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Keeping a Journal: 7 Tips For Long Term Success
LDS members should write in a journal and keep records of their lives. These tips can help you get started or inspire you to continue your journal.

Resources to Help Learn the 13 LDS Articles of Faith
The 13 Articles of Faith are a concise summary of major LDS (Mormon) beliefs. Find out why they were created and find extensive media to explain them.

Resources to Help Learn the 13 LDS Articles of Faith
The 13 Articles of Faith are a concise summary of major LDS (Mormon) beliefs. Find out why they were created and find extensive media to explain them.

Motivate Yourself to Be Diligent in All Things
God commands us to be diligent. Diligence is a one-size-fits-all commandment that any of us can follow. Diligence is a process, not a result.

Daily Scripture Study Challenge - Commit to Study the Scriptures Every Day
Do you want to study the scriptures every day but struggle to achieve your goal? As followers of Christ, we should be studying God's word every day, but it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day aspects of life. So I propose that we work together to increase our daily scripture study by taking the challenge and following each of the three steps.

Not Every Postmortal Will Accept Proxy LDS Temple Work
This story illustrates how I was told that the dead woman I did proxy LDS temple work for did not choose to accept it in the postmortal life.

Thanksgiving Day
This holiday fits into LDS life well. Mormons enjoy a traditional meal and spend time with families as well as reflecting their gratitude to God for all their blessings.

LDS Celebrate Most Cultural Holidays in the World
LDS/Mormons will typically celebrate any holiday that exists in the culture or country they live in. All LDS will take note or celebrate Pioneer Day.

Top 10 Ways to Spiritually Prepare to Enter LDS Temples
Completing these 10 suggestions before you go to an LDS temple to do work for yourself, or the dead, will help you make the most of the experience.

This Mortal Life on Earth Has Meaning For Eternity
Mortality is part of God's great plan for our happiness. While here on earth, we must be tried, tested and establish families among other things.

10 Important Reasons Why We Need to Develop Humility
These 10 reasons we need to develop humility should help you understand what humility is and convince you that you need to seek to be humble yourself.

10 Common Ward Activities That Are Actually Bad Ideas
Many local activities held by wards in the Church do not meet desirable goals. This list is only suggestions on why common activities are bad options.

Find Mormonads and New Era Art by Scripture or Source
Mormonads are timeless, inspirational messages for LDS (Mormon) youth. Find them by scripture or by source in this one-of-a-kind listing arrangement. Page 2.

Mormonad Posters and Art Searchable By Title and More
Classic and contemporary Mormonads are still popular. The LDS Church still makes new ones. Using this tool, search them by category, title or more.

Joseph Smith's Youngest Teenage Bride Speaks
At 14, Helen Mar Kimball (later Whitney) was Joseph Smith's youngest plural wife. However, she later defended polygamy against the vices of monogamy.

Prepare and Present the Perfect Primary Presentation
The Annual Primary Presentation in Sacrament Meeting allows children to present what they know and what they have learned in Primary during the year.

Crucial Tips to Help Teach Effective Gospel Lessons
Teaching effective gospel lessons involves careful preparation. If you do not know where to start, or you want to improve, these resources can help.

What We Know About the Sword of Laban
The sword of Laban is a religious relic from Book of Mormon times. It was once seen by Joseph Smith and three others. Its current location is unknown.

The Basic Plan For Our Salvation (Happiness) in Brief
LDS members (Mormons) believe that Heavenly Father devised a great plan for our eternal happiness. It is called the Plan of Salvation or happiness.

Scriptures on the Atonement of Jesus for Mormons
These scriptures are on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and come from the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other scriptures.

Quorum of the 12 Apostles Quotes
Here are some of my favorite quotes from the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Budgeting Advice from LDS Church Leaders
A list of fabulous budgeting quotes to help you learn the importance of properly budgeting to manage your finances.

Chronological Events in the Life of Jesus
This chronological list is of the birth and life of Jesus begins with the angelic revelations leading to the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Traditions in the Mormon Church
Many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrate the holidays through similar activities. Find out some of our LDS Christmas traditions and see which ones are similar to your family Christmas traditions.

Christmas Quotes From LDS Church Leaders
These Christmas quotes are from leaders of the LDS (Mormon) Church which help us remember that Christ is the reason for the season.

Celebrating Easter in the Mormon Church
In this article you'll learn more about Easter including the history of the word Easter, how Easter is the time to remember Christ's eternal gift, and how Easter gives us hope.

History of the Mormon Trail of Pioneers
The Mormon trail is the trek the pioneers traveled as they fled persecution by moving west. Learn how the pioneers traveled along the Mormon trail, how far they traveled, and where they settled.

Celebrate the Divine Nature of Women
Mother's day is a wonderful time to for each of us to take a moment and honor motherhood. Motherhood is not merely defined by the bearing and raising of children but is rather a statement regarding the divine nature of women.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ Explained
Jesus Christ was designated in the premortal life to suffer and die for our sins and be our Savior. His resurrection completed the Atonement.

How to Calculate Your Food Storage Needs
Most online food storage calculators are horribly flawed. Do your own calculations for water and food storage, using the guidance in this article.

Top 9 Reasons Mormons Make Movies
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) has its own motion picture studio and creates movies to help it manage the worldwide church.

Best Places to Find LDS (Mormon) Clip Art and Digital Images
Searching for LDS (Mormon) images, these sites can direct you. The Church's ever growing image library has thousands of photos and illustrations.

How to Find Primary Clip Art and Other Digital ImFWA on
The LDS Church (Mormon) provides a tremendous amount of media resources to help you teach Primary. This site helps you find it easily.

Mormons and the Militia Movement: Why the Connection?
Some Mormons have been involved in high profile militia activities. However, militia groups and their activities are not sanctioned by the LDS Church.

Our Pets and Other Animals Will Have An Afterlife
Our pets will be resurrected and exist in the afterlife. All living things will. Mormons know this from scripture as well as modern revelation.

How We Should Interact With Other Living Things
All living things are God's creations. People have dominion over other living things; but we should treat them all with kindness and consideration.

Elder: A Simple LDS (Mormon) Title With Multiple Uses
The title/term of

The Do's and Don'ts of Attending a Mormon Wedding
LDS (Mormon) wedding norms and festivities are very different than what is traditional. Use this guide to help you navigate the different expectations.

Fasting Helps Build Self-Discipline and Spiritual Power
Fasting, going without two consecutive meals, is a commandment and a process by which LDS members/Mormons learn self-control and gain spiritual power.

6 Steps of Repentance Can Qualify You For Forgiveness
Repentance is a basic principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Find out how to repent by following each of these detailed six steps.

Death is a Step in Our Existence, Not the End of It
Death is part of God's plan for our happiness. In dying, our spirits are temporarily separated from our bodies. We know they will be joined once more.

Pearl of Great Price is Modern LDS (Mormon) Scripture
The Pearl of Great Price is one of four books of LDS (Mormon) scripture. It includes inspired scripture from ancient and modern sources.

LDS Materials Can Be Purchased or Accessed in Many Ways
LDS members (Mormons) have several ways to purchase official church materials. They include accessing things digitally or ordering them online.

9 Reasons Mormons Are Attracted to Political Extremism
Mormons (LDS) can be attracted to political extremism for the same reasons that anyone can be attracted to it. Some reasons are unique to our faith.

LDS Church Presidents and Prophets Lead All Mormons
The LDS (Mormon) Church is led by a president who is also a prophet. God communicates through him to members and others on the earth.

What Makes LDS/Mormon Church Schools Similar?
Higher education schools operated by the LDS/Mormon have religious features that they all share. These include clergy referrals and an honor code.

LDS Doctrine Condemns Civil Disobedience of Any Kind
LDS members (Mormons) should obey the law. No civil disobedience is sanctioned. Governments exist for our benefit and they should be obeyed.

7 Astonishing LDS (Mormon) Converts
These famous people became Mormon (LDS): UltraViolet, Anne Perry, Ricky Shroder, Eldridge Cleaver, Arthur

Captain Moroni: Book of Mormon Military Leader
Captain Moroni was a Book of Mormon military leader and man. His strong faith and military skills helped preserve the Nephite nation and peace.

Interesting Trivia and Facts About the Salt Lake Temple
Learn the history of the Salt Lake LDS (Mormon) Temple. Interesting facts include how thick the walls are and how heavy the granite blocks were. Page 2.

The Salt Lake LDS (Mormon) Temple is an Iconic Landmark
The Salt Lake Temple is a symbol of LDS people (Mormons) and their faith everywhere. This magnificent structure is intended to last through eternity.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf: From Refugee to LDS Apostle
Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf is a member of the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon). He is also an Apostle.

Second Ordinance: Gift of the Holy Ghost
The Gift of the Holy Ghost is received after baptism, during confirmation. It is the privilege to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

How Baptism is Conducted in the LDS (Mormon) Church
Baptism in the LDS (Mormon) Church is a simple and short process. It has two steps, baptism by immersion and confirmation by the laying on of hands.

LDS Activity Idea - Hollywood Squares
Hold your own LDS Squares game for any activity including stake, ward, Relief Society, priesthood, Young women and men, or primary.

30 Question Relief Society Quiz
A quiz of 30 questions about the Relief Society organization and its history. Comes with instructions for setting up your own Hollywood Squares game. Page 2.

Relief Society Quiz Answers
Don't look at the answers before you've read the questions! Page 3.

Patty Perfect and Peter Priesthood
Although impossible, Molly Mormon/Patty Perfect and Peter Priesthood are nicknames for, idealistic LDS members (Mormons) who do everything they should. Page 4.

Basic Vehicle Emergency Items and Procedures
Emergency preparedness for your vehicle is just as important as emergency preparedness in your home. Being self-reliant will allow you to extend aid.

Quotes from Joseph Smith, the Mormon (LDS) Prophet
These Joseph Smith Quotes begin with his search for truth and end before his martyrdom.

Education is Important to LDS Members (Mormons)
Mormons value learning for its own sake. They also believe the more they learn and know, the more they can serve, both God and His children.

LDS (Mormon) Pioneers Emigrated to the Salt Lake Valley
Mormon pioneers were those who converted to the LDS faith and emigrated to be with the main church body, eventually settling in the Salt Lake valley.

What Mormons Believe About Original Sin
Mormons do not believe in the typical Christian concept of original sin. Scripture, restored and revealed through prophets, clarifies this error.

Jesus Christ is the Son of Heavenly Father
Jesus Christ is the only begotten son of God, the Creator and our Savior. He died for us to provide us with eternal life and to pay for our sins.

The Doctrine and Covenants or D&C is Modern LDS Scripture
The Doctrine and Covenants, or D&C, is one of four books that make up accepted LDS (Mormon) scripture. It is modern revelation to modern prophets.

Plan Christmas Activities That Capture the Spirit
During Christmas time, we can plan our individual and ward activities in such a way that celebrates the gift of the Savior and gives gifts to Him.

Top 10 Spiritual Gifts to Give the Savior
In addition to receiving gifts, we can also give gifts. Use these 10 spiritual gift ideas to give to Jesus Christ, our Savior, a gift.

The True Meaning of Christmas
Learn of the true meaning of Christmas in this article which includes a personal story from my childhood.

Family Home Evening - FHE - LDS Family Night
The LDS (Mormon) Church believes in srong families. The best ways to keep families strong is through holding regular Family Home Evening (FHE).

The LDS Church and the Boy Scouts of America
The LDS (Mormon) Church and the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) have been formal partners since 1913. Scouting operates inside the Church structure.

Mormon Resistance Likely on Transgender Issues
Without any official statement yet on transgender issues, it is possible to formulate how the LDS Church (Mormon) will deal with this issue.

Do Spiritual Things the Lord's Way
Doing the Lord's work our way and expecting praise for it is the opposite of what we should be doing. We should do it His way and give him credit.

Christmas Scriptures From The Book of Mormon
Many prophets on the American continent prophesied about Jesus Christ's birth. We have their records and teachings in the Book of Mormon.

Translated Beings Have Nothing to Do With Languages
Translated beings have a changed body and will not die until Jesus Christ's second coming, when their death and resurrection will take place instantly.

Be a Good Learner During Gospel Lessons
Most of your time in the Church will be spent learning in gospel lessons. Being a learner is a responsibility just like teaching is. Be a good one.

April 2014: What General Authorities are Reading
When Church leaders give their semi-annual conference addresses, we discover what material they personally read and what material we should read.

How to Make Gospel Discussions Successful
Gospel discussions can assist learning, provided they help learners discover and apply truths in their own lives. Otherwise, they can be negative.

Gratitude Quotes
These meaningful gratitude quotes, from leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, remind us how we need to be grateful to God for all things.

Aim High By Developing Charity, the Pure Love of Christ
Charity is the pure love of Christ. His true followers attempt to develop charity and practice charity throughout their entire lives.

To Serve is to Be Like Jesus
We are commanded to serve others. When we do so, we are the most Christlike because Jesus spent His life serving others and we follow His example.

LDS Women Should Seek High Education and Employment!
LDS (Mormon) women should gain all the education they can and seek gainful employment, all while choosing to emphasize being wives and mothers.

Seek and Accept Gospel Tough Love
Gospel tough life involves hearing, reading or otherwise learning something that spiritually challenges us to give up our unrighteousness.

11 Ways to Show Thanksgiving to Heavenly Father
One of the great commandments is to give thanksgiving to Heavenly Father. Here is a list of 11 ways in which we can show thanksgiving to Him.

Total Honesty Should Always Be Your Objective in Life
Only total honesty is acceptable by Heavenly Father. We should never excuse or rationalize our dishonesty, even if we consider it minor.

Why Jesus Christ's Atonement Was Necessary For Us
Under Christ's Atonement both spiritual death and physical death are overcome. He paid for our sins enabling us to obtain mercy and be resurrected.

The Church of Jesus Christ: Latter Days
Jesus Christ established His church when he walked the earth. He reestablished His church in our modern day. It is the LDS (Mormon) church.

Beyond Kindergarten: Identify Right and Wrong
The LDS (Mormon) church and its members believe that absolute truth exists. Our dilemma in this life is to identify it and conform our lives to it.

How to Prepare and Deliver a Terrific LDS Sacrament Talk
Preparing a LDS (Mormon) Sacrament talk can be a straightforward process. Follow these guidelines carefully and you should do well!

Basic Guidelines for LDS (Mormon) Gospel Study
LDS members (Mormons) should study the scriptures daily. What's more, they should make certain all their gospel study revolves around these resources.

There is Wisdom in Work: To Work is To Be Like God!
This world has been set up because we are expected to work. Heavenly Father works. Jesus Christ works. Work is a vital gospel principle.

Momentous LDS (Mormon) Developments in 2013 for 2014
There have been numerous developments in the LDS Church (Mormon) in 2013. This list ranks them in order of their significance to 2014 and beyond.

Enjoy Granite Flats, BYUtv's First Original Series
Mormons make movies and television series! Granite Flats is the first originally scripted drama offered by BYUtv located at the LDS flagship school.

LDS Beliefs About the Military and War.
LDS members (Mormons) believe that serving in the military is honorable and necessary. Our beliefs sanction war under some circumstances.

Divine Power/Authority is Delegated to Men on Earth
Priesthood power and authority is the ability to act in Heavenly Father's name here on earth. It can only be used righteously.

Second Principle of the Gospel: Repentance
Repentance is a commandment, a gift and an opportunity to have our lives cleansed from all sin. It is made available by Jesus Christ's Atonement.

Elder David A. Bednar: From Professor to LDS Apostle
Elder David A. Bednar is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon).

The Sacred Law of Sacrifice is Still in Force!
The law of sacrifice is still in force today. However, it no longer requires animal sacrifice. It requires us to sacrifice our sins.

Should You Marry a Returned Missionary?
Being an LDS (Mormon) Returned Missionary, or RM, should not be a required characteristic of one's future spouse.

Responsibilities as Heavenly Father's Covenant People
LDS members (Mormons) believe we are covered by the Abrahamic and other covenants. Fulfilling all our covenant responsibilities are crucial for us.

How Do Mormons Feel About Tattoos?
Other faiths may allow tattooing or take no official position. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) strongly discourages it.

Jesus Christ Created this Earth and Everything in It
Under the direction of God, Jesus Christ created this earth and everything on it. This earth exists to serve a heavenly, divine purpose.

M. Russell Ballard: Salesman, Edsel Dealer and Apostle
Elder M. Russell Ballard is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the LDS (Mormon) church. He is a former businessman and Edsel dealer.

BYU-I: The "I" could stand for Innovation!
Brigham Young University - Idaho is an LDS (Mormon) school that preserves the best of the past, while embracing the possibilities of the future.

Even Just a Toehold of Faith Can Set You on the Right Spiritual Path!
Faith is the sure foundation of everything spiritual. Faith in Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel for LDS members (Mormons).

Understand Adam and Eve and their Fall
The fall of Adam and Eve was a necessary step in Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation. It allowed them, and us, to progress to the next level.

Be an Online Volunteer for the LDS (Mormon) Church!
You can volunteer for online service to the LDS (Mormon) Church. Whether you choose to index family history records or tag pictures, you can serve!

Why LDS (Mormon) Infants Receive Names and Blessings
In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) infants are blessed and given a name. Infants are not baptized or christened.

Top 5 Sites for Quick Answers and Facts About Mormons
These five sites can supply you with quick facts and information about the LDS (Mormon) faith. They are reliable and trustworthy.

How to Heal Your Spiritual Blind Spots
Spiritual blind spots are sins and problems in our own lives that we are incapable of identifying or cleansing without help from Heavenly Father.

How Mormons View Murder and the Fate of Murderers
In the LDS (Mormon) view, murderers cannot be forgiven. They will only be allowed to inhabit the Telestial, or third, kingdom of glory in the afterlife.

Basic LDS (Mormon) Beliefs Summarized in 13 Points
The 13 points in the Articles of Faith summarize all major LDS (Mormon) beliefs. Three of them are unique and make the Mormon faith distinctive.

Covenants Are the Core of LDS/Mormon Life
LDS members (Mormons) make covenants/promises with Heavenly Father. As they progress, they agree to live by stricter and stricter rules.

R-Rated Movie Debate No Longer Relevant in an NC-17 World
Instead of arguing how the media is delivered, LDS members (Mormons) should only select media that uplifts, regardless of what form the media takes.

8 Reasons Why LDS Temples are Important to Mormons
Mormons build temples because they are dedicated as the house of the Lord and where important, eternal, work can be done for the living and the dead.

What is Pioneer Day to Mormons?
LDS members (Mormons) celebrate July 24 as Pioneer Day. This state holiday commemorates the day the first settlers entered the Salt Lake Valley.

Writing Your Personal Family History
Writing a personal family history can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you take it a step at a time. This 12 chapter course comes with questions for each category and even a weekly email reminder!

Writing Your Personal Family History Outline Chapters 7-12
Approach writing your family history one step at a time and make the task more manageable. Page 3.

Writing Your Personal Family History Outline Chapters 1-6
This outline is from page one of Writing Your Personal Family History and contains a list of topics and questions to help you write your Personal Family History. Page 2.

The Last Words of Jesus Christ Before His Death
Here are the last words of Jesus Christ which He spoke while upon the cross as contained in seven statements that show Jesus' last words.

10 Ways Mormons Can Keep Christ in Christmas
This list gives 10 ways you can keep Christ in Christmas this holiday season.

The Relief Society's Motto, Declaration and Purposes
The LDS/Mormon Relief Society program is a worldwide organization for women. It functions under three main purposes that have evolved over time.

The Relief Society is the Mormon Organization for Women
This article explains the worldwide Relief Society organization of the LDS/Mormon Church for women ages 18+. It reviews its history and presidents.

Thanksgiving Scriptures Help Us Feel Gratitude to God
We should always feel gratitude to God for our blessings. Scripture can help us feel thankful and show our gratitude during the Thanksgiving season.

The Truth About Polygamy, the Mormons and their Church
Although plural marriage (polygamy) was once practiced in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) it is no longer sanctioned.

Polygamy: Official LDS Church Statement
An official statement regarding polygamy and how the LDS Church is not affiliated with polygamist groups. Page 2.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in the United Kingdom
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in London, England, UK. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 20.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Uganda
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Uganda. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 18.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Spain
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Spain. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 21.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Tahiti
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Tahiti. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 5.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in South Korea
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in South Korea. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 10.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Samoa
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Samoa. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 7.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in South Africa
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in South Africa. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 19.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Portugal
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Portugal. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 22.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in the Philippines
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in the Philippines. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 8.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in New Caledonia
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in New Caledonia. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 6.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Madagascar
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Madagascar. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 9.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Kenya (ward)
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Kenya (ward). It is used for weekly worship services. Page 17.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Laie, Hawaii, USA
This is a picture of a Laie, Hawaii, USA, LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 4.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Kenya
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Kenya (branch). It is used for weekly worship services. Page 16.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Hong Kong
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Hong Kong. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 11.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in India
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in India. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 15.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Harlem, New York City, New York, USA
This is a picture of a Harlem, New York City, New York, USA, LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 3.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Guatemala
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Guatemala. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 14.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Finland
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Finland. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 27.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Germany
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Germany. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 23.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Farmington, Utah, USA
This is a picture of the Farmington, Utah, USA chapel that utilizes solar and other energy saving technologies.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Czech Republic
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in the Czech Republic. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 26.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in El Salvador
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in El Salvador. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 13.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Cambodia
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Cambodia. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 12.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Bulgaria
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Bulgaria. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 25.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Albania
This is a picture of an LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse, in Albania. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 24.

LDS (Mormon) Chapel in Palmyra, New York, USA
This is a picture of a Palmyra, New York, USA, LDS (Mormon) chapel, also called a meetinghouse. It is used for weekly worship services. Page 2.

LDS (Mormon) Chapels Around the World
Review this slideshow of LDS (Mormon) chapels from around the world. Also called meetinghouses, these structures are used for weekly worship services.

LDS (Mormon) Chapels Around the World
Review this slideshow of LDS (Mormon) chapels from around the world. Also called meetinghouses, these structures are used for weekly worship services.

LDS (Mormon) Chapels Around the World
Review this slideshow of LDS (Mormon) chapels from around the world. Also called meetinghouses, these structures are used for weekly worship services.

How Do I Return to the LDS (Mormon) Church?
I've been thinking about coming back to the LDS (Mormon) Church. What would it take? Would I have to be rebaptized? How do I return to the LDS Church?

General Relief Society Meeting: Gathering for Women 18+
The Relief Society General Meeting was an annual gathering of LDS women ages 18+ to hear counsel and guidance from top LDS/Mormon Church leaders.

Brigham Young: Second LDS Prophet and Great Colonizer
Brigham Young was called the American Moses and the Great Colonizer of the West. Find out more about his life and biography as a Mormon prophet.

The Church Develops all Gospel Teaching Materials
All LDS teaching materials are developed and mandated by the Church and used worldwide. Most of these resources are digitally available and free.

Is the Angel Moroni a Resurrected Being?
This FAQ explains and clarifies the LDS definition of Angels and a bit about resurrected beings. The Angel Moroni was once a Book of Mormon prophet.

How to Use Appropriate Titles in the LDS Church
Members of the LDS Church (Mormon) often have specific titles. However, you can always address the men as

Heavenly Father Commands Us to Pray to Him
Besides prayer being a strict commandment, prayer is also a blessing to us. Find out how to pray to God and what a difference it can make in your life.

Gérald Caussé of the LDS Church's Presiding Bishopric
Bishop Gérald Caussé unique background allows him to serve in the demanding First Presidency of the LDS (Mormon) Church.

Dirty Hands Guys of the LDS (Mormon) Church
The Presiding Bishopric of the LDS (Mormon) church is a governing body under top church leaders that manage the programs and facilities of the church.

Demons Exist and Some Do See Them
The Devil is real and so are his followers. Whether they are called devils, demons or evil spirits, they exist. I know because I saw one.

Separating Angels from Devils is Possible for Mortals
The Devil and his demons, also called evil spirits, can masquerade as angels of light. Detecting this deception is easy with Joseph Smith's guidance.

What Mormons Make of Angels and Their Messages
True angels from Heavenly Father can be either spirits or have tangible bodies. All angels belong to this earth and deliver divine messages.

Spiritually Prepare Before You Teach the Gospel
Having the spirit (the Holy Ghost) with you is the most important component for teaching gospel principles successfully whether you're skilled or not.

7 Food Storage Resources for LDS Members (Mormons)
Storing food for short-term and long-term needs can help you become self-reliance. Find out what to store, what to store it in and where to store it.

Discover LDS Ordinances and Their Value to Mormons
LDS members (Mormons) perform and receive ordinances to demonstrate that they have made covenants, or solemn promises with Heavenly Father.

Better Home Teaching in the LDS (Mormon) Church
A list of ideas on how to better your home teaching including the visits to your families and your relationship with your companion.

Family Home Evening Game: Apostle Cards
Can you name all the LDS Apostles? Use these flash cards to test your knowledge, or print two sets to play the memory game.

Reporting on Mormons: 7 Reasons They Get it Wrong
When reporting on Mormons and their church, journalists often make predictable mistakes that can be avoided. Review these 7 common mistakes.

Basic Beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
A lot of what you hear and read about Mormons is inaccurate, incomplete, or highly misconstrued. In fact, the beliefs and teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) are vast, yet simple. Below, you’ll find trusted information on what LDS members believe on topics such as Jesus Christ, marriage, and the afterlife.

Basic Gospel Principles
Basic LDS (Mormon) gospel principles can be organized according to what beliefs we have for the Premortal, Mortal and Postmortal lives.

Elder Richard G. Scott: Nuclear Engineer and LDS Apostle
Elder Richard G. Scott is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon).

There are Many Ways to Get a Free Book of Mormon!
The Book of Mormon can be ordered, read, downloaded or listened to online. All of these resources are freely available to anyone in the world.

Administering to the Sick is a Priesthood Ordinance
Faithful LDS (Mormon) male members who are Melchizedek priesthood holders have the power and authority to administer to the sick, whether LDS or not.

How LDS Priesthood Organization and Structure Operates
Priesthood authority in the LDS Church consists of the Melchizedeck and Aaronic levels. Men advance in these levels by virtue of worthiness and age.

Discover God's Divine Law of Health
Heavenly Father has revealed principles for healthy living. Known as the Word of Wisdom, it specifies prohibited and recommended foods and practices.

Importance of Family Home Evening (FHE)
Why is Family Home Evening so important and how can we make our Family Home Evening more successful? Learn more in this detailed article about the importance of Family Home Evening success.

How to Find and Use Free LDS (Mormon) Music
The LDS (Mormon) church provides a lot of music, downloading and printing options for church music used in church, in the home or by individuals.

LDS (Mormon) Temples That Look Like Solomon's
A description of Solomon's Temple is contained in scripture. Using this description, LDS (Mormons) have constructed some modern temples similar to it.

Mesa Arizona Temple
Although there are currently many LDS (Mormon) temples in Arizona, the Mesa temple was the first one. It was dedicated in 1923. Page 5.

Meridian Idaho Temple
The Meridian, Idaho LDS (Mormon) Temple closely resembles Solomon's Temple. Only three other LDS temples resemble it and have stood for decades. Page 6.

Laie Hawaii Temple
This is a photo of the Laie, Hawaii, LDS (Mormon) Temple in Hawaii. Located on the island of Oahu, it was first dedicated in 1919. Page 4.

King Solomon's Temple
Solomon's Temple was similar to Moses' Tabernacle except it wasn't mobile. Also, we know a replica of Solomon's Temple was built in the new world.

Cardston Alberta Temple
This is a photo of the Cardston, Alberta LDS (Mormon) Temple in Canada. It was dedicated in 1923. Page 3.

All Modern LDS (Mormon) Temples Have Similar Baptismal Fonts
All LDS (Mormon) temple baptismal fonts fit the biblical description of seas on the backs of 12 oxen. Page 2.

Any Book of Mormon Map Will Always Be Imprecise
There is no definitive map of Book of Mormon lands. We can only construct a rough map of where locations were in relation to each other.

Sunday School Fiasco or Opportunity?
All LDS (Mormon) members have a responsibility to be active and engaged class participants, whether the teacher is gifted or barely competent.

LDS Music and Online Radio
Find LDS music resources including links to online radio stations, musicians, and artists. Share your LDS music info to be placed here.

Online Radio
Listen to LDS music live, online! Choose from several web sites that offer free LDS music for your listening enjoyment.

Not All Conversion Miracles are Miraculous
If our conversion to the gospel is not as miraculous as someone else's, we should not be spiritually jealous if our own witness was strong enough.

Mutinous Sailors Must Leave the LDS (Mormon) Ship
In a sailing analogy, the LDS (Mormon) church is the ship. Mutinous sailors fostering rebellion and discord must leave the ship, voluntarily or not.

Tips to Identify LDS Church Doctrine From Mere Opinion
Official LDS (Mormon) Church doctrine flows only from official and authorized leaders and through official and authorized church information channels.

How to Sustain Local LDS (Mormon) Leaders You Don't Respect
If local LDS leaders are unrighteous in some way, it can challenge your ability to sustain them. Use these suggestions to deal with the crisis.

Understand Personal Apostasy in Mormons
Sometimes members of the LDS (Mormon) Church lose their faith and apostatize. This means they no longer embrace truths they once did.

Beware of Spiritual Pundits
Spiritual pundits supply soundbite analysis, bulging with opinion but few facts. They sway the weak but their assertions cannot survive careful analysis.

Avoid Attempted Ark Steadying
When people without authority attempt to correct the Lord's church or His leaders, it is called ark steadying after the story of Uzza in 1 Chronicles.

What Excommunication Means to Mormons
Excommunication in the LDS /Mormon church is not damnation to hell. Revoking a person's membership makes them equal to those who have never joined.

How to Leave the Church
There are informal and formal steps you can take when you want to spiritually and/or physically separate yourself from the LDS (Mormon) church.

Know and Understand Your Heavenly Father
Our Heavenly Father has a glorified, and perfected body of flesh and bones. His body is physically like ours and He created us in His image.

Anticipate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Scripture provides us with a travel and event itinerary for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The prepared will be part of the first resurrection.

Exaltation Should Be Your Ultimate Spiritual Goal
Being exalted means that you have met the divine requirements to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the highest tier of heaven possible.

Religious and Secular Education in a Paradise on Earth
Brigham Young University-Hawaii is an LDS sponsored, four-year university with a mission to address students from the Pacific Rim in a unique, Mormon environment.

Spirit Life is the Next Phase After Mortal Life
How we conduct our mortal lives has implications for our postmortal lives. It makes sense to prepare for the next life while we are still in this one.

Marriage for Mormons Extends Into Eternity
Mormons believe that when marriages are performed in the temple and by special priesthood authority they can extend beyond death into eternity.

LDS Business College: Programs to Make You Readily Employable
The LDS Business College is located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah and offers options in business, accounting, computers and health care.

How to Find LDS News Without Spending a lot of Time.
News about the LDS (Mormon) Church is easy to find if you access a few basic sources, preferable through a feed reader/news aggregator.

October 2014: What General Authorities Are Reading
By knowing what sources the General Authorities used in the October, 2014 General Conference talks, we can make decisions on our own reading material.

Mormon Resignation Comes From Recognizing Signs
Mormons view certain societal problems as signs of the times, indicators that Jesus Christ's second coming is near. This is why they prepare for it.

God Plays Favorites With the House of Israel
Heavenly Father established a covenant with Abraham concerning his descendants. However, this covenant can be extended over adoptees as well.

Obedience to Heavenly Father Should Never Be Blind!
Obeying divine commandments shows our love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They always prepare a way for us to be obedient, even if it is hard.

The Church of Jesus Christ: Early Days
By examining what we know about the church Jesus established, we can learn why the LDS Church (Mormon) is the restoration of that original church.

Mormon Marriage Doctrine Isn't Contradictory
Monogamous marriage is taught and practiced by Mormons, unless plural marriage is allowed by divine decree. Same-sex marriage is never allowed.

How Grace Works in the Mormon's 3-Tiered Heaven
Grace is necessary for us to be resurrected or to achieve any of the three levels that constitute heaven, otherwise known as the kingdoms of glory.

Classic Books Every LDS Member Should Read
This list is a compilation of all the classic books, not officially written by the LDS (Mormon) Church but essential for any LDS Member's library.

New Testament
Teaching and learning resources for studying the New Testament.

The D&C and Church History
Teaching and learning resources for studying Church history and the Doctrine and Covenants

Book of Mormon
Learning and teaching resources for Book of Mormon study.

Young Men Program Materials
Young Men ages 12 through 18 participate in the Young Men/Young Women Program. Sunday worship services are augmented by weekly instruction, social and learning activities. These teaching and learning resources can help them internalize and apply what they are taught.

LDS Doctrine Does Not Change, Policy and Procedure Can
LDS doctrine does not change, although sometimes it evolves to require behavior at a higher level. However, administrative changes can happen quickly.

Quotes from Church Leaders Regarding Infant Death
Many early presidents of the LDS (Mormon) church who lost children to early death taught the fate of these children in the next life.

How to Bear Your Testimony in Sacrament Meeting
Bearing your testimony involves standing at a podium and microphone in Sacrament meetings and telling people what you know to be true.

LDS accept four different books as scripture. These include the Bible (Old and New Testament), Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants (D&C) and the Pearl of Great Price. When inspired living prophets speak, their teachings are also considered scripture.

Temples and Temple Worship
Mormons feel strongly about families. In order to be together eternally, families must be bound together. This is accomplished by performing ordinances ourselves and vicariously for our dead family members.

Church Structure and Organization
LDS believe that Jesus Christ organized His church when he walked the earth. We believe that he restored this original structure in modern days. The Church today is exactly like it was anciently.

Prophets and Dementia: Should I Be Worried?
Since top LDS (Mormon) leaders serve for life, their capacities will inevitably decline. Protections exist to compensate for this inevitability.

How to Use the Terms Mormon and LDS Correctly
Learn the Church's official name and why nicknames like Mormon and LDS are used to refer to the Church and this religious movement.

Exclude Bed Bugs From Your Mission Experience
Since missionaries travel a great deal and visit many many homes, they are likely to encounter bed bugs. Follow these guidelines to minimize the risk.

Mormons Fear LGBT Acceptance Will Not Prevent Suicides
LDS agree there is a suicide problem, especially among LGBT youth. However, we embrace a different and more effective solution for the core problem.

Young Women Program
Young women ages 12 through 18 participate in the Young Women Program and receive Sunday School instruction. These resources can help them internalize and apply what they are taught.

Harmony With Spiritual Laws Brings True Happiness
To achieve real happiness, we must put spiritual things first. Following Heavenly Father's guidelines for a happy life will help us achieve it.

Parents Must Actively Teach Appropriate Sexual Intimacy
Parents have the primary responsibility to teach children appropriate sexual intimacy, warn them against misuse and counter wrong secular messages.

Deep Doctrine and the Mysteries of God
Is it okay to think and talk about Deep Doctrine and the Mysteries of God? Find out what the LDS Guide has to say and what Church leaders have said about the Mysteries of God and Deep Doctrines.

The True Meaning of Christmas
Find out the True meaning of Christmas with these Christmas stories for all ages, Christmas crafts, ideas, and poetry.

11 Practical Things You Can Learn from Mormons
Mormons do a number of things well. You do not have to be a Mormon to do them or to learn from them. So, put these practical skills to use!

Perpetual Emigration or Education Will Result in Perpetual Abuses
Like the early Perpetual Emigration Fund, the Perpetual Education Fund may also be abused. However, the successes of the program are worthwhile.

How Mormons Can Resolve the Same-Sex Marriage Dilemma
Mormons (LDS) should understand the different facets of the same-sex marriage argument. Some facets of the arguments are sound, others are not.

Help for LDS in Responding to the LGBT Rights Debate
In Utah, the LDS Church (Mormon) helped various groups work to obtain protections for vulnerable groups and protect religious freedom for all.

Traditional Family Divinely Designed For Our Happiness
Heavenly Father has designated the traditional family structure as the best structure to achieve the purposes of this life as well as the life beyond.

Distinct Family Responsibilities Exist for Each Family Member
Besides mandating that the traditional family is a divine structure we, Heavenly Father has also stipulated the different roles of each family member.

A Personal Example of Magnifying Your Church Calling
Magnifying our LDS callings means living for others, especially Heavenly Father and His children. This is a personal example of magnifying a calling.

Father's Day Quotes From LDS Church Leaders
I hope you enjoy these great Father's Day Quotes. As we celebrate and honor our fathers this Father's day we should remember that fatherhood is a wonderful, eternal principle.

LDS Church Magazines
UPDATE: If you have a problem with your magazine subscription I am not the one to contact. Please see the Church's Magazine Subscription contact page which

How to Use Your Patriarchal Blessing
A few weeks ago I attended a wonderful class about patriarchal blessings, by Carleen Tanner. She taught how a patriarchal blessing is our own personal

72 Hour Kits: How Much Food and Water Equals Three Days?
I received an email from a site visitor asking me how much food and water should be stored in a 72 Hour Kit. Obviously you need enough for three days per

Perils of Partially Following Spiritual Promptings
Stories of following spiritual promptings are faith promoting. However, we also need to teach the perils of not fully responding to promptings.

Expert's Excerpts: Stories and Lessons From My Life
This personal series of gospel stories is intended to help you in your own spiritual journey. Hopefully, it will inspire you to write your own stories.

LDS Church Leaders are not Financially Accountable to Members
LDS (Mormon) Church leaders do not provide detailed financial reports. They don't need to. Leaders are accountable to Jesus Christ.

When Spiritual Impressions Come, Act on Them!
Spiritual impressions or promptings can come at any time and involve anything. The following is dramatic example from my own life.

How to Stay Active When You Don't Attend Church
LDS members who don't attend church have a number of digital options to help them feel connected, and to stay active in the faith.

Make Water Storage Straightforward and Simple
Water storage is easy if you store tap water in food grade containers. These guidelines are the easiest, least expensive and safest to follow!

Mormons Should Get Started on Basic Food Storage Now!
Short-term food storage includes foods you generally eat every day. Long-term food storage includes foods that store well and can sustain life.

Mormon Corridor: How the West Was Won and How the Rest is Run
The Mormon Corridor is an unofficial term that refers to a geographical and cultural phenomenon located in the western United States.

Why Mormons Tend to be Prosperous
LDS (Mormon) beliefs and practice generally result in economic prosperity regardless of where the adherents are located in the world.

Self-Reliance is the Ultimate Freedom
Being self-reliant allows Mormons to provide for all personal and family needs as well as the ability to help others.

Should Drones Be Flown Over LDS (Mormon) Temples?
Drones flown over LDS (Mormon) temples could conceivably capture images never seen before, but photographers should seek Church permission first.

Missionary Work is Every Mormon's Obligation
Every LDS member (Mormon) is expected to engage in missionary work throughout his or her life. This can be either formal or informal missionary work.

Anything That Stalls or Stops Our Eternal Progression is Bad!
Violating the Law of Chastity, including the misuse of our God given procreative powers, will stall or stop our eternal progression. This is always bad!

You Need to Partake of the Sacrament Weekly!
As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) you need to partake of the Sacrament weekly. And, you must do it worthily.

What is the Difference Between and
Both and are sites from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but they both have very different purposes and audiences.

8 Tips for Leaders to Use Tools Successfully
The digital tools need to be carefully implemented by leaders if they are to be successful. Use these final suggestions to ensure success.

Ward and Stake Directories are Online and Current
The Directory is a master list of all members in a local unit and their contact information. It can be updated by leaders or by members themselves.

Calendaring on is Simply a Digital Church Potluck!
The LDS (Mormon) Church makes digital calendaring possible on tools. Learn the basics for making church calendaring much easier.

Generate Accurate Lesson Schedules Within Minutes!
Units in the LDS (Mormon) Church now have the ability to move their lesson schedules online using the digital tools available on

We Have a Responsibility to Behave Differently on Sunday
In the LDS Church (Mormon) members consider Sunday as the day of Sabbath and take measures to keep it holy. Certain activities encouraged on Sunday.

What to Know About Confessing Your Sins
Confessing your sins to all those you have wronged is part of the repentance process. This article details what, who to, and how you should confess.

The Life and Purpose of Jesus Christ
Everything Jesus Christ did in his life led towards the Atonement and the Atonement itself was an act of love for both his Heavenly Father and all of us.

Help Children Understand and Accept Death
To understand and accept death, children need to be taught basic truths at a level they can understand. These LDS (Mormon) resources can help.

10 Techniques to Help You in Keeping a Journal
There is more than one way to keep a journal. This article gives a list of 10 techniques for supplementing your personal history.

Four Reasons Why Mormons Are Christian
In reply to four accusations, this list tells Why Mormons are Christian.

14 Basic Tips for Using Tools Successfully!
Using tools to use is not the same as using them well. Using them well involves anticipating problems and solving them ahead of time.

What is a Patriarchal Blessing and How Can I Get One?
Do you know what a Patriarchal Blessing is? If not here's the answer, and even if you do you might learn something new. Also find out how to get a copy of a Patriarchal Blessing.

Prophets - Organization of the LDS Church and its Prophets
The organizational structure of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the LDS Church) is the same as that which the Lord Jesus Christ organized during His life on earth. It's the same because Christ restored his church in these latter-days and has called living prophets and apostles. Other LDS Church leaders, auxiliaries, and its structure of communication are also explained in this article.

Food Storage: Why, What, and How
For years leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have counseled members to have a year's supply of food and other essentials, but why? What should we store? How can you afford to? If I do, should I share with others during an emergency? Find the answers to these, and many other questions in the following articles.

The Law of Tithing in the Church of LDS
What is the Law of Tithing? How does one fulfill it, and why? Find out in this LDS basic beliefs article.

Book of Mormon – What is the Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, is an account of God's dealings with different groups of people who lived on the American continent. The history in the Book of Mormon recounts how the people left Jerusalem, had prophets called of God, and were visited by Jesus Christ.

The Ten Commandments Bible References
Learn about the Ten Commandments, how each main book of scripture gives us the Ten Commandments, and how we cannot break the Ten Commandments but only break ourselves against them when we do not keep them.

Christmas Stories for Children and Youth
Find out the True meaning of Christmas with these Christmas Stories for Children and Youth.

Old Testament Quiz 1 - Bible Old Testament Quiz
Do you know what man lived the longest on the Earth? Do you know who the Old Testament prophets were? Test your knowledge of the Old Testament in this quiz!

LDS Temple Trivia Quiz - Mormon Temple Quiz
Are you an LDS Temple trivia scholar? Test your knowledge of LDS Temples in this quiz!

New Testament Quiz - Bible New Testament Quiz
Do you know all the Apostles of Christ? Do you know what the Annunciation is? Test your knowledge of the New Testament in this quiz!

Plan of Salvation Quiz
Do you know why we're here or where we came from? Do you know where we go when we die? Test your knowledge of God's Plan of Salvation in this quiz!

Book of Mormon Quiz - Easy
book of mormon quiz lds basic beliefs what do mormons believe quiz

Mormon Joke Quiz - Mormon Personality Quiz
Take this 10 question quiz to find out what type of Mormon Personality you have.

Relief Society Quiz
Take this 30 question Relief Society Quiz to find out how well you know its history.

Correct Answers to Book of Mormon Quiz

Do You Have a Spiritual Security Plan in Place?
We cannot anticipate all the possible dangers we will face in this life. We must have a spiritual security plan that includes Heavenly Father.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Understand More About our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Home
Before being born on earth, we all lived in a heavenly home with our heavenly parents. While there, we made plans to come to earth.

Truths That Comfort Us When Loved Ones Die
Scripture and quotes from leaders can help us cope with death when we are temporarily separated from our loved ones when they pass on.

How Poisonous is the Media You Consume?
The volume of poor media we expose ourselves to may be more damaging than the bad media we know we should avoid. Don't let bad media spiritually drag you down.

LDSTech for Normal Intelligent People!
LDSTech is an official Church website created so members and leaders can find assistance and answers on how to use all the Church's digital resources.

LDS Account: The Mormon Gateway to All Things Digital
An LDS Account is the universal gateway to all the personalized and interactive features the LDS (Mormon) Church offers on its official website.

Do Not Turn the Digital Podium Over to Anybody!
Local LDS leaders should ensure that information is communicated through official channels. They should not turn the digital podium over to others.

How the 2013 Scripture Edition Can Enhance Your Study
The 2013 LDS edition of the scriptures contains the KJV of the Bible but includes many features than can enhance your learning and study!

Digital Growth and the Church
Digital tools and possibilities have blessed and challenged everything in the Church. The Church now has a significant digital presence.

LDS Church History
Find information about the history of the LDS Church also known as Mormon history.

Other than celebrating when LDS pioneers first entered the Salt Lake Valley, the Church has no specific holidays. Mormons celebrate most secular holidays usually according to their own cultures.

Mother's Day
LDS join in celebrating their mothers on this day. Young full time missionaries are allowed to call home on this day, also.

LDS view Easter as special. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is a crucial event in our religious history. We attempt to remember this event in the spiritual sense even when it is accompanies by Easter baskets, bunnies and candy

The Church has been transmitting church content over radio for decades. It own many radio stations.

Television and Radio
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) own many communication companies including news operations, television stations and radio stations. Explore some of these.

Arts and Culture
Originally a religion, LDS (Mormon) has also become a culture, a culture with its own cultural arts and events. Learn about the music, theater, cinema and other arts that distinguish the Latter-day Saint faith.

Temple Learning Resources
Find videos, teaching aids, crafts and clip art and other resources to understand and learn more about temples.

What Seeds of Greatness Exist Within You?
Each person has been born with a unique collection of natural talents. We have an earthly responsibility to develop them, and any other skills we can.

Scripture Lists by Subject
These lists organize scriptures according to subject, or topic, making it easy to find relevant scripture on something you are interested in.

Fun and Creative Missionary Resources
Find arts and crafts, clip art, games and more.

A Checklist for Modern LDS Pioneers
Identifying the principles and practices of early Mormon pioneers help us to apply them to our modern day challenges and become modern pioneers.

Easter - How Mormons Celebrate Easter
How Mormons Celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Where the Mormon's Get Their Money and Where it Goes
Tithes and offerings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) fund cash consuming operations, such as worship and humanitarian aid.

Modern Revelation and Scripture
Inspired guidance and teachings from living Church leaders becomes scripture. This would include all the inspired guidance from General Conference.

Working Mothers - Should Mothers Work Outside the Home
Is it wrong for mothers to work outside the home when they have small children? Up to what age? What about teenagers? Find out in this FAQ on working mothers

7 Reasons Why Mormons are Christian - Seven Reasons Why Mormons are Christian
This list gives several reasons why Mormons are Christian with supporting scriptures, quotes, and links to more in depth articles.

Are Mormons Christian – Why Mormons are Christians
Are Mormons Christian? This article explains why Mormons are Christians which is one of the most common accusations that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contend with.

Teaching and Learning Resources
The resources below include clip art, diagrams, pictures, games and other resources you can use to help yourself and others learn from the scriptures.

Tough Questions to Ask Yourself About Service
Carefully consider these questions as you serve others. It will help you to tailor your service to their true needs without wasting time or resources.

Tough Questions to Ask Yourself About Service
Carefully consider these questions as you serve others. It will help you to tailor your service to their true needs without wasting time or resources.

Sharing Time - Armor of God
This interactive lesson is a great way to help children learn what the Armor of God is and what each piece of the armor represents.

Top 10 Worst Role Models from the Book of Mormon
This list comprises the best examples of the worst examples as portrayed in the Book of Mormon. You should NOT try and be like these 10 individuals.

Exercise Your Spiritual Brawn with Gifts of the Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit are spiritual gifts, given by Heavenly Father to faithful members of his Church to bless them and others with spiritual power.

Exercise Your Spiritual Brawn with Gifts of the Spirit
Gifts of the Spirit are spiritual gifts, given by Heavenly Father to faithful members of his Church to bless them and others with spiritual power.

Is Killing Oneself the Same As Murdering Others?
Suicide has some similarities with murder in LDS (Mormon) beliefs, but there are some important distinctions and Heavenly Father may take mitigating factors into consideration.


What is Faith in Jesus Christ?
Faith in Jesus is the first principle of the gospel.

12 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy Marriage
Here's a list of twelve ways to have a happy, healthy marriage, along with quotes from LDS Church leaders and links to additional resources and articles.

Latter-day Saints: 10 Ways To Study The Word of God
These 10 ways to study scriptures have personally changed my life. Dedicate a specific time, pray to understand, use a spiritual journal, etc.

10 Ways to Develop Sincere Humility
There are many reasons why we need humility but how do we have humility? This list gives several ways in which we can develop humility.

Being Chaste - The Law of Chastity: Sexual Purity
We believe in being chaste, but what does that mean? What is sexual purity and the law of chastity? How does one stay (or become) sexually pure?

The Importance of Keeping a Journal
Keeping a journal is important, not only because it's a personal history of your life, but it can also help you! Learn more in this article all about keeping a journal.

How to Have Faith by Works
An explanation and list of scriptures of how faith is an action word. Page 2.