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Using the Displays Preference Pane: Arrangement
Using the Displays Preference Pane: The 'Arrangement' tab in the Displays preference pane lets you configure multiple monitors, either in an extended desktop or as a mirror of your primary display's desktop.

Using the Displays Preference Pane - Color
Using the Displays Preference Pane: By using the 'Color' tab of the Displays preference pane, you can manage or create color profiles that ensure your display is showing the correct color. Color profiles ensure that the red you see on your screen will be the same red you see from color-profile-controlled printers or other display devices.

Windows Keyboard Equivalents for the Mac's Special Keys
Windows keyboard works with Macs. This FAQ looks at Windows equivalents for the Mac's modifier keys: command, option, control, delete, and return keys.

How to Fix Magic Mouse Disconnect Problems
Is your Magic Mouse dropping its Bluetooth connection? I my experience, the most common reason is a loose battery terminal contact in the Magic Mouse.

SpamSieve: Tom's Mac Software Pick
SpamSieve is a remarkably powerful spam filtering system that works with just about all Mac mail clients, including Apple Mail.

Organize Your Apple Mail With Mailboxes
The first step to taking control of your email is to organize it. We'll show you how to organize your email messages in Apple Mail by creating mailboxes.

How to Fix a Mac Application That's Not Starting
Apps that fail to work may be suffering from incorrect file permissions or corrupt preference files. This guide will show you how to fix these issues.

Hear: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Hear from Prosoft Engineering is an audio processor that brings a wide range of effects, presets, and filters to the Mac’s sound system.

Use Your Mac's Built-In Web Server to Share a Website
OS X uses the Apache web server for sharing websites on a local network. You can use these instructions to set up a basic website on your Mac.

What is Thunderbolt High Speed I/O?
Thunderbolt is a high-speed​ interface for connecting peripherals to your Mac. Find out more about how Thunderbolt works.

Know Your Options for Finder's Icon View
The Finder's Icon view options control how icons will look and behave when you open a Finder window. You have a great deal of control available to you.

Troubleshooting Mac Problems - Stuck at the Blue Screen
When your Mac gets stuck at the blue screen, chances are you're having a startup drive problem. Luckily, these problems are usually easy to fix.

WhatSize: Tom's Mac Software Pick
WhatSize is an app that can help you clean up your Mac's drives, freeing up space to increase your Mac’s performance.

SATA Interface: What It Is and Which Macs Use It
SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is the drive interface commonly used in most Macs. Find out which SATA version your Mac is using.

How to Create a New Word Processing Document in Pages '09
Pages offer a number of templates to use when starting a new document. When creating a word processor doc, be sure to select the correct template.

Can I Upgrade to Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6)?
Do you need to upgrade to OS X Snow Leopard? Or perhaps you have a more current version of OS X installed, and you wonder if you can downgrade to Show Leopard.

Review of FileMaker Bento 3 Database Software
Bento 3 for Mac is geared towards consumers, home-based businesses, and small businesses who need a capable database for organizing information.

How to Move Time Machine to a New Backup Drive
Starting with Snow Leopard, Apple simplified the method to transfer a Time Machine backup. Use these steps to move your current Time Machine backup.

The Finder Toolbar - Add Files, Folders, and Apps
You can customize the Finder toolbar not only with various tools ​but with any app, file or folder on your Mac.

How to Share Windows 7 Files With OS X Lion
Windows 7 and a Mac running OS X Lion are on very good speaking terms. In fact, sharing your PC's files with your Mac is as easy as a few clicks and selecting the folders on the PC you want to share. This guide will have you sharing files quicker than you can reboot a computer.

Share Windows 7 Files with OS X Lion
To ensure that file sharing works, you must configure your Mac's workgroup name to match the one on your Windows 7 PC.

Share Windows 7 Files With Lion - Configuring the PC's Workgroup Name
The Windows 7 PC workgroup name needs to match the one you're using on your Mac. Follow these instructions to change your Win7 workgroup name.

Share Windows 7 Files With OS X Lion - Completing the File Sharing Process
The process of configuring your Win7 PC and your Mac to exchange files is almost done. All that's left to do is to enable file sharing, pick some files to share, and then access them from your Mac.

How to Use Your Mac's Display Calibrator Assistant
Getting photos on your Mac to match the colors of the original images starts with calibrating your display. This guide will use your Mac's built-in Display Calibrator Assistant to produce fairly accurate color calibration for your monitor.

Match a Song to an iTunes Playlist
Use this simple tip to find out which songs are in which playlists in your iTunes library.

Cookie: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Cookie is a cookie manager for the Mac’s browsers. It can keep your browser free of bad cookies, while retaining those you need.

Favorite Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year's Desktop Icons for Macs
There's almost no end to the decorating you can do for the holiday season, but one area that people often overlook is their Mac. In addition to using your Mac to create cards and decorations, you can also brighten up your desktop with holiday-themed icons for your hard drives, desktop folders, and other items.

Display Hidden Files in OS X Open and Save Dialog Boxes
Ever need to edit or view an invisible file on your Mac? This keyboard trick allows hidden files and folders to display in any Open or Save dialog box.

2014 Mac mini Review: The Good and The Bad
The 2014 Mac mini was a surprise to many, with a nice price drop. But do the savings add up to a hit, or was too much sacrificed? In this review, we look at the Mac mini configurations and which one may be the best for you.

Orbis (Formerly MenuWeather): Tom's Mac Software Pick
Orbis provides your local weather directly in your Mac’s menu bar. Orbis also provides 5-day and 15-day forecasts for multiple locations.

First Look: 2015 27-inch iMac Lineup Goes All 5K Retina
The 2015 27-inch iMac lineup has gone all Retina and all Skylake processors. These new configurations are just what Mac enthusiasts have been waiting for.

Find Files Faster Using Spotlight Keyword Searches
Use Spotlight keyword searches to find comments you have added to a file.

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Used MacBook
The first generation MacBook, Apple’s least expensive notebook, has a lot going for it. It delivers a lot of technology in a small package.

How to Respond to a Flashing Question Mark on a Mac
If your Mac displays a flashing question mark after you turn it on, it may mean that your Mac can't find a bootable operating system. Fix the problem with this tip.

Jettison: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Jettison automates the sleep process to ensure your Mac’s external drives are ejected properly. Its features make it a Tom’s Mac Software Pick.

How to Create a Complex Smart Playlist in iTunes
It's easy to use iTunes Smart Playlists to create complex playlists that automatically update as you add new content to your library.

Configuring OS X Mountain Lion's Workgroup Name
Your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion and your Windows 8 PC must use the same Workgroup name if you want to share files between the two platforms.

File Sharing - Set Up the Windows 8 Workgroup Name
Checking or changing your Windows 8 PC's Workgroup name is a simple process, as outlined here.

Do You Need to Defragment a Mac's Hard Drive?
Do you need to defragment a Mac's drive? We explain how your Mac is capable of defragmenting your hard drive on its own, without any intervention by you.

Drive Genius 4: Tom's Mac Software Pick
With 16 drive-related utilities, Drive Genius 4 can monitor, diagnose, and repair most Mac drive issues before they can turn into drive failures.

RAID 0: Stripe Hard Drives for Better Mac Performance
RAID 0, also known as a striped RAID, is used to increase storage speed, resulting in better performance for your Mac. OS X supports most RAID types.

RAID 1: Mirroring Hard Drives for your Mac
RAID 1 is supported by OS X and the Mac. RAID 1 creates a mirror (an exact copy) of the data on a hard drive onto one or more additional disks.

Review of Toast 9 Titanium
Review of Toast 9 Titanium and its many new features, including Blu-ray support, streaming video, and an improved user interface.

Review of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac
Easy VHS to DVD for Mac is an analog, USB-based video capture device for turning your VHS, Hi8, and Video8 takes into DVDs.

Macs and Home Theater - Connect Your Mac to Your HDTV
That big-screen HDTV is just begging to be connected to your Mac. This guide will take you through the process of connecting your Mac to your HDTV.

How to Back Up FileVault-Encrypted Disks With Time Machine
If you're using FileVault 1 or FileVault 2, there are a few considerations to know about for your Time Machine backups.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Safari Bookmarks Toolbar and Tabs Toolbar
Safari keyboard shortcuts can be used to access web sites from the Favorites toolbar, or switch between tabs on the Tabs toolbar; the choice is yours.

Frivolous Apps for the Mac: Tom's Mac Software Picks
Uli’s Moose and Eyeballs are two apps that bring fun and smiles to your Mac. Go ahead; find out what a talking moose has to say.

Enable XRayFolders for a Preview of a Folder's Contents in OS X
Enable XRayFolders for a Preview of a Folder's Contents in OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion.

First Look: Magic Mouse 2
Magic Mouse 2 improvements include a rechargeable internal battery that uses a superfast charging system to provide up to one month of use.

4 Finder Tips for OS X Yosemite and Later
Four Finder tips you may not know about that can make working with OS X Yosemite or later much more enjoyable.

BetterTouchTool: Tom's Mac Software Pick
BetterTouchTool lets you create and assign new gestures and actions to your Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or your Mac’s built-in trackpad.

Cinemagraph Pro: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Cinemagraph Pro from Flixel lets you easily create cinemagraphs, the merger of still and video images.

Review: Wacom Graphire Wireless Graphics Tablet
The Wacom Graphire Wireless Bluetooth tablet is no longer manufactured​, however it may be an inexpensive choice for some Mac users looking for a bargain.

Parallels Desktop for Mac 11: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Parallels Desktop for Mac 11 allows you to run Windows and other OSes on your Mac. It even brings Cortana to the Mac, along with other new features.

Battery Life in Magic Mouse Pulls a Disappearing Act
The Magic Mouse comes with AA alkaline batteries that may be low performing. Changing to rechargeables may be the best bet to optimize performance.

Review: Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus for the Mac
Review: Elgato’s EyeTV 250 Plus is a small USB-based TV tuner and DVR for the Mac. Although discontinued by Elgato the EyeTV 250 Plus is still sought​ out.

What You Need to Know Before You Bring Home a MacBook Pro 2011
The MacBook Pro 2011 lineup uses the first incarnation of the Sandy Bridge processors, giving it a prodigious performance increase over previous models.

What Is RAID 10, and Does My Mac Support It?
RAID 10 is a nested RAID array created by combining RAID 1 and RAID 0; it's also known as a stripe of mirrors. Macs supports creating and managing RAID 10.

SuperDuper: Tom's Mac Software Pick
SuperDuper v2.8 provides a complete backup, cloning, and smart updating system that works wonderfully with OS X El Capitan.

Review: OS X Snow Leopard, One Fast Cat
With the introduction of Snow Leopard, Apple took a breather from adding new features to focus on cleaning up the underlying structure of OS X.

Commander One: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Commander One brings advanced file management capabilities to the Mac. With dual panes and unlimited tabs, Commander One could replace the Finder.

Enable TRIM for Any SSD in OS X 10.10.4 or Later
TRIM is disabled in OS X for third-party SSDs, but with this simple Terminal command, you can enable TRIM for any SSD you have added to your Mac.

Use Dropbox to Sync iCal with Older Versions of OS X
How to use Dropbox to Sync iCal calendars between multiple Macs. Also includes details about returning to a non-synced calendar.

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD Review – A RAID-Ready SSD for Your Mac
Full review of the Mercury Extreme Pro RE SSD which uses SandForce SF-1200 SSD processors, designed to maximize performance and power utilization.

OS X El Capitan Minimum Requirements
The minimum system requirements for OS X El Capitan haven’t changed much since OS X Mavericks. Still, the devil is in the details; find out if your Mac will run the newest version of OS X.

Split View Lets Two Apps Work in Full-Screen Mode (OS X El Capitan)
Using Split View in OS X allows you to work with two apps in full-screen mode on a single display.

Sync Your Mac's Address Book Using Dropbox
Using Dropbox, you can sync Address Book contacts on multiple Macs to ensure you always have the same contact lists available.

Duplicate Files or Folders in the Mac's Finder With These Tricks
Duplicating files on the Mac and adding version numbers is just an option key away in OS X. with these tips.

Disk Sensei: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Disk Sensei monitors your Mac drive's health and performance, and can let you know in advance of possible drive problems that may occur.

Use Safari's Tab Muting to Quiet Things Down
Safari tab muting is touted as a way to mute sound in a tabbed browser window. But did you know it also works with regular Safari windows?

How to Pin Sites in Safari and OS X El Capitan
Starting with OS X El Capitan, Safari has a number of new features, including pinned web sites that promise fast access and always up-to-date information.

8 Tips for Using Safari With OS X
Safari 8, first released with OS X Yosemite, provides a slimmed-down interface that is missing many features. These tips will have Safari working for you.

Review of the Wacom Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen Display
The Wacom Cintiq 21UX functions like a graphics tablet, it's more accurate to call it an interactive pen display, because it includes its own built-in LCD.

Using the Finder's List View Option
The Finder’s List view options control how a list will look and behave when you open a Finder window. Find out how to control all of the available options.

ArtRage Studio 3 Review - ArtRage Studio 3 Is a True Painting Program
ArtRage Studio is a bit of a rarity in the world of painting software programs. It truly deserves to be called a paint program.

Privacy Badger: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Privacy Badger puts teeth into the voluntary Do Not Track option in most browsers by eliminating tracking cookies.

Affinity Photo: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Affinity Photo Review: High-performance photo editing makes its way to the Mac, but leaves the high cost behind. Affinity Photo has the tools and capabilities to give Photoshop a run for its money.

Review of the Wacom Intuos3 Professional Graphics Tablet
The Wacom Intuos3 graphics tablet is available in six different sizes and configurations and can be updated to work with current versions of OS X.

Finder Column View: Zoom Into a Finder Preview Image
In column view, the Finder in OS X lets you preview a file's contents, including the ability to zoom in, scroll, pan, and turn pages.

Disk Utility - Using Your New Volumes
Disk Utility uses the partitioning information you supply to create volumes your Mac can access.

Use iChat or Messages to Keep in Contact With Your Facebook Friends
Facebook has a built-in chat system that works with iChat or Messages to keep you connected with your Facebook friends.

Midnight Mansion HD Episode 1: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Midnight Mansion HD Episode 1 is a 2D platform game for the Mac that conjures up visions of old-time classics like Dark Castle and Prince of Persia.

Scrivener: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Scrivener is a long-form writing tool that can help you organize your next project, and then get out of the way of your writing.

Use Finder Labels to Organize Your Files and Folders
Finder labels are colored tags that you can use to organize items in Finder windows by assigning the same colored label to related files and folders.

When All Else Fails: How to Reinstall Aperture 3
Reinstalling Aperture 3 can fix common problems, and is simpler than trying to figure out what's causing them. This guide takes you through the process.

Review of the Apple Cinema HD Display 23” Widescreen LCD
The Apple Cinema HD Display 23” widescreen LCD was ahead of its time when first introduced in 2004, and still remains a sought-after bit of Apple kit.

2.4 GHz Apple MacBook Review
Review of the 2008 2.4 GHz Apple MacBook, one of the top-selling notebooks in the industry. Using a Core 2 Duo processor, the MacBook comes with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) pre-installed, and is able to run Windows as well.

What Is USB 3 and Does My Mac Include It?
What are USB 3, USB 3.1, and USB-C, and which Macs are using them?

Composure: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Composure from Stuck Pixel Studios lets you create fun-filled collages as well as silly photos, with its catalog of pre-made stickers, frames, and filters.

Is a Volume the Same as a Partition?
A volume is a storage container that has been formatted with a file system your computer (in this case, a Mac) can recognize. Volumes are just the start.

What You Need to Create a JBOD RAID Set With OS X
Here's what you need to create a JBOD RAID set with OS X.

Create a JBOD RAID Set: Use Disk Utility to Create a JBOD RAID Set
Use Disk Utility to create a JBOD RAID set.

Add Slices (Hard Drives) to Your JBOD RAID Set
Add slices (hard drives) to your JBOD RAID set.

Using Your New JBOD RAID Set
Using your new JBOD RAID set. Macs.

Use Disk Utility's Zero Out Data in Preparation for a JBOD RAID Set
Use Disk Utility's Erase and Zero Out Data option in preparation for creating a JBOD RAID set.

Use Disk Utility to Create JBOD RAID Set for Your Mac
JBOD RAID, also known as a concatenated or spanning RAID, is one of the many RAID levels supported by OS X and Disk Utility.

Save Your Mac's Battery - Spin Down Drive Platters
You can increase the battery performance on your Mac portable by changing how long your Mac waits before putting its hard drives to sleep.

Customize the Apple Mail Toolbar
The default Apple Mail interface is clean and easy to use, but you might want to tweak it a bit to make it just right. We'll show you how to customize the Mail toolbar.

Adjust the Volume of Your Mac's Startup Chime
Adjust the volume of your Mac’s startup chime to keep from waking the dead (or your significant other).

Noiseless: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Noiseless and Noiseless Pro can remove digital noise from photos taken in low light or high ISO settings. In this review, we try Noiseless Pro with a few of our own images taken in low light.

OS X Scrolling - Natural or Unnatural?
Scrolling on your Mac is now performed using what Apple calls a

Stellarium: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for the Mac that can show you the universe as seen from your backyard. With a huge catalog of objects, and easy-to-use controls, Stellarium will soon have you viewing stars, comets, planets, and deep space objects.

IDG Scrubs Macworld/iWorld Expo 2015 Show
IDG announces that the Macworld/iWorld Expo is going on hiatus for 2015. The Macworld Expo has been running since 1985, when the first show was held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It quickly became the premier Apple trade show, drawing huge crowds to the expo floor.

The Easy Way to Add a Printer to Your Mac
Adding a printer to a Mac can be as easy as plugging the printer in and turning it on, but there are a few additional steps you may wish to take.

Add a Desktop Printer in OS X
Create a desktop printer in OS X and bring drag-and-drop printing back to your Mac.

Tembo: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Tembo provides a better search front-end than the Mac’s Spotlight system. With its built-in categories and filters, finding what you're looking for has never been easier.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Minimum Requirements
Lion Minimum Requirements: To install Lion, you will need at least an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2 GB of RAM, Internet access, and Snow Leopard already installed on your Mac.

Create a Bootable DVD Copy of OS X Lion Installer
With this guide, you can create a bootable copy of OS X Lion on a DVD once you download OS X 10.7.x to your Mac.

Audio Hijack 3: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Audio Hijack 3 can record any audio source that can be played through your Mac. This includes audio from any app, microphones connected to your Mac, and all of the sounds your Mac can make.

Control Safari Windows With Keyboard Shortcuts
Safari supports multi-window and tabbed browsing. If you're not sure how to take advantage of this feature, these keyboard shortcuts can help.

Image2icon: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Jazz up your Mac desktop with custom icons you create using Image2icon, a free app with ample features for customizing your Mac.

Accelsior S Review: Give Your Mac Pro a Performance Boost
The Accelsior S from OWC is a bootable SATA III expansion card for 2012 or earlier Mac Pros. It allows you to add an SSD to improve overall performance.

Upgrade the Hard Drive in a Late 2009 iMac
Upgrading 2009 and later iMacs with new hard drives or SSDs requires the addition of an in-line temperature sensor to ensure your iMac’s fans run correctly.

Using Spotlight with Boolean and Metadata Operators
Spotlight, the Mac's built-in search service, supports using Boolean operators as well as metadata types to help refine searches.

Mac Pro Storage Upgrade Guide
Upgrading a Mac Pro's storage can be as simple as adding a hard drive to an available drive bays. SSDs or PCIe-based SSDs, can also be added.

2009 - 2012 Mac Pro Memory Upgrades
Adding memory to a Mac Pro is the easiest DIY upgrade you can perform, but it still helps to know a few tips and tricks.

Adding Accent Marks in OS X
OS X supports an easy method of adding diacritical marks to characters. A popover pane allows you to select the appropriate accent mark for a character.

Assign Mac Apps to Open in a Specific Desktop Space or All Spaces
OS X offers a new, easy way to set a Mac application to open in all of your desktop spaces, or in a specific space.

NetSpot: Tom's Mac Software Pick
NetSpot is a handy Wi-Fi site survey utility for the Mac. Available in both free and pro versions, NetSpot can quickly map your home’s Wi-Fi network performance.

Increase Mac Storage Capability With an External Drive
There are many options for adding an external drive to a Mac, from DIY external drives to pre-built enclosures. In this guide, we look at enclosure features and interfaces to help you pick the one that will best fit your needs.

Using RAID 5 With Your Mac
RAID 5 is a striped RAID with distributed parity. It is a good choice for multimedia file storage needing high read speeds.

Emulsion: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Emulsion is an image cataloging and management system that may be able to replace Aperture or Lightroom, while providing an easy-to-use system that may appeal to pro-am photographers who were making do with iPhoto.

OS X Is Hiding Your Library Folder
Have you noticed something missing? OS X hides your Library folder. It's not clear why Apple decided to hide the users Library folder, but here is how to get it back.

How to Use Apple Mail Rules Feature to Organize Email
You can save time and ease your stress level by using the Rules feature in Apple Mail to organize incoming email. We'll show you how in this quick tip.

SSDReporter: Tom's Mac Software Pick
SSDReporter monitors your Mac's internal SSDs and keeps track of their overall health, including wear level and temperature.

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Mac mini
Mac minis are small and inexpensive. They're a good choice for first-time Mac users, or those looking for a second Mac. This guide to 2009 Mac minis will help you decide of an older Mac is right for you.

WWDC 2015 Keynote: OS X El Capitan, iOS 9, Apple Watch, Apple Music
The WWDC 2015 keynote revealed El Capitan as the next version of OS X, that iOS 9 will be available in the fall, and that both will be available as public betas in July. Also, the wraps were taken off Apple Music and watchOS 2.

Create a Menu Item to Hide and Show Hidden Files in OS X
By combining the Terminal commands for showing and hiding files and folders with Automator you can create a simple menu item to show or hide those files.

AdwareMedic: Tom's Mac Software Pick
AdwareMedic is an on-demand adware scanner that can find and remove adware that has been installed on your Mac.

Customizing Your Mac’s Finder Toolbar
The Finder toolbar, a collection of buttons located at the top of a Finder window, is easy to customize and organize to meet your needs.

Buying Guide to Virtualization Apps for the Mac
The four top applications for running Windows on an Intel-based Mac are Boot Camp, Parallels, Fusion, and VirtualBox. Which one is best for you? We’ll help you decide.

Mac Backup Guru: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Mac Backup Guru has some amazing capabilities; not only can it create bootable clones, it can also make incremental clones. Think of it as a bootable Time Machine backup system.

Mac Screen Sharing
Macs come with built-in screen sharing capabilities, which you can enable from the Sharing preference pane. In addition to sharing the screen with Macs, Windows systems using a VNC client can also share.

Add Keyboard Shortcuts For Any Menu Item on Your Mac
OS X Lets you Add a keyboard shortcut to just about any menu item. Using the Keyboard preference pane, I'm going to show you how to add a keyboard shortcut in OS X Yosemite.

TextExpander: Tom's Mac Software Pick
TextExpander puts a library of snippets at your fingertips. With just a couple of keystrokes, you can expand a small abbreviation into a large segment of writing that includes formatted text, images, code, links, whatever you wish.

Using Spotlights Preference Pane to Customize Search
Spotlight's preference pane is where you control how search results are displayed, protect files and volumes from being searched, and set up keyboard shortcuts for quick access to Spotlight.

Use the Command Key to Control Background Windows on Your Mac
The command key has many uses with OS X. One that is often overlooked, is using the command key to work with background windows without bringing them to the front.

Jazz Up Your Email Messages With Stationery
Apple Mail can make your life, or at least your email messages, more colorful, with a number of stationery options to choose from.

What to Expect at WWDC 2015: Prediction Roundup
WWDC 2015 opens June 8th with a keynote address. Here's a roundup of what we expect to be announced at the keynote.

OS X El Capitan: 5 New Features I'm Looking Forward To
Here's my top 5 list of OS X El Capitan features. Many of these features didn't get a lot of publicity at WWDC, but they will probably get the biggest workout on my Mac in day-to-day use.

Apple's Decade: 2003 - iTunes Music Store and PowerMac G5
Apple's Decade: In 2003, Apple introduced us to the iTunes Music Store. Most Mac users, and anyone who owned an iPod, were already familiar with iTunes, as a music player and as a method of syncing music content between a Mac and an iPod.

Apple's Decade: 2004 - Steve Jobs' Cancer Surgery and First iMac With a G5 Processor
Apple's Decade: In 2004, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, went under the surgeon's knife to remove a cancerous tumor in his pancreas. Steve was diagnosed with an islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Luckily for Steve, this rare form of pancreatic cancer is easily treatable when caught in its early stages.

Apple's Decade: 2005 - Apple Announces Switch to Intel Processors
Apple's Decade: At the 2005 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Apple announced its intent to switch from Motorola/IBM PowerPC processors to Intel-based X86 processors. Apple has pulled off processor architecture changes before, having switched from Motorola's 68000 family to the IBM-designed RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) based PowerPC series of processors.

Apple's Decade: 2006 - Apple Completes Transition to Intel
Apple's Decade: By the end of 2006, Apple completed the transition of the Macintosh to Intel-based processors. The changeover went faster than Apple originally expected, which can be attributed to the help Intel's engineers provided, and to the Apple engineers who maintained a secret Intel-compatible version of OS X since the original version (Cheetah) was introduced.

Apple's Decade: 2007: Apple Launches the iPhone
Apple's Decade: In what many see as one of the most successful product launches in Apple's history, the iPhone was announced in January 2007, and started shipping by the summer of 2007.

Apple's Decade 2002 - Flat-Panel iMac and eMacs
Apple's Decade: 2002 saw Apple create two new versions of the iMac. The first was the flat-panel iMac, which not only improved performance with a faster (G4) processor, but also incorporated a 15-inch, and later a 17-inch, LCD panel into its design. The eMac, a lower-cost version of the iMac, was designed for the educational market only.

Apple's Decade: 2001 - iPods and OS X 10.0 (Cheetah)
Apple's Decade: 2001 was a significant year for Apple and the U.S. Apple released the first of its iPod music players, and the general public could now buy the first release version of OS X.

Apple's Decade - A Look Back at Apple Through the 2000s
Apple's Decade: About: Macs takes a look back at the events and products that defined the last decade for Apple. Just three years before the start of the decade, Apple was being written off as a computer company that was sliding into oblivion. In a relatively short period of time, Apple was able to pick itself up, become profitable, and then dominate industries that barely knew it existed a few years earlier. That makes the 2000s Apple's Decade.

Best Mac Browser - Recommendations
Best Mac Browser – Recommendations: With the Mac browsers sorted by performance, it’s time to make recommendations for which browsers should have a home on your Mac.

Mac Browser Shootout 2010 - How We Test Mac Browsers
Mac Browser Shootout 2010: To test our 10 Mac browser candidates, we’re going to turn to four publicly available browser benchmark tests. We’ll use two of the tests to measure how well each Mac browser handles JavaScript, a major underpinning of web site design. We’ll also check conformity to standards, and look at overall rendering performance.

Best Mac Browser - Overall Results
Best Mac Browser – Overall Results: After we finished the benchmark testing on our ten browsers, a few points became clear. First, regardless of the underlying browser engine, a browser could still fail to complete our tests; this happened with both Gecko and WebKit-based browsers. Second, the WebKit browser engine routinely outperforms the Gecko engine, but Opera’s Presto engine can give WebKit a run for the money.

Best Mac Browser - Stainless 0.7.5 Results
Best Mac Browser – Stainless 0.7.5 Results: Stainless did very well, finishing all tests with very good results. Stainless displayed a solid foundation, and even tied with Chrome for the fastest RegExp results in the SunSpider JavaScript test.

Best Mac Browser - SeaMonkey 2.0.8 Results
Best Mac Browser – SeaMonkey 2.0.8 Results: SeaMonkey displayed a number of weak spots. It was unable to complete the Acid3 test, and it gathered six of the worst scores; one in Peacekeeper, four in the V8 Benchmark, and one in the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark.

Best Mac Browser - Safari 5.0.2 Results
Best Mac Browser – Safari 5.0.2 Results: Safari was able to pass all tests, and picked up three of the highest scores, one in Peacekeeper and two in SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark. Safari placed third overall, in Peacekeeper and the two JavaScript benchmarks. Although it developed WebKit specifically for Safari, Apple tends to keep Safari at the same release level longer than other WebKit developers do with their browsers, which gives them time to move ahead in raw performance.

Best Mac Browser - The Contenders
Best Mac Browser - The Contenders: I’m often asked which is the best Mac browser to use. My answer is always the same: It’s the one that you like the best. Many individuals want a more quantifiable answer, though, so to see if we can put some measurements behind browser performance, we decided to perform a Mac browser benchmark test.

Best Mac Browser - Camino 2.0.4 Results
Best Mac Browser - Camino 2.0.4 Results: Camino had no issues completing any of the JavaScipt-based tests, but it did have problems with the Acid3 test. Forty percent of the browsers we tested, including Camino, had problems completing the Acid3 test. Camino received the lowest overall score in the Peacekeeper benchmark, and was in the running to be the slowest in the two JavaScript benchmarks.

Best Mac Browser - Chrome 6.0.472.63 Results
Best Mac Browser - Chrome 6.0.472.63 Results: Chrome aced all of the tests we threw at it, and captured some of the top marks in many of the test categories. Chrome’s speed is the result of Google’s concentration on the browser’s JavaScript engine, which is used heavily, both in our benchmarks and by most modern-day browsers.

Best Mac Browser - Firefox 3.6.10 Results
Best Mac Browser - Firefox 3.6.10 Results: Firefox was mostly a middle-of-the-roader in the various tests. It only produced one ‘best’ score, in the Math subtest of the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark. Firefox was unable to complete the Acid3 test, but it came about as close as possible to completing the test without actually crossing the finish line.

Best Mac Browser - Flock 2.6.1 Results
Best Mac Browser - Flock 2.6.1 Results: Flock was the only Mac browser that was unable to complete the V8 Benchmark v6 test, specifically, the RegExp (Regular Expression) test, which could conceivably prevent Flock from working with some web sites. It was also unable to complete the Acid3 test, and had a poor showing in many of the remaining JavaScript tests.

Best Mac Browser - iCab 4.8 Results
Best Mac Browser – iCab 4.8 Results: iCab completed all tests, and posted some of the best numbers. None of the numbers quite qualified as the best for a specific test, but they came very close. iCab’s broad performance range should help ensure that it performs very well with just about any web site.

Best Mac Browser - OmniWeb 5.10.1 Results
Best Mac Browser – OmniWeb 5.10.1 Results: OmniWeb failed to complete the first part of the Peacekeeper benchmark test, which was rendering. OmniWeb kept locking up, forcing us to quit the browser, so we were unable to run any of the remaining Peacekeeper tests on it.

Best Mac Browser - Opera 10.63 Results
Best Mac Browser – Opera 10.63 Results: Opera performed well, passing every test and posting the best marks in three Peacekeeper tests and one V8 Benchmark v6 test. It came in second overall, in both the Peacekeeper and V8 benchmarks; Chrome came in first.

OS X Lion Tips and Tricks
OS X Lion provides quite a few new features; it also made some changes to how the OS works. For most users, the changes will be well received. For a few, they will present some difficulties. For the rest of us, they're a mixed blessing, with many changes being difficult at first, but then becoming second nature. No matter which camp you fall into, this ongoing collection of OS X Lion Tips and Tricks should be helpful.

Apple's Decade: 2009 - Steve Jobs Take Six-Month Leave of Absence
Apple's Decade: 2009 started off with Steve Jobs taking a six-month leave of absence for health reasons. While Steve originally believed his health problems could be easily treated, he ended up needing a liver transplant, which was performed under the media radar in April.

Apple's Decade: 2008 - Apple Launches the Apps Store
Apple's Decade: The iPhone was a runaway hit, but not content to rest on its laurels, Apple released the App Store, a new service designed specifically for iPhone and iPod touch users. The App Store is a catalog of all of the applications developers have created for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Part of the iTunes Store, the App Store allows customers to browse through the available applications and download them to their devices.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Application for Running Windows
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote For Your Favorite Application for Running Windows. The Best Application for Running Windows category is open to any application or system that allows you to run Windows or Windows applications on a Mac.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Word Processor
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Word Processor. The Best Mac Word Processor category is open to any application that provides word processing capabilities.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Office Suite
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Office Suite. The Best Mac Office Suite category is open to any software package that, at a minimum, provides word processing and spreadsheet capabilities. The suite may also include additional office applications

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Consumer Image Editor
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Consumer Image Editor. The Best Mac Consumer Image Editor category is open to any software that is used for editing static images and is geared towards general consumers, not professionals.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Email Client
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Email Client. The Best Mac Email Client category is open to any application that provides general-purpose email capabilities. Nominations may include email clients that run on an individual's Mac as well as web-based email clients.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Browser
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Browser. The Best Mac Browser category is open to nominations for applications that provide general-purpose web browsing capabilities. Browsers in this category should be able to access any web site, provide bookmark services, support plug-ins, and run basic web applications without issues.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Let the Voting Begin for the Best Mac Applications
Reader's Choice Awards 2010: It's February, and that means it's time to start voting for the Reader's Choice Awards 2010. We made it through the nomination process last month, and now with the top nominees from each category determined, it's time to let us know which ones deserve to be this year's winners of's Computing Channel Reader's Choice Awards.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac Backup Software
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac Backup Software. The Best Mac Backup Software category is for software designed, at a minimum, to perform a backup of a user's data. Applications in this category may also provide other services, such as backing up the entire system, creating archives, and creating clones.

Reader's Choice Awards 2010 - Vote for the Best Mac System Utility
Reader's Choice Awards: Vote for your favorite Mac System Utility. The Best Mac System Utility category is for software designed primarily to enhance the capabilities of the OS. We selected the top five nominees in the category and now it's up to you to make the final decision.

TinkerTool: Tom's Mac Software Pick
TinkerTool lets you adjust many of the hidden OS X preference settings, all from an easy-to-use app that doesn’t require the use of Terminal or arcane commands.

BetterZip: Tom's Mac Software Pick
BetterZip is a compression and archiving utility for the Mac. It provides a great deal more in features, capabilities, and supported formats than Apple's built-in archiving system.

Keka: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Review: Keka is an archiving utility for OS X that provides quite a few advanced features, and supports many different types of archiving formats. Did I mention that it's free?

The Unarchiver: Tom's Mac Software Pick
You can open 60 different types of compressed files with the Unarchiver, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Amiga archive file formats. With support for current and obscure compression types, the Unarchiver is the best choice for accessing old files you archived.

DaisyDisk: Tom's Mac Software Pick
DaisyDisk's ability to quickly scan a Mac's drive and then display the data information in a sunburst graph makes this app a great choice for helping you manage your Mac's free drive space.

Safari Troubleshooting - Use The Re-render Menu to Refresh a Web Page
Safari's Debug menu includes a Repaint command that will re-render the currently loaded web page, instead of taking the time to download a fresh version of the page.

Apple Releases Updated 15-inch MacBook Pros and 27-inch Retina iMacs
Apple unveiled new 15-inch MacBook Pros and lower cost 27-inch iMacs with Retina 5K display today (5/20/2015). Force Touch trackpads made the jump to the MacBook Pro, along with graphics updates and longer battery life.

Rumors: Updated MacBook Pros and iMacs This Week, Apple TV Next Month
Rumors suggest that Apple will announce new 15-inch MacBook Pros and 27-inch non-Retina iMacs this week (5/18/2015). A new Apple TV is also expected, although not until June.

XScanSolo 4: Tom’s Mac Software Pick
Monitoring your Mac's hardware can be a troublesome task. XScanSolo 4 can grab data from your Mac’s hardware sensors, and present the information in an easy-to-understand interface.

Mac Weekly News 05/15/2015: Apple Files to Protect Customer Privacy
Apple filed papers in the Radio Shack bankruptcy case in an attempt to prevent customer data from being sold off. Also, an Apple Store was closed when hazardous liquid was discovered contaminating a shipping package.

Cannot Send Email (Greyed Button) - Apple Mail Troubleshoot
A dimmed 'Send' button in Apple Mail could means there isn't a correctly configured outgoing mail server (SMTP) associated with the Mail account. Or it could be issues with the plist.

Drive Genius 3 Disk Utility for Mac - Review
Drive Genius 3 for Mac is primarily about management and performance testing; it also includes basic repair capabilities.

How to Add Twitter to Your Safari Sidebar
You can use Safari's sidebar to keep up to date with your Twitter feeds. Once it's set up, you can monitor Twitter traffic without having to open a dedicated Twitter app.

SoundBunny: Tom's Mac Software Pick
SoundBunny lets you control the sound volume of each app on your Mac independently. You can blast your tunes and turn down your alerts.

Apple Hires New General Contractor for Apple Campus 2
Apple responds to rumors of delays in Apple Campus 2 construction by selecting a new general contractor to complete the ring's interior.

Mac Weekly News 05/01/2015: Apple Earnings, OS X Beta, and Apple Watch
Mac news this week includes results from Apple's second quarter, a new OS X beta, and tips on how to find someone to repair your computer.

Apple Reports Strong Second Quarter 2015 Results
Apple’s second-quarter results, driven by China’s demand for all things Apple, beats the Street with the best quarterly results yet.

Troubleshooting Mac OS X Kernel Panics
When your Mac unexpectedly tells you that you have to restart, that's a kernel panic. Use this troubleshooting guide to resolve OS X kernel panic issues.

Mac Weekly News 04/24/2015: Rootpipe; Man Walking His Alpaca
Mac weekly news roundup for 04/24/2015: Rootpipe remains an OS X security issue even after the update. A supplemental update fixes slow Mac startups, and a man walks his alpaca down the road.

Add a Menu Bar Item to Eject a CD or DVD
Add an Eject CD or DVD item to your Mac's menu bar for a handy and always available way to open or close your Mac's CD or DVD drive.

How to Identify the Version of OS X on Your Recovery HD Partition
The OS X Recovery HD partition is a pretty handy troubleshooting tool that can also be used to reinstall OS X. But which version of OS X will be reinstalled? This tip shows you how to find out.

How to Fix Launchpad Problems in OS X
Launchpad is a handy app launcher, but it sometimes has problems with app icons and display organization. Resetting Launchpad can solve most of these problems.

Remove Duplicates From a Mac's 'Open With' Menu
Resetting the 'Open With' menu will remove duplicates and deleted applications from the list. In this guide, we will use Terminal to rebuild our Launch Services database.

Cocktail 8.3 (Yosemite Edition): Tom's Mac Software Pick
Cocktail lets you tweak your Mac system and interface to meet your needs. It's also is a great tool for performing maintenance and troubleshooting your Mac.

How to Use Force Quit to Terminate a Mac Application
OS X has a built-in Force Quit capability that can allow you to terminate an application that has stopped responding. You can send the Force Quit command by utilizing this guide.

Using Font Book to Preview Fonts and Print Font Samples
Even if you don’t have a huge number of fonts installed on your Mac, selecting a font for a specific project can be difficult. We'll show you how Font Book is used to preview fonts and print font samples.

Path Finder 7: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Path Finder 7 is more than just a souped-up Finder. It’s an extremely fast, extremely customizable workflow augmenting file management system that should have been in OS X.

12-Inch MacBook with Retina Display Pricing Revealed
Custom build options and pricing for the new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display were revealed early by one of Apple’s authorized resellers. Pricing tops out at $1,749.

Mac Recovery HD Volume: Reinstall OS X or Troubleshoot
The Recovery HD volume, can start up your Mac in an emergency and provide access to troubleshooting utilities, as well as allow you to reinstall OS X. This guide will help you make the best use of the Recovery HD volume in an emergency.

How to Manage Safari Cookies: For Best Results, Keep Safari Lean and Mean
Managing Safari's cookies can help ensure zippy performance, and prevent web sites and Safari from interacting poorly. Corrupt cookies can cause web sites to not work as expected.

Cookie Stumbler 2: Tom’s Mac Software Pick
Keeping your browser clear of tracking cookies can be a pain. Cookie Stumbler 2 makes this time-consuming task as simple as possible, with cookie whitelists, blacklists, and many more features.

Apple Mail Keyboard Shortcuts
Apple Mail contains quite a few keyboard shortcuts that can really help increase your productivity when you're using the Mail app. You can print this list to have commonly used commands at your fingertips.

Apple Updates OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 - Beta Public Release Soon?
The seventh beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, along with the Photos app, has been released to both Apple developers and the public beta program.

Keep Your Desktop Clean to Prevent Live Preview From Slowing Your Mac Down
OS X's Live Preview feature, displays thumbnail images of a file's contents. This can cause severe slowdown if your desktop is cluttered. Luckily fixing the problem is just requires a bit of housekeeping.

Finder Views: Icon, List, Column, and Cover Flow Finder Views
Finder views have grown to four, Icon, List, Column, and Cover Flow. Each has its benefits, but you don't have to choose just one.

Pixelmator 3.3: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Pixelmator 3.3 has new image editing capabilities and support for OS X Yosemite, which may make it a great replacement for iPhoto or Aperture.

Photos Preview: A Look At Apple's Replacement for iPhoto and Aperture
Photos for OS X is now available as a beta, and I couldn't wait to see how it compares to iPhoto and Aperture. This preview takes a look at its feature set, and whether Photos will be a good replacement for iPhoto and Aperture.

Mac Tip: Find Out Where Recent Items Are Located
This easy tip can be used to locate where recent items you have used in OS X are located in the Finder. If you have trouble finding items, go ahead and try this Mac tip out.

CheatSheet: Tom's Mac Software Pick
If you have trouble remembering the keyboard shortcuts available in an app, CheatSheet can display all of them in a pop-up window while you work in the app. It’s a great way to learn shortcuts, or simply explore the features of a Mac app.

Mac Weekly News 03/20/2015: New Apple TV at WWDC
Is a new Apple TV heading our way? The most recent rumors suggest that an A8-powered Apple TV 4 is due this summer.

Streaming Television May Be on Its Way to Your Apple TV
Apple may be getting ready to launch a new streaming television subscription service.

Mac Weekly News 03/13/2015: Apple Prevents FREAK Out, iCar Mystery
The week in review finds Apple announcing the Apple Watch, a new MacBook, and updated MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros, along with new Apple car rumors.

Third Version of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Beta Released to Developers
The third beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 has been released to the Mac developer community. This release contains a number of new features and capabilities, including support for the new Force Touch trackpad.

Apple Reveals 12-inch MacBook, Updated MacBook Pros, and Updated MacBook Airs
Apple took the wraps off the new 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, and updated both the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups.

Mac Weekly News 03/06/2015: Java Update, MacBook Updates
Rounding out the Mac news this week are a Java update that installs adware from, the possible update of some MacBooks, and more Apple Watch rumors.

How to Use Two or More Backup Drives With Time Machine
Sometimes, your Mac backup requires more space. Use this guide to add multiple backup drives as Time Machine destinations.

How to Set Up a Reliable Backup System for Your Mac
Time Machine supports multiple backup drives. Learn how to set up and use multiple drives for a more robust backup system.

Time Machine With Multiple Drives - The Basic Plan
How Time Machine makes use of multiple drives, it may not be what you expected. Learn the ins and outs of multiple backup drives.

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Public Beta, Including Photos App, Now Available
Apple has made the public beta of OS X Yosemite and Photos available for download and installation. Here are instructions for joining the beta program, and for working with Photos.

Review: TypeIt4Me, a Systemwide Text Expander
TypeIt4Me is a text expander program for your Mac. Typically used for expanding text into often-used phrases, such as email signatures, addresses, or complex code segments.

Mac Weekly News 02/27/2015: Apple Watch, iWork, and iOS 8.2
The news this week (02/27/2015) includes Apple's March 9th media event, where the Apple Watch will likely take the stage. In addition, the cross-platform version of iWork leaves beta.

Back Up Your Mac: Time Machine and SuperDuper
Backups are one of the most important chores for all Mac users. And there is nothing wrong with combining more then one backup method to ensure your Mac data is safe.

Backing Up Your Mac: Clone Startup Drive With SuperDuper
Clone Your Startup Drive With SuperDuper: Time Machine is a great backup solution, one I highly recommend, but it isn't the end-all for backups. It is important to have a bootable copy of my startup drive, something SuperDuper does very well.

Back Up Your Mac - Feeling Safe and Secure
This guide isn't intended to be the perfect backup process. Instead, it's meant to be a reasonable backup method for personal Mac users who don't want to spend a lot of cash on backup systems.

Back Up Your Mac - Time Machine Size and Location
Backing up my Mac starts with Time Machine. The beauty of Time Machine is the ease of setting it up, plus the ease of recovering a file, project, or entire hard drive should something go wrong.

Back Up Your Mac - Using Time Machine
With the hard drive size set, you're ready to set up Time Machine. Start by making sure the external drive is available for your Mac.

Apple Announces Media Event for March 9th; Apple Watch Expected
Apple will announce the availability of the Apple Watch at a March 9, 2015 media event. Expect the Apple Watch to go on sale immediately following the event.

JBOD: Create One Large Virtual Disk From Multiple Smaller Hard Drives
JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) is not a true RAID level, but it’s included as one of the RAID types Disk Utility can use to combine multiple hard drives into one larger virtual disk.

Display Calibrator Assistant to Create a Color Profile
Step 1 of this guide will use the Mac's built-in Display Calibrator Assistant to run through the calibration process, which when completed will help produce accurate colors on your display

Set Brightness and Contrast With Mac Display Calibrator
Step 2 - The Display Calibrator Assistant starts by helping you set the display's contrast and brightness.

Mac Display Calibration: Determine Your Display's Native Response
The Display Calibrator Assistant uses a five step process to determine the display's native luminance response curve.

Mac Display Calibration Assistant to Select Gamma
Target gamma is used to compensate for the non-linear nature of how we perceive brightness, as well as the non-linear nature of displays.

Target White Point - Mac Display Calibration
The Display Calibrator Assistant allows you to set the target white point of your monitor.

Saving the New Color Profile Created by the Display Calibrator
Saving the New Color Profile is the last step in calibrating your Macs display.

ChronoSync: Tom's Mac Software Pick
ChronoSync provides bidirectional file syncing and advanced backup capabilities, including creating bootable backups locally or over a network.

Mac Weekly News 02/20/2015: MacBook Pros Get Extended Video Warranty
Apple has started an extended warranty repair program to cover video issues on 2011 and later MacBook Pros. Also this week, more rumors about an Apple car.

GFXBench 3.0: Tom's Mac Software Pick
GFXBench 3 is a free graphics benchmark test that allows you to find out how well your Mac performs compared to others.

Review of Aperture 3, Apple's Image Organizer and Editor
Aperture 3 is an image management and editing app for amateur and professional photographers. In this review we take a look at how well Aperture performs.

Review of Aperture 3: Working with Images
Aperture 3 has expanded its abilities to edit images. Its new Brushes feature lets you apply specific effects by simply painting the area where you want to apply the effect. Page 2.

Get Your Mac Ready for Snow Leopard
Clean Up, Back Up, Repair Permissions, and Test Your Drive: The simple steps to prepare for Snow Leopard.

Use the OS X Boot Manager to Eject a Stuck CD/DVD
CDs and DVDs can become stuck in your Mac's optical drive for many reasons, most of which seem to have to do with the phases of the moon. When this happens to you, don't spend all evening howling about the problem; instead try a nifty trick that usually will eject stuck media.

How to Upgrade to iPhoto '11
Upgrading from iPhoto '09 to iPhoto '11 is actually pretty easy. If you purchase iPhoto as part of iLife '11, just run the iLife '11 installer. If you purchase iPhoto '11 from Apple's Mac Store, the software will be automatically installed for you.

How to Enable iMovie 11's Advanced Tools
iMovie 11 is a consumer-oriented video editor, but that doesn't mean it's a lightweight. You may not know that it also has some advanced tools under the hood.

Mac Notebook Gift Guide - Holiday Buying Guide for 2010
Mac notebooks are the most popular Macintosh computer that Apple produces. This popularity makes them a great gift for the holiday season (2010).

Troubleshooting Apple Mail Using the Connection Doctor
Apple's Connection Doctor can help you diagnose problems you're having with Mail. The Connection Doctor will confirm that you're connected to the Internet and then check each mail account to ensure you can connect to receive mail.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail - Reviewing Logs in Console
Apple's Mail Activity window provides a real-time look at what is occurring as you send or receive mail, the Mail logs go one step further and keep a record of each event. This can be very handy when troubleshooting connection issues.

Troubleshooting Apple Mail - Using the Activity Window
Apple Mail is easy to setup, but more important, it comes with built-in troubleshooting utilities designed to help you when something isn't working.

How to Get Faster Web Access (DNS Test)
With Google's namebench, you can run a series of tests on your DNS provider to see just how well the service is performing. Faster service equals faster browsing.

How to Rate Songs in iTunes 10
If you're like many of us, you have a gazillion songs in your iTunes Library, but you only listen to a relatively small group of them on a regular basis. You can rate songs in iTunes to make it easier to find your favorites; you can also use song ratings when you set up Smart Playlists.

Review of iPhoto '11: Apple's Consumer-Oriented Image Editor
We expected iPhoto '11 to wow us more than it did. It's still one of the best and most user-friendly image editing programs available.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Review
Premiere Elements 9 has finally made the transition from a PC-only application to one that now also runs on the Mac. By bringing Premiere Elements 9 to the Mac, Adobe offers Mac users a sweet video editing suite that offers capabilities well beyond those found in Apple’s iMovie.

Review of the i3, i5, and i7 27-inch iMac (2010)
The 2010 update to the 27-inch iMac is mainly a speed bump, slipping in higher clock speeds for the Quad-Core i5 and Quad-Core i7 models.

Review of the i3 and i5 2010 21.5-inch iMac
Apple's iMac offering in 2010 marked the first use of the i3 and i5 Intel processors in the iMac lineup. Apple has kept the best features of the previous iMacs and added more speed and better graphics performance. What's not to like?

Introduction: Sharing Windows XP Printers with Your Mac
Windows printer sharing lets your Mac use a printer that’s connected to one of your PCs. Setting up printer sharing for OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is easy with these step-by-step instructions.

Printer Sharing – Configure the Mac's Workgroup Name
Printer sharing requires the workgroup name to be the same on both the Macs and the PCs on your network. Follow these instructions to change the workgroup name on your Mac(s) to match your PCs.

Set Up Windows XP for Printer Sharing
The next step is to enable printer sharing on your Windows XP computer. Follow these instructions to enable printer sharing on your PC.

Add the Windows Printer to Your Mac
Once you set up Windows printer sharing, it’s time to add the shared printer to your Mac. Follow these instructions to complete the printer sharing setup process.

Printer Sharing – Using Your Shared Printer
You’ve completed the printer sharing setup process; now you’re ready to use the shared printer.

Yosemite 10.10.3 Beta Released to Developers Includes New Photos App
Photos, Apple's replacement for iPhoto, makes its first public appearance in the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 public beta. Photos appears to be an improvement on the iPhoto app that it's replacing.

Apple to Invest $2 Billion in Arizona Data Center
Apple will turn the GT Advanced Technologies sapphire glass facility into its latest data center. Investing $2 billion dollars in the project, Apple's plans include clean energy sources and a 30-year lifespan for the new facility.

LibreOffice: Tom's Mac Software Pick
LibreOffice is an open source office suite that can provide all of the tools needed for day-to-day work. It's also compatible with leading office apps, including Microsoft Office.

Yosemite 10.10.2 Released; New iCloud Browsing, Plus Security and Wi-Fi Fixes
The OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 release includes fixes for Wi-Fi connection problems, squashed security bugs, and a new iCloud feature.

Mac Weekly News 01/23/2015: HomeKit to Play Nice With Others
This week's Mac news update looks at how HomeKit will play nice with other systems, OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 to get security update, and leaked photos of the 12-inch MacBook Air.

Review of the 21.5-inch 2011 iMac
Review: Apple's latest version of the 21.5-inch iMac brings updates to the processor, graphics card, memory, and I/O. That would seem to make this update a bit more than a speed bump, and it certainly is.

Review of the 27-inch 2011 iMac
Review: The 27-inch iMac received a generous update from Apple that brings new processors, graphics cards, memory, and I/O. That would seem to make this update more of a major upgrade, except that the iMac chassis remains fundamentally the same.

Add the Shared Printer to Windows Vista
Once you enable Mac printer sharing you will need to add the shared printer to your Windows Vista PC.

How to Share Your Mac's Printer Sharing With Windows Vista
Printer sharing is one of the most popular uses for a home or small business network. Mac printer sharing can keep costs down by reducing the number of printers you need to buy. This step-by-step tutorial, we will show you how to share a printer attached to a Mac running OS X 10.5

Mac Printer Sharing: Configure the Workgroup Name
Mac printer sharing requires the workgroup name to be the same on both the Macs and the PCs on your network. Follow these instructions to change the workgroup name on your Macs to match your PCs.

Enable Printer Sharing on Your Mac
For Mac printer sharing to work, you will need to enable the printer sharing function on your Mac. We will assume you already have a printer connected to your Mac that you wish to share on your network.

Mac Printer Sharing: Using Your Shared Printer
Using your Mac’s shared printer from your Vista PC is no different than it would be if the printer were directly connected to your Vista PC. All of your Vista applications will see the shared printer just as if it were physically attached to your PC.

How to Use Column View Options in OS X Finder
The Finder’s Column view controls how a Finders window will look and behave. You can control text size, and how icons should display. You can also select the sorting order to use.

2014 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K Display Review
This review of the 2014 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display takes a look at its performance and display, and may help you decide if it's the right Mac for you to build a workstation around.

Mac Computer: Apple Hardware Test (AHT) to Solve Problems
The Apple Hardware Test (AHT) is a bootable utility that can check your Mac's hardware to see if it is in working condition. AHT can be used to help solve many different issues that are sometimes incorrectly thought to be software related.

Mac Weekly News (01/16/2015): Mac mini Update, Spotlight Bug
Weekly Mac news roundup for the week of 01/16/2015. Apple updates Mac mini, Spotlight bug can reveal data, and the 12-inch MacBook Air may arrive before the summer.

Default Folder X: Tom's Mac Software Pick
Default Folder X is the open and save dialog box system that Apple should have invented. This app offers so many capabilities, such as favorite folders, recent folders, and search within a dialog box, that you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Apple Updates 2014 Mac mini with 2 TB Fusion Drive Option
Apple adds larger 2 TB fusion drive as a build-to-order option for the 2014 Mac mini.

OS X Yosemite Minimum Requirements
The minimum requirements for running OS X Yosemite aren't much different than the minimum requirements for Mavericks. This means that just about all Macs that currently run Mavericks will be able to install and run Yosemite. You'll find a complete list of compatible Macs below.

Apple's HomeKit Automation System Will Need Apple TV for Remote Access
HomeKit, Apple's home automation system, will make use of an Apple TV for remote access to your home's automation devices, allowing you to control lights, heating, cooling, and security when you're away.

A Better Finder Attributes 5: Tom's Mac Software Pick
When it comes to editing OS X's Finder attributes, A Better Finder Attributes may simply be the best utility available. Able to edit most Finder file attributes, it can also read photo EXIF timestamps and use them as creation dates for your photos.

What to Expect From Apple in 2015: Tom's Mac Predictions
It's time once again for Tom's Mac Predictions, where I let you know what products I expect to see from Apple in 2015. I'm looking forward to new Macs, including one or two game-changing products.

Todoist: Tom's Mac Software Picks
Todoist is a cross-platform task manager that is easy to use, and syncs data across all the devices you use. Its streamlined interface hides its powerful task management capabilities.

Move Your Mac's Home Folder to a New Location
Your home folder is always located on the startup drive, the same one that houses the OS. Storing the home folder on another drive may be a much better choice, especially if you want to increase the performance of your Mac by installing an SSD.

Mac Weekly News Roundup for 1/9/2015: Spotlight Security Issues
This week in Mac news sees OS X Yosemite's Spotlight revealing details about your mail reading habits to email marketers. Also, one Apple lawsuit is dismissed and another moves ahead.

Dual-Core Broadwell-U Processors From Intel Start Shipping
Intel announces shipment of Broadwell-U processor family, which could be just what Apple has been waiting for to release a new Mac or two.

Tom's Top 10 Apps for the Mac: 2014 Edition
With 2014 coming to a close, we take a look at the top 10 apps you should have installed on your Mac. These apps range from backup utilities to photo editing tools, and they all deserve a place on your Mac.

1Password 5: Tom's Mac Software Pick
1Password 5 from AgileBits is one of the best password managers available for the Mac. Its simple integration with browsers makes logging in to web services a one-click task.

Installing a PCIe SSD in a 2013 Mac Pro
This guide will show you how to install a PCIe SSD card in a 2013 or later Mac Pro. It includes tips for easy installation and how to avoid common problems.

EtreCheck: Tom's Mac Software Pick
EtreCheck is a utility for gathering information about your Mac's configuration. With its detailed report you can track down many of the issues that can cause your Mac to perform poorly.