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A Brief Lesson in the Long History of Hemp
Confused about cannabis species and hemp? You've got company.

Marijuana Home Delivery: A Better Approach?
Home Delivery can serve as an adjunct or alternative to marijuana storefronts. It's discreet, cost effective and a good strategy for dealing with NIMBY.

Risks and Benefits
What are the risks and benefits of marijuana use

Marijuana Legalization News, Analysis and Information
Get the latest marijuana legalization news and expert analysis. Find out basic information on cannabis as well as where cannabis legislation is being debated and where it has been decided.

Jamaica Makes Changes to Medical Cannabis Policy
Will Jamaica’s new regime make it more comparable to medical cannabis states or to recreational cannabis states?

Cannabis legalization in Uruguay: public health and safety over private profit
Concerned about crime and public safety, Uruguay became the first nation in the world to legalize and regulate marijuana on December 10, 2013.

Marijuana Legalization: Balancing Risks and Benefits
With marijuana reform sweeping the nation, legalization may be inevitable. How we legalize is as important as if we do, if we are to minimize harm and maximize benefits.

Models of Legalization
How we legalize cannabis is as important as if we do. Weighing the costs and benefits of different models of regulation.

Uruguay's Cannabis Law Makes Big Strides, But Faces Serious Challenges
Uruguay, the first nation to legalize and regulate cannabis, is taking slow and deliberate steps to


Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

Your Candidate on Pot

Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana Legalization.

On The Ballot
Marijuana legalization initiatives in 2014 and 2016

Cannabis Securities: Boom or Bust?
Many cannabis companies are desperate for capital and many investors see the cannabis industry as

Divergent Opinions on Marijuana Legalization in Latin America
Why do some Latin American politicians promote marijuana legalization when (sometimes large) majorities of their citizens oppose it?

Marijuana and Your Health: What Are the Risks?
Cannabis is widely regarded, especially by the young, as a totally benign substance. However, research suggests a number of risks that should be considered before

Cannabis Science and Research
What the latest science does and doesn't tell us about marijuana's effects on the brain and behavior.

Is More Research the Answer for Cannabis Policy?
In the great debate over marijuana legalization, do the results of scientific studies really matter?

MJ Related Issues and Topics. Marijuana Legalization.

The Environmental Harms of an Illegal Cannabis Market
Cannabis has a small 'natural' carbon footprint, but illegal growing practices threaten the environment in many ways.

What You Need to Know
History, effects, and potency. Marijuana Legalization.

Should We License Pot Smokers?
When a driver gets a DUI, he risks losing his driver's license. Wouldn't it make more sense to suspend his right to drink or smoke pot?

Cannabis - The Elephant in the Room at UNGASS 2016
Will the 2016 United Nations Special Assembly on Drugs promote change or maintain the status quo on international cannabis policy?

Bringing the Views and Values of Lower-income Americans into Marijuana Policy
Shouldn't those most affected by marijuana policy have a voice in shaping it?

Taxing THC
Marijuana taxes today are based either on dollars or on ounces of bud. It would be smarter to tax grams of THC.

Ironically, as a result of Congressional meddling, D.C. is getting the marijuana initiative it actually voted for.
Ironically, as a result of Congressional meddling, D.C. is getting the marijuana initiative it actually voted for.

Cannabis Policy for Mexico: What Just Happened?
The Mexican Supreme Court recently ruled that using marijuana is a basic constitutional right. The government responds by holding a national debate.

On the Road With Mary Jane: Is Cannabis Endangering Our Nation's Highways?
Just how safe are our nation's highways with cannabis on board? Do we need more stringent laws and if so, should those laws follow the alcohol model?

Marijuana As Medicine

Marijuana Basics
If you are new to cannabis this is the place to start.

Guest Author Bios
Guest author bios. Marijuana Legalization.

Marijuana History
Cultural, legal, medical and social history of cannabis.

Cannabis and the Presidential Election
With legalization on the ballot in several states and Millennials promising to vote, marijuana reform could become an important issue in the presidential race.

Cannabis Science and Policy Summit: April 17th - 18th in NYC
Leading cannabis researchers and policy makers from around the world will meet in New York City in mid- April to discuss ways to legalize cannabis while protecting health and safety.

Struggle over Cannabis Policy in Washington, D.C.
D.C. officials, D.C. voters, and Congress wrestle over marijuana policy.

Pesticides in Legal Cannabis
Recalls of cannabis products in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington for unapproved pesticide use has consumers worried. What's the best way to protect yourself and ensure that what's on the label is all that you are getting?

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Marijuana Glossary H-Z
Marijuana glossary H-Z: More useful terms related to cannabis use, testing and legalization.

Jamaica Legalizes for Small Scale Use and Cultivation
Jamaica just legalized marijuana for medicinal, scientific and religious purposes. Personal use and cultivation of up to five plants is allowed and the way is paved for cannabis tourism.Cue the Reggae.

US v. MAMM: Why An Obscure Medical Marijuana Case Could Define the 'State' of Our Economy
Is the US a planned economy in the style of many European and Asian countries, or does American exceptionalism carry the day? A federal judge interprets an obscure funding amendment as applied to a California dispensary, provoking a debate over the nature of the US 'state.'

Is There a 'Federal Ceasefire' on Medical Marijuana or Not?
Congress passed the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment to prohibit the use of federal funds to prosecute marijuana growers and manufacturers who are operating in compliance with state law. But the Justice Dept. has a different view.

Why do some people call marijuana 'ganja'?
Cannabis is most commonly called

Should Legalizing Pot Clubs Be Taboo?
Tourists visiting states that have legalized cannabis face a conundrum: They can buy legal marijuana but have no place to smoke it. Perhaps it's time to revisit the taboo on public consumption?

Want to Be a Ganjapreneur?
If you're looking for an entry level job in a fun and rapidly growing industry or a new market for your existing skills, the cannabis industry is hiring.

What to Expect From Your First Cannabis Edible
Enter a medical dispensary or recreational marijuana outlet and you are presented with a vast array of tempting cannabis-laced treats. Find out what you need to know before you take that first bite.

History of Hemp Pt. 3 - The Effort to Re-Legalize Cannabis
Part 3 looks at cannabis/hemp's history from its recriminalization after WW 2 through current efforts to legalize it for medical, industrial and recreational use.

Pot Neuroscience: A Work in Progress
It's tempting to turn to science, and neuroscience in particular, for answers about how marijuana affects the brain and behavior. Jon Iwry explains why we shouldn't be too hasty.

The 6,000 Year History of Hemp
Cannabis was one of the first plants to be cultivated by humankind. In part 2 of

Can a House be Guilty of Selling Pot?
Civil asset forfeiture law gives new meaning to the term

Combating Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse
Pt. 1,

What's Regrettable About Edibles, Part I: A Spoon Full of Sugar
Some say sugar is the first drug and the best. But mixing it with cannabis might not be the best idea.

What About the Children? Marijuana Enforcement and the School to Prison Pipeline
In an attempt to reduce drug use and drug dealing in schools, undercover officers pretending to be students ensnare their

Can Medical and Recreational Marijuana Coexist?
Is threatening doctors who overprescribe the best way to rein in a medical marijuana market that some see as too lax?

Marijuana Glossary A-G
Helpful terms related to cannabis use.

Marijuana: The Most Studied Drug, the Least Studied Drug
Is the verdict in on marijuana's safety and addiction potential? And what of medical benefits? The newly discovered complexity of cannabis chemistry may hold some surprises.

Could Cannabis-Fruit Smoothies Become The Next Wellness Craze?
Fresh cannabis is chock-full of acid-form cannabinoids and terpenes, which can reduce inflammation and may have other health benefits. Find out the challenges and benefits of juicing raw cannabis.

Marijuana and Driving Fatalities: What Can We Learn From Colorado?
Can the historic lows in Colorado driving fatalities be due to marijuana legalization?

Picking Winners: Deciding Who Gets to Grow Marijuana Commercially
How should we pick who gets to grow and sell marijuana if it is legal? Should we favor private interest groups, have a lottery, or select applicants based on merit?

Edible Marijuana: What's a 'Serving'?
Will regulating serving size hold down cannabis overdosing? It's complicated.

Budtenders and the Public Health
Budtenders are a primary source of cannabis education for medical and recreational users yet there is no certification or special training required to do the job.

Marijuana 411: Not Your Grandmother's Pot
Not Your Grandmother's Pot: Marijuana today is more potent and more popular than ever before. Find out the basics of what you need to know.

Some Say Indica, Some Say Sativa - Let's Call It Off
Cannabis consumers today are faced with a plethora of choices. How does one make sense of the many extravagant claims and exotic strains especially with cannabis taxonomy in such a muddle?

Why Cannabis Lab Testing Matters
Lab testing for purity and potency is essential for consumer protection. Learn the ins and outs of cannabis testing.

Down the Rabbit Hole of Cannabis Taxation and Advertising
Marijuana taxation and advertising are controversial issues. In the strange world of 280E they become even more controversial. Find out why.

Cannabis is Legal - But is it Lawful?
The Colorado Supreme Court upheld a ruling last month that a company was within its rights firing a medical marijuana patient who used marijuana outside of work. Learn why this decision is important and may extend far beyond Colorado.

Cannabis Pros and Cons, "If By Whiskey" Style
Debate over marijuana legalization often tends toward polemics and hyperbole. Pat Oglesby, borrowing heavily from Legislator Noah Sweat, takes playful aim at that debate.

What About the Children? The Case for Sting Ops
In Part 2 of

Cannabis on Tribal Lands: It's Complicated
Will tribal marijuana follow in the footsteps of tribal gaming and cigarette sales? Find out some important caveats to the Justice Department's announcement that it will allow sales and cultivation on reservation lands.

Marijuana Enforcement in the United States: Facts and Numbers
A discussion of the method and potential repercussions of arrests for marijuana growing, possession, and related activities. Is the enforcement of prohibition worth it?

How Tough Are the Laws?
Despite moves to decriminalize and even legalize cannabis, marijuana possession is still a leading cause of arrest in the U.S. What happens next depends upon where you live.

Is Marijuana Damaging the IQs of Members of Congress?
In November, voters in Washington D.C. overwhelmingly approved the non-commercial legalization of marijuana. This week, three House Republicans threatened the mayor and district officials with prison time for implementing the will of the people. What gives?