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Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels
Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels. Page 2.

Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin
Phyllis Lyon & Del Martin. Lesbian Life. Page 4.

Famous Lesbian Couples
This is a photo gallery of famous lesbian couples and stories of how they met and fell in love.

Famous Lesbian Couples
This is a photo gallery of famous lesbian couples and stories of how they met and fell in love.

List of the Best Lesbian Films of 2012
2012 was a good year for lesbian films. We have releases from a favorite lesbian director, an uplifting film starring Olympia Dukakis and a few foreign movies to keep lesbian film buffs happy well into 2013.

Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian?: Book Makes Claims
A new book claims Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. Is she?

The World's Ten Best Gay Pride Celebrations
Where are the best gay pride celebrations in the world? We've got your picks for the top gay pride parades and celebrations.

Jennie McNulty Interview
Lesbian Life interviews comedian Jennie McNulty.

She Wants to Keep Me Secret
Her girlfriend wants her to move to Texas, but she wants to keep their relationship a secret. What should she do?

2015 A-Z -- The LGBT Year in Review
2015 was a stellar year for the LGBT community. From Abby Wambach gaining our attention to Bre-Z joining the cast of Empire. Marriage equality became law of land in the US and the White House turned rainbow for a day. Check out the highs and lows of 2015 for the LGBT community.

2015 A-Z -- The LGBT Year in Review
2015 was a stellar year for the LGBT community. From Abby Wambach gaining our attention to Bre-Z joining the cast of Empire. Marriage equality became law of land in the US and the White House turned rainbow for a day. Check out the highs and lows of 2015 for the LGBT community.

2015 A-Z -- The LGBT Year in Review
2015 was a stellar year for the LGBT community. From Abby Wambach gaining our attention to Bre-Z joining the cast of Empire. Marriage equality became law of land in the US and the White House turned rainbow for a day. Check out the highs and lows of 2015 for the LGBT community.

Is it Okay to Masturbate When in a Relationship?
If you're in a relationship, is masturbation okay? What if your partner gets jealous or insecure? How should lesbians handle masturbation when they are in relationships?

Mitt Romney on gay lesbian issues
Mitt Romney is the former governor of Massachusetts. Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage, so does that mean he is supportive of gay and lesbian issues?

Married and Lesbian: Kim's Story
Some women come out after they are married. Kim came out to her husband as a lesbian and decided to stay married to him. It works out for both of them.

Beat the Winter Blues--Tips for the Queer Community
6 Simple things you can do to beat winter depression. Tips for the LGBT community to stay sane and healthy during the holidays and winter season.

Lesbian Holiday Stress and Depression - Lesbians More Likely to be Stressed and Depressed during Holidays
A new study says that lesbians are more stressed out and depressed than their straight counterparts during the holiday season.

What is Packing?
What does it mean to

Multi-Orgasmic Lesbian - What Does it Mean to Be Multi-Orgasmic
What does it mean to be a multi-orgasmic lesbian? What steps can a woman take to be multi-orgasmic?

Do I Tell Her I Love Her?
Do I tell her I love her? How do I know if she Loves Me back?

Jenny Block on Lesbian Sex and Sexuality
How do you know if the person you're with is really turned on? How can you tell if she's had an orgasm? How can you improve oral sex? All these lesbian sex questions and more are answered by Jenny Block, sexuality and orgasm expert.

Girl Crush
What to do about your girl crush?

My Trip to the Ellen DeGeneres Show
What's it like to be an audience member at The Ellen DeGeneres Show? How do you get tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Here's a synopis of our visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

A Visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show
We took a trip to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and here's what happened. Page 2.

My Visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Want to go to a taping of the Ellen show? Read this account to find out more about the experience. Page 3.

The L Word, Season Two, Episode 11 Recap
Here's a recap of TV's hottest lesbian drama: The L Word. Season Two, episode 11,

L Word Recap 11, Page 2
Check out this recap for The L Word, season two, episode 11,

Lesbian Orgasm and Sex Questions with Jenny Block
Author Jenny Block answers lesbians' most pressing questions about sex, orgasms, penetration, sex toys and sexual identity.

Blue Jean Femme Lesbian
The term Blue Jean Femme Lesbian refers to a lipstick or femme lesbian who prefers jeans over dresses and skirts.

Pioneering Astronaut Sally Ride
Astronaut Sally Ride was in a long term relationship with a woman.

Tips for Lesbian Role Play
As adults we rarely get the opportunity to dress up and play a character. But role-playing can be fun and add some spice to your sex life.

Michelle Clunie as Melanie on Queer as Folk
Michelle Clunie is an actor best known for her role of Melanie, one of the two lesbians on Showtime's Queer as Folk. Learn more about the actress who plays the dark haired dyke on QAF.

How to Find Your G-Spot (and Have Better Sex!)
How to find your G-spot. Lesbian Life.

What is a bulldagger? Lesbian Life.

36 Questions to Make a Lesbian Fall in Love
Want to make a lesbian fall in love with you? These 36 questions will help you get to know one another better, create a sense of intimacy and may even cause you to fall in love.

Gold Star Lesbian
What is a Gold Star Lesbian? Lesbian Life.

10 Lesbian Literary Tropes to Make You Swoon
What is a lesbian trope and why should you care? These lesbian literary tropes will make you swoon.

My Michigan- --Saying Goodbye to the Womyn's Music Festival
The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival closed down after 40 years of celebrating women, lesbians, music and culture. One attendee looks back at what being at the last Michfest meant to her.

Dildo - Lesbian Sex Question - What is a Dildo?
What is a dildo and what do lesbians need to know about the dild o as a sex toy?

7 Tips for Your First Trip Together
Want your first vacation together to be a success? Follow these 7 tips to ensure that your first vacation with your new partner goes smoothly.

22 Great First Date Questions for Lesbians
22 great questions for lesbians to ask on a first date.

Finally Comfortable with Herself: A Teen's Coming Out Story
Teen lesbian shares her coming out story from her first crush to dealing with religious parents.

Lesbian Dating 2.0
Learn lesbian dating secrets from an expert lesbian dater. Mary Malia, the Gay Girl Dating coach travels the country teaching lesbians the ins and outs of lesbian dating and she shares some of her tips with us.

Up All Night with Jamie Anderson
Lesbian troubadour Jamie Anderson tells about her 27 years on the road as a touring musician in this Lesbian Life interview.

Lombard Street
Lombard Street in San Francisco is said to be the most crooked street in the United States.

Head up to Bernal Heights and visit Wild Side West
Lesbian visit to San Francisco has to include a trip to Bernal Heights and the Wild Side West.

Good Vibrations - Lesbian-Friendly Sex Toy Store
Stop in to Good Vibrations, a great sex toy store, that is welcoming to lesbians and just about anyone else.

Ride a Cable car - Watch the Cable Cars Turn Around
If you go to San Francisco, there's two things you have to do: ride a cable car and watch the cable cars get turned around.

The Castro
Yes, the Castro is known as San Francisco's gay district, but there are plenty of sights for lesbians too. Visit the Castro for cool lesbian hangouts.

More of San Francisco
Check out some of the other sights in San Francisco.

A Travel Guide to San Francisco for Lesbians
San Francisco is known as a gay mecca, but you're more likely to see gay men then lesbians around town. This article takes you through San Francisco for lesbians. Tour San Francisco through a lesbian's eye, here is San Francisco for Lesbians.

Haight Street - Haight Ashbury Neighborhood - Visit Haight Street
Haight Street in San Francisco is the birth place of hippie movement.

Visit Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge
There's so much to see in Golden Gate Park, that you could spend a whole vacation here.

How Do I Stop Her From Being Jealous?
What can be done about a jealous girlfriend? How can you stop your girlfriend from being jealous?

Anna Paquin Comes Out as Bisexual
Anna Paquin comes out as bisexual to further rights for the LGBT community.

LGBT Rights Activist Charlene Strong Interview Part 3
LGBT rights activist Charlene Strong describes her journey towards becoming an activist. Page 3.

Interview with LGBT Activist Charlene Strong
Charlene Strong became an activist for LGBT rights when hers were denied at the worst possible moment. As her partner was fighting for her life, a hospital administrator would not let Charlene Strong in the room. She talks to Lesbian Life about her new life as an LGBT activist and public speaker.

Lesbian Life
Lesbian Life. Page 2.

Parents of Transgender
Transgender child: Advice for a mother of a transgender child.

Lesbian Wedding Ring - How to Buy a Lesbian Wedding Ring
You and your love have decided to get married. Now it's time to buy wedding rings. Where do you start to find lesbian wedding rings or commitment bands? Here are some tips on how to buy a lesbian wedding ring or commitment ceremony ring.

Coming Out to Your Husband- Laurel's Story
Coming out to her husband wasn't easy for Laurel. She still struggles with some aspects of it, but overall she is happy that she told him and is now living the life she needs to live.

Top Lesbian Dating Apps
What are the best apps for lesbian dating? Lesbian Life picks the top 4 lesbian dating apps to help you find your match right from your smart phone.

What the Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Means for You
The United States Supreme Court Ruled on June 26, 2015 that same-sex marriage is to be legal through out the United States. What does this ruling mean for gay and lesbian couples?

Where is Gay Marriage Legal in the United States? Gay Marriage in the US
Where can gays and lesbians get married in the United States? Which states recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere?

Teen Lesbian Story: How I Was Outed to the Whole School
What would happen if someone outed you as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans before you were ready to come out? How would you cope? Here are some tips and advice, as well as the story of one teen lesbian who was outed to her whole school and how she dealt with the situation.

Sarah Shahi: Carmen on The L Word
Actress Sarah Shahi won our hearts as Carmen on the lesbian drama, The L Word. Find out what she's been up to since then.

Did Jennifer Beals “out” Kate Moennig?
Jennifer Beals in a recent interview with The Advocate

Lesbian Life Glossary: Terms you Need to Know
Learn the definitions for lesbian life: terms you need to know.

A History of Lesbians on TV
Showtime's The L Word is certainly breaking ground with its depiction of lesbians on TV. But long before the premiere of this show, characters from shows such as ER, LA Law, Ellen and Rosanne paved the way for lesbians kissing, loving, having sex and living on television.

The First Night of Gay Marriage in Maine
People lined up outside of Portland City Hall in Maine to witness and celebrate the first day of legal same-sex marriage

Lining Up to Get Married In Maine
Gay and lesbian couples line up to get married on the first day of marriage equality in Maine.

First Couple in Line to be Married
Steven Bridges and Michael Snell were the first couple in line to be married in Portland, ME.

Married in Maine!
Married in Maine. Lesbian Life.

Love One Another
Love One Another. Lesbian Life.

Celebrating with a Marriage License
Michael and Steven celebrate their marriage license.

How would you describe your partner in one word?
How would you describe your partner in one word? For same-sex couples getting married.

Lesbian Puzzle Proposal
A lesbian marriage proposal using a puzzle.

The Wedding: Kasia and Tracey
Kasia and Tracey's lesbian wedding ceremony

The Marriage Proposal: How Kasia Asked Tracy to Marry Her
Here is a unique lesbian marriage proposal.

Kasia and Tracey's First Date
Kasia and Tracey met online and had their first date about a month later.

Lesbian Wedding Story - Kasia and Tracey - Lesbian Love Story
It's no puzzle why Kasia and Tracey fell in love with one another. Here is a lesbian love and wedding story.

I Now Pronounce You - Lesbian Wedding Wins Big
Laura and Kelli won the

We Really Did It! We got Married in Canada
Laura and Kelli got married in Canada thanks to a contest that they won.

We Won a Contest for a Free Wedding in Toronto!
Laura & Kelli won a contest to have their wedding paid for in Toronto.

Lesbian Wedding Contest Winners - Laura and Kelli Wed
Laura and Kelli have a unique wedding story. They won a contest and received a wedding package in Canada.

Connecticut Lesbian Wedding
A beautiful wedding in Connecticut.

A lesbian Connecticut Wedding with very special flowers.
Kia and Sheree's Wedding in Connecticut

On the first day of same-sex marriage licenses, Jessica and Ashley were the first in line in Vancouver, Washing. This is their story.
Jessica and Ashley were the first in line to get married in Vancouver Washington on December 6, 2012, the first day they could apply for a marriage license.

Ashley and Jessica Getting Their Marriage License
Ashley and Jessica get their marriage license after waiting all night in the cold and rain.

They've been through a Lot and Are Happy to Be Getting Married
Jessica and Ashley have been through a lot in their one and a half year relationship. They are happy to be given the opportunity to get married.

Jessica and Ashley: Making History
Jessica and Ashley were the first in line to get their marriage licenses in Washington State.

First Same-Sex Couple Married in Vancouver, WA
Jessica and Ashley are the first couple married in Vancouver, Washington.

Getting ready to Pop the Question - Lesbian Wedding Proposal
Here is how Kasia popped the question to Tracey.

Moving in too fast can kill a relationship.
Don't move it too quickly. It could kill your relationship.

Lesbian relationship killer: Sex Becomes Boring
A boring or non-existent sex life can be a relationship killer. Don't let it happen to you.

Taking Your Partner for Granted
Want to kill your relationship? Take your partner for granted.

Let the Little Things Bother You
If you let the little things get to you, your relationship could be in danger.

Lack of Romance is a Relationship Killer
The lack of romance can kill a lesbian relationship.

If you want to kill your relationship--cheat.

Jealousy is a big problem in many lesbian relationships and a big relationship killer.

Not having fun as a couple is no fun!
Who wants to be in a relationship that is no fun. Bring some joy and common interests into your life for your relationship to survive.

Lack of Communication is a Lesbian Relationship Killer
Lack of communication is a common lesbian relationship killer.

An Ex-Girlfriend
An ex-girlfriend who wants to get back with you can be a major relationship killer.

Prop 8 Protests November 15, 2008
Rallies and protests of

Prop 8 Protests November 15, 2008
Rallies and protests of

Prop 8 Protests November 15, 2008
Rallies and protests of

All About Gay Pride - Frequently Asked Questions About Gay Pride
Why is Gay Pride celebrated in June? Why do gays need a pride day anyway? Do lesbians have their own pride day? All these and more quesitons about gay and lesbian pride are answered here.

How Do I Tell My Girlfriend I’m Ready to Have Sex?
An 18 year old is worried about her relationship with her girlfriend. She pulled away from intimacy for a while and now is ready to resume, but she doesn't know how to let her girlfriend know. How can she let her partner know she is ready for sex?

Bessie Smith - (1894-1937) Bisexual Blues Singer - Empress of the Blues
Bessie Smith, known as the Empress of the Blues, was also bisexual.

Marriage Wins in Ireland
In a historic vote, Ireland became the 21st country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage on May 22, 2015.

Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival: One ex-workers prospective
Here's an insider's view of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival from 2013. Learn about the history of the festival, the womyn-born-womyn policy and why festival is still important in 2013.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Rent The U-Haul
Five questions Every Lesbians needs to know the answers to before she moves in.

Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer sign songs for diverse families, including LGBT families. The married lesbian couple have been making music together for 35 years.

Do Not Isolate After a Break-Up
What not to do after a break up: Isolate

What not to do after a breakup: Take it Public
What not to do after a break up: Go public with your feelings.

What Not to do after a lesbian break-up: Pair Up Right Away
What not to do after a break up: Get into a new relationship right away.

Try to be friends.
What not to do after a break up: Try to stay friends.

Don't pretend everything is Okay Pretend everything is Okay
What not to do after a break up: Pretend everything is okay.

What not to do after a break up: Stalk Her
What not to do after a break up: Stalk Her.

What not to do after a break-up: Beg for her to come back
What not to do after a break up: Beg for her to come back.

What not to do after a break-up: Beat Yourself Up
What not to do after a break up: Beat Yourself up.

Should I Ask My Teacher Out?
A teen writes in asking advice about asking her teacher out. Should a student ask out her favorite teacher after she turns 18?

Everything You Need to Know About Indiana's Anti-Gay Law
Everything You Need to Know About Indiana's Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Restoration Act 2015.

Happy Couples Champion Each Other's Dreams
Happy couples understand that supporting their partner's dreams helps the relationship.

Happy Relationships--The Secrets
The First Secret to a Happy Relationship is to be Happy with Yourself.

Happy Couples Work on their Friendship
The happiest lesbian couples are those who call their partner their best friend.

Happy Couples own their Part
Happy couples are people who are able to look at themselves and own their part.

Happy Couples Grow Together and Apart
One secret of a happy relationship is to build shared interests.

Happy Couples Forgive Mistakes
One of the secrets to a happy relationship is to allow your partner to make mistakes.

Autistic Lesbian
What are some tips and advice for autistic lesbians or queer young women on the autism spectrum? What advice can we share about lesbian relationships for autistic teen lesbians?

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson
Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson are two WNBA players who are out and proud and engaged to one another.

Martina Navratilova Marries Marries Julia Lemigova
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova

Famous Bisexual Women
A list of famous bisexual women

Same-Sex Marriage in Alabama 2015
Gay marriage in the deep South. Gay marriage comes to Alabama.

Oregon Domestic Partnership - What Rights Come with an Oregon Domestic Partnership?
Beginning January 1, 2008 Oregon will allow gay and lesbian couples to enter into domestic partnerships, a marriage-like relationship. What rights come with domestic partnerships and what rights do not?

All About Harnesses - Overviews of Different Types
What to look for when purchasing a harness for sex with a dildo.

Lesbian Professional Tennis Player Amelie Mauresmo
Out lesbian pro tennis player Amelie Mauresmo is one of the few out lesbian female athletes. She came out as a lesbian athlete at the Australian Open in 1999.

Masculine Style clothing for Dashing Women
Dapper D is a lesbian fashion company with the dapper tom-boy in mind.

TomboyX--Clothing for the Tomboy in Every Woman
TomboyX features clothing for the tomboy inside every lesbian.

Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage 2015
The US Supreme Court will take up same-sex marriage again in 2015. What is at stake this time?

Lesbian New Year's Resolutions - Top Lesbian New Year's Resolutions
Here are the top lesbian New Year's Resolutions.

Can an Emotional Affair Lead to This?
Can an emotional affair destroy a relationship? It really depends on how each of you deal with it afterward. Here's a story of an affair and some tips about what to do and what not to do about an emotional affair.

Attend a Gay or Lesbian Wedding
Plan to attend a gay or lesbian wedding--whether you plan to marry yourself or not.

Come Out!
Coming out is something every lesbian should do.

Attend a Gay Pride
Every lesbian should attend at least one gay pride parade before she dies.

Take a Lesbian-Centric Vacation
Take a vacation with other lesbians and you're likely to see a change in yourself.

See a Lesbian Icon
Seeing an out and proud superstar lesbian like Melissa Etheridge, kd lang or Ellen DeGeneres can make you realize that being gay in no way limits what you can accomplish.

Have Mind-Blowing Sex
Every lesbian should have mind-blowing sex at some point in her life.

Ask a Girl Out
Taking as risk and asking a girl out is something every lesbian should do.

Read a Lesbian Classic
There are some books every lesbian should read.

Is Christina Aguilera Bisexual?
Christina Aguilera the former Mickey Mouse Club member admits she is no innocent. She thinks women are sexy and says she is turned on by them.

Coming Out to Parents
Here's some advice for coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual to your parents.

Before You Come Out to Your Parents
Coming out to parents can be tricky when they are homophobic or have religious beliefs that being gay is wrong or a choice. Page 2.

Support for Coming Out to Your Parents
Coming out to your parents: How to do it and live to tell about it. Page 3.

The Difference Between Marriage and Civil Union
What is the difference between a civil union and gay marriage? Are civil unions and domestic partnerships the same as marriage? How are gay marriage and civil unions different?

Defense of Marriage Law, Civil Unions and Gay Marriage
Civil unions and gay marriage, what is the difference? Page 2.

Tribadism - Lesbian Sex Definition
Here's a lesbian sex question for lesbian sex expert Felice Newman, Author of the Whole Lesbian Sex Book: What are the steps of tribadism?

Tips For Spicing up Your Lesbian Sex Life
Spice up your sex life. Lesbian Life.

Katherine "Kate" Moennig: Shane on The L Word

Lesbian Sex Question: Something New to Try?
When you and your partner do the same sexual acts over and over, things can get boring. Lesbian Sex Expert, Felice Newman, answers the lesbian sex question: How do I spice up my sex life?

What do two women do in Bed Together?
What do lesbians do in bed? Lesbian Life.

How to Kiss like a Pro
Kissing is essential. Do you want to learn to kiss better? Lesbian Life offers expert advice on the fine art of kissing and how to improve your kissing skills.

Sex Tips for New Lovers - Lesbian Life
If you're new to sex, or with a new lover, it may be hard for you to figure out what to do to please your partner. Here are some tips for new lovers to try with one another.

Rose's Coming Out Story - More than Friends - My First Time
Rose slowly developed feelings for her best friend over several years. This is her story of coming out, discovering lesbian love for the first time.

Rose Comes Out - First Time Lesbian Love Story
Cindy and Rose finally are able to be together, a lesbian love story and first time lesbian sex. Page 2.

Portia de Rossi (Portia Lee James DeGeneres)
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi recently wed. So who is Portia de Rossi and how did she win Ellen DeGeneres' heart?

Lesbian Coming Out Stories: Micha and Her Mom
Micha has a funny and heartwarming story of how she came out as a lesbian, at age 23, over the phone, to her mother.

First Time Lesbian Oral Sex Tips
Tips for lesbian first time oral sex.

What Will She Feel When She Wears a Dildo? - Lesbian Sex
What will she feel when she wears a dildo? What does the penetrating partner feel during strap-on sex? Does she receive any pleasure?

How to Meet Lesbians for Online Dating
An online lesbian dating expert shares her advice for meeting women.

Expert Lesbian Dating Advice
An interview with a Lesbian Online Dating Expert. Page 2.

Can Lesbians Get HIV or AIDS? - Lesbian Life
Are lesbians at risk of HIV or AIDS? Are bisexual women more likely to contract HIV?

Lesbians & AIDS: Are Lesbians at Risk for HIV?
Are lesbians at risk of HIV or AIDS? Are bisexual women more likely to contract HIV? Page 2.

Lesbian Dating - How to Make the First Move
When you get two women together, sometimes each of you is waiting for the other to make the first move. Here are some tips for lesbians about how to make the first move in lesbian dating.

Pro Gay Marriage - Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal
gay marriage argument in favor of gay marriage and why we do not need a Constitutional Ban

Lesbian Sex: Fisting Emotional Response
Trying a new sex act can be an emotional experience. For women or lesbians, trying something as intense as fisting can bring up emotions we did not expect. Lesbian Sex Expert Felice Newman answers one woman's question about fisting and the emotions after.

How to meet other teen lesbians or bisexuals
Dear Kathy Iím a 15-year-old girl. Iím a lesbian, but I haven't told anyone yet (although I think my mother might suspect it). My parents, other family and

How to Approach a Woman for a Date - Lesbian Life
How do you meet other lesbian women? How do you approach another lesbian at a bar to ask her on a date or at least get her phone number? Here are some tips for approaching women at a lesbian bar.

Lubricants for Lesbian Sex
Ever wonder what is the best lube for certain sexual situations? We had a sexuality expert help us figure out what are the best lubes for lesbian sex, whether you're having oral, anal, manual or using sex toys.

What is my G-Spot?
What is your g-spot and why would you want to locate it?

Is Anal Sex Dangerous for Lesbians?
For lesbians: Here's an answer to your questions about anal sex

Lesbian Sex Question: Can all women ejaculate?
Here's a lesbian sex question for lesbian sex expert Felice Newman, Author of the Whole Lesbian Sex Book: Please tell me more about female ejaculation.

What is Tribadism in Lesbian Sex?
Tribadism is a popular way for lesbians to have sex. Here's all about tribadism.

First Time Lesbian Sex With an Experienced Partner
You've never had lesbian sex before, but your partner has. What do you do so that you don't look inexperienced or that you don't know what you're doing?

Top Myths About Bisexuals
Bisexuals sometimes get a bad rap. There's a lot of myths and misunderstanding about bisexuality. Here are the top myths about bisexual women.

Vibrator Envy - My Girlfriend Only Orgasms with a Vibrator
Her girlfriend can only come with the assistance of a vibrator and she is not happy about this. Can their relationship be saved?

A Lesbian Fan Reacts to Meeting WNBA's Lauren Jackson
What happens when one lesbian fan gets to meet her idol, WNBA player Lauren Jackson, and actually touches her hand?

Touching Lauren Jackson - Pg 2
What one lesbian experienced when she met Lauren Jackson and the other Seattle Storm players. Page 2.

Melissa Etheridge - Lesbian Rocker Melissa Etheridge
A biography of lesbian rocker Melissa Etheridge

Out of Africa - Lesbian Coming Out Story from Kenya
A lesbian from Kenya tells her coming out story. Coming out as lesbian in Africa.

Tips for Lesbian Long Distance Relationships
If you and your partner are in along distance relationship, you've got some unique challenges. Here are some tips for maintaining a lesbian long distance relationship.

Lesbian Coming Out Stories: Nicole
Even though Nicole had lesbian mothers, coming out for her was a challenge.

Sex Toy Advice and Tips for Lesbians
Five good reasons lesbians use sex toys.

Is There a Specific Symbol Lesbians Use?
Is there a lesbian symbol? What is the lesbian symbol?

Alexandra Hedison: Lesbian Actress & Photographer
Alexandra Hedison is heating things up as a

Why Can't I Have an Orgasm?
There are many reasons why you may not be able to have an orgasm. Here are some things to consider if you're having trouble reaching an orgasm.

Clit Pumps for Lesbians - Introduction and Guide
What is a clit pump and how is it used?

Can People Tell I'm Lesbian or Bisexual?
Can other gay and lesbian people tell if your are gay, lesbian or bisexual? Is gaydar for real?

What to Expect at Your First Gay Pride
If you've never been to gay pride, you are probably a little anxious about what to expect. What can you expect at your first gay pride? This article will help you get ready for your first gay pride event.

Is She Worth Fighting For? Lesbian Relationship Advice
You love her, but you're always fighting and she's in love with her ex still. Is this lesbian relationship worth fighting for or do you just let her go?

How Do I Know if I Am a Lesbian?
How do you know if you are a lesbian, straight or bisexual? Today's question comes from a young woman wondering if she is gay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lesbian Sex
You've got questions about lesbian sex. We've got answers!

How to Clean your sex toys: dildos and vibrators
Here's some info on how to keep your sex toys clean and working properly. How to care for your dildo and vibrators.

Jane Addams: The Mother of Modern Social Work
Here's a bio of Jane Addams. Jane Addams founded Hull House in Chicago, the birth of the modern social work. Although she would not have used the word Lesbian, she did have lasting relationships with women throughout her life.

Leisha Hailey
Leisha Hailey is one of the stars of the Showtime series The L Word, kd lang's ex and part of the rock group Uh Huh Her.

How to Meet Other Lesbian and Bisexual Teens
Coming out is great, but for lesbian or bisexual teens, where do you meet other young people to date? Here are some tips for meeting other lesbian and bisexual teens for dating.

Free Lesbian Personals and Dating Websites
There are a lot of places to meet lesbians online. But most of these sites require registration and cost a fee, here's a list of the top free sites.

Which L Word Actresses are Lesbians?
Dear Kathy Belge, I live outside the US and I can't watch the TV show The L Word but I know the story and the characters and I watched small videos about the

Female Ejaculation - What is Female Ejaculation
Can women ejaculate? Here's answers to your questions about femal ejaculation.

Christina - A Married Lesbian's Story
After Christina came out as a lesbian to her husband, they decided to stay married for the children's sake.

How Does a Lesbian Lose Her Virginity?
How does a lesbian lose her virginity? What does virginity mean for lesbians?

Female Ejaculation without G-Spot Stimulation
Can you female ejaculate without stimulating the G-Spot? Yes you can!

Lesbian Marriage - How to Propose
A lesbian marriage proposal should be unique. How do you pop the question? Here are some tips for planning your lesbian marriage proposal.

"The L Word" Actress Laurel Holloman's Bisexuality
Laurel Holloman plays Tina Kennard on The L Word, she is also openly out as bisexual.

Karina Lombard: Marina on The L Word
Before she played Marina on the L Word, Karina Lombard starred across from Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Will Karina Lombard return for season two of The L Word?

How to turn a latex glove into a safer sex barrier
Lesbian safer sex. Lesbian Life.

My Girlfriend Likes Straight Porn, Does She Want a Man?
If your girlfriend watches straight porn, does that mean she would rather be with a man?

Vaginal Dryness - I Can't Get Wet
Vaginal Dryness, or the inability to get wet during sex can be a problem for some women. Here's what to do about vaginal dryness and how to get wet during sex.

Where Can I Meet Femme Lesbians?
A reader writes in and wants to know where all the feminine (or

Why Don't Lesbian Relationships Last?
Why don't lesbian relationships last? What can you do to keep your relationship going strong?

Age Differences in Lesbian Relationships
I am 23 and very attracted to older women. I have been attracted to women older than me since I was 14. The women I am interested in are between 20 and 35

Do Lesbians Like Anal Sex?
Can she really be a lesbian if she likes anal sex the best?

How to Tell if Your Lesbianism Is a Phase or Real
How do you know if you really are gay, lesbian or bisexual or if it is only a phase?

Bad Kisser and Bad in Bed
What would you do if your partner told you were a bad kisser and bad in bed? Is there a way to get better? How can you become a better kisser and better in bed?

LSU Head Coach Pokey Chatman Quits
Iím reeling now. I just found out that one of the premier female head coaches in NCAA womenís basketball has quit amid allegations that she had a sexual

Can you tell a lesbian by the ring she wears?
I received this letter today and it has me puzzled. I am a straight man who met an attractive woman who wears a band on the largest finger of her left hand.

My Daughter is a Lesbian
My daughter told me that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. She asked me not to say anything to anyone, but I feel like I need someone to talk to about

Help! My Girlfriend is in the Closet
I have been with my current girlfriend for the last year. We've been best friends for three years. I have always been comfortable with my sexuality, and been

Dad Distressed about Daughter being Gay
We are the parents of a 15 Yrs old daughter and she has recently told us that she is gay. In a million years we would never imagined this coming. To us she was

How to Talk to A Girl You Have a Crush On
I'm 15 years old and a freshman in high school. I just recently came out to myself and my close friends as a lesbian. I'm currently in the GSA club at my

No Sex in Your Relationship? What Can Be Done?
This letter arrived in today's mail. It's line one of dozens I get every month, a lesbian who is in love with her partner and everything is going great, except

Does she like me or not?
I often get letters from people wanting me to help them figure out someone else. Here is an example of one I received this week: Hello, I am a 25 year

What Defines Lesbian vs. Bisexual?
What makes a lesbian a lesbian? Can you be a lesbian if you've have a relationship with a man? Can you be a lesbian if you find men attractive or does that

Best Lesbian Movies of 2013
If anyone knows lesbian movies, it's Jenni Olson, VP of consumer marketing at Wolfe Video. Wolfe is the largest distributor of LGBT films, so I asked Jenni if

Bleeding During Sex
What does it mean if you bleed during or after sex? I received this letter from Mariana: Please Help! Every time me and my girlfriend have sex we seem to

Sexy Fridays: What Will She Feel During Strap-on Sex?
If you're thinking about trying sex with a dildo and strap-on, you might be wondering what it will feel like. Does the person who wears the dildo get any

Alice Derock of Wet For Her--Lesbian Sex Toy Company
How to become a successful Entrepreneur? Find a niche and make a great product that fulfills that need. Alice Derock, founder of Wet for Her lesbian sex toys, explains why lesbians need other lesbians to design their sex toys and how she started a successful company doing just that.

Top Fall Lesbian Dates
Here are some great ideas for Fall lesbian dates. Why not plan a date with your special lady today? Here are some great ideas for dating for lesbians in the Fall.

Lesbians & Bisexual Women in History
Famous Lesbians and bisexual women in History

She Says She Loves Me, but She Dates Other People
Her girlfriend continues to date other people, even though she says she loves her. What can this lesbian do to save her self-respect?

Coming Out at Work - The Pros and Cons of Coming Out at Work
For gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people, coming out at work can be a tough decision. Should you do it? Here is a list of the pros and cons of coming out at work and some things to consider before you come out at work.

Dancing for Everyone
Several great DJs made sure there was music for everyone at Women's Weekend 2.0.

Plenty of Fun for Singles and Couples Alike
A visit to Women's Weekend 2.0 is great for both single ladies and for couples.

LGBT Friendly Russian River
The Russian River valley, including Guerneville is a LGBT friendly travel destination, with many recreational activities to choose from.

The Best in Lesbian Entertainment
Women's Weekend 2.0 features the best lesbian music and comedy acts.

Resources for Lesbians and LGBT Affected by Domestic Violence
Lesbians and LGBT survivors of domestic violence need a safe place where they can get help. These queer-friendly organizations can offer help and support, whether you are a victim, survivor or perpetrator of domestic violence.

Coming Out as a Lesbian Later in Life
Coming out later in life, in your 40s, 50s, 60s and older presents it's own challenges and rewards.

Why you’re not Meeting Quality Women
Single lesbians- why are you not meeting quality women? 6 reasons why you're not meeting quality women to date.

Are Lesbians Socially Immature?
Are lesbians socially immature, afraid of their own sexuality. This opinion piece suggests so.

Happy Lesbians Take Care of their Bodies
Happy lesbians are healthy and take care of their health.

Happy Lesbians have Pets
Having pets makes you happier. Lesbian Life.

Happy lesbians have good relationships with their families
Happy lesbians are happy with the relationships they have with their families.

Happy lesbians are Happy with Their Relationship Status
Women who are happy are happy no matter if they're single or in a relationship.

One of the keys to happiness is a good network of friends.
One of the keys to happiness is having a group of supportive friends.

Happy lesbians are out in most areas of their life.
One of the keys to happiness for lesbians and bisexual women is to be out in most areas of their life.

Happy Lesbians are Out
One of the things happy lesbians do is be out and proud.

Dating Coworkers - Is It a Bad Idea To Date a Coworker
Falling for a new co-worker, one Lesbian Life reader wants to know what is the proper etiquette. Especially since she doesn't know if she is a lesbian or not. And there is a huge age-difference.

I Have a Crush on My Co-Worker - Can I Ask Her Out?
Should she as a co-worker out, when she's not even out to her parents?

Provincetown Massachusetts for Lesbians
Provincetown, Massachusetts is known as being a LGBT haven. Lesbians love Provincetown and there are plenty of events and activities to keep them coming back. Learn all you need to know about visiting Provincetown, Mass.

Where to Stay in Provincetown
Where are some great places for women to rent in Provincetown? Stay in a lesbian friendly hotel or guest house in Ptown.

Single Women's Weekend
The summer season kicks off with single women's weekend in Provincetown in Mid-May.

Memorial Day Weekend in Provincetown
Baby Dyke Weekend in Provincetown

Women of Color Weekend
Women of Color Weekend in Provincetown is usually the first weekend in June.

Girl Splash Provicetown
Girl Splash Week Provincetown. Lesbian Life.

Family Pride Week
Family Pride Week in Provincetown is a great place to vacation and meet other LGBT families.

Women's Week
Women's Week in Provincetown. Lesbian Life.

Performers and Entertainment in Provincetown
The performers of Provicetown Mass are some of the best entertainers anywhere in the world.

Provincetown Natural Beauty and Activities
Provincetown is a great place to visit any time of year. The natural beauty is unlike any other place on earth.

Peeking Inside the Crash Pad
A review of the Crash Pad series of lesbian porn.

What Do Lesbians Do in Bed?
What do lesbians do in bed? A study of lesbian behavior reveals what lesbians really do in bed.

Seeking Lesbian for Sexual Adventures
A straight woman is looking for a lesbian woman to have a sexual adventure with. What should she do?

Jocelyn & Shawn: An Update
Jocelyn and Shawn were married in Washington in December 2012. After their honeymoon in Mexico, Jocelyn was not allowed to come back into the US because she is a Mexican citizen. This is an update to their story.

Sweet Lesbian Honeymoons and Weddings
Sweet offers Lesbian Honeymoon and Wedding packages.

Lesbian Dating HIV Positive
When does a HIV positive lesbian reveal her HIV status to someone she is dating and how does she go about it?

Lesbian Life Gift Guide 2011
Gift ideas for lesbians 2011.

Famous Lesbians with Breast Cancer
Some famous lesbian women have come out about their struggle with breast cancer.

Rules for Lesbian Dating
Rules for Lesbian Dating From Dr. Frankie Bashan, lesbian relationship coach

Ten Simple Ways to Be Romantic- Lesbian Romance
Keeping things fresh and new in a lesbian relationship, it's important to stay romantic. Here are ten great ideas for ways to be romantic with your lover.

Women's Weekend 2.0
Women's Week 2.0 a lesbian festival in the Russian River, Fall 2014.

People Think I'm Trans and I am Not!
People think she's trans? Is that a bad thing? What can someone do if people make assumptions about your gender identity or sexual orientation.

Top Myths about Lesbian Sex - Myths about Lesbian Sex
The top myths about lesbian sex and sexuality.

Melissa "Investigates" Jacqueline to Find out if She's a Lesbian
Once Melissa met Jacqueline, she used a little detective work to find out if she was a lesbian or not.

Legally Married in both Canada and California!
Melissa and Jacqueline all ready had their wedding planned for Canada when California legalized same-sex marriage.

Jacqueline & Melissa: A Lesbian Love Story
Jacqueline and Melissa met at work and Melissa was instantly smitten. This is the story of how she won Jacqueline into her heart and life.

Melissa Has to Leave her Boyfriend to be with Jacqueline
Even though Melissa had a boyfriend, she was pursuing a relationship with Jacqueline. She had to leave him in order to be with the woman of her dreams.

What Not to Do in Bed - for Lesbians
Tips for lesbians- what not to do in bed.

Confusion About Attraction to a Friend - Lesbian Life Advice
Many women are attracted to their friends. This can be confusing. What does it mean? Are you lesbian or bisexual? Is your friend? Does your friend return your affection? Or does she only show you love when you are drunk. What do you do when you are confused about attraction to a friend?

Frustration at not finding girlfriend's G-Spot?
G-spot stimulation can result in an amazing orgasm and ejaculation. But what if you can't find her g-spot?

Can a Stud Date a Stud?
Is it wrong for two studs or two butches to date one another? Can butches date one another? Can a stud date another stud?

Dating Tips for Lesbian Moms
Lesbian moms go on dates. Here are some tips for the newly single or newly out single lesbian mom looking to get into the lesbian dating scene.

Ways to Improve Lesbian Dating Site Profile
Make your lesbian online dating profile stand out from the rest. Here are some ways to improve your dating site profiles.

How to Come Out to Your Husband
How to come out to your husband as lesbian or bisexual. Tips for telling your husband you are gay, lesbian or bisexual.

A Lesbian Wants to Know - Is She Into Me?
When you're hanging out with a woman and you're not sure if you're dating, or just friends, how do you find out? Is she into me?

The Trials of Lesbian Life in Iran
What is life like for lesbians in Iran? Do Iranian lesbians really face torture and death of they come out?

How to Buy a Vibrator, A Lesbian Life Guide
What to look for when buying a vibrator.

When Your Sex Drives Are Not the Same
You want sex three times a week. She wants it three times a year. You both love each other and want to stay together, but this issue of different sex drives seems to be driving you apart. Can your relationship be saved?

Do You Want Sex More Than Your Lesbian Partner?
How do you handle it when your partner is always turning you down for sex? If nothing you say or do is working, can your relationship be saved? Page 2.

What Is the Origin of the Word "Dyke"?
The word dyke is used to mean lesbian. What is the origin of the word dyke? Why do lesbians call themselves dykes? Here are several theories of the origin of the word dyke.

Cheating Lesbian - Can Relationship Survive an Affair?
Can your relationship survive an affair? How to know if your relationship will survive after cheating.

Stages of Coming Out as Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual
Coming out happens in stages. Coming out as lesbian, gay or bisexual is a process. Here are some of the stages you might be going through as you come to terms with your sexuality.

Should I Perform Oral Sex on My Stud Partner?
A femme in a relationship with a stud is feeling apprehensive about performing oral sex on her stud partner.

When Your College Roommate Comes Out as Gay or Lesbian
How do you react when your college roommate tells you s/he is lesbian, gay or bisexual?

My Girlfriend Thinks She's Straight (What to Do)
What would you do if one day your girlfriend came to you and told you she thought she was straight? How would you handle the news? And could she really be straight if she's been in a relationship with you for years?

Top Organizations and Web Sites for Black Lesbians
Top websites and organizations for Black Lesbians, African American lesbians and Lesbians of African Heritage.

Lesbian Sex Question: Different Sex Drives
A common issue in lesbian relationships is when one partner has a greater sex drive than the other. This lesbian sex dilemma must be dealt with with tact and understanding.

My Straight Best Friend Is in Love With Me
What do you do when your best friend says she's in love with you? And she's straight?

How to Get a Gay Marriage in Canada
Gays and lesbians can get married in Canada. So how do you go about getting married in Canada?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's Relationship
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's relationship is filled with love and respect. Here's all about the relationship of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi.

Christian Lesbian - Reconciling Faith
Those raised in Christian faiths often have a hard time reconciling their religion with their sexual orientation. What does the Bible really say about homosexuality? Is being gay and Christian wrong?

How to Have Quiet Sex
The Art of Quiet Sex - How to Have Quiet Sex.

Sexing a Married Woman: Lesbian Advice Needed
She wants to have sex with her married friend. How does this lesbian make the first move? And more importantly, should she?

She Wants a Baby, I Do Not: Can Our Relationship Work?
If one person in a couple wants a baby and the other does not, can the relationship work?

Help and Advice for a Teen Lesbian
A teen lesbian is having questions about her sexuality, coming out, her girlfriend and her sex life. Can lesbian life help this teen lesbian?

Advice for a Confused Teen Lesbian
A teen lesbian is having questions about her sexuality, coming out, her girlfriend and her sex life. Can lesbian life help this teen lesbian? Page 2.

Lesbian Life: Exploring BDSM
The BD stands for bondage and discipline. SM points to the most well known term, sadomasochism.

Newly Out Lesbian Hasn't Had an Orgasm
How come I haven't had an orgasm and my partner has? Can you help me figure out how to have an orgasm?

A Lesbian Visitor's Guide to Dallas, Texas
Planning a trip to Dallas and want to find the lesbians? Here is a lesbian's guide to Dallas Texas.

My Lesbian Lover Has a Low Sex Drive
One partner has a low sex drive and the lack of sex is wrecking havoc on their relationship.

How to Meet LGBT People in College
How to meet gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans friends in college, even if you're too young to go to the bars.

She Loves Me, But Still Treats Me Mean - Relationship Advice
If she loves me, why does she treat me so mean? Lesbian relationship advice needed badly.

Sex and Intimacy Issues in Long Distance Relationships
When you are in a long distance relationship and are planning to have sex for the first time, the thought can be intimidating. Here's how to approach sex for the first time with a person you've only known via the web.

Bisexual Teens - Straight Girl Crush
When you're lesbian or bisexual and you have a crush on a straight friend, do you tell them? What do you do when you have a crush on a straight girl?

Tips for Lesbians on How to Tell Someone You Like Her
How to you tell someone you like her without losing her friendship? For lesbians and bisexual women, you like her and want to tell her, but you're afraid if you do, you'll lose her friendship. What do you do?

Does Being a Tomboy Make Me Gay?
Do tomboys grow up to be lesbians? If you were a tomboy as a child, is that an indication you might be gay?

Setting Boundaries with Your Lesbian Daughter
A mom has some questions about how to set good boundaries with her newly out 15 year old lesbian daughter.

Do Drunken Kisses Make One Bisexual?
Many of us have done things we regret when drunk. But what about when we don't regret them? Does kissing a girl when you're drunk make you bisexual?

Sara Gilbert: Lesbian Actress & Mom
Sara Gilbert who played Darlene on The Rosanne Show an out lesbian

When Your Child Comes Out: What Do You Do?
For parents, it's hard to know what to do when your child comes out as lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender. How do you support your gay or lesbian child? Where can you turn for support of your own? Here's what you need to know about when your child comes out of the closet as gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans.

Young Lesbian Couple With Sex and Intimacy Issues
You wouldn't think a couple in their early 20s would be having sex problems. But actually, it can happen at any age. I recently heard from one young lesbian couple who were experiencing conflict about their sex life.

How Teen Lesbians Can Ask a Girl Out
How does a teen lesbian, fresh out of the closet, ask another girl out?

Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships
Lesbians do experience domestic violence. This article explores the statistics of domestic violence, the facts, myths and definitions of domestic violence in lesbian relationships. It also explains the cycle of violence in an abusive relationship.

Myths & Facts of Domestic Violence for Lesbians
Lesbians do experience domestic violence. What are some of the myths and facts about domestic violence in lesbian relationships? This article explains some of the common misconceptions about lesbian battering. Page 2.

Ireen Wüst - Lesbian Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater
Ireen WŁst - Olympic Gold Medalist in Speed Skating from Netherlands

How can I turn her on before we get to the Good Stuff?
A teenager is ready to have sex with her girlfriend, but she doesn't know what she needs to do in order to turn her on. What should she do for her first time having sex with another girl?

Lesbian Q&A: Crush on Married Woman Flirting With Me
If it's your first time being attracted to a woman and you're older, chances are you have both been involved in heterosexual relationships. One of you may even be married. What do you do it you are attracted to a married woman? How do you know if she is attracted to you?

Sexual Orientation Versus Arousal
Sexual orientation and desire are related, but they are not the same thing.

Lesbian Vs. Gay Woman - Question & Comments
Here's a question I received today: I feel really dumb asking this question, but hope you can clarify for me. What is the difference between

How to Stop Female Ejaculation - Expert Q&A
I received this email from a reader I just read your blog about female ejaculation. Except I was looking for a way to STOP the ejaculation, not stimulate

Gertrude "Ma" Rainey: Mother of the Blues
Ma Rainey was a Black lesbian or bisexual blues singer who sang

Billie Jean King: Tennis Legend and Women's Rights Advocate
Billie Jean King is known as an amazing tennis player, an advocate for women's and girls' rights and one of the first professional athletes to come out as bisexual or lesbian.

Lesbian Queen Latifah - Is Queen Latifah a Lesbian?
Is Queen Latifah a lesbian? Has Queen Latifah, musician, actress, model and business woman come out?

Scissr: Lesbian Web Series
Hot New Lesbian Web Series: Scissr and interview with creator Lauren Augarten.

Where is Gay Sex Illegal? Which countries ban gay sex?
There are more than 80 countries where a person can be punished for having consensual gay sex. Here is a list of places where sex is illegal for gays and lesbians.

Alexandra Hedison and Jodie Foster Marry
Jodie Foster and Alexandra Hedison began dating in 2013 and married in 2014.

Trouble With My Girlfriend and Her Ex-Boyfriend
What do you do when you have a girlfriend who is still in close contact with her ex-boyfriend? You're not sure if they still have feelings for each other and it makes you nervous.

For Lesbians - Five Reasons to Have Sex
Healthy reasons for lesbians to have sex.

Afraid of Penetration - Lesbian Wants to Know Why She is Afraid of Sex Toys and Penetration
A young lesbian wants to better understand her fear of vaginal penetration and what she can do to overcome her fear.

Why Does My Lesbian Daughter Wear Men's Clothes?
A mother of a lesbian wrote to me to get some advice on how her daughter dresses. She does not have a problem with her daughter's sexual orientation, but with that she dresses in men's clothing.

Be Selfish
If you are selfish, you're not good relationship material.

Stop Having Sex and Kill Your Relationship
Keeping passion alive is important for a vibrant and happy relationship.

Always Have to be Right
Always having to be right is one way to sabotage a relationship.

Don't Trust
Jealous and mistrust are sure ways to sabotage a relationship.

Lying can sabotage a relationship very quickly
Lying is a key factor in the downfall of a relationship.

Insult her or Put her Down
Criticism can kill a relationship.

Examples of Vows From a Lesbian Wedding
Here are vows from a lesbian wedding to give you ideas and inspiration for writing your own lesbian wedding vows.

BDSM and Sadomasochism - Relationships
Curious about how to get started with BDSM or sadomasochism? Learn the basics and how to get your lover involved with S/M.

Partner Assisted Reproduction - IVF for Lesbians
Can two women make a baby that is biologically both of theirs? Find out about procedures and advances in medical and fertility technologies.

Tips to Make Your Relationship Awesome
Making love last doesn't have to be complicated. Here are 6 relatively simple things you can do to make your lesbian relationship awesome.

The Place for Femmes - Pink Lobster Dating
A lesbian dating site for lipstick lesbians and femmes: Pink Lobster Dating.

Lesbians: How to Respond to an Online Personal Ad
How do you respond to a lesbian online dating personal ad in a way that will get a response back? Tips for getting the most out of your lesbian online dating experience.

Lesbian Summer Reading List 2012
Looking for the perfect book to take to the beach or on that long plane ride? Here are my top picks for lesbian summer reading for 2012.

Best First Date Ideas for Lesbians
For lesbians going on a first date. Where to go for your first date?

Alternative Lesbian Valentine Ideas
You're not the average lesbian couple, so why do something average on Valentine's Day. Step outside of your box and out of the norm and try one or more of these alternative Valentine ideas for lesbians.

Alternative Lesbian Valentine Ideas
You're not the average lesbian couple, so why do something average on Valentine's Day. Step outside of your box and out of the norm and try one or more of these alternative Valentine ideas for lesbians.

Lesbian Circuit Parties, Festivals and National Events
Where are the big lesbian parties this year? Here is a list of the best lesbian circuit parties, festivals and other national lesbian events and parties.

Ten Things Every Lesbian Should Own
Ten things every lesbian should own.

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2012
These fun and sexy ideas for lesbian holiday gifts.

Free Lesbian Gift Ideas
You don't have to spend money to give someone a meaningful gift. Here are some great ideas for free gifts for your lesbian friends.

Ways to Keep Your Relationship Vibrant
Ten easy ways to keep your love life and relationship vibrant and sexy.

Things to Consider Before Moving in Together
Is it time to move in with your partner? What are some things you should think about and talk about before the two of you move in together?

Ten Signs a New Relationship is Going to Work--Is this relationship going to work?
Ten Signs a New Relationship is Going to Work--Is this relationship going to work?

Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2008
Lesbian Holiday Gift Guide 2008

Sexy Date Ideas for Lesbians
A list of sexy and erotic date ideas for lesbians.

Dating Tips for Lesbians
Now that you've come out of the closet, where do you meet other women?

She Won't Have Sex With Me Because She Can't Get Me Pregnant
A lesbian is upset because her partner stopped having sex with her because she realizes they can never have a baby that is biologically theirs.

Coming Out to Your Children
For Lesbian Parents: Advice on Coming Out to your Children

The Risks of Coming Out to Your Children
Coming out to your children for lesbian parents Coming out to teenagers. Page 2.

How to Come Out to your Children
For Lesbian Parents: Advice on how to come out to your children. Page 3.

What Not to Say to a Lesbian: I Wish I could be a Lesbian
Straight girls: do you wish you could be a lesbian? Page 9.

What Not to Say to a Lesbian: Why Do You Have to Shove it in My Face?
I don't mind gays, but why do they have to be so blatant. Page 8.

Things Not to Say to a Lesbian: I Don't Have Any Problem with Gays, I Just Don't think They Should Get Married
Things not to say to a lesbian:

What Not to Say to a Lesbian: Who's the Man?
Don't say this to a lesbian couple: Which one of you is the man? Page 11.

What Not To Say to a Lesbian: Can I Watch?
When you meet a lesbian, don't ask her if you can watch. That's just rude. Page 7.

What Not to Say to a Lesbian: But You're So Pretty!
Don't tell a lesbian she's too pretty to be gay! Page 6.

What Not to Say to a Lesbian: You'll Go to Hell
Don't tell a lesbian that she'll go to hell for being gay. Page 5.

Things not to say to a lesbian: Don't You Want Kids?
Don't tell a lesbian that having children is not possible. Lesbians can be and are parents. Page 4.

Things not to say to a lesbian: Your Live will Be So Hard
What should you never say to a lesbian: Your life will be so hard! Page 3.