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How Marketing and Sales Can Work Together to Master Social Selling
Social selling is a new channel of sales using social networks to connect with current customers and prospects. That being said how do you make sure that you are a

The Importance and Benefits of Local Marketing
Local businesses get a marketing advantage when it comes to marketing online. Learn about local marketing and what you can do to reap the benefits.

Social Media: What is the Role in Marketing?
Social media does have a role in marketing, but that role depends on your business. Learn how to identify how it best fits the needs of your business.

Public Speaking - Short Speeches and Keynotes Tips
Public speaking is one of those things that a person either loves or hates. The secret is being prepared. Learn how to prepare, practice and present.

Top Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business
Top 10 Internet marketing strategies to attract more people to your website, increase customers and enhance branding of your company and products.

Sample Media Plan for Public Relations -- and Your Other Options
A press release is one of the basic building blocks for public relations. Learn how to make your communications with the press and public more effective.

What Are Key Performance Indicators?
Key performance indicators are required to determine and explain how a company progresses towards its business and marketing goals.

What is Personal Branding in Marketing?
What is personal branding? Learn why personal branding is important, the value it brings and how it can help market you as an individual.

Identifying Opportunity in New Potential Markets
There are new opportunities out there for you to market and sell your products and or services to interested consumers. Learn how to identify those potential markets.

What Role Does a Logo Play in Your Branding Strategy?
The mission of your logo is to portray the values and goals of your company. Learn the role that your logo plays in your branding strategy.

What is Drip Marketing and is It Effective?
Drip Marketing is the method of sending several promotional pieces to current and potential clients. This method keeps your name in front of your client base.

How to Create a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program
A successful affiliate marketing program takes time to build, but with effort it has the ability to increase your online sales. Learn how you can create an affiliate marketing program.​

Five Levels of Digital Marketing and the Sales Process
Creating a successful online sales process can be accomplished by making sure that you represent and court your visitor through the five levels of the sales process on your site. You can do this by meeting the psychological needs that your visitor has. Find out how in this three part internet marketing series.

Five Levels of Internet Marketing and Sales Process - Part 2
Creating a successful online sales process can be accomplished by making sure that you represent and court your visitor through the five levels of the sales process on your site. You can do this by meeting the psychological needs that your visitor has. Find out how in this three part series. Page 2.

Five Levels of Digital Marketing and the Sales Process - Part 3
Creating a successful online sales process can be accomplished by making sure that you represent and court your visitor through the five levels of the sales process on your site. You can do this by meeting the psychological needs that your visitor has. Find out how in this three part series. Page 3.

Internet Marketing Strategy: What Can it Do for You?
Having an Internet marketing strategy gives you a measurable and definitive way to target your market and position your business so that those looking for what you have to offer are finding you easily. Learn what it can do for your marketing efforts.

Exploring the Many Career Opportunities in Marketing
How do you know if a career in marketing is right for you? With so many career tracks in marketing which one should you chose​? Explore careers in marketing and find out which marketing job is right for you.

Explore Careers in Marketing: Market Research
Is a career in market research right for you? Find out what this career track has in store for you and what job opportunities are available in market research. Page 2.

Explore Careers in Marketing: Brand Management
Is a career in Brand Management right for you? Find out what this career track has in store and what opportunities are available in Brand Management. Page 3.

Explore Marketing Careers: Advertising
Is a career in Advertising right for you? Find out what this career track has in store for you and what job opportunities are available in Advertising. Page 4.

Promotions and Public Relations Career Info
Is a career in Promotions or Public Relations right for you? Find out what this career track has in store for you and what job opportunities are available in Promotions and Public Relations. Page 5.

Developing Your Public Relations Media Plan
A well planned public relations campaign is often far more effective than advertising. Learn how to creating yours with these easy steps.

How to Write Effective Direct Mail Sales Letters
Are you tired of spending time writing sales letters that don't work? Learn how to write an effective direct mail sales letter that will get a response by using this 16 point formula.

Market Segmentation for the Small Business
Market segmentation increases marketing opportunities by identifiying target customers. Learn how you as a small business can define your segments regardless of budget.

Best Practices When It Comes to Marketing Surveys
Marketing surveys can give us insight into prospects as well as customer satisfaction. We can learn a lot about our product and service offering, but in order for surveys to be effective we need to ensure that we have created them in a way that give us accurate data. Learn the best practices of creating a marketing survey that will provide you with the information that you need to know.

Benefits of Media Outreach in Marketing
The benefits of media outreach when it comes to marketing is often overlooked. Media outreach will take an investment of time, but done effectively you'll see a lot of bang for you buck. Learn more by understanding the basic benefits.

How to Set and Get the Right Price
Which feature of your product does EVERY buyer ask about? Which sales tool is your best closing device? Which feature immediately differentiates you from your competitors? You guessed it, your price. Guest columnist Jay B. Lipe shows you how to set and get the right prices for your products and services.

Explore Pricing Methods
Which feature immediately differentiates you from your competitors? You guessed it, your price. Guest columnist Jay B. Lipe shows you how to set and get the right prices. Page 2.

Pricing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Which feature of your product does EVERY buyer ask about? Which sales tool is your best closing device? Which feature immediately differentiates you from your competitors? You guessed it, your price. Guest columnist Jay B. Lipe shows you how to set and get the right prices for your products and services. Page 3.

How to Define Your Brand - Strategy Development
A powerful brand will create a concept that stays in the minds of your prospects. This requires focused, sharp, to-the-point branding.

Marketing Tool: Creating and Using a Marketing Calendar
A marketing calendar is an essential tool that can create structure around your marketing efforts. Learn how to create and use a marketing calendar.

What is a Social Media Reporter?
Technology continues to create new jobs in marketing departments that are considered less than traditional. One of those new positions is that of a social media reporter, or SMR. Learn what it takes to be a social media reporter and see if this job might be a great fit for you and your skills.

A Sample Media Plan for Public Relations
Writing a media plan is tougher than doing an advertising or marketing campaign. You don't typically have an advertising budget, and there are no hard numbers on sales, because you're not selling anything. What you are selling is an idea. So how do you write a plan to sell an idea, and how do know whether it worked or not?

Defamation, Slander and Libel - The Basics
Filing a lawsuit for defamation, slander, libel or invasion of privacy is a big step, and from a PR standpoint, it can be a big mistake. Learn why.

Defamation from a PR Point of View - Suing for Slander
Most defamation cases are filed by private citizens. Public figures have to weigh the costs vs. the benefits when it comes to defamation.

Benefits Non-Profits Gain From Social Media Marketing
Nonprofit marketing has benefited from social media marketing in many ways. Learn the benefits of using social media to market your nonprofit organization.

What Does a Marketer Do?
Are you interested in working in marketing? Do you know what a marketer does day in and day out? Get the insight into what a daily marketer does and learn what marketing career is best for you, where to find jobs, and how to stand out from the crowd.

Five Free Online Project Management Courses
A marketer is creative and strategic. Project managers are good with details strategies. How does a marketer gain skills to project manage?

7 Tips on Creating and Growing Your Personal Brand
Building your personal brand is not an option, but rather a requirement. Learn how to create and grow your personal brand with these seven tips.

7 Steps to Creating a Presentation that Connects
You've been asked to give a presentation. You've sat​ down to begin writing it and have found yourself experiencing a mental block. Learn how to create a presentation that will not only engage your audience but connect them with you.

11 Kick Ass Social Media Content Generators
As a digital marketer one of the most challenging task can be coming up with new and fresh ideas that keep your audience engaged. This list of content generators will have you coming up with social media content for days.

Mobile Search Bypassing Desktop Search
In a recent study it was determined that 60% of consumers use their mobile phone exclusively to make a purchase. What does this mean for you? How can you be sure that you aren't missing out on sales from potential consumers? Learn why having a mobile strategy is no longer an option when it comes to marketing your business.

Brand Continuity: Creating an Image Greater than the Parts
Brand continuity in marketing is extremely important. Learn how to coordinate all the elements of a marketing message to achieve a consistent look and feel.

How to Market Your Business on Facebook
A recent report says that over half of 140 million users on Facebook are out of college. This article shows two ways to use Facebook for marketing.

Nonprofit Marketing - Social Media Marketing Benefits
Nearly 45% of nonprofit organizations found that social media plays an important role in fundraising. Learn why you should be using social media marketing in your nonprofit organization.

Use Web Technology to Strengthen Competitive Advantage
You can strengthen your competitive advantage by using web technology and the internet that we have available today.

Write Content that Converts: 10 Content Marketing Ideas
There are billions of pieces of content uploaded to the internet daily. It's getting harder and harder to grab the attention of our consumer audience. That's especially true if you are suffering from the dreaded writer's block. If you are stuck, don't fret use these 10 ideas to help breathe life into your content marketing efforts.

Marketing Campaign Checklist
There are many things that go into planning a marketing campaign. Use this marketing campaign checklist to assist you in making sure you have done all that you can to ensure that your marketing campaign is a success.

Examples of Rumors and Public Relations
Corporations in the world use rumors. Public officials, political campaigns,and advocacy groups traffic in rumors to hurt rivals. Learn how rumors are used when it comes to public relations.

What is Propaganda, and How Does It Work?
Rumors and lies are typically organic and viral. Propaganda is different. It's an organized effort to manipulate the public using mass media. Learn more.

Public Relations - Handling Rumors, Lies, Propaganda
Public relations is easy when all the news is good. Rumors, lies, and propaganda aren't normal kinds of bad news. Learn how to defend against them.

Myth: Any Press is Good Press
Negative press is a losing strategy. Misbehavior is incredibly common. Infamy also tends to burn out quickly. The best strategy is trying to get exceptional press for doing exceptional things.

How to Build Your Own Personal Brand
Personal branding should be a priority for everyone. It takes consistency, dedication, and work, but using today's technology anyone can create their own brand. Learn how to build your brand and develop a strategy that will help it grow.

Public Relations: How Should You Handle Bad News?
Public figures -- politicians and professional athletes, actors and authors -- inevitably must deal with bad news, controversy, and scandals.

Crucial Keys to a Successful Mobile Strategy
Mobile marketing is not an option, it's a necessity. Every year mobile users increase utilizing devices like their smartphones or tablets. Learn a few crucial points that will help you in the development of your own mobile strategy.

The Different Types of Marketing Strategies
Interactive, digital, internet marketing sound the same, but they are not. We use the terms simultaneously which causes confusion. Learn the difference.

Social Selling Tactics that Will Make You a Pro
Social selling is about prospecting and networking using social media channels, but how can use it to create a lead generating machine for your sales activity? Learn the social selling tactics that will make you a pro.

Social Media Marketing for Your Business
Do you want to implement social media into your marketing mix, but are you unsure of where to start? Learn the importance of social media marketing and gain the knowledge you need to put it to work for you and your business.

The 10 Marketing Commandments
Use these 10 marketing commandments as guidance and learn how to protect your company from a customer exodus.

How To Find Your Clients and Identify What They Need
Trying to get clients when you're not really sure what they need or want puts you at a disadvantage. Learn how to find out what your clients need and want.

The 10 Commandments of Great Customer Service
If you are in business, customer service is an integral part of your job. Be a hit with your customers using the 10 commandments of customer service.

How to Attract Attention by Marketing Yourself
Learn to attract attention in your industry, by marketing yourself and showing off your talents and knowledge. Here are eight steps that will get you noticed.

Tone of Voice: A Hinderance or a Help to Your Success
Do not underestimate the power in the tone of your voice. How well do you use your voice to express emotion and emphasize the importance of your message? In today's world where more business is done over the telephone rather than in person it's important to realize that a voice can in fact hinder your success. Learn five key factors that can help you train your voice and ensure that when people hear you the hear success.

How to Be Yourself Without Cold Call Scripts
Tired of the cold calling scripts? Here are some tips on being yourself and selling without using bland, inauthentic prompts when making the call.

How to Make Cold Calling Opportunities out of Voice Mails
Voicemail is a salesperson's worst nightmare. How can you get beyond them? Learn how you can turn voice mails into a cold calling journey of discovery in this guest article by Ari Galper.

Writing For Business - Marketing Materials That Sell
Learn how to avoid the dreaded marketing mistakes of creating sales materials that is all about you. Give your sales team marketing materials that sell!

Content Marketing - Understanding the Why and How
Content marketing is valuable and often leaves a longer impression than any other method of marketing. Learn why content marketing often works better than traditional marketing and how you can implement it into your strategy.

Defining Your Niche Market - Strategy Tutorial
Any marketer will tell you that when you know who are you're marketing to, it's easy to see where your marketing energy and dollars should be spent.

How to Create an Effective Marketing Kit
The trifold brochure is outdated. Learn how to make an effective marketing kit that will drive business to your company.

Marketing Tips for the Small Business
You don't need to spend a fortune to market your small business. Use these marketing tips from guest author Ann Marie Rubertone from Check It Out.

Steps-by-Step Guide to Getting Better Email Marketing Results
Getting customers and prospects to open emails can be a challenge. We are all bombarded with emails and let's face it, often it's just easier to hit the delete key. Learn a few steps that can help you increase your overall open rate and bring back the effectiveness of email marketing.

Retailers Can Leverage Technology to Improve the Customer Experience
Technology enables retailers to leverage sophisticated touch points and automated interactions. Learn how you can use technology to increase and enhance the overall customer experience.

What Role Does Customer Service Play in Marketing?
Customer service plays an important role in the marketing piece of your business. Marketing brings a customer in, customer service keeps them coming back. Learn why it's so important to the growth of your business.

Internet Marketing Strategies for a Small Business
Here's a guide to online marketing strategies that will show you the tactics small businesses should be aware of and its implementations.

Best Practices for Excelling at Customer Service
Learn how to implement five best practices that will not only improve your customer service but will also help your business excel and grow.

25 Marketing Tips to Revive Small Business Marketing Efforts
It's not uncommon to go through a dry spell when it comes to generating new marketing ideas especially when you work in your small business day in and day out. Use these 25 marketing tips on general marketing, product marketing, service marketing, online marketing and content marketing to help revive your small business marketing efforts.

Rules of Customer Engagement in Digital Channels
Marketing is ever-evolving when it comes to digital channels. Learn the rules of engagement when it comes to digital marketing and create a better customer experience.

Creative Marketing: Who, What, How?
When it comes to marketing it's important to understand the creative role in the process. Learn how creatives work within a marketing department.

Advertising Manager - Marketing Career Profile
Are you interested in a career in marketing? Use the Marketing Career Profiles to learn more about a career as an advertising manager.

Marketing Terms and Glossary
Marketing terms definitions and glossary. Learn the lingo of marketing professionals.

What is Ad Copy and How Is It Used in Marketing?
What is advertising copy? Learn the different components of ad copy as well as the types and how it's used in marketing.

Marketing Definition - What is Brand Identity?
Brand identity is how you want the consumer to perceive your brand. Learn the role that brand identity plays in your marketing and why it's important.

Cost Per Rating Point (CPP) | A Marketing Definition
Definition of cost per rating Point. Learn what the cost per rating point calculation is and how to use it to determine the cost of reaching 1% of the demographic you are targeting.

What is Motivation Research?
Motivation research provides information on why individuals buy specific types of merchandise, or why they respond to specific advertising appeals. Learn how motivation research is used in marketing.

What is Perceived Risk and How Can We Overcome It?
Perceived risk is a functional or psychosocial risk a consumer feels when purchasing a product. Learn how it can impact your marketing and what you can do to counter it.

What is a Payment Threshold in Marketing?
Payment threshold is the minimum accumulated commission that an affiliate must earn to trigger payment from an affiliate program. Learn the impoartance and role part that it plays in affiliate programs.

What at is a Reference Group?
What is a reference group and what role does it play in not only consumer behavior but your marketing? Learn how reference groups impact the decisions of consumers.

Definition of Selling Orientation
Selling orientation is a sales process that involves understanding the buyer habits and behaviors of consumers. Learn where the idea behind selling orientation came from, how it plays a part in your marketing and how you can identify selling orientation opportunities.

Create a 90-Day Marketing Plan
Learn the benefits of creating a 90-day marketing plan instead of an annual or 5-year marketing plan.

How to Write a Catchy Slogan
Create a slogan that has the components that will make it memorable and sticky. Learn the six components that will help create that slogan that people won't forget.

Understanding the Marketing Value of a Referral Program
Referrals marketing is the least expensive way to gain new customers. Learn how to develop a referral program that rewards your customers for sending business your way.

What is Counter-Advertising? - Marketing Glossary
Counter-advertising is advertising that takes a position contrary to an advertising message that preceded it. Learn what it is and how it's used.

What is a Tagline? - A Marketing Definition
What is a tagline? What benefit does it bring to your business? Learn the importance of a tagline and the value that it can bring to you.

Marketing Jobs - Where to Find and Post Them
Are you looking for a marketing job or looking to hire a marketing professional? Here are my top 4 marketing job websites.

What is Crowdsourcing Marketing and How Is it Used?
Crowdsourcing is hiring or enlisting services from a crowd of people, typically through the internet. Learn how you can use crowdsourcing when it comes to marketing.

Entry Level Marketing Jobs for New College Graduates
Learn about five entry level marketing positions that are perfect for the recent college graduate and launch your marketing career on the fast track.

Marketing Jobs with the Best Future Outlook
If you're interested in a career in marketing, here are three areas that you should pay attention to based on potential opportunities.

Media Buying Made Easy Step-By-Step
Media buying is often viewed as complicated. Learn how to conduct the process using five easy steps. Use this guide to get the results that you want.

How to Handle the Negative in Your Social Media Channels
Negative comments and posts can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but if you are active in social media channels they happen. What should you do? How should you handle them? These are common questions that I'm often asked. That's why I've put these fail-proof guidelines together that will help you in addressing posts and comments.

Creating a Twitter Account for Branding
You keep hearing about Twitter and you've learned a little bit about it and now you are ready to create your own Twitter account, but how?

How to Clear Your Twitter Stream of Spam
Twitter comes with its share of annoyances. Learn how to handle the spam, abuse and pornography that unfortunately often comes with a Twitter account using these five helpful tips.

Why Marketing Research is Important to Your Business
Marketing research is often confused with market research. There is a difference. Learn what marketing research is and what steps are involved in the process.

Methods to Tracking Your Marketing Campaign
Tracking is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. Learn how to track and monitor your marketing efforts to determine which campaigns are working for you.

What Is Public Relations and How Do You Do It?
Public relations is often referred to as

Does Mass Media Still Work? Fragmented Audiences
People get their news a thousand different ways. If you want to reach more you've got to understand media segmentation and how audiences are fragmented.

How to Write a Fact Sheet - Marketing
How do you write a fact sheet? It's not just a collection of numbers. There are good reasons to pick and choose which facts you use, and which order.

How to Write Marketing Talking Points
Talking points are a persuasive product, but they're not meant to be read word-for-word. Learn to write talking points that are useful and effective.

Create a Facebook Event via Your Fan Page
Learn how to create a Facebook event via your fan page, rather than your personal profile. Event promotion tips included.

What Is The News Cycle and How Does It Work?
So what is the news cycle, and how does it work? Newspapers, blogs, TV stations and radio all operate on completely different news cycles.

Public Relations - How To Write A Statement
A statement is quicker, easier and often more useful than a press release. Say there's a big news story, sending a press release would be silly and pointless, learn how to write an effective statement.

LinkedIn's Company Follow Feature
Learn how LinkedIn company profiles can help in marketing your company and assist you in building a community of followers that can grow your business.

What is Integrated Marketing and Why Is it Important?
Integrated marketing is a word we hear thrown around quite often, but what is it and why is it important? Learn how integrated marketing can increase results.

Snapchat Marketing: Is it Right for Your Business?
There is a lot of buzz about Snapchat in the realm of marketing lately, but how do you know if it's right for you? Learn the pros and cons of diving into the Snapshot marketing frenzy.

How to Write Photo Cutlines
A cutline is written like a straight news piece, with a sentence or containing the Five W's: who, what, when, where and why. Learn how to write a photo cutline.

6 Social Media Mistakes that Businesses Make
Social media is not child's play, but many businesses don't consider that fact before jumping in. They put up a few profiles often without thinking about their overall strategy and goals. Have you found yourself frustrated and disappointed with social media? If, so review these common mistakes and see if perhaps you are guilty of one of them.

What is PETA and How Do They Target A Global Audience
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a great case study in how to generate publicity that spreads a persuasive message around the world. Learn more about their strategies.

How to Write a Media Plan for Earned Media
In public relations, you have to rely on earned media instead of paid advertising. Learn how to write a media plan for earned media.

Political PR: Race for the White House
Candidates for president are in the public eye all day, every day. Microphones and TV cameras follow them everywhere. Take a look at the at public relations strategy and tactics at the highest level of politics and see what you can learn.

3 Easy Steps to SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is marketing using a mobile phone. Learn how you can get started with SMS marketing in 3 easy steps.

The Importance of Influencers When it Comes to Your Marketing Strategy
Investing in finding influencers within your industry can yield a major return. Learn how to find, plan and implement a strategy with influencers.

Google Plus vs. Facebook - What's the Difference?
Learn the differences between Facebook and Google+ so you can make an educated decision on whether you should participate in Google+ as a business.

How to Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Social Media Effort
Where can you get the best data about your competitors? Use these tools we to gather competitive intelligence and create your own social media strategy.

2015 Cyber Monday in Review - A Marketer's Perspective
The dust has settled on the holiday season and many marketers are looking back in review in order to begin contemplating their 2016 plan. Here is a marketer's review of 2015 Cyber Monday.

Facebook Reactions and Their Impact on Marketing
Facebook recently added five new reactions besides

What is Social Sentiment and Why is It Important?
Social sentiment is an integral part of social media marketing and social listening. Learn what it is, how to measure it and what you can do with the information collected.

How to Write and Format a Letter to the Editor
Learn how to write and format a letter to the editor. Editors are happy to get good pieces written by local public figures, and letters can be witty.

Understanding the News Cycle At A Newspaper
Newspapers are on tighter deadlines these days. Learn how the news cycle works and get a better understanding of how a newspaper works.

What To Wear For Photo, TV and Video Cameras
What looks good in real life is much different than what looks good on camera, whether it's photos or film. Learn what to wear and what not to wear for a successful appearance.

How To Organize Media Availability
A media availability -- journalists will say

Types Of Debates And Tips For Holding Them
There are different kinds of de​bates, each with a different format. Learn about the three basic polticial debate formats.

How to Hold a Press Conference
A press conference is not an easy event, or a casual one. Learn how to hold a press conference and when not to.

Preparing For A Successful Press Conference
Press conferences take a lot of preparation and staff work. Use this checklist to plan and prepare a successful press conference.

How to Write A Keynote Speech in 4 Steps
A keynote speech is very different than a short speech. Organization and outlining can save you endless hours of rewrites. Here are 4 proven steps.

Step by Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing
When it comes to marketing it can be overwhelming. Whether you've started your own business or landed your first marketing gig, how do you dive in and get started in creating a marketing strategy or campaign that will be successful? Learn where to begin your marketing with my four step fundamental tutorial.

Step by Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing
When it comes to marketing it can be overwhelming. Whether you've started your own business or landed your first marketing gig, how do you dive in and get started in creating a marketing strategy or campaign that will be successful? Learn where to begin your marketing with my four step fundamental tutorial.

Step by Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing
When it comes to marketing it can be overwhelming. Whether you've started your own business or landed your first marketing gig, how do you dive in and get started in creating a marketing strategy or campaign that will be successful? Learn where to begin your marketing with my four step fundamental tutorial.

Step by Step Guide to the Fundamentals of Marketing
This article describes how to dive in and get started in creating a marketing strategy or campaign that will be successful in your business.

Five Tips to Creating an Effective Blog
Blog marketing works. It's effective and inexpensive, but how do you create one that is successful in marketing your business? Use these five tips to help you create a successful blog that will draw traffic and increase your business visibility.

Lead Generation and the Benefits in Marketing
Lead generation is a win-win for both the buyer and seller. Learn how using lead generation tactics in your marketing strategy can help boost your ROI.

What is an Advertising Plan?
An advertising plan serves as a promotional blueprint for businesses. Learn how to create your own advertising plan and integrate it with your overall marketing efforts.

Marketing Definition: What is Market Reach and Why is it Important?
What is market reach and how important is it to your business? Learn how to determine who your market reach is and how to identify what advertising and marketing methods will work best trying to reach your market.

Marketing Definition: What is Competition-Oriented Pricing?
Competition-oriented pricing is a pricing method that takes into consideration the pricing of competitors. Learn why and how it's used in businesses by reviewing examples.

What is a Target Audience and Why is it Important in Marketing?
What is a target audience? How do you determine who your target audience is? Learn why understanding your target audience is important to marketing your business and how you and determine who they are.

4 Ways to Overcome Marketing Challenges Forever
For most small business owners, marketing is an overwhelming concept. Most don't know where to begin or how to focus their efforts. Guest author Leslie Hamp shows you four ways to overcome marketing challenges forever.

Six Essential You Need To Know for your Business Name
Naming a business can be a daunting task unless you have a process to follow to assist you in the process. Learn these six elements name your company.

Ten Ways to Increase Customer Reviews and Improve SEO
Customer reviews carry value when it comes to increasing sales. Learn how to get customer reviews and increase your search engine ranking.

No More Cold Calling Selling Scripts - Part 2
Tired of the cold calling scripts? Learn five ways to be yourself and sell without using cold calling scripts. Page 2.

How to Stop 'Selling' and Start Building Relationships
Have you hit a rut? Perhaps you are backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that can lead you down the wrong path with potential clients.

7 Ways to Stop "Selling" and Start Building Relationships
Are your sales declining? Have you hit a rut? Perhaps you are backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that can be leading you down the wrong path with potential clients. Page 2.

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Learn about the top 5 marketing mistakes that businesses continually make and how you can avoid them. These mistakes although easily made can cost your business thousands of dollars.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Top 10 Myths about Public Relations
Public relations is more art than science and there are a lot of misconceptions. Here's a list of the Top 10 most common myths about public relations.

How to Write Your Personal Branding Statement
Your personal branding statement serves as a catchline that informs others of your expertise. Learn how to write your own personal branding statement.

What is Customer Service?
Customer service is not optional in today's businesses. It's crucial to creating customer loyalty and retention, but what does customer service really mean?

Five Branding Don'ts
We hear a lot about the branding do's, but what about the branding don'ts. Learn the don'ts that will help you in creating a strong brand that your company can live up to.

Definition of Local Marketing
What is local marketing? How it different from national marketing campaigns. Learn what it is and how you can be successful in reaching your local market.

Critical Key Points to Consider When it Comes to Rebranding
Rebranding can be a daunting task, but sometimes necessary. Learn the critical things that you need to know to drive a smooth transition both internally and externally with a new brand.

Marketing, Advertising, Sales - Who Does What?
It's so easy for the confusion to begin when you start talking about advertising, marketing and sales. Learn what these departments do, how they support each other and why they are not the same.

Brand Value Calculation - How to Calculate It
Intangible assets within a business are important and​ one of the most valuable assets of a company is the brand that it carries with it. Learn how to determine your brand equity.

Four Tips to Bringing Your Brand to Life in this Decade
The way we market brands is changing. It used to be all about ad placement, ad sizes, new ad formats, segmentation, targeting and more. It's time to look past that and focus more on viewable impressions, attention metrics, building a story and cultivating the relationship. That's how you bring life to your brand in this decade.

Train Your Workforce to Be Brand Advocates Using Social Media
Are you looking for brand advocates to help in promoting your organization and brand? You have the best ones right under the roof of your organization. Studies show that organic reach using social media channels continues to diminish and the best solution is to train and empower your workforce to take on the role as brand advocate using social media. Learn why the benefits far outweigh the common risk concerns.

Marketing Strategies Versus Marketing Plans
Many confuse the term

How You Can Defeat Propaganda
Propaganda is a tool of those in power and on top. Use leaks to undermine propaganda, subvert the propaganda itself and create your own ways to communicate directly with the public.

Who are Opinion Leaders, and Why Do They Matter?
Opinion leaders are the most active, and respected, voices in a community, and they have a major role in shaping opinion at the grass-roots level.

What You Need to Know About Marketing Consultant Jobs
Key job responsibilities, marketing services, and essential skills that will help you pick and become a good marketing consultant.

Five Easy Tips on How to Develop a Marketing Strategy
There are numerous benefits of a carefully planned marketing strategy, but it's the one item many businesses lack. Find out how you can develop your marketing strategy in just 5 easy steps.

Easy Steps to Writing Your Positioning Statement
A positioning statement provides direction or focus to a business or organization. Find out how to write yours by just using seven easy questions.

Marketing Basics for the Small Business
Be creative in marketing your company and in return grow your business. Learn basic marketing strategies that you can put into place to market a small business on a budget.

Learn How to Develop Your Marketing Mix
Your marketing mix is a combination of channels that are used to meet your objectives. Learn how to develop a program that has the proper marketing mix.

Purpose and Elements of a Situational Analysis
Before developing any given marketing strategy it is important to conduct a situational analysis. Use this guide as an introduction into what it takes to conduct an analysis.

Develop an Effective 30 Second Commercial
Grab the attention of your prospects at a networking event with your 30-second commercial and open the door to begin asking qualifying questions.

Five No-Cost Marketing Tips
Looking for ways to promote your business, but running low on financial resources? Don't fret! There are ways to promote your business that are low-cost and some even no-cost.

Internal Branding - Branding From the Inside Out
Branding starts with your employees. Find out how to get your employees involved and behind your brand.

7 Steps to Planning a Successful Promotional Campaign
Promotional campaigns are heavy on the planning time. Learn how to plan a successful marketing and promotional campaign in just seven easy steps.

Asking for Referrals: A Key Strategy for Business Development Success
Referrals are a great source of new business, asking for referrals is one of the most efficient and effective business development activities. Learn how to get referrals from your current client base.

From Prospect to Client in Thirty Seconds
The process of converting a prospect to a client can seem like it takes forever. ​Learn how you can turn your prospect to client in thirty seconds.

Importance of Developing Value Proposition in Marketing
An effective and well-written value proposition is a promise to customers that you will provide them with value. It draws interest and shares a success story within a few words. Learn how to write yours today.

What is Lifestyle Segmentation?
What is lifestyle segmentation and how can it impact your overall sales and revenue? Learn the purpose of lifestyle segmentation, its value and how it can help you when it comes to your overall marketing plan.

Understanding Permission Based Marketing
Consumers want more engagement and interaction from those that they buy from. They are faced with overstimulation of marketing messages and to get their attention you must do something different. Are you interacting or interrupting your potential customers?

Increasing Business by Developing Strategic Partnerships
It can be tough to find new prospects or get sales from past customers and clients. Learn how you can create strategic partnerships that can help to increase your business almost overnight.

How to Break Your Fear of Cold Calling
Learn how to break the fear of cold calling in this guest article written by Ari Galper of Unlock the Game.

Sales Therapy 101: Breaking Your Fear of Cold Calling - Part 2
Learn how to break the fear of cold calling in this guest article written by Ari Galper of Unlock the Game. Page 2.

Sales Training: Success Formula for Making Cold Calls
Making cold calls can be frightening, especially when you are first starting out. Below are some techniques that will help you in becoming more confident before you pick up that telephone.

Cold Calling: Secret Alternative to Using Sales Scripts
What if there was another way that you could connect with people on the phone without using a cold calling sales script? There is, learn how.

How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Performance
The vast majority of salespeople produce a fraction of what top performers on the very same sales teams produce. Learn what you can do to beat the 80/20 rule when it comes to the sales performance your sales staff.

How to Beat the 80/20 Rule in Sales Performance - Part 2
The vast majority of salespeople produce a FRACTION of what top performers on the very same sales teams produce. What are the reasons behind these performance disparities? What is it about top sales performers that enables them to achieve superior results? Can ANYONE achieve top performance in sales? Learn what you can do to beat the 80/20 rule when it comes to the sales performance your sales staff. Page 2.

How to Beat 80/20 Rule in Sales Performance - Part 3
The vast majority of salespeople produce a fraction of what top performers on the very same sales teams produce. What are the reasons behind these performance disparities? What is it about top sales performers that enables them to achieve superior results? Can ANYONE achieve top performance in sales? Learn what you can do to beat the 80/20 rule when it comes to the sales performance your sales staff. Page 3.

Top 10 Rules for Small Business Success
Running a small business that reaches success can at times be difficult, but not impossible. Learn the basic small business rules that help you reach success.

Learn How to Market a Service Effectively
Marketing a service is different than marketing a product. Learn what you need to do differently in order to market your service effectively.

How to Measure Your Marketing Efforts
When it comes to marketing how do we know what we are getting in return? Learn how easy it is to quantify your marketing efforts and determine what's working and what's not.

What You Should Know About Marketing
Use this beginner's guide to learn more about the different types of marketing, and what role it plays in any business.

What Is a Marketing Plan For a Product or Service?
A marketing plan serves as a roadmap to business to help guide and direct them in their marketing initiatives. Learn how it can help your business.

B2B vs B2C Marketing - Differences and Techniques
Purchase motivation is different with B2C and B2B marketing. Learn how to provide information they need in order to make the decision to purchase.

Writing a Press Release That Gets Noticed
Most press releases fall into a giant slush pile, where they drown a lonely death. And those are ones written by professionals. But it's not hopeless. There are simple things that amateurs and rookies can do that will vastly increase the odds of a release climbing its way out of the slush pile and making it into the newspaper or on the airwaves.

Off The Record, On Background And Not For Attribution
Off The Record,On Background and Not for attribution - How do you know which is which? Learn what these terms mean and how to use them.

Aristotle's 3 Parts of Rhetoric and Types of Debates
Rhetoric gives public figures the tools to avoid mistakes and court success. Learn how to use their ideas as the foundation of your communication toolbox.

Use this 8 Week Online Marketing Course
​An annual marketing plan can seem daunting to create. Use this eight week marketing course that will walk you through the process step by step and help you to develop your annual marketing plan.

Key Differences Between Marketing and Advertising
Learn key differences between advertising and marketing to put your company on the path to substantial growth.

Marketing vs. Sales: Difference, How They Work Together.
Consider marketing to be everything that you do to reach and persuade prospects.The sales process are the steps you take to get them to purchase. Learn how they work together.

Three Steps to Defining Your Niche Market
Niche marketing allows you to develop a strong service or product presence in the chosen niches of your marketing area. Here are three steps that will help you define your niche market. Page 2.

Tips to Pick the Best Branding Strategy
Do you know how to pick the best branding strategy? Use these effective brand management tips to define your audience and objectives.

Identifying Your Target Market (Brand Development)
The power of your brand relies on the ability to focus. Defining your target market will help to strengthen your brand's effectiveness, learn how.

How to Create and Test Your Business Name
A business name automatically contains a marketing element; your job is to choose a name that will help your marketing efforts. Create and test your business name.

Niche Marketing vs Mass Marketing
Niche marketing allows you to develop a strong service or product presence in the chosen niches of your marketing area. Learn the difference between niche marketing and mass marketing and how it help in positioning and save you money in marketing.

Why Branding Is Important When It Comes to Marketing
What is branding? Learn why your brand should be an invaluable piece of your marketing communication and why you don't want to be without one.

Basic Steps to Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization
Marketing is a way to satisfy consumer and donor needs, but where does the nonprofit organization start? Learn how to market your nonprofit organization.

Understanding the Power of Generation Marketing
The method of marketing to a specific generation is affecting the way that we promote and sell products and services. Learn more about the power of generation marketing and how it can boost your sales.

Tips on How to Do Brochure Marketing Effectively
Considering using brochures as your direct marketing medium? Here's how to effectively use marketing brochures in your marketing plan.

Tips to Improve Your Business' Customer Service
Learn a few tips that will help you improve your customer service, which will lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Careers in Marketing - Marketing Jobs
Learn about the many career opportunities in marketing and determine if marketing is the right career path for you.

How to Develop Your Brand Strategy
An effective brand strategy will create a unique identity and differentiate you from the competition. It will help in developing core components of your business Learn how to create a solid strategy that will give the competitive edge.

Top Marketing Books on Branding
List of the top books to help build a brand by creating an effective, integrated strategy involving advertising, marketing, publicity, and research.

No-Cost Ways to Find Influencers in Your Industry
Influencer marketing is a vital part to any marketing strategy. How do you know who is an influencer? How do you reach out to them? Learn how to find influencers in your industry using these no-cost tools.

A Marketer's Guide to Live Streaming with Facebook Live
Facebook has made live streaming to your customers easy, but understanding best practices is mandatory for it to be a success. Get started with this marketer's guide to Facebook Live.

Breaking Into the Career Field of Marketing
Are you interested in the career field of marketing? Learn how you can put your career on track and break into the realm of marketing even if you don't have a marketing degree.

The Best Six Strategies to Becoming a Successful Affiliate
Affiliate marketing experts often make an income that can tally over five figures per month, however,​ it's only 1 to 5% of thousands of marketers that achieve this level. Learn the top 6 tactics that these super affiliate marketers have in common.

What Is Sponsorship in Marketing and How Does It Work?
Sponsorship is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S. Learn how it can be a powerful key to your marketing plan.

Powerful Marketing through Sponsorship
Learn how sponsorship can help distinguish you from competitors and help your company be viewed in a more positive light. Page 2.

The Purpose of a Social Media Policy
We hear a lot about social media policies, but what is the actual purpose of a social media policy and what is the benefit of having one? Learn more.

Twitter Marketing Epic Fails We Can All Learn From
Twitter is one of the easiest social media marketing channels that can be used, but be careful it's also one that many companies make mistakes with.

First Steps to Marketing Your Small Business
It's difficult to start a business, let alone learn how to market it. Use this marketing guide to prevent you from quickly becoming overwhelmed.

What is Industrial Advertising?
Industrial advertising is a​ form of business-to-business advertising that is aimed at manufacturers. Learn more about the role of industrial advertising, the different types and how it works.

Marketing Budget: How Much to Spend?
Determining how much of your resources to marketing within your company can be the biggest obstacles that businesses face. There are guidelines that will help in allocating your resources.

What is a Strategic Marketing Plan?
Strategic market planning is a documented process of how a business can best compete in the market. Learn about the process, components, and benefits.

Word of Mouth vs Viral Marketing
While word of mouth and viral marketing are similar, they are not the same. Learn about the differences, and see examples of each.

What Is Promotional Mix? How Does It Impact Marketing?
Promotional mix is using several different types of communication to support marketing goals. Learn how choosing the right one impacts your marketing.

What Is a Media Strategy and How Do You Create One?
What is a media strategy? It is a plan of action used to guide your advertising and marketing efforts. Learn how to build your own.

What is a Full-Service Advertising Agency?
Learn the advertising components they should help you with and the different types of full-service agencies available.

12 Tips for Effective Brochure Marketing (Part 2)
How can you get the attention of your prospects when using brochures as your direct marketing medium? Julia Hyde shows you not only why you need to use brochures in your marketing plan, but she also shows you how to do it effectively. Page 2.

verywell. Marketing.

How to Calculate Marketing Consultant Salaries
Do you know how much marketing consultants make? Use these resources to find different salary ranges.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Definition
Learn more about different types of integrated marketing and how you can use it to reach your customers.

Why and How to Calculate Your Website Conversion Rate
Whether you are collecting leads or selling items online, this formula will help you calculate your website conversion rate.

Marketing Using Twitter
Twitter is a social media tool. It can be used as a marketing and promotional vehicle if done correctly. Gain tips, insight, tool reviews and other resource information that will help you tweet your way to marketing success.

Marketing Using Facebook
Facebook is a social media tool. It can be used as a marketing and promotional vehicle if done correctly. Gain tips, insight, tool reviews and other resource information that will help you use Facebook and experience social media marketing success.

Social Media Courses for Marketers
It doesn't matter if you are a social media marketing newbie or you just want to enhance your existing skills, there is an online course for you. Gain the skills that you need to be a social media rockstar. What are you waiting for?

How to Build a Kick Ass Marketing Team
Our marketing departments are only as good as the people that we fill them with. Learn how you can build a kick ass marketing team.

Marketing Strategy Tutorials and Samples
Having a marketing strategy can be the life or death of a business. If you aren't sure how to begin developing your marketing plan and strategy these resources will help you

Public Relations: Explore the Benefits
What are the true benefits of public relations? Learn the overall benefits of public relations and determine if it's something your business should be doing.

Future for Marketing in the Media Industry
Learn what you need to know about the future of marketing in the media industry and how to break into the career path in this article by Rick Linde.

How to Write a Marketing Brief
Learn how to write a marketing brief in ten steps that will save you time and money. Keep these things in mind when designing a good one.

Public Relations - Handling Libel, Defamation, Invasion of Privacy and Slander
If you’re a public figure, or in the public relations business, there’ll be times when people say such outrageously wrong things. Learn how to handle defamation, slander, libel and invasion of your privacy.

Town Hall Meetings
The term

Public Relations and Personal Branding
When creating name recognition and brand awareness public relations is key. Learn how to use public relations to develop and grow your name recognition and strengthen your personal brand.

Political Marketing
Political marketing is designed to influence individuals about political candidates, political issues, and campaigns. Gain insight into successful political marketing campaigns, public relations, case studies and marketing mistakes made by politicians.

Public Relations for Authors
Authors are beginning to take the reigns of marketing themselves and doing their own book PR. They have realized that without this often books can sell poorly. Learn how public relations is changing for authors and if you are an author gain insight on how to effectively promote your books.

7 Tips for a Successful Product or Service Launch
Are you getting ready to launch a new product or service? Follow these 7 tips that will help you in getting the attention of the press and influencers.

Marketing Books and Publications
You’ll find hundreds of marketing related publications online, on the library bookshelf and at your newsstand. Save time by starting with this hand-picked list to quickly find some of the best.

The importance of an effective marketing plan cannot be stressed enough. Tips, advice, and samples of great marketing plans are available.
The importance of an effective marketing plan cannot be stressed enough. Tips, advice, and samples of great marketing plans are available.

Public Relations Job Profile - Press Secretary
What is a Press Secretary, and what do they do? Almost every local, state and federal agency uses press secretaries. Learn more about this role when it comes to public relations.

Market Positioning
Positioning your product correctly can make a significant difference in the success of your marketing campaign. Use these resources to learn how to properly position your product or service.

Relationship Marketing
Customer relationships are key to your marketing strategy. Use these resources to learn why it is important and how you can improve the service you provide your customers and clients.

Photos in Public Relations
Photos play an important role in public relations and not just any photo, but great photos. Great photos have the ability to your public relation efforts successful.

Public Relations: A Guide to Time, Money and Words
If you've never written a press release, or an oped -- or organized a press conference -- then you're probably wondering how long it might take. Use this guide to learn how long it takes and how much it should cost.

Internet Marketing Strategies and Techniques
Explore strategies and techniques that you can use on the Internet that will enhance and support your business's overall marketing objectives. Learn how to conduct banner promotions, generate targeted online traffic, positioning your content, and over all brand awareness.

What is Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and How is it Calculated?
What is Return on Ad Spend also known as ROAS? How do you calculate it and how does it help in marketing? Learn this and more.​

What Is Publicity? A Marketing Definition
Definition of Publicity. Marketing.

Social Media Hashtags - Their Value and How to Use Them
There are many ways to use Twitter to organize topics and events as well as research current trends. Learn how to use Hashtags and the value they contain.

Rebate Marketing Program: Can It Work for Your Company?
There are key components that can make a rebate marketing program successful, Learn how to determine whether a rebate program is right for your business.

Marketing for NonProfit Organizations
Marketing a nonprofit organization takes the need for a new sense of satisfying not only the consumer but also the donor's needs. Use these resources to learn how you can market your nonprofit organization effectively.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Aren't Buying From You
You may be spending money on marketing, but perhaps aren't seeing the sales you would like. Learn the five common reasons why customers may not be buying from you.

Speeches and Speaking
Public speaking and writing speeches are an integral part to your public relations plan. Learn how to be effective in both speaking and drafting speeches.

What is Market Observation?
Market Observation is a market research technique that is collecting data in a situation that is being watched​. Learn the purpose of market observation and the different types.

Pinterest Offers Marketing Benefits to Small Businesses
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard​ built on a social network that is growing at a rapid pace. Learn more about the marketing benefits that Pinterest offers to businesses.

Manage and Respond to Glassdoor Reviews
Glassdoor is a social site where employees can post company reviews anonymously. Learn how to how to manage and respond to those reviews.

Twitter: A Valuable Marketing Tool?
Twitter is one of the fast growing online platforms that is being used for communication and conversation. Let me show you how to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your business.

What is Advertising Research? | Marketing Definition
What is advertising research and how involved can it be? Learn how brands and advertisers both use advertising research to determine who to target and how to reach them with advertising.

Gross Impressions Explained - A Marketing Definition
Gross impressions​ is a phrase often used in digital marketing, but what does it mean? Learn the purpose, different types and how to measure gross impressions.

A Start-Ups Guide to Creating a Go-to-Market Marketing Plan
A go-to-market plan and strategy helps to clarify the objectives of a business and how they will reach their market. Learn how to create one in five easy steps.​

PR Crisis Communication and Mistakes
It's important for every business, no matter how big or how small to have a crisis communication plan and to avoid common public relations mistakes.

Target Market Identification Definition
Target market identification is the process of using income, demographic, and lifestyle characteristics of a market and census information to identify a target market. Learn why it's important.

Definition of Key Success Factors
Key success factors basic steps from various aspects of marketing that are major components of success. Learn why they are important and how you can identify your own key success factors.

What is a Creative Strategy? - A Marketing Definition
A creative strategy outlines what message should be conveyed, to whom, and with what tone. Learn how to create one and why it's important to your marketing efforts.

What is a Marketing Firm? - A Marketing Definition
What is a marketing firm and what do they do? Get a clear understanding of the role of a marketing firm what to consider when selecting one and the different types that are available.

Marketing Workshops
These marketing workshops will help you jumpstart your marketing strategy and plan whether you are a new business or just in need of some fresh ideas.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
Keep informed about search engine marketing and optimization issues. Learn the ins-and-outs of search engine marketing from the these resources.

Writing for Public Relations
Write is key to public relations. You are often required to write press releases, public service announcements, and statements. Learn how to be effective when it comes to PR writing.

Public Relations - How To and Tutorials
A public relations tool kit filled with tutorials and how-to articles. Learn how to find the right media mix, how to write a press release, how to organize a photo op and more.

Public Relations - Lies, Rumors and Propaganda
Handling propaganda, rumors and lies is not the easiest job when it comes to public relations. Learn about the difficulties they can cause and how to handle each effectively.

Marketing Tips and Advice
We always have things to learn when it comes to marketing. You'll find the best marketing tips and advice in this resource of valuable information from the pros.

Marketing Worksheets and Templates
Save time and get a handle on your marketing efforts by using these markeing worksheets and templates.

Online Marketing Courses and Classes
Learn from the privacy of your own home or office with these online marketing courses and classes.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Tutorials
There are many components to Search Engine Marketing. When beginning it can be easy to become overwhelmed. Use these resources to learn the ins and outs of search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Discussion Forums
Need assistance with optimizing your website? Have questions regarding search engines and how they work? These discussion forums will provide you with not only knowledgeable and helpful resources, but they are great communities to participate in as well.

Opinion Leaders
Opinion leaders represent anyone who's an active voice in a community. Learn who they are, how you can reach them and how you can go about putting them to work for you.

Crisis Communication
A crisis communication plan is not optional. It's important for every business and organization. Learn how to put together a crisis communication and handle crisis appropriately if you encounter one.

Speeches and Presentations
You mention public speaking and people either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. The secret to being comfortable in a speech or presentation is to be prepared and confident in the information you are going to present. Learn how to prepare, create and practice your speech and presentation in a way that you'll find the jitters disappear.

A big part of public relations is media. Media can be earned or paid. It's important to know how to handle media in your public relations strategy. Learn from these how-to's and tutorials.

Explore Marketing Careers
The career field of marketing can be exciting and rewarding. Use these resources to find an interesting career path in the world of marketing.

Marketing Jobs: Resource to Help You Find Them
Already know the career path you wish to take in marketing? Are you looking for the resources to find that dream job you've been looking for? These resources will get you started well on your way.

Marketing Consultant Profiles - Top Marketing Consultants
A directory of marketing consultants.

Public Relations Myths
Gain understanding and insights into common and popular public relations myths.

Making Cold Calls
Cold calling, the dreaded task of many sales people. How can you start your cold calls with confidence and a strategy that works? I'm here to show you with these tips and tutorials. You will soon love making those cold calls, ok maybe you won't love them, but you will be get results with them.

Marketing Research: Demographics
Useful sites that give demographics, facts, figures, statistics, etc. Several useful surveys and related studies also included.

Sales Tips and Advice
We always have things to learn when it comes to sales. You'll find the best sales tips and advice in this resource of valuable information from the pros.

Viral Marketing
Viral marketing depends on a high pass-along rate from person to person. If a large percentage of recipients forward something to a large number of friends, the overall growth snowballs very quickly. Find out how you can successfully use Viral Marketing to market your business.

Case Studies and Field Tips
We can learn a lot from case studies and tips brought to us from the field. The following case studies and tips will take you on a learning journey into the industry of public relations.

Rhetoric teaches us how to use our words, voice, and body language to get our message across to an audience. Learn how understanding rhetoric can help you in public relations.

What is the difference between advertising and marketing? Knowing the difference and doing your market research can put your company on the path to substantial growth. Find out how advertising can be a successful method of marketing.

Affiliate Marketing - Partnership Marketing
Developing and managing an affiliate marketing program effectively could give you a real boost in your business results. Use these resources to learn how to plan and manage your affiliate marketing campaign.

Direct Marketing
Explore direct marketing such as database marketing, direct mail, mailing list options, and more. These resources will teach you how to be successful in your direct marketing campaign.

Ecommerce - Electronic Commerce
Ecommerce can almost come across intimidating to a business owner, but it can also be the most profitable. Use the resources below to help you build your ecommerce marketing campaign and you'll find that it's not nearly as difficult as you thought.

What is Circulation? A Marketing Definition
Circulation is not just the number copies of a distribution, it plays a strategically important part in marketing. Learn how to determine the right circulation practices for you.

Five Keys to Understanding and Marketing to the Corporate Buyer
Selling your services to corporations is an attractive proposition, but if you don't grasp the realities of the corporate environment, you may sabotage even a hot lead. Learn the five important keys to working with the corporate buyer.

5 Tips to Landing a Marketing Internship or Entry Level Job
Marketing internships and entry level jobs are not as easy to get as they once were. Create a strategic plan in order to land the best marketing internship or entry level job.

2015 Black Friday in Review - A Marketer's Perspective
The dust has settled on the holiday season and many marketers are looking back in review in order to begin contemplating their 2016 plan. Here is a marketer's review of 2015 Black Friday.