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Great Hair Day Product Review
Do you struggle with gray roots or thinning hair? Learn the benefits of Joan Rivers' durable, effective fill in powder in this Great Hair Day review.

Top Longevity & Anti Aging Foods and Drinks
Anti-aging foods can help you eat and drink your way to a longer life. Work these ten top longevity foods into your diet for tons of vitamins, antioxidants and other benefits. Start by adding just one a day. Then add another and another until you have a great anti-aging diet.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Live Longer
Find out which lifestyle habits to ditch and which behaviors to adopt instead if you want to live longer.

Healthy Gifts for Your Mother's Well-Being
Whether it's for her birthday, Mother's Day, or some other special occasion, here are some healthy gift ideas for your mom that will boost her well-being and longevity.

Aging and Longevity - Theories and Effects
Aging is a complex process that researchers are only now beginning to understand. There are many theories of aging and many descriptions of what aging does to our bodies. The reality is that all of these processes interact in a complex way. By understanding aging theories and why we age, we can better take action to age in a healthy way and live longer.

What Health Properties Do Pomegranates Have?
Pomegranates are a great source of vitamin C and other critical nutrients. As a bonus, they may also have additional health-promoting properties.

New Reading Material Ideas for Brain Health and Fitness
Mental fitness is about your brain finding new connections and seeing the world in a new way. Here are some ideas for reading material to do just that.

Longevity To-Dos for Your 80s
Longevity in your 80s involves maintaining good health, focusing on brain aging, preventing illnesses, screenings and more.

How Worry and Anxiety Impact Longevity
Worry, anxiety and being neurotic can shorten your life expectancy. Here's why, plus how you can increase your longevity with relaxation techniques.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

The 10 Best Foods for Longevity
These are the foods that can leave you feeling energized, reduce your risk of illness, and allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Top Anti-Aging Methods
Anti-aging is a new and increasingly popular field. The benefits of anti-aging methods range from feeling younger to potentially living longer.

Mangosteen Health Benefits
Mangosteen juice or supplements are touted as a way to curb arthritis, lose weight and even beat aging. Is any of the hype on this

The Stages of Sleep - Sleep Cycles – Sleeps Phases
Your sleep cycles through 5 different stages each night. These phases have different brain activity and muscle movement. These sleep cycles also have different effects on your body. Learning good sleep habits will help you stay energized throughout life.

The Best Remedies for Dry, Chapped Hands
Home heating goes on, moisture goes out: dry skin is one of the most painful side effects of winter. See the best remedies for dry, chapped skin.

Top List of Websites and Games for Brain Exercise
From Sudoku to handheld games, people young and old alike have been looking for ways to improve their mental functioning and prevent brain aging.

Cuisinart Electronic Yogurt Maker Review
One of the newest home yogurt makers on the market is from Cuisinart, boasting the ability to make - and chill - each batch. Does it deliver?

Drugs and Cataract Risk
Did you know that the medications you take can affect how vulnerable your eyes are to the sun's rays? Learn how some drugs can lead to cataracts.

Eye Color and Cataract Risk
Can eye color affect how likely it is you'll get cataracts in the future? Learn why light-colored eyes are more vulnerable to damage from the sun.

How to Prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis When You Travel
Learn these easy tips to help prevent deep vein thrombosis when traveling by air, bus, train or car.

Deep Vein Thrombosis in Older Adults
Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot that forms in large veins usually in the leg. Find out why deep vein thrombosis occurs, and what to do about it.

The Difference Between White and Black Chia Seeds
Chia seeds are available in two colors: black and white. Read on to discover which offers greater health benefits, black or white chia seeds.

5 Foods to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes
A superior diet can prevent diabetes and a high nutrient or nutritarian diet can reverse the disease, removing it completely in a majority of patients.

The Truth Behind the RealAge Books and Test
Is the RealAge test real? How different can your chronological and biological ages be? Read on for a review of the RealAge concept and famous program.

Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth Myth
The Fountain of Youth myth is a tale as old as time, but in the 16th century the legend was tied to a Spanish explorers by the name of Ponce de Leon.

Rate of Living Theory of Aging
The rate of living aging theory says you only have a finite number of breaths or heartbeats and die once those are gone. But does the theory hold up?

The Best and Worst Countries in Terms of Life Expectancy
Longevity research includes work with life expectancies, which vary significantly around the world. Discover the countries with the best and worst.

Telomeres and Aging - Understanding Cellular Aging
Telomeres are a DNA sequence that appears at the end of each chromosome. When cells divide, the telomeres get shorter.

The Genetic Theory of Aging
The genetic theory of aging states that genes we inherit affect our life span. There is evidence but it ignores behaviors and exposures throughout life.

What Is the Wear and Tear Theory of Aging?
The wear and tear theory of aging believes that our bodies simply accumulate damage from many sources and eventually wear out like a machine.

How to Deal with Death and Dying as You Age
Death and dying are a part of life, and being prepared to cope is part of healthy aging. These resources will prepare you for the downside of longevity.

What Is Functional Decline?
Functional decline is the process (usually age-related) where we lose the ability to accomplish the basic tasks of daily life.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
What we see too often in our culture is fast, mindless eating and unbalanced diets. Use these tips to reprogram your eating habits for a long, healthy life.

The Anti-Aging and Nutritional Benefits of Berries
Berries are a great source of anti-aging antioxidants and other nutrients, but they may have even more powerful disease-fighting abilities. Learn more.

Understanding and Preventing the Aging Process
Learn how the aging process works and simple tips to help you prevent the deterioration of your heart, brain, bones, and muscles as you get older.

Who Should Take Probiotics?
Probiotics are helpful microorganisms that may prevent or treat a wide variety of disease. Get an overview of what probiotics are and how to find them

Changes in Taste and Smell With Age
You may have noticed that as you age, your sense of taste begins to change. You may also notice your sense of smell changing with age. What's happening?

Can Hair-Coloring Products Hurt You or Cause Cancer?
Women who color their hair wonder about the safety of those hair color products. Find out why hair dyes were dangerous before and if they are now.

How Much Dark Chocolate Should I Eat to Live Longer?
Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and lowers cholesterol, but does chocolate really lengthen your life? We share research findings about how much.

How to Keep Your Teeth White and Looking Younger
Does chocolate stain teeth? We're told to eat heart-healthy foods, but they stain teeth. Whiten your teeth and prevent teeth stains to look younger.

This is the Best Chocolate For Your Health
Dark chocolate has been shown to benefit heart health, lower blood pressure, and prevent conditions like diabetes -- but which chocolate is the healthiest?

Chocolate's Healthy History
Modern research suggests chocolate can boost your heart health, but cocoa's history as a medicine dates back thousands of years. Find out how cocoa has been used to treat everything from syphilis to poor digestion.

Pets & Longevity: Do People With Pets Live Longer?
Pets provide love, companionship, responsibility and affection, but do people with pets live longer? Find out whether or not animals improve longevity.

How Many Calories Do Older People Need?
As people age, their calorie requirements may change because of shifting body composition and activity levels. Find out how much you should be eating.

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Catching Diseases From Your Pet
If you let your dog sleep on the bed and love kisses from your kitty, you may be at risk of parasitic or bacterial infections. Here are simple tips to help you avoid catching diseases from your pet.

Is Retirement Actually Bad for Your Health?
It's a far cry from the marketing pitch pushing the benefits of early retirement: new research suggests retiring may actually be bad for your health.

Why Crash Test Dummies are Getting Heavier (and Older)
Crash test dummies are getting older, and fatter - just like us. See why these automotive safety devices need to reflect an aging and increasingly obese society.

Daylight Saving Time - Longevity Hazards of Shifting Our Clock
Spring forward, fall back - how does daylight savings time shift our health, longevity and accident rate?

What is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, is a health crisis in the United States due to the rise of obesity. Learn preventative measures, now.

How to Figure Out Your Ideal Weight
What is your ideal weight, for a long and healthy life? See why doctors and nutritionists go beyond targeting a simple number on the scale.

The Food Lover's Healthy Habits Cookbook Book Review

How to Cope With Dry, Cracked Hands
If you suffer from dry and chapped hands, with cracks around your finger nails, help is on the way! I've got a dermatologist's advice on how to save your dry skin and hands during the winter months.

How Lifestyle Is Hurting the Health of Baby Boomers
Life expectancy may be on the rise in many parts of the world, but research shows that the baby boomers are less healthy than their parents were, at the same age. Find out how lifestyle factors are leaving boomers more prone to chronic conditions like heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, and what this generation can do to prevent these serious diseases.

Nutribullet Blender (600 Watts) Review
Infomercials and online marketing have pitched the NutriBullet as an anti-aging device, but how well does this blender really perform?

Can Chia Seeds Help Me Lose Weight?
Chia seeds are rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, and are considered heart-healthy. Claims have been made that chia seeds can help you lose weight.

How to Know if Your Belly Fat is the Risky Kind
Which kind of belly fat do you have? Subcutaneous abdominal fat sits just below the skin's surface, while visceral fat surrounds the internal organs within your abdomen. Find out how to tell which kind of belly fat you're carrying.

How Fast Does the Body Age?
How fast do we age? Different parts of the body age at different rates, and diseases like cancer rapidly speed up how fast cells age.

The Every Other Day Diet: Does It Work?
Intermittent fasting, also known as the 5:2 diet, or alternate-day fasting, is an anti-aging strategy that may help you lose weight and keep it off.

5 Simple Tips to Cut Calories Without Feeling Deprived
Can you eat less to lose weight without really noticiing? Here are five simple tips to cut calories without feeling deprived.

5 Ways to Sound Younger
Older age brings lots of changes to the body, including the voice. Here are five ways to improve your voice and sound younger and more energetic.

What is Geriatric Resilience?
Resilience is often credited as a personality trait which helps people age successfully. What exactly is resilience among older adults?

What Is Morbidity and What Does it Mean For Your Lifespan?
The term morbidity is often used in reference to chronic diseases and lifespan but what exactly does morbidity mean for your quality of life?

5 Reasons Older Adults Should Try High-Intensity Exercise
Short on time? Here are the top reasons to ramp up your exercise intensity, even if you're feeling a bit out of shape, or have health concerns.

The Nutrition of Seaweed
Seaweed has a range of health claims linked to its high levels of vitamins and minerals. Learn if it is healthy and how to add it in your diet.

How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Prevent RSI
Repetitive strain injury (RSI) from perpetual computer use can be prevented with a variety of practices, including mastering keyboard shortcuts. Here's how.

Changes in Men's Sex Life Due to Aging
Health conditions, the realities of aging and emotions can all stand in the way of an active sex life for men in later years.

Do You Need an Antibiotic for a Sinus Infection?
Should you use antibiotics to treat a sinus infection? It depends on the type. Learn about treatment options for bacterial and viral infections.

History of Longevity - Life Expectancy in 1800 to Today
How have lifespans and longevity evolved throughout history? Find out the life expectancy in 1800 and how long our ancestors lived compared to today.

What is Obesity? Definition
What is the definition of obesity? We often hear about its dangers and how it can hurt your longevity, but what numbers tell you that you are obese?

Chronological vs. Biological Age Definiton
Chronological age is the number of years a person has been alive. This chronological age definition explains its relation to biological age.

What are the Major Causes of Excess Mortality in the US?
Scientific studies refer to the excess mortality caused by a certain disease, condition, or harmful exposure. But what does excess mortality mean?

Can I Catch Shingles?
Shingles is caused when the chicken pox virus reactivates in your body. Is shingles contagious, and can you catch shingles from someone else?

Shingles in Older People -- What is Shingles?
Shingles is a potentially debilitating disease with severe long-term health implications. Learn why shingles occurs, and who's most at risk.

Can Chia Seeds Boost Your Energy Level?
Once a staple of the ancient Aztecs, chia seeds have been hailed as a healthy superfood that offers boundless energy. Is chia really an energy food?

How Do I Grind Chia Seeds?
It's easy to grind chia seeds if you have the right equipment. These tiny seeds are nutritious, but high in calories. Are they really beneficial?

Should Chia Seeds Be Ground or Left Whole?
Chia seeds are being hailed as a modern-day superfood, but is grinding necessary for maximum health benefits or should you eat them whole?

The Down Side of Chocolate
Chocolate may be a promising addition to an anti-aging diet, but there are risks to overindulging in this wildly popular food. Find out the down side of eating too much chocolate.

How Effective is the Shingles Vaccine?
There is a vaccine formulated to prevent shingles, but how effective is it against this potentially severe affliction? Learn about shingles shot effectiveness.

Longevity and Health Benefits of Saunas
Who knew? Hot, dry saunas popular in Scandinavian countries may offer some of the same heart benefits as regular exercise.

What Is All-Cause Mortality?
All-cause mortality is a term used by epidemiologists, or disease-tracking scientists, to refer to death from any cause. Learn about its significance.

Protein Needs of Older People
From energy bars and cereals to pasta, protein is the new super ingredient - but how much protein do older people really need each day?

Is Pure Via Safe to Use?
Learn if Pure Via - a brand of zero-calorie sweetener that uses stevia as its active ingredient - is considered safe by scientists and the FDA.

Is the Truvia Sweetener Safe? - FDA Results
Truvia is a sweetener derived from the stevia plant. It is marketed as a new sugar replacement. Read about what the FDA thinks about stevia.

The Best Breakfast Might Just Be a Healthy Breakfast Salad
You know you should have a good breakfast, but so many breakfast foods aren't healthy. Enter: the healthy breakfast salad. Here's why you should try it.

Improve Your Melatonin Levels to Fall Asleep Faster
Learning how to sleep involves making sure your body gets exposure to daylight and darkness at the correct times. This create melatonin in your body, the sleep hormone. Learn how to sleep and fall asleep faster in week 2 of the Fall Asleep Faster program.

Redefining What It Means to Accept Your Age
Successful aging is more than just avoiding illness; it is finding meaning. This essay, by Bill Siemering, redefines what it means to accept your age.

Does Being Married Improve Life Expectancy?
Marriage and life expectancy have been linked for a long time. How does being married or single impact your life expectancy?

Understanding Dreams and REM Sleep
Dreaming happens during the REM stage of sleep. Researchers do not yet understand why we dream and what is happening during dreams.

How to Reap the Health Benefits of Power Naps
A power nap can turn your day around, make you more productive, and even improve your health. Try these naptime tips to make the most of your nap.

Falling Asleep While Driving - How to Avoid Drowsy Driving
Drowsy driving is more dangerous than you might think. The tips will help you avoid falling asleep while driving during your next road trip.

The Green Smoothie Debate: Are Smoothies Good or Bad for You?
Among some plant-based diet fans, blenders are being blamed for ruining the nutrition in fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Senior Health: Why Do Older People Fall?
Why do older people fall? According to new research that for the first time uses closed-circuit video in long-term care homes, it's most often a problem of poor balance and improper shifting of body weight while moving from one position to another.

How Much Protein Should I Eat if I'm Over 70?
Protein is a fundamental nutrient, and our protein needs shift as we get older. How much protein should people over the age of 70 get each day?

One-legged Test for Longevity
Standing on one leg with your eyes closed may feel like a kid's game, but British research shows this simple test could indicate better - or worse - longevity.

Review of Breville's The Boss Blender
Step aside Vitamix and Blendtec! See my review of Breville's newest design, and why you might want to make it the Boss of your healthy kitchen.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Esselstyn Review
Dr. Esselstyn claims that his diet can not only prevent, but also reverse heart disease. Lean more about the book that covers the 20-year nutritional study.

You: Staying Young by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz
You: Staying Young by Michael Roizen and Mehmet Oz is a great book. It's extremely comprehensive and accessible. Purchasing the book is a good investment.

Health Screening Tests for Men
Use this guide to figure out what test should be done on a regular basis for preventive care and health screenings.

4 Simple Steps to Live Longer
Living longer means exercising, eating fruits and vegetables, not smoking and drinking some alcohol. Together, these can add 14 years to your life.

Exercises to Improve Balance and for Fall Prevention
Exercise is the best way to improve your balance and prevent falls and injuries. Do these simple exercises at home for better balance.

Exercise Increases Energy and Fights Fatigue
Any increase in physical activity or exercise level can help you feel more energetic. This is true for people with cancer or heart disease.

Best Ways to Make Exercise a Social Outlet
Exercise can be a great social outlet, reducing your stress while improving your health. Here are ways to keep active while you interact with others.

Golf, Longevity, and Life Expectancy
Does golf increase life expectancy? Research suggests that golfers show less risk of death than non-golfers. Read on for the longevity benefits of golf.

Review of the Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator
The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator is one of the more comprehensive online calculators available. Learn what the tool offers and what it doesn't.

Do Bald Men Have More Heart Attacks?
There has long been an urban medical myth that bald men have more heart attacks. Is it true? Find out more about how baldness and heart health are linked.

Septicemia Definition
Septicemia is a rare, but very serious, infection of the blood. Older people are at risk for septicemia, which is a top cause of death in the elderly.

How is Leading the Way in Work That Matters
One of the keys to longevity is finding meaning. is one organization that sees the benefit of keeping our seniors involved in meaningful work.

Review of Sensory Perspective's Electrosmog Detector
The Electrosmog Detector by Sensory Perspective is built to detect the presence of harmful electromagnetic fields. Here's what you should know about it.

Book Review: Healthy at 100 by John Robbins
A review of John Robbins' book, Healthy at 100, which looks to traditional cultures with a history of long-lived people to better understand longevity .

How is Genetic Defined?
Find out what the term genetic means, with respect to longevity and healthy aging.

Will Running When You're Older Injure Your Joints?
Evidence shows runners live longer, but will your knees enjoy the same longevity? Research suggests that runners are no worse for the wear late in life.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker Review
Dash's Greek yogurt maker is designed to help you make thick, Greek yogurt at home. How well does it work?

The Health Benefits of Volunteering in Retirement
Volunteering has long been thought to have health benefits for seniors. Learn about the possible physical and mental health benefits of volunteering.

The Powerful Cognitive Effects of Storytelling
Stories and storytelling are a basic part of being human, but research suggests that they are also an important aspect of brain health and wellbeing.

Music Therapy: The Best Healing Music
Music and music therapy can be healing. But what's the best kind? Here are the facts about music therapy and how it can improve longevity.

6 Ways to Fit Meditation into Your Day Every Day
The real benefits of meditation come when you practice throughout your day. Learn how to fit meditation into your everyday life when you need it most.

Health Affects of Bad Relationships and Negative People
Bad relationships are bad for your health and affect your heart and longevity. Learn how to deal with stressful, negative people and relationships.

The Health Benefits of Bilberry Fruit and Leaves
Bilberries have been used for generations in traditional medicine. But what does modern research say? Learn about the health benefits of bilberry.

Ginkgo Biloba Health Benefits
People use Ginkgo biloba to help treat Alzheimer's, pain in their legs, and other conditions. What health benefits have been proven for Gingko biloba?

Your Body's Naturally Healing Relaxation Response
The Relaxation Response is a proven tool for health and the reduction of chronic conditions like hypertension. Learn how to elicit the response.

Learn a New Skill for Brain Health and Mental Fitness
Learning a new skill can give the brain a total workout and offer incredible anti-aging benefits. Here's how you can keep your brain healthy and young.

You're Eating Too Fast: Learn How to Slow Down Your Eating
Most of us eat too much, too fast. While on-the-go breakfasts and rushed workday lunches are part of life, here's how to learn to slow down for your health.

Can Epsom Salt Baths Dry Out Your Skin?
Epsom salts are commonly used in foot and full body baths to soften tough skin though they should be used with caution because they can cause dryness.

Is Stevia Sweetener Better than Sugar?
Stevia is a sweetener derived from the stevia plant. While not technically FDA approved, stevia-derived sweeteners and stevia extracts are showing up in foods. What do you need to know about the health effects and safety of stevia? Does stevia taste good? How did stevia suddenly show up in grocery stores and as a coffee/tea sweetener?

Is Sprite Green with Truvia Safe?
Sprite Green is one of the Coca-Cola's entries into the world of low-calorie sweetened sodas. It is sweetened with a stevia derived sweetener called

Do You Know All the Health Benefits of Chocolate?
Research shows that antioxidants in dark chocolate protect your heart against aging, damage, and heart disease.

The Chocolate Taste Test - Dark Chocolate Taste Testing Tips
Chocolate tasting is a lot like wine tasting. Learn how to conduct a proper chocolate taste test to better appreciate this tasty, heart-healthy treat.

The 9 Principles of Eating in the Michael Pollan Diet
The Michael Pollan diet takes us back to the simple eating of the past with nine principles for healthy eating. Learn to choose the right nutrients.

When Does Your Nose Stop Growing?
When does your nose stop growing? Certain body parts continue to grow after we've reach our full height. Find how much the nose grows over a lifetime.

Benefits of BB Cream: Best BB Cream for Aging Skin
BB creams are a beauty craze, but are they anti-aging skincare products? Find out what the best BB cream for aging skin can do for youthful skin.

What's the Best SPF? What Makes a Good SPF?
Sunscreens contain a wide variety of SPF numbers, but what is it and what's the best SPF? Learn how to prevent sunburn and aging with sunscreen.

10 Longevity Resolutions You'll Actually Enjoy
No pain, no gain? Resolving to take better care of yourself doesn't have to make you miserable. Here are 10 feel-good ways to get healthier and live longer.

What Chia Seeds Can Do For You
Do chia seeds really help you lose weight and have more energy? Learn if chia is really as healthy as everyone says and how to add it to your diet.

Beat the Top 10 Aging Challenges
Aging brings with it challenges, but you can beat the top challenges by knowing the warning signs and taking concrete steps to be healthier.

10 Simple Ways to Get Motivated
If you want to eat well and get more exercise, these 10 tips will get you motivated and keep you focused on healthy lifestyle habits for life.

5 Ways Chocolate Can Help You Live Longer
Chocolate is enjoying a reputation as a heart-healthy food as it can help reduce cardiovascular issues. Find out the top benefits of cocoa and chocolate.

How Hair Color & Hair Texture Change With Age
What happens to your hair as you age? Find out how aging affects your hair and what you can do to fix thinning, balding and hair texture changes.

Top 5 Free Online Longevity Calculators and Tests
We sent one person to each of the top online longevity calculators to find out which ones are the best. Find out how long you will live with these tools.

10 Things You Should Do in Your 60s to Boost Your Longevity
Your 60s is a big decade. Take time to make a plan for your health. Here are 10 ways to live a long and healthy life in your sixties and beyond.

Longevity To-Dos for Your 30s
Your 30s are a time to lay a solid foundation for longevity. The decisions and actions you make now can really pay off in the future.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Fitness
Brain fitness and brain aging are complex areas just beginning to get research. What we do know is that 'use it or lose it' applies to the brain as much as to the body. Challenge your brain through these ideas for mental exercise.

Top 10 Summer Health Risks to Avoid
Summer brings a few health risks that need to be taken seriously. From exposure to UV rays to pool safety, the summer is a time to take precautions to keep summer activities safe. Avoid food poisoning, West Nile, Lyme Disease, heat stroke, dehydration and more.

Popular Anti Aging Hormone Supplements
Anti aging hormones are becoming an increasingly popular way of reducing the effects of aging. Learn more about the 5 most popular anti aging hormones: DHEA, HGH (human growth hormones), melatonin, estrogen and testosterone. Learn whether the calims behind these anti aging supplements are real or just hype.

Aging Older Women and Sex - Top Tips
Sex changes with age. By learning to make adjustments, women can assure a healthy sex life throughout their lives. Simple changes, tips and advice can help women stay sexually satisfied.

Life Expectancy - Avoid Risks for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy can be most drastically shortened by risky behaviors. Things, such as automobile accidents to smoking, significantly reduce life expectancy. By making good decisions and avoid unnecessary risks, you can help keep your life expectancy long.

10 Creative Ways to Live Long With Heart Disease
Heart problems often emerge as your heart adjusts to aging. The good news? You can do a lot to control and sometimes reverse these conditions.

10 Painless Ways to Control Calories and Lose Weight
Weight loss isn't just about what you eat, but how you eat. Here are 10 weight loss tips that teach you how to reduce your daily calories painlessly.

10 Myths About Sleep That Need to be Busted
Sleep is an important part of health and life, but we don't fully understand it. Here are 10 sleep myths that are keeping you from getting sleep you need.

Review of Northwestern Mutual's Longevity Game
Longevity calculators have become popular tools for financial planning and entertainment. Here's why Northwestern Mutual's longevity game is just a game.

RealAge Calculator Review - Life Expectancy Calculator
The Real Age Calculator is a comprehensive longevity calculator that estimates your biological age and provides recommendations on how to age well.

What is Longevity?
Longevity is a word used for

Hara Hachi Bu: The Okinawan's Secret to Longevity
Hara Hachi Bu is the practice of eating only until you are 80% full, and it may explain why the Okinawans live longer than any other people on earth.

The Basics of the Immunological Theory of Aging
The immunological system theory of aging is just one theory to explain why and how we age, but it's a convincing one. Learn the basics of the theory.

The Best - and Proven - Anti-aging Cream
Vitamin A products, including retinol and Retin-A are considered the gold standard of anti-aging topical treatments. Learn about others.

Benefits of White Noise - Use White Noise to Sleep Better
As the quality of sleep fades with age, you might want a white noise sleep machine to promote deeper, longer sleep. Learn the benefits of white noise.

Can Melatonin Supplements Slow Aging?
Melatonin is a hormone that helps your body to regulate sleep. Learn about melatonin dosage warnings as well as the side effects of this supplement.

Exercise Lengthens Telomeres
Regular exercise can help lengthen your telomeres, an important measure of your biological age. One study shows exercise makes you 9 years

Exercise for Longevity and Longer Life Expectancy
Exercise and physical activity not only add years to your total life, but increase the number of healthy years. How to get started.

Leading Causes of Death - Death Rates by Causes
Death rates are tricky to compare, but they explain risk for different causes of death is and teach us how to prevent deadly illness and disease.

How To Calculate Healthy Life Expectancy
Healthy Life Expectancy (HALE) is calculated by determining how long a person will live in good health, unencumbered by disabling illnesses.

How Ginkgo Biloba Affects Memory and Stroke Risk
Ginkgo biloba doesn't always link to improved memory and less dementia with aging, and there is some evidence that it may increase stroke risk.

Defining Senescence for Aging and Longevity
Senescence literally means

What Can You Predict About Your Longevity?
Can life expectancy calculators predict how you will age? There are lots of longevity tests, but what they tell you about aging isn't always what it seems.

What Are Anthropometric Measurements?
Anthropometric measurements, body size and shape dimensions, are often used in scientific research as well as in ergonomic design and industry.

NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender Review
The NutriBullet 900 Pro Series blender promises to extract maximum nutrition from the fruits and vegetables you mix - but how well does it really work?

What is Presbyphonia?
Presbyphonia is a term used to describe changes associated with the aging voice. Learn about know the causes and treatments for presbyphonia.

How Breasts Change With Age
If your breasts aren't what they used to be - or even where they used to be - take heart. It's natural for breasts to change with age.

Do Chia Seeds Have Side Effects?
Chia seeds are a source of healthy dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids and may help you lose weight, but what side effects are there to Chia seeds?

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses
Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause cumulative damage to your eyes as you age. Find out how to choose the best sunglasses to prevent eye issues.

What Is the Hormone Theory of Aging?
There are many theories behind why we age, and one is the hormone theory of aging. Learn more about how hormones might affect​ the aging process.

Can Bitter Orange Benefit Your Health?
Bitter orange is a supplement that is commonly used for weight loss and other health conditions. Its benefits likely are outweighed by its dangers.

How Green Tea Helps Longevity
Green tea may be one ingredient for a long and healthy life. Read on for more updates on the link between green tea and longevity.

Is Aging Different for Men and Women?
Not only is life expectancy for men and women different, but aging itself may be very different. Find out how men and women differ in aging.

Eat Your Water- Don't Drink It - For Weight Loss
While it's tough to lose weight at any age, maintaining a healthy weight to avoid illness and long-term diseases can be more difficult as you get older.

Top Habits for Healthy Aging
Of all the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes you could make, here are the best anti-aging habits you should build into your daily routine.

Blue Zones: Okinawan Longevity and Healthy Aging
Okinawa is a Blue Zone: one of the five parts of the world where people are living longer. Learn about the secrets to healthy aging and Okinawan longevity.

How Your Body Shape Changes With Age
Age, hormonal changes, and shifts in fat distribution can all cause our bodies to change shape over time. Learn more.

Prostate Cancer Treatment, Longevity and Life Expectancy
There are a variety of options when it comes to prostate cancer treatments. Here's what research says about their ability to prolong life expectancy.

How To Live to 90 (Or Even Longer)
Want to live to 90 (or even longer)? Your lifestyle choices play a huge role. Get these five factors under control to increase your lifespan.

Chia Seeds Health Benefits and Nutrition Info
Chia seeds may be the next big superfood. Packed with antioxidants, omega-3 and healthy protein, chia seeds are a great addition to any diet.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

10 Strategies to Fight Brain Aging
Learn about 10 strategies to keep your brain healthy and reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other cognitive impairment.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Easy Ways to Make Greek Yogurt at Home
Why spend the extra money on Greek yogurt at the store, when you can make it easily (and additive-free) right in your own home? Read how to make it here.

Sex, Aging and Longevity
Learn about how sex boosts life expectancy, helps cement relationships, improves mental health, and makes us happy.

7 Potentially Harmful Nutrients in Multivitamins
If you are one of the 50 percent of Americans that take one or more supplements regularly, then you should be aware that certain ingredients in multivitamins may be harmful.

Reasons to Have a Green Smoothie
Wondering why green smoothies are catching on despite their sludge-like appearance? Here are some of the best reasons to keep your smoothies green.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Foods You Should Eat to Live Longer
Research suggests that what you eat can be one of the most important factors to living a long, healthy life.

Is There a Cure for Tinnitus?
Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can leave sufferers anxious and unable to sleep. Remedies like sound machines can help older people, but is there a cure?

Anti-Aging and Longevity Breakfast Ideas
You know that a healthy breakfast gives you energy for your day. By adding anti-aging foods to your breakfast, it might also help lengthen your lifespan.

Lou Gehrig's Disease: ALS Life Expectancy
What is ALS life expectancy? Learn more about how ALS typically impacts life expectancy and what can be done to increase longevity.

Aging Causes Eye Problems and Diseases in the Elderly
Dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and retinopathy are all eye problems that occur more often in the elderly population.

A Guide to the World's Blue Zones
Blue zones are places on earth where the people live markedly longer and healthier lives. Learn all about the world's blue zones and why they're different.

Lower Cancer Risk With Vitamin D
In addition to cancer prevention, making sure that vitamin D levels are adequate may help to reduce the risk of frailty and falls.

3 Reasons Not to Trust the Paleo Diet
A Paleo diet reduces anti-oxidant exposure and increases exposure to inflammation-promoting compounds. Here are 3 reasons not to go Paleo.

What Does Sugar Do To The Brain?
Scientists have proposed that sweet foods can produce addiction-like effects in the brain, driving loss of self control, overeating and weight gain.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging. Page 2.

Health Problems Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to mortality, heart attacks, aging and more. Should you take vitamin D supplements? Is sunshine enough? Learn more.

5 Ways to Prevent a First Heart Attack
A large study in Sweden has shown that 4 out of 5 first heart attacks can be prevented through 5 simple tweaks in diet and exercise, regardless of your genetics.

How to Reduce the Health Hazards of Grilling Your Food
The fire, smoke and effects of grilling cause a chemical reaction; the carcinogenic compounds that form are hazardous to your health.

6 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest
A lack of sleep is linked to impaired learning, faster aging of the brain, impaired driving and work performance, obesity and elevated cholesterol.

Simple Steps: Increase Your Life Expectancy - Flossing
Life expectancy can be increased by simply flossing. Dental floss may be your best friend when it comes to living longer. Simply flossing every day has been shown to add a couple of years on to your life expectancy. Page 4.

Life Expectancy and Stress - De-Stress for a Longer Life Expectancy
Stress can reduce your life expectancy. Being stressed is like keeping your body constantly on alert. That has long-term consequences and may even shorten your life expectancy. Learn to relax and destress to increase your life expectancy.

Life Expectancy - Medical Tests and Health Screenings and Life Expectancy
Life expectancy is most clearly extended by finding out about diseases and illness early through medical and health screenings. If you can find a problem early on, there are treatments and changes you can make that will help preserve your life expectancy. Learn how to maximize your life expectancy through maximizing your doctor and medical care.

Life Expectancy - Turn Off Your TV for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy shortened by television? Well, I can't prove it, but I think that television can't possibly have a positive influence on life expectancy. I also think that the easiest way to increase your life expectancy would be to cut back or stop watching TV entirely. You would begin to develop healthy habits just to fill the time.

Simple Steps to Increase Life Expectancy
Life expectancy can be extended through various healthy aging and lifestyle changes. Use these tips to live longer and increase your life expectancy.

Life Expectancy - Hang Out with Friends and Family for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy can be increased through hanging out with friends and family. Being married has been linked to living longer. Positive relationships have an impact on health and life expectancy. Spend time with your friends and family for healthy aging and a longer life expectancy.

Life Expectancy - Have More Sex for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy and sex are linked. People who have more orgasms may have longer life expectancies. This link between sex and life expectancy isn't fully understood. Is a healthy sex life a measure of a healthy life? Or is there something about sex that helps the body to live longer?

Life Expectancy - Eat Like a Vegetarian for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy may be longer for vegetarians. This is because vegetarians have cleaner arteries than nonvegetarians. If your are not willing to become a vegetarian for your health and your life expectancy, then try to be more like one with this guide to increasing your life expectancy.

Life Expectancy - Exercise Daily for a Longer Life Expectancy
Life expectancy can be directly linked to exercise. In fact, regular exercise can decrease your DNA's age by 9 years. This makes a huge potential difference for life expectancy. Improve your life expectancy by exercising daily.

Which Conditions Are More Common As We Age?
Age-related diseases are illnesses that occur in people as they get older. Learn which problems are more common with advancing age, and how to prevent them.

Which Conditions Are More Common As We Age?
Age-related diseases are illnesses that occur in people as they get older. Learn which problems are more common with advancing age, and how to prevent them.

10 Ways to Increase Diabetes Life Expectancy
These 10 ways will help people with diabetes increase their life expectancy and beat the odds. On average, people with diabetes live shorter lives.

Ways to Shorten Your Life Span and Life Expectancy
Your life span is determined by a number of factors. Here are the worst things you can do to yourself regarding your life span.

Symptoms of Sepsis In the Elderly
Sepsis is a response to a systemic infection. It is an extremely dangerous condition and requires immediate medical attention.

Lumosity Brain Training Review - Mental Fitness Website
Lumosity is one of the most developed brain training and mental fitness websites around. You'll find yourself challenging your brain.

Walking Pneumonia in Older Adults
Walking pneumonia has much milder symptoms, and it is also more common in younger people, which may lead to delayed diagnosis in older people.

Osteopenia Medications and Treatment
Osteopenia can be treated with a number of medications that were originally developed for osteoporosis, including Boniva, Fosamax, and Actone.

Age-Related Hearing Loss - Presbycusis
Many people lose some of their hearing as they age (presbycusis). You can increase your chances of hearing while you live long.

Watery Eyes and Aging - Tearing in Older Adults
Your eyes change as you age and the body tries to help by making more tears. Most of the causes of excessive tearing can be easily addressed.

Reversing Diabetes Is Key to Reducing Cancer Risk
If you have type 2 diabetes, you should be aware you can get rid of it with a high-nutrient (Nutritarian) diet and become non-diabetic.

Exercise and Immunity - Fight Off Colds with Exercise
Exercise helps boost the effectiveness of your immune system. This can help your body fight off minor infections and illnesses.

Should You Get the Shingles Vaccine If You're Over 50?
Shingles is a potentially severe disease, caused by the chicken pox virus. Here's what people over 50 should know about the shingles vaccine.

How Does Exercise Help You Control Your Weight?
Exercise works to control weight, but not the way you think. It won't help you lose much weight, but it can help you keep the pounds off for good.

Exercise Makes Sex Better
The more you exercise,the less your chance for sexual problems and the greater your sexual pleasure and performance.Super charge your sex life by exercising.

The 19 Vegetables You Shouldn't Live Without
Not only are cruciferous vegetables anti-cancer powerhouses, but their consumption has been associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

Aging - Can Exercise Slow Aging - Aging FAQs
Aging has been linked to exercise through preventing disease, but did you know that exercise itself and slow aging? People who exercise regularly may have slower cellular aging as well as being more fit. Figure out how exercise can help you slow aging.

5 Ways to Keep Your Smile Looking Young
Don't let aging ruin your smile. Avoid these five bad habits to keep your smile young and beautiful.

What Is Grip Strength and How Is It Measured?
Grip strength is used in long-term studies on aging, but what does the measurement reveal? Learn how it's calculated and what grip strength means.

Sit-Rise Test for Longevity - Life Expectancy Test
We sit and stand every day, but did you know they correlate with longevity? The sit-rise test is one of the many ways researchers predict longevity.

De-Stress With a Smile - Smiling Health Benefits
Can you de-stress with a smile even if you don't feel happy? Next time you're stressed, boost your mood by taking advantage of the benefits of smiling.

Anthropometric Measurements - Sitting Height
In terms of longevity, height matters, including sitting height. Learn how to measure sitting height, which can predict risk of disease.

Book Review: Dr. Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging
In his book, Healthy Aging, Dr. Andrew Weil wants to change how we think about aging and longevity. Healthy Aging deserves a space on your bookshelf.

5 Ways Our Voices Change As We Age - Presbyphonia
We think of puberty as the biggest catalyst of voice changes, but the quality, tone & pitch of our voice changes with age. It's known as presbyphonia.

Stretch Your Wrists to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel
Repetitive stress injury (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome can injure your wrists. Simple stretching exercises like these can help prevent wrist injury.

Can Bee Pollen Help Your Health?
Bee pollen is promoted as a health and anti-aging miracle, but do these claims pass scrutiny? Learn about bee pollen nutrition facts.

Don't Follow Your Thoughts with Meditation
Meditation involves controlling your thoughts and not following stray ideas that your brain creates. Learn how to meditate and control your thoughts.

How to Adjust to a New Hearing Aid
Adjusting to a hearing aid isn't as easy as turning it on. It takes time. Follow these hearing aid troubleshooting tips to adjust to a new device.

What are Observational Studies?
Observational research is useful in the study of aging because it helps researchers determine which lifestyle or personality factors are correlated with the development of certain diseases.

How Do I Know If I Have Shingles?
Shingles is the painful reactivation of the chicken pox virus in our body, which occurs more often as we age. Since the early symptoms are similar to the flu, how can you tell if it's shingles or something else? Find out why you should act as quickly as possible if you suspect you may have shingles.

How to Calm Down with Mindfulness Mini-Meditation
Meditation can boost your immunity and mood, while reducing stress, anxiety and depression, but making time for it can be challenging. This mini-meditation takes just 3 minutes.

Osteopenia and Healthy Aging
Osteopenia - where your bones are less dense than usual - occurs in many older adults. But should you be tested and treated for it?

Understanding Life Expectancy Tables
Life expectancies give us a way to compare countries, groups, and genders on health. Life expectancy numbers are more complicated than they seem.

Move. Your Life Depends on It
Evidence has emerged to show that, in addition to reducing our risk for chronic disease, exercise may also slow the aging process at the DNA level.

Pillboxes and Drug Safety to Keep Medication Safe
Pillboxes and blister packs are convenient, but they aren't always used as intended. Read on to learn how to store medication and keep medication safe.

How Meditation Helps You Live Longer
Meditation offers lots of short-term benefits, but can it help you live longer? See how meditation can help you live longer and improve your health.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight Will Help You Live Longer
We know that being overweight is not good for our health, but many people are surprised to learn that even a few extra pounds can be a cause for concern.

Can Testosterone Slow Aging?
Could testosterone be the fountain of youth? Is testosterone supplementation But safe? And does it actually work? Here's what you should know.

Is it allergies, a cold, or reflux?
Are you hoarse, coughing, and have a chronic sore throat? It may not be a cold or a flu at all, but a problem with acid reflux disease. Learn more.

How to Use Vaginal Weights for Incontinence
Vaginal weights are tiny cones used to build better bladder control. Find out how to use vaginal weights to treat incontinence.

How to Measure Your Waist-to-Height Ratio
Is the waist to height ratio the new BMI? Some say it's a better predictor of obesity and disease than BMI. Learn to measure your waist to height ratio.

Find out How to Love Exercise
Exercise is important for our overall health, but what do you do when you just don't like to do it? Here are 9 steps to help you learn to love exercise.

How to Smile More for Health, Happiness, and Longevity
Challenge yourself to smile more. Simply smiling can improve your mood and your overall health and wellbeing. Learn how to smile more with these tips.

The Hunza Valley and the Hunza People
The Hunza Valley in Pakistan is a place that fosters long life. The Hunza people live healthy, happy lives into old age. Learn how to live longer.

What is Aging? Types of Aging, Causes, and Prevention
What is aging? The aging process is very complex and only partially understood. Learn about the types of aging and how to prevent aging.

Typing Skills to Prevent RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Preventing RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome involves relearning how to make certain keystrokes on the keyboard. Contorting your hands may affect this.

Treat High Cholesterol with Diet Rather than Meds
The most dramatic protection from heart disease involves maintaining a normal weight, cholesterol, and bp with your diet. Medications cannot compare.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging. Page 2.

What Causes Ringing in Your Ears as You Age?
Tinnitus, a ringing, clicking, hissing, or other noise in the ears, is more common in older people. Learn why tinnitus happens and what causes it.

Best Types of Fish to Eat: Ranking by Mercury Content
Fish are a great source of protein and healthy fats, but certain types have high levels of mercury. Learn about the best types of fish to eat each week.

Leading Causes of Death in Young Adults
The causes of death among people ages 15 to 24 are either largely preventable or congenital. Here are the top 10 causes plus prevention methods.

Chew on This: Nuts Help You Live Longer
Nuts - like walnuts, almonds ,and peanuts - are linked to a significantly lower risk of death, making them a great part of a healthy anti-aging diet.

Disease Prevention Checklist - 6 Ways to Boost Health
Disease prevention is crucial to improving your long-term health. Learn more about this important part of your general well-being.

6 Steps for Disease Prevention and Healthy Living
Disease prevention begins with some simple actions that you can take to improve your long-term health. From mastering health screenings to physical activity, there are six steps you can take for disease prevention, healthy aging and longevity. Page 2.

Can Supplements Help You Live Longer?
The idea that something you take can extend your life is an enticing one, but what does the science say? Learn which vitamins and minerals have actually been shown to help you live longer.

The Telomere Theory of Aging & More Secrets of Longevity
The telomere theory of aging is one of the most prominent longevity concepts. Learn more about the aging process and what happens as cells divide.

How to Age Yourself in Photos With Apps
Ever wondered what you'll look like in the future? Find out today with age-progression software available online or in apps for your iPhone and iPad.

Top 10 Reasons to Smile Every Day
Most don't realize that smiling can be just as much a voluntary reaction as a conscious choice. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose to smile.

Eat These Fatty Foods to Protect Your Brain
It's not just your heart that can benefit from the Mediterranean diet; evidence from Spain shows your brain function may also be preserved with nuts and olive oil as part of this eating plan.

Immunity Benefits of Zinc as We Age
Low zinc can threaten your immune system. As we age, our immunity is more susceptible to weakening, which can lead to serious health problems.

Do angioplasty and stents prolong life?
Angioplasty and stents have been found to have no advantage over medication and lifestyle changes for most people with stable heart disease.

Does Your Vitamin B12 Level Put You at Risk of Dementia?
Vitamin B12 is an important supplement to take, and preventing Alzheimer’s disease may be an important added benefit to maintaining adequate levels of this vitamin.

Facial Exercises to Look Younger
Raise your eyebrows, pucker your lips! Find out whether face exercises - known as facial yoga - can really make you look younger.

Eye Floaters and Aging
Eye floaters increase slowly with age and are normal. Here's what you should know about eye floaters and how they relate to various eye conditions.

Does Counting Sheep Actually Put a Person to Sleep?
Trouble falling asleep is no fun. Many try counting sheep to fall asleep, but does it work? Believe it or not, researchers have actually studied it.

Anti-Aging Diet
Understand how following a plant-based food plan like the Mediterranean Diet can help you live a longer, healthier life with fewer chronic or life-threatening conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Acne in Older Women
If you're frustrated by blemishes you thought you'd left behind in your teenage years, you're not alone. Many women have acne breakouts into their 30s, 40s and 50s.

What is Sedentary Behavior and How Does it Harm You?
Sedentary behavior puts us at greater risk of poor health and dangerous conditions like heart disease, but what exactly constitutes being inactive?

Does Cocoa Content of Chocolate Matter?
Dark chocolate has been shown to ward off cardiovascular disease and hypertension, and is linked to better longevity. But what percentage of cocoa is high enough to reap these health benefits?

Five Benefits of Eating Your Food Slowly
There are benefits for slowing down that include losing weight, digesting food better and making better food choices. We explore hot to eat slowly.

How To Sleep Fast: A Four-Week Program
Want to know how to sleep fast? This four-week program will teach you the skills you need to sleep faster and better, so you can add hours of sleep each week.

Avoid Sleep Thieves -- No Alcohol, Stress and Caffeine
How to sleep involves avoiding things like caffeine and alcohol that steal away our sleep. This week, sleep faster and better by avoiding sleep thieves.

The Effect Working a Night Shift Has on Sleep Patterns
Night shift work can alter your sleep habits and have other effects. While working such shifts, it's important to make sure to get high-quality sleep.

Daily Water Intake - Recommended Daily Does of Water
How much water should you drink a day? Not eight glasses. Read on for research that explains the proper daily dose of water for optimal hydration.

Healthy Fish Options and Avoiding Mercury Poisoning
While fish is an important component of an anti-aging diet, many people wonder if it’s safe to eat fish and shellfish, given the dangers of mercury exposure. Find out what mercury poisoning is, and how you can avoid it in the fish you eat.

Aging & Happiness: Is Aging the Secret to Happiness?
Happiness and age are related. The good news is that the older you are, the happier you are. Read on to find out if aging is the secret to happiness.

Chinese Club Moss and Alzheimer's Disease
Chinese club moss contains Huperzine A, which may help treat Alzheimer's disease. Research on Huperzine A to date has been promising but inconclusive.

Anti Aging Properties of Avocados - Avocados and Longevity
Avocados are one of the best foods around for anti aging and longevity. Why? First of all, they are delicious -- but more importantly, avocados are filled with healthy fats and other nutrients to help your body live longer and work better.

Age and High Blood Pressure
Understanding that your risk of having hypertension increases as you age can help you protect yourself from the consequences. Here's what you should know.

10 Things You Can Do in Your 50s to Boost Your Longevity
Your 50s are a great time to start focusing on health, happiness, and longevity. Here are 10 things you can start today to boost your longevity.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging
Healthy Aging.

Throw Away the Salt Shaker to Live Longer
We all know excess salt in our diet raises our blood pressure but did you know that Americans have a 90 percent lifetime probability of developing high blood pressure.

5 Key Nutrients Your Diet May Lack
No supplement or multivitamin can take the place of a nutrient-rich diet, however, taking a well-designed multivitamin and mineral supplement can be an important contributor to good health.

What You Eat Can Add Years to Your Life
We all have the ability to live healthier, stronger, and longer lives simply by eating the most nutritious foods for our bodies. Learn what they are.

Your Diet Can Offer Protection Against Cancer
The benefits of lifestyle changes are definitely in proportion to the changes made, the scientific evidence is there: The better your diet, the better your health.

Why Everyone Should Be Eating More Tomatoes
Tomatoes are packed with lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid, and carotenoids (a family of more than 600 phytochemicals) help protect against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals which contribute to chronic disease and aging.

You're Only as Young as Your Telomeres
Telomeres, which are the 'tips' at the ends of our chromosomes, made up of sequences of non-coding DNA, play a critical role in human health.

These Fruits Fight Heart Disease
Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are an easy, delicious way to protect your health.

How Our Stored Fat Harms Our Health
Abdominal obesity increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and later life dementia. A large waist circumference has been linked to negative outcomes even among people with normal BMI numbers.

Look Beyond Olive Oil for a Healthy Fat
One of the more common myths about food that I often hear has to do with olive oil. Many people are stunned when I tell them: Olive oil is not a health food.

Increase Your Lifespan and Your Health with Nuts and Seeds
Nuts and seeds can improve your health and extend your lifespan.

Surprising Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Soup
Soups are an effective weight-loss food because they help slow your rate of eating and reduce your appetite by filling your stomach.

Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Here It Is!
Advances in nutritional science have taught us that eating the right foods enables weight loss and helps to prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

HIIT: Heart Attack Trigger or Prevention?
High-intensity interval training promises to get you fit in a fraction of the time, but many older adults worry HIIT will put them at risk of a heart attack.

The Benefits of Positive Thinking and Happiness
Positivity is a great way to boost happiness and get rid of sad, negative thoughts. Learn more about the benefits positive thinking and happiness.

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Nuts
Nuts and seeds are often underrated as health foods. But as a group they pack a mighty punch in fighting disease and enhancing longevity.

Can Mindfulness Meditation Reduce Belly Fat?
Recent research suggests that meditation might help you lose dangerous belly fat — even if you're not trying to actually lose overall body weight.

What Is Rebiana and Is It Safe as a Sweetener?
Rebiana is a stevia-derived sweetener made by the agricultural giant, Cargill. Rebiana has received a non-objectionable designation by the FDA.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Lifestyle Change
Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals to make lifestyle change for high blood pressure - a technique to create specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and time-based goals.

Your Guide to Learning How to Meditate
The free online program will gradually teach you how to meditate. It only takes a few minutes a day to learn a skill that can enhance your life.

A Simple Diet Plan for Longevity and Anti Aging
You can overhaul your eating and gain longevity and anti-aging benefits by sticking to these four easy-to-follow healthy eating habits for life.

Pneumonia Symptoms in Adults and the Elderly vs a Cold
It is important to recognize the symptoms of pneumonia in the elderly, so that you can seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Hip Fracture Dangers and Mortality Rates
How dangerous is a broken hip in an older person, and what is the mortality rate after a hip fracture? Find out why lifespan is seriously affected by a hip break.

Top Health Benefits of Sleep
Lack of sleep is linked to greater risk for weight gain, depression, cancer and heart disease. Learn the importance and health benefits of sleep.

Will Your Activity Tracker Make You Want to Exercise?
Many high-tech activity trackers like the FitBit and Nike FuelBand are available, but do these monitors really motivate us to be more active?

Winter Walking Safety Tips for Seniors
Walking is great exercise, but winter weather brings snow & ice, both hazards for seniors. Read these walking tips to stay safe & warm this winter.

Why You Need a Flu Shot if You're Over 50 - Flu Shots and Older People
The flu shot is one of the easiest ways to avoid getting seriously ill; here's why older people are more vulnerable, and how you can avoid the flu.