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Incorporate Humor in Your Next Speech - Part 2
Public speaking is an important part of marketing, and adding humor can be an effective way to be more memorable. Learn more about adding humor to your speech. Page 2.

Public Speaking - Incorporate Humor in Your Next Speech
Public Speaking can be one of the best methods of marketing your business, but how do create a lasting impression? How about adding a little humor to your next speech? Learn how to do just that in this guest article by Stephen D. Boyd.

How to Go Beyond Marketing to Develop Your Brand
Despite what many believe, brand isn't about your logo, tagline and glossy brochure. Your brand extends to your employees, customers, the media and even the general public as the above story illustrates. Learn how to brand beyond marketing.

Brand Beyond Marketing - Part 2
Developing a successful brand goes far beyond marketing. Learn the other elements important to creating a lasting, positive impression on customers. Page 2.

Marketing During Economic Tough Times
It's true when economic tough times hit businesses begin pulling their marketing budgets and, as a result, they see a decrease in sales ​while their competitors will continue to market and see growth. Learn the importance of marketing during a recession and gain the information you need to do it effectively and at low to no cost.

Five Tips to Generate Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of mouth marketing is the most difficult to measure, but it is the most cost effective. How can you generate word of mouth marketing? Here are five tips that will help you get started.

What to Look for When Outsourcing Your Marketing
The option to outsource marketing functions is becoming increasingly popular. If you are evaluating outsourcing there are a few things you should know. Learn what information you should gather and what things you should look for to find the right marketing consultant for you.

Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015
The holiday season is a great time to gain the attention of consumers. They are in a buying mood and are ready to make purchases. Learn a few simple marketing tips that can help you increase your sales during the holidays.

How Marketers are Vying for Your Business this Holiday Season
It's that time of year when retailers compete for your business and put their marketers to work to capture your attention and your dollars this holiday season. Learn the strategies and tactics they will using this year to get you to purchase from them.

Definition of a Marketing Vehicle
What is a marketing vehicle? Understand the definition of what a marketing vehicle is and how you can go about choosing​ the right one for your business.

Understanding Omnichannel Marketing
Omnichannel is the buzz word of the year, but what is it? Omnichannel is a multi-channel approach to a marketing strategy. It's about meeting consumers where they are and engaging them in all ways that are possible. Learn why it's important to you, how it benefits businesses and what a marketer must do to get the most benefit out of an omnichannel marketing approach.

What is a Marketing Mix?
What is meant by marketing mix? Learn what a marketing mix is and why it's important to your business when it comes to identifying your marketing strategy.

Know Your Target When Marketing
Identifying your marketing targets enables you to find opportunities and tap into them. It gives you the information needed to focus on the buyers that are interested in what you have to offer. This can save you both time and money in an ever-changing society. Learn how to identify your target.

What is a Marketing Objective?
Marketing objectives are essential to your marketing strategy and business success, but what makes a good marketing objective? Learn what a marketing objective is, understand the different types and their purpose in your marketing efforts.

What is Nonprofit Marketing?
What is nonprofit marketing? Learn why marketing is important to nonprofit organization and gain knowledge from examples of some of the best nonprofit marketing campaigns that have been launched over the last five years.

What's Your Marketing Attitude?
As a business owner you may not lacking in the knowledge of marketing techniques, but what about your marketing attitude? Are you sabotaging your own marketing efforts by carrying the wrong attitude? Put your marketing attitude to the test in this guest article by C.J. Hayden.

Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them
Increase the effectiveness of your tradeshow marketing by becoming aware of the top ten common marketing mistakes that are made by exhibitors and how to avoid them. Read more in this guest article by Susan Friedmann.

Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them
Increase the effectiveness of your tradeshow marketing by becoming aware of the top ten common marketing mistakes that are made by exhibitors and how to avoid them. Read more in this guest article by Susan Friedmann. Page 2.

Five TED Talks that Will Change the Way You Think About Marketing
We all run into a dry spell when it comes to our marketing. We need a fresh perspective, a new idea or perhaps even a kick in the pants. I have found five TED Talks that will work to change how you view marketing and just might be that breath of fresh air that you are needing to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

Passion as a Sales Tool
Passion is the most underrated and underutilized sales tool in our arsenal because it is too hard to measure and no one has found an effective way to teach it. Learn how you can measure your level of passion and in return increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

7 Marketing Ideas That You May Not Have Thought Of
Generating marketing ideas can be hard. You either come up with a plethora or you struggle to come up with one good one that will work. Use these 7 marketing ideas to either implement or spur your into a creativity session that helps you generate ideas that will work for you. Great marketing ideas are often just ideas built off of those or others. Good luck!

10 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Marketing Agency
When you are evaluating hiring a marketing agency you want to select one that will get the result that you desire, but how do you know when you have found the right marketing agency? Here are 10 questions that can help you identify an agency that can help in serving as the creative bridge between your brand and its audience.

6 "Must Have" Infographics That Can Jumpstart Your Marketing
Infographics are fantastic when it comes to giving bite size chunks of information in away that is easy to understand and digest. I've found six

Understanding the Four Best Practices of Lead Nurturing
Lead nurturing is a vital process when it comes to moving a prospect through the sales cycle and creating a relationship that encourages them to purchase from you. Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. Learn the four best practices of lead nurturing that will help you in creating a campaign that is successful.

Why Consumers Buy What They Buy
What is it that will help us grow our business in 2009? Is it social media? More internet marketing? Spending more on advertising and marketing? The key is building customer relationships and taking the time to understand the

Why You Should Personalize Your Marketing
Personalized marketing is changing the way marketers do business and with the advancement of technology it continues to get easier. The more targeted and personal we get as marketers with our messaging the better able we are to convert prospects into customers. Learn more about the technology and process behind personalizing your marketing.

5 Tips to Creating Great Social Media Content
You've written great content, but you need to promote it in order to gain the traffic you are looking for. It's not enough to just post links on social media, you'll need to work to gain the attention of social network users that are being bombarded with thousands of messages daily. Learn how to create social media content that will earn you the click and help you in increasing your readership.

How to Use Five Marketing Techniques to Land the Job You Want
Job hunting is tough. Sending out resume after resume and going from one job interview after another can be exhausting and even at time discouraging. Learn how to use five marketing to techniques to jumpstart your job search and land your dream job.


Marketing Magazines and Publications
You’ll find hundreds of marketing related publications online, on the library bookshelf and at your newsstand. Save time by starting with this hand-picked list to quickly find some of the best.

Creative Strategy - Definition of Marketing Terms
Definition of Creative Strategy. Marketing.

Marketing to Today's Senior Citizens
Resources that will assist you in learning strategies and tactics that will assist you in marketing to today's seniors.

Marketing to Women
Resources that will assist you in learning strategies and tactics that will assist you in marketing to today's women.

Marketing to Today's Kids and Youth
Resources that will assist you in learning strategies and tactics that will assist you in marketing to today's kids and youth.

Marketing Associations and Groups
A library of marketing associations located all over the world. Here you will find associations that specialize in advertising, direct marketing, viral marketing, and more. Learn how you can become a part of them and network with others just like you.

Market Trends and Statistics
Keep abreast of the latest market trends by taking time to visit these resources.

Market Research Associations
Market research associations help in the expansion and the advancement of market research and statistics.

Market Research News
Marketing research news and headlines from around the globe.

Marketing Calculators
Need help figuring out the metrics and computations of your marketing efforts. These marketing calculators will help make sure your return on investment is in the black.

Marketing Courses and Classes all Over the Globe
Gain great knowledge with these marketing courses and classes that are offered all over the globe.

Guerrilla Marketing
The Guerrilla Marketing concept was created by Jay Conrad Levinson. It has become a phrase that has taken on the meaning of mean non-traditional, low-cost, highly effective marketing effort. Use the resources below to learn how you can become a guerrilla with your in own marketing efforts.

Marketing News and Blogs
It can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in marketing. Use these news resources and marketing blogs to keep you current on all marketing issues.

Target Marketing - Age Groups
Learn how to target your marketing toward certain age groups.

Target Marketing - Cultures - International Marketing
Learn how to target your marketing toward certain cultures.

Target Marketing - Genders
Learn how to target your marketing toward certain genders.

Industry Marketing
Learn how to target your marketing toward certain industries.

Marketing the Government Entity
Government marketing can be tricky, use these resources to help you market you government entity successfully.

Turning Your Services into a Product
One of the biggest challenges in selling professional services is that what you are offering is intangible. Learn how to turn your services into a product that will gain the trust of your prospective clients.

Developing Your Brand Strategy - 6 Week Course
An effective brand strategy will create a unique identity that will differentiate you from the competition. However many businesses skip this step in the start-up process because it's often the most challenging and time consuming. This free 6-week online course is free and by the time you finish you will have a polished brand strategy that will give the the competitive edge.

Marketing Consultants and Outsourcing
Need help with your marketing? These marketing resources and consultants are top notch and can help you reap results.

Marketing Consultants
Need help with your marketing? These marketing consultants are top notch professionals that can help you reap results.

Marketing Outsourcing Resources
Deciding to outsource your marketing can be a difficult decisions. Here are some resources that will help you find the right marketing firm to assist you.