leches Cake or Pastel de Tres Leches con Coco Receta.

Caribbean Coconut Bread Pudding
Recipe for bread pudding with a tropical twist.

Mallorca - Sweet Yeast Bread Recipe
Recipe for light and airy coiled sweet yeast rolls dusted with powdered sugar. Also called Pan de Mallorca or Mallorcan Sweet Rolls.

What Is Souse? - Latin Caribbean Food
Learn about Caribbean souse, a favorite among locals and definitely a must-try for visitors, including types, how it's served, recipes.

Passion Fruit Pie Recipe
Delicious Passion Fruit Pie recipe with a tropical twist.

Guava Jelly Roll - Brazo Gitano de Guayaba Recipe
Classic, traditional, simple roll cake (jelly roll) with a tart yet sweet guava filling, also known as Brazo Gitano de Guayaba (or gypsy arm).

Pumpkin Bread Recipe – Pan de Calabaza
This pumpkin bread is a great Autumn recipe and can be served for dessert, breakfast, or as a snack.

French Caribbean Curried Goat Recipe
A delicious recipe for curried goat inspired by the French Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Pineapple Duck Recipe
Excellent recipe for stuffed duck with pineapple garnish. This dish is perfect for holidays and special occasions.

Corned Beef in Tomato Sauce. Puerto Rican recipe for corned beef.
Corned Beef in Tomato Sauce is a Puerto Rican recipe for delicious corned beef in a savory tomato sauce to serve over rice, macaroni, or creamed yuca.

Caribbean Style Smoked Turkey Legs
Recipe for smoked turkey legs seasoned with Caribbean herbs and adobo.

About Caribbean Beans, Peas, and Legumes
What are the most popular peas, beans and legumes and how are they used in Caribbean cooking?

Salt Fish Accra Recipe - How to Make Salt Fish Accras
This is a Trinidadian accras recipe - a types of Caribbean accra made with saltfish.

Codfish Fritters - Jamaican Stamp and Go
What is stamp and go? Jamaican codfish fritters, of course. Here's how to make stamp and go (cod fish fritters).

Cassava Chips (Yuca Chips) Recipe
Recipe for making cassava (yuca) chips, which are similar to potato chips. They taste great sprinkled with salt, but even better if served with salsa or a dip.

Traditional Cassava (Yuca) Flat Bread Recipe
The recipe requires only two ingredients (one of you are on a no salt diet). It seems simple enough, but mastering the technique may take practice.

Jamaican Jerk Turkey Wings
Recipe for Jamaican jerk style turkey wings. Great for appetizers, dinner, snacks, or game night.

Eggplant Croquettes
Eggplant croquettes are delicious and savory fried finger snacks or appetizers from the Caribbean.

Curried Goat
Recipe for spicy curried goat Jamaican style. Curry recipes are popular in the Caribbean, especially on the islands where East Indian workers settled during their indentured servitude in the 1800s.

Chinese Influences on Caribbean Cuisine
How indentured servitude of Chinese immigrants contributed to Caribbean foodways, cuisine, and culture.

Pavochòn - Roasted Turkey Recipe
Pavochon is roasted turkey con sabor (lots of flavor). This flavor intensive recipe will go over well with the most discriminating of tastes.

Weat Indian Pumpkin Recipes from the Caribbean
Here is a list of delicious pumpkin recipes from around the Caribbean. Islanders have enjoyed their West Indian pumpkin since pre-Columbian times.

Braised Rabbit Legs in Rum and Wine Sauce
Caribbean stewed rabbit recipe for rabbit (hare) legs marinated in rum and cooked in white wine sauce – a fusion of European & African techniques.

Okra - A Guide to Buying, Storing, and Slicing
Here is a handy guide to okra. Learn how to buy and store okra, as well as how to cut okra.

Green Onions - also called shallots and chives
Green onions guide. Caribbean shallots and chives. Storing green onions.

What Is Foo-Foo? How to Make and Eat It
Foo-foo defined. Foo-foo explained. Caribbean foo-foo. Learn how to make foo-foo. Learn how to eat foo-foo.

What Is a West Indian Roti Flatbread?
What is a Roti flatbread? Learn about types of roti in the Caribbean and West Indies.

Rum Soaked Fruits - What are Rum Soaked Fruits?
Learn how to use, make, and store make rum-soaked fruits to make black cake. make black cake with rum-soaked fruits.

Caribbean Roots and Tubers - Ground Provisions
Learn about Caribbean ground provisions (roots and tubers). Learn to cook Caribbean dishes that use ground provisions - roots, tubers, and viandas.

About Green Seasoning in Caribbean Cuisine - What is Green Seasoning used for in Caribbean Food
This is your guide to Caribbean Green Seasoning. Learn how to make and use Green Seasoning at home.

Thyme - How to Use Thyme in Caribbean Cooking
Cooking with thyme in Caribbean cuisine. A guide to cooking with a various thymes.

About Sweet Basil in Caribbean Cooking
Basil uses in Caribbean Cooking. How to shop for basil and how to store basil.

What Is Breadnut Fruit (Katahar)?
What is breadnut. What is katahar. What is chataigne. Breadnut versus breadfruit.

Black Cake - What is Black Cake?
Learn what is black cake and types of black cake. Black cake description. Make caribbean black cake.

Tostones Recipe - Twice Fried Green Plantain Chips
Here's a simple and easy recipe for tostones or twice fried green plantains. A necessary staple in Caribbean cooking.

Scotch Bonnet Hot Chili Peppers
Learn about Scotch Bonnet hot peppers, how to use hot chili peppers and how they are used in cuisine.

Baked Pumpkin Empanadas - A Pumpkin Pie Alternative
Pumpkin Empanadas are a fun alternative to traditional pumpkin pie. This recipe is great for appetizers, finger foods, lunches and meals on the go.

Cuban Shrimp Soup Recipe - Sopa de Camarones
This creamy shrimp, corn, and potato soup is an excellent appetizer that goes well with any seafood meal. Or serve it as a main course.

Pumpkin Flan (Flan de Calabaza) Recipe
Pumpkin flan recipe that is a sweet, smooth and delicious custard treat.

West Indian Pumpkin Fritters - Frituras de Calabaza
Enjoy these sweet pumpkin fritters as appetizers or as a snack. Great for Autumn.

White Beans in Vinaigrette Dressing Recipe
White Beans in Vinaigrette Dressing makes a sassy tangy side dish sure to wow your family or guests. Serve warm or cold.

Easy and Free Caribbean Food Recipes
Are you new to Caribbean cooking and don't know where to start. Here are some easy recipes to help you out.

Caribbean Beef Tripe Soup Recipe
Caribbean comfort food at its best - beef tripe soup. An offal recipe born of necessity and desire for zero waste.

Moros y Cristianos Recipe - Cuban Black Beans and Rice
This Black Beans and Rice Recipe is a hold over of Spanish occupation. It's called Moros y Cristianos and is popular in Cuba. There are as many variations of this recipe as there are Cuban cooks. Here is my simple, yet very tasty version.

Empanada Dough Recipe
Every empanada recipe starts with the dough. Here is a simple empanada dough made with flour, salt, water and vinegar.

Salt Cod Fish With Potatoes Recipe
This recipe (Bacalao con Papas) is an easy way to make salted fish the Latin way. Serve this dish with white rice and tostones.

Easy Mango Puff Pastry Turnover Recipe
Mango turnovers are a sweet treat that can be eaten as an after dinner dessert or afternoon snack with coffee. Or why not enjoy mango turnovers for breakfast?

Deep Fried Guyanese Bakes Recipe
Fried bakes made easy. Here is a simple recipe for Guyanese fried bakes, also called Trini floats.

Pizza Empanada Dough and Filling Recipe
If you're craving pizza, but want something different, try this pizza inspired turnover filled with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and chopped pepperoni. Enjoy them as full sized empanadas or scale them down to bite-size empanaditas for parties.

Spicy Chicken and Cheese Empanada Filling
Spicy Chicken and Cheese Empanadas are a great way to use up left over chicken. You can leave out the jalapeño if you don't like spicy food.

Ground Beef Filled Fritters (Alcapurria) Recipe
Alcapurrias are fried, gound beef filled, fritters from the Caribbean made from a mixture of grated yautia (taro root) and green banana.

Papas Rellenas - Stuffed Potato Balls Recipe
Easy recipe for fried potato balls stuffed with seasoned ground beef. This is a favorite Caribbean street food.

Rice Pudding Recipe - Arroz con Leche
Rice pudding is dessert sweetened up with cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and evaporated milk.

Introduction to Latin Caribbean Culinary Tastes
Latin Caribbean Cuisine is an amazing blending of tropical tastes and multicultural influences - a celebration of aromatic, sweet and tart, piquant and mild citrus flavors. To understand and appreciate it, you must first understand the history behind the food.

What Is Salt Cured Meat?
Learn about salt cured meat and how it is used in Caribbean cooking. Learn to cook with salt meat.

Empanadas Spanish Pastries Definition and Origin
Empanadas are fried or baked pastries stuffed with sweet or savory fillings. These stuffed pastries are known throughout Portugal, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Philippines. An empanada is made by folding a disc of thinly rolled dough over a filling into a semicircle and then sealing the edge. Empanadas are also known by a variety of other names, such as pastelito, empanadilla, and pastelillo. Empanada definition and pronunciation in the Latin Caribbean Food glossary.

A Bahama Breeze Recipe Used with Permission
Bahama Breeze's recipe for Creole Baked Goat Cheese is a flavorful combination of fresh Chevre goat cheese, vine-ripened tomato, sweetonion, fresh garlic and cilantro served in roasted red pepper wedges.

Burnt Sugar And how to Use it in Trinidadian Cuisine
Learn how to make burned sugar for cooking Trini Pelau or brown chicken stew.

Puerto Rican Sangria Recipe
Sangria is a wine punch. There are many variations on sangria recipes. Here is a sangria recipe inspired by the way it's made in Puerto Rico.

What Is Farine, and How Do I Use It?
What is farine? How to use Farine. Guide to farine.

Bahama Breeze's Almond Crusted Fish (Recipe)
Almond Crusted Fresh Fish is a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional fried fish recipes. Impress family members with a unique, flavorful meal.

Savory Pineapple Bread Recipe
This bread is not too sweet, only calling for 1/3 cup sugar. It goes well with tea or coffee.

Plantain Soup (Sopa de Platanos) Recipe
Plantain soup (sopa de plantanos) is a hearty and savory soup. It makes a great budget meal, too.

Cheese Filled Yellow Plantains Recipe
Plantain recipe for ripe plantains (yellow). These fried plantains balls have a savory cheddar cheese filling that bursts in your mouth.

Cinnamon Churros Recipe (Spanish Doughnut) Recipe
Churros are great for a special breakfast, dessert, or snack. This recipe calls for coating the churros with cinnamon sugar.

What Is a Johnny Cake in the Caribbean?
Johnny cake is a fried dumpling that is eaten with sauteed salt fish. Johnny cake can be found in many Caribbean islands. Other names for Johnny cake: Jonnycake, johnnycake, journey cake, and Johnny Bread.

Guava Empanada (Guayaba Pastelito) Recipe
Guava Empanada Recipe: Guava paste with cream cheese is a classic Caribbean combination for empanadas. These empanadas make great snacks and are easy to make for special occasions, such as mother's day, or scale them down to bite-size empanaditas for parties.

Latin and Caribbean Recipes for Rice
Rice is a staple ingredient in Latin and Caribbean Cuisine. Here are the top rice recipes from the Caribbean islands.

Viandas con Bacalao - Salt Cod Fish With Vegetables Recipe
Viandas con Bacalao is salt cod fish mixed with tropical root vegetables. Viandas con Bacalao makes a nice low fat lunch or serve with rice for a full meal.

What Is Guyanese Cook-Up Rice?
Learn to make cook-up rice. This is what cook-up rice is. Cook-up rice is a one-pot rice dish. Cook-up Rice is one of Guyana's national dishes.

Garlic Roasted Chicken (Pollo Asado con Ajo) Recipe
Garlic Roasted Chicken is a recipe con sabor! The garlic and onion marinade gives this chicken recipe flavor beyond belief.

Pan de Yuca con Queso (Yuca Cheese Bread) Recipe
Savory recipe for pan de yuca, which is a cheese bread recipe using yuca flour instead of wheat flour. This pan de yuca recipe can be gluten-free with the use of gluten-free baking powder.

Caribbean Christmas Cake With Rum-Soaked Fruits Recipe
Recipe for Caribbean Christmas Cake made with aged rum-soaked fruits. This cake is also called Black cake, Wedding cake, and Great cake depending in which island you are on.

Mojo Criollo - Bitter Orange Marinade Recipe
Mojo Criollo - Bitter Orange Marinade (Marinado de Naranja Agria) is used in Latin cooking to marinate pork and other meat.

Tips and Tricks for Making Perfect Dhal Puri
Guide to making the perfect Dahl Puri - a popular dish in the Caribbean where there is a large Indian population.

Guide to Preparing and Cooking Smoked Herring
Simple guide to buying and preparing smoked herring - an integral part of Caribbean cuisine.

How to Prepare Bacalao (Salted Cod) for Cooking
Bacalao is easy to prepare but a bit time consuming. Here's how to prepare bacalao (salted cod) for cooking.

Papaya Milk Shake (Batida De Lechoza) Recipe
This quick and easy milk shake combines papayas with evaporated milk and sugar for a refreshing summer drink or light snack.

Cassava with Garlic Sauce (Yuca con Mojo) Recipe
Yuca con mojo is a Cuban recipe that pairs the bright flavors of citris, pungent taste of onions and garlic with the mild yuca root (cassava).

Aloo Balls - Fried Potato Balls Recipe
Aloo balls (potato balls) are a savory mixture of mashed potatoes rolled into balls, battered and deep fried. Here's a recipe for making your own aloo balls at home.

Pigeon Peas Stew (Gandules Guisados) Recipe
Pigeon Peas Stew (Gandules Guisados) is a simple, yet tasty stew to keep you warm during the winter.

Best Chicken Recipes From the Latin Caribbean
Delicious Latin chicken recipes from the Caribbean islands.

Simple White Rice From Scratch Recipe - Arroz Blanco
Making plain boiled white rice from scratch doesn't have to be painfull. Here is a simple easy recipe for making white rice from scratch.

Jamaican Beef Patties (in Flaky Pastries) Recipe
With this Jamaican beef patties recipe, you can learn how to make jamaican beef patties.

Fried Cheese Balls Recipe With Guava Dipping Sauce
Here's a recipe for savory fried cheese balls (bolitas de queso) with a tangy sweet guava dipping sauce. It's the perfect party fritter.

Caribbean Sweet Corn Soup Recipe
Corn Soup Recipe: In Trinidad and Tobago, corn soup is a street food. Vendors can be found at various street corners and spots, such as The Savannah, selling hot cups of corn soup.

Guyanese Chicken Cook Up Rice - Recipe
Cook-up rice is one of Guyana's national dishes. Learn how to make cook-up rice. This is a cook-up rice recipe.