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Troubleshooting Light Bulbs
Do you have to buy another new bulb or is there something else wrong? Here are some simple ways to find out.

Incandescent and Halogen Lighting
Find information on incandescent lighting bulbs and fixtures, including halogen bulbs and fixtures. We have reviews, illustrations, examples and more to help you learn what you need to know.

Lighting by Purpose
Find ideas, reviews and examples of lighting fixtures and bulbs for general and task-specific lighting.

How Light Switches Work (On / Off, 3-Way, 4-Way)
How does a 3-way switch work, or a 4-way? If you're installing new switches or upgrading some of your existing ones, which kind do you need to buy?

Troubleshooting Light Bulb Sockets
If you have a light bulb socket that isn't powering the bulb, you need to troubleshoot and repair or replace it. Here's how you can do that.

What Are the Best Lights for Under-Cabinet Lighting?
As under-cabinet lights have become more popular, more options for installing them have become available. The question is, which would you be happiest with?

Before You Buy Recessed Lights
What are the features of different recessed lights? What trim do you want? Which light bulb? Learn about these factors, and more, in this article.

What Size Light Bulb Can I Use?
Newer light fixtures have a

Removing a Broken Light Bulb Base From a Light Fixture
If a light bulb breaks in a fixture, here are some tricks to help you get it out safely and completely.

When to Use Warm Lighting and Why
What is warm lighting and where and when is it most useful?

Lighting for Late Victorian Through Craftsman Era Home
This is a list of the best quality lighting fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, light switches and other products for replicating the look and feel of lighting at the turn of the 20th century.

When to Use a Hickey with Your Lighting
A hickey is used to hang a chandelier when the two nipples are different sizes.

Wall Sconces that Use Switches
This article describes wall sconces and their use in the home, including why and where they are useful, their styles, installing them and their history.


Lighting Advice for Home and Office
Answers to your questions about natural and artificial light, light fixtures, light bulbs and the ways we create and control the light around us.

Recessed Lights
Recessed lights can be added in almost any space to enhance the look as well as the light level: what are they?

Watt Definition
Light bulbs and lamps are rated in watts: how is a watt defined and what does it measure?

Best Gas Chandeliers
During the Gaslight era - roughly the 19th century - built-in or permanently mounted lighting fixtures could be installed and used for the first time in our homes, businesses and public spaces. They all burned gas, of course. Both 19th century architecture and chandeliers are still popular, and many lighting companies have refurbished and reproduction fixtures available. Some of the best of those are listed here.

What Is Light?
What is the nature of light? How do we see? What we mean by the color, or the temperature, of light, plus more on the science of light.

Lighting Fixtures
Find ideas on surface, pendant and recessed lighting fixtures, including sconces. Learn how to choose and install the best lighting fixture for you.

Fluorescent Lights / CFLs
Find ideas on fluorescent lighting bulbs and fixtures. Advice, examples, descriptions and illustrations of what you need to know.

Lighting Glossary
A glossary of terms related to lighting, lamps, fixtures and related topics.

LED Lighting
Find ideas on LED lighting bulbs and fixtures. Advice to help you choose, install and use LED lighting.

Lighting Controls
What are the different ways to control lighting? Find articles, illustrations, reviews to help you choose which switch, dimmer, remote or other control you want to use. Also learn how to install a lighting control.

Lighting by Location
Where do you want the light? Where do you want it to come from, or appear to come from? Find reviews, illustrations and advice to help you choose between direct, indirect, reflected or other types of lighting location and treatment.

Work Lights
What is the best light to use as a work light? Do you want something to carry your hand, or one you can clamp or set somewhere, or one you can wear?

Using Your Light Bulbs to Transmit Sound and Data
We may soon be able to use our LED light bulbs to transmit sound and data, at speeds that are at least 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Pendant Light Definition
Some ceiling-mounted light fixtures are called

Lighting for Therapy
Lighting affects the way we feel and act. Learning and using some simple techniques to shift the light in your environment can improve you mood, your skin, and your sleep pattern.

Best Replica Dual-Fuel Gas-Electric Wall Sconces
Wall sconces were in common use during the gaslight era and the gas-electric transition period. For one thing, you could reach the fixture to light it, turn it off, or do maintenance on it without hauling out a step ladder. Gas-electric wall sconces can complete the look of that period and, at the same time, add light just where you need it -- over a serving table, behind your favorite chair, or next to your bed.Here are some of the best fixtures available today for recapturing the look. Best of all, they don't need any space on the floor or a table.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Lighting for the Festival of Lights
Lighting for the Festival of Lights

What Is Light?
Is Light Particles or Waves? Lighting.

Why Are Candles Used to Celebrate?
Celebrations are lavish affairs. Thea means they're often expensive, and meant to impress. Back when good candles were all handmade and really expensive, burning a lot of them at once was really impressive.

How Did We Get Candles?
How did we develop candles, starting from torches? Maybe because we observed fat melting over a fire, and burning with a bright flame when it dripped into the fire?

Why Do Candles Feel Romantic?
We've gone to bed by candlelight for millenia. Since before recorded history. How could that light not be the ultimate mood lighting?

Candles as Emergency Lighting
One of our oldest sources of artificial light is still one of our most reliable ones.



Thanksgiving Lighting
How to light your home for Thanksgiving



Best Lighting for a Victorian Home
The Victorian Era lasted from 1840 to 1900, and included many different home styles. It can be a bit of an art choosing the right fixture for one of these homes, and this guide can help you do that.

Before You Buy an Extension Cord
Not all extension cords are made the same, and the prices can vary quite a bit too. Knowing what you need before you go shopping will help you get the best one to meet your needs.

Push-Button Switches
These push button light switches are near-replicas of the ones that were installed from the earliest days of electric lighting through the 1920s. The important difference is that these switches meet the most modern code requirements. They only look old.

Luminarias for Halloween
Luminarias are quick and easy decorations you can make for Halloween, and they don't have to be expensive. Plus, they can act as pathway lights for added safety.

Quick Tips for Changing Light Bulbs
Follow these tips to increase the life of your bulb and make it easier to change the next time.

Why Are LED Light Bulbs Coming Out Everywhere?
LED light bulbs are suddenly everywhere. Why is that? Are they better? Is this the future of lighting?

Lighting Your Way to Security
What to get, and what not to get, for lighting your path.

Setting your Lighting to Set Your Mood
How to set your lighting to give you the mood you want, whether it's romantic and relaxing, or

Setting a Romantic Mood
How to set your lighting for a romantic evening, or for a relaxing evening at home.

Choosing Outdoor Security Lights - What to Look For
Choose the outdoor security lights and controls that will give you the light you want, when and where you need it. Learn here what to look for in selecting and positioning outdoor security lights.

Controlling an Outdoor Security Light
How to change the settings, and choose the ones that work best for you, on your outdoor security light.

More about Lighting in the Kitchen
More about Lighting in the Kitchen. Page 5.

General Kitchen Lighting: Types
What are the best lighting fixtures and methods for your kitchen? Do you want recessed fixtures, pendant fixtures, surface fixtures or a combination of these?

Recessed Lights: The Lights That Disappear
Recessed overhead lighting in the kitchen. Page 2.

Surface Lighting in the Kitchen
Surface overhead lighting in the kitchen. Page 3.

Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen
Pendant lighting in the kitchen. Page 4.

Lumens Per Watt - A Measure of Lighting Efficiency
Lumens per watt is the standard measure for determining the efficiency of light bulbs.

Top 10 Tips for Safe Outdoor Lighting
Light up your porch or yard, and do it safely, with these top tips.

Testing For a Complete Circuit in a Light Bulb Holder
If some of your light bulb sockets and tombstones have power but won't turn the light on, you may be missing the return - the neutral. Find out.

Yellow “Bug Away” Lights
What's a

The Hunter Simple Connect Remote Control System
The Bluetooth remote from Hunter

Review: Cree Standard 40W Replacement LED
How is it different? How much will it cost every year? Will it save me money? Will I like it long-term?

The 60W Bulb with the Best Light Quality Available+
A review of the TrueWhite 60-watt-equivalent LED light bulb from Cree. What are the benefits?

Review: Cree Standard 60W Replacement LED Light Bulb
The best replacement you can buy for a 60W incandescent light bulb turns out to be a new product from what appears to be a new company. No, the company's been around awhile.

Review: GE Crystal Clear Double Life 40 Watt Candelabra Light Bulb
If you already have some of these trusty incandescent candelabra light bulbs, you might as well use them up. But the replacements coming to market now are a lot better. Really.

Cree 40W Equivalent LED Candelabra Light Bulb Review
The Cree LED replacement for the 40W incandescent candelabra light bulb is both a good deal and a good bulb

Light Bulb Letter and Number Codes
A list of the letter and number codes used to designate and describe the shape ans size of light bulbs;

The Hybrid Light Bulb that Provides Bright Light As Soon As You Switch It On
The GE 63508 Reveal® Bright from the Start™ CFL light bulb combines CFL and halogen technologies to provide the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs with the immediate light from halogen. Does that work? Is it as expensive as it sounds?

Wink Controls for Home Automation
Wink Is the new Internet of Things company on the block. It's very slick looking, but is it worth the price? Considering what it can do and what it costs, plus some other issue, maybe not. At least not yet.

The Plug-In Lamp Module
The LM465 Lamp Module is the most commonly used lighting control device in an X-10 system.

The Socket Rocket
The X-10 Socket Rocket controls light bulbs one-by-one.

The X-10 Wall Switches
Remotely control all of the lights that already have a wall switch just by replacing the switch.

What an X-10 Control Module Does
What an X-10 lighting control module does

The Top-of-the-Line X10 Transceiver
The CM15A ActiveHome Pro USB Computer Interface Module is the X-10 transceiver that lets you control your lighting online

The Basic X-10 Transceiver
The simplest, least expensive X-10 transceiver

The More Sensitive Transceiver
The more sensitive X-10 RR501 RF Based Transceiver Module

What an X-10 Transceiver Does
What an X10 transceiver is, and what it does

What an X-10 Controller Does
An X-10 controller sends your commands to the system

What’s Available
There are a lot of X-10 controllers to choose from.

The Key Fob
An X10 lighting controller you can carry in your pocket

The Slim Switch
There are three X-10 slim switches that look different but work the same way

The Mini Timer
Want some of your lights to come on to help you wake up? Or to welcome you home? An X10 mini timer can do that.

Mini Controllers
An X-10 mini controller is a great device to use if you want to control up to eight sets of lights by hand.

The X-10 PC Interface
The X-10 PC interface is the device at the heart of full automation for your home.

Lighting by Room
Find ideas for lighting each room of the house. Advice, examples, descriptions and illustrations of what you need to know.

What Is X-10?
Control Your Lights from Anywhere with X-10 Wireless and Wired Remote Controls

How Does an X-10 Control System Work?
How an X-10 Control System Works

The Control Modules
X-10 Control Modules. Lighting.

The Transceivers
X-10 Transceivers. Lighting.

The Controllers
X-10 Controllers. Lighting.

A Neo-Jacobean Revival
Modern light fixtures and ceiling fans look right at home in a private-home-turned-meeting-house that dates from 1900.

Pull the Old Switch Out of the Wall
See what you're starting with before you try to change it.

To Install a Dimmer Switch, First Turn the Power Off
Working with the power on is dangerous. Working with the power off isn't.

Read the Instructions
Instructions? Who needs instructions? You and I and everyone else, at least the first time.

Remove the Wires from your Old Switch
Take the wires off your old switch and get them ready to attach to your new dimmer.

Connect the Wires to Your New Dimmer
Follow the instructions and the marks you made earlier to connect the wires.

Mount Your Dimmer
Mount your new dimmer whichever way you like. Top and bottom have no meaning with a 3-way switch.

Finish Up
Done. Time to enjoy your new dimmer.

Seeing a Rainbow
It takes sunlight, water droplets and a human observer to make a rainbow

Every lighting fixture has its pros. This one has several.
The good points of the Mr Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Slim Lights

Can a Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light Be a Good Under-Cabinet Light?
Under-cabinet lighting can be the most useful task lighting in your home, but it can be a challenge to install. Wireless fixtures make the installation easy.

Having a light that comes on and goes off on its own takes getting used to
A light that comes on and goes off automatically is different.

Every lighting fixture can also have some things you don't enjoy as much.
Some features that aren't so good.

What using this fixture has been like in the first few weeks.
What using this fixture has been like in the first few weeks.

Turn the Power Off at Your Electrical Panel
How to safely install a single pole dimmer switch

Pull the Old Switch and Look at the Wiring
Check out the switch you're replacing before you remove it

Read the Instructions
Seriously. Read the instructions to see how your new dimmer needs to be connected.

Disconnect the Wires from your Old Switch
This is when you disconnect your old switch.

Connect the Wires to Your New Dimmer
And this is when you connect the wires to your new dimmer.

Mount Your Dimmer
Mount your new dimmer in the wall box.

Finish Up
Test it, fix it if you need to, and put the cover on. Clean up. Well done.

Choose the Dimmer You Need
How to pick the dimmer you like and need, and have fun doing it

Single Pole or 3-Way?
A single pole dimmer can only control lights from one location. More than that and you need a 3-way dimmer.

Regular Dimmer or Triac?
You may want to use a modern, current-interrupting dimmer in some cases. Otherwise, a regular dimmer should be all you need.

What Style Dimmer?

Gasoline Lanterns
A gasoline lantern is a high-powered, pressurized lantern that sprays vaporized gasoline onto glowing silk mantles to produce a lot of bright light.

Can a Gasoline Lantern Be Used as an Emergency Light?
A gasoline lantern may be just the thing you need to have some light when your power goes out -- especially if you need light outdoors or in an outbuilding.

Can a Gasoline Lantern Be Used Indoors?
Not really, and not safely. You don't want to spend any significant amount of time in a closed space with something that gives off the fumes that a gasoline lantern does.

How Lanterns Started
Oil lanterns have been around for centuries, and we're still using them.

The Development of the Modern Oil Lantern
How oil lanterns became what they are today.

What Makes It a Lantern?
Why is called an oil lantern? What makes it different from, say, an oil lamp?

Why Oil Lanterns Are Still in Demand
Why do we still like and use oil lanterns? What are they well suited for doing?

Setting Up Your Lamp
An oil lamp isn't a plug-n-play fixture. You'll need to do some checking and cleaning of an older fixture, and go through the filling and trimming routine in any case.

Replacing the Wick
You're going to need to replace the wick in every oil lamp sooner or later. The burn up. They're a disposable part. Here's how.

Lighting Your Lamp
It's easy to light an oil lamp, right? Sure, so long as you've prepped it and you know how to adjust the flame.

Turning an Oil Lamp Off
What you really do is blow it out. Then, after it cools a bit, you lower the wick just a little, to protect it.

How an Oil Lamp Works
Table lamps that burn oil pretty much all work the same way. Jog your memory or pick up a new pointer on what that is.

The Antiques
You can often find old oil lamps for a good price at a yard sale or flea ,market, or for a bit more at an antiques store. Check to make sure your find works as is, or is easily repairable.

Choosing an Oil Lamp
Choose the oil lamp you want. You can optimize for an antique look, a parlor decoration, a task light or an emergency light, but a good oil lamp can be all of these.

The Cree 3-Way LED Light Bulb -- Getting a Replacement Right
Pros and Cons of the new 3-way LED light bulb from Cree. Costs, benefits, and more.

The EcoSmart 23-Watt Dimmable Soft White CFL Bulb Is a Good Performer
The EcoSmart 23 watt dimmable soft white CFL light bulb is a replacement for a standard 100 watt incandescent light bulb, now that these bulbs have been phased out. How well does it do that?

Slim. Cute. Silly. Are They Any good?
A lot of companies have geared up to sell us replacements for our old light bulbs. With this LED bulb, Phillips has taken the lead in the 60W division.

A Good Bulb -- More Efficient than an Incandescent, Warmer than a CFL
The GE 63003 high efficiency halogen light bulb is one of the light bulbs that's being offered to replace the standard 60 watt incandescent light bulb as these bulbs are being phased out. How does it measure up?

What Is Emergency Lighting?
Emergency lighting is what you use until the power comes back on. There are four good, safe ways to get that light, and one that you can use under certain conditions -- like outdoors.

Oil Lanterns
When you need to walk around with your emergency light, and then set it down or hang it up while you use it, you want an oil lantern.

Battery-Powered Lights
Gotta have a flashlight. And you need to check out the new battery-powered LED lanterns too.


Oil Lamps
Oil Lamps are old, reliable technology. Our grandparents (or their parents) used nothing else.

Gasoline Lanterns
Great for camping. Indoors, not so much.

Mr Beams LED Lantern with a USB Charging Port
This battery-powered LED lantern can give you about 30 hours of bright light, or 15 hours of light plus three full charges of your mobile phone, on one set of batteries.

Why the TCP LED10A19DOD27K 60W Replacement A19 LED Light Bulb Is Worth Considering
There are more new LED light bulbs on the market every day. Not all of them are good buys, but this one isn't bad. The TCP LED10A19DOD27K is worth considering.

How Does Track Lighting Work, and What Can You Do With It?
Track lighting is more versatile and decorative than before. Learn how and where you can make use of this handy problem problem-solver.

How to Add Task Lighting for Comfort and Safety
Having good task lighting in your home can add ease, comfort, even safety. Here's how to assess and add that important piece of your lighting.

Resolved: Add Motion Detectors, Timers, Lights With Photocells
Resolutions to light up your life: add motion detectors, timers and lights with photocells for security, ease and safety.

Resolved: Replace One Light Bulb (or More) Each Month
Resolutions to light up your life: change your old incandescent bulbs to save electricity, money and time.

Resolved: Better Lighting Around Your Computer
Resolutions to light up your life: improve the lighting around your computer to save your eyes and make working at the computer more pleasant.

Resolved: Take Down Holiday Lights and Take the Time to Pack Them Right
Resolutions to light up your life: take proper care of holiday lights at the time you take them down and pack them.

Resolved: Add Path and Stair Lights for Security
Resolutions to light up your life: add path and stair lights for security.

Best Outdoor Holiday Lights
What are the best, brightest and safest outdoor holiday lights? What will help you get that needed shot of light and joy in the middle of winter without costing more than you can afford?

How to Install Recessed Lights - New Construction
Once you've decided to use a

What to Know Before You Buy a Chandelier
This article discusses the things you want to consider before buying and installing a chandelier.

Glare: When a Light Is Just Too Bright in Contrast
What is glare, why is it a problem, and what can you do about it? Glare is subjective -- we experience glare when there's a large contrast between a lighter spot and the darker surroundings.

Great Shade, Wrong Light Bulb
The new flame-shaped globe looks great for the fixture, the space and the period. The CFL light bulb -- not so much.

One Additional Step, to Add the Right Light Bulb, and This Project Looks Finished
If the fixture looks fine but the light from it doesn't, it's time to buy a different light bulb. In this case, replacing a CFL with a halogen bulb made all the difference.

This Once-Impressive Fixture Was Looking Worn Down
The central fixture in this foyer, at the foot of the stairs, had suffered from damage and insensitive fixes. Now it looks more like its old self.

A Flame-Shaped Globe? For a Fixture That Looks Like aTorch? Sure, Why Not?
This flame-shaped globe looks like it could have always been here, even if it's nothing like the original.

The New Halogen Light Bulb for the Torch
This torch fixture with its flame-shaped shade needed a warm light, not the cold blue of the CFL that was in it before. A new 43W halogen light bulb turned out to be just right.

The Best Replacement for a 60 Watt Incandescent Light Bulb
Find the best 60 watt replacement light bulb. Cut through the hype and confusion, and save money too

Going Retro with New Switches
Replacing a couple of toggle switches with a pushbutton switch and a pushbutton dimmer. We wanted to add the dimmer for the new fixtures we'd installed, and these switches match the others for this space.

With Controllable RGB LED Light Bulbs You Can Have Any Color You Want
Use controllable RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lights to have any color light you want, for any Holiday or other occasion.

How 3-way Light Bulbs and Sockets Work Together to Give Us Different Levels of Light
3-way light bulbs and sockets work together to give us what we want, How that works and how to troubleshoot and fix problems with them.

When the Existing Fixture Won't Do, It's Time to Replace It
We replaced the old, outmoded and damaged fluorescent tube fixtures with modern fixtures tha both look and perform better.

Was It Worth the Time and Expense to Restore the Old Fixtures?
While almost any lighting fixture can be restored, the question is whether it's worth the time and cost. In this case, just installing new fixtures that matched the old ones would have been far easier and much less expensive than the restoration.

The Old Fixtures Needed to Go, so They Did -- Straight to Recycling
We took the old fixtures down and sent them to recycling. Then the ceiling had to be reworked.

While the Ceiling Was Being Repaired We Got the New Fixtures Ready
We reworked the mounting in the ceiling, adding boxes, and got the new fixtures purchased and assembled. Then we were ready for the installation. The new fixtures look better, perform better, and they're dimmable!

Carefully. They Have to Be Kept Away from Any Sharp Edges
Don't just cram them in. Shape them in

This Is Kinda Fun, and It Really Pays Off in Appearance
Give this a try. It'll make the finished product look professional.

Just This Step and It's Finished.
Attach the hanging loop to the top of the chain and you're ready to go install your

Just Water, Some Brushes, and Elbow Grease for this Fixture
Don't skip or short-cut on this step. This is where you bring the old fixture back to its original glory.

Just Keep Hot and Nuetral on Their Own
Splice each function separately.

Wire Nuts Go Over the Ends to Protect Each Splice
Again, not difficult, but important.

This Was More of a Challenge Than We Would Have Liked
The good news is that we got it done, and it's done right now.

If It's a Nice Fixture Why Replace It?
This one needed some work, but that was a lot cheaper than replacing it and looked better too.

The Sockets, Plus the Stands They're Mounted on
Each of the bulb holders needs to be inspected, and repaired if it needs it.

This Is the Easy Part
Pick a color you like and go for it.

This Isn't Awful, but It Isn't Right Either -- So It Gets Replaced
Better safe than sorry. If only the replacement wire had been easier to find.

This Is Easier than Working from a Ladder
Find a space where you can spread out the parts and not be disturbed

The Light from this "Old" Floor Lamp Could Be Better
This is the

What Might One of the New LED 3-way Light Bulbs Do Here?
The Cree 3-way LED light bulb passed all the tests I had for it, and looks good too.

The Right Light Bulb Can Make a Big Difference

9 Tips for Dorm Room Lighting
What should you consider in dorm room lighting?

Vintage Light Bulbs: What They Are and Ways to Use Them
What are these new bulbs that look like they're 100 years old? They're vintage, or retro, light bulbs.

Vintage light bulbs aren't efficient, but they're not meant to be. They're meant to help create a mood or atmosphere.

Vintage light bulbs are made for fun, and using them can help make any evening more relaxed.

Review: GE 13257 40W Incandescent Light Bulb
A review of one of the most standard

Lamps with Power
There are table and desk lamps available now that provide plug-in power outlets for standard power or USB connection, or an Ethernet connection or, sometimes, a combination of these. This is a list of some of those that are worth considering.

What Is Incandescent Light?
How does an incandescent bulb produce light? Why do they burn out? Why aren't they sold anymore? The design and history of incandescent lighting.

Why Watts Don't Matter
Watts matter if you're trying to cut down on your electric bill. They don't matter if you're trying to get the right amount of light. That's about the number of lumens the light emits, and the most efficient light bulbs are the ones that emit the most lumens per watt.

Installing a Pendant Light
This article is a step-by-step explanation of what you need to do to replace an existing ceiling fixture with a new pendant fixture, including the safe way to handle the wiring.

A Brief History of Lighting - Daylight to Light Bulbs
How did we get from torches to LEDs? What did we have to do to wind up with light that we can use and control the way we want?

The Gaslight Era
In the early 1800s a new method of lighting our homes, businesses and streets was developed which, for the first time, brought the fuel in from an outside utility. This mew method spread rapidly in Europe and North America, and dominated the field until reliable and safe electricity became available in the early 20th century.

Pendant Lights - What They Are and What You Can Do with Them
This article describes pendant lights and the ways we use them.

Review: TESS TS04-10W Warm White 60W Replacement A19 LED Light Bulb
The new and improved 60-watt-replacement LED light bulb from Cree

An LED Replacement for Your 90-Watt Reflector Bulbs
An LED PAR bulb from Cree, with either a spot or a flood beam angle -- and it can go outdoors

What Are the Hazards of CFL Light Bulbs?
What is the truth about mercury, migraines, skin cancer and CFLs? Is there a real connection or not?

Best Classic Wall Sconces
If your home is built in the Neoclassical style that was popular in America between 1825 and 1860, appropriate lighting will certainly include wall sconces. This architectural style has remained popular, and many lighting companies offer restored and reproduction sconces that suit it. This list has links to the best of them.

Best Gas Wall Sconces
We've been using wall sconces for millennia, ever since someone decided to stick a torch into a crevice in a cave wall to provide light without having to hold it. But these fixtures changed when gas lighting was developed.They were extended out into the room, to keep the gas burner away from the wall, and they could be mounted on any wall that you could get a gas pipe into. If you enjoy the look and feel of gas lighting and the the Gaslight era, this list has some of the best fixtures available and the companies that make them available.

Best Gas-Electric Chandeliers
When electricity started replacing gas for lighting at the end of the 19th century, many homes and offices had dual-fuel fixtures installed that could burn the reliable gas and use electricity when it was on and steady. Here are some of the best chandeliers for replicating that look today.

Best Gas-Electric Pendant Lights
Gas-electric pendant lights may have been a bit more of a design challenge that chandeliers or wall sconces, but that didn't stop the innovators you engineered this hybrid solution to the challenge of replacing gas lighting with the new electric style. Here are some of the best fixtures available today for recapturing the look.

Best Lighting for Your Greek Revival Home
The best fixtures for the Greek Revival or classic style are those that have classic styling and look like they only use gas to produce the light.

Pendant Lamp Shade
A shiny metallic pendant lamp shade focuses task lighting downwards. Page 5.

Why You Need a Lamp Shade
Seeing a bright bare bulb can be dangerous to your eye. Use a lamp shade to protect your eye and to direct the light to where you want it.

Typical Lamp Shade for a Floor Lamp
Standard floor lamp shade helps protect the eye and direct the light where it's needed. Page 2.

Lamp Shade for a Table Lamp
A table lamp's shade directs its light and protects the eyes of people in the room. Page 3.

Smaller Lamp Shades for Task Lights
Bedside task lights benefit from small lamp shades that focus the light narrowly. Page 4.

Take a Cue From a Restaurant
Seeing a bright bare bulb can be dangerous to your eye. Use a lamp shade to protect your eye and to direct the light to where you want it. Page 6.

Chinese Lantern Lamp Shade
Seeing a bright bare bulb can be dangerous to your eye. Use a lamp shade to protect your eye and to direct the light to where you want it. Page 7.

Make a Fashion Statement
Lamp shades can also make fashion statements. Page 8.

How can you choose the chandelier that's right for you and your room?

Cool Lighting
What is cool lighting? When is it most appropriate? Why do we seek it?

Lighting for Older Adults
As adults age, the eyes change and life changes, adding new challenges and opportunities for lighting the home.

Repair Your Christmas Lights
Don't just throw your old holiday light strings if they aren't working when you unpack them. Repair them instead, and save the money for something you really want to do.

General Lighting
General lighting is the first light in a room. The light we turn on first, and the first light in the layers of light that complete the room. But what is it, exactly, how do we get it, and what do we need it to do?

Review: GE 60W Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb
LED lighting id suddenly the rage. Sure it's efficient, but it's also expensive. Is it worth it? Review the GE A19 LED Light Bulb to see.

Looking at Projected Light
Looking at projected light has become part of our lives, but it is so new in our history that we're still researching it's effect on our health and well-being.