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15 Ways to Serve God Through Serving Others
To serve God is to serve others. It is the greatest form of charity. This list gives diverse ways in which we can serve God and one another.

15 Ways to Serve God Through Serving Others
To serve God is to serve others. It is the greatest form of charity. This list gives diverse ways in which we can serve God and one another.

72-Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness
A list of items to go into a 72 Hour Kit as well as instructions on how to put together a 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness for members of the Church.

Learning Resources
Find LDS (Mormon) teaching and learning resources adapted to each learning level. Materials are organized by type as well as by their intended audience.

LDS/Mormon Education
LDS/Mormon schools, and Church provided programs, offer students religious education that supplements secular offerings, for any age or education level.

Higher Education Options
The LDS (Mormon) Church operates four different higher education schools that offer secular and religious instruction. Other schools are LDS based, but private entities.

The LDS (Mormon) Church does not provide any formal homeschooling programs. However, there are many LDS based programs available.

LDS Institute for Mormon Students Ages 18+
LDS (Mormon) Church provides the Institute program for students ages 18+ who do not attend a church school but wish to to receive formal religious instruction.

LDS Seminary Program, Ages 14-18
The LDS (Mormon) Church's Seminary program allows students ages 14-18 to receive supplemental religious instruction in the classroom, home study, or online.

Farewell and Final Testimony of a Mormon
This gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His Church and you can join it.

Expert's Excerpts
This series of stories come from my own life and teach gospel principles and other lessons.

Ancient and Modern Prophets of God
God communicates with us through His chosen men called prophets. God has called prophets both in ancient times as well as in these modern days.

Scripture Mastery Resources
Seminary students are expected to master a vital list of important scriptures. The list can change from year to year, but the scriptures remain core.

Seminary Tools and Resources
Helpful ideas and resources for the LDS Seminary program including Scripture Mastery memorization helps and more.

Arts, Culture and Lifestyle
Originally a religion, LDS (Mormon) has also become a culture, a culture with its own practices, activities and events. Learn about the lifestyle that distinguishes LDS members.

Mormons value theater and Mormons are a play going people. There plays about Mormons and for Mormons.

The Church owns television stations that produce family and church related content.

Mormons love music and music is an important part of our worship services and even our lives. The Church has many fine music resources for members and there is plenty of unofficial resources too.

Several temple's host LDS pageants somewhere on their grounds every year. These annual events are highly attended and often feature elaborate sets, music and casts. They usually involve themes and stories from scripture or church history.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints of Latter-day Saints has its own motion picture studio located in Provo, Utah. It creates movies for use in both teaching and proselytizing.

Mormon Humor
Humor unique to Mormons is generally confusing to others. Explore LDS humor and enjoy Mormons laughing at themselves.

Life and Lifestyle
Certain practices and cultural peculiarities can dominate life for Mormons. Some of these have their origins in our unique beliefs and some have simply grown up around the religion.

Literature, Poetry and Prose
The Church owns its own publishing house and bookstore chain. Many Mormon authors choose to publish their books through this venue.

The gospel of Jesus Christ can be expressed, taught and celebrated in art.

Church History
The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as it exists today began in the early 1800s. After praying for help, Joseph Smith was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Christ's original church was then restored to the earth in this dispensation.

Current Church Leaders
The Prophet and President of the Church is the top ranking official. He and two counselors, usually chosen from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles make up the First Presidency. Following the First Presidency are the twelve members of the Quorum. Quorums of the Seventy follow the Twelve Apostles.

From Pioneers to Statehood
Once established and thriving, the LDS territories in the western states were finally formed into a state.

Pioneers Trek Across the Plains
After being expelled from Nauvoo, Illinois, the saints trekked to the Salt Lake Valley in what is now Utah. They reestablished themselves and the church there and flourished.

Founding the Restored Church
Christ's original church and His gospel was restored to the earth through Joseph Smith, the first prophet of this dispensation.

Digital Growth and the Current Church
Digital tools and possibilities have blessed and challenged everything in the Church. The Church now has a significant digital presence.

Early 1900's and Slow Growth
The Church continued to develop in influence and numbers from the beginning of the century and beyond.

Explosive Growth and the Modern Church
Massive growth in members began in the 1970s and showed little sign of slowing. The Church continued to enter more countries and send missionaries there.

Kirtland, Ohio and Missouri Era
The Church and its members were told to relocated to Kirtland, Ohio and Missouri after its founding near Palmyra, New York.

The Nauvoo, Illinois Period
After being driven from Missouri and the apostasy in Kirtland, the saints removed to Commerce, Illinois on the Mississippi River and renamed it Nauvoo.

Digital Media
Many official and unofficial LDS resources exist. Some are officially provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) and some unofficial and personal.

Make Your Church Life Easier With Tools
Discover the tools that allow wards and stakes to communicate with and to their members. They contain the following features: Calendar, Newsletter, Directory, Maps and Lesson Schedules.

LDS Blog Portals, Aggregators and Blogs
Mormons have been instructed to share their faith with others. So, there are numerous LDS blogs, websites, social media sites, etc. The following can help you find them.

LDS (Mormon) Church News
The LDS (Mormon) church maintains mainy official news sources. Church for profit entities also produce news for and about LDS members. The following sources are the most reliable news sources available.

Access LDS Church Magazines Online
The Church publishes several magazines. The print version and the digital version are both available.

Service and Assistance
Serving and assisting others is a crucial component of being LDS/Mormon. Members are expected to serve others at the individual and institutional level.

Military Service
LDS Members believe in serving their God and in serving their country. Mormons believe that war and warfare is sometimes necessary.

Military Relations and LDS Chaplains
Mormons value military preparedness and serving one's country in the armed forces. LDS chaplains also serve across the world and minister to LDS military members.

Military Relations Program in the LDS (Mormon) Church
The LDS (Mormon) Church operates a military relations program for service members worldwide. It provides regular worship services and unique resources.

Reasons Mormons Revere the Constitution of the U.S.A.
LDS Members (Mormons) believe Heavenly Father placed the Founding Fathers on the earth at that time just so they could establish the Constitution.

Welfare Assistance
Local leaders in local units are empowered to assist individuals with their economic and others needs when they cannot provide for themselves. These efforts are limited and end when someone is self reliant.

Mormon Helping Hands
The Mormon Helping Hands effort is a way to coordinate assistance projects and help members be identified through their yellow shirts or jackets bearing the unique logo.

Mental, Emotional and Social Assistance
LDS members believe that mental health is as important as physical health. The Church offers resources and even professional assistance to help members work through issues such as depression, unwanted pregnancy, marital problems and others.

LDS Philanthropies
Under the direction of the Presiding Bishopric, LDS Philanthropies manages donations and philanthropic efforts both locally and around the world.

LDS Charities
As part of the Church's effort to assist those throughout the work, LDS Charities engages in projects that help meet needs of people around the world including immunization efforts, water projects, providing wheelchairs and more.

Humanitarian Aid
Natural and man made emergencies arise daily throughout the world. LDS members and the Church itself attempt to assist whenever and wherever aid is needed.

Employment is crucial for people to become self reliant. The Church operates employment centers throughout the world which allows people to learn and update their skills and become, or remain, employable.

Education Assistance
The Church provides many church schools in higher education. It also provides other schools and scholarship programs throughout the world.

Deseret Industries (D.I.)
Deseret Industries assists the LDS Church's welfare efforts. People purchase donated products at Deseret Industries stores. Trainees learn valuable skills to help them become employable and self reliant.

Sustainable Living
LDS members (Mormons) are expected to take care of their bodies and all the resources on this earth. There is guidance on how we can do all of this.

Food Preparation and Storage
Food preparation and storage is crucial to sustainable living. You must know how to select, prepare and store food in order to have it available when you need it, either now or in the future.

Food Storage Companies
Many companies are willing to help you with your food storage goals. They sell prepackaged foodstuffs,storage containers and other items to complete your food storage needs.

Family History
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that we need to find our ancestors and to perform important ordinances for them by proxy. They are free to accept, or reject, the ordinance in the next life. These ordinances connect the living to the dead.

Emergency Preparedness
Events can happen so fast that if you are not prepared to deal with them, you will not be able to save, or take care of, yourself. These events can include natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and so forth. Or, it can include man-made disasters like terrorist attacks. Whatever emergency presents itself, we need to be ready for it.

Financial Self-Reliance
Being financially self-reliant is a big part of self-reliance. You should be able to earn a living, budget for your needs, increase your job skills and make use of what you have.

Family History Websites
There are many genealogy and family history websites online. These resources will point you to other valuable research sites.

Personal History
Resources to help you in writing and preserving your own personal story. Daily writing in a diary and journal are both covered as well as assistance in writing your own personal comprehensive story.

Temples/Temple Work
The LDS Church builds and operates temples all over the world. Special ordinances for both the living and the dead are performed in temples that have eternal significance.

FamilySearch Website
FamilySearch is the largest genealogical organization and the most accessed website in the world. Belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is free to all.

Facts About Individual Temples
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) builds temples all over the world. Many of these temples have interesting stories about them. Discover these stories and details.

Official Temple Resources
On its official website, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints includes information on temples as well as information on individual temples such as location, maps, schedule, holidays and more.

When You Do Not Want Your Spouse For Eternity
How do you apply for a temple divorce when you're ready to be remarried? This article explains the process and how it works.

Founding Fathers Temple Work Complete
The founding fathers of America appeared to LDS President Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple requesting their temple work be done for them.

How Should You React to the Mormons Baptizing Your Kin?
LDS Members (Mormons) vicariously perform covenants and ordinances for the spirits of people who have died. This work can only be done on earth.

Mormon Temples are Spiritual Hospitals
Making covenants in temples and keeping them helps you maximize your spiritual health. Then, you should help others do the same, living or dead.

Bible Prophets From New Testament Times
Since the time of Adam, God has called men to be his prophets. This list is of Bible prophets from New Testament times. They include the apostles.

Beliefs and Doctrine
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints otherwise known as the LDS Church (Mormon) is the reestablished and restored church that Jesus Christ established when he walked the earth.

Divine Lifeguards Can Intervene to Safeguard You
Sometimes divine forces affect our lives in a way the only explanation is that a miracle occurred. Mormons believe in miracles. This is one story.

All About the Official Mormon Church and its Beliefs
Known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), learn about the doctrine, beliefs, culture, history, and worship of the Mormon Church.

Quick Primer on LDS (Mormon) Church Doctrine
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) has distinct beliefs. This primer will give you the highlights and links to the details.

Prophets of the Old Testament: A List
God spoke through prophets in both ancient and modern times. This list of Old Testament prophets details the identity and scriptural sources for them.

Bible: Old Testament
LDS accept the Old Testament and the New Testament as scripture. However, we use the King James Version almost exclusively.

Prophets and Presidents
Presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) are considered prophets. There is only one in existence at any given time.

LDS and Scouting Partnership
The LDS Church has been associated with the Boys Scouts of America almost since its inception. Scouting programs operate in tandem with church programs.

Presiding Bishopric
The Presiding Bishopric of the Church consists of the Presiding Bishop and his two counselors. All are referred to as Bishop [insert name].

The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is the highest governing body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They are special witnesses for Jesus Christ and they assist in directing the affairs of the Church.

Church Education for LDS Members (Mormons)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates several higher education schools. It also offers religious education at other higher-ed schools as well as other religious instruction.

First Presidency of the Church
The First Presidency of the Church consists of the Prophet and President and his counselors. Usually, there is a first and second counselor. This is the highest, policy making body in the Church.

For Profit Entities of the LDS (Mormon) Church
The Church operates a number of for profit, as well as non-profit entities. They operate as separate legal entities paying taxes and the law requires.

Priesthood for Men and Boys
The holy priesthood consists of the Melchizedek and Aaronic priesthood. The Aaronic is primarily for boys and the Melchizedek for men.

Primary is for Children
Primary is the local organization to teach and educate children. Children ages 18 months through age 11 are members of Primary.

Quorums of the Seventy
Presently, there are eight quorum of the seventy. All members of these quorums are referred to as

Single Adult Programs
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) offers special programs for single members, both old and young.

Stakes, Missions and Districts
Stakes, Missions and Districts are a local organizational, geographical unit in the church.

Wards and Branches
Wards and branches are the smallest organizational unit in the Church. People are assigned to a ward or branch based on geography.

Young Men/Young Women for Teens
The Young Men's program is for males ages 12 through 18. The Young Women's program is for females ages 12 through 18.

Church Organization
There are no separate denominations or divisions in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon). All organizational subdivisions in the Church are presided over by the worldwide Church.

How to Find Mormons Anywhere in the World!
Mormons and their church buildings are easy to locate all over the world. Just put an address in the Meetinghouse Locator tools and you can find them.

How Patriarchy Operates in the LDS (Mormon) Church
Under the patriarchal order in the LDS (Mormon) church, men who hold the Melchizedek priesthood oversee and supervise everything in the Church.

Splinter Groups of LDS/Mormon Church
Splinter groups of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS/Mormon) are explained and put into historical context.

Resurrection Began When Jesus Christ Was Resurrected
The resurrection began when Christ was resurrected. It will continue in stages until the last resurrection, called the resurrection of the damned.

Find Out How Many Mormons There Are in the World!
The LDS (Mormon) was created in 1830. It now numbers in the millions. Find out how many Mormons exist for each year going back to 1830.

Callings in the LDS Church Are Voluntary and Unpaid
Without a paid clergy, LDS members (Mormons) have duties assigned to them by leaders. Called,

Joseph Smith: First Prophet of This Dispensation
Joseph Smith sought truth by praying to God. He had a vision and received an answer. He was later called as a prophet and eventually martyred for God.

Earth's History is Divided Into 7 Church Dispensations
The earth's history is divided up into seven dispensations. Each dispensation began with a founding prophet and the restoration of priesthood keys.

How to Use the LDS Scripture Citation Index
The LDS Scripture Citation Index allows you to search teachings by going beyond title, author and subject by including scripture as a search tool.

Ordinances and Covenants
Covenants are sacred promises we make with Heavenly Father. To indicate our willingness to make promises and solidify or commitment, we perform ordinances.

Temple Covenants and Ordinances
The first time we enter a temple we make covenants and promises for ourselves. After that, we make the same covenants and promises for others, by proxy.

On Judgment Day We Will Know Our Eternal Fate
The final day of judgment, sometimes called judgment day, will be when Heavenly Father assigns us to a particular kingdom of glory, or to Hell.

Plan of Happiness
Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness (Salvation) is designed to allow all of His children to progress and eventually return to live with Him again.

Ordinances are the Sealing of Covenants Made With God
Ordinances seal sacred covenants with Heavenly Father. These ordinances are performed under priesthood authority and using specific procedures.

Baptism is the First Ordinance of the Gospel
Baptism in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) is essential for everyone and the first ordinance that new members perform.

Mormon Temple - What is a Mormon Temple?
Learn about Mormon temples including ordinances, covenants, clothing, worthiness, and more. Temple work is done vicariously for the dead.

Over 200 Names of Jesus Christ
Find the Names of Jesus, including the Savior and Redeemer of the World. There are over 200 Names of Jesus Christ on this list.

The Plan of Happiness (Salvation)
Mormons know that mortality has a purpose in Heavenly Father's overall plan for our salvation. This Plan of Happiness encompasses the premortal life, mortal life and our post mortal life.

Creation of Earth and All Living Things
After accepting the Plan of Happiness, Jesus Christ created this earth and placed Adam and Eve on it. They are our first parents. After succumbing to temptation, they were able to begin their mortal existence and bring spirits to earth and provide bodies for them.

Earth Life: Our Mortal Existence
We are born and receive physical bodies. With these bodies and our agency we are expected to learn and develop so that we may return to heaven and live with our Heavenly Father once again.

Kingdoms of Glory: Our Final Destination
Unless we merit perdition, we will be assigned to one of the kingdoms of glory. Each is separate and distinct. The Telestial, Terrestrial and the Celestial World are all considered heaven.

Our Eventual Resurrection and Final Judgment
After all spirits in prison have had the chances they did not receive in mortal life, all spirits will be resurrected and be judged. After final judgment we will be assigned to a kingdom of glory or to hell.

Post Mortal Life: Paradise and the Spirit Prison
After death, our post mortal life begins. Faith spirits exist in Paradise where they rest for their labors and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the spirits in the spirit prison who did not have an opportunity to hear it on earth.

The Devil, his Minions and Life in Hell
After being resurrected, those who became sons of perdition will be cast out of heaven and will join Satan and his spirit followers from the premortal life in hell for eternity.

The Premortal World
We lived before we came to earth. Having only spirit bodies our progression was limited. At the Grand Council in Heaven we chose to accept Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness and Jesus was chosen over Lucifer as our Savior.

What Is the Difference Between Transgression and Sin?
Adam and Eve transgressed, they did not sin. Mormons believe there are distinctions among laws, commandments and mistakes. They can all be cleansed.

Understand Agency Our Freedom to Choose
Our ability to make choices on this earth was determined in the premortal life. In mortality, we are here to prove we can make righteous choices.

Mormons Believe General Conference Contains Scripture
LDS General Conference is held twice every year. Mormons from all over the world gather to hear instruction from top leaders on current issues.

Are Mormons Allowed to Drink Tea?
Traditional teas are prohibited by the Word of Wisdom and though instruction by living prophets. Herbal teas are not true teas and are not prohibited.

Mormons Believe Jesus was Born on April 6
LDS members (Mormons) and the Church celebrate Christmas with the rest of the Christian world, but we believe April 6 is Jesus' actual birth date.

5 Reasons the Mormons May End Partnership With Scouting
Mormon values are no longer congruent with Scouting. For this and other reasons, the Church may end its century long partnership with the Boy Scouts.

We Do God's Work on Earth Through the Priesthood
Ordinances, whether saving ordinances or others, are always conducted by an LDS priesthood holder under the authority and power of Jesus Christ.

Make Way for the Millennium!
The Millennium will be 1000 years of peace on earth. Only the righteous will be alive and Jesus Christ will be our secular and our religious leader.

Home Teaching
Adult males and young men ages 12-18 are assigned as duos to visit and teach every LDS member in their homes, at least once a month.

Relief Society for Women
All adult women belong to Relief Society. They meet every Sunday for worship and singing. It is primarily for women to serve each other and others. Events such as service projects, socials, presentations and other events can happen during the week.

Daily Mormon Life and Its Concerns
Living a daily LDS (Mormon) life is not easy. Knowing, living and applying gospel teachings to our everyday lives takes skill and practice. There are guidelines.

Glossary of LDS Terms
Many words and concepts in LDS (Mormon) beliefs have different definitions than in other religions. Also, some terms are unique to Mormons.

Government and Society
Unique government lessons exist in LDS scripture and teachings. To fully understand Mormons and their views on government, you must understand some basic things.

Moral and Social Issues
Embracing moral absolutism and rejecting moral relativism, Mormon doctrine and beliefs on such issues as same-sex marriage, assisted suicide and so forth will never change.

Mormons Are Christians!
There are multiple reasons why Mormons are Christians and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a Christian religion.

Mormon Women in the Church
Outsiders are often curious about how women function in the Church. It is true that women do not hold the priesthood, but Heavenly Father expects as much out of women and He does men.

Leaving the Church
Some members choose to leave the Church or somehow terminate their membership in it. Some are compelled to leave because of Church discipline like excommunication. Discover what this means for the Church and the individual.

Basic Gospel Principles
Review these topics to understand all the basic principles of the gospel. Each article lists the article preceding it and the next subject to advance to. Reading them all can provide you with an overview of what Mormons believe.

The Godhead: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost
LDS do not believe in the traditional notion of the Trinity. We believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate and distinct entities. Together, they are called the Godhead.

Rising and Retiring Early Results in Maximum Health
Go to bed early and rise early in the morning. This commandment makes good sense. Implement it and you will see the difference it makes for you.

Home and Family
The LDS Church (Mormons) believes that traditional families are the central unit of society and that they can be eternal. All beliefs and practices center on these basic beliefs.

Guidance and Advice on Family Issues
Family life involves many things. If your family is dealing with a particular issue, review this list for help and resources. Find assistance with issues like abortion, suicide, divorce and more.

Family Home Evening (FHE)
LDS members are counseled to devote at least one evening per week to spending quality time with one's family. For this reason, no church events are scheduled on Monday evenings. Activities can include gospel teaching, enjoying family unity and wholesome recreational activities.

Guidance for LDS in Interacting with Gay Family Members
By withholding judgment as scripture instructs, Mormons can interact with their gay family members. Unconditional love can transcend all barriers.

Singles and Singles' Issues
Some members are not destined to have families here on earth. Nevertheless, they are expected to remain faithful so that they may have the opportunity in the postmortal life. Some become single through death or divorce. Such members can still experience the joys of family life and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Straight Talk on Mormons and Gays, Part 3
When understood properly, the changes the LDS (Mormon) church made to its policies and procedures in November, 2015, do not harm children or families.

Straight Talk on Mormons and Gays: Part 2
In November 2015, the LDS (Mormon) church altered policy and procedures on same-sex marriages and how their children can participate in the Church.

Straight Talk on Mormons and Gays, Part 1
The LDS Church (Mormon) will not change its position on same-sex marriage despite what many secular commentators and news entities report.

Dating and Courtship
Dating and courtship allows individuals to develop social and emotional skills while they seek an eternal companion. LDS members have developed unique dating norms and practices consistent with our belief structure.

LDS Singles Websites
LDS Singles sites on the Internet can be a wonderful way to find other LDS singles. See links and reviews below.

Powers of Procreation Should be Used as God Intends
Powers of procreation are given to us by Heavenly Father and they should be used as He intends. They should not be used as depicted in secular media.

Make Your Search for a Celestial Spouse Systematic
Instead of seeking lists of possible dating ideas, construct your own that are consistent with gospel principles. What follows should help.

Reason Should Accompany Romance When Seeking a Spouse
LDS Members (Mormons) are commanded to live providently. In order to identify potential spouses with this trait, they must date providently as well.

LDS Match Up is a singles dating site for Mormons
LDS Match Up is an LDS (Mormon) singles dating website/app like Tinder (tinderesque). All features are free and it caters to all LDS singles.

7 Guidelines for LDS Singles When Using Singles' Sites
Mormons should follow these seven guidelines for dating and especially while utilizing LDS singles websites. They can help you be successful and safe.

Find LDS (Mormon) Singles Online Dating Sites
This list of LDS (Mormon) online dating websites can help you find and socialize with other LDS singles and search for your eternal companion.

Find LDS (Mormon) Singles Online Dating Sites
This list of LDS (Mormon) online dating websites can help you find and socialize with other LDS singles and search for your eternal companion.

Weddings and Marriage
All LDS members (Mormons) are encouraged to marry for time and all eternity in a temple. This enables a family to live together eternally if they remain faithful to Heavenly Father and His commandments

Youth and the Teenage Years
This is a time for explosive growth physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially and intellectually. The LDS Church (Mormon) seeks to support teens parents in their efforts to raise their children according to gospel beliefs.

Children and Childhood
Spirits are sent from heaven to earth to receive physical bodies. Childhood is a special time for individuals to learn to progress in this life.

Mormons accept five different books of scripture and modern revelation. Learn what they are and find resources to help you study and apply them better.

LDS (Mormons) believe that parents should actively raise and teach their children to follow Heavenly Father's commandments. They are the most important models for their children. Heavenly Father requires parents to teach their children obedience and to remain faithful in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

LDS General Conference
LDS members believe in an open canon. This means we believe Heavenly Father currently directs His prophets on earth through modern revelation often via General Conference.

Doctrine & Covenants
This is collection of modern revelation, making it recent scripture. From time to time, modern prophets query Heavenly Father on modern as well as other issues. Occasionally, new revelation is received directing His leaders on how His church is to be managed.

Scripture Study Resources
Find a list of other LDS Scripture related Websites including the Church's official scripture site.

Pearl of Great Price
This small book of scripture contains revealed truth concerning the creation of the world and other scripture that was lost. It also contains some modern scripture including Joseph Smith's history the Articles of Faith.

Book of Mormon
A list of resources regarding the Book of Mormon, including what it is, where it came from, and how you can learn more about it. Find out how to receive your free copy of the Book of Mormon here too.

Bible: New Testament
LDS believe in both the Old and New Testament. The King James Version is relied on, almost exclusively.

An LDS Temple Marriage Can Be an Eternal One
Only LDS/Mormon temple marriages can be eternally binding. For this eternal blessing, one man and one woman must covenant and receive the ordinance.

10 Ways to Help You Make and Achieve Your Goals
These 10 steps include keeping positive, simplifying your life, focusing on one thing at a time and remembering to pray so you have God's assistance.

Goal Tracking Tools and Ideas
A list of tools and ideas to help you keep track of your goal's daily progress. Page 1 has 10 Steps to help you make and achieve your goals. Page 2.

Guidelines for Planning LDS Funerals
LDS (Mormon) funerals are governed by specific church policy and procedure, even more so if they are held in an LDS owned building.

The Devil is a Real Being!
The devil is real. We know he rebelled in the premortal life and was cast out of heaven along with his followers. His evil presence on earth is real.

Other Names for the Devil and his Demons
There are many names for the devil in scripture besides just Satan. Review all the names for the devil and his demons in each book of LDS scripture.

Mormon Beliefs Reside on a Solid Rock Foundation
Beliefs that form the foundation of all LDS theology, behavior and action are easily identifiable and do not change. We have a rock solid foundation.

11 Points LDS Should Use to Evaluate Candidates
Mormons should carefully evaluate candidates for political office and the issues very carefully. This guide can help you use the best criteria.

Captain Moroni: No Friend of Insurrection or Rebellion
Captain Moroni was instrumental in putting down major and minor insurrections among the Book of Mormon societies. He did not support rebellion.

What LDS Can Do When Faced With a Gadianton Government
When Gadianton government exists, power and authority is sought primarily to get gain. Ultimately, it will result in the overthrow of freedom.

Mormons Believe Conspiracies Threaten Free Societies
Secret combinations or conspiracies, if left to flourish, can prove to be the downfall of civilizations. This is illustrated in the Book of Mormon.

Persecution Causes Inequality, Regardless of the Source
Persecution results in inequality because it causes people to treat others differently. Ancient and modern scripture prohibits it for this reason.

Mormons Believe Democracy is Preferable to Monarchy
Unrighteous kings make bad rulers. Mosiah, chapter 29 in the Book of Mormon teaches the value of democracy until Christ returns and becomes our king.

The LDS Church is Politically Neutral, Members Aren't
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) is politically neutral. However, members do personally align with one political party.

Can You Be a Good Mormon and a Democrat?
In order to be a good Mormon and a Democrat, you should focus on party activity that assists democracy to function and makes you a good citizen.

An LDS Explanation of Democrats and Liberals
This explanation of Democrats and liberals is intended for an LDS (Mormon) audience, to help them better understand the political process.

An LDS Explanation of Republicans and Conservatives
This explanation of Republicans and conservatives is intended for an LDS (Mormon) audience, to help them better understand the political process.

Political Ideologies: What's a Mormon to Do?
Most LDS/Mormons are currently conservative Republicans. However, they have changed their political orientation over time and could do so again.

What Mormons Need to Know About Political Ideology
Political ideology is largely determined by what you think government should or should not do. Religious beliefs can and do affect political ideology.

Primer for Mormons on Understanding Political Parties
If LDS (Mormon) members are going to choose a political party, it should be an informed choice. This primer will help them make an informed selection.

Mormons and Politics: What Survey Research Tells Us
Careful survey research on Mormons and the Church consistently show the same traits. Mormons are overwhelmingly conservative and Republican.

11 Things Mormons Should Know About the Founding
Understanding the founding, as well as the Founding Fathers themselves, of the USA, can shed some light on LDS history as well as LDS beliefs!

Our Responsibilities As Citizens: Top Scriptures
Members of The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS/Mormon) are instructed in scripture to obey and honor the earthly governments they live under.

Definitive Guide to Mormons, Their Church and Politics
In current times, most Mormons (LDS) identify with conservative, Republican values. This is especially true for moral and social issues prominent now.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Political Candidates
Mormons should work out in their minds who their choice for public office is, and then take it to Heavenly Father in prayer.

Is the Candidate Willing to Work Hard?
Mormons should determine if a candidate is a hard worker before deciding to vote for him or her.

Remember That Laws Can Become Corrupted
Mormons should not vote for candidates who accept and embrace evil because the majority of the people believe in it. Such societies will be destroyed.

Rely on Reliable Voter Information Websites and Sources
When Mormons are looking for a good, better or best source of information on political candidates, these guidelines can help.

Values Can be More Important than Issues
Values are broad encompassing beliefs that guide action, thoughts and activities. Identifying candidates' values will help you predict their positions.

Is the Candidate Honest and Have Integrity?
Honesty and integrity should be one of the top concerns when Mormons consider who to vote for in political elections.

How Does the Candidate Handle Power?
Power can corrupt people, so Mormons should never vote for someone who abuses or misuses power. Leaders should use power righteously.

How Does the Candidate Use Information and Make Decisions?
Mormons should review how a candidate makes decisions before deciding what political candidate to support. Leaders need to be good decision makers.

Ignore or Avoid Examining Voting Records Yourself
Voting records can be an imperfect tool for Mormons when evaluating what candidates to vote for, especially if the record is analyzed by opponents.

Candidates Inherit Conditions and Decisions Made by Their Predecessors
No one starts office with a clean slate. Mormons should remember that people join a work in progress. They inherit a lot of preexisting problems.

Allow Candidates and Office Holders to Change Their Minds
Mormons should allow candidates to change their minds on issues when new or additional information convinces them their previous position was flawed.

Judgment Day Comes Every Day and Beyond
There is only one final judgment for us that determines our eternal destiny. However, there are plenty of preliminary judgments we need to anticipate.

Major Prophets in the Book of Mormon
As scripture, the Book of Mormon chronicles the record of the people in the Americas. Many prophets existed in the record. These are the major ones.

Halloween Night
Mormons celebrate Halloween just like anyone in the secular world does. Sometimes local congregations have Halloween parties or events that can replace door to door treat or treating.

Mormons (LDS) Advise You Avoid the Occult
Any supernatural power or practice that exists outside of Heavenly Father's priesthood power and authorized priesthood structure is part of the occult.

Mormons (LDS) Believe the Devil Can Possess You
Satan and the evil spirits who follow him can possess people. They can be expelled by Melchizedek priesthood holders using their power and authority.

LDS Members (Mormons) Believe in Ghosts and Hauntings
Mormons know that ghosts and hauntings are caused by evil spirits under Satan's control. They can be expelled by a Melchizedek priesthood holder.

Set Your Scripture Study Goals With Calculations
LDS scripture can be studied in print, along with all the digital formats as well. Whatever device you have and whatever time you spend, options exist.

Mormons Use the King James Version Almost Exclusively
The LDS/Mormon Church and its members use the King James Version of the Bible, almost exclusively. It is accepted by the Church as official.

Lineage of Adam Through Epraim in Historical Context
Beginning with Adam, the priesthood was on the earth and continued in an unbroken line through Ephraim, the son of Joseph, who was sold into Egypt.

Simple Strategies to Avoid Personal Apostasy
Following some simple strategies can help LDS members avoid apostasy, strengthen our faith and solidify our membership in the true church.

Get Heavenly Help on Simple and Perplexing Problems!
If you truly believe Heavenly Father is an omniscient being, it makes sense to always do what He tells you to do and when He tells you to do it!

How Patriarchy Actually Operates in LDS (Mormon) Homes
Husbands and fathers are the designated patriarchs in LDS (Mormon) homes. However, having the priesthood does not allow them to dominate others, ever.

Other Covenants and Promises
As LDS members we make other covenants and promises that apply to how we live our lives and serve the Church.

Faith: First Principle
When we have faith in Jesus Christ, we indicate this by being baptized into His church.

Confirmation: Second Ordinance
After being physically baptized, priesthood holders lay their hands on our heads. They confirm us and enable us to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Quotes on Faith From LDS/Mormon Leaders and Apostles
Let these quotes on faith inspire you to exercise your own faith. All the quotes are from top leaders in the LDS/Mormon Church and the 12 Apostles.

Faith in the LDS Church
What is Faith? Learn what faith is including faith in God and Jesus Christ.

How to Build, Increase and Exercise Your Personal Faith
You can increase your faith the way you increase your physical health. It is a skill you can learn by understanding the process and by working at it.

Design a Divine Solution That Deity Can Sanction
This describes how I crafted a solution but needed divine help on one point, similar to the brother of Jared's solution for light in the barges.

Baptism: First Ordinance
Baptism is the first ordinance Mormons are expected to perform. Being baptized makes us a member of His church formalizes baptismal promises we have made.

You Must Renew Your Baptismal Covenant
We renew all the promises we made at our baptism by partaking of the sacrament weekly. The sacrament is an ordinance.

Repentance: Second Principle
We must repent constantly of all our sins. This involves confessing and forsaking what we have done wrong.

This Earth, Adam and Eve and Their Fall Was All Planned
This earth was created by Jesus Christ under Heavenly Father's direction. We are all born on earth to receive bodies and to complete our probation.

Astonishing Detail in the Scaled Replica of the Temple
The scale model of the Washington D. C. (Mormon) Temple is an accurate miniature of the temple down to its light fixtures and moldings. Page 6.

Faceted Glass Windows Also Imbued With Symbolism
The only windows in the Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) Temple are faceted glass on the two ends. Their structure and color are symbolic. Page 5.

Resources About the Washington D. C. Temple
Find further information about the LDS (Mormon) temple located in the Washington D. C. area, specifically in Kensington, Maryland. Page 9.

Symbolism Surrounds Ever Aspect of the Temple
Every aspect of the Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) temple is symbolic. This holds true for the structure, design elements, colors and placement of rooms. Page 3.

Temple Colors as Well as Structure Suggest Symbolism
Colors used in Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) Temple interior, exterior and grounds all suggest symbolic meaning. Page 4.

Temples are the Closest Things to Heaven on Earth
LDS (Mormon) temples are the closest things we have to heaven on earth. Temples instruct members in aspects of the Plan of Salvation (Happiness). Page 2.

The Temple Towers Over the Surrounding Area
Besides being built on a hill, the Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) Temple is the maximum height that local building ordinances allow. Page 7.

The Temple is Visible from the Capitol Beltway
The Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) Temple is visible from the Capitol Beltway. Its beautiful grounds and lighting can be seen via drone. Page 8.

White Alabama Marble and Hidden Windows
The Washington D. C. LDS (Mormon) Temple sits on 57 acres in Kensington, Maryland. This white marble structure can be seen from the Capitol Beltway.

Explore a Mormon Temple Via Pictures of its Scale Model
The LDS (Mormon) temple in Washington D. C. is unique even among other LDS temples. Proximity to the nation's capitol ensures many visitors.

Jesus Christ, Our Savior and Redeemer
Events in our premortal life resulted in Jesus being chosen as our Savior and Redeemer. The New Testament chronicles Jesus' life on earth.

The Holy Ghost
The Holy Ghost is a spirit person. He is the third member of the Godhead.

God, Our Heavenly Father
LDS typically refer to God as Heavenly Father and sometimes as the Lord. Learn more about Him and why He does what He does!

The Traditional Family is the Best School for Eternity
Even if your family structure is not the traditional family ideal, you can still have healthy family relationships and strong family bonds.

Obedience to God Naturally Results in Righteousness
Obedience is righteousness. You cannot be righteous without being obedient and, if you are not obedient, then you are not righteous.

Obedience in Little Things as Well as Big Things
Heavenly Father expects us to obey Him in everything, large or small. Little things can add up into being big things.

Those Who Are Destined for Hell and With the Devil
In scripture we read about the Sons of Perdition. Find out who they will be and what their future in Hell will be with the devil and his evil spirits.

Mormons Believe There Are 3 Kingdoms of Glory in Heaven
LDS (Mormons) believe that heaven consists of three kingdoms of glory. Which glory we ultimately receive will depend on how we live our lives here.

Learn How to Pray in These 4 Easy Steps
Prayer is how we communicate with Heavenly Father. We are given guidance on how to pray by following the Lord's prayer in these four easy steps.

Activities, Games, Songs, Puzzles and More
These resources were compiled by a former expert. You can now find them all on this page.

Christmas Day
LDS members do not believe that Jesus was born in December. We believe his birth occurred in early spring such as April. However, we join with Christendom in celebrating His birth at Christmas along with other secular festivities.

Thanksgiving Turkey for LDS (Mormon) Primary Children
This Thanksgiving Turkey is a perfect Primary activity to use before Thanksgiving. You can use it for either Singing Time or Sharing Time.

Father's Day Poem on Tie Images
Anyone can make this tie-shaped Father's Day poem written and designed by Roberta Stephenson. Attaching a Sugar Daddy treat makes it doubly special.

LDS Lesson: Atonement and Repentance
A visual lesson with ready-to-print clipart that teaches about the Atonement, perfect for LDS Primary or Family Home Evening lessons.

LDS Christmas Advent Calendar
This Christmas advent calendar comes with pictures, scriptures and activities to help you and your family remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Sexual Assault Reporting at BYU Presents Difficulties
LDS (Mormon) Church schools are an extension of the Church itself. This complicates how they can deal with sexual assault victims who are students.

LDS Suggestions and Guidelines For Righteous Dating
Besides waiting to date until at least 16 years of age, these precautions will increase your experiences until you choose an eternal companion.

Legendary Love Stories to Inspire Mormons and Others
Leaders of the LDS/Mormon Church have expressed and demonstrated unusually tender regard for their eternal companions as these quotes demonstrate.

Prophets Are Heavenly Father's Spokesmen on Earth
Prophets are divinely chosen and empowered by Heavenly Father to reveal His will, lead and administer His Church on earth and testify of Jesus Christ.

The Nativity Story: Christmas Movie Review
The Nativity Story is a Christmas movie about the birth of Jesus Christ. Read this review to learn more about this Christmas movie including how many stars I gave it.

LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery Songs
Memorize the Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Scriptures with these free downloadable songs for LDS Seminary! Page 2.

LDS Seminary Songs: Old Testament
Memorize the Old Testament Scripture Mastery Scriptures with these free downloadable songs for LDS Seminary! Page 4.

LDS Seminary Songs: New Testament
Memorize the New Testament Scripture Mastery Scriptures with these free downloadable songs for LDS Seminary! Page 5.

LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery Songs
Download Free songs to help you memorize the LDS Seminary Scripture Mastery Scriptures!

LDS Seminary Songs: Doctrine and Covenants
Memorize the D&C Scripture Mastery Scriptures with these free downloadable songs for LDS Seminary! Page 3.

Things the Mormons Adopted, Then Abandoned
Policy and procedures inside the LDS (Mormon) Church do change. Review this list of experiments and programs the Church adopted, then abandoned.

LDS Scripture Study Techniques
Do you have trouble focusing your attention when doing you LDS scripture study? Here are several steps to help you get the most out of your LDS scripture study.

LDS Scripture Study: Memorize Powerful LDS Scriptures
By powerful I mean promises. There are many verses in the LDS scriptures that contain special promises from our Father in Heaven.

LDS Scripture Study: Color Coding
Color coding your LDS Scriptures is a great method that works for beginners or experts, and adults or children. It's how I first came to love my daily study time and to realize the true value of LDS scripture study.

LDS Scripture Study: Footnote Referencing
Referencing the footnotes is an excellent way to further your understanding of gospel principles and to study the LDS Scriptures. While reading a passage pay attention to words or phrases that

LDS Scripture Study: Pictures and Stickers
Sticking pictures and stickers into your LDS scriptures is a really fun way to liven up your study time and is perfect for students of all ages.

LDS Scripture Study: Marginal Notes
This is a fun way to get involved with what's happening in the LDS scriptures as you study them. Just write the main event in the margin next to the verse(s) that describe it.

LDS Scripture Study: Post-it Notes
A perfect way to have more room for writing notes and still keeping of them in your LDS scriptures is to use post-it notes.

LDS Scripture Study: Spiritual Journal & Patriarchal Blessing
This idea is simple, yet powerful, to help you record your own spiritual experiences as you study LDS scriptures.

LDS Scripture Study: Study Helps
Many LDS scripture study helps are available from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

LDS Scripture Study: Word Definitions
This idea is perfect to help increase your LDS scripture vocabulary. While reading pick out words that you don't know the meaning of, or that you'd like to more fully comprehend, then look them up.

List of Books to Develop a Christian Marriage
Learn about these Christian Marriage books to find those that will help you develop your Christian Marriage.

Prepare to Serve a Mission
There are many things you need to do in order to prepare for a mission, spiritual and practical. It is never too early to begin your preparations.

Missionary Work
Find out why LDS Members (Mormons) serve missions and engage in so much missionary work throughout the world.

How to Know Truth And Gain a Testimony of It
Find out how to know truth and gain a testimony of what you know. This 5 step process can help you focus on receiving an answer from Heavenly Father.

13 Articles of Faith: Overview of What Mormons Believe
The 13 Articles of Faith, written by Joseph Smith, are the basic beliefs of the LDS Church and a good summary of what Mormons believe.

God is Our Eternal Heavenly Father
This article explains who God is and why we call him our Heavenly Father. It includes details from modern revelation supplied through prophets.

Heavenly Father: Deity and Loving Parent
Elohim is the supreme being in the Godhead since Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are his offspring. He is a more exalted being than the others.

We All Inhabit a Spirit World After Our Deaths
When we die, we do not leave the earth. We simply enter a world of spirits that is divided into paradise and prison. This is a temporary abode for us.

We All Lived a Premortal Life Before Coming to Earth
We existed as spirits in a premortal life. We lived with God, the father of our spirits. While there, we prepared to come to earth and be mortal.

Make Certain All Your Decisions Are Moral Ones
Regardless of how small a decision is, we should carefully consider the moral ramifications of what our decision will mean for us and for others.

Can Mormons Divorce if They Were Married in a Temple?
LDS couples must obtain a legal divorce. Any prior temple marriage/sealing must be formally canceled for an LDS woman to be sealed to a new spouse.

Spain Missionary Training Center (MTC)
This MTC serves Belgium, Cape Verde, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and the Ukraine. Page 15.

South Africa Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The South Africa MTC serves Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe. It trains native speakers in English and Malagasy, a language in Madagascar. Page 12.

Philippines Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Philippines MTC serves missions in the Philippines and Asia areas. Training languages include many languages, including Mandarin and Tagalog. Page 11.

New Zealand Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The New Zealand MTC serves Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tahiti and Tonga; but only in their native tongue. Page 10.

Ghana Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Ghana MTC serves West Africa, DR Congo and Madagascar. It trains in English and French. Page 13.

Colombia Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Colombia MTC serves Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. They train exclusively in Spanish. Page 7.

Brazil Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Brazil MTC serves Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Angola. They teach Portuguese. They also train Portuguese speakers to speak Spanish. Page 8.

Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center
The MTC in the Dominican Republic serves itself, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and the West Indies. They teach English, French/Creole and Spanish. Page 9.

England Missionary Training (MTC
The English MTC serves Great Britain and German-speaking Europe. It trains in German, English and Greek. Page 14.

Peru Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The LDS (Mormon) Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Peru serves missionaries serving in Peru and Bolivia, in Spanish. Page 5.

Chile Missionary Training Center
The LDS (Mormon) Chile MTC only trains missionaries assigned to Chile, in Spanish. Page 6.

Argentina Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Argentina MTC serves Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It teaches native speakers of these areas as well as English speakers who will serve there. Page 4.

Utah Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Most Mormon missionaries are trained a the Missionary Training Center, or MTC, in Provo, Utah, USA. They offer multiple languages there.

Mexico Missionary Training Center (MTC)
Mormon missionaries that will use Spanish as their language typically train in the Mexico City LDS Missionary Training Center or MTC. Page 2.

Guatemala Missionary Training Center (MTC)
The Guatamala LDS Missionary Training Center (MTC) trains missionaries who have Spanish or need to learn it. It also offers Q'eqchi, a Mayan tongue. Page 3.

10 Ways to Prepare for Personal Revelation
To receive personal revelation you must prepare yourself. This checklist can help you prepare for personal revelation and be worthy to receive it.

Holy Ghost is the Third Separate Entity in the Godhead
As the third member of the Godhead, next to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost is a spirit personage with distinct responsibilities.

Scriptures Are Our Textbooks for Life
When living prophets are inspired to speak to us, their words are considered scripture. All scripture is our textbook for living our lives.

10 Practical Ways to Prepare for an LDS Mission
Being able to serve a LDS (Mormon) mission is a marvelous, life-changing opportunity. You must be properly prepared before you can serve.

Visiting Teaching
Find resources to help you learn about the LDS visiting teaching program for adult women and to help make you a better visiting teacher.

Better Visiting Teaching
A list of ideas on how to better your visiting teaching including your visits and relationship with your companion.

Visiting Teaching Cards
You just write the name and phone number for you and your companion before handing them out to your Visiting Teaching sisters.

5 Major Qualities of True Modesty
Modesty is a principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We should seek to be modest in five important ways including attitude and behavior.

Spiritual Death Resulted in the Need for the Holy Ghost
When Adam and Eve left the Garden, they could no longer talk with Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father sent the Holy Ghost to relate truth to them.

How and Why Jesus Christ Became Our Savior
During our premortal life, Jesus proposed himself as our Savior. Then, Lucifer proposed himself as our savior. God chose Jesus as our Savior.

Heavenly Father Communicates To Us Through His Prophets
Since we cannot live with Heavenly Father now, or walk and talk with Him, He communicates with us through the Holy Ghost and through living prophets.

General Conference Notebooks
General Conference is held twice a year. This notebook idea is a great way to help children listen and pay closer attention to what is being said.

Home and Visiting Teaching Pyramid
A fun diagram depicting how our relationships should be with our home or visiting teaching companion, the sisters and families we visit, and the Lord.

LDS Missionary Training Centers (MTC's) Around the World
There are 15 LDS Missionary Training Centers (MTC's), around the world. The language and the country determine which MTC missionaries are assigned to.

LDS Missionary Training Centers (MTC's) Around the World
There are 15 LDS Missionary Training Centers (MTC's), around the world. The language and the country determine which MTC missionaries are assigned to.

A Look at Life as an LDS (Mormon) Missionary
What do LDS missionaries do? Learn about the daily life of an LDS missionary including what they teach, and what they invite others to do.

What to Expect When Applying for a LDS (Mormon) Mission
It takes preparation to become an LDS (Mormon) missionary. The procedure is now streamlined and simple. These suggestions will help you prepare.

What to Expect at a LDS Missionary Training Center
All new LDS (Mormon) missionaries must first attend one of the Missionary Training Centers (MTC's. Find out what happens there and what to expect.

A Mormon Mission is Important And You Need to Serve
Serving an LDS mission usually means dedicating a specific amount of time to the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. People of all ages serve.

The Threefold Mission of the LDS Church in This LIfe
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) has three missions. Everything it does can be classified under one of these missions.

Old Testament Time Line Booklet
An Eight Page Booklet of the Old Testament Time Line that you can print and easily fold together, all it takes is one little cut!

LDS Fortunes - Make Your Own LDS Fortune Cookies
This idea of LDS fortunes can be used as a cute hand out or as a fun church activity.

LDS DIY Candy Bar Wrappers
Print out these LDS candy bar wrappers for sweet gifts and handouts.

Latter-day Saints
Latter-day Saints. Page 2.

LDS Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers
These printable LDS Chocolate Candy Bar Wrappers cover M-AZING candy bars and make wonderful handouts and gifts! Page 3.

LDS Mini Chocolate Wrappers
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and make great handouts or inexpensive gifts!

LDS Mini Chocolate Wrappers in Other Languages
These printable candy wrappers cover mini chocolate bars (Hershey's brand) and are available in other languages, such as French and Spanish! Page 2.

Do You Need Help Repenting?
Unresolved sins can makes you spiritually sick. Recognize the symptoms and take steps to repent. It will lift the spiritual burden you struggle under.

Why are Mormons Seemingly Susceptible to Affinity Fraud?
Aspects of LDS/Mormon belief structure and practice suggests affinity and other types of fraud may be more common in it than in other faiths.

LDS Women Are Not An Oppressed Majority in the Church
Abuse or oppression of any sort is directly opposed to all LDS values and beliefs. Anyone guilty of such behavior must repent and reform.

Recognize Religious Bullies and Help Heal the Behavior
Termed unrighteous dominion in Mormon parlance, bullying at church and through church positions or member activity is unrighteousness and must stop.

Singing Time: SINGO
This great Singing Time game was submitted by Kasi Taylor and is perfect for older primary children. It's a lot like BINGO.

This song teaches how to say thank you in six languages
Teach children how to say thank you in six different languages: Spanish, Tongan, German, Dutch, French and Japanese. Ideal for singing time in Primary.

Music Tree LDS Primary Singing Time Idea - LDS Primary Music Tree
Helping children practice primary songs during Singing time can take some work, but this fun music tree idea will help keep your children's attention.

How to Plan Your Family Home Evenings With This Outline
Help organize your Family Home Evening (FHE) with this easy-to-follow outline. If you are new to FHE, this guide can help you get started.

LDS Activity Ideas
A list of hundreds of LDS Activity Ideas!

LDS Service Ideas
A list of hundreds of LDS Activity Ideas! Page 2.

Top 10 Family Home Evening Games
Looking for a fun Family Home Evening game or activity to play with your family? Most of these games take little preparation to begin playing.

Family Home Evening Game: Nephi's Boat
Just print and cut out the cards for this fun Family Home Evening game. Help Nephi build his boat, but be careful that you don't murmur! Now in COLOR!

101+ Sabbath Day Activities #101-109
Browse through this list of over 101 Sabbath Day Activities to help you and your family find appropriate Sunday activities while you keep the Sabbath Day holy. Page 3.

101+ Sabbath Day Activities #51-100
Browse through this list of over 101 Sabbath Day Activities to help you and your family find appropriate Sunday activities while you keep the Sabbath Day holy. Page 2.

101-Plus Sabbath Day Activities #1-50
Browse through this list of over 101 Sabbath Day Activities to help you find appropriate Sunday activities while you keep the Sabbath holy.

101 Family Home Evening Activities - FHE Ideas
This list contains more than 100 Family Home Evening Activities. Your family will enjoy choosing which activities they would like to try first.

How to Find Refugees and Organizations You Can Serve
LDS (Mormon) women have been instructed to help assist refugees and refugee efforts in their local communities. These resources can help do it.

Simple Truths That Teach Us How to Be Happy
Have you wondered how to be happy? Does happiness seem to fade away leaving you unsatisfied? This list of simple truths will help you find happiness.

Ditch That Printed Newsletter! You Have a Digital One!
The newsletter tool available to units on can be used to convey news of any sort. It functions like a running blog, divided by categories.

Lineage of Abraham and Israel - Charts
These charts are of the lineage of Terah, Abraham's father, the twelve tribes of Israel, and the twelve sons of Jacob.

Quotes About the LDS Relief Society Program for Women
The Relief Society Program is the divine program for LDS (Mormon) women. Discover what leaders have said about the value of this enduring program.