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Low Fat Vegetable/Vegetarian Dishes
Find some delicious low fat meatless entrees to suit vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Low Fat Cooking - Low Fat Fish and Seafood Recipes - Recipes for Low Fat Fish and Seafood Dishes
Fish and seafood are excellent choices for delicious low fat meals. Most fish is naturally low in fat, and most of that comes from beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Take a look here for a number of low fat fish recipes that are both healthy and full of flavor.

Low Fat Fruit Desserts
healthy, low-fat fruit-based desserts.

Low Fat Cooking - Books,Tools, Gadgets and Resources for the Low Fat Cook
Find out what kinds of tools and gadgets we need in our kitchens to help with low fat cooking. Do we really need any special equipment at all? And which low fat cookbooks or Web sites are worth perusing?

Low Fat Cooking - Low Fat Dessert Recipes, Ideas and Recipes for Low Fat Desserts
We can still afford to indulge our sweet tooth from time to time. There are plenty of low fat desserts to satisfy those sweet cravings. You will find plenty to tempt you with these low fat dessert recipes.

Low Fat Chili Recipes - Collection of Low Fat Chili Recipes
A selection of low fat chili recipes, with and without meat.

Best Low Fat Fruit Recipes - Top Fruit Recipes
A delicious and nutritious selection of low fat recipes featuring fresh fruit

8 Low Fat Christmas Cookies
Lower the fat in your Christmas cookies so you can enjoy a little treat without feeling too guilty. Here are eight yummy low-fat Christmas cookies for all your cookie exchanges and holiday parties.

Low-Fat Apple Recipes for Fall - Low Fat Apple Recipes
A collection of low-fat apple recipes for fall.

5 Healthy Eating Books
Want to know why eating causes so much anxiety, and why we eat so much corn in its various guises? Do you know why we overeat and what can we do about it? How about a good book that shows you how to lighten some of your favorite recipes? If you're interested in healthy eating, these five excellent books should be on your shelves.

Top 10 Low Fat Mother's Day Recipes - Low Fat Recipes for Mother's Day
Here are 10 terrific low fat recipes that would work perfectly for Mother's Day, whether you're treating mom to breakfast in bed, a casual brunch or even a delicious dinner or dessert, you'll find something to make mom's day.

Top 10 Low Fat Recipes for Fall
Try my Top 10 Low Fat Recipes for Fall, using fresh fall produce, and enjoy comfort food with a fraction of the fat.

Top 10 Low Fat Summer Recipes
Fire up your grill, toss some salads and enjoy some fresh fruit for these terrific low fat summer recipes. Here are my top 10 low fat recipes for the summer.

Low Fat Cooking - FAQs
Confused by what we mean by low fat cooking? Here's a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Low Fat Product and Ingredient Reviews
What do low-fat foods really taste like? Should you waste your dollars on the foods declaring themselves to be healthier or lower in fat. Are there any nightmare foods and ingredients you should avoid?

Low Fat Cooking - Links to Low Fat Diet and Healthy Eating Sites
Links to blogs and sites on low fat cooking, low fat diets and healthy eating.

Low Fat Cooking Quick Tips - Tips and Ideas for Low Fat Cooking
Looking for ways to cut the fat and keep the flavor in cooking? Find plenty of tips and suggestions for low fat cooking here.

Low Fat Vegetarian Recipes
Going meatless at least once or twice a week is a great way to lower your fat intake. Enjoy meals that are no less hearty than their meat-filled counterparts.

Low Fat Cooking - Appetizers and Snacks, recipes for low fat appetizers and snacks
There are so many wonderful recipes for low fat appetizers and snacks, including soups, salads, crackers and dips.

Kettle Bakes Lightly Salted Potato Chips
Finally, a baked potato chip that actually tastes good. Kettle brand Bakes are exceptionally good potato chips that happen to be low fat. If you're craving a savory snack, reach for some kettle Bakes Lightly Salted potato chips, which, though they're lightly salted, are still full-flavored and pleasingly crunchy.

Foil Packets - Low Fat Cooking With Foil Packets
Cooking in foil packets is a great low fat way to prepare meals. On nights where everyone wants a different entree, you can prepare, say, a chicken packet, a pork packet and a fish packet, keeping everyone happy, and without feeling like a short-order cook.

Low Fat Yogurt for Dessert - Eat Yogurt Instead of Ice Cream
When you get the urge to eat something creamy for dessert, consider yogurt. Yogurt is the perfect low-fat alternative to cream, ice cream and much healthier than even the light or fat-free toppings from the freezer cabinet.

Low Fat Cooking Spray - How to Make Low Fat Cooking Spray
Try this low fat cooking quick tip: make your own cooking spray to reduce the fat in your cooking.

Phyllo Dough for Low Fat Pies and Pastries - Low Fat Phyllo
Why give up pies and pastries when there's a light, crisp and flaky alternative. Phyllo (or filo) dough is a great low fat substitute for regular pastry and pie crusts.

Low Fat No Cook Recipes - Low Fat Recipes for Hot Summer Days
It's too hot to cook your favorite low-fat recipes, so what can you eat that doesn't require a stove, oven or grill? Here are some low-fat, no-cook recipes to see you through the hottest days of the year.

Bird Flu and Poultry - Bird Flu and Safe Handling of Chicken
Concerns about bird flu, or avian flu, have prompted questions about whether we should continue to eat chicken and other poultry.

Top 10 Low Fat New Year's Eve Recipes
Are dips and chips your downfall at New Year's Eve or holiday parties? Find some great low fat recipes for your party, and ring in the New Year without adding to your waistline.

The Best of Cooking Light - Review of The Best of Cooking Light
Since 1987, Cooking Light magazine has provided thousands of healthy and delicious recipes, which are perfect for those of us interested in low fat cooking.

The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim - Review of The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim
The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim is an indispensable reference to find all kinds of substitute ingredients and the precise directions for using them. But The Food Substitutions Bible is not confined only to food. Find out what to do if you don't have the right size baking pan or a double boiler to hand. For low fat cooks, there are plenty of healthier substitutions offered, as well as a few useful low fat cooking techniques.

Why We Overeat - Breaking the Cycle of Overeating
Overeating is a common problem. Michelle May, in

Low Fat Summer Grilling - How to Enjoy Low Fat Summer Grilling
From Memorial Day through Labor Day, with July 4th in between, enjoy some great low fat summer grilling. Find plenty of ideas for low fat summer cookouts and picnics.

July 4th and Summer Eating: Low Fat Ideas for Salads, Sides and Dessert
How to enjoy a low fat summer picnics and cookouts from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Page 2.

Memorial Day, July 4th and Beyond: Safe Grilling and Picnic Food
Eating outside during the summer months is one of life's great pleasures. Make it safe by following some simple, yet critical food safety tips. Page 3.

The Low Fat Salad - How to Make a Low Fat Salad
Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're eating healthy just because you're eating salad. Salads cease to be low fat once you start adding meat, cheese, creamy dressings and croutons. How can you build a satisfying yet healthy, low fat salad? Here are some tips.

The Low Fat Salad, cont'd.
Don't fall into the trap of thinking you're eating healthy just because you're eating salad. Salads cease to be low fat once you start adding meat, cheese, creamy dressings and croutons. How can you build a satisfying yet healthy, low fat salad? Here are some tips. Page 2.

Low Fat Fourth of July Menu - Ideas for a Low Fat 4th July Menu - Low Fat July 4th Recipes
A tasty selection of low-fat summer foods for a great Fourth of July celebration.

Low Fat Cooking Methods
How do we practice low fat cooking? There are many ways to prepare low fat meals that allow us to enjoy great flavorful food. Cast aside your deep fat fryer, and do away the with butter and lard, and enjoy healthier everyday methods to make your meals.

Top 10 Global Food Trends
Low fat is back; health and convenience are in. These are some of the Top 10 Global Food Trends, according to an article in April 2005's Food Technology magazine, published by the Institute of Food Technologists, a non-profit group of food-science professionals.

Enova Oil - a New Cooking Oil
Enova brand oil was touted as a different kind of cooking oil, one that was processed differently by our bodies so that less of it would be stored as fat. Find out, from your Guide to Low Fat Cooking, how Enova oil worked.

Low Fat Barbecued Chicken
Low Fat Barbecued Chicken. Low Fat Cooking. Page 11.

Low Fat Braised Chicken
Low fat braised chicken dish featuring skinless, boneless chicken breasts braised in fat-free broth and red wine. Page 9.

Low Fat Chicken Casserole
Low Fat Chicken Casserole. Low Fat Cooking. Page 4.

Low Fat Moroccan Chicken
Moroccan chicken, using lean chicken thighs, apricots and garbanzo beans in a sweet and spicy sauce. Page 10.

Low Fat Rustic Chicken Stew
Low Fat Rustic Chicken Stew. Low Fat Cooking. Page 3.

Angel Food Dessert
Angel Food Dessert. Low Fat Cooking. Page 14.

Balsamic Strawberries
Balsamic Strawberries. Low Fat Cooking.

Berry Delight
Berry Delight. Low Fat Cooking. Page 13.

Berry Sorbet
Berry Sorbet. Low Fat Cooking. Page 5.

Broiled Nectarines with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream
Broiled Nectarines with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream. Page 4.

Lemon and Blackberry Parfaits
Lemon and Blackberry Parfaits. Low Fat Cooking. Page 9.

Low Fat Cherry Turnovers
Low Fat Cherry Turnovers. Low Fat Cooking. Page 6.

Low Fat Key Lime Bars
Low Fat Key Lime Bars. Low Fat Cooking. Page 12.

Low Fat Peach Tarts
Low Fat Peach Tarts. Low Fat Cooking. Page 15.

Low Fat Strawberry Pavlova
Low Fat Strawberry Pavlova. Low Fat Cooking. Page 11.

Low Fat Summer Cheesecake
Low Fat Summer Cheesecake. Low Fat Cooking. Page 10.

Melon Berry Medley
An easy fruit salad featuring chunks of canteloupe, fresh raspberries and blueberries. Page 16.

Meringue Nests with Strawberries
Meringue nests topped with whipped topping and strawberries. Page 2.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Parfaits
Strawberry-Rhubarb Parfaits. Low Fat Cooking. Page 8.

Summer Parfaits
Summer Parfaits. Low Fat Cooking. Page 3.

Tropical Fruit Salad
Tropical Fruit Salad. Low Fat Cooking. Page 7.

Low Fat Cooking Book Review, cont'd - The No-Fad Diet

Low Fat Summer Desserts
A collection of low-fat summer desserts.

Low Fat Summer Desserts
A collection of low-fat summer desserts.

Low Fat Crockpot Chicken and Mushroom Stew
Low Fat Crockpot Chicken and Mushroom Stew

Hungry Girl 200 Under 200 - 200 Recipes Under 200 Calories by Lisa Lillien
Lisa Lillien, better known as Hungry Girl, shows us how to make slimmed-down meals and snacks to keep hunger at bay throughout our day. Using low-fat convenience foods and many sugar-free options, Hungry Girl manages to keep everything under 200 calories.

The No-Fad Diet by The American Heart Association - Review of The No-Fad Diet

The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls - Review of The Volumetrics Eating Plan by Barbara Rolls
Do diets leave you feeling hungry all the time? The Volumetrics Eating Plan teaches us to choose foods that help us feel fuller for longer, causing us to eat fewer calories overall.

Low Fat Pizza - How to make Low Fat Pizza
Make your own quick and healthy, low fat pizza using whole wheat pita bread, reduced fat cheese and plenty of veggies.

Easy Low Fat Recipes
Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner you need, you'll find plenty of easy low-fat recipes for you and your family.

Low Fat Chicken Sausage Recipes
Chicken sausages are much lower in fat than regular sausage. Make over some of your favorite sausage-based recipes using lean chicken sausage, and shave calories and fat off those meals.