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STCW - IMO Standards for Training Certification
STCW is Short for Standards for Training, Certification, and Watch Keeping. Mariners eed to pass an approved course for most jobs.

Survival Suit Basics
Survival Suits are Essential Equipment on Vessels Operating in Moderately Cold to Very Cold Waters.

Learn About the Commercial Maritime Industry on About.Com
Understand Existing Maritime Operations and See What's New in Technology and Industry Policy.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Military Vessels and Technology
Explore the naval vessels of the world. See historic profiles and the latest in new military technology.

Maritime Entrepreneur Resources
Starting a boat or ship based business? Do you have an idea for a new marine product or service? Learn how you can be part of the maritime industry.

Maritime Glossary and Terms
Find definitions of maritime terms including historic terms and the jargon of modern ship operations.

Ship and Boat Entertainment
This is the place to find information about all of your favorite ship and boat themed entertainment. Learn about new films, TV shows, websites, books, and software where ships and boats play a major role.

Safety and Security
Learn about the risks on big ships, small boats, and in shore positions. See how to be safe and professional seafarer who is welcome on any ship.

Types of Flow Meters and Their Uses
Flow meters abound on ships and most small work boats. Learn the basics of flow meters.

Part Seven - Modern Piracy and Threats to Ships
Understand how modern pirates and piracy are different than our popular beliefs about their crimes.

What Makes the Ultimate Life Jacket?
Your life vest, floatation equipment, or PFD is the same thing by different names and is one of the most personalized pieces of gear a sailor has in their sea bag.

Prevent Marina Storm Damage
Damage to marinas and small service docks is expensive to fix. See how to minimize damage from frequent strong storms in your marina.

Do you really Need a Captain's License?
See if you really need a captain's license and learn about alternatives that give you similar skills.

MOB - Man Overboard Devices
Man overboard devices are now smaller and lighter than ever. Is it time to get one to protect your crew?

How Safe are Amphibious Tour Vehicles?
Duck Boats were used as amphibious resupply vehicles; do they belong on urban public roads?

IMO Ballast Water Exchange and Performance Standards
Learn About the Differences Between IMO Ballast Water Exchange and IMO Ballast Water Performance Standards for Ship Ballast Water Management.

Tricing Pendant Definition and Operation
Tricing Pendants are a Type of Rigging Used to Raise and Lower Lifeboats and Other Loads. Learn How a Tricing Pendant is Used Safely and Why New Rules are Controversial.

What is the Cause of Sea Piracy?
Explore the Reasons Why Modern Sea Piracy is a Growing Problem in Some Regions.

NTSB Cruise Ship Safety Forum 2014 Summary
Day Two of a Two Day Meeting of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board Covering Cruise Ship Safety Practices Under Development.

Embracing Industrial Waterfront Development
Formerly industrial waterfront is changing to mixed use. Will the changes bring loss of use, or are they an opportunity for diversification?

Is Diesel or Gasoline Better for Workboats?
The great controversy over gasoline or diesel work boats will never really come to an end. Really, there is no single answer. It depends on the requirements of the job.

Twin Engine Boat Handling Guide
Learn to operate twin engine boats safely and efficiently.

Boating Buoys and Rules for Heavy Commercial Traffic Areas
Recreational boaters can have a safer day on the water with some general knowledge of commercial maritime operations.

Is Cargo Shipping a Good Economic Indicator?
Some experts see trends in cargo shipping as a new and accurate economic indicator. What do they see and what does it mean for you?

The Last Days of Freighter Cruising
What was once half vacation and half job is disappearing. Available freighter cruises are becoming rarer each year with a few exceptions. See why and where freighter cruising is still hanging on for now.

Are Cruise Ships Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack?
Attacks on cruise ship passengers participating in shore excursions raises the question of vulnerability of these vessels at sea.

verywell. Maritime.

Definition of Deadrise Used In Shipbuilding
Learn more about hull design by understanding the deadrise definition. Find out how to measure deadrise.

Efficient Vessel Operations Plans for Maintenance and Repair of Ship Equipment and Regulatory Compliance for Safety and Environmental Protection.
Make Vessel Operations More Efficient With Planning and Preventative Maintenance. How to Schedule, Execute, and Document Planned Maintenance on Your Vessel. Avoid Penalties for Regulatory Non-Compliance by Being Proactive in Your Vessel Management Plan. Minimize Down Time From Unexpected Repair Situations.

Understand Fiberglass Boat Delamination
Each type of fiberglass boat construction is susceptible to damage in different ways. Learn about fiberglass delamination.

What Causes Cavitation?
Understanding boat cavitation problems will help you select components and learn to avoid maneuvers that enhance potential cavitation.

Measure Prop Pitch, Diameter, and Rake
Propellers are Simple on the Surface but Have Many Variables That Impact the Performance of a Vessel. Learning How to Measure a Prop will Increase Your Knowledge of its Performance Characteristics.

Cleats Chocks Bits and Bollards – Securing Your Vessel
Do you know the difference between a cleat, chock, bit, and bollard cleat? Make sure you know the differences and specific uses for each of these important fixtures.

What Is a Ship Ballast Water System?
A ballast system is essential for the safe operation of a ship, but these systems can cause significant threats to the environment and local economy.

STCW Certification Step by Step
A Step by Step Guide to STCW Certification. This article includes advice on how the STCW certificate can be useful when looking for jobs.

Cargo Ships and Commercial Shipping Infrastructure
See how cargo ships operate to move record amounts of cargo in containers and bulk method. Moving large items is possible with RORO, FOFO, and heavy lift vessels.

How to Flush Your Work Boat Cooling System
How to Flush Your Work Boat Cooling System

GPS is the New Compass and Chart
Learn How the Global Positioning System Works. Understand the Elements of GPS, and How They Interact to Provide the Most Accurate Means of Navigation Available to Mariners.

The Variety of Hull Shapes on Boats and Ships
There are Three Main Divisions of Hulls; Displacement, Semi-Displacement, and Planning. Learn Which Shapes are Best for Specific Situations.

Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel - PCASP on Ships
Official Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel on Ships (PCASP) Requirements for Costal Operation and Ports.

Signal Flare Basics Every Crew Member Needs to Know
Flares are an essential piece of safety equipment. Learn to deploy, handle, and store flares safely.

ROV Manufacturers: Ageotec
Learn About ROV Manufacturer Ageotec.

Maritime Licensing – United States
What Do You Need to Get Your United States Maritime License or Certification? There are Many Different Licenses and Certifications Available from the National Maritime Center. Do You Want to Work in the Maritime Sector? If So, This is the Place to Start.

Protection for Your Docks and Slips
See how to manage impact and abrasion damage throughout your facility with properly placed fenders and pads.

Stocking a Ship Pantry
Whether You Contract a Food Service for a Fleet or are Shopping For Lunch Supplies for Your Day Boat it's Important to Plan Well and Match Your Pantry List to Equipment, Crew, And Budget.

Are Parasailing Reforms Coming Soon?
Will Extensive Regulations be Applied to Parasailing Operations After Several Very Similar Serious Accidents?

Big Data Gets Onboard - Point 97
With a Few Success Stories Already in the Bag, Point 97 is Working to Mold Diverse Maritime Data Into Useful Tools for Individuals and Industries.

How Hackable is the AIS System?
The Automatic Identification System Shows the Exact Position of Ships Around the Globe. Can the AIS System be Hacked by Terrorists?

Climate Impacts on Shipping and Shore Operations
Climate Change will Mean New Challenges for Vessel and Shore Services, but Also New Opportunities.

Pollution Sources from Ships and Boats
Understand Pollution Coming From Ships and Boats at Sea or on Inland Waterways.

Port Safety and Security of Facilities and Workers by Planning for Emergencies Involving Passenger or Cargo Dangers From Natural or Man-Made Threats.
The Safety and Security of Port Facilities and Workers Reduces Risks to Vessels Using the Port. Physical Security of Buildings and Access Points to the Port Allows Threats From Persons and Materials to be Detected and Neutralized Before Reaching Sensitive Areas. The Burden on Ship Safety and Security Personnel is Reduced With an Strong Threat Detection System in the Port Area. Learn to Coordinate Efforts With All Branches Of Law Enforcement and Regulators to Reduce Compliance Expenses.

Safety and Security Regulators of the Maritime Industry with Contact Information for Organizations and Short Summaries of Major Regulations.
Safety and Security Regulatory Organizations Providing Oversight of the Maritime Industry Including Passenger and Commercial Cargo Vessels Operating in International Waters. National Safety and Security Regulation Resources and Contact Information. Summaries of Major Regulations and Links to Full Texts.

Shipyard Profiles, Listing by Region and Vessel Specialty. Shipyard History, Images, Ships Built.
Shipyard Profiles; Facilities and Capacity of Shipyards and Ship Builders. History of Vessels Built, Ownership, Images and Maps. Listing of Shipyards by Region and Construction Specialty.

Professional Maritime Training Resources for Education in Preparation to Take License Exams and Earn Additional Certifications to Advance Your Career.
Obtain the Professional Training Required to Begin Your Maritime Career, or Upgrade Your Existing Credential to Find More Opportunities and Increase Your Income. Look Here to Find Information about Licensing and Testing for Certifications. Find Study Materials and Educational Resources That Will Help You Pass the Exams on Your First Try.

Vessel Profiles, Specifications and Images, Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships, Tugboats, Ferries, Barges. Vessel Designer and Shipyard
Vessel Profiles; Cargo Ships, Cruise Ships, Tugboats, Work Boats, Ferries, Barges, Specialty Vessels. Specifications and Images, Designer and Builder Links.

Naval Architects and Designers with Professional Profile Listings Including Design History and Vessel Specialties
Naval Architects and Ship Designers; Profiles and Histories of Vessel Design with Links and Images. Listing of Naval Architects and Designers by Specialty and Name.

Marine Piloting Challenges to Steering and Navigation Because of Weather Conditions, Limits of Vision,or Instrument Failure.
Marine Piloting Challenges are Caused by Weather, Limits of Vision or Hearing, and Ship's Instrument Failure. Avoid Dangerous Situations in Open Water and Near Shore by Knowing What to do When Piloting Challenges Occur. Prepare in Advance to Assure the Safety of Your Vessel in Adverse Conditions.

Manage Ship's Crew by Making Wise Hiring Decisions and Scheduling Crew Members Appropriately While Using Ship Policies to Create a Positive Workplace.
How to Effectively Manage a Ship's Crew. Use Information Provided by the Applicant and References Along With Background Check and Licensing Data to Make an Informed Hiring Decision. Schedule Your Crew According to Current Regulations and Appropriate Workloads for Experience and Conditions. Manage Your Ship's Crew With Policies Designed to Promote Cooperation and Responsible Behavior While Allowing Personal Freedom and a Positive Atmosphere.

Oil and Gas Extraction
See the equipment and methods used to extract oil, natural gas and other resources. Understand the journey of petroleum from well head to consumer.

Navigational Instruments for Ships and Instructions for Marine Pilots About Effective and Accurate Use and Routine Maintenance of Navigation Systems
Navigational Instruments for Ships; How to Use Instruments to Pilot a Safe and Efficient Course. Steer Your Vessel Effectively While Monitoring Position Manually or with Electronic Aids. Understand the Function and Interaction of Elements in a Navigation System and the Routine Maintenance Requirements.

Maritime Career Resources and Information Describing Jobs and Work Opportunities in the International Industries of Passenger and Cargo Shipping.
Do You Want a Career in the International Maritime Industry? Take a Look at These Short Job Descriptions to See the Variety of Opportunities Available. Professional Mariners, Fabricators and Executives Work All Over the World. Start Your Career or Advance to the Next Level With the Resources Available Here.

Life at Sea
Learn about the expectations and conditions of sailors at sea. See how to manage on the ship and at home while enroute. Find tips for all kinds of jobs on and near the water.

Global Ports and Harbors Information
Find information on port and harbor facilities for large and small vessel operations. Learn about the operation and management of port and harbor resources.

Subsea Operations
See all types of submarines and remotely operated vehicles known as ROV's. Learn how they work and explore the areas where they operate.

Maritime Rules of the Road Consist of International Regulations Designed to Control Marine Traffic by Using Navigational Aids and Traffic Priority.
All Vessels are Required to Follow the Rules of the Road. Traffic is Controlled by Lane Markers, Navigational Aids, and Right of Way. The Rules are a Basic skill of Seamanship and are Internationally Recognized. Understanding the Rules of the Road is Necessary for Safe Operation of Any Type or Size of Vessel in Any Waters.

Safety and Security Aboard Passenger and Commercial Ships is Possible with Vessel Preparation and Crew Education in Safety and Security Procedures.
Safety and Security Measures to Minimize Risks Aboard Passenger and Commercial Vessels from Natural and Man-Made Hazards. Keep Passengers Safe in Cabins and Public Areas by Creating Proactive Policies and Action Plans. Educate Crew Members About Appropriate Responses to Threats Through Emergency Drills and Written Materials. Assure The Safety and Security of Your Ship by Exceeding the Minimum Requirements of Regulations While Still Controlling Costs.

Operational Management of Shore Based Facilities for Safe and Efficient Business Practices Which Maximize Vessel and Human Resource Potential.
Operations Management of Shore Based Support Facilities for Maritime Businesses Seeking Safe and Efficient Practices. Support Vessel and Human Resources with Management Techniques Designed to Exceed Expectations of Investors and Regulators. Position Your Business to Seize Opportunities Without Delays Associated With Poor Policies or Lack of Foresight.

Find Maritime Jobs and Explore Traing Options
Find descriptions of maritime jobs on land and sea. Learn how to get beginning or advanced training including captain's licenses. Browse listings on our maritime job board.

Propulsion Systems of Ships and Boats
Understand the Types of Marine Propulsion Systems and Learn the Importance of Efficiency and Emissions of Today's Engines and Running Gear.

Service Vessels
See the huge variety of service vessels that include cruise ships, ferries, tugboats, pilot boats, and research vessels. Plus, find out about all of the specialty vessels that don't fit a category.

Recreational Business
Learn the insider's view of the recreational boating industry. See how boats and boating accessories are made. Find information about managing marinas and other facilities.

Maritme Shipping History
Learn about the history of shipping from the ancient world to modern day, high tech operations. Understand how shipping and boats built modern civilization.

Nautical Science
Learn why ships and other vessels have certain designs. Learn the theories and best practices of naval architects and the nautical sciences that drive their design decisions.


Definition of Freeboard of a Ship or Boat
Learn About the Definition of Freeboard and How it is Used by Naval Architects to Improve Vessel Safety and Performance.

Understanding What NPSH Is and How to Use It
Net positive suction head or NPSH is a measurement of potential negative pressure near the pump chamber inlet. Understanding NPSH is most important in high temperature or high volume applications.

Lightning Protection for Your Vessel
Lightning can Do More Damage in Less Time than Any Other Natural Phenomenon. In Less than one Second Equipment can be Destroyed. Protection from Lightning Strikes is Simple if You Follow a Few Guidelines.

Tactics of Modern Sea Pirates
Although Piracy Continues to Evolve, the Tactics of Modern Pirates have Many Similarities to Historical Piracy and Naval Combat.

Pumps and Pumping in the Maritime Industry
Learn the Basic Operation of Several Types of Pumps and Their Applications in the Maritime Industry. Understand Head, Lift, and Other Pump Terms.

Maritime Traffic Schemes and Rules of the Road
Learn Basic Maritime Traffic Schemes and Regional Variations. Recognize and Understand the Maritime Traffic Buoys Which Mark Shipping Lanes.

Types of Dredging
There are Many Types of Dredges Because of the Specialized and Varied Nature of Sediment Removal. Each Dredge is Meant to Work in a Specific Maritime Environment.

Scope Ratio When Anchoring - Maritime Definition
Learn the best ratio of scope to use when anchoring a vessel.

How is Ship Gross Tonnage Calculated?
Learn About Ship Gross Tonnage. Gross Tonnage of a Vessel is Calculated Using a Formula Which Includes the Total Interior Volume of the Vessel.

What Maritime Certification or License is Best?
Learn What Maritime License or Certificate is the Best Fit for Your Professional Goals.

Marlinspike Seamanship Definition
Marlinspike Seamanship has Evolved Along With the Rest of the Shipping Industry but it's Still Important to Understand the Basics so You can Build on That Knowledge in the Future.

Ship SONAR Theory and Operation
See how ship SONAR works and its capabilities, including specialized applications for fishing and wreck hunting.

Applications for LIDAR in Marine Environments
LIDAR is a system of lasers and computers used to map a detailed 3D environment. See how this new technology is about to change marine operations.

Ice Remediation as a Small Business Opportunity
Owners of small marine businesses in cold climates often spend the off season waiting for the return of business but could start their own ice remediation company to pass the time.

Maritime Applications for Machine Learning and Data Science
See how the growing field of machine learning is beginning to impact all facets of the maritime economy.

Automated Arctic Icebreakers are in Our Future
Will automated ice breaking vessels make the Arctic a safer and less expensive route for shippers?

Operation of the COSPAS-SARSAT System
See how a Distress Signal Travels from Beacon to SAR Responders.

Outboard Motor Terms and Best Sizing Practices
Outboard Motors are Widely Used in Small Commercial Applications. Pairing a Vessel with the Best Motor is Easy with a Few Guidelines.

PID Controllers in Maritime Operations
Learn about the connections between this common and useful industrial algorithm and the first ship autopilots tested by the U.S. Navy.

Economic Impact of Recreational Boating
See how more than 120 billion USD was spent on recreational boats in one year.

Sustainable Maritime Transportation System Technology Goals
The International Maritime Organization's Plan for a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System Includes Technical Solutions and Designed Sustainability.

America's Cup 2015 AC72 Evolution
See how the America's Cup AC72 catamaran design will influence the AC62 which will race for the cup in 2017.

Fast Lockdown Anti-Piracy Systems
Updates to old locking systems are upgraded to deal with threats from pirates.

Learn the Factors of Ship Design Evolution
Four factors determine what naval architects and designers can build at any given period of time in history, and that concept helps us explore likely evolution of future ships.

IMO Polar Shipping Code Summary
New Sea Ice Patterns are Opening New Waters to Cargo and Passenger Vessels in the Polar Regions. The Polar Code will Minimize Risk to People and the Environment.

Recent Advances in Shore Power Technology for Cruise Ships
Shore power facilities at ports help cruise ships eliminate the cost and environmental impact of running the ship’s engine for power. Now robots are doing the job.

New Waste Management Techniques Improve Ports and Terminals
See how port managers are adopting better techniques when dealing with a diverse stream of waste from ships and intermodal traffic.

What are Zombie Ships and What do They Tell Us?
All around the world economies are sputtering and ship owners are nervous. The issues are big and we may have hidden the problem from ourselves with zombie ships.

Beyond Food Service, Feeding Your Crew Aboard Ship.
Feeding Your Crew Nutritious and Satisfying Food is One Way to Enhance Morale. Extras From the Mess can Help Get Sailors Through Difficult Times.

Aquatic Invasive Species - Comb Jellyfish in Ship's Ballast Water Tanks
The Organism Known as the Comb Jelly is One of the Invasive Aquatic Species That is Transported in the Ballast Water of Ships.

Boat Slip Terminology and Use
One of Your First Marine Industry Jobs Might be at a Recreational Harbor. See What You Need to Know About Docks and Slips to Get Started.

Choosing the Best Anti-Fouling Paint
Selecting an appropriate anti-fouling paint for your vessel can make a big difference in your bank account. With so many choices and new products it is difficult to make the best choice.

How to Measure a Vessel's Beam
What is the beam of a vessel and how is it measured?

Lightering a Ship in Peril
Learn what the meaning of the term lightering means and how this technique is used in salvage operations worldwide.

Electric Outboard Motors Pros and Cons
Gasoline Outboard Motors are Widely Used in Small Commercial Applications. A Modern Electric Outboard Motors might be a Better Choice Depending on Your Needs.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Parts, Design, and Use
Remotely Operated Vehicles, or ROV, are Valuable Tools for Inspection and Maintenance. Learn About the Parts of an ROV and How it Functions.

What Will 2016 Bring to the Recreational Boat Market?
What’s New in Recreational Boats for 2016?

Maritime Shipping Trends to Watch in 2016
What will 2016 bring to the cargo market?

Environmental Issues for Our Global Waters in 2016
Forces will align in 2016 to tackle these three major marine environmental issues.

Interesting High Tech Trends for Boats and Ships in 2016
See what’s on the way for consumer boats and commercial ships that makes time on the water better.

The Strongest Maritime Job Opportunities in 2016
See the trends impacting several sectors of maritime employment and what you can expect for 2016.

What is a Bulbous Bow?
A Bulbous Bow Design Makes Large Ships More Efficient. See the Benefits and Disadvantages of Several Important Factors of This Design.

Dock Line Terms and Best Practices for Securing Your Boat
Learn common dock line terms and how to best secure your boat in a variety of conditions.

What is the Practice of Cold Ironing a Ship?
What is the Cold Ironing of a Ship? How Can it Cut Emissions Now, and Save Money for Cruise and Cargo Operators in the Long Term?

Ship Galley Equipment
Everyone Enjoys Eating Well Once the Work is Done. A Good Meal is an Underrated Benefit of many Ships. Learn About the most Common Galley Equipment an it's Uses.

Ground Tackle Components for Safe Anchoring
Ground Tackle is Made Up of Various Components for Different Situations. Learn About How a Vessel is Best Secured Using Anchoring Gear.

Vessel Hazards - Fire
Learn About Major Fire Hazards On Board and How to Manage Fire Risk With Equipment and Training.

STCW Manila Amendments - Maritime Safety
The Manila Amendments Supplement to the IMO STCW Conventions Entered Into Force January 2012. These Rules Apply to Many Members of Crew, be Sure to Understand the Timetable and Deadlines for Implementation.

Buoy Mooring Systems and Best Practices
Learn about the components in a buoy mooring system and how to properly secure your boat to a permanent buoy.

The Importance of Hydrographic Survey
Large parts of the sea remain uncharted or have inaccuracies in the chart data. See why some scientists are calling for a new focus on mapping using current technology.

Understand Ship Cushion Effect
Learn how the cushion effect works on a ship hull and how cushion can be used to achieve better vessel performance.

Shipwreck Treasure Hunting is Under Attack by Preservationists
Commercial treasure hunting companies are destroying historic sites according to maritime historians and powerful organizations like Unesco.

What is a Hydrographer and Why are They Very Important?
Hydrographers have many roles from resource extraction planning to protection of natural features like coral reefs. Learn other ways this job supports important industries like shipping and energy.

Types of Prop Shaft Seals, Old and Modern
Types of prop shaft seals for existing stuffing boxes or pack-less retrofit. Are the maintenance benefits worth the cost?

Aquatic Invasive Species Sea Lamprey in Ship Ballast Water
The Sea Lamprey was One of First Species to Cause Depletion of Fish Stocks in the Great Lakes. See Why Invasive Species in Ballast Water Must be Eliminated.

Ashley's Book of Knots Review

Dog and Wedge Shipbuilding Tools
Learn How the Ancient Technique Called Dog and Wedge is Used to Build Modern Ships Today.

Undersea Internet Cable Threats
More than three hundred fiber –optic cables pass signals around the globe that make the modern internet possible. Is the internet at risk if these cables are cut?

Should You Hire a Marine Installation Specialist?
Many electronics installers are not knowledgeable about marine systems and boat architecture. See when you need one and when you don’t.

Electrolysis in Wood Boats
Wood boat owners are familiar with the anodes used on running gear to avoid electrolytic damage but should they worry about their hull?

Traditional Boatbuilding Framing Wood Choices
Traditional shipwrights in North America have a few choices when selecting framing wood for a new vessel and it’s mostly because of location.

Wood Boats Repaired with Plastic Planks
Plastic is finding a place in a few wooden boat workshops where it’s being used in restoration and new construction.

Learn About Arctic Oil Drilling
See the current state of controversial oil and gas extraction in arctic waters.

Duck Boats and DUKW Design
The Military DUKW is commonly converted to a tourist vehicle. See this wonder design from World War Two.

Waterproofing Your Deep Diving ROV
All types of ROV’s and remote cameras suffer from moisture infiltration; see how to keep your gear safe with waterproofing.

Camera Technology for Marine and Underwater Use
Understanding what’s going on in an area of concern is important and the best tool for the job is a camera. See the variety of camera technologies used today.

Small Boat Cooling System Operation
Your cooling system is a simple device that only needs occasional attention. Understanding this system is essential for preventing damage to engines.

What is a Flag of Convenience?
Using a Flag of Convenience is a Controversial Way to Avoid Laws and Regulations. See How an Open Registry Allows Ship Owners to Operate Anonymously.

Do Armed Guards on Ships Really Reduce Piracy?
Now that Armed Guards are Allowed Aboard Merchant Ships Under IMO Guidance do they Really Reduce Piracy at Sea?

How Is Pump Head Measured?
Learn how pump head ratings and pump and outlet position impacts performance and efficiency of several different kinds of pumps.

Why is Pump Lift Limited to a Specific Height?
See what limits some pump designs to a certain height and how you can overcome this issue.

What is Meant by the Draft of a Ship or Boat?
What is the Draft of a Ship or Boat and How is it Influenced by Hull Shape and Other Factors?

Naval Architecture - Ship Displacement Tonnage
Ship Displacement Tonnage Measurement is Easy to Understand.

Maersk Triple-E Class of Green Container Ships
The Maersk Triple-E Class of Green Container Ships Reduces Costs Per TEU While Cutting Emissions.

Part Five - Femme Fatal - Female Pirate Crew to Pirate Queens
Learn how women took part in piracy from Asia to the Caribbean and meet Calico Jack.

Part Three - Piracy in the Age of Expansion
See the expansion of piracy as global trade develops and how pirates were licensed to attack.

Part One -Early Piracy Around the World
Learn How Piracy at Sea Began in Ancient Times

Today in Maritime History - September 1, 1985 the Titanic Wreck is Found
The Titanic wreck was found today, September 1, in 1985. See what it was like to witness the discovery of the most famous shipwreck in modern times.

Part Six - Pirates in Pop Culture
See why we think of eighteenth century pirates as classic pirates and how that has evolved in the past one hundred years.

Part Four - The Golden Era and Decline of Western Piracy
New laws and technologies fight piracy as pirate superstars emerge into public view.

Part Two - Pirate Fleets of the Middle Ages
See how warring countries and religions used pirates to weaken their enemy without building a larger navy.

Tonnage Measurement Systems
Explore the History and Methods of Tonnage Measurement Systems.

Repair Your Metal Hull
Metal Hulls Offer Excellent Characteristics for the Commercial User. Durability is Great and Metal Hulled Vessels are Among the Safest to Operate. Repair is Also Easy if You Have the Knowledge, Tools, and Skills to do the Job Right.

Helium Shortage 2012
The Ongoing Mismanagement of the Helium Supply is Now Causing a Serious Shortage for Large and Small Manufacturers. Higher Prices for the Essential Shielding Gas are Beginning to Delay Orders for Welded Goods. Understand the Current Situation and How it is Unfolding.

Centrifugal Fuel Separation Filters
Fuel for Maritime Use is Often not Very Clean. It is Necessary to Remove Water and Particulates From the Fuel Supplied to the Engine to Avoid Damage or Failure. The Most Common Way to Remove Contaminants is by Centrifugal Separation.

Definition of Buoyancy
Learn How Buoyancy Interacts with Other Factors in Naval Architecture. Understand the Differences in a Vessel’s Buoyancy as it Moves From the Sea Into Freshwater.

List of Maritime Classification Society Listings
Maritime Classification Society Functions and Responsibilities. Maritime Classification Society Listing and Information With Website Links. Maritime Classification Society Questions? Look Here.

List of Maritime Classification Society Listings
Maritime Classification Society Functions and Responsibilities. Maritime Classification Society Listing and Information With Website Links. Maritime Classification Society Questions? Look Here.

USCG Response Boat Medium Specifications
Profile of the U.S. Coast Guard Response Boat Medium. This New Vessel Replaces Utility and Patrol Boats with One More Flexible Boat.

La Salle's Great Lakes Ship Griffin Shipwreck
The French Explorer La Salle built his ship Griffin on the shores of the Great lakes to find a passage to China and India in 1679 and its remains have not yet been surely identified.

Lady Elgin Shipwreck Disaster
The Lady Elgin explosion and shipwreck off Chicago claimed the lives of Irish community leaders in Milwaukee impacting political influence in the city for a generation.

Exploring Ocean Fronts Robotic Maritime Data Collection
A multi-partnered group of UK institutions and agencies operates the Exploring Ocean Fronts program to use robots for automatic collection of maritime data.

China's Territorial Island Construction Dispute
China is taking sand dredged from the sea floor and building islands in offshore areas near neighboring boarders. See how these new lands are, or are not, Chinese.

Rouse Simmons - The Christmas Tree Ship
In November of 1912 a ship loaded with Christmas trees and sailed by a beloved Captain sank on the way to Chicago.

Cargo Vessel Hulls, Bulb or No Bulb?
The bulbous bow is one way designers improve efficiency of cargo ships. Now the bulbous bow has lost favor. Find out why it no longer gets high regard.

The World's Greatest Collection of Shipwrecks
See why the Great Lakes of North America has the highest density of shipwrecks in the world.

SS Eastland Shipwreck
The SS Eastland disaster is a lesson in the costs of corruption and lack of oversight. See why 844 passengers were lost at the dock.

What is the Chine of a Ship or Boat Hull?
Learn What a Vessel's Chine is and How to Tell the Difference Between a Hard and Soft Chine. See How Chines Influence the Shape of a Hull.

Tips for Sizing a Battery Bank
Battery Use and Sizing Guidelines are Sometimes Confusing and Complex. An Exact Calculation of Needs isn’t Always Necessary to Make a Wise Purchase.

Lasers for Military and Civilian Shipboard Defense
Lasers are now in final testing by the US Navy for shipboard defense. See what kind of laser it takes to target an incoming threat.

What is an X-Bow Ship Design?
See how X-Bow ships are designed to be more efficient and more comfortable than ships with standard bow designs.

Barges and Platforms Find Diverse Uses
Barges are the unappreciated work horses of ports and inland waterways which are now finding glamor and respect in new lives.

USN Ford Class Aircraft Carrier Program Update 2016
The US Navy’s new Ford Class Aircraft Carrier is expensive and the Navy is buying three large carriers which is unprecedented. See the details.

USN Virginia Class Attack Submarine Program 2016
Virginia Class attack submarines are the core of the naval underwater fleet. See how cost reductions and build schedules will cause gaps in approved force levels at sea.

USN Littoral Combat Ship Program 2016 Update
The littoral combat ship is more than half way through its planned production. See what changes are in store for the final twenty US Navy ships.

The Internet of Things Reaches the Sea
Dense data environments are already appearing in maritime domain awareness systems at ports around the world. Will the Internet of Things include buoys and bridges?

Beginning Your Maritime Career - Recreational Boating

IMO Ballast Water Convention Summary
Implementation of the IMO's Ballast Water Convention is Meant to Limit the Transportation of Alien Organisms in the Ballast Tanks of Ships. Invasive Species Carried in Ballast Water can Cause Billions of Dollars in Damage to Business and Public Infrastructure.

What is Wind Fetch
The Definition of Wind Fetch. Learn the Meaning of Wind Fetch and Understand How it Can Impact You.

Open Source Ship and Boat Instrument Project - Interface and Automation
Automation doesn’t mean giving up control; it makes any vessel safer and more efficient. See the first public announcement of this new module. Cutting edge open source projects help spread helpful technology like this around the world for everyone’s benefit.

Open Source Ship and Boat Instrument - The Open Core
Have a look at the first public plans for the core of our Open Source Ship and Boat Instrument Project. See how low cost scale independent systems add up to big performance gains for all sizes and types of vessel.

Open Source Boat and Ship Instrument Project
See an overview of the new Open Source Boat and Ship Instrument Project including goals and answering many frequently asked question. Take a look if you are an expert or are just starting to learn about the future of ships and boats.

Autopilot Systems on Ships and Boats
Autopilots for ships and boats are deeply integrated into instrument systems and provide needed relief for the pilot. See how they work and decide which way to go.

Rudder Angle Gauge and Rate of Turn Indicator
Two ship instruments related to turns and navigation help a pilot know how much a ship has turned or will turn in the near future.

Vessel Maneuvering - Walking the Hull
Learn to use the throttle and rudder of a single engine boat or ship to move sideways without using a bow thruster. Impress your friends and frighten people on the dock.

Shipping Container Tutorial
Shipping containers are the core of intermodal transport. Learn about the design and terminology of these ubiquitous boxes.

Flipping Ships - Boat Based Flipping Fun
Check out the newest flipping show on Animal Planet where boats and ships get new life and major modifications. A vintage camper and a deck boat make a floating retreat for a dedicated classic car enthusiast, and a rat rod runabout build in the latest episode.

Dehydration Symptoms and Treatment
Be Aware of the Symptoms of Dehydration and Learn How to Treat the Condition.

Breaking News: India will Ratify Ballast Water Convention
The IMO Ballast Water Management Convention will be ratified by India. The ratification of the BWMC will create many challenges and opportunities for our industry. What is your reaction? Visit us on our About Maritime Facebook page to comment.

Maritime Jobs - Marina Manager or Dock Master
One of the top jobs in recreational boating is Marina Manager or Dock Master. This is the lead position for yard and dock operations in many marinas and yacht clubs.

Bow Thrusters on Ships and Boats
See how bow thrusters work to make ships and boats more maneuverable and safer for the crew.

Drone Ship Captains May Work From Home
Automation of cargo ships is moving forward just like drone aircraft and self-driving cars. See how tomorow's sailors may telecommute to sea.

Magnetic Compass and Gyro Compass
Magnetic and gyro compasses do the same job with different techniques. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each system.

How Do We Keep Migrants at Sea Safe?
The deadliest border crossing is the Mediterranean Sea where hundreds of migrants lose their lives every year trying to reach Europe.

MOAS Profile: Protecting Seafaring Migrants
Migration by boat was one of the reasons seafaring technology developed quickly. Today, thousands of migrants a year are making the same trip and dying like it’s the 18th century. How can we stop this tragedy?

How Can We Stop Cruise Ship Overboards?
Overboard events on cruise ships happen far too often. How can the industry and individual passengers stop this tragedy?

What is a Coriolis Flow Meter?
A Coriolis type flow meter is used in mass flow measurements of both liquids and gasses.

Great Lakes Freighters: Design and Operation
The Great Lakes of the Northern United States are a superhighway for raw materials that relies on the design of the Great Lakes Freighter for its success.

What to Do if Your Cruise Ship is Attacked by Terrorists
It very, very, very unlikely that terrorists or pirates will attack a cruise ship but it meets the profile of an ideal target for terrorism.

Dangers of Automated Vessels
As the shipping industry takes the first steps into intelligent automation dangers are inevitable. How do we build a safe and fair operational structure for the next generation of shipping?

Watch PBS NOVA "SUnken Ship Rescue"
The Costa Concordia disaster took 32 lives in January of 2010. The television series NOVA uncovers the unseen processes that make up the largest maritime salvage operation in history.

Benefits of Automated Vessels
Automated vessels will arrive in the next two decades. See how this will be the next revolution in shipping.

Composite Hull Construction Techniques
Learn about the history and modern industrial processes used to build boat hulls from fiberglass, carbon fiber, and other composite materials.

Anatomy of an Oil Platform
Looking for a job in petroleum extraction? Learn about the parts and operation of oil and gas platforms.

What is Dynamic Positioning?
Dynamic positioning once depended on stiff wires to keep a ship in position. See how this has evolved into modern dynamic positioning systems.

Pieter Schelte World's Largest Ship and Floating Crane
Learn About the Pieter Schelte Which is Currently the World’s Largest Ship.

What is Dynamic Positioning of a Ship?
Learn About Dynamic Positioning Technology and How it is Used Throughout the Maritime Industry.

Maritime Industry News
News and developments in the world of ships and boats. Find breaking news and comprehensive coverage of all sectors of the maritime industry.

Environmental and Human Rights Issues in the Maritime Industry
See risks to the environment caused by ships, boats, and supporting infrastructure. Learn about conditions where workers are mistreated or forced to engage in dangerous work.

US West Coast Port Shutdown 2015
A labor dispute between longshoremen and ship owners is causing dozens of cargo ships to linger off the West Coast of the United States.

Do You Need that SIX-PAX License?
Learn what it takes to earn and keep a United States captain’s license. Not everyone needs this license.

Using Trim Tabs, Power Trim, and Cavitation Plates
Learn to Use Trim Tabs or Power Trim to Enhance Performance and Efficiency of Your Work Boat.

Outboard Motor Terminology
Common Names for Outboard Motor Components can Vary by Manufacturer, Build Date, and Even Geographic Region. Learn the Terms Used by Engineers for Better Understanding.

ROV Umbilical Line Scope Considerations
Best practices for deploying your ROV may require a much longer umbilical.

Growth Opportunities in Aerospace Support Services
Private space operations need access to equatorial waters for efficient heavy spacecraft launches. New opportunities exist for large and small organizations as we transition away from public assets like recovery ships.

History and Use of the Nautical Mile Today
What is a Nautical Mile and Why do We Use it? How do You Convert Nautical Miles to Other Common Measurements Like Kilometers or Statute Miles?

Maritime Career Center - Jobs and Training Resources
Find Maritime Jobs at Sea or On Land and Learn What Training or Experience is Required to be Successful in Various Jobs.

What Is the Pay for Maritime Jobs?
It's sometimes difficult to determine the pay for maritime jobs. Pay can vary considerably and many people underestimate the earning potential of both vessel and shore based jobs.

Costa Concordia Salvage Operation Phase Two
The Second Phase of the Costa Concordia Salvage Will be less dramatic Than the First Phase but There are Still Many Things to Learn from the Tragedy.

Maritime Fuel Oil Standards & Regulations
One of the Benefits of Globalization is the Standardization of Maritime Fuel Oil Standards. The International Standards are Still Young and Not Fully Adopted so Multiple Names are Still in Use.

Open Source Marine Electronics
Open Source Hardware and Software is Finding its Way Into Advanced DIY Projects and Marine Electronics is No Exception.

Cargo Vessel Size Classifications
In the world of maritime cargo shipping vessels are divided into classes based on size. There are many classes of vessels that are meant to maximize efficient cargo transport. See the major classifications and learn why naval architects build ships specifically for certain routes.

Ballast Water Management Convention - Participating Nations
This is a list of Nations Participating in the International Maritime Organization Ballast Water Management Convention Before Ratification.

Ballast Water Management Convention - Participating Nations
This is a list of Nations Participating in the International Maritime Organization Ballast Water Management Convention Before Ratification.

Ballast Water Management Convention - Participating Nations
This is a list of Nations Participating in the International Maritime Organization Ballast Water Management Convention Before Ratification.

Ports of Entry – Pipefitter
This Ports of Entry Adds the Job of Pipefitter to the List of Career Paths Available to Those Exploring Their Employment Options in the Maritime Industry.

Ports of Entry – Maritime Electronics Technician
If You are Considering a Job in the Maritime Industry Take a Look at Our Series Ports of Entry. In This Installment Explore the World of Electronics on Board Large and Small Vessels.

International and Sovereign Definitions of Sea Piracy
What is the Definition of Piracy? How Do Sovereign and International Definitions of Piracy Differ? Can Better Laws Deter Sea Piracy?

Nairobi Convention on the Removal of Wrecks
Removal of Shipwrecks and an Instrument of Funding to Support the Salvage Operation Will be Mandatory Under the Nairobi Convention on Wrecks.

Cruise Ship Backup Power With Green Design
A Once in a Lifetime Cruise can Quickly Turn Into a Tale of Misery When Power Fails and No Backup Systems are in Place. Green Design Adds Unique Value to a Voyage While Ensuring Toilets Flush and Food can be Served if the Main Power Unit Fails at Sea.

Create a High Quality Vessel Maintenance Schedule
A Well Planned Vessel Maintenance Schedule is a Sure Way to Save Money in Your Operation. All it Takes to Make a Professional Maintenance Schedule is some Time and Documentation.

Chain and Metal Rigging Components
Learn the Basics of Chain and Metal Rigging Components Used Aboard Ship and in Supporting Shore Operations.

USCG Cruise Ship Incident Report Summary January 1 - June 30, 2013
Under the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010 the U.S. Coast Guard Must Keep a Database of Crimes Committed Aboard Cruise Ships Operating Out of U.S. Ports. See an Explanation of Reporting and Statistics From the First Half of 2013.

Northern Sea Route and Arctic Shipping Issues
The Expanding Northern Sea Route and Surrounding Arctic Environment is Rich in Natural and Economic Resources. See How Shipping in the Arctic is Evolving.

Elastomeric Coatings for Ships
Elastomeric Coatings are Now Viable Solutions for Extending the Life of Wear Components Exposed to Extreme Conditions.

Cruise Ship Sanitation - Why Toilets Fail
When Major Malfunctions Cause a Cruise Ship to Lose Power it can Lead to Sanitary System Failure and Sewage Overflows

Tips for Your Maritime Resume
Getting a Job in the Maritime Industry is Difficult if Your Skills are not Presented Well. Learn How to Translate Your Experience Into Ship Friendly Terms.

U.S. National Helium Reserve Will Close Without Funding
The U.S. National Helium Reserve Will Close Due to a Planned Lack of Funding and Sale of All Helium Supplies Excluding a Supply for Government Use.

Improve Operational Management of Shore Services Provided By Ship Agents and Brokers or Independent Suppliers to Improve Efficiency in Port.
Optimize Management of Shore Services Supplied by Agents or Independent Sources. Maintain control of Your Resource Supply Chain. An Educated Consumer Avoids Excessive Charges in Port and is able to Provide Increased Value to Customers or Investors. Find Suppliers or Brokers Through Professional Organization Listings.

Navigation Tools and Techniques for Marine Pilots Including Electronic and Manual Chart Navigation and Recognition of Signals from Navigational Aids.
Navigational Tools and Techniques for Marine Pilots. Electronic and Manual Chart Reading; How to Use Aids to Navigation and Steer an Efficient Course. Understand Signals From Vessels and the Maritime Rules of the Road.

Port and Harbor Lists by Name, Plus Detail of Port Capacity and Facilities for Commercial or Passenger Vessels and Information for Harbor Navigation.
Port and Harbor Listings by Name Including Details of Facilities for Passenger and Cargo Vessels. Information Includes Port and Harbor Regulations and Navigational Aids for Traffic Management. Contacts for Location Administrators, Local Services, and Regulatory Authorities.

Port and Harbor List by Region, Plus Detail of Port Capacity and Facilities for Commercial or Passenger Vessels and Information for Harbor Navigation.
Port and Harbor Listings by Region Including Details of Facilities for Passenger and Cargo Vessels. Information Includes Port and Harbor Regulations and Navigational Aids for Traffic Management. Contacts for Location Administrators, Local Services, and Regulatory Authorities.

Legal Responsibilities Surrounding the Privacy of Crew Members
What are the Legal Responsibilities of the Administrators and Master of a Ship? Find Solutions for Common Privacy Problems.

Emerging Arctic Shipping Operations for Commercial and Leisure Vessels
Learn How the Changing Arctic Shipping Environment is Shaping Passenger and Cargo Traffic in the Region as the Long Sought Ice free Routes Become Viable.

What to do When Lightning Strikes People.
Ports and Ships Experience Lightning Strike Frequently and Use Proven Methods to Protect Equipment. Unfortunately, Human Protection is Often Less Developed.

What to do When Lightning Strikes People.
Ports and Ships Experience Lightning Strike Frequently and Use Proven Methods to Protect Equipment. Unfortunately, Human Protection is Often Less Developed. Page 2.

Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act 2010 Summary
The Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010 Aims to Improve Cruise Ship Safety Practices for Vessels Serving U.S. Ports.

What is Meant by Deadweight Tonnage of a Ship?
Definition of Deadweight Tonnage of a Vessel. What is the Difference Between Deadweight Tonnage and Displacement Tonnage?

Vessel Profile -Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship
Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International Cruise Ship. The Largest Class of Passenger Carrying Vessels in the World.

Profile of Carmac Design - Naval Architects
Carmac Design is located in Sussex, England and Specializes in Designs with Aluminum Construction From Sixteen to Seventy Five Feet.

American Spirit - Great Lakes Cargo Vessel Profile
Profile of Great Lakes Cargo Vessel American Spirit - American Steamship Line. See the Unique Proportions of a Vessel Built for Lakes Service.

Profile STX Europe - The Largest European Shipbuilder
STX Europe is a Leading Builder of Cruise and Cargo Ships and Built the World's Largest Cruise Ship, Allure of the Seas.