Market Research Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

3 Types of Consumer Knowledge Guide Market Research
Knowledge about consumer behavior is key to successful brand management, and market research is the foundation and the glue that cements the processes.

What Is Syndicated Market Research?
Market research takes a number of commonly recognized forms, including syndicated research, which has unique value for reasons business clients value.

Brand Loyalty Case Study Coca-Cola Can Change-Up
Coca-Cola changes the design of their cans but sales stay strong. How does Coke achieve such a high brand loyalty level?

What Is Market Segmentation? Customers Can Tell You.
Market segmentation can include customer advocacy and outline ways to encourage the development of consumers who are passionate about a brand.

The Syndicated Research Sponsor and the Market Researcher
Ethical considerations between a market researcher and the sponsoring client or business manager should be top-of-mind as research projects are conducted.

Sources of Stakeholder Conflict in Market Research
Conflicts among market research stakeholders are common, involving job status, expertise, resources, and efforts to influence the research outcomes.

Putting Inbound Marketing to Work - Social Media Research
Social media research can capitalize on inbound marketing as the new voice-of-the-customer and also help establish brand affinity and enduring loyalty.

Case Study - American Airlines' Red, White, and Blue Advertising Campaign
The first re-branding of American Airlines in 45 years was successful because the airline maintains a really close connection with consumer sentiment.

3 Market Research Basics of Brand Building
Marketers are known to stray from brand building basics in order to appear more creative to peers. Advertising awards are nice, but sales are better.

What Is Brand Management?
Brand management is the hub around which good business strategy evolves, and it is built on the consumer insights obtained from robust market research.

Market Research to Identify Effective Marketing Claims
Making claims about a brand that resonate with consumers entails a three-step exercise in crafting marketing messages that are truthful and memorable.

Advertisers Betting on Boomers, Gen-X-ers, or Millenniums
Re-branding is often used to attract different target market segments to a product or service, but a bird-in-the-hand is still a good rule of thumb.

Pilot Test Market Research Survey Questionnaires
Learn the market research art of creating and pilot testing survey questionnaires to obtain accurate, focused findings and optimize consumer insights.

What Market Research Says About Uber Growth
Uber is an important player in the sharing market of large cities and its expansion plans are carefully orchestrated to increase consumer excitement.

How Market Research Influences Consumer Decisions
Consumers make decision differently when solving an extensive problem versus habitual patterns for making choices about brands, products and services.

The Role of Reactive Marketing in Media
Reactive marketing has real time currency in contemporary scenes where agencies with the fastest reaction time and true creative brilliance will win.

Applying Customer Values to Target Market Segmentation
Target market segmentation can be relatively simple for a branded product or complex for a sophisticated service such as defined benefit investments.

Surveys Research - Determining Sample Size
Learn how appropriate sample size is determined for surveys research, and learn about the differences between sampling error concerns for qualitative and quantitative research. Page 2.

Surveys Research - More About Sample Size
Learn about samples in surveys research and the importance of sample size in quantitative research, and how the normal curve in probability statistics relates to survey sampling. Page 3.

Surveys Research - Confidence Intervals and Levels
Surveys research relies on strong sample selection techniques, ensuring an adequate sample size, and recruiting members of the sample as designed.

Real Time Visuals on Whiteboard Elicit High Consumer Engagement
Research shows consumers are attracted to visual images, but not all good images are alike. Consumers prefer real time storytelling on whiteboards.

Effective Use of Twitter in Market Research
The advantage of using Twitter for business is primarily real-time inbound signaling from consumers that reveals sentiments, opinions, and activities.

Getting the Most From Social Media Market Research
Business units need to measure the influence of social media on their core functions by taking a cooperative approach that erodes departmental silos.

Choosing Between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Know when to use qualitative and quantitative research methods, Determine when to take a deductive or an inductive approach to market research. qualitative and quantitative methods

Quantitative Research - Advantages and Disadvantages
Figure out how and when to use quantitative methods versus qualitative methods when conducting market research. Avoid the popular numbers fetishism.

Market Research Shows How Target Segmentation Works
Regional differences in shopper behavior are more influential than most businesses recognize. These consumer differences are critical to online retailers.

How Market Research Is Used to Increase Market Share
GMC is building brand awareness by playing up precision and playing down their old staid and cliche message of dependable, utilitarian pickup trucks.

The Market Research Behind Hollywood Movies
Movie market research includes script analysis, screening, advertising testing for major studios, production companies, film funds and cable channels.

Market Research Client Analyst
Market research client analysts determine the best way to collect data and organize information in order to address the marketing needs of clients.

Starbucks Ad Educates and Tantalizes Coffee Fans
Starbucks engages customers with fun holiday advertisements on tablets, smartphones, and in emails. Annual holiday coffee beverages become new favorites.

Market Research on the Most Popular Gifts of the Season
Market research shows the most popular gifts of the season for adults have a technology base. Innovative technology takes gift giving to new heights.

Market Research Case Study - Starbucks' Entry to China
Starbucks seems to have accomplished the impossible by selling huge amounts of coffee to the tea-drinking Chinese. Read how Starbucks conducts marketing research.

Market Research Reveals the Promotion and Profit in Hollywood Films
Market research reveals the truly fickle nature of the movie business and that while the Academy Awards usher in The Oscars, they don't ensure profits.

Chris Rock Nails Man-on-the-Street Interviews on Academy Awards
The Academy Awards is regularly the target of criticism as it seems to operate in a cloud constructed by the creatives rather than in the real world.

Salesforce Sets Marketing Standards in San Francisco
Event marketing that is guided by solid market research optimizes the many brief opportunities to capture consumer attention and create lasting buzz.

TED Talks Model Storytelling, Authority, and Building Trust
TED Talks are engaging, relevant, compelling, memorable, and serve as a model for marketers who seek to create better conversations with consumers.

Market Research is the Key to Successful Brand Change Initiatives
Brand management requires a keen understanding of consumer response to change. Market research informs the creative and business decisions for brands.

Create High Concept Stories to Fuel Marketing
Market research shows that the principles driving the development of blockbuster movies are especially relevant to digital marketing and advertising.

Preparing Data for Analysis and Triangulation
Do-it-yourself (DIY) market researches can use a word processor to code and analyze qualitative data from surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

Analyze Qualitative Research Findings with a Code Book
Qualitative researchers and analysts code text by using a standard and consistent code book to determine which themes are emerging from the data.

Conducting Surveys Research Can Be a Click and Go Experience
Consumers are growing accustomed to brief surveys unlocking access to desirable online content. Instead of fees for access, they respond to questions.

Why Etsy Mobile Apps Will Increase Online Sales
When shoppers touch a product, they're more likely to buy the item because they already feel like they own the product. This is the endowment effect.

How to Get Brand Lift by Tying Content to Events
Brand marketing can be augmented through association with tent pole events that attract attention, high levels of participation and create media buzz.

How Young Women Entrepreneurs Conduct Market Research
Young women entrepreneurs establishing startup businesses are creative about conducting market research, getting relevant data without spending money.

How Target Markets Influence Purchase Decisions on Valentine's Day
Consumers who celebrate and shop for Valentine's Day typically purchase traditional gifts in stores and online within predictable retail categories.

What Do the Database Marketing Spin-offs Mean to Market Research?
The research problem with big data is that it's a black box of consumer data that gets restructured and re-purposed in completely nontransparent ways.

VEVO on Consumer Receptivity to Music Videos
VEVO conducted research showing when consumers are more likely to watch a video. VEVO found differences between traditional TV and digital devices.

Market Research Maximizes Marketing Message Consistency
Marketing and sales messages shown on whiteboards result in consistent, relevant, and memorable features that support differentiation by consumers.

10 Marketing Terms for Market Researchers
Market researchers translate data into customers insights but have to use mutually understood terminology in order to communicate well with others..

You Say Market, I Say Marketing
The new market research is a term used to express the changes in marketing, advertising and publishing that have blurred the traditional boundaries.

Macy's Manhattan Morphs into Luxury Shopping Mall
Macy's has entered the class of stores known as global shopping destinations, attracting luxury retailers from all over the world to Herald Square.

Market Research for Small Business Product Launches
GoldieBlox portrays entrepreneurial spirit and marketing savvy in a surprising product launch designed to disrupt girls' toys in retail pink aisles.

United Airlines Masters Inflight Safety Content
Consumers sometimes find great content in unexpected places, such as United Airlines new inflight safety video. Clear safety directions made lovely.

A Blue Ocean Approach to Market Research
Blue Ocean strategy tools provide a structure for getting to a realized product or service. Each tool can be used to craft market research questions.

Generate Customer-Centric Marketing Objectives
Strategic marketing balances market research findings about customer differentiation against the cost of brand promise, fulfillment, and augmentation.

Maximize the Power of the Four Ps with Market Research
Marketing mix decisions should be supported by market research, which reveals the importance of product, place, positioning, and price in a campaign.

Use SWOT Analysis to Build Market Research Plan
Use a SWOT analysis as a springboard for building a market research plan. Analysts can bridge the gap between business strategy and market research.

Blue Ocean Tools Support Relevant Market Research
Blue Ocean strategy tools are useful for the process of creating effective market research questions that are linked to the business strategy plan.

What Is a Marketing Information System (MIS)?
A marketing information system collects market research data, sorts, stores, analyzes, and distributes relevant, timely market research data to users.

What Is Secondary Market Research?
Market research uses less expensive secondary research to capture available information about consumer behavior, competitors, and the marketplace.

Measuring Excitement in Social Media Research
Social marketing sites use dashboards to track customer buying habits, like frequency of purchasing , membership, and other measures of user behavior.

Build an Effective and Comprehensive Marketing Plan
Visual content and social media act as loss leaders in today's marketplace. Engaging, relevant content sends signals consumers usually can't ignore.

Focus Groups - Refine Your Moderating Skills
Focus group moderation is a refined art. Good moderators know the research topic in depth and know how to create opportunity to hear from consumers.

Keeping Quality in Qualitative Research
Primary qualitative research goals are to understand the different perceptions that people have and what variables can be used to change perceptions.

Qualitative Research Processes - Market Research
Qualitative market research methods can be as rigorous as quantitative market research methods. Clients may need help understanding why this is true.

Do-It-Yourself Market Research with Card Sorting
Card sorting is deceptively simple do-it-yourself strategy used by big market research firms. Cart sorting is fast, easy to replicate, and effective.

Multichannel Solutions for Social Media Monitoring
Social networking and communication channels are exploding, making a multichannel approach a solid approach to the management of market research data.

Changing Borders Between eCommerce and Advertising
As consumers engage with brands on an increasing number of channels, market researchers use consumer profiles to personalize the digital advertising.

Aggregators Can Help Manage Social Media Listening
Keeping up with social media traffic is a challenge. Capture relevant social media traffic with an application that aggregates multiple channels.

Market Research Examines Consumer Choice and Impulse Buying
Market researchers and neuroscientists measure the power of suggestion and priming on consumer choice when making impulse purchases.

Market Research 101 - Share the Findings
Market research findings must answer the research questions, resolve the clients' problems, and be relevant to clients' business decisions.

Create Hybrid Market Research for Actionable Insights
Develop strong, broad-based, and actionable research insights and recommendations by combining qualitative and quantitative methods in a single study.

Advanced Concept Testing in the Digital Age
New technology enables market researchers to use algorithms for concept testing with consumers; the return on investment reaches nearly 260X multiple.

How Market Research Differs From Marketing Research
Market research is part of marketing information system that includes all the elements and resources needed marketing and advertising decision-makers.

Introduction to Market Research - Data Collection
Mobile digital devices, inbound data, and sentiment platforms are changing how data collection, analysis, interpretation, and use are accomplished.

An Overview of Market Research Data Analysis
After data collection, the next step extracts meaning from data by organizing and reducing the data, statistical manipulations, and expert scrutiny.

Market Research 101 - Implement - Use the Findings
The purpose of conducting market research is in this stage. After commissioning market research, customers need to be guided to use the findings well.

What Is Customer Satisfaction?
Market researchers carefully develop customer satisfaction surveys because business tend to like them, and because these surveys are hard to do well.

What Is Simple Linear Regression
Regression analysis in marketing is a fundamental tool that should know how to use since it shows the relationship between two variables.

How Do Probability and Non-Probability Samples Differ?
Samples are used in research because an entire population cannot be used to provide data. Populations are segmented to represent just some consumers.

Market Research Applied to Irrational Consumer Behavior
Market research shows that consumers are not rational beings and that decisions about purchasing products and services are influenced by many variables.

Professional Market Research Roles of the Future
New market research professional roles are emerging in response to disruptive technology. Digital and virtual will dominate, field research will not.

What Does It Take To Become a Market Research Analyst?
Market research analysts must have an affinity for quantitative methods and be able to collect and analyze data to create actionable consumer insights.

What Is Primary Market Research?
Much of the market research conducted today is in the form of primary research since social media facilitates consumer data collection and analysis.

3 Basic Metrics for Determining Advertising Effectiveness
Different advertising approaches are successful with consumers in distinct generational categories. Market effectively to both Millennials and Boomers.

Getting Started with Market Research Segmentation
Target market segmentation is a three phase process that includes qualitative and quantitative research plus database construction and data analysis.

Integrated Marketing Strategy - Pet Owners Sit Up and Take Notice
Market research on pet ownership shows strong differences in consumer spending patterns among the demographic and target market segmentation groups.

Market Research Shows Girls' Twirly Skirts Pair Well With Fancy Shorts
Market research provides data about cultural changes and consumer preferences that is used to identify and develop a retail clothing marketing niche.

Storytelling Helps Stakeholder Understand Segmentation Data
Key stakeholders have different needs for segmentation data, but storytelling can help all stakeholders visualize the data and use research findings.

Market Research Data About Propensity to Buy
Consumers naturally vary in their tendency to make impulse purchases, but retailers can nudge their customers toward more spontaneous buying behavior.

Field Research at Proctor and Gamble
Field research is an early forms of market research that entails going to places where customers shop and asking for their opinions and perspectives.

Quantitative and Qualitative Segmentation Research
The quality and effectiveness of market segmentation depends on five key decisions market researchers make when planning a target marketing strategy.

Develop the Overall Research Plan: Market Research
To develop the research plan we must determine the most efficacious way to collect the data that will provide answers to the research questions.

Target Market Segmentation in the Hospitality Industry
The travel industry relies heavily on market segmentation and customer personas for target marketing that results in attractive promotional packages.

Applying Surveys Research to Market Segmentation
Consumer action research is a client-centered approach based on the family life cycles method and is a proven method for gaining consumer insights.

Market Research Tracks Movie Attendance of Hispanic Audiences
The influence of streaming video on moviegoing behavior is readily apparent, but one population is increasingly showing up in movie theaters: Hispanics.

Market Research for Healthy Snack Fans
Healthy snacks are showing up in mailboxes at home, at work, and at college. The healthy food movement has mainstream marketing with embedded surveys.

What is a MROC? And Why Should I Care?
Market research online communities take several forms, including ongoing and branded MROCs and instant MROCs. Both approaches are agile and quick.

Netnography Is a Powerful Approach for Obtaining Social Media Insight
Anthropologists and market researchers have common approaches to gaining insights about people. Netnography is ethnography conducted in online places.

Starbucks Use of Research Makes the Brand a Market Favorite
Market research informs brands about consumer sensitivity to socially responsibility. Starbucks tunes in to consumer sentiment for marketing messages.

Market Research Is Used in Audience Creation by Movie Studios
Market research helps movie studios create an audience for every film they make and avoid competition for the same audience on the same release days.

How Market Research Can Save Starbucks Wildcard Business Strategy
Starbucks uses market research to achieve remarkable vertical and horizontal integration, and revisits consumer insights for currency and accuracy.

Market Research Links Consumer Life Stage to Advertising Effectiveness
Market research shows that life stage has a strong impact on how consumers respond to and recall advertisements on television and digital devices.

What Market Research Says About Impulse Purchases
Parents are the main purchasers of children's books online and in-store. Publishers must market to young readers and to decision-makers who buy the books.

Whiteboard Visuals Persuade Consumer Choice
The plain vanilla whiteboard has been shown to be more effective at engaging an audience and boosting recall of content than PowerPoint presentations.

Device Traffic Metrics Don't Add Up to Actual Consumer Behavior
Analytics technology measures the number of devices viewing advertising content but it's the consumers using the devices that should attract marketers.

Google Takes the Short Survey Too Far
Google perfected brief surveys but carried the concept too far by asking viewers why they dismiss an ad in their inbox. Remember interruption, Google?

Market Research Boosts Consumer Response to Creative Ads
Award-wining advertisements typically display one or more techniques from the six universal and familiar categories of creativity.

Consumer Preference - Discrete Choice Versus Decision Tree
Using discrete choice, conjoint methods or simulation models, market researchers can zone in on the scenarios that have the most appeal for consumers.

Effective Market Research With Cognitive Theory
Market research reveals what consumers think during the process as they research a product across many channels and prepare to make a purchase.

Consumers Tell How Likely They Are to Buy After TV Ads
For three main reasons, consumers are more likely to buy the products seen on Academy Award commercials than products seen on Super Bowl commercials.

Market Research Explains Why TV Ads with Music Work
Integrating music into television ads means higher levels of consumer attention, emotion, empathy, and memory about the information contained in the ad.

The New Game Advertisers Play - Guess Our Product
Car manufacturers are playing a new game by pretending they are interested in adventure, fantasy, and validation while selling cars is just secondary.

What Does Market Research Say About Being Mean in Advertising?
Market research shows that successful ads have a distinct audience. Some brands seem to be talking to themselves rather than appealing to consumers.

1 Major Thing Consumers Hate About Ads
Advertising creatives can get so creative they leave consumers behind. Brands seeking relevance should conduct market research. Focus group anyone?

The Influence of Positive Psychology on Marketing
The pursuit of happiness means steady work in marketing and advertising. There has been an up-tick in the positive psychology-marketing connection.

3 Ways Market Research Improves Advertisement
Great market research is pivotal to effective advertising. Creatives and market researchers need to work together to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Market Research Helps Fiat Be Absolutely True to Their Brand
When advertising creatives master their art, the public gets to see ads worth viewing. The TV commercials can be more entertaining than the TV shows.

Market Research Tips for Creating Successful TV Ads
Successful TV commercials can be more entertaining than the TV shows, and viewers look forward to seeing the best advertising during special events.

Fiat Ads Are Pitch-Perfect With Engaging Content
Fiat USA car commercials are pitch perfect. Market researchers can help advertisers and marketers understand what can be learned from the automakers.

Why Academy Awards Ads Sell More Products than Super Bowl Ads
Advertising should result in brand lift and increased sales. Some creative agencies seem more focused on winning ad contests than increasing revenue.

Holiday Shopping Market Research Metrics
Christmas shopping was well represented online and featured in-store pickup services, while sales and gift returns boosted post-holiday retail activity.

The Force Awakens Consumers Thanks to Star Wars Event Marketing
Event marketing, like the promotion for the movie Star Wars - The Force Awakens, provides robust opportunity for retailers trading in related categories.

How Market Research Supports Great Advertising
Advertising is embedded in every media used today. Market researchers analyze consumer responses to advertising to increase relevance and receptivity.

Applying Market Research Insights to a Brand Refresh
The Lands' End brand has been refreshed several times to reflect its retail evolution which most recently markets to professional women with children.

The Research Theory Behind Starbucks Re-Branding Success
Market researchers can utilize change management research to facilitate a successful re-branding initiative. Communication with consumers is the key.

Market Research Gauges Brand Health
Measuring brand health is essential in fast moving markets since consumer perceptions about brands, products, and services can change overnight.

Fun Games - Branding: A RockYou Specialty
RockYou embeds advertising in the games that social game players enjoy. RockYou continues to lead the way in the social entertainment media industry.

Social Media Research - RockYou and Interpret Perfect Social Gaming
An interview with Julie Shumaker of RockYou tells the story of how the gaming company and Interpret LLC successfully integrated brands into games.

Advertising Innovation: Coca-Cola Marketer of the Year
The Coca-Cola Company has a remarkable ability to bounce back and keep cutting-edge innovation in their marketing campaigns with advertising partners.

Case Study - The Olympic Games and Social Media
Do social media during the Olympics highlight brands or just performance? Is the brand lift worth the cost of the commercials and product placement?.

Advertisement Based on Consumer Behavior
Digital privacy and internet security are watchwords of the decade. Market researchers have moral and professional obligations to address the issues.

Is Real Simple Selling Out to the Tobacco Industry?
Consumers expect companies to be on board with social responsibility and disengage with brands that violate rust by associating with harmful products.

Case Study:Ralph Lauren Utilizes Multichannel Advertising Campaign
Multichannel marketing is a good fit for luxury goods retailers as customers are most active and eager to shop during the holiday seasons.

Inbound Marketing Versus Outbound Marketing
Let your customers have their way with inbound marketing and watch your brand equity increase and your ROI grow. Consumers like to drive marketing.

Market Research Shows Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
Consumers pay attention to the corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts of brands, perceiving brands differently according to responsibility type.

Agencies That Acknowledge Age Is Advertising Asset
Baby boomers are a lucrative market that is not being well tapped by advertising agencies. Businesses that wear boomer blinders lose sales revenue.

What Is Descriptive Market Research?
Descriptive market research is designed to systematically probe into a question or problem and base conclusions a large sample and many observations.

Marketing Strategies: Ways to Increase Brand Affinity
Advice to boost brand affinity and awareness to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Brand Equity Case Study - Engaged Starbucks Customers
Starbucks 40th Anniversary rebranding initiative included market research methods to analyze customer perceptions about rebranding and the logo change.

Case Study - Starbucks Blonde Roast Coffee
Starbucks perfected the art of listening to customers with market research that found 54 million coffee drinkers who like lighter roasted coffee.

Defining and Measuring Customer Brand Experience
Customer brand experience is different from brand loyalty and brand equity, so different strategies must be used to improve customer brand satisfaction.

Behavioral Research is a Pivotal Part of Market Research Plans
Behavioral research is used to understand and predict the habits, responses and decisions people make that are not based on logic and reasoning.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction Scientifically
Many businesses use Net Promoter Scores in their customer satisfaction research even though it is nota a strong scientific measure of satisfaction.

What Is Sentiment Analysis?
Social media research maintains a focus on the sentiments of consumers, which is conducted by social media content managers and database algorithms.

stratified random sample
Scientific methods are used to build random samples. Stratified random samples are useful for understanding subgroup behavior when conducting research.

Market Research Shows Brands Ought Not Be Too Precious
Brand equity is fragile and whimsical. Too many poor decisions will make consumers leave a brand in droves that resembe lemmings going over a cliff.

How Brand Priming Influences Consumer Behavior
Brand personalities can influence consumer behavior at non-conscious level, leading to performance consistent with the advertising and brand imagery.

Abercrombie and Fitch Are Getting Dressed
Abercrombie / Fitch is giving the brand a new look by putting more clothes on its sexy beefcake male models, who are now called brand representatives.

Airlines TV Campaigns Focus on Customer Pain Points Solutions
The airlines industry has improved its market research capabilities and is responding with strong solutions addressing the biggest customer complaints.

Predicting the US Presidential Election Results
Google Consumer Surveys broke new ground for polling format, response speed, representative sampling, and reliability of Presidential election data.

Perfect the One Question Survey
Surveys research is much more agile and responsive to mobile users' attitudes and behaviors. New survey methods are a little intrusive, but very fast.

Scoring and Reporting in Surveys Research
Learn about the advantages of reporting surveys research findings in a top-box score format and a mean score format. Explore how to provide the most compelling surveys research data to an audience.

Surveys - Creating Delayed Branching Questions
Create delayed branching questions for surveys research. Learn to develop dynamic survey questions that change respondent's course the surveys.

It's Elementary, Dear Watson…and Maybe Deductive, Too
Research methods grounded in philosophy and logical reasoning, such as deductive and inductive research approach, give structure and real traction to market research.

Surveys Research - Closed-End or Open-End Questions
Learn how to develop dynamic survey questions that are open-end and learn when closed-ended questions are the best choice for surveys research.

Surveys Research - Choosing Mobile Survey Software
Explore the criteria for choosing surveys software applications and learn about what survey software providers can offer in a technology partnership.

Non-participation Bias in Social Media Research
If social media research is going to produce robust, high quality, and trustworthy data, researchers must apply qualitative research methods to data.

How to Increase Data Quality in Online Surveys Research
The keys to high-value qualitative data are well developed panel recruitment strategies, comprehensive monitoring, and survey revisions as needed.

7 Survey Vendors Speed Your Market Research
Surveys ask the right questions of the right people. Market research provider firms can assist with speedy development of effective surveys research.

Creating and Interpreting Lickert Scale Data in Market Research
Survey response data is often collected by using a Likert scale to convey survey participant agreement with something or the accuracy of a statement.

Determine When to Use Qualitative Or Quantitative Methods
Market research designs typically use qualitative or quantitative methods. Some studies effectively combine methods to achieve deeper, broader insights.

Visual Display of Market Research Data
If you are sharing market research data with clients, first identify the best visual display of data for your audience and for the marketing channel.

Trends in Market Research
Market researchers are learning about consumers faster, better, and cheaper than ever before, since every technological disruption provides new tools.

Build a Blue Ocean Strategy with Market Research
Learn about how the Blue Ocean marketing strategy depends on great market research. Blue Ocean Strategy is competitive intelligence research at its best.

Analyzing Interview Data and Surveys Research
Three qualitative research methods can be used to analyze responses to interviews and surveys and to obtain actionable insights from collected data.

Structured Equation Modeling - Step 1: Specify the Model
This is Step 1 in the five step process for using Structured Equation Modeling (SEM) modeling.

Surveys Research - Developing Dynamic Surveys
Explore 12 different ways to create dynamic survey questions that determine which items respondents see as they progress through a questionnaire.

Surveys Research - Representative Samples
Representative samples help reduce errors in the selection of survey respondents, which means that the market research data will be more reliable.

Market Segmentation: Two Tiers of Market Research
Consumer attributes form the basis of market segmentation which is an important tool for developing marketing strategy and conducting market research.

Differentiate Your Brand
Learn about identifying potential consumers by their attributes that are most relevant to purchasing behavior.

How Split Sample Tests Affect Market Research
Split sample tests are a form of marketing research using two different variants to evaluate certain changes and its impact on consumer behavior

How to Conduct a Delphi Survey
Learn how Delphi surveys research is employed, about the purpose of the Delphi survey technique, how it is carried out, and how to analyze results.

Make a Viral Marketing Video
Post and pray is not an effective video marketing strategy. Don't squander your viral video opportunity with mediocre content.

Market Research Identifies Customer Brand Attitude
Learn about how customers engage with your brand and how the intensity of customer loyalty impacts the customer's attitude toward the brand.

Social Media Research - There IS No OFF in Social Media
Social media marketing occurs at light speed and is interactive by design. Consumers like to lead in social media when engaging with brands they like.

Social Media Research - User Generated Content is Gold
User-generated content is now pivotal to marketing as more brand promotion has moved to social media channels, affecting brand affinity and loyalty.

How to Use Key Drivers to Analyze Survey Data
Learn about key driver analysis of survey data, and how it can be applied to different types of survey data and to different segments of the target market.

Surveys Market Research
The strongest market research methods capitalize on interactive research opportunities, including mobile device strategies and a mix of entertainment.

Advertising Networks - Cross-Channel Interactive Marketing
Advertising networks and platforms, ad networks, ad exchanges, and demand-side platforms all streamline the transactions between media buyers and media sellers.

Quantitative Research Methods - Using Cross-Tabs
Cross-tabs or cross tabulation uses contingency tables and frequency distribution for analyzing quantitative or qualitative data in a market research.

Conducting Market Research Surveys
Plan a surveys research strategy, write effective survey questions, maximize the number of responses received, and address validity and reliability.

How to Conduct Competitive Intelligence
Competitive intelligence can give a business an edge by predicting competitor direction and by training company employees to resist rival espionage.

The Difference Between Primary Research and Secondary Research
Primary research is market research performed to meet specific needs. Secondary research uses the work of others and applies it to your company

Market Research & Coca-Cola - The Anti-Obesity Campaign
Consumers are strongly weighing in on the obesity crisis on social media networks. Coca-Cola uses market research for strategy to address the issue.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Consumer Profile Basics: Defining Your Ideal Customer
Market researchers create consumer profiles by analyzing consumer attributes into groups for marketing and advertising purposes—Learn the basics here.

Market Research 101: Develop the Research Plan
A wide range of sampling plans are available to a market researcher, depending on parameters like feasibility, availability, and the research purpose.

How to Measure Brand Equity
Learn what to consider on when measuring brand equity, in order to find its impact on consumer purchases or perceptions about a product.

Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical modeling snapshot of the structural and measurement relationships of market research data.

Brand Perception - Inside the Minds of Consumers
Consumers are only aware of a limited information about a brand when they are thinking about making decisions. Here is the brand perception definition.

Digital Data Collection and Analysis Platforms
Consumer insights from digital mobile and online sources provide details and perspective that go beyond numbers and algorithms. Consumer online and mobile activity is tracked and analyzed to refine target marketing.

How to Analyze Qualitative Market Research Data
Qualitative market research can generate a lot of data. Here are three approaches to analyzing data in order to get the strongest consumer insights.

verywell. Market Research.

Focus Group Basics
Focus groups are an effective research technique that are very flexible. But conducting an effective focus group is not as easy as it seems like it should be. Here you can find tips and methods for conducting solid focus group research.

Google Analytics - What is a Conversion Rate?
Google analytics help market researchers identify consumer behavior so companies can change their strategy to improve the website's performance


Qualitative Approaches to Market Research
Qualitative research methods are not well understood by the general public, and many evidence-based researchers hold unreasonable biases against qualitative research. Qualitative research can provide deep insights into consumer behaviors and perceptions. For this reason, market researchers need to have a hands-on grasp of qualitative market research techniques and a ready argument for qualitative over quantitative approaches to research.

Mobile Market Research
Mobile market research is fast and easy - for both research participants and for market researchers. Many mobile applications will work without an Internet connection. Many companies that produce mobile marketing and advertising applications will produce generic functionality for customers without additional charge.

Market Research - Problems, Alternatives, and Questions
Useful market research begins with an accurate definition of the problem and identification of the best approach to answering the research questions.

Market Segmentation Points to Strong Customer Targets
Market segmentation can be accomplished through several different approaches that help to identify the important attributes of a target market.

How to Conduct Market Research at Industry Events
Market research for small businesses can be effectively and inexpensively conducted at industry events like trade shows, conferences, and conventions.

Do-It-Yourself Market Research Techniques
Conducting market research for a small business or a home business requires a Do-It-Yourself mindset. It means fewer resources and more hats to wear. It means understanding the marketing strategy to avoid wasted effort, time, and money. Learn how to conduct market research yourself by focusing on STP: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.

Market Researchers Use Both Deductive and Inductive Reasoning
Market researchers use two types of reasoning to make their arguments to clients. Deductive and inductive reasoning are more effective when used together.

What Is a Focus Group and How Are They Used?
Focus groups are an established part of market research. Today, focus groups can be conducted online or in virtual digital space. But many companies still conduct focus groups in real time with people carefully selected to represent particular target market segments.

Simplify Segmentation - Target the Right Market
Strong target market segmentation is key to a successful integrated marketing approach. Segmentation includes both existing and potential consumers.

What Is Market Segmentation?
Target market segmentation is one of the three pillars of the classic integrated process known as Segmentation - Target Market - Positioning (STP).

Construct Quality Target Segments for Market Research
Target market segmentation identifies relatively unique clusters of consumers and provides a platform for market researchers, marketers, and advertisers.

Market Research in the Airline Industry
Airline market research has evolved from the 1990s100 fill-in-the-bubble satisfaction surveys to J.D. Power survey of over 11,000 airline passengers.

Market Research History - Brand Management at P&G
This is the first in a series of articles about the history of market research. Most of the practices employed in market research have evolved from the social sciences and from business. Backward mapping to the origins of these practices help to explain why methods work and why approaches were selected. This article focuses on the practice of brand management, and the market research approaches that were first used to manage brands.

Surveys Research - Using Games to Engage Respondents
Creating entertaining surveys ensures that consumers will respond with high-quality answers. Gamification can make fun integral to surveys research.

Qualitative Research Methods
Qualitative research methods vary in philosophy and practice. It is important to find a good match between the research problems and research methods.