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Applying to Law School - Tips for Applying to Law School
Applying to law school includes taking the LSAT, writing a personal statement, getting letters of recommendation, and more.

Online Law School Admissions Calculators and Predictor
If you're wondering about your chances of acceptance to law school with your LSAT score, check out one of the online admissions calculators and predictors.

How to Write a Law School Case Brief
Do you have to write a case brief? We break down everything you need to know to write a case brief like a pro, including the structure and details.

Requirements for Applying to Law School
While each law school has its own specific requirements, there are some things you'll need to have no matter where you're applying. Learn more.


Surviving Law School
Tips on how to survive law school including study materials as well as tips on making outlines, briefing cases, taking notes, participating in extracurricular activities, and effective time management.

Should You Skip This Bar Exam?
Some of you reading this may be on the fence about whether or not to take the next upcoming bar exam.

How to Deal with Negative Feedback in Law School
How can you get something out of the feedback without it sending you into a case of the doldrums?

J.D./PhD: An Interview With Dr. Dan Krauss, Who Did Both
Are you interested in pursuing your J.D./Ph.D? Learn more about the experience first hand from Dr. Krauss.

How to Exercise Internet Self-Control When Studying
Focusing, even for just one hour, can really help you get the most out of your study time as well as work more efficiently

How to Use Meditation to Be More Productive in Law School
Many people are turning to the practice of meditation and mindfulness to be more productive at work and in law school.

Your Technology Guide for Starting Law School
As you get ready to enter law school, it is important that you get your technology in order. Here's what you should plan to have.

Would You Be Happier Going to Law School or Doing Something Else?
As prospective law students around the country get ready to select the right law school for them, some may still be trying to decide if attending law school is “worth it.”

What Should I Do in College to Get Ready for Law School?
Take a look at what you need to do now to prepare for your law school future.

Five Reasons Law School is Hard
Often students wonder, what makes law school harder than undergraduate work? Here are five reasons that law school is hard.

About Law School — Admissions, Bar Exam, Careers
Find out what law school applicants and students need to know about applications, LSAT preparation, the bar exam, career opportunities, and more.

Are There Too Many Lawyers?
The legal field isn't dead. There are plenty of opportunities for students to get legal training for successful legal careers

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An index of categories in the

Case Briefs
All about law student case briefs--what they are and how and why you should write them.

Law School Books
Everything you need to know about law school books, including where to buy them for less.

Law School Class Selection
Information about law school class selection, including whether you should pursue a specialty.

Law School Study
From note taking to study groups, here are some law school study tips.

Law Themed Entertainment
Part of surviving law school includes being able to unwind, so check out these law-themed books and films for entertainment.

Law School Outlines
Information on writing and studying from law school outlines.

Can Mindfulness and Meditation Help You Be a Better Law Student?
Many people are using mindfulness and the daily practice of meditation to relax, feel calmer and lead healthier lives.

All About J.D. Joint Degrees
Are you considering a J.D. joint degree? Here are reasons why or why not to pursue one.

Law School Books - Reviews of Law School Books
Reviews of law school books regarding the application process.

Personal Statement
Find out how to write a great personal statement, including which topics to avoid, here.

Law School Recommendations
Who should you ask for law school recommendations and when? Find out here.

Other Application Essays
You may have the opportunity to include other application essays besides the personal statement in your file. Read on for information on those.

Law School Resume - Law School Resume
Tips and advice for preparing your law school resume.

The Challenges of Working and Studying for the Bar Exam
In the last few years, this issue of working while studying for the bar exam has come up over and over again, especially for those studying after a bar exam failure.

4 Things You Must Do to Transfer Law Schools
If you are thinking about transferring law school, there are important things you need to consider. After all getting into one school is tough.

Five Tips for Taking Great Class Notes
Class notes are critically important in law school. Your professors focus on what they think is most important about the material.

Help! My Significant Other is Studying for the Bar Exam
Studying for the bar exam is hard. And it is hard on your loved ones too. Here are tips for the bar exam significant other.

How Many Hours Do You Need to Study for the Bar Exam
When you sit down to study for the bar exam, it is likely you will get a bunch of feedback from friends and other law students as to how much you are supposed to study for the exam.

Plenty of Great Lawyers Have Failed the Bar Exam
After getting bad news about the bar exam, many people start to question whether or not they are going to be a good lawyer.

How Much Does It Cost to Study for and Take the Bar Exam?
Have you thought through the costs of studying for the bar exam? If not, here are some (sobering) realities you want to consider.

Should I Take a Law School Prep Course (or a Pre-1L Course)?
There is a bit of a debate going on about law school prep courses (or pre-law school courses) and whether they are necessary for law school success.

Five Reasons People Fail the Bar Exam
One question that has come up a bit recently is why people fail the bar exam. Generally speaking here are five common reasons folks are unsuccessful.

Four Sobering Realities of Law School Debt
Law school debt needs to be a major discussion when talking about selecting a law school, getting a job after law school, and just dealing with the realities of how expensive law school is.

What Should You Eat During Bar Exam Week
Be sure to spend time before the exam figuring out what you will eat for each meal of the day. This guide can help you get started with this task.

Three Ways to Handle Bar Exam Stress
Whether this is your first time or you're a repeat taker, you're probably stressed. Here are a few tips if anxiety is getting you down.

How to Successfully Study for the Bar Exam While Working
There are a few things I can recommend that will make working and studying for the bar exam more effective (and more bearable).

Where Should You Go to Law School?
When deciding where to go to law school, consider the type of environment in which you want to study, the type of law you want to practice, the practical, financial considerations of going to law school, and rankings.

Six Gift Ideas for Your Bar Exam Studier this Holiday
Are you or your loved one studying for the next bar exam coming up in February? If so, you may want to consider sharing this list of great gifts for the bar exam studier this holiday season.

Should You Commute to Law School?
If you are considering commuting to law school, here are a few things that you want to consider before taking the plunge.

What is the Point of Law School Outlines
Once law students understand the purpose of law school outlines, it is easier to allocate time to work on them as well as make useful outlines that actually help in the study process.

Six Tips for Acing Law School Take-Home Exams
Take-home exams can differ in length from a few hours (4 to 8) to a day (24 hours) or longer (48 hours). Here are some tips for taking a take-home exam.

Four Tips for Studying for Open-Book Law School Exams
Open-book exams seem to be more and more popular in law schools these days. These exams typically allow you to bring in your outline or other materials into the exam.

4 Tips for Studying for Closed-Book Exams
Here are some tips for studying for your closed-book law school exams. Most law students will have a closed book exam at some point in their career.

Columbia Law - Profile of Columbia Law School
Profile of New York City's Columbia Law School, one of five Ivy League law schools.

Yale Law - Profile of Yale Law School
Profile of Yale Law School, located in New Haven, Connecticut and one of five Ivy League law schools.

Iowa Law - Profile of University of Iowa Law School
The University of Iowa Law School is one of the top schools not only in the Midwest but also in the entire country.

Five Mistakes 3Ls Make
Although graduation seems to be coming up soon, it is important to avoid these common mistakes 3Ls make.

What Is IRAC and Do I Need to Use It?
If you are new to law school, you have heard at this point about “IRAC.” It is the formula for legal writing known as issue, rule, analysis, and conclusion.

Cornell Law - Profile of Cornell Law School
Profile of Cornell Law School, located in upstate New York and one of five Ivy League law schools.

NYU Law - Profile of NYU Law School
Profile of NYU Law School, located in the heart of New York City and one of the finest law schools in the country.

Stanford Law - Profile of Stanford Law School
Profile of Stanford Law School, one of the country's top law schools, located in Palo Alto, California.

Are Study Groups Helpful in Law School?
Although for some people study groups can be effective, they are not for everyone. Here are some thoughts on good reasons for law school study groups.

Preparing the Summer Before Your First Year of Law School
Seven things you should do the summer before you begin your first year of law school to set yourself up for success.

What Is Spaced Repetition and How Can It Help You In Law School?
Memorizing information in law school can be challenging. Use spaced repitition to memorize large volumes of information.

Which States Have the Most Difficult Bar Exams?
Are you planning on practicing law in these states? Then you will need to be prepared for the bar exam.

How to Find Free LSAT Sample Questions Online
If you want to do well on the LSAT, you should do plenty of LSAT sample questions. Here are some resources to get you started.

Law School Personal Statement Writing Prompt Ideas
Here are 10 writing prompts you can use if you get writers' block while trying to write your law school personal statement.

Asking for Law School Letters of Recommendation
Follow these seven steps when asking for law school letters of recommendation.

Checklist of Essential Law School Supplies
A checklist of the law school supplies you'll need for when classes start.

Differences Between Law School and Undergrad
Are you heading to law school? Don't be surprised when you get there. Law school is very different from undergrad in at least three major ways.

Why Should I Write Case Briefs? - 5 Reasons
Although you won't be writing case briefs for every single case, here is why you should at least know how to do one.

The T14 (Top 14) Law Schools - List and Information
Information about the so-called T14 law schools, the top law schools the country.

The T14 (Top 14) Law Schools - List and Information
Information about the so-called T14 law schools, the top law schools the country.

Timeline for Law School Prep through Undergrad
The sooner you start to think about law school, the better. Use this law school prep timeline to follow as you make your way through undergrad.

Definition of LSAT - Law School Admissions Test
What is the LSAT? The definition of LSAT, the law school admission test.

10 Interview Questions You Can Ask at OCI
Don't know what interview questions you should ask at OCI? Here are 10 to get you started.

Law School Competition - Factors to Consider
Find out whether law school competition is really as cut throat as its reputation.

Tips for a Successful Oral Argument in Law School
If you are a 1L, chances are you will be participating in moot court. Here are tips on how to get the most of the experience.

Guide to Financial Aid for Law School
Read more about the types of law school financial aid that are available including federal student loans, private loans, scholarships, grants, and more.

Legal Clinic - What Is a Legal Clinic
A legal clinic is a great opportunity for law students to gain practical legal experience. Learn more about the legal clinics that are out there.

Five Steps to Applying to Law School
How do you get into law school? One step at a time. Here's your step by step guide for applying to law school.

Law School Resume Format
Your law school resume can be an important part of your application; here's a quick reference guide on what to include and how to format your law school resume.

Recommended Undergraduate Courses for Law School
A list of undergraduate courses that will help prepare you for law school.

How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide
Read on to find out the basic steps you need to take in order to become a lawyer.

Prelaw Prep
Everything you need to know for prelaw prep. Topics covered include how to decide whether to go to law school, whether you should major in prelaw, recommended undergraduate courses, and concerns of nontraditional law students.

Should You Go To Law School?
Are you thinking about going to law school? Here are more things to consider.

What kind of learner are you?
What kind of learner are you? Use these tips to maximize your learning in law school.

Legal Employment
After graduating from law school and passing the bar exam, you'll be ready for legal employment. Here you'll find information on all of these as well as resume writing and interviewing tips.

Transitioning into Law School
Law school can be a tough transition from undergrad. Here is what you need to know.

What are MSL degrees?
The Master of Science in Law or Master of Studies in Law are little known graduate degrees that can give you legal training specific to your career, no J.D. required. Find out more about these degrees here.

How To Get Into Law School
If you plan on going to law school, start here for the basics.

Why Not to Go to Law School in England
Studying law in England sounds exciting, but there are a few things you need to know before you cross the pond.

FAQ on the Judicial Clerkship Process
Answers to frequently asked questions about the judicial clerkship.

When to Write a Law School Addendum
Submitting an addendum with your law school application can be a smart move or a colossal waste of time for you and the admissions committee. Read on to find out when you should write a law school addendum and when you should leave well enough alone.

24 Great Places to Buy Law Books Online
Shopping online can be a great way to save money on law books; here are 24 places to look.

What Is a Case Brief for Law Students?
A law student case brief is very different from a brief by an attorney. Find out more about the types of case briefs you will encounter in law school.

Information About Part-Time Law School Programs
Part-time law school programs are increasingly popular, and here you'll find all you need to know about attending law school part time.

Retaking the LSAT (What to Consider First)
If your LSAT score is lower than you'd like and you're wondering whether you should retake the LSAT exam, be sure to ask yourself these five questions first.

Law School Laptops - Before You Buy
Some things you should consider before you buy a laptop for law school.

Is Going to Law School a Good Idea?
Three questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether or not to go to law school.

Navigating the Labyrinth of Today's Personal Computers
Are you having trouble finding the right computer for law school? Learn more about the best computers for law school.

10 Things You Can do to Start Your Second Semester Right
Do you want to get a great start to the second semester? Follow our tips for success.

Best Organizational Apps For Law Students
Do you want to use your smartphone or tablet to stay organized in law school. Start with these organization apps.

What Is Moot Court? Why Should Law Students Join It?
All about moot court: what it is and why you should join.

LSAT Prep - LSAT Prep in Three Steps
Are you taking the LSAT? Here is your LSAT prep in three easy steps.

10 Criteria for Choosing a Law School
Choosing a law school is a big decision, so be sure to consider these 10 criteria before sending in that deposit.

Your Law School Shopping List
Starting law school this fall? Here is a shopping list to help you get back-to-school ready.

Harvard Law - Profile of Harvard Law School
Profile of Harvard Law School, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of five Ivy League law schools.

Choosing a Law School
Learn how to choose the best law school for you, what law school rankings mean, and how to make the most of campus visits.

1L - How to Survive 1L
Are you starting law school in the fall? Here are five tips for how to survive 1L, the infamous first year of law school.

How to Write a Law School Outline
Do you want to learn more about outlining in law school? Read on for tips on the proper format and compilation of a law school outline.

Top Intellectual Property Law Schools
Are you interested in intellectual property law? You may want to start your law school search here.

Part Time Law - Top Part Time Law School Programs
Are you looking for a part-time​ law school program? Start your search with these top part-time programs.

Best Law Schools for Criminal Justice Law
Are you looking to become a criminal justice lawyer? You may want to apply to one of these law programs.

Law School Profiles
Law school profiles as well as lists such as Ivy League Law Schools, Bargain Law Schools, Public Law Schools, and also specialty areas.

Law schools starting with letters M-R.

Law schools starting with letters S-T.

Law schools starting with letter U, including all

Law schools starting with letters V-Z.

All About the LL.M
Are you looking to obtain an LL.M degree? Find out the best schools and everything you need to know about this international degree.

LSAT Scores at Top Law Schools
Check out this list of LSAT scores at top law schools to see where your scores fit in.

Bar Exam - All About the Bar Exam
Find out everything you need to know about taking the bar exam: where you should take it, how to study for it, and how to manage stress throughout the process. You'll also find state by state requirements for the bar exam here.

Last Minute Exam Tips for Law Students
Do you have final exams coming up? These tips will lead to exam success.

What Not to Do During the Bar Exam
You usually hear about what to do during the bar exam, now here is what not to do.

What Is the Socratic Method?
Find out what the infamous Socratic Method is all about so you know what to expect when your law professors start firing questions at you.

Law School Exam Preparation
Everything you need to know about studying for and preparing for law school exams.

How to Improve Your MBE Scores
If you are finding yourself struggling with the MBE portion of the bar exam, here are some tips for improving your MBE scores.

Five Tips for Acing Law School Multiple-Choice Exams
Law school multiple-choice questions will be different from multiple-choice questions on exams you have taken in the past.

Best Law School for Environmental Law
Are you a prospective law school student interested in Environmental Law? These schools are the best in the field.

Law schools starting with letters E-L.

Six Ways to Save Money When Starting Law School
There are a few ways you can be frugal in law school that will help you make that loan check go as far as it can.

Should You Handwrite the Bar Exam?
Although the popular trend is to type the bar exam, some prefer to handwrite the test. Take these into considerations before abandoning the computer.

Vermont Law School - South Royalton, VT
Thinking about applying to the Vermont Law School? Learn more about GPA, bar passage rates and more.

Law School Profile: Lewis and Clark Law School
Lewis and Clark, a small private law school near Portland, Oregon is known for its Environmental Law program.

Best Law Schools for Corporate Law
Are you looking to get into Corporate Law? If so, these are the best schools to learn.

The Best Law Schools for Studying International Law
Do you want to study International Law? These schools would be a great start!

Does Your Law School Provide Bar Prep?
Are you trying to decide whether to take your school's bar exam prep course? Here are some things you need to know.

How to Prepare Loved Ones for Your Bar Study
Are you taking the bar exam soon? Try to prepare your loved ones ahead of time.

How to Stay on Task
Staying on task in law school can be a challenge. With these tips you will be on your way to success!

How to Make a Daily Study Schedule in Law School
Are you struggling to get things done? Here are tips on how to make a daily schedule in law school that can help you plan your time better.

How to Tell if You Need a Bar Exam Tutor
Are you taking the bar exam? A Bar Exam tutor can be a valuable resource and can set you up for success. These tips will help you decide if a tutor is for you.

Law Schools - Lingo in Law Schools
Law schools have their own lingo; here's your quick guide.

Law Schools - Lingo in Law Schools
Law schools have their own lingo; here's your quick guide.

Nontraditional Law Student - Preparing for Law School as a Nontraditional Law Student
How should a nontraditional law student prepare for law school? Find out here.

Valentine's Day Movies - 10 Valentine's Day Movies with Legal Themes
Looking for Valentine's Day movies that are legal-themed movies with a romantic twist? Check out these ten classics.

Valentine's Day Movies - 10 Valentine's Day Movies with Legal Themes
Looking for Valentine's Day movies that are legal-themed movies with a romantic twist? Check out these ten classics.

Law School - Productivity Tips for Law School
Six easy ways to limit distractions and increase productivity in law school.

What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep in Law School?
Lack of sleep can cause major issues in your health, especially if you are in law school. Find out why sleep is so important!

How to Save Money on Clothes in Law School
Law school is expensive! Don't spend a lot on clothes while you are there! Use our tips to save money on clothing in law school.

Do You Need to Have Work Experience to Apply To Law School?
Do you need experience to apply for law school? You may be surprised! Even if you don't have experience, you can get some with these tips.

LSAT - 6 Things to Do the Day of the LSAT
What you should be doing the day of the LSAT.

Academic Support in Law School
Everything you need to know about Academic Support in Law School from what they can help you with to why you want to use it.

Can Studying Early Help You Pass the Bar Exam?
Every student is different. Find out if studying early for the bar exam is the right strategy for you.

Learn More About Top Law Schools in the U.S.
For those with exceptionally high GPAs and LSAT scores, here is a list of Ivy League law schools, some of the top law schools in the country.

Learn more about the IRAC formula for law school writing.
What is IRAC? Everything you need to know about this acronym.

10 Bargain Law Schools
You can get a great legal education at a fraction of the cost at these 10 bargain law schools.

Juris Doctor - Definition of Juris Doctor
Definition of Juris Doctor (JD) degree, the difference between a J.D. and an LL.M degree and details about bar admission.

How to Make Time to Exercise in Law School
Here are a few ways to exercise and survive law school at the same time.

Get in the Right Mindset for Learning in Law School
Here are a few lessons about learning that I think are incredibly important to keep in mind when you are starting law school.

Best Podcasts for Law Students
Podcasts can be a great way to get information and give your very tired eyes a break from reading online.

Bar Exam Tips for 3Ls
Make yourself a list of things to think about now so you are ready for the bar exam and to be admitted to the state bar.

How to Study for the MPRE
Keeping these tips in mind will help you be successful on the MPRE!

The Best Study Techniques for Your Learning Style
Whether you’re a visual, auditory of kinesthetic learner, try a few of the study tips to see which works best for you.

Law School Culture
Learn what law school culture is like on the inside. From Law Review to Moot Court to the Socratic Method, know what to expect even before you show up for orientation.

The Best Movies to Watch When Starting Law School
Let’s look at some of my favorite legally-themed movies, which are a great thing to watch when you’re stressed in law school and need a study break.

Food is Fuel in Law School
Here are a few reasons why it’s critical to make time to eat in law school.

What does the Florida Bar Exam look like, anyway?
Ready for the Florida bar exam? This bar tutor tells you everything you need to prepare for the exam.

Five Mistakes 2Ls Make
When 2Ls return for their second year of law school, they often feel much more confident about the law school experience. Here are five common mistakes I see 2Ls make.

Three Ways to Boost Your Logic Game Success on the LSAT
How does one go about acquiring the skills necessary to conquer Logic Games before LSAT test day?

Can You Become a Lawyer Without Going to Law School?
Some people have the dream of becoming an attorney, but they do not want to endure years of law school.

Wait, What? The California Bar Exam Is Going to be Two Days in 2017
Starting in July 2017, the bar exam will include one day of essays and one day of the MBE (like most of the country).

Should You Attend an Unaccredited Law School in California?
If you are considering attending an unaccredited law school, do you think it is for you?

How to Budget and Prepare for Debt During Law School
Here are a few ways to control spending and budget well when you’re not in repayment mode.

Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Law School
Let’s look at five mistakes law students often make during their 1L year and how you can avoid them.

How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance in Law School
Here's a look at how to maintain a healthy work-life balance in law school.

How to Find a Woman-Friendly Law School
If you’re a woman considering law school, what can you do? How can you ensure the school you select will support help you be a successful lawyer?

How to Find a Law School Apartment in a Terrible Rental Market
You got into the law school of your dreams, but your head is spinning at the price of housing. What do you do now?

6 Resources You Need to Start Law School
These six resources will make your life as a law student just a bit easier as you begin your 1L journey.

What GPA and LSAT Score Do I Need to Get Into Law School?
Many hopeful law students ask what the ideal GPA and score should be in order to be admitted to school. Here's what you should know.

What You Need to Apply to Law School
There are certain parts of the application process that remain the same wherever you decide to go. Let’s look at what you need to apply to law school.

Lessons from Law School Orientation
To help you get ready for orientation, here are some of my thoughts on my law school orientation.

Summer Reading List for Incoming 1Ls - How-to Law School Books
Here are some books that can help you get ready for the challenging academics of law school.

Summer Law School Reading List for 1Ls
Here's your list of suggested law school reading for the summer before you begin your first year.

10 Things To Do In the Days Before Bar Exam Week
As you gear up for the big day, don't neglect these ten tasks. They're almost as important as studying.

What Is Tested on the Oregon Bar Exam?
Do you know how to study for the Oregon bar exam? Ben Nelson tells you exactly what you need to know to prepare.

New York Will Adopt the Uniform Bar Exam in July 2016
The New York Bar recently announced that it will be switching to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) as of the July 2016 test administration.

Yikes, You Failed the Bar Exam. Should You Take the Exam in Another State?
When you are frustrated about your bar exam results, is it a good idea to change locations and try to pass the exam in another state?

Passing the Bar Exam Is All About Discipline
I work with and talk to many students who struggle with the bar exam. And there are some comments relating to practice and performance that I hear over and over again.

How Do I Study for the California Bar Attorneys' Exam?
If you opt out of the full-length California bar exam, you can take the California Bar Attorneys' Examination. How do you prepare for the test?

What Is Tested on the Uniform Bar Exam?
The Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) is a test created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) and administered in 14 states and counting.

Do You Need To Be Pre-Law to Apply to Law School?
If you are thinking of applying to law school, you might ask yourself whether your undergraduate degree will actually help you be successful (and even help you get in).

Top Mistakes on the Bar Exam Performance Test
Here are the top four mistakes students make when preparing for the performance exam.

How to Overcome Bad First Semester Grades in Law School
Before you get too knee-deep in your second semester studies, let’s look at a few ways to over come the bad grades and move on to performing well during your second semester.

Do You Have to Go to Office Hours?
Some students would go the entire semester without visiting a professor. Is this a good idea?

How You Can Start Studying Today for Final Exams in Law School
If you wait until the end of the semester to start focusing on your final exams, it is likely too late (and your grades might reflect that)!

How to Talk To Your Professor About Your Past Exams
No matter what the outcome of your final grades, good or bad, it is a wise idea to go get feedback on your past exams.

Three Ways Law Students Waste Time Preparing for Class
Here are the top three ways law students waste their time while preparing for class.

What Should You Talk About in Office Hours?
What can you do to make sure the meeting is productive and goes well?

How to Create a Study Calendar in Law School
One of the best ways to make sure you allocate enough time to studying is to carefully manage your time by means of an electronic calendar.

Should You Go to Law School Where You Want to Practice?
If you are sure that you want to practice in a specific location, is it worth attending law school there? I would argue, often, yes.

What Should I Wear in Law School?
It’s not often that the words law school and fashion go together, but you may be surprised how they can go hand-in-hand.

You Got Good Grades, But Don’t Get Lazy!
Just because you got great grades your first semester, you aren’t guaranteed those grades next semester.

Finding the Right Law School Living Situation
Here are a few tips to finding the right law school living situation.

Got Too Much to Do in Law School? Make a To Do List!
If you are a new law student or even a seasoned one, it is critically important that you keep yourself organized in law school.

Not Sure Where Your Time Goes in Law School? Keep a Calendar
Sure, life is busy and law school is hard, but with careful planning, you may be surprised at how much work you can get done.

What Do You Do When You Are Called on in a Law School Class?
At some point in law school you will be called on in class to answer questions on a case you read. This is known as the Socratic Method.

Do You Have the Right Mindset to Start Law School?
If you have always excelled academically, law school can be incredibly frustrating and unsettling. So how do you cope?

Should you buy a Law School Backpack?
Some of you may be wondering, should a law student carry a backpack? A briefcase? A rolling bag? A messenger bag?

Can Flash Cards Help You Study for Law School Exams?
When it comes to studying for your law school exams, flash cards are not always the best way to study. Here are some warnings when using flash cards in law school.

Do You Need To Buy Supplements for Law School Classes?
How do you know which supplements to buy? And when should you purchase them?

What to Expect from Law School Orientation
Here are some common things you might experience as part of your law school orientation.

How to Prepare for Law School Midterms
Now that you know why you should be looking forward to midterms, here are some handy tips for preparing adequately for your law school midterms.

What's a Law School Attack Plan?
Many law students don't understand what an attack plan actually is or how it can help them outline and study for exams.

How to Outline for Different Types of Law School Exams
Law students often wonder if they need different outlines for different types of law school exams. The answer is—in true law school fashion—it depends. Let’s take each type of exam one by one.

Law Reviews and How They Are Important for Law Students
Find out more about how you get on Law Review, write-on competitions, duties of Law Review staff and editors, and why employers want to see this credential on your resume.

Starting Law School: Should You Get a Part-Time Job?
One way to try to ease this debt is through working part time during law school. But is this a good idea?

Getting Ready for LSAT Test Day and Beyond
Before you get your pencil ready to take the exam, there are a few things to keep in mind on the actual test day.

How to Align Your LSAT Score with the Right Law School
Many students wonder if they should chose their ideal schools before taking the LSAT, and how the test will affect their chances of obtaining a scholarship

What’s the Best Way to Prepare for the LSAT?
Once you’ve decided to take the LSAT and understand the fundamental of how it’s scored, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to prepare for the exam.

When Should You Take the LSAT?
It’s important to do well on the LSAT because law schools use the score as a deciding factor when considering your application.

4 Tips for Preparing Your Law School Application
To help you get started with your law school application, here are four tips for preparing yous o stand out.

6 Things to Do Before Entering Law School
If you are starting law school in the fall, sit down and make a list of what you want to get done before school starts!

5 Ways to Handle the Anxiety of Law School
Here are five techniques that can help you deal with the stress and anxiety of law school.

What Happens in a Law School Class?
If you are a 1L (or are getting ready to become a 1L), it is likely that you have wondered what your first days of law school class will be like.

What is the California Bar Attorneys' Exam?
If you are admitted to practice law in another state and have been in active status and in good standing, you may elect to take the Attorneys' Examination.

Can White Noise Help You Get Better Grades in Law School?
What is white noise and how can it help improve memorization and lead to better grades in law school?

Information on registering, studying for, and taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), which is required by most accredited law schools for admission.

Which LSAT Prep Program is Right For You?
Let’s look at the advantages to each of these and what type of learner works best in each scenario.

Five Top Ways Law Students Waste Time
Don’t let yourself make these time-wasting mistakes when you are in law school.

How to Use Law School Career Services
Let’s look at how you should use your law school’s Career Services office.

How Can Active Learning Techniques Help Me on the Bar Exam?
Will you use active learning techniques to study for the bar exam? If you do, I think you will be happy with the results.

Are Bar Exam Review Lectures the Best Use of Your Time?
Remember, just because the bar review provider provides lectures, that does not mean it is necessarily the best use of your time.

How to Write a Great Law School Personal Statement
These six important tips will help you craft a great law school personal statement for your application and get you noticed by your top choices.

Writing Your Personal Statement - 6 Subjects to Avoid in Your Personal Statement
A great personal statement will avoid discussing the follow six taboo subjects.

Struggling in Law School? Ask for Help if You Need It
Struggling is not something to be ashamed of. But if you are struggling, you are wise to ask for help.

Five Tips for Surviving Your Legal Research and Writing Class
Keeping these tips in mind will help you survive (and possible thrive in) your legal writing class.

OCI: On-Campus Interviewing
OCI, on-campus interviewing, is one of the most important parts of the law school experience. For more detailed information on what it is and why it's important, read on.

Six Things to Do the Day Before the LSAT
Six things you should do the day before the LSAT.

Which Law School Courses Should I Take?
Find out the three general rules you should follow in choosing law school courses to make sure you get the most of your law school education.

Top Tier Law Schools
Generally top tier law schools are those ranked in the top 100 of the U.S. News & World Report rankings;

Do I Have to Be Prelaw to Apply to Law School?
Although it may seem logical that prelaw is the best major to prepare for law school, you should think broader.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Continued Interest
If you've been waitlisted or deferred at one or more of your top choice law schools, you should consider writing a letter of continued interest, sometimes referred to as an LOCI.

10 Dos and Don'ts for Law School Note Taking
Yes, note taking in law school is an art. Learn the dos and don'ts here.

Visiting Law Schools
Before you decide where to spend the next three years, you should visit law schools to help you decide which is the right school for you. Find out how to arrange law school visits, what to look at, and questions you should ask admissions officers, professors, and law students.

Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Law School Resume
As you prepare your law school resume, here is a list of things you should and shouldn't do.

How to Pass the Bar Exam
Tips for preparing for the bar exam -- sign up for a review course; make a studying schedule and stick to it, etc.

How to Get Into Law School
Here's a step by step guide on how you can get into law school.

Can I Earn a Law Degree Online and Practice Law?
If you've wondered whether you can earn a law degree online and become a practicing attorney, here is your answer.

How Important Are Law School Rankings?
You've heard all about law school rankings, but are they really as important as they're made out to be?

20 Common On-Campus Interview Questions
Are you ready for your OCI appointments? Check out these 20 common OCI interview questions first.

How to Study for a Law School Exam
In most instances, your grade in a course will depend entirely on one exam, but these following five steps will help you ace any law school test.

Law schools starting with letters A-D.

Judicial Clerkship - Information about the Judicial Clerkship
Everything you need to know about the judicial clerkship.

Nontraditional Law Students - Information for Nontraditional Law Students
Information for nontraditional law students, such as those attending part-time or evening divisions or returning to law school after many years out of school.

Undergraduates - Information for Undergraduates Considering Law School
Information for undergraduates who are thinking of applying to law school.

Online Law Schools - Information About Online Law Schools
There are an increasing number of online law schools, and you can learn about them here.

OCI - All About OCI
All about OCI, on-campus interviewing.

1L - Your First Year of Law School aka 1L
What you need to know before beginning 1L, your first year of law school.

Financial Aid
Managing your law school financial aid may involve scholarships, grants, loans, loan forgiveness programs, and more.

Law School Terms
A list of common terms and abbreviations you'll come across while researching law school admissions and more.

Law School Applications - Parts of Law School Applications
Preparing law school applications is quite simple once you break it down into manageable parts: LSAT scores, personal statements, other essays/letters, recommendations, and resume.

Law Schools - Profiles of Law Schools and Lists of Law Schools
Profiles and lists of American law schools.

Law School Life - Information on Law School Life
A quick guide to law school life from 0L to the bar exam.

Legal Memorandum - How to Write a Legal Memorandum
Morten Lund shares his advice on how to write a legal memorandum in Jagged Rocks of Wisdom: The Memo.

Prepare for Law School - Prepare for Law School by Setting Up Your Living Space
How to set up your living space in order to prepare for law school.

Online Law School - Become a Lawyer as an Online Law School Graduate
Learn how you can become a lawyer as the graduate of an online law school.

Law School Qualifications - How to Build Your Law School Qualifications
Five things you can do as a high school or college student to build your law school qualifications.

Bar Review - Review of BarMax Bar Review iPhone App
My review of the BarMax Bar Review iPhone/iPod Touch application.

Areas of Law - Choosing Among Areas of Law
Many students wonder whether they should choose among the many areas of law and concentrate on one during law school. Here are five questions to consider as you decide.

Law Movies - 10 Best Law Movies of the 1990s
The 1990s were a big decade for the law movies in Hollywood. Here are 10 of the best.

New York Law School - Choosing the Right New York Law School
If you want to go to a New York law school, this is the list for you.

Boston Law - Boston Area Law Schools
If you've decided to apply to schools in Boston area, this list contains each Boston area law school; profiles will be linked as they're published.

California Law School - Choose the Right California Law School for You
A list of every ABA-approved California law school with links to individual profiles.

California Law School - Choose the Right California Law School for You
A list of every ABA-approved California law school with links to individual profiles.

New York Law School - Choosing the Right New York Law School
If you want to go to a New York law school, this is the list for you.