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Preparing to Paint Your Manufactured Home Walls
Preparation is the most important step of any painting project.

How to Paint Vinyl Mobile Home Walls Like a Pro
Painting manufactured home walls is a great way to update your home. We'll show you how to paint the walls and make it last!

Tools Needed to Paint Manufactured Home Walls
The tools you use to paint your manufactured home walls is paramount to a flawless finish.

Priming Your Manufactured Home Walls
Primer is the key yo good paint adhesion.

Removing the Battens From Manufactured Home Walls
Removing battens and covering the seams with tape provides a smooth transition from panel to panel on a mobile home wall.

Painting Manufactured Walls
Painting manufactured home walls can instantly update the home.

The Insider's Guide to Manufactured Home Dealers
The insider's guide to manufactured home dealers will help you understand how they make profit and the different types of dealerships.

Mobile Homes
A mobile home is a factory-built home produced before July 1976. Learn how to buy, repair, and decorate them.

13 Designer Tricks to Make Your Mobile Home Ceilings Appear Taller
Mobile homes usually have 7 foot high ceilings. Follow these 13 designer tricks to make low mobile home ceilings appear taller.

13 Designer Tricks to Make Your Mobile Home Ceilings Appear Taller
Mobile homes usually have 7 foot high ceilings. Follow these 13 designer tricks to make low mobile home ceilings appear taller.

Manufactured Homes -
We'll help you understand how the Manufactured Home market operates and give you the best tips to get the home you want at the price you deserve.

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An index of categories in the

Manufactured Home Financing: Real vs Personal Property
Manufactured homes can be financed as real property or personal property. The classification determines what type of loan the buyer can get.

Manufactured Home Buying Tips
Buying a manufactured home can be an exciting time! Find the best home and walk away from the experience with a smile by following these tips.

Manufactured Home Decor
Get plenty manufactured home decor ideas to help make your home beautiful.

Manufactured Home Buying
Manufactured Home Buying is a difficult subject with lots of information to sift through - we'll help you through it all.

Manufactured Home Builders
There are over 70 manufactured home builders producing more than 300 different brands and models each year in the US. That's a lot of information to keep straight!We'll help you find the knowledge you need so you can make informed decisions throughout the home buying process.

Manufactured Home Repair
Learning about manufactured home repair can help you save money, time, and frustration. We're here to provide you simple details that make a big impact.

Manufactured Homes
Manufactured homes are an affordable, factory built alternative to stick-built homes. Learn about buying, repairing, remodeling, and living in a manufactured home.

Mobile Homes of the Past
Mobile homes is a term used to describe factory built housing built before The Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards took effect on June 15, 1976.

Mobile Home Energy Efficiency Tips
Smart mobile home energy efficiency tips can help you save money, make your home more comfortable, and increase the value of your home.

Repairing Common Manufactured Home Plumbing Issues
Some manufactured home plumbing issues can easily be repaired by the average DIY homeowner. Learning about the most common issues and how to repair them can save you a lot of money.


Smart Decorating Ideas for Manufactured Home Renters
Renting a manufactured home saves money but has limited decorating options. Learn how to decorate your home without upsetting the landlord.

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Manufactured Homes
We're dedicated to providing great information about manufactured homes. Get repair information, buying advice, historical information and more.

How to Choose the Best Upgrades for Manufactured Homes
Learn the basic construction options of a manufactured home and get help determining the best upgrades for your new manufactured home.

FAQ About Manufactured Homes
Your questions about manufactured homes answered with honesty.

Flat Roof Repair for Mobile Homes
Flat mobile home roof repair options will give you basic options for repairing and replacing a mobile home bowstring or flat roof.

The History of Manufactured Homes
The History of Manufactured Homes is a story of great innovation that begins as travel trailers and ends as the manufactured homes we know today.