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Do You Need to Lime the Lawn? More About Lime for Lawns
Why do we put lime on lawns? When is it necessary? How do you find out if your lawn has an acid pH that needs to be corrected with lime?

Lawn Care Basics
Overview of lawn care_Introductory lawn care_ photosynthesis and grass plant functions_Lawn care requirements and soil properties and characteristics

Lawn Equipment and Maintenance
Hub for lawn equipment and maintenance articles.

Melting Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Ice Safely
Learn about de-icer for sidewalks, natural alternatives, and treating icy sidewalks and driveways. Learn how to clear concrete and safely melt ice.

How to Fix the Dead Spots on Your Lawn
How do I fix dead spots on the lawn? What are these dead spots on the lawn? Learn about the various causes of dead spots, like fertilizer or disease.

Lawn Care Techniques
Ideas, instruction and methodology behind various lawn care techniques including mowing, edging, sodding and fertilizing.

Organic Lawn Care
Exploring an organic approach to lawn care using natural products like compost tea, guano and bone meal instead of chemically derived fertilizers. Using biological and mechanical methods of pest control rather than chemical pesticides. A green approach to lawn care.

Is Dishsoap a Moss Killer?
Is dish soap a moss killer? Get rid of moss with dish soap. Here's your very own home-made recipe for getting rid of moss and there are only 2 ingredients.

How to Deal With Earthworm Castings on Your Lawn
Learn about dealing with worm castings in the lawn, the benefits of worm castings, and how to repair damage caused by earthworms in the lawn.

When to Fertilize a Lawn - Time of Season
A schedule of best times to fertilize. Knowing when to fertilize your lawn can be challenging. The natural growth cycle of the lawn dictates the time.

What Is the Best Grass for Shade?
What is the best shade grass? Shade grass grows in a variety of light conditions from partial shade to total shade. Here are some shade grass varieties.

Growing Grass Under Pine Trees
Having trouble growing grass under pine trees? While just putting down a bed of mulch or pine straw is easier, there are several steps to grow grass.

Organic Lawn Care Products
subcategory for organic lawn care

Lawn Care Tips and Tricks
Learn lawn care tips and tricks used by lawn care professionals. Put into practice for a healthy lawn.

What Crows Eat on a Lawn Could Indicate a Grub Problem
If you see what crows eat on your lawn or if your lawn appears torn up in areas, you may have a lawn grub problem. Learn how to deal with lawn damage.

Topdressing the Lawn: Materials and Methods
Topdressing a lawn is the process of adding a thin layer of material over the lawn. Typically 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch of compost or other soil amendment.

Fall Fertilizer - Why Apply Fall Fertilizer
Late fall fertilizing is a crucial last step in lawn care programs north of the transition zone. Learn why applying fall fertilizer is important.

How to Repair a Bare Patch on a Lawn
Learn how to repair a bare patch on a lawn using seed soil compost and fertilizer. Quickly have it blend in with this easy, step by step process.

When Is the Best Time to Aerate the Lawn?
When is the best time to aerate the lawn? Learn the best time of year to create aeration holes for your lawn to prevent weed seeds from germinating.

When to Fertilize the Lawn in Spring
Learn when to fertilize the lawn in spring. Although it's a recommended part of lawn care, applying it too early could throw off the whole program.

Lawn Maintenance
Instruction and methodology for maintaining an established lawn. Implementing maintenance practices for watering, seeding, soil and drainage. Preparing lawns for winter.

Feeding the Soil
Soil fertility and fertilizers_Explanation of essential elements needed for plant growth_Soil interactions required for nutrient uptake_Deficiencies and solutions.

Lawn projects including cultivation, restoration and renovation, creating and implementing an annual lawn care program

Seasonal Lawn Care and Maintenance
A season by season account of lawn care maintenance procedures and techniques from fertilizing to mowing and watering.

When to Fertilize the Lawn
A guide to the proper timing of lawn fertilizer applications

Turf Grass Varieties
Common types of turf grass used in lawns. Warm season and cool season grass types and transition zone options. Identification and terminology.

Using Organic Methods to Control Weeds
Is it possible to kill weeds without harmful chemicals? Green gardeners swear by these organic techniques to rid the lawn of weeds.

Controversial Weed-N-Feed in Canada
Weed-n-feed has been outlawed in Canada. What is weed-n-feed and why is it so controversial?

Ecolawn Applicator Compost Spreader Review
The Ecolawn Applicator is one of the only motorized compost spreaders available for lawn-type applications, perfect for sports fields or any other grassed property where compost is to be spread.

John Deere mower recall!!
John Deere is recalling several models of their Z445 riding mowers with 54-inch-high decks and 7445 or 7465 Zero-Turn Mowers with Premium Foot Lift

Canada bans all weed 'n feed products
In the most simple, common sense legislation I've ever come across, Health Canada has decided to no longer allow the coupling of pesticide and fertilizer

Are Lawn Fertilizers & Pesticides Harmful to Children?
Are lawn fertilizers and pesticides harmful_Dangers of lawn pesticides and fertilizers_Risks of lawn pesticides

10 Lawn Care Mistakes
Every year billions of dollars are spent on lawn care_Keep some of them in your pocket by avoiding some common lawn care mistakes

How to Manage Lawn in a Drought
Manage a drought stricken lawn by creating healthy grass plants, using water management, cultural practices and drought tolerant grasses.

The Importance of Lawn Aeration
Aerating a lawn is the process of breaking up the surface of the lawn to better allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate into the root zone

Watering the Lawn_How to water the lawn_lawn irrigation
Watering the lawn_Tips for watering the lawn_Lawn Irrigation

How High Should I Mow the Lawn and Why?
The most important lawn care tip is mow the lawn high.

How to Care for the Lawn in the Winter
winter conditions_winter lawn care_over-wintering the lawn

Fertilizing the Lawn_Lawn Fertilizer
fertilizing the lawn_Using lawn fertilizer

Organic Weed Control With Weed Dragon Flame Weeder
As part of an organic weed control program, the Weed Dragon is an effective tool for reducing or eliminating the use of chemicals

How to Start Up a Sprinkler System
Starting up a sprinkler system_recharging a watering system for summer_Prevention of leaky pipes and hoses

Weed Control with Chemical Herbicides
Weed control with chemical herbicides_How to control weeds with herbicides_Types of herbicide_Uses of herbicides_Safety of weed control herbicides

Snow Mold_Snow Mold control and prevention
pink snow mold_gray snow mold_snow mold control

Choosing the Right Warm Season Type of Grass
Warm season grasses_ Key attributes of common warm season grasses like zoysia grass

Spring Weed and Crabgrass Control
spring weed control_crabgrass control_preemergent herbicide_spring application

Pennington Grass Seed Review Dense Shade Mix
I needed a specialized grass seed for my small, very shady backyard and I just happened to see a three pound bag of Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Mix at my local big box store.

Drought Tolerant Lawn Grass
Ideas for drought tolerant lawn grasses. Both cool season grasses and warm season grasses.

The Importance a Soil Testing
The importance of soil testing. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Lawn Mower Operation, Maintenance, and Safety
Collection of articles about lawn mower operation, maintenance, and safety.

Spring Dethatching_lawn thatch control
Dethatching a lawn_lawn thatch control

Introduction to Lawn Care Equipment
A list of lawn care equipment with brief descriptions and their functions

New Regulations for Portable Fuel Containers
Gas can regulations_fuel container spillage and safety_EPA_VOC_PFC_Regulations

Product Reviews: WORX Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers, 20V and 56V
Product reviews on two WORX cordless electric leaf blowers for both homeowner and professional use.

Crabgrass Control
The secret to controlling crabgrass is growing a healthy lawn,

Pearl's Premium Grass Seed - Shade Mix
Review of Pearl's Premium Grass Seed - Shady Mixture. Drought tolerant, slow growing, shade loving grass seed mix.

Choosing the Right Cool Season Grass
Types of cool season grass_Cool season grass attributes_descriptions and growth habits_Choosing cool season grasses

Drought Tolerant Grass - Cool Season
drought tolerant grasses, drought resistant grass, grass species able to withstand drought

Black Medic - Lawn Weed Management
How to control lawn weed black medic_Black medic profile_Picture of Lawn Weed Black medic

Mowing the Law - 11 Essential Tips
How to mow the lawn_Lawn care techniques and insider secrets to mow the lawn

Lawn Mower Preventative Maintenance
troubleshooting lawn mowers, lawn mower maintenance, service the spark plug, change the oil, clean the air filter

Dealing With Winter Kill on Lawns
Winter Kill_What causes winter kill_Winter lawn damage

Water-In Fertilizer With Rain
watering in fertilizer with rain_timing fertilizing with rainfall_how much to water in fertilizer_fertilizing tip

How to Lay Sod_Lay Sod Properly
Laying sod is easy. Unfortunately, laying sod wrong is easy too

Soil Preparation for Seed or Sod
When planning to seed or sod a lawn, soil preparation is the fundamental element in having a successful lawn.

Seasonal Lawn Care
Lawn and grass care for season by season.

Lawn Mower Maintenance
Lawn mower maintenance_maintenance schedules_changing the oil_cleaning the air filter_servicing the spark plug

Book Reviews
Lawn care book reviews. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Lawn Care Products
Lawn Care Products reviewed from fertilizers to weed killer

Lawn Equipment Reviews
Reviews of common lawn equipment tools

Lawn Mower Reviews
User reviews of lawn mowers. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Lawn Mowers
Lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes. Get it sorted out here.

String Trimmers
string trimmer articles. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Lawn Care Statistics and Trends
Statistics and trends related to lawns, lawn care and lawn replacement alternatives.

Lawn Care and Grass Alternatives FAQs
Frequently asked questions regarding all aspects of lawn care and lawn grass alternatives.

A glossary of terms used in lawn care

Product Reviews
Reviews about lawn care products. New product reviews, old favorites and essential lawn care products.

Tools of the Trade
Lawn mowers, power tools, hand tools and specialty tools used in the maintenance and care of lawns

Plan the best size and appearance for your lawn.
Design the best lawn for your home landscape.

Meadows, Grassy Fields, Wild Flowers
Articles about meadow grass and wild flowers planted in fields, yards and towns. All about natural grass replacements and lawn alternatives.

Grass Stitcher Lawn Repair Tool
grass stitcher lawn repair tool. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Keep Off the Lawn on Frosty Mornings
frost damage on grass_walking on frosty grass_stay off frosty grass_when there's frost on the grass keep off_may cause frost damage

Fescue - This versatile grass is not just for shade
Fescues are rapidly becoming one of the best choices for a lawn grass. Their drought and heat tolerance, low input requirements, and great appearance put them on par with old favorites like Kentucky bluegrass.


Moss Removal in Lawns: Myths and Realities
The idea that dish soap or commercial moss removal products will permanently keep moss out of a lawn is probably a myth.

Protect Your Lawn from Winter Damage
Prevent damage to the lawn while it is under snow and ice.

Lawn Care: Latest Ideas in Smart Lawn Design and Care
Grow a beautiful lawn (or lawn grass alternative) that's safe for you, family, pets and the planet. Smart designs for lovely, healthy lawns, low-mow lawns, ground covers, and meadows.

Ice Melt Ingredients Can Harm Lawn; Labels Not Reliable
Ice melt products for snow and ice removal can damage lawns and gardens. Tips on safe application and how to identify lawn-friendly ice melt products.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal for Military Families
Project Evergreen helps military families and disabled veterans obtain free assistance from lawn care and snow removal contractors.

World Soil Day Sptlights the Value of Good Earth
World Soil Day places a spotlight on the importance of healthy soil. Lawn soil makes a difference to biodiversity.

Are Tree Leaves Bad for Grass?
Leaves can be a source of nutrition and soil organic matter if used correctly on the lawn. Dr. Jeff Gillman explains two rules for using leaves on the lawn.

How to Grow Moss Groundcover
Learn three methods to grow a moss lawn or garden, from very slow to very fast. Moss is a durable groundcover and is sometimes the best plant for a location.

Lawn Reduction and Naturalized Landscaping Bibliography
Bibliography of books that offer ideas for lawn alternatives. Naturalized landscaping, edible landscaping, and moss landscapes.

Modern Electric Leaf Blowers Are Quieter Without Compromising Power
Quieter leaf blowers: Battery-powered electric models offer homeowners an opportunity to do leaf removal without the abrasive sound.

Mowing Height Affects Turfgrass Health and Lawn Quality
When a turfgrass plant is cut at the correct height it grows a deeper, stronger root and is better able to tolerate drought and other lawn stresses.

5 Good Reasons to Spread Compost as a Part of Fall Lawn Care
Spread compost on the lawn in the fall to improve the amount of organic matter in the soil. Organic matter helps create a healthy lawn.

Find the Right Site for a Moss Lawn
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Choose the Right Moss Plants for the Situation
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Create a Moss Lawn for Year-Round Green
Moss, the other ground-hugging green plant, may be the ultimate no-mow, low-care lawn when circumstances are right.

How to Propagate a Moss Lawn
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Moss Lawn Fills a Niche Where Grass Is Hard to Grow
A moss lawn in the right setting can be as attractive as turf and provide a few additional benefits.

Revegetate a Hillside With Shrubs, Trees and Perennials
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Create a Grassy Hillside with Live Plugs or Sprigs
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Grass Selection and Planting Techniques for Hillsides
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Why Grow Grass on a Hillside?
It can be tricky to grow grass on slopes with greater than 15 percent grade. Here are some thoughts on how to cover steep ground with grass or ground cover.

Clearing the Way for a New Lawn with Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard can be an effective and nontoxic cover material for smothering weeds.

Cover Weeds With Cardboard, Mulch, and Wait Six Weeks
Place cardboard over unwanted vegetation for four to six weeks during the warmer months.

Planting Groundcovers After Cardboard Is Removed
Save work by planting new ground covers directly into sheet compost.

What About Black Plastic or Pond Liner as a Weed Killer?
Cardboard is a superior material for smothering weed beds compared to plastics.

Planting New Lawn After Cardboard Is Removed
Plant a new lawn after following the recommendations from a comprehensive soil test.

Fall Lawn Overseeding to Repair & Improve Grass
Mowing inhibits grass seed production, so it's important to add fresh seed. Fall is a great time for overseeding.

How To Overseed a Lawn
There are at least three ways to overseed a lawn, from motorized slice seeders to broadcasting by hand.

Seed Selection and Seeding Rates
Choose the right grass seed for your area and for the intended activities on the lawn.

7 Steps to Repair Bare Spots In the Lawn
If you have bare spots in the lawn, use these seven steps to repair.

Fine-Leaf Sedges
Several fine-leaf sedges provide healthy ground cover in shade and closely resemble true turfgrass.

Mt. Cuba Center botanical garden in Hockessin, DE, tests sedge as a ground cover.
Plantain-leaf sedge is a good native plant ground cover for shade.

Sedges prefer shade, are very deer-resistant, and require little maintenance--plus more benefits.
Deer-resistant sedge offers nine benefits, especially in areas with tree shade.

Shade is unfriendly to most turfgrass. Consider sedge alternatives.
Sedges are a good alternative to turfgrass in shade areas.

Blue Bunny Sedge
Blue Bunny sedge is a handsome ground cover that thrives in the shade at Mt. Cuba Center's botanical gardens.

Ergonomic Features of a Manual Sod Cutter
The manual sod cutter relies on leg strength and the user's skill more than it relies on upper body or back strength.

Clearing Made by Manual Sod Cutter
A manual sod cutter is noise-free, requires no gasoline, engine maintenance, or winterization. The tempered steel blade requires periodic sharpening.

How a Manual Sod Cutter Works
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Lawn Renovation: Sod-Cutting Tool Clears Ground
The manual sod cutter, also called a sod kicker, is an option for removing old sod.

Ground Covers: Drop and Grow an Instant Carpet of Sedum
Sedum is a good ground cover in sunny yard areas where grass won't grow. New coconut fiber mats offer an instant carpet of sedum ground cover.

What You Need to Know About Organic Weed Killers
More than 30 organic herbicides are available to help grow weed-free turf. Learn how they work and how to take advantage of low-toxicity weed killers.

Get Rid of Turf Weeds Without Chemicals
If you want to eliminate weeds from a lawn, and do it without toxic chemicals, consider non-chemical weed removal and weed prevention techniques.

Save Money and Water: Reduce Your Irrigation System’s Water Use
If you have a lawn irrigation system, make sure it is using the most recent water-saving technology. Most lawns can survive on less water.

Save Money and Water With a D-I-Y Lawn Irrigation Audit
A lot of potable water is used on lawns unnecessarily. Learn how to audit your lawn irrigation system to save both money and avoid wasting water. ​

Apps Solve Lawn Disease, Insect, Water, Mowing Problems
These seven apps, websites and calculators answer questions on lawn diseases, weeds, insects, mowing and watering 24-7. Get pictures of lawn diseases.

A Quieter Mowing Experience With Worx 56V Battery Cordless Mower
Quieter than most mowers, the Worx 56V Max Lithium Cordless Mower performed well in our backyard mowing trials.

Water Shortages Lead to Limits on Lawn Care Regulations
Droughts are changing lawn care regulations. States are limiting the authority of Home Owners Associations to set and enforce standards for turf around home and community spaces.

3 Shade Grasses Improve Turf Under Trees
As tree canopies fill in, many lawns thin out. Here are some ideas to aid the search for a ground-covering grass that works in shade, even deep shade.

Pet Health: Reduce Backyard Hazards to Cats and Dogs
Some backyard hazards create emergencies for pets. They may also increase the risk of cancer in dogs and cats. See seven pet-safe yard care ideas.

Soil Preparation for a New Meadow
Planting a meadow this year? Nuances in soil preparation can make or break the project. Good meadow soil and lawn soil are similar and different.

Health Hazards to Pets Around the Lawn and Garden
The ASPCA Poison Control Center's new report shows why we need to be very concerned about pets and wildlife around the lawn. Bonus: New phone app.

Rainwater Storage for Lawn Irrigation: Do the Math
It's a numbers game: Rainwater harvesting for lawn irrigation can be helpful during the dry times.

Two Lawn Weeds That Grow Nearly Everywhere
Quackgrass and crabgrass may seem alike, but they are not. It is worth understanding the differences.

Quackgrass is a common lawn weed that lives from year to year and spreads by underground stems as well as seeds.
Quackgrass grows almost everywhere and it lives for years, spreading by underground stems called rhizomes.

Crabgrass dies each year, but each plant generates thousands of seeds.
Crabgrass has a very large geographic range. It grows from seed each year and dies in the fall.

Always Start With the Soil
The best defense is to grow a thick lawn with deep roots. This minimizes the opportunities for crabgrass or quackgrass, as well as other weeds.

Native, Drought-Tolerant Turfgrass Mixes for the Southwest
Drought and watering restrictions lead many in the southwestern U.S. to install Xeriscape gardens. Are there viable lawn alternatives? Yes!

Is Yours an Organic Lawn or "Organic by Neglect"?
A lawn free of pesticides may be better for people and pets, but it is not necessarily a successful organic lawn. Expert Chip Osborne explains the difference.

7 Ground Covers that Replace Grass and Take Foot Traffic
Grass is a great ground cover, but sometimes we need replacements. These low-growing perennial plants fill space and even handle some foot traffic.

Topdressing the Lawn? Choose Compost Carefully
Compost is great for the lawn. The US Composting Council lists compost providers whose products pass a compost-specific quality test.

Fine Fescue Grasses for a Low-Mow Eco-Lawn
Low-mow Eco-Lawn grows from Atlantic to Pacific, from Gulf Coast to the Arctic Sea (no kidding!). For a solution that reduces your work, take a look.

7 Easy Online Calculators Do Garden Math for You
Free online calculators help do the garden math for applications of lime, sulfur, fertilizer, seed, mulch, compost, and water.

Disease-Carrying Ticks: Fewer on a Sunny Lawn Than in the Woods
New pesticide developments may help us avoid tick bites, but complete safety from tick-borne diseases still involves a multifaceted approach.

Lime on the Lawn: Find the Right Products
Get soil pH just right if you aim for a dense carpet of green. Fast-acting lime may be key to springtime renovations on a lawn that's struggling.

Mix Grass with Flowers, Reduce Mowing, Extend Garden
Every lawn has low-traffic edges and areas visited more by eyes than feet. If you are looking for ways to reduce mowing, consider a flowering lawn.

Site Selection Is Key to Success for Your New Wild Flower Meadow
The color of a wildflower meadow is appealing, yet many are frustrated when they try to grow their own. Use these four important site selection tips.

What Is a Meadow? How Does It Differ from a Lawn?
A meadow is a mix of perennial grasses and flowers. Mowed only once a year, it offers colorful flowers and supports bees, butterflies and birds.

What Is a Low-Mow Lawn?
A low-mow lawn is not a neglected lawn. These lawns are made of grass species selected for slow-growth, low height and low water requirements.

What Is a Lawn?
The definition of a lawn may seem obvious, but things are changing. Learn about four other styles of lawns.

Grub Control with Btg Is Chemical-Free
Meet a new grub and beetle nemesis that passes academic muster, doesn't harm pollinators, people or pets, and will reach the lawn care market in 2015.

This article estimates annual costs of more than 15 lawn-support activities.
You love a green, healthy lawn but don't have time for lawn care. What would it cost to have a lawn service provide a full range of services?

Professional lawn care activities may involve more than 15 activities, beyond what many homeowners have the time, expertise or equipment to complete.
Professional lawn care costs vary dramatically depending on the number of services selected, the difficulty of the terrain, and geographic region.

Some Flowering Bulbs Grow Well in Lawns, Survive Mowing
Put bulbs into the lawn this fall for a flowering lawn next spring.

More to Lawn Care than Mowing and Trimming
Got one-quarter acre of turf? Add up the total lawn care effort and it's easy to see why so many are looking to professionals for mowing and more.

How Many Hours of Mowing Per Year?
Got one-quarter acre of turf? You may be walking farther, burning more calories, and spending more time than you'd guess on mowing, trimming, and more.

Miles Walked and Calories Burned by Lawn Care
Got one-quarter acre of turf? Lawn care has some exercise value.

Grass vs. Trees: Turf Wars that Take Place Underground
Grass doesn't often thrive beneath a leafy crown. Young trees often struggle in areas dominated by turf. Can trees and lawns make peace?

Grass in Driveway, Patio and Sidewalk Cracks
Grass and weeds grow in driveways, patios and sidewalks. Why? And what can we do about them? Here are three remedies to consider.

Grow Moss, a Natural Groundcover for Shady Places
Is moss a weed or a natural, organic ground cover? Moss offers at least nine benefits under the right circumstances.

Micro Clover: Perennial Nitrogen Fertilizer for Lawns
Micro clover is a very small white clover bred to be a perennial nitrogen source in lawns. It can be mowed easily and it helps suppress weeds.

5 Ways to Get the Most from Nitrogen Fertilizer on Spring Lawns
Healthy lawns and a good nitrogen supply go together like robins and worms. Use these five tips to make good fertilizer decisions in spring.

How to Choose the Soil Test Reports You Really Need
Tips on finding the best soil test to recommend the right fertilizers and amendments for lawn and landscape. Is the basic soil report all you need?

Low-Mow Lawn: Green Ground Cover with Less Maintenance
If you want less mowing this year, consider the differences between a conventional lawn and a low-mow lawn.

Tree Stumps in the Lawn: Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose
A tree falls on the lawn. What about the stump? Here are eight ways to remove, recycle or repurpose tree stumps--and a way to patch the grass.

7 Questions Help You Find the Ideal Size for Lawn Areas
Is your lawn the right size? That depends on your needs and your property. These seven landscape design questions help reveal the ideal lawn area.​

Dishsoap as an effective moss killer
Moss is not always considered a weed, but don't tell that to those who have tried to deal with it. Here's a 'green' recipe for getting rid of moss in a lawn.

Lawn Weeds and Pests
Identify and understand common lawn pests including weeds, insects, fungi, mammals, and birds. Methods of control, including IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

How to Get Rid of Moss
Although not quite a weed, moss is often a nuisance in a lawn and people often want to know how to get rid of it

Annual Conference Shows How to Reduce Lawn Size and Lawn Care

Spotlight on Fast-Acting Lime for Turf Improvement
Fast-acting lime offers faster results with less material to purchase and spread. Initial cost per bag is higher, but the final price is equal or lower.

Turf Disease Identification: Get the Picture With These Websites
Accurate lawn disease identification can be difficult. These five sites offer good pictures of lawn problems, as well as a multi-faceted approach to disease ID.

Lawn Information from Cooperative Extension Programs
Links to lawn and turfgrass resources from 50 Cooperative Extension programs. Free localized lawn advice from land-grant universities in the U.S.

WORX 20V Battery Powered Grass Trimmer (Review)'s Guide to Lawn Care reviews the 20V MaxLithium battery powered 3-in-one string trimmer and edger by WORX

Mulch Your Leaves Into the Lawn - Even Oak Leaves
Turn leaves into valuable organic matter by mulching them on the lawn. It's easier, less expensive, and better for the environment.

Why the Lawn Will Not Die Under Your Home Ice skating Rink
Backyard ice rinks are safe when placed over a healthy lawn. The grass rebounds quickly if the skating rink tarp is removed at the right time in the spring.

How to Build a Backyard Ice Skating Rink
How to build a backyard ice skating rink, a great way to keep the family active during the winter season.

Barren Strawberry for Covering Ground in Shade
Barren strawberry, also called waldsteinia, is an east coast native ground cover that can replace grass in deep shade, dry or moist.

Review: Magical World of Moss Gardening by Annie Martin
Book review on

Quieter Leaf Removal With Zero Emissions, Low Dust
Will electric leaf blowers, electric mulching mowers, and push sweepers bring quieter neighborhoods, fewer emissions, and less dust someday?

Spread Seeds for Next Year's Lawns and Meadows After Frost
Learn about dormant seeding, the practice of sowing seeds when it is too cold for them to germinate.

Fall Lawn Overseeding to Repair Grass
Fall is the best time to overseed a lawn or repair thin or bare areas. The cool nights and mild, shorter days provide the ideal conditions for seed germination. Seed is better able to retain moisture in these conditions and seedlings will thrive without the extreme heat that occurs in the summer months.

Neuton CE 6 Battery-Powered Lawn Mower
The Neuton CE 6 battery powered lawn mower is the perfect lawn mower for any home owner. Battery power is not only environmentally friendly but easier to maintain than conventional mowers.

PivoTrim and PivoTrim PRO String Trimmer Heads Review
PivoTrim brings a simplicity to string trimmer heads that has sorely been missing for a long time

Common Lawn Weed Speedwell (Veronica Officinalis)
How to control lawn weed speedwell_Speedwell profile_Picture of common lawn weed Speedwell

Review of ForceFlex™ safety eyewear from TEKK Protection™ by 3M™
Review of ForceFlex™ safety glasses from TEKK Protection™ by 3M™

Lawn Diseases - Brown Patch
Lawn disease brown patch is caused by a species of fungus called Rhizoctonia. It occurs during extended periods of heat and humidity.

How to Spot and Control Lawn Diseases
When lawns are stressed and the weather is just right, disease outbreaks can occur in the lawn. Keeping the lawn healthy can ease the pressure of lawn diseases.

Mowz Matches Lawn Owners with Mowing Crews
Mowz connects people who need lawn services with mow suppliers. The mowing service is ordered through a free phone app or from the desktop.

Lawn Mowers
Lawn mower selection. Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Warm Season Grass for Good Performance in Hot Weather
Warm-season grasses reach their peak when the temperatures are hottest. Many of these species are naturally able to withstand drought.

Toro 20095 Lawn Mower with Personal Pace® Review
Review of Toro 20095 Lawn Mower with Personal Pace self-propel​ system

Growing grass in the shade.
Lawn Care & Lawn Alternatives.

Toro 22 inch Recycler Lawn Mower with SmartStow Review
Buy Dad a lawn mower this Father's Day. The Toro 22 inch Recycler with SmartStow is easy to use and a quality mower for the price.

Stop using pre-emergent crabgrass control
Organic 4 Step Lawn Care, Step 1, stop using crabgrass control. Pre-emergent herbicide inhibits crabgrass and desirable lawn grass.

Spring fertilizer
Your lawn needs fertilizer in the spring but proper timing is crucial for a successfully fertilized lawn. Don't rush Mother Nature and you'll be fine.

Not So Fast: 7 Spring Lawn Care Practices That Can Wait
Though lawn products arrive on store shelves in late winter, many treatments should wait until a soil test shows the need and temperatures are right.

Installing drainage in a lawn
Proper lawn drainage is easy to install as long as a few basic rules are followed. Whether a simple French drain to weeping tile installations learn how to do it yourself.

Perennial ryegrass - A lawn contender
Perennial ryegrass germinates quickly and is great in seed blends, but it can also be used on its own as a lawn.

Is there anything other than grass?
High input lawns are falling out of fashion and people are interested in lawn alternatives for their yard.

I hate my lawn!
Artificial lawns are growing in popularity. It's not astro turf anymore, they have come a long way with fake grass. Page 2.

I hate mowing my lawn!
Sometimes a lawn is just too big to maintain adequately. There are some great projects that will help minimize the footprint of your lawn. Page 3.

All about lawn grubs
A typical lawn grub is a white, 'C' shaped larva of a beetle about a half inch in length

Sprinklers Save Water, Time If Properly Installed
Automated irrigation systems, a.k.a. sprinkler systems, can water lawns efficiently, but proper installation and operation are key.

Corn Gluten Meal as an Organic, Pre-Emergent Herbicide
Corn gluten meal is sold as an organic pre-emergent weed control alternative to synthetic preemergent chemicals. Success relies on timing.

Make Sure Your Lawn Care Efforts Aren't Wasted
The more time invested in soil health, the more productive your land care efforts will be. Lawn care takes 20-40 hours annually on one-quarter acre. Page 3.

Moss Sometimes Thrives on Acid Soil
Moss does not require acid soil, but it often thrives there--while grass cannot. Page 2.

United States map depicting acidic soil
Map depicts areas of the United States that have acidic soil, which is unfriendly to turfgrass. Can your lawn be improved by a pH adjustment?

Many U.S. Locations Have Soil pH in the Acidic Range
Map depicts areas of the United States that have acidic soil, which is unfriendly to turfgrass. Can your lawn be improved by a pH adjustment?

It's Spring: Adjust Acid Soil for a Better Lawn
The right soil pH is key to successful turfgrass. Page 4.

Site Preparation for for New Lawns or Ground Covers
Use these top-down weed killing techniques to prepare a new seed bed--whether you plan a conventional lawn, low-mow lawn or meadow.

Common weed profiles_Weed control_Pictures of weeds_Weed profiles

Weed Profiles
Profiles on common weeds, including photos, and descriptions.

Weed Control
Weed control_organic weed control_chemical weed killer_

Germination Rates of Common Grass Seed
Germination rates of common grass seed

Buying a Lawn Mower - What's the difference?
There are a dizzying array of lawn mower choices, sometimes even within a certain brand. What's the difference between one mower and the next?

L.R. Nelson Rain Train Traveling Sprinkler Review
The rain train may look like a toy but it is quite possibly the best lawn sprinkler on the market_Review of the LR Nelson Rain Train

Benefits of Nitrogen-Rich Soil for Lawn Care
The importance of nitrogen_Nitrogen function deficiencies and excesses_ Nitrogen sources_Environmental impact of misuse of synthetic and inorganic nitrogen

Lawn Striping (How to Achieve the Stripping Effect)
What makes striping on a lawn? How lawn striping is achieved professionally. Can it be done at home?

Troubleshooting a Gas Lawn Mower_Lawn mower repair
Lawn mower repair and troubleshooting

Buff Headwear (UV Buff and UV Half Buff): Review
User review of UV Buff & UV Half Buff by Buff Headwear

Lawn Mower Maintenance - Servicing the Spark Plug
Performing lawn mower maintenance_Cleaning the spark plug_replacing the spark plug_setting the gap on the spark plug_servicing the spark plug

Lawn Mower Maintenance - Changing the Engine Oil
How to perform simple lawn mower maintenance_When to change the oil on a lawn mower_Changing the engine oil on a lawn mower

How to Choose a Riding Mower
Types of riding mowers_characteristics of riding mower_zero-turn mowers_Advantages of riding mower

How to Deal With Red Thread on Lawn
Red thread is common in lawns with low levels of nitrogen. Avoid it by fertilizing with adequate amounts of nitrogen and maintaining a pH of 6.5 - 7.0.

Lawn Mower Maintenance - Cleaning the Air Filter
Lawn mower maintenance_How to clean the air filter on a lawn mower_Cleaning the air filter as part of lawn mower maintenance_When to clean the air filter on a lawn mower

5 Common Lawn Pests
Lawn pests come in all forms, whether it's invading weeds, opportunistic lawn diseases, or root-munching insects.

Cultural Practices for the Lawn
A collection of articles related to cultural practices or maintenance of the lawn.

Dealing with Summer Heat Stress
Summer heat stress can be a problem come July and August. Extended periods of heat and humidity, bright sunshine, warm nights, with no rain can add up to trouble.

A Brief History of Lawn
History of lawn in Europe and North America_Evolving from a grazing field to highly manicured showpiece

Beneficial Lawn Insects
Lawn insects tend to get lumped into the

the worm-like larvae of beetles. Lawn Care.

String Trimmer Essentials - Choosing, Safe Usage, & Proper Strorage
Choosing the right string trimmer is as important as safe operation and maintenance. Whether you call it a weed whacker, weed eater, or line trimmer, they are an essential machine for a complete lawn care program.

String Trimmer Essentials - Choosing, Safe Usage, & Proper Strorage
Choosing the right string trimmer is as important as safe operation and maintenance. Whether you call it a weed whacker, weed eater, or line trimmer, they are an essential machine for a complete lawn care program. Page 2.

Rake Leaves or Mulch Leaves_Dealing with leaves
What to do with leaves_mulch leaves_rake leaves_compost leaves_

Thatch on a lawn refers to the intermingled organic layer of dead and living shoots, stems, and roots that develops between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface.

Over-watering the Lawn
A critique of modern lawn watering techniques

So you want to build a Backyard Rink, eh?
Book review of So you want to build a Backyard Rink, eh? by Gary Frederick

Husqvarna 356BT Leaf Blower review
A review of Husqvarna's 356BT low noise leaf blower measuring in at only 64 dBA. Husqvarna has re-designed the standard back pack leaf blower in an answer to consumer demand for quieter leaf blowers.

Review of TEKK Protection WorkTunes by 3M
Review of WorkTunes™ digital AM/FM radio and hearing protection all-in-one. TEKK Protection™ brand by 3M provides noise reduction to 22 decibels and is mp3 compatible.

Clover - A Common Lawn Weeds That Get No Respect
Millions are spent annually to control lawn weeds like clover and dandelion. Two plants that definitely get no respect but once you understand them better they are easier to appreciate.

Dandelion - A Common Lawn Weeds That Get No Respect
Clover and dandelion are often considered nasty, hard to control lawn weeds. A closer look reveals their usefulness and need for reconsideration as to how they are treated in a lawn. Page 2.

5 Reasons Your Lawn May Be Failing
Avoid these common lawn conditions for a healthy, thriving lawn. Take care of the bigger issues to avoid getting nickel and dimed on the smaller ones.

A closer look at lawn fertilizer
An in depth look at the various plant nutrients essential for the growth and vigor of a lawn.

Phosphorus as lawn fertilizer
An in depth look at phosphorus as a lawn fertilizer. Page 2.

A closer look at potassium
An in depth look at potassium as a lawn fertilizer. Page 3.

Calcium, Iron, Sulfur and the lesser know lawn nutrients
An in depth view of the various secondary and micro-nutrients required for plant growth and vigor. Page 4.

The Benefits of Mulching
The benefits of mulching not only grass clippings but leaf material are simply too extensive to ignore. Save time, money, labor and increase the health of your soil by mulching.

Mulch Grass Clipping Back into the Lawn
Recycling grass clippings back into the lawn is an easy and beneficial way to dispose of a product previously thought of as waste. Returning clippings into the lawn saves time, money, and resources and adds nitrogen to the soil.

Lawn Care Gift Ideas
Holiday gift guide with a lawn care twist. Find the perfect item for your lawn mowing loved one.

All About Lawn Grass Seed
A hub of articles revolving around lawn grass seed. Grass seed choices, germination rates, reviews, and sowing methods.

How to choose a lawn care provider
Lawn care companies vary greatly in cost and services so make an informed choice and choose wisely. Be sure the people you are paying and entrusting your lawn with know what they're doing.

The Best Shade Grass for the Lawn
It is possible to grow grass in the shade beginning with the right type of grass. Given adequate growing conditions and minimal light many shade grass seed blends will work in very shady areas.

The Dreaded Dandelion?
Is it reasonable to be so at odds with a classic, useful plant? The dandelion has been food and medicine to man for thousands of years.

How to keep your lawn weed free all season long
Tricks and tips for achieving and maintaining a weed free lawn all year round.

a closer look at potassium
A detailed look at potassium and its role in plant growth, specifically lawn grass.

Growing a Lawn in Dry Climates
Droughts and water restrictions require re-thinking how we water our lawns.

4 Steps to a Healthy Lawn
Is lawn care as easy as 1,2,3,4? It helps sell product but it certainly is a little more complex than four steps.

The biggest lawn care mistake
Most homeowners mow their lawn too short and it creates nothing but problems.

Preparing for Winter
Winter in the north can be long and harsh. It is important to properly prepare a lawn for winter as well as the tools and equipment used to care for it.

Starting over with sod
Laying sod is a great DIY lawn care project. Although a sod lawn can be expensive, the results are instant.

5 Common Lawn Diseases
Lawn diseases are not usually a threat to a homeowner's lawn. Occasionally an outbreak will occur after an extended period of heat and humidity but for the most part, a lawn will remain relatively disease free as long as it is maintained properly

Lawn Disease - Dollar Spot
Dollar spot is a common lawn disease usually occuring during the warm day/cool night conditions of late spring and late fall

Compost for the Lawn
Adding compost to a lawn is one of the best lawn care practices you can do for your grass. Composting improves the soil and provides a healthier lawn.

compost tea
Compost tea is a liquid made from leaching nutrients and extracting bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and protozoa from finished compost. It is sprayed on the lawn as a nutrient supplement, soil amendment, and bacterial inoculant.

Green Weed Killers
Using organic products to control weeds instead of chemical herbicides

All About the Reel Mower
Reel mowers have changed little in almost 200 years. The shearing style of cut remains the standard for the fine cut turf of golf courses and for lawn owners looking for a simple, emission free mower.

All about zero turn mowers
Zero turn mowers are known for their maneuverability and speed, reducing mowing times to a fraction of the time taken with standard lawn tractors.

All About Lawn Mowers
A hub of lawn mower articles ranging from the various types of lawn mowers to maintenance and lawn mower safety.

String Trimmer Safety
String trimmers are nasty little machines capable of causing injury and damage. Some common sense safety can go a long way towards preventing an accident.

Winterizing Lawn Mower_Get Your Lawn Mower Ready for Winter
Preparing mower for winter_Winterizing a lawn mower engine_How to prepare a lawn mower for winter storage

Lawn Mower Safety_Operating a lawn mower is all about safety
lawn mower safety_operating lawn mowers safely_avoid accidents with basic lawn mower safety

Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is becoming more prevalent, especially in parts of the country with arid climates and water scarcity

Managing a Small Lawn
How to manage a small, urban lawn

Lawn Spreader_What is a lawn spreader
Lawn spreader_Drop spreaders_Broadcast spreaders_Rotary Spreaders_Fertilizer spreaders_Types of lawn spreaders

Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule_Preserve your investment with lawn mower maintenance
Maintenance schedule for new lawn mowers_when to change oil on a lawn mower_when to perform scheduled maintenance checks_what's on a lawn mower maintenance schedule

Lawn Diseases - Fairy Ring
Fairy rings, also known as fairy circle, elf circle, elf ring or pixie ring, are naturally occurring arcs of mushrooms in grassed areas or forests

Lawn Diseases - Red Thread
The presence of red or pink webbing or thread is the tell tale sign of red thread. Red thread is a turfgrass disease most likely brought on by low levels of nitrogen in the soil

Lawn Disease - Powdery Mildew
Powdery mildew on lawns is most common on Kentucky bluegrass grown in the shade.

All About IPM
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that relies on a lot of common sense practices.

Lawn Equipment and Maintenance
Basic lawn equipment and maintenance procedures.

Grass Profiles
grass profiles. Lawn Care. Page 3.

Grass Profiles
grass profiles. Lawn Care.

Grass Profiles
grass profiles. Lawn Care. Page 2.

radio controlled auto-mower. Lawn Care. Page 5.

Antique riding mower
Photo and description of antique, early riding mower. Page 9.

Electric Walk-behind Lawn Mower
Electric walk behind lawn mower. Lawn Care. Page 2.

Flail mower
Photo and description of flail mower. Page 8.

Hover mower
walk behind hover mower. Lawn Care. Page 3.

Riding Lawn Mower
Image and description of lawn tractor or riding mower. Page 6.

Bicycle mower
Bizarre contraption, bicycle mower. Page 11.

Motorbike Mower
Photo of motorcycle mower. Lawn Care. Page 12.

Lawn Mower Racing
Photo and description of racing lawn mower. Page 10.

Reel mower
push-type reel mower with grass cathcer. Page 4.

Zero turn mower
Photo and description of zero turn mower. Page 7.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 5.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 7.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 2.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 3.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 4.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 5.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 6.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 9.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 7.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 8.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 10.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds. Page 11.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 4.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 6.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 8.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 2.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 10.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 3.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 9.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 11.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 12.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds. Page 13.

How to Care for New Sod_New Sod Needs a Lot of Water
New sod what to do_establishing new sod_care of new sod lawn

pre-emergent herbicide
A chemical weed killer applied prior to the emergence of the weed from the soil.

slow-release fertilizer
A fertilizer that dissolves slower than water soluble fertilizers; may involve coatings which break down slowly, materials that must be decomposed by microbial activity, or soluble compounds coated with a water activated substance. Provides and extended feeding.

Review of Avenger Organic Weed Killer
Review of Avenger Organic Weed Killer

LEHR Eco Blower: Propane Powered BlowerVac and Mulcher
The LEHR Eco Blower is revolutionary in that it is powered by propane. With its

How do I get rid of ground ivy?
Creeping Charlie and can be a real headache to deal with in the yard and the question of controlling this common lawn weed.

Sometimes Clumps of grass are Unavoidable_How to deal with clumps of grass on the lawn
Sometimes Clumps of grass are Unavoidable_dealing with grass clumps

Before You Buy Lawn Fertilizer
Before you buy lawn fertilizer there are a fer considerations.

Gas-Powered walk behind mower
Typical gas powered walk behind lawn mower

Lawn Mower Gallery
Image gallery of various lawn mowers, commercial, residential, and custom.

Grass Profiles
grass profiles

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds.

Weed Gallery
Photo gallery of common lawn weeds.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds.

Weed Illustrations
Gallery featuring antique illustrations of weeds.

The practice of companies making products and policies seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are

Lawn Mowers
Lawn mowers come in all shapes and size. From walk-behinds to zero-turn mowers, they are all sorted out here.

Lawn Mower Reviews
lawn mower reviews